Bryan Ubaghs – Another Seattle Superstar

I had the pleasure of meeting Bryan Ubaghs (pronounced You Bozz) during the November Seattle Independents gathering.  A friendlier fellow you may never get to know.  A great artist.  A very productive long-term Scientologist.  And a valuable contributor to the blog under the handle Idle Org.  And on top of all that I  love the way he’s got Tony and Marie-Jo’s backs.


My story is a simple one. I entered Scientology in 1989, at the age of 21. It didn’t take much indoctrination to quickly decide that LRH’s tech was indeed what I had been looking for.


By age 41 I had been a Scientologist for twenty years. I had defended LRH and the tech many times by then. I had helped on numerous artistic projects, painting murals, playing drums with Bill Bertinot and The Fabulous Spontanes during ASHO events, creating artwork for Mark Arnold’s fiction writings, and too many other actions, along with commendations, to mention here.


I even tried my hand being on staff several times, although briefly.


If I had a dollar for every person I’ve body-routed, every piece of promo I’ve stuffed or every project I’ve helped on over the years, I’d be rich.


My point is that I fully support LRH’s goals toward a better, safer, saner earth.


And that is exactly why I have officially left the Church of Scientology as it exists under its current leadership.


Today the emphasis is on money. It is also on force. Force to join staff. Force to think like the group. Force to figure out how to pay what will easily amount to half a million dollars to attain the highest OT levels, keep the IAS coffers filled, and purchase brick and mortar Ideal Orgs (which absolutely have not been earned if we are honest about confronting the actual production stat trends over the long term).


On the subject of Ideal Orgs, I personally feel that they are simply a camouflauged hole. A very unusual, utterly off-policy “solution” to hide the fact that the course rooms are empty. That zero Scientology celebrities promote being in the church any longer in the public eye. That dozens of OT7’s and 8’s have not only left the church recently, but have gone online to publish their names, photos, contact information and personal horror stories regarding the above items I’ve mentioned.


The IAS has collected hundreds of millions of dollars over the past couple of decades, yet there are more big pharma ads for drugs today than ever before, by a long shot. 


But the thing I simply cannot ignore is that far too many long-time, highly-trained Scientologists are not only abandoning their church world wide, they are unanimously calling for the removal of one David Miscavige.


The glaring outpoint here is that you are not allowed to look at anything critical of Scientology or COB. You are not allowed to search the internet on these matters. You are not allowed to take full Knowledge, Responsibility and thus Control of the situation. You are not allowed to evaluate all of the data for your own, personal self.


Instead, others are deciding what is and isn’t “acceptable” information and then forcing this massive blind spot upon you, with threat of heavy “ethics” and even expulsion if you merely begin querrying the outpoints you may have noticed.


Well, this is NOT the work or intention of LRH. It is a trap.


Right now, differentiate between L. Ron Hubbard and current management. They are NOT the same thing, at all. 


The glaring outpoint is: You would be totally free to look at and decide upon whatever you please as a free citizen of America and other nations if current Scientology management had nothing to hide.


I’ve done the research. I’ve dared to look. And current Scientology management has a LOT to hide. It is a fact that the FBI is now investigating COB specifically. I’ll let you do your own research on that one. It’s too incredible to believe. Literally.


If you are currently afraid of being your full self, speaking freely and obtaining any data you like, anywhere……then you are utterly and completely in a trap. And you know it. You absolutely do.


That said, there is a massive, world-wide movement right now to free the tech and make it affordable and available to the masses on this planet.


For most people of earth don’t even know where their dinner is coming from tonight, let alone how to come up with impossible funds to go up the Bridge.


Please do not buy into the gross lie that Tony DePhillips is the kingpin of evil in the NW. Please have some dignity and integrity regarding this matter. Tony and his wife, Marie-Jo, have done more to help LRH in terms of cash donations, effort and energy than most in this city. It is ridiculous, shameful and massively unethical to declare these good people as “Suppressive Persons”. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing! Another camouflauged hole. And since the DePhillips’ departure, have student points shot upward? Have Clears and trained auditors been coming off the assembly line in sudden abundance? Have bodies in the shop advanced one bit? No. They certainly have not. And reports from across the world are that most Ideal Orgs are graveyards of inactivity, despite the flashy presentation and PR at events.


Fancy buildings will never hide the fact of massive unpopularity.


There are lots of friends on the outside. There is life on the outside. Many are going up LRH’s Bridge on the outside, minus the group-think, the heavy ethics, the forced introversion, the unbearable expense.


Best of luck. Your own integrity is very definitely far more important than anything your seniors in the church try to force you into agreeing with.


Truth be told, they are NOT your actual seniors, in any way, shape or form.


That is, unless you decide that they are.


Bryan Ubaghs 

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  1. Well, well, would ya look at that sweet mug! And the puppy is darn cute, too 🙂

    Impressive writing, impressive art, impressive heart.

  2. martyrathbun09

    You are a sweetheart.

  3. Yvonne Schick

    Congratulations, Bryan. Thank you for your courage and for the very well written announcement. Your statement is a gift you give others.

    Welcome to freedom.

    ml, Yvonne

  4. Expelled 4 Life

    I could pretty much copy and paste Bryan’s announcement for my own.

  5. Remimeo
    All Reges
    The Hole
    All MAAs
    All Parishioners
    All Tech Personnel

    (cancels and replaces HCO PL 7 FEBRUARY 1965 KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING)

    Without money we will fail. If others have any money that is not turned over to us they could use it against us and possible destroy all that we have worked for.

    In all the years we’ve been involved in the crucial process of soliciting and obtaining donations we’ve been too reasonable in allowing others to not pay. This has kept us from accumulating all the money in the world, which we desperately need if we are to be able to do our jobs.

    The only place we have ever fallen down on the job is when we have gotten lax on any of the ten points of this policy letter.

    From this point forward it will be considered a SUPPRESSIVE ACT punishable by being slapped, punched, choked, kicked and thrown to the ground, humiliated, ostracized, disconnected from, ignored, gang-bang sec checked, implanted and possibly even vaporized for any failure on the part of any staff member or parishioner of any branch of the Church of $cientology to apply any and all of the ten vital points of this Policy Letter.


    When that reluctant, stingy prospect comes to you with that airy-fairy, panty-waist dilettante attitude, turn that wandering doubt in his or her eye into a fixed, dedicated glare of generosity and we’ll win and get the money. Humor the prospect and allow them to not pay and our coffers will suffer as a result.

    It is not just up to Tom Cruise or Craig Jensen or Nancy Cartwright or Brian Zwan or the Feschbach Clan to provide the necessary funds, but it’s the duty of every single man, woman, child, fetus and embryo on the face of the Earth now and for all eternity to wear this hat and always, always, always pay and never refuse to pay nor allow others to refuse to pay.

    This is serious business and it’s time we all grew up, shut up and pay up.

    ONE:   Having the correct donation technology.

    TWO:  Knowing the donation technology.

    THREE: Knowing the donation technology is correct.

    FOUR: Teaching correctly the correct donation technology.

    FIVE: Applying the correct donation technology.

    SIX: Seeing that the correct donation technology is correctly applied.

    SEVEN: Hammering out of existence incorrect donation technology.

    EIGHT : Knocking out ineffective donation technology applications.

    NINE:  Opening the door wide for the possibility of any effective donation technology.

    TEN: Closing the door on the possibility of any ineffective donation technology application.

    New Source Division


  6. Brian, it’s wonderful to put a face with Idle Org’s name! Love your art (saw it on your website), too. Between your loyalty and integriy, that wonderful announcement, your photo and the darling puppy, you’re gonna get marriage proposals, buddy : ))


  7. Bert Schippers

    Yay Bryan!!!!!!!

    I know Bryan personally and he’s a great guy!

    Your write-up is so true!

  8. Bryan, outstanding!! loved your announcement. Loved the picture and love that puppy!!! Congratulations and I wish the very best for you. The lives of many will be changed with your announcement.

  9. martyrathbun09

    Hey, what do you say we have a love fest today for a change?

  10. Fellow Traveller

    Bryan the unIdle co-conspirator and Kingpin wingman —
    It is an honor.
    Your words, headlined by Marty’s title, need nothing further.
    Thanks for being daring and most especially living your own words of personal integrity — what an example.

    Bruce Pratt

  11. Wow, Bryan, one of the most impinging declaration I have read! I will definitely use it to enlight some of my fellow scientologists! With this power and theta, you are most certainly a very good drummer, and painter! Thanks for that, buddy!

  12. But would you have a cute puppy?

  13. “It is a trap.”

    You Sir are absolutely right

  14. Yay Brian! Yes, you and the puppy are both adorable.
    Folks, I know Bryan. He’s not just adorable, he’s a genuinely nice guy.
    I agree with lunamoth about the marriage proposals! But please, none from OSA terminals, huh? LOL

  15. Freetothink

    She is indeed!

  16. OTDT

    You have such a talent for this stuff (and a wicked wit). Jeez. But I have to say that while reading this I had the eerie feeling that you would have NO TROUBLE AT ALL enforcing this in the current church. How scary is THAT??


  17. ClearlyMistreated

    Hi Bryan,
    Excellent writeup, good to see you coming out! Another point for Seattle.

  18. Bryan,

    Welcome to Marty’s blog under your real name! You have brought a great deal of wisdom, compassion and good sense with your postings — and they are a perfect representation of you in person. I wholeheartedly second Marty’s comments. Its an honor to be on the same team as you are good people — a REAL Scientologist.

    Hope to see you again on July 4th now that you have made yourself known to the world at large!

  19. 🙂

  20. Freetothink

    Wow! I’m honored to be your friend!
    Bryan is an incredible writer, musician, painter. A great artist all around.
    For those of you who haven’t read them, go check out his articles. I guarantee you will find them very entertaining & insightfull.
    He’s a very gentle soul but he knows how to stand up to suppression.
    B, you’re awesome & handsom inside & out! Big hugs,


  21. Bryan,

    Thanks for the “Unicorn chaser” to the ugliness of the last blog entry.
    What is your puppy’s name? I don’t think I need to welcome you here, as you have been here all along, but it is great to get some mass on the significance. It is encouraging that we have yet another real artist to help get the show on the road.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    All I have to say is Evil Genius.. ROTFLMAO. Jesus where does it all come from??

  23. Way to bring it, Bryan!
    In addition to Bryan’s other talents and qualities, let me also add humility.
    He once confessed to me that he is a distant descendant of the artist who has arguably produced the most beautiful paintings in history, Dutch painter Jan Vermeer.
    If I had that in my background I would put it on my business card, my voice mail greeting and on a tatoo on my forehead. (Well, maybe not on my business card.)

  24. Tony DePhillips

    Big Bryan!!
    You DA MAN!!!
    Bryan is so full of love and Art and intelligence it is a true honor to have him as a friend.
    By the way, he is in between girls right now, so some lucky lady has a shot at this Renaissance Man.
    Keep the love fest flowing…Bryan brings that out in people.

  25. Hello Bryan! Thank you for taking a stand. Excellent write-up!

  26. IAS
    The Hole
    All MAAs
    All Tech Personnel
    All Non-Zombies
    All Parishioners
    All Staff
    All Earthlings

    (also cancels and replaces HCO PL 7 FEBRUARY 1965 KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING) (again)

    ‘Thinking’ on one’s own is highly overrated and extremely dangerous.

    In all the years we’ve been involved in the crucial process of letting others think for themselves we’ve caused COB nothing but aggravation.

    It has proven true time and time again the only ideas, thinking, decisions and plans worthy of remaining in existence are those of COB, David Miscavige.

    From this point forward it will be considered a SUPPRESSIVE ACT punishable by being spit on and thrown immediately into the hole, to allow any parishioner to think for themselves.

    When that cocky, self-confident parishioner comes up with any idea that is not based on what COB (or in some rare cases Tom Cruise) has already determined to be the correct line of thought on any subject, spit immediately in that person’s face and let them know they are trying to destroy all mankind.

    From this point forward only a strict, zombie-like viewpoint will be tolerated among all parishioners, lest we wind up with intentions counter to the greatest good for the greatest number of COB’s ideas.

    It is not just up to Leserve or Starkey or Cruise or Yager or the Haitian Zombies to keep their discipline in on themselves to ensure they do not stray from the narrow-focused path of approved thought, but it is also the hat of all beings.

    Only in this way can we be assured of a shoulder to shoulder effort to take this planet’s stupid and destructive ideas away from itself.

    This is serious business and it’s time we all threw away our own individual ideas and selfish thinking and wholeheartedly support COB by ruthlessly following the ten points of this vital policy letter.

    ONE:   Having COB’s ideas.

    TWO: Knowing COB’s ideas.

    THREE: Knowing COB’s ideas are correct.

    FOUR:  Implanting correctly COB’s ideas.

    FIVE: Applying correctly COB’s implants.

    SIX: Seeing that the correct COB implant is correctly implanted.

    SEVEN: Hammering out of existence incorrect COB implants.

    EIGHT : Knocking out of existence ideas that are not COBs.

    NINE:  Slamming the door hard on any possibility of any ideas that are not COB’s.

    TEN:  Wiping out of existence anyone who doesn’t agree that COB’s ideas are the only ones that should exist.

    COB Support Group
    New Source Division

    Approved by COB (as this is HIS idea)

    Monitored by COB Idea Enforcement Division

    DM:dm:the hole

    cc: LRH

  27. Can of worms. Do you reckon C.O.B.s retirement would change the course of your Church bloggers?

  28. redneck Janette from Detriot

    Great write-up Bryan!! I’d love to see some of your artwork. Hey can you e-mail me, I want to ask you a couple things please…


  29. A fantastic write-up Bryan. Love it!

    “You are not allowed to take full Knowledge, Responsibility and thus Control of the situation. You are not allowed to evaluate all of the data for your own, personal self.”

  30. Fellow Traveller

    Ah, yes, the “Between Wives Area”…

  31. Nice to meet you Bryan! I loved your write-up. Love that pup too!

    It really hit home about how nothing got better when those horrible SPs left the scene…the whole Why for all local problems, right?

    I remember how Mayo was the Why for anything and everything that had ever gone wrong – that was right when I got in. This deception sure has been going on for a LONG time now…

    How many times could my kids come to me bragging of their stellar grades without showing me an official report card or progress report? Really, I think about how long I would fall for that. Then they would tell me I’m not allowed to log onto the school’s website or have a meeting with the Principal of the school.
    Or if I get a phone call from a teacher about bad behavior, they just tell me the teacher is an antisocial who attacks ALL the kids for no reason!
    It really does defy logic!

  32. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Marta!

    Yeah, that’s my old neighbor’s dog, Pepper.

    You rock!

  33. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Quick thanks to Marty for hosting me on his site and all that he does for independence!

  34. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Yvonne, very much!

  35. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Go for it!
    Many thanks.

  36. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    You and Bert are part of why I just came out.
    Thank you!

  37. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


  38. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    It’s always a pleasure!
    Now I’m blushing…

  39. “Today the emphasis is on money. It is also on force. ”

    You hit the nail on the head with that one. I think one of the biggest things wrong with the current Church (and there are many, many other things wrong) is the emphasis on force in almost every aspect of Orgs and public in their dealings with Orgs.

    There is an almost complete denial of the basic datum that Scientology addresses the individual and frees him/her of the aberration that stops them from making sane decisions. The fact that there is so much overwhelming force exerted to get people to make “pro-survival” decisions just shows how far off the rails they currently are.

    I saw this attitude creep in more and more over the past 20 years. People are told that being “self determined” is wrong, and that they should be “pan determined,” except virtually every “pan determined” thing the person does against their own better judgement just makes them more OTHER determined.

    This may seem a little off topic, but I believe it manifests in many different ways, and it IS a basic denial that the tech of Scientology actually works. For example, the Marxist Re-Education Camp that the Int Base has become could not exist without that attitude already being entrenched.

    No guesses as to where it emanates from: “These lousy public! None of them have made it to OT yet. Obviously they’re out ethics, since the tech won’t go in. Well, the tech doesn’t work on them, I’ll just have to FORCE them to obey… I mean, go up the Bridge. Those damned DB staff are no good either – a bunch of bums. I tell you Tom, if it weren’t for all these useless staff and public, we’d have the planet clear by now, you and me!”

  40. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Bert!

    You were part of the inspiration to get some balls and stick it to the man.


  41. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Carol, very much!

  42. Bravo, Bryan! Very well done. Hope to meet up with you soon.

  43. one of those who see

    OMG!! Perfect and unfortunately accurate.

  44. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    I always enjoy learning from your writings.


  45. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks so much Li Po!

  46. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Cat Daddy,

    You are a rock star!


  47. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Clearly Mistreated,

    Proud to know ya!


  48. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Mike,

    I appreciated seeing you and Marty laughing a lot when I met you. A very tight bond.

    A pleasure meeting you. Thanks for all that you do.

    And yeah, I’m freakin’ free now!


  49. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Much love MJ,

    But you take the cake as the Seattle sweetheart, big time!

    But don’t be fooled, people. Behind that warm smile is the smartest person in the room!

  50. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Tom!

    The puppy is my friend’s dog. Her name is Pepper.

    Take care

  51. Expelled 4 Life

    Actually a sweet one year old rescue!

  52. one of those who see

    Hi Bryan,
    You can observe the freedom out here by reading these write ups. Each individual has observed what he/she has observed and has his or her own style and viewpoint.
    In particular, I loved these observations by Bryan: “Today the emphasis is on money. It is also on force.”
    “Instead, others are deciding what is and isn’t “acceptable” information and then forcing this massive blind spot upon you, with threat of heavy “ethics” and even expulsion if you merely begin querrying the outpoints you may have noticed.
    Well, this is NOT the work or intention of LRH. It is a trap.”

    Thanks for your continuing help achieve the aims of Scientology as written by LRH.

  53. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Joe,

    You have been the voice of reason exactly when I needed it. When you emailed the following words over a year ago, I felt sane once again after the mis-emotion of just having left Radical Scientology.

    “I know it can be a shock when someone you admired turns out to have betrayed you. Each of us who worked with DM had our own epiphanies at one point or another. The stable datum disappears and the confusions that the stable datum held at bay then hit you in the kisser.”

    Dan Koon is the coolest, most level-headed person out there. He’s very highly trained and is a great source for help.

  54. one of those who see

    Wow Dan!!! Jan Vermeer!!! One of my favorites! “If I had that in my backround I would put it on my business car, my voice mail…..” LOL Exactly!
    Does he have a website with his art that we can see?

  55. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    What can I say. You are a big reason why I’m on this blog right now. You always know exactly how to assist a person to become themselves just a little bit more, and a little bit more….

    I always have cogs when I communicate with you. We always crack eachother up.

    Thanks my friend!

  56. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks so much, Christie!

    I’m still blown away by the example you set with Mat Lauer on live TV!!!

    Thanks for all that you do.


  57. Michael Fairman


    I’ve looked forward to reading your thoughtful comments these many months, and along with everyone here, welcome YOU. Your clear, concise announcement adds yet another voice that can’t be shouted down by the lies coming from the other side. We are all artists here, each in his or her own special way, and the culture we are dreaming of, that we are creating, is one based on truth. There’s no way Miscavige and his robotic minions will be able to withstand the power of that.

  58. Benjamin Cisco

    Well said Bryan!

    Now, how can we get copies of this sent out to all those people still under the spell?

  59. Well said!
    Nuff said!
    (and that puppy is really cute).

  60. MJ,
    Thanks for the link – I’ve read those and loved those articles!

    Bryan, it’s great to meet you. Steve’s site has surpassed the Million hits very quietly and without fanfare, thanks to Steve and all contributors!

    Let’s celebrate!

  61. Tony Dephillips

    Hey Bryan,
    How does it feel to come out into the open?
    Why was this important for you to do?

  62. Hi, Bryan. That is one sweet declaration of independence! I met Tony and Marie-Jo last July 4 and hope to see you at The Ranch.

    What is the puppy’s name? So cute. Our little doggy would adore her, too.

    Just Me

  63. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Thank you so much! I recently watched your brilliant performance on the show Firefly and thought, “I wonder how a talent like that can remain in the church?” Next thing I know, you were out! And I was thrilled.

    I look forward to the effects we can all create now that we’re free.

    With much respect,

  64. I loved reading your views and the truth of your observations is shining on through. An atomic bomb could not have outdone the positive effect of your words of truth.

    We will have another dozen independents before nightfall.


  65. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Benjamin!

    Feel free to use my write-up for any dissem you like.

    I’d be honored!


  66. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Ahh the power of brevity!

    Thanks much!

  67. Beats a Reg fest any day……………
    Or is that a vulture feast?

  68. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Copy and paste away!


  69. Good for you!

  70. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    You are so damn good with words and comedy!

    I believe the show Two and a Half Men needs a little help right now with some story lines on how they’re going to replace Charlie Sheen. Could be an opportunity. 🙂

    I look forward to many more laughs…

  71. Bryan,

    Thank you for such a well written and thought out and concise announcement. I have a feeling that this one will travel far and wide.


  72. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    I didn’t want to use this format to promote anything art-related as this is Marty’s site, so if he decides it’s appropriate to post this it’s . (If not, marty, it’s totally cool) 🙂

  73. Hi Bryan great to see your face here. I love the puppy. I hope I get to see him when we come to visit.

    Thanks for sharing all that you have as Idle Org and all that I know you will continue to share and shed light on as Bryan U. I appreciate your friendship and your input when I was suffering a few losses last year.


  74. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Feels great, Tony!
    It’s important to come out because I suddenly feel a whole lot less PTS.
    Plus, we need to keep the NW Kingpin’s stats up for the Birthday Game. After all, it’s coming up on LRH’s 100th and I think he’d be a lot more proud of us than Radical Scientology right now.

  75. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Just Me,

    Always enjoy your writings!
    The dog is my friend’s. Pepper is her name.

  76. NSY, I was thinking about the term “force” just the other day. Thinking about the definition of an implant, “a vicious and forceful means” of getting another to do something, I was looking at what we’d gone through in Miscavology, and wondering if that fit the definition of implant. I had always thought of force as being powerful, blow-up, painful, shocking, etc. But as I thought about it, I looked at the idea of being forced by “what others will think of you,” and “the horrible eternity you will have if we fail,” and “how bad you should feel about all these evil things happening in the world,” and I realized that force doesn’t have to be physical. It just has to be anything that you would resist against and then give in to!
    So my conclusion was, Yes, to the degree that it was also vicious, we were implanted to disconnect from our families, part with sound financial policy, and give up our own determinism “for the greater good.” Ugh! Geez! Damnm!

  77. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thank you Centurion!

    Marty and Tony made it real to me that coming out is indeed a big help flow.

    Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading! 🙂

  78. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Thanks so much! Thanks for your many years of service! And thanks for what you are doing to help free all those good people who desperately need help to get out of the trap.


  79. Virgil Samms

    Hey Bryon, welcome! Goodconcise, to the point and lucid write-up. I’ve also enjoyed your comments over the last year – and more actually, eh? Wow,we’ve been at it a long time. See you in July.

    ML Tom

  80. “I look forward to the effects we can all create now that we’re free.”

    Right on, Bryan. I have that though often and a lot! When Theta is free to flow, the potential is endless!

    Congrats on your announcement, and I wish you much success!
    All the best,

    aka Bozz

  81. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Spot on. I always thought it strange that I’d have to confirm and re-confirm under pressure of make-wrong regarding event attendance, etc.

    “We’re throwing a party and you’d BETTER show up!”

    So wrong.

  82. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    One of those who see,

    Your name says it all.

    Thanks so much!

  83. Joe Pendleton

    Wow – Bryan, your post simply states all this as well as I’ve ever seen it stated! VERY WELL DONE!!

    And Tony D – had I known that some considered you THE KINGPIN OF EVIL in the entire NORTHWEST – I think I would have at least arranged a meeting with you and bowed and kissed your ring or somethngi – ha.

  84. OTDT

    You are too much.
    What a laugh I had.


    Great words Bryan and welcome to the group….. your words are so true…. and I hope that those that still are drinking the kool aid, realize as you said that is only them who keep the trap in place….I wish then the courage to breack the chain and became free…. I did that and have no regrets not a bit….there is nothing like regain your freedom of everything…….

  86. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    So true, and thank you!

  87. LOL!
    OTDT, that’s so hilarious and so close to reality; you’re an artist.

  88. Dear Bryan,
    So good to have a name and a face!
    Thank you for your message and your strength.
    And Jan Vermeer is one of my very favorite painters– wow! 🙂

  89. BRYAN! It was such a pleasure to meet you in person last year at Tony and Mary Jo’s place. It’s double the please to see your smiling face and read your excellent analysis of why we are out “here” in the sunshine, not in “there” in the dark.
    Hope to see you again in July, if not sooner.
    ml Les

  90. (controlled leak from COB’s office…)


    COB Policy Letter 8 March 2011


    This thing called ‘love’ is probably responsible for more heartache and trouble than ‘war’ on this planet and very well may be the cause of it.

    As many of you are probably aware, I have unique access to all unpublished LRH research documents, writings and recorded utterances. I would be remiss if I did not pass on to you what I have gleaned from my extensive study of this vast, yet unavailable body of knowledge.

    What most people perceive as the sensation of ‘love’ is actually the incorrect reversal of an obsessive desire to be like ‘cold, chrome steel’. I, as well as the highly dedicated members of the RTC have been unduly criticized for being ‘unfeeling’ and ‘distant’ from the rest of the bulk of staff and public across the planet.

    What is generally not known about is the extent to which we have gone within the ranks of the RTC to rid ourselves of the implants that are causing most people to be insane on the subject of love that causes them so much trouble, like spending too much time thinking about others or letting one’s decisions be swayed by this false feeling or having one’s heart broken or feeling sad when they are gone.

    Getting rid of this useless hinderance of a false sensation allows one to concentrate on things much more valuable such as PRODUCTION and DISCIPLINE.

    When someone comes to you with a call for ‘love’ or you see that dreamy-eyed look of mesmerized infatuation in their eyes, realize they are dramatizing and attempting to lead you into a very dangerous, deep, dark part of the labyrinth that eventually will lead to nothing but sorrow and your ultimate demise.

    “Love, love, love” they say. They might as well be saying “Die! Die! Die!” For behind the facade of this pretended sensation is a very deep desire to fool you into dancing off the edge of a very tall cliff into the deadly abyss below.

    When you see that distant, hard-eyed and cold chrome steel attitude drilling into the center of your skull by RTC, realize it is being done out of the truest ARC for your eternal freedom.

    Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

    True ARC,

    LRH Unpublished Research I/C


    cc: LRH

  91. Welcome, Bry! You rock!

  92. LOL that was funny!

  93. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Someone say love fest??!! I’m in!

    Love ya Bryan!!

    Isn’t it just lovely being here, there anywhere you want living life on your choice!

    Love ya Bryan! Thanks for joining the fun!!

    – Jackson

  94. Welcome Bryan,
    Great for taking a stand. Congratulations on your courage and your smart announcement. I feel you’ve inspired some people here. Do well.

  95. Funny, when I saw the painting of the two women on his web site, I thought that it looked like “a Vermeerish cartoon”. I thought he had the same sharp focus as found in Vermeer’s paintings, somewhat like how Vermeer would have made cartoons.

  96. OTDT

    Your sarcasm and satire is brilliant ! Right on the money !
    Every blog needs a Satirist ! You are in a league of your own…

  97. Bryan :

    Outstanding announcement. Super cool.
    Some folk cans tell it like it is.
    All good wishes to you,

  98. theo Sismanides

    Bryan thank you! Thank you for coming out! I know exactly how important this is, coming out with one’s true identity. There is NOTHING more important right now. Nothing.

    We are now REAL, with Real Names, getting Real Communication and being Open about it! We are NOT hiding anymore. And soon the Tech will not have to be hidden either. Coming out in the open has a certain much bigger effect. It kind of puts there a terminal in the physical universe and now he is part (a real one) of the game we are playing. You cannot build something over hidden identities, sorry guys. I can understand that a lot of people think otherwise. Unless one does some actual work as a hidden terminal. We’ve gone over this before. However, reality is what counts now. If we grow in numbers and come out and say we are who we are, immediately some order comes in. So it’s Joe Blow and he says blablabla. As a matter of fact Joe Blows are real people and when they say something it counts. A hidden identity or worse even someone who doesn’t even speak up counts for nothing.

    If someones here think that at this point of time we can hide or lurk or be silent go ahead. Not my choice and not Bryan’s anymore. And the same for many, many others. 10 years ago this was not the scene. It was very lonely out here. So now it’s much easier and as a matter of fact it should be the only thing a Scientologist should be thinking about in these days of craziness. When and how do I come out in the open. How much more crazy can we get? Scientology IS the only thing on this planet that could actually put order. And here it is a mess right now. We cannot put much order like that.

    So there is nothing more valuable right now as one more real, actual viewpoint of Independence for Scientology.

  99. Cindy Pinsonnault

    What a great write-up!
    “Today the emphasis is on money. It is also on force.” Among all the brilliant things you said, this sums up so much of what’s happening in CoS.

    I’ve enjoyed reading “IdleOrg’s” comments and I look forward to more great commentary from you now. Oh, and the dog is pretty cute too.

  100. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)



    I hope it does, too.

  101. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Natalie,

    We both lost the same friend in the koolaid void but someday that just may turn back around.

    See you soon.

  102. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Tom,

    The feeling’s mutual.


  103. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Joe!

    The Seattle org is terrified of Tony and he wears his declare like a badge of honor.

  104. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks Bryan.
    Its a good week to have the stats up. The unit is 87cents so pay is going to rock!!

  105. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Joe.
    It’s never too late my friend.

  106. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Mary Jo!

    Your write-up helped me (and a lot of people), tremendously right when we needed it most.

    Yeah, Vermeer is my great grandad, times about fifteen. My father has the family tree all mocked-up.

    Feels great to be out!
    Take care,

  107. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Great to meet you as well!

    Yeah, let freedom ring, baby!

  108. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    As do you Songbird!

  109. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Ya big teddy bear!

    I feel the love and send it right back at ya.

    I’ll see you at the next party!

  110. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Hey, thank you!

    I’ll indeed do well and you do the same.

  111. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    That’s a hell of a compliment.

    If only Vermeer had made cartoons. 🙂

  112. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Hey Sinar,

    Thanks! Yeah, Steve Hall has done so much for us it’s incredible! I got a good dose of how hard he’s worked when I assisted him briefly on editing for his brilliant site

  113. Glad to see you were able to take care of things and come out in the open. Have enjoyed your posts for some time now!

    Welcome to the sunshine!

  114. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Karen!

    Yeah, it came from the heart in only about an hour and twenty minutes of writing.

    Truth is far less complex than lies, I guess.

  115. Bryan, Can’t wait for Mat to come home so I can show him your post. You know we love you. Wishing you nothing but happiness and success.

    xoxo, Amy

  116. Welcome Bryan…
    Clearly the force that we all experienced is “the” single thing that I see dissipating daily from my universe. It was so insidious and we all bought into it, so the subtle effects became almost indistinguishable. But when you are on the free side, day by day, you experience a lightness that is ‘that force’ blowing charge off you. It has returned so many native abilities to me.

    That is “the” single thing that I am experiencing consistently. It was such a covert ptsness that the only way you can property acknowledge it is to be on the other side. Then you can clearly “see it”.

    Your announcement was so succinct and articulate. I hope you will join us on the 4th of July and we can start to put names with faces, because the new vistas of real friends and the power that we together amass is truly a celebration that would make LRH proud.

    Welcome from an Indie in Austin Texas,

  117. Hi Bryan FKA Idle Org,

    I’ve always found your articles and comments very insightful but truth be told this manifesto of yours is the best yet.

    It’s interesting that you got in in ’89 because that year was a turning point for me.

    That was the year that I had gone to the fabled “Mecca of Technical Perfection” for the legendary “Flag Internship” and left with any illusions I had about the place totally shattered.

    They call themselves “Ron’s Org” but it was obvious to me back then that Ron “has left the building”.

    After that I began searching for what was left of real Scientology for over a decade after that and found that it had virtually been exorcized from the Organization entirely.

    Ron has *definitely* left the Church of Scientology.

    The exceptions were a few people like you who kept Ron alive despite all other counter create.

    Funny you were heading in just at the same time I was slowly rambling towards the exit 🙂

    Anyway welcome Bryan.



  118. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    John (Bozz),

    Thanks man!

    Free indeed.

  119. Way to go Bryan…

  120. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Karen B,

    Yeah, it feels great! Thank you!

    Keep on writing and I’ll be reading.

  121. After Lunamoth mentioned it, I had to peek…beautiful work!

  122. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    You’ve been a rock of sanity in my world, as has Mat!

    xoxo right back atchya!

    And thanks for all that you are doing for everyone in the name of freedom and justice!

    You’ve been to hell and back and you’ve come out the clear winner.

    Hugs to you and Mat!

  123. As Bryan noted “Today the emphasis is on money. It is also on force. ”

    And, and NSY expanded “No guesses as to where it emanates from: “These lousy public! None of them have made it to OT yet…””

    My suggestion is that the diminutive madman (dim, for short) maybe got some of his ideas behind Force from Isaac Newton, who symbolized Force, F, equaled m times a, or F=ma. (We’ll skip the actual physics, just like dim would have.)

    Dim saw F=ma, and, in full MU phenomena, came up with his own invented definition which he re-wrote to satisfy his main fixation (i.e. money):

    m=F/a or “money=Force/attrition”

    How does that work?

    He saw quite clearly that as Force was applied to public they could be made to donate more (increasing m), but some would also blow (attrit, a, decreasing m). However, with a meat grinder like the current Co$ to make flimsy promises of spiritual enlightenment, he knew new public would be sucked in to compensate for the attrition. These he could squeeze to satisfy his equation and keep money flowing in a steady, rising manner.

    It even worked for a while until a few policies (Basics, Idle Orgs, 3 swing F/N, etc.) dramatically increased the attrition. Then, just like a carefully blown bubble of soap, the working formula burst; force alone ceased to maintain the stat.

    Solution? (I going to speculate on the dim thoughts at work here.) “Hmmm… need a re-work of the equation. Hmmm… Who says Yager is the only one who can fiddle the numbers?! Let’s see, if m=F/a, well…, more F isn’t working. What the f… What’s bigger? I need more f’ing F or effs! Hmmm… another eff… a golden eff! Yes, that’s it! Mother of all effs! m=(Fxf)/a. A perfect solution! More money, m, from Force “F” times (chuckle, snigger) fillings “f”. Dental fillings! Effin mouth gold! Who but me would would ever…! (chuckle, chuckle) Oh, I r so brillyant!”

    And so the new golden evolution towards ever more idle orgs was begun.

  124. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Wow! You just gave me some cogs there. 🙂

    I deeply appreciate your contributions to this cause!

    I’m seeing more clearly every minute now that I’m out.

  125. How I dreaded all the call-in BS. There is no way that that action could be considered sane. Reconfirming is in essence a counter postulate that someone is going to attend.

    Back in the Mission days, we never did call-in…a few posters around the mission and people showed up. Of course, it really was FUN back then.

  126. Cracking stuff! Great write up, even better art work… How bizarre is this: I have spoken to 2 Scientologists “in good standing” recently who are looking to the Freezone to get their OT levels, as it is now self-evident even to some KoolAid drinkers that they aint gonna get standard tech in the “Church”.

    Love your postings as Idle Org – I hope we get to meet soon. Nice one mate!

  127. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    It’s deeply appreciated.

    My write-up flowed out of me in very short order. Other than a little typo clean-up from Marty, it’s pretty much a ‘from-the-heart first draft.’ Truth is indeed easy to create upon.

    Your writings, knowledge and experience set the standard here.

    I’ve learned a ton from your comments and will continue to do so.

    Take care,

  128. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thank you Cindy!

    The feeling is mutual as I very much enjoy reading your comments, too.

    Let’s keep on rolling.

  129. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Thanks very much for all that you do here as well!

  130. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Thank you!

    Yeah, logic has nothing to do with Radical Scientology any longer.

    Take care.

  131. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    I could go to Taco Bell with that kind of pay!

    Where do I sign?!?

  132. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    I agree.

    At the same time, I fully recognize and respect an individual’s own personal scene with regards to coming out. Each has his/her own personal situation(s).

    Many have just recently left the cult and I do believe in allowing them the space to be cause over what they’ll do and when.

    That said, I can honestly say that I feel like I just grew a pair, per my own life, my current situation and my personal considerations.

    If you are ready to come out, don’t withhold yourself. If you aren’t, don’t let anyone pressure you.

    But, when you do, you’ll be helping in a brand new way and it feels pretty darn good, even after only half a day.

    And if my write-up helps only one person to get free, it was well worth it!

  133. this is the best post I’ve ever read on this site.
    it exactly mirrors what we all know is the Truth, even if we are incapable ourselves of expressing it in such lucid terms.

  134. Bryan,

    Your write-up is beautifully written, simple, clear, concise and delivers a very powerful message. Thank you!

    I think everyday good people still in the COS are waking up and smelling the concrete. Much like the turtle that thinks it is raining, feeling it fall on her shell and then realizes it’s not rain, it’s a hammer.



  135. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)



  136. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Hey, thank you!

    Yeah, the only thing they’ll get in the church is Sec Checking.


  137. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    I thank you kindly!

    Hell, feel free to copy and paste it for any dissem you like, if it helps someone.

  138. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    2nd xmr,

    Quite a formula indeed, those Idle Orgs are!

  139. theo Sismanides

    Thank you Bryan! You are a real person! That of course was known from before. Idle Org is someone. But now see the differencea: there is no Idle Org anymore, there is Bryan Ubaghs and Bryan has been around for some time, he has a face, he had/has a life (a 3D one not a virtual life), Bryan is known by many and hohoho, look here… now… Bryan Ubaghs… he is here now, he has been Idle Org… oh, it’s Bryan!!!!!!!!!! ARC comes up! That’s what I mean! It’s that directness that comes from a thetan only. Yes, we can have fake IDs and Avatars and hidden IDs etc. etc. but a thetan coming out is something different, man. It’s not even the name or the face, it’s the Thetan who drives the body from 3 feet back… that’s what people like about real persons, they have a thetan and they know that thetan and they trust that thetan. And the more those thetans become who can speak out in the open and say ‘hey, I see exactly the same thing, the Church is dead’ the more others are going to follow.

    We are not perfect so each one helps the other, it’s the 3rd dynamic. I appreciate you being considerate and thoughtful about their problems but I don’t care, Bryan. They really don’t have problems. Their only problem is that Scientology has gone down the drains, you cannot find Standard Tech in abundance, it’s a scarce thing. People have to travel miles away to get some Standard Tech. Hello? What is this? Why do I have to travel at all? I don’t. Standard Tech should be here, next to us, in abundance not in scarcity. This is why LRH made Orgs (not Idle Orgs, hahaha). He knew that by Admin he would give Standard Tech in abundance. And he did. As much as he (or should I say, WE) could.

    So, I am not holding back. Actually I am very pissed because people think that by being silent they are safe. They are NOT safe. They are in great danger.

    That Standard Tech became scarce and costly is not just my responsibility. I did something more about it 10 years ago and still do. Never feared to put my name out, Theo Sismanides. Actually I thought of it as an overt of magnitude to NOT talk because I had evidence. The Translations HCOBs. What more did I need to have as evidence. The world is going down and Scientology is NOT bringing it up.

    Who’s to blame? LRH? Or just me and you? Aren’t there any other thetans out there who can see Scientology is NOT making it to revert the dwindling spiral on this world?

    Not even Miscavige can play any serious role in the affairs of the world. It’s not that he doesn’t want. He cannot.

    So I am Tone 40 about it TONIGHT. More should come out and speak. More should join the 500 Indie list

    Bryan, the other day I woke up with one concept in my mind. That of ORDER. Only a Thetan can put order into MEST. And these days a Thetan unfortunately is recognized by his body, ID, comm lines etc. That’s all that’s left to us. So, if you have POWER use it or lose it. Those who don’t speak up have lost everything Scientology gave them. Because Scientology is not a given. IT’s earned. You cannot know that a bomb is going to explode and say nothing. It’s exactly the same here and actually even worse. There is enough disorder in the world and I don’t need anymore. I wanted to put some order and found Scientology. I am not going to let it go by the boards like that because some are just not bright enough to understand that this is a game of numbers, too. Thank you.

  140. one of those who see

    Bryan, Wow!! Went to your website. Wonderful. What a talent you have!!

  141. Watching Eyes

    Hi Bryan,
    I was late checking the blog today and there’s 138 comments, a new happy face and a puppy too! Looks like a Pug dog. Darling.
    Congratulations on your giant step forward. Life only begins when you leave the organized church. Sad but true. The benefits start from day one. Just think, any money you make…….it’s yours to keep!
    You’re so right in that those in the “church” are not our seniors. They have no power over us.

  142. Raul Batista

    The dog is adorable. Truly.

    Congratulations on your sucesss story. There are many of them on this BLOG. Many more than was originally anticipated including Mark Rathbun, former 2nd in command of the church.

  143. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Thank you!

    Your write-up was one of the very best and it’s great to meet you (in cyberspace anyway)!

    Speaking of hammers, I think one is coming down on Radical Scientology pretty soon.

  144. Joe Pendleton

    Tony, I think probably everyone who reads or participates regularly in this blog considers you a friend. One day though I am sure we will be in the same room at the same time so that we can shake hands and say hello in person.

  145. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Every time I read someone’s post where they write what I’ve been thinking for the last 20 years, I can’t help but smile and feel good. No one would ever say what they really saw or really felt and I kept telling myself there was something wrong with me, if I’m the only one who feels this way.

    I got away with not going to events because I had started complaining about them so long ago that it was just sort of accepted “that I had case on that.” But it didn’t stop the calls and attempts to fix me with every new event.

    The silence and the fear to say what you know are the tools the church uses to keep you introverted – you can’t share real thoughts and feelings. And these tools are still keeping people in the dark and alone inside an organization that promises to free them from those very same things.

  146. Tara, the WHY is MAYO is STILL being used at the Seattle Org! It was used only a couple of months ago to explain why the stats have been down all these years. Makes you want to pry someone’s eyelids open.

  147. You just made me realize, GAT = Golden Age of Teeth!

  148. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    General announcement:

    I should note that I’m just getting warmed-up to using Facebook in p/t. Best way to get any personal comm is
    Unless you are a church bot 🙂
    In which case I’ll let the FBI pursue the matter.
    Indies rule!

  149. Welcom Theta Brother. Thanks for your courage and keep tracking with Marty he is the way, Love C Ann

  150. Once again… reading this blog today was delectable !
    Bravo to you Mr. Brian Ubaghs

  151. Gee, Lynne, now that I think about it, I recall putting a hex on the entire state of Washington myself back in the early eighties. If one of you guys had just called earlier and asked nicely, I’d have taken it off already. Sorry about that.

    Just Me

  152. 🙂 and +1

  153. Bruce,
    Haaaaaaa. BIG SMILE 🙂

  154. Bryan,
    I’ve enjoyed your posts and now am pleased to see your face. Well done. Another cogent posting.

    Warm’s the cockles-o-me-‘eart.

  155. Quicksilver


    So nice to put a face & name to the Idle Org moniker.

    I have enjoyed your posts – sanity & a true expression of one’s feelings.

    They are honest, open and a pleasure to read.

    Do well & thanks for the great write-up!

  156. This might be your best one ever.

  157. Tony DePhillips

    I sure hope so Joe. It would be great if you could make it to the Indy Party!

  158. Bryan, your art is fantastic.
    Good writeup.
    We have a very similar story.

  159. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Can I have your email address please?
    I will be sending you an invitation for the 4th of July party.
    You can send it to me at

  160. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Raul!

  161. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Watching Eyes,


    Yeah, my fingers are getting tired at the keyboard but I’m having fun trying to acknowledge everybody. This group is what the church only dreams of. Real communication.

  162. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    C ann,

    Hey same to you, Theta Indie friend!

    I’m definitely going to keep tracking with Marty.

  163. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    I do thank you kindly!


  164. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Hey Jim,

    Right back atchya!

    I always enjoy your wisdom, humor, and general loathing for all things Miscavige.


  165. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Quicksilver!

    I’ll definitely do well and you do the same.


  166. martyrathbun09

    Jimbo, check you email, would you?

  167. Doc "Smith"

    Hey Bry,
    Great to see your face here. I know you’ve wanted to do this for some time, and only waited because of the family sit. Ireally liked the writeup. Well said.
    When I left the church last year, I thought I would have to disconnect from all my friends, which was a big loss, though worth doing to get Bon and her daughter back together. I was very happy to learn that you were out and that we could stay in comm on the outside.
    Thanks, Mark

  168. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks DFB!

    I believe a LOT of folks share something quite similar to you and I.

    I recall Dan Koon telling me it was fascinating for him to hear about life as a public, since he was at the top in the SO.

    Just like it’s fascinating for us public folk to hear about the top management experience from Marty, et al.

    Can’t imagine what they’ve really been through.

    Integrity is a good word for these former SO heroes who gave so damn much of themselves for so many years.

  169. Bryan — you got it man.

  170. Tony DePhillips

    My gawd!! You have some seious skills my friend. I could hardly breathe on that one..
    Love,love, love = die, die ,die!! LMAO!!

  171. Tony DePhillips

    Dedicated to Bryan:

  172. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    I’m making Marty work hard today because I’m acknowledging every last one of your posts (at least once), and I again want to thank him very much for giving me a voice here! It’s truly an honor. I’m humbled by you all. What can I say? But, it’s not about me….

    It was absolutely the right thing for me to come out in order to help others in any way that I can. I perhaps even over-ran it on the “comin’ out comm lag” a bit, truth be told. Tony swooped in and offered the assist on my comin’ out lay-up. He spotted what I already knew…..I was ready. More than ready, in fact.

    End of comm lag!

    It is yielding some nice rewards already. Mostly in the hope that I’m reaching people and helping them decide to do the right thing. Also, it’s way more in-valence being Bryan than Idle Org.

    My 74 year-old father is separating himself from the Seattle org presently due to gross out-tech, massive pressure and force to attend events, donate, join staff, etc. What he hates most are the endless phone calls. My non-Scientologist mom doesn’t much care for them either.

    I got him in. I’m gettin’ him out!

    Now he’ll be free to study as an Indie. He loves the tech. Hates the bullshit.

  173. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


  174. Sapere Aude

    I am gone for a day and come back to a wonderful write-up of fact and truth by my friend Idle Org. IO is now Bryan to me. It makes me proud to be amongst such giants. Those who will stand for the truth and willing to communicate it. History will approve. Thank you my friend. I hope to see you in the near future.

  175. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Karen B!

  176. Scott Campbell


    I love your write up. It’s hard hitting, plain spoken – and true.

    Your paragraph, “Today the emphasis is on money. It is also on force. Force to join staff. Force to think like the group. Force to figure out how to pay what will easily amount to half a million dollars to attain the highest OT levels, keep the IAS coffers filled, and purchase brick and mortar Ideal Orgs (which absolutely have not been earned if we are honest about confronting the actual production stat trends over the long term).” – really hit home with me.

    If you look up where that type of activity lies on the Tone Scale, it would be Tone -1.5, Controlling Bodies. A little negative emotion, anyone?

    Truly despicable behavior for a supposedly benevolent organization.

    Your questions regarding what has happened since Tony and Marie-Jo departed the church are also a truly accurate test and metric regarding whether or not someone is an SP. Did conditions improve after the person left?

    I felt really bad after I left the Sea Org. My main concern was that I had let all of my friends down. I was in doubt and thinking that maybe I was an SP. It was 8 years before I reconnected with one of my old shipmates who had been unceremoniously booted out with a life threatening illness he had contracted during his 23 years of service in the Sea Org. The first thing I asked him was what happened after I left. What did people say about me? What happened? Did things get better?

    He immediately assured me that he never heard anyone speak ill of me and that on the contrary, thing got far, far worse after I left. He said it became like Nazi Germany, with CMO acting as the SS and HCO as the Gestapo. You can imagine the type of behavior that went along with this. It was a grim confirmation that I was after all, an o.k. guy. In light of this, I still took a loss that things had gotten worse. I would have rather that things had improved tremendously. “Yep, we found the problem – and it was you” would have been a far more acceptable answer to me.

    I used to fight against that kind of “Heavy Ethics” stuff, but alas was unable to hold my position in space against a well organized MEST group.

    Afterward – what a relief to find Independent Scientology! OMG! Is it true? LRH tech without all of the bullshit machinery and motivations endemic to an organization like the Church of Scientology? Yes?


    Well done on coming out and showing your true colors. It takes guts to stand up and be counted as one among many.

    Love to ya’ brother.


  177. Hi Bryan great picture, great story and quite a cute little puppy you got there. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure it will help others follow in your path to freedom. It’s been a little over 3 months since I shared mine and every day I feel full of pride that I had the courage to resign. Nothing is better than keeping our own Personal Integrity In!!!!!
    🙂 Lori

  178. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful write up Bryan! And your artwork is amazing. Wow.

    Welcome to the land of the free!

  179. Hey Bryan, so happy to read your announcement! You’re by far one of the most OT people I know and I’m glad to count you as a friend. I’m really excited to hear about your new found feeling of freedom and wish you the absolute best!

  180. Well done Bryan. I look forward to meeting you in a couple weeks. We can share a story or two. Your write up rang clear and familiar. Welcome to the Indie world.

  181. Bryan,
    thank you for your clear and straight write-up. With all the comments and your acks (the comm is really flowing- that´s powerful!) it really helps me to sort things out further (still in the process of cogniting). I can imagine this also being the case for many others who are reading here.
    And I always found your postings as Idle Org inspiring.
    Best wishes, Karola

  182. Sara Finning

    Seems that with all the Seattle people, perhaps next year 4th of July should be in the Pacific Northwest?

    Wild Ginger anyone?

  183. We’ve created a monster.

    ❤ OTDT

    Srsly, you must publish these as a set. Maybe, purple on white?

    With illustrations. If you can find an illustrator. Hmmm.

  184. Bryan,

    Congratulations on taking the leap. I’m so pleased for you that your Dad is getting out.

    I hope you sent he photo out with any email/letters you sent your friends who are still in! She’s a real heart-melter.

    Enjoy your freedom.

  185. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    That’s not just an eerie feeling. It’s obnosis of the current scene! …And that’s VERY scary!
    Thank goodness more and more of us recall how to obnose. =)

  186. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Brian, Sinar,
    Thanks for bringing another most amazing to CELEBRATE!

  187. Fellow Traveller

    You are a man of few, but choice, words:

    He loves the tech. Hates the bullshit.

    But enough with the euphemisms. You don’t need to sugar coat it for this crowd!
    Bruce Pratt

  188. “Loves the tech. Hates the bullshit.” That pretty well sums it up for a lot of us!

  189. Seattle the “Ideal Org” does not sound Ideal or anywhere near the description in HCO PL Ideal Orgs. Unless I missed the paragraph about hounding your public with constant demands for money.

    I’m glad your dad is getting out and getting on with his life.

  190. Dear Bryan,
    Thank you for “coming out” with your physical universe identity. I enjoyed your Idle Org posts, as have all of us here. Your post was very astute. Your comment on Knowledge, Control and Responsibility made me realize that by forbidding Scientologists to find the Knowledge of what is really happening “behind the scenes” in the Church, they are impeding them from taking full Responsibility and Controlling their lives and futures, and progress on the Bridge To Total Freedom. It is another suppressive control operation made to impose other-determinism on those beings so affected. I also liked the phrase “forcing this massive blind spot on you”. Wow, what a correct indication! When I started doing my research on “Disconnection” and found out all the stuff on the Internet, that is exactly how I felt; that I had been blind due to my lack of knowledge! That I was blind to the out-ethics of this group that was supposed to be the most ethical group on the planet. I think it is laughable how when I made my first announcement of Independence to the Continental Justice Chief PAC, he blamed my actions on Marty. I quickly admonished him that I had gotten this incredibly sordid information about the Church many years before I knew, or was in comm, with Marty; other than knowing he had been in RTC when he was in the Sea Org. Probably, in much the same way that you have experienced Tony and Marie-Joe being blamed as the “NW KingpenS” influencing your activities. It just amazes me how Church members don’t seem to be able to realize that “That there is always a reason for things.” (LRH Data Series datum), and the REASON IS THEIR OWN BAD ACTIVITIES AND UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR.
    Thank you also for backing the De Phillips’ up, as anyone who establishes any sort of leadership within the Independent Movement seems to get heavily attacked. It is just THIS time, it is NOT going to work, because we are all here for each other.
    Welcome to the world of FREEDOM: TO BE, TO DO AND TO HAVE in your own name, ow whatever “handle” you wish to choose.
    Love always, Catherine von Ach, aka Lady Min aka Commando Girl and all kinds of other names I have been called, some of which I will not repeat here! LOL!

  191. What is a ‘Church blogger’?

  192. Sara,
    Maybe next year, but this year Texas is celebrating her 175th year of Independence from Mexico, when she became a Republic. I just attended an Independence Day celebration at the State Capitol with a group of Texans who want Texas to become an independent sovereign republic once again! (Remember I said Texas would be the First Clear Country? This is what I’m talking about!) I also attended the Memorial Service of The Alamo, where all the names of those slain in the name of Independence were read, and a bell rung for each one of those fallen heroes. These are people who gave their lives for Independence. This was followed by a gun salute done with real muskets and clothes from that time period; this wonderful memorial service was put on by The Texian Legacy Association, a member of which gave me my very own Independence Flag. It is my wish for each of us to have one of these flags, and attempts are being made to obtain more of these for those attending the Indie celebration on the 3rd and 4th of July.

    We are having our Indie Day in TEXAS, at the Independent’s Ranch, it is all set, (see earlier post on this) and I am part of the welcoming committee. YEE HAW!!!
    Please come and join us, and we’ll show you some real Texan down-home hospitality! You’ll have the time of your life! I GUARAWNTEEEE IT, Y’ALL!
    Hope you can make it, Catherine von Ach

  193. Fantastic!! Bryan Ubagh welcome to the world of integrity and freedom!!
    big hug to you!!

    Silvia Kusada

  194. Bozz,
    Did you do the FEBC in the early ninties?
    If so, contact me at my email address:


  195. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Mark!

    Yeah, it is quite freeing to be out indeed.

    I’ll see you guys soon I’m sure.

  196. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Hitting me right where I live Tony 🙂

  197. Welcome under your given name, Bryan! I expect you’ll always be Idle Org to me, however. Just as we got (get) to know LRH through his writings and lectures, I feel I have gotten to know you through your posts under Idle Org. It’s really nice to put a face with the handle and to read your extremely well-written story. Hallelujah!

  198. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Sapere Aude,

    Hey, thank you very much. I’m proud to be amongst y’all as well.

  199. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Wow Scott!

    Thanks very much and thanks for your service in the SO.

    You guys are a cut above.
    Peace my brother.

  200. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Agreed and so well done on your part!

    Now that I’m out, I’m no longer afraid.

  201. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thank you and Thank you Kathy!

    Free. Thank Freakin’ God!

  202. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Right back atchya!

    We’ll be in comm and jammin’ some tunes real soon!

  203. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Mirari!


  204. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Thank you!

    Cogniting is a process. I’ve been out since July ’09 and I’m waking up more each day still.

    Keep rolling and stay true to yourself and your goals.

    I seem to have just dropped an “unknowing” valence since yesterday morning.

    Getting yourSELF back is worth this indie entire adventure.


  205. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Great idea Sara,

    Wild Ginger or El Gaoucho for dinner.

    Both rock!

  206. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Heather,

    Yeah, getting my dad out is huge. For me it’s an ethics matter on my shoulders, as I got him in.

    Enjoying my freedom already!

  207. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Lady Minn/Catherine,

    Thank you!

    I always learn from your posts so I’m glad to put in a little exchange.

    Supporting our local big thetans is crucial, as local lurkers can begin to smell the B.S. going on in the church of smear campaigns and wrong targets.


  208. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Brevity can be powerful, Aeolus.

  209. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    “Ideal” apparently means the fund-raising is complete!

    Thanks Natalie. I now get to hat my dad up further on his future training/processing options.

  210. WE:

    I believe it was you or Carol who posted an email address to contact regarding the donation assistance service you started recently?

    If so, could you repost that contact email address?


  211. Tony DePhillips

    That’s all good and all Catherine, but we got Jimi Hendrix and he was quite the patriot: See you in Texas.

  212. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks Silvia!

    You’ve been a big inspiration to many here.

    I’ll take that hug and raise you a high-five!!!

  213. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    The feeling is mutual, my friend.

    Hallelujah is such a perfect expression here!

  214. Floating Needle

    Hi Bryan,

    That was one of the best write-ups I have seen to date.

    You Nailed It!

    I think if Mark Arnold wasn’t so heavily involved from where he is, he would see the truth (or perhaps he does see the truth, but his wherewithal is connected to the Church— a definite PTS sit.)

    Looks like the NW is getting brighter every day!

    Well Done and Welcome to True Freedom!

  215. I had an apathy ghoul wakening me up in the previous evenings night.
    It meant to read if i was awake; ” Do you reckon C.O.B.s retirement would change the course of the church?

  216. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Bryan, It’s good to see the person behind the nom de plume “Idle Org”. 🙂

    Your post/declaration is very well written and succinct and to the point about the Cof$ and DM and the NW. It’s wonderful to know that when a person is allowed to look (either permitted by self or others) and the truth of that viewpoint is known that good and sane people can as-is that truth as their own.

    Poof! The mass is gone and the room brightens and a smile appears. Simple observations of knowledge brings such well being it sometimes gets forgotten (like under DM’s maniacal rule) that all one has to do is to LOOK.

    Welcome Bryan and thank you for your great support and artistic abilities.

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (a villager with a torch for Davey Miscaviginstein)

  217. Bert Schippers

    Great Idea!

    Seattle Rocks!

  218. When I left, it was in fear…of my sanity. But today, so many people are speaking up that I find it hard to believe that even the heaviest kool-aide drinkers have zero knowledge of what is going on in the field. What is needed nowadays is straight up courage and start moving your feet.

    I figure if Daniel could do, anyone can.

  219. +1
    Sylvia, I already liked your aesthetics but now you’re really rocking!
    Some wins lately?

  220. one of those who see

    Hi Scott, One thing you wrote brought tears to my eyes. That wonderful, theta people like you are brought to the point where they wonder if they are Suppressive. Maybe it’s the most horrible thing of all. Again, Black Scientology!
    I just got back in comm with a young woman I know. Her and her Mother are declared. I let her know I am not disconnecting as that would be rediculous!
    Thank goodness she does still know she is a good person. I wrote to her gently about “not throwing out the baby with the bath water.” (Regarding the difference between the Church and Scientology.) Here is what she wrote. (Tears again.) “I haven’t thrown everything away, that’s hard to do when I know I’m the good person I am because of the things I’ve learned from LRH.”

    The Church is declaring Angels Suppressive.

  221. Welcome Bryan! Very well written post. Yes, ones personal integrity and the current scene in the church are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
    I personally felt so good sending in my refund request and I am looking forward to my declare order. It’s called KSW!
    Cute dog by the way.

  222. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)

    Thanks F/N!

  223. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)




    Thanks man!

  224. Bryan U. (formerly Idle Org)


    Yeah, get that money back.

    Well done!


  225. Brian, it is good to know who you are. I really like your statement, it is so clean and real.

    I think you are cookin’ on all 10 dynamics there! More power to you!

  226. Thanks much Valkov!

  227. Karen, I really do believe they for the most part have NOT seen much of what we are privy to here. I’m sure there are a few who have and they obviously have their reasons for agreeing with the madness but looking back, I never even read the Time magazine article way back then. I was on the front lines and seeing a lot of new people…still nothing. I NEVER watched TV and especially news channels. Yes it would be hard to open up Google on my browser now and NOT see something BUT I wouldn’t click into it if I believed it was all a bunch of lies anyway.
    Way back when, the people that disagreed just silently fell off lines and never openly opposed anything. I’m thinking of OTs who are not officially blown but who do NOTHING with CofS and always have an “in-PR” excuse not to do so.
    So yeah, I guess people really do have to say it out loud and say it wide that they’re leaving and why. Then others can see the illogics of the situation. They can’t be fooled into thinking they left because of their overts.
    Just say it out loud…which so many have done who come here. If the OTs I’m thinking of did this it would break the spell.

  228. Tony, I commented before I read this but I realize in the isolated world most churchies live in, the coming out of you and yours and people like Bryan DOES A WHOLE LOT to break the spell they live under. Even though they have a temporary brain fart and say crazy things in response, they MUST get at least a glimmer of Tony’s a good guy and HE left! at some point!
    So let everybody you possibly can know why you left!

  229. PS. Finally got to look at your website…AMAZING artist you are!!! WoW! 😀

  230. Scott Campbell

    Thank you Bryan,

    “A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.” –LRH

  231. Scott Campbell

    one of those who see,

    Thanks for the heartfelt response. Like Marty, I don’t claim to be any kind of Angel.

    That being said, I do feel that I am a good person and I feel as LRH does; that man is basically good.

    I like to look at the problem like Jesus did: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Then again…


    “If a staff has no confidence in their Ethics Officer, their morale is difficult to sustain.

    A staff member has his head down, doing his job. Suddenly he finds out that nobody has mailed any letters or magazines for a month. This is a shock, an ARC Break. He was doing his job. So he natters a bit and resolves to keep his eye open after this. He may even do some investigation on his own. In other words, he’s distracted from his post and duties. The environment is not safe.

    WHERE was the E/O? Who didn’t notice there was nothing going out?

    A few weeks later the staff member hears that the address plates are full of duplicates, wrong addresses and half missing. This is a shock. It means the magazine never reached anyone really despite all the work. The staff member says to hell with it. There couldn’t be an Ethics Officer worth anything, and the org must be full of SP’s. So the staff member goes out and has a cigarette and sneers.

    So do I.

    A safe environment is a productive environment. An unsafe environment is an empty hall.” –LRH

    ‘Nuff said.


  232. One of my favorite posters! Hiya Bryan!

  233. Geez, thank you Tara!!!

  234. Hey John!

    I dig your writings, too!

  235. Charles Drum

    Um, did he say “indoctrination”?

  236. Dear Tony,
    I quickly read Sara Finnings post, and thought she was suggesting to have the Indie meeting in the Pacific Northwest THIS YEAR. After I posted my comment, rereading her comment, I realized my mistake, but it was too late. I apologize: I went off half-cocked, as sometimes I am prone to do. Also, the events of last weekend moved me a great deal, as it was Texas Independence weekend. I applied everything I saw and learned, which was a great deal about Texas History, to the Independent Scientologists movement. If I was on a “soapbox”, I apologize as I was preachin’ to the choir. Marty had inspired me to learn all that I could about Texas history, and it was amazing the sacrifices these early Texians made so their children would have a chance in an Independent Texas free from the oppressions they were receiving at the hands of the Mexicans. I consider each one of us here doing the same thing: giving our children the chance to learn the REAL LEGACY OF LRH TECHNOLOGY. We are fighting for our philosophy, our religion, and our technology making sure it will still be there for the future.
    By the way, I LOVE Jimi Hendrix and grew up in a “Purple Haze”, LOL! Also, my favorite specialty beer is call Purple Haze. Hope they have it up where you are.
    Just so you know, I love the Pacific Northwest and lived in Spokane, Washington for 6 months between tours to Europe; Dad was military and I was born in Salzburg, in the heart of the Austrian Alps, and the Pacific Northwest is the part of the U.S. that reminds me of my European home.
    Tony, I am trying to buy a lodge in Montana, just south of Hamilton, near the entrance to 1.1 million acres of Bitterroot National Forest. I would love to talk to you about this. Been looking for your e-mail address. If successful, it would be a perfect spot for an Indie Hoe Down. 22 rustic cabins, restaurant and lodge. Please get in touch with me at Hope you get this comm. The blog has moved on to other topics. Any of you Northwesters who see who talk to Tony, please give him this message.
    Much love, Catherine

  237. Ya mean like the “indoctrination” that Jimbo Wale’s Wikipedia is a valid source to cite as a dictionary.

  238. Bryan – welcome to the Independent Movement and thanks so much for your story. Clear and well written. Its great to have another Seattle Indy on the map.
    Cheers, Shannon

  239. OTDT
    all your post made me laugh hysterically!! Bravo!

    Michael Fairman: your posts are so sincere and welcoming and always bring a high tone to each blog. Thank you.

  240. Thanks much Shannon!

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