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The David Miscavige Vyrus (Virus)

How does a guy who gives a whole new meaning to the term “religious leader” (per his own PR flak) keep up with the Cruises in his driven assault to hang in the ranks of the rich and famous?  Easy, when he has a cash cow like the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.   About four years ago Dave decided that his custom Harley and other custom top-of-the-line street bikes didn’t quite put him at par with his buddy Tom Cruise.  Shortly after,  his personal staff  informed then-Captain Flag Service Organization Debbie Cook that the FSO crew were expected to foot the bill approaching $100,000 for a custom-hand-made, over-the-top motorcycle, called the Vyrus. Debbie protested the order recognizing that the forced collections of substantial portions of Flag staff’s meager $50 per week pay over several weeks leading up to Miscavige’s birthday and Chistmas each year to buy outlandish gifts from FSO to Miscavige was a morale breaker among the staff.  Debbie was informed in no uncertain terms that Debbie did not have a say in the matter.  And so for several weeks all FSO staff were required to cough up money from their $50 until the Vyrus ultimate motorcycle was paid for.

The David Miscavige Vyrus is simply one, relatively small symptom of the David Miscavige Virus.  The David Miscavige Virus is the reverse Scientology justified think that the acquisition of  ever lovelier forms of Matter, Energy, Space and Time is an honorable goal.  Of course, those who are not infected understand that the Miscavige Virus leads toward death and states far below and far more ugly than death. 

The David Miscavige Virus is pernicious and thus difficult to detect in oneself.  It is exacerbated by continuing to support the source of turning the road to freedom into the road to entrapment.  The remedy though is simplicity itself.  Find Out Who You Really Are, at which point an individual will come into valence.  A creepy synthetic identity will immediately blow, along with the impulses toward solidity that accompany it. 

Good Health!

Scientology Inc Threatens Revenge on Paul Haggis

The following threat was posted on a blog created and operated by the Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks intelligence operation of Church of Scientology “leader” David Miscavige.   Last year I revealed on this blog that Scientology Inc was busy buying up every version of my name and Mike Rinder’s name they could figure:

Since this blog began, Scientology Inc has created more than twenty web sites and blogs devoted to attacking me.   After we exposed one after another and the unlawful and tasteless content on each, and Scientology Inc shut one after another down, they settled on one central “anti Marty” site. Again they pirated my name in a vampirish attempt to garner an audience, “”

The following quotation is taken from the latest posting on that David Miscavige ordered and micro managed site:


Anyone with any sense would know that the claims made by Paul Haggis in the recent media attack are what has been fed by Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and his extremist friends who have been making such scurrilous and false accusations for years. The journalist should have at least cross-checked some of the facts with someone who wasn’t a vicious religious bigot, scared of what the Church should know about them.

As a sure indication that there are skeletons he’d rather hide, Haggis tried to head off possible revelations of what he’s really been doing, saying that he expected a “scandal” about him to be the result of his attack on the Church. Methinks he knows he deserves to be exposed…hmmmmm….

Hell, he admitted to early criminal acts he withheld, and you can be sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll stay tuned…

While Scientology Inc has to date been very careful to cover Miscavige’s ass by candy coating his injunctions to “take out” myself and others, apparently the impact of the New Yorker article has caused them to yet again over-reach.  This latest passage I can intrepret no other way than as a threat.   It is a threat to unlawfully use confessional data among other things. 

For Miscavige to direct such thuggery (and ask Mike Rinder if there is a chance Miscavige doesn’t micro manage that blog down to the placement of commas) publicly is testament to his complete loss of sanity, in my opinion.

Cisco Kid Is A Friend of Mine

I call Daniel Montalvo the Cisco Kid.  He got that title after I found myself listening to War’s classic by that title shortly after Daniel had stood up to a considerable wall of suppression late last year.  You know, the dashing Latino-American cowboy hero with one hell of an integrity quotient – he fits the bill.

 Here’s how Daniel earned the moniker.  First, he was coerced into a trap by Scientology Inc in-house counsel Kendrick Moxon.  Moxon promised Daniel that he would be greeted at the airport by his wife and be provided with a hotel room so that he could route out if he returned  to Los Angeles from the safety of Tom Devocht’s home near Clearwater.  Instead, Daniel was picked up by an OSA agent and couriered to a room where he was interrogated by the best LA lawyers Scientology Inc could buy.  Daniel was coerced to throw me and Mike Rinder under the bus by confessing to a conspiracy of Miscavige’s imagination.  When Daniel held firm to the truth, he was escorted to a dank cell at the East LA branch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office.   Without Miranda Rights being read he was treated to more interrogations by an LA County Sheriff Deputy Detective, bought and directed by Scientology Inc.  Again, the demand to thow me and Mike Rinder under the bus became, well, extreme.  Luckily, Cisco had strength and the good sense to utilize his one phone call to get hold of the Tiziano and Jamie.  

We got to spend some time with Daniel in November at the Beghe ranch and at the Luglis’ place.  Thanks to you all,  he’s done a hell of a job in getting this strength up.   “Coincidentally”, the church sent a couple of gumshoes to Tiziano and Jamie’s house while we were visiting.  Scn Inc paid one Frank Salerno (one of many retired LA County Sheriffs who has claimed to be THE solver of the Hillside Strangler and other high profile cases) and his partner to put the screws to Cisco, as you can see here:

With each round of attempted intimidation and Miscavige over-the-top-overreaching the Cisco Kid  just keeps getting stronger.

Here is a very brief (necessarily so) update on Daniel for all those who helped keep him out of the Scientology Inc stir:

Ask not what Scientology Inc might do to the Cisco Kid, ask what the Cisco Kid is gonna do to Scientology Inc.

Casablanca Update

Casablanca turns out to be an apt name for our modest abode.  There is never a dull moment.  People scheduled months in advance are likely to meet the most fascinating folks who come through on an emergency basis.   While what people face on the other side of the Wall contain similar elements, each being and the story he or she lives and the challenges they face are unique. 

In the the past three weeks alone we have hosted four people who have informed me about being approached by OSA agents to infiltrate and disrupt our lives.  Four people in three weeks.  Four people who refused,  and made their way half way across the country to tell me about it. Now, if the subjects of four failed attempts have made it to my place in a three week span, how many attempted infiltrations and disruptions do you think OSA operatives have attempted in the past two years?   

What does all this mean?

It means David Miscavige is afraid.  Very afraid.

One of the would-be operatives was told “all you gotta do is throw Rathbun under the bus.”

I’ve got news for Miscavige, direct, not via his jive ass Western Union Messenger boys:

We don’t do bus tires. 

I’ve commented before about what it is Miscavige fears so intensely.  A lot of people have commented recently that it must be the FBI or some other government Ogre.  Again, I’ll lodge my respectful disagreement.  If you really understand this cat, I think you will find that what he fears is what it is we are about – freeing beings. 

While all this cloak and dagger dramatization plays out – making what we do more interesting and entertaining – the following is what we do.  Here are just the latest two:

Problems Release:
I realized there is no such thing as a problem.  Solving a problem comes from lack
of abundance and usually results in more problems. In fact, most people are 
defined by their problems or lack of….”trivial” or “unstoppable.”
I realized that I have always been the source of my problems.
My biggest cognition was being able to fully look at how I am constantly
trying to change people instead of ‘as-ising’ them and accepting them
as they are.  One can have a communication in order to have agreement
with someone, but one can not keep an agreement for someone else.  
I choose to be unstoppable in the face of ‘no-agreement.’
I also realized that procrastination has been the biggest source
of what I once considered problems.  I was not taking action by either 
not fully looking at the problem or choosing to simply not address the problem.
Resistance and procrastination seem to be the source that holds something as 
a ‘problem.’ I am free from problems!  
Now I get to look at what I am committed to……Period.  I am free!
– Unstoppable
Dear Marty and Mosey,

I don’t know where to begin to start thanking you for this past week. I knew I was gaining valuable insights in a short time thanks to your direction, Marty, and the auditing process, but it wasn’t until I arrived home that I’m starting to realize how profound they really are. The closest I can come to describing it is that I’m seeing everything with new eyes – my position in life, my relationships, my home – everything has been effected in a positive way.  I look forward to the days and weeks to come as I see even more revelations unfold. I can say without hesitation that those were the most significant days I have yet experienced in my life.

To be able to experience auditing in a safe and welcoming and compassionate environment enhanced the process to such a degree that I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Mosey, thank you for all the little touches that made me feel so welcome – and for the wonderful meals (although I may regret them tomorrow when I finally get back to the gym   🙂 ).You are both wonderful examples of the promise that LRH conceived all those years ago. I feel fortunate to have met you both and I consider you among the best of my friends. Please know that if you should ever need a place to stay or if there is anything at all that we can do for you, please know we will welcome the opportunity. 

I wish you the best in your own journeys. We’ll stay in touch.

– A Friend

Lynne Hoverson and Bert Schippers speak out in Seattle!

 I have had the privilege of meeting these fine folks.   Their write up may be the most damning indictment to date on Scientology Inc’s disregard and disdain for those who empower it.  Btw, Seattle is rocking.

Bert Schippers and Lynne Hoverson hereby announce that we no longer support, and are no longer part of, the squirrel organization called the Church of Scientology.

So much has been written by others before us, that expressed exactly what we wanted to say when we could not. For that we thank you all very much! The histories posted helped us see that we were not alone, that the outpoints we saw weren’t just “something wrong with us.”

Who we are: Lynne joined Scientology in 1973, training on NED and then the Levels, and reaching OT III in 1986, the year Bert started in Scientology. We married in 1989 and started our own company. Since then Lynne has reached OT V and three L’s and Bert made it to OT IV.

Over the years we put off getting new cars and beautiful houses, instead donating our way to the levels of Patron Meritorious in the IAS, Double Cornerstone in the Super Power Project and Triple Humanitarian for the Seattle Ideal Org. We helped CCHR Seattle survive for decades, we worked as Volunteer Ministers and in various other church activities. We were told repeatedly that we were wonderful “Opinion Leaders,” especially during efforts to get more donations from us, but we were shunned instantly when we refused to toe the line!

You may wonder why we donated so much, may even think we were crazy to do so. Did we do it for the “statuses?” Absolutely not! Our purpose in donating was to HELP. We really thought that we were helping others, helping those less fortunate, helping protect freedoms. It made all the personal sacrifices less significant. Imagine the betrayal we felt after coming to see the fraud and human rights abuses so rampant in virtually everything involving the church!

What did we experience that brought us to the point of making this open declaration?

  • Finding out that Lynne’s son in the Sea Org would no longer be allowed to have children, and having to turn a blind eye to the fact that this was a direct violation of what LRH said about balancing the dynamics.
  • Being made to feel guilty about doing anything in life but what was “approved” by the church.
  • Forced disconnection from Lynne’s non-Scientologist daughter in 2001 until we saw the truth in 2009.
  • Inquisition-like ethics cycles at Flag with two MAAs reading the meter, baiting and badgering and then threatening expulsion for being upset with an MAA.
  • Completely botched Clear cycle for Lynne’s daughter, costing tens of thousands of dollars and many years of upset, with literally zero actual care, handling, or results from CC, Flag and AOLA.
  • The death of a dedicated staff member resulting in her being denigrated for abandoning her post and “pulling it in.” This person was one of the most helpful, gracious people who’d ever been on staff and everyone in the area loved her. The attitude that when something bad happens to you, it means you are a bad person, was drilled in over many years.
  • Experiencing the difference in Auditing before and after the “golden age of tech” and the redefinition of an F/N; generally the difference between “win” and “no-win.” (Though as LRH says, some wins came through from the actual tech, despite the alterations.)
  • SP declares on Lynne’s son and his wife for blowing the SO despite going back and completing a proper routing out cycle, leading to years of disconnection and more tens of thousands in dollars of expense in “handling.”
  • Non-stop “Crush Regging” for Money.
  • Lynne being treated by the Flag Rep as if she were a piece of property to be commandeered and shipped to Flag like freight.
  • An OT Eligibility cycle from HELL for Bert.
  • The Basics insanity – financial irregularities with the way our accounts were handled in order to “sell” Basics (we ended up with 10 sets in our basement.)
  • After donating $300,000 to the Seattle Ideal Org, we were treated like enemies because we are friends with Tony & Marie-Joe Dephillips – resulting in being denied entrance to the Grand Opening. (See attachment of communication exchange that took place)
  • In spite of the promise, in writing, that anyone who donated $5000 or more to the Seattle Ideal Org would have their names on a memorial plaque, our names were deliberately omitted! (See photo attachment.)
  • Having all our Scientologist employees quit, including Lynne’s son and his wife, and Scientologist customers stop doing business with our company, because we would not fire Lynne’s daughter for speaking out.
  • Being essentially “disconnected from” by Lynne’s son and his wife because we woke up.


Each of the above bulleted items has a long story full of church blunders and other wonders. Feel free to email us for details.

What finally woke us up? The SP Times article was too much to confront at first for Lynne. So she checked out what the church had to say instead. When Tommy Davis asserted that he had affidavits from 22 people that one person had beaten 50 people over a period of years, she immediately thought of the HCOPL “Knowledge Reports” where it says a group that allows such behavior is an out-ethics group. With a gasp she realized that Int Management was an out-ethics group!

Looking up more of Tommy Davis, she heard him lie about there being no such thing as disconnection – after all the disconnection we had gone through! That was like having a bomb dropped on her. Communicating all this to Bert, it turned out that he had already seen enough. After this we were willing to look at anything and evaluate it without the bias that had been inculcated in us over the years. Yes we saw plenty of falsehoods in the anti-church data, but we were finally exercising our right to look for ourselves and to determine for ourselves what was true. And too much of it was true, to be ignored any longer.

Why are we speaking up? Our purpose to help others is very much alive, in spite of these experiences. We still donate to charities that help orphans, the elderly and cats.

We want others in the local field to know that there is someone here to talk to. If anyone under the radar contacts us we will keep their info private until they wish to disclose it.

Now having had a review in the independent field, and an ethics program (NOT the MAA-punishment-to-protect-the-church-from-you-evil-beings type of action, but instead a true program that helps one regain certainty of self-worth,) Lynne wants to assure others that their eternity and their bridge progress are not in jeopardy if they leave the church.

We both feel that no one can force another to stand up and be counted because everybody has their own situation, just as we did. But we hope that our announcement will help inspire others to work through those situations so that they too can stand up.

Most Sea Org members and Staff members are incredible people, who also really want to help. We feel sorry for those people. They are sacrificing so much in their own lives in order to live up to the expectations of upper mis-management. There is so much that needs to be corrected, most of which we have experienced or observed for ourselves: controlled communication, enforced disconnection, forced abortions, unlawful imprisonment, human-trafficking, and demanding huge sums of money from parishioners under false pretexts. These and all other abuses perpetrated by the church must CEASE!

It is interesting that we’re now a family in a group of people with many different viewpoints on the tech and life, and we tolerate them all, just as we should have all along, instead of insisting that only one viewpoint was allowed. Lynne loved her training and wouldn’t trade the gains of going clear for the world. Bert, on the other hand, had some very discouraging experiences, and does not want to have anything further to do with organized religion. Among the large group of those who’ve left the church in the Seattle area, we know people with an even wider range of viewpoints than this, yet now we all get along.

Oh, and in case anyone from the church is reading this, WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!

Below are our email addresses. We would be glad to help anyone in Seattle or elsewhere. Any OSA-troll or threatening emails will be submitted to the FBI to help their investigation of the church and for individual prosecution under applicable federal laws regarding harassment, hate mail, stalking, etc.

Bert Schippers & Lynne Hoverson

Seattle, WA, USA and


The link below is the email, phone and text message exchange between Bert and Chris Finn, the non-staff, non-HCO lead fundraiser who tried to get us to disconnect from Tony & Marie-Joe DePhillips.


Below is a photo of the Seattle Ideal Org memorial donations plaque. Our names should be listed under the Silver Humanitarians/Excalibur heading. However, they are missing!

Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault – Another Texan Ya’ll


  Please give a warm welcome to yet another Texan (Houston) with integrity.

Dear Friends;

I have been a Scientologist for 44 years, since age 11, when my mother decided to take the Communication Course at a small mission in New York State and enrolled my sister and me as well. From that very first course my life was changed for the better.

I have tremendous respect for L. Ron Hubbard and I am grateful to him for the gift of his discoveries. I will continue with the study and application of his technologies and philosophies in my life.

I am also grateful to every auditor, staff member and friend who has helped me learn and apply the technology and thereby helped me attain greater spiritual awareness and affinity for my fellow man and the universe. And I commend all those dedicated staff and volunteers in missions and orgs around the world who tirelessly work to help others.

However, I can no longer support what the church has become under the leadership of David Miscavige.

I remember LRH’s church; it was fun, it was spiritually uplifting, the environment was safe, affinity was very high. For a long time, I have observed a slow but continual departure from Ron’s purpose of bringing spiritual freedom to man. My observations lead me to believe that the church is in decline and that David Miscavige is the suppressive person responsible for that decline.

“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.” — Ability, Issue 125 February 1961 (Tech Vol. VI, p. 23)

For years I’ve ignored my doubts and made excuses for the outpoints I saw. My decision has been a long time coming and is the result of my own observations and my own integrity.

“[People] learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk.” — The Phoenix Lectures 1954

I thought I understood “Keeping Scientology Working,” and yet for years I have remained silent while the technology has been degraded and misapplied. I accept my share of the responsibility for allowing this to happen.

International events present flashy but false statistics in an attempt to show success where there is none. Events have become overhyped sales pitches for the latest round of fund raising and the aggrandizement of David Miscavige, who now presents LRH materials that he has “fixed.”

Fund raising has become more important than tech delivery, more important than spiritual freedom, more important than the bridge.

Finance and org policies have been ignored or altered to support a flawed ideal org scheme.

Because of the above and much more, I hereby announce that I am withdrawing my support and leaving the organization of the Church of Scientology.

 Whether or not you have observed any of these outpoints is for you to determine. If anyone wants to know more about what led me to my decision, I hope you will think for yourself and start with the websites that report information Mr. Miscavige does not want you to have. The letter written by OT VIII Luis Garcia does a very good job of documenting the outpoints and departures from policy. I recommend reading Luis’ letter: . 

I also recommend Marty Rathbun’s blog,

For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game.” — LRH, PDC, Dec 3rd1952

 I will not sever my communication lines with anyone who wishes to call me a friend. But I realize that my decision may mean the end of friendships. You have that choice.

 My decision is made. I hope that you will respect it even if you don’t agree with it.

 And to anyone who is struggling with doubt about their own observations, I hope that you are able to continue observing and stay true to your own integrity and know that there are many people outside the church who are courageously dedicated to keeping LRH’s purpose.

To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.” — Code of a Scientologist The Creation of Human Ability 1954

Look, don’t listen.” — HCO PL 7 February 1965 KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working

With affinity,

Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault

Grades, former mission ED, IAS Founding Patron

Independents Day 2011


What do Sam Houston and Davy Crockett have to do with Independents Day 2011?

I happened to research these fellows during my history study days in 05-06; when we lived in Houston, Texas. That included accepted histories and alternate histories – including verbal histories, Black histories, Mexican histories and Native American histories.

Crockett and Houston were US Congressmen representing the state of Tennessee. (Houston later became Governor). Both left Tennessee for Texas when the reaction to their counter-cultural ideas got too thick. Both defied President Andrew Jackson’s policy to renege on treaties with Native Americans.

Both loved people, were bigger than life and were great story tellers.

Davy and Sam were both colorful characters in the war for Texas independence from Mexico. Both publicly swore allegiance to independence, offering their heads as targets to the then formidable Mexican army.

Crockett died at the massacre at the Alamo (in San Antonio) at the hands of a ruthless general and dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Because the massacre was so complete, and Crockett’s legend so splendid, many different and contradictory histories of how he died for Texas independence arose.

Unlike Crockett, Houston chose not to dig in in South Texas and get massacred by General Santa Anna’s superior numbers and superior arms. After the massacres of the Alamo and Goliad, Santa Anna devoted the rest of his campaign in Texas to hunting down Sam Houston and what remained of the Texas army (really a militia). For some time Houston moved his men north, never engaging – instead dodging, bobbing and weaving. The media and politicians began to get on Sam, calling him a coward and worse. His own men began to grouse about retreating all the time. With several officers openly complaining, it looked as if a mutiny might arise.

Finally, Santa Anna believed he had Houston and his men cornered with their backs against the San Jacinto River, just east of present day Houston Texas. Houston decided the confrontation with the Mexicans would occur there. Most of his aggressive (near mutinous) officers voted that Houston’s army dig in and await the Mexican attack – a sound strategy being outnumbered and out gunned. Houston overrode them and planned a direct attack during the Mexican troops’ siesta time.

It so happened that Santa Anna was in no big hurry to attack Houston. He was a supremely arrogant man. He was as ruthless as they come, as he had proven at the Alamo and at Goliad. He was quite comfortable in his giant base tent, complete with grand piano, fine wines, and a rather stunning woman. Emily was an “escaped” slave from a nearby plantation bordering Galveston Bay. Her deep brown eyes were said to have the power of hypnotism over men. Well, old Santa Anna was shacked up with Emily the night before. And by Siesta time he had still not even arose from his partying the night before. Seems Emily knocked the wind right out of his sails.

Houston rallied his out-numbered and out-armed men behind the rallying cry “Remember the Alamo!” An appeal to replicate the courage of the likes of Davy Crockett and at a baser level an appeal for revenge.

Houston’s men attacked so forcefully the superior Mexican troops were shocked and were immediately dispersed. Santa Anna personally retreated so quickly he did not even have time to put his pants on. In a nineteen minute battle the Texans killed 700 Mexicans and capture more than 700 more. Only nine Texans died in the battle. The next day Santa Anna was captured several miles away, found cowering under an oak tree still in his underwear.

Now, there are many legends and myths about the Yellow Rose of Texas. Some say Emily was the original Yellow Rose of Texas (including quite conservative historian James Michener).

How important Emily was to all this is a matter of speculation. And if she were so important to the outcome, it tends to take away from the legend of Sam Houston. But, nobody ever explained how Emily found her way from a secure plantation and into the tent of General Santa Anna.

Nor has anyone explained how Sam Houston, who had done nothing but retreat for months suddenly and with great certainty decided to attack Santa Anna’s superior forces head-on against the advice of his fight-hungry lieutenants.

I got a hunch that old Sam got all sudden for a reason – a secret only he, and maybe a few close friends sworn to secrecy knew. Maybe it had something to do with his love of people and whiskey and the gin joints he frequented where the objects of his loves mixed. Houston went on to become the First President of the Republic of Texas, and later a US Senator for Texas and finally Governor of Texas when she joined the Union. He stepped out of politics after his stand to resist group agreement to have Texas join the Confederacy was met with violence.

Put the Yellow Rose controversy aside for a moment. Just look at the story as a whole. Perhaps you might see some parallels with our own Independence movement.

I’d like to say that we strategically chose the location for the 2011 Independents Day celebration in honor of Crockett and Houston. But that would be a lie.

Nonetheless, I think it is kind of fitting that our Second Annual event will be held right smack dab between the Davy Crockett National Forest and the Sam Houston National Forest. In the lush Texas piny woods region between Dallas and Houston. At Independents Ranch, forty acres on the shore of Lake Livingston.

Fort Independence


Lake View

lake access

the Way to happiness


While we are fortunate to have plenty of space and privacy, Independents ranch is only an hour and half drive from Bush International Airport in Houston. Transport from the airport will be provided.

Our hosts will be the Independence stalwarts Shannon and Hiro Kimoto. Independents Day Founder Christie King Collbran will work with Shannon to make all this happen with the clockwork of our first annual event. The Texas welcoming committee, growing by the day, is headed by Yvonne and Ken Schick, Catherine Von Ach, KayProctor (of Austin), Steve “Thoughtful” Hall (of Dallas), Mike Laws (Beaumont/Port Arthur), my man Boz from Midland,  along with us truly from deep South Texas.

Shannon and Christie will be sending out invitations to a list of folk whom they have determined have effectively publicly declared allegiance to Independence. Please do not feel slighted if your name was not included. They culled the names from the blog – and it can sometimes be confusing what with the handles people use. If you don’t hear from them in the next week, simply email them at:

Don’t miss your chance to put your Texan on. Don’t be shy. It seems like just about everyone’s got a bit Texan in ’em:

CBC Radio on Haggis and Miscavige

The following interview may be of interest. It ran on CBC this morning throughout Canada.   The interview begins at minute TWO and runs up to just past minute ELEVEN.  You may want to hang onto this link. It might be the most accurate, brief sum up of life at the International Headquarters of the Church of Scientology Inc to date.  It also gives perhaps the most fair treatment of Scientology Inc’s actual response to my statements of facts. Could serve as a good educational piece if you can pursuade someone to take ten minutes to learn what really goes in the world of Miscavge.–/

Kay Proctor Does The Texas Two-Step

The book “Cowboy Dances” (1939) talks of this Texas trademark, “The real two-step should be smooth and beautiful to watch.”   Take a look at the way Kay does it – real straight-ahead, dignified, and with a pleasing tempo.  Welcome home Kay!

Dear Friends,

HCO PL 4 March 1965 : Reserved Payment Account

OEC Vol 3, p. 315: Purpose of the Reserved Payment Account: To prevent a false idea of the financial position of the org from occurring by providing a place where money awaiting disbursement can be placed before it is actually paid out, thus removing it from the general accounts and estimates of financial position of the org.

OEC Vol 3, p. 316: Savings: When the org desires to buy something big or expensive, it should not use time payments, hire, purchase or mortgages. It should start putting money into the Reserved Payment Account and, when the full sum is there, buy the item for cash, using the fact to obtain a good, big discount. While the Building Fund on building purchases is also intended to help buy buildings outright, there is nothing wrong with also depositing available amounts of the disbursement sum in the Reserved Payment Account to help out.


HCO PL 18 Jan 1965:  Financial Management Building Fund Account

OEC Vol 3, p. 42: The primary purpose is to provide a cushion by which an organization which is becoming insolvent may be salvaged.  The secondary purpose of the Building Fund is to purchase property, but when this is done, the purchase must be for cash or, if any mortgage is involved, all further payments than the initial payment must be made from expense sum.


OEC Vol 3, p. 247: HCO PL 28 Jan 1965: How to Maintain Credit Standing and Solvency

The secret to solvency is:

1. Make a lot of money.

2. Spend less than you make.

3. Make it before you spend it.

4. Gather bit by bit a cushion of cash to fall back on and don’t ever fall back on it.

5. Keep your credit excellent as a second cushion.

6. Refuse to spend reserves


These basic LRH policy letters on finance plus the many others contained in Volume 3, give a perfect roadmap for expanding any org, whether the local org in your local sphere or the upper level orgs in Int’l Management. Clearly there is an abandonment of LRH finance policy, witnessed by the Ideal Org fund raising program, which is off- policy and not to be found in any LRH policy. With off-policy as the current operating basis from COB, David Miscavige, I have no choice but to withdraw my allegiance to the Church of Scientology as I can no longer support anything but pure LRH.

To give one a little history. I found Scientology in 1984. I was living in Tyler, Texas and my sister-in-law had just been introduced to the subject and had done Life Repair. I could tell from talking to her on the phone that she was different.  At that time, life had kicked me in the teeth enough times and I was looking for answers. I asked how much money I needed and I was told around $2,500. I was a single woman at the time, teaching school and had no resources. I went around to 3 banks, asking for an unsecured loan and when they all turned me down, I then lied and said I needed money for my daughter who needed health care. That was the magic ticket and I left with a loan for $3,000, getting just a little extra in case I wanted to do a course.

I purchased the Dianetics book and then I took off for Dallas to the Mission of the Southwest, there on Mandeville Road, off Central Expressway.

I paid for Life Repair and cleared words while in session, as I had no prior information about this subject. My life turned on a dime, and I handled a long-term situation with my father. I was really happy for the first time.

I returned to Tyler, taught school and one day while mowing my lawn, I decided that I wanted to go Clear. I called my ex sister-in-law (we had both since divorced the boys) and I moved in with her, quit teaching, had no idea where I’d work or what I’d do, but I knew I wanted to go Clear.

Shortly thereafter I joined staff and was the PCS in Div. 6 for a 2-1/2 year contract. During that time we had highest ever statistics with new public and the org was booming.

Not to bore anyone with the full story, suffice it to say, that I have worked totally in an environment with fellow Scientologist since 1984, and have been dedicated and very engaged in my Church.

In 1987, I regged Jay Proctor for staff as well as my 2D and from that point forward, we both loved and used LRH policy to navigate our marriage and the raising of our son, who was delivered by standard LRH birthing policies in our home with a mid-wife. In October 2009, Jay dropped his body, with a full LRH Last C/S, surrounded by OTs. We applied LRH tech to our everyday life.

LRH tech was the glue for our life, as there is no situation that we were unable to handle using the tech.  In the 1980’s – early 1990’s, it was fun being a Scientologist and a staff member, even though we worked very long hours. We had community activities, we played the Birthday Game for blood, we had great parties at the org on Friday nights, both public and staff included. We had church picnics and a real sense of family.

In 2001, shortly after September 11th, my mother dropped her body and my OT levels had been paid for some time. I arrived at AOLA and began, going straight through from R6EW to OT V, completing in September 2002.

All along the way, I saw more and more outpoints. And now, to see our church be so off the rails with regards to finance policy deeply saddens me. LRH provided all of us with this beautiful tech, and it is being misapplied by Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige.

This is unconscionable for me.

Whether any of these outpoints are true for you, you have to determine that. But, outside of the Ideal Org program, here are some additional outpoints I began to observe:

1.       For many years, at major events, none of the usual Int’l Management Executives shared the stage with COB as they formerly had been. They used to be part of every program.

2.       There is a distinct upper strata structure that LRH laid out to provide checks and balances within the organization, which would include these International Executives. Where are they?

3.       Has RTC (Religious Technology Center), Church of Scientology Int’l (CSI) and Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) been un-mocked and collapsed? Is David Miscavige chairing them all?

4.       Heber Jentzch, the President of the Church of Scientology. Where is he? He had not been seen in many years, and he has to be nearing 75 years in age. He didn’t die, so where is he?

5.       Saint Hill-size orgs were popular in the 1990’s which provided for orgs to build their staff and public ranks to the size of Saint Hill Org in the UK. ASHO in Los Angeles achieved this status for a brief segment in time in the late 90’s. What happened with this program? And why was it disbanded?

6.       I noticed there aren’t Class VIII auditors produced as before? Why?

7.       I was at Flag in the mid 90’s and at that time, there were several Class XII auditors that LRH trained. I can’t find any of them now. Where are they?

If any of this has resonated in any way with you, please check for yourself some of the key stats in your local org. Observe them for yourself on the OIC board – which is the stat board that HCO keeps posted in plain view or should.

1.       NNCF – New Names to Central Files. These come from Books sold to new people or new people arriving for first service at a mission or org.

2.       BIS – Bodies in the shop. This would be of interest with regards to both Division 6 (new people) as well as Division 2 (returning public).

Observe for yourself and if these stats are up trending in your org? And if the #’s are sufficient for viability?

To ensure survival, LRH finance policy must be applied and applied standardly. This means monies come from a well-oiled operational org that delivers services in such abundance, making more money than the org can waste.  These abundances are channeled into the Reserves Accounts and the Building Fund account.

Then when repairs are needed for everyday operations OR a new phase of expansion, which could include renovations to the existing structure or a new structure, the monies are available, as there has been complete adherence to proper finance policy along the way, thus ensuring  the infrastructure is in place to facilitate the expansion. LRH gave us the tech and the road map to ensure stability both in terms of monies, structure, staff and public.  When followed, true expansion occurs and all is stable.

However, the caveat is that orgs take orders from International Management. Now, that is a single individual – David Miscavige.

Please “Look, don’t listen”.  Whether your reality is similar to mine or light-years different – from this point forward, I invite you to look closer.  Check out things further – allow no carte blanche acceptance.

In no way am I discrediting all the wonderful Scientologists, both staff and public that I have come to know along the way — some incredibly lovely people that I love dearly, including the staff members who devote their lives to this cause.  

But under the current leader, we have lost LRH’s Church to “Miscavige’s Church”. It is no longer the LRH that we once knew and loved, and therefore, I cannot continue to show support.

Recently, on national television, Tommy Davis, the Church’s spokesperson, said that it was false that the church’s policy was that you had to give up your friends if you chose to leave the church.

You now have that choice. I will always keep my comm lines open to any of you who wish to call me that cherished word, friend.

My decision is made. Please respect and grant beingness. It is my wish that each of us flourish and prosper. That is my plan, and I will be moving along with the correct application of the LRH conditions to achieve that.

Love and warm wishes,


OT V, IAS Honor Roll

Austin TX 

The Golden Age of Fraud

Many have noted here that since shortly after the death of L Ron Hubbard in 1986, usurper David Miscavige promised Scientologists that New OT IX and X would be released upon the attainment of the target of ALL orgs reaching the size of Old St Hill.  Nearly twenty years of very expensive events and promotion ensued depicting what looked like a Miscavige management working day and night to achieve LRH’s objective.  Well, for the past two years people who were willing to look got a bird’s eye view of what Miscavige was doing instead.  But even without that insight,  anyone who has not lost all of his or her power of observation could not miss a couple of clear facts:

a)  No Class V orgs on planet earth are anywhere near St Hill size.  Those declared as such in the past are mere shadows of themselves during more productive periods.

b) Miscavige has simply ignored two decades of promotion of LRH’s intention – the making of St Hill size orgs, and promoted instead a real estate scam under the guise of “Golden Age of Organizations”.

In the event you are dealing with Kool Aid drinkers who insist on not-ising this out and out fraud, why don’t you show them Miscavige’s own words.  First, here is what Miscavige said to the “top OTs on the planet”, the OT Ambassadors at the Maiden Voyage,  June 2000 – nearly eleven years ago:

So, with the first three prerequisites well in hand, this last target is obviously of vital importance.


Not just to our group, but to you personally.


It’s what will make your ascent possible.


When LRH first suggested it, the reason was made clear — To create a real era of full OT, we cannot fall prey to the pitfalls of yesteryear.


All orgs to the size of old St. Hill is a quantitative target, representing Scientology beyond the “make-break point” on a planetary basis, accomplishing its aims at the correct order of magnitude.


Factually, the actions required to achieve this target are no different than what you yourselves have experienced with the Golden Age of Tech.


Put it this way — We know that if Scientology is applied standardly, it gets results every time.


The key to that is that there is a standard way to do things.


Well, that same datum applies with third dynamic technology — the entire panoply of admin technology upon which orgs and Management operate.


So when looking at org expansion, one cannot merely look at “statistics.”


What it means to achieve St. Hill size is the standard performance of all functions in management and our organizations, which are detailed in HCO Policy Letters.


And the number of functions to be performed in our organizations are voluminous.


When one spans out across the globe, and takes into consideration everything management provides, one is easily talking about tens-of-thousands of products that are required to achieve real expansion.


And yet, producing each of those products is vital, if we are to Clear the planet.


Well, the good news is this — We are making greater progress than ever in our history.


Look at it this way — For Tech to work, Ethics must first go in.


Correlate that datum with removing 4th dynamic suppression and you see why the first prerequisite to the release of New OT IX was so important.


But there is another datum — To get in Standard Admin, one must first get in Standard Tech.


And that was the Golden Age of Tech and Golden Age of Tech for OT’s.


And it not only saw to dramatically accelerated case gain across the planet, but spearheaded a new era of administration like we’ve never seen.


So to brief you on some of the many actions ongoing by International Management to accomplish that last target, and their progress in helping all orgs expand to the size of old St. Hill, please welcome Captain Guillaume Lesevre, the Executive Director International.

Now, compare that to four years later – Miscavige’s words at the 2004 Maiden Voyage, introduction to  the “Org Night” briefing.  Here he uses PROPAGANDA BY REDEFINITION of LRH’s words.  He effectively cancels LRH’s LRH ED339R Int by redefining purpose from creating “big booming orgs” to creating a  “new civilization”, which he proposes to do through construction of over-the-top gaudy, expensive, soulless, audio visual centers.  As anyone can see by walking into any one of these multi million dollar mausoleums Miscavige’s propaganda by redefinition has fleeced the public of hundreds of millions and left the orgs bereft of Scientology delivery, staff and beings.  The neutron bomb strategy perfected.

Miscavige, June 2004:

And that’s the whole point of doing it all.


For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.”


No, that’s what’s needed to accomplish the purpose of “creating a new civilization.”


And so — each one of these new breed of “Central Organizations,” incorporates every application of LRH Tech, for their geographic zone.


That’s how — with every org itself generating new groups, missions and every type of Social Betterment and Field activity — we increase our impact 150 times like “that.”


As for where it goes from there — the answer is obvious.


— Each org moving “up-the-org-board,” so to speak, as the central training center for it all,


— New AOs in each zone to cater to the flow moving to the top of the Bridge,




Which brings us to this evening’s event.


Because what you are about to hear is the “overview” of what’s now happening, in the wake of March 13th.


And while that only represents three months of “activity”, it brings us to the final point of “speed.”


For as we’ve gone over — it will be “exponential.”


And once again — just to pound it IN — the reason for that “exponential expansion” is PURPOSE.


When you crunch the numbers on those “lending a hand”, and “forwarding the crusade”, it takes on a whole new dimension when you consider everyone who is really “ON OUR ORG BOARD.”


When you “make our purpose their purpose,” the answer is EVERYBODY.


So with all of that in mind, tonight’s OVERVIEW encompasses two things:


— Where the creation of IDEAL ORGS is newly happening,


— And, what has happened in the wake of the “dones” so far.


Because that last one is not only the ultimate “EP.”


But, rather, the inevitable “result” from those just now beginning.