I want you to imagine a scenario for a moment if you will.

Imagine that with every step you ever took in Scientology the following ACT ONE was in.

Please read ACT ONE again. Here it is:

“The auditor and pre-clear are a group. To function well a group must be cleared. The clearing of a group is not difficult. It requires but little time. The relationship of the auditor and pre-clear is not parity. The auditor lends himself to the group as the control center of the group until the pre-clear’s subcontrol center is established under his own control center’s command. The role of the auditor ceases at that moment.


The auditor necessarily owns the pre-clear. He owns the pre-clear on a lessening basis until the pre-clear owns himself. If the auditor wishes to successfully own, to the end of NOT owning the pre-clear, he must not use the pre-clear to the service of the auditor for this establishes and confirms the ownership and inhibits the pre-clear from owning himself.


THE FIRST ACT of the auditor concerns himself. He assesses the task rather than the pre-clear and assesses the matter within himself. He establishes whether or not he desires the pre-clear to become established under the pre-clear’s own center of control. To do this the auditor may find it necessary to straight-wire himself for the removal of any reason why he does not want this pre-clear to be owned by the pre-clear. He then postulates to himself what he wants to happen with this pre-clear and postulates as well that he can do this task with this pre-clear. He must feel these postulates solidly. If he cannot he must discover why he cannot. Thus the first session’s first minutes with the pre-clear are concerned with the auditor himself. He should take time out from the pre-clear until he himself is established in his task and then readdress the pre-clear. “

– L Ron Hubbard, Advanced Procedures and Axioms

Now, when I say imagine that it was in, I do not mean “sorta in”, “a lot in”, “a little in”, or “most of the time in”. I mean, in unconditionally.

To get what I mean by completely in, please take a few minutes to review a segment of an interview I did with the St Petersburg Times in 2009. You can find it at this link,

On the right hand side of the image, there is a list of topics. Click on the one entitled “Abuse of Trust.”

The conditions I describe in that video interview are Church of Scientology conditions making the definition of in-session unattainable – that is “interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor.” I mean, unconditionally “willing to talk to the auditor” with no consideration present that there are any adverse ramifications possible for what one might say to the auditor.

There is no such thing as “kinda in session”, just as certainly as there is no such thing as “kinda pregnant.” One is either willing (completely without the slightest allowance for concern of repercussion) to talk to the auditor, or one is not. One is either unequivocally interested and willing to look at whatever he is directed to inspect and arises and then discharge it by exposing it to the light of the auditor or he is not. If the pc has that 100% confidence it causes exact time, place, form and event to as-is. If he/she does not then that time, place, form and event is altered to that degree and tends to solidify and thus mass and energy and uknowingness accumulates in the universe of the pc.

There is one condition precedent for creating the condition of “in session.” That is, ACT ONE is IN.

Imagine ACT ONE being in with TONE 40. I don’t mean the corrupted, sacrilegious, low-scale force that Scientology Inc has foisted off on people as TONE 40. I mean TONE 40 defined: “Intention without reservation.”

Imagine now that every session you ever received was received with absolute confidence that ACT ONE at Tone 40 was in with your auditor.

Now imagine every session, every training action, every cycle ever “administered” under the name of Scientology was done so with the unequivocal intent to return free theta to you so as to return more of you to you so as to enhance your control over your own destiny.

Imagine further that ACT ONE was in with every person within the organization administering that auditing and training. That means the Case Supervisor, the Examiner, the D of P, the folder pages, the Ethics Officer, the Chaplain, all Qualifications Division Terminals, all Tech Division Terminals, all Div Six terminals. That also means all OSA terminals, Int Management,including its alter ego who micromanages it to suit his intentions and image.

Imagine further that ACT ONE was in with all Division Two terminals.

And, yes I know it is difficult, but also please imagine that all Registrars had their ACT ONE in with respect to you.

Absurd? Why? How could ACT ONE – the creation of a third dynamic for the spiritual betterment of the pc – mean anything when that auditor’s participation in it is dictated utterly by a larger third dynamic for other purposes, some detrimental to the pc? When that auditor reports in detail everything that goes on within the created auditor/pc third dynamic and subjects the pc to the effects that larger third dynamic wishes to create on that pc? When that auditor does not utterly control the auditor side of the e-meter, but instead subjects the preclear to the whims of another much larger third dynamic?

I don’t care if God wrote the policies that dictate the actions of that larger third dynamic, there is no ACT ONE if the auditor’s contract with the pc does not bind every single member of the larger third dynamic under whose auspices and control he is carrying out his auditing duties. And no matter how closely the members of the larger organization follow God’s policy, the moment any single one of the members of that larger third dynamic violates the pc’s contract with the auditor under ACT ONE, that contract is broken. And that pc is for it.

An unattainable absolute? Ok, imagine every org terminal who exerts any influence upon you went through the process of ACT ONE on you before he or she ever gave a command or suggestion? And imagine that each did his or her darned best at keeping that ACT ONE postulate clean and in with respect to you.

Now, if you haven’t already done so, lightly scan your history in and around Scientology organizations and imagine all departures from ACT ONE by all terminals connected with those organizations had not been present. Instead, each terminal did his level best to operate with ACT ONE in with respect to you.

Imagine where you’d be right NOW.



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  1. Felicitas Foster

    Very well put! There was a reason why LRH said the best administrators are auditors!!!
    Thanks for that excursion. I bet I definitely would be somewhere else than I am today!! 🙂

  2. Wow, LFBD….I knew it and here it is, I always looked at it as something that came naturally! Thanks Marty, xoxo

  3. Done!

    Imagined, that is.

    That was refreshing – to say the very, very least.

    What a perfect fundamental and guiding principle for our new group.

  4. Friend of Ron

    Great write up! Thanks!!

    I did IMAGINE and what I see is a lot of freed, sane, self determined beings of course, a planety being cleared for real in fact.

    But I also saw that practicing what LRH preaches here will put an immediate end to the horrific practice of disconnection, a crime against humanity. Because no sane person would ever engage in or be part of breaking up families .

    “One cannot become able in life by fearing to live it. Never. And he can’t be himself without being willing to grant beingness, because he’s the only one that can grant beingness to himself.” 2ND AMERICAN ACC

    “The goal of Scientology is making the individual capable of living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and the playing of a better game.” Fundamentals of Thought

    ”For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game…” Philadelphia Doctorate Course, lecture 10.

  5. The church is so far off the mark from the scene described above that even imagining it is difficult.

    It’s all about DM at the top. But, at the Class V and Mission level the aberration is carried forward toward caving in a person’s anchor points just enough that you can reg him within an inch of his life.

    Our E/D used to go around asking “Are your ethics IN?” And if you’d so much as thought about touching your peepee in the last week, you’d cave and he’d give you that dissapointed parent look.

    This is part and parcell of what goes on in an org. Constant make-wrong and constantly making everyone below you guilty of overts.

    It fucks with your head. A far cry from Act One.

  6. Marty,
    You are on the right track.
    The. Right. Light. Track.
    Just Me

  7. The goal of Scientology

  8. Marty, Great post! I know what DM and company pushes is ‘greatest good’ when he wants people to do what he wants and so he makes you wrong by pointing out how unethical you are. But, his view is about HIS third dynamic. The greatest good is personal and means across all of YOUR dynamics. Some people think auditing is a first dynamic activity and therefore a selfish endeavor. Auditing is in fact a first AND third dynamic activity. If you look at how auditing affects all of your dynamics you’ll see how ethical it really is and that it truly is ‘The greatest Good’ and trumps any organizational activities. I don’t think DM ever got Act One. Love

  9. Brilliant, as usual, my friend.

  10. A bold, fresh new look at LRH tech that I never knew about. Thank you. Wonderful data. This data is stark contrast to the glutzy, guilded, cheezball marketed version of DM’s technical approach to things. In fact, it shows just how far DM has taken technical application from the standards set forth above.

    Now I know why independents are having such mind blowing wins, and why a lot of DM pc’s are stuck, stalled, doubtful and supressing their own knowingness that something is not right with DM and company.

    This post made my day. Thank you, Marty. I hope you can sense my gratitude in my comments. If not, here is more:



  11. With ACT ONE truly IN, we would have what a true IDEAL Org would be, and everybody entering such a place would realize that it was a place where he or she would find freedom and … (I don’t think I have to continue to paraphrase the Idea Org PL further). And, withing that group alone, there would be a “world without crime, insanity and without war, where the able were free to rise to greater heights”.



    All of us, at whatever point in their Scientology career – and some or a lot much earlier than I – realized that the first round was a loss but recognized as well that this fight against the abuse of beings has as many rounds as are necessary to win – and win for all (Tone 40).

  12. O.M.G.

    He might as well walk around asking,”Have I missed a withhold on you today?” and then just walk off.

    It’s suprressive.

  13. Marty,
    It’s the hugest “Omitted” of them all.
    As an FEBC, I want to just freaking cry.
    Whoever said exec’s should be auditor trained is absolutly right.

    It’s too much to digest.
    I’ll be back.
    Thank you. Again and again.

  14. +1 Sargio!

  15. Very nicely presented, Marty. And think how this would spread out into our relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors… “What a wonderful world.”

  16. ” I don’t think DM ever got Act One.”

    That is one of the most major differences in then and now! The omission of Act One is evident on DM’s getting kicked out of the Internship at SH and end of his career as an auditor before it got started.

    The old mans first and foremost is an auditor and he set the ideal of all SO to be the highest case and training level. Wannabes like Broeker and Miscavige totally lacked Act One, perhaps it should be the basics, instead of those boxes stacked in storage.

  17. From Camelot

    If you are trying to get points under your belt Marty. By golly today you have succeeded.

  18. Azul Celeste

    I read this here, at work, and I FELT the LFBD. My heart is lighter and I am a happy girl. There are true Scns and the art of Ron’s philosophy is here, and being applied. Yayyyy!!! Group auditing, oh yeah! Thank you, Marty! Going to go spread this around.

  19. This is a fascinating post. WOW! I know where pre-clears would be if the ACT ONE was in on the auditor and the staff: they would quickly be CLEAR OT AND BEYOND!

    When I first got into Scientology on September 30, 1971, the ACT ONE of that staff at the Austin Org was IN. Every single person on that staff, as well as I can recall, had their ACT ONE IN! I SHOT UP THE BRIDGE — ON MY OWN DETERMINISM. I ALMOST NEVER GOT REGGED — I ORIGINATED ALMOST ALL OF MY OWN REGISTRAR CYCLES. By 1974 I had completed the entire Bridge up to the Original OT IV, which included doing the original OT VII to End Phenomena. Then, at that time, one would go back to do OT III Expanded, and then OT IV.
    In Austin, I achieved the State of Dianetic Clear, then Keyed-Out Clear, (at that time it was not known that a Dianetic Clear was actually a clear; LRH clarified this later) and then I did the Clearing Course at AOLA. ‘Because I was already Clear, the Clearing Course actually gave me the State of CLEAR OT. I did not know this until I got auditing at Flag in 1977, where this state was identified and attested to. I made an origination at the Examiner. I said certain words. When the examiner showed me the card with the confidential EP of Clear OT, I had stated it exactly word for word! There were other wins, too. One of the best was attesting to the state of PURE LOVE. It took hours to identify what this state was, but the auditor was persistent and I finally got what it was. It is very easy for me to love, unconditionally, just about every human being that I meet. I now realize that these wins were not just my wins, but the combined wins of every person on staff at Austin Org, ASHO (did Power and Power Plus), AOLA the Flag Ship Apollo, and Flag. I was cared for every step of the way, and my personal tone level was in the stratosphere.
    Then came the advent of DM, whom I witnessed brag about busting Mary Sue at the Mission Holders Confernence in December 1981, where I was getting delivered three intensives of OT V. (the New OT V), and it has been a desert ever since. During that trip to Flag, the NOTS I received produced absolute real physical universe MIRACLES. That is the last good auditing that I have had. Apparently, DM was busy unmocking the GO and he had not had time to completely fuck over the Tech Divisions at Flag, yet. But after that started the out-tech, and mistakes on my case, reg cycles completely against my own determinism, etc., etc. My tone level dropped and dropped, and I started being out-ethics in a lot of areas of my life. It is only Independent Scientology that reverted the downward spiral.

    The point is, that when auditors and staff have their ACT ONE in, the pre-clear wins beyond his or her wildest dreams. One of my greatest sorrows is that others, at the present time, are not able to experience this in the Church of Miscavology. They have no idea what tech, correctly delivered, can do for a person. I know that my son does not understand that he is witnessing a perverted, altered version of the Ethics, Tech, and Admin of LRH. He has no datum of comparable magnitude. I think that is why us old-timers are so vehement about Independent Scientology. WE KNOW AND WE CAN REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE WHEN LRH WAS RUNNING THINGS, AND STAFF AND AUDITORS HAD THEIR ACT ONE IN. Thanks for this post, Marty, and for identifying this piece of tech and its importance. You just rehabbed my early days in Scientology!
    Pure Love, Catherine

  20. I Know this post was probably meant to exteriorize but for me, it was a bit restimulating. I was one of those Scientologists that always helped others and put myself on hold so when life would kick me in the teeth and knock me on my ass I dutifully reported myself to the org and would get fixed up enough to go back to work. And for the majority of my own delivery, every terminal who worked with me had their act one in with only a few exceptions, but even those were worked out and were mainly about scheduling. By the time I got around to deciding to get my butt through clear, I stopped putting my own barriers there and with in a few months had attested. To this day, it is hard to express the gift that has been bestowed on me by all of the people who truly cared about me and wanted simply to help.

    What Sarge wrote really indicated to me because as I did each session, my responsibility came up and I often thought how much I wanted everyone to be able to experience what I was experiencing. And I knew then that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others get what I had gotten and though I was already very busy, I joined staff part time, and within six months went on full time, leaving my 17 year career as a teacher so that I could help free beings.

    It was wonderful for a while. I was on purpose and I flourished on my dynamics. It really didn’t hit me adversely until I started getting insane production targets that had nothing to do with my divisional statistics. I went through a tumultous couple of years getting patched up as needed, more often that most because of my post. Even when it was rough, I still had the sanctuary of the auditing room where I could disentagle myself from the entheta that had seeped into the org. I was really fortunate in that I always was taken care of by my auditors.

    The tipping point for me really came when that sacred space became violated by external executive interest in my case. I am sure what I addressed was pretty boring for the most part but my senior would get info on what came up in my sessions and though my auditors stayed true to the auditor’s code, other execs who had access to my folder did not.

    After that, I didn’t want to talk anymore. With no way to release the charge, I eventually blew for good. Leaving staff has been a real failed purpose for me because I know that if everyone really had their act one in, I would still be on staff helping others to take their first steps toward freedom.

    That is something that can never be accomplished in today’s church. It is only in the independent field that there is the chance that what I sought to do can once again be accomplished. And this gives me great hope for the future of Scientology and the many people who could benefit from its technology.

  21. What simplicities.
    DM never got his act together. Or lost it somewhere.

    Hhe has exported it in quantity for quite some time, apparently keeping LRH from accurately completing his act. It has certainly crimped my efforts to get my act together as well as assist other.

    DM — curtains for you. They may be aflame when they come down.

    Bruce Pratt

  22. Only with Act One will we have a world at peace. On the day when we can all trust one another we will have peace on earth. How does one arrive at that trust? By getting in Act One!
    Beautiful post, Marty.
    I can imagine: “the unequivocal intent to return free theta to you so as to return more of you to you so as to enhance your control over your own destiny.”

    What do we have in the Church inc. today? The diametric reverse of Act One. As you go higher on the bridge you are owned more and more by the church. Your life is not your own. If you want to do something it better be an acceptable something or you are out-ethics. One is less and less willing to comm about anything, with anyone. You better not complain about anything or it will cost you several more intensives. So we all shut up because we are already financially challenged. Besides, it is all one’s own fault anyway. No one in the church ever made a mistake. And it is all about status; honor and processing status. You are as OT as you have donated and no more and only for a little while because if you don’t “make it go right” on the next request for your hard earned funds you are now the dog. Or if you have no dough, you get stopped. How much have you given to DM under his guise of help? Or, “Look how good I am” because I have given to DM. What a diabolical conundrum?!
    Well, that was all before my independence. Thanks Marty.

  23. Done on the Imagine exercise. Would imagine that there would be theta and no lawsuits, bad PR, unhappy relationships and other entheta & enmest. Most of us would probably have stayed in.
    Louis describes it best:

  24. Yup!

    But, despite this, my imagination is pretty wild so I can track with the above.

    What a different scene it would be.

  25. Then again, if that’s too much sadness – this might be more appropriate?

  26. I’m right there with you, Karen. What could be and was… and is no more? It’s heartbreaking. Marty painted such a beautiful picture, and the ramifications of it are truly OT. Inspiring! Really!

    I had all the theory of the OEC/FEBC, and the practical of our samll student universe to see it all in play. But having returned to the org and seeing Act One so OUT. Taking responsiblity for the one in front of you, helping that person take responsibility for themselves… that was Dev-t! How dare we do something to help Joe, that out-ethics bastard needs to make it go right!

    I genuinely helped an LA Day public one day, had my Chaplin hat on, instead of PPO hat. Worked with this lady for two hours to huge wins! She felt great! I felt great! And promptly got a huge FLUNK over the whole ordeal, and sent to Qual!

    When I left the I.T.O., I knew the ideal scene. Never did I ever see that ideal scene anywhere. Ever. It was in a postulated universe that “FEBC’s” could magically make happen, but only if they were A) fired home in teams of 4. B) their org was already St. Hill size and just needed tweeking. C) quotas were set by “Int” and not RTC or others. And none of this ever happened, of course. We were set up to fail.

    Act One is Dev-T in the world of Miscavage. The sooner everyone “In” gets that, the sooner they’ll cognite on just what the hell is going on. But I’m beyond it. The “church” for me is dead. And it can take the kool-aid drinkers with it for all I care.

    I’m convinced that Right Now… attention needs to come OFF of David and his crap. See HIM for the Dev-T monster that he is. Focus on reviving the Tech in the field. Get the auditors auditing. Get the P.C.s training, for the sake of their own case gain. Establish a Qual via the class 8’s in the field, and keep RIGHT ON TRUCKING! Only take on DM and RTC when they show up at the door with pizza. And when the do, ack them and close the door.

    Darn it, Marty! I’ve got a job to do! Quit putting me back on Purpose to help free this planet! I’m busy making money and paying bills and other Wog stuff! :p Grrr….!!! How dare you bring me up-tone! Quit making me think positively! Sheesh! The nerve of some OT’s! 😉

    … just kidding. You have my permission to keep up the good work. LOL

  27. Sugar Plum Fairey

    LRH said somewhere, “The degree of ethics that needs to be applied is directly proportional to the number of MUs.”

    Bad enough that DM assaulted a PC on his Class IV Internship while at St. Hill. His number was up when he went by the MU that enabled him to go that route. He’s been going ‘BLINDLY’ downhill ever since. When he told the Scientology community that the Blind Have Been Leading The Blind, I can only think of “THE OVERT DOTH SPEAK LOUDLY IN ACCUSATION!”

  28. William Johnson

    “Hubbard said “Absolutes are unobtainable” (Scientology 8-8008, 2007 ed, pages 14, 84, and 163)”

    “Now, when I say imagine that it was in, I do not mean “sorta in”, “a lot in”, “a little in”, or “most of the time in”. I mean, in unconditionally.”

    Something is off here, which is right, Marty or LRH?

  29. theystolemychurch

    Yep, REAL SCIENTOLOGY here! That’s all I have to say!

  30. martyrathbun09

    Clear the words “unconditional” and “absolute.” Btw, didn’t Dave get the memo? This wave has gotten far too big to be affected by provocateurs.

  31. William Johnson, the only thing off here is you.

  32. Awesome.

    All of an Org is there to train auditors and deliver auditing- all of it adding up to free beings.

    It is more and more real to me that Miscavige is the guy LRH was warning us about in the KSW series and other places.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



    Orgs are in the very new, for this universe, business of setting people free.

    SPs will find all manner of reasons not to, for this is what they, with their own crimes, fear.

    Thus it follows that they cut dissem lines, corrupt tech, suppress and confuse orgs, persuade people to be inactive and resort to other shifts, all quite “reasonable” and “logical” as to why this must be the way it is; so be alert to this and go ahead and set people free.

    It’s done with org services well delivered, on-policy, with standard tech.

    So just do it, man, do it!


  33. ♥♥♥
    Imagine if you had a group of independent Scientologists break from the suppressive church and slam in Act One on a completely self-determined basis…………….
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  34. Mirari:

    You nailed it re: the higher up the bridge you go, the more the church feels they own you.

    It’s the REVERSE of Act One. It’s “how can WE become the center of control over this PC?”

    As I said to a friend still in but who has woken up: “Irony: pursuing total freedom only to find there’s a cage around it.”

    Great post, Marty.

  35. Billy Jo,
    You better handle that smell that you brought in with you!

  36. Absolutes are unobtainable in the physical universe. For instance, something cannot be cooled to absolute zero. There will always be some molecular movement. LRH also stated as an axiom, the ultimate truth is a static. Of course there is no conflict here – the absolutes are in the theta universe. Intention can be blunted by physical universe considerations, but a thetan has limitless potential including putting in his act one totally. I am wondering if maybe a person could put in this “act one” in every aspect of his own life. That would be an interesting and challenging exercise.

  37. And KSW #1.

    There was a wolf with sheep Standard Tech clothing right there the whole freaking time.

    Time to break out the old False Data Stripping PL and get to work!
    That’s my weapon of choice. It Rocks!

  38. Marty,

    I agree-you are on the right track.

    I think the next logical phase would be to remove the organizational structure entirely.

    The only things that need to happen for you to obtain the ultimate goal of freeing the PC is for:
    1) there to be an auditor
    2) there to be the tech
    3) there to be absolute trust between the auditor and the pc

    The more levels you add, the more uncertainty there is about keeping the pc’s personal life private. The more levels you add, the more overhead is created, adding pressure to financially drain the pc. The more levels you add, the more removed the pc is from those who should be looking out for their best interests.

    You’ve got the best possible set-up. The CoS is not set up to corrupt those within it, it is also completely unnecessary.

  39. (make that, “The CoS is not ONLY set up to corrupt those within it, it is also completely unnecessary.”)

  40. (make that, “The CoS is not ONLY set up to corrupt those within it…”)

  41. Marty – you are a hoot! That was beautifully rendered! It was good to imagine.

    But alas, it was easier to imagine times when org terminals had their Act I in. Took less time to imagine that. But there are a lot of dedicated staff who had their Act I in and did produce products LRH would be proud of. God we dit it in the 70’s and it felt wonderful! It was magic.

    ML Tom

  42. Tell you what Bill. DM told me that LRH said that absolutes were unobtainable, except for what he (DM) wanted to get done. He actually told me that right to my face, So go ask him. Tell him 1991, third floor of the Manor, raining outside, was in April at around 10:00 PM is when he laid that one me. BTW his face looked stupid. .


  43. Fellow Traveller

    Oh my, that’s some comment my dear Countess. Quite a post. Gonna have to run that one out.
    Oh my.

    Bruce Pratt
    earth resident trying to get his act together…..

  44. Fellow Traveller


  45. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Exactly!! Me too!

  47. I think the coolest part of being an Independant is that we can create the care that the church abandoned.

  48. one of those who see

    Wow, Marty Wow! At the end of your post, teared up.
    What you wrote, what LRH wrote – It’s the way it’s supposed to be.

  49. Imagine.

    Yes. I would be way up the Bridge. And many of my friends, too. All orgs, including the SO, would be the friendly, theta places they should be. Public and staff would be happier and free. Most of the ones who are out now would still be in as public or staff producing selfdetermined valuable final products.

    When I was only few weeks in Scn I had a session with an auditor with Act One fully in. The auditor with his auditor beingness gave me complete confidence and I trusted him fully. I had amazing wins and was totally keyed out. No entheta in the world could shake my certainty that auditing works and in which direction the road (bridge) was heading.

    Later in the SO I even suppressed some wins and cognitions, as I experienced even the line to the C/S was not safe. And too much Exec C/Sing was going on. And then the installations of cameras in the auditing rooms. The purpose of correction for the benefit of PC (and also the auditor) is good -when it is used as such. But otherwise: Welcome to Orwell`s “1984”- don`t commit any “thought crimes”.

    Thank you Marty for providing a safer space, safer even if public.

  50. I’m a pretty simple guy, Marty.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think from a third dynamic view all this just boils down to CARING, doesn’t it? If that’s IN, their innate capabilities are the only limiting factor and that’s only with regards to where a person is posted.
    “The essence of good management is caring.”
    Of course from one of the ACCs (don’t remember which one) we know that capabilities are directly tied to willingness but then, once again, that would fall back to caring, n’est pas?

  51. Freedom Fighter

    Cowboy, you’ve hit the nail on the head. If one truly cares about the individual in front of them and have the intention to help them, the Act One comes naturally, IMO. I’ve always been able to tell, as a PC, whether this was in or not. Makes all the difference in the world.

  52. Here. No sense in making Jim Logan have to do it. 🙂

    “Well, capability is regulated by willingness. That is the thing. A person is willing to do something, why they can do it. But a person is unwilling to do something, he won’t do it. In other words, their willingness to do has a lot to do with the consequences they may think occur as a result of doing something. It has a lot to do with their adjudications and so on. It becomes an extremely complex subject. Very! A subject we don’t have to know very much about.
    “Their ability depends on only one basic ability and that is their ability to create. All abilities depend on the ability to create!
    “A person who is holding down a job as a janitor has to create that job every hour of the day to do a good job as a janitor!.” — L. Ron Hubbard

    From the 1st Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course
    Responsibility and the State of OT Lecture, Rationale of Create Series,
    20 November 1959

    So my point, kindda like Will Rogers said, “Under all is the land” except it would be “under all is caring”.

  53. plainoldthetan

    It seems to me that a corollary of Act One is using and keeping the Auditor’s Code. In the 9th ACC lecture (5412C13) CONDUCT OF THE AUDITOR, LRH explains why:

    “Where we have difficulty with a preclear, you can say this uniformly: lf the preclear has had code breaks with existence — preclear is in trouble, he’s not Clear, he’s not exteriorized — he’s had code breaks with existence. What code breaks? Auditor’s Code breaks.”

    “If this works so effectively in an auditing session, then for heaven’s sakes let’s recognize with great clarity that these must be fundamental factors which are aberrative in the society.”

    “If you want a dissertation on Scientology and what happens on the Fourth or Third Dynamic that aberrates people, just look at the Auditor’s Code. Must be a coordination there. See, we just say that arbitrarily. We don’t inspect it any further. We learned in four years of auditing that all these things would spin preclears, so therefore we’re working on people who have been spun so therefore this must be what the society does. Just like that.”

    This would then apply to the Church, wouldn’t it? Reges, salesmen, event confirmers, recruiters, supervisors, execs, Sea Org members.

    Not keeping the Auditor’s Code IN would lead to aberration on the Third Dynamic.

    But the Church doesn’t make auditors anymore. In the Sea Org, auditors-in-training are CONSTANTLY cross-ordered off their training for arbitraries: sales duties, event confirmations, etc. But wow, look, the Sea Org is begging for auditors to join staff: Dallas, CC Las Vegas, Super Power, Los Angeles, Buffalo.

    And those begging that people join staff to be auditors AREN’T TRAINED AS AUDITORS THEMSELVES. So they refuse to duplicate, can’t communicate, they evaluate and invalidate.

    If nothing, it demonstrates that the Rule of the Weak Valence (5911C12) is accurate: people are taking on the valence of Miscavige because he says he gets what he says he wants…by using the levels of the Tone Scale he does…even though he’s so obviously flawed.

  54. HCOPL 31 Jan 1983 “The Reason for Orgs” is a good one too.

    It seems like orgs don’t do that anymore. I wonder why.

    Same PL:

    “Every post in every org exists to keep the org there and accomplish this.

    I don’t see a lot of posts in my org with “Act One” in at all. They are running an importance of regging money for Ideal Org, IAS, The Basics, PR, etc. There really isnt much Act One. Hmmm.
    It’s all lower scale harmonic third dynamic stuff that all amounts to enhancing Miscaviges image with false degraded products.

    from HCOB 21 Sept 1958 “Theory of Scientology Organizations” :

    “An organization is a number of terminals and communication lines united with a common purpose”.

    Hmmm. I think those on staff or those supporting the church should look at what their orgs common purpose really is. It appears to be to appease Miscavige.

  55. martyrathbun09

    I reckon, in cowboy speak. But, I would say LRH said it about as emphatically and clearly as it could be stated so I quoted it.

  56. Great point CP,

    Caring, granting of beingness & the Service PL are what I used. I still use these in everyday life. I would hate to go around being suspicious of others, worried about the ‘dangerous environment’, and squeamish about anyone I talked to. These are all factors drilled into church members.

    Caring for that person in front of you, and for that matter caring for the universe as a whole, to me is a saintly endeavor.

  57. rafael sanchez nuñez

    i love this and feel it is correct

  58. I think for me it boils down to this:

    If you trust the church- if you walk into an org as a person interested in Scientology and you trust the people who handle you- reges, admin staff, tech, you will be putting yourself in personal danger, financially, first dynamic and others. It’s not about you. It’s about money, stats, Miscavige pet programs.

  59. An organization is necessary. Even one man is an organization.

    From HCOPL 31 Jan 1983 The Reason for orgs:

    “It was manifestly impossible for one being to individually train and audit 2.5 billion people. Time alone would have prevented it.

    Thus help was needed.”

  60. Awesome, Marty. Awesome.

    The posts of the last week have been stellar, and I have been too freaking busy to comment on any of them.

    This one goes down to the core. The raison d’etre. When you approach someone, are you there to help the person? Can you? Do you want to? This is you examining your own heart. If it is not in your heart, you are a fraud. Regardless of whether the techniques you use are technically effective or not. If you are not sincerely there to help that person, then go home. Hang it up.

    I can honestly say that I have been involved with Scientology groups and orgs where Act One was in virtually across the board. I have had the pleasure of working with people who gave their guts to help people. Who lived VERY frugally, who worked incredibly hard and incredibly long hours because they were truly and sincerely there to help.

    When the whole group is in that mode, and executing on it, it is a wonderful, unbelievable thing. Miracles happen. Walking into a space like that is like getting “contact auditing” – you feel like you just had a session just by walking into the place. You feel free. You feel like you are in the right place. You ARE in the right place. Old AO was like that, ASHO was like that. My old mission was like that. Some people (but alas, not all) at flag were like that.

    This, to me, is the spirit of the Bodhisattva, who delays his own nirvana to help others cross over to enlightenment. This is the spirit of Jesus, who took our sins unto himself and sacrificed himself so that we may be freed of sin and delivered back to God. These are the people who will take bullets for you. This is love in its highest form.

    It is unfortunate that the Church has squandered this.

    It is incredibly fortunate that all you all are here putting it back.

  61. Joe Pendleton

    Marty – you nailed it.

    I’ve lost my desire for auditing and it was some time ago that I started thinking in session – “How will what I say be perceived by the auditor, the CS and others? What are the consequences of what I say?” Eventually, I just decided that there was nothing I thought would be handled in auditing, and really nothing much I want to say to an auditor anymore . Though I still feel very good about the gains I did get.

    I realize that it’s up to me to make my own postulates and either change my mind or not. BUT…..having said that, it’s good to know that you are there doing what you’re doing.

  62. Beautiful proposition, Marty. So simple, so basic, and yet so powerful.
    Thank you.

  63. Scott Campbell

    David Miscavige commits the worst possible overt as a continuing PT overt of commission.

    Making others guilty of overts.

    Imagine what Scientology would be like without that…

  64. Scott Campbell

    Excellent comment, KA.

    I had the same experience. It’s Treason to do anything other than handle someone with ACT ONE in.

    L, Scott

  65. Joe Pendleton

    Mr. Fancy, I agree with you to a very large extent. The auditor and the pc are a third dynamic that can accomplish auditing. I do think to expand the activity, it is desirable to add a CS, course supe and an ethics officer (or to have those functions done anyway). To expand more, one might also add a disseminating/registrar function, a qual and a leader of the group.

    Sound like I’m setting up an org board? Well, I don’t think having a group and a structure to accomplish its purpose is a bad thing and may very well be a very GOOD thing. I just think Ron went too far. TOO many admin posts and seniors and committees and networks and this unwieldy top heavy, bloated organizational structure became “a perfect storm” just sitting there waiting to restimulate whole track dramatizations of power, control, etc. The result? The CS and auditor become the “low folk” on the org board, having to answer to many, many admin guys, who not only don’t understand Scientology, but are dramatising their own power trips on everyone else. Read Marty’s post on Richard Reis. A top CS not being the boss?????? A standard and producing CS is the God! Add a capable course supe, cramming officer and an ethics officer who can handle PTSness (not a “soldier” for the capo) and you are rolling baby. The admin guys are supposed to serve the tech guys!!!! (to minister to). Recently I read all of the PLs on Dev-t points – kind of interesting. So many things juniors can do to make the senior’s job tough. But in my many decades on staff, I’d say 75% or more of all dev-t can from the bullshit I had to put up with from the top seniors at my org (and from upper management) and this goes back to the 70s. And by the way, I was one of the lucky ones, because I did have some very fine direct seniors, who knew their stuff and provided help and direction to me and others. But somewhere in the mid 60s the whole organizational structure of Scientology started to expand year by year, with all its additions that eventually became like the Kremlin beauracracy, so it never suprises me that we have our very own Stalin, with a secret police, prisons, uniforms, ranks, taxes, forced confessions, propoganda machine, big buildings, “state publications”, forced rallies and celebrations, etc. Again, see all the definitions of “dramatization” – to act out.

    And DMSMH was an auditor and a pc. So while I do think Ron was correct to put some sort of organization there, “something happened and it all just kinda spiraled out of control to what we see today.

  66. Logic that brilliant, Tom, had to be saved for posterity. I’m sure the dim one had one of his scribes record it within seconds, with an extended explanation since “that dip-s**t Tom Martian [sic] just stood there with a f******g blank SP stare on his !$ face when I told him.” (that’s as the fly-on-the-wall later told it to the cockroach, anyhow.)

    I can hardly wait for Deep Fax to release the unabridged version of the uber-brilliance.

  67. Ciao Marty,
    You are stressing the VERY CORRECT thing. Is the essence of self determinism, and that’s all we are looking for.
    With a little help… from our friends.

  68. I love your description of good auditing Lady Minn, and especially your state of loving unconditionally, something that I want for sure and sometimes (LOL) have.

  69. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Marty.
    I think a group should only expand to the degree that there remains care and a safe space for moving up a little higher to occur. When group expansion supercedes the purpose of helping others and letting auditing occur it has gone off the rails at that point.
    That is why I like the idea of a free market Scientology. As long as there is competition and no monopoly I don’t really see people chosing suppression over ARC. When suppression is the only choice, that is a problem.
    Of course if Scientology as an official benevolent organization trained people and put out there own brand of standard tech that would be ok too. Especially if not run by an SP. But they should allow open and free communication. Not allowing members to communicate and trying to cut comm lines is the major out-point in all of this.
    As long as Corporate Scn. didn’t have veto power over others applying the tech I think they could still set their own standard. They could give their oponions about the tech and others could rebut the opinions. It would be a free market of ideas.
    I think that there will always be an “official” church of Scn unless they get banned entirely. They could be open with communication or shut as they are now. Being open is the answer. That aligns with the quote Marty uses in his article. To keep act one in with a group, that group would have to be able to tolerate lots of different ideas and continue to create a safe space. Not just “throwing someone into ethics” if they say something that the “group” doesn’t like. Even ethics is used to help a person not to bully him into silence and cease communicating. Tolerance goes hand in hand with Act 1 IMHO.

  70. Tony DePhillips

  71. Tony DePhillips

    Standing ovation for Marty.
    I thought you might like this Marty. Just the care and aesthetics of it.

  72. Thanks Marty. Beautifully communicated.
    LRH had an intention. Throughout all his work it was obvious that he had no counter-intention on helping others achieve higher levels of spiritual awareness and personal freedom.

    Nowhere in the entire C/S series will you find one bulletin designed to lead a C/S into a dominating role with the PC. Every single program and process is designed to to “release” the guy from barriers of his own making. And if delivered with Act One “in” they do accomplish that end.

    Quick point on 3D application: In the 1990’s Anita ran the LA Org Auditors Association. She received several awards for having the best attended and longest running auditors association on the planet. Her own First Policy, which was overtly stated, was, “no member is ever forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do.”
    The number of willing people was out the roof.

  73. Act One turns helping into real help. Also applies to us when dealing with DMology. With Act One in, we actually can help those still trapped in the vulture culture.

    Just did, a few days ago (took longer, but a few days ago it “happened” and the person truly disconnected from that criminal group). The results are actually quite (peacefully yet ecstatically) dramatic. And now plans to help his family get out – all self determined, quiet, rationale, full of ARC – and quite clever, I must say.

    Some here give “Act One” a different “name” (description). That is perfectly fine and I am not negating your understanding as I believe I do track with you as well. Probably a bit like trying not to find the concept of “survival” in all of Dianetics and Scientology.

    To me, Act One is a very specific thing and I could give it many different names as I can find its ramifications in a host of lectures, books and writings and in fact, in many people. What I like about LRH (well, one of the many things I like about him) is his ability to precisely point out what it is that goes on in a person. It “reminds” one of what actually is.

    Knew for a long time – and stated it in so many occasions – that I feel I can truly help others only (and really like it that way) when there’s “nothing in it for me”. I “meant” what he describes as “Act One”. A bit like “ARC”. Everybody has it and applies it but simply knowing what the principle is helps bring about consistent success in using it. “Levers” have probably been used since time immemorial but once a guy came along and pointed out the principle at work it became much more usable. Now it became a tool – and don’t we talk about “tools” in Scientology?

    Marty, thanks for reminding me of what the great Reminder said.

  74. Rob Judd (haiqu)

    Yes, I can imagine where I’d be right now.

    And it’s a good thing I’m totally certain of my immortality, otherwise I’d be really angry at the time wasted. I had some pretty big plans for this lifetime and didn’t achieve any of them. In a great degree that came about through being distracted by promises of improved abilities that never materialised.

    I’m thankful for the gains I did make, but I’d be a lot happier if I had taken the initial wins of the first 12 months in Scientology and got on with my life rather than joining staff. I might have gotten married, bought a house, built an airplane or sailed around the world. And I might still be able to do some of them, but it would take a rather large miracle from where I am today.

    Every minute we have is like a coin to be invested. Used wisely, that investment of time leads to riches, pleasure and survival. Even as a young man I knew this, which is why I sought out anything that would enable me to grow and learn. But in the end there has to be a point at which we know enough for it all to become easy, for survival to no longer be a day-to-day battle, otherwise it’s all a waste of effort. That day has yet to arrive.

    No amount of bon mots can give me back a wasted lifetime, Marty. And no amount of auditing, even done 100% properly, can make me 25 years old again.

    So by all means emphasize Act One. That PC in front of you might just be able to change the world, and it would be a shame if he never got handled. Every day this isn’t 100% in just makes it harder to recover what might have been. You know what to do.

  75. Great Topic, great post.

    That really presents the ideal Scene as it should be.

    There was a time when it was like that.

  76. William Bot-son, I’m sure you continuously bring this reference to Dave’s attention as in “straight up and vertical”, “only perfect – and thus no – GAT auditors may graduate” etc. You demonstrate a real deep understanding of what this is all about. Don’t you think its time for SlaveDave to come up with the Ideal-Ideal-Org program? LRH did write a policy with that title! Come on, let’s apply it in that inimitable style!

  77. Friend of Ron

    Very well stated and elightening, Grasshopper. Thanks

  78. Rob: While Marty did ask to imagine what it might have been, I don’t think he intended for anyone to go into some sad effect.

    A life is never wasted. You have NO idea how you might have effected a life next to you in the grocery line by just smiling and not yelling. You have NO idea what might have been the outcome of sailing around the world – might not necessarily have been good.

    What ifs? That is the sure way to despair. Ask me how I know 🙂

    Regret, LRH said somewhere, is the attempt to go back in time. And as you rightly say — you can’t have a 25 year old body again, nor can you become a champion ice skater (something a friend used to say when she realized her childhood dream wasn’t going to happen) HOWEVER you can create your future. Just imagine caring about yourself completely.

    Start with smiling.

    Everyday at least three times.


  79. From P.A.B. No. 40:

    “Scientology is itself the microcosm of a civilization. It contains two moral codes: one is the moral code of practice which is the Auditor’s Code of 1954, the other is the Code of a Scientologist, which will be given at greater length in the next PAB. It also contains an ethical code, and that is its Code of Honour.
    The difference between ethics and morals is very clearly known in Scientology, if not in a modern dictionary. This mergence of morals and ethics has occurred in recent times, and is symptomatic of a general decline. An ethic is practiced on an entirely self-determined basis. An ethical code is not enforceable, is not to be enforced, but is a luxury of conduct. A person conducts himself according to an ethical code because he wants to or because he feels he is proud enough or decent enough, or civilized enough to so conduct himself…………

    If you believed Man was worthy enough to be granted by you sufficient stature so as to permit you to exercise gladly the Code of Honour, I can guarantee that you would be a happy person. And if you found an occasional miscreant falling away from the best standards you have developed, you yet did not turn away from the rest of Man, and if you discovered yourself betrayed by those you were seeking to defend and yet did not then experience a complete reversal of opinion about all your fellow men, there would be no dwindling spiral for you………..
    The only difference between Paradise on earth and Hell on earth is whether or not you believe your fellow man worthy of receiving from you the friendship and devotion called for in this Code of Honour.”

  80. Dear Marty,

    I just watched “The Truth Rundown” for the first time after monitoring this website for probably 6 months.

    It is truly heart breaking..

    Remember there is no need for forgiveness in the light of understanding.

    I have wrapped myself in the philosophy since being introduced to Scientology in 1969. It was the end of my search for the truth started when I heard this quote from Christ “Seek the truth and the truth will make you free” at 15.

    I was alway bothered that no one would talk about the philosophy when I was with a group of Scientologist. So I basically stood on the outside and just got my services. Yes I got pulled in, but it just didn’t feel right and I exited as fast as I could. I just figured it was my past track distrust of the “Group”. But now I see it was real.

    It is a pleasure to see a group that are truly ready to live the philosophy and to talk about it as you use the axioms, factors, ARC, KRC and all the info in the Book of Basics (old book) to make all the dynamics better.

    I will keep watching and some day, there may, no WILL be a place for us to work together and not have to imagine.

    TONE 40 applied!!

  81. WH,
    Your posts make me think and smile in a peaceful way. LRH gave us tech to better handle life. We can only handle in PT. We can learn from the past but act in pt and think into the future. WE – yes, we make our destiny and our future. No matter what our current condition in life with Act One in it can be changed and changed to the better.

  82. GH,
    I agree this last week has been a rocket boost up a little higher! I remember the AO and the original ASHO with hundreds crowded into courserooms. I remember auditing in the BC courseroom. I remember when you were asked nicely if you wouldn’t mind a video being reviewed by the C/S of your auditing for the auditor to pass an item on the checksheet. As you felt the intention was only to help there was never a privacy button cutting off your being “in session.”

    The group may be just one auditor and a pc or a larger group to help support and service that auditor and pc. Either way Act One applies. That 3rd dynamic activity, that group, MUST exist for a session to occur and for case gain to occur. The current DM group doesn’t demonstrate Act One and we see the results of that. Any group delivering standard tech would be booming and moving toward the ideal scene. We just don’t see that today.

    The love that comes is the unconditional ARC that one wants to help another member of mankind to crawl more out of the mud. I feel that occurs in our blog group. I feel it occurs in many non scientology groups I know of.

    I can image just as Marty wrote. We would have made gigantic strides into handling the aberration extant on our little world. Instead – the current DM group is just building MEST which will only remind the future of what damage a tyrant can do. He reminds me of the Taliban when it blew up the largest Buddha statue in the world in an attempt to erase history and rewrite a future where they, the Taliban, were the only group pretending to lead into the future.

    In truth – we are all beings and we inside already know the true data. Even when I don’t know the exact violation of standard tech I feel it rub the wrong way when an attempt to enforce it is exerted toward me. I also believe we “know” when we see the real thing. That future with the real thing is here in the Independent field. Our Act One is either IN or being put IN but we at least know it is needed for gains to be had by all.

    In the future there will be a time when many of the unknowing and indoctrinated current staff get their false data stripped away. Their good intentions will then manifest. I know most are being basically good and only a small number are dramatizing suppression. As Act One permeates society the “session” of exposing the false data behind the “bank” will occur and all of earth will move up a little higher.

    We get the benefit of case gain any time we want to visit this site, read, duplicate, post or just think – ah ha. The garbage leaves our universe daily and we see more of the sunshine, beautiful beaches, smiling happy faces, children, and a feeling of serenity. That is a wonderful future to look forward toward and move toward each in our own way.

  83. Mentioned above was the cameras in the auditing rooms. Yes, I can accept the fact that the camera is only to see the meter (maybe) but that little bit of attention on it every time I notice it is one little bit of attention off my case and a little bit less willingness to talk to the auditor. And that is too much.

  84. Basically, it would be a different world.

    LRH said in a lecture something to the effect of, “There is reason to believe the dynamics ARE help. Because when one stops helping any dynamic, it ceases to exist for one.”

    There have been times when Act One was in briefly, in a small zone within the CoS — in some org or some part of one for a while. But inevitably, it was engulfed by the hostile police state (bank-dominated mob).

    What we are doing today is we are becoming bigger than the police state. And we are engulfing it.

    So: To the riff-raff, trolls and street-peddlers hawking the junk concept that we’ve “failed,” claiming our accounts are closed and assets liquidated, the proper answer is “No, we’re not ‘finished;’ we’re just getting started.”

    We as a group have “gone exterior” and are now operating three feet behind the Church of Marxology.

  85. The church does not have Act One in, it continually abuses your urge and willingnesss to help others. The church communicates through it’s events and in what they demand from you in straight donations- that you need to help (by giving money) for no exchange. At the events they try to make it look like the world is being helped by what are essentially Scientology PR programs that in reality only benefit David Miscavige.
    It’s good to help and I think the degree that the captive public do “help” (with straight donations for no exchange) shows that thetans have an unlimited capacity and willingness to help. But when this is all it is and your advancement means nothing (Act One) I think it is a betrayal of trust.

  86. Begin fair use quotes:
    “The statement “I am not auditing you” only occurs when a Confessional is done for justice reasons. Otherwise the procedure is the same. (By “justice reasons” is meant when a person is refusing to come clean on a Comm Ev, B of I, etc., or as part of a specific HCO investigation when the person is withholding data or evidence from such HCO personnel.)
    A Confessional done for justice reasons, called an HCO Confessional, is not auditing and the data uncovered is not withheld from the proper authorities. Any other Confessional is auditing and is kept confidential.” HCOB 30 NOV 1978R Confessional Procedure
    “A person who is NCG, nattery, critical or otherwise exibiting O/Ws or out-ethics must be handled so that he can make case gains. And must not be continued in auditing until this is done.
    This applies to pre-OTs as well as pcs and specifically also applies to pre-OTs on OT III; on New OT IV, OT DRUG RD; on New OT V, Audited NOTs: on New OT VII, Solo NOTs-the same as it applies to any other grade or OT section.”
    in the same reference
    ” CAUTION”
    A pre-OT who is running well and making case gain should not be interrupted..
    And, where a person is in the Non-Interference Zone does need O/Ws pulled, the auditor must first obtain a C/S okay.” HCOB 8 MARCH 1982R CONFESSIONALS AND THE NON-INTERFERENCE ZONE

    In my opinion the mandatory 6 month HCO Confessional is a violation of intended LRH tech on the subject and a real violation of ACT ONE.
    It is implied that the pre-OT is either NCG (no case gain), nattery, critical, or otherwise exibiting O/Ws or out-ethics or should be the subject of Justice actions.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against O/W pulling and handling when needed but, solo auditors are trained to do this themselves. To me this mandatory HCO Confessional is arbitrary and a bypass of the solo auditor. It also catogorizes us all as THE SAME. It can also invalidate the Pre-OT and mess up his case if he is moving along well. I remember LRH saying on a tape that very little ethics would be needed on an OT. Why then would people at the top need the heaviest use of HCO confessionals. Why would it be every person on a 6 month schedule and not used as needed. Even a short regular Confessional with the forgiveness step wouldn’t be so bad. Then an HCO Confessional as needed. It’s clear no one is trusted. If you can’t trust people on 7 what’s the point. How does one go free under these conditions?

  87. I like the way L.L. Bean Company describes a customer, “They say ‘a customer is the most important person ever in this company—in person or by mail. A customer is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him. A customer is not an interruption of our work, he is the purpose of it. We are not doing a favor by serving him, he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with. Nobody ever won an argument with a customer. A customer is a person who brings us his wants. It is our job to handle them profitably to him, and to ourselves’.”

  88. 1 Square Peg,

    This is part of the “curve ball” DM introduced in the subject when the HSSC came out….it wasn’t a bad idea, but the implementation was suppressive. What gets overlooked in all of this is that on Solo Levels, YOU are the auditor, and YOU are the one that is responsible for your gain. So what it implies to me is that “solo auditors don’t know how to audit, and aren’t getting corrected in Qual”. Total inval of the subject and the people involved. But that is what you should expect from someone who is truly dramatizing suppressive traits: No AUDITING.

  89. Oops, forgot to note the quotes are from LRH.

  90. Done.

    You’re a good guy, Marty Rathbun.


    Doing this, I just felt like, “TO BE”. Without negation, nullification, deception or low-toned self-interest from me or others crashing or swirling around in the space we co-inhabit.

  91. Scott Campbell

    Spot-on comment, Tony.

    Freemarket Scientology. That is the key to all this. The freemarket will effectively weed out the squirrels and suppressives as it operates strictly off of the Conditions of Exchange and personal freedom to choose.

    Unless of course Big Government gets involved…


  92. I hate to throw a monkey wrench into the mix but I think one of the bedrock foundation concepts of LRH’s subject needs to be looked at! The notion of the greatest good as being the correct choice in all matters.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is that the CO$ continue under corrupt governance delivering less than LRH tech as it’s machine is in place that took 50 years to establish and it reaches more people than the fledgling 100% on source group does.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is that there is a one world governance so that there is no unequal treatment of the populations from the rulers. Central planning would be able to regulate the global needs. War could be eliminated (unless a target is needed to motivate the workers).
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is that the first dynamic be outlawed so that all regulation can be designed from the viewpoint of the 4th dynamic. Forget the 3rd as the concept of the greatest good would include the all or 4th d.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the thinning out of the population down to numbers that will be supported by the ecology of the planet.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the elimination of all races that have genetically weaker structure except for individuals that show exceptional merit mentally and physically and all individuals that have less than ideal physical and mental condition since on the next time around the beings will have a sounder structure to operate in.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the elimination of any dissenters so that society can run smoothly.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the dumbing down of the populations as the troublemakers of the past always came from the smarter ones.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the removal of all forms of self defense capability on the part of the masses as the occasional dissenter interferes with the peaceful and orderly flow of society.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the banning of all forms of literature that might incite normally peaceful masses.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the encouragement of spying on ones neighbors to prevent the fly in the ointment.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the universal implantation of GPS and sensory devices in each of the masses to locate and regulate any possible aberrant behavior so that the smoother flow prevails.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is that lynch mobs be permitted so that the nearby “white cells” can eliminate the aberrant cells in local areas.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the use of one currency.
    Perhaps the greatest good for mankind is the central planning of all aspects of life.
    Do I need to go on?

  93. PS Who decides what is the greatest good?
    Hitler though he was doing the greatest good.
    Stalin thought he was doing the greatest good.
    Napoleon though he was doing the greatest good.
    DM truly thinks he is doing the greatest good.

    Are we not just defining a Service Facility for pushing whatever we have the force to push?

  94. Me too.

    I see it as an elegant, beautiful description of the ideal scene on all dynamics.

  95. Tony, great post. I agree completely.

    I could envision a properly constituted CofS, as described on the website, operating in conjunction with a thriving independent field. No monopoly though. With its only power or authority derived from the respect people had for it.

    Such an institution could be very useful in adjudicating conflicts and disagreements that would inevitably arise in the field – between auditor and CS, to name just one. This function used to be performed all the time by the upper orgs – AO, ASHO, and Flag.

    One of the main reasons thes orgs were held in high esteem (especially during the 70s) was that in the case of a conflict or disagreement in your mission or field group, you could usually get it resolved by “appeal” to a higher level, such as a respected Qual terminal in one of the upper orgs (anyone remember David Aldrich at ASHO – the best of the best, IMO).

    But the KEY was the respect one had for the adjudicators, a respect based on their adherence to standard tech and their ability to correct without invalidation but appeal to understanding.

    Free markets are great, but they can also get fairly wild and chaotic, sometimes unpleasantly so. At such points, it can be very useful and pro-survival long term to have a stable reference point to keep confusion and conflict to a minimum.

  96. Question for any former SO:

    I recently heard from a veteran auditor who trained directly under LRH that eventually an individual in the SO became one of two valences. PTS or SP.

    Is this accurate? I have no way of knowing.

    Definitely not Act One.

  97. martyrathbun09

    Man, go back to Act One. To characterize the simple, workable equation “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”in such a wise is just plain bizarre in my view. You can look at virtually ANY datum and turn it into a suppressive tool: including, btw, love everybody all the time.

  98. Tony, Very well said. I agree. There needs to be a governing body. A Qual.
    A standard on policy reference point but one that allows disagreement.

  99. Friend of Ron

    A day to remember — for this historic post and also for those who put their life on the line many years ago today fighting for freedoms we enjoy now, outside the CoM

  100. sure and not sure

    I am not sure what to think of this movement here but I believe that Miscavige is a bully who harms SCN more than he is helping.

  101. In my opinion the mandatory 6 month HCO Confessional is a violation of intended LRH tech on the subject and a real violation of ACT ONE.

    I have my own opinion on this, and it may well be completely incorrect.

    If I were to put myself into the shoes of a C/S overseeing Solo NOTS cases who were not under my guidance for 6 months, I would want to ensure the the Solo Auditor is applying the tech standardly and determine if any any outpoints exist that may prevent that Auditor from completing that Level. That would fall under the heading of Help.

    However, the Purpose of HCO Confessionals is a definite Action to unbug a Case. It is, along with any other Action, a specific Tool to address a certain aspect of the case, and with HCO Confessionals the safeguard of the organization as well. It is not indescretionally used such as rotating the Tires twice a year.

    HCO Confessionals, esp. at the upper OT Levels seek to detect those who have “looked elsewhere” and have become disillusioned with the Church so they can be weeded out. It has to be that way, since the Church and the Freezone do not mesh, as the latter is also a haven for actual squirrels, SPs and heavy duty ethic cases. A line to separate the two must exist.

    Unfortunately much of the wandering doubt is brought about by the alterations, incessant and unrealistic demands and heavy-handed administration of the Church, and thus becomes an unresolvable problem to continue Scientology, and he is pretty much forced into the Freezone for a solution if he wishes to continue Scientology.

    The Monkey on RTC’s Back is of its own Creation.

    There is no Way to step back from all that at this Point.

    In fact the more influential the Freezone/Independents become, the more involved these Sec Checks will be, the more people end up leaving the Church.

    Its a self-correcting mechanism, and one of the very last vestiges for RTC to hold its space and power is to … accumulate MEST. Its believed that Billions of Dollars in Bank Accounts and Real Estate will fortify and cement their Power, a clear indication that faith in the tech to handle this situation does not exist.

    And in due Time … as Church subscribers continue to wane into the Freezone, the Church, with all its Resources and Might, will still affront those who have left the nest.

    Thus the Church will always be here. It may not be functional, auditing and course rooms empty, a marginal member base, but it will always be here. But then who cares?

    There is only one solution to these HCO Confessionals: Know why they have been implemented, and leave that environment where these are required in order for the Church to survive, and not be subjected to arbitrary blanket actions have little bearing on on anyone’s progress up the bridge.

  102. Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon and Davey have in common that they’re stuck in the past. They fight wars, not unlike you, of long times gone. Of course in a war it’s a survival thing to kill enemies that if you don’t, will kill you and your loved ones.

    However, to decide if your actions are for the greatest good, you’ll have to be able to observe PT as your dynamics are here and now, not in some long distant past. Unfortunately that’s something above mentioned types, by their nature, can’t do and thus for them it’s impossible to decide what is the greatest good.

    They really think and are totally convinced that if they stop harming their personnel and opponents, they will be shot. The exact same harm they constantly do to their dynamics is what they’re most afraid of will happen to them. So they compute only on the first and the first only.

    Everybody must be kept set up against everybody else so they will be safe (they think). Thus cross ordering, impossible targets, pressure, invalidation and the contagion thereof, etc, result as tool for their survival, which they’re convinced is the greatest good for them. Then they’ll justify to no end to make it sound rational and that it’s good for everybody whereas in fact it’s harming all their dynamics.

  103. Gandiguy

    I’ll just throw this out there for you. regarding “The Greatest Good”.

    Before one can even conceive of a “Greatest Good” for all of the dynamics, one needs to have come up the ethics conditions from confusion, to at least danger, regarding all of the dynamics. At enemy and treason you need to come to know WHO you are, and what you are trying to accomplish, to realistically progress beyond this point. One needs to have a look at what the concept of “optimum survival” would actually be like on each, and all, of their dynamics and what it has to do with YOU.
    You know like, “If my first dynamic were optimum, what would that be like? What would the affinity level be? What about activity level? Communication, havingness, beingness?” Go through each of your dynamics viewing it from an “optimum survival” point of view. You should find that they are all REAL, they are all ALIGNED to each other, and they are all YOURS. I am talking about a real thorough look at how everything fits together, from a “pan-determined” viewpoint. And EVERYTHING has to be OPTIMUM!

    Now you are looking at “THE GREATEST GOOD”.

    Now look at the questions just asked, keeping in mind what you just looked at.

    Regarding the people that you cited in your next post, I think you will easily find that, to a man , none of them was even vaguely aware of any true concept of “greatest Good”.


  104. Tom,
    Thanks. That makes sense. Laura

  105. Oh, I agree you have to have an organization to train auditors. But to service them? Most psychologists seem to be able to service their patients just fine on their own with only a state board of healing arts to provide oversight. They have training orgs called Universities and board exams to ensure that they know what they should be doing. Other than that, they’re on their own.

    (Unless you’ve got a big org like a psychiatric hospital where a panel of people have to run it-kind of resembles the CoS in more ways than one!)

  106. Possibly by jumping into the river right off the Tallahatchee bridge.

  107. Gandiguy,
    No, you don’t need to go on. Every example you gave is with your stated context of “greatest good for mankind.” The reference is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. It is just as illogical to make all from your view of the 4th dynamic as it is for DM to make all of his viewpoints from his idea of the 3rd dynamic. Both are a fixed idea and illogical (ref the data series).

    Act One doesn’t say to push anything. It has to do with creating a group which has the goal of helping the PC in session. It has to do with creating a safe space for case gain to occur. It doesn’t have to do with pushing any fixed idea. The processes are to aid the person receiving the auditing. The processes are not to be for the purposes of some other outside person or even the auditor. Possibly if you reread the original post at the top of the page you will see your comments and examples are not what the post was about.

  108. Expelled 4 Life

    I suspect this won’t be a popular question (not trying to offend anyone) but how did “Wannabes like Broeker and Miscavige” end up as the #1 and #2 “bes” after LRH departed? It’s the question I just don’t seem to be able to get answered in a way that makes it add up. Sarge?

  109. Great vision Marty. Genius.

  110. martyrathbun09

    See Gang of Five write up

  111. People in Japan were recently suppressed by water.

    That was deep.

  112. When I started OT VII in 1988 I had my Act One in, Tone 40, and decided to take off an entire year and only audit. And audit I did with ten, twelve sessions a day for the entire year with only one six month check. (thank the lord)

    At the end of the year I was in trouble, extremely distressed, having audited myself into a turbulent dark corner of the labrynth with my face mashed up hard against a black concrete wall, shackled to the floor by heavy chains, unable to free myself or even peel my face off the wall. Off to Flag I went; I was charged up and pissed off and spitting venom and I made a decision that I was going to handle this no matter what.

    Arriving at Flag I gave everyone shit left and right and took none myself. I was either gonna get myself unsnarled or die in the attempt. I knew I was close to completing the level as much as it could possibly be completed, but I’d taken a wrong turn somewhere in the dark maze and didn’t know how to get out of it and I had little faith that anyone could lead me out, but I had nowhere else to go and nothing to lose.

    The Qual Consultant who interviewed me had her Act One IN. She was concerned and seemed like she really wanted to help me and that alone did help me. I think she might have also been afraid that my head was going to actually explode or that I was about to implode into powder or perhaps morph into Satan and eat everyone in sight.

    I paced the lobby of the Sandcastle, back and forth, back and forth, wearing a rut into the damn rug. The Solo Nots C/S came out to personally talk with me. We had some small talk and then he said, “OK, I’ve written a C/S just for you and I think you’re really going to like it!”

    Wow. His concern was so splendid and that live comm so cool it gave me hope and was another step in leading me out of the trap in which I was stuck.

    I lucked out even further by drawing a review auditor that was the easiest going, low key, confident, competent, in-comm auditor I’d ever had the great fortune to sit across. This dude had his Act One in, it seemed like there was nothing more important in his life than helping me get unsnarled. His acknowledgments were pure gold. He audited with one stockinged foot up on his table, leaning back like he was watching TV instead of the meter, but he was on the ball and all auditor.

    These factors contributed to getting me ‘in-session’ enough to find a tiny black key the size of a needle hidden in a black haystack in that dark labrynth that opened up the secret door with the invisible lock at which point an ungodly force of pent up demons were unleashed with the fury of a tsunami.

    The chains broke like shadows of licorice and the labrynth lit up like a baseball stadium and I walked calmly out as if I were leaving a cheaply-built abandoned house of horrors on my my to get some cotton candy. On the way I picked up my OT VII completion cert.

    Act One in action.

    PS: Wish I could say the same about all my Flag auditing, but this was pretty much before Flag became its own House of Horrors. That C/S is out of the Sea Org and no longer a C/S. The auditor, last time I was at Flag, was no longer an auditor and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was driven out altogether as well.

  113. I agree with everything said. But I would add that the manner in which they are done is suppressive. The FSO is an implant station.

  114. Bryan U~~

    When we get out of the Sea Org there is intense RELIEF.
    The STRESS of being CONTROLLED every moment of the day is GONE.
    The “Controlling Bodies” feature of what time you wake up, what time you eat (these days 20 mins to 30 min meal breaks), CONTROLLED, musters multiple times a day, what time off for a Liberty (if any) who you can speak to, who you can have any kind of relationship with CONTROLLED, whether you can have a child, whether you can speak to your spouse in RPF or not.

    It is far worse than the military. The military do not CONTROL who you marry and whether you can have kids, and do not do 8 hour seances on “WHAT are your CRIMES ?” and lock you down part Guard gates as the several hundred currently at INT BASE are still enduring.

    Does the Sea Org member become PTS to all this ?
    In my last 2 years in the Sea Org I had re-occurring sore throats, coughing, colds, flu, even high fevers.
    I walked out of the Sea Org in 1990 and have not had a common cold and have been as healthy as a horse…even to this day running 3 miles a day in Griffith Park !!!
    The big thing to suffer after exiting the Church is loss of own kids, family,friends as in mandatory DISCONNECTION.

    One has to realize that one is not the same person one was when you were when one got in. You cannot go through years of this and emerge the same identity that went in.

    Marty has talked about ‘The Valley of the Shadow of Death.” I would be surprised if one could find one Sea Org member that has not been through that within.

    The PTSness diffuses to zero with emerging and taking control of one’s own life.

    I don’t really believe the Sea Org Experience flips one into being an SP.

  115. Expelled 4 Life, To make it simple, basically they owned the com lines and established themselves as extentions of LRH and authority figures. LRH never intended any ONE person as head of Scientology. Thats what the corporate sort out was all about. There was suppose to be a set of checks and balances. All Pat wanted was to be a figure head and get the money for his pet projects and all DM wanted was Power and control.
    DM bullied his way into control and works hard to keep everyone in line.
    Pat Broeker and David Miscavige could care less about clearing the planet. I hope this helps. This is just from my personal observations. It never was intended by LRH to happen the way it did but it did.

  116. one of those who see

    Welcome Sure and not Sure,
    Agreed regarding Miscavige. I hope you will continue to read and contribute here. You may want to go back and read earlier posts too.
    Scientology, freed from Suppression, applied with a good heart achieves amazing results. Freed beings, who are more themselves, ethical and happy.

  117. Expelled 4 Life

    It’s been awhile since I read it so I will give it another read. Love to get Sarge’s take sometime. Thanks.

  118. Foremost,
    I get what you are saying. I guess I just wish it could all be easier for all involved. A win win with ACT ONE in! ml, Laura

  119. What do you want out of your Scientology Expierience ?

  120. OK! I’ve done the scanning as Marty suggested. Oh, my life would be far different with full application of Act One — on all flows — than it is at this time. But, that wasn’t to be. Life turned out far differently than I anticipated but I seem to have met the challenge face on. And, continue to do so. The really nice part, is being able to communicate and share with newly found friends. Thanks! H

  121. Yes, I can imagine! Without Act One, there is no Scientology. Thank you, Marty, for knowing and having the technology for its purpose and foundation: a technology for freeing Awareness of Awareness units (souls!) from ignorance & suffering.

    In Act One, I think LRH is describing Love in very practical terms, including addressing (in practical, nonjudgmental terms) how humans, as auditors, can address anything that hinders the restoration of freedom to theta. What is Love if not the proactive, pan-determined wish and action toward well being and respect of Life.

    And the tone of Act One is exemplary of Hubbard …there is no hellstone and brimstone of “horrible evil sinners.” I love how LRH views human aberration as simply mechanics that can be addressed! Such empirical faith and certainty in the goodness of Life when it’s UNSUPPRESSED, free and enlightened.

  122. GG,
    Get a grip, man! All those listed are SPs -greatest good or GGND for the SPs???

    There’s no question there, and the wrench is just thrown in a different direction – it’s a separate subject matter as none of those listed have any auditor to PC relationship or want anyone moving up higher!


  124. And in so doing, the Co$ has become the latest on a long line involving help becoming betrayal.

    Bruce Pratt

  125. V, Beautifully said. As always. Love

  126. Bryan,
    There is a lot of shades between those two – PTS or SP & the law of absolutes being unobtainable is correct.

    LRH seems to bring out the best in many people. He got many to produce some stellar products. Quite a few became SP or got declared and/or became PTS when he moved off the lines so that it may be true that one is either SP or PTS when operating under currently, the biggest SP.

  127. This is the root element that intereseted me in Scientology. The people I first met, cared, mind you this was over 30 years ago. I was really struck by the fact that they genuinely cared about the people they were servicing at that mission.

    It seems trite to say but they were immediate friends. And by that I mean pal around go out and get drunk come over after post an play cards or games or just shoot the shit until dawn, the reges preferred monopoly and were often caught cheating. It was great fun and a big family that was playing the game of go up the bridge. Their Act One was in and it was a memorable time.

    Supervisors would stay with you all night on course so you could comp. They’d go out at 3:00 am. to buy food. Other students were known to stay around as well to help out if the Sup passed out or some twinning was required. Now I know that many today might screw up their faces at the off policy actions in this but it was fun and done for fun.

    When someone asked how you were doing they were genuinly interested. It was a very sad time when the finance police arrived and blew the mission up. A lot of good folks left.

    Scientology declined after that in my estimation. Orgs were cold and filled with people with practiced caring and artificial smiles. Not all naturally, but certainly far too many. There was a discernible difference. It was about the stat and you were only the means to get it.

    Nice post Marty. This really sums up what is wrong with Scn Inc.

  128. I was just browsing through shit


  130. Ok. With the exercise done finally, I can reduce what was originally volumes of comm (really a lot of upset) to this simplicity.

    I imagined this to be my life after finding the legacy of one known as LRH. I see the world in accordance with the aims of scientology, whether buddhism, islam, scientology, contemplation of rocks, or whatever proves of benefit:
    A world without insanity, without criminality, without war; where able beings can rise to greater heights.

    Thank all y’all for keeping the dream alive.

    Bruce Pratt

  131. Marty

    This concept of Act One extends out into all avenues of life. It is a way to deal with our fellows that more surely obtains to more optimum survival for all.

    I personally very much enjoy the ethics area. Ethics has taken a very bad wrap, the way it has been dealt out within the church, for some time. Ethics, by definition, would not be able to be sane and effective unless it was dealt with by those with their “Act One” in. If ethics is approached from any other viewpoint, the same as with auditing, you do not get the product of a well and happy human being with increasing responsibility IN, across the dynamics. Instead you get invalidated, cowed, and increasingly irresponsible beings. The exact opposite to its purpose, and it’s goal.


  132. Expelled 4 Life

    Thanks Sarge. I value your input and that from “Joe” very much. Love.

  133. martyrathbun09


  134. There is another write up about the corporate structure sort-out by the fellow in charge of it, named Larry Brennan, that is worth perusing:

    Click to access brennan-dec.pdf

  135. Marty,
    Awesome and Thank You!!!
    As we put our attention on this important step the theta of this group is visibly growing.
    That’s what we all wanted more of, for ourselves and everybody else and why we were/are doing the Bridge. This quality has won all of us over and made us pull off (near) miracles in return. It will do more for anybody still in doubt about Co$ vs Independents than any DM-bashing. As opportunity arises, it will still be necessary to blow the little dictator’s and his church’s transgressions out of the water. That is in the body of the session of this 3rd dynamic auditing now imbedded in a larger and larger frame of Theta.

  136. Gabriel Bosch

  137. Yes Marty. I IMAGINED. And so I left……

  138. Expelled4Life

    Your description of SO life is still pretty accurate for SO today.

  139. Expelled4Life

    Just read again. Seems that the FBI raids and MSH later going to jail staggered LRH and opened the door for DM to do what DM did. Would it be fair to say if no FBI raids then no DM?

  140. Thanks, SA. Your comment on being audited in the BC courseroom brought back fond memories. I had the bulk of my grades audited there. As you remember, they had a bunch of card tables and metal chairs, and we were within a couple feet of the sessions next to us. Paul Koval calling “break!,” a roll call that lasted 15 minutes. The old home-made tape players being clicked on/off, rewind, replay. I noticed all that when I was out of session, but honestly, never when I was in session.

    It is wonderful to see the team out here. It is indeed a wonderful future.

  141. SA — Thank you for this comment! H

  142. martyrathbun09

    Fair perhaps. But much more involved than that. I’ll get around to it one day.

  143. Expelled4Life

    Fair enough. 😉

  144. windhorse

    You said: “Regret, LRH said somewhere, is the attempt to go back in time.”

    I have not read the quote you are referring to, but in the definition of “Regret”, in the Tech Dictionary, it says:… #2, “the action of trying to make time run backwards.” The reason why I remember that particular definition is because it made quite an impression on me when I first read it. In my usual style I immediately questioned the truth of the statement, but on looking at times I had “regretted” something, I found it to be an accurate description of what I was attempting to do at those times. I had not looked at it that way before.
    Actually, the definition of “regret”, in the Tech Dictionary, has some rather interesting other “definitions” too, that I also find to be true for me about this particular “tone”.


  145. Veritas~So incredibly true.

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