Sneering, Whining and Lying – DM’s Trademarks

The only Trademarks Miscavige has left are sneering, whining, and lying – the hallmarks of the Radical Corporate Scientologist.  They are about the only sure signs that one is in a Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology or one is dealing with a lock-stepping, Miscavige cult member. 

While I was in Los Angeles late May/early June,  as has become David Miscavige’s habit, he sent cult members to my home in an attempt to rattle my wife.  After having publicly exposed Miscavige for sending two men each time, and his two year pattern of attempting to intimidate my wife and other independent women with teams of men, this time Miscavige sent a female cult member (with an unidentified man in a car nearby surveilling the scene).

In some ways the woman cult member was even creepier.   She – as has become Miscavige’s modus operandi – did not fully identify herself, she gave only her first name.   But, we have since identified her as Anna Paddock from Austin Texas.  Once known as Anna Stilo.  In the early eighties she was a WDC member – notorious for being constantly downtone. Being a former SO member Ms Paddock has been going through hell for some time trying to get security eligibility to engage in upper level Scientology studies.  Apparently, her program consisted of drilling for several days, then camping out around my home for several more till she got the call to come to my home and make an ass of herself in public by ambushing my wife.

I post the full video of Ms. Paddock’s performance below because of the educational purpose it serves.   Ms. Paddock is the archetypical cult of Miscavige member.   Note the oily acknowledgments that communicate “I do not understand what you said, nor do I care to.” Note throughout the trademark Sneer, Whine and Lie.  That is vintage Miscavige, the world’s greatest disdainful victim.   He quite apparently has succeeded in exporting the sneer and whine valence to public volunteer level.  Michael Doven’s audio tape “discussion” with me and  John Allender’s videos on this blog served as  earlier demonstrations of the New Miscavige cult member TRs (Training Routines, Scientology Communication Drills).  Tommy Two Tone Davis is a great study in sneeing, whining and lying.  And Tommy learned it directly from the master of sneer, whine, and lie – David Miscavige.

Below that you will find the latest installment of the Ingleside Index on the local Miscavige Bustees.  Check their comments, all sneering, whining and lying.  And they’ve even got their P.I. doing it.

Sneer, whine, and lie Training Routines:

Bustees arc breaking the public with Sneer, whine and lie TRs:

Next time you run into a Corporate Scientologist, listen closely, then call them out on their lies, their whining and their sneering.  They are in  Night Of the Living Dead  zombie-like valences.  Let them know that Scientology can handle that and possibly even bring them back to life.


New York Village Voice:

349 responses to “Sneering, Whining and Lying – DM’s Trademarks

  1. Freetothink

    Mosey you’re absolutely amazing! Big hugs!


  2. She is concerned about standard tech? Does she have any idea who MARTY was?????? (IG Tech). What a joke!! Didn’t anyone brief this poor pathetic creature before she hit the beach?

    If she comes back, remind her that the majority of auditors trained under LRH are now independents. She is lost, confused, stunned and her robotic com cycle is indicitive of the robotic nature of the robots that robotically trained her.

    Note to Ms Paddock: stop shoping for clothes at K-Mart. It’s very hard on the eyes.

  3. one of those who see

    DM and his people are out of comm. The Organization that has been trusted to deliver the subject that brought to light the anatomy of communication and the ARC Triangle are completely out of communication with the world. This harassment they are practicing is out of reality for any normal person living in our society. The people of I.O.B are experiencing the craziness that we all went through in “the buildings.” As the Church’s Image continues to be flushed down the toilet…
    Mosey! You’re good you! (said with DeNiro like NY accent)

  4. Chad Braunersrither

    The crazy thing is Anna was sent there when Marty was away. How come someone is always sent to harass Mosey when Marty is away? I love watching the footbullets of the CO$.

    @Mosey-I loved the way you handled Anna. I look forward to the day I get to meet one of the few remaining CO$ members out there and have a conversation with them.

    @Marty-I love reading your blog and look forward to these type of posts. I check your blog daily and love reading it before getting ready for bed…..maybe that’s why I’ve had dreams lately of finding myself back in the Sea Org. At least in my last dream I knew that I was there only to get my ex wife out of the SO.

  5. Mosey you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
    You just met Rosey the robot!

  6. Mosey,

    Wow! You have way more patience than I do. The minute that smarmy woman started on “Standard Tech” I would have asked to see her certs and success stories from the people she had on her lines, and then laughed her off the property.
    Smarmy – 1: revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness

    Does this look like a Standard scientoloy org?


  7. Barney Rubble

    Anna Stillo, wow! I know her! A complete bitch who could be very nasty/AKA Jenny DeVoght. She also suffered in the PAC RPF I am guessing for 8 years, I must say she was cordial compared to Johnny bad boy Allender. I applaud Monique for her handling.

  8. vERY WELL Done Mosey. You handled her beautifully! All she could do is tuck her tail in and slink off! Next time someone comes around and says “I’m really concerned with the tech being applied standardly” one could say “I totally agree that’s why we protest the Church of Davidology, The Out tech there”. one could then hand them a copy of the posting that compares the LRH Scientology to the Davidology applications.


  9. keepontruckin

    Way to go, Mosey!!

  10. Reminds me of the 2 OTAs who tried to ambush us a sometime back because we had no interest in the then newly perverted “basics”.

    Neither of them seemed to be interested in handling or even acknowledging any disagreements we had and were only interested in trying to enforce their twisted “reality” on us.

    So we did a Mosey and 86ed their sorry asses out of our apartment 🙂

    I notice this chick keeps droning on about “standard tech” yet obviously has no idea what standard tech is since her “TRs” if you can call them that worse than suck.

    Out ***basics*** for sure.

    Yet probably a newly minted “basics” grad or is probably on the so called “course”.

    Mosey the next time one of these pod people show up at your door.

    Ask them to define or describe “standard tech” in their own words.

    The results should be enlightening to say the least.

    Meanwhile looks like the squirrels keep getting busted.

    Should be squirrel busted productions.

    Like “standard tech” they have a big ol’ CMU on the First either that or haven’t read it.

    Maybe they should clear the word documentary as well.

    Also slander and libel.

    Would be interesting finding anyone who supports the scurrilous efforts they are calling a “documentary”.

  11. The Friends of LRH.ORG/COB vsLRH compares just about every point of LRH tech with the COB Squirrel version. This lady opened herself up to a broadside! She couldn’t have weaseled out! “Oh I totally agree with you. Look here at these LRH references that are being violated by COB’s group.”

  12. Sara Finning

    Thought the most interesting point was when she said, “if those copyrights and trademarks are being violated, you know…”

    Looks like an admission that there isn’t much of a trademark violation, hence the ‘concern’ tactic.

  13. Tony DePhillips

    Mosey you rock.
    When the living dead shows up at your house you keep real cool. You ripped that zombie a new one Mosey!!
    The TRULY are a cult now, no doubt about it..
    Love ya!!

  14. ExtIntStaffMember

    Same ol’ Anna Stilo from 20 something years ago. It’s like her brain impulses have to travel through molasses before they arrive to the mouth. It’s exhausting to listen to her, just as it was so long ago. You haven’t changed a bit Anna. How’s that C of M “standard tech” working out for ya?

  15. Tony DePhillips

    Get off my fucking porch you fucking BOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mosey, you handled that moronic idiot perfectly. PERFECTLY.
    You are the best. xoxoxo

  17. Good job Mosey.

    We are the most ethical people, the most ETHICAL GROUP
    ABUSE, BEATINGS, RPF sadism, Money gouging for fraudulent causes,
    Anonymous phone calls to law enforcement to report fantasy manufactured crimes, assault and battery cover-ups, rape and molestation cover-ups,
    kidnap, held against will, sleep deprivation bordering on torture.

    We are pro-human rights
    Passports confiscated, car keys confiscated, use of cell phones forbidden with the Sea Organization, threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, enforced abortions, fraud, deception, abuse of power, thuggery, bullying, RPF’s RPF (GULAG) where all communication is cut off even from other RPFers. Enforcement to work in Rat’s alley and Freewinds Bilges, thrown into FECES pond, to work in FECES 12 hours a day without hazmat equipment.

    We are the authorities on the mind
    Gang bang sec checks, Seances, screaming with mob violence against a new person to SP Hole, reading out private confessional data to the rest of the staff to humiilate the person, using E-meters as police polygraph machines, pretending to understand the mind while actually sending people over the edge into mental breakdowns (Type III). Ask Nancy Many and other Type IIIs she has helped which were Church created mental breakdowns by unconscionable Church conduct.

    We are the experts on education
    Sea Org Children not permitted to attend school, violating the laws of the land, my son was only one example of a Sea Org raised kid who has had virtually no education other than Church courses.
    See Daniel Montelvo story and numerous others.
    A bunch of Sea Org kids who were raised on the Sea Org ranch, rarely seeing their parents as they grew up would not sign Sea Org contracts and took to drugs and rough living while their parents “served the Sea Organization”

    We represent sanity.

    Lunatic fringe videos giving a true RELIGIOUS IMAGE ,
    lunatic fringe posses, ~~DM Fixation and obsession with Marty~~
    Squirrel Buster Productions take the stage as International Spokesmen as the NEW Face of Scientology.

    Sanity Indeed !

  18. Wow! Well done Mosey!!

    Man, nice ‘kick in the ass’ you administered hahaha

    This was one BIG FAIL – another Miscavige foot-bullet!

    Lookin’ good, Davey 🙂

  19. Watching Eyes

    Anna’s TR-2 is OUT. Flunk! And her copyright’s argument; what a line of garbage. Hey Shorty, you don’t own the tech. Take that!

    Anna did get one thing right though. The part about if the tech isn’t delivered standardly you won’t get good results. Anna is walking proof of that one.

  20. Michael Fairman

    Mosey, you were aces! You handled her like the puppet she is. Too bad she didn’t remove her sun glasses so we could see just how dead she is behind the eyes. Miscsvigology today — boat dancing and “live” puppetry.

  21. Mosey, You go Girl! Well Done to you! You are a being who has the ability to hold a position…that is power.This poor woman, Anna, has compromised her own integrity to even be out there, imposing on you, and citing her drilled comm. In her heart, she knows this is not right…but she is under the false impression that this is helping her attain her goals for her eternity…she needs to stop compromising herself.
    Marty, you are one lucky man to have beautiful Mosey in your life.

  22. what a whack job. Good job Mosey getting it on tape for the world to see..

  23. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop


    Perfect. Very perfect.

    Maybe in the future we can have mandatory reading before you speak to them. Hand them COB vs LRH differences and tell them when they are ready to pass the quiz to come back.

    No need to talk to uninformed idiots. Ha!

    I’m glad that you treated her better than she treated you. You showed a lot of class.


  24. Monique!
    You Rock! You were wonderful.

  25. This Phoenix video is nauseating….. I can hardly watch, it hurts. They are so manic and cultish.

  26. Is breaking the sanctity of confessional by publicizing PC’s “secrets” copyrighted and trademarked. Hmm?

  27. You guys have had 100s of visitors/PCs in the last couple of years? Wow, I think you’ve had more visitors/PCs than ASHO and AOLA combined! 🙂

    p.s. Nice job Mosey!

  28. Monique – excellent handling. Your handling was very real and really communicated. Pass on TRs

  29. Kathy Braceland

    You rock Mosey!

    Gee, do you think she could have taken her sunglasses off in the shade of your porch and actually confronted you? I’m thinkin’ they were hiding some shifty eyes….

  30. Mosey,
    A brilliant handling. Right on target.
    Standard Tech? One can learn Standard Tech and apply it by oneself
    or from other areas than the current Academy under the corrupted
    Church which, on close examination and comparison of original LRH
    documents, has watered down and altered such and promoted minor
    cogs as the full EP of any process.
    Theta perception: Anna very much believes she was on a personhal mission to make things go right from her viewpoint and her briefing and selction by
    management. It is such a shame that the wholeness of her quest for spiritual
    freedom will be only the mindset that the Church delivers. Instead of real gold, she will get only shiny brass. The concern she has is valid only if:
    1. Independent Scientologist were twisting tech for their own gain, and we
    know this is not anywhere near the truth.
    2. That the Church was operating with the correct Standards of Ethics, Tech and Admin, and we know this is not the case (it is being run from Miscavige’s case).
    Let us move forward in Truth, which is each one of use.
    Again, congratulation Mosey on a wonderful cycle that all of us have a privilege to see on video.

  31. Pipi Doodle

    Poor Ana Stilo, I supervised her on the RPF. She could not successfully audit due to continuous evaluation and invalidation of her twin. Seems like the “Basics” and GAT have done nothing to improve her TRs.

  32. Mosey,
    I can’t believe you lasted for over 6 minutes with this robot. I would have put a fist in her face after a minute and a half – but then again when the camera is running, you really want to compose yourself. Great job. You’re incredible.

  33. That’s my friend, Mosey, showing us how it’s done! 🙂


  34. Cured Robot

    You nailed it on head Mosey when you say “Your Church has been lying to you.” 1st of all she could not even confront you w/o her sunglasses on and even give her full name. 2nd her Pied Piper response about standard tech being delivered properly, what a laf that is, volumes have already been written about the alteration about LRH’s tech within the CofM, so no need to repeat all of it (quickie grades, 3 swings, disconnection, squirrled study tech (so much for official academy), policies ignored (OMG the list is infinitum).

    Honestly what did Anna Paddock hope to accomplish?!? She has obviously been denied the multiple viewpoint and can only see what she’s been fed. It’s a shame… Did she actually think she would turn you Mosey against the love of your life? Some things are immaculate with some of us that have our code of honor in.

  35. I don’t know why Mosey even bothered talking (listening) to her at all. Or why anyone Independent would talk (listen) to any of them. Obviously their only purpose is to enturbulate, which of course is the only thing SP’s CAN do. She didn’t give a shit about Mosey’s answers, she was just trying to introvert Mosey with her questions. That one can keep one’s TR’s in is fine but why even bother wasting the time? If I were to talk to them I would make THEM listen and only talk about stats and DM’s alterations to try to get them to wakeup. Be cause on the comm cycle. Or just have fun with it and mess with them, giving them stupid answers.

  36. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    This year’s Maiden Voyage Events have the master of J&D manic cultishness, the Pope on a Box himself — offering up his take on these insane events ALL OVER THE WORLD! He is PROUD of them and promoting them to all Scientologists. AND he gets in on the act with his own take on the insanity with lines like “and that put another 100,000 in the jet fuel tanks”.

    If anyone wonders about whether this sort of garbage is condoned by POB, that event proves he FULLY SUPPORTS IT. No, he promotes it. He is probably the originator of it! This is his idea of “REAL SCIENTOLOGY ORGS.”

    I had to do a lot of Reach and Withdraw to be able to get to the end of this sickening display — 10 minutes at a time was all I could take. The Sherminator was front row, center, clapping like a trained seal at every “witty” line and 75 word sentence that said nothing at all which just added to the discomfort — he is sitting there all smarmy, laughing and clapping at the bullshit HE WROTE.

    This is what Scientology has become. A parody of a Sunday Morning cheapass TV preacher

  37. Scott Campbell


    Wow. I could really tell that you had to keep your anger in check there at first. Great job keeping the conversation on point as to who exactly is “the best hands” to put Scientology in.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there, Mosey. And as you know:

    “I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.

    You won’t always be here.

    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.” –LRH

  38. Pipi — Well, I was her senior when she was a WDC member. She patented whining then. “Basics”, GAT and everything else from POB have obviously done nothing to change that either….

  39. Well, I just need to add here there while this visit was happening with Mosey, Christie was being visited by a bot too (the coordinated visits happened one hour after Lablow/Freedumb and the 6 other vehicles following us lost us in LA because they were held up by the LAPD so we could go about our business unmolested after LaBlow ran into the back of our rental car while trying to illegally overtake the car behind us being driven by Tiziano). Christie handled the visitor with the same sort of aplomb as Mosey displayed — poor guy told her that even though he was wearing a Clear bracelet he had recently been told he was not Clear. Christie let him know it was probably so he could be made to pay for his bridge again and sent him on his way.

    This is the sort of cowardly crap POB is responsible for.

    Wait until he knows the women are home alone and send along his puppets.

    He is on desperate, sick puppy.

  40. EISM: PERFECT description. Just add the whining tone to whatever does make it through the molasses…

  41. Sara: I would say its more of an admission that she doesnt have a clue what she is talking about and maybe doesnt even know where she is….

  42. Because it is an excellent study of the effects Black Dianetics has on a being!! Doesn’t get any clearer than her!

  43. I'll_Leave_This_here

    There is no more “now”.
    You can leave now.

  44. Ziba Feulner

    Mosey: You ROCK! Your TRs are impeccable! This “VERY STANDARD” person should sign up for one the TR courses you guys are delivering down there…For God’s sake, learn some REAL LIFE TRs and quit saying, “I understand that”, when you do NOT!!!

  45. I have been following this site for awhile. I am not in scientology or even met anyone who is involve. However I was shocked to see your recent video. How can that woman not be totally embarassed? She was like a robot. Here in n.c. we would have called the nearest hospital. I thought you guys were exaggerating about the mind control, but she seemed like she was on drugs. You guys are doing a great job. Why does this em guy keep hitting his head against the wall? Crazy!

  46. The Force is strong with this one…..


  47. “This is what Scientology has become. A parody of a Sunday Morning cheapass TV preacher”

    I was just thinking that when I attempted to watch that Phoenix video Mike.

    Obviously you beat me to the punch.

    Who knows maybe some day we’ll all be treated to something like this:

    Though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  48. I meant d.m, not em

  49. Jethro Bodine

    Not that it matters at this point, but Marty was IG Ethics and Ray Mithoff was IG Tech, and FWIW, Marc Yager was IG Admin. Greg Wilhere was IG. Perhaps at some point MArty can talk about how this was dismantled.

  50. David Lingenfelter

    Well done Mosey!!

    And her point was . . . . to get standard of anything is only available from DM’s mind. Let’s see – the events, the magazines, the promo where LRH is not mentioned or is being put up as a side kick to the great DM. The robbing of the family of LRH of funds and lives. Yes sir, that is standard. Follow the alter-is of a no case gain, known SP. Yep that seems to be her definition of standard.

    I have pity for her. Somehow she is put herself under the boot of DM. And if she pleases him and gets onto the ‘bridge’ she will see first hand the new standard.


  51. Tom Gallagher

    P.O.B.: Making failure into policy…………….

  52. Observation Tower

    Mosey, your response to that bot was very professional and simply perfect. Very well done!

  53. Jethro Bodine

    I found this fund raising for an Idle Org in Montreal to be very disturbing, not to mention off policy. This reminds of the evangelical tent preachers of the 1800’s. The current C of $ is just so out of PT.

  54. Good job Mossey!!!! You left her pretty speechless! I guess she’s gonna have to go to cramming and ethics for a completely failed mission!

  55. Hey V! Nice to see you posting here!!

  56. Jethro Bodine

    BTW, I think “Anna” would make a perfect actor… on the set of “The Night of the Living Dead!”. What a mindless zombie!!! The thing that bugged me the most about her ambush raid was her false sincerity – very 1.1! I would have also told her to put ethics in on the King of Squirrels, David Miscavige, before she shows her ugly mug in my neck of the woods again.

  57. Watchful Navigator

    Ann is robotic and sounds hypnotized. In fact, her “is it like, ya know, standard?” mantra should be run out repeater technique 4 flows Expanded Dianetics as an implant command. Come to Present Time!

    Mosey is bright, thinks on her feet, and is really on the ball, gal! – the exact qualities that made the greatest auditors of the ACC era. I’ll audit with her any day. I trust her to be as “standard” as she needs to be. Duplication in present time!

    Davey MisSavage really gravitated towards LRH’s plea for the loosely trained auditors of the 60’s to get on the ball (“standard”), and seized on it to completely re-define the term. It now means an enforced, “I’m perfect ’cause I’m perfectly trained on the perfect, automaton drills…” – service facsimile substituting for auditor beingness (thanks to DM’s brilliant injection of covertly suppressive training into Flag, going for maximum evaluation and minimum auditor self-determinism).

    Looks like Ann has had some of that “standard” auditing herself!

  58. Mosey,

    You were a lot nicer to her than I would have been!

    I gotta wonder-what did they think they were trying to accomplish? Can you believe that some cog in OSA came up with the idea that this wad of lint was going to convince, introvert or intimidate you? THEN, they came up with the mission, drilled in the pertinent points, assigned her a car and a chaperone, and then kept her waiting in the wings until they got the “Go” call from Up Above?

    This is not just insane, it’s incompetent. It’s laughably stupid, and I think that even in her RPF’d swiss cheese of an ego Anna knew that she was firing blanks.

    I’ll give OSA this much credit, though: if they’re going to expose people to someone who has woke up, at least they’re not risking anyone who’d be missed.

  59. Off the fence.

    It’s funny, if independents want to talk to anyone in the COS it can only be the continental justice chief. Other than that, independents can’t communicate at all to anyone in the COS and vice versa. It’s illegal. Especially if originated by the indie. But the COS has no problem just walking up and knocking on your door to chat? Maybe the independents should at have a terminal that could screen anyone in the COS anytime they want to have a little chat. Set down a few rules of sane communication first huh?. “Sure, we’ll be glad to talk with you, however you must first go through ————— and have it o.k’d first”

  60. Hi Pipi;

    It must really suck to be her. Any Being who is degraded as this poor soul seems to be, well, I hope someone loves her enough to get her at least onto a Pab 6 program, and find her a really big rock for her to look at. Then 3 S&Ds.

    “Seems like the “Basics” and GAT have done nothing to improve her TRs”

    Well, no, of course not, these courses are not designed to improve anything .

  61. scilonschools

    Nice to hear Mosey speak! (not to mention out handle the CoM Zombie)

    So polite of that CoM Zombie to keep her sunglsses on during the whole conversation, with the ARC ability of a SLIMY door to door salesman..

    It is really SCARY how brainwashed Mosey’s unwelcome caller was,!!!

  62. Hi Ann.

    “Why does this em guy keep hitting his head against the wall? Crazy!”

    You answered your own question.

  63. scilonschools

    Mosey if ‘something’ like that turns up on your doorstep again, don’t call the Police, cut out the middle man and call the local Morgue to see if they are missing any bodys!

  64. So sickening. To Anna: IF you and you “church” are STANDARD, and concerned about it, then what happened to Lisa Mcpherson and many other OT 7s who died from cancer or were seriously ill while they were on your Bridge actions? You had better handle you various standard”s” internally first.

  65. Tony Dephillips

    Standard bot implantation.

  66. first of all well done mosey on holding the fort..!that bot that was on your porch looked like an old hooker from L.A…..!that style she had going was really cheap..!these videos u guys put up are priceless,i actually feel guilty watching them as their just too damn entertainment value they are a must watch…!that bot is now on the world wide web for enternity,6 minutes just turned into enternity,you poor lass….!

  67. Wow Anna Stilo, with several hundred thousand more hard, tough, grinding, worse for wear miles on top of when I last saw her at the Int Base where she wasn’t a very happy camper! Her daughter Donna, who’s still at the base probably is more leverage to get her to go to IOB. The reverse Tech application for years in the RPF has made her more of a solid citizen, not helped her move on up higher at all!

    Mosey, you were completely awesome in your handling of this offensive, evil intentioned assault to cave you in and push in all your anchor points. My hat’s off to you telling her the truth, making her totally speechless, clueless and one big comm lag!

    These SQBers/OSA Bots seem to consider that if they appear on the doorstep, with no manners or greeting and introduction like the rest of the world does (establishing R or reality and some kind of affinity) that they will somehow put the person at effect through their Communication! Have these guys not learned the basics of the Scientology and the ARC triangle? Oops, I forgot that RCS only practices reverse tech.

    That’s the “standard” courseroom and academy she’s referring to I guess as she has no clue on applying the comm formula hiding behind her ZZ Top cheap sunglasses. It is really remarkable that these PoB puppets lines are stated from the PoB point of view as if we are under Reverse Tech Crims slave control and not free! Hey Dear Loser, Cruise control only applies to your BFF!

    I really see that the rudeness, sneering, whining and lying started as soon as the camera got her face. It is so funny her bringing up the subject of Trademarks which she obviously does not have a clue about!

    As Anna hasn’t given out her new name, perhaps she should be called Anna Cheap Sunglasses.

  68. mark mckinstry


    Two things struck my about this video:

    1. Mosey’s comm cycle is so much more natural and high ARC than the puported “Scientologist” who is there to tell her about Standard Tech.

    2. If Ann is so concerned about Standard Tech in her area, why not visit one of her local Orgs. Isn’t there the adage that a “good courseroom fills itself”? Obviously the Idle Orgs in Texas are not doing that.

    I hate to give the C of S any tips at this point, but their position of “authority” and “squirrel busting” would be much more impinging if they had their own house in order. Any “joe” on the street knows that before you go criticizing someone on their behavior or actions, better make sure you’ve got it together yourself first.

    Just sayin..

  69. Pipi-I could never imagine going into session with her-I would rather have brain surgery.

  70. Mosey-you did great!!! You also have a great voice!

  71. I am so HAPPY to be away from the sneering, whining and lying- perfectly put Marty.I feel I have found people who smile, get in comm and are truthful!- I dpn’t have to keep pulling knives out of my back all the time.

  72. Not often I get to see female clowns. Thank’s for the show. You can see things going on behind those sunglasses, just have a good look.

  73. Robert Earle

    Well put Karen….tell it like it is.

  74. Nice job Mosey.

    It’s never pleasant, easy or fun to have robots show up at one’s door. But you handled Ann-bot just great.

    I saw her universe collide into a big GPM (goals/problem/mass), when you reminded her that her “church” was going to psychotic lengths to harrass good people.

    Good job!

  75. Brava Mosey! Stay strong –

  76. The day that Anna (from around here, somewhere) realize what kind of merciless, butcher’s knife she’s been under and who’s using it, I’m afraid she’ll loose it completely. Consistent with the rest of DMs ambassadors, to me, she is on the edge, ready to flip. Her sneer is a result of threats, heavy conditioning to think this way and act that way or else.

    DM: Get lost already.

    Mosey, sorry you have to waste time with such bs. And btw… I’d pick up those cans from you any day !

  77. Anna Stilo was posted as WDC Sea Org in 1985 by some insane posting by HCO CMOI. She came on post when stats were really doing well and she crashed the sector out in just one year. She was finally was RPF’d a year later. She completed the RPF after 2 years, went back to post but was sent back to the RPF a week later as an “Overt Product”. Another 6 months later she finished the RPF again only to be returned a month later as an OP. After 8 more years in a futile attempt to make another better, she was Fitness boarded out of the Sea Org as “unfit for duty”. Now she shows up at Moseys door exercising her downtone inappropriate acks and stupid speal about standard tech. Why does DM send these DBs who have no clue of standard anything to squack about standard anything?


  78. Anna is a great example of DM’s Comm course on how to control and manipulate communication to your own ends (as compared to the comm course that taught how to confront and actually communicate…) The manipulative comm of “I got that,” when she obviously didn’t, “I understand,” when she obviously didn’t, showed that she was using “communication tricks” instead of just being there herself and communicating.

  79. Well done . What a story .

  80. Masterful job, Mosey! We’re all proud of you!

    And I heartily agree with Gandiguy’s recommending of the COB vs. LRH article on the FRIENDS OF LRH website. I’ve been using it for years to enlighten any Church member who’s willing to LOOK for themselves.

    (BTW, I saw Sam and Valkov (I think it was) mention recently that the Friends of LRH website is down, so I wrote them. They wrote back that it was just a glitch with the server for a day or two. Sure enough, I just checked it out, and there they are, up and running again.)

    Also highly recommended: Save Scientology– another website with just the facts.

  81. “The best technical standard”

    With a provisional Class IV (SP) acting as Senior C/S International?????
    (have you heard about Lisa….)

    Take your sunglasses of, and LOOK…..

  82. + 1000. Spectacular handling Mosey! This poor benighted being had NO answers whatsoever. She was sent away with “you’ve been lied to” ringing in her ears. Beautiful!

  83. anychance that tacky looking handbag had a hidden camera for their freedumb doco?im sure u dont care if it did,but im just asking…….

  84. Joe Pendleton

    Mosey of course acted like an actual BEING, as compared to this broken down “communication machine.” Standard training? Yeah….right. Like whoever delivered the TRs Course and KTL to this chick? Talk about needed retrains by someone who actually GOT the data! And this poor excuse for an OT was on the Watchdog Committee? Overseeing Scientology????? Salvaging this sector of the universe…yeah, that’s the ticket….and like Sgt. Schultz of the old “Hogan’s Heroes” TV show, of course she “knows nothing” whenever Mosey gave her some data. Another attribute of the people who have been running the COS for the past 30 plus years. They really do KNOW NOTHING, except of course how to continually repeat invalidations and demands for money. THAT they know.

  85. If you watch this as a complete outsider, not knowing anything about it all, it is clear that Mosey is the sane, together person, and Anna is someone in need of some help, several chips short of a full plate.

    Well, you have to thank David Miscavige, and his Squirrel Busters for one thing – they have made Marty and Mosey into celebrities! Best PR money can buy…… 😀

  86. Impartial English Girl

    Bloody hell. What’s with the quasi ‘Sex & the City’ backing music?! The ‘org leader’ (isn’t she one of the “wives” trotted out on Anderson Cooper?) actually appeared to be mouthing the script along with “Dee-Dee” before the final ghastly “Mmm-hmmmnnn!” Dear, oh dear.

  87. Impartial English Girl

    Mrs. Rathburn has proved yet again what a classy woman she is. What a smart girl!!! Alas the same cannot be said for the deluded Anna. It’s just getting more and more ludicrous. Glad to hear that the community of Ingleside is behind you – they sound like a decent bunch. Kudos too to the owner of the Nightliner hostelry.

    I wonder what Cruise would think if the tables were turned and idiots turned up to harrass Katie and Suri every time he was away. It’s a revolting, sickening tactic and I’m sorry that Christie is getting it too. 😦

    Jazz-dog sends love to Chiquita. He’s trying to be asleep, but I poked him with a stick until he agreed to translate her barks:

    “Not again! I thought this was going to be a GOOD day…”
    [Mrs. R. begins conversing with DM’s scab]
    “Go! Go!! GO AWAY!!!” [then, muttered and inaudible to human ears] “Oh, for f*ck’s sake… How many TIMES?! I can’t even be bothered to waste good eating-energy on them… If that DM creature was a cat, I’d be wearing his skull as a HAT by now… grrrowwwlgrwwlschnrrfffrrrr…” [continues infinitely on, retreating to her bed in despair at the folly of deluded humans].

    KEEP GOING. The only ones looking like chumps here are DM and his seemingly-inexhaustible supply of goons. They are making the Keystone Kops look like a watertight elite crime-fighting unit.

    Love to all,
    IEG (and Jazz)

  88. This is not a parody??????????????

  89. Roon the ben. O’er the top. Sigh – cot – ick.

    Here’s the Church of Miscavology Marching Song:

  90. Anna.
    That’s a PASS on your RTC final Pro TRs video submission.
    Very Well Done!
    Mosey – you’ve got some more work to do. Too natural.

  91. Harry Potter

    Anna actually was back as WDC SCN in the early 1990s and then busted and subsequently RPFed in 1994. She rotted almost 9 years in the PAC RPF until 2002 when she was offloaded as deadwood.

    She went to work for a company and has been making enough money to try to get back onlines. But they have been beating her around because she falls into the category of an “Ex Int DBs”. DM has made it very clear that anyone who was up lines is to be treated like absolute garbage for the rest of their lives.

    Anna Stilo was married to Glen Stilo who was in OSA. In the RPF, she was divorced and soon became Paddock. Her daughter is Donna Stilo Stumbke who was offloaded from Gold to PAC. Her former son in law was Jon Stumbke who was in RTC a couple of times.

    In my opinion, she looks nothing like the other people who have come. She looks rather scared and not happy to be doing it, but of course her “eternal salvation” has been waved in her face. I think we’ve all been there. She’s hit the early 60s and does a good job with the hair dyes. But I think she is about as unhappy about being there as Mosey is to have her.

    The other ones appear more psycho and “ya, call the police”. She seems to want none of that. She is probably trying to do just enough to get RTC to sign off on her eligibility CSW.

  92. A question:
    What would Ron do in this situation?

  93. That´s right – most of the CofM members are in Confusion.
    Easy for Dave “Adolf” Miscarriage to manipulate these robots.

  94. Poor Anna. She comes across as lost and has a haunted look to me. I guess she has forgotten the early 70’s in Austin, Texas. She was the Academy Sup and her course room was jam packed full of happy winning students. People were applying Scientology and having a good time doing it. The org had to rent a separate building to house all the students. The last time I was at the Austin Org the mold smell was so overwhelming, I started feeling ill and had to leave. Apparently the roof has been leaking for quite some time and to top it off the air conditioner was broken. The sweltering heat and the mold combo was too much for this girl to endure. When I walked by the academy, I saw no more than three students. The ladies room has a drain that, I believe goes to the basement where the book stocks are stored. There was mold smell coming from the drain.
    Anna was a good sup. She could probably walk in there and do a hell of a job but, she probably hasn’t done GAT or some such and she is the worst of the worst EX-SO, a condition it is impossible to work out of or correct in the current reverse, alter-is, biased, false data environment she lives in. And she somehow not only accepts all of this, she promotes the crush regging for a new building believing this will create an ideal org. What happened, Anna? When did you decide not to follow LRH and instead follow whatever comes down the line whether it makes sense of not? Ask yourself, what is different now from then. Could it be, you were applying LRH back then? This is not the way I remember you.

  95. Vincent Dooley

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. If there is ever a remake of the Stepford Wives, Anna ought to make a casting call. Nice job Mosey.

  96. Mosey– you dealt with her beautifully. Absolutely spectacularly. She was sent in to enturbulate you — and failed.

    Anna Stilo — after years on the PAC RPF you sill sneer!?? My god — you think you are send in from heavens above to enturbulate some “squirrel” so that you can get your approval to get onto advanced levels. Holy crap. What a fool. You preach about standard tech — yet you are standing there because you are being told this is the only way you can move from stalled Clear onto OT 1??? This is beyond the beyond. This is insane. You are a complete fool.

    Mosey — just love you! Go girl!

  97. PS. Marty — you are so correct about Anna Stilo’s sneer. I must say, I worked for at least 3 years under this woman — and her sneer is the most obvious thing about her. That, and her comm lag.
    At one stage, when I was in CMO Int and responsible for getting a proposal together for the Universe Corps, I had to get tech resources to take staff of Saint Hill size orgs to OT. Anna Stilo was WDC SO — and I could not get cooperation, assistance or anything from the bitch. She just sneered at me. Well Anna — you are getting your just deserts arent you? What goes around comes around!

  98. Ciao Marty,ciao Mosey , ciao Americans Indy !
    Since this Morning the Italian Indipendent Field have 2 new Original OT1 !
    Me and Simon Bolivar,the faster translator for INDIPENDOLOGO .
    Luana,my wife, is near to attest SOLO2…..
    A big Kiss ! Hip pip Hurra to LRH !
    Minelli Francesco

  99. Christie,

    This video hurts my heart. This is Suzie Barbee, OT8. She is married to Doss Stephens. They were previously from Austin. Doss was on staff there for a very long time. He last worked in Qual, I believe Qual Sec. Doss called me about 1 1/2 years ago after 15 years of no comm. He was calling me from Flag to borrow money for another intensive. If I remember right he was going to start a new business and this was his plan on how he would pay it back. I wondered how he got my number but, that is beside the point.
    The point is, this is not how LRH intened OT’s to live. Really guys (lurkers), stop and THINK. Should an OT be struggling in life? Shouldn’t an OT8 be flourishing and prospering, doing very well, happy, so productive he can allow himself a little entertainment or loafing time? I was talking to a young person the other day telling about Scn and some new Scn friends I’d met recently and how great it was. He asked me only one question, “Were any of them successful?”
    The longer I’m out the more false data I spot that, I was operating on. I thought it best to sacrifice for the good of the group and mankind. Only, when I later looked at sacrifice on the tone scale, I relized this thinking was crazy. If every single person is sacrificing for the good of the group you end up sacrificing the entire group which is what I see happening.

  100. I was talking about the Phoenix video. Suzie is the red head on the right, with glasses.

  101. mrinder,
    Some of my family were told told the same thing by “handlers” when I was declared. Apparently, the story was Marty is violating copyright laws. My question was, if that is true, why doesn’t the church sue him? I don’t know much about copyright laws but, I have figured out by now that what is alleged is usually the opposite of the truth.

  102. Anna, Really? I knew you long ago. I don’t know you now because people change over 40 years. I do know your husband, though and I love him. Does it not bother you that he started OT7 22 years ago and can’t seem to manage to finish it? You seem very worried about out tech. I think maybe you ought to look in your own back yard. I’m sorry to be so harsh. I love Cody but, I also love my friend, Mosey. And she and Marty have done a lot more to contribute to my survival. They are true friends. Not like the people I’ve known for 40 years who were able to just blow me off because I was no longer useful to them, cold. Some, I even helped raise their kids. This was before and after I got declared. Friend, another misunderstood concept by most in the C of M. The fair weather friends concept seems to be alive and well, though.

  103. Anna,
    Oh, forgot something! When Mosey asked you where you who you are and where you are from, you don’t answer. Why? You say you are from around here. I don’t really consider Austin, Texas to be part of the Ingleside area. I’ve made that drive. It’s a good 4 hours one way and over 200 miles from where you live in North Austin. Why would you need to be misleading? Is this current procedure?

  104. Mosey you are the BOMB! VVVVVWD Mosey while confronting Anna who was extremely creepy! Mosey I do not think I could have standed 6 minutes with her ramblings. Anna bolted the minute police were mentioned.
    As for the fund raising clip at Phoenix org that was pure nausea. It was very difficult to watch and also creepy. Are you kidding me!

  105. Christie,

    Nauseating is RIGHT.

    The feigned excitement, the call for donations from elsewhere (no doubt the Phoenix public has already been sucked dry), and the Paypal banner traveling across the screen … and then that chick waiting for her part in the script where she yells out ‘I have a donation!’ Simply revolting.

    I cringe when I think of the the public when they hear they need to ‘just’ raise a few million more for the renos. I wonder what the monthly ‘lease’ will be from Landlord Int or the IAS after the PUBLIC buys the building.

    Like you, I can hardly watch … it is an embarrassment and nothing short of criminal. Just give money.

    ‘We’re going to go crazy’ ??

    Welp, looks like they’re already there

  106. Mosey…Perfect handling of this poor example for a human being at your door. I keep watching the attacks against you, Christie, Marty, Mike and others and after each video I’m left with raw nerves exposed. I have not been able to put my finger on what is so annoying about the “POB attackers” (POB source: Pope On Box..Mike Rinder, 2011.)

    After observing your communication with the sunglass wearing female drone at your door step I had my OMG moment about the “POB attackers”. Every attacker has zero communication skills. If Miscavige wants to get usable video footage for his web blogs why does he send poor communicators to do these insane
    Are all the talented communicators still inside the church refusing to participate in these missions, leaving only the Anna types who communicate as ExIntStaff Member so aptly stated, “It’s like her brain impulses have to travel through molasses before they arrive to the mouth.” Or is it possible that the majority of parishoners left in DM’s church have been dumbed down to this robot like state.

    I think back to the TV interviews, this and other blogs and all I see are people in need of the COMM course I took in 1968.

  107. martyrathbun09

    Ciao! Congratulations!

  108. Scott Campbell

    Great post Karen!

    Boy, you really have a knack for getting to the bottom line. I really appreciate your posts and you telling it like it is.

    Keep up the good work girl!

    L, Scott

  109. Vic & Vicki K.

    Hi Mosey,

    Your honest and real communication with the claymation zombie was probably the closest thing she had to case gain in her long sorry existence. Unfortunately, that’s the good news for her. Bad news is she has been misled to believe she has to go back to the cult of POB…

    You really do Rock!
    Vicki & Vic

  110. Cured Robot

    OMG, that was excruciatingly embarrassing to watch! That poor little old lady in front was just kind of dazerd and confused and overwhelmed.

  111. just wonder is this a lady ,that “visit” your wife…..

  112. The reality of this silly episode with Anna Stilo is she mentions copyrights and trademarks. OK, what is her point? She alludes to ‘standard’ which is a contrary fact as David Miscavige is the biggest alter-ising entity in the history of Dianetics and Scientology.

    No, I think her point is this is the lame action of a neutered, feckless ‘RTC’ that has LOST the trademarks. This caper actually reveals that there is precious little DM can do at this point since he’s failed to protect the trademarks. If he had ANY traction in this argument he’d have sent the ‘cease and desist’ letter and proceded to court when it was ignored.

    Hey, Dave, I’m practicing Scientology, delivering LRH Tech, in a What is a Course room, in Havana, Fla. TODAY. Right now. Checksheets, packs, clay, dictionaries, student folders, emeters, the works buddy.

    Been at it for a while, and I’m not the only one. ‘Laches’ dude. It’s a legal term, unlike Anna Stilo.

  113. Quite in addition to being a damning piece of evidence in the continued harassment of Mosey and others, it’s exhibit number 1 in the case of the demise of Radical Corporate Scientology.

    If the world begins with TRO then it surely ends for the lack of it. And this video shows just that. Anna is not really there, no TR0, not at all natural, sort of dead, acks displaying an utter lack of duplication or understanding especially when the other person’s response doesn’t fit with the Miscavige mind set. Contrasts heavily when you notice how alive and natural Mosey sounds.

    If auditing is occurring at all in Radical Scientology today (and in many places it is not) this is an example of auditor TRs. Even if auditors were trained well on TRs in the first place they’ve lost their educational gains under the suppressive regime.

    Get a life Anna. As an ex-Sea Org member you are just a 3rd Class citizen, if that, in POB’s “Brave New World”.

  114. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the straight data. I probably shouldn’t have singled her out for how she was when I saw her in WDC. Hell, everyone at int was downtone. It is sad she hasn’t mustered sufficient personal integrity to say the truth of what she sees, pick herself up by her own bootstraps an walk on. I hope she does one day. What she did at our home will not be used against her when she does see the light and reaches out for a hand. When she does, we’ll lend her more than one hand.

  115. Scott Campbell

    Fantastico Francesco & Luana!

    Excellent job helping others.

  116. Vent long time coming Lana? 😀

  117. Way to flourish and prosper! 🙂

  118. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mark. Good excuse to share out theme song for such visits:

  119. Marty,
    Having that information helps us understand who she is and where her transformation to stultified robot began.
    I for one am glad you included it.

  120. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, you are ON this morning.

  121. An even better question:
    What would YOU do? 😉

  122. martyrathbun09

  123. martyrathbun09

    We don’t need know stinking filters.

  124. martyrathbun09

    From 98 to 05 I was IG.

  125. The incomparable Eric Clapton getting to the very crux of the matter.
    Very nice! 🙂

  126. martyrathbun09

    Yo V&V,
    ML M&M

  127. Mosey you are AMAZING!!! VWD on your TR’s!!
    The Church sends Anna as one of their role model’s for standard Tech….
    well all I can say is Anna a Big Flunk and redo your Comm Course. Your Basics are completely out.

  128. Harry,
    Thanks! This helps me understand Anna better. I haven’t seen her much in recent years but, I would have to say from what I have observed, she is up there with a handful or two of the more zealous followers in Austin

  129. Christie,
    Nice handling!

  130. +1

  131. “No, I think her point is this is the lame action of a neutered, feckless ‘RTC’ that has LOST the trademarks.”
    Well spotted.

  132. This is my first post here.
    Long time follower of this blog.
    Mosey, you truly are a steel Magnolia….tough as nails, one of the most beautiful,
    as demonstrated.

    Anna standing on Mosey’s front porch (knowing of Marty’s absence) prompted me to post.
    This valence carried by POB’s ‘civilian’ army is pretty pathetic.
    It leaves questions as to why or how this can be.

    This analogy might explain how this came to be:

    If you start with a cage containing five monkeys and inside the cage, hang

    a banana on a string from the top and then you place a set of stairs

    under the banana, before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb

    toward the banana.

    As soon as he touches the stairs, you

    spray all the other monkeys with cold water. After a while another

    monkey makes an attempt with same result … all the other monkeys are

    sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon when another monkey tries to climb

    the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.

    Now, put the cold water away.

    Remove one monkey from the cage and

    replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and attempts

    to climb the stairs. To his shock, all of the other monkeys beat the

    crap out of him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he

    tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.

    Next, remove another of the original

    five monkeys, replacing it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the

    stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the

    punishment… with enthusiasm.

    Then, replace a third original monkey

    with a new one, followed by a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the

    newest monkey takes to the stairs he is attacked. Most of the monkeys

    that are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to

    climb the stairs. Neither do they know why they are participating in the

    beating of the newest monkey.

    Finally, having replaced all of the

    original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been

    sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, none of the monkeys will try to

    climb the stairway for the banana.

    Why, you ask? Because in their minds… that is the way it has always been.

  133. The thing that makes no sense in all these assaults, invasions, harassments and stalkings is that they MAKE NO SENSE – at least, not from the perspective of how rational people would design a game and then play it to win it.

    Some of David Miscavige’s and his broken pieces’ errors and disadvantages are that they:

    1. Don’t know their audience – They have no appreciation for whom they’re playing to, either in the CoS or outside it, or how those people will perceive and judge these events.

    2. Are unable to plan – They have no ability to play their “game” even one move beyond the one they’re currently making.

    3. Can imagine only one strategy – They know only how to keep doing what they did last time, which makes any evaluation, much less any improvement, impossible.

    4. Keep making bad casting decisions – The broken pieces all look bad on camera, in every way.

    5. Can’t keep score – They don’t realize the score is already many thousands to zip.

  134. Hell, yes.

  135. Mike,

    You managed 10 minutes at a time? Geez, that’s commendable. I can’t even bring myself to click the Play button anymore!

    I’ve just seen to much of it, it’s all become “shit that I don’t need in my life.”

  136. Every interaction is a chance to free that person from the cult of Miscavige. Perhaps a pamphlet at the ready and an invitation to sit down and review the information is in order for any PI or public that comes to your house. You should make sure they know that they are welcome to join the independent community and audit at your home. They won’t be required to embarrass themselves or otherwise kneel before Miscavige to beg for acceptance.

    Great job, and never, ever give up!

  137. Laura Ann,

    There is one thing the church (actually DM) will never ever ever do, and that is willingly see Marty inside a courtroom. DM knows exactly what will happen if he does that – he’ll open the door to this magical thing called “discovery” where Marty gets to ask the really hard questions.

    Hell will freeze over first.

    It doesn’t apply only to Marty, it applies to anyone outside DM’s kingdom applying tech anywhere for any reason.

  138. Thanks Mosey for that study. You’ve a wonderful presence. When those bots try and talk to me they never last me more than 20 minutes before they blow and that’s only if I carefully avoid Davey (no way they’ll confront my views on him). Next study they make you provide us, please bring Davey up and question his authority and Tech perversion; my bet is that they don’t last you more than one minute. You won’t change the NCG bots but it’s fun video.

  139. Tom,

    Here’s a scary thought:

    Anna Stilo is the best they’ve got. Really.

  140. Mosey,
    You are a stellar example of what a real human being should be. In spite of Anna’s attempts to make you wrong you held your ground and your integrity and actually stayed in ARC the whole time even when you asked her to leave. We can all take a lesson from you.
    And I’m glad that you don’t actually use any of the materials that are still under copyright as they are GAT alterations of real LRH tech and are no longer workable technology. The only workable tech is now in the public domain and free for all to use.

    VWD and much ARC,

  141. Tony DePhillips


  142. Makes me think of this quote by William Shakespeare: ‘I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed!’
    Also, from another, “Don’t confuse me with facts, I know what I know.”
    Miss Mosey, you were very gracious to such an misguided person.

  143. Tony DePhillips

    Funny. Good stuff, I enjoyed it.

  144. barney rubble


    Correction from another poster she was on the the “farm” AKA RPF for 9 years. 9 years on the RPF will turn anyone into a total zombie. As Marty said, she would be welcomed into the real world. I can’t believe she is still doing amends for DM even after 9 years on the RPF, but then Charlie Rush is still scrubbing pots and pans in the PAC Galley.

  145. Tony DePhillips

    I like the way you communicate Laura Ann. 🙂

  146. Lesson learned : a lady with almost 40 years of Co$ experience … enters another’s property, withholds her full name … and acts like a street beggar, arguing desperately and trying to get Mosey into an agreement …

    This “beggar valence” surprised even me 😮

    Once upon a time Scientologists could be recognized by their affinity and high tone level … ah, that’s still true, as evidenced by Mosey !

  147. Tony DePhillips

    BB said:”Miss Mosey, you were very gracious to such an misguided person.”

    This stood out to me also Mosey. You were so patient with her, even though she was trying to do you harm in some way and you knew it.
    Your kindness showed through. You are a class act.

  148. Bravo !! 🙂

  149. Laura Ann,
    Co$ has sued a few guys who seemed to violate copyright laws. One guy was sentenced to pay 75.000 $ for publishing a single bulletin. So Co$ knows how to sue copyright infringers.

  150. If you watch closely, she is attempting to adopt “the winning valence” but is restraining herself as a being as she “knows” it is evil. So I guess that proves she is “basically good”. But I guess 9 years in the Reverse Processing Force will do that to you….

  151. mrinder would love to see that video! it is true, a “sunday morning cheapass TV preacher”!

  152. mrinder, agreed she was extremely unprepared. To even take on a task such as this to me is completely insane.What do you do drills in full display…just deny knowing anything about anything!

  153. +++++++10000000

  154. Tom Gallagher

    It seems P.O.B. door-to-door missionaries could take a few training lessons from other successful religions on their outreach techniques. Al Qaeda, for example, comes to mind.

  155. Off the fence.

    Yea, you’re right. But they should call first 🙂

  156. My real concern is that as the “church” continues to lie to their members and operatives about how “evil” Marty and the independents are, seeing how deluded they already are, might do something very stupid. Who is to say that one of these poor souls who are on some sort of ethics amends project or trying to get on the next level of the bridge, or trying to be a hero that DM will raise in status, won’t do something really crazy. I’ve looked Joanne Wheaton and Ed Bryan in the eyes. They are deranged individuals. The church is breeding these extremists. Radicalism is dangerous. Look what was done in the name of Islam. My hope is that “Scientologists” don’t go the same route. Having been exterior to the situation all along and simply watched what has played out before my eyes, I think it is naive not to have such concerns.

  157. Once I had been in a bit similar situation. The boss announced a BIG WIN (which was actually a lie) and wanted a clap and cheer orgy of the group. I had enough of it that day and stopped it. No one did clap and cheer. The boss then had been in a situation similar to someone you prove a bootle can fly.
    But if you do things like that you have also to face the flip side. Especially in the US movies the Hero is admired and in the end gets the girl. In real life you are not admired, hardly have friends and your wife is the first one that gets the full blast attack. As those (beep) that cannot attack you as you are strong attack your girl. E.g. my then wife could not stand that preassure any more, went temporarily psychotic and finally gave up. The Heros wife has to be at least as strong as the Hero himself.

  158. fromTX2,
    Nice analogy! Welcome friend from Tx 2!

  159. Tony,


  160. Completely agree Mosey; this is a real concern, and why, despite everything collectively we need to see the goodness within all these people, even the radicalised ones, and be ready with help and support when needed. Pretty soon there will be a lot of very confused and disorientated SO and staff in particular who will need stable reference points and friendly arms. I have the wherewithal and willingness in my area to help house and support those in genuine need.

  161. Yvonne Schick

    Saddens me to see this. I worked closely with Anna for many years on the OT Committee in Austin. At her heart, she is well-intentioned. For whatever case is still showing or vulnerability to being deceived or at the effect of implants, under it all, she wants to help others. Sad to see her drilled to within an inch of her life with no self-determined origination available; stick to the script. I’ve also seen her be compassionate when others needed help; playful and fun when the situation called for it Her drive to help has been turned against her – “you must hurt others to help”. I was last in the courseroom at the Austin org about a year ago. Anna had been a full time student for many years. She had a program to train as an auditor and have successes before she could get on OT7. That, of course, was interrupted to do the full basics line-up. I had to admire her persistence in the face of the usual ethics bs from Flag. What you are seeing is the product of full-time DM-styled training. She was used. I think she knew she was being used and, like others have pointed out, was willing to be used this way if it helped her ethics cycle. Perhaps one day Anna’s basic goodness will break through the deceptions and implants and she will awaken to the truth and find the spiritual freedom she seeks.

    All that said – Way to go, Mosey! You handled the situation very skillfully. You were real and held your position in space. You shouldn’t have to deal with this but you do it with aplomb.

  162. Ms. Yingling,
    Are you reading this? Are you understanding this?

  163. scilonschools

    (I would be impressed but this is the acute level of understanding that you (Mosey) has shown throughout)

  164. Ms. Yingling,
    Are you reading this? Are you understanding this?

  165. Impartial English Girl

    Thank you. xx 😉

  166. Splog, not really. DM hates Anna. I know for a fact he does (well he hates most people he knows). He would send Anna with her robotic and unnatural TRs in some sort of macabre DM mission to mess with Mosey. That’s all he would send her for. He would be watching this video yesterday and laughing his ass off watching Anna and saying to his minions “Can you imagine her showing up on your doorstep? Oh man, she is blowing Moseys mind.” No, that casting was done purposely.

    Get the idea that DM is a little kid prankster and then you would understand why the likes of John Allender the clown and Anna the zombie show up at Marty’s.

    ML Tom

  167. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Yvonne. How about this from the Founder:
    People have been betrayed so often on the whole track that it is no wonder they get help mixed up with betrayal, but help became betrayal only at those periods of the track where the dwindling spiral had been reached for any civilization.” HCOB 5 MAY 1960

  168. Mosey, I can see what you are looking at, but don’t go there. Don’t even mock that up a little. It’s just the wrong concept. The history of violence in Scientology is minimal, so let’s keep it that way. Function monitors structure: You won’t have illness until you post a doctor. You won’t have war until you post a general. You won’t have crime until you post a cop. The way Marty plays it is just as safe as can be. Sometimes I hold my breath for you guys, but I know that Marty knows that he is doing.

    ML Tom

  169. martyrathbun09

    First of all, she doesn’t mock up. Second, her constant alertness is what enables me to walk without flinching.

  170. Tony DePhillips

    I hear ya!
    These cult members are truly exhibiting bizarre behavior. They are a potential danger to themselves and others. This kind of behavior is not acceptable in a rational society.
    Ya know, I was thinking about this “World out of comm” statement I had heard a lot about in the 80’s from the New World Corp. Supposedly LRH found that the world was out of comm and this needed to be handled.
    Well, the cult called “Scientology” is out of comm with itself and it’s own members and former members. They can’t even handle their own issues let alone handle something for the planet.

  171. Yvonne Schick

    Brings tears to my eyes.

  172. You did great, Mosey. Too bad you didn’t know more about poor Anna as you might of been able to help wake her up.

    You could have pointed out that she spent over 8 YEARS on the RPF. During that time she had no access to tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, non LRH books, cell phones, computer or even the ability to speak to anyone outside the RPF except through a written filter. During those 8 years she would have lived in a dorm filled with as many woman as possible in bunk beds. She had to run every where she went doing fun work like picking up cigarette butts in the parking lots or cleaning the galley and its dumpsters. For that she was given $11 a week (if there was full pay). Of course for 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, she received “standard tech” in order to rid her of “evil purposes”. Over 8+ years that’s roughly 10,000 hours of enhancement time trying to “correct her”. Of course that didn’t work out so well so now she has a freeloader debt, had to restart life with nothing and she needs to make amends working as a dupe for radical Scientology as part of its hate crimes.

    The question for Anna would be “HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR YOUR DYNAMICS?

  173. Yvonne and Marty,

    Thanks for pointing out the big picture!

  174. Expelled 4 Life


  175. martyrathbun09

    Fortunately, in accordance with the central, overriding datums of CLass VIII and Data Series, the handling for such overwhelming overwhelm, is as simple and light as can be.

  176. martyrathbun09

    All four flows, all eight dynamics.

  177. BB & Tony,

    I agree!

  178. scilonschools

    The Evolution of the CoM is reaching new levels , do you remember George (OTVIII) from East Grinstead over 18 months ago?
    Is this the Scvientology you know?

  179. “That’s the problem, they don’t give you all the data.”

    Nice one, Mosey! That pretty much stopped her dead in her tracks!!

  180. Marty, one of the best songs ever, great choice. I think these vids are important for the public to see just how bad the CULT is imploding. So many are now saying, most of the hard work is done. Time to sit back and watch POB continue to make a total ass out of himself and his CULT of robotology.. As a protester who has worked so hard to get the word out of the abuses of this madman I feel the ending is near. Also, please keep speaking up about Tom Cruise, he holds the key to help get massive media coverage. Also, it just pisses POB off so bad! But, I understand you also take the brunt of the payback when you do. Either way, thanks for everything you and Mosey do as well as Mike and Christie!
    All of you rock, keep kicking the CULT’S ass!

  181. Way to go Money, girl! Your kindness, compassion & caring came through loud & clear, even though you.speak softly. Keep being who you are. Keep taking care of your great man! Being alert and aware is what being a true operating thetan is all about, you display all these qualities & more.

    I truly saw the little churchee’s wheels turning in her head everytime you said “you’ve been lied to”, she flinched because she knew was true, but feels helpless. Hope we meet somewhere up the road.

  182. Sweet.

    ML Tom

  183. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Mat,
    Now that’s what I call putting things into perspective.
    Want to go bowling? 🙂

  184. “Standard Tech”??? In the Church??? Maybe somebody should hand Anna Paddock a copy of COB vs. LRH from the FRIENDS OF LRH website!

    And hey, let’s not forget that one of the most successful actions taken by anybody EVER in the Independent Field was when Luis Garcia had the genius (and the humility) to use the Friends of LRH website as practically the entire basis of his famous letter.

    For me, handing people printouts of this one page (“COB vs. LRH”) has done more to handle their considerations about standard tech in the church than anything else I’ve ever said or done.


  185. T Paine

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate”

    When one is being suppressed their world is viewed from the viewpoint of the suppressor. ie: “would the suppressor like this?”, “would this please the suppressor?”, What am I supposed to do to propitiate the suppressor?” etc. The “communication lag” is simply because the person is not in their own valence, to some degree, and is relying on circuits to handle the present time environment. Everything has to go through various “filters” because the person is unwilling or unable to act on their own determinism in the situation.
    It is a “bad indicator” when one LOSES confidence in their own rightness as a being. It is a sign of suppression, the result of “black Dianetics”, or the application of “out tech”. (or all of these)

    A person who can communicate easily and has no, or less “comm lag”, is usually more “in valence” and acting on their own determinism.
    It is a “good indicator” when one IMPROVES ones concept of their own “rightness as a being”. It is a sign of spiritual advancement, or “correctly applied, correct technology”.

    Easy to judge which is which here.

    Eric S

  186. Mark Fisher

    Great job Mosey! You are truly one “Big Being” and your confront is amazing!

    Mat I find it a shame that Anna Stilo still acts this way after all you say she has been through. I truly feel sorry for so many of my former Sea Org members who have been so beaten down and don’t even bother to open their eyes and just “look don’t listen” after getting away.

    The first time I heard of Sea Org members being on the RPF for 6, 7, 8 years was from people like Chuck Beatty, Bruce Hines and Neel Bogart. It blew my mind! I couldn’t comprehend why these smart, intelligent people would put up with that much abuse for so long without saying enough is enough after the first year. The RPF originally was intended as a short term correction program. My twin was Stacy Young (who was no favorite of DM’s by any means) and we graduated in 6 months including doing the Running Program for 2 months back in 1983.

    I remember in my favorite movie Shawsank Redemtion, Morgan Freeman talks about being in prison for so long you become “institutionalized” whereby you can’t function on the outside after you get out. It becomes safer and more familiar to be back in prison. Seems like these long term sentences in the RPF has had a similar effect on some people, where they can’t open their eyes and see what is really going on, years after they have left the RPF and the Sea Org.

    It shows how evil DM and his brand of abuse really is and how much control over people’s lives he holds onto.

  187. Many apologies fot the typo on your name Mosey. Phone typing uncaught errors, grrr.

  188. FromTX2

    Welcome, and good first post.
    Hope we hear more from you.

    Eric S

  189. Marty,
    Now that she knows how to get to your house maybe she will have the good sense to stop by one day and let you help her with her recovering from the affects of radical Scientology.

  190. Yes, a nice course room and a course supervisor would be optimum. (That is, if all the other more important considerations were in. )

    But not if that organization with the course room and course supervisor was under the influence of a squirrel and an SP.

    Yes, having a a nice course room and a course supervisor is an important consideration, BUT NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!

    Whether the intent of the people around you was to bring you up or just control and take your money is a much more important consideration.

  191. V,
    You’re correct, but she already did the RPF for years so I doubt if Dear Loser RCS, perverted ethics, tech and admin could possibly work!

  192. scilonschools

    Just to hammer the point home!
    And then there was the strange case of Rex Fowler, the deal was done, separation and a check cut for 10k, why murder + attempted suicide, is this rational ‘Scientologists as you know? Who does that in cold blood over $10k?
    That funny conversation between Rex and fellow Scientologist she said ‘I don’t trust him’ and Rex replied ‘I will handle it’
    (I still think it was to do with secret software projects for the CoS)
    “Adams County jury found Rex Fowler guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of his former business partner.
    Fowler, 59, was immediately sentenced to life in prison.
    The fact that Fowler shot and killed Thomas Ciancio was never in dispute. What was in dispute was whether the act was deliberate and pre-planned.
    Prosecutors argued the fact that Ciancio was shot three times in the face could not be an accident — it was an execution.
    “Mr. Fowler waited until (Ciancio) signed that separation agreement before he took his life. Looked him right in the eye when he pulled that first trigger. He shot him right in the face! What does that tell you about deliberation?” prosecutor Dave Young asked the jury during closing arguments in the trial.”

  193. Anna was one of the early 1990s double hatted WDC Members, and I had to get her approval signature on one or another of my routing forms submissions in 1989-1990 ish.

    Later I met and spoke with her a bit during the final weeks before she finally routed out of the PAC RPF back to normal Scientology parishioner life. I was in the same “route out” group of RPF members there in LA, that Anna was, in 2002.

    Anna got routed out a couple months (like 4 months) before me, and I benefited from some of my chats with her, as she revealed the final steps that an RPFer goes through, before they finally get approval to route out, and transition back to “normal” life. Going from the rigorous RPF communal lifestyle back to normal citizen job lifestyle, is SUCH a relief, it’s like a vacation to say the least, but there is some worry about how one is going to juggle normal life again. But it’s like falling off a log and such a joy to get out!

    She moved into the Scientology ex Sea Org member community, which exists around the Complex (big blue buidling), there in LA.

    I bumped into her a couple times even after she left the RPF, and I was still in the “route out” group of the PAC RPF, because I insisted and took daily walks to the local public library nearest the Complex (the Complex is where the LA RPF houses and works), and I met her twice, since she moved to that area of LA.

    Later, when I was speaking up, in Sept 2004-2005ish, Anna called to play the OSA volunteer spy against me, and she and I stayed in touch for a couple of months, before I just couldn’t keep up the conversations, she kept trying to silence me and her role as volunteer was becoming over the top. Other ex members who knew me likewise were calling me and trying in various ways to get me to stop being a vocal “instigator”, as it states in the “Beatty Handling Program”.

    I suggest you print off and hand out copies of the “Beatty Handling Program” (and any of the other “Handling Programs” people will allow to be shared publicly) to whoever comes to your door that you don’t know, who looks like a Scientologist, like Anna, in the future.

    Realize that this “Beatty Handling Program” is confidential to volunteer Scientologists like Anna! She at best will only know about her target(s).

    I’m all for embarrassing Scientology OUT of this despicable irreligious behavior!

    You did excellently Monique!

    Chuck Beatty.

    PS: As obnoxious as these “Handling Programs” are, they are important to study, and are a litmus test of whether Scientology is reforming or not. The OSA “Handling Programs” seem like they will go on forever, but someday they will come to an end.

  194. Marty and Monique,

    I’m fine on you guys handing out the “Beatty Handling Program” to people like Anna.

    If Anna wants to claim no knowing what her church is doing, is obvious ludicrous.

    Hand out the “Beatty Handling Program” and other “Handling Programs” to the Anna’s who come calling doing their “targets” on these Handling Programs!

    Let them absorb that their church does orchestrated character smear programs, and have very irreligious motives in their own programs, freely stated.

    There are dozens of places in the “Handling Programs” where official Scientology should be taken to task.

    I suggest more use of their own written programs, and ask questions of Anna, like:

    “Anna, did you get to see the whole Handling Program that you are doing your target from?”

    “Anna, here, read this program, first, before we carry on this conversation (and hand her one of the “Handling Programs”, give her mine next time to whomever comes next time). ”

    They have to THINK about what they doing. And they are not even allowed to have the bigger picture, because their confidential “Handling Programs” are “EYES ONLY” and “NEED TO KNOW”, except that they get their volunteers and PIs to do the individual targets, all compartmented so they can deny each other’s disgraceful behavior.

    The way to make them responsible for their activities, is make them read their “Handling Programs” and see what it is they are doing!

    If they can live with that, then god help them! They deserve the reputation they have.

    You did excellently Monique!!!!

    Chuck Beatty

  195. Thank you for the clarification. I was referring to the Wiki on Marty that listed him as IG for RTC, which overall was responsible for proper application of tech, and I assumed to hold such a post one would have had to know how to audit or at least know when it is not being done right.

    In any event, I think we can agree that Marty knows how to audit and does so standardly. Experienced PC’s would not seek his assistance if he sent people away caved in and snarled up.

  196. Very good point, Tom. It seems that the “volunteers” of the PoB are the highly paid prostitutes or total ethics bait and scum which Dear Loser, the top Psychlo has leverage on(their eternity or some such false datum).

    Does anyone sane, of their own volition want infamy and be immortalized on the YT video gallery with the likes of LeBlow, Allender, Ralphy, Bryan and the Skanks? It is inevitable, just like the truth is!

  197. Mark Fisher

    I bet DM wouldn’t send someone like Ana if Marty was there, because he probably would have had a heart to heart with her and she would have possibly turned against DM.

    I notice that they only send “Public” and PIs to harrass Marty and Mike, not Sea Org members. DM is too afraid that Marty and Mike could easily have a frank discussion with them and they would be gone too.

    For instance, you don’t see Mike Sutter or Marion Pouw on his doorstep. Marty would tear them apart because they know deep down Marty is speaking the truth.

  198. Laura,
    Thanks for the additional background, Anna seemed to be stuck in those past days of glory, continually asserting “standard academy” of the bygone days robotically!

  199. The “Church’s” response to Reitman’s book was non sequitur as in off the freaking wall crazy.

    What I’ve come to expect from those nut jobs over there.

    I mean if they really wanted to DA the book.

    They could have countered with docs of their own like it says in the policy.

    But noooo they go after some meaningless typo.

    Missing the forest for the trees.

    Instead of pointing to *results* something that is almost impossible to achieve these days within the organization.

    They drone on about their idyllic “showcase” orgs like the one in Moscow.

    (You know in the same country that banned their books because they were considered “extremist”.

    Brilliant Glutz PR!!!!)

    MEST oriented or what?

    Moving on.

    I see they mention their “Ideal” Org in Tampa.

    (Probably because they could fill it up with “OT7s” who are on their endless “6 months check” and Flag Staff posing as “public” if the need arose.

    Like they did the last time they needed a photo op.)

    Not any of the other so called “Ideal Orgs” like the one in Buffalo for example which would be closer to where Janet lives and works.

    Gee I wonder why?

    There are so many out points and evasions in their so called “rebuttal” more accurately foot bullet that it’s no wonder that Anna acts like some robotic moron when she shows up at Mosey and your door.

    If this is their idea of “PR”.

  200. Educating official Scientologists, tell them exactly what to read, hand them the material that will educate them, since they are carefully compartmented in what they are allowed to know.

    I’ve for years posted these links to the OSA Network Orders.

    Plus the Mike McClaughry interviews that Stacy Young did during the Lisa McPherson Trust years, I think filmed by Mark Bunker, are PRICELESS history and continued hatting:

    If one is unfortunately in the Office of Special Affairs crosshairs, and one can stand it, I recommend reading the following and watching the following for “hatting”. And refer the lower down the food chain official Scientologists TO these links to read this material and top it off with the recent “Handling Programs” to show that THINGS ARE STILL THE SAME, and for Scientology’s image to improve, they need to stop doing this stuff!

    Best link to PDF listing of the OSA Docs in the Frank Oliver hat pack:

    Click to access scientology-frank-oliver-osa.pdf

    once the file loads, you have to scroll way down to start reading the OSA Network Orders, which give the “tech” that is “tech” that should have been retired, but it’s still executed, as evidenced by this thread.

    Thank Stacy Young and Mark Bunker and Mike McClaughry for having the courage to tell these important stories:

    talk 5 (watch this one first, it tells what they are doing to Monique and Marty is the SAME stuff this man’s senior back in the day, Karthy O’Gorman, was doing. Kathy today works in OSA keeping up the intelligence reports/files area of the OSA Bureau that is attacking Marty. )

    talk 1
    talk 2
    talk 3
    talk 4
    talk 5
    talk 6
    talk 7
    talk 8
    talk 9

    Independents would do themselves a lot of good, to understand what WAS done, and predict and NOT be the effect of what is continued to be done!

    Chuck Beatty

  201. “You won’t have illness until you post a doctor.”
    “You won’t have crime until you post a cop.”

  202. Ciao Minellis and Italiano Indys, great to hear from you. Bravo for moving on up a little higher!

  203. Ahhh yess…

    Message to all “droids”.

    “These are not the people you want to suppress. They are some of the “good guys”. You should be looking more closely at those who control you or whom you fear.”

    Eric S

  204. Cat Daddy

    I totally agree. Tom M seems to be a little “off his game” today.

    Eric S

  205. Last I had heard, Charlie Rush was the cashier at the canteen due to having recovered from the big C and only allowed “light duty”.

  206. Tom M

    Tom… Is that really you?

    “violence in Scientology is minimal”. Say What? It would seem that physical, mental and social “violence” abounds. That is what we are protesting here isn’t it?

    And the whole “function monitors structure” thing, with the “examples”, Huh?

    And you said … “The way Marty plays it is just as safe as can be.” You are kidding us right?

    OK OK…. Would the real Tom M please stand up.

    Eric S


    “Listen Up, Ladies and Gents!

    Once again, the cult has claimed another innocent victim. If you haven’t heard already, AnonMomAnon2 aka AMA was arrested on July 6th in Clearwater. AMA is a middle-aged women with health concerns, who drives a mobility scooter and has been peacefully protesting in Clearwater for years. The trumped-up charge the cult is going for is Felony Battery. A young male “Flaggot” claimed that AMA assaulted him. WAHHHHH!!!!
    Nice going COS! Footbullet much?”

  208. Tony Dephillips

    You’re very good at seeing the essence of things.

  209. Mark

    They have been implanted.

    They return for more punishment simply because they were told to do so, and they do not have enough “self determinism” left to counter the “other determinism” of their oppressors. They agreed to “do whatever it takes” to assist Sea Orgs Mission for a “billion years” and they are being held “on their honor” to do so. It was done so insidiously that many have no idea that they are trapped in a mental maze with no exit.

    It is worse than an “engram” because they would have to “go against their own honor and integrity”, by their computation.

    They are basically good and honorable beings, twisted by their own agreements into an almost unrecognizable form. Luckily, what has been done to them can be undone.

    They are not “BAD” they are PTS. The correct application of the correct technology will handle that.

    They are worth salvaging when we get the opportunity to do so. That is proven every day, here on this blog, by the beings here assembled.

    Eric S

  210. crashingupwards

    Mosey 1, Church 0. You were caught unawares, and she was prepped and drilled. I do believe you got through to her on the fact that she was lied to. She has no come back for that and you repeated it several times. She went away with more to think about that she left you with. Because anyone who has been involved with the church for a while knows that lies and “acceptable truths” are their mainstay. I doubt you will ever see her again.

  211. Mosey – You didn’t ‘ask’ for it but you got it:

  212. this video most explains the harassment they do on Monique.


    Thankfully Mike McClaughry explains the GO tactics that Mike says OSA is still doing today. (The rest of the links, I listed below, and are important to watch and re-listen to, if one’s getting hit by OSA “Handling Programs” today.)

    Harassing Monique is old GO tech. It’s tech that dodged being retired in the early 1980s, when it SHOULD have been retired, because, as Marty explained. DM considered it vital “tech” to be repackaged into the OSA Network Orders repertoire, so Kathy O’Gorman, who was Mike McClaughry’s superior, Kathy’s the one in OSA Int today, in LA, in the HGB building, who compiled the intelligence summary reports that make up the “information” section of the “Handling Marty Program” that Anna Paddock is the volunteer operative to do this target on Monique from that program. It’s trying to jump on Marty’s “button.”

    Good old Kathy O’Gorman, and OSA today, they are only doing what DM thought “indispensible” of the old Guardian’s Office tech of the 1960 and 1970s, which is the big problem, the whole OSA institution is running on auto pilot pushing the “Marty Handling Program” continuing targets they are implementing as we speak.


  213. Mosey, there is a lot of truth in what you speak. I have had those exact thoughts. DM pushes his minons to the brink and they perform for him.

  214. Great stuff on the “make it go right” mindset.

  215. Tony DePhillips

    WE escaped!!

  216. Crimes exist on their own.

    In general it’s when someones space gets violated by somebody driving in anchorpoints where they don’t belong. The reversal of “ranting beingness” if you will.

    Even the simple car theft is a violation of someones havingness, doingness and beingness. Or wallet for that matter.

  217. Good post Chuck.
    Prnt offs of the OSA Chuck Beatty and Tory/Magoo handlings would be a great hand out, not only to media curious about Church “Dirty Tricks, Dirty Ops” but also to OSA goofy goons.

    There is something very wrong mentally with those who have achieved “OT VIII”. It is maniacal witness Ed Bryan, John Allender and the infamous George Baille video, reposted here for newbies to this blog.

    Compare Mosey’s TRs and duplication and presence to Anna Stilo, 8 year RPF victim now an OSA operative pretending to be a casual visitor safeguarding the trademarks and quality

  218. Tony DePhillips

    Great movie, lots of applicable similarities.

  219. I promised myself a while ago that every now and then when this aspect comes up (SO members find themselves with nowhere to go), I’d make an offer to help – sooner or later old friends of mine will read this and maybe find themselves needing a helping hand. The time has come around again.

    I post here as splog (it’s a long story…) and my real name is Alan McKinnon. I’m from South Africa and I live in Joburg, and almost every long-term Sea Org member in AF knows me personally. If you read this and decide you’ve had enough but have nowhere to go or no-one to call, look me up. I’m easy to find and Google knows where. I have a nice house with a family, cute dogs, a garden, sane comm cycles, a great job and friends – all the normal stuff. You can have some of that too. I have a phone and more internet bandwidth than you could ever use – these are great things for getting in touch with family and friends again, or just to have a rational comm cycle and no-one ramming impossible target deadlines at you.

    Call me, really. David, Candy, Peach, Petal, Robert and everyone else who’s name escapes me right now, I’m thinking of you here.

    Soos hulle se daar noord van die boerewors gordyn, die aanbod is ware jakob.


  220. Hey T, you’re not so bad yourself! 😉

  221. WW-Beautifully put!

  222. Tony DePhillips

    Crazy cult is crazy!!

  223. After a screaming call-in or address correction person called me suppressive and continued to scream AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS, I’m thinkin’ that Mosey has an extremely valuable point.

    Who KNOWS what someone after 31 years of minimum sleep, food and dental care might find her/himself doing?

    This person knows with COMPLETE conviction that you (the person no longer IN the prison) are “the enemy designed to destroy all that is good”.

    Fanaticism has never been good. Sea Org members now IN and those trying to redeem themselves in the eyes of dm are incapable of listening. They are a vessel which is completely FILLED.

    No space = no ability to listen = no ability to communicate = not awake and not alive.

    LIFE = ability to communicate.

    Mosey is alive.

    The others are sad examples of dead men walking. Rather than denigrate them here, or possibly arrogantly feel pity for them – the task to hand, I believe, is to truly open your heart and mind to them.

    There IS energy. And that energy can connect.

    However, metaphysical or magical it might appear.

    I appreciate the posts by Laura Ann, Yvonne and Marty reminding us of the kinder qualities of Anna. That is who she is, not the empty shell of today. And she can be herself again AS CAN ANYONE.

    While it’s “up to each person” to find themselves – this community can help by energetically (ie. postulate) intending that each person start to get some space in their mind.

    This community has been provided as an opportunity by Marty et al. to open the stuck flows of communication. To revisit past wrongs but always with the eye to a future where all men/women can be free to live a better life and thus create a world of wisdom and eventual peace.


  224. Mosey, you didn’t get the Miscavige verbal tech memo that LRH’s:

    “The antisocial personality has the following attributes:

    “1. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. They say . . .’ ‘Everybody thinks . . .’ ‘Everyone knows . . .’ and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor.” — L. Ron Hubbard

    Has been changed to

    “He or she used the word everybody or everyone”.

  225. Two thumbs up,Sassyanon! Well said!

  226. Really bizarre. “So, I understand that you’re going to be doing some training.” No “hello” or any kind of introduction. The woman was quick, too quick, to declare that she didn’t know anything about PIs chasing Marty around L.A. Of course she knows. Otherwise, she would have reacted with a little more curiosity about it. She knows that Mosey has never been inside a Scientology org or mission, yet speaks to her as if she is an out-ethics member. Obvious disconnect from the broader world.

    Mosey, you are awesome.

  227. Laura Ann and Windwalker
    Thank you for the welcome.
    All of this falls under the category of ‘things that should not be”.

  228. Christie.
    Nice handing. We should take bets on how long it will be before this guy shows back up on your lines to thank you for getting him out. All you have to do is get them to look 🙂

  229. one of those who see

    Did they say at the beginning that the event went on for 8 Hours! 8 hours where people could be training to be Auditors or Supervisors, 8 hours where they could be helping someone with ethics tech move up the conditions in life, 8 hours where someone could get Auditing and go free in an area of their life. What a waste. A big wasteful, unusual solution.

  230. On a glance this seems to support Tom’s caim.

    But I am positive the onley crime that was commited was wasting a cop’s time. Wait and waisting the legal systems time and tax-payers money

  231. one of those who see


  232. Tom Gallagher

    Windhorse wrote: I appreciate the posts by Laura Ann, Yvonne and Marty reminding us of the kinder qualities of Anna.

    Me too! I sensed each of three times I watched the video that she did not want to be there as a church ‘agent’ or ‘provocateur’. Kinda broke my heart to see her broken heart.

  233. one of those who see

    You wrote : “Fanaticism has never been good. Sea Org members now IN and those trying to redeem themselves in the eyes of dm are incapable of listening. They are a vessel which is completely FILLED.” – my God is that well said! All who have experienced this, raise your hand!

    And, I just love and agree with the rest of your comment too.

  234. Much (if not most) of the “copyrighted” material is actually now in the public domain. Reason being: court cases with Larry Wollersheim and Steven Fishburne in which the “copyrighted” material was submitted as evidence. Once it is submitted as evidence, it is within the public domain unless the court seals the records.

  235. Thanks for the links to the videos. They are enlightening.

  236. She didn’t break my heart. She’s got this role down. Been perfecting it a loooong time.

  237. martyrathbun09

    Said with a gimlet eye…love you JM.

  238. OMG It looks like a Mary Kay Cosmetics convention.

  239. Thank you and ditto! BTW, I had to look up “gimlet eye.”

  240. Eileen Clark

    Spot on. Sadly. Enforced almost but not quite enthusiasm, great example. How can they continue to do this crap?

    You handled Anna brilliantly.

  241. George White

    Excellent handing.
    Anna is in need of help and will someday regret what she had been
    programmed to do.
    I read her story.
    Out of compassion, I offer her refuge in the name of the Buddha.
    Much loving-kindness
    George White

    May all beings be well and happy!

  242. Eileen Clark

    Han Solo,
    And, when was that exactly?

  243. You think she’s just increasing her monthly billable hours to read Marty’s?

  244. Eileen Clark

    Excellent post. You stated it all so succinctly and accurately.
    What more does a person need for evidence that things are WAY off the rails and not “Standard”?

  245. Just saw some staff bot females at the local Safeway. They see me and knee-jerk turn away, feigning a phone call or an item on sale in the aisle or some such thing.

    How OT of them.

  246. Tony, my favorite scene is the one on the roof where he negotiates beer for his fellow inmates in exchange for doing the asshole guards taxes. I had real reality with that feeling from my days on the RPF years ago. That scene makes me cry.

  247. This is the part where you can help.

    AnonMomAnon2 needs help with her legal defense. She was trying to get a sign stating “1-866-Ex SeaOrg” in position for Sea Org members to see where help could be found for those wanting out, when she was ganged up on by a half dozen security guards.

    Some of you here were in the Sea Org and know first hand the position one is in when contemplating getting out of the Cult of Miscavige with no money, no family, no job, and often times no high school degree.

    Are you going to help this person fighting for religious freedom, or are you going to let her twist in the wind?

  248. Chuck-I watched all videos.Very enlightening and unbelievable. I knew Kathy O’Gorman-in fact we were roommates at SFO and now she is part of the attacks on Marty-disgusting!!! Mike McClaughery was my first supe! It brings back a lot of memories.

  249. I should have added bold:

    “1. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. They say . . .’ ‘Everybody thinks . . .’ ‘Everyone knows . . .’ and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor.” — L. Ron Hubbard

  250. I really like Anna’s TR’s.

    Actually, no I don’t. That 1.1 condescending use of banal, robotic “I got that…” , “I understand that you feel that way”…etc, is very creepy.

  251. Mosey-I am with you 100%-You have excellent confront of evil.

  252. Don’t hold back Karen! Say it how it is! 😀

  253. Bryan,

    That’s funny — same thing happens to us.

    Went into Nature’s Food Patch (Clearwater Healthfood store) at noon today. A number of SO members shrunk away into the vegetable aisle or out the front door. Same with public in the store and cafe. Later Christie and I went to Starbucks on the corner next to the FH — people literally hiding/scared. Ron Moss was sitting outside, I dont think he saw us, but he looks bad. Put on weight and sort of gray…

    Its nice to be that in control of the earthlings that one’s very presence sends them into abject terror…. It’s that high confront they have been building up to.

  254. Tom Gallagher

    JM- Never met her. Thanks for the insight.

  255. Her daughter Donna also went through the PAC RPF. She graduated in 2006 and was posted as a Reg at AOLA.

    Interesting note…RPF grads at PAC are not required to get more than 6 hours of sleep to go on session or get Cramming Rudas as long as they metab, because they are “thoroughly audited cases”.

  256. Really strange. Low confront for people who are supposed to have the skills to handle all that life throws at them.

  257. That’s awesome, Mike! IMO, it doesn’t just scare them, it makes them think. And if they start thinkin’, they may start lookin’.

  258. They are not real scientologists, not in all the sense of the word. Not in my opinion that is, the real ones have all left.


  259. Interesting indeed, I guess having been audited for 8-9 years on the RPF program is “thorough” and countless times through the final assessment. Auditor code breakage is I guess just another PoS arbitrary and standard!

  260. So true Laura Ann – At the top of the Bridge especially, life should be GOOD!

  261. That is quite a Co-ordinated Information Apparatus DM has going there!

    I wonder if in his moments of quiet reflection over his scotch and tanning bed if he reaizes what role he is playing as this drama unfolds.

    Probably not…

  262. OMG – there’s some reverse tech!

  263. +++++ Yes indeed! Way to go Mosey!

  264. Tom Gallagher

    Mosey and Marty,

    Your grace knows no bounds.

  265. Go Christie! Good one – ‘cuz it’s true!

  266. So true Karen#1! And those kids are slaves to whoever decides to control their out of control lives – come work down here for pennies since you don’t even have a GED and can’t get a real job even at McDonald’s.

  267. Boo!
    That’s great Mike! Masters of the universe!

  268. Seems like their Grade 0 is a little out.

  269. Why does she get to come to your house and ask you questions anyway?
    It’s very hard to even think when you’re trying to repeat something somebody else told somebody else to tell somebody else to say. Confusing much? 😉
    It’s so much simpler to just be there and be honest like you, Monique.

  270. Tony Dephillips

    Ya Mark,
    That’s a very touching scene.

  271. I was waiting for the snakes and strychnine…..they are already doing the hokey-pokey.

  272. Yvonne,
    Your compassion shines, and I thank you for writing this. As I read about this woman, it breaks my heart, though I am sorry that Mosey has to be besieged by and take time to handle such foolishness and annoyance.

    In many ways Anna exemplifies how the misapplications of ethics/tech/admin have ruined and stunted a life that was apparently once hopeful, eager, wanting to win and be part of the team. In a way, I ache for her – I read much suppressed grief and pain and effort to deal with that through feigned toughness. It is like watching a wriggling fly embedded in a spider’s web.

  273. PJ

    His provisional certs expired.
    He is a class zero.
    I was going to say that he might be a class IV implanter, but the five folks who arrived here for service just this week all were de-implanted in just a few hours of quality auditing, so he’s actually failing at his implant tech too.

    He’s a goner…He just don’t know it yet.

  274. Hi Mosey,
    Just want to say it was an honor to meet you on the 4th.

    You handled the intended introversion interview beautifully.

    Did it seem to you that the poor girl was wearing the glasses because she was actually in abject terror? Sure seemed that way to me.


  275. Yes. She and/or an associate are reading this blog daily.

  276. This made me laugh out loud.

  277. Marty and Mike,
    As per the ideology of the movie ” The Wedding Crashers” (one of my favorite movies) a good 2D is ” the soul’s recognition of it’s counter-point” ( which is very close to LRH’s definition : “association of thetans”, I believe).

    You have both done extremely well picking strong women, who totally gets it. Hat’s off to you and the women you love ( and you’re fortunate that they clearly love you back) .

  278. Your observation is ironically accurate. Reversed Technology Corporation must have passed her final OT VII video. She exemplifies their VFP; a no reality, comm lagging, affinity deprived robot, chronically in apathy/grief, programmed to execute orders without question and redo again all Basics and the entire Bridge to nowhere, to again attain the same VFP.

  279. Hi Allen,
    Welcome out, I didn’t expect it but I’m happy for you!
    Dank je voor die ware jacob aanbod; hoop dat je veel vrienden helpt.

  280. morelivesthanacat

    Speaking of which…listen all ye X-Int POB missionaires. If you want to show up unannounced at somebody’s house and act like a concerned Scientologist or citizen, try what any other normal person in the world would do: Be friendly, offer your hand, give your name (first and last) and take off your bloody sunglasses (or the camera on your hat if you have one). Jeez! Re-tread Actor’s School, cram on HCOPL Manners, Marketing Series 14, etc.

  281. morelivesthanacat

    Wow. That’s the whole story of the Int Base in a nutshell. I guess you were there. But even if you weren’t, that’s where it all started, and it’s been rolling downhill ever since.

  282. Simon Bolivar

    Because he has nobody better to send! Obvious.

  283. Jm,
    Having looked at this situation with Anna and come full circle, I feel I understand her more but, in the end, it is what it is. Thanks for reminding me.

  284. That’s awesome! As I read the first sentence of this note I thought, “Oh man, imagine if they went into Starbucks…” and then WHAMEE! So funny. I can see people running into doors, spilling their drinks, stepping on each other. So pathetic.

  285. JM — If that’s my only product for today, I am a happy camper. Bringing a smile to your face is a worthwhile achievement. 🙂

  286. Crusader,

    The funniest one was when we went to the movies on a Friday nite and a Flag bus pulled up and out poured 50 SO members (turns out they had made an IAS fundraising quota — of course it didnt have anything to do with delivery). Oh man, it was like cockroaches in the lobby when we went to buy popcorn — people hiding behind the pillars, afraid to stand in line… Ducking into stalls when I went in to take a pee… Frantically calling security on their phones to alert them to the presence of SPs at the movie theater. And funniest of all — we were there to see The Next Three Days. A bunch of the maroons had come in late and were right in the front two rows. Not reading the newspaper or looking at the internet, it was clear they didnt know the movie was written and directed by an SP, BUT, when Jason Beghe came on screen for the first time, the lot of them got up and walked out!!!

    THAT my friend is power! Controlling the actions of the most able and high confront beings on earth by your mere presence on the screen. They were probably worried they would catch cooties somehow….

  287. Mosey, I like you – a lot! Boy, I could hear you keeping your anger in check – you are awesome.

    I read this yesterday AM, and the idea of Anna being in since the early ’70s, and on staff as a member of the WDC, and on the RPF for over eight years – this was on my mind the whole day. I had mentioned the multi-year RPF “cycles” to a family member, and the person totally gets that it is wrong – as are the abortions and other things (which is admitted as also wrong) – but the person still does not see it. But, I am working on it.

    The thing that got me about Anna is – she should be out. She should be an Independent, or just plain gone. FB’ed out after 8 years on the RPF- probably a hellacious “freeloader” debt.

    We have this whole “blow off” phenomena that happens when people with overts leave the group to protect it from themselves. I have to wonder if there is a reverse-vector thing going on where a person with overts stays in an evil group because they feel they don’t deserve better. Not to say that a person with overts actually does deserve abuse and evil treatment, and not to say that the overts are anything big, but that they may appear to be big in the mind of the person.

    After years of BS Anna has been subjected to, why is she still there? Why, even worse, is she doing this crazy thing? I think it is similar to an abused wife – she feels she deserves it, and feels she does not deserve anything better.

    Whatever the reason, Anna is screwed up, and it is too damn bad.

  288. scilonschools

    I suppose that ‘SP’s’ exist to either end of the Good-Evil spectrum, a sort of +veSP & -veSP depending on your perspective and which end of the spectrum you operate from.
    The interesting thing is it appears that only if you are operateing from the ‘evil’ end does a +ve SP seem so impossible to confront and NOT vice versa!!

  289. Spot on, Eric. It is an implant station. Correct auditing and ethics does, indeed, as-is implants..

  290. scilonschools

    I feel there is a difference between ‘true evil’ and ‘deluded’,
    True good can deal with the entire good-evil spectrum though it can be distasteful at times, it is quite possible,
    True evil seems to be unable to ‘confront’ the ‘good’ end of the spectrum no matter how much they desire it, they can only ‘confront’ by proxy, using a ‘deluded’ person who is not ‘evil’ just tricked by evil to perform it’s dirty work.
    The upshot of this is the ‘Zombies’ sent to confront are not evil in themselves, just deluded; the ONE who sent them is TRULY EVIL

  291. I feel like a blog hog but, this thread has really hit home for me. All of the different viewpoints here have melded for me into a more exterior look at not only Anna but anyone still in. Rather than thinking in a black or white dichotomy like I’ve done before, I see that it’s best to try to back up and see the entire package. I feel good noting the pains and difficulties Anna has endured and acknowledging her basic goodness. But, I also feel good realizing that radical and deluded people are capable of reactive actions that don’t make sense. They are stuck in one enforced viewpoint and they they want to enforce that viewpoint on you, one way or another.

  292. Great comment Laura.

  293. Tony DePhillips

    Nice post Grasshopper.

  294. ROFLMAO!

    Clearwater is too small of a town – the culties better plan to move out! Those cooties from overnight SPs can make them instantly disaffected and leave!

  295. crashingupwards

    Your right, it is too damm bad Anna is screwed up. Its too damm bad for thousands we know just like her. The best thing one can do it what Mosey did and tell them a few times they have been lied to. Because on some level I believe they know it and it will hopefully get them to look. Once they look: BALLGAMES OVER.

  296. Master of War

    Well done on keeping your TRs in, Mosey! I am sorry you have to put up with this sort of harassment.

    A piece of LRH Tech for any who find themselves in a similar situation:

    In “Battle Tactics” LRH says to fight the war on the opponent’s territory, not yours.

    For example, in the Anna case we just witnessed, this would involve asking ANNA questions, putting the attention on her and her handlers, with LOTS of TR-3 (as they often try to dodge the questions), not in answering Anna’s questions:

    Anna, what is your full name?
    How do you know me?
    How did you come to make the trip to my home?
    Who briefed you?
    What were you told, specifically?
    How did you know to come now?
    Did you know that Marty would not be here?
    Do you believe in freedom of religion? (Anna will answer yes)
    Do you believe that people have the right to practice their religion as they see fit? (Anna will answer yes)
    Then why are you here, attempting to interfere with my practice of my religion? (she will dispute this, TR-3; she will say that she was told of squirreling – pull the string, “who told you?” “What did they say?” “Do you have any independent knowledge of that?”)
    Have you heard the reports of DM beating people?
    Do you believe the Church is expanding? Why?
    Do you know the figures on Church membership?
    (if “no”), Then why do you believe it is expanding?
    Do you know that the City University of New York and the PEW Foundation, in separate surveys, found that the number of Scientologists has fallen by 50% over the last ten years?


    ave a

  297. My favorite line is:

    “Get busy living or get busy dying.”


  298. Master of War

    With all due respect, and with admiration for your care and concern,

    Statements that ALL “real Scientologists” have left the organization, and similar statements are just false. YES, the number of people identifying themselves as Scientologists has crashed, down 50% in the U.S.

    But, there are still plenty of people who are trying to get and apply Scientology, who are in the organization. I know many.


    Most every independent I know was once a supporter of the organization and often the Miscavige regime. For example, most of us contributed something to the IAS. Then, we got data. But, still, we often did not oppose the DM regime. At some point something happened and we stopped supporting the regime.

    Some stopped supporting DM in 1983 and did what they could to blow the whistle on DM then. I know several. You can Google and see what these pioneers did.

    Some stopped supporting the DM regime in the mid 2000s, as in Mike and Marty’s case. Some stopped supporting last week.

    I am not aware of some magic date, after which you were or are a (so-called) sheeple, an out-ethics piece of shit, and not a Scientologist because you had not stopped supporting earlier.

    Are Mike and Marty out-ethics, blind idiots because they supported DM until just a few years ago, after the data had been available on the net for 20 years?

    No, they are people to be admired for standing up to a dictator EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE ONCE THE DICTATOR’S TOP SUPPORTERS.

    THAT takes integrity and the ability to swallow your pride.

    It is not that “Today, all the data is out there, and the Internet exists, so today no one in has any excuse and anyone still in is scum.” (That is DM type think, to blanket label thetans as “scum”)

    Heck, in 1983, there were THOUSANDS protesting DM and his practices and there were many newsletters. The data has been on the Internet since at least 1995. Does that mean that almost all the people on this blog are out-ethics scumbags, because many of us remained in after 1983, in many cases for another 25 years? Not in my book.

    I respect all who have cogged. I don’t care when, except I have the greatest respect for those who perceived, cogged, and spoke up in 1983. If anyone has the right to judge and condemn, it is those pioneers, not those of us who took decades to come around (which includes me)..

    Lastly, there is just no point in the condemnation of those still in. It strikes me just as a service fac – a make wrong, “we are so cool and ethical and they are not even Scientologists.”

    Not only won’t “make wrong” get a product – someone who stops supporting the DM regime – it is likely to get a reverse product:

    Generally, people don’t cog when they are attacked. They defend.

    If we want to support DM, condemn those people still in – belittle them, call them names, and say they are not even Scientologists – and drive them into his arms.

  299. Yah, they are afraid of the ‘contagion of truth’ they might get from you. it might blow a few anchors points and OMG replace the DM anchor point with LRH! They’d be RPF’d for sure!!!


  300. Tony DePhillips

    I know what you mean Laura.
    It’s like it is ok to itsa (loosely means to talk about, for the non Scientologists out there in computer land) all this stuff now. In the cult we couldn’t itsa this stuff.
    We see people like ourselves to some degree fixed into a viewpoint and enforcing it. You can see the basic good in them but it doesn’t change the fact that they are operating in an insane fashion.
    When you hear all the opinions and stuff you get sort of an “EP”. It is what it is. An SP running roughshod over a bunch of other beings. Those beings originally wanted to do good but got caught up on this trap for various reasons.

  301. scilonschools

    Well. That was a pretty good try. You are pretty close to how it works.

    But here is something to look at.
    It is not actually WHAT they are confronting that is the issue, it is their ABILITY to confront that is the “limiting Factor”. As a being becomes more and more free, or self determined, his confront comes up and he is able to confront (and therefore be more able to deal with) more of what it is that is “holding him back” or abberating him. If a being is becoming less free, his confront will be lowering. He will not be as able to deal with those things that abberate him.

    A real SP has a confront that is so low that he is totally uncomfortable in his own “skin” (valence), so he falls into dealing with the world from a “proxy” valence. It does not matter how “powerful” an SP may appear to be, in truth, the actual being is totally “scared shitless” of the world and the beings around him. As in the case of David Miscavige, they will often not even “confront” directly with their adopted valence, but go on an even more devious, non confront (via), and get others to “confront” for them. The sad part is that these people who are being used by the SP, are being controlled by the SP. They are being actively suppressed, and when that happens to a being his confront and beingness, and his ability to deal with the universe around him in a survival fashon, lower.

    So, from that, one could figure, and be totally correct, that you will not find anyone who is a TRUE OT, TRUE SP being. The two states are diametrically opposed. What you may easily find are cowed OTs, who have become PTS due to their connection to a true suppressive,and thereby have lost some of their gains and some of their abilities, and some of their confront.

    So, you got pretty darn close there.

    Eric S

  302. I believe that Anna’s questions have no significance. What was important was that Mosey was visited and visited while Marty was not at home. I communicates to Marty (and others) that they have an army of people who can follow Marty where ever he goes, but also keep watch on the family home. This is intimidation and meant to create a sense of unease. The harrassment of people at their homes. The hacking into cell phones and flight booking sites to track people’s plans and whereabouts. This is all wrong and has no public interest purpose. This has to stop. I know that the PIs, the OSA and DM read this blog, so when all hits the fan, don’t plead ignorance.

  303. Mike Hobson

    I rather suspect Mosey is getting better advice for dealing with the beast from Mike Rinder and her Husband Mark.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  304. Defender of Theta

    Hello Jim

    You wrote: “Laches, dude.” (“Laches” is a legal concept, having to do with the fact that if you do not exercise a legal right within a reasonable period of time, you may lose it).

    Jim, you got hatted!

    Does not surprise me. You set a great example of LRH Scientology. Analytical, perceptive, etc.

    We are involved, in large part, in a Dept 20 contest. Hatting in Dept 20, not just passionate action and words, is vital. Hatting=control.

    Defender of Theta

  305. Defender of Theta


  306. OT Committee Chairman Suzy: “OMG, we are in the final…throes…of getting the money for our building.”

    Noun: Intense or violent pain and struggle, esp. accompanying birth, death, or great change: “he convulsed in his death throes”.

    Well stated, Suzy!

  307. This was a parody right? Please tell me this is a joke, right? This couldn’t possibly be a real promotional for the church.

    She says around 0:45 “we are in the final throes”.

    Yes, they are.

  308. atcause

    Yes… The dividing line here is, “IF THEY KNEW WHAT WAS TRULY HAPPENING,”.

    I truly believe that that is 99% of the issue here. I believe that, except for a very small number, perhaps, the “Scientologists” that are still connected to that organization HAVE NO IDEA what is really going on, and David Miscavige has got to be well aware that that is the ONLY reason they are still there. That is the reason that he so viciously suppresses the comm lines of those he still has control over. It IS his “POWER”. A Suppressive has only three tools that he can use to control others, FEAR, SUPPRESSION OF THE COMM LINES, and LIES. Used together they are a powerful package, but only so long as the truth is not known.

    Finding comm lines and continuing to communicate the truth will be his undoing. I do not believe that we need to do anything else other than that, if we do it well.

    Eric S

  309. Scott Campbell


    Excellent primer on “battle tactics” for Independents to use whenever assaulted by the offensive questioning and presence of an unwelcome C of S sponsored interloper.

    Master of War is indeed and apt handle for you. I for one welcome your acumen to this forum.


  310. Tory Christman

    Hang on a minute!!! Isn’t this the “church” (gack!) of $cientology using COPY-WRITTEN Material to make $$$$ or bring it in? Did they PAY the artist for this? I don’t believe they are Scios—so that’s a HUGE violation, right there.
    Secondly:: P A T H E T I C. This looks like an Amway convention.
    Thirdly–to Mosey:: GREAT job with that hag. I cannot believe your composure, grace, and excellent ability to not LOL in her face.
    Lastly: To Davey Boy: What the HELL are you thinking? Oh that’s right!
    You ~~can’t~~ think……that’s too low on the “know-to-mystery” scale and per YOUR MU’S—-you cannot do that, can you? Thanks for proving *that* (and your lack of understanding of **any** of the tech, over and over).
    Keep up the *great* work. There’s rumor you (David M) are going to get an award for being THE biggest SP on the planet. You’ve certainly done more harm to Scientology than any other one person.
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time *IS* on our side!!! 🙂
    Your local, friendly SP: Tory Christman

  311. Laura, what you are describing is compassion.

    It exists out here in the independent field. I am afraid it has been missing for a long long time in the C of M.

  312. The Magical Round Table

    I thought that was the best vidio I have seen to date on your site Marty. She kept her TRs in wonderfully.

  313. I like her body language. She’s speaking to me. She literally nods yes or no as she says things. For example- at 0:11 she says “…from around here” and nods no to say she’s lying.

    She’s very nervous. I’m not sure what tone level exactly, but her body language and attitude really tell me to steer clear.
    She’s obviously drilled “using TR’s” here, but her TR-0 is way, way out. Her other “TR’s” just get worse as you can see.

    I sense internal conflict, like she’s been taken over by demons and she’s trying to regain control of her body and actions. It seems like she doesnt really want to be there and knows it’s wrong. Maybe thats why she finds it impossible to have real TR’s- she’s restraining herself. Someone who could use good TR’s and actually get the product of TR’s AND use that product for evil would be a very dangerous and suppressive psychotic and I don’t think she’s there yet.

    If I could say one thing to people it would be that if something feels wrong it probably is. That “gut feeling” or instant knowingness you experienced might be worth retaining as it was you. The attitudes and thoughts that were forced into your mind from the group are not you. You are not being you.

  314. Mike … OK, you made me laugh a whole lot more that time! That scene where the poor scared folks walk out of the movie is hilarious! If anybody ever writes a book or makes a movie referencing all this nonsense, THAT has got to be in there. 🙂

  315. Lovely, Laura Ann. I feel the same way after reading all these posts.

  316. I think there’s a camera in her purse, or quite posibly her glasses are a camera:

    I’m not sure if that is legal and if it can be proven by analysis of the video.

  317. Expelled4Life

    Next time you’re at that Starbucks use your cell phone or laptop to check in on the Facebook “Places” feature. You will be able to post on your Facebook page that you’re at the FSO. LOL!

  318. scilonschools

    This may seem ‘off thread’ but it’s relevance will grow with time!

    Now phone-hacking topples Britain’s top policeman: Sir Paul Stephenson resigns over his links with NotW suspect

    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul announced his resignation at a press conference this evening in the wake of revelations that he received a £12k spa break where News of the World hacking suspect Neil Wallis was a PR consultant

  319. scilonschools

    Scotland Yard and ‘anti-terror operations’ im the UK come under the Met Police, I am sure some Anonymous will find that ‘Interesting’ 🙂

  320. Off the fence.

    Yea it is embarrassing. I ‘m expecting Jim Jones to pop up any second. It looks so insane, any non scientologist watching this would forever be turned off to it. What the fuck is wrong with these people. Such good tech, such bad P.R. And with this kind of thing, unfortunately it will keep many people away from looking at the real tech. I really think they should have filled the room full of couches so that they could jump up and down on them in their frenzy.

  321. MoW – that is quite a quite a powerful position to come from and one which I believe LRH would support fully.
    From what I’ve seen of Marty he goes with the idea of putting them in order while they attack but we are still willing to help when you finally have their cognitions.
    The early 1983 split was much harder with many who actually had vested interests pretending to be Independent Scientologists while actually seducing many into other practices such as defending Earth against aliens, legalizing maririjuana, propitiating to psychiatry etc.
    The rebels of 1983 were the ones put on hit lists as the most likely not to succumb to DMs takeover.
    After 1983 the CofS was, after hundreds of SP declares, divest of its top auditors and executives.
    Marty and his group of close compatriots are far stonger than the groups we had in 1983. Back in 1983 I don’t think we really had any idea of how much evil opposed us.
    I think you are right on all points.

  322. Mike – that is quite possible but no need for the put down of MoW.
    Anyway Mosie didn’t do a perfect, by the book, GO/OSA style demolition of Anna. She is much too nice a person and doesn’t have that many evil lifetimes to call upon for experience.
    Back in 1974 we were all trained on the Apollo in how to cave in an SP. The TRs were very heavy.
    When I went to the USA from the Apollo the training was a lot heavier. I remember 3 guys from the GO working on my TRs to deal with the application for a green card. Before I got my final pass I was in the toilet puking.
    After that the actual immigration interview with people who had no slightest clue as to the degree of preparation we had gone through was easy.
    Its so long ago that I went through that training that its not really in my nature any more.
    I very much doubt if any Scientologists since DM took over have gone through such TRs as they would empower individuals to take down DM.
    When LRH was running Scn he had no problem – his TRs were so far beyond those of anyone else I have met that he could freely have people trained on such techniques.
    DM is a scared rabbit in comparison to LRH and would avoid training anyone in strong GO/OSA TRs in case they were used on him.
    In recent times I’m more inclined to invite OSA in for a cup of tea than use GO tactics on them.
    Anyway I get the idea that Mosey is quite capable of handling things 🙂

  323. Anna has at least two guns to her head:

    1. We have your eternity in our hands.
    2. Your daughter is the reg at AOLA, and you KNOW you will NEVER see or hear from her ever again.

    Nobody even needs to STATE these to her. But she know it. For absolute certainty.

    Anna is not there and communicating partly because her “present time” does not actually include Mosey, at all. Mosey is not real to her. Only the target she must do, and her total terror of the two guns loaded and cocked at her head that very moment.

    In the presence of that level of suppression, why is it surprising the number of mistakes and outpoints are occurring with each of these type of incidents?

    Mosey on the other hand, is in the present, and communicating. She is not under suppression, and has no blackmail-type threats being used as weapons leveled at her head.

    Two people worlds apart. One speaking to the person in front of her; the other speaking silently to the fears in her head from voices that never stop.

  324. She has been restrained from getting OT levels and has no clue why she is such a bad case shape. Marty or I or many other auditors could get her into a case shape where she could take off her shades and communicate in 10 hours or less of auditing. LRH could do it in 30 mins.
    Clears hit OT level restim almost as soon as they go Clear. She is a caved in invalidated and misevaluated Clear who needs a proper review. She will not get that in the Cof$.
    At the moment she is a robotic slave and needs a decent auditor without an agenda. She has been systematically caved in by DM and Co. She has her own overts which DM & co use to control her rather than help her be free of them.
    My first guess is that her entrance level is at grade 1 which I think is incomplete. I would ask her “Do you think that you deserve help?” and 2wc.

  325. Ralph: the only place there is any “put down” of MoW in what I wrote is your imagination.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  326. Wow, all this ‘hiding’ and ‘fleeing’ by SO members is truly bizarre!

    Like, “Hi guys, have you had your TR0 in lately?”

  327. You said: …Ducking into stalls when I went in to take a pee… Frantically calling security on their phones to alert them to the presence of SPs at the movie theater.
    That is hilarious! Oh no, an SP in the movie theater, run!!
    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and maybe if they hide they can pretend they never saw you. 😉

  328. MIke, That is absolute power! Boy Christie and you sure know how to clear a movie theater; were you able to find better seats? This is a great story.

  329. It is a real concern. There is a very scary movie titled “Frailty”,about a man who believes he can identify demons masquerading as human beings, and sets himself the mission of finding and killing them. The terrible thing is, he has two sons whom he is indoctrinating into his beliefs, and he involves them in his killings.
    Some of those within the CoS who have been ‘broken’ and driven psychotic by Black Dianetics could conceivably be driven towards a Rex Fowler type action, should DM really flip and decide to take others with him.

    OnJuly12th Maureen Dowd published an editorial about new historical details concerning Hitler and the Nazis plans to take others with them when they knew they were finished.They were really crazy.

    And, “Frailty”. It is scary because it is very realistic and believable.

  330. I think that to the degree that there’re more overts on an SP(group) there’ll be less confront and the person goes more effect. The SP preys on this and enforces its domination as that makes him survive. To the degree that (en)MEST is slammed into the organism it gets less volition of its own. Free theta gets engulfed and free thinking gets absorbed by MEST molasses which are very visible.

    The succumb postulate takes over the organism to the degree that it falls further below 2. The organism goal now is to separate theta and MEST to try again. The SP goals now align with organism goals and are used to facilitate separation of theta and MEST. In its interaction with others it’ll try to take them down as well, so the natural enemy of such an organism consists of well surviving organisms as their purpose vectors are opposed.

  331. scilonschools

    I see Anna’s husband/ex ? has an interesting history!!!documentDetail;D=USCIS-2005-0030-0054;oldLink=false

  332. Oh dear. Watching this as an outsider is very embarrassing isnt it. It reminds me of an Amway meeting. I suppose its meant to be uptone but its actually Glee and phoney fake uptone. You can see how someone has designed this to create a euphoric high that sweeps everyone along and don’t dare say no.

  333. Doug Parent

    ….atcause…”IN MY OPINION, NO REAL SCIENTOLOGIST, IF THEY KNEW WHAT WAS TRULY HAPPENING, WOULD STAY CONNECTED TO SUCH AN ORGANIZATION.” ……I have come to this same conclusion…and, the people that are still in have long ago handed over their sense of individual responsibility to themselves to “take care to observe what one is observing”.

    When I consider the differences between a Radical Corporate Scientologist and an “old school” Scientologist, I see that in the main it has to do with COURAGE and INTEGRITY and UNWILLINGNESS TO JUSTIFY OUTPOINTS.

    I left when I faced with overwhelming evidence of alteration despite having family members still. I simply stated my truth, and left it up to them to look or decide otherwise. Eventually, they all left on their own accord for their own but similar reasons.

    Mike Rinder was faced with similar conditions, although far more severe. The more I look over other peoples reasons for leaving, I see examples of this everywhere.

    David Mayo said it well, when you abandon your integrity in order to go free, you have already lost your freedom.

  334. If you (Anna) are so concerned about other people why don’t you go out help someone? Stop picketing. Gees. There are so many people needing help. Wake up and spend your time better.

  335. Straight from a horror movie! They learn how to push people’s anchor points in. Reverse tech. Thanks for posting this clip, Karen. This was insane.

  336. “But, there are still plenty of people who are trying to get and apply Scientology, who are in the organization. I know many.”

    But do they know what is really going on as let say, Marty and Mike know?

  337. “At some point something happened and we stopped supporting the regime.”

    Yeah, we find out what the hell was really going on or got injustice or mistreated.

  338. “Are Mike and Marty out-ethics, blind idiots because they supported DM until just a few years ago, after the data had been available on the net for 20 years?”

    No, I would say just unwilling ( or not ready ) to confront what they are having to confront right now.

  339. I agree WW.

  340. Tory Christman

    What a **Total** Jack Ass this Jerk is. The person speaking is 100% correct: If he’s in the Sea Org: He will not, per statistics, NOT go up the Bridge.
    All he can do is yell what he *thinks* are offensive things. (Yes, they are, but they only prove WHY we picket! This man cannot think, he cannot communicate, he is NOT free…yet C of $ sells “communication, freedom, “Way to Happiness”. If this many is an example of ANY_ and you are thinking (for a second) of joining Them: RUN FOR THE HILLS~!!!!
    To ALL Out and truly free of that huge trap, I congratulate you ALL!!!

  341. All I can feel watching this is tremendous sadness for what people are being reduced to in the current state of Scientology. What a tragedy this is. Where are the promises that Scientology made to me when I was young and idealistic? Where has the hope gone? Where did my once bold idealism for a better world go?

  342. well to be fair, from what I understand, she is probably only making 26 cents an hour, and can probably only afford K-mart.

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