David Miscavige and Tom Cruise: Psychopath and his Movie Star Pal

Please click here to see the story – including Australian TV link – of Lana Mitchell calling David Miscavige out for what he is.   Straight-forward, factual, measured and to top it off at the end a correct indication.  Thank you Lana.  Your journey continues to be an inspiration to us.

Transcript of Interview


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  1. “David Miscavige and Tom Cruise”

    Proof that INSANITY is A contagious disease (how is transmitted?)

  2. It’s a one two punch continuously with this blog and Village Voice.

    Thank you to Lana for the clear and articulate way she presents what happened to her.


  3. Great interview Lana! Thank you for speaking up against these clowns.

  4. Lana, good on ya mate! 🙂 Thank you! Thank you! Great job. You are a wonderful speaker and you exude honesty and sincerity in this piece. Well done!

  5. Hey Lana,

    Good goin’ and thanks for helping keep the light shining on the the excesses of that nasty little shrimp and his whacko movie star sidekick…

    Vic Krohn

  6. Wonderful job Lana. Calm, intelligent, clear eyed and photogenic — the new Australian spokesperson! Congratulations, and thank you. And extra congratulations for completing OT III. You are demonstrating those abilities. You go girl.

  7. +1. Congratulations Lana! You are an unstoppable force.

  8. #Occupy Scientology

    And unless the Federal Government of the United States of America investigates why the FBI investigation into the Corporation of $cientology was squashed, we can assume that they are quite happy that tax payers money is being spent in support of this obscene misuse of tax exemption.

    Never mind, we are Occupying Scientology, and people everywhere are waking up. Soon there will be very little left for the Corporation of $cientology to feed off. All the best and most able people have already left.

    The Vampire organization is contracting and shrinking, and has no Theta (life force) left. The more people wake up and stop feeding it, the more it continues to contract and shrink into a solid little Black Sun, floating out in space, disconnected from Life, the Universe and Everything.

  9. References for your inquiry:

    Dianetics: The Original Thesis, Chapter “Aberrations”
    Dianetics: The Evolution of A Science, Chapter “Technique and Application”
    Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mentak Health, Chapter “Contagion of Aberration”

  10. “In a cold and calculating way he is working to destroy my religion”
    Stone the crows you slugged that blown-eyed mullet right in the mush! – he’ll be spitting the dummy now!
    Your blood’s worth bottling Sheila!

  11. Is this a twitter hashtag?

  12. Lana, you did a brilliant job. You are a very articulate and credible person. Thanks for the lamb roast!

  13. Joe Pendleton

    Quick comment on the point made in the Voice story about TR bullbait. Usually I just chalk these comments about TR0 to ignorance of people who have never done them. But you know, I think the point is true in some respects. In 2006 when I underwent my “ethics handling” and had various SO members (usually teens) screaming at me, demanding money, threatening to expel me, etc, I was very proud of my TR0 and my ability to just listen without reacting, keeping a high level of affinity, acknowledging all that was said to me, etc. I felt I was truly a product of the Pro TRs course (and had been a successful auditor as well). Now I realize my response was VERY inappropriate to the circumstances. I didn’t want to show “HE&R”, but the truth is that by doing what I did, I just validated their behavior as OK and so encouraged it to continue. I should have let out a ROAR and caused THEM to flinch if they ever thought of doing that to me again. Put that in the back of their little minds. I’m very physically UNviolent, but a broken nose here and there would have been a very theraputic thing to cause. Believe me, if someone would have floored Miscavige the first time he was out of line, it might have been the last (especially if done in front of other people and let others know what THEY could do too). TRs are for auditing and life and come in VERY handy in many tough situations. But the Church of Scientology DOES condition people to let themselves be terribly abused and don’t you think that Miscavige and his co-dependant automatic overt machines (disguised as mild everyday earth folk) don’t know this. Sorry to have to say the above, doesn’t make me feel good to realize that. Heber Jentszh, Marc Yager, Guillame Leserve, etc etc etc – see the very sad state beings of some stature eventually wind up as – snivelling ass kissing circuits, when they are conditioned to “behave.” You know, after they have had a few “reality adjustments” (severely or not).

  14. Wow! Thanks Lana!
    This is the perfect example of how you are made responsible for and cause over everything that ever happens to yourself and anybody and everybody in this universe. It’s psychotic! And it’s really just blame and punishment.

  15. I support you Lana. I watched the interview and the response from RCS. Your stories are far more credible than the other side.

  16. Lana, presented very well. Thank you! the only way this insantity will stop is to come forth and publish it, well done. Oh and congratulations on your farming award, someday I hope to visit your farm.
    L Carol

  17. Sam — did you find an Ocker dictionary online?

  18. Well you know, at ILO in October 2004 we were all read a telex at muster exhorting the masses to travel to Madrid for the opening of the Idle Org and stating unequivocally that “the two most important thetans on the planet – COB RTC and Tom Cruise” would be attending and speaking. What incredible arrogance and conceit. is it any wonder that Shrimp #1 (POB) destroyed a dedicated SO Member for serving a bad shrimp to Shrimp #2 (TC)?

  19. OS,

    There is another petition currently with over 11,000 signatures to Obama to take other signed petitions seriously:

    “we petition the obama administration to:
    Actually take these petitions seriously instead of just using them as an excuse to pretend you are listening

    “Although the ability to submit petitions directly to the White House is a noble and welcome new feature of the current administration, the first round of responses makes blatantly clear the White House intends to just support its current stances and explain them with responses everyone who has done any research already knows.” …


  20. Joe: It’s very true.

    As social beings we endure abusive relationships and groups MUCH longer than is healthy.

    I’ve heard buddhist teachers tell people to run, don’t walk away from abuse and admonish students for staying well beyond what is sane because they feel their own sense of responsibility for the abuse heaped on them.

    I recently had the displeasure of someone calling me after 15 years or so of silence and then have them SCREAM abusively at me. I calmly told them that it was a ridiculous way to communicate and only made me feel sorry for them. I then invited them to come live with me once they left the cult.

    She flipped out BUT she’s never called again


  21. Lana – you did great job . Also congratulations on completing OTlll.

  22. Sinar,

    Clicked on the link to sign, but… it currently isn’t available. Isn’t that cute?

  23. Great job Lana!! It was a pleasure to meet you this past Independents Weekend in Texas.

  24. OnceUponaTime


    I never met the guy, but didn’t he have a bully’s radar for those he could get away with attacking? Those whose hands were tied, so to speak. It’s hard to hit back when your hands are held behind your back.

    I imagine a lot of people would love to meet up with him again for a second go. Wonder how his approach to life is going to work if he gets sent to prison, when he has no leverage over Jacko The Cruncher. Ouch!

    I wonder if we kept mocking him up in prison….

  25. Lana,

    Loved the flowers. I’m going to have to look into them.

    And since the world is full of friends you haven’t met yet….

  26. Good job Lana!
    Thanks for telling it like it is.

  27. HereNow,

    Isn’t it ironic that a shrimp got a shrimp in the presence of a shrimp?

    Almost homeopathic.

    Who would have guessed that the equal and opposite reaction to a shrimp would be a shrimp?

  28. Barney Rubble

    Very credible interview. Lana did her job very well. The C of DM response just blows my mind. They just don’t get it. How long can you hide in a corner and deny, deny, deny with such antagonism. Even a 8 year old sociopath boy can’t keep doing it. There will be too many flames to put out. Dave- better find a well built bunker to hide in- you’re going to need it.

  29. Austrailia…shrimp…Hmmm, this is all Paul Hogan’s fault!

  30. top of the vale

    Very Very Well Done Lana!!! Telling it like it was/is! You came off brilliantly in the interview.

  31. Tony DePhillips

    Good on ya Lana!!
    I hope muddcabbage chokes on a shrimp.

  32. Karin Pouw’s letter of 100% utter denial of EVERYTHING Lana stated is… well can’t find the right word for it – it needs a new word. I’m calling it “outragical”. By combining the concept of outrageous and comical we hence have the new term for the incredible PR machine of the Church of Scientology and Karin Pouw – OUTRAGICAL!

    Here’s Karin’s response:

    Dear Mr. Seymour
    I have received your eleventh‐hour questions concerning a show you intend to air within hours. Best journalistic practices require providing someone a meaningful opportunity to respond. It is clear you have no interest whatsoever in our answers and that you never intended to give the Church a chance to respond to the unsupported and untrue allegations you raise.

    The claims that the Church undertook any investigative actions concerning the creators of South Park are false. In any religion, there are those individuals who may choose to leave for any manner of
    reasons. Lana Mitchell’s departure from the Scientology religion is no different.

    Mrs. Mitchell was a volunteer member of the Church’s religious order before leaving of her own accord in 2005. Her versions of events are unequivocally denied. In 2010 Mrs. Mitchell sought to become an active Church member again and repudiated the false claims she had made on the Internet.

    Contrary to your allegations, Mrs. Mitchell and her husband hosted two Church staff members at her ranch who were assisting her to resolve her situation at the time. The visit was very cordial. That she is now bitter and joined a group of anti‐Scientologists and makes up wild and
    untrue allegations about the Scientology religion and the Church she used to be a member of is unfortunate. One must ask why she waited seven years to suddenly “remember” these “terrible” experiences which contradict what she said and did in all those previous years.
    Every religion has its detractors and Lana Mitchell’s stories have come at a time when the Church is experiencing the greatest period of expansion in its history.

    The allegations you have put forth are false and denied. Having left more than seven years ago, she knows nothing about the Church of Scientology or its ecclesiastical leadership. Her statements are unfounded. Ms. Mitchell’s disagreements with the Church of Scientology are not isolated to the Church or its management. She disagrees with every Scientologist, her former friends and the Founder of the religion. Apparently Ms. Mitchell disagrees with everyone except her new apostate “friends.” For more information, please see Freedom magazine,
    The Posse of Lunatics at http://www.freedommag.org/special‐reports/sources.html.

    The Church remains true to the Scripture of its Founder and when individuals violate the ecclesiastical procedures for settling their differences, they remove themselves from the community of Scientologists. This was Ms. Mitchell’s choice and her loss.
    The Church of Scientology is expanding at an unprecedented rate. It is doing so across the world. Just last week, the 25th Ideal Church of Scientology opened its doors in the United States, in St. Paul Minnesota. It was hailed as a “mega‐center” in downtown and a place where anyone can come to learn about and experience the Scientology religion.
    Next week another Church and Community Center will open its doors. At the beginning of this year, our Ideal Church of Scientology of Melbourne cut a ribbon and has expanded its community service by a factor of four in only a few short months.

    The Church is active in disaster relief throughout the world and in Australia; our Truth About Drug initiative is the broadest and most successful non‐governmental drug awareness program in the world today. We work to improve education in Human Rights and to restore the moral fabric in society. And we do so seven days a week, 24
    hours a day. These are the things the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion does and the Church is proud of its record of accomplishment.

    Today Tonight may continue its biased reporting of unfounded and unsupported allegations by a handful of apostates. That’s all this is. Today Tonight has proven that it utterly ignores the Australian Broadcasting Code and flaunts it at every opportunity. The Church of Scientology will continue to work to achieve a world without crime,
    without war and where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights. Anyone who wishes to find out more about the Scientology religion may find the truth at http://www.scientology.org.

    I request that you use this statement in any program you may plan to air and that you post it on your website nonetheless. This statement does not alleviate Today Tonight of its responsibility to accurately report the news.

    Karin Pouw

  33. Tom Cruise has no impact on my life. He is a Hollywood actor – pure and simple. He does little outside this job for the community (including Scientology) or the world outside of his job.

    People keep saying that Tom and David Miscavige have an unnaturally close friendship. What does this mean exactly? Are they gay and sleeping together? (Not a criminal or immoral act in itself, in my opinion.) Or is Tom Cruise the only friend of David Miscavige and there is an unnatural and unhealthy obsession going on there.

    Lana – You are an amazing woman.

  34. Amy and I had both been in the Sea Org for almost 3 decades. During that time we had developed close friendships with many other veteran Sea Org members who I knew to be very dedicated and competent.

    A few years after getting out of the Sea Org we started traveling and connecting up with old friends – thanks to the internet. I’d say that we met with about 25 ex-top level Sea Org members. Each had their own story of how their Sea Org “career” had come to an end. The thing that AMAZED me was that David Miscavige was the person behind driving each person out.

    The more I stepped back, the clearer things became. Who destroyed the Mission network? Who sent in the Finance Police to destroy the biggest orgs in the 1980’s? Who kept LRH pinned down with false information and never ending court cases? Who destroyed International management? Who destroyed the Central Marketing Unit? Who introduced technical arbitraries like “3 swings to an F/N? Who over saw the ruin of Lisa McPherson? Who created all the off policy “direct donation” campaigns?
    Who turned Freedom magazine into Mad magazine? Who reimplemented
    “disconnection” in LRH’s name in the 1980’s? Who is using OSA, public Scientology dupes and PIs to silence and ruin anyone who might expose their crimes? Who has been driving Scientology into the ground while living like a king on tax exempt “donations”?

    It’s hard to say what might have been without David Miscavige.

    Thank you Lana for having the courage to publicly say what you have experienced and observed.

  35. Lana, absolutely agree; you are a natural as the Australian spokesperson.

    I was thinking what a difference a year makes! People are just doing things. Some people are doing behind the scenes stuff, and some are doing media like Mike and Lana, but none of this, ‘we need orders/org board.’

    Cream rises to the top!

  36. Jethro Bodine

    What I don’t understand is how Miscavige knew that one particular shrimp poisoned Tom Cruise while the other shrimp didn’t “poison” the other people like Miscavige? Also, how did Miscavige know it was food poisoning and not just a random case of diarrhea:

    The Basics of Diarrhea
    Diarrhea describes bowel movements (stools) that are loose and watery. It is very common and usually not serious. Many people will have diarrhea once or twice each year. It typically lasts two to three days and can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. Others have diarrhea often as part of irritable bowel syndrome or other chronic diseases of the large intestine.

    If Tom Cruise had done The Basics of Diarrhea course as he was tipped, no one would have gotten RPFed. Instead, the shit hit the fan. This is out tech.

  37. Great new word Raul 🙂

    This is really one of the more pathetic responses. Usually these are full of the indignant: “This bigoted apostate has absolutely no credibility, he/she is a self admitted liar/thief/criminal/all around baddie and he/she was removed from all positions of authority due to their inability to follow the astonishingly angelic ethical codes of the church.” Then a bunch more ad hominem attacks on the person, usually with information taken from forced “confessions”/ethics/pc folders and then a series of legal threats. Unfortunately, they apparently don’t have anything to go on with Lana other than “why wait 7 years?” and that this somehow invalidates her information because “she knows nothing about the church today…” (lucky for them I would say).

    And I really like how they threw in the wonders of the accomplishments of POB. Nobody who wants to live long in the RCS would dare send out a “D/A” letter without exclaiming that David Miscavige is responsible for all things that are good and just in the world and the follows in the footsteps of Gandhi, Mandela, MLK etc etc as a human rights champion….

    And I reckon thay have stopped sennding legasl threats to Brian Seymour because they have never followed through on one of them that they issued in the past (they used to send “solicitor letters” threatening legal action) Brian called their bluff, so now they send feeble letters from Karin. Sad.

    But the icing on the cake is this: “The claims that the Church undertook any investigative actions concerning the creators of South Park are false.” Karin, havent you learned not to use lies in PR? This one might come back to bite you in the butt methinks…. Sort of like the Tommy “there is no such thing as disconnection.” Robotically saying what POB orders isnt the smartest move because he says stupid things routinely but has others utter them publicly so he can hide away in his closet and when it all blows up blame the latest scapegoat. Guess you are next in line now Tommy seems to have been put out to pasture with Heber….

  38. LOL – Google is a girl’s best friend Bruce! 😉

  39. OnceUponaTime,

    Yes, who would have guessed? Now riddle me this: Why is it that a non-shrimp serving a shrimp to a shrimp in the presence of a shrimp is the one who gets the shaft?

  40. top of the vale

    Mat, as always, you are spot on with your observations. As the guy who assisted in the eradication of crime in Portland in the 80’s once again your observations and your experience are aiding in the salvation of those who have left the vulture culture. Thank you for what you do!

  41. Is Lynda John’s (SquiB head cam’s) wife? Kind of ironic that she consults on labor laws, according to the latest release from the church http://www.cisionwire.com/church-of-scientology-international/r/meet-a-scientologist–meet-a-scientologist-sometimes–the-best-way-to-help-is-by-saying–no-,c9182272

    “Allender, 52, is a human resources specialist. She owns her own company that consults small businesses on California labor laws.”

  42. Lisa Hamilton


    Your interview was well worth watching. I am very glad you are doing well in life and have a successful business.

    It may be worth it to get a gold prawn made and wear it as a “good luck” charm….just a light-hearted and insouciant idea…..makes me smile….


  43. Thanks for the elaboration Mike – so true.

    As Karin didn’t work at Int, I wonder if she believes what she posts herself. I know she has to state certain things (every statement from the Church reads the same so what name is used to sign is pointless) or probably more likely she is handed 100% of what exactly to say. But as she was never at Int, maybe she even believes what she is saying. It wouldn’t be the first, and maybe that’s why they are using a non-Int spokes person these days.

    You witnessed it on all flows. Tommy Davis witnessed some, though a very small part, and it must have been very tearing on the soul to speak straight lies into the media, and maybe that’s why they are now using a dupe like Karin who may actually believe what she’s writing?

    On a totally different note – take note International Bankers Conspiracy guys and all the rest who are just concerned about the world they live in – Go to this page a sign the petition to remove the corporate/banking-only presence at the G20 meeting tomorrow. At the request of bankers public are not currently permitted. This should be an economic meeting for everyone, not just the bankers and corporate leaders. “No point” some apathetic conspiracy boys may say, but I beg to differ. Masses ARE heard even by the most suppressive, so massive signatures on a petition, especially by Avaaz has impact.


  44. Karin, Karin, Karin…So sad. You have totally lost your integrity. It seems that the thetan has checked out of the hotel, leaving the robot left behind to lie ever onward. How can you with any honesty whatsoever state that something about which you have no first hand knowledge never happened? Truth is, at best you don’t know. And I am positive that you know that the South Park guys were investigated, so one seems to be a flat out lie. And are you really that much of a squirrel to proclaim that the opening of the Ideal Org mega-center in Minneapolis proves Lana Mitchell a liar and that the Church is true to LRH scripture, when in fact the entire process of creating an “Ideal Org” from beginning to end, violates virtually reams of LRH policy concerning building orgs, donations, purchases of buildings, everything? I have an urge to call you a worse name, but will confine myself to sad and pathetic…

  45. As an aside, there’s a great new TV program about good and evil, about games, about being trapped in a game and not knowing it, about reveling the truth to escape the game. Wonderful allegory.

    Guess what it’s called?

    “Once Upon A Time”

  46. Jethro,

    Do not sell DM short (no pun intended.) He also knows a great deal about santorum.

  47. #Occupy Scientology

    Yep, but not from a Twiiter account – maybe one should be started. 😀

  48. Lana, thanks for speaking out. The only poisonous shrimp you served was Miscavige.

  49. #Occupy Scientology

    Sinar, thanks for the update. I cannot say I am surprised, the rabbit hole goes very deep. We are not holding our breath on that one, but it is good that it was done, as it at least records the will of the people.

    I did forget to say that Lana did an excellent job, and that was an excellent, clear picture of the obscenity of the situation (let them eat caek!), nice job by Australian TV.

  50. I don’t think that was a bad shrimp at all.
    Seems to me like it was a prawn of distinction, anything that gives Tom Cruise the shits is a friend of mine.

  51. Now let’s not start wrong-targeting here.
    Clearly it was the shrimps fault.

  52. top of the vale

    Better yet, send one gold plated prawn with a gold plated chain to TC and DM to remind them of that happy moment…..with a thank you note for their kind consideration.

  53. I’m shocked the church hasn’t started handing out fliers with hidden camera shots of Lana secretly baiting unsuspecting celebrities with poisoned shrimp yet. Or stood outside her house screaming “End food-poisoning abuse in Australia!”
    Hope I’m not giving OSA any ideas…
    Hey Karin! (darling ‘KP’) Is it true that you personally blackmailed my ex-husband with an SP declare should he refuse to disconnect from me? Is it true that you tried to get him to agree to get a lawyer to act as a mediator with his children as part of the pressure you were putting on him to disconnect? Is it true you ordered him to come to England and spy on me as part of his ‘A-E steps’? Is it true that for over a year you had Mary Wald pretend to befriend him so that she could get information from him and report back to you? Is it true that you kept tabs on him daily via Instant message on his phone and pressed him for information about who I was in contact with and who I was speaking to? I just want to get my facts straight before finishing up my various media interviews. Please note I’m giving you adequate time to respond…

  54. I seriously doubt that miscavige could have succeeded in his coup or maintained his position of Pope on a Box without suppressives of comparable magnitue who fully agree with his agenda backing him up.

    Karin seems to be just as evil as david is. She probably lives a fairly lavish lifestyle and loves to have all these slaves doing her bidding.

    “Never tell the truth in PR, just use our ill-gotten gains to lie, smear and slander.” That would be their motto. “Have some more cavier…daaaaling?”

    What a bunch of creeps.

  55. Les,

    Karin is in OSA Int and there is no lavish lifestyle for her. Lots of abuse, make-wrong and invalidation.

    I dont think there are suppressives of comparable magnitude surrounding him — just cowed and ill associates.

    I assure you, Karin has no slaves. She IS a slave. And she is just a convenient mouthpiece to be the public face that regurgitates the vomit spewed by POB into his ever-present dictaphone…

  56. Oooh! Forgot a couple more things….
    Is it true that you blackmailed his girlfriend and told her that she would have to end her relationship with him unless she could get him to disconnect from me?
    And finally, is it true that she was ordered to spy on him and report back on the state of our relationship as part of the deal of allowing her to keep her job as the DSA Tampa Org? (and of course the work visa allowing her to stay in the country)?
    I’ll give you a week or two to come clean.

  57. So suche shafte shoulde a syck shoddie shrimp shove, should a shoddie syck shrimp shove shafte?

    (Congrats Lana on your surrendipidous escape to freedom.)

  58. I have added a link to the full transcript of Lana’s interview to the post.

  59. Off the fence.

    The funny thing is, if it was Lana that got sick, she still could have been RPF’d for being PTS. If you’re just Joe public and you get sick, you’re PTS, if you’re Tom Cruise, you were poisoned. Damned if you do or don’t.
    I think Sam is right, Tom Cruise is pts to “shrimps”.

  60. Nice one Lana! 🙂

    Not so nice one Karin! 😦

  61. Tony Dephillips

    Spot on Mat!!

  62. Here is 100% truth once again from Mike! There is no lavish lifestyle for anyone in the SO with the exception of DM. In the past some people in the IASA, ASI and some people at the FSO enjoyed much higher benefits than your normal staff. But all of this was pretty much ended by about 2006. Today there is lavish DM and the rest are ALL slaves to him.

  63. Sam, you’re so thoughtful, giving her adequate time and all 🙂

  64. By the way Mike, my email account has been down for unknown reasons, but when they have it fixed I’ll answer your last email to me which is way overdue.

  65. Hmm. Maybe she’s convenient or maybe… exactly how many people does POB have left?
    Most of his faithful slaves have jumped off of the sinking ship and gone into hiding already – must be exhausting keeping tabs on them all and making sure they stay quiet.
    Karin a word of advice: If you suddenly receive an unexpected ‘promotion’ to the Int base RUN! don’t walk RUN! That way you’ll be set up in a nice little safe house under house arrest – it’s much better than the hole and you’ll be free to come and talk to us when you’ve finished decompressing (I’ve got lots more questions to ask you).

  66. +1 Exactly!

  67. top of the vale

    Mi Mosey, where is that link?

  68. top of the vale

    Oops, got it thanks!

  69. Impartial English Girl

    Sue – I think the same.

    Unfortunately, however, there are those who look up to Cruise as a hero and may be swayed to follow his thinking. I know that one of my younger colleagues at work has regularly expressed admiration for him – even to the point of saying that Cruise is “a god” on his Facebook page. THAT is why his slavish devotion to DM, and his willingness to overlook – or even to be complicit in – the utter abuses of basic human rights documented here and elsewhere is SO poisonous. I have nothing against either of them being gay (unless they genuinely are, after having so vehemently denied it) – that’s their business. It’s the collusion/silence over the ongoing evils that really gets my goat.

    IEG xx

  70. Impartial English Girl

    I’ve just watched the clip. An extremely well put-together piece – Ms. Mitchell is clearly very intelligent and articulate and a most interesting speaker.

    But – bloody hell – if I was Katie Holmes, I’d grab Suri and her favourite toy, and leg it out of there pronto. I wouldn’t even want a PET of mine to be under the influence of – or even in company with – someone who thinks such behaviour as that visited on Ms. Mitchell is acceptable.

    IEG xx

  71. Lana, Not cool you got labeled the WHO for Tom’s PTSness up at Int.
    I’m sure he didn’t get any PTS handling either, that could have been too risky. It might have even offended him if someone suggested it.

  72. Sam — yeah, conveniently all that is left. In the past, she was not allowed to be a spokesperson because she doesnt speak english well enough for POB. But I guess if he dictates a letter and puts her name on it there isnt much problem with her accent….

  73. Gotcha. No problem.

  74. Speaking of short, did you know Charles Manson was 5’2″ and at one point, after some time as a P.C., claimed to have attained the state of Theta Clear? I am considering approaching him on the idea of consulting for me. Giving me some insight into DM’s mind. That would make a fabulous youtube “must see”.

  75. Yes, that is the wife of John Allender.

  76. +1, what keen observation skills you have!

  77. Martin Padfield

    Lana, you speak with eloquence and dignity. Thank you for standing up and being counted. I almost feel sorry for TC though. He seems to have gone so much out of valence he doesn’t know who he is any more. Even the shrimps are out to get him. I wonder if he knew what your fate was after this incident? Or worse did he even originate it himself?

  78. Great job, Lana! The light of truth shines brightly once more despite Karin Pouw’s blinders and cries of denial. CofS is quickly relegated down to the boy who cried wolf level…no one needs to hear the church’s official response…it’s the same old, same old. Never happened, denial, false and evil apostates.

  79. Jethro, You are correct. If two or more people eat the same dish and only one gets ill, then it is most likely something else. Health Departments only act when there are multiple people ill, or the contamination is substantiated by lab results, which specifically detects the organism involved. Also, it takes time for a person to develop true “food poisoning” – weeks, so Tom Cruise could have eaten something a week or two before that was contaminated and the toxins in his body had finally built up to the point where he experienced illness. What people think of as “food poisoning”, unless it is an allergic reaction, is very rarely caused by the meal that you just ate.

    It sounds like they did a very unscientific investigation and merely picked someone to nail for Tom’s discomfort. What stupid jerks.

  80. It is becoming clear to Americans that President Obama is a politician and not much more. The day is coming when Americans begin tuning out their government. Then the fun really begins.

  81. I stand corrected.

    “Please pass the beans….daaaaaaling.”

  82. Sam,
    I completely disagree with you giving Ms. Pouw adequate time to respond!!!

    (I’ve been here with Lana for some weeks now and I disagree with every Scientologist, LRH, my friends, former persons I have met or spoken with, every chipmunk in every park in Quebec, and ummmmm, oh yes, myself.)

  83. When Lana was unfairly busted back in the day, she became the equivalent of dog spit overnight. Look at her now, vibrant, composed, free from overwhelm, productive on all dynamics, award winning horticulturist. This clearly is a person who is no longer under suppression. But she sure was back then. In some bizarre way, that one shrimp unlocked Lana’s future and has led to the wonderful life she has today. Well done, Lana, on seeing an opportunity in a bad situation and taking advantage of it!

  84. This has inspired me to write a screenplay about Cruise and Miscavige; the men, the shrimp, and what the toilet saw….

    Coming soon! Don’t miss – “PRAWN OF THE DEAD”

  85. Carcha,

    My head’s hurting.

  86. HereNow,

    Uh….because giraffes…uh…are taller than chimpanzees, which…uh…ah, the hell with it! Too hard! Chop off their heads! They’re all against me! Find someone I can shaft! I need release from all this suppression! It’s all their fault. THEM! UGH!!!!!!!

    (Getting close?”

  87. Well caught CD! ha ha!

  88. Alexander The Great was probably only about 5’2″ or so also. What is it with these shrimps?

  89. Raul – I’m all heart 🙂 ♥

  90. Thanks Mike. Bryan Seymour was not just well informed on Scientology, but also very interested in our beliefs, philosophies and so on. I am sure it is not the last time we will have him here on the farm. Lovely bloke. Really trying to make a difference and bring facts to light that DM is trying to keep under wraps!
    On OT 3 — I was in the Sea Org for 17 years and never moved an inch on the Grade Chart. I arrived in 1989 as a Clear and left in 2005 still Clear. In the last 6 months, as an Independent Scientologist — I have completed OT Preps, OT 1, 2 and now 3. Delivery was standard, results were outstanding, and wins were life-changing!

  91. Jethro,

    There is some omitted to this cycle with TC getting ill. It was no question about food poisoning as a doctor was needed to be gotten in to see him.

    There were factually two other people (husband and wife) who did the cooking of the shrimp. The wife was my junior and took over when I left in 2001. They left several years ago and I talked to them for a brief period of time, when unbeknownst to me they were spying on me, trying to get data on the Indies and connections etc. The guy blew his cover when he called in to talk (heckle) to Marc Headley during one of Headleys radio shows along with Lisa Huber, ex int OSA sockpupppet. I was able to get some info from them on this cycle with TC getting sick.

    Lana was called a the main Int base Galley to just take the shrimp out of the walk in freezer by the guy and to put it to defrost under running water (correct procedure). That was the extent of her involvement – she had nothing to do with cooking or serving or making sure the shrimp was then properly cleaned, put away and refrigerated prior to cooking, which are much more major steps.

    Tom Cruise at the time was staying at LRH’s guesthouse at the Bonnie View (LRH’s mansion complex) area. Presumedly the food was being cooked at the BV galley. He was doing the (in)famous video for the IAS, which POB single handedly worked on, which showed on the Internet and was the spark that created Anonymous due to POB trying to censor it and get the video on YT squashed.

    What is unknown from having talked to the couple involved is:

    1. How long the shrimp were “defrosting” in running water and if they were properly handled and kept refrigerated afterwards before cooking. Who ever cooked them could know as there are indicators like texture, smell etc. as they’re being cooked if they were off.

    2. Apparently the shrimp were kept “warm” for a while, perhaps an hour or more as TC was not ready to eat it right away and were consumed much later after being cooked and served by an inexperienced young girl who was posted in the Household Unit. ( Note: If properly kept “warm” as required for food safety for an hour the shrimp would probably be rubbery and shrunk.) Foods kept warm but at an inadequate temp is particularly dangerous as bacteria flourishes at the temp and anyone who have made yeast breads can tell you.

    The wrong why and who of Lana is typically completely a POB logic and nutty eval of sorts completely similar to arriving at “the blind leading the blind” why.

  92. Sam – You beaut bonza sheila mate!

  93. Thanks Heather! I enjoyed the lamb rost too!! Bet you are glad we did not cook shrimp!

  94. Michael Fairman

    Thank you for telling it like it was…and is – with honesty and power.
    The image is clear. Miscavige is in a small room — four walls, no door. And one of the walls, unstoppable, is moving closer and closer to him. The wall is truth. The rest is silence.

  95. Oh yeah, DM just opened a new Ideal Org in Lana’s front yard!!!!

    UPRECEDENTED EXPANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Hey Sam — as part of the ongoing mediation with my ex, he tried to get me to sign a document on Tuesday which states that I will never use his first or last name on the internet, in social media, on television or anywhere else AND that I am to cease using the family name Mitchell on any communications on the same mediums. My name has been Lana Mitchell for 22 years and he is stating that he has a right to force me to change my name!

    And do you know why? Do you know why he is so concerned about my use of the name Mitchell? Because if I continue to use the name, his family and friends and associates will connect him with the Church of Scientology — and his view is this will destroy his career.

    This is the same person that went to great lengths to muzzle me and to get me to recant being an indi. This is the same person that was over the moon that his SP declare was cancelled and his freeloader debt reduced to $5000. This is the person who was willing to sacrifice a relationship and split up his family with two small children — all to stay in good with the Radical Church of Scientology. And this same person is so scared and shamed of being in any way associated or linked or connected to the organisation.

    Holy shit. It is pathetic.These people build a life of lies and withholds and then wonder why life is such crap and why they feel so bad. If they just grew a little backbone and actually got honest and straight the sun comes out and you can stand tall.

  97. Li'll bit of stuff

    Reply {….Now let’s not…..}

    Sam, right on both points! I gotta say, I believe its those EYES ! Have you seen those BULGING EYES ??? There’s so much VENOM stashed in those BLOODY EYES !! So, if your’e really dead {pun} set on consuming ANY shrimp,for gawd’s sake, remember to pluck OUT those bloody eyes FIRST !!!

    Lots’a luv , Li’ll bit

  98. Impartial English Girl

    Centurion = genius! Although I do hope you are not seeking to make a shellfish buck or two with a cash-in on an unfortunate bowel-related incident…

    Never mind, my Roman friend. Don’t be “de-turd” – plenty more faeces in the sea…

    I apologise profusely. I couldn’t stop myself… It’s Centurion’s fault…

    IEG xx

  99. Thanks Sinar for filling in a lot of the gaps.

    The whole cycle was absurd. And the bottom line was that if the guy (John Willoughby) who had been cooking for Tom Cruise had been busted for the shrimp, then he would have promptly wanted to route out or would have blown — and his wife, Brigitte, was COB’s Chef. The investigator knew that if she took out one, both would be lost. The couple also knew that their future hung on this investigation.

    Someone’s head had to go onto the choping block — and the fact that I was ex-RTC made me the perfect target.

  100. Jethro – great question. How did he know it was the shrimp???
    All I can say is it takes one to know one.

  101. When you get to the men part, make that the sequel: “PRAWN OF THE DEADHEADS”

    Lana, You deserve all the good you’re finally getting!

  102. OCCUPY!! #occupyscientology #occupyearth #occupywallstreet #occupylife

  103. Dan — you are very right.
    The whole base as briefed that I was a suppressive person and my husband was told he had to divorce me as I was never returning. No matter how many reports I wrote to clarify what had actually occurred, they fell on deaf ears. The reason is that the person who had actually ordered me off-loaded was DM — and no one was going to challange him.

  104. Did Katie Holmes walk out on Tom Cruise? What Scientology documents made her snap?


  105. Karin KaPOW denial sound bite (translation: words put in her mouth):
    Lana’s experience is just one (of thousands) of an “apostate” who “makes up wild and untrue allegations”

    Wild and untrue allegations, eh? This the official party line from an organization that treats real or imagined dissidents thusly: draws horns and photoshops photos of persons they target to vilify them; distributes puerile altered images of persons, including Anderson Cooper; digs through celebrity trash sends stalkers who are on record, filmed looking like demented homeless people to sit and chant in front of “apostate” homes; twist and alter confessional confidentiality to disparage, bribe, discredit, and destroy “apostates.”

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    What is an apostate? Karin KaPOW needs to wordclear it, as does the person putting the word in her mouth.

    APOSTATE: A person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.

    The only thing being renounced by Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Lana Mitchell and the thousands of people speaking out IS –> the violation of the Auditors Code and Creed of Scientology. The abuse of human rights is renounced. Scientology is embraced and used to benefit self an dothers. Period.

    Miscavology, What part of APOSTATE do you not understand? In the words of Lana’s interview:

    “Because he is in a cold and calculating way, working to destroy my religion.” – Lana Mitchell

  106. top of the vale

    Don’t you mean – “DRAWN(disemboweled) BY A PRAWN”

  107. Hey Jim.

    You can’t just go about doing all that disagreeing unless you are willing to experience the consequences. Remember, apparently a single shrimp disagreed with TC and DM got so upset that he eliminated one of his cooks. (Oops, did I say “shrimp”? I meant “prawn” of course.)

    Always remember that everything in this universe is connected… “when a snowflake falls on the wing of a butterfly in Oz, over on the other side of the world it may cause DM to have an enema”.

    Eric S

  108. Lana,

    Fascinating. What is worse about all this is that Philip Mitchell SAW WHAT YOU SAW. He was there while you got smashed. He saw many other examples of the same sort of thing being done to others.

    But he got OUT of the SO, WITH his wife and then had a family (in other words, a lot of the usual “you will never see your wife and children again” threats hanging over someone’s head to keep them muzzled and drinking the KoolAid were not present) and is still acting like a castrated sheeple (note: not merely a sheeple, but the fully emasculated clay demo follower).

    And for all his blind loyalty, throwing away his family and integrity (not to mention his gonads) he is afraid to be associated with that he so slavishly follows.

    Now, that is brainwashed.

  109. Bob’s your uncle.

  110. Tony Dephillips

    I enjoy your logic Sinar. 🙂

  111. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mat, I have read your post a few times over.You really have a ” biggie ” { or maybe a “shorty”} NAILED down here, totally across the board . ” HEY GANG ! COME LOOKEE HERE, SEE WHAT MAT HAS TO SHOW OUR ANATOMY CLASS !!!” V W D!!

    ” Your Scalpel –SIR !!” { watching in anticipation..} Li’ll bit.

  112. top of the vale

    In these two videos I see Marty as Maximus; Marcus Aurelius as LRH; DM as Commodus
    Same story, different time

  113. IEG

    Wonderful. A consummate punster in our midst.

    Eric S

  114. Lil’ Dave, get ready for about a buck and a half a day for your gourmet budgeting.

    Bon Appétit.

  115. Michael, Nice and accurate word picture.

  116. Incredible, Lana! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work. L, Rachel

  117. martyrathbun09

    Brought to you by the same folks who use my name for 31 websites designed to ruin me utterly. The hypocrisy of David Miscavige knows no bounds.

  118. Yeah. My ex tried to get me to change my last name too (most likely the same reason).
    I’m totally up to using my maiden name again… As long as he agrees that I can change our children’s names too… what are the chances?

  119. Oh Lordy
    A combination of Lana and Tigger…
    Now we’re all in trouble!

  120. martyrathbun09


  121. Hummmm…from the article in the V V, “We’re expecting to have more material this week on Scientology’s targeting of South Park, and Katie Holmes will want to pay close attention: additional documents spell out her husband’s role in the operation.”

    Inquiring minds want to know. Just how far will TC go to protect his glorious Pope? After all, TCs Pope on a Box is THE Pope of all that matters.

  122. Way to go, Lana!

  123. I am glad I am not really a fan of either David Miscavige or Tom Cruise. I don’t too many other people that are either. I know there is real truth behind people’s reasons for feeling this way, truth that is quite easy live with. So thank goodness, I am going to be around a long, long time, because this one story the outcome of which, I surely don’t need to miss. 🙂

  124. Duh!
    It was the LFBD item on his 10 Aug!

  125. Sam — Oh you are SOOOOOOO right.
    Two trouble makers — collaborating in more ways than one. Ha Ha Ha!!!

  126. Loyal servant to the true Emperor!

  127. We need co-writers.

    You’re hired. When can you start?


  128. Lana, That was excellent! Thank you. 🙂

  129. Tom,

    That definitely won’t buy anything at his Sushi place (where two ounces of beef starts off at $32) Check out the menu: http://losangeles.menupages.com/restaurants/matsuhisa/menu

  130. Great job Lana. Cool, calm and collected interview.

    Congrats on OTIII. You’re a star!

    L, Scott

  131. Lana, AWESOME!!!!!

  132. Dear Lana, You are a very special person and should bless the day that you served TC the poisoned shrimp for that was the day that you found your freedom. We have all been through some ordeal or other to get free of this monster but even though painful it is well worth it. Thank you for pursuing your dream of the Truth of Happiness thru L. Ron Hubbards tech perservering under very adverse conditions to finally deliver an effective blow to the enemy and find true happiness with the Real Technology. Love Cynthia

  133. one of those who see

    Lana, Beautifully done! I am so sorry you went through such injustice and loss.
    It looks life your life is going great. Well done on Flourishing and Prospering including completing OTIII!

  134. Mike Rinder
    + Beautifully spoken

  135. +1 Right on Mat !

  136. Lana

    Congratulations and High Fives.
    Great interview.
    Indie Ambassador !

    Lana wrote a great Essay worth a read over a year ago on RTC conduct and Miscavige violence

  137. Manson advises Scientologist how to handle evil cult leader.

  138. Just another example of how DM thought he unmocked someone when they just shifted into another lane .

  139. I can attest to everything Lana states- I have had many similar experiences at the FH over many years. The last “duty” I was involved with had to do with serving Thanksgiving dinner to DM & TC in the FH Ballroom 7 or 8 years ago. And “OMG” we served “dry” roast turkey! Too bad they didn’t choke on it. As far as I am concerned, it was the best meal I served as it was the last one I served to those jerks before I,too, left the SO.

    Mr. G

  140. Sinar, if I remember right, the Friday night Sushi order (standard when in LA and also when at Int) required a special messenger to drive and pick it up, and it cost over $200. Only the best for his highness.

  141. one of those who see

    Aesthetic, just like you Michael. Perfect comment.

  142. Even Napoleon Bonapart at 5′ 6″ was taller than these insane jokers.

  143. Joe-as a long time friend I would’ve said GO FOR IT!

  144. When I order Sweet Shrimp out at sushi and I get the deep fried shrimp head I always eat the eyes first an I’ve never gotten sick. I guess naming the little pob as the sp on my case was the correct item.

  145. Another joins the OT Club.

    Very well done on Comp’ing OT-3, Lana.

    Super-duper news !!!


  146. Tony DePhillips

    That’s an amazing story Lana.
    Life is full of shocking surprises isn’t it? I like the way you took the bull by the horns. Looks like your ex has a ways to go yet.
    Tell Jim I said hello or I guess now it’s gud-day.

  147. Hey, I take exception to the short jokes, and I’m not even a guy!

  148. Sue, I disagree. Many different kinds of food toxins exist, with different results, including sudden middle-of-the-night barf-and-shit oh-my-god-I’ve got the flu symptoms. Been there, done that.

  149. LOL Sam!

  150. Great interview Lana-I feel I’ve gotten food poisoning with yet another insane, horrible dm story to stomach.
    I think dm has been very remiss in the celebrity department-It’s just the same ol’ same ol’-I’m really overrun on TC-There has been attrition. How about new blood like kim khardashian?

  151. Excellent interview! Your wins show clearly, congratulations on your progress!

  152. You’re so lucky to have pulled in defrosting a TC shrimp just before his PTSness to Davey blew up. Without that you would not be OT III and not even Clear anymore, you’d be showing similar PTS manifestations.

  153. Li'll bit of stuff

    reply {….DM AND TC…}


    Yup, and unless one “disconnects” {VALIDLY} from the SOURCE, the contagion just intensifies. So if YOU, are ” in ” and just KNOW that something is “horribly wrong” in the “church”, you’re RIGHT ! The redeemer in this, is simply “TRUTH ” {absence of lies! } You will find it in genuine Scientology,founded,developed and offered to ALL,by L.Ron Hubbard, practised,and delivered by Genuine,REAL and recover /ed / ing SCIENTOLOGISTS. So if this apples to YOU, for your SANITY’S sake, check out all the material on Marty’s Blog, compare this to what’s “horribly wrong” and THEN —MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND ! Oh, and as far as your “eternity’ is concerned, find out how “manipulated” this is.

    Lots’a luv & ARC, Li’ll bit

  154. Whenever anyone requests I sign anything, I simply ask them to send it to me to be forwarded to my Attorney for an appropriate Response.

  155. And Fannie’s your aunt.

  156. Yes, and Willow and his wife are now out of the S.O. but still living in the area. Willow drives a truck for a living and he is NOT in comm. Out but still IN, apparently. Or at least still heavily PTS.

  157. Fantastic on completing OT III with such great wins! Thank you Lana for this well spoken and sincere presentation of facts. Well done!

  158. Jethro Bodine

    Yes, my question was somewhat rhetorical based on how I’ve learned on Marty’s blog as to how Miscavige reportedly investigates non-optimum situations. Since POB is a true SP and as such can not trace back an effect to the correct cause, I’m sure any “invest” would go something like this:

    1) Observe a flap.

    2) Immediately find a “WHO” to blame for a flap, preferably someone you already don’t like or is already in bad standing.

    3) Deal out some form of brutal punishment to the “WHO” without any form of justice and/or allow the person to defend himself/herself.

    4) Go get the WHO’s PC folders and cull the outpoints. Find the most embarrassing confessions you can on the 2D and prepare a Golden Rod.

    5) Call an emergency staff muster at the Int Base and give a briefing about the “criminal who tried to poison Tom Cruise”. Make the person stand in front of the muster while PBO berates him/her for two hours.

    6) After the “staff briefing”, immediately route the “criminal” to the RPF at the Pac Base and be sure that his/her 2D immediately divorces the “SP”.

    7) If you’re DM, go back to your “office” and play Nintendo and/or look at Internet porn while you wait for your chefs to prepare you your next gourmet meal.

    Did I capture the gist of the sequence properly?

  159. Good story Greg. Serving “the two most important beings on the planet”. I can relate to you leaving after that.

  160. Sinar,
    Thank you for the details – they shed a lot of light .


  161. TroubleShooter

    THAT’S FUNNY!!!!!

  162. Mike,

    I’m sure glad you didn’t use Philip Mitchell’s name. Because Philip Mitchell apparently really doesn’t want the name Philip Mitchell put on this blog in any way shape or form. So, I’m all for keeping Philip Mitchell’s name off the blog so that no one will suspect who Philip Mitchell is, so Philip Mitchell won’t get associated with the Church of Scientology–nor will Philip Mitchell be associated with this blog, nor will Philip Mitchell be associated with Philip Mitchell’s valence.

  163. Jim,

    Talk about unprecedented expansion! I just woke up, stumbled to the bathroom to drop a deuce, and literally stumbled!

    “WTF,” I asks meself.

    There, where my toilet once sat now sits an ideal org. Fully staffed, with no-expenses-spared Golden-Age-of-Flushing flusher.


    I was thrilled. I could play COB, what with all the attending staff. One by one, I practiced flushing them down. What a rush. No wonder Dave enjoys treating his staff like shit and flushing their lives away.

    And, to top it off, an entire roll of golden rod toilet paper was included, complete with all the catchy suppressive declarations we have come to know and love. Flush a staff member, throw in some golden rod.

    You can just idle away an entire day having so much fun.

  164. ps: Jim, I find your disagreements disagreeable and disagree with all that you said and are. Obviously, reality is agreement, and as a member of the ARC (All Reality Club) I suggest you begin agreeing, or else…

    All of my MEST has been forced into agreement. As nothing but MEST, you MUST also comply. No eleventh hour surprises. Just acquiescence.

    You’ll find that you feel much better not feeling at all. Just imagine being a chair. You can cut off a chair’s leg and it doesn’t feel a thing; it’s just content to take it.

    So, if you truly want to have the freedom envisioned by the ARC, stop disagreeing.

  165. Jethro,

    You get a gold star today.

    Only slight modification is add to point 2) — “or someone who POB feels may be a threat to him.”

    And add a step 5B) “Force the person to “confess” to their “evil purposes” and “bad thoughts” towards POB/Scientology. Make sure to get them to admit to intentions rather than acts as these will be very useful later if they “turn” to “prove” “in their own words” that their entire life is dedicated to “destroying Scientology/POB/LRH” so the sheeple can be kept in line.”

  166. Impartial English Girl

    Thanks Eric and Centurion!

    I can start right now!! 😉

    An exciting opportunity for me, I trust… almost as though my soul is being reprawn…. argh!!! :-O

    IEG xx

  167. TroubleShooter


    Here’s one of the biggest reasons it’s unnatural. Sea Org members are NOT ALLOWED to associate with non-SO members. “Relationships” between Sea Org members and non-SO members is forbidden. Ties to non-Sea Org members are to be severed. Life as a Sea Org member is to be kept confidential. A Sea Org member could be kicked out of Scientology for revealing the conditions and abuses they are indoctrinated into accepting as something that makes them BIGGER BEINGS than non-SO members. To commiserate with, associate with a non-SO member is a very bad indicator that means “you have something to hide, you aren’t committed, you’ve committed harmful acts, you can’t be trusted). ALL non-SO people are to be viewed as lesser beings with out-ethics in order to remain within the moral code the group enforces within the Sea Org.

    Punishment awaits a Sea Org member who befriends and interacts socially with a non-Sea Org member – period. So for cob to be living the life of luxury and lavish the lifestyle of the rich and famous himself and with a PUBLIC is just more perversion of LRH by cob.

    cob HORRIFIED the Sea Org members, staff and public who Scientology is LRH’s tech and policy when he awarded Cruise that medal of valor several years ago now for being “the most dedicated Scientologist he knew”. “Unnatural” is a good word for cob’s relationship with Cruise but one word might not convey enough of the extent to which that relationship IS unnatural so I’m going to add some that express my personal feelings about his relationship with Cruise and cob’s lavish lifestyle which he likes to share with Cruise: traitor, perverted, bizarre, hypocritical, ass-kisser, Benedict Arnold, Hitleresque, aberrant, abnormal, irregular, outrageous, fallacious, queer, controversial, strange, manipulative, spurious, phony, synthetic, parasitic, delusions of grandeur, pretender, a wanna-be, compensator (noun coined from compensate), propitiator, specious, suppressive, evil…whew, the words that describe for me the nature of the UNNATURAL relationship cob has with Cruise goes on and on. cob is supposed to be a Sea Org member, he’s there on the SAME terms as the rest of them. he’s betrayed all of Scientology and more so his group of Sea Org members of which is supposed to be a part of.

    cob could not be more opposite to what Scientology is to a real Scientologist than black is to white. he’s committed the highest crimes against real Scientologists and his unnatural behavior and relationship with Cruise is but one indicator of how deep cob’s crimes really run against us, Scientology, LRH and OUR – AIMS for SCIENTOLOGY.

    I hope that helps to understand it better Sue.

  168. Sam, therein lies the answer. LMAO 😆
    Look who the guy hangs with!

  169. Mr.G, reality strikes. Glad you’re out!

  170. Trouble Shooter:

    You is trouble with a capital “T”!


  171. Brilliant, Jethro, as modified by Mike. This is an excellent tool for handling those who have found themselves on the receiving end. For me, I could work it up and down to a full EP = independent thought and action. Rachel

  172. IEG


    It will be a two prawned attack.


  173. Simon Bolivar

    Same thing happened to me, Got into Scn in 1982 and I was Past life Clear. Left the church in 2002 and still I was Clear. Once I found the indy I did all the levels to OT III in 6 months.
    It’s all a question of willingness without stress.
    Very Good you did and nice your interview, sure You don’t send letters to the mignon.

  174. I hear you, Joe, but I disagree. I would like to complement you on your TR 0, very well done for not reacting. By reacting and getting all bent out of shape you would just be contributing to the fest and strengthen their viewpoint on life, people, public, the validity of their false data that ARC is trash–I don’t know what else but definitely nothing good. Good TRs, especially TR0, in my opinion are always a huge asset, always. The only freedom and happiness you can ever find are within you. That’s where TR0 comes in.

  175. Lana, thank you very much. I would like to join Dan in congratulating you on who you are now. Very well done! And you look great, too! More power to you and your kids!

  176. Yes Lana, that routine started sometime in about ’98, in Clearwater. Steve Dreyfus, a steward at the FC who served POB’s meals and did special food purchasing would always pick up a tray of assorted favorite Sushi.

  177. Laughter!

  178. An extravagant waste considering how easy it is make sushi. My 11 year old kid went to sushi school one summer. He even learned to butterfly the shrimp! I asked them not to give him a sushi knife but the instructor said, “He has to be here on the same terms as everyone else.”

  179. DM is responsible to pay gift tax on all of the gifts, including fancy meals, delivered to him if it was a gift (and anything beyond his pay check is a gift).
    If he has not been paying gift taxes all of these years he is also involved with tax evasion.

  180. http://community.freezone-tech.info/karen-class12cs/2011/02/19/living-like-a-saudi-king-on-501c3-no-taxes/

    If he is paying for all of these things from his own paycheck, that is his right.
    If all of these benefits are coming from Church coffers, gift tax needs to be assessed on these expenses and paid to the I.R.S..

    If he is not paying gift tax, he is tax evading.

  181. Li'll bit of stuff

    Reply {…When I order…}

    Jeff, ESPECIALLY ” pob ” shrimp eyes, THOSE are the ones !!!

  182. Good onya, Bruce.

  183. Good evening ladies and Bruces.

  184. Now you’re getting it, Dan! The longer one is away from the Bay Area, the easier it all is to understand!

  185. I don’t know, but my inclination is to side with Joe.

    The common denominator of probably 90% of the criticism of LRH was that he had a temper and that when it was on display, it was an awesome force of nature.

    There are many in this world and today’s culture who have the idea that higher states of awareness and beingness must necessarily be displayed in a sort of kindly, saintly, beatific way – think saffron robes, halos, incense, chants, all that BS.

    I rather prefer LRH’s model. Freedom to really, truly MOVE on the tone scale. If someone is heaping abuse on you, LET THEM HAVE IT! Let them know in no uncertain terms: what you are doing is NOT OK!

    What’s not to like about a little anger now & then? Isn’t it really a question of whether or not it is appropriate to the PT circumstances one is faced with?

  186. “As social beings we endure abusive relationships and groups MUCH longer than is healthy.”

    No shit.

  187. Pingback: David Miscavige and Tom Cruise: Psychopath and his Movie Star Pal | Moving On Up a Little Higher « My LRH

  188. Fair suck of the sauce bottle!

  189. Mike, I believe the CoS did instigate court action against Channel Seven three times, and lost on each occasion.

  190. Because: “We are the authorities on the shrimp.”


  191. it’s ODD that the complaining happens AFTER someone is removed. Lies and hypocrites, you have to be a moron to believe it. If they are so noble and credible, they would’ve spoken of it BEFORE.

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