The “Insignificance” of the Independent Movement

I hadn’t seen any of the anti-Marty church sites for a while.  Someone sent me a link to an article titled “The Insignficance of Marty Rathbun” at the following site:

Notwithstanding the comedic relief of the over-the-top adjective laced diatribes straight out of Miscavige’s dictaphone, I did find a couple of interesting things during the visit.

First, I noted the liberal  use of every variation of my name in the urls in their links section.   We are apparently so insignificant that Miscavige has ordered twenty-six anti-independent blogs and sites, most using my name and/or Mike Rinder’s name in their urls. 

Second, note that the majority of Miscavige’s links use my name, my blog title, my blog design, and even the same jpg image of Oscar, our Great Blue Heron friend – my common law trademark.

Clearly the intent is to divert as many people as possible from looking up my blog and what we offer.   

But, contemplate this tactic for a moment, directed from the self-appointed COB of the corporation charged by LRH with the purpose of protecting the trademarks of Scientology.

An element of trademark violation is the knowing attempt to use the name or images that identify a product or producer.   It is done in such a way as to create a “confusion” in the mind of the consumer.  Trademark protection is afforded so as to protect the “goodwill” associated with the name of the product or producer – and not allow some interloper to benefit from the work that created that “goodwill.”

I have taken measures daily to make sure the public knows that I am diametrically opposed to everything Religious Technology Center and Church of Scientology International stands for.  The last thing I want anyone to do is identify me with them.

On the other hand, has the “holder” and “protector” of the trademarks of Scientology become anything more than a vampire personality desperately – with great investment of money and personnel resources – attempting to create confusion in the minds of the public by use of the names and images of more legitimate producers of the real product?

On top of all that, Miscavige missionaires have had the temerity for going on a year and one half to promise high-roller public that they are going to “shut Marty” down for copyright and trademark violations.

I can think of only four  words for David Miscavige on that score.

Make my day, punk.

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  1. I don´t even care to read the link; fankly.

    Quote: The “Insignificance” of the Independent Movement. Unquote.

    Yes; very insignificant.

    No matter what race, color or creed; in the near and far future when people talks about freedom of speech, when they organize a new goodwill group or religion, when they need examples of brave men who oppose tirants against all reasons to remain in silence; then, maybe then; this movement will be “significant”.

    I do not need the approval of Cof$ about the magnitude o significance of our movement. It´s important for me.

    Cof$ WILL REFORM. It´s a fact. It´s just a matter of TIME.

    Meanwhile I do not need his permission to carry on improving conditions.

  2. That is just 2FF – too flippin funny!
    And THEY are supposed to keep the trademarks and copyrights safe when they’re blatantly trying to fake everybody out?
    The site will see traffic only because you posted the link here…which does show just how desperate they really are.
    David Miscavige WISHES he could be you, Marty! He dreams about it at night. He hums You Hoo Hoo, I wanna be like You Hoo Hoo, I wanna walk like you, talk like you, Ooh Hoo Hoo…LMAO 😉
    Insignificance? That’s good. 😆

  3. Hi Marty-

    I’m going to borrow a sentence from a recent posting by Thoughtful on his site:

    “The Church of Scientology is not dead; it’s Type III.”

    Well that pretty well sums it up for me!

    Thanks again for everything.


  4. Great compliment for you Marty! Love this latest foot bullet. You’re gonna be famous and Davey himself makes sure of it. So much more promotion and so many people that didn’t know you will start wondering and searching for the real thing. He’s even gone down into propitiation, so much attention he devotes to you. Soon we’ll find him in grief.

  5. Wow! What a great way to get this Sunday rolling.

    I am infamous for using slang and Texas-isms. And here’s one that may furl your eyebrows and make you step back in it. But oh, well…..

    Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.
    ( the reverse), “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

    And far more powerful, don’t ya think?

    These cats are so pathethic on some many levels, they are not worthy of any causative response. Just rub their noses in it so, with grand TR3 style. The readers of this crap, if they have any Data Series training or are awake, will see that there are no comments, because no one gives a crap — it is bogus crap. duh……….

    You go, Marty! — We’re adding power to the ranks daily and we ARE NOT suppressed anymore!!! So have we got real P – O – W – E – R and we know it. And the scarey part is they clearly know it too!


  6. Oh my!

    Let’s all “Leave a comment”.

    This stuff is so ridiculous – well, I need a stronger word. Somebody help me find it or create one – how about miscavish. It is so “middle-schoolish” that it is unfair to middle school’ers to be compared with it.

  7. Marty,

    RTC should be familiar with trade mark violations since they commit them on a daily basis.

    I think the policy ‘Misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology’ is actually what they’ve become.

    That is Motor Oil or more accurately Rat Poison posing as Butter.

    Anyway Marty.

    If these guys weren’t so pathetic they’d be laughable.

  8. Marty, Duh? It really is a little comical. If you and this blog were so insignificant then why the elaborate attempts to discredit you. What this means is you are getting too much TA and hitting the little tyrant right between his beady little eyes. Keep up the good work my friend. Very well done. love

  9. scilonschools

    1) 20+ deprogramed ‘saved’ Thetans,
    2)more press negative CoS coverage in 9 months tjhan previous 9 years,
    3)More insight of ‘Evil’ inner DM workings than ever before made available to Indies, Critics, Anon
    4)More sig legal action againast CoS abuses

    Marty I like this ‘insig’ thing , what’s your next ‘insig’ move (not that DM will care, your ‘insig’!!!)

  10. Jesus, when will this crap end? DM’s minions are like worker ants, the only way to stop them is to flood them out of their hole. What’s it gonna take?

  11. Think they would post my comments?

    Being the slime ball that he is, since he can’t dominate you (his favorite version) he will try and nullify you. Problem is too many people can observe for themselves. You are producing results. You are helping people using the technology LRH left us.

    Once again, OSA and/or DM make themselves look foolish and childish.

    You are doing the greatest good. You are helping your fellows move up the tone scale to a better life. Please continue. We have your back.

  12. Scott Campbell

    Well, well, well.

    What to do? What to do.

    The ultimate answer lies in LRH’s definition of Slavery: “being positioned in another’s time and space.” (Scn 8-8008 Glossary).

    Well who’s slave are you? Your spouse’s? Your boss’? Your religious leader’s? God’s?

    Are you God’s slave? Are you positioned in God’s time and space?

    Which immediately begs the question, “Who is God and where do you find him?” Well, look in the mirror. Is he right there? Staring back at you?

    Uh, oh. Could be a problem.

    In writing the Creed of the Church of Scientology, LRH probably never hoped to see this problem. He wrote.

    “We of the Church believe That all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights.
    That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.

    That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity.

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense.

    That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

    That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind.

    That the souls of men have the rights of men.

    That the study of the Mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in nonreligious fields.

    And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

    That last line, “And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.” is where the problem lies.

    God (in reality) is something so far beyond anyone’s ken, that one cannot even approach knowing it. Just be satisfied to know that it exists, that you are inextricably linked to it, and that it (via you) is the source of the unlimited potential for creation that we all use to create our own realities. Whether your reality obtains in another’s or other’s universes is entirely up to you… and them.

    In this context, pro-survival objectives and actions would seem to be perceived as help by others.

    Alas, sometimes this is not the case.

    Sometimes, you run across someone who is unable to differentiate between himself and God. This person has a “Crashing M/U” and is still the effect of it over lifetimes. Someone with such an M/U might well say to themselves while looking in the mirror, “Well, I’m God, so I have “the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

    Wake up, moron, you’re not God. Your an “agency less than God”.

    Do yourself a favor and find your word, Dave.

  13. Wow Marty – lots of free promo 🙂 I continue to be amazed at some of the absurdities these guys get up to. You must be doing something right to get all that opposition from SPs! I bet they won’t post my comment on their “site”.

  14. Great start to a Sunday and another day in the Sunshine!

    I am infamous for using slang and Texas-isms – I communicate ‘best’ – (my viewpoint only) using them. They have a way of just cutting through to the chase and telling it just like it is. Which of course, is NOT my mantra, but one I try to capture every now and again?

    Joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck.

    Geez – this mimic blog –what imbeciles can’t see that this is propaganda? There are no comments —- duh…………ya think that might be a clue……………….there are a bazillion links that look like a bonafide idiot scrolled them out there…………..duh…………..

    So all relevant IQ is missing in action, all awareness is missing in action – all we see is ‘dumb shit’ stuff. By their own design, they have shot off their feet, their calves, their legs — and most certainly “all” of their upper extremities.
    All that could possibly remain are the important ones about mid-section. 🙂

    Clearly, the Independents are scaring the begeezus outta them – and from what I was told from those that attended the LRH Birthday even, Brother Dave aint’ looking too good – bit puny, and was definitely showing wear.

    They best get poised and ready for a “Close Encounters of a Kind” that are they are not expecting, cause we are unsuppressed, we have truth, and we are holding a position in space – Power extraordinaire!

    May we all go out today and acknowledge our decision again and muster up some additional attention units to blow more theta out there. ARC and theta
    will drive DM and all the bots crazy.

    Let’s get cracking on that, okay?

  15. William Johnson

    Speaking of “holders and protectors’ of $cientology, How about you showing us you OT POWERZ and posting pictures of all the red books, green books EVERYTHING so your fan club can know that you actually HAVE the tech you are trying to sell them?

  16. DM and his gang just look dumber and dumber!

  17. No comments. No names. No balls. No contest.

    I had quick look at the referenced anti Marty site and no doubt promptly doubled the number of hits it gets in a month. I saw that no one ever comments and no one ever puts their name on the “articles”. Hence the “no balls” statement above.

    The latest “article” is such a bunch of bull it is barely worth commenting on, its so full of it where do you start? I’ll just say this:

    When I started in London in 1975 London Fdn was thriving and you couldn’t get the public to leave at the end of the day, they were so excited by real Scientology they just wanted to hang out after session or course. Now all they have is an empty building (actually London doesn’t have it its owned by Miscavige) and what remains of the public who actually go there can’t wait to get the hell out of Dodge. Compare that with Marty’s place, the site of the best auditing I’ve ever had in my 36 years and my favorite place to hang out. Its no contest, i If this were a boxing match it would be stopped after 30 seconds.


  18. OMG! They are SO busted!!!!!! You have a full on case with ICANN.

    Here is the link:

    As well, you can have them banned from BING, Google, Yahoo search results. It is an OBVIOUS copy of your website and they can be banned on an immediate basis.

  19. This is good news because it is a sign of desperation. We can easily see who is at cause and who is at effect.

  20. I remember in the 1990’s when DM’s bright idea was to distribute software and order Scientologists to make cookie cutter websites praising Miscavigology. The bright idea was to “flood the internet” in order to out create websites that were critical of the Church.

    This effort was truly pissing in the wind.

    Yet, DM has always been great at futile gestures that deeply offend the public and inexcusably waste untold hundreds of millions of parishioner dollars:

    1. DM is the guy who orders his VM’s to the site of natural disasters and mass murders to get in front of cameras and hand out copies of TWTH. DM ordered his VM’s to walk over the backs of the dead and the rubble after 9/11, this while he was working on his $70,000,000 office on Int Base.

    2. DM ordered his VM’s to the horrendous Virginia Tech mass murder while he was paying his PI’s and lawyers a fortune to destroy Anonymous.

    3. DM ordered his VM’s to Haiti while he was paying a fortune to his PI’s and lawyers to destroy Marty, Mike, and the Indie movement.

    4. DM spends a fortune on spies to find dirt on his enemies while he blindly left up the deadly spike fence at Int Base that faced inward to prevent people from escaping.

    5. DM wasted tens of millions of dollars building a CD and printing factory when the world had went to downloads years ago.

    5. DM’s SP Building has made more money than any unfinished building in history and yet remains unfinished decade after decade. What is DM’s agenda here except to siphon money for his spies and golden columns from the white elephant SP Building? Hell, any wog watching the Super Power Building project knows that it does not take twenty years to build a glorified office building/implanting station.

    At some point, DM crossed into pure idiocy. If DM can be said to be perfect in any way, he is a perfect idiot.


  21. I’m just curious, does anyone know of any other Religions that are trademarked? My simple mind relates trademarks with profit and business. I probably just don’t understand, though.

  22. Shades of Clint Eastwood, minus the “Go ahead…” intro!

    I don’t think Dave likes you very much, Marty.

    He doesn’t just reverse Scientology…..on a much broader scope, he reverses the laws of survival every chance he gets.

    Talk about a held down 7.

  23. William,

    I’m so sorry for your ethics blind spot.

    See Marty. He can erase it for you.

  24. There’s 4 blogs on the front page, going back to March 4. Not a single one has a public comment. Not one. Comments are enabled, so people can post them. Obviously, they chose not to – or the webmaster is absent. My money’s on the former.

    Now that’s a piss-poor response for a site that claims to blow the lid on Marty. Sorta like the guy who started a revolution but nobody came 🙂

  25. What’s hilarious is that at that copy of your blog site, Marty, there is not a single “comment”. It’s like the guy who wrote it is sitting there covering his ears going “lalalalalalala”, even though probably no one even noticed it was there, until you mentioned it. It’s a complete joke.

  26. Yeah, I saw some of those blogs when I was trying to re-find your blog initially. They are laughable, and the creators of them probably are not aware enough to see how foolish and pathetic their attempts make them look, and that it actually works against them. Truth can’t be suppressed; even if it takes a while, it will always find a way.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Laura, other churches have done so. But, you’ve hit on an interesting point. They are going have to alleged some “commercial” harm they have suffered if they want to go this route. That’ll be interesting.

  28. “… try as they will, no squirrel is ever able to duplicate our product …” LRH from HCOPL 4 Dec 1966, Expansion: Theory of Policy.

    How correct the above statement on the phoney Marty site really is.

    Dave isn’t able to produce anything even close to Independent products. And THAT more than anything is how DM will undo himself fully.

    Just wait… tick tock

  29. That site has so many outpoints it would make a good practice pad for a data evaluator. Two in particular jumped out at me. The writer set up a before-and-after comparison to show the indescribable expansion of the Church, but then never provided any stats for “after”. And of course, no comments posted for that or the previous entries. Marty, didn’t you have over 600 comments on one blog post recently?

  30. If LRH is correct about the true nature of the thetan, then DM would most certainly WANT to be taken down to the ground so that he stops hurting people, despite his SP condition.

    Why else would he mock-up an anti-Marty duplicate site? I mean, any moron visiting that site would be on the hunt for the actual Marty site within minutes (or less).

    It is truly amazing how a psycho works to destroy himself. It is truly amazing how one’s IQ can be lowered substantially when under the influence of such a psycho.

  31. Theo sismanides

    We are alive, communicating and have the freedom to express our views! this blog IS alive!

  32. Roberto,

    As they used to say back in the revolutionary ’60’s.

    Right on brother!!!!!

  33. DM is BUSTED!

    Here’s Marty and the indies:

  34. 1) This smear site shows official Scientology’s continued application of the disgraced irreligious tactics of the Guardian’s Office, which SHOULD have been retired in the early 1980s, but as you have written, Marty, unfortunately David Miscavige was wanting for this irreligious character assassination tactics to be continued, so today the Office of Special Affairs chaperons and encourages trolls to set up smear sites, and this whole smear repertoire continues to blowback and disgrace the whole subject of Scientology.

    2) Rather than the independents being “bad”, the independents continue the freezone tradtion of STOPPING applying the old Scientology tactics for which Scientology as a subject are rightly criticized. Marty and Mike have been able to do what official Scientology are incapable of doing, which is mea culpa, publicly apologize for their irreligious actions when they were leaders. This apologizing is so important, it corrects history, it is sadly something only ex official Scientologists have the luxury to do. For this, Scientologists who are independent of the current unreformed official Scientology (with their OSA Network Orders being irreligiously used to guide them, these OSA Network Orders being mistakenly even used at all today), official Scientology is in the wrong, clearly, even by the judgement of the new religious movement scholars I interact with, who can see the difference, now.

    Don’t worry, you independents are doing the right thing, I hope you encourage a new round of senior ex official leaders to come go public.

    Thankyou Mike and Marty for being so open and willing to correct history!

    I’d like to see official Scientology somehow reform, and reabsorb any independents wishing to rejoin a reformed official Scientology, a reformed Scientology along the lines that the whole freezone and new independent movement has evolved into these last 3 decades and longer.

    I see independent Scientologists as really pioneer field auditors and field groups, something self generated, people who buck the authoritarian and irrational irreligious behavior of official Scientology. Independent Scientologists clearly are doing Scientology practices just as passionately and with good intentions, and just as inspired as official Scientologists, only minus the totalitarian downsides of official Scientology.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org (1975-2003)

  35. David Miscavige you Coward you must be still nurturing those black eyes and bloody nose you got from sueing in The Netherelands you Nipplehead.


    “The court concluded that citations from Scientology publications as found on Karin Spaink’s website are lawful. The court notes that freedom of speech should not be trumped by copyright law. The court’s statement says that Scientology’s teachings and organization show that the “organisation” [not “church”] does not hesitate to reject democratic values. It also notes that the wish to keep OT II and OT III secret stems partly from the organisation’s desire to wield power over its members and to hinder discussion of Scientology’s teachings and practices.”

  36. Gary Morehead - a.k.a Jackson


    This effort reminds me of the socially in-ept statement one verbally states when one witnesses demonstrated incompetence — You know the phrases ” Looks like a chinese Fire Drill”, or ” They look like a bunch of Keystone Cops.” ( I seem to remember this phrase coming from little shister’s mouth a few times directed at my guards.)

    Well, the one that came to my mind very clearly is ” They act like a bunch’a Monkey’s F***ing a Football”!

    Funny thing is “they” can’t find the football anymore but carry on with the act as though they have one in front of them for fear of the main monkey catching them at least not trying! (Imagine the “I’m saving the planet” look on their faces to boot!)

    What they don’t realize is Dave Miscavige took away their football long ago and indulges with it all to himself ! ( there is no “I’m saving the planet” look on his face.)

    Since your reading Dave….. Hi! Where is the love of your life, Soulmate, legal wife Shelly Miscavige?? Where is she huh??

    And where in HELL is Heber Jentzch!!

    Answer up PUNK!

    — Jackson

  37. Felicitas Foster

    What do I say – I am speachless about that blog. Can’t stop shaking my head in disbelief.

  38. True Tara.

    Comedy comes in many forms.

    Especially that phish food blog of theirs.

    I mean if Marty or any of us are so “Insignificant” then why are they supposedly wasting so much time on us poor misguided souls?

    Actually that is a rhetorical question.

    Because the answer is obvious to anyone who hasn’t been audited past so many F/Ns that they no longer can observe.

    Like the OSA op who is writing on this phish blog.

    *Delusional* doesn’t even begin to describe his awareness characteristic

  39. Someone above mentioned that the church was acting Type 3. I would carry that further to full blown SP, as in the data on SPs concerning:
    1) Everything you accomplish (Marty and indie auditors) is NOTHING while everything they do is MAGNIFICENT/HUGE/AMAZING (as stated in the international event videos.)
    2) Every overt they commit is nothing (fair game), while everything you do is UNFORGIVABLE.
    I’d say the shoe fits! CofM = SP

  40. I’d love to have Heber Jentzsh, freed, to read this blog, and read freely on the internet, unfettered, for a year.

    And let Heber decide which side he would rather be on!

    Heber Jentzsch, released to freely read the internet, and judge all the wide history of Scientology’s history, these last 40 plus years, would be interesting.

    I think ANY senior leader of Scientology, allowed full access to the discussions on the Scientology blogs today, would be educated so much that they’d agree with the major criticisms against these last 30 years of David Miscavige’s dominance and Miscavige’s control of the strategic fads of official Scientology.

    I hope Heber gets out, becomes a free man, before he passes away.

    Thanks again Marty, and Steve Hall, and Jeff Hawkins, for the great blogs where intelligent discussion is happening, and I hope all this dialogue leads to some reform from the abuses going on in official Scientology.

    If the “Doubt” formula were to be allowed to be applied standardly, then Heber and Mark Yager and any other senior Scientology leaders, in the “Doubt” condition, SHOULD be allowed to read your blog Marty, and Steve Hall’s blog, and Jeff Hawkins’ blog, and anyone doing “Doubt” should take a few months to absorb ALL of the information on the internet that forms the major valid criticism of the Scientology movement these last 30-40 years.

    Doing the “Doubt” formula alone, honestly, with full studying of all the excellent material from the series by the St. Pete Times, and all the dozens of hours of TV shows in recent years, and all the blogs (including Scientology Kids site), I think would transform the whole Scientology movement, if the official members truly did their “Doubt” formula and listened to what the ex official members have written and said publicly.

  41. Here’s the joke to me.

    Those still “IN” the church know better than to ever ever search the internet f0r Marty Rathbun. They know they will spend endless $$ on sec checks and/or get declared.

    Only those “IN” who are on the fence are going to google and come up with Marty’s blog AND then all the bogus anti-Marty blogs.

    Which will get them to jump OVER the fence into the world of independence.

    Thanks dm. You’ve done a great job getting more people over here.


  42. WJ,
    How about using your search and not being lazy. It doesn’t take OT it just takes confront which you may lack. Google youtube _ marty rathbun and you find:

  43. If the corporate Church and OSA are correct, and facts about the Church that Marty and Mike and et al have described are actually lies, then why not just ignore these false claims? All the Church would have to do to counter the so-called ‘SPs’ is to Flourish and Prosper, and blow the stats completely out the roof. That is all they need to do. The so-called ‘SPs’ would eventually fade into the background and vanish. The Church would be bigger and stronger than ever, with Flourish and Prosper.

    I find the current Church is always PREPARING to Flourish and Prosper. Build the new Ideal Orgs so the Church will Flourish and Prosper. Finish the Superpower building so the Church can Clear the planet. Fund the IAS so the Church can defeat the opposition and expand. It is always preparing but never arriving. How could this be?

    LRH left the technology on how to grow the Church. It is already there, all done. There is no need to keep preparing, you can do it now. This assumes, of course, that the current Church actually has the intention to flourish and prosper.

    Until the Church honestly confronts its own past, and takes real constructive efforts to correct itself, the Church will not Flourish and Prosper, but instead leave in its wake upset and betrayal and an alienated public who someday will absolutely stop their support of a misguided and destructive Church.

    Tom Price

  44. WJ;
    Addition to my comment. Marty isn’t selling anything. This is an open forum. Try you snide comments somewhere else as no one is buying what you are selling. I have never met and don’t know Marty but I know sincerity from alter-is. Marty shows sincerity – you show alter-is.

  45. Well. Kay, from my Texas-lesson-of-the-day I guess I’d have to say:

    Davey – get joked.

    Let the eyes roll and the heads shake at the dim joke, for his foreshortenedness is truly the pun of punk.

  46. WJ babe,

    Obviously OSA isn’t paying you enough to post this comment.

    I’d say go back and ask ’em for more money then come back and try again and be just a little more covert next time.

    I mean trying to entice someone to violate copyrights is so ARS OSA Old School.

    By the way say hi to Bill Yaude for us 🙂

    Also riddle me this bat head.

    How would posting the Tech Vols prove that Marty has OT ability?

  47. I always thought that Miscavige was a total moron.

    Even while “on lines”.

    Now I’m convinced that he is a complete and utter moron 🙂

    In other words if he’s directly responsible for this “blog” then he’s even exceeded my humble expectations.

  48. Hi Everyone! I waited to comment so I wouldn’t be first. Now, I’m not first and I’ve enjoyed all the earlier comments. Many made me chuckle. Imagine a blog with no comments … . Oh, we don’t have to! However, compare a blog with no comments to a blog with 600+ comments on a hot topic. Interesting, don’t you think?

    So, my comment: “Competition is a trick of the weak to fetter the strong.” HCO PL 16 March 1968, Service.

  49. Those sites and other efforts are “insignificant” and futile. It’s just wasted time and work.

    No new people are coming into Scientlogy.

    The captive public are escaping.

    Inflated and false PR claims at the events can’t work forever.

  50. Does this quote have anything to do with the birthday game, Hallelujah?

  51. The real squirrel sure is screaming. Keep going Marty, you’re getting a whole lot of TA.

  52. HA!! Too damned funny!!

  53. Haydn
    You said it all. And so perfectly.

  54. martyrathbun09

    I’d say your analysis is spot on.

  55. I didn’t go the site as I had been there before I found this one. I see, sticking out like a giant red flag, is the fact that they must believe there is an audience. From their side they must know that MANY are searching for Marty on the net and try and mislead the searches. Think about it from their viewpoint – those in good standing don’t search the web. Those that search the web they wish to mislead. Therefore they must know many are either not in good standing or on their way out the door. It is an admission of failure on their part.

    I take the vast competition over the name as an indication of the huge number who are already, or in the process, of becoming disaffected with the actions and products of the current church regime. If nobody was looking there would be no importance to mislead the lookers. Truth is the Independent Movement is VERY significant to those in control. If the current public find an Independent Movement without the suppression and with a more standard rendition of the Tech – mass exodus would occur.

    Collapse of false walls, like the loss of shadows in the fishpond, and all control would be lost. Empty threats would fall on empty halls of empty buildings. I see this as proof that the Independent Movement is growing and actually winning at the game of freedom. Just look at all the OT’s who found the correct blog. The false blogs are SO obvious they are a turnoff to anyone arriving at them. No postings at these false blogs is further proof.

  56. Did all the competent and convincing trolls blow already?

  57. Although, all the links on the side kind of creeped me out.

    I mean, that’s a bit psychotic if you ask me.

  58. “You are doing the greatest good. You are helping your fellows move up the tone scale to a better life. Please continue. We have your back”.
    Forever and unconditionally we do have your back. Thank you once AGAIN Marty for all that you do every day to fight the destruction of our religion.

    (no blushing)

  59. Friend of Ron


    As far as I know — historically, traditionally, objectively and factually it has always been clear evidence that one won a game, won the battle, won the war when the other side is trying to be YOU, look like YOU and sound like YOU.

    Well their site, trying to be a perfect duplication of yours, tells it all. There is just one aspect that they have not managed to duplicate yet (and one wonders why) — hundreds of comments and posts on each one of your features, zero on theirs.

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    You have won. Well done!

  60. Sarge
    You speak sooth. As always.

  61. + 100,000,000%

  62. Get the significance troll?

  63. F o R

  64. Friend of Ron


  65. Friend of Ron

    For those who have not seen Steve’s blog recently, there is a new article which gives an eye witness account from a highly trained auditor and CS on what goes on behind the scene in the Idle Orgs. No need to do an eval to find the WHY these orgs are idle and not IDEAL. This story tells it all.

  66. Not to me! The birthday game used to be a production game. Please note I use the word game. It was fun to play! I don’t believe this other blog is a game; I believe it’s being used (unsuccessfully) to establish a competition with Marty’s blog which has proven statistics. H

  67. Not sure what happened. I just copied and pasted the embed code.

  68. CD: “Looser” may not be what you meant to say but may well have indicated the status of his bowels. I’d speculate he’s now going from “looser” to “loosed” bowels every time he reads this blog.

  69. I am recalling one of the last comm cycles I had at Flag as we were walking out the door. A particularly snotty little bitch in an SO uniform asks me in a particularly snotty tone, “just WHO do you think you ARE?”

    I thought for just a split second, smiled, and with all the affinity I could muster I simply said, “nobody.” Then I turned and walked away.

    They are all playing this abberated GPM. They have their service facimiles all in place. They have rehersed their lines. They KNOW how to handle YOU!
    …unless you simply leave the game.

  70. ” They have rehersed their lines. They KNOW how to handle YOU!”

    Makes me wonder if the wonderful world of reversed Scientology isn’t even rehearsing lines like: “just WHO do you think you ARE?”

    What a “wonderful” listing question to walk away with.

    Nice job of nulling the list, dude!

  71. RJ,
    “humble”? You? Now I have heard everything. 🙂

    The rest of your statement I fully agree with.

  72. it’s different for different blogs or messageboards, depends on the “make up”

  73. +1. 🙂

  74. He has the need of feeling he is winning all the time in my opinion. But you maybe right He seems to need new pants everytime he is in danger of being in a courtroom.

  75. Jackson – you always make me smile!

    ML Tom

  76. Sam,
    +1. It is not just the destruction of our religion. There is also suppression of mankind by not allowing standard tech to flourish and prosper. LRH saw what could happen and is happening now under the current regime.

    LRH, 6 June 1955, What Scientology Is Doing:

    “I would be a very sad man to realize after years of
    work that we had created not a greater freedom in the
    society but a stronger more powerful organization.

    As I look into the future, I see that we are handling
    here, material of a potential control and command over
    mankind which must not be permitted at any time to
    become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the
    danger and disaster of the many.

    I believe that the freedom of the material which we
    know and understand is guaranteed only by the
    lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good
    training, reliable, sound relay of information. And
    if we cant do these things, sooner or later the
    information which we hold will become the property of
    an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because it has
    always happened this way.

    Scientology, poorly relayed, poorly communicated,
    monopolize or used exclusively for gain, could be a
    very destructive thing.”


    The Independent Field is what will pick up the pieces and continue to forward the aims and purposes LRH left us.

  77. California Bill Criminalizing Online Impersonations In Effect


    SECTION 1. Section 528.5 is added to the Penal Code, to read:
    528.5. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person
    who knowingly and without consent credibly impersonates another
    actual person through or on an Internet Web site or by other
    electronic means for purposes of harming, intimidating, threatening,
    or defrauding another person is guilty of a public offense punishable
    pursuant to subdivision (d).

  78. Tony DePhillips

    Marty if you need money to help fund a legal attack against them for violating the trademarks of your site, let us know.

    I had a cognition while talking with Scott Campbell. It is that a Being is eight dynamics. And while we all have our own flaws and different opinions on how things should be in the Indy movement. We are all banding together to put order into the chaos that dm has created. These efforts ARE impinging. They may have started off having the apparency as “being small”. But just the fact of Marty, Mike, Amy, Jeff,Matt and all the others speaking up against the tyranny is HUGE.
    Now take all the OT’s and auditors and Sea Org veterans who have left and are speaking out and you have a juggernaut.
    WE are all heading in the right direction. We are making things right.
    They will get more and more right as we continue.
    The SP’s statement that we are insignificant is his “whistling past the graveyard”. He knows that he is done. He just can’t confront it.

  79. The first thought that struck me is that the fake sites are kind of dead. It is odd; just words and a turn-off.

    This site here with all the communications flowing is alive, very alive.

  80. The one thing that they cannot duplicate on their site is their intention vs marty’s intention. Theirs – to destroy, Ours to create.

  81. Yet another footbullet. If someone who has never seen the genuine site encountered that fake one, exactly copying Marty’s format and graphics is meaningless. Yet, if someone was familiar with Marty’s site and how it looked, the effect of the fake site makes the person feel like they were “punked” by the church, and that is not a way to create ARC. Duh.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I got kick out of that story too. The incomparable Les.

  83. One other observation.

    Dear Leader is total effect of Marty. He is obsessed with him and reacts to everything Marty does.

    Dave dictates off his “brilliant” responses to Marty and send them down to OSA to post them anonymously. This is the supposed leader of an international religion who is always too busy to deal with the media or be deposed in a legal case.

    Virtually everything Marty says and does is “responded to” by DM. Lots of success stories from auditing wins, Dave waxes poetic about DC org in 1975 and how wonderful it is now because they have part of Dv 6 in their old building. Wow. Pity they dont have hardly anyone on basic courses. The place was jammed in the early 70’s. It’s sucked pretty much since then.

    If there is discussion about TC and DM’s relationship, Dave dashes off the brilliant “D/A” about “[Marty’s] odd relationships (his kinky relationship with Mike Rinder is one of note).”

    He is operating at the level of playground taunts and “Your mother wears army boots” (though that is a little more creative)…

    This IS how the big shot, big kahuna of the “fastest growing religion on earth” spends his time.

    Total effect.

    Dave, can you say “beeeatch”?

  84. I bet it was not DM who thought about making all those fake “Marty” sites. There is more intelligence involved than his level of education.

    The ultimate purpose for all the various fake Marty Rathbun sites is to cause the first page of Google results when searching “Marty Rathbun” to come back with a fake sites rather than the real “Marty (TM)” site. The first page of search results is very important and it is now mostly littered with the fake sites. Imagine the next Daniel Montalvo, who tries to Google Marty? He/she could easily be confused. So it’s important to stop this cybervandalism.

    Their strategy, unfortunately is actually working. Just Google “Marty Rathbun” and although Marty’s site is now #1, several fake sites like “martyrathbunblog . com”, “whoismarkrathbun . com”, etc are listed below.
    They may have asked all the current members to blind link (with white text) all the fake sites in order to increase the Google Page rank of the fake sites.
    I noticed that when you Google “Scientology”, currently most of the first page results are from the Church of Scientology sites as opposed to anti sites like it was the case about a year ago. So, they’re gaining ground!
    If you want to play the game, I recommend that you link Marty (TM)’s site to your own website/blog. Link his Casablanca site too.

    It’s all pretty silly and childish, but from a matter of principle, Marty’s own site should come up pretty much alone on the first page of results. The fake stuff needs to go. Write to Google too.

  85. That is interesting. I can guarantee that any folks who have come to me who were involved in the Co$, came to me because they were so disgusted with the out tech at Flag and other orgs that they were pretty much done with the subject. Most of our parishioners are new to Scn, but were relieved to know we had zero connection to CSI. People in general are quite aware that the tech is good but the cult, not so good.
    Based on their abysmal PR and rapidly declining membership, they should thank us for at least keeping people interested in the subject.

  86. Save those fake web sites. (use of website download tool and save on your hard drive). I got a feeling they will become useful eventually!

  87. My favorite line from MacBeth:

    ‘But what if we fail?’
    ‘We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place, and we shall not fail.”

    Just keep your courage screwed to the sticking place, and you will not fail.

    Thanks for being there Marty. And everyone else.



  88. Very good point, Ralph.

    Marty’s comm line has been through his blog. DM, OSA and bots do follow the posts by Marty and simply rebut it with unbelievable lies, things which do not exist or comparison to MEST expansion. One concept brought about of “Scientology world” has incorrect meaning as it only refers to the Kool Aid drinkers, when there are far more and increasing Ex’s, Indies and Outs.

    What Dear Leader and his kool aid drinkers are actually doing is violating the PL Glutz PR:


    Unfortunately, the solution which DM and his flying monkeys can’t put together is:

    More and better real estate just doesn’t cut it as it’s not the product of Scientology! Using this to DA and black PR the Indies just does not work.

  89. A good reminder, and I’m with ya, Tony, but if we waited for Marty to let us know when he could use some green, we’d be waiting for eternity.

    There’s bound to be oodles of expenses associated with the maintenance of this venture. So whether it’s a sawbuck or a Benjamin that can be parted with, bits beats no bits. We just need to apply Indy initiative to it on an indi basis.

    It’s one parting of dough that’ll leave me with no post-partum blues.

  90. Ha.

    “Well do ya, punk?”
    To that comm directed to Dear Leader, I will add the following hint: Before climbing a 9 ft high fence, make damn sure it’s high enough to have your target *below* you.

    Bruce Pratt

  91. martyrathbun09

    UK all the way.

  92. barneyrubble

    Correct OBS Sinar indeed. You nailed it on the head.

  93. Is that supposed to be for the condition of Enemy?
    MAA’s at Flag do the Flag Metering Course and then they think they can do assessments and stuff. Most of the time they don’t even know how to use a meter. Thats squirelly crap. Sounds like the was trying to get some kind of reaction out of you.
    As if that was the exact right question that would make you stop in your tracks, burst into tears and realize you are an SP or something.

  94. Marty – I think that Dave is not only obsessed but also secretly in love with you. After all, look at how he is looking out for your welfare and making sure you don’t spend $$$$ on PIs digging up dirt on himself . Dave, being the good and generous being that he is , is providing you with all his own crimes via all these web sites . Isn’t this true love ? Also isn’t mimicry a compliment?

  95. Musta…

  96. Tony DePhillips

    Good idea 2ndxmr.
    I do flow Marty cash from time to time. I was just saying if he needs a major inflow now it would be good to know.
    I’m sure Marty could rise above his reluctance to ask if he really needed it for this purpose, because it would be a win for all of us to see him bitch slap the sp dwarf.

  97. This is good advice to push Marty’s blog up in the search engine results.

  98. Yikes, I made the mistake of looking at the site! My head is reeling! Now I want to get a lobotomy to wipe it from my mind! But I went to Youtube instead and found these:

    1. To help koolaid drinkers get re-oriented, here is a simple exercise to help them find “North” again:
    STAND by REM

    2. But it seems I needed to find an undercut. Non-seq being the order of the day, how about this?

    3. Finally, it seemed one last one was needed to address the source of the disease:

    OK, I feel a little better now.

  99. Shit damn, I get half my material from those sites. Please keep ’em up, otherwise I’ll have to start thinking up my own stuff. They’d make themselves look better if they took ’em down, though. I hope they don’t read this.

  100. Scott Campbell

    That’s good to hear, Les

    I have had similar experiences in recent times when differentiating with non-scientologists between the C of S and the subject of Scientology. They are interested in the subject but not the church.

    In the same conversations, LRH’s name also seems to have survived the intractable Black PR associated with the C of S. People still think well of him.


  101. Scott Campbell

    Welcome, Mike Roiger!

  102. Scott Campbell

    Aww shucks, Tony

    You know I love you, man. And I’m right there with ya.


  103. Thanks.

  104. Scott Campbell

    “A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing. –St. Thomas Aquinas

  105. Scott Campbell

    See Quote by St. Thomas Aquinas above.

  106. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Seems to me, CoS is adding an awful lot of significance to something just to tell the world how insignificant it is. Huh? Does that make any sense? Oh, wait, this is DM (deranged madman) we’re talking about …. Never mind.

  107. Marty I want to thank you for your Blog and for all the wonderful Indie comm lines I now have.
    Here’s looking at you Marty….your STATS are flying Off the chart!!! This is the kind of group I want to be a part of.
    🙂 Lori

  108. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I would not be surprised if this was practiced – certainly it is an attitude that is shared. I was asked that exact question by a senior SO member on the phone when I got fed up with late night (after midnight) calls from LA to purchase the basics and actually had the audacity to complain about it.

  109. Cindy Pinsonnault

    By the way, my response to her was, “Who do you think YOU are?” She hung up on me.

  110. Comments found on anti-Marty sites:

    “Geez, I heard Marty takes a one swing F/N.”

    “I know a person that went to Marty and their head actually fell off.”

    “He doesn’t even salute COB at the start of every session.”

    “OMG! Tom Cruise laughs like that because Marty screwed his case up!”

    “He’s such a squirrel, he doesn’t control the session, he ends session just because of a PC win or something.”

    “His worksheets are like…cryptic, can’t even read what their overts and withholds are.”

    “He actually uses that old Act One panty-waist crap.”

    “Ha, he uses all that old comm cycle gobbledygook.”

    “He actually recommends people read non-LRH and non-COB stuff.”

    “They have almost NO rules.”

    “Can you believe it? They have NO MAA, NO Reges, they don’t even pay RTC.”

    “They’re not even tax exempt!”

    “He wears fishing clothes when he audits.”

    “Sometimes he wears that hideous orange jail suit.”

    “He gets arrested like…every day practically.”

    “COB was so tolerant of him, he let him screw up on post for more than twenty years before taking action against him. COB is so benevolent.”

    “Marty hit Miscavige all the time, it was terrible for COB.”

    “Our fake anti-Marty sites look much more like his than his own.”

    “You just wait and see, we’re going to buy every domain in the world, COB told me secretly how we’re going to pull it off. We’re buying the whole internet. I just donated $50,000 to be an Anti-Marty Warrior. Just wait until Marty tries to put up a web site then!”

  111. Heh Marty,

    I’ve been meaning to contact you about this. I started looking into these crimes committed by the OSA when I found my name (with a few disparaging remarks about my wife and I) on one of the OSA created blogs that are supposed to “divert attention” and somehow discredit you.

    The truth is, it just creates a bigger mystery because most people know when someone is nattering that hard and long about someone else, THEY have something to hide. I believe Ron said it best:

    “The Overt Speaketh Loudly”

    And whoever OSA has writing this garbage, has the mentality of a 5th grader. I won’t go into the details here.

    The Google Bomb is written by Sue Scheff and she tells the nightmare she went through with defamation, libel and slander (all of which has been well documented against you coming from OSA) and how this case set the precedence for this kind of behavior when the jury awarded her an 11 million dollar settlement. (11,000,000.00)

    That was just a few years ago. Being in the all the legal battles COS is involved in, you would think they would learn. But they don’t. Another reason COS really stands for Cult On Steroids. (And you know what happens when you take too many ‘roids…)

    But that’s another story…

    Here’s an Amazon Link:
    Google Bomb: The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict That Changed the Way We Use the Internet

    Or just visit Google Bomb

    It also explains the Streisand Effect in there pretty well.

  112. Cindy Pinsonnault

    You can report fake pages to Google at:

    If you use Firefox, navigate to the fake site, select the Help menu and click on Report Web Forgery. It will take you to the same Google form to report.

  113. Exactly, Tommy.

  114. Floating Needle

    Best line all year:

    The Church of Scientology is not dead; it’s Type III

    Thanks for the link.


  115. You are right. Religious Freedom is one of the basic rights. Trademarks and Copyrights are situated in business law. These ARE separate branches of law.
    Even the direction of flow is opposed: Trademarks are inteded to stop. Religious Freedom to un-stop or grant freedom.

  116. As long as people keep leaving the church and come to the independents for standard tech and to train I’ll be a very happy XSO type guy.


  117. Michael Fairman

    This and the other “Miscavige-Marty” blogs are pathetic. They reek of obvious lies and desperation They have about as much effect as a flea farting to odorize the Grand Canyon.

  118. Hahaha — yeah boy, and this post by Marty really proves the point. Note it on their rap sheet: CoS — the world’s biggest trademark violators — have dedicated more websites, more effort and resources to us than they have to themselves.

    Good call.

  119. Yeah, it really is, isn’t it? It’s not even the way the Internet works. They think multiple shit websites that nobody visits does something? OMG, the stink, the stink.

  120. Great quote Scott!

  121. I’ve actually thought a few times I would be the first to comment as the latest post was just put on – when my comment was moderated a few minutes later it ranked as number 10 or later – because people on this blog seem to look out for the next post – at least I do 🙂

  122. Thank you for the good laugh. I recommend the post about Miscavige’s duties. It’s mad! Listen to this:

    “David Miscavige has a unique position of the Chairman of RTC and RTC really has it’s own specific role which is not really within the direct chain of command of the ecclesiastical hierarchy as far as the management goes on a day to day basis. It has more the forward look and is the one entity that is involved, really, with the quality view. With the purity of the application of the technology. Regardless of all other interests and all other concerns of people at different echelons, RTC is really concerned with the pure application of straight Scientology and keeping it pure and keeping the standards of it’s application continuously raising towards the ideal.”

    Ha Ha Ha!! What a clown!

  123. I’ve checked out these fake “Marty sites” in the past and actually tried to read on a bit but I couldn’t make myself read very much – they are so obviously … hollow, fake, pointless or whatever else you want to call them.

    Reading the article linked to in this blog is the same. What struck me is the writer’s (or shiter’s) lack of “his own viewpoint/position”. LRH is quoted as if “he wrote it so it’s true” – no personal inspection, no understanding (don’t get me wrong as to my own viewpoint on LRH which is quite positive).

    These fake sites are so stupid. The only people who would “believe” them (as they had to) are KoolAid Drinkers but they aren’t allowed to read “Marty sites”. I don’t think anybody else gives a hoot in hell what they say as they “criticize a critic” of an organization that is despised – and so, inevitably, will take it as proof that the critic was actually the good guy.

    Footbullet after footbullet after footbullet.

  124. ….

    Amateur Hour at its finest – fails to hit the mark, does not appeal to anyone above the IQ of a rubber plant.

    Incoherent, ineffective … nothing really said.

    Not buying into the DM Story … at best some RTC brown-nose collecting some OT eligibility points, but that’s as far as I’d be willing to go on it.

    Most likely some Troll just rattling a few cages.

  125. Marty this is so ridiculous!!
    There is a guy that sends me lots of false data and bad news about you and even pictures of you…
    he is also attacking me using the lowest language I ever heard…

    This is nothing more than a confirmation that the current Church of $cientology is specializing in entheta… in bad control and lies.
    They can avoid true OT’s to be made inside their Church, but they know they cannot stop us for making true ones outside…
    Really scary for whom like them deals with lies… and commits crimes on a regular base.

    Silvia Kusada

  126. Yes. I agree… good job!! ❤

  127. As noted before, those are essentially spam blogs whose purpose is to dominate page one of any search results. The content is of marginal importance, only the ‘tags’ really matter

    The stupidity involved is very evident because there are other uses they could put these blogs to, but they don’t. Big waste of resources.

  128. Haydn,

    Ditto, my friend. No comments on that imposter blog, just trash talk.

    Just as with you, my earliest days in the 70’s at my mission (which was about 20 times larger than my current no org Org) was a sanctuary where the tone level was so infectious that it kept me coming back for more and more — while I was busy digesting the books and courses.

    Now, I step into my org where the staff (bless most of them) can only hold a 30 second comm cycle with you before the subject turns into a reg cycle for donations or confirmation of the “next” event which is always promoted as the “one you can’t miss”.

    I have truly gotten more theta-filled data from this website — thank you, Marty — than from anywhere within those hallowed walls of what was once my church, but is no more.

    My true friends are all ya all!

    Mr. Ed

  129. Watching Eyes

    William Johnson,
    If you only knew how much Marty has in the way of tech & LRH materials you’d faint. He has material you don’t even know exists because you’re too stupid & untrained & wouldn’t know policy/tech if you fell over it. That’s right Davey. Not all of us were sheep and burned it. Nor was it turned in to your lackeys. Oh no buddy, it was saved. And I mean the good stuff. Take that!

    Obviously this is a pathetic attempt by Davey the Dwarf to find out exactly what materials Marty does have. Dream on.

  130. Friend of Ron

    Thanks for the link Brett, very helpful.

  131. Chuck:

    It is so true that one can do an honest Doubt Formula these days with the quality of these blogs and the Truth RD series.

    Me, my spouse and other friends who have bought the church company lines for decades did an honest investigation via: the internet, into the church’s history, compared what we read with what we observed and experienced, and drew our conclusions. I can’t say it was easy, but even Marty’s post about walking the valley of the shadow of death helped to identify the process for what it is.

    Marty, this site is making an impact, along with Steve’s, Jeff’s and Geir’s and now savescientology. These are invaluable resources to help navigate the withdrawal process and strip the false data and years of inculcated thought behavior. I have benefited greatly and thank all of you.

    And the church itself is creating the independent movement by continuing its abusive behavior — directed at public now more than ever. I know 5 OT8s and 4 OT7s “out” but unannounced. Some have never read the internet, but just had enough abuse. The others did read this and other blogs, drew their conclusions and stepped away.

  132. Because of the nature of overts, etc: Looking at the fact that “RTC” & Co. is committing overts in this area would lead me to suspect that they haven’t been legally guarding their own TM’s correctly. I bet there are expiring and incorrectly filed TM’s in abundance over there.

  133. “How do you like it?”

    Just like the millions of man hours of work for nothing. Millions of man hours – sure made many people “dull” – all I can say is, it’s good not to be there anymore.

  134. William you are mistaken there. I am not a Scientologist {per se in the church} now, but I was then and I know from that an auditor is someone who can audit.

    If I fell down a flight of stairs and was unconscious from banging my head for 3 hours and then the house caught fire before I got out? What I needed to have that fixed, right away, because I was trembling or something?

    If I went to the church and asked for help, I wouldn’t get it without thousands of dollars in cash up front.

    But what if an Independent auditor and I met at a party that knew how to audit and said “I can take you in tonight” and did, and the engram was handled, isn’t that the end phenomena of what Scientology is all about?

    Just because the church goes about it one way, does not mean it is the right way and all should follow.

  135. Simon Bolivar

    I’d rather be “insignificant” than suppresed!!

  136. (latest Deep Fax leak)

    Office of COB

    Super-COB Sales Tools
    Series Two


    1. Ambush prospects at airport by pretending to be free limo service.

    2. Wear rubber-soled shoes so prospects cannot hear you gaining on them in the hallways.

    3. Pre-pay the MAAs their reg commissions before they tag so they’ll be more committed.

    4. Cue passersby to frown at prospect with disgust if the reg cycle is not flowing in the right direction.

    5. Arm yourself with prospects O/Ws for optimum pressure. If challenged, attack prospect ferociously for trying to suppress communication.

    6. Keep HGC Waiting Room ‘Money Listen-In’ Shill I/C post manned at all times.

    7. Keep photos of starving babies in Darfur handy to show prospects what they are responsible for if they refuse to pay.

    8. Use the imperceptible ‘Distract and Flick’ method that hookers use to obtain prospect’s wallet, so you can have KRC on their credit cards.

    9. Establish trust by dropping a $20 bill on the floor and then asking if it belongs to them.

    10. Accuse prospect of sticking our flows if they insist on using their money on account for the services they intended rather than paying more.

    11. Get a shill to write a huge check with great flourish just as your prospect is entering your office.

    12. Use the appropriate shock-story of how prospects often die shortly after refusing to pay, i.e. plane crash, car wreck, sudden unexplained death, heart attack, instant brain tumor, avalanche, fell off cliff, e-meters exploding, etc.

    13. Use the David Light Sneer sparingly so as not to reduce its effectiveness.

    14. Show your prospect a picture of the LRH Replica Rolex they kept you from winning because they didn’t pay.

    15. Prove to prospect how many men, women and children they are killing by their refusal to pay.

    16. Show your prospect photos of the World Trade Centers collapsing and then have them read the definition of responsibility over and over until they write a check.

    17. Show prospect Quicktime video on your iPhone of them getting off their O/Ws in session and point out they wouldn’t feel so guilty if they would only pay.

    18. Keep photo handy of staff eating rice and beans so you can show it to prospects and blame them.

    19. Be sure to give prospect stink-eye if you see them buy something in canteen after they’ve refused to pay you.

    20. If prospect refuses to pay, tell them you are going to CSW the COB to get permission to beat them.


  137. Ha ha!

  138. Mr. Ed,
    Nice to see you!

    Glad you could be with us, again 🙂

  139. Roy,
    Me too.
    (I think we can take the ‘X’ off now. It’s easier to wear the hat with less vias, like the MEST blocks of DM’s ‘army’ version of the S.O. Free of those, it’s a straightwire line and the purpose flows on.)

  140. To paraphrase the Wiggles: Word salad, yummy yummy

  141. Simon,
    Yeah, I’d rather be, do and have at a level of postulate than be pushed around as a significance (symbol) any day.

    The article should have been entitled “The Vast Significance of Everything The Independents Do in Dave’s Universe” or ” Building Up Charge for The One Hand Copper Rod Discharging Pod (c)”.

    (Note for DM: Dave, what I wrote there, well, you know that IS very, very significant. It MEANS something. If you figure it out, you will have to key to the entirety of the Independent phenomena. Reach for it, it’s there, in the black.)

  142. You are right Mike. And over the coming months I bet we are going to see more and more people scrambling onto the Queen Mary of community-based Independent Scientology while Mr. McFixated uses his “brilliant” mind to outwit us all, especially Marty, on board his empty Titanic…

    “I GOT IT! The web is too big for only 18 anti-Marty websites. That’s the problem with you people. Incorrect estimation and willful blindness. You actually WANT me to fail. It’s INTENTIONAL! Every ONE of you is going to be sec checked (again) and declared (again). But this time, instead of 5-page-long declares, it’s going to be 25 pages MINIMUM! You’ll never get undeclared. I want 180 websites about Marty. Make it 1,800. And we’ll announce at May 9th: ‘Church Leadership: DOING something about Marty with Operation Go Daddy!’ Get on the phone to and get this going immediately! No one goes home until we have 1,800 domain names against Marty. Info me the moment you get this done. I’ll be in the hot tub with TC.”

  143. Jim Calhoun is actually from my hometown Braintree, just south of Boston. I love both of those teams. Lets see man. Freedom, Purposes, Barriers. The essence of the Final Four.

    LOve it!!

  144. Sinar,
    You are spot on.

    I wouldn’t listen to my friends when they brought up the SP Times article to me. “Its entheta. Wrong Source.” etc, etc.

    Then the Freedom mag arrived and I read ONE article in it….

    My response: “What was that website you were talking about…???”

    The Freedom mag was such a piece of PR shit I knew something was VERY WRONG. Back in the day of the USA Today campaign, one would never see such cramp PR come out of the church, as the Freedom mag or these websites.

    I knew then and there that LRH PR tech had long been abondoned; these websites show that Cramming Tech has been lost as well, as obviously no one has been corrected since the Freedom mag came out.


  145. (Latest leak from Deep Fax:)

    Office of COB

    To: All Anti-Marty Black PR Volunteers

    ***Vital and Confidential***


    1. Pay those corrupt New Orleans cops who arrested Marty to sign affidavits stating that their horses are still traumatized and in fear for their lives from that night’s terrifying incident with him.

    2. Find as many real SPs as you can from around the world and pay them to legally change their names to Marty Rathbun.

    3. Get a Marty look-alike to set up shop as an ‘auditor’ in Marty’s neighborhood and run spontaneous forced CCH’s on neighbors.

    4. Create ‘Moving On Up a Little Higher’ gay porn site with Rathbun and Rinder look-alikes engaging in illicit behavior with nuns, circus animals, inanimate objects, cub scouts, handicapped people and furniture.

    5. Pay off Google to only show scary pictures of the devil whenever Marty is searched for.

    6. Create clay animation re-enactment of Marty choking Rinder and mush the clay up real good on Rinder’s face.

    7. Get affidavits from all Sea Org members as to how much their lives have mysteriously improved since Marty was chased away.

    8. Get my mother to sign affidavit that Marty beat her to a pulp with brass knuckles on multiple occasions.

    9. Get a smell scientist to declare in an affidavit that the used pair of socks Marty left behind have an odor to them.

    10. Show proof that since Marty left F/Ns immediately started swinging three times.

    11. Get Yager to come up with mathematical proof that the average TA per microsecond per session per PC per Org per continent has improved dramatically since Marty left and publish the results in one of those spinning blaring video graphics for my next event.

    12. Get those photos of LRH desecrated with devil horns and mustaches from my desk drawer and post them online along with affidavits from the apostates’ ex-wives that Marty did it.

    13. Post the Gold musician photos that I riddled with bullets and get the musicians to swear that Marty actually shot at them because they wouldn’t play rap.

    14. Post fake Marty tech bulletins and point out they are nothing like the ones I’ve written.

    15. Film a convincing re-enactment of a look-alike Marty slapping, punching, kicking, choking and throwing to the ground a look-alike LRH and post it as the real thing.

    16. Post a photo of that org building we tore down and say Marty did it with his fists.

    17. Get Tom Cruise to play the lead in the screenplay I’m writing about Marty and how he killed his whole family twice after having driven them insane since birth.

    18. Get the word ‘Marty’ onto all on-line slang dictionaries to mean, “a person who intimidates and beats others, screws everything up, runs away and then blames others.”

    19. Start training all Nation of Islam students that Marty was sent here to destroy the Great Wheel Spaceship.

    20. Create re-enactment video of Marty successfully fighting off dozens of loyal Sea Org members trying to stop him from shredding LRH’s notes on OT IX and X and pan slowly across a shot of hundreds of staff members painstakingly still glueing the billions of tiny shards back together, a project which could take many years.



  146. Yeahhhh! Marty go! The worms will wither eventually and the guys in the white hats win.

  147. TroubleShooter



  148. I just realized why nobody leaves comments on the fake websites. If it’s something critical of the website, it doesn’t get posted. And those who would write favorable things are bots who aren’t allowed to look at the internet. If someone left a favorable comment, they would have to hunt him down and shoot him. (From the MAAs cannons…)

  149. RJ you are trying to find logic where only illogic exists!

  150. Yeah, they are totally right but in the contrary sense ! Finally we don’t get anymore any E-mails, mailings etc…from them.
    Sometimes we totally forget about that the Church of Scientology exists at all. What is their effect in Society ? Zero……..
    Nobody really talks about them. They are fading away …So unimportant…
    Even the members of the Church that stayed in comm. with us do not want to talk about it anymore, as there are more important topics in life….

  151. Perfect duplication Steve.

    For those who have not been there, know that this is a parody with little distinction from reality. Many who post here can attest to that fact — Marty, Jackson, Sinar, Dan, Amy, Mat, etc etc.

  152. TroubleShooter

    Tell me WJ, can I call you BJ for short?

    Why is the church running a “special project” to get all the kool-aid drinkers to turn in every “old edition of every book, cassette, issue etc save only cob’s materials releases” ???? Are you wanting LRH’s materials to be pictured or only those that cob is dictating the victims of the church of DMonology are authorized to have in their possession as followers in his implant station?

  153. As GPM tech teaches us, Miscavige constantly op -terming and failing at it will eventually flip him into the op-term valence, poorly but into some aspect of it. So DM will act to destroy the Church. Wait a minute he’s already doing that. Nevermind.

  154. OTDT this would be funny if it wasn’t so full of tricks that have been pulled on my husband and me!

    Okay, I’ll admit it, it’s hilarious!

  155. martyrathbun09

    Awwwriiiigghhhht. I was just backing you up. So, I think I’ll go for Cinderella.

  156. Hilarious! H

  157. Under-the-radar

    25 websites in the right hand column with “Marty Rathbun” as the root name in the web site address. Classic!

    Also; LRH’s 100th birthday event; No reging! The sad look (I heard about) on the IAS reg’s faces. It seems that they were not allowed to reg. Nothing to sell either. Just an event. Free DVDs of LRH’s life were given out also. Why? I ask. Because the independent movement IS significant AND has impinged. My take is that DM is faking a change in order to draw back some independents only to use them to infiltrate the insurgency and gather intelligence. Marty is obviously important and that numb $kull knows it.

    If I sound bit antogo, it is because I am just starting to wake up. What I have seen with my own eyes but agreed to ignore is no longer being ignored and I am starting to come up tone about it.

  158. Under-the-radar

    Great cog! Sorta makes me wonder who is actually writing that stuff. Are they actually SO members or hired bloggers? I would not put it past DM to hire bloggers write just like he hires PI’s to follow people who are costing him money. I know I am a bit out on a limb here, but who knows I may be tracking on the same limb that the DM monkeys are hanging on.

  159. Rory Medford


    you might want to put on the top of your blog

    ” The Original & Real Marty Rathbun Blog”

    with your signature underneath

    accept no imitations or con artist blogs like the one miscaviage is running

    we all know Miscaviage is a fake a liar and he has one thing on his mind

    How do I protect my investment, my nest egg, etc

    he has one thing on his mind, parishioners MONEY and TIME. He will rob you of BOTH if you let him

  160. UTR — Nothing wrong with some well-directed antagonism as you rise up the Tone Scale! Better than the apathy of the blind being led by the blind, accepting every utterance as truth, no matter how incredible or unsupported by fact.

  161. +1 LMAO!

  162. We recently were told by a current SO member (who BTW is still at the bottom of the grade chart after years of service), that they have been told that arbitraries have been found regarding the RPF taking so long and that it was Marty Rathbun who instigated those arbitraries; that arbitraries have been found regarding libs and that it was Marty Rathbun who instigated those arbitraries; that arbitraries have been found regarding visiting family members and that is was Marty Rathbun who instigated those arbitraries and that all of the above are being corrected now that Marty Rathbun and others who were working with him were discovered and have been kicked out.
    Isn’t it wonderful the real why has been found and now everything is going to get better. Time to dance and sing and throw rose petals in the air!

  163. Unlike the C of M you are allowed to communicate in whatever damned tone-level you please!
    Here you won’t get shot down with the pat implant:
    “you must have overts or you wouldn’t be so ARCXen”.

  164. I just find the CoS’ attempts at re-writing reality a fascinating exercise in utter failure. The more that they put out there, the more an inquisitive person can fact check. So the more that they lie, the more that they are exposed as liars.

    It’s just sauce for the goose at this point, and you all are doing the cooking!

  165. There is a rift between you and Jesse Prince

    “It is my belief that if the FBI did start an investigation into Scientology, Mike would be the first one to run all the way back to the RPF rather than face the FBI without Scientology lawyers. This is why I think his time may be short. I don’t think Marty has that option with Miscavige.”

    -Jesse Prince

  166. Good point, Andy. Who would dare cram and fly cramming ruds on Dear Leader for footnuking?

  167. martyrathbun09

    If that is really Jesse. I’m suspicious since he has my phone number and email address and we’ve spoken and he sang quite a different tune to my face. If it is him, still no rift. It’s him riffing to a tune I find discordant, false and rather unintelligent. More power to him.

  168. Funny you mention it; I had forgotten about it. In 1997 I started to have my first real connundrum. As a public I was forced to read (and comply with) an IG Network issue by Davey and I couldn’t make any sense of it. A couple more riddles by this guy and I thought: this is suppressive and contradicts LRH but it’s from the top boss of Scientology?!? If I say something about it, it’s me that’s the bad guy. I couldn’t figure it out and it stuck right there.

  169. The blog where that statement came from
    certainly seems to be owned by the real Jesse Prince.

  170. Absolutes are unobtainable but this one gets real close.

  171. Watching Eyes

    Mike R.
    Check your email

  172. Right, by fuelling his enemy’s campaign (something LRH warns against) Davey himself is creating his own demise. Luckily, as he’s the only one able to do so.

  173. Marty-

    The interesting piece of this whole puzzle for me is this:

    The Church of Scientology claims the have the means to bring about Planetary Clearing, and a healed planet through the release of Superpower, OT 9and 10, and 10,000 on Solo.

    Look at the world. The Middle East, Japan, the economic catastrophe that is facing America in the face.

    How can they possibly justify not releasing this stuff? I always from the beginning, even though I was in for a short time, was suspicious of that. It never made sense.

    Laurie Webster, the head of Superpower, I went to high school with her nephew. We had that connection so when she wasn’t regging me, we actually had some good ARC and chat often about Boston and other things.

    But she never once gave me a satisfactory answer of why waiting so long to release Superpower. She knew I was no ‘kool aid’ drinker so she would give me a look occasionally like she knew what the score was and her answers were ridiculous. And they were.

    Yet- so many in the church: “Large glass of Kool-Aid. Hold the water.”


    10,000 on Solo would be great. I’m glad I will be one of them.



  174. What is behind all this and driving the “punk” mad is– real auditing is occuring, real OT’s are being made, and despite all his efforts he was not able destroy LRH’s tech. He has only so many more years left in his little meat body and his master plan did not work.
    Every night his head hits the pillow his thoughts whir round and round – only so many years left and then what?

  175. Ingrid smith

    Their own insignificance does speak loudly !

  176. Sam, Exactly. DM has always run the ‘out ethics’ button to get people to do what he wants. He now has the whole ‘church’ doing it and it’s a real turnoff. Love

  177. How childish! I am hearing from the SO member:
    “Waa! Mommy! Mommy! Marty is being mean to me. Waaaa! None of the kids want to play with me! Mommy, make Marty stop! Make him stop now! Waaa!”

    Bruce Pratt

  178. “I’m glad I will be one of them.” I’m also very glad you’ll be one.


  179. Cindy Pinsonnault

    12. Use the appropriate shock-story of how prospects often die shortly after refusing to pay, i.e. plane crash, car wreck, sudden unexplained death, heart attack, instant brain tumor, avalanche, fell off cliff, e-meters exploding, etc.

    Fabulous, but you forgot spontaneous human combustion!

  180. My cognition occurred while watching Night Line and I realized that the COB RTC had no knowledge of the subject of Scientology.

  181. What have you done to verify (a) that is Jesse Prince’s real blog and (b) Jesse Prince posted those statements ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  182. Fascinating … recently told … arbitraries found … Marty Rathbun walked away in 2004 … only now (2011) arbitraries are being found? Sounds like blame to me and makes absolutely no sense. H

  183. Sam, “you must have overts or you wouldn’t be so ARCXen”. that was the standard response from MAA’s to the public.

  184. Expelled 4 Life

    A point from the apparent Jesse Price blog that caught my attention and seemed pretty specific was from a summer 2010 meeting as follows:

    “He (Marty) reminded me of an advice from 1983 where L Ron was ready to cancel some of the OT Levels because he knew they didn’t work and were causing problems with the paying public.”

    I would certainly like to know if this is a true statement or perhaps there is omitted data, etc.

  185. I have also been told that he was responsible for all the abuses on the Basics. When I mentioned that he was long gone before the Basics were released, there was a bit of mental juggling going on. Comical, if it weren’t so sad.
    That has been dim’s m.o.; gets caught, “corrects” it and threatens what will occur to the next person who commits such arbitraries.

  186. Would LRH develop a rundown that is “The solution to planetary clearing” and wait thirty + years to release it. Only releasing it after scientology public donated tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a “Mecca” palatial MEST monument?

    It seems unlikely.

  187. If every person on earth just believed what they believed and allowed others to do the same without forcing them, tricking them , shooting or bombing them to get them to believe something else I think the world might be a better place.

  188. I guess this just goes to prove that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  189. The first point I want to make is that the “CHURCH” LIES LIES LIES LIES.

    This is very non -religious.
    While they ASSERT “Ministerial Exception” ~~ it is very out of character for a group of CHURCH members to be prolific LIARS.
    +++++They lie to Law Enforcement with trumped up hogwash charges.
    +++++They lie on SP declares, charge after charge of spin often contrived to placate a foaming-in-the-mouth Miscavige.
    ++++++They LIE LIE and SPIN SPIN SPIN of their HATE websites.
    +++++They LIE about their STATS and unprecedented EXPANSION and other stats and IDEAL Orgs.
    ++++++The LIE when they vampire suction out $$$$$ for ‘Super Power Building” of which there is no audit and estimations have been of $175 million or so already regged….where is the $$$$ going ?
    ++++++David Light is STILL regging for this building !
    +++Now they LIE LIE LIE about the Independents.

    Lying and “Religion” are not exactly bedfellows.

  190. Worsel ~~

    Few entities scream more using “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM” that the “Church of Scientology”

    1st Amendment ! 1 st Amendment to cover its THUGGERY, ABUSE, FINANICIAL Rape of businesses owned by Scientologists and so on.

    Yes, it attempts to threaten on TRADEMARK issues…purely a business concept. It does run like a business. It has gotten a lot worse in the way Tech terminals are used to gouge $$$$$ revenues.

  191. I have done the same amount to verify it as most people have to verify that this is Marty Rathbun’s blog. Both blogs are consistent with what I know of the individuals and are accepted as bona fide by the overlapping ex-Scientologist / Scientology critic communities. Both Marty and Jesse have enough contacts in those communities that someone is likely to let them know if they are being impersonated.

    Additionally, Jesse Prince has given various affidavits over the years and the information on the blog is consistent with those. Also, he has come out of retirement, so to speak, and videos of a his recent appearance at a conference in Germany can easily be found.

    Finally, the fake Marty blogs are pretty easy to spot and have an obvious agenda that is inline with the so-called “dead agent” policy. The “Jesse” blog could be taken to be consistent with the loose agenda of Anonymous but it’s too kind to Hubbard.

    I admit I could still be proved wrong about its veracity but it looks legit to me.

  192. Carol… yeah… I know – to wit chaplain communication to my ex husband while my 20 year marriage was being shredded at Flag:
    ‘She must have some really big overts or she wouldn’t be so upset”
    Pardon me for throwing a hissy fit – completely misemotional response!

  193. CD — Jesse is just uninformed. I have spoken to him once in the last year. How he presumes to know my frame of mind is a little beyond me. I’m not even sure what he means about my time being short. Makes no sense to me.

  194. Marty
    There is a link promoting his handiwork on his facebook page. It’s his blog.

  195. Unless of course his entire facebook page has been hijacked… (shrug) – Hey anything is possible in this crazy game.

  196. Yesterday (Thanks to Sinar) I spent hours at a wonderful Graduation / Party / Celebration in a large mansion in the valley.

    I went there thinking I would drop in for an hour and stayed 4 hours !!

    It was the Independents 1 year celebration of Helmut Flasch and Helen Chen.

    What an Event ! Boy was I impressed. Crowds of happy people. Magnificent success stories from the Taiwanese who fly in to Los Angeles to train in her Academy. They do not speak English when they arrive and have to learn English to train in the English Language.

    The event was a Reality adjustment for me. I saw and experienced what can happen in a non-suppressive environment.

    The posting on how insignificant the INDIES are is a Blatant lie.
    Talk about Flourishing and Prospering.????

    How utterly STUPID the Cult was to lose OT VIII Helen Chan and TOP TOP TOP FSM Helmut Flasch
    is one of the greatest Scientology disseminators of all time and has personally brought thousands of people into Scientology.

  197. So, I had a gander at these knock-off sites, and they all have the same 1.1, snarky tone.

    All I can say is your expose of OT VIII must have hit a nerve, because there is a lot of activity… by them. They are writing, but no one appears to be reading. I can’t even hear their echoes!

    A couple of points:

    1. This is a lot of wasted time and effort by the Church.
    2. Is this really what a church should be doing? Reminds me of the crazy bunch that has the “God Hates Fags” signs at military funerals. What sick game is this? It is not a game I endorse.
    3. The church has a low opinion of the intelligence of A. the average person, and B. church members. These are bogus, appear to be bogus, and are obviously bogus.
    4. Why are these done with no names attached to them (other than Marty and Mike, of course 🙂 ) Are they ashamed?
    5. They are lying. This is not my opinion. They are lying in that they are using Marty’s name in the blog title. They are lying in that they are pretending to be something they are not – “concerned citizens.” Not OSA. Just plain folk puttin’ up a little-ol’ blog. This is a LIE and it is obvious.
    6. It is ineffective. Or rather, it is effective in keeping Marty’s name in the public eye – so once again, the church is complicit in aiding in its own demise.
    7. It damages Scientology and its image (such as it is after 30 years of attack by Mr. D.).

    To the Scientology public reading this blog who are trying to figure this out: Ask your best non-Scientologist friend what they think of Scientology. If you don’t have non-Scientologist friends, ask a co-worker. If all your co-workers are Scientologists, ask a client or customer, or ask a vendor. Chances are the opinion will be low or non-committal. Dig. Come out as a Scientologist to some non-Scientologist friend you have. And then look at them. Look at the look of horror mixed with pity when they realize you are affiliated with “that group.” You KNOW that is true. Then you KNOW you will have to defend it. To tell them “it’s really not like that.” Except that you KNOW it is. You KNOW it is. Now, when you do this:

    Thank Mr. David Miscavige

  198. I agree with every word you write here.

    It was a totally awesome event and very theta.

    Nothing like the persistent mass (remember that item from the L3 🙂 ) that I used to experience in the end days of the “Church of Scientology” after the coup.

    Anyway it was nice seeing you there Karen.

    Had a great time 🙂

  199. Haters gonna hate. That’s Miscavige the miscarriage of tech.

  200. Thoughtful’

    Reminds me of some lyrics from a Leonard Skynnard song. (Hope I got that right) I offer it to those still in the church.
    “What’s that smell? Can’t you smell that smell? The death is all around you.”


  201. Oh Crap… last line should say …

    “The smell of death is all around you.”

  202. Scott Campbell


    “I’ll be in the hot tub with TC.” That cracked me up, man.

  203. Mike,

    From what little I know about Jesse.

    His blog is pretty much consistent with his postings on ARS and other places.

    He may have personal upset with Marty of some kind and I wouldn’t be suprised that it has been initiated by some OSA mole in anonymous.

    Unfortunately this is how third party works and in the wondrous world of reverse Scientology i.e. using the tech to cause upsets instead of resolve them which seems to have become SOP inside the Church and any immediate zones that are to a greater or lesser degree affected by it.

    The fact is they’d love nothing better for the Independent Field, ex-Scientologists and critics to get involved in the mother of all donny brooks to deflect any attention away from their continual high crimes and suppressive acts.

  204. My take on the improvement regarding libs is that Marty’s blog is impinging and educating public and any staff that may get wind of it to the abuses. Well if you want to keep the money lines going you can afford to ease up on abuses that are minor. Sort of not throwing the baby out with the bath water. It serves two purposes 1. It attacks Marty as the bad guy that was responsible for that abuse and DM is the hero who finally after exhaustive data analysis taking 6 years now is letting SO members get their promised libs or seeing family once in a while. I’m not complaining as it was nice to see my kid recently. 2.Fixing a bit the libs beef a little is somewhat of a diversionary tactic to take attention off the real major abuses of having to have before you can do with Idle Orgs..violating all sorts of policy with the condition 1 exchange with donos…and the out tech of introducing a major action in the middle of a major action in the 6 month checks plus the physical abuses at the top, the busting up of the checks and balances of Organizational Structure at the top etc etc etc…

  205. Big H,

    This how the Scientology coup operates.

    I remember after Mayo was busted and declared they were still blaming him for any “out tech” that happened to show up years later.

    Usually it was the untrained morons who didn’t know any better or certain “auditors” or “C/Ses” who wanted to justify or rationalize their own out tech.

    The ol’ “Mayo made me do it” was quite a popular refrain for some time after Mayo’s departure.

  206. RJ,

    Sorry, the idea that OSA have a mole in Anonymous that is influencing things in any meaningful way is silly.

    There’s no need for OSA to plant a mole in Anonymous. All Anonymous anti-Scientology actions are planned on public forums so they already know what Anonymous is going to do. If OSA want to wear masks and picket their own orgs they are welcome to do so.

    Whether you agree with the criticisms or not I would suggest that it is possible for Jesse Prince to be critical of Mark Rathbun without OSA being involved.

    I think you give OSA far too much credit.


  207. Karen,
    Thanks for attending – I’m sure they loved your story of working with LRH! This Indie group does get production. I’m told they got 8 Clears made since their last graduation in Aug! More than Idle Orgs?

  208. M&M,
    Jesse recently started a blog he promotes to his FB friends. Was surprised as to what he wrote about meeting Marty last summer and a comm cycle with Mike.

  209. Sinar — Yeah, I read it. Jesse has his opinions about Marty and me. I dont share them. But he may not share mine about him either. And that isnt going to effect much of anything in the end… The only thing that really matters here is ending the abuses of the C of M and making the real tech available for anyone who wants it.

  210. And nobody dares to tell David M. that he needs the fixated person rundown.

  211. Amen & Hallelujah!

  212. Under-the-radar

    And to add insult to injury, if I am not mistaken, Superpower is for staff first and to be delivered at local orgs. So why the 50 million dollar building? Can you say “out point”? Oh wait, over 146 million dollars have donated for that building. My numbers are rumor but I have no reason to believe that they are not in the ball park. So if it is so dam important than spend the other 96 million and get her done and delivering. catch 22 I guess. If public start getting it first staff might become dissafected as, like I said above, it was intended for staff first.

  213. LOL!
    Hope they keep up those sites as well; they’re very inspirational.

  214. RJ — Interesting! Living in the past rather than operating in the present to create a better future. H

  215. Erm…Comunicate ?

  216. I’ll settle for this alone, but that’s just me

    “The only thing that really matters here is ending the abuses of the C of M”

  217. Let’s wait and see if he flips into Marty’s valence next.

  218. LOL That’s just it! The Irony!

    The solution to everything, and putting an end to all of the mess is just simply this: APPLY THE TECH!

    Had DM applied the tech, there would be no aberation on F/N’s, nor alter-is of the basics and the Tech, no f’ing up the OT levels and spinning off some of our best and brightest!

    Had DM applied the admin tech, he would have squashed people who blew and countered him. He wouldn’t need private investigators hounding ex-SO who would have never blown in the first place!

    Had DM applied the tech, I suspect Marty, Mike and many others would still be on staff. Orgs would be growing and expanding. Super Power would be released to STAFF as it was intended and boomed the orgs even further thus creating the NEED for that big, grand and glorious building and start delivering Super Power to Public as well!

    It would be a whole other world all together… had David “his majesty” Miscavage only applied the Tech and done what Ron told him, and all of us to do.

    Sadly, that is not the case.

    Thus, he is the one insignificant. Must suck, given his already lacking stature.

  219. Funny without limits 🙂

  220. Tory Christman

    Years ago, when only “ARS” was the one web site to communicate on, after I escaped out of C of $ and refused to return in : 2000, they started their bandwagon of lies against me. At first I was taken a back, but then the critics (combo of X’s and people never “in” but fighting to expose their abuses)….would say constantly: “You must be doing *something* very right, Magoo, that they’re wasting this much time trying to slime you”. This went on for years and years until more Web sites opened up, and more people got *out*, including recently, M & M and many people here.

    The very fact that they’ve created a skillion anti-Marty web sites, tells me no matter *what* he is doing, he needs to keep doing it. As always, OSA—you FAR out do ~~anything~~ we critics could come up with. (spit) Tick Tock, Tock Tock, Time is on *our* side and remains so, to this day and will FOREVER, thanks to your own abusive actions~! 🙂

  221. H,

    This has been their modus operandi since the GO debacle.

    The “why” is always God in some way.

    No self criticism allowed.

    The first half of TR 5N doesn’t seem to apply anymore i.e. “What did we (or I) do wrong?”

    For example if the PC or Pre OT has an ARCX with the Organization they just assume that the PC or Pre OT “must have overts”, case closed.

    It couldn’t possibly be their squirrel and/or out tech and/or mishandling that caused the BPC.

    Heaven forbid!

    The fact is it is a situation that has gotten worse as time goes on.

    I figure it is a misapplication of the Auditors Code particularly the point about justifying or making excuses for any auditor mistakes whether real or imagined.

    There is nothing in the code about not acknowledging them and indicating them as a source of possible BPC.

    Yet the mental midgets now currently in charge of the Organization use this part of the code to avoid admitting any wrong doing just like their “friends” in Government do.

    Basically it’s a make wrong.

    With that is the effort to pin the blame on some external source like for example as noted the PC or Pre OT or the Independent Field.

    As we know when one does this one assigns the terminal “responsible” more power over one.

    This is one of the reason I don’t immediately jump on the blame Miscavige band wagon aside from the fact that I believe there are other factors involved is the fact that it is just assigning the rabid squirrel way too much cause and thus too much power.

    Why encourage his megalomania ?

    The guy has no power beyond restimulating others just like any other SP he’d be helpless with out group bank and the *false* agreement that he is Scientology’s “Religious Leader” or “Pope”.

    Oh please!

    Even when I was “in” I never acknowledged that load of horse pucky.

    The only reason I stayed with the Organization was because at the time I felt it was the only source of Standard Scientology and that it was my duty as a Scientologist to at least try to correct the scene by writing KRs and refusing to go along with what seemed to be the “fad” of defenestrating the workable tech.

    It had nothing to do with being Svengalied by the rabid squirrel.

    Actually it was when I realized that I could not make any further progress up the Grade Chart that I decided to deep six the Organization and look for other options.

    I was never in doubt about Scientology itself. So an assignment of Doubt was a wrong condition.

    Especially by an organization that itself was way below doubt itself and was in a condition of treason to every Scientologist.

    In other words having an MAA there assign me a lower condition was like being convicted by Charles Manson!

    Surely you juste!

    But I digress.

    The thing about blaming the Independent Field for their problems is just another example of their new why is God philosophy and only gives us more power over them.


  222. Arbitraries Canceled = abolishing something one has previously brought into existence as the result of his MUs/$ and assigning responsibility & cause to “newly found/corrected tech” expecting a pat on the back for it.

  223. My question is this, IF you are so insignificant Marty WHY would DM go to the trouble of mocking up that site and all the others? AND why would he order that church members CAN NOT look at the INTERNET without fear of TONS of hours Sec Checking? It happened to a friend of mine at FLAG, she glanced at the INTERNET and then had intensives of Sec Checking, now she won’t go near the thing!
    I obviously know the answers to my questions. Sounds like Type 3 ranting to me!
    VWD to you and Mike for getting DM’s panties in a wad.

  224. Yeah I mentioned this out point when his Satanic Majesty and his cavalcade of undead hit the Universal Amp in ’98 in a lengthy KR after being subjected to “the event”.

    Anyway when I gave the ref which was RJ 30 that the RD was basically for staff and asked the Priestess of RTC Inspections what *LRH* reference they were operating off of?

    I was referred back to “the event” that I wasted about 2 hours of my life going to at the Universal Amp.

    Talk about circular “logic”!

    Anyway I informed the Tech Inspections Priestess that an event is not an “LRH Reference” TR3ing my original request and never got an response and still haven’t.

    Which I guess pretty much sums up what LRH Reference they are operating off of.

  225. Unfortunately the “arbitraries” the rabid squirrel “canceled” happened to be the standard actions required per Solo Series 11R and its later revisions.

    Also the incorrigible little moron “canceled” Form 10B the standard eligibility check.

    True it was a lengthy sec check but its nothing compared to these “tailored” free form “sec checks” these puritanical sea org members are dreaming up after their wet dreams.

    If Miscavige were more honest he would of entitled it ‘Standard Tech Canceled’.

  226. Me give OSA too much credit SF?

    Allow me to predict the eventual outcome of OSA trying to create a rift between Marty and Jesse.

    Jesse will propose to Marty and they’ll live happily ever after 🙂

    Jus’ kidding!!!!

    But really OSA always ends up limping after firing another foot bullet.

    It’s like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

  227. Very recognizable,
    While on lines as a public I actually assigned the very reg that had originally gotten me into Scientology, a liability condition. He never worked it out but instead wrote me a recruitment note, knowing I’d decline so he could claim that I had overts for breaking the comm cycle.

    When GAK came out I thought: if this is true, RTC will have to make amends for 30 years of selling garbage while calling it Scientology. Ha, finally justice, free service for all! (little did I know.)

    No SP ever makes it big alone. They all depend on secret powerful friends (that are thrown under the bus at the first suitable occasion), PR and money lines. Hitler had the Gestapo, Goebbels and Rockefeller. Bush had the CIA, Murdock and Chase. Davey has OSA, razzle dazzle PR and high rollers.

    He is closely interconnected with banks and politics where I think we should look for the intellect behind his rise into dictatorship. It’s no coincident that exactly during the years leading up to the financial crisis, bigger and bigger amounts of $$$$ were taken out of the economy by Davey as part of the greater currency siphon that almost killed the planetary economic system.

  228. RJ,

    I’m not positive if you are being serious or not but it still seems that you are seeing OSA ” trying to create a rift between Marty and Jesse.”

    If that is the case, do you have any basis for it?


  229. Hey just went to check out the fake site…and the account has been SUSPENDED!!

  230. Personal experience.

  231. It appears to be back up. I just checked it and there it was.

  232. Rafael Madeira (Interested, Very Interested

    Hey Guys,
    Be it a bit late, here the response I left on that other site of this article.
    Rafael Madeira

    I don’t know if this comment will be replied to or posted in its entirety?
    Let me comment as we read your article.
    OK, 3 1/2 decades, seen a lot, experienced a lot, wonderful, and you have achieved what (?) in terms of Scientology advancement?
    So, I’ve reading this article with great interest only to find so far, there is no identification of the writer, not even an alias. This makes me wonder just a little as to your “holding a position and being “brave” as opposed to “anonymous, a coward and hiding”.
    As to Mary Rathbun, I don’t really care what he is doing, as I am not one of his pc’s or students.
    What I do care very much about is to your application of the LRH tech, even in this article all I see is generality after generality. No time, form place and/or event. Yes, you do give the 1970′s org staff stats and that’s it, where are those same comparative stats to PT in your very next paragraph and the Ideal Org.
    Further more, all you are saying about the size of the “Ideal org” is based on building space and not actual delivery stats. I think (as per LRH policy) the only way one can measure the “Size” of an org is by delivery stats and those are the stats of both , auditing and training. Scientology “Scio (knowing in the fullest sense of the word” and ology (study of)” is not about how large the building is, it is about the delivery of the tech of LRH.
    I’m further very interested to know which country/s you “heard” (here-say) are implementing LRH study tech? verifiable, that would be a win of significance to say nothing of EXCITING.
    I further think it a bit of a stretch of you to assume that you know just how many people, disaffected or not exist in the world as compared to a small org of 1975, another generality my friend, not ok as this exposes you.
    You mention “Squirrel” practice, I’d like to know what definition you use when using that word? For me (Scn. Tech dictionary; Squirrel 1. A squirrel is doing something entirely different. He doesn’t understand the principles so makes up a bunch of them to fulfill his ignorance, foists them off on a pc and gets no place. (SH Spec 77, 6111C08) 2. Those who engage in actions altering Scientology and offbeat practices. (ISE p.40) -v. change and invent procedure). Squirreling – 1. It means altering Scientology, offbeat practices. It is a bad thing (HCO PL 14 Feb 65) 2. Squirreling is not really different processes-it is careless, incomplete, messed up auditing procedure (HCOB 15 Jan 70 II. Now in this light, the church has altered and or changed things a bit, remember, squirreling can’t only happen out of the orgs. i.e. The “Basics” this is a direct alteration of the bridge, it is not even on the bridge, yet every scientologist is required to do these prior to most bridge services – I think this fits the squirrel definition rather aptly, don’t you?
    It seems to me that you are missing the point, from what I’ve researched, Marty Rathbun has never indicated or implied setting up an org. It seems he is engaged in handling a lot of the BPC from the church mess ups his pc’s have gotten and from pc’s wanting to move up their bridge “prior” to the “Golden age of Tech” which is by the way based on LRH (interpretation) but not penned by LRH, two entirely different things.
    In the bigger picture, it seems that Mary Rathbun is applying the org board to the Church, RTC etc, and that is Ethics, Div 1. So as the org board moves toward Div 2, Dissem, 3 Treasury etc. an org would be formed eventually.
    I to have been in Scientology for a while, early 70′s. I’m OT V, HSDC and OEC Div 0 and Div 6. I have many other admin based courses under my belt. I’m researching the state of Scientology in the church as well as out and if anything, it is rather fascinating.
    It seems to me that the Church is more bent on eradicating the “other” field, (funny enough produced by the Church as one would have to have been in the church at some point in order to be in the “other field”) than delivering LRH.
    The “Straight Donation” aspect that has crept into the church was abhorred by LRH, he never ever accepted straight donations if only because it is a “out exchange” condition and rather low on the “tone scale”.
    What has happened to “Flourish and Prosper”, it that condition it would not matter if there were 10,000 Marty Rathbun’s.
    One last point in closing, even though all of the “what I call “the PR side show” activities” the church does i.e. VM’s, ANTI-DRUGS CAMPAIGNS, PSYCH BASHING etc (which apparently the donations are for), are of extreme importance, in fact vital. They are not going to Clear the planet and far to much attention is put on them as a PR Activity for Church image. With all the money that the IAS has accumulated over the last decade or so, by quick calculation would of easily paid for all of the required “Buildings” with change. So why then is the IAS continuing to usurp money from the Scientology field hindering their BRIDGE.
    In my area, South Africa, the stats have not significantly risen in 30+ years including having an Ideal Org which at best has between 40 -60 staff both day and foundation.
    I truly look forward to your retort with Time, Form Place & Event.
    Oh, just one more thing, why the use of a sight called “Moving up a Little Higher” identifying with the very “Squirrel” you attack, it seems a little out of valence, surely you’re not trying to be “Marty Rathbun”, have you actually checked out anything said in the “Other” field for verification? I have and it seems a lot of is feasible if not true.
    i.e. What verifiable data exists as to COB’s qualifications in either his training, processing as well as admin training. I don’t know about you, but I’d hate someone who is a class IV (Provisional), auditor, on OT VII (having had his last session 19 years ago and no OEC, FEBC training running my church. This data is the only data out there, I’ve requested this info from RTC, but no answer has come forth.
    Interested, very interested.

  233. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Nice post.

  234. Are you in Comm now ?

  235. Ron Hubbards son Ron DeWolf that Miscavige embezzled from and manipulated his father. In 1983 Jesse Prince alleged that Miscavige ordered the registration of many of L. copyright office even though the majority of those works were considered public domain by accepted standards.Many Former Scientologists accuse the high school dropout of manipulation fraud and embezzlement pointing to things like the fact that David Miscavige is the only member of The RTC Religious Technology Center board of directors listed on websites as well as mulitple revisions to Hubbards Tech.

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