Ringmaster of the Vulture Culture

by Mike Rinder

This video excerpt is but the latest example of the degradation of Scientology at the hands of Pope on a Box. It is one section of the Opening Night of Maiden Voyage 2011, an event devoted almost exclusively to the surreal, off-policy “fundraising” circuses staged by the OT Asses in orgs around the world, even those that already have an “Ideal Org”.

Watch it and weep for what was once an organization that had some dignity, compassion and offered genuine help to man.

If you might have ever had a fleeting thought “there’s no way anyone could condone this insanity, it must just be local people who are a bit wacko doing their own thing” – here is the proof that it is commanded and promoted  from the “top”, the very pinnacle of the applebox.  These OT Asses are POB’s “stormtroopers.”  They do as he commands and then he validates them for their accomplishments at the annual  Maiden Voyage.

And, while you are spared the full implant, the exact same Joker and Degrader, Shermanspeak ™ mumbo-jumbo, delivered in his annoyingly hypnotic sing-song was presented for Africa, ANZO, Latam, UK, Canada,  EUS, WUS and Flag.  So, you can imagine the pain of having to endure 8X what you see here.   

In many areas, the “big win” was that they have “design and construction documents approved” (wow… now THAT’S straight up and vertical Planetary Clearing!!!). In every area a LOT of orgs are left out.  Just taking EU as an example, there was no mention of Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Aarhus (still an org there?), seems like DK and Copenhagen Orgs have been combined?, Angers, St Etienne, Lyon, Clermont Ferrand, Hanover, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Lisbon, St Petersburg, Nuoro, Monza and probably others I am forgetting. Every Cont had the same omissions — yet inclusion in this gala presentation required nothing more than putting on some sort of “theme” event and having a postulated building and/or some “design” documents.  For all those waiting for “OT IX and X” until all orgs are “Ideal”, you are in for a VERY long wait. 

Also of note: not one person from “International Management” is in the audience. It used to be the first three rows on the left side were occupied by “international management”, IAS and Freewinds execs. Now, because the entirety of “International Management” has been dismantled by Dear Loser, its just CO FSSO and the Port Captain as part of the applauding seal brigade.  Of course, the front row consists of the biggest contributors, the Baybacks, Jensens and Feshbachs – and front and center, POB’s speechwriter extraordinaire smirking and applauding his own witty incomprehensibility – Dan Sherman.

This single video clip should be enough to snap any real Scientologist into reality.  THIS is what Corporate Scientology has descended into under POB.  A parody mash-up of a game show, Saturday Night Live skit and Sunday Morning televangelist money grubbing.

This is apparently the best evidence POB can come up with of the unprecedented, unheralded, previously unimagined, superlative, massive, greater than all 50 years combined, straight up and vertical expansion he keeps talking about. Wow….

494 responses to “Ringmaster of the Vulture Culture

  1. The Church for a long time survived selling and delivering Scientology.

    For the last few decades the Church has survived by begging (donations), and worshipping the donors.

    On the havingness scale (available through the link) note that for some while the Church has been in “Must Be Contributed to” which aligns with criminality and disassociation under awareness characteristics.

    They are full throttle on begging with reports of criminality at the top spreading all over the net. Degrading the Scientologists at events.


    I want to know for any of you O.S.A. staff / volunteers just how you reconcile this with your duties today?

  2. Mike, I don’t even know what to say! Gawd the shit it goes on and on and pope on a box’s voice is enough to put you into a trance! The Feshbachs looked pretty tranced out! It truly is as though the people attending this event have no idea what is going on in the real world.

  3. Tony DePhillips

    Ok. I have to do this a bit at a time it is so corny.
    I’m up to Germany gangster night with cob saying the message is (laughing)you have to donate or “else”. People there might think it is a gag, little do they know that he is deadly serious about that. Pee-yew!!!

  4. “the very pinnacle of the applebox.”
    Whilst puking behind the barn, you are still maintaining a spirit of play.

    To be honest, I couldn’t even watch it. It makes me so disgusted when I think of all the decent well meaning philosophies down through the ages that have been twisted into control and greed mechanisms by the Merchants of Influence.
    Screw him and his applebox.

  5. Mike, this made me gag. Davids flock of sheep just bleeting on and on. David the blowhard. Ick, ick and ick. Absolutely nothing to do with Scientology. I have to go for a walk and get some fresh air.

    Steve Stuart

  6. Expelled4Life

    LMAO! What is the stat, “Speed of Progress” and how is it figured out?

  7. The little camera man can’t boom orgs as LRH instructed, so he now turns them into caberet’s for the mindless. But, did you notice that the laughter was often times very nervous and tepid?

    To paraphrase Star Wars….”So this is how orgs die….with mindless laughter”?

    I wonder how many Class VIII’s and Clears could have been made with the money spent on all that flummery…

  8. David Lingenfelter

    Well . . . Firstly I appreciate all those that have contributed on their own determinism thinking that their sacrifice would help people and their societies. Unfortunately that will not happen but the intent is appreciated.

    I grew up in Reno Nevada. Casinos are designed to disorient the person so their judgement is impared making it easier to separate people from their money.

    That video was one long run on sentence with useless words and allegories designed to get MONEY. There was not one $%^& thing there about making auditors or getting people up the bridge which is the Purpose.

    You were correct Mike. It was hard to listen and to watch. DM has perfected that droning voice in those run on weird thoughts that just spin you round and round and round and damn, if they did it I must toss in a few hundred thou also or I’m just not with the program and I would be a shit and I would not want someone else to find out I can’t really aford it and what about making auditors but everyone else understands so it must be me. Dear – where’s the checkbook.

    What a bunch of crap. WHERE ARE THE AUDITORS? That is the question and the only question. The rest is nothing unless it makes auditors. Ideal Orgs do not make anything and are a draining distraction and are effectively destroying the field.


  9. OH MY GOD. That is bizarre. Wow.

    You know, his voice sounds different. I noticed right after the Truth Rundown came out he changed a bit. You could see some fear in his eye and he looked tired.

    Now he sounds like he’s got a cold or something. His voice is weak and he’s not really delivering the comm at all. If I was at that event I think I would be snoring.

  10. plainoldthetan

    Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
    — In Dante’s Inferno, the inscription on the gates to hell.

  11. Boy, Scientology used to be about moving people up the Bridge — it was about the exploration of an unknown frontier, the restoration of spiritual abilities. LRH’s Bridge, which produced ability, has now been replaced with Miscavige’s extortion dog and pony show.

    Try this: mock up an old Miscavige in a medical facility after his wits are gone and see what he says. When I do that, he’s still prattling on about the same stuff as in this video… degraded imbeciles prancing around in costumes giving money and he’s delighted. That’s all he’s interested in. That’s his world. I’m sure Lou will still be there to give him a shiny quarter and make his day. Danny Sherman will be there too, writing speeches that Miscavige can deliver to a doddering audience, snoozing on their meds, none having any clue what old Miscavige is talking about. Then Lou will wheel POB back to his room, still chuckling about delusional victories.

    Miscavige, a living farce, will die, but Scientology won’t. Having gained personal integrity by the contest, we represent something better than anything David Miscavige has ever known.

    I used to wonder what “Total Failure” at -40.0 on the Tone Scale meant.

    I don’t wonder any more.

  12. I noticed too all the graphs are the same. No wonder “pope” rhymes with “joke.”

  13. Honestly, WHAT THE FUCK?
    Can’t say it any more delicately.
    Way to suck the life out of any half arsed artist still standing in your sick little cult Degraded Being of the Board.
    I’m so disgusted, just spitting tacks.
    Futuristic earth full of greedy little property owners, not the planet I envision for the future.
    Criminals, the lot of you.

  14. theystolemychurch

    “If you are fond of layered symbolism and complexe imagery”….. and I quietly think to myself “where is symbols on the know to mystery scale?…. I am ALREADY LOST in this (gag) “speech”. I think to myself… either I am too stupid to understand what he is singing songing or he is dripping out such stupidity and I am hearing it.

    Every single thing dripped out here has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENTOLOGY and I could find nothing else worth hearing in the painful 15 some minutes of veiwing this absolute work of s**t.

    And ~ I can’t STAND the sing song thing he does with his voice….. Again, is it me?

    I hereby declare this- I am more stupid for having heard this. I have had a lost of lifeforce and beingness for having heard this. I have lost brain cells and IQ points for having heard this. I will probably have bad dreams for having heard this.

    I do not post here often. I follow this daily. My respect to Miss Mosey and Marty and of course to Mike Rinder and Christie for all that you do. I also forgive you for putting this video up and the pain and loss I feel for having to veiw it (LOL).

    Again, thank you all for shining the light so that I could find my way out of the darkeness. ~Wendy

  15. What is “Introduced to the Tech”?

    I do not remember this stat being so important.

    Apparently it’s the most important stat in the Church of Sceintology.

  16. sorry I could only watch one minute before I couldn’t bear it anymore. The Russian Elvis and Bumble Bees were enough.

  17. I am not impressed. Just saying.

  18. martyrathbun09

    It is if he puts an ad in NY Times = a million people (its distribution) were introduced to the tech. He is a complete Fraud.

  19. martyrathbun09


  20. one of those who see

    Hi Mike, thank you for posting this. We do need to see it as difficult as it is. I just watched a couple of minutes, then needed a break.

    Just feel like saying…Sorry, Sir – we are fixing this. There are wonderful guys from the your SO-Marty, Mike, Christie, Sam, Hayden, Steve and so many others that are working so hard to put this right. You understood how off the rails Scientology could go. I’ve read and listened to your words. You knew. As has been the case before, I was naive, unworried, thought all would just go right. I was wrong. I’ve grown up. So going free was more difficult than I thought. LOL That’s ok. The truth is here. My eye is on the mountain. We will make it because Auditors are auditing and Supervisors are training.

    Mike, Marty-Thank you for all you are doing.

  21. Watching Eyes

    Hey Mike, I like the “TM” after Shermanspeak. That cracked me up.

    As for the Dwarf and his speed drill delivery of total verbal diarrhea, Mother of God, NOBODY talks like that. Nobody! And that line at the end about the wolves are again howling in the forests of Europe…..WTF?

  22. What twaddle!!!!!

  23. Thanks Mike,
    Good thing I had the barf bag at the ready position!

    The PoB has really lost it and has totally exported his J&D specialty to all of the Idle Orgs and OT Asses, not realizing that Elvis has left the building! Perhaps the only real characters were the bird costumed Black Plague doctors, there to handle the black dianetics and death of real Scn! This type of J&D rivals with the recently released PoB “I’m on a boat,” rap video he created.

  24. Let me clarify here: OT = makes lots of money. Ambassador = gives us lots of money. These people must really be starved for acceptance to put up with all this. Here is a helpful tip from LRH:

    “Never need praise, approval or sympathy” – Code of Honor

  25. This is beyond the pale.

    Every person attending this maiden voyage event doesn’t sleep well at night. Every person attending this maiden voyage event knows that s/he has forsaken his fellow man.

    But every person attending this event has made a choice to continue a life of non-virtue; knowingly harming others by their arrogance.

    Each person will, not because I wish it on them, suffer.

    That is what happens. We have a choice every minute of every day — virtue VS non-virtue. And the consequences.


  26. Chris,
    That was the first thing that got my attention. Sore throat or something. Damm he’s PTS! Therefor he’s being suppressed therefore he must have overts against his suppressor. Marty it looks like pope on a box has overt against you. Imagine that!

  27. As usual, I didn’t know what the fuck Pope Applebox was talking about. The “OT entertainment” offered here would not pass muster as high school musical fare in most small towns in America. The Swiss should not hip hop.

    I’ll admit Munich’s “gangsterism … or else” did make sense, given who was talking. But WTF is a “hanging juncture?”

    It was no shock the New Jersey camera boy was incapable of pronouncing Kierkegaard, Dali, Bern, Lausanne, de rigueur, haute couture, pastiche or accoutrements. However, he did offer two pronunciations of “Milano” in the same sentence.

    And then he said “hunnert.” I kid you not. As in “… four hunnert.” And immediately afterward, he tossed off “… undowtablee” (I think he meant “undoubtedly.”)

    Yo, Pope on a Box, can you say “Ponzi scheme?”

    Finally, you ignorant little twerp, Europe does not span two continents or include the Kamchatka Peninsula.

    Bite me.

    Just Me

  28. Tony, I didn’t get that far, France did it for me. Pope on a Box sounds like he’s on speed and inhaling helium with each breath.

    The degradation of the OTAssclowns is intolerable, it makes me feel so sad. Like dancing bears on chains in a cruel circus, or the hapless innocent dancing as the bad guys shoot at his feet in a cowboy movie, before they put one in his heart.

    This is a Maiden Voyage Event ???????

    Double pee-yew

  29. You speak for both of us.

  30. I made it through the bumble bees and Elvis was just coming up. Will try again later! H

  31. That is an intelligent comment and I am going to respond. These words cannot be David Misacvige’s own from his own mind. They would have to read off of cue cards somewhere or a digital screen with this speech going across it out of the view of the audience. How can anyone give a speech like that and exect a following. I believe firmly in L. Ron Hubbard technology. That is where the buck stops. I am not, and feel should repeat NOT in any way a supporter of what currently calls itself the Church of Scientology. I have wound up at odds with many people over this one aspect of people somehow still finding “good” somewhere in what these churches do. Not only was I not impressed as you say, I honestly don’t like David Miscavige or think he’s cool. I would rather listen to David Mayo speak. At least his speeches do not come from cue cards.

  32. Ok more beautiful buildings that I don’t give a rats ass about. What a scam!

  33. crashingupwards

    My condolences to all those who ever worked to build the church. But it came to this for a reason. I suppose if the worst does have to happen, better it be sooner than later. Hurry sundown.
    There was a certain condesending and mocking attitude in the narrative, as if they celebrations were being shit on. A comical dog and pony show. Pretty sad. And the front row didnt see it at all. They ate it up. Shudder.

  34. How many mentions of LRH in this event? None, I counted them – twice. Scientology finally gets a brief mention at 13.30 when POB announces Malmo has 4X the Bridge progress of any galaxy anywhere or something. It’s almost as if he’s having a bet with Sherman; “how long do you think I can go without talking anything about what we’re supposed to be here for?” How many mentions of “donating”? Plenty. Ideal Orgs? Too many to count. This is about as far from actual Scientology as it gets. Ron, I’m sorry and embarassed.

  35. Scott Campbell

    The whole thing was practically just one run-on sentence.

    I was hoping he’d run out of breath (sounded like he was) and just keel over.

    I would have leaped to my feet applauding wildly at that one.

  36. Leave it to me to disagree with you completely. That is FAR from what “He’s interested in.” It’s almost as if DM studied all the references where LRH said that you cannot run an org in this way or that direction, and then used that as a manual as how to systematically destroy everything LRH had built and thwart the gains of auditing and dissemination of truth.

    I give DM much more credit than you, that he is actually systematically and intentionally thwarting and subverting everything LRH have given to this world. This is his true interest.

    I am truly sickened by this video

  37. Here is a chaser with some real talent, for you Mosey:

  38. I have never been a high ranking Scientologist or OT Ambassador. Any information about me is on my web site, posted elsewhere on this blog. I want to ask a question. I need to ask a question. I do not know the answer. I believe the answer is important to myself and others. Does David Miscavige read these speeches from cue cards? I have a desire to know. Anyone that worked with him might know. Why would someone that is the head of the Church of Scientology need to read a speech from a cue card? A simple question. A simple answer should be available. Why should anyone that is in possession of a technology that restores people’s immortality need to read their statements about the subject from a cue card? Aside from the criminality behind the task, wouldn’t anyone that was a true believer in L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries themselves feel uncomfortable with the idea of expressing their wins, their gains, from going Clear or OT to people from cue cards? This man – David Miscavige – that I have never met either, give the impression of someone that gives these speeches not to advance L. Hubbard’s reputation in any way, and certainly not to boost his own reputation in any way at the same time either, but merely for the “rush of talking to people about this stuff”. That is my observation. I do not think that even an OT could recite a speech like David Miscavige’s from memory. I am not sure if should be angry or sad or laugh. But, anyone with anyone meaningful to say, does not say it from cue cards.

  39. “Paris, which is classically de rigueur…” Blah, blah, blah…..Really? Really, DM? This kind of crap sounds annoyingly strained coming out of Dan Sherman but from you? Well, it simply sounds ridiculous and beyond disingenuous. Have you ever said that phrase in your life? Why don’t you just be real? …….Oh yeah, because you can’t be or your con game would come swelling up in your face and that would be the end of you.

    If you really take the excruciating time to listen to his never ending, yodel like, run on sentences you see that they are laced with the most bizarrely unimportant (but meant to impress) words that mean absolutely nothing. Man, if I could get up in front of a crowd and spit that kind of garbage out to such great applause and fanfare, I might also start having contempt for my “followers”.

    Particularly telling was his commentary on the Munich “Gangsta” fundraisers. “….Ideal Org Fundraiser, Stephan Gehardt Seele, who appearing in an Al Capone outfit intended to suddenly suggest that one contributes to the Munich fund…..or else.” Laughter follows from the crowd. Ya know, wake up people. What the hell is so funny about that? What’s with the word “suddenly” there? I don’t get it.

    This man is no longer a sentient being (if he ever was one). CREEPY.

  40. Around 6400 Miscavologists in Europe/Russia *combined* getting service completions.

    I’m surprised they actually mentioned a stat that involved people.

  41. As the future Scientology writer of Miscavige’s breathless staccato patter wherein dozens of paragraphs become one long run on sentence that appears to say something while not only saying anything but rather factually soaring seamlessly into the sphere of inanity and circumlocution with all the quaint charm and finesse of, say, prison rape, the teenage Danny Sherman’s main artistic influences were Roget’s Thesaurus and Chuck Barris’ Gong Show.

    Indeed, the Gong Show so impressed the youthful Sherman that it became the template for all future IAS events, including POB-in-a-Tuxedo, golden stage props, and stagecraft that is both goofy and disturbing.

    It is apparent that Danny Sherman cleverly combined the Gong Show with DM’s trademark narcissism, grandiosity, staccato delivery, and elements of Albert Speer’s Übermensch design aesthetic to create truly bizarre IAS propaganda events that have now morphed into bad talent shows wherein Danny Sherman fully expresses and embraces his unrequited love of Schmaltz Tech — a Tech the love of which is shared by POB, the man who single handedly somehow managed to infuse IAS events with a Trifecta of Schmaltz Tech, cruelty, and unbelievable boredom, a feat not attained since the “Time Lady” of old read out the time every ten seconds whenever you called her.

    Schmaltz Tech with all of its gaudy, gilded, and golden swoops and flourishes and nonsensical, breathless hyperbole has been enforced upon the imploding Cult of Scientology as the enduring legacy of David Miscavige.


  42. Synthia +1

  43. Its all telePrompter.

  44. Scott — Comment of the evening buddy!

  45. The statistics are false. It might be impossible at this moment to post an actual graph from the Church of Scientology to verify my statement, at least I do not own such a graph, but for anyone that does and reads this blog, I would like that person to know, I agree that the stats are false. I have been watching members of the Church of Scientology create and post to their weekly reports false stats since I was in high school. I did not need to finish my OT studies in order to duplicate the source of their difficulties. The Church of Scientology’s stats are false to keep the public confused about them long enough to make off of them, and to belittle people already in the church that may not have a voice of their own yet, with which to communicate their own experiences.

  46. 🙂 — the way out is the way through…

  47. Tony DePhillips

    It truly is an emabarassment. The OTasses look like a bunch of fools engaging in mudd cabbages dog and pony show.

  48. I’ve noticed that all his invented stats are manageable by simply spending money on more stuff. Ergo, infinite upstats with absolutely NO training or processing actually having occurred.

  49. Ah, the irrefutable wisdom and eloquence of JM!

  50. Tony DePhillips


  51. WE — yeah, that about summed it up: wolves in the forest — WTF?

  52. Tony DePhillips

  53. What the fuck is this idiot talking about?

    “Not one but TWO Elvis impersonators that not even experts could tell apart so now Amsterdam is 1,000,000 close to purchasing 40,000 sq ft of …”

    Eh? Say what?

    I made it to about a minute and a half in. That’s 90 seconds of my life I will never get back. Dammit.

  54. Chris: It’s a really cool stat. You get the circulation of any media (newspapers distribution plus website, radio use the entire population of the city it is in even if nobody listens and same for TV) and then buy an ad in each and you get the “people reached” and if you mail something out that counts for everyone it is mailed to even if they throw it in the trash before opening it, and if there are books into libraries that counts the number of people that might go to that library (and never taken out the book) etc etc. It is the easiest stat in the world to fudge. It’s why he uses it so much. Wait til you hear the “stats” from the “IAS Night”….

  55. Wendy — You speak for many I am sure when you said: “I hereby declare this- I am more stupid for having heard this. I have had a lost of lifeforce and beingness for having heard this. I have lost brain cells and IQ points for having heard this. I will probably have bad dreams for having heard this.”

  56. Steve — witty and insightful as ever…

  57. Dean — How about “screw him TO his applebox”?

  58. That would stand to reason. Thank you because that clears up a great deal of H,E & R on the matter for me. I have never admired any of David Miscavige’s speeches and I have always considered them rote drama of sorts not seen elsewhere. I am proud to know that. Thank you. I will be checking in on this blog from time to time. The topics under discussion are easy to understand when intelligently written.

  59. Tom Gallagher


    I felt like I’d slipped into a masochistic valence because I’ll admit that I watched it TWO times. (note to self: Come up to present time!)

    Let me point out that it’s pretty transparent that Applebox was smirking at and ridiculing his assembly of trained circus seals. And they so dutifully applauded and cheered at their own clubbing. Absolutely pitiful.

    Also, does anybody know if P.O.B has always had that drooping mouth? Or is that the result of Botox overload? And what explains his garbled speech? Sounds like his tongue is swollen from him biting on it.

    The highlight of the whole spectacle for me was the 178,297 “Hours of OT projects” stat. NOT ONE mention of an Auditor, Release or Clear made. Sickening.

    Maybe next year Shorty can emcee a religious snake handlers convention. Was this his warm-up?

  60. Happy to be of assistance Lawrence.

    The scripted speech, written in SHermanspeak ™ is edited by POB and then loaded into a teleprompter. He runs through it a few times in rehearsals to make sure all the visuals match up and that what he says is not too long or too short for any “moving visuals” he has. It is all scripted and choreographed down to the last second. He even rehearses his mispronounciations and emPHASis on specific syllABLESfor MAXimum imPACT…

  61. Wendy said:
    “I hereby declare this- I am more stupid for having heard this.”

  62. My child just asked me what was I watching. I smiled as I tried to come up with an answer. Before I could come up with anything, he says: “is that guy trying to make people laugh?” I replied: ” I guess. Made me laugh.”

  63. Thanks. I had that question floating around in the back of my mind, about what he would do if the visuals went out of sync with his out of PT hyperbole. Thank you again.

  64. Tom — you are so right. While they applaud at being “acknowledged” by the almighty, the J&D is so excruciating that it really is the perfect analogy that these trained seals applauded and cheered at their own clubbing.

    And not only that, they set off to break all records for the next year! Look out world. Invasion of the Elvis Pirate Easter Bunny Gangstas is coming…

  65. Thanks Tom,

    That was really quite enjoyable.

    Vic K.

  66. A 15 minute plus clip of high psychotic euphoria delivered by a powerless money vampire. A sick bastard. A truly degraded being.
    An R6 puppet.

  67. These events have become more and more unreal each subsequent year.
    To a mostly United States membership there is not one mention (Scientology is a mere trickle in the Non-US) not one mention of a US Org
    that actually did any Scientology, any auditing, any training.

    The “WINS” broadcast at the Shrine would show some footage of some Head Chief villager in Wagga Wagga Africa who had his whole village Study “Way to Happiness”
    (screen clip)

    Some Latin American country called Guyana Guyana has some police force that adopted touch assists for the summer
    (screen slip)
    etc etc.

    Smoke and mirrors.

    While the above video is genuine footage, it is circus footage.
    Donkey Miscavige even sends out full blown IAS tours worldwide to just scam in the bucks for no services. Donate for rip-off exchange. 1st Amendment rights ! Freedom to be a frenzied and joyless Magic-show religion !

    Let the Mayors of all these cities see what property tax they lose after their locals have been scammed for the Real Estate that is rented back to the dupes.

  68. HowcananyoneunderstandwhatPOBisevensaying.Itjustgoesonandonwithoutgivinganyoneachancetoduplicatehiscommunication.

    Ron Minor

  69. martyrathbun09

    178,297 hours of CRUSH REGING.

  70. Robert Earle

    Wow oh wow. The plan is going perfectly. With each and all of those orgs as well as all the others already and then with all the rest each following in the footsteps of Birmingham as covered by T Paine recently on Leaving Scientology site “The fall of Birminghan org” it can easily be seen that Applebox will have eliminated orgs as a functioning activity relatively soon.
    I think he better get going on the new fundraiser for OTs . “The new OT delivery ship to handle the huge future influx from these orgs.This ship will be one hundred times the size of the freewinds and even have room for the whole int base . Conveniently it will be so huge it will never be able to enter a port or even come near land(like a death star) but this will eliminate a lot of security problems. And will keep all the SPs of the world trapped on land and unable to find us as I am personally working out how to paint the ship with invisible paint so noone will be able to see or find us. Donations are now being collected for this monumental step forward. An it will have the bumble bees and Elvis too.””
    Seriously I really do believe he will crash the entirety of C of M much faster than I had previously imagined.
    PS Marty I think you should see if the bumble bees could be brought in to replace the guys you’ve got in the blue shirts.

  71. The outpoints are too many to list out!

    He started out his one long run on sentence with let me “spin a tale”…….. Tell a made up story rather than using real stats and facts.

    I thought I was watching a prolonged Saturday Night Live skit or the Ed Sullivan Show. How degrading. I feel sorry for all the public and staff who had to partake in those various dance numbers and skits.

    Scientology used to be about making auditors, hours in the chair, student completions and Clears made! Now it is “number or hours spent on OT Idle Org projects”!!!!

    As a note, purely by coincedence this evening I happened to be nearby the Las Vegas Ideal Org which was opened to great fan fair over a year ago. There were a total of 15 cars in the very large parking lot in front of the org, which sits on a hidden dead end street in an old part of town!

    So much for Scientology expansion.

  72. Robert Earle

    This ship could be the home of the real pirates of the caribbean

  73. martyrathbun09

    My vote for comment of the day.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    “Like dancing bears on chains in a cruel circus.” Classic Valkov.

  75. Could his voice sound raw from screaming?

  76. I noticed the proud little person is talking from the corner of his mouth, like a paralyzed stroke victim…too much botox maybe?

  77. Cowboy Poet

    HA! Good one.
    You want me to take it from there?

  78. Oh my goodness, Lucy. Belly laughs are absolutely the very best. What a perfectly appropriate British-ism!

  79. Tony DePhillips

    “A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society. According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) a hate groups have a “primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of the organization.”[1]Wikepedia.
    The next time the cult of mudd cabbage tries to say we are part of a hate group, have him study this definition. “We” first of all are not part of an organized group. WE are individuals.
    I never signed up for any club or organization.
    Secondly, I am not against Scientology as a religion. I am speaking out against abuses and about things that I disagree with about how dm is managing his organization. This is not hate speech. It is correcting the society that we live in.
    I would argue that dm’s cult (which is not Scientology) is an organized group that does practice hate towards us and our religious practices. Instead of using ideas against us or debating us, dm is using hostility towards us and practicing that demonstrate hate. His cult actively discriminates against people that do not see Scientology the way he (dm) wants them to. He is a tyrant and a religious bigot, and I say the leader of one of the biggest hate groups ever.

  80. Cowboy Poet

    Friend of mine in Vietnam said they used to water ski by nailing combat boots to the top of an ammo box and then being pulled along the canals.

    Perhaps such a use for “Emelda’s” shoes? Just to get him at the proper physical altitude for walking around without having climb aboard an applebox all the time. Then he could chuck all those elevator soled shoes.
    He could save some of those hard won church funds because shoes like that gotta cost an arm or a leg…excuse me, an arm–can’t be sparing any leg there.
    C’mon…this aint fair…I feel like I’m pickin on him.

    Miscavige—Get the Hell out of here and save yourself a lot of greif.

  81. Dirk Niblick

    I think I’ve figured out the formula for writing a David Miscavige speech! This is how it goes:

    1. Start by introducing an org and people doing stuff there, and throw in a pop culture reference or something to seem “with it.”
    “The brave Jedi Knights of Pasadena sung and danced their way to $250,000 closer to an org of the future. They’re advancing the causes of freedom by reaching all of California,”

    2. Make up a statistic that has no meaning but sounds cool if you don’t think about it. Show chart on screen.

    “with over 600 bodies past the building morning, noon, and night!”

    4. Throw in a “connecting phrase” that sounds disjointed and out of place, and written by a non-native speaker of English:
    “And what’s further than that,”

    5. Talk about the building but be really vague, being sure to make no promises and reference no dates.
    “The structures and plans for their newest building addition are fully approved.”

    6. A “now that’s” tagline.
    “Now that’s building orgs in an Ideal way for our expanding future.”

    7. Repeat.

    Here are the results:
    “The brave Jedi Knights of Pasadena sung and danced their way to $250,000 closer to an org of the future. They’re advancing the causes of freedom by reaching all of California, with over 600 bodies past the building, morning noon and night! And what’s further than that, the structures and plans for the newest building addition are fully approved. Now that’s building orgs in an ideal way for our expanding future.”

  82. Off the fence.

    Yes, but the stat isn’t how much IQ he has or how correct his facts are, the stat is how many words can he string together without taking a breath.

  83. Tom-On the drooping mouth-I noticed Katie Holmes has the same thing going on-It’s like they only talk out of half their mouth-a comedienne parodied her on this.-the slanted mouth idiots.

  84. Thunderous applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Cowboy Poet

    Well said!

  86. Chris,
    Over six million people have now watched the Tom Cruise video of his eloquent pronouncement that He is the only one who can help.
    I would imagine that miscavige counts that in the stat.

  87. ExIntStaffMember

    Miscavige has turned the orgs into McScientology with his automated, one-size-fits-all, impersonal, cookie-cutter “Ideal” orgs. Actually, I take back the comparison to MacDonald’s. Ronald MacDonald has far more purpose, compassion and benefit to the world at large than McSavage ever will. And MacDonald’s actually gives something in exchange for their income from customers. The only real comparison between the two organizations is they both feature clowns as evidenced in this video.

  88. Just Me you are funny “bite me”. I second that!

  89. He can’t audit, he can’t fish, and he cannot even joke right.

    This just makes you realize that no matter what comes out of his mouth, it’s lies anyway. It proves that when he’s pretending to talk real expansion, it’s just the same as this rubbish of pretending to talk about “world renowned” performances by silly fundraising goons. With real good speakers you can tell the difference between joking and truth and it’s meant to be understood. With Dave there is no difference.

    I don’t think he is acquainted with the truth much.

  90. Another Layer

    Miscavige = evil, non-sequitur idiocy with a severe case of shrilling logorrhea. Aieeee. This event only proves beyond a doubt that there is no more “church” of Scientology – no auditors made, no pcs audited.
    Anything worthwhile is being done independently.

  91. Definition (Tech Dictionary)

    MOCKERY BAND, there is a little band down very close to death on the tone scale which is a mockery band and in that band anything that;s ub that band is a mockery of anything higher. (5405CM12)

    The church is dead.

    We once went wild in graduations cheering for the 15 comm course completions for the week.

    They now go “crazy” for the bilked bucks and the glorious square footage it will add to dm’s coffers.

  92. Doc "Smith"

    Sure, but they’re not real services, or very few. New repackage squirrelled Div 6 services that get one nowhere, except maybe to confusion.

  93. sorry about the typo…should be “…anything that’s IN that band…

  94. theystolemychurch

    YES, what exactly does that mean?……. wolves howling? wtf? They need fresh meat? wtf?

  95. LRH busted this guy for J&D videos. Dave makes no case gain. Here is another of his J&D videos. His destructive denigration played out on the world stage.

    This man is not a Scientologist. He knows nothing of spiritually aware knowingness. He can’t train another, he can’t audit, he can’t manage, he can’t even read a teleprompter in present time. He’s a completely reactive machine. The being long since overwhelmed and now just a synthetic caricature.

    Good Lord, what a farce he is.

  96. Robert Earle


  97. Karen, realizing of course that you are a one of a kind person having already proved yourself as a Scientology many times over by your statistics as a Scientologist not achieved by too many other people, living or dead, there is no U.S. Church of Scientology, to my knowledge that actually does any such thing and I have been to them all. Missions, Orgs, SO Orgs. So with that as a foundation, look at it from David Miscavige’s ignorant, uneducated, unskilled, money hungry, greed happy, narcissitic, drunken, misinformed, overt, out-ethics persepective. Why not promote in Europe so people that look at the church in awe can “see what we are really doing”. I am very certain, and I re-locate this video I will let you know, that I saw a video in memory where David Miscavige actually tele-prompts to people that the tech of Scientology is now going out to “billions of people as I speak” around the world. First, there are not that many billions of people on Earth as he says. Second, why quote obvious untruths. To say it is an utter disgrace would be disappointing to me as it would demonstrate that somewhere deep down inside me there is still that conviction that plagued me for years regarding the church. That being “Hey, these people must be doing something right” only back then there weren’t even any videos one could view on the web so illustrate this better. Looking back on it now it was scary for me, but only scary because the church made it that way.

  98. I was watching hopefully and my dream was fulfilled – no ideal org in Austria 🙂
    Austria is still a free country. I love this place.

  99. He said “LRH” once, it jumped out at me because those initials don’t even belong anywhere near that mess.

  100. Great comment, Wendy. LOL. 🙂
    It’s not you, the sing song thing he does with his voice is seriously disturbing, annoying, unnatural, and barf material. No sane person would think otherwise. I hope you don’t have bad dreams tonight.
    Always happy when I see you chiming in. Love to you!

  101. I could do a better job with a voice sythesizer than DM does live.
    He sounds like one of those synthetic voices.

  102. Ideal Organ Donors

    And so he’s rambled on and on,
    Fluffy puffy from Sherman’s yarn,
    TRs in, they suppress a yawn,
    And wonder where their soul has gone.

  103. Danny, is that you?

  104. Ouch.

  105. Watchful Navigator

    Yes – thanks indeed for answering that Mike. I remember being awestruck in my state of dub-in, that this super-being, OT 30-something (the speculative tale amongst us lowly staff went) could give such a flawless, coherent speech without “looking at his notes”. This really finally blows the last shreds of dried pig shite powdering the bullpen.

  106. Being European (Danish) I am amazed that there’s hardly anything but the very worst of American culture displayed, elevated and admired by D-mented M-udforbrains in this video about European orgs. I have lived in the US for almost 25 years and know American culture is so much more spiritual, fighting for justice and freedom etc.. It is so out-of-valence that it makes me cringe. I really don’t know what looks the worst: sleazy American culture of greed and decadence – or stupid Europeans who’s willing to buy that this is somewhat cool and acceptable.

  107. But wait! They still
    must make it out the door;
    And if you wallet is empty, well…
    thats what your second kidney is for!

  108. Watchful Navigator

    I noticed that too, about his voice, Hoarse rasp sounds like from yelling and screaming about the grief Marty is causing him.

    But the second thing I detected in his voice was a little more subtle, but not terribly subtle. He sounded like he was in glee. I do believe (as an occasional HCO Sec Checker observing things) that I detected a condescending, sneering glee at HOW STUPID YOU PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO THIS AND CHUCKLING ALONG – HOW STUPID THESE IDIOTS LOOK AS THEY RAISE MONEY TO FILL MY COFFERS – HOW CRAZY I FEEL AS MY EMPIRE TAKES A NOSE DIVE INTO OBLIVION – and finally – THIS MIGHT VERY WELL BE MY LAST EVENT – WHEEEEE!

  109. Martin,
    It’s actually a plus point, as Idle Orgs have nothing to do with LRH, stolen from a title of one of the Data Series. Fundraisers are totally opposite of anything LRH did and just degrades and make these pitiful OTAsses into jokers for money.

  110. After watching the video, I’ve got to wonder who the hell was in charge of putting in the canned laughter? Maybe I’m missing something, but in most of those laugh track injections, I can’t see anything funny at all. Is the audience supposed to be laughing at something Miscavige is saying, or at something a performer did on that tiny stage video screen?

    Here’s just one example, at 3:22 in the video:

    Miscavige: “This for example is a performance by Appalachian Circle Dancers as made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts” (*burst of laughter*)

    Huh? What was supposed to be funny about that?

    If I had been the one editing the video, I would have cranked up the laughs at every point Miscavige utters “ideal org” 🙂

  111. How could that be? It’s Wednesday night and Vegas has like 40 million people passing through it a year – wasn’t that the reason the Idle Org had to be put there right away?

    Of course, hidden away in a residential neighborhood at the end of a side street there’s not much of a chance anyone will find it.

  112. I think we all remember the little poem that went,
    First they came for the Gypsy’s , but I was not a Gypsy, so I said nothing.
    Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I said nothing…..
    Now we get to add:
    Then they came for International Management, but I was not International Management, so I said nothing…..
    Hey, Board of directors, willfull blindness won’t save you, In fact it’s a crime, Schilling and Delay of Enron fame are in Prison for it, and even Rupert Murdock’s may be convicted of it.
    Look around you…. the room is getting smaller!

  113. Well, thats great. I guess since 390,000,000 people have been “Introduced to the Tech” just this year alone all we have to do now is wait for them to come in to the orgs. Are the Ideal Orgs designed to handle such an influx of public?
    Maybe they need to be bigger.

  114. Thanks Mike for getting a copy of this video for us, though I only made it through 6 minutes. Seeing it validates each of our decisions to walk out of that mindf@ck and not look back.

    Meanwhile, as the trained seals are clapping in the front row, slave labor camps are churning out more books, promo and signage that the world doesn’t want.

    The Cult of Miscavige wants your money – all of it.

    They want your labor, preferably for free in the Sea Org but if you’re a degraded being they’ll still take you in one of those Idle Orgs.

    They want your children, and if you don’t cooperate the recruiters have ways of dealing with you.

    Do not grant this cult one inch of beingness.

  115. Sapere Aude

    “We have a choice every minute of every day — virtue VS non-virtue. And the consequences.”

    So very very true. If those very people, who at some point started walking down the road to spiritual truth, had but maintained their integrity. But either an unknowingness or more likely an unwillingness to confront evil – those same people decided to ignore and pretend the evil was not there.

    Others, such as we here in this group, decided to confront what truly was before us, be humble enough to review our past decisions with humility where needed, tighten up the sphincter muscles and go the route of virtue.

    The only true foe for any of us is our own unwillingness to see, observe and act with that truth in mind. As you noted “every person attending this event has made a choice to continue a life of non-virtue; knowingly harming others by their arrogance.”

    It would have been so much more OT of them to confront the foe in their universe around whom they would rather move, to a greater or lesser degree, to the dark-side.

    The following is apropos in my opinion:

    Foster and polish
    The warrior spirit
    While serving in the world;
    Illuminate the path
    According to your inner light”

    “Spring forth from the Great Earth;
    Billow like Great Waves;
    Stand like a tree, sit like a rock;
    Use One to strike All.
    Learn and forget! ”

    “At the instant
    A warrior
    Confronts a foe,
    All things
    Come into focus”

    Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)
    Founder of Aikido

  116. Robert Earle

    Ingrid – talking out of the side of your mouth is part of Ethics presence it comes from the old ganster movies

  117. Additional thoughts. Any Sea Org member who has worked near or around DM knows that this is NOT the way he speaks.

    Where are all the M#*Fers and F*#ks and other vile and filthy curse words?

    Also what a terrible audio mix. DM’s “S’s” were sizzzling through out. Has he developed a lisp??

    He may be presenting a good face to the paying public in front of him, but he would be the most vile J&Der behind the scenes of all these public people dressing up like bees and Elvis. He must be thinking he is the puppet master and can make his puppets do whatever he wants.

    Karma’s on it’s way.

  118. Robert Earle

    thats “gangster”

  119. Thanks Thoughtful. I’m sitting in Starbucks right now and you made me laugh outloud!

    The video of POB doesn’t make me laugh.

  120. Ok, so I finally watched the 2nd half after a long break and got to the wolves howling in the forest. Possible reasons that they were howling:

    1. They were glad that the speech was finally over.

    2. They wanted to get all of their friends together to go hunt down Dave.

    3. They wanted to get their friends together to go hunt down the Dancing to Abba Elvis impersonators.

    4. Dan Sherman is trying to subliminally let Dave know that people don’t like him by throwing in some howling wolves at the end of his speech.


  121. Was i catching this correctly that the orgs that are already “Ideal Orgs” are regging money at these events to make them, what did he call it, “Full” Ideal Orgs? Like Hamburg and Roma and Milano. He said they were making more money to make them “Full Ideal Orgs”. So I guess it isn’t enough to be just an Ideal Org, now you gotta be FULL Idle Org? After that will probably be “Complete Ideal Org”? And having accomplished that one would be going for “Ideal Ideal Org?” Now there are going to be stages of Idle Orgs?

    Also for me these events are just DM turning them into “Fun” events (Caprice) so that we don’t blow the whistle on them doing crush regging, which I’m sure occured during each and every one of these events.

  122. He was starting to do these kind of speeches when I was still going to MV events with the Gold crew. It’s a game of keeping the speech insynch with the video. Don’t worry about keeping their interest in what is being said, just wow them with technical performance. And I am sure that is what he is thinking. Just another one of those things that COB just has to do because no one else can. You have to admit it is quite a feat to read a prompter for 15 minutes having to keep pace with the video – so hooray for that and I’m sure the guys in the “truck” (the video control room in the back room) were high fiving at the end because if something had gone wrong it would be their necks.
    But if you just listen to the “sound” of it. For one thing he sounds hoarse as if he had rehearsed it all day, but then there is the monotonous phrasing that he gets into which makes it sound like a very long boring piece of music with the same phrase being played over and over.
    Rolling thunder without the thunder.
    And while the applause at the end may appear to be for the “awesome performance”, they really must be thinking, “thank god that’s over!”

  123. WB,
    Agreed, it does look very odd. Perhaps he finally got his motivator for striking others!

  124. Watchful Navigator

    Brilliantly titled Mike. And nice write-up. You really nailed it.
    I was among those who had to sit through this entire thing twice and pretend to like it. Another staff filling an empty seat. I don’t know how I did it. It was torturous. I know of at least one public who finally got it. Absolutely refused to come back for more. Her auditor excused himself as well. The exodus, long trickling, is starting to avalanche. We’re going over the falls, now. Two measly, pitiful events where there had always been 4. A hoarse, strained, fake presentation that is fooling far less people than before. Disgusting, the degradation of art and aesthetics employed. Right out of that old article
    Scientology 88 (Tech Vol I – all in LRH handwriting)

    “The ‘beauty’ in this case, and where we find it to audit, is actually a counterfeit of theta, an obsessive beauty which enforces beauty and forbids ugliness.” – Scn 88 p.62

    “Just as we have enforced and inhibited ARC, we have enforced and inhibited aesthetics.” – Scn 88 p.42

    “The object was slavery, a compulsion to be good and obedient and to have a MEST body.” Scn 88 p.47

    “…He will lie, cheat and pretend in order to obtain credit for things he has not done, and he is violent in his denunciation of anyone who has demonstrated his rightness.” Scn 4-G Tech Vol I p.529

  125. Disgusting.
    Did anyone get any auditing? Any trained auditors? New people on the bridge? Clears made? New missions opened? What a pig.
    I see no products of SCN tech being mentioned in this video although I could only endure a partial view.
    Oh yes, these guys that have given huge sums of money to the IAS and building funds, get their 15 mins of fame but later, if you follow all to the end there are those that borrowed the money, which was never paid back and others that are now down and out, having violated every rule of thumb on sane finance policy.
    Any of you guys ever read green on white? I’m talking LRH finance policy, the building fund, the products of an org.? I am speaking to those still imbibing this poison.
    Come on FBI, get with the program. This guy is a blatant criminal. For those still in the trap. You need to start reading and get the truth. There is much truth and freedom to be found in the original technology BUT that is not available to you in what the Church has become, which is nothing less than a cult. Start reading…search online for every question you ever had. If you were not in doubt, you would not be reading this blog, that is for sure!

  126. Chris — Good point. But POB is already on top of this, one step ahead of you.

    Anticipating the massive demand that is coming after years of “introducing” hundreds of millions of people to “the tech” he has decreed that all existing “:St Hill Size” and “Ideal” orgs now have to get new buildings to keep up with the predicted demand. You see this plan already in play — Tampa, who can’t pay their staff moved into a much larger new building (note, though the opening was on March 13 weekend, POB didnt show up to speak as Tampa isnt “his style” and probably afraid a reporter might ask him questions). Even in this video you see Hamburg “expansion” plans (they arent close to filling their current building) etc. He realized he was missing out on collecting from those orgs. And now the fundraising is starting for the “AOs” in Africa and Canada (Conts with one and zero “Ideal” orgs and NO SH size orgs ever) — the IAS even announced a special “pin” for donations to the AO.

    The facade has to keep being built. It gets flimsier and flimsier.

    The events now can’t even sustain showing his phony “new org” Grand Openings (note there has not been a NEW org in a decade — you would think that a place like India, which has been announced as being conquered by different SMI Missions and ABLE activities about 6 times, with a flourishing economy, more than a billion people and massive numbers of them already believing in reincarnation, would have an org by now? Or how about one in Taiwan — that country has been taken over by Dianetics and Scientology several times in the last decade according to events — but still not a single org? Or closer to home — no org in Oklahoma but the “largest private drug rehab center in the world” has conquered the state political structure several times over? etc etc) and its now down to showing “fundraising” circus acts…

    Who knows what trick he will pull out of his sleeve next. Maybe he will start fundraising to collect money to do fundraising events — with proper teleprompters and stage management so they can all be up to the standards he would be proud to show to Tom Cruise? Dont laugh, people thought I was joking when I said orgs would start collecting blood and gold teeth….

  127. Sorry Mike,

    I couldn’t watch the whole video because my mind was screaming:

    OH NOOOOO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Spot on Steve.

    I think it could quite rightly be called “Rollercoastering Thunder” at this point (minus the thunder…)

  129. Tom — You caught it. It’s mentioned when he J&D’s his way through the other Conts too. I just commented on this exact point in response to Chris Mann. POB I am sure realized he was missing an income stream from the orgs that were already “done”.

  130. Watchful Navigator

    Steve, that is the sound of someone who has screamed his vocal chords raw.

  131. Mark — You are so right. I can imagine when this video footage came in, he lined up all the (former) “int execs” and derided them in the most vile language imaginable about what “they” have created. This is all those poor saps are useful for these days — punishment sponges to be derided, berated and beaten for the “state of the orgs” — when everyone knows this is entirely and utterly POB’s doing and “int management” hasnt been on post or able to even send out so much as a despatch for years….

    Yes, I can hear it now.

  132. WN: “I was among those who had to sit through this entire thing twice and pretend to like it” — I feel your pain

  133. Their minds have been taken over.

  134. Sapere Aude

    I made it about half way and went and made myself a coffee. I then completed the video. To see the video for what it is and says is disgusting. To think that the entire ship crew and public are there for a maiden voyage celebration for the delivery of OT8 really demonstrates how far gone that group of people are. These attendees have made it to the upper realms of the bridge and they pay to listen to this and grant beingness to what the J&D means.

    All of the comments and stats really covered two subjects – Money and Real Estate. Nothing theta at all. Nothing to demonstrate the increase of theta in the world and the getting the better of the bank dramatization and entheta. I am so glad that so many are waking up and getting off that train wreck. Many of us still believe in the goodness of man, the application of the tech and looking ahead to making life and the game of life more fun, and a winning endeavor.

    LRH left us a game, he left us something to believe in, he left us the tools to change things. That is the future for those that want it. That other group is but a landfill to be covered and ignored.

    Here is something to make up for the obscene performance we have witnessed. I know we, here in this group, to have something better to do with our lives and our influences.

  135. Raphael, Botticelli, surrealism of Salvador Dali talk about POB and his self imposed elitism at work. Is he for real? I doubt if he can even recognize the work of each artist. I quess he sounds soooo “educated” and he loves to overwhelm “his public” with his wealth of information. Talk about distracting his public. Maybe he can introduce “his public” to Banksy.

  136. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Mike.

  137. “If the org slumps…don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.

    Just make more income with Scientology.

    It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.

    For orgs as for pcs ‘Solve It With Scientology’.

    Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

    HCO P/L 24 February 1964, Issue II
    Org Programming
    (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)


    Any questions?

  138. Speed of progress – very very very SLOW!

  139. Maybe “flawless” but certainly not coherent. I’ve suffered thru many of these events at the local org. Always sort of scratched my head. I just couldn’t seem to follow what the hell the point was that he was making.


  140. Good info WN,

    Was wondering if the KA drinkers could notice the increasing number of outpoints which simply can’t be PRed away!

  141. Rory Medford

    The circus continues and the biggest clown of them all is DM!

    Pretty soon they will be running “Scientology got Talent” Prizes will be given out, they will televise a phone # that cost money to vote and all proceeds goes to their Ideal Org and the contestants and parishioners gets the biggest surprise of them all: A Booby Prize along with empty promises

  142. Me too! Yuk!

  143. Michael Fairman

    Yes. Listen to Penny. Read. Search. Look. What you will find is the truth about Miscavige and how he has transformed the Church into his own image. The Maiden Voyage video shouts it out – as we watch and attempt to listen: There he is, Miscavige and his synonyms – huckster – liar -clown – oppressor – tyrant – dictator – appearing on the stage yet again; to make a mockery of what LRH gave us. Read. Search. Look

  144. Seeking4know

    I see one HUGE outpoint.

    My local Org bought a 6 million dollar building (aka Idle Morgue)

    This is my question:
    If one was to say that about 50K (around 15 intensives/ 187.5 Hrs of processing) would get someone to Clear. Which is to say that those 6 million dollars spent on real estate would have made 120 NEW Clears.

    Instead, since 2003/04 when the Idle Morgue opened that Org has made maybe 8 Clears.

    120 Clears in a little building -or- 8 Clears in an empty palance of doom. Which one would LRH would have rathered?

  145. theystolemychurch

    And my love back to you and yours! 🙂 you rock!

  146. 😆 LMAO

  147. What is really needed is for these parishioners to study the art series-the quality of comm sucks.About 6 years ago I went ( for the first and last time) to the CC Christmas Carols show–LAME- it was embarassingly lame and I had 2 PCs of mine there, who politely sat through it-Jim Meskimen was the MC It wasn’t edgy, sexy or witty. It’s like they study Barney the dinosaur shows for inspiration. These people do naughty things very covertly and then spend hours in session running it out.

  148. Looks like he’s got Bell’s Palsy on his left side.

    There’s not a lot of information as to what actually causes it, but there is a theory that it happens more frequently if you’re a douche bag who destroys families and causes your wife to disappear so you can date somebody else.

    (OK-that’s *my* theory, but it corresponds 100% to my available data.)

  149. theystolemychurch

    yep, I think they were finally happy thast it ended! or eat pob…yum then heartburn… yuck

  150. 5ForFighting

    I couldn’t watch all of it….Elvis has left the building!

  151. Wendy-I went fully interior with zero perceptions.

  152. Robert-You’re right!

  153. Ginger bread man

    All international events are full of subliminal messages in a form of audio suggestion. A technician that worked for an external company in Hollywood has explained in detail how that was done. He has worked on early 90s events for the church, he’s not a scientologist nor a critic. I imagine how subtle the messages have become.

  154. wannabeclear

    Are you sure this isn’t video of a “How to Get Rich Building Imaginary Buildings” convention? It still astonishes me that the so-called leader of a “church” that is supposedly making the world a better and saner place can spend 14 minutes of a 15 minutes speech talking about real estate acquisition.

    And here’s something that made me chuckle: If you go to about 4:20, you’ll see the poster for the “Hummel Hummel” event. Read what it says: IDLE…

  155. Watchful,
    Glee seems to be the tone level of the entire event!

  156. Let me get this straight: he demands fundraising, straight up OFF-policy, they make asses of themselves, he then shows videos and Makes Fun of these people, all to create “ideal orgs” … Even in Orgs already made “ideal?”

    What in the HELL is going on???

    I’m beyond speechless at this point. Did everyone forget about the Bridge? Purpose of Orgs? Going Clear? OT?

    My God… They have everything so backwards… It’s like they are creating Orgs just to make people insane!!!

    I used to want to save “Austin” or the “church” or something. There is nothing worth saving. Nothing. Those still “connected” are not worthy of our time. Only when they leave and seek out Independence will they be worthy of a second chance.

    For. Gods sake, someone blow up headquaters (blogger edit: figuratively as suggested by Founder L Ron Hubbard) and let’s move on! This reminds me of Moses coming down the mountain only to find everyone worshiping idols. Same damn thing.

  157. Luis Agostini

    I did not think I would feel pain watching this video. I did.

    Scientology shows no evidence of “spiritualness”. The current “spiritualness” of Scientology is in a coma, possibly the worst condition for soulness cannot be killed.

    What this video shows is that when an individual or organization lacks “spiritualness”, materialism fills the void. And putting emphasis over accomplishments with the accumulation and beautifying of matter instead of the enhancing and beautifying of souls, is what then makes people excited.

    I realized watching this that the absence of “spiritualness” affects me.

    It was suppressed before.

    Thanks Mike for posting it.

  158. Mike, you are totally right! And here’s the reason as you know, Communication implys being reached or touched with an idea or something. LRH explained in in the formula;
    Communication = cause, distance and effect. Duplication at receipt point of what emanated from cause point. Unless each person that gets the newspaper, sees the ad and totally understands what is being offered in it, they were not “reached”. There was no communication so DuMb, sly little fox that he is, presenting a false stat. If those people were truly reached it would only be a sub stat to people moving onto their next step of the bridge or auditing hours. All DuMb would have to do is broadcast the message into the ether and he could claim 7 Billion as they all would have access to the message. Go a step further and he could claim the populations of the trillion trillions of planets on all the galexies as that radio wave will eventually reach them. Why not add future contact too as it takes light years to get the message there!

  159. Is it just me or does DM look kind of physically tired, hollow and worn out?

  160. Covert Hostility, it’s the new “Games”. I managed 7 minutes before my Asshole Intolerance Meter red-lined.

  161. That was very witty!

  162. Your house is the Ideal Org in Austria. For real!

  163. Tom G,
    A good part of the Hours of OT projects stat was the sitting in a listing paddle boat 8 hours a day with a camera stuck in your ear.

  164. DM obviously doesn’t care what L. Ron Hubbard thought.

    In fact he has been doing nothing but making Hubbard wrong with GAOT.

    The public don’t like him as much as he doesn’t like them. I know. Just because someone hasn’t left the Church doesn’t mean they like David Miscavige. Most of the people that go on the Maiden Voyage events are ordered to go as Mission Holders or other duty related hats. They aren’t fans of DM. Getting that crowd on the ship for that event is a three month effort and like pulling teeth, in the end you get wealthy people to donate accomos and send any body to fill a space. Anybody. ” Donate ten weeks so we can send ten locals from Clearwater who have agreed to go for free!” Is what is really going on behind the scenes. For real.

  165. This is freaking bizarre… (speechless)

  166. Every single thing dripped out here has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENTOLOGY and I could find nothing else worth hearing in the painful 15 some minutes of veiwing this absolute work of s**t.

    Excellent summary.

  167. dm´s goal with GAT:
    An auditor shall sound like dm. BE like dm. Go into dm´s valence.

  168. The truth is they could couldn’t get the ship full for the original Maiden Voyage, the release of OT8. Hate to tell you how many people were recruited to go for free, no charge whatsoever, just so the place would look full for the Int Execs and it wouldn’t be a flap. That is when it was NOVELTY. I can’t imagine what hell they are going through now to get the body count targets in. Compliance right? Fill the ship! People just “Making it go right” against the fact that nobody gives a shit whether they spend a week on a ship with DM, and most would rather not.

    Remembering that, I sure miss Alan Hubbard and his amazing and continuous kindness and generosity towards the staff in Clearwater.
    It was all worth the great memories I have of him and the pleasure of his company. We all have had some real good times and some real good friends from this adventure.

  169. dm:
    Write up your hat as an Implanter.
    You can do better than that.

  170. Mike, thank you very much….
    last 3 days I have big stomach problems. Did not go on toilet for “#2”,but as I saw this,just have to run there,and now I am fine.
    that is proof that those “events” DO HELP!

  171. LOL!

  172. Try to discuss this with a member of CofM.
    I have tried several times, and got M/W/H reactions every time.

    “Don´t look, listen or you will be unmocked.”

  173. Funny, J. Swift, but you speak sooth. Welcome to the Gong Show.

  174. bite me…LOL ! JM you are a delight!

    How much more removed can we steer off from delivering…puke.

  175. Really ugly. After 7 minutes I wanted to close the video stream. Back in time I have met in munich org some really extraordinary people. One day we had a visit of a new Clear that had attested on the Flag Ship Apollo. You could see him „glow“. If you ever met an OT7 of those days there had been no doubt at all that he is OT. What a difference to present time OT Ambassadors and followers. In that environment I made it on the Comm Course on TR0 to exterior (not with full perceptics but good enough to know that one is not a body and currently not in the body). Nowadays you can make it to full interior with zero perceptics and full stupidity.

  176. Excellent point, Bodil.

  177. Mike, whether you can answer or not, I have to ask: How in the world did you get a copy of this video?

  178. sciklonschools

    Maybe DM ‘s voice is due to a change from Scotxch to Meths(an economy measure to assist IDEAL org funds)?

  179. Tory Christman

    Ditto, plus did anyone notice how *bad* he looks?? I’m not just trying to “Put down DM” as lurkers will think. No, I had not seen him in some months…and I was shocked at how he sounds AND looks.
    Also, what are these knucklehead, pinheads DOING? I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOO Embarrassed if I was still “in”. Truly, for your sanity—IF you’re still “in”, PULEASE: REMEMBER THE WAY OUT OF C OF $ *IS* THE NEAREST DOOR!>>>>>>>>>>>> SEE IT? TAKE IT, PLEASE, FOR YOUR OWN SAKE AND YOUR LOVED ONES.
    Love to all 🙂 Tory/Magoo

    PS: I escaped out 11 years ago, posting “Magoo Left the Building” tonight, just a few minutes ago. So there IS hope, for anyone stuck “in”. I was “in” for 30 years, and have been SO happily OUT for 11 now. Thanks to ALL who have helped me, and ALL who continue help each other and help those stuck “in” Wake UP, get free, move ON. ~~

  180. sciklonschools

    I have to confess i have been spared the full splendour of DM/Shermanspeak presentation, accessing Marty’s blog from an internet cafe en route, i did ask the other users if they minded me playing the sound, agreeing initially there was an unanimous requeast to silence after the first thirty seconds!
    i will try and access in privatwe later with suitablwe protection from cafeen!

  181. Tory Christman

    Besides Davey boy sounding (and looking) awful, how many people noticed he’s spent the VAST majority of this speaking about BUILDINGS and MEST?

    In years past, every event was filled with tech wins, OT wins, training wins, and their front group wins. Almost none of this was even mentioned. It basically was about money brought in by people looking and acting like pinheads, and buildings. That’s IT? THIS IS IT, LURKERS? I truly and honestly feel sorry for you all who are staying “in”, supporting this. Did you *honestly* think this was what your “Bridge to Total Freedom” would end up like? THIS IS IT? Oh my Lord.

    Thank GOD and EVERYONE who helped me wake up, escape out, and re-build my life! Bless you ALL 🙂 I am 11 years FREE of this insidious organization, and it only gets better each year I am free from them!
    (11 years ago, tonight, I posted on ARS: “Magoo Left the Building”. What a joy that night was, and has been every night since! STAND UP! TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE, PLEASE)). Peace and love…..TLC

  182. All church members seems to be hypnotized by dm.
    Including the author of IMB 116 R who is fundrasing like hell in PT (told by a loyal dm OT amb.)

  183. Geeze, I couldn’t finish the video either. The only word that to comes to mind is vomit.
    We apparently are wittessing the accelleration of the end of cycle of a group, it hasn’t all that far to go where death on the scale is a long, long way north. Life itself will kick in soon and erase it (power violation at play), probably messily but none the less it will end the damn thing. Sooner the better for DM to take a fall.

  184. Double ended vomirrhea!!

    Until a year ago I had to watch all this stuff 6 times a year.

    I absolutely hated it. And so did many others, but dare not let on!

    LRH points out that “if it’s out a Flag, it’s out in the field”

    At the Int base, almost no auditing or training occurs ( except by a tiny minority that somehow manage due to having posts that are way off DM’s radar).

    The course rooms support, almost exclusively, people doing the “Basics”. Or doing the latest cookie cutter “study order” from DM. See, DM gets pissed at one person. Tells them, for example, that they need to read the entire Org Series 5 times. So what happens? Every single person at Int needs to read the whole Org Series 5 times! No R-factor as to why….just do it! And sign an attest sheet so a compliance report can go up, along with all the butt-licking feedback that everyone has to write about how it was so awesome to do and what they got out of it.

    And then, as a parallel to the Ideal Orgs crap, DM has had built over the years at Int a staggering amount of fancy buildings that mostly sit idle — just like his Ideal Orgs.

    Like his RTC building (“Building 50”). Tens and tens of millions of dollars. Enough desks and computers and space to house several hundred staff. It, like the Ideal Orgs, is a complete monument of MEST perfection. It’s empty, bar about a dozen useless Hole reprievees and his own personal typing pool.

    A decades long project to build huge berthing buildings right on the base. And believe me, they are really nice! Enough room to house nearly 1000 people. Not even at 1/4 capacity, and growing less.

    Tore down LRH’s house and had built instead a huge mansion that any Beverly Hills resident would be proud of. Majority of the Int Base staff have never seen it as it’s off limits. Maybe a couple dozen celebrities, attorneys or big money contributors have been toured or wined and dined there by DM and that’s it.

  185. Simon Bolivar

    “Miscavige, a living farce, will die, but Scientology won’t”
    It’s Hard to estirpate a good idea, and Scientology is more than an idea!

  186. Simon Bolivar

    Will he count in these stas also the bad PR the Church got from worldwide magazine? 🙂

  187. Simon Bolivar

    +1 beautiful stated

  188. morelivesthanacat

    And has been for every event in the last 27 years. In the very early days they read from written scripts.

  189. Today I feel sad, about those who still consider that clown to be the hero of our time. I watched until they got to Switzerland, then I turned it off.

  190. “And my wolf pack… it grew by one. So there… there were two of us in the wolf pack… “

  191. I would call this event video, “This Is NOT Scientology”. For the first time I could not finish an event clip. It is a total shock, and a puff and only worth a yawn (but good for sleep though, thanks). This clip reminds me of the same result caused by the DVD – “THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY” – the most boring one I have ever watched this lifetime.

  192. martyrathbun09

    JB clears the bases once again.

  193. Don’t forget the liberal use of “As follows:”.

    I think that phrase is on the Miscavige family crest.

  194. Tory,

    Congratulations on 11 years of being awake! Good on you for standing up and sharing your story.

    Creepy cult is creepy. And Cult.

  195. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. S4K,

    I shouldn’t comment on what LRH would have rathered, as there are people better suited to know here already. (I’d think it would be pretty obvious, though.)

    I will say that *I* VERY MUCH would rather have DM do EXACTLY what he is doing, as it drains resources away from both him and the Kool Aid drinkers. He is hemorrhaging money that can not be replaced, because it is driving people away.

    An Ideal Morgue is a very expensive prospect-and the money spent on improvements does not result in a building that improves in property value dollar-for-dollar. All the fancy displays, Scn signage, etc. is going to end up in a landfill.

    For that matter, $20,000 per day of hiring PIs to follow Marty around also has its uses to drain funds.

    So DM is throwing money around to give the appearance of success, and is draining his war chest as he goes. It is a war of attrition that I very much Liek.

  197. Loved this JM. His pronouncement of Lausanne sent me over the edge.

    As an art history minor, the adjectives used for various schools of art made me gasp.

    I missed the two continents thing. By then, I was probably semi-comatose as I wondered HOW is this possible?

    Obviously the orgs have been ordered to do these cabaret fund raising events. Adults don’t dream up ways to humiliate themselves, usually.

    The Swiss shouldn’t hip hop! How perfect.

    Definitely!!! Comment of the day.


  198. GetTheConcept


  199. Brian Culkin

    I remember clear as day I was in a reg cycle at Flag with a man named Rudy from Planetary Dissem. He was trying to extort 100,000 dollars from me for a library donation.

    I remember a line he used during the cycle. And I QUOTE “Brian, do you have any idea how close we are to taking this Planet? I have some very confidential data for you. At this very moment we are sending a group of OT’s to Washington DC and we are going to take this country and then the planet.”

    He was totally serious. I should also mention as he was telling me this we were eating dinner in the Oak Cove (I bought) and he spilled ketchup over his shirt.

    I was involved in several insane reg cycles at Flag, that one has to be in the top 5. He was literally foaming at the mouth for my money and convinced Scientology was going to “take the planet.”

    I later found out Rudy (last name anyone??) was actually a previously declared SP who crawled his was back to the SO.

    This video is a sad mockery of something. Its amazing the church considers itself closely related to the Eastern religions like Buddhism. I couldn’t for the life of me imagine a Buddhist community acting in such an insane, unmindful way. Sad.

    It all comes down to a complete lack of leadership and vision. There is no vision. Where are you going church members? Where is the path leading you?

    Some of the OT’s at Flag are great. Bob Duggan is a GREAT guy. In fact when I was at Flag we even had a conversation about me possibly going to work for him. I really liked him alot and I perceived him as being a very able, HIGHLY intelligent, and compassionate man.

    However, implanted people like Pat Clouden and Cheryl Festa “OT’s” (laughing out loud) are as far away from spiritual enlightenment as one of my beginning Yoga students. Actually, come to think of it, they are further.

  200. Watching Eyes

    I had a recurring thought while I watched that video and yes, I watched the whole sickening thing. The Mighty Midget had to have ordered all the European OT Asses to do these skits. Not only that, he had to have either told them which theme they were to do or gave them a list of American themes to pick from. That’s just one of the things that’s so bizarre about it. Why would he have Europeans doing Gone With the Wind? Elvis? Bull riding? Hip-hop? I’m surprised he didn’t have the Swiss yodeling to The Sound of Music. Wait a minute, maybe he did and I was unconscious during that part.
    Evidently the dwarf’s limited education ended at the US borders and he doesn’t know the Europeans have any history. God knows he had enough trouble with the pronunciations. That lack of education sure can be a bitch, right shorty?

    ps. Hey Mighty Midget, isn’t it driving you nuts wondering who leaked this video? Think you’ll ever find out? You won’t. They’re all out to get you, aren’t they? Yeh, everyone’s trying to make you look like a stupid, uneducated, laughingstock shorty in high heeled shoes.

  201. Well, interesting video, thanks Marty 🙂

    If I got the essence of the recurrent message out of that event – it is : Scientology reduced to con fetti’s…

  202. JB — Bullseye!

  203. Brian Culkin

    I should mention I was involved in Scientology for one year. In that time period I donated 350,000 to the church. More than half was not for services. I was deluded to believing I was “saving the planet.” The only redeeming (if even) was that I did not have to go into debt. It was only my life savings. 🙂 Thankfully, I am young, and have no doubt that I will make it back.

    Sad video. Watched it twice. The “OT’s” clapping at the end. Am I missing something? Did I miss the spiritual enlightenment part? All I saw was dancing Elvis and unverified stats?

    LRH rolls in his grave. Again.

  204. Jethro Bodine

    The current “church” of $cientology is a circus, the public are it’s clowns and cult leader David Miscavige is their P.T. Barnum.

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” – POB

  205. Summer Wind

    My God! It looks like a cheesy implant to me!!! (and the cheesyness is overkill)
    And Marty you are right, if the ones left in the church can’t see this they are truly GONE!

  206. No. Cigarettes. He tried to quit in the 90s and even wrote notes to himself and laid them on his desk not to smoke. I saw them. He failed to kick the habit. (Any my sympathies to anyone who can’t. Miles Davis allegedly said kicking nicotine was harder than heroin.) The rasp is from the cigs. Lord knows what awaits him 10 years down the line.

  207. This is tough to stomach because we see the lies in it so clearly. We have lived this subject and been immersed it and dissected it so thoroughly that the absurdities are blatantly obvious.
    The big picture here is it drives home (again) a very important lesson.

    Demagogues and “false prophets” have been leading their sheep over the cliff throughout history. Leaders coming along pandering to paranoia’s, fears, greed, bigotry etc. and convincing the masses to follow them on the path of destruction is as old Caesar, and as recent as today’s press conference warning the elderly won’t get their pension checks if the US doesn’t drown itself further in debt.

    The dancing and prancing fools in this video may be “OT asses”, but they are not alone. Not seen on the film are the “brown shirt” billion year “asses” enforcing compliance under penalty of eternal death. And the enablers like Cruise and Archer helping put the “shiny” on it.

    It’s pathetic on many, many levels.

  208. Brian: Let’s not forget that Rudy – at least used to – get big commissions from his IAS/ETC regging. He should have taken YOU out to dinner.

    As for some of the great guys – like Duggan – true enough; however, one HAS to wonder why the blinders?

    Duggan is no ones fool so WHY the blinders? Makes very little sense.

    The others who you liken to pre-yoga students — well, it makes sense to me why they stay. Without the prestige of being an OT big-shot, they would be seen as the average people that they are.

    Because dm hasn’t the first clue about scientology, it can be concluded he wouldn’t know a buddhist if he were to meet the Dalai Lama.

    dms church has long touted that ANY good that comes about in the world (the Berlin wall coming down for example) is BECAUSE of OTs —

    But conversely, nothing bad in the world is because the LACK of OTs.

    The usual dm spin.


  209. Now THAT would be something: one of Banksy’s rats wearing a gas mask stenciled on the stack of the Freewinds.

  210. Tom Gallagher

    Shorty: “This for example is a performance by Appalachian Circle Dancers as made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.”

    Does this video clip look similar? Could this be the script for next year? Or are we already there………….

  211. WH, Miscavige’s compulsion to bloviate and exaggerate must have led him to create the super-stretched visual of “Europe” found on-screen for a few seconds at 0:19. Can you imagine how huge his compulsion to lie must be, if he thinks he can blithely redefine the borders of Europe and no one will notice?

    What an idiot.

  212. scilonschools

    Ok watched it with the sound on now…

    Does DM have any emotion apart from Contempt and Hatred of his hardworking parishioners?

    When Mr Rathbun said he was becomeing ‘Anonymous’, i thought he was joking, and through all the time on line , in Anonymous’ chatrooms, there is leg pulling, attacks on senior CoS Staff, but nothing that rude about people working on fundraising, no matter how misguided it is considered!

  213. Just thinking about something. It was back in 2006 where the first mentions of Scientology and the Nation of Islam started up. Mentions were made of floods of NoI folks filling their idle org buildings. Farakan had “ordered” all his paritioners to read Dianetics, right?
    I haven’t noticed any NoI guys on stage. I also haven’t noticed any idle orgs busy busy busy servicing this public. Wondering what happend to this mass influx of new public?

    Then, looking at the video, it seems that these guys on stage while looking pretty silly, actually look quite uptone. Hummm…wonder if it could be that they are all keyed out because they don’t have to confront actually helping others move up the bridge; all they have to do is make some money and buy a building. Making money and handling MEST is far easier to confront than duplicating the tech and applying it standardly and getting a result.

    Which would mean that miscavige has succeeded in completly diverting attention OFF of freeing beings and ONTO a manic fixation of MEST.

    Just an opinion, but I think these guys are fully satisfied with a sufficiently ostentatious building as proof of their superiority and rightness.

    Maybe we should just pat them on the back and make them totally right for all their efforts.

    Maybe they will just leave us riff-raff out here alone to free beings. (no, I’m not that naieve…just like to dream)

  214. JM: There are a LOT of “under the radar” staff members as well as public. Those who are being held “captive” by reason of family/income threatened feel they can do something to help put an end to the suppression. Thus the video and numerous other things that arrive anonymously — forwarded by staff who hate what they see…. Sorry, can’t be more specific than that as I dont know the names or locations of all these people. We have friends everywhere.

  215. Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Nice Clannad video! I made it through this other video, too, by the way. I still like the bees best. H

  217. I actually made it through the entire video to see if DM was going give his entire spiel without taking a breath and to see how badly Danny Sherman was going to butcher every artistic movement known to man.
    At the end, though, I wondered, “Amongst these crowds of dancing, prancing fools, there must be some people who have sat in an SHSBC courseroom, listening to LRH hour after hour, following his research line through to the breakthroughs of Clear? How the hell did they ever allow themselves to get to the point of riding a mechanical bull wearing a bikini?”
    Many of those in the videos are in their 50s and 60s and must have done some training before DM ruined Scientology.
    Then I was reminded of an LRH advice on the FPRD where, in discussing SPs, he said that anyone nursing long whole track vengeances, as an SP does, must be a half peanut power being and out of valence beyond belief. Not to declare the people in the video to be SPs, but the half peanut power analogy seems to hold water here. Not to mention the “out of valence beyond belief.” There must be incredible peer pressure for these people to throw their time and energies into such a show of lunacy. I see massive amounts of chagrin in these fools’ futures.

  218. Les,

    I dont think these people are uptone because they dont have to deliver the tech. I think it is the glee of insanity that has seeped out from the top of the applebox, through the OT Asses (seals who applaud their own clubbing) to the remaining few who still believe POB is “that close” to Clearing the Planet.

    One note about “Clearing the Planet” — POB never does anything that actually results in people moving up the Bridge in volume. It is all “preparing to deliver”. Everything is being done “for the long haul”, we are “building for the future” and meanwhile he gives his doomsday pronouncements “you would be shocked if you knew how long this planet really has left….” He talks about Big Thetans and Peanut Thetans — he is a BIG SP.

  219. You got through the whole thing, Christie? Rudyard Kipling’s Gunga Din comes to mind.

  220. From Dennis Neglsy´s fundraising hat:
    “The truth of the matter is, and this is backed up by many LRH references, that the biggest wins from the event will come from getting the audience to confront and get through their own barriers to donating big — which gives the big win.”

  221. Thanks, Mike. And thanks (out there) to whoever gifted us with this video.

  222. JM — He didnt want to have to talk about Russia as a whole “continent” (the “Scientology continents” are a bit different — EUS, WUS, Canada, Africa, UK, Europe, Latin America (includes all S. America) and ANZO (Australia, NZ, Oceania but now also includes Asia except India which is under UK!). Problem is if he had to address Russia as a single “continent” he would have nothing to say.

    There are two orgs. St Petersburg, long ago declared SH Size and the winner of the international birthday game several years in a row (it really WAS a BIG org) has shrivelled down and gets no mention at all. He said all he could to puff up Moscow. The dozens and dozens of Missions and the L. Ron Hubbard Library and WISE taking over the entire business community and Org Boards in all the government offices and blah blah blah are distant memories (if they ever really existed — though I do believe a lot of missions were opened and there are people who post here who know all about that)– they not only dont have an L Ron Hubbard Library in Moscow State University — they are banning LRH books in Russia (POB doesnt care as his name isnt mentioned in connection with it).

    That’s why Russia is tacked onto “Europe” and stretches to the Pacific. It’s typical POB Ringmaster sleight of hand.

  223. Peer pressure, yes. Chagrin, yes. I believe you’re right.

  224. Very good point Lawrence, Miscavige’s “speech” is on a via of speech writer, teleprompter and robotic rehearsal. It is not live comm.

    To repurpose an Elvis meme, Scientology has left the building, in the case of the Church!

    Contrast that video with this one, appropriately titled Disillusionment, which is extemporaneous, and wise.

  225. Demand the money back! Please!

  226. Funny Christie !

    I was just reading about the Cathars who emerged here in Europe in the eleventh century; they were hated and slaughtered by the Catholic Church because the Cathars refused to pay tithes, didn’t believe in big church buildings and wouldn’t use them, among other unacceptable behaviour. The Cathars called the Catholic Church “The Church of Wolves”.

  227. Brian Culkin — Really nice comments you have made! I’m referring to this one and the one above about Rudy from PDO. Actually, you cleared some false data … good job! No, you didn’t miss the spiritual enlightenment part of this video as it wasn’t there.

    Per HCO PL 7 August 1979, FALSE DATA STRIPPING,

    “So let’s get to work stripping away the false data which plagues man, clogs up his ability to think and learn and reduces his competence and effectiveness. Let’s increase the ability of individuals and the human race.” L. RON HUBBARD Founder

  228. In some piece of mail I received one of the “stats” related that anyone who had purchased a book had “entered an org portal”. I weep for the trees that are executed and transformed into pulp to publish this garbage.

  229. “he is a BIG SP.”

  230. Mike — Also this:

    Per HCO PL 7 August 1979, FALSE DATA STRIPPING,

    “False data buries itself, as the person may firmly believe that it is true. Sometimes the person will have such faith in a particular person, book, etc., that he cannot conceive that any data from that particular source might be false.” L. RON HUBBARD Founder

  231. Ha! That is very funny Christie!

    I too wondered why the wolves were there howling!!! My pick is your reason #1 but all of your’s fit! 🙂

  232. mrinder, your description is right on the money. Anyone even questioning the true intentions of POB, need to read your post.

  233. I remember a line he used during the cycle. And I QUOTE “Brian, do you have any idea how close we are to taking this Planet? I have some very confidential data for you. At this very moment we are sending a group of OT’s to Washington DC and we are going to take this country and then the planet.”

    Complete delusion.

  234. Hollywood Reporter:


    Good grief — although I keep up with this through this blog, I had NO idea the real estate in LA alone was worth $400,000,000 — that is a LOT of third world hospitals, orphanages, not to mention right in LA the amount of good that a fraction of those holdings could do.

    With that kind of wealth — it’s completely appalling to know that Dennis Clark and no doubt multitudes of others are kicked to the curb.

    It gets more heartbreaking by the day.


  235. LOL – *second* kidney!

  236. The stat probably also includes monthly visitors to this blog, double counted for every org in the world.

  237. The overuse of Auto Tune (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-Tune)
    “Auto-Tune is a proprietary audio processor…. used to disguise off-key inaccuracies and mistakes, and has allowed singers to perform apparently perfectly tuned vocal tracks without needing to sing in tune. While its main purpose is to slightly blend sung pitches to the nearest true semitone (to the exact pitch of the nearest tone in traditional equal temperament), Auto-Tune can be used as an effect to distort the human voice when pitch is raised or lowered significantly.”

    has generated a backlash in the music industry as well. At his outdoor performances, it sounds like he also uses an octave doubler to add some “bass” to his sound. With TC doing a “Rock” movie, I gotta wonder how much AutoTune he will use as well.
    But that is how they roll, fake talent through and through…….

  238. I guess my point is that, assuming they inflated the stats, at *most* they have 6400 people on an entire continent (plus Russia) on the Bridge.

    Given that the real number of Public falls far short of the 10,000,000 that has been claimed in the past, the above number seems to confirm the estimates of 30-50,000 Scientologists world-wide.

    DM must be slipping up.

  239. Tom Gallagher


    Regarding the doomsday pronouncements, could it be that Li’l Jim Jones Jr. is preparing to announce his next BIG tech breakthrough:
    The Golden Age of Rapture(tm)?

  240. I’ve went back and watched the video again.

    The thing that stood out the second time was the veiled contempt that DM had for his parishioners. Here you have dedicated OTAs that are making fools of themselves for what they believed was a worthy cause. And here is the leader of their “Church” making fun of their efforts.

    I’m getting a better picture of what it must have been like at Int base in Hemet.

    I did notice that he made a point to mention the money that they brought in, though…

  241. Here is some new evidence of POB’s “massive, straight up and vertical” expansion.

    This email, from Augie Pinto, was recently sent begging for money.

    A few obvious outpoints:

    1. Guaranteed if you went to the Dominican Republic you would have a very hard time finding even a single group — there is no mention of this in any media or on the internet. 600 groups in a country that small would be having an impact — the Catholic Church there would be in a panic!

    2. If this is such a BOOMING scene, how come they don’t have $400 to fly home?

    3. If they are delivering 500 hours of book one co-audits per week then that means (with 600+ “groups”) they deliver less than an hour of co-auditing a week for each “group.” That’s some serious “groups.”

    4. THIS pioneer activity (whatever it is, it is pioneer and should be being run from the Puerto Rico “org”) accounts for HALF THE STATS of one section of Div 6C FLAG SERVICE ORGANIZATION!! (And are probably therefore counted on the total WDAH stat of the FSO!)

    5. If it IS counted on the FSO stats, how come the FSO can’t afford $400 to fly him home and he has to beg?

    Email follows. Typos remain. Numbers redacted to protect the stupid.

    “From: Augie Agustin Pinto


    We have been creating some AWESSOME EXPANSION in Dominican
    Republic. We now have over 600 Active Dn Groups weekly!

    The persons who was covering the last phase here, had a financial
    crisis and we are without funds to complete the last week and
    for me to return home to Clearwater!

    Could you help out on this??!! Even if only with $25 usd.

    We have recieved some help but we are missing $400 usd.

    If you want you can deposit on my account or we can run a card
    through our The Global Pioneers Office in Clearwater.

    My account in the US is Suntrust Bank xxxxxxxx

    Or you can Call Andy Jordan in Clearwater at 727.xxxxxxxx
    She is one of the volunteers there and is a long time
    Scientologist who worked with LRH.

    Much Love, Augie


  242. PJ-I hate the way LRH is dragged into this insanity!

  243. Tom Gallagher


    I too saw a photo of Katie the other day with the same type of slant mouth. Speculation swirls about that it’s caused by the misuse of GAC (Golden Age of Copper) grounding rods.

  244. davemessenger

    Miscavige’s voice sounds like a text-to-speech voice synthesizer. His tonality is appalling. He makes Stephen Hawking sound like Sir John Gielgud.

  245. And here’s some more freshly deposited bs.

    Below is a new promo piece sent out by the International Association of Suckers.

    It is incredible, but somewhat predictable that the IAS is now muscling in on this new scam. They can now use this as a gimmick for “fundraising” and claim to be behind the “OT boom.” Pretty soon POB will redefine the IAS into being “the guardians of the OT levels” and responsible for everything that happens in Scientology (he is almost there….)

    This “AO” isnt going to EVER open is my prediction. There isnt ONE decent sized org in Canada, most of them are miserable nothingnesses. There is no NEED for an “AO” in Canada, half the orgs are closer to AOLA than Ontario. This is another way of investing some money in real estate and having a fundraising gimmick. AOLA is shrinking (the HAS and Qual Sec recently routed off staff) as their public are stolen by FSO. It would probably kill them if another AO opened in North America.

    This new “push” on AOs serves two purposes:

    1) Gives the regges something else to get money out of people for.

    2) Allows POB to talk about “OT” without having to mention OT IX and X – now he can talk about “creating an OT planet” by putting AOs in Canada, Africa and Italy that will “prove” massive numbers of people moving up the Bridge (just like the Idle Orgs “prove” massive planetary expansion).

    Here is the text of the new promo piece:

    Presenting the IAS AOSH Canada Pin

    In commemoration of the creation of an Advanced Org and Saint Hill for Canada and the impending opening of the OT Bridge in the True North, the IAS will now award anyone becoming a Lifetime Member or increasing their Honor Status this stunning and unique pin. This will also be awarded to Field Disseminators who help another become a Lifetime Member or increase the Honor Status in the IAS.

  246. Sir Lebron of Malibu

    Introduced to the Tech stat?? The only banks I see getting cleared are the Bank of Americas’, Citibanks’ and the Bank of Mandiris’, etc. More and more garish buildings. The red herrings are stinking this joint up. William Cobbet must be rolling in his grave. Is this smoke and mirror statistic really jarring these cult members to not think of clears being made and auditor’s made – REAL expansion. After all, those are two vital stats to see how the church is doing – REAL expansion. Does he think we’re actually believing this poppycock? McScamage keeps them on this string with these shiny new buildings that are EMPTY. “Oh my Mildred, did you see the new Melbourne Org? It’s absolutely stunning! Why yes I have Alice but I just toured the new Tampa Org! Wow, we must be really clearing this planet. I cannot wait to do OT IX and X”. I suppose even a rabbit would venture across the tumultuous autobahn to retrieve a carrot aka as OT IX and OT X labeled here. After all, that is what’s feeding the machine. Anyways, I am going to go relax on my owners lounge chair with a burns dried carrot slice to chew on while hearing the waves smack off the rocks. That is the only thing that could silence DMs audio file jammed into my tiny skull from that charlatanistic video I just watched. Woof!

  247. Or they could go to a Tony Robbin’s seminar and walk on hot coals for the same result. Cheaper.

  248. Bruce Clark

    I ,somehow, keep going back to the thought that David Miscavige totally hates L. Ron Hubbard.

    My thought is that LRH must have done something to David Miscavige that David Miscavige will never forgive him for, and he has been “out to get” LRH ever since. LRH must have made David Miscavige look bad, or invalidated him publically. It would have had to do with David Miscavige being incompetent.

    I think much of what David Miscavige is doing might be his way of punishing or making LRH wrong for that real or imagined slight.
    He is doing everything he can to prove LRH wrong. In his delusional state he thinks he is proving that he is smarter, wittier, and better than LRH in every way. Tech, ethics, admin, PR, the works.

    I can imagine the total glee, when David Miscavige took control of LRH’s comm lines. He sure “showed him” who was smarter then. He likely took great delight in lying to LRH.

    David Miscavige seems to be degrading or destroying everything Hubbard, and replacing it with his own “superior version.” “That’ll sure make L. Ron Hubbard wish that he had never “messed with” David Miscavige.”

    Just a thought.

    Eric S

  249. Something is wrong with Dan Sherman. His words do not makes sense. Is he not into Miscavige anymore? From the opening line it just doesnt make sense. Something changed a bit there, I wonder what it is.
    The events have been pretty bad for a while, but this is a new level.

  250. Dude, it’s totally backed up by a ton of LRH references. I can’t think of them right now, but it’s true.

    Is’nt there a policy on people who twist and interpret policy to justify some off-policy action while ignoring the intent and actual meaning of the policy and policy as a whole? I see that a lot now days.

  251. Breathtaking.

    600 groups per week. Augie was always a sandwich short of a lunch basket.

    Good grief.


  252. WH:

    Yes, same old Augie.

    He is the only person in history who was awarded an IAS Freedom Medal (in Lausanne) and then had the medal taken away the same night by Dear Loser when he discovered he was involved in massive criminality with some gold mines and the org in Venezuela…. Augie as IAS Medal Winner was erased from history.

    He has been desperately trying to get back in the good books since then.

  253. I don’t think David Miscavige is cool either. Saying something really fast doesn’t change the message’s content into something exciting or intelligent. He has a whole organization of people busy doing things to draw from and the best he can do is talk about fund-raising activities for new or to be renovated buildings…at high speed? At best, this news deserves a paragraph or two. I wondered about Maiden Voyage briefings. I expected them to be intense, high level conversations about the state of the church. Miscavage is weak and sounds desperate. In a face to face debate, I think I could take him out, easy pie.

  254. Mike, At least Sea Org members posted in Canada will have access to Canada’s heath care system.

  255. Tom Gallagher

    P.O.B. has switched his foot-bullet delivery system to full automatic!

  256. This sounds so familiar. I think he has emailed me before…oh, wait. Here it is: Nigerian Scam

  257. Sir LeBron-You are hysterical-“The only banks i see getting cleared are the Bank of America etc.”-Meow…….

  258. David-Beautifully put!

  259. Fail Cult’s attempt at being funny would be like watching Rupert Murdoch trying to be funny about his wiretapping scandal. In other words, the Cult’s attempt at laughter is Gallows Humor; it is the grim laughter of people on The Titanic realizing that all of the lifeboats are gone: “Well now my good fellow, I guess we shall indeed see if this great and good vessel is unsinkable after all! I say she is unsinkable! Now pour me another glass of scotch – and make it a double!”
    LRH said that humor is rejection. Therefore, it looks like all of the Orgs in Europe are rejecting the Church. These skits are a parody of Miscavige’s failed attempt to build a global empire when all he has really done is to buy some real estate using parishioner dollars.

    The Ideal Orgs mean nothing. If any of us had a few hundred million donated to us, we could go buy a lot of buildings all over the world. We would hire a real estate attorney who dealt with local real estate agents that shopped for deals. In and of itself the purchasing of real estate is wholly unremarkable and happens everyday.

    The goal of buying real estate is to use it to generate cash flow. This is where the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet has problems. Scientologists would rather leave his Cult that go into his “Comedy Clubs” to be crush regged and processed into John Allender personality types. I guess these would be the people who get sent to the Freewinds for free.

    It is pretty much game over when the Cult laughs. It is like the Nazis in the Fuehrer Bunker laughing and drinking champagne as the Russian tanks were rolling into the outskirts of Berlin.

    COB has all of his non-existent paper divisions and empty Ideal Orgs arrayed on his map table against the Psychs, Marcabs, the Indies, Anonymous, the Old Guard, and whomever else is on his enemies list. The problem is that none of DM’s people will tell him that he is living in a drunken fantasy of power that has vastly declined due to his own staggering and overwealing incompetence.


  260. Rinder Loyalist

    I wanted to put in a plug for the folks over at http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com (on the blogroll here as Old Auditor: Helpful Advice).

    PlainOldThetan has been demonstrating his samurai wit and laser acumen on the PhonyGraphs presented as well as other treasonous acts performed by senior management terminals in the church.

    A selection of recent titles and a link to each:
    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Who’s putting one over on who?

    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Where’s the Beef?

    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Life Imitating (Satiric) Art

    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: The Holy Mantra

    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Is this anything?

    An adherent to standard, not gilded, ethics, tech and admin

  261. Fellow Traveller

    The soundtrack for this event and its attendees — the incomparable Simon & Garfunkel:

  262. Fellow Traveller

    Awesome observation and comment! Wow!
    You should get out here more often.

    Bruce Pratt

  263. Fellow Traveller

    Refreshing as a mint julep in the shade on one of the in excess of 100 degree days.


  264. Another Layer

    Great reference.
    And to think that all of this parishioner money raised at this “event” in direct violation of LRH policy ISN’T EVEN GOING TO THE ORGS! Not to staff pay, not to rent, not to the electrical bill. Nope. The felony is further compounded because ALL of that money has been diverted away from the products of Scientology and toward Miscavige’s fraudulent real estate empire, his extravagant lifestyle, and commissions paid to IAS registrars. House of cards based on a classic bait-and-switch based on a Ponzi scheme. Is that a gentle breeze blowing your way, Miscavige?

  265. Fellow Traveller

    At the Birthday event earlier this year, the cockroach in charge made some remark about Tampa needing more renovations now as it was not suitable as an ideal org, but needed to be a model ideal org. I think that’s what this pseudo being said. Bait and switch came to mind. That and the definition of model that fits both the org and the ringmaster: small version(imitation) of the real thing.

    Bruce Pratt

  266. Spain: perusing displays at all hours of the night. (cricket sounds). Lol.

  267. Another Layer

    Definitely! All that meanness is just shriveling him up.

  268. Sinar,
    Dave’s denigration of his own fundraisers/fundraising is apparent to all but those he is ridiculing in this video.

    He’s an absurdity. Obvious now, and on the world stage.

    Pope on a Box, an Applebox (a full apple).

  269. Yes, donate thousands and get a pin. Donate even more and get a PoB bobblehead?

  270. My maternal grandmother was imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen (one of many Nazi concentration camps) during the Holocaust. She happened to retain a wonderful sense of humor despite the unspeakable atrocities she had lived through. Yet somehow I doubt if she would have found a mock “Al Capone” ordering his fellow Germans to “DONATE OR ELSE” to be even remotely funny.

    I would love to forward the above video to the Simon Wiesenthal Center–you know, the people who just bestowed upon Tom Cruise their “HUMANITARIAN AWARD”.

    Does anybody know how to edit this part of the video and then send it to them? I don’t have the technical know-how but I’m hoping somebody else does.


  271. plainoldthetan

    I already explained how to figure it out on another blog. (http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=3338)

  272. Dan ~~ really excellent post.

  273. I watched it. They have fun but does DM really talk like that?

  274. Brian, thanks for sharing, aint it crazy. You asked for Rudy’s last name, that would be Kempner. And if memory serves right he is the brother of Helena Kobrin, church Attorney.

  275. An ounce of googling would have prevented this ridiculous analogy of “wolves again howling in the forests of Europe”

    Per wikipedia — the European wolves (who are still howling) are smaller than Indian or N. American wolves. Don’t have large packs and live primarily on small livestock and GARBAGE.

    What exactly IS he trying to say.

    Perhaps the illusion is to werewolves …

    Now THAT somehow makes sense to me. In the halls of each idle org, werewolves will roam, vampires will fly and count dracula will hold court.

    Because IN an idle org, no sun will shine. No light will be coming forth and no life will exist.

    Makes sense now.


  276. +++Hiring actors to fill an auditorium for a St. Hill event, even advertizing for it.
    ++++Shooping images with false heads to make the auditorium look full.
    ++++ Sending ten locals from Clearwater who have agreed to go for free!” to make Freewinds “appear” full.


    And further back in time ~~
    +++++Sending Sea Org to purchase “Battlefield Earth” to pump up the stats for New York Times Best Seller lists.
    +++++Forcing Sea org to sit through the movie “Battlefield Earth” 2x or 3x to pump the stats in the opening week.
    +++++Forcing Sea Org (all 5000 of them, don’t know how many now ~~ (3000 range ?) Forcing Sea Org to see Tom Cruise new movie first day of release to pump the stats.
    +++++Pretending Libraries want the Basics and heavily regging for this when they are discarded and often sold for $1 on Library discard tables.

    How very religious !

  277. Another Layer

    In light of the Maiden Voyage event footage, this post is for the Church Scientologists who follow David Miscavige and consider him a spiritual leader. I invite you to step back, observe and analyze your current personal financial scene (not asking you to divulge this), and that of your local org, and compare that to what you see happening in the MV event.
    What has org staff pay been – how many staff are moonlighting? Do the staff look healthy, well cared for?
    How many org public and/or staff are currently on the Academy Levels or on an auditing Internship? (On a weeknight? On the weekend?)
    How many Clears have been made by your org over the past year?
    What are the actual numbers – not percentages, but numbers?
    I invite you to post your observations.
    (HCOPL 12 March 1975 Issue II Data Series 40 THE IDEAL ORG will be helpful in making this comparison.)

  278. Lawrence,
    There were occasions in the past events where the teleprompters didn’t work or the visuals went out of synch. The huge explosion and fallout resulting from those occurrences to the “guilty party” or even the entire shoot crew were just too gruesome to describe!

    For a real account of the insanity – this is just a sample:

  279. Mr Fancy

    “Around 6400 Miscavologists in Europe/Russia *combined* getting service completions.”

    I think that means that they managed to read a flyer.

    Eric S

  280. Grasshopper

    Yes, and the language Is barely literate. The words used sound impressive, and they stretch out a sentence by adding some resounding syllables, but they are off. The words are wrong.

    I had an illiterate co-worker who used words like “ambunctious” and other nonsense words because they sounded good (to him). DM is the same way. Sherman, too. To me, this shit is nails on the chalkboard stuff. But considering DM is out tech and off policy, it makes sense he would be “out English” as well.

  281. Tom

    Is it possible that he has had a minor stroke?

    Eric S

  282. Donate even more and you can be the subject of your own, personalized, J&D comment at next year’s Maiden Voyage!!

  283. Subtle message from PoB – there are Idle Org and IAS wolves and werewolves in EU after your cash?

  284. Tory Christman

    eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww: Interesting. Well, we can SEE—it
    IS taking it’s toll on him. Thanks for *that* info, dankoon! TLC

  285. Simon Bolivar

    You’re right when you say that in years past events were filled with Tech wins and NO ideal org. In fact management shouldn’t speak about real estate at all, material orgs should be taken care from the org staff itself when needed, and people shouldn’t do so much fuss about estate, because it’s only a mecchanic, only MEST. Barriers are made of MEST, bigger MEST bigger barriers — Ideal Barriers

  286. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Mr Fancy!!! I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  287. Lawrence

    I believe it is simply an “illusionist” trick. Misdirection. Get the dupes to focus on what you want them to look at and they will not see what you are really doing…. ” and over here we have…” ” now look here!…” “Look at what they are doing here!”

    With a flash of light or an exploding image, and BANG! he pulls the money out of their wallets.

    Misdirect and hypnotize and implant.

    He can make them dance.
    He can make them sing.
    He can make them do most anything!

    Eric S

  288. It is still mind boggling how people who supposedly have read and understood KSW don’t pitch this guy overboard. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

  289. Off the fence.

    Very relaxed, real, intelligent. Great speaker.

  290. Fellow Traveller

    A video close up of the front row:

  291. Mike, This sounds like a new twist on those scam emails that make the rounds every so often about a friend who has gotten stranded in London or Thailand and needs you to send him a thousand bucks to get home. I would be wary of sending Augie any money! Or maybe it is another trick the FSO is using to generate non-delivery oriented GI.

  292. Brian Culkin

    Notice how he said “taking the planet” not “saving the planet” LOL

    Poor guy. He doesn’t realize how insane he is.

    There are public and even staff at Flag that are very sane and competent individuals. You have to feel for those ones to have to work with the implanted lunatics like Rudy.

  293. LOL
    Been meaning to watch the video all day.
    It’s not that I can’t watch that drivel. I just don’t want to! Euuuuuuw 😀

  294. Stop donating and you win a free ticket to the ‘let’s barbeque your family’ weekend extravaganza.

  295. Tory Christman

    OL Davey Boy and the various “OT’s” in this video SERIOUSLY need a crash course in “humor” “comedy” “What is and is NOT funny”, etc.
    This is one of THE Stupidest things I have ever, ever seen this organization
    do—with their wimp ass’d “leader” heading it, no less. OH MY GAWD___each time I watch it, I still sit in literal shock: Can this be true?
    Did these people *really* Do this?

    As I said last night to some friends on Chat, from Australia (who used to be “in” for 30 years, too): “Maybe this is some sort of Joke to come before “Super Power” ..sort of an “If you DON’T do Super Power: This IS how you’ll end up looking”???

    The one guy used to head up their OT Committe, and he is sure no, it’s just they spent “The entire year fundraising, and the videos sent up lines were SO bad, DM tried to make fun of them”. I like my concept better:”THiS (looking like a *total* Pinhead) IS how you’ll end up, IF you don’t do SP”!
    They gotta do Something to push that log of crap. Who wants it? Hell, didn’t the Feshbacks (the kings of promoting Super Power) leave, too?

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock…Time IS on *our* side!!! Tory/Magoo

  296. Tory Christman

    PS: Oooops! I hope I don’t offend anyone here. You all aren’t for Super
    Power are you? I mean running around a pole AND paying for it? I told them back when I was “in” ,and on OT 7 and still a “True Believer” *I* will NEVER
    do “Super Power” …just because of that one rundown, alone.
    Anyways–sorry if you all are for it. To me it sounds Kooky beyond belief.

  297. Christie

    “and he cannot even joke right.”

    It is a tone level thing. At his tone, the only kind of “joke” that he is capable of is degrading others. That is what he will find “funny”, nothing else. It is also the thing that he will see as a sign of his “superior intelligence”, and his “power”. He can openly degrade people and they “are powerless” to do anything about it.

    Eric S

  298. I’ve given a lot of thought to Mike’s post and this video since last night. If you count the years, miscavige has been the leader of the Church of Scientology longer than LRH was.

    Miscavige has rewritten the books and edited the recorded lectures.

    He has instituted a “Golden Age of Tech.” He is executing a Strategic Plan that is different than LRH’s Strategic Plan. He has a different Purpose than LRH’s Purpose.

    This really is not the same organization LRH founded. LRH has been gone 25 years, and by many reports was off the line for years before that. This Church of Scientology truly is the Cult of miscavige and has been for a long time. If you look at the Church of Scientology in 2011, miscavige is the Source.

    If you are a SO member, Staff member, or parishioner and happen to read this now or in the future I respectfully ask you to look at what your energy is going into. Any book you buy, any course you pay for, any “miscavige Tech” auditing you pay for, and your off-LRH Policy donations go to an organization that exploits slave labor to produce those products and then disposes of the “degraded beings” once they can no longer produce. Your contributions are actually contributing to the destruction of beings, not the salvaging of beings.

    Simply leave your things (they can be replaced), walk out and keep walking. Don’t look back. You can still apply LRH’s actual Philosophy to create a wonderful life for yourself and the others in your sphere of influence. There are many generous and able individuals who will help you. Each of us had to leave behind things, including loved ones, and make a fresh start.

    Happiness is possible. But not as a contributor to the Cult of miscavige.

    Jeez, I know this comment was too long. This is a pretty emotional topic.

  299. Expelled4Life

    Last I heard Dennis’s house was foreclosed on. My guess is one too many second mortgages or refinancing. I suspect numerous California Scientology home owners lost their homes when the recession hit as it was pretty routine for California Scientologists to have their homes re-mortgaged each year the value increased. Most probably had low monthly payments with five year balloons that they routinely refinanced; that is until the bottom fell out of the market and they couldn’t get a refinance or pay the balloon.

  300. Urg! I did it. Thanks Mike! (not). It was bad enough having to watch these videos when I was ‘in’ but they’re far worse now.
    Hey Davey. Thanks for the invented stats.
    Now can we please have the stats for:
    Auditors Made, Clears Made (real ones not recycled ones), OTs made (real ones not recycled ones), Student Points (on the original points system not the new inflated one), Refund/Repayment Requests (ooh I bet that one looks quite nasty), Value of Services Delivered (real Bidge actions, not Div 6 ‘activities’), Gross Income (for selling services, not freeloading on out-exchange ‘donations’) Number of Fully Hatted Staff (that one might be hard – we cold maybe start with Number of Staff Members and go from there?), Cash/Bills ratio (Oooops), Ads Run (for Dianetics and Scientology services – not promoting events and fundraisers) and finally I’d really like to know how many Orgs have gone Saint Hill Size this year so far? I’m sure the staff in those orgs are dying to get their Universe Corps (literally).
    As for the ‘Event’ – disgusting and degrading to the subject of Scientology. And by the way the audience weren’t laughing because it was funny. There was nothing funny about this video. They were going into glee at the out-points.

  301. Mr Fancy

    I don’t think that “running out of money” is going to be what stops David Miscavige. He will see to it that he personally gets the very last dollar regged, if he is still around.

    I don’t really even care about that. What I care about is the people who are leaving his madhouse because they have seen it for themselves. These people are the “theta”. Once they are all gone, all that will be left is MEST and chaos.

    The ones who never get the chance to have that realization will never acknowledge what really happened, but go on in their delusion that DM was victimized by SPs. They will likely fixate even harder on the “implant”. Unfortunately they will not be so easy to “free”.

    Eric S

  302. Tom Gallagher


    Maybe he got served up a well deserved knuckle sandwich.

  303. What about the scotch?

  304. Mike you need to post a health warning when you’re posting that stuff.
    Miscaviges uses a very monotone hypnotic cadence. It almost sent me to sleep! Or was that boredom? Not quite sure.

  305. Using other email adress because this is the second time my posts do not seem to stick.

    Miscavige: *A movement is a foot for an ideal Gemany*

    lol, his speech writer leaves cleus everywhere

  306. Cara – there seems to be a problem with the clip I uploaded before – here is another smaller file:

  307. George White

    Thanks for pointing this out:

    “This video is a sad mockery of something. Its amazing the church considers itself closely related to the Eastern religions like Buddhism. I couldn’t for the life of me imagine a Buddhist community acting in such an insane, unmindful way. Sad.”

    As a practicing Theravada Buddhist for the last eleven year, I can’t
    imagine it either. The truth of the matter is contained in
    a lecture by LRH (1 Sept 1962), “The point at which the PC
    begins to go Clear”. In truth, LRH radically departed from original
    Buddhism. He put his own interpretation onto the teachings of the
    Buddha without really understanding what the Buddha really taught.
    The Buddha would have debated with LRH, as he did with all of the
    religious teachers of his day 2,600 years ago.

    Much Loving-kindness,

  308. There is frequency enhancement, compression and other stuff that I am sure is used to make his voice sound like that. It’s basically what a talk show host or DJ would use. You can synthesize bottom and top end for fullness and clarity, but it can easily be over used. Too much compression makes it all the same level and it can become hard to listen to. Unnatural.

  309. Hi Tory,
    Here’s what LRH intended for Super Power:
    which seems a good thing to me.
    DM seems to have considerably altered the original intention.

  310. I forced myself to watch the whole thing. Now I am going to go take a walk.

  311. Ralph Hilton

    Looks like Dennis is due a Court of Ethics:




  312. Tom Gallagher

    Here’s Pope Applebox’s latest OT Ambassador who’s also volunteered to harass IOB and Mike’s neighborhood……………

    And yes, Tom Cruise and Ann Archer were instrumental with this high-stakes recruitment cycle.

  313. Brian Culkin

    Synthia Fagen goes to the lane gets fouled plus the basket! WOW LOL

  314. Clearly Miscavige isn’t even at cause over himself failing to free himself from his addiction. How does he expect to be at cause over an organisation so that it isn’t downstat?

  315. WW, you put into words the nauseated feeling I always get when I see David Miscavige in action. I have always felt so sickened by this person that I was never able to attempt to articulate it. Thank you for writing this, it is a great relief to read your words, though they describe horror itself.

  316. Tory, he does look bad. Really. It’s not a put down. Some people truly resent other people indicating something true about them to them. David Miscavige is one such person. I would try to describe it to you here. He is communicating with people it seems and then all of a sudden he remembers that he has to “do that thing, you know that in thing” and he purses his face and gestures mentally like “Duh!” and then “everybody goes with it” “gets it” laughs and says “OK”. Something that ignorant morons do. Something a guy I know does who is not a Scientologist and his future just looks grim to me without me announcing it to him. And so does David Miscavige and in his case I really don’t feel sorry him.

  317. Watchful Navigator

    I think your thesis is worth pursuing, so I’m going to try my hand at guessing the sequence:
    1) The midget enters the Sea Org as a high school drop-out, having at age 14, struck a pc in session during a IV internship at Saint Hill and hoping no one stateside is the wiser
    2) he eventually gets to work for LRH on filming – LRH doesn’t know about or at least never mentions, the hit pc and this misses the kid’s withholds big time
    3) DM gets caught making a J&D video using gold equipment and LRH busts him off post when he finds out – this would be the big “motivator” you suggest above – getting busted for being a jackass joker-degrader further misses the unhandled evil ints raging underneath the continuing missed withhold of striking a pc in session and having been busted off his internship for it
    4) Someone (LRH? or at least with his approval?) puts DM in charge of an important “All Clear” project and DM begins to think, “hey – I’m a badass now” and begins to get away with yelling at and sacking, “juniors” and moving “rivals” out of the way, missing withholds as LRH never seems to find out
    5) emboldened with his power (grabbed violently from Mary Sue and others, just out of reach of LRH’s control) and with increasing access to LRH’s money and lawyers, DM, along with Pat Broeker assenting and colluding, begins to embezzle LRH’s money and goes on spending sprees famously reported by others later, only now with his growing control of Broeker and the comm lines of LRH, they collude to alter reports of his ordered sec checking, meant to reach LRH, thus hiding the embezzlement he KNEW would get him declared SP
    6) Davey begins to think as his missed withholds pile up, “stupid old man, if he’s so OT why doesn’t he realize what I’m capable of?”
    7) emboldened further, with his primary evil purp now in full restimulation, he goes all out now manipulating lawyers and smashing rivals until he sits in the driver’s seat and has total control over LRH’s comm, family, finances and very life
    He now HATES LRH and he motivates continuously on the following:
    -getting busted off post by the old man for his J&D video
    -LRH’s suspicions of DM leading to an ordered Sec Check (hey – why me?!)
    -various and sundry missed withholds and mutual out-ruds with thieving lawyers who also want to believe LRH and his tech is all a fraud

    All heading for the full PT dramatization of: “everybody dead so I can be safe!” – or his specialized variation: “Scientology destroyed so I can be safe!”

    And all that was just the beginning!

  318. Tory,
    The pole rundown – named cause resurgent rundown is not part of Superpower originally. Not sure if that’s been altered by the Pope of Alterations on his Applebox.

  319. resurgence – typo.

  320. Geez, you guys have staying power! I couldn’t get past the bumble bees! My mind just went – HUH????????

  321. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Exactly. It sounds like he should make a point about something. That all the “shermanspeak” is leading to something. But it’s circular. There’s never any point. Just more of the same meaningless hyperbole.

  322. That is obviously true. When I first read the Dianetics book (a long time ago) I was scared. I was afraid because I wondered if I went Clear what would happen to me when I die? Would I go to heaven and tell the lord I was Clear? It didn’t make any sense. Asking the anyone in the church a question like this will wind a person up with overts flowing in their direction from people in the church like mad. And here is the new leader of the church “laughing with people” at how Elvis Presley impersonator’s are running the show and helping to get people up the Bridge. That is not even worth a donation to a new building and if I knew that was what was going on I wouldn’t even go to an event like that. And then to make things worse to listen to him practically give a lip-sync speech is too much for one thetan to bear.

  323. “miscavige has been the leader of the Church of Scientology longer than LRH was.” Thank you, I hadn’t done that math, but so true!

  324. It is David Miscavige’s illusion WindWalker, not mine. And he has to have a brain no bigger than a pea in order to stand up and announce himself like that in front of people and think they are impressed and educated by him. What are his real stats? He drinks scotch? That’s a stat? Any person almost can do this anytime they want, they don’t really become famous for it though.

  325. Cindy Pinsonnault

    The biggest stat was volunteer hours on OT projects – translation: fundraising activities.

  326. “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some HE (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.

    What is important is how much service you can give the world and how much better you can make things. These are important things. These are all that are important. A bank account never measured the worth of a man. His ability to help measured his worth and that’s all. A bank account can assist one to help but where it ceases to do that it becomes worthless.”

    – LRH
    31 December 1960
    The Genus of Scientology
    Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress

  327. I think I start to understand: Old Saint Hill Size is the ultimate goal! And indeed it is a valid goal! And on Source! Only, everybody has to this day misinterpreted it!

    The true “size” of old Saint Hill was: The cubic feet of all the original buildings of centuries past which stood on the property in Sussex and which through total recall of locals from East Grinstead has been established, as demonstrated by the rebuild, which was completed a decade ago. And THAT to me seems the right way to understand the right path the right leader is leading the right people on. Cubic feet – the ultimate statistic. And, as old Sea Ogres well know – Axiom 1 is: Life is a statistic.

  328. In both the posts from yesterday and today I see a horrendous absence of DIGNITY and RESPECT by this “religious leader” for staff who have devoted their lives to Scientology and to those individuals that have devoted their personal financial and other resources to reach the levels of OTs.

    Instead I see a suppressive representation of OTs: A bunch of baffoons prancing on stages doing cheap imitations of imitators while narrated in that God auuwwful droney voice that itself sounds like a cheap imitation of a newscaster’s. This is a Black PR, Joker and Degrader of OTs and staff. It was humiliating to watch this. The laughter in his voice is not because he is laughing WITH his membership; he is laughing AT them.

    These are tough times – so many major issues facing our country and the world. Rather than calling to arms the Scn OTs to get active to help reverse such situations, and to forward and highlight honest efforts in helping to right societal woes, he chooses to highlight DUMB and SILLY fundraising efforts in a DUMB and SILLY presentation. (Hey folks you too can spend $450,000 to go OT so that you too can look like a baffoon!)

    Mike I think I’ll address him from now on as The POS of the CO$. POS = piece of “sh_t”. Wow, he is a REAL sicko!

  329. Funny Tom!

    Seems the MV clip posted by Mike on this blog has also been placed on YT so that more would be informed of the wolf packs of EU!

    Perhaps the PoB is getting his stats of “Introduced to the Tech” much higher by putting it on You Tube in order to get his production and Xmas bonuses higher. Xmas in July!

  330. martyrathbun09

    an accurate sum up.

  331. Tom Gallagher


    Isn’t it a physical manifestation of a ridge? Seriously.

  332. Tom,

    Thanks, hadn’t heard of this Audio processor before but this abuse of eh gadget would make sense thus making the PoB sound like the late Billy Mays hawking snake oil on his infomercials.

  333. Comedy Clubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. Integrity. Personal ethics and integrity. The name of the game. True personal ethics and integrity do not allow one to sway off the road to truth, unless of course the road that one is trying to follow is not the true path. And this becomes the name of the street one finds oneself on in the Church of Scientology. It can happen that a point is reached where the scale is tipped and a person’s ethics and integrity become greater than the more highly trained people in the church one is seeking help from, at which point that help will fail. I am sure I take the Academy Award in the department Sapere! I started to become more confused listening to the people in the church, until one day I finally realized the scale I wasn’t even aware of was there had been tipped and my ability gained their ability lost for good, for all time, for all eternity. It will never happen again that I will fall prey to a group like that.

  335. Bert Schippers

    That rocks!

  336. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Aahhh, the joy of being an indie during maiden voyage season.

    One of the truly special things about being an indie: The absence of 100 or more phone calls and emails during work, late at night, during dinner, on the weekends, on my cell, trying to force me to attend one of these travesties.

  337. Bert Schippers

    In the sense of the church being a money making corporation, the amount of money you will earn during the rest of your life would be called “unrealized gains”. In other words, you got away before they could get “the full potential”. LOL

    Lynne via Bert’s computer

  338. I suspect that he is not only laughing AT them, but also taking personal pride and joy in the fact that HE was able to make them perform like fools in the first place.

  339. WN,
    To add an element to your sum up…
    A poster (don ‘t remember who) mentioned that DM went on a little out 2D spree while a young man in Las Vegas, spending beaucoup LRH money on prostitutes and the like. If so, that would certainly explain his constant attention on and insinuations about others’ sexual activities.
    (Then there is the exceptionally “friendly” relationship with his aide Laurice (sp?) which IS documented to the degree I saw the photo with her hand very familiarly poised on his rear end).

  340. The real seals are so much cuter!

  341. Ralph Hilton

    I think that DM actually believes in what he is doing and thinks that he is saving the planet. He is truly a sophistical rhetorician, inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity, and gifted with an egotistical imagination that can at all times command an interminable and inconsistent series of arguments to glorify itself. (I borrowed that with slight amendment from Disraeli. DM is actually undeserving of such eloquence)
    He is dissociated from the real world and lives only in a borderline schizophrenic delusion wherein he is the world’s ultimate benefactor.

  342. In 2001, Statistics Canada, as part of their national census (unlike the US census, Canada’s questionnaire asks about religious affiliation), reported 1525 Scientologists in ALL of Canada. The numbers went down in the 2006 census. Why another ORG in Canada?

  343. LOL. 🙂

  344. Tom Gallagher


    I have to tell you that I’ve had a lot of fun with this thread’s subject matter. Some time ago I mentioned that I was FSSO staff in 1990-91. I witnessed and experienced the Maiden Voyage Event evolution, both Call-in and ship Bosun-type stuff up front, close and personal. That includes Pope AppleBox. (Yes, he was crackers back then, IMO.)

    I feel like I’ve blown some charge.

    Onward and upward.

  345. Bravo! I think you’ve got it!

  346. Ralph Hilton

    You missed “Doozledorf” and “Genyouwine” 🙂
    He definetely transcends GWB and his nucular weaponry in his ability to abuse our language.

  347. There are quite a few parallels between that and the following:


  348. Its not an org — its a building….

  349. Thank you, thank you, thank you…for supplying lots of much needed giggles!

  350. Cindy Pinsonnault

    A lot of us remember what events used to be like. We remember hearing real news and real stats from people who had the ability to communicate. No flash, no implant. Honest data from real people, not a puffed up circuit with a made up face, a $200 haircut and what sounds like a speech impediment.

    But a lot of people only know these horrid implant events and I’m not sure they understand. These events steadily developed into the wretched, hollow traps they are today, and it saddens me that so many people have never experienced anything else.

    It is even sadder to think of all those people sitting through this, what — this embarrassment of degradation — who do remember what real stats are, what true communication is, and yet stay in their seats.

  351. Fellow Traveller

    Well, Sam, the title of this post is “Ringmaster of the Vulture Culture”.
    I don’t know of anything other than perhaps a hazmat logo (note to self, get one to Mike just in case) to make it clear that this is potentially both the stuff of great line charging as well as incredible remorse.

    Mike even had further guidance: “Watch it and weep for what was once an organization that had some dignity, compassion and offered genuine help to man.”

    Although I gotta admit, barf bags would be appropriate to have to hand as well as the tissues.


  352. Exactly Mike

  353. The most degrading event I have ever seen. I thought prior events were bad, but this one is an academy award LOSER. It was a true test of TR 0 just to watch it! But the bright side of it is the fact that POB is showing more and more how insane he has gotten. MAYBE a few of the sheeple will cognite and see the horrendous outpoints.

  354. Miscavige Orgs are Comedy Clubs where the joke is on Scientologists: They donated hundreds of millions for the real estate so that POB can rent it back to them!

    This is called being conned.

    When a secular business or a religious corporation massively over promises and then massive under delivers on a product, people get very angry with that company or, ahem, religious corporation.


  355. Cured Robot

    There is no interacation with the audience, no jovialness like LRH would speaking to an audience, just so automated and robotic and no real life behind that voice. Enough to put any one to sleep. All those props and visuals only serve to mask the lackluster personality of David M.

  356. Who would have ever thought that a guberment census would have ever been a more reliable source than Scn management. Sad. But accepting that, at least it is a numerical-counted statistic rather than observed guesstimates. This is documented and publishable evidence of DM turning the works of LRH into a graveyard. I’m wondering if other countries have similar census stats?

  357. Tony DePhillips

  358. I would guess the total public Scientologists in Canada would be about 4-600. Hell, toss the staff into that figure too.

    Another Org in Canada?? You’re right – the new AO will stay empty for years and no doubt, if it ever gets running, it will cut across the Class V and Mission income lines with new tours. Flag Tours have ripped off public for years in Canada.

    Missions are no more than gung-ho groups, most ORGs do not have quals to be classed as ORGS.

    Toronto’s building has had drawings for renos for over a decade – yes, all approved. Toronto has trouble keeping the lights on.

    # of Students on course have been dismal for years – actually decades other than the short Basics boost. … This is the same right across Canada.

    The same few public have been drained of liquid cash, most have no savings, old timers are shut out – even after 30 & 40 years on staff.

    And don’t even get me started on the IAS …

    A sad state of affairs.

  359. Sorry.

  360. I’m not a Scientologist, although some of my family are. I thought ORG and building were the same thing. Sometimes it’s hard to follow. Sorry.

  361. Dennis,

    Never fear, Tommy Davis has resurfaced (if only on the telephone, others were sent to meet the reporter face to face) and is quoted in the Hollywood Reporter. His latest pronouncement is that there are 250,000 Scientologists in the Los Angeles area!! So, you can rely on Tommy for a few hundred thousand across Canada (its rough trying to stay consistent with the 10 million around the world they keep saying).

    And yes, that is why POB annnouncing proudly that “design documents are approved” is such a joke. Toronto isnt the only org that has had them for years — so has the non-existent Harlem Org (amongst others). Quite a number have been shown as CGI “fly throughs” — didnt mean there was anything in the physical universe, let alone an org consisting of posted and hatted staff!

  362. Oh Cindi, the confusion is absolutely intentional. The Church tries to make everyone believe that a building equates to an org (meaning an organizaton that has personnel and provides Scientology services). Its sort of like a failed musician trying to convince the world that he does huge concerts because he is “performing” at Carnegie Hall (but omits the fact that the lights are out and there isn’t a soul in the house).

    Its not surprising you were confused.

  363. 250,000 in Los Angeles!!!!

    Two years ago I was at the NYE event at Shriner Auditorium. The upper mezzanines were empty except for a very few people who went up and sat at the very top. The main floor was almost full, but there were a lot of SO members in the crowd out of uniform.

    I think the capacity of that place is around 6,000.

  364. Tony Dephillips

    But even then,
    they still want more.
    You try to escape,
    it’s such a bore.
    They want your theta,
    bound and gagged.
    You try to run, you’ve been red flagged.
    Becker, Roberts and Dm too,
    They want your money,
    just not you.

  365. “The Shrine Auditorium comprises the single largest proscenium style stage in North America with a free standing balcony, providing over 6,300 seats and an adjoining 54,000 square foot Exposition Center.”


    Mike, there had to be less than 5,000 there.

  366. The irony here is that Tommy is evidently counting all of us souls lost offlines over the years. Only then do his figures begin to make since.

  367. Extension courses.

  368. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Tory,
    I have noticed that SPs usually have a very bad sense of humor.
    The above video clip I present as exhibit A.

  369. plainoldthetan

    Isn’t it obvious that the next illegal off-policy production-robbing time-wasting Int Event isn’t going to feature DM as a speaker? He’s spent a couple of million of IAS dollars arranging for the Disney Imagineers to build an audio-animatronics L. Ron Hubbard to do the speaking.

  370. Howard,

    That’s about right. 5000 show up to events in LA (this includes all orgs and Missions from Santa Barbara to San Diego, Valley, Pasadena, Orange County) which consists of about equal numbers of staff and public. All staff are required to attend. Perhaps 25% of the public do. So, that would put the figure at about 12,500 in the LA area (may be a high estimate, but its in the ballpark — and it is far and away the largest concentration of Scientologists anywhere in the world — Flag/Tampa Bay is second and that is probably tops half that). There are maybe two or three other cities in the world where you could round up 1000 Scientologists (Milano, Denmark — due to a lot of staff between CLOEU, NEP, AOSHEU and the local orgs and SFO/Bay area).

  371. Well, if he spent that money it would be to have an animatronic of himself with perfect hair, tan and pronounciation…

  372. plainoldthetan

    Cindy: I do remember what events used to be like. At one event held in about 1994, I was catching up with two people I hadn’t seen since I’d been on course with them about five years earlier. I was intently listening to one of them relate a difficulty he’d had in a session but the three of us were interrupted by an arrogant, intrusive, self-righteous, “I gotta get my stat now” materials salesman. The speaker got furious with the salesmand and pointed out how he’d violated the Comm Formula and HCO PL ETHNICS. The slapped puppy slunk away. The next day, a greenie S.O. member asked me if I’d gone to the event. I said yes. He asked me how I liked the event. I said the event was find, but I didn’t like what happened afterwards. He asked me what happened afterwards and I told him I didn’t want to tell him as it might be misduplicated. He insisted. So I reminded him that he insisted and told him the tale of the Interrupting Salesman Massacree. And how I didn’t like it. Two days later I get a copy of a KR written by the greenie. It said I was disaffected because I didn’t “go along” with what COB wanted.

    He was right. From that moment on, I *was* disaffected.

  373. Mike,

    250,000 in the LA area! – gosh they must be adding up every Tom, Dick, Harry & their dog over the last 50 years to come up with that figure. Amazing! If they only look at the body traffic running between AOLA & the complex … not even close to what was going on 40 years ago.

    Yep – ‘ the drawings are approved’ is just another carrot thrown out to justify yet another fundraiser – and quite often these are YEARS before a hammer ever hits a nail.

    I remember a confidential briefing I was at in Toronto in the ’80s where we were told the actual number of ‘active’ Scientologists was just over 380. Oddly, I was happy that at least someone was cutting thru the BS and giving us the real poop.

    btw, Toronto’s building is in the same shape you saw it in when you and the rest of the Int boys were there for the court case many moons ago. And yes, it was white-gloved the day before you arrived 🙂

    Like you, I remember when Orgs truly qualed for Org status … not any more. Most of the Orgs in Canada today would be hard-pressed to even qualify as Missions.

    Ahh well, these mutton heads will sooner or later have to wake up to the fact that the stats they are being shown at these events mean absolutely NOTHING. They are no more important than how many times I tie my shoes in a week.

    If the true stats were shown, you can bet there would be an even greater exodus after realizing they have been lied to for years.

    I think we all got in for the right purpose and a deep desire to help our fellow man.

    Man, what a betrayal.

  374. Lisa Hamilton

    Wow, POB sounds and looks OLD and TIRED. His speech lacks almost all emotion, is BORING and makes me want to fall asleep. Seems like not even he believes what he is having to say to cover up for the lack of production. In a less suppressed climate he would have been boo’ed off stage. The dictator cannot get his slaves to get real products anymore. Maybe he should try an Elvis costume….hmmm…

  375. Off the fence.

    Yea, big win; until the rent is due. The bridge in the COS is too expensive as it is. I don’t know how they expect to clear this planet when they can’t even clear Beverly Hills. Pack it all up and move to Saudi Arabia. How bout a little viability boys. If these guys owned a supermarket, the gum in the checkout isles would be $50.00 a pack.

  376. Btw, that 380 active(on course/auditing) Scientologists was the TOTAL for Canada.

  377. That was the last and only event I ever went to in California. I was shocked at how few people there were.

  378. Mike, I want to thank you for the Midgets video. I needed a good nights sleep and nobody was better at putting me to sleep than the midget. I used to go to the events so I could get some rest.

  379. Tom

    “Isn’t it a physical manifestation of a ridge? Seriously.”

    Yes. One would conclude that that is at least part of it.


  380. Watchful Navigator

    Thank you for filling in the blanks and “tweaking” my “thesis”…. I had no real first hand data to base my conclusion on. We all rely, to some degree, on the information known and shared by those who know the details.

    And so… a little more of the third dynamic engram is potentially laid bare.

    Thanks again

    Eric S

  381. Mr. Fancy

    OK. You got me… You made me laugh out loud on that one.

    Thank you

    Eric S

  382. one of those who see

    Hi Ed,
    Thanks for posting this video. I have listened to all of David’s talks that I could find on the internet. I love listening to him.
    David, if you are possibly reading here I never met you. Got into Scientology just prior to your nightmare.And I miss you. Pretty sure I’m not the only one.

  383. I don’t think church members are hypnotized by dm. More like hyjacked, harnessed, harrassed, harried, held against their will. Seems to me that you would have to be a total vegetable already to be hypnotized by dm – like being hynotized by the easter bunny or something. People are afraid, ashamed, and not even astounded anymore. dm is just the same old crap, but he holds the same old whip and uses overseers and enforcers on his payroll to keep people in line. just pays them. Same old despot stuff. his antics really don’t make him anything new.

    I would like to see dm pay 50 million dollars to take a space ride with the Russians and forget to come back. He will do well hooking up with the Russian mob (not) and we will be rid of him. Decent people will rise up as though resurrected from the grave and dismantle the mess of COS. Some semblance of structure might be able to be re-done by donating all the glittery buildings to the homeless people of the planet and running straight help programs as amends for abusing people and kicking them into the dirt. Then the rest of us can get on with it in peace, either privately, or if somebody wants to revive policy structure like RJ said with the democratic ad-council systems, some will want to be part of that too. No copyright crap. Original Hubbard.

    He said: The work was free. Keep it so.

  384. Hello Everyone,
    This is my first post. I am so amazed and shocked to find what has been going on in the church!!!!! OMG!!!! Thank you all for all the insight and the time you spend informing all of us. What an education!!!

    In the 80’s my husband at the time and I became involved in purchasing one of the Mission Packages. What a scam that was. The purge of the Mission Holders was a wake-up call. I exited the
    we did leave and never did services with them again. I did go to the AAC and visited with David Mayo.

    When we left in the 80’s, I walked away and didn’t look back… didn’t want to give any time to following their shenanigans…..I was done.

    Come up to present time……the recovery unit contacts me to inform me things have really changed for the better. They have a “Recovery Unit” So apparently even declared SPs are approached to “recover.” They told me I could go up the Bridge to OT (only I would need a little auditing ~~ that’s right they said a LITTLE auditing). So I agreed to watch a DVD. Big mistake! They end up at my door and I find myself buying The Basics and then ACC and Congress. Was I temporarily insane!?!?!? I fell for their regging again.

    The Church staff member even encouraged me to avoid paying California Sales tax by doing a pick up at Las Vegas org where they would ship $7000 worth of Congresses. They were planning on shipping materials to the Las Vegas Org to save me the tax.

    I had started an ethics cycle for this declared SP to come back to the church. I begin to have this horrible gut wrenching feeling and start to research. I am wide awake now!!! I sent this email:

    Richard Balle (this is the cjc)
    Pat Hammersen (first contact)
    Jon DeVries (reg)

    In regards to my cycle and coming back, I CANNOT do it. I have realized this is really WRONG for me. This has been a huge mistake. I am not a flip-flopper and I will not be sucked in. I will not compromise my own code of ethics. What was true in the 80’s when I left is still true today……and so much worse. I have been all over the internet and it is shocking how bad it has become. I will be posting on Marty’s Blog.

    I do not want any of the materials. What you sent to Las Vegas Org will not be picked up by me. DO NOT SEND THEM TO ME….I HAVE NOT TAKEN DELIVERY AND I DO NOT WANT THEM, SO PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY FOR ALL MATERIALS I HAVE PURCHASED.

    DO NOT COME TO MY HOUSE….DO NOT SEND SOMEONE ELSE TO MY HOUSE. THIS TIME I WILL NOT LET YOU IN. IN FACT, A BETTER BOUNDARY WOULD BE TO NOT STEP FOOT ON MY PROPERTY. I see how you send the goon squad, so be forewarned in writing, I will not hesitate to call law enforcement.

    Marlene Toole

    EVEN after threatening to call Law Enforcement and demanding they cease communication ~~ here is the response.

    NOTE : These mails occurred in the last 24 hours

    From cjcpac@scientology.net

    Dear Marlene,

    Regarding your own cycle, there appears to be some data I am missing. Please clarify this for me so that I can assist you in your request.

    If something went wrong that needed to be handled, the correct action to take is to send me the information in a standard Knowledge Report per HCO PL KNOWLEDGE REPORTS, which is also covered in the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics. I have always been willing to help get any outnesses properly addressed.

    There are also correct lines on which data belongs. Unfortunately, the internet contains a significant amount of false data and lies from incorrect sources. So, it is important to be able to know what you know and what you have observed for yourself.

    At the same time, I also encourage you to read and follow The Way to Happiness, Precept 7, “Seek to Live with the Truth” and encourage you to refrain from participating in activities that are based on lies and that carry with them an intention to destroy whether it be overt or covert.

    So, with that, I will certainly assist you in your request to end this cycle as there is only an intention to help.

    I am interested in your own data. Thank you.



  385. Tom,
    Good deal! Been on about 6 of those and it is totally insane for the FSSO and FWSO guys, giving up their berthing for the event crew etc., while the PoB gets entertained with dive boats, excursions and wined & dined by the IASA daily and doing these events in the evening.

  386. Not like they aren’t paying the price for the deception:


  387. Aside from that, deception = false report.
    False reports = doubt.

  388. Mike

    Oh Mike…. Really…. haven’t you heard? Quebec org is now “ideal” (At least that is what I think I heard)

    Vancouver has been regged for over 4 million dollars for their own “idle org”. Quebec was soliciting donations from Vancouver public. They were obviously savaging Vancouver’s own “Addresso” . ( now internationally available through the Scientology Data Bank)

    Canada has one tenth of the population of the United States and has maybe six “orgs”, if you count Day and Foundation separately. Vancouver likely has fewer than 15 staff in either org. These staff will likely be “ripped off” in order to man the new facility. Keep in mind that the entirety of Canada’s existing staff compliment will not likely be sufficient to man that one facility.

    One other thing that I was noticing about the Canada AO crap, is that it is an “IAS sponsored” venture. Roughly translated, that will mean that all of the money regged will be going to the IAS to do with as they see fit. Then the Canadian orgs will be assessed a quota of money and staff that they are to send to the new “AO”.

    The location is about two hours out of Toronto, out in the countryside. It is a “destination AO”. (my term) You will have to live in their accommodations in order to be serviced there. There will be nowhere else nearby.

    Can anyone say “moose pasture for sale?” How about “boondoggle” (boondoggle: worthless work or product)

    I knew you could…

    Eric S

  389. Oops I said “savaging Vancouver’s own “Addresso”
    I meant to say “scavaging Vancouver’s own “Addresso” though either would really apply.

  390. Had to laugh at this TD line in the above mentioned Hollywood Reporter article:

    “The U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2008, reports there were only 25,000 Americans who identified themselves as Scientologists. Davis says the methods used to procure this data make the figure “entirely inaccurate.”

    It seems he hasn’t been cured of all obvious bad habits, during his vacation. Here’s a song from the Honey Bees to TD:

  391. Plenty of Scientology public opinion leaders and cream public complained about DM and Int management while I was in the Sea Org to me! I had public trying to talk me into leaving! And these people were going for six month checks. You CAN be involved with Scientology and not like DM, you just can’t be in the Sea Org and say anything negative about him. The public can think and say whatever they want between themselves. They are coming to buy service, not worship David Miscavige.

    There is a new “cause” page now:

    Scientologists who think that David Miscavage should be replaced Join


    102 members

  392. Crusader,
    Well, yes, in a way you are correct. You just can’t tweak the stats like that.
    Removing that, it might be true to say that anyone coming to this site as an “intro exposure” as to what Scientology was supposed to be MIGHT BE THE ONLY ONES IN HELL who would get a glimpse of what was intende
    So, 1 for the blog. An actual stat.
    0 for the Applebox King. Horseshit stats
    (Ya can’t even begin to work stats til ya figure out the baseline/truth)

    Miscavige—Applebox King…See? You’ve been downgraded from a pope. If you don’t smarten up you’re going to be headed onto a box of Captain Crunch.

  393. I and especially my wife are freshly out and SP declared only a few month ago in Cincinnati, OH. She was actively participating in these fundraising events as a dancer (and a staff member). They had “Cabaret”, “Star Wars” themed events, you name it. The theme suggestions were coming down through the telex/email lines from CLO, even CMO. Per my observations, ~80% of public and staff participating, think it’s “a spirit of play” and a “game of creation” or something. All for a wonderful cause. And a good time of sorts… Good people SWIMMING in kool-aid. Just a bit of my experience.

    Mike, MORE recent event videos, please.

  394. P.S. It was fun and creative, most of a time, except all for the wrong cause.
    And that’s what makes it really, really fucking lame. Peace, everyone.

  395. Simon Bolivar
    DUH, of course it is column inches of Scientology mention in the press. Remember the datum that the greatest expansion has come when it is attacked. Marty and Mike, don’t you feel responsible for this incredible expansion you are causing. Maybe DM should give you an FSM commission on the trillions of new members! Maybe that datum was created to shut up the critics (the best way to contract the church is to never criticize it!) That works for me. Double Duh!

  396. Tom,
    Just a little medical insertion here …..droopy mouth is mid level symptom of STD….

  397. Maybe dm wrote it himself? no. couldn’t be. nobody to blame afterwards.

  398. Theoracel
    Most interesting chart, but help! What does ‘ucp’ stand for?

  399. scilonschools

    The New York Times Joint review of Janet R book & James Berry’s book of Money in the Catholic Church is ONE SERIOUS article!!
    An amazing read and possibly some vidication for the Indies (and ‘Indie Catholics!)


    The closing paragragh sums it up so well…
    “Secrecy eats at the soul. Some are surprised that religion is so corruptible. They should not be. When secrecy is used to protect a higher order of knowledge, it can make the keepers of the secrets think of themselves as a higher order of humans. Corruptio optimi pessima, goes the old saying. Blight at the top is the deepest blight. It is the sin of taking God’s name in vain.”

  400. I agree

  401. Well geeze, David got the bright idea to charge anyone who wanted to start a group to disseminate 40,000.00. 40,000.00 for a “Mission Starter Package” which is a license to disseminate and a box of div 6 books.

    How ignorant to you have to be to cut your own income lines like that? They can’t get 10% income from Missions if there aren’t any! Who the hell thought of that one? Not Hubbard. Hubbard wasn’t doing that and there were lots of missions. So, now that DM wiped out the mission network and someone has to come up with 40 grand to supervise tr’s in their livingroom or run a co audit, where do you think new public is supposed to be coming from? He burnt the bridges to the bridge. First step of his battleplan before Hubbard even checked out. Of course there are no active public. The guy running McDonald’s fast food chain had better sense than that. There are more people working at McDonalds today than there are active auditors.

    It can only be two things:

    1. Stupid
    2. Suppressive

    Either way it’s not good.

  402. When you think about it, doing this six or more times a year would take a toll on anyone. And he has been doing it for more than 20 years. Read Marc Headley’s book to get an idea of what “event mode” is like at the Int Base. It is a nightmare and it goes on for weeks, sometimes months. Fellini could make a movie of it just by setting up cameras and letting them roll. Thank god I was only involved in it for a couple years.

  403. He is dissociated. The fact that he does not make any effort to clean up any out ruds of people about him, and only considers their out ruds out ethics makes your claim very real.

  404. Simon Bolivar

    14 X 8 – you forget there is more video not shown.

  405. scilonschools

    The opening paragraph shows what is to follow-
    “We do not need these books to tell us that money and religion make for a poisonous combination. But it is of some interest to see that ancient truth confirmed in both a church as relatively new as Scientology and one as ancient as Roman Catholicism. Even religious leaders develop a certain swagger when they know they are backed by bundles of cash”

  406. Welcome Marlene.

    Desperation. I guess they probably shipped the materials to Vegas and then got your email and then became REALLY desperate. Now they kncurred the shipping costs and thhey engaged in an illegal action and they lost all those books and lecturees off their quota! SUre glad you didnt fall for the “little” auditing lie — unless you call 50 hours of sec checking and 200 hours of objectives a “little” auditing (let alon the “contributions” you would have to make in order to be “eligible” — they may have even sent you on a Squirrelbusters Escapade).

    Glad you were smart enough to walk away.

    You will find far more Scientology here than in the Vulture Culture.

  407. GetTheConcept


    Why, then, doesn’t he just outright lie and just say that 390,000,000 have been introduced to the tech without going through the trouble and expense of buying these ads and whatever else? He’s already lying anyway by saying that these ads translate to the numbers he says they translate to, so why does he think he has to lie on a via like that?


  408. More to do with the small livestock and garbage I think…the weak and the worthless.

  409. And certainly no large packs either!!

  410. GetTheConcept


    Could you please pick another team besides the Bulls to have the play being made against. Don’t you remember what city we are from? 🙂


  411. Dave,

    There is method to his madness.

    If you want to keep collecting money from people you have to convince them it is being spent on something worthwhile. If the money for “planetary dissemination” never showed up with one ad, people would start to doubt the truth. If on the other hand, they produce an ad (IAS doesnt spend anything on that, they are all done at Gold) and air it one time on an NBC show and once on an ABC show and on CNN etc — a minimum number of airings, but enough to show the logos of the networks and shows at an event (and everyone that watches the event thinks to themselves “I guess I wasnt watching at the right time”) then it “proves” how valuable the contributions are. But he also has to hype how “effective” it is. So, he makes up numbers of “people reached with the tech.” In fact, people HAVE been catching on to the scam, and now they buy one spot on the Grammy broadcast and one on an NFL playoff game (nobody EVER saw the 3am airings of ads on Home Shopping Network) and actually do buy ads on the major networks so he can say ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox etc (instead of making statements like “airing on national networks” — meaning the gardening channel and HGTV).

    Everything is calculated.

    He gives stats that nobody can verify — and when someone challenges it (like the 10 million Scientologists or 250,000 in LA, it is dismissed with “faulty research”). The implication is always that he KNOWS the truth and he is letting everyone in on it, but it would be an insult to challenge any statements (yet they wont provide the facts — e.g. they DO know EXACTLY how many members of the IAS there are, which would be a pretty good measure of how many Scientologists there are as everyone who takes service has to be at least a “free” member).

  412. Brian Culkin

    Yes- Tony, I have to agree with Dave. 🙂 Making Lebron look good is a major restim for me as well 😉

  413. Hi Marlene – NICE! As Mike says, this smacks of desperate desperation, of the most desperate kind.

    Is Richard Balle the current CJC? He and I need to have a heart-to-heart.

  414. It was really difficult to pick my nomination for the RAZZIE award but after watching the video several times my choice is the dancing bumble bees..

  415. “Mike, MORE recent event videos, please”.

    God NO!!!! It’s psychosis. Got it. Message received. No more of this needed!

    Well done, Stat, on escaping! Would you like others to share the gains you’ve now had?

  416. I think the events were intended to be fun. Local community non-profits typically raise money for charitable causes by having Mardi Gras, Oktoberfests, Halloween parties, etc. where everybody dresses up and participates. I agree, these are fun. I think the purpose of the events was wacky, but more so was DM’s presentation. If he was trying to present it in a good natured way, he failed. It just came off as ridicule. I think that is where most of the criticism on this blog is directed.

  417. martyrathbun09

    If Lebron came here for one week in the off season, I’d guarantee him a ring next year.

  418. David's Nightmare

    Being in the Church of Scientology must be real fun.
    Joyous people all around, celebrating.
    Big successes everywhere, even in Germany.
    Everyone seems to be happy.
    Why not join the Church?

    Congratulations, dear Chairman of the Board !
    Well done.

    It seems that a great part of Scientologists and non-Scientologists do believe that the picture drawn by DM is real, not realizing that this is just a facade.
    I know what I’m talking about because for a long time I was not aware myself that this is nothing but a huge theatre performance for all the Trumans.

    Something must happen to show the public that this all is nothing but a show.

    Why not raise funds to produce an impressive movie which shows what’s going on?

    Aren’t there enough high potential people in the club who know how to make movies?
    I’d love to see Paul Haggis to write the script and to direct. And I’d love to see Jason and other actors in an impressive movie which should create an impact in Hollywood.

    Where is the problem?
    I’m sure that a lot of people participating would work for little money.
    It just needs a p u s h to START such project.

    And of course, already while all preparations for the movie would be going on we can expect a high tone arm…

    What do you think?

    Best regards

    David’s Nightmare

    In spite of all criticism: The COB has at least managed to raise sufficient money to buy all those buildings or ground and to build beautiful orgs.

  419. Marlene,

    Welcome! The reg and contact is known to me as they used to be at the Int Base for years and offloaded to Pac some years ago.

    It is amazing that an illegal “incentive” such as saving on Sales Tax is being used – it is the very thing that “Cont Justice Chief” says for you not to do in his email: (“participating in activities that are based on lies”)

    Perhaps he doesn’t realize or doesn’t want to know about activities such as the Squirrel busters, and Maiden Voyage events which are done from the Top and totally violates many precepts of TWTH! I do hope you get your refund.

  420. Fellow Traveller

    Its got a lot of use on that site it seems:
    NOTES ON CHART: UCP = the Universal Clearing Process

    It also apparently stands for


  421. theystolemychurch

    Ay what (great) cost?

  422. Brian Culkin

    Hard TR’s, Op by Dup, and intro to PTS/SP tech would do wonders for him or any athlete for that matter

  423. He had the Mayor of Las Vegas attend the opening of the new building in Las Vegas. I thought it was very creepy that they got the man in charge of the police there for his grand opening super star.

  424. Dennis

    This “number of Scientologists” stat given by the church are almost certainly from the number of names in Central Files (CF). Anyone who buys a Scientology book or service, from any type of Scientology entity, has a file in CF and they are never “retired” or culled, even though they never did another thing. HUGE numbers of them have become “ad unk”, meaning “address unknown”. Even so, they are kept in the CF. The only files ever removed are the people who are “ethics deadfiled” (SPs and such). The folders are still kept, but in the ethics area.

    Another thing. The stat, even of “names in CF”, is not derived from actually counting the actual folders. It is figured out by compiling, cumulatively, the “new names to central files” (NNCF). In the Vancouver org, for one (for two actually, as there are both “Day and Foundation” orgs that share the CF), I know for a fact that this NNCF stat was false, as many “New Names” were counted several times. The area was so backlogged that this outness was not noticed for years, and then, when it was, and reported, (by me, for one) nothing was done to correct the stat.

    Also, any error in duplicating the name or address of a person initiated the creation of an NNCF.

    When I was last there in 1993, Vancouver claimed to have approximately 7000 names in Central Files. God knows what they are claiming now.

    I would be surprised if there were as many as 500 people in the Vancouver area, and the entire west coast of Canada, active or not, who consider themselves Scientologists.

    Also, interesting to note, that EVERY org in which a person buys a book or service, adds the name to THEIR CF. You can start to see just about how accurate that “total Scientologists” stat is likely to be.

    Eric S

  425. Eric,

    Not only that, but I know for a fact that the number is TOTALLY arbitrary.

    In the early 2000’s he asked “How many Scientologists do we say there are?” “6 million, Sir”

    “How long have we been using 6 million?”

    “Since 1993, SIr!”

    “You morons. We need to have more now otherwise people will say we are not expanding. Use 8 million.”

    That figure was used for a few years, and now its been “upgraded” again to “10 million.” I promise you, these are absolutely made up, arbitrary numbers that do not come from a total of CF (even though as you say, those numbers are fantasy as well).

    There is NO BASIS whatsoever for these numbers. They are invented by POB.

  426. LRonAnonymous

    Lulz @ the BS about Amsterdam. The building they have is pretty much empty every time I walk by. Except for the first two floors which meaby have a dozen people on a daily basis. They claimed 3000 Dutch members in the 70’s, 80’s, the 90’s and in 2011… Meaby I’m so suppresive that my math skills suffer, but that doesn’t really seem like much improvement to me.

  427. Thanks Bruce,
    Google didn’t have those definitions.

  428. Watching Eyes

    In spite of all criticism: The COB has at least managed to raise sufficient money to buy all those buildings or ground and to build beautiful orgs.

    Yeh and John Gotti, head of New York’s Gambino mafia family, took in a boatload of money selling narcotics, loan sharking, extortion etc. Should we praise him too?

  429. Marlene, If you paid with a credit card — and haven’t had the charge reversed by the CoM yet — it is likely not too late to dispute the transaction with the credit card company. You can tell them that you cancelled the order and requested a charge reversal, but never received it. At that point, the credit card company will likely issue you a credit and take the matter up with the CoM. Just make sure you save all your emails/correspondence/etc. in case they are needed. Good luck, and good for you for being willing to look!

    (p.s. Marty, I’ve been having trouble getting my posts to post the last couple of days — I’m trying this one using a different email. I noticed that someone else mentioned having this trouble, so just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you weren’t aware of it.)

  430. Simon Bolivar

    Same ways ad IAS status, since the 80’es he has made up a few more.

  431. Along with … “Make no mistake, …”

  432. Welcome Marlene !
    As you will find as you study the Internet ~~~ many lies are told at Recruitment level.
    +++++Young kids are told ~~ You will get schooling, you will get Bridge, you will get medical benefits, you will get to see your parents etc etc. SLEEP DEPRIVATION, NO SCHOOLING, freeloader MEDICAL ON THE State/the Government is never mentioned. 1/2 pay or 1/4 pay is never mentioned. The Sea Org may earn $15 to $25 a week for 60 hour weeks, while Miscavige continues to escalate REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS.

    ++++++Telling you you will get OT levels is another LIE. You were declared (a badge of honor these days) for 25 years and a “little auditing” and then Bridge is a “Come on” for $$$$$$ for Congresses.

    ++++++It is interesting that a Church Sea Org member coached you to avoid CA sales by “shipping the Congresses to Nevada”

     The Most Ethical Group on the Planet !

    Warm welcome Marlene

  433. theoracle wrote: “Plenty of Scientology public opinion leaders and cream public complained about DM and Int management while I was in the Sea Org…”

    Oracle, when were you in the Sea Org? I can’t imagine someone going for a 6 mo check at FSO these days and complaining about Miscavige or Ideal Org fundraising (especially if they bring up Marty or Mike) and not getting into ethics trouble.

    Or for that matter, what would have happened at ANY time if someone had tried to write-up a KR on David Miscavige? You really think someone in RTC or CSI or CST would have been able to do anything meaningful about it?

  434. I thought the same thing. He’s starting to look starved and worn, much like E.D. Int. did last time I saw him. Elvis costume just might help! Good one, Lisa.

  435. Mike, totally agree on the “glee of insanity”. And those J+D shows and the audience responses feel like both glees of insanity and “enforced enthusiasm” (for those not yet driven over the edge). Seal clubbing is exactly right.

  436. LOL. So true Cindy!

  437. Sara Finning

    This is NOT the legacy LRH left.

    I just can’t think with any of it’ the Elvis impersonators, the shuffle off the Buffalo…

  438. If Hadyn’s 1/8th rule holds true (see http://www.scientology-cult.com/how-far-have-we-come.html), then it sounds like Canada might have had about 3,000 Scientologists “who might take a service at some time in the future” in Canada as of the 1980s. That’s it’s shrunk down to under 1,500 by now also seems likely.

  439. My heart goes out to the people of Norway. News of today’s bombing of government buildings in Oslo and the murder of children at a youth camp in Norway in protest of what, I cannot imagine.

    DM’s buildings are of no help.

  440. Mike

    Yes… I was pretty sure that they were more likely total inventions. He cannot possibly use real stats because they would show that the “church” at this point is in treason, or confusion, perhaps.

    I mean really, is the truth going to get him more income? Not in his mind, so what is the point of telling the truth. He “can’t handle the truth”. Hell, that would wreck everything.

    One would have to be a raving suppressive to suggest that he actually tell the truth.

    Eric S

  441. David’s Nighmare

    Quite honestly I would far rather see the time and money spent in the Independent field delivering REAL auditing and REAL training. You know, happy PCs, winning competent, STANDARD auditors, Now THAT is really something to see.

    And by the grace and hard work of Independent supervisors and auditors we are seeing it more and more.

    Thank you all!

    Eric S

  442. Hello Marlene! Thank you for having the courage to post your story. It has already found its way onto other websites because you provided a detailed look at how the Cult Recovery Teams work. The details are always so important because they show how the Cult does its business, and, its business almost always involves lying to people in order to get their money.

    What I found fascinating is the fact that the Cult will gladly take back SP’s — the worse 2.5% of all people — and allow them to become OT’s for money.

    Miscavigology allows for SP OT’s! (SPOTS).



  443. The account is pretty bad already – no parallels needed.

  444. Expelled4Life

    Whether you agree or disagree with LRH policy one of the beauties of being a Scientologist was that we all operated off of policy and we all had access to the policies. Question: What policy authorizes one public regging another public for an activity not even contained on green on white? What policy authorizes resources at all levels of the organization being used for an activity not even contained in policy?

  445. Good that it took a toll on him and that unfortunately it takes a toll on him, becuase acting in that manner in real life, displaying those kind of attributes in a postion of supposed leadership, is not good for any person in any respect, not even once, never mind 6 or more times a year for 20 years.

  446. Margaret,
    Your posts were getting flagged as spam by wordpress. I fixed it now…should work now. Mosey

  447. I like to date that funny girl with the hat.

  448. DN:
    Are you kidding or trolling?

  449. “…considering DM is out tech and off policy, it makes sense he would be “out English” as well…”

    Nice observation. We’re definitely down to “nails on the chalkboard” type of PoB dramatizations.

  450. Perhaps in your own personal universe, Robin.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  451. Yes, I agree Eric.

    How many times over the years did we see an all-hands for a CF work over … yikes.

    The 1525 stat seems a bit low if the count included all CF (anyone who bought something), but ACTIVE Scientologists is another story. The only Orgs with some sort of activity would be Quebec City (Ideal), Montreal, Toronto Day/Fdn & Vancouver Day/Fdn and even so, Toronto Day usually had 1-2 on course and foundation 4-8 – and that’s the Cont. Org. The rest of the missions/Orgs are well below those figures.

    You would know the Vancouver scene – I haven`t been there since the Chilliwack/Joni Mitchell days.

    Ahh yes, visions of the ED Elsie Griffith with her gown, pearl necklace and white fluffy poodle. Fun times LOL 🙂

  452. top of the vale

    Enough! What’s the next topic? IAS Atrocities Part II? Or are you going for 500 comments…

  453. Thanks Mosey! (If this gets through, it should be working.)

  454. Good advice.

    As a note, the credt card companies keep VERY close track of “chargebacks” (anyone undoing a credit card transaction by cancelling it thru the credit card company rather than getting a refund from the merchant) — and when there are too many they cancel the right of the merchant to run their credit cards.

  455. Mike,

    I know a little bit about that period.

    Scientology moved in with the rest of the Western Jackals feeding on carrion of the Former Soviet Union and aligned itself with Yeltsin’s Kleptocratic Gangster state and went out of favor when Putin took over.

    Not mention the fact that many of those Missions or Franchises rejected current management’s way of managing things and went over to the Freezone and Ron’s Org.

    A little back story that you’re not going to hear about at any Scientology Management event.

  456. Hi Mike

    Thanks for the welcome.

    After the surprise and shock that they would even call me wore off, I did get my smarts back.

    It’s great to be here.

  457. Hi Martin,


    Yes, Richard Balle is the current CJC.

    Happy to be here.

  458. Hi Sinar,

    My first instinct was to hang up the phone when they first called, but there was a nice connection with Pat.

    Thanks for your welcome.

  459. Hi Margaret,

    I wish I had paid by credit card, I think it would be an easier cycle.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    It is so nice to be here with this group.

  460. Zhongjianren

    With regard to the California Sales tax issue, the following information was provided by BigBeard on WWP:

    “The IRS isn’t involved in state sales tax fraud, that would be the California State Board of Equalization. Of course if the Co$ does get dinged by the state for sales tax fraud, it could have negative ramifications with the IRS regarding their 501(c)(3) non-profit status,

    And lookeee here…California even has a web page http://www.boe.ca.gov/invest/salestax.htm specifically requesting people report suspected sales tax evasion. There’s a link http://www.boe.ca.gov/info/icomplaint.htm to a page where you can make a report Anon-o-mousely if you so desire.

    If you prefer the personal touch, there are also phone numbers for making reports:

    “Public awareness and involvement are essential in eliminating sales tax evasion. To report suspected sales tax evasion, contact the Board of Equalization Investigations Division at 916-324-0105 or the Tax Evasion Hotline at 888-334-3300.””

    Shared because communication is the universal solvent, and so each community can benefit from the collective intelligence of the other communities.

  461. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your warm welcome.

    Thank you all for being here for the truth seekers.

  462. Lawrence, You asked what are DM’s stats. Actually he is very upstat with these stats. He is very proud of them.

    He is the Pope and Defender of the Faith of the new world order Church of Scientology (having salvaged it from what L. Ron Hubbard had made of it). He works very hard holding every single board seat on every single corporate “entity”. He has created a BILLION DOLLAR CHURCH for all his parishioners to feel proud of, and for the whole world to see. He knows he is worthy of MUCH admiration. He is worth every penny he steals… errr, earns including all bonuses and perks (perks not declared on income tax of course).

    Evidently, the stats are: (all kept daily and weekly, to make it easy to “manage”)
    1. Square feet of buildings that “in reality are changing the world and saving the planet and…. (hogwash explanation)”
    2. Pounds of promo sent.
    3. Money into the coffers.
    4. Money spent (graphed in US Dollars and Euro’s)
    5. Money in the bank (also US Dollars and Euro’s) (All accounts, there are no actual corporations, it is “ALL MINE!”)
    6. Glorious moment of power (self-defined)
    7. Glorious moments of making people squirm, cry out, piss themselves, or make themselves look stupid, plus etc variations
    8. Number of times “had to” bypass and handle
    9. Numbers of minutes of recognition aka: adoration by folk (bonus points for celebrity adoration or compliments about motorcycles, buildings, or any stuff like that)
    10. Number of internet postings that slime Marty, Mike, Amy and other whistleblowers so people see “what will happen to you….”

    Sub-stats (kept locked up, all kept cumulatively, proudly)
    1. Number of assaults and battery against others who “made him do it” because of their Counter intention to the greatest leader on the planet
    2. Number of Degradations of others who needed severe reality adjustments about who was really the greatest leader on the planet and who was actually wrong, wrong, wrong
    3. Number of people threatened because of needing the severe reality adjustment (as above)
    4. Number of disconnections, divorces and abortions required to teach people a lesson and make sure they stayed hooked and paying up
    5. Number of OTA’s activated
    6. Number of paddleboats purchased
    7. Number of celebrity outings (or innings if he is the host)
    8. Number of thrilling moments of utmost excitation: (Number of times LRH is thrown under the bus in any way)
    9. Number of times LRH is thrown under the bus in any way with others applauding
    10. Private or public use of priest penitent files to smear and ruin others who dare to… (fill in blank).

    Other stats are being kept (very locked up) by OTHER PEOPLE surrounding him very closely:
    1. Number of times LRH policies cancelled, altered, or “Tech Degrades”.
    2. Number of times LRH technical bulletins cancelled, altered, or “Tech Degrades”.
    3. Number of times LRH tapes cancelled, altered, or “Tech Degrades”.
    4. Number of SP declares with copies of them all.
    5. Number of people paid off with their name, address, etc.
    6. Payoffs in dollar amounts graphed weekly and cumulatively.
    7. Expenses for “fighting SPs” including paddleboats, attorneys, PIs, OTAs, bribes, gifts, meals, etc.
    Note, the people keeping these last stats also have access to his own “secret” stats – just wait until they are published!

  463. Thank you.

    It had been 25 years, but I thought an SP couldn’t do OT’s, so I ask. I was told about the only thing keeping one from going up the Bridge would be murder.

  464. $ = OT I
    $$ = OT II
    $$$ = OT III
    $$$$ = OT IV
    $$$$$ = OT V
    $$$$$$ = OT VI
    $$$$$$$ = OT VII
    $$$$$$$$ = OT VIII
    $$$$$$$$ = OT VIII on the Basics
    $$$$$$$$$ = OT VIII Squirrel Buster Grade
    Bankrupt = Truth Revealed about the Cult of Scientology

  465. Tory Christman

    Yes, That’s what I was trying to say: It isn’t a put down…the cat looks
    *really* bad, compared to the last time I saw him. I remember he being at the Sandcastle when I was there. He was his typical dick self: destroyed ALL of any “fun” we were having, ripped off the OT 7 map showing where all the 7’s were, tore off any signs we had on our doors (Ours was “Bezazian’s from beautiful downtown Burbank”) and threw them away.

    He enforced people to cut their hair and announced “This Party is OVER!
    You will now dress and act like Upstats as *that* is what we care about. (Drs/Dentist/PT’s etc—business people with $$$).”

    We used to have a dinner show that Tony Klock and gang put on. That was Tony’s life blood, plus we all loved the shows, too. “That’s over”, DM said.
    Tony asked one night if he needed a new fork? DM: “That guy is 1.1 get him out of here”. Tony was thrown on the RPF, then did their Narconon program, (which his Sea Org WIFE paid for) and then kicked out of the Sea Org, which he’d worked in since he joined Scientology as a young man.

    I don’t feel sorry for Miscavige *at all*. As they say: “Lucccccccccy:
    Ya got some esplainin to do!” Love to all…….I escape OUT of C of $
    11 years ago, today, and at 1:45 am I met with Stacy, Bob and Jesse, the Tampa Police and a gang of OSA ops. I’m free, thanks to many, many friends and people. Bless ALL of you who help people get free. Spread the word, please. 🙂

    I d

  466. Tory Christman

    LOL! Is that what has happened to him, or that’s your solution?

  467. Tory Christman

    True, Dr. Faust. I had gained 100 pds while ON OT 7 (lots of people gain weight in C of $ on it). I tried to write to Davey boy asking to get off, to handle PTP’s such as 100 pounds over weight. He of course had no time to answer me. Ya should have, Davey boy. Look what’s happened NOW?

  468. GetTheConcept

    Thanks Mike. It’s good to have someone who knows him personally to tell us how he thinks and operates.

  469. “In the 80’s my husband at the time and I became involved in purchasing one of the Mission Packages. What a scam that was. The purge of the Mission Holders was a wake-up call. I exited the
    we did leave and never did services with them again. I did go to the AAC and visited with David Mayo.

    When we left in the 80’s, I walked away and didn’t look back… didn’t want to give any time to following their shenanigans…..I was done.”

    Wait, I guess I’m confused. Wasn’t everything great in the CoS before Miscavige took over? I thought this kind of stuff never happened under the Great Benevolent Hubbard. Help me out here, Marty & Mike….

  470. martyrathbun09

    If you’re still motivating 30 years later, I truly don’t think I can do anything to help you other than I’ve already done. Sorry.

  471. Thank you…..great information!

  472. What they are doing is not unique in any way Sinar.

    And Mike.

    It is not just a parallel in my “personal universe”.

    Suppression is suppression whether it is falsely called “Scientology” or not.

  473. You continue to have me confused with someone else. I got into this in late’07 or early ’08 (the South Park thing caught my interest). It was before Anonymous, but not by much – a matter of a couple weeks at most.

    Anyway, the evidence is clear (if you look. You CAN look, you know) that The abuses practiced by Miscavige – disconnection, Fair Game, the RPF, the harassment of critics and ex-members, the nuisance lawsuits, etc. – were not only practiced by Hubbard but invented or ordered by him. I agree that Miscavige has taken it to a much higher level, but my point stands: Hubbard started this stuff. There’s testimony by people who were there at the time, as well as his own words, on paper and on tape, to back that up.

    If you’re getting something out of Independent Scientology, more power to you. But I submit that until you accept that Hubbard was a very flawed man, a brutal tyrant, a liar, a con man and a criminal, you haven’t fully thrown off your chains.

  474. +++++1 Dan!!!

  475. Yeah him and Miscavige would both be interested parties to that charge.

    That so called “hat” should have the subtitle of “How many ways can I Justify My Overts” by Dennis Neglsy.

    Seems both him and his buddy Dave’s is “it’s an LRH Ref”.

    Especially one that no one has seen or ever heard of including Ron.

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  477. I’m sorry, but ROFLMAO!
    And until you accept Hubbard had a 100% positive constructive and benevolent side, you haven’t thrown off your blinders enough to see you are wearing chains.

  478. So when I use LRH’s own words to illustrate my comments, there are 2 ways you can go: 1., refute my understanding of those words, or 2., simply refuse to publish my reply.

    I reiterate: The chains are still on. Loosened perhaps, but there nonetheless. Kinda sad….

  479. martyrathbun09

    Django, your comments are ignorant, unthruthful and rude. You can go to any number of forums, but this is your last comment here until you can get a grip on your impulses to hurt others. Sorta like “timeout” for children quite frankly.

  480. Pingback: My comment on the Cult of Scientology: The child you save may be your own « 31 Factors

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