The Ass Clown Offensive – Miscavige Becomes “Anonymous”

I recognized a remarkable development recently that I believe warrants discussion.

When I began to speak out about two year ago, I walked onto what appeared to be a very black and white playing field.   It appeared to be occupied by two opposing forces,  the church of Scientology vs. the anti-Scientologists.  In fact, after observing a while I noted that there was not a vast difference between the two exteme sides of that spectrum.  That in fact the two extreme sides (Miscavige Radicals) and those who vehemently professed anti-Scientology views (the whole subject should be retired, not merely the organization reformed or de-fanged) were reduced in some ways to creating one another, and resisting one another so strenuously as  to perhaps even be flirting with becoming one another.  See,

In late 09 and well into 2010 my wife and I were subjected to a number of intelligence operations and juvenile pranks – from being egged in London, to having our blog taken down, to having a locksmith attempt to re-key our home (on our alleged order that never occurred).   Some were followed or preceeded by ominous sounding phone calls (altered electronically to sound techno-Anonymous) about how terror would continue to rain down upon us.  Clearly, in the light of Anonymous pranks of that period, it was made to appear as if we were the targets of Anonymous.

Initially it was easy to believe that it was Anonymous exerting extraordinary efforts to terrorize us.  Except, there was one little problem with that easy conclusion.  Individual members of Anonymous reached out and provided proof that in fact these were not the acts of Anonymous and proof that some of the activity could be traced back (definitively, albeit sometimes without admissable documentary evidence) to being carried out by  card carrying, Kool Aid drinking Radical Corporate Scientologists.

The Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) ops were relatively slick back then.  For example, even while Why We Protest (Anonymous’ on line forum) was making me the brunt of the bulk of their verbal, written attacks (late 09) Miscavige’s RCS managed to derail – and delay by six months – the Anderson Cooper 360 5-part series (A History of Violence – Scientology) by somehow “linking” me to Anonymous.   I was literally made to – among other things – document how absurd that proposition was in order to satisfy the nervous nellie lawyers at CNN Atlanta and Time/Warner New York.

In studying the phenomena that came to be labelled Anonymous I came across a very well researched and measured piece of jounalism that I believe most accurately described how a group of predominently young Chanology hacktivists found the perfect trolling target in the uber-paranoid “church” of Scientology.  What the article did not cover, but I did in the post The Great Middle Path Redux (link provided above), was that so too had Radical Corporate Scientology – and specifically its head David Miscavige – found its perfect justification for dramatizing being the victim. That of course is a necessary, continuing target of Miscavige’s so as to justify continuing to bankrupt gullible cult members for the sake of his “defense.”  I recommend this piece to anyone wanting to understand how this match made in hell came to be:

After observing this conflict play out, and vicariously and sometimes unwittingly participating in its unfolding, over the past two years, I have to hand it to the late-teen/early-twenty somethings.  They prevailed.  And they did so predictably per the very philsophy they protested.  Again:

“What you resist you become,” is here more accurately stated as, “That against which you have overts [committed harmful acts], you become.” One becomes more and more individual and individuated up to a limit, at which point, the harder one tries to individuate, the more one becomes a sort of fake version of that against which one has overts.  L Ron Hubbard, Future Org Trends 9 Oct 1962

Let us fast forward to the present.  For the past three months solid, David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology has become fully that which it so forcefully resisted.

All one need do to see the proof of it is to peruse this blog from April 17, 2011 forward to the present.

Miscavige has easily spent $20,000 a day over that three month period on the following:

a)  Send unidentified people in bizaree costumes to stand on the property line – and sometimes within it, which I never saw even Anonymous try – shouting insults into the faces of Scientologists trying to peaceably practice the philosophy.

b) Plaster the internet with Lulz sites – by anonymous RCS members – devoted to smearing Scientologists with the most over the top, denigrating, scatalogical propaganda.

c) Smearing practicing Scientologists with the most lurid, personal allegations posted on signs as they approached their oases to peaceably practice their religion.   Again, far exceeding any outrage RCS might assign to Anonymous, Miscavige’s attacks included twisting kernals of truth lifted from the confessional folders of those Scientologists.

d)  Spend perhaps hundreds of thousands on creating lulz videos about Scientologists that are so over the top and hateful and juvenile that virtually everyone who sees them develops a chilling aversion to the cult of Radical Corporate Scientology.

e)  Made Ass Clown moves in public that have forever tainted the cult as exactly that, a cult.   The John Allender April 17 antics with the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs miner head-cam has overshadowed even that Anon guy who marched on the church covered in pubic hairs that the church made so much hay over years ago.

In short, Miscavige has become a cheap, lower-harmonic mimic of that which he so strongly cried bloody murder over for years.

Interestingly, while Miscavige and RCS have regressed into juvenile delinquency what has become of Anonymous?

It seems they have for the most part grown up and matured while Miscavige became a lower harmonic perversion of them.

Last year they rallied to the cause of the end of the Radical Iranian fascist regime.

This year they rallied to the defense of Wikileaks founder Julian Asange when the corporatocracy was trying to publicly hang him for letting the truth see the light of day.

Some can still argue that Anonymous’ tactics are over the top, and perhaps even counter productive to some extent. But, no one in their right mind would argue that their intentions and objectives in those causes are as objectionable as those that Miscavige and his cult have adopted and dramatized during that same period.

Miscavige and RCS are dedicating millions to the suppression of internationally recognized Human Rights and constitutionally recognized civil rights.  Specifically, they continue to demonstrate to the world that they will, by any means necessary, if left unchecked destroy the rights of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE.

In short, Anonymous people appear to have grown up while Miscavige’s cult has regressed toward fascist infantilism.

As for most of the folks involved in, or watching, this drama unfold: no worries.  I think most of you get what just about anybody of any stripe gets, be he or she Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Deist, Atheist, or whatever.  We all reap what we sow.

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  1. top of the vale

    David Miscavige has been known for years as the King of Practical Jokes. Even in this has he failed miserably!

  2. Tory Christman

    As I told Anonymous when they first arrived and called me: “OSA *will* infiltrate you, pretending to be Anonymous. I *know* as *I* opened up their phony “anonymous” accounts, years before Anonymous arrived on the scene”

    . In case you haven’t followed my story, in a nutshell, yes, I did open the phony anonymous accounts, however I had *no* idea what they were doing with them. My auditor, then, and best friend, Bill Yaude, had convinced me “It’s all legal, it’s all to help the church”. Still being a “true believer” –I trusted him. As soon as I found out what they were *really* doing (stopping, or trying to stop free speech on the Net), within a short time after I left C of $, forever, escaping out literally 11 years ago, in 2 days. (The 19th of July).

    I am banned from WWP “Forever”. Now who would ban an X-member, activist, ‘forever’? Many Anonymous are still my friends and we picket together. The story at WWP is “She wanted to be banned”. No, there was a huge blow up, and I asked that my writings be taken down. I never asked to be banned, certainly not “Forever”. More than one activist against C of $ is banned from there. Who would ban such folks?

    I say daily: Thank God and the Net and Davey boy for Anonymous, the Critics before them, all the X-Scientologists who have helped, and now all the Scientologists, too! Had OSA just left them alone, they would have been on their way within a week or two. Thankfully they did their normal routine of attacking them, hiring PI’s to rat on them, etc. That…and other actions done by this phony “church” has ensured Critics remain alive, and active…for as long as is needed.
    My blessings to you ALL 🙂
    Tory Christman (aka: Magoo!)

  3. Jesus is the Answer, Not LRH

    Coming out of Scientology is a process. Leaving the corporate church is the first step. However, to fully “move up a little higher” means recognizing that L. Ron Hubbard is not the answer to freedom. As Matthew 7:15 says, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” God bless all of you Scientologists and Independents and I pray that God opens up your eyes to true freedom – which comes from the grace of Jesus Christ and doesn’t cost you a single penny.

  4. Marty, this is mind boggling. Very complicated and will take some time to get my head around. For me, the simple explanation is that the CoS (aka DM) has abandon its goal of helping people and has gone completely insane in its desperation to maintain control. People need to know that leaving is not a death sentence. It is a release. It affords an opportunity to pursue spiritual enlightenment while maintaining loving, supportive relationships, strong community ties, and relevant engagement as a citizen of the world.

  5. Marty


    Yes I had noticed some of what you have summarized here. I personally have found the Anonymous who post on this blog to be generally intelligent, caring people, who are willing to experience diverse viewpoints.

    Some, I think, (and they may cringe a bit) are even finding aspects of the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard to their liking, (or at least find some admiration or respect for some of the “Independent Scientologists” that they have “met” here on this blog.) I doubt that they consider themselves Scientologists in any way, but with some I can honestly say I have more reality than I do with some members of “The Church of Scientology”. That alone is quite revealing.

    This is a powerful communication line, and perhaps, as you have suggested, the Great Middle Way, to some extent, not because it is “left nor right” on this issue, but for the very reason that it is holding firm ground in TRUTH.. It is not even particularly “SAFE” ground really, (in that it is obviously not free from attacks,) but it is the only “ground” worth defending.

    Extremists, radicals and zealots, are not generally very well supported in any sane group. They generally cause more harm than good to the forward motion of that group. When you have such a person leading the group, as in David Miscavige, you have the recipe for disaster, to the long term survival value of that group, and to the survival of the group itself.

    So I also would like to thank those of Anonymous, and other groups and individuals, who support our cause here for MORE FREEDOM and MORE SANITY, for others, and for themselves.

    Thank you

    Eric S

  6. Very interesting observations. Not surprisingly, it seems that Anonymous has unintentionally spurned the Church of Miscavology to cause itself more harm then these so-called terrorists have done themselves by exposing the outrageous lengths the CoM is willing to go to silence any critical/reformist voice on the internet. This, I believe, will be the greatest legacy of the CoM vs. Anonymous battle.

    You are doing great work, and I visit this site almost in disbelief of how the CoM is committing suicide in trying to silence you. It boggles the mind. I have never been a church member, and if it wasn’t for the outrageous behavior of CoM operatives on the internet most people would have never learned how Miscavology is corrupting the church. Keep it up! 🙂

  7. scilonschools

    Beautiful post Marty.
    Understanding takes time and requires for all parties to have empathy.

  8. Brilliant post!

  9. Hi Marty;

    I agree with you, but also disagree to some extent, though maybe not really.

    The original anon attacks were aimed at the tech and practices of Scientologists, as well as the church, and were sometimes questionable. Some were outright illegal and stupid, and made the CofS a victim.

    However, they changed, and left criticism of the tech and Scientologists out of their protests, and targeted only the abusive practices of OSA. Yes, the anons would natter about the tech and how Scinos were real nut cases on their blogs etc., but stopped doing so in their public protests.

    Unlike OSA, that anons can evolve, and did so, defining their tactics directly to their targets, OSA crimes. Of course, there are always going to be exceptions, especially amongst the anons.

    Regarding DM and anon tactics, what you say is true, and was predictable.

    DM has adopted anon tactics, knowingly or unknowingly, because those tactics work. He and his crew cannot stop anon, he knows that, his lawyers know that, and anon knows that.

    So, use the anon tactics. I don’t know if they are even aware they are doing it, considering their relative state of ‘unconsciousness’.

    But, DM and his legal teams and their minions will not have the success that anon enjoys, because he and his minions are not as smart as the anons, don’t have ‘right’ on their side, but most of all, to the anons, doing all this is FUN!!

    The indicator to me early on was that anon was going to win was the relative tone levels. The tone level of the anons with their singing and dancing and prancing and waving silly signs and insouciance are way, way above the solid, out-of-valence mud of the DM minions. And, there are hundreds of anons to every one of DMs minions, and the anons are free to look; the mud pies are not.

    DM will lose this game too. I mentioned in a comment a few posts ago, that I think this game will lead directly to DM’s heart, and the blow will come from the legal liabilities his own muddies create as they play this stupid and dangerous, to them, game.

    My opinion.

  10. Scott Campbell

    Well… Both groups have dramatized the same goal. The eradication of the subject of Scientology.

    I think you’re right on with this analysis, Marty. Both affinity and disaffinity require interest, and thus “pull-in” ones attention units to the curiosity thus created.

    A good fisherman like you knows why the fish takes the bait.

  11. Jesus is …..

    Hi. I think you may be laboring under the false impression that we “worship” L. Ron Hubbard. There may well find some who would tend to lean in that direction, but L.Ron Hubbard is certainly no “God” in your terms. He does not suggest that he is “God”, or has “God’s ear”, or that he is a “profit”, or any such thing.

    He was a man. He was a researcher. He was a systematic observer. And as such he would be more correctly associated with other such people, like Einstein, Newton, Lau Tzu, Socrates, Archimedes, and a long list of others.

    L.Ron Hubbard simply had some ideas about how the mind worked, and that led to developing a technology to help people handle their difficulties in life. This led to more discoveries into who, or what, a spiritual being was, and to the “philosophy” and technologies that are Scientology.

    There is no “God” of Scientology.
    There are no “prophets”.
    No “Saints”.
    Nothing of the sort.

    There is only a set of ideas that can be used to help our fellow man become more able. I am hoping that you would agree, if even only a little, that such a thing might be valuable to the world.

    Eric S

  12. What I believe Marty has done is shown how a group — albeit one created initially in cyberspace CAN be a group endowed with enlightened qualities:

    Discernment, joy, equanimity, that “empty” quality meaning not fixated on characteristics but able to simple BE.

    It’s a different look at groups. We tend to think they are somehow devoid of enlightened qualities but actually a group CAN BE ITSELF enlightened.

    Test it out here on this blog.

    Post something REALLY ugly and the group itself corrects the poster – usually in a kind way.

    Post something REALLY FALSE and the group again corrects itself.

    It APPEARS that it is the individuals that correct the group but this group ALREADY has an energy that invites TO IT others looking for an avenue to communicate and create. And the group by now maintains a very enlightened tone.

    It is now the energy of this group – created by Marty – that attracts TONS of new visitors every month.

    That “other group” commonly referred to as dms group is a fractured mess without an energetic component capable of holding it together. It currently APPEARS to be held together but that is just past pictures still stuck. There in no new energy, no communication and in time it will disappear. Just like other once SOLID civilizations.


  13. Scott Campbell

    Just to be offensive…

  14. Tory
    Happy Birthday!
    Wow, only two, and with a full set of teeth already.

    Eric S

  15. Marty,

    I saw this phenomenon begin to occur back in the mid 90’s after the so called IRS Victory when the now Tax Exempt “Church” handed anyone working for CATS or protesting Taxation their “burn notice” then when I saw questions about taxes started coming up on confessionals or sec checks it confirmed my worst fears.

    And that was the Church was actually going into the valence of as Ron calls ’em a “Tax crud”.

    So much for the glorious “Victory”. We had actually “won” by becoming our supposed “enemy”.

    (Actually the IRS were really never our direct enemy per se but only a tool used by our actual enemies to harass us.

    So for Miscavige to declare total “victory” was a lie.

    But another lie for another time.)

    Anyway I happen to know anecdotally that OSA has been infiltrating 4 Chan, WWP and Changology (along with various other Government agencies) seeking to as they say “muddy the waters” or spread disinformation about the Scientology protestant or independence movement in an effort to either disperse or polarize the effort.

    I mean they’ve been doing this sorta thing since the ’60’s under such names as COINTELPRO and MH/CHAOS.

    And so it is no surprise that the titular “leader” of Scientology is playing right along.

    I mean that’s what he’s doing what he’s being payed to do though I don’t think the guy is bright enough to know who his actual pay masters are and even he didn’t he probably wouldn’t care because they are just as suppressive as he is.

    So becoming like what he now claims to be his greatest enemy. These what he calls “internet terrorists” is no surprise.

    Again it just shows how easily Miscavige slips into the valence of a suppressive which is a synthetic valence as you know and has no basis in actual reality.

    Of course as we both know Miscavige’s actions actually have no basis in actual reality or he’d realize that he was doing something wrong.

    Yet the thought of ever doing anything wrong has never occurred to the lil’ rodent as we know.

  16. Scott Campbell

    Exactamundo Sue!

    That is the truth. If we keep doing what we’re doing, eventually people will see that.

  17. martyrathbun09

    I am reticent to encourage to you start teeing off again; but I gotta give the devil his due. You knocked that one right out of the park RJ.

  18. Well said!

  19. martyrathbun09


  20. Re: your statement ” However, to fully “move up a little higher” means recognizing that L. Ron Hubbard is not the answer to freedom. As Matthew 7:15 says, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

    This would be the same as me saying : ” However, to fully “move up a little higher” means recognizing that Jesus is not the answer to freedom.”

    Both statements are ridiculous. There are fanatics in all religions.

    Thankfully, in civilized nations on this planet, one can freely choose to believe what one wishes and is also protected from fanatics throwing out hate speech against any religion or belief.

  21. Tory
    Oops…. Oh dear…
    That should be ELEVEN years old.
    (it is me that is barely two)



    Eric S

  22. markthehungarian

    As someone who has protested the CoS wearing an Anon mask, I have to agree completely with the post. My desire to protest stemmed (and stems) not from the philosophy of Scientology, far from it. I was raised a Catholic and still, to some extent, “believe.” People should be free to believe whatever they want, hassle free, as long as no harm comes to others as a side-effect.

    My gripe with the CoS has always been the way they treated their members, both past and present, and the abuses they commit in the name of religion. I also detest that they cloak their aggressive tactics behind the banner of “freedom of religion,” which is just obscene.

    That gripe still remains. Whether it be the concept of the RPF (which seems like a modern day, and relatively gentle, gulag), forced abortions, or mind control, it is the *abuse* that I want to end and made public so it is laid bare for all to see. If it is public knowledge that you can be RPF’d for years, crush regged to give a 2nd mortgage to the CoS that will destroy you financially, forced to get a divorce or have an abortion because your husband/wife/baby will take you off-post, and completely brainwashed and then you *STILL* join, that’s fine by me, because at least you make that decision knowing what it might bring.

    For too long, DM has hidden behind his lawyers and intimidation tactics to keep the true story of the present-day CoS hidden and in the shadows. But hey, when you’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars donated by members to play with, you can make the game last a long time. It’s like being shit at poker yet starting off the game with 1000 times as much money as an opponent… you ARE going to lose, it’ll just take longer than it would normally.

    This blog is proof that DM’s house is made of cards and is built on sand. It has given exes, indies, and lurkers a first-hand look at the frontlines, and it is working. People are seeing the CoS for what it is, a really scary operation that exists by brainwashing members (who surely started on the bridge with good intentions) and sucking them dry of money and individuality.

    DM’s world is collapsing around him, and it should. Yesterday’s video shot of zombie Anna acting just creepy is another nail in the coffin, and that’s just one post of many. In most countries, moulding individuals to harrass, intimidate, threaten, libel and defame is a crime.

    DM is a fool – he believes he’s above the law. But the house is coming down, and once the law starts going through the rubble, there is going to be some serious retribution going his way.

    Justice is blind for a reason, and in the case of the CoS has been forced to wear a second “oh hang on, it’s a religion so you can’t touch what they do” blindfold. But she also carries one mighty big sword and the blindfold is slipping, day by day, week by week.

  23. It’s not necessarily that we’ve grown up (though it could account for some part of it). Those anons that were in it for fun only left the movement pretty early on, back when the protests got boring. What was left were sometimes ultra whackos that managed to get themselves banned from WWP, but more often those with some common sense and decency and the will to see something through to its end.
    You may have got some initial trolling from anons, but I think that pretty much subsided when you made clear on your blog that not everything what Hubbard wrote is set in stone and you referred to other great persons in history, not only Hubbard. But that is what makes the Co$ so dangerous: the tunnel vision centered on LRH. Just add social pressure into the mix and you can justify any abuse perpetrated in the name of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, by selectively quoting and applying Hubbard teachings.
    So I’ll gladly return your compliment and would say the same about the independents: You have also come a long way to the better.
    When you think about anonymous, or chanology, you have to keep this picture in your mind:
    And personally, I do not agree with alot of the operations done by some anons, with others I agree. It’s the choice of each individual which operations to take part in.

  24. Nice troll. I LOLed

  25. About leaving the church, you say, “It is a release. It affords an opportunity to pursue spiritual enlightenment while maintaining loving, supportive relationships, strong community ties, and relevant engagement as a citizen of the world.”

    This is so well spoken, so important, and true.

    Folks inside and/or lurking may not realize how profoundly better we are able to be, do, and have after disconnection from Little Lord Tyrant and his merry band of suffering-souls.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Hell of a post, thanks.

  27. +1 !!!

  28. windhorse

    Beautifully put, and “right on the money”.

    I feel that the biggest thing that might be “holding this group back” is it’s attention on the “failed group” that is “the church of scientology”.

    It is unfortunate, but I also feel that it is important to expend some of the “theta” that we have assembled and are creating here to do what we can to help those still “under the thumb” of David Miscavige and his administration.

    It is the “theta MEST theory” in action. Theta has been released from the chaos that is Miscavige’s Scientology. That Theta is now impinging itself upon that chaos, armed with truth and understanding, in order to resolve the chaos, and to release more Theta. When we get it right, more Theta is released.

    It is the way of things in this universe.

    Eric S

  29. WH,
    You just gave me goosebumps.

  30. Dear Jesus is the Answer, Not LRH,
    I usually do not reply in opposition to a person’s concept of truth and
    reality concerning salvation, however, after over 40 years of biblical
    scholarship, I can tell you that Jesus is not the name of the Messiah-Savior,
    that he came only to free his people from the corrupted form of their religion,
    that the Church of Rome selected and edited the sayings and actions of
    this man to control the people and replace the fallen Roman Empire,
    that the origins of God(s) are mental constructs that actually establish
    mindsets changing the neurologic structure of the brain and adjusts the
    endocrine system to keep the mindset (an ethereal faith base course of action)
    in operation as the dichotomy known as good and evil, heaven and hell and
    God and Satan. You need to go free from that concept. I suggest you do some
    serious research, maybe start with Thomas Paine’s “The Ages of Reason”
    and Julian Jayne’s “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the
    Bicameral Mind”. Neuroscience is making great strides in research areas
    pointing to, in many instances, that thought is not necessarily 100% brain originated,
    nor all stimulus-response. Appears they are entering into Hubbardian territory.
    Concerning deity and salvation, following a 30 years plus research track
    on Scientology, its sub study Dianetics and the pre-Hubbardian works of
    Nordenholz (1934), Stephen Andrews (1871), and Aristotle (and a few notables
    between ancient Greece and the 19th and 20th centuries), going through
    the Hubbard lectures and applied technology of the structure of the R6
    (Routine 6) bank (Reactive Mind), one, working these areas and some
    upper level OT data and processes, discovers, without Hubbard feeding you
    a potential cognition, the R6 god. You unmask the falsehoods, remove the
    R6 imposed obstacles (as mentioned above in religion and neuroscience),
    and you go free to assist others toward freedom and happiness that is genuine.
    Someday, the world will be ready to go free from the suppression of the
    Reactive Mind, but it starts with the individual and progresses up the
    Dynamics. Hubbard never said he was the answer. The answer my dear friend
    is with you and how you took the exterior cosmos and interiorized it,
    formed your constructs, established your mode of operation, and deteriorated
    in the process of a split second that stretched trillions of years in physicality.
    Hubbard just pointed the way – you have to walk the distance.
    Much success to all who strive for freedom, especially the main suppressive
    force of fear and ignorance and insanity – the R6 bank and a confused,
    unknowing self.

  31. Markthehungarian,
    Rational and hard hitting post!

  32. Mar\k said

    My gripe with the CoS has always been the way they treated their members, both past and present, and the abuses they commit in the name of religion. I also detest that they cloak their aggressive tactics behind the banner of “freedom of religion,” which is just obscene.


  33. Jethro Bodine

    Jesus is not the answer, Love is the answer:

  34. Brian Culkin

    Bad Cult.

    Now go to your room and don’t come out until you can be nice.

  35. The King James Version uses the term “ravening” wolves. This is a very fitting description of the Church of Scientology. If Jesus is truly leading you to spiritual growth, then keep going with it. It does seem to work great for some people. However, I do not believe that any one belief system will fit all people.

  36. Miscavige has no paymasters. He is perfectly happy living of your IAS donations.

  37. As long as their are Scientologists practicing Scientology, the subject of Scientology will never die.

    A fact not an endorsement as I am not a fan of Hubbard.

  38. Tory,
    Happy belated birthday to begin with. Much joy
    and happiness on you current path of Life.
    I know you are, as those of us who are here are,
    dead set again Slappy and his destructiveness of
    peoples lives. From a review of your videos, you seem to be
    against the subject of Scientology and its implementation
    for the freedom of individuals. Which is it – for or
    against personally and not a general blanket statement maybe good for
    some but not for me. Yes, I have viewed and read all you
    anti-proclamations. You became the victim of Slappy’s basic
    fears and unfortunately acted out his plans to control the
    world and not free the world. I am joyful that you are free
    from the Reign of Terror. We independents fight for the
    right to use a technology that is very workable in liberating
    the human spirit. Where do you stand concerning this?
    By the way, I reviewed your NOTs videos and man did they throw
    you in the wrong direction. O my, shattered dreams and
    intentions from when you began. I felt your hurt, didn’t mock it up,
    as you recalled and presented your tale of being deceived and
    mentally, emotionally and spiritually abuse.
    I am glad you are free. Calm seas and smooth sailing on your journey.
    Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are a Great Spirit.

  39. Great post, Marty.

  40. What is Greatness.

    Some leaders set the stage for a great group, by leading through principle that about a state that we are “moving up a little higher”. Some leaders set the stage for a group by using a club, spending money to buy or hurt people – intimidation and force. We end up in hell.

    The stated goals of a group are not the key things to judge a group by. Stated goals may sound good: save all souls, get to heaven, clear the planet, stop abuses. But those goals just define the “call to join”.

    What actions are being done more and more in the name of those goals? What are the leader(s) pushing to be done? Groups change, evolve. (group dynamics).

    As an individual, when finally leaving the group finding you have been following a person with a club, what tips you over the edge to get out? Is it looking around and seeing you are really in hell? Is it being too bruised and broken to take any more abuse? Or getting mad enough to kick back? Seeing other hurt?

    For me it was being too bruised and broken to take any more abuse. Then trying to create a semblance of calm and peace from the shambles that were left, to try and start over. Thankfully finding other doing the same, on Marty’s blog and others.

    I find this group to be enormously healing and am very thankful for it.

    Finding that you have joined a group with wonderful goals, but actions that hurt others, poses a terrible problem seemingly. But throwing out the actions do not mean throwing out the goals. Just gotta get rid of enough suppression to be able to see it, then act.

  41. What is Greatness.

    Last part of post got cut off:

    Does the person you see as leader help you to see more clearly to remove suppression? Or demand unthinking blind obedience?

    There IS a humane way to achieve humane goals.

  42. Hi RJ,

    While I have a few here-to-fore undisclosed facts about some of the later points you raise (some seem in alignment, others not), I know CATS.

    I can assure you, there were no burn notices. We bailed out of West LA and the church complex early on. We set up in Glendale at the first opportunity and then moved east once we had the public backing. The results of CATS were real. We soldiered on because the IRS Code is destructive and moving to a consumption-based tax collected at the retail level was, and actually is, less so. That’s what we did.

    Contemporaneous documentation as to CATS status, etc was provided by the National Review in that time-frame. 96% accurate article as I recall.

    BTW, said undisclosed facts will follow in due course.


  43. A little over a year ago my ex-husband caught PIs following him on two occasions; once at the airport and once in a hotel.
    When he called OSA out on having him followed they claimed it was the work of Anonymous paying to have people followed by PIs so they can make it look like the church is doing it.
    The lies are pathetic and attempts to third party obvious.
    The church has, in the past tried to link me with Anonymous to make me look bad.
    Well I’m proud to be linked to Anonymous. I have a far greater respect for someone who dons a mask to stand outside an evil and corrupt organization to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT than what must be now thousands of radar-flyers who have the tenacity to call themselves ‘Scientologists’ who yet willingly abandon the fate of their own religion for others to take care of.
    And yes Dr. Faust. Like Anonymous, we have had our own faults and have evolved as individuals and as a group.
    We have also learned to be more selective about whom we trust and why. 😉

  44. PS
    REALLY good post Marty. About time someone pulled the curtain down on OSA’s little 3P campaign.
    In Miscavige’s universe all people are enemies or must be made into enemies of each other. He can have his universe. It is an ugly place.
    I prefer to have friends.

  45. +10 Sue, very well said.

    However, methinks it’s the only way out in attaining spiritual enlightenment due to the twists and alterations the PoB of Reverse Tech Crims has injected into the subject, plus gains to be had in not being controlled by an SP!

  46. Cat Daddy
    You make me laugh 😀 😀 😀
    You slide easily and comfortably into chatting with this group and continually educate yourself and show great understanding of the issues at hand.
    Yet you fully retain your identity as an Anon.
    I find it interesting and amusing. My respects to you friend. Clearly you have no problem communicating.

  47. MTH,
    Right on the money!

  48. When you take your attention off of the condition you are trying to create and put it onto the terminal that is seeming to oppose you, you walk right into the GPM and all of its dramatizations. This phenomena is as old as time.

  49. Sam, +10000000000

  50. MTH, well said

  51. Jesus is the Answer, Not LRH

    Hi WindWalker, thank you for your response. I guess i just don’t understand how Scientology helps your fellow man. Maybe i’m just ignorant. From everything I know, it helps yourself through endless counseling and that seems to be a selfish type thing, not helping others. Anything it does to help others, it seems, appears to be more of a PR type thing to bring in new customers. Plus, it’s purpose, is to help the able become more able. But how about the less able? Christianity is about helping the orphans, and widows, and the disabled, not about leaving them behind.

  52. One of the main features that’s been observed in David Miscavige is the label he put on the Anons – terrorists – to perhaps associate them with violent radical fundamentalists.

    Terrorist is one thing he has increasingly become, burning his $20K daily habit in order to terrorize those who say “NO” to his control in the form of PI investigations & stalking, GPS tracking, “in your face” uninvited solicitations, flight information gathering, LA street bumper cars, “documentary” making SQBs, golf cart and paddleboat stalking, blow drills, ad nauseum.

  53. Well then, here is a protip:
    Don’t trust anonymous either.

    About Co$ claiming anons had been paying PIs to have your ex-husband followed: I wish I had that money to pay for something like this. Fact of the matter is: most anons don’t. I don’t know why OSA thought anyone would believe this crap. I mean it’s kind of obvious. What do you expect from basement dwellers like us? And even if we had that kind of money we wouldn’t deem it worthwhile to spend money in such a fashion on someone who hasn’t even been exposing himself in a manner deemed lulzworthy for Anonymous 😉

  54. It’s a certainty that Anonymous has been infiltrated by OSA. Also a certainty is that within Anonymous, most actions that ultimately serve to work in the Scientology Corporation’s favor, such as attacks on Marty, Mike, and other independents, as well as any illegal acts that makes Anonymous look bad or helps to portray the CoS as sympathetic victims, will likely have been instigated (if not spearheaded) by OSA.

    The question is, how far will OSA go? There’s no doubt that an *anonymous* terrorist act against the CoS, even one resulting in loss of life, would serve to reward the cult with immeasurably good PR — a new victimhood that would reverse all the negative publicity. As well as quash any dissent within the ranks. (think 1933 Reichstag fire) But would Miscavige ever approve OSA’s involvement such a high-risk false-flag operation?

    Maybe, if some day Miscavige’s leadership was hanging by a thread and he felt he had nothing to lose.

  55. Agreed. Equally proud to be linked to Anonymous. (you can put that in a new revised version of my anonymous – since I haven’t yet seen it – SP declare OSA UK).

  56. JITANLRH, In helping me be a better mother, Scientology helped others. In helping me be a better employer, it helped even more others, some of whom have married and raised families because they had steady jobs. In helping me, it helped my community.

    Does not every Christian take on his faith with the belief that it will help him avoid hell and eternal punishment for his sins? I don’t believe any Scientologist hoped to get that much selfish good from LRH. LOL

  57. Killer post, Windhorse. Much food for thought.

  58. Marty says ~~
    In short, Anonymous people appear to have grown up while Miscavige’s cult has regressed toward fascist infantilism.
    Hard hitting succinct bulls eye post Marty.
    The vulgarity in their Squirrel zone videos is Obscene.
    Their round-the-clock stalking of Marty and Mike with a pretense of “documentary making” is mocked and derided by increasing amounts of viewers.
    Their visits to their wives when they are out of town is spat on world wide.
    These kind of actions are precisely what makes it a Jerry Springer Reality show of Religions.
    What Top Gun Professional would permit his name associated with lunatic-fringe dramatizations that get worse by the day ?
    Religious Scholar James R, Lewis withdrew support completely as he watched the Barney Bailey Circus and incidents like Heber Jentzsch being incarcerated in the Dungeon and states it beautifully here ~~
    The Madison Avenue marketing Gurus Al Ries and Jack Trout could not work with the Church. (Positioning, the Battle for the Mind) and the relationship ended.
    And that was back in before the stalking paddle boats up to a private residence and over-the-top obscene videos and bulk mailings of malicious accusations.
    More recently Sergio Zyman was approached to be hired as Marketing Guru.
    Sergio Zyman is in a league of his own, former marketing Guru of Coca-Cola who took its stats out the roof.
    Sergio Zyman turned down Miscavology as a client.
    They were booted out before they got a foot in the door.

    Does anyone wonder why ?

  59. Powerful post Marty and it has brought out intelligent, insightful and expansive responses.

  60. Christianity is dying and the COB wants the same thing with SCN.

  61. Go Tory!!!!!

  62. ChristanityISdying


    Beatles » All You Need Is Love Lyrics
    Love, love, love
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    There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
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    There’s nothing you can make that can’t me made
    No on you can save that can’t be saved
    Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time
    It’s easy

    All you need is love
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    That is all you need

  63. Thanks Vic,

    Looking forward to your revelations.

    I agree a consumption based tax instead of a tax on income is less suppressive.

    The next best thing which would probably keep the IRS happy and not feeling threatened would probably be the one the Ol’man suggests in the HCOB entitled ‘Tax Reform’.

    Personally I would have preferred that approach at the time instead of op terming with the IRS.

    However as we all know now.

    RTC and Miscavige have a problem with applying Standard Tech.

  64. Really you should follow the money CD and look at who some of these IAS donors are.

  65. Thanks Marty,


  66. I support Anonymous and I support independent Scientologists. The youthful enthusiasm of Anons can sometimes get them in trouble, however the antics of Corporate Scientology is a strategy directed from the top. I think Anonymous has already distinguished between Scientology self-help and the abuses of organized Scientology. As allies Anonymous, independent Scientologists and independent protesters (like me) will mean the end of Scientology as an abusive cult.

  67. K#1,
    Your post reminded me of one of these really stupid PoB study orders. All of the staff had to read one of Sergio Zyman’s books on marketing for Coca Cola. As if all our posts need to be hatted on this subject matter! What a waste of time and diversion from just doing what LRH considers enhancement with our study time!

    I’m not surprised the job was turned down, the PoB PR is below the basement level! Marketing a disliked cult with questionable practices? Hey Dave, I have news for you – The Squirrel busters are not generating positive PR for you either as volunteers or OSA bots or Video rappers!

  68. JohnInAustin

    The Civil Rights movement in the United States was greatly aided by the swelling ranks of “non-Black” people who stood up and said human rights violations would no longer be tolerated.

    I realize that some of the Independents on this revolutionary blog do not at all grok why people who were never Scientologisrs (like myself and so many others) read this blog daily and comment with some frequency.

    Well, the answer is that this is our way of standing shoulder to shoulder with you on fighting the oppression you are escaping…this is our way of saying that we are all One People…this is our way of showing Solidarity with you even though we are not necessarily “Black” “Gay” “Polish” “Independent Scientologists” ourselves!

    How do we know for a fact CofM will eventually lose?! Because Independents have hundreds, if not thousands, of “regular” people (lulz!) on your side, and I can guarantee CofM have exactly ZERO outsiders rooting for them!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  69. One “PR Firm” (more like CIA front) that was happy to take Dave’s (actually the money he stole parishioners) money was Hill & Knowlton the same company that also flaked for the Moonies and was able to hood wink the American public into believing they were “liberating” a democracy in Gulf War I.

    (You know the company that was going to turn the Church into some kind of Micky D’s of religions.)

    But even so.

    The Scientology account even got too radioactive for them!

    So they went back to propping up Third World Dictators.

    I guess they’re easier sells than that lunatic who calls himself the “Pope of Scientology” 🙂

  70. Jesus is…

    OK. I can see that you have questions and concerns. Have you read any of the actual works of L.Ron Hubbard at all?

    You might well be surprised to find that there is every bit as much emphasis on training in the skills of communication, and the use of exact procedures that help others improve their lives, as there is in “getting something for yourself.” In fact, the whole thing started with a book, “Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health” which is a book that teaches a person how the mind works, and how to use certain procedures to help someone else become more “sane”, or simply handle their lives better. Most of the information in Scientology follows this path of helping people to understand their fellow man better, and thus be able to assist him in becoming a better person, in his own estimation.

    I will take your last point next.

    Yes, Scientology has a purpose of “making the able more able”. (again, please notice it is concentrating on “making others more able,” not simply becoming more able yourself.) I would like to perhaps clear this point up a bit, if I can. “Making the able more able” does not have anything to do with whether the person is poor, disabled or orphaned or such things. These people are not necessarily “unable” in the sense that this phrase refers to. The people who are the most “unable” are actually people of whatever station in life, or physical condition, that are unable to learn, or look, or comprehend simple concepts. It also would include those who absolutely refuse to entertain any other ideas than those they already have fixed views on.
    Scientology can actually even help those people, but it takes a much greater effort and time.

    L. Ron Hubbard decided to concentrate on people who could be trained to help others in a lesser amount of time, simply for the reason that he felt that if he could train more people, in less time, it would be better for everyone. These “able” people, once trained, would be able to help whomever they chose. (notice again the concentration on helping others)

    I hope this helps a bit on answering your concern about PR also, to some degree. Unfortunately, if you are using recent activities of the Scientology Organization as an indication of what Scientology about, based on its actions,your view is fairly accurate. I can understand why you would want no part of that. I would not want to be part of that either, and I am not.

    Again it is no real reflection of what Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard are all about at all, but merely the efforts of a money grubbing individual, David Miscavige, who has found a way to use his position as the current controller of the organization, for his own personal profit. This is the man who deserves your ire.

    Many of us here are Scientologists who seek to use Scientology to help our fellow man, but there are very few who will any longer have anything to do with the Scientology Organization as it now exists.

    I hope this helps. Thank you for your willingness to hear me out.

    Eric S

  71. I protest that you are using the term “ass clown”. That term is offensive to jovial proctologists everywhere.

    Then again, it does convey the picture, and with reference to the correct anatomical locations.

  72. martyrathbun09

    This is getting trolly; I have already spam rejected several “new” “independents” attacking Christianity in response. Clearly, OSA at work. So, I am retiring this sub thread.

  73. Marty, you’ve certainly opened a can of worms with this one.

    There’s a great deal to be said on the subject of course, but I think it’s worth pointing out something that you alluded to in your piece; DM and company have wreaked far more havoc upon their organization in the last three years that Anonymous could ever haved hoped to.


    “A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed
    That law (it comes out of OT VIII materials) is so powerful it would practically
    revive the dead!
    It applies to orgs.
    It applies to cities or nations.
    When you diverge from a constructive purpose to “stop attacks,” the purpose has been abandoned. You get a stop. The real way to stop attacks is to widen one’s zone of responsibility. And pour the coal on the purpose. Thus all attacks one makes should be in THE DIRECTION OF ENLARGING ONE’S SCOPE AND AUGMENTING BASIC PURPOSE.”
    (From “OT Orgs HCOPL).
    I would urge all concerened to look beyond the current freak show, and look to enlarging the scope of your activities and augmenting your Basic Purpose. Because when this puppy blows, there is going to be one heck of a resurgence.

  75. Praise Jesus!

  76. Well said, Marty.

    DM CREATED the situation with anonymous, by

    1. Making a huge issue out of the posting of the Tom Cruise video, trying to take it down; and,
    2. Attacking Anonymous and making them out to be bigger than they themselves likely thought they were, styling them as “international cyber-terrorists.”

    So, they accommodated him! Or, in Scientology terms, they stepped up and fulfilled his postulate!

    Previously, Anonymous would target some low life, have some lutz with him, and move on in a day, or at most a week. But, when DM “struck back” against Anonymous.

    Now, they had A GAME


    DM gave Anonymous, a


    against an


    So, not only did DM give them a Game, he gave them a Really Good Game, with a high, Theta Purpose (at least from Anonymous’ view).

    And, yes, he likely gave them an internship, for things like fighting Iran.
    DM is partly responsible for Anonymous’ evolution!

    Anonymous jokingly refers to Tommy Davis as their “sekret leader.”

    But, with Marty’s observations and the above analysis, the deepest secret of all is revealed, the SOURCE of the group, in its present, evolved form:

    Mr. David Miscavige, Source of Anonymous

    (Joking aside, we see, in the above, just one more example of David Miscavige as “anti-Scientologist,” creating antagonism for Scientology.)

  77. That’s actually a very interesting point. LRH does nothing but speak derogatorily about the suppressive tax men, but in RCS today, the biggest crime you can commit – other than having anythig to do with Marty or Mike – is to fail to pay every dollar in taxes that you owe. I know a guy that was declared for refusing to pay additional taxes after disclosing in am ethics interview that he cheated on his taxes. I know another guy who is not allowed to receive services at FLAG until he finishes paying off an IRS debt. It’s not good enough that he has a payment schedule in place with the IRS and is current on the payments. The debt has to be paid in full to be allowed on services at Flag. So you have the C of S literally working for the tax man.

  78. Stan +1

  79. Wow — that is amazing. I wonder if the real reason for this is that he cannot be regged for anything else so Flag doesnt really want him around cluttering up their spaces and wearing out their carpets?

  80. So DM can’t even successfully swap terminals fully. He does it on a lower harmonic. A degraded one. He’s gross. He’s a loser with a lot of money and protection.

    Group postulate: DM is in an orange prison suit. DM is in an orange prison suit. DM is in an orange prison suit…..Done!

  81. Thank you so much, John

    What John writes is true. The great movements that have brought down dictators attracted and benefited from the support of PEOPLE OF GOODWILL who were not part of the oppressed.

    People of Goodwill align with Theta. They are repulsed by the oppressor’s entheta. That is why it is so important not to descend into DM-like entheta: hatred, name calling, ugliness, etc.

    The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King attracted nationwide support from whites by following Theta principles, the same that are in “What is Greatness.”

    When in contact with a true tyrant, the great danger is to fall into his hatred valence.

    King, Gandhi, and others had spiritual beliefs, whereby they recognized that the Pillars of Support, although doing evil in the name of the oppressor, were spiritual beings. This helped them not go into the tyrant’s valence. This helped them not op-term the oppressor’s supporters.

    Holding the high truth that all are spiritual beings and basically good – holding the “What is Greatness” viewpoint, they did not target the Pillars of Support.

    Instead, they held to the truth and had a positive postulate regarding the tyrant’s supporters. The supporters came around. (You bring down a tyrant by eroding the tyrant’s Pillars of Support; that is THE proven correct actions.)

    People of Goodwill were MOVED by King and Gandhi’s What is Greatness. They stepped in from the outside to help.


    What is Greatness is above GPMs, above reactivity, and is above MEST. It is Pan-Determinism.

    LRH calls the What is Greatness principles the GREATEST secret in the universe.

    We will fail if go into DM’s valence, if we follow the GPM game and fall into hatred, electing the Pillars of Support as op-terms, calling them names, belittling others, etc.

    We will win if we follow LRH and What is Greatness.

    My 2 cents.

  82. You are a wise man Mr. Lawson.

  83. I often wonder why so many people got banned on there too.. i spoke to a former wwp moderator who’d left “because it was getting too cultish” he was i think referring to what goes on in the wwp most uber secret encrypted IRC channel. apparently it’s like scn’s culture of KR’s, where everyone has to cough everything they know in case it comes out later that they were holding back..

    somehow, despite a rolling dispute with their main admin and some of their mods, with getting DDoS’d and a whole f***ton of fairgame on a few of us.. i remain un-banned. maybe it’s because i regard that place like China, and don’t type a word out of place on there?

  84. I think it is important that we do not project “on to everyone” the anti-social characteristics that are DM’s.

    Because someone is a Pillar of Support of a tyrant does not mean they have the tyrant’s anti-social characterists. In fact, the history of non-violent warfare, and victory over tyrants, shows that most don’t.

    Most of the people who got in Scientology, such as the Scientologists on this blog, had as one of their purposes, helping others. Many really had a strong purpose in this area and joined the S.O. and put in thousands of selfless hours of work, all to help, while earning less than $50 a week.

    Most people who are Scientologist, that I know, in or out, still want to help others. They may be misguided. They may actually be hurting, by, for example, supporting the Miscavige Administration. That does not mean they do not want to help.

    If we tell those who are still in that “they don’t want to help others” this will likely, in most cases, be a wrong indication, resulting in a wrong items. Wrong items cause upset.

    Wrong indications of PURPOSE can cause dramatic out-list phenomena.

    I don’t believe we will erode DM’s support, and bring his supporters to our side, by giving them wrong items. Instead, we will likely cause them to hate us, and to align more strongly with DM’s purpose to destroy Marty, Mike, and the rest of us.

    If we elect the Pillars of Support as enemies, if we give them wrong items, call them names, etc. or even if we agree that they are enemies when they mock up that they are (!), they will likely accomodate us, as Anonymous did, when DM agreed with Anonymous that they were enemies.

    LRH was not wrong. “What is Greatness” is the Tech, when it comes to dealing with seeming opponents, such as those supporting a tyrant.

    As to the tyrant, per the LRH writings and lectures on 2.5%ers, he has to go,

  85. MarkTH~Exactly!

  86. Yeah wear and tear on the furniture, carpets and PCs and Students cluttering up the course rooms in HGC is a problem they’ve pretty much handled with these new “ideal orgs” 🙂

  87. Anons have a much higher confront of evil than most people connected to the CofM.

  88. Seeking4know

    So very true! Great Obnosis!

  89. At least they should be thankful that he didn’t do a redux of his underwear romp in ‘Risky Business’

  90. Scott Campbell

    Excellent talks Trey.

    This is the type of help that is really effective in re-kindling one’s purpose to use Scientology technology in everyday life.

    Thank you for posting this.


  91. martyrathbun09

    Every punk he’s sent in my direction is a died in the wool 2 1/2 percenter.

  92. Mimsey Borogrove

    Thanks for the link to the wired article – it gave me some R on what they are about, and DA’s that BS shore story that all those Anon’s were paid $50 each to show up for a protest that was running through the orgs.

    My God – it should be renamed PT Barnumology for the amount of common sense the shills have left.


  93. Great post, MTH.

  94. Great post, WH. I echo Marty’s “Wow.”

  95. It’s not the pictures, it’s the comments at the end. His credibility is gone. With maybe one or two exceptions, they all think of him as a joke. This is what DM’s PR has done to him.

  96. Tony Dephillips

    Brilliant post Marty.
    I am always awed how you see things with such clarity while you are under constant attack.
    I salute you brother.

  97. Tony Dephillips

    I feel your rhetoric is getting a bit stale.

  98. Tony Dephillips

    Perfect Sue.

  99. You mean Tom Cruise 😉

  100. Tony Dephillips

    That was art Windhorse.
    One of my favorite posts ever.

  101. That’s why I like you, Trey. Sounds simple, is simple, yet truly profound.

  102. Well, I mean, really, how hard is it to “infiltrate” anonymous? Don the mask, do something. I mean, by definition, no one knows who they are, and anyone can be one. So, I could create a video, slap “Anonymous” on it, and wham, another video by Anonymous.

    I say this because even DM and the droids could figure that one out. So, they will do it.

  103. That is true – and the reason is that Scientology cannot be killed from the outside – Anonymous can protest, and governments can issue decrees, but that really can’t phase it too much. However, have someone change it from the inside – modify the tech, do things like the Squirrel Bustiers, etc, that are officially (or tacitly) supported by the church – do all the things DM is doing – and the church can be killed.

    Bad media never really hurt the church. Bad media started in 1950, and there was nothing but growth until 1982, maybe later. Governments never killed the church. Raids started in 1956-ish, followed by others in other parts of the world, and yet, Scientology thrived.

    BUT – DM at the helm. There is no more Scientology in the church – it is dead.

  104. scilonschools

    Again though this appears ‘off thread’ it’s relevance will grow!!

    Does this remind anyone here of the workings of the CoM, what did LRH warn about in the tape #20 Philedelphia Doctorate Series! (Thank you LRH!)
    Daily Mail UK – article
    “Thousands on secret council blacklists: Personal details kept of residents who dare to complain”

  105. You are on the firing line and would know better than I. And, I do understand how rough it can be. I have been in tough situations, where physical violence was a real possibility, the secret police were on to us, our people were arrested, etc. So, when I say “Thanks” it is with some reality.

    Just for clarity, in my piece, above, I was speaking of:

    – the thousands of people who want a better world and who volunteer on mission staff, in, say, Africa, or who try to help their cousin with his or her drug addition, etc.;

    – the thousands who are us, before we either got the data, got our integrity in, or both; and

    – the thousands who are doing their best to help (misguided or not), just as we usually tried to do our best to help (misguided or not).

    Level 1 goes into great detail on how charged the subject of help is. In fact, I listened to a Congress tape, where LRH said if you thoroughly convinced a person they had never helped anyone, they would die.

    Conversely, validating and rekindling the purpose to help can raise the dead, according to LRH (see his issue on reviving failed purps).

    I have no doubt that there are some who are heavily anti-social. Most aren’t. They are just wildly PTS, overwhelmed by the tyrant. But, they want to help, deep down.

    An appeal to that basic, Theta purpose – not saying that people don’t have it – is how oppressors have been brought down in each great struggle, whether the American South, India, Poland, the Ukraine, etc.,

    Victory over the oppressors was achieved by appealing to the basic purposes — the purpose to help — of the very people who were empowering the oppressor.

    Thanks again for all you do.


  106. I’d like to say something to those who aren’t Scientologists but have an interest in it, be it for whatever reason. It never been an easy thing to be a Scientologist especially with the growing environment it finds itself continually embroiled. So what makes someone a Scientologist, not by just naming oneself one but by ability and understanding of Scientology?
    My answer to that is this. The greatest travesty and crime committed against mankind has somewhat gone quietly unnoticed and slipped past in the last 30 years or so. A technology of the mind and life surfaced in the 1950s and with many travails and great expectations weathered all sorts of resistance to culminate in the mid sixties to a workable whole. Yet, its fundamental principle and workable operation is wholly about one thing – to return to the individual their self determinism and power of choice. The whole subject is codified and reduced to a finite set of axioms and codes and from them it is possible to learn ‘how to know’. Its ‘Standard workability’ is addressing the spirit of man by auditing and ethical procedures, the rest of its operations are based on having attained its first objective, which if correctly done does indeed free the individual to far greater ability as an individual.
    The crime is the suffocation and extinguishing of the workability of the technology within the Scientology Church network. By the mere scope of the claims made by such a technology where are the results and where are the Freedoms of individuals? What are all these money demands, building demands, disconnections and bankruptcies? What is all this viciousness and mindless assault by Scientologist against Scientologist – from the outside looking in that is surely what it must look like.
    The common denominator of a society, group or nation is the individual. Scientology properly applied restores to individuals their power of choice and decision; it makes them capable and more able. To the many vested interests and power brokers this is the horror of horrors. Control by force and economic duress is the norm on Earth. People like Martin Luther King simply said there are alternatives, and for that they shot him.
    True Scientology doesn’t make you into something you are not; it gives you back to you. But the current leader of the official organised group known as the Church of Scientology has shown us from the very beginning when he took control of the organisation in the early eighties that money, greed and power are his objectives. He allows no Freedom but preys on the offer of it. His alterations of the technology are numerously documented. It takes very little research to discover his wanton ignorance and avoidance of the Founder’s original Polices.
    The next time you are moved by the cries of anguish of a child or see someone in heavy grief or maybe trying to comfort someone old who is dying, or read of yet another senseless bombing please give a moment’s thought to the possibility that a technology does in fact exist to give meaning and understanding and can alleviate such things.
    The problems of mankind are not solved by force, money or fixed ideas but by the resolution of the problems of the human mind. If you know it all (or state that you don’t) and put forth solutions without regard to the sanity of individuals, then you have the best example of the problem of mankind right in front of you…
    David Miscavige and his elk are a cancer on the truth. The results and statistics of true Scientology were attained at Saint Hill Manor in Essex England in the mid sixties. The technology and methods of procedures at that time apparently are the only way how the technology and results are obtained as a group. Not one Modern Church in existence today comes even close to being comparable. Modern Management very successfully killed off the true workability of Scientology in its own Churches and replaced it with a corporate structure full of promises and false hope. The true results of Scientology don’t need gimmicks and slander. Just read of the true stories of those that can actually audit. One of the most glaring common denominators of the demise of Scientology in its own Church is that its executives don’t, cannot or will not audit others to known results.

  107. I think you are right that Anonymous has grown up, and I believe that is not because they are really growing up, but because they have been getting experience with the subject and the people involved. More “R” leads to more “C” and “A” and hence, understanding. When Anons hit in 2008, I was looking at these guys and thinking – “they have nooo idea.” But I was also looking at the Church response, and thinking “what a bunch of jabronies. They can’t deal with this.” But, in the last three years, we have seen more understanding on all sides, thanks to discussions across the boards, in different social media and social media sites. This is all good stuff.

    One thing I have learned in my several years in this life so far is that a human being can believe anything. And build a decent case for their beliefs as well. You can build a lot of data and knowledge, and yes, even wisdom on some fundamental assumptions.

    A fundamental assumption of Science, for example, is that everything MUST be seen, experienced, measured, and, in the case of processes, reproducible. So, we have materialism, and spirits (and God in most cases) is not allowed.

    A fundamental assumption of Scientology is that there IS a spiritual being, he IS separate from the body and exists independently from it and the physical universe, and he HAS a mind.

    This is different from a fundamental assumption of, say, Hinduism (or some of it, anyway) that assumes everything, including each of us, is a manifestation of God, and that God manifests as us, through us.

    Etc. But people also believe that by flying a TNT loaded plane into a US warship, they will honor themselves and their Emperor, and earn a special place in heaven (or the next life). Or that US GIs are gods.

    I am friends with some incredibly smart and rational people who yet believe things that I consider absolutely ridiculous, or at least, intensely improbably, But, I no longer judge them. I know what I know, but I also know that I could be wrong. I know this because I have been wrong, and about some fundamental things, too. I definitely know I do no have all the answers, and I have found wisdom in every religion I have looked at.

    I say all this because I have read stuff on Anon sites that absolutely ridicules Scientology, and therefore some of what I believe. Some of these people believe that what I believe is hokum and BS. But what do they believe? Probably hokum and BS, too.

    So in that we are brothers.

    We are also brothers in that I do not condone injustice and abuse of anyone in the name of anything – and DM’s church is extremely guilty of that. So, right on.

  108. Geeze, what a typo, it’s Sussex England, not Essex!

  109. I have nothing but deep respect for true Anons (not criminals or immature idiots), who actually do something peacefully, but very visibly to promote the justice and/or common sense. Great post Marty.

  110. Mike.
    Coming from you, a man who has been there, as head of OSA, who had the incredible integrity to then come forward (as Marty has, also), your kind words mean a lot to me. Thank you.

    “What is Greatness” is a tall, tall order, and not for the airy-fairy. It takes a very high confront of evil and force to apply it.

    That you are daily subject to steady harassment, yet you can validate the LRH truths in “What is Greatness,” shows me you are a real Scientologist.

    Thanks, again, to you and to Marty, Mosey, JIm L, Karen #1 and all the rest who are on the firing line, taking heat,. yet persisting in upholding LRH’s vision, for the creation of a free and liberated people.


  111. Spot on.

    Hence, the auditing and training that is going on, that Marty, Les and Anita, Ingrid Smith, Ralph Hilton, etc. are doing is the senior objective (as I forgot to mention in one post, resulting in a rapid, and deserved, correction from Mr. Hilton)

    Taking DM out and getting the organization in compliance with LRH’s decision that one-man-rule would end at his departure is important. But only to facilitate two things:

    1. Making auditors (first and foremost),and
    2. Auditing PCs.

  112. scilonschools

    What is an SP (Suppressive Person)?

    Simple, One who ‘suppresses’ people or ideas.

    The thing is what ‘people’ & what ‘ideas’?
    There are Good people and Good ideas (rolled up into the title ‘Good) and there are of course bad people and bad ideas (rolled up into the title Bad or Evil)!

    Therefore there must be two opposite polarities of SP’s , +ve who suppress ‘Evil’ and –ve who suppress ‘Good’

    Most of the Indies and Anonymous I would categorize as +ve SP’s
    Most of DM’s cronies I would categorize as –ve SP’s

    Marty & Mike et al, Anonymous vs DM et al , Corrupt Politicians/Police etc are all SP’s just of diametrically opposed polarities!!!!

  113. i am glad that u indies find Anons friendly in some ways….,
    but when u don’t understand some actions it is cause u don’t want to….
    for example : if someone is second or third leader of some organization that make bad things,and he is there 20 years,then leave,does it make that man good or he just recognize time for escape….
    we do not “hate” Marty or someone else that left cult,we just waiting for BIG “i am sorry” (and not “i have to do that cause DM say so…), and some useful tools – but there is NON!
    P.S. this post will be banned as usually are.
    Big hello from Croatia.

  114. More wise counsel from Dr Lawson!

  115. +1

  116. Well thank you friend Sam. I try my best with the occasional nuttiness that is within me.

  117. Crusader,
    You just jogged my memory on a point. When I arrived at the ship, I went for the usual ethics interview on the way in. I remember being asked if I owed any taxes to the IRS. I remember it because, we had just paid taxes.

  118. Anonymous is more than Chanology.
    Chanologists are the ones that protests the COS
    Scientologists can be Anonymous too.

  119. He is his own practical joke.

  120. “I noted that there was not a vast difference between the two exteme sides of that spectrum.”

    I am still ANTI-KSW, there are 5 points in there I find horribly wrong.

  121. scilonschools

    I think this demonstrates Mosey’s point from the last post!
    And you thought Ken Moxon was Bad!!

    Attorney suspected of ordering killings rearrested
    07/17/2011 21:19
    Gor Finkelstein faces new charges of ordering the killing of a state witness to prevent him from testifying.
    Talkbacks ()
    Attorney Gur Finkelstein, accused by police in May of ordering several failed bombings and arson attempts, was rearrested in prison on Saturday on suspicion of ordering the killing of a state witness to prevent him from testifying.

    Finkelstein was arrested at the Sharon Prison. His father, Yitzhak, was also taken into custody following intelligence gathered by the police and the Prisons Service in an undercover operation.

    TA lawyer charged with paying mob in Scientology bomb plot
    Police: Mobsters planned to blame bomb on far-Right

    Gur Finkelstein was first arrested in May on suspicion of hiring a Jaffa-based mob to bomb the Scientology Center building there, for financial gain.

    Immediately before his arrest on Saturday night, Yitzhak Finkelstein allegedly transferred cash to a undercover police agent, which police suspect was intended to pay for the hit on the state witness.

  122. Lronanonymous

    Seeing how this is a site for sharing stories (or whatever), here’s pretty much how I learned about scientology. ( I somewhat posted this already on one of Tory ”Magoo”s videos). It probably not the most shocking story, but it does pretty much shows how $cientologists create their own enemies.

    Just as a lot of people I watched the South Park episode about $cientology and looked scientology up on the internet (their own website, google, youtube, etc). I watched a few videos about Lisa mcPherson, the John Sweeney documentary and a few by Mark Bunker. I believe I posted one or two comments about being disgusted what happened to poor Lisa McPherson. At that point I felt I had seen enough about the cult and was gonna leave it at that. At least I was, untill some $cientologist who called himself ToryluvsLRH2 started calling me a bigot for no apparant reason. I started debating him (at first not even realizing he was a scientologist). He pretty much kept replying to my questions by saying how I was a retard, a homoseksual, a bigot and whatever. After that I started taking it more serious and been learning more for over a year now. By now I informed friends, people who I work with, teachers and students at my university about the abuses in corporate scientology. It’s as Magoo says: they’re just making more enemies each time they do what they do.

    And for everyone looking at my ”name” I’m not a hacker (would not even know how to do such a thing). If it weren’t for that one hatefull $cientologist I might not even consider myself Anonymous.

  123. My daughter very recently had a devastating flood. She and her fiance, along with my 2 1/2 year old grandson lost almost everything they owned.

    My daughter told me yesterday that the Chicago Anons sent her a gift card to help her out.

    Sorry, but had the “church” known about the flood, I can honestly say that they would not have thought to do the same.

  124. Marty;
    Great post. IMO, when one stands 3 feet back of all this bullshit, and takes a look in present time at the current Church of Scientology you witness 7th & 8th grade pranksters dressed in stupid costumes doing the bidding of the 6th grade bully David Miscavige.

    Markthehungarian has it correct when he writes….”People are seeing the CoS for what it is, a really scary operation that exists by brainwashing members (who surely started on the bridge with good intentions) and sucking them dry of money and individuality.”

    Yes…the current Church of Scientology has gone off the rails. Watching a 6th grade bully pass out mugs of deadly Kool-Aid turnimg them into pathetic robots like the crazy lady at Mosey’s doorstep tells me the church is dead.

  125. “The next best thing which would probably keep the IRS happy and not feeling threatened would probably be the one the Ol’man suggests in the HCOB entitled ‘Tax Reform’.”


  126. Hey Janet and Phil,
    Per what reference do you not send a person his SP declare? Or deny the right to a Comm Ev? What if I want to do my A-E steps but don’t even know what the accusations leveled at me are??? (don’t laugh! stranger things have happened).
    Are you real Sea Org Members who are unafraid to do what LRH says to do regardless of the weight of group agreement against you? or are what Miscavige accuses everyone else of being? – squirrels?
    You know how to contact me should you pluck up enough courage to contact me directly (cowards).
    It’s no-use trying to silence me. Since your church released my ex-husband’s PC data I will only get louder.
    By the way Phil and Janet; what do you think about the release of PC data? How does the justified thought have you put in place thus far to excuse the atrocities you are made to commit daily make that OK?
    You signed a contract with LRH. Not David Miscavige.
    What you are doing is wrong. How about you stop pretending to be Sea Org Members and do your job. Bring the real SP to justice with a Comm Ev… or is that… impossible?

  127. martyrathbun09

    Thanks,that is interesting. One of the decisions I made before I left was that I was not going to spend the rest of my life defending against the enemies David Miscavige actively made for a living.

  128. +1 perfectly stated

  129. martyrathbun09

    You noted: “This is different from a fundamental assumption of, say, Hinduism (or some of it, anyway) that assumes everything, including each of us, is a manifestation of God, and that God manifests as us, through us.” I don’t agree with that contention. Read the Factors and listen to the Philadelphia Doctorate Course. I think Scientology is completely consistent with Hinduism, Native American philosophy, and Deism in this respect.

  130. martyrathbun09

    Great post Sherb.

  131. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. All I’m sayin’ is:
    It took Malcolm and Martin to achieve Civil Rights.
    It took Old John Brown and Frederick Douglass to achieve abolition.
    It took Nathaniel Greene and Tom Paine to achieve Independence from King George.
    Freedom has never come easy.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. All I’m sayin’ is:
    It took Malcolm and Martin to achieve Civil Rights.
    It took Old John Brown and Frederick Douglass to achieve abolition.
    It took Nathaniel Greene and Tom Paine to achieve Independence from King George.
    Freedom has never come easy.

  133. Me too, Trey. Thanks for this. I listened to it all and had a timely realization re “You create what you put energy into.” One of those “Well, of course … uh … Wow!”

  134. That is interesting. FWIW, here’s my story-

    I hadn’t really heard that much about Scientology until I went to work for one. He had me sign a disclaimer saying that all the LRH material that *I hadn’t even seen yet* was secular in nature, and that I agreed that it was OK. That struck me as odd.

    After I started working there, he started pressuring me to go get auditing, get training at his church, etc. He started telling me stories and statistics that just seemed over-the-top; such gems as, “LRH has only spoken truth,” “Our church produces more CDs than any other record label in the world,” “We have the fastest growing religion in the world”, “More people have died in psychiatric institutions than in all the wars the United States has ever been in”.

    Being a bit of a history buff and research geek, I went and started digging around the Web. Needless to say, the “facts” that I was being fed fell apart quickly after just the barest of scratchings. I tried to discuss this with my boss, but he blew it off. I also found out about Mark Bunker, Larry Wollersheim, the Lisa McPherson Trust, etc.

    Then, I started looking at the court cases that the CoM had brought against critics. Most of them were blatant “lawfare”, and I quickly realized just what an evil, destructive Cult the CoM was.

    I discussed this with my boss; told him he was being lied to, and that the CoM was going after its critics in a totally unethical manner. I told him about disconnection (which he said was canceled).

    Then I asked him this question, “What would happen to you if you decided to leave your Church?”

    I will never forget the look of fear in his eyes as he stammered, “Well, I…I just would never do that. That’s unthinkable.”

    “Unthinkable”. That told me just how far they had entrapped his mind.

    And other parts of his anatomy. His wife was in the CoM. His accountant was in the CoM. His business consutlant was in the CoM. His kids were in the CoM. If he left, his life would literally fall apart.

    So, in a nutshell, I’ve seen first hand what this Cult can do to people. If Scientologists were allowed to join or leave as they pleased without repercussions, I would never have considered myself an Anon. If the CoM had not acted like a litigious bully towards those who disagreed with them, I would never have gotten the hard facts through court records of how they behave.

    So DM very clearly has “drawn in” Anonymous. And this fight will never stop without a full surrender and an end of the abuses of the Cult.


  135. scilonschools

    Just for those unaware Gur Finkelstein is/was the CoM’s representative in Israel

  136. Mother of Grendel

    Crusader – there must be more to it than that. I know someone who owes the IRS over 10K, and is currently “auditing” on 7.

    (I use the term “auditing” cautiously as this OTAss is so out-ethics he can’t be making any real gains… but they keep him on the level as a [false] stat.)

  137. Mother of Grendel

    The Anons stand on public street corners and overtly state their case. If it weren’t for the OSA handlers, they’d be ignored and go away. (Want a good (pathetic) laugh – check out the videos of the OSA handlers on YouTube! Did none of these clowns do the PTS/SP course???)

    The Miscarriage of Justice brigade uses covert, illegal and total sleazy tactics to harass and provoke.

    Which is the real terrorist organization?

  138. Mother of Grendel

    Isn’t that what they tried in Israel? I have to admit, the whole story is rather confusing to me, but didn’t an Israeli OSA operative bomb his own building to 1) get sympathy and thus positive PR for $cn and 2) get the lucrative contract to build the new org?

  139. Mother of Grendel

    Grasshopper – you are so right!

    LRH wrote a PL on that, which I sure someone here can cite, but the idea was that the way to bring down an org was to act in a way that was apparently pro-expansion, but was actually and deliberately designed to destroy. The GAT in 1996 was the first step – no more thinking or duplication of tech, just rote memorization. Bah – now we’re all sheep. GAK – plug in your Congresses and be hypnotized by the inflow., Basics – inflow, regurgitate – and whatever you do, no doingnesses! ACCs – MU laded hypnotic inflow. And Ideal Orgs? Turn the IAS into the machine to fund DMs offshore bank accounts and escape route.

    DM knew and knows exactly what he’s doing. And what he’s doing is taking down the Church deliberately and methodically.

  140. koki – You have a point. Marty could say, “I am sorry” and I don’t think he has said exactly those words. However, I believe that actions speak louder than words.

    Instead of leaving and fading away, Marty has spoken out to acknowledge the conditions for people working in the Sea Org, etc. He also acknowledged the part he played, which was significant. He has opened his home to people who need help, exposing himself and his wife to harassment by the CoS for many years now. He maintains this blog, which has become an outlet for people to come together and discuss what has happened, what is happening and what needs to be done. Visible remorse does have its place for others to see that change has occurred, but I watch for changes in how a person leads their life as true evidence that a person is not just “recognizing time for escape.”

    There are many, many good people on staff in Scientology organizations, who work day to day with the belief that what they do is making a difference, even people at the top. DM has created an oppressive organization, but has convinced people that staying and leaving are equally oppressive. It is a HUGE problem. Marty and others are providing accurate information about life outside of DM’s church and an opportunity to retain an entire belief system, while receiving help from family and friends outside of the church in rebuilding one’s life. It is tipping the scale. This is extremely valuable.

  141. We speak often of the basic goodness of beings. How do we reconcile this with the obviously bad actions of some?

    As human beings we are different from other species (duh) because we have the CAPACITY for ethical choice. As humans we KNOW the difference between right and wrong conduct long term not only to ourself but also towards others.

    THIS is called self-recognition.

    So while those sent by dm to upset Mosey, Christie, and others HAVE basic goodness, they have CHOSEN to conduct themselves in a way that is harmful to others short term, to themselves short term and ultimately to themselves long term.

    Which is why they always look so hang dog. Shame cannot be masked over by a t-shirt, dark glasses or a loud voice.


  142. I’m with Sam, CD. Your contributions here are terrific.

  143. scilonschools

    I wonder if ‘Squirrel Buster Productions’ will do their own version of this latest Anonymous video release?

  144. scilonschools

    Yes, “what is good for the duck hunter isn’t necessarily good for the duck”.

    But I would like to clear up a possible misunderstanding here though.

    You said: “What is an SP (Suppressive Person)? Simple, One who ‘suppresses’ people or ideas.”

    True enough, but that is not the same creature that we talk about here when we talk about an SP.

    Usually when the term SP is used here, we are usually referring to a person with a particular mental phenomena. Such a person, a true SP, is in such a mental state that they consider everyone in their environment, (and even non existent, created entities) to be “out to get them”. To “protect themselves” they try to destroy or “neuter” anyone and everyone. They have not simply “chosen a side” in a conflict. They would be quite happy if EVERYBODY on both or any side, were under their total control or dead. They are only concerned with one thing, THEM SELF. They are so thoroughly stuck in some past incident (that they think is actually happening in present time) that they are not even dealing with the present time environment at all. They were totally overwhelmed as a being, by someone, at some point in the past, and are desperately trying to see that it “never happens again”, and to do so they try to do what was done to them, and attempt to totally overwhelm and subjugate others.

    This is not simply the father who tells his child to go to bed, when the child would rather be playing video games.

    We are talking about “one seriously sick puppy” here, when we talk of SPs.

    Eric S

  145. Just to add a smidge to what I said above about CHOSING bad actions.

    People always say — well, I was ordered to do this. OR, I decided on my own to do that. (spy on Marty for example)

    BUT in everyone’s heart — because we DO have basic goodness — we know when an action is inherently harmful to the peace and well being of another.

    So there are NO excuses.

    It’s always and forever up to us to be decent good human beings. And IF we take the time and effort to conduct ourselves in an ethical way WITHOUT the trappings of dogma or mandates – the good news is we will
    prevail in creating a better world.


  146. What an awesome post. It is the clearest statement of the depth and true import of DM’s destructive activities over the past 30 years I’ve ever read.

  147. Thanks, Marty.

  148. Another interesting datum. CoM uses lots of force with little to no intelligence. Anon (no matter what you think of their intentions) has a better intelligence to force ratio. Thus, we all know how will win in the long run.

  149. Tom Gallagher

    Kudos Marty on another insightful and provocative writeup on the full spectrum perdition of Applebox. Same goes for the others who have spoken up and done a rope-a-dope on the pope.

    These are times and circumstances where silence isn’t golden. It’s yellow.

  150. Tony,

    It is my understanding that in any situation, LRH urges us to “learn all about it,” and to study the successful actions in the area, saying “hatting = control.”

    According to LRH, without a proven technology and proven strategy to guide actions, it is usually just “out point, react,” leading to failure.

    I have felt it important to try to identify the Correct Technology and Proven Successful Actions and Strategies, because so many of our predecessors, though having fought a valiant fight, have been defeated by DM.

    NO ONE HAS BROUGHT HIM DOWN YET. Instead, he has brought down his most ardent foes.

    THAT is a situation.

    Clearly, his earlier opponents did not have or fully apply the Correct Technology nor Proven Successful Actions and Strategies. Otherwise, they would have won.

    To my knowledge, what I am trying to convey is not rhetoric, but reports of the successful actions of those who have been in similar situations to ours – those who have faced tyrants – and who have won.

    The successful actions – and the actions that led to ruin – have been written up by Gene Sharp, Václav Havel, Mary Elizabeth King, Robert L. Helvey and others. Not surprisingly, many of their core conclusions match LRH principles.

    If you know of movements that have won more consistently, using other principles, I am all ears – shoot me the references and the authors – and I will happily learn and apply a superior tech.


  151. It seems the church is up to its old 1.1 ways. That is to be expected. I am glad I never went back there. I live in New Jersey and the church over here in New York seems to busy on Janet Reitman and Tony Ortega. Keep up the good work OSA! You’ll catch em’ yet!

  152. Thanks for your ack, Marty.

    I really got what you are saying.

    As I have many times said, my greatest admiration for your courage under fire. While I am blogging, you are on the front line, taking the heat.


  153. What do people know about this? A crazy person acting alone? Or is DM involved?

  154. Tom Gallagher

    P.O.B: The show must go on.

  155. MoG,

    As anything else in the CoS (which should stand for the Corruption of Scientology) these days. It’s pretty much arbitrary and based on the person’s “contributions” (meaning bribes) to the IAS and other entities plus their political and social connections.

    However as Crusader writes i personally witnessed the “Church” basically turn into a reporting office for the IRS.

    I suggest you read the no longer secret closing agreement or what I call the Faustian deal they signed with Mephistopheles.

    As anything else that has been classified “Top Secret” “Eyes Only” etc these days you can find it at Wikileaks 😉

    The IRS didn’t just hand the Church Tax Exempt status with no strings attached.

    They basically turned the so called “COB” into an IRS “COP” or maybe he accepted the job of Deputy Dave Revenoo Agent willingly …you know …cause they’re now “friends” and all that but whatever the reason.

    The days in the Church of whether you payed your taxes or not being your own damn business are ****gone****.

  156. scilonschools

    Thanks for the description of an SP Windwalker!
    I was not trying to “teach a scientologist to suck eggs” pardon the expression!
    All i was doing was illistrating that depending on your perspective the actions you view as an SP (as detailed in your clear account above), may differ.
    DM describes Indies as SP’s, I quite honestly believe in his deluded/evil state he has convinced himself that all Indies & Anonymous act as you have described!
    And probably eat boiled kittens & puppies washed down with a glass of baby’s blood!!
    If you catergorize someone as ‘Evil’ your mind will fill in the blanks, especially if you feel you create your own reality.

  157. “Freedom has never come easy”

    You can say that again! Thanks for being there.


  158. +1
    Sane, articular, insightful

  159. Gern Gaschoen

    I observed the Church reaction to Anonymous in many locations throughout the world, and I have to report that the most amusing thing I witnessed was the exploding sound of Churchies’ heads when I simply pointed out to them, that right there, in front of the very door they were blockading, were about 30 or 40 people with an absolute real, present time interest, in discussing Scientology.

    Yet, across the board, Churchies’ were doing nothing. No dissem drill, no TR’s, no real confront.

    I saw more TV’s dragged out on the sidewalk with the DM mega-squirrel event DVD on repeat, than I saw real live beings, alert, aware, and ready to confront the subject that handfuls of beings were rabidly, desperately, trying to discuss. It was a real special moment in the Scientology conundrum: hoards of people being driven in on the orgs, which, in response: did nothing.

  160. Gern Gaschoen

    Chug is needed in a bad, bad way.

  161. Good catch Marty.
    A Troller on ESMB derails serious threads of CULT misconduct with
    “I am a Christian Scientologist” thread that goes on and on.

  162. Cindi,

    TC could have said “no” to Dave but instead he went along with firing Kingsley and hiring his air headed sister as his agent then making a total fool of himself in the media and turning into the arrogant OOV SOB that we’ve all come to detest.

  163. James,
    I’m tracking with you. As I said in an earlier thread, I agree with your observations and I understand (somewhat as I have NOT read that book on taking down dictators) the R-factors you are bringing to the table.

    Good posts.

  164. Gern Gaschoen

    Please understand that the answer to any of your gripes has also been addressed, thoroughly, by LRH.

    If the old man ever got away with anything he shouldn’t have, its because the HCOPL’s weren’t in. So, he got the HCOPL’s in, and things went well.

    Us old-timers remember, all we had to do to solve the PR dilemna: deliver.

    It still works, just as it always have. Its an observation made in the Scientology doctrine which proves true to those who use it.

  165. Good point, Cat Daddy.

  166. scilonschools

    I totally get your point.

    It is not the facts or the truth of a situation that generally fashions one’s opinion, it is his “viewpoint” of those facts or truths that one clings to.

    In the eyes of Scientology policy, I am deemed a “suppressive person”
    because I believe David Miscavige is a Suppressive Person, and have said so publicly.

    Two viewpoints, both have labeled the other “suppressive”.

    And so, we each live in the universe that we create.

    As for me, I think mine is going pretty good, in my estimation. ( and I offer your estimation of my chronic tone level as a yardstick)

    As for him, I can only surmise that, even from his own viewpoint, I sincerely doubt that things are really going to his liking. (just check out his chronic tone level for yourself.)

    Eric S

  167. Hi Larry,

    Welcome back.

    Yeah seems the NY area has the best PR area control in as Jeff calls it.

    “The Brave New Scientology”

    Ortega and Reitman are giving them all those feet of press!

    ( in the ol’ days the stat use to be *good press” but things change I guess like WDAH which used to be *Well Done* now it’s just “Auditing Hours” even if it ends in a red tag.

    I mean who needs that extra word or two screwing things up and keeping the stats from going “straight up and vertical”?)

    Not to mention getting their sorry asses kicked out of the NY Subway ( I mean if you’ve ever been in a NY Subway its like that bar in Star Wars) so they can now claim “religions persecution” or whatever (instead of the fact that they actually managed to be more annoying than the panhandlers with that stupid “stress test”.) and all those Anons protesting at their front door.

    They sure must be busy!

    More busy than they are here in LA.

    Where they purchased and renovated another building next to HGB and kicked the Test Center out of the HCI for some reason and sent ’em packin’ down the street.

    Now they’ve got two empty buildings instead of one!

    Now that’s an upstat!!!


    What idiots!

    I mean you could probably facilitate what’s left of Int and middle management in a small office in NoHo.

  168. Another Layer

    Thank you, Sherb. This is a great summation of the basis of the evil that has become Modern Management.

  169. Tony Dephillips

    Hi James.
    I like a lot of your posts.
    But I do feel you keep repeating this idea that it is only Dm that is the target. I agree he is the main target, but I still feel some of his pillars are also valid targets. Many generals in Butlers war were also SP. You seem to be preaching love and tolerance for the cults “Generals” which I find erroneous.

  170. Check the stats on christianity

  171. Tony Dephillips

    Though there are some pretty mean butlers as well. 🙂

  172. Thank you Marty for a considerate post.

    We’ve come a long way

  173. Asymetric warfair.

  174. Trey,
    Here’s underlying theory on the area from the 2nd ACC. This applies to the rehabbing of purpose from OT ORGS Policy in OEC Vol 0.

    “And he fights obstacles, and he puts sweat and strain into it—he, a thetan, actually starts putting sweat and strain into stopping an obstacle and—or battering one down that’s in his path and so on. And he forgets—let’s say he went out to rescue a beautiful damsel who was in the upper part of a castle. And he got down to the lower door of the castle and he found out that door was really battened down; he couldn’t anywhere enter that door. And instead of just flipping out of whatever he was using for a body and flipping up into the upper category of the castle, up—part of the keep—and simply making the girl walk down the stairs and open the door (which is locked from within, probably), why, instead of doing that, he stands there and hammers and pounds at the door, you see, and bang, bang.
    And you know, he’ll do that—this is a real silly one but it’s true, a thetan will do that—he will do that until he forgets that he was doing it in order to rescue a girl. He can’t get in and he’ll get to a point where he considers that doors are to be battered. That’s finally what he has learned. In other words, the MEST universe has taught him this. Well, he’s permitted himself to be taught. It’s only because he forgot the end goal.” Ability to Accept Direction, 21 Dec 53.

  175. And it will make them look at the evil Internet.

  176. And if the condition you try to create is entubulation, shock and confusion ?

  177. We’re not done playing yet.

  178. You must be a Youtuber ?

  179. Thank you RJ. Although BLOGS and message boards and chat rooms have always seemed like small games for me to play, it was difficult not to stay abreast of some situations as Janet Reitman recently had a book signing event here in New York on the release of “Inside Scientology”. And RJ, about this subway thing you speak of, no humor really intended here, but the Scientologists on the subway seem to be real fighters when it comes to Anonymous, the staff at the stress tables sometimes start swinging at the protestors. Fists type swinging and as you mentioned they have reason to do that in Los Angeles as well. Then I wish the church the best because all that will happen is they will go to jail for not listening.

  180. Great Response Windwalker. It is so simple, but people want to add significance.

  181. Tom Gallagher

    Tommy appears like he’s been PDHed.

    Great application of Black Scn and Dn

  182. scilonschools,

    An SP is a person who chronically displays most of the 12 Antisocial personality characteristics as delineated in HCOB 27 September 1966.
    It is a very specific clinical diagnosis.
    You can find it posted many places online, including here at this link:

  183. Let me add this: to get the context and full picture, you need to also read the complementary Bulletin about “The Social Personality”:

    It explains why looking only for the antisocial characteristics can itself turn into a suppressive activity.

  184. scilonschools,

    Here is a quote from the Bulletin titled “The Social Personality”:
    “The frailty of showing how the harmful people can be known is that these then apply the (antisocial) characteristics to decent people to get them hunted down and eradicated.”

    This is exactly what David Miscavige is doing. He is twisting the meaning of the materials on SP, and using them to suppress social personalities.

  185. Great post Sherb!

  186. You’re right Marty, Hinduism is not that different in it’s basic “axioms”. It does emphasize the “transpersonal” (pan-determinism) aspects of existence more than Scientology does, but fundamentally Hinduism is ‘walking around the same elephant’ as Scientology and the two viewpoints can be seen as consistent with each other. Scientology does emphasize the development of the individual for good reason, I think.

  187. This isn’t the PL you are referring to MoG, but it fits well enough. It is characteristic #10 in HCOB 27 September 1966, The Antisocial Personality:

    10. This type of personality approves only of destructive actions and fights against constructive or helpful actions or activities.

    The artist in particular is often found as a magnet for persons with antisocial
    personalities who see in his art something which must be destroyed and COVERTLY, “AS A FRIEND,” proceed to try.

    (Emphasis mine)

  188. You know Marty I have read this and my thoughts are that we all have come a long way. Anonymous, you and DM. I would not choose to use the words grow up with Anonymous but more like matured. Allowing that there were a large number of average persons speaking out back in 2008 it is fair to say that the most serious and thickest skin ones have kept the vigil going. We have learned a lot and are the better for it. While I still do not share your take on LRH I still say it is your right to believe what ever you want, something DM can’t do. Think about that for a moment Marty, there was a time when you were not able to do that and now you are calling for free Scientology, (Removing the greed) end of the mental and physical abuse that are going on inside and for people to be able leave Scientology without being attacked and disconnected from their loved ones. These all have been backbone ideas of Anonymous from its conception. Then there is the case of DM who has clearly matured in to a even more insane twisted individual so afraid of his own shadow that he wont leave Scientology compounds. He has reduced his own father to driving golf carts and sending the best he has after you with paddle boats and stupid T-Shirts. His fears and delusions are well founded as he has become trapped between two powerful opposing forces with no rout for escape and now the FBI has eyes on him. I think Mark bunker said some time back he supported you and my advise is to keep growing where we can on communication as human beings and try to work on issues where we can agree even if we agree to disagree on other things. Would you be willing make the effort to reach out to Mark for his documentary? I suspect from this point forward every bridge we build and every road we pave they will be ones that DM the Turkey wont be able to cross to get to the other side.

  189. Tom Cruise is only the best-known one. He is the tip of the iceberg. There are other million-dollar donors. Try the Feshbach family, for another. And remember Reed Slatkin?

    They are there, if you ‘follow the money’ as RJ said. Many used to be identified in the IMPACT magazines.

  190. CoS = Corruption of Scientology. I like it!

  191. Yes, their playing of the “freedom of religion” card has gotten really disgusting.

    I think they are about to be completely caught out on that, as those stupid “bustahs” out there in IOB have been using it, and the whole worldcan see how hollow and phony it is coming from their mouths.

  192. Tony Dephillips

    Superb Sherb.
    Spoken like a true scholar.

  193. Marty and Valkov – one of the key questions Ron was trying to figure out is “Are we all one? Or are we individual?” I totally agree that Hinduism and Scientology align very closely – I think closer than Buddhism. I am not an expert on Hinduism, but it seems that a key tenet of Hinduism is that we are all one and part of God. There are no “Gods” in Hinduism – Vishnu, Ganesh, Shiva are all facets of God. Taken further, all existence is God – us, animals, rocks, trees. I probably made a hash of it – but that is my understanding. Us as “ego” is a spark of God (or as Professor Higgins said in My Fair Lady “Spark of Divine Fire).

    The Scientological view is we are each independent of each other. Not all one. Individual beings. That’s what I meant.

  194. Thank you so much Sherb.

  195. Tory Christman

    LOL! Eric……thank you for that AND thank you for clearing that up!!!
    I was, at first thinking, “Two what??” Now I get it. Love to you 🙂 I appreciate your wishes, greatly.

  196. Tory Christman

    Thank you for your kind words. Just to clear that up: re “you seem to be against the subject of Scientology and its implementation
    for the freedom of individuals”: Not at all. If I were against the delivery of “The tech”..I wouldn’t be posting here. Here is my leaving announcement, so see 11 years ago tonight, why I left:

    Tory Christman: Magoo had LEFT THE BUILDING!
    By Tory Christman more
    21 July 2001
    July 2001.
    To all of you at ARS, and to you all reading this from my Church, as of this date, July 20th, 2000, I have officially left the Church.
    Please do not call me, or come over to my house.
    Any friends who care (and only those who do, please) e-mail me.
    To the rest, good bye.
    In the future, listen to Andreas. What he said last night…
    Is what is true.
    Magoo / Tory Bezazian
    Just a person (HA!) in Burbank… fooled ALL of you, huh? If you want to see Magoo… Google: Can Dianetics Cure Arthritis
    The GIRL is Magoo!
    For those few who have helped me, thank you. For the rest… who I must say have been a bit over the top, listen to Andreas. He is right, and he has helped me the most,
    Sure, I came on as a total “prick” this I know. And I did the LIE THERAPY, only because I had 2 internet Accounts, and kept screwing them up. As you all so cleverly kept pointing out. So I put in the “we” and “us” to CMA.
    So there ya go. But July 8 or so, something cracked. I started reading and looking for the first time in phew… a LONG time.
    I am Mid OT7 (was on it for 7 long years… and NO! Please do NOT call me, FLAG, IT is SO over, and has been since DM announced we were only using 3 out of the 59 tools. At an audience of 1000’s???? COME ON MAN!)… and have been a Scientologist for 30 years. Lots of fun stories. But as one party is over, another one starts. So NOW will anyone meet with me? (from THIS group)? 🙂 e-mail ONLY.
    And then, after being in debt 60K…from doing OT 7 for 7 years….now we are told it will just be another 25K for each of us, to get back on.
    RIGHT. makes sense, huh?
    Well, I am off for now. Not sure what I will be doing, but I hope we will be in touch again in the near future.
    What Andy said is SO true, though… you have to learn to listen and watch for clues.
    I have been begging to meet with SOMEONE ANYONE for weeks now.
    OK, sure, I have been my usual Magoo asshole….but between it, there WAS music being played, and some of you have to learn to be better listeners.
    Keep dancin… see ya all soon!
    Magoo~really dancin now~
    Also, I just lost my best friend because of this, and will no doubt lose most of my dear friends, so please don’t just be mean. I really do need to hear from some of you that I have asked to talk with…
    That was my first announcement, 11 years ago, tonight. I left due to David Miscavige. I have my own personal things that occurred, due to Epilepsy, which were *horrific*….and only made me stronger.
    I have said for years: I speak out about the ABUSES of the “Mafia-like organization” as one Judge called it: The ‘Church” of $cientology. The rest, for many years, I have said, is up to the individual. People’s “Wins” are happily there own, and no one can take those away, ever.

    Yes, I believe in education, I believe in learning ALL the facts, and making up your *own* mind. I love you ALL…….I thank every single person who has helped me in this escape and waking up. A man wrote me last night—telling me he was nearly dying years ago, drinking 3 fifths /day of Vodka. He found my video: “Tory talks to CFI” watching it ” more times than I’m willing to tell you” and from it I got the courage to STAND UP!~” He’s now almost 2 years sober, his whole life has changed. That gave me chills beyond belief. I love helping people, and I love others who do, too.
    My thanks and good wishes to you all 🙂
    Tory ((Used to be Bezazian)) Christman
    Aka: Magoo~! Burbank, CA
    (818) 588-3044 …Your local, friendly SP!

  197. Tory Christman

    Thanks, SNC_Ethics! 🙂 Working on it ..always. Love 2 U 🙂

  198. Tory Christman

    I’ll always tell people to check out WWP for where to protest and when.
    That is how I use it. The rest, esp the tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) for me got VERY old, anyways. It’s almost an assured way to build/grow illiterate people, imnsho. I understand *some* things may be too long…so don’t read it. People very much need to speak out, and happily there are safe places where they can do so! I happily picket with Anonymous here, and find them to be a *great* help to all of us. One person wrote up an excellent example re Anonymous, that I thought I’d share. Think of a huge circle. That is Anonymous. Now get the picture of a slice of that circle: Those are the people that help expose C of $’s abuses. So those are the Anonymous peeps I thank. The rest I do not know. Hope that helps 🙂 IT did for me. 🙂 TLC

  199. Tory Christman

    Agreed! Good catch, Marty. “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back” LRH.

    We all are armed with the good tools. Most Scios still “in” have either dug their heads in SO deeply that they’ve literally forgotten WHY they joined Scientology to begin with, OR they’ve bought Davey boys utterly false front and alterations of the tech. Either way ..this path only has one ending: Bridge into a DITCH. (If lurking, remember this:
    “Leap! And the NET will Appear! 🙂 Make the Leap, to those lurking still.

  200. As a person who has kept up with the CoS for many years, read the St Petersburg Times articles, the Village Voice articles and the L.A. Times, well, I can go on and on but having kept up with what has seemed like open criminality through the Lisa McPherson debacle I worried about the people, good people who wanted nothing but to be better people being taken advantage of and being openly hurt, or in some cases when they became ill abandoned completely like Uwe Stuckenbrock to die with only indigent health care, I truly worried about good people I didn’t even know.

    I saw both you Marty and Mike Rinder denying and denying in news stories and documentaries and thought “Oh if only they would tell the truth” well happily that day has come. As an observer I wish you the best of luck in keeping up the pressure and sincerely hope you can do what you can to make it easy and cost *free* effective for people who practice LRH’s writings without being raped financially. Whatever I may feel personally I will defend your right to practice with all my power, because that is your right. What isn’t right is making people indebted for a billion years to learn or practice any religion or philosophy, or hurting them while they try to do what their belief is.

    Thank you for finally lifting the veil on this horrible man Miscaviage and the devious way he’s taken what wasn’t his to take and ruined 10’s of thousands of lives, distorted and lied, abused and lied, because finally you have redeemed yourself in the eyes of 100’s of thousands of people who have kept up with the story of the COS, and are sincerely concerned about the people who follow this vicious little puke. I hope that the movement to simply learn and practice continues to grow and that you all move to a new and healthier place where people are truly safe from abuse, because as it stands whatever COS is, it’s not a religion, it’s a criminal enterprise. Best of luck to you all. Thank the lucky stars you are all finally free!

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