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  1. That’s funny. You impinged regarding the stalled Clear thing. I could perceive nurse Ratched going into a Q and A for a second. Almost as if she turned toward you with interest from her little golf cart.

    Speaking of the golf cart, can’t DM afford them a big old SUV or something dignified. Oh, that’s right…..just look at their shirts.

  2. Simply Revolting

    Marty please, I don’t like zombie movies, I find them creepy! Don’t you guys have a local undertaker to deal with this sort of thing?

  3. Wow, do these guys look socked in. The guy holding the sign has the deadest eyes I have seen in years.

  4. They all have dead eyes.

  5. These guys look like Cult members.
    They seem to be at hallucinatory cause. Marty is stalking them in his home town. Where are these guys from?
    Sad. As we say in Texas, these guys aren’t riding with the rest of the posse.

  6. Azul-celeste

    So sorry you have to put up with this crap. This was my group! Yikes.

  7. Tech Dictionary: Degraded Beings.


  8. CRAAAAZZYYY!!!! A true product of David Miscavige. Keep putting those products out there for all to see…great PR for the Church.

    So silly saying Marty is “stalking” them! Like they are “from” Corpus Christy…what morons!

    Sorry for the little rant but honestly, how dopey can you get???

    Vicki K

  9. What a losing game they are playing.

    Marty’s neighbors are already onto the BS from the midget’s golf cart brigade. They are not stopping the delivery of services at Casa Blanca. They have no ability to do anything, to stop anything, to convince anyone. In fact, I think they are getting frustrated that Marty is flourishing and prospering right in front of their noses.

    More of DM’s brand of followers: ***OT Hate, Truth Concealed***.

    Love the reference to “Nurse Ratched”. LOL

  10. Summer Wind

    These robots are on a short leash. You can see their TA speeding up and up. God, what a horrible life they’ve chosen. So glad I’m me! 🙂

  11. Nurse Rached of One Flew over the Cockoo’s nest is an appropriate handle! Marty – you sure nailed where they’re sitting casewise! Perhaps they’re doing Pre Objectives on their enhancement time at the Orange House.

    The POB sure knows how to assemble the worst of the worst in his private insane asylum to fly to IOB. It’s incredible that if you look up BI or Bad Indicators in the illustrated dictionary, you would find their photos on the definition. Perhaps we will see a video at the next MV anniversary of these guys getting awarded “Heroes of Miscavige” medals!

    Funny videos, they’re still filming themselves and pointedly ignoring the environment and the real world!

  12. Seeking4know

    That old lady looks crazy (one can see it in her eyes) and the Robert guy seems to really not want to be there. There are only on or two John Allender types who enjoy letting their true SP characteristics show.

  13. I wonder if there is an easy way to document and forward the actions of these stalkers to THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS AND NEIGHBORHOOD.

    I’m sure “nurse ratchet” and company would be proud to explain to their non scientology neighbors the actions they take on behalf of their church.

    I bet it would be a real “buzz kill” for the OTAs to know that ever move they made was be chronicalled and forwarded to the “Jones’ across the street.

  14. Damn, their comm cycle clearly demonstrates their level of PTSness. I hope they watch themselves on this blog and have a cognition and escape the suppression. They should just recall back 20+ years ago and I’ll bet they find themselves full of life and excitement. Compare to that video.

    Marty & Mosey – you are doing them a service.


  15. Tom Gallagher

    I think we have a new nickname for Shorty’s ragtag IOB praetorian guard: “The Red Tag Brigade”.

  16. When I announced myself on this blog a guy named Adamo said the following about me,

    I figured it out. Young people stay with the church. Most Scientologists are in their 20s.

    But some old and tired people are joining Mark and Mike.

    Adamo, Take a look at these videos. I think you may have been mistaken.

  17. In my book a degraded being is someone who takes pleasure in hurting others.

    These are not degraded but zombified breings.

  18. Actually you are auditing them and working to help them even as they hassle you. They just can’t see it yet.
    Well Done.

  19. Michael Fairman

    Marty, Marty, Marty, is this is the inanity, the stupidity, you have to deal with on a daily basis? OMG and WTF! All these three or four ineffectual mosquitos can do is buzz around you, They have no sting or bite, and although they have the tape inserted into their brains of the two or three bullet points given to them by DeeEm, which allows them to speak, all I heard was buzz, buzz, buzz. They are like a joke being told ad nauseam.
    Yech! Phooey! and Arrrgh!

  20. Impartial English Girl

    More and more bizarre. Can they genuinely not see how ludicrous they look? Does DM genuinely not see how infantile and self-harming these tactics are?! Such wilful persistence in flogging a long-dead horse in SUCH infantile manners is completely beyond my comprehension (and I have an IQ score of 159 – though that’s not necessarily something to be proud of). Insanity on a massive, MASSIVE scale.

  21. Michael Fairman

    Adamo speaketh through his nether region.

  22. They have been rode hard & put up wet, not enough life in them to do much more then strap on the old DM feed bag of lies, hang their head in submission to the senseless fatigue…… total zombie-vile.

  23. Cowboy Poet

    I don’t know if you might find one of those old pitchers with the Koolaid face on it but I sure wish I had one I could send you.
    You need to set up a small table with a pitcher of KoolAid and some dixie cups on there as I’m sure hot as it is, they could use just a wee bit more.

  24. I’d rather be a squirrel than a lemming. Your stalkers (in their little blue “outfits”) have become a national joke.

    Meanwhile, the blue lemmings continue to jump off the cliff.

  25. “The Red Tag Brigade!” I love it!

  26. 🙂

  27. I happen to know that both Steve Marshall and Robert ( forget last name) are real losers in life with zero confront- this is like sending in some guys who are crippled with alzheimers to fight Muhammed Ali.

  28. Let’s see, if he placed himself where he knew some movie star might show up, day after day, and then accused that movie star of stalking him… ? It wouldn’t get him out of the stalking charge that the movie star would bring against him. In other words, LAME!

  29. Laura: “Old and tired” perfectly describes these people (Bart is not old, but is being paid so doesnt count). You know any one of these people who had been at the July 4th party would have stuck out a million miles. Just compare the faces, attitude and spiritual state of everyone at the Independents Day to Nurse Rached and her patients. OMG

  30. From the Tech Dict:
    Degraded beings find any instruction painful as they have been painfully indoctrinated with violent measures in the past. They therefore alter-is any order or don’t comply. Degraded beings, taking a cue from SP associates, instinctively resent , hate and seek to obstruct any person in charge of anything or any Big Being.

  31. Lemmings jumping of the cliff:

  32. Marty — Apart from the laughs, what most impressed me about these fine, upstanding citizens of the vulture culture is how terrified they are of you. They are in fear. What torture ths must be for them. Leaving their homes to come to IOB, donning slly t-shirts and stalking someone they are very scared of. I guess their documentary is going to be all about the fear and degradation of being a KoolAid bot. They make a point of “setting up their shots” to avoid talking — but the shots are of themselves, documenting their fear (“Doug, where would you like us to stand?”)

  33. Good one, Tom!

  34. theystolemychurch


  35. Not to pile on; but with the exception of the camera-man, these guys look drugged. What’s with the wierd hypnotize, glassy eyed look?

  36. Marty I think you oughtta tell these upstanding koolaids that what they’re not allowed to know is that your blog is huge and often goes viral, meaning, the world at large will see and read about these folks and their low-toned antics, up close and personal. Their names and faces, hell, even the inflections of their voices, will be forever on Google from this point forward. Just another way in which DM destroys formerly good people.

  37. +1

  38. mrinder,

    Maybe they are in fear of Marty because he brings them up-tone. When the video starts, all but one look half dead.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Actually Don the camera boy is a dope smoker; that is how he always manages to be chirpy 1.1 and giggle (and being a non-Scientologist, manages to keep his conscience buried). The others have to down load video to DM all night, then maybe get a couple hours of zs before the inflamed calls come in from McShane and Lublow ordering they drill their new scripts for the next day. They are cult members being controlled by, among other things, sleep deprivation.

  40. I just don’t like the label degraded being.

    “Degraded beings, taking a cue from SP associates, instinctively resent , hate and seek to obstruct any person in charge of anything or any Big Being.”

    Alsoo herein lies a trap. Who decides who is a big being. And having decided this than anyone who speaks against this “big being”i s labeled a degraded being.

    also it contains words as comply and order. Anons don’t like those words

    In my world nobody is a bigger being than me and no-one is a lesser being than me.

    But people do screw up and so do I. And if people behave as total f*cktards that have to be called to accountability.

  41. Very good obnosis.
    They hang around doing nothing even when Marty comes out filming, but the moment he indicates the right item their confront drops and they blow instantly. They have to blow because they can’t have a right indication coming from their supposed enemy (enforced wrong item). The only one that has no charge on the invalidated clear cycle yaps on and doesn’t understand why he has to get in the buggy. I’d love to see their faces when Marty explains how many LRH clears have been decleared by who and why; I think he’ll loose half his stalkers and double his pc’s!

  42. Poor Robert Belcastro. I remember you and you weren’t a bad guy. Too bad you are not allowed to read this. It is terrible that these squirrel busters are the true victims of squirrel Scientology. It seems that there are no terminals of comparable magnitude to the Independents to harass Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie.

    Too all of you still in, there is hope, real Scientology can help. There are spot on auditors waiting for you to help

  43. Or as we say in Crawley, they seem to be a couple of pork pies short of the full picnic.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Hubbard says elsewhere that a thetan can be measured by quality and not by quantity; and that resonsates more with me than what you’ve referenced above.

  45. Very good point, Laura Ann!

  46. mrinder,

    Just noticed you said terror, not fear. That’s even better! Marty is stirring some life into these guys! 🙂

  47. I’ve known Joanne since our early days at the Toronto Org. Haven’t seen or heard from her in decades, but it is her, and I can say she is good person. Sad to see that she drinks the kool-aide. Joanne, Read this and count the outpoints: (including his use of a Hidden Data Line for self-glorification) http://www.scientology.org/david-miscavige.html

  48. Michael,

  49. mrinder,
    You got that right!

  50. LOL, Yep, it is Texas in the summer time!

  51. Watching Eyes

    Also, just for kicks, a few of us are thinking of buying our own town. The town of Scenic, South Dakota is for sale. Yup, the town is for sale. Here’s a link:

    It even has a jail. We’re starting to take & assign posts.
    Carol: the jailer
    Me: I’ll set up animal control
    Ingrid: auditor
    Mike Rinder.: how about you be the mayor?
    Marty: auditor
    Jackson: sheriff
    Cowboy Poet: cattle roper & herder
    Gary Lerner: computer guru

    Note to the dwarf: This town’s jail will be modeled after Sheriff Joe’s in Maricopa County, meaning when your stalkers & PI’s break the laws (WHICH WE’ll SET) they’ll be sent to the jail. The prisoners will be supported on 10 cents/day but will have unlimited ice water and pink underwear.

    Folks, pick your posts. We still need people to run the gas station (currently closed), post office (also closed) & man the saloon (open) etc. We’ve got a whole town to fill.

  52. One thing that really sticks out for me is how they look.
    Look at their skin tone, their eyes and other physical indicators.


    That goes away when you disconnect from the Church of Scientology and do something about your PTS’ness.

  53. I think they are in dread of the next crazy order they will be receiving and that they must comply to or. . .. . fill in the blank with whatever leverage DM has on them.

    But once they realize that DM has NO POWER OTHER THAN WHAT THEY GIVE HIM they will be free and have their life back.


  54. Hee-haw David can be the Electrician.

    Community Garden I/c_________________

    Bunkhouse I/C (for Marty, and Ingrids pc’s)_________________

    music I/C for the Saloon__________________________________

    Training I/c Jim Logan?
    Let’s go for it!

  55. It looks like it’s going to be an outstanding documentary.

    Actually, it could be, but from another angle entirely.

    If someone had access to all the footage from both “sides” and wanted to make a real documentary I think it might be very interesting.

    With the footage the Church has I think they could make another “On a Boat” style music video. Atleast the would be fun to watch.

  56. Marty, you know these guys break the law at least two or three times per day…. tossing a smoke on the ground, – yyou know, stuff like that.

    ML Tom

  57. You are a bully who is stalking them.


  58. Marty,
    I feel compelled to comment as I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. I am not a Scientologist, nor have I ever been. But I am a researcher, and a life long student. I am simply, interested. I am interested in myself and who I am and how to become the “best” version of myself I can. This is why I began to read about Scientology. I want you to know that I commend you for what you are doing for Independent Scientologists-fighting for the basic right to practice your religion.

    I have never witnessed anything like the harassment that you are going through. It is beyond my understanding. If I ever entertained the possibility of doing more than simply researching the COS, it has totally disappeared. This is a shame, because there was a time that I felt that connection. What the current COS has done to you, Mosey and many many others, has made me run the other way. Fast. And I am a bright, valuable, capable person with a good heart.

    Please don’t let them win.

  59. If onley someone dug up that quote.

  60. As a skeptic, I can’t honestly say I believe it could work, but…I really like the idea that, because you have these people as basically a captive audience who have to listen to whatever you say, there is some process by which you could help them/fix them/make them snap out of it.

    I also daydream of showing up in IOB one day, pulling up a lawn chair, and just staring at these people while strenuously not identifying myself. Give them a taste of their own medicine…

  61. I almost feel sorry for them. They can’t even get their reverse vectors right.

  62. Unfortunately, Cat, we have a person, in Mr. David Miscavige, who has redefined the whole Scientology nomenclature. We now have two sets of definitions for words associated with Scientology: Mr. David Miscavige’s, and L. Ron Hubbard’s.

    The whole premise of Scientology is that by applying the technology, people will get better. This is what should happen. People should be able to communicate freely on any subject, should be able to effectively deal with life’s problems, life’s upsets, take responsibility for their own actions, live and prosper despite changes “life” throws at you, and be able to think freely on all subjects, without being held down by fixed opinions or conditions.

    A “Degraded Being” is a person who has been beaten down by life and has given up, blaming others for their situation. These are people who can’t hold jobs no matter what, who “rebel” at all authority (even at their boss at the local McDonalds or Tasty-Freeze), and who can’t get ahead because of “them”. These people exist, and they are not “bad” people, just overwhelmed by life. And, yet, they are still trying to get by.

    The difference between me and Mr. David Miscavige is that I know these people are valuable, can do better in life, and need a hand. They are not to be disdained or held up to ridicule. “DB” is a technical term, and should be used only to ID the case, and discover the steps needed to help the guy out.

  63. Marty, When you tag these, put their full names, if you know them. That way when someone Googles their name, these videos will pop up. A future employer may want to know about what kind of people they are and how they handle conflict.

    Also, it sounds like they are baiting you now – calling you a schoolyard bully, accusing you of stalking them, etc. You just have to laugh. This is the most juvenile behavior I’ve ever seen. I am truly grateful that I left the Church when I did. If this is the kind of person that the Church develops, then I want no part of it.

    They have all the behavior characteristics of a criminal gang. (Ref. National Gang Center)

    Definitional Characteristics:
    Commits crimes together
    Has a name
    Displays Colors or Other Symbols
    Hangs Out Together
    Claims Turf or Territory
    Has a Leader(s)

  64. this is what Maiden Voyage Event is all about….
    and this is what $cientologyst are drinking every day (ex or still)…

    then watch second part….

  65. Cowboy Poet

    There’s no need for roping cattle in a town, ladies. That’s a lame job and if I have too much idle time, I’ll end up in trouble.
    Question: If Jackson gets to be Marshall Dillon, who is gonna be Miss Kitty?
    I’d probably be pretty good around the whisky bar and there, I’d get a few peeks at Miss Kitty too…who knows what might happen.
    Need a card playing Maverick kind of guy?
    Who is up for that post?

    C’mon I need to know now–the mystery is just killin me!

  66. Expelled 4 Life

    I say quit wasting your time with these pions. It’s time to lower the boom on TC.

  67. The duress that these poor lost souls must be under that they humiliate and degrade themselves like this.

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 12…

    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.
    Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

    Obviously not…

  68. TheWidowDenk

    Let’s see … I would be good in the post office, the museum or the hotel. If these were part time jobs, at least to start, I could probably do all three.

  69. We have world class entertainment-Tiz, Placi, Michael Fairman the actor and Joy Fairman the singer.

  70. Wow another “Night of the Living Dead” or “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”!

    Marty I think Nurse Rached from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is unfair to the character since she was more at cause than what’s her name.


    What Total Losers!

    They must be doing some kind of amends project of some kind.

    I mean why would they be following you around in a golf cart all day?

    Don’t these people have PCs to audit?

    But instead they are trying to *stop* you from doing just that!

    Maybe they should take at look at who the squirrels really are.

    I remember a lecture called “A Talk to SH Ethics Officers” where Ron talks about some “EOs” getting a fixation on stopping things and these guys and gal are a perfect example of that.

    Ironically the highest toned individual of the whole bunch is their stoner camera man who’s at least getting paid to be a total moron.

    Guess it pays for a few splifs.


    Any of you lurkers out there reading this who are still “on lines” reading this

    This is what your IAS $$$$$ is paying for!!!!

  71. Don’t these people have jobs or homes or families to be with? Are they being paid by DM?

    I wonder if this is their summer vacation? Bummer.

  72. That’s right Marty, do a contact assist with it.

    It’s a contact assist for all of us watching third flow!

  73. Good grief, those poor people. What awful lives they’re leading. They’re imprisoned by shadows. By shadows!

    I know it’s not this easy, but the truth is that every one of those people COULD, right now, turn around and walk away. Or walk into your house.

    These videos document the agony of being trapped in a cult, unable to get out.


  74. They are most afraid that Marty is right…which leaves them exactly where? No wonder they are terrified!

  75. Sam would make a great Miss Kitty-straight shootin, no nonsense with a heart of gold and I bet can chug some whiskey down and put anybody under the table.

  76. Chris Johnson

    Robert flinched, you can clearly see he’s doubtful. D’oh!

    Thanks for posting, these candid videos are fascinating. I had forgotten how OT’s smoked cigarettes. When under pressure they smoke in the style of craven junkies.

    Capt. Dead Eyes takes an absolutely epic pull off his cigarette in the second clip. I haven’t seen anyone smoke that desperately in years. Amazing body language! That poor fellow definitely doesn’t want to be there.

  77. Hey Cowboy are you up for supplying the steel buildings? Applications are being takien for Miss Kitty. As for the card playing Maverick how about you?

  78. Well it is not much cooler than Texas right now but dryer. There was a little town in Texas that sold a couple of years ago for us hardheads that don’t mind sweating in the summer and enjoy having a pleasant rest of the year.
    I’ll take care of the telecommunications.
    Watching Eyes – That’s cruel. No kook aid. Think about the withdrawal symptoms. Opps – I meant to type kool aid but I think I’ll leave it as it is.


  79. All three posts are yours!

  80. Luis Garcia

    Marty, you made my day. I’m still laughing as I type this.
    Is this the best the COM can muster to combat their “number 1 enemy”? These people look like shit, and can’t even have an effect, any effect, on a fly! They run like rabbits away from you, terrified. No confront whatsoever. Unable to engage you with any communication. And nurse Ratched, OMG!, she is the poster child for those promoting the need for looney bins!
    While this is sad to watch, it’s is also too funny; I mean, everything the COM does these days further confirms what they have become. And it ain’t Scientology, that’s for sure.

  81. Best Line EVER:

    “This guy is stalking us” -Joanne Wheaton

    From the woman wearing a “Squirrel Busters” T-shirt driving a golf cart around a small Texas town with a film crew.

  82. Cult of miscavige robots.

    Golden Age of Tech products.

    You can attain similar spiritual enlightenment too – if you can pay $300,000. Cash or charge?

  83. Ok, what am I missing. 1st off, if this is the best Scientology has to offer, then it is falling harder than a fat kid running down stairs for the ice cream truck. 2nd off. Did this guy really tell you to quit stalking THEM? The people who do not live in your STATE let alone your town/city limits.

    Marty, fill me in, when you were on the other side of this. How did they go about arranging for these kind of idiots to do these kinds of things?

    Are these people trying to get out of bad ethics or RPF or are they truly concerned or are they, as I suspect, being brainwashed with bad material and conned into believing they are helping. And while we all know DM-the CS is the guy really behind it, but he is too Shicken Chit to ever do it himself, so who do they get to actually make these folks do this crap?

    A little insight if you please.
    Bed Man

  84. +1. Thanks Grasshopper 🙂

  85. Cowboy Poet

    Fotunately the CofS is not your only choice. In fact, as you pointed out, it’s really not even within the scope of what one would term a choice.
    More like spiritual suicide.
    I like what you’re after—nothing wrong with that.
    I’m sure someone here can you point in a direction that appeals to your sensibilities.

  86. “Heroes of Miscavige”

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  87. Cowboy Poet

    C’mon, Blondie. Despite her outstanding qualifications, she’s married.
    What kind of a whiskey drinkin, card cheatin slut do you think I am?

  88. The church does not engage on character assassination? Solid evidence that it does, documented within.

  89. Cowboy Poet

    Sign em up!
    Absolute Steel–America’s Easiest to Assemble Steel Building System.
    Translation: You can be comin off a thirty year binge of extra sweet cherry KoolAid and ya still can’t screw it up!

  90. Goalkeepers for the darts team

  91. These robot DB´s are they on a sort of a dm squirrel RPF program?

    Marty, try to offer them the interview the other pitbulls talked about.

  92. The gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train isn’t coming

  93. I now have an iPhone and I couldn’t figure how to work it properly. I hate the terminology of “big beings” and the use of degraded beings. It was misused rampantly at the int base as I’m sure it is everywhere else. I wholeheartedly agree with CD here – when that DB label has been pushed on one enough, I do not wish that on anybody. Having said that, they all look zombified and the dead eyes, very creepy and sad.

  94. martyrathbun09

    I didn’t. Love the analogy with the ice cream truck.

  95. Yes, and that would be a technical observation 🙂

    They do indeed look like shit. Dead eyes, no sleep. This is the Tejas RPF.

  96. Yep – we are all big beings. Even the so-called Squirrel Busters. That’s what makes them sooooo sad.

  97. And I want to add that it is not just me, but well-meaning true Scientologists who know people of all kinds can do better in life, and are not forever stamped with labels like “DB,” “PTS,” “1.1,” “1.5,” “List 1 RSer,” or even “SP.”

  98. Simon Bolivar

    I wish one of them flees into your house to get some sane auditing. What a PR for the church it would be 🙂

  99. For the Red-Tag Patrol:

    “Relax, said the NightMan, we are programmed to decieve; you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…”

  100. One of the fabulous benefits of training to be an auditor and then auditing lots of hours is that one gains the ability to just be somewhere near another being without having to mock up any energy to do that. One is totally free from the mechanics of Grade 1 – not having to mock up oneself into a solid terminal and not having to use ridges to “anchor” somewhere. All of the best auditors do this easily.

    So, what I observer when I watch these guys in the videos is just the opposite. Poor Robert is trying to figure out where to stand without changing the distance between you two so that the solid ridge he was putting out there wouldn’t disintegrate, especially when you you just walked right through it. It looked like he was startled when that ridge collapsed back onto his space.

    This type of stuff is so easy to clean up.

    I’m just left with a “Wow! These folks don’t even know what Scientology can do for people anymore!”

  101. Robert, in your “failed Cases” video, is littering. He throws out a cigarette right on the ground. What a disgusting being.

  102. Watching Eyes

    I hadn’t even thought of telecommunications. The job is yours!

    I see we still need a community gardener I/C. I think there’s a restaurant too; we’ll need a cook for that. We need a hairdresser/barber too.

    ps. I just bet the little dwarf has already has a mission en route to the airport to scope out Scenic, SD. Just think: checkmate….no more game.

  103. Tony DePhillips

    IF these are the pillars of mud cabbage then his “fortress” is crumbling fo-sho!!! They are laughable!!
    Mudd cabbage is the king of the DB’s. And yes, some people ARE degraded.

  104. Uh, no. On the other hand, you have been told Scientology is a cult for years and years, so it must be true.

  105. Unbelievable… I seen softer concrete than those cases.
    Tic toc, to committ overts that close to truth is a thetan death sentence better than most, such silly, silly people.
    Thanks Marty, but I do hope your neighbourhood gets disinfected soon

  106. So, are these folks in “lowers” with the church, making ammends, or are they “VIP’s” receiving actual pay for their time? That’s what I want to know…

  107. Tony DePhillips

    I couldn’t help but see the similarities to this clip and the cult of cabbage and his idle morgues. Lot’s of hoopla and then the crash. LOL!!

  108. I’ll run the restaurant/galley and be the examiner on the side.

  109. CD, maybe lost in translation?

    You don’t think that to “zombify” someone, you would have to “degrade” them?

    verb /diˈgrād/
    1. Treat or regard (someone) with contempt or disrespect
    2. Lower the character or quality of

    I would say these people are being degraded pretty severely by DM and the CoS. Their pride,their dignity, and their ability to function intelligently has been severely eroded or suppressed.

  110. Ingrid, I like it. Sam would make a great Ms Kitty!

  111. Good point Bryan U.

    If they are not allowed on the Internet, do these folks have any idea their degraded behavior is seen around the world on Youtube, as well as posted on blogs?
    Some of their neighbors back home might already have seen them!

  112. Marty,

    The OTAs being sleep deprived explains the dazed and “comm-laggy” fog that they are in; looks like ole fasion “pie face” to me. They should trade their squirrel busters gear in for DM approved “pie face” shirts.

    After watching that short video a strong case could be made that being a dope smoking non-scientologist (the camera-man) is better for your mental health than being a scientologist operative at the end of DM’s OSA whip.

    Welcome to life working for the boss – I wonder if it’s as glamorous as they (OTAs) thought it would be?

    Church faithful may think these destructive, ill-conceived, bad for church PR, stakling posse’s are isolated instances of bad judgement on DMs part. Hopefully they begin to realize these actions are a mere window into who this man is, how he operates and what he is really about.


  113. Michael,

    …given to them by DeeEm….
    The better spelling of that is DuMb.

    The dead fish eyes on these guys is the internal dialogue “don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen”.


  114. Batty?



  115. Tom Gallagher


    I sense it will happen ‘overnight’ fast. Liken it to a waterfall phenomenon or effect. It’s really now full on.

    The crew shown above are deep down screaming for an exit plan from the POB cyanide-laced punch. IMHO.

    One truth is: A being knows.

    Could it be anymore in your face?

  116. I hope these poor, mislead and lied to COS members reach out to Marty for help. As we can all see they really need it!!!!!

  117. I’ll be the Town Librarian.

  118. Robert Earle

    Ingrid you need to give me a flunk on the benchwarmer ID test. That is Steve Marshall (Mr Noname) and he’s even listed on the Scientology spy list of 14 june here…he’s from Denver.

  119. That was quick–no stacks of “I won’t sue you forms” that are totally unenforceable?

  120. There’s the bully Joanne? Don’t subject yourself to the torture any longer then. Go home. Or are you hanging around in the hopes that Marty will get that invalidated Clear thing handled?
    You only have to ask you know.

  121. I am not in your shoes but can’t you and Monsey not ignore these protesters? Why going into confrontations?

    Is that woman really a nurse?

  122. Robert Earle

    I only live 20 minutes from the airport and I can watch for them and stalk them as they head down to Scenic.

  123. This is insane! They are walking dead, Red Tagged Gang is perfect name and they are completely petrifide of you Marty.

  124. Freedom Fighter

    Yes, the overt doth speak loudly in accusation, doesn’t it? Too bad they’re too cut off to see it.

  125. One of these days, perhaps these future Ex OSA volunteers would testify what each of them did to “enemies” violating human rights and their own Way to Happiness:

  126. Marty, it looks the Squirrel Busters were hanging around the local general store this morning waiting for YOU to show up to accuse YOU of stalking THEM and hop into their golf cart howling “Stalker” and taking off! Marty, those church members are bunch of f******g queers. I am afraid they may anger some of the local townsfolk with their activities down there and then what “Texas Busters”? In my opinion you did the right thing tell him to get a life. He should take your advice and if he doesn’t well then maybe I will write him and tell him, he should take your advice! 🙂

  127. That is if he’s welcome there after the owner’s find out what they were doing there loitering like that. Loitering is a crime you know in many states.

  128. Although it is a classic “personality cult” in the same mold as NorthKorea, where the Dear Leader is actually worshipped as a superhuman being (that’s the official line, anyway, and just as in the CoS, no-one dares to disagree), I have been thinking of the CoS more and more as a “hate group”. At least from the top down, that is what David Miscavige has been fashioning it into.

    And it also has all the characteristics of a “gang”, as Sue points out.

    Fascistic thuggery by any other name….

  129. Robert Earle

    Here’s the place you picked….don’t know if you really want to relocate here

  130. I said that Laura Ann someplace else on here. Don’t you just know it? 🙂 What are they doing there really? Who are they really? Other people are not allowed to ask or know? It’s shame that is what a “Squirrel Buster’s” life is like. I would rather keep my job. We haven’t had any problems with squirrels yet, except the one’s that were digging in the tomato patch in the back! 🙂

  131. Cowboy Poet-More importantly, you’re married

  132. mrinder, recently a very sucessful local Chinese business man told me he was sick and tired of young people with no experience, no goals, no maturity and no stability coming to see him about jobs and money. Youth, well being young means one is young, but that is not necessarily what people who can help one make things go right need and want. That is almost too funny that first the Church of Scientology was for the able, then it was for the wealthy and able, and now it is for the young, wealthy and able. Does breast size enter into the picture or at all or is it like Samantha Domingo may have inferred something that stems from David Miscavige’s deep sexual troubles. Most likely.

  133. It would be something beyond words if the church began recruiting auditors for the Flag NOT’s HGC and the minimum requirement was Size 4 – 36 D.

  134. yes, big draw off the cig – right in front of the propane tanks!!!!!!

  135. Michael Fairman

    Sinar, that day’s a comin”

  136. Michael Fairman

    By the way Karen D got hold of this video and sent it to me

  137. Okay, they are beings being degraded.

    Taken to a lower or degraded level of existance/functoning

  138. I know Paulien-Good for her

  139. And I want to ad who am I to tell you or any other what to say or express. Thank you for the debate.

  140. Fellow Traveller

    Can Miss Kitty be double hatted? I’d love to see Sam as Justice of the Peace.

    Bruce Pratt

  141. Watching Eyes

    LOL. “Scenic” it’s not. But lets let the dwarf send a mission in there because he really doesn’t know if we’re buying it or not, does he.

  142. Hip Hip Hooray, I hope she has people around her to help and support her.

    Great Show Ex-OSA Spy, Carry on.

  143. Note to Miscaviage:
    Note to Mr. Miscaviage:
    Not having gone past the 6th grade, SIR, I think you should look up some terms, because your “documentary” of Marty and Mosie are making you and your “documenters” look about as moronic as anybody I’ve ever seen (I’ll start you out with the first term– Moron: a term for “somebody with significant learning difficulties and impaired social skills”; Source: Encarta Dictionary.)

    I can’t see someone as vain as yourself wanting to look like the stupid Moron that you do, so look these words up too: Documentary (especially look at the part that says it should include INFORMATION because I can’t see what information you are gathering on Mary and Mosey that really is informative); Information; Undignified; Indecorous; Inane; Harebrained; Unbalanced; Unhinged.

    Now those are just for starters, Dave. It would seem that your dearest friends might want to look these up too, since you all seem to be drinking the same Scotch and sleeping in the same bed. This is hurting them, too, but I guess they don’t know it. Meanwhile, Marty and Mosie are making shards out of your golf-carted puppets.(Geez, they look TERRIBLE) The media is having a heyday with all of you and you are not getting your desired results, it is obvious. So why don’t you smarten up a little and get those wooden numbskulls out of Texas?

  144. I recomend reading “one flew over the coockoo’s nest”

  145. That’s confusion!

  146. TheWidowDenk

    I like it! By the way, I can pick up that community gardener hat. L, Rachel

  147. It doesn’t look like they even want to be there. The carrot being dangled in front of them must be pretty damn special.

    Do these guys think they are free?

    By proving themselves “worthy” of “freedom” by being successful slaves?

    These are lost and lonely souls.

  148. Michael,

    You should start seeing a lot more of this in the next while.

    Not everyone in OSA is a souless robot and after a while they can no longer justify their overts any longer.

    These guys camped out in front of Marty’s place look like they are taking that route as I type.

    In the last vid.

    They didn’t even acknowledge Marty’s presence.

    Now they seem to key out ever so slightly when Marty says hello and even reply except of course “Nurse Rached” who reminds me of an old GO terminal I once knew who could never make case change….

    Gee I wonder why?

    Yet in the coup’s infinite and boundless wisdom they got rid of everyone else and kept her on staff.

    Go figure????

    Anyway if this is the best they can send out to handle such an existential threat as Marty.

    All I can say is that OSA must be spinning in like a top outta control.

  149. Little Miss

    Guys, I’m loving the replies on these threads lately and the guest writers. Some of the responses are hilarious and pure genius. It’s nice to see the humour through all the crap that is dished up.

    What I’ve known is if you blow Co$, you become a bigger person because you have to deal with all of this toxic waste. Marty, you are one strong man to have these mental patients come round and ruin your day – all on a regular basis. Thumbs up! I am in disbelief to see how things are really getting worse.

  150. The lights are not on and there is no one at home. Looks like they are doing a condition to come up from death. Is this the uptone Scientology activity that LRH intended. Really? If this was shown at an event would Scientologists in good standing want to be represented by this bunch.

  151. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I love the first line of the video… “I’m dead now. But it wasn’t always that way.” Sort of like the Cof$. Oh wait… IT IS JUST LIKE THE Cof$!!!

  152. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I wonder what kind of Internet signal we could get there? We can set up the wireless hotspot in Miss Kitty’s Saloon. Most of us would be gathered there partakin’ the fine spirits and being with fine spirits. 🙂 — boo, y’all

    I can see Mike and Marty at the poker table. Miss Mosey watchin’ the two trying to cheat each other but laughin their asses off trying to withhold. Who’s that playin the piano? A little honky tonk? Hey! We can get davey to be the town drunk!!!

    Is there a newspaper? Who’d run that? Any takers? Oh… what about an undertaker? There’s lots of dead eyed souls wearin blue squirrel t-shirts.

    Oooo.. what about a blacksmith? Hey Cowboy Poet, you know any blacksmithin? Can you shoe a horse (I bet you can)?

    Jackson would make a great sheriff! You can bring your own guns. 🙂

    Carol, if you’re gonna be the jailer, are you gonna be the one to brew the really, really bad coffee for your “guests”?

    Hmmm… Mayor Mike. I like that. You’d look good in a bowler hat and fancy t-bone neck tie. Miss Cristie on your arm as you make your rounds.

    Oh, hey what about a livery stable? Also a general store?

    Damn, there’s no shortage of jobs in sunny Scenic, SD. Another plus is having Mount Rushmore in the state!

  153. Gradients of cases: the degree to which the person is overwhelmed by the bank.

    Responsibility: the area or sphere of influence the individual can rationally affect around other people, life, mest, and the general environment.

  154. The farmer who can’t get compliance of his workers to harvest the crops will not bring any products tot the market so we’ll be hungry. Police that can’t control traffic will yield jams and accidents. Judges that can’t control crime give us a criminal society. Doctors that can’t control disease yield a sicker society. Quality of compliance and control monitors conditions in life; it can even improve those who are controlled because they in turn will increase their willingness to control their environment and take more responsibility and get promoted. That quality also has a negative vector; you can ask Davey all about it.

  155. Tory Christman

    Those things, pretending to be people, pretending to be Scientologists,
    were never—-ever—part of ANY group *I* belonged to, and I doubt they
    were part of any group *you* belonged to. This is a new product from Davey
    boy—called “Cleared Cannibal” —and they’re proving it, daily.
    Bring Gum next time, Marty.

  156. .a couple of pennies short of a shilling

  157. Isn’t that just doing the job you supose to do. I find it implicit of any task you take upon you or are given in a work enviroment to do your best. Not that I fail at times an maybe even fail hard. To be balanced word from an outsider looking in:


  158. I like Grasshopper Speak! (You know exactly how to say the truth with manners. 🙂 me… well I’m just a villager with bearing burning sticks. 😉 .)

  159. typo… I’m just a villager bearing burning sticks. 😉 .) (need coffee… )

  160. Totally out of PT. You can almost see their minds turning flip flops trying to get out of their trap. They are stuck looking at someone else’s pictures/implant. Can you say “davey”?

  161. The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.

  162. How can you do your best if you can’t control your tools of trade? How can a stewardess get everybody to fasten their seat belts if she gets no compliance? And I don’t think it’s implicit that kids automatically act like “good” students.

  163. scilonschools

    “It doesn’t look like they even want to be there”

    No somebody has spent alot of energy ‘Rattling’ their ‘squirrel cage’ abd making their lives hell, then opening the door towards Marty & Mosey, telling them they are the single cause of their worries.
    They feel they have to ‘handle’ Marty for their very survival!!

    Standard Brainwashing

  164. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    That’s just scary. How much of man’s “self determinism” is a result of environmental cues do you think? There a parts of my own life that I look back on and see how much influence was brought into my decision making by what I was listening to or hearing and seeing at the time, and to be honest some of those decisions were not very clever, no wonder. IAS anyone?

  165. Brainwashed. They are brainwashed, even though that is an odd term to use in the light of L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries about people and problems they encounter living and solutions. Brainwashed against anything that would stop them from stopping Marty. Doesn’t that just sound crazy? I have yet to see one minute of reel or preview from this alleged documentary they are filming. Documentary about what, about whom? I could live with myself in the mirror if I had to wake up in the morning and report my Squirrel Buster stats for “Commander Miscavige”. Commander Miscavige? What commander? He isn’t. What do the Squirrel Busters put is their stats each day anyway? Name one? What stat? Name it.

  166. I am sorry, a type, I meant “I COULDN’T live with myself in the mirror”.

  167. “Monsey”
    “really a nurse?”
    You are a moron…

  168. I didn’t like the way she was told that her time to express herself had expired. I wanted to hear her talk more about what she did for OSA.

  169. UFO lands. Alien beings get out and meet squirrel busters.
    One says, “No intelligent life here.” They leave.

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