Miscavige Hunkers in Bunker with G.O.

Notes from the bunker

David Miscavige has made much of his role in disbanding Corporate Scientology’s infamous harassment arm called the Guardian’s Office (GO).  In a court declaration of 17 February 2004 Miscavige swore: “When further investigation proved the documents to be authentic, it was made clear that we had no choice but to overthrow the GO and dismiss everyone who had violated Church policy or the law. These activities ultimately led to a complete disband of the GO.”

The Guardian’s Office purge was essential to Miscavige’s power push in the early eighties.  Without it he could not have cut Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard’s last existing communication line to the last person with sufficient altitude and respect to actually share ideas and perspectives with him, his wife and Scientology Controller (overseer of Guardian’s Office) Mary Sue Hubbard.  In Miscavige’s own words: “It must be noted that Mary Sue Hubbard believed her position as Controller and as the “Founder’s wife” to be unassailable and beyond reproach by anyone but Mr. Hubbard — who was not around at the time, a fact that she was well aware of.”  Hence,  Miscavige assailed both positions, all justified by the alleged crimes of the GO.  Crimes that Miscavige characterized as: “There were also instances in which GO staff used unscrupulous means to deal with people they perceived as enemies of the Church — means that were completely against Scientology tenets and policy, not to mention the law.”

Irony of ironies, now that Miscavige has managed to blow off his latest troika of close advisers, see Miscavige Death Throes, he is surounded in his bunker with nothing but former Guardian’s Office staff who met Miscavige’s sworn standards of “we had no choice but to…dismiss everyone who had violated church policy or the law.”

Miscavige’s last three remaining closest advisers in the bunker are former Guardian’s Office criminals.

During a March 1987 take-over of RTC  in which Miscavige anointed himself as supreme ruler of Corporate Scientology under the invented title Chairman of the Board RTC (COB RTC), approximately half of existing RTC staff were purged for allegedly being “loyal”  to its former head, Deputy Inspector General RTC Vicki Aznaran.   One of Miscavige’s justifications for removing Aznaran and purging the organization was its retention of one Brian Andrus, an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal criminal case United States vs. Mary Sue Hubbard, et al.   And yet, curiously Miscavige inexplicably retained another former Guardian’s Office hit man and quietly imported another.  The two constitute three of his closest most trusted advisors in his ever shrinking bunker roster.

Laurisse Stuckenbrock, Communicator of Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center (COB Comm RTC).   Laurisse was not even in RTC during the 87 purge and yet Miscavige and his wife Shelly bypassed channels to slip Laurisse into an important executive slot despite reports to them that Laurisse was engaged in unethical (if not illegal)  Guardian’s Office Intelligence Branch activity in Australia and New Zealand .

Warren McShane, D/Inspector General External (or Legal Affairs).  The former Assistant Guardian New York during the late seventies/early eighties when that office was engaged in creepy, criminal operations against perceived enemies.   Over the years Miscavige has referred to Warren repeatedly as a “GO criminal” to Mike Rinder and myself.  On several occasions Miscavige told me that McShane only continued to be retained, despite continuous unethical/illegal actions, because “Warren is a good liar.  He is such an habitual liar he lies with ease.  He is the only guy I trust in deposition as RTC’s corporate rep because of that one ability of his.”

Linda Hamel, Commanding Officer Office of Special Affairs International (CO OSA INT).   Linda was deeply involved in unethical and illegal activity in the Guardian’s Office for years.  She was retained and placed over OSA Int intelligence in the early eighties for two reasons: a) she had the savvy and lines to keep a number of ongoing Guardian’s Office intelligence ops alive during the transition from Guardians Office (the “disband”) to the Office of Special Affairs (the GO’s successor), b) a thorough review of Guardian’s Office documents from the 1977 raids (later made public in court) did not specifically implicate her by name so that Miscavige’s “purge” would not be later discredited.  Linda remained over Intelligence for the next twenty years.  Shortly after I left RTC in 2004 Linda was elevated by Miscavige to the Commanding Officer post.

With Miscavige’s universe progressively shrinking with more public disclosure of his own habitual, continuous felonious behavior and his continuing paranoid purges  – the GO Criminal Troika has become Miscaviges last hope of clinging on to his dying dictatorship.

My guess is that one or more of the GO troika will deliver the final blow from which Miscavige cannot recover. And that blow will consist of a heavy, irrefutable dose of the truth to which Miscavige has proven so allergic.  I know all three of them personally. While they have demonstrated a pathetic weakness of character in continuing to facilitate a sociopath in his war against people they know to be acting in the best interest of Scientology, all three at bottom are basically good.   They know in their heart of hearts they can’t take me down.  They also know deep inside that irrespective of the magnitude of the contra survival acts  they have attempted to commit against me over the past two years, at the end of the day I am going to see that they come through all this ok.

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  1. You mention one or more delivering the final blow —

    Meaning? One or more are going to leave?

    Now THAT would be great. Any of them are welcome to decompress at my home, in the countryside, in a private no trespassing community. It would speed up the decompression time.

    I’d even take them cross country skiing:)

    As for seeing that they come through this OK – of course you would. You even check if a fish is willing … such is your compassion.


  2. Hey, I dont know if Mariano Pedersoli (CO OSA Latam) also was from ancient GO, but the main point about all is: despite the stuff about GO being dissbanded now SNR HCO’s and OSA’s behave exactly as ancient GO branch, even several sea org member’s behaviour is the same… and thanks for the posting.

  3. It is these types of activities that make it very hard to believe pronouncements of David Miscavige and current staff. I assume most staff are oblivious to what is going on, but there has to be some inkling of suspicion when a person is a trusted adviser one day and the very worst of SPs the next and then a trusted adviser again. There are people that I deeply respect, who are highly intelligent, who are extremely active in supporting David Miscavige. I just don’t understand this.

  4. Marty,

    I had forgotten all about what POB used to say about Warren until you reminded me! Warren is such a nobody that you forget all about him. His only value is being sent as the front for Miscavige when there is a deposition that RTC has to participate in.

    It’s funny how the main function of these three is as “front men.” McShane implements and executes the dirty work on legal lines. Lou does it on internal lines and Hamel does it on external/intell lines (as a note, Linda Hamel was Snow White Programs Ops US).

    And let’s not forget the other front “man” — now chief spokesperson Karin Pouw, also ex-GO (though I have no data she was involved in anything criminal).

    And one final note, his biggest “OT Ambassador” front man is the ex Deputy Guardian Legal US, Craig Jensen.

  5. top of the vale

    “……at the end of the day I am going to see that they come through all this ok.”
    This is the ” What is Greatness ” part of what you are, Marty, as an LRH Shepherd. This is the true example of what LRH expects of an auditor.
    There’s no vindictiveness here. I am proud to know you for what your example has shown to us all. For all the attacks you and Mosey and Mike and others have borne, and yet you still forgive them. That is GREATNESS!!!
    As Jesus said on the cross, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.”

  6. Rena Weinberg is also Ex-GO. I remember trying to get a lady in South Africa on staff in Jbg org. Her name was Sally-Anne Cooke. She had an incredible production record as the ED JBF at one point, and she would have made an excellent executive or tech terminal. She was ready and willing to join and sent a petition up to be allowed to. She was denied because she was Ex-GO. She told me she had been trained and led by Rena at the time on all of the things she did in the GO…. Rena is still on staff and has been in senior positions for a long time, but Sally-Anne was not allowed on staff in a distant Class V org position in South Africa. There really isn’t any consistency in Scientology policy application anymore at all whatsoever.

    Some people who’ve publicly left the church get declared and others don’t. Some people (of the same caliber) are qualified and others aren’t. It’s all based on convenience, opinion, personality, money and whatever Dave thinks up in his little brain. He has replaced any form of standard organization.

  7. Your humble servant

    Compassionate, Marty, and oh so true.

  8. Christie, you are spot on. Rena was a GO Intel operative, she was a serious risk but after she was awarded the IAS Medal, she had to be kept around as it would have been too much of a PR flap to get rid of her “because she was a GO crim.”

    The Brian Andrus story is the classic — when POB needs an excuse/justification for his insanity, its always available, even if utterly inconsistent with other acts of his. It’s just based on whim and his personal well-being/convenience.

  9. Tom Gallagher


    Your magnanimity is truly inspirational. Thanks again for all you do.

  10. “My guess is that one or more of the GO troika will deliver the final blow from which Miscavige cannot recover.”

    Yes, that is exactly it, and this is what happened in history, over and over again. Miscavige will eventually be betrayed by one of the three you named in your blog post. Such is the system that keeps him in power.
    He knows too well how easy it is to lose control, when the reigns slip out of someone’s hands without the person noticing. And when he does notice, it is TOO LATE.
    He did the same thing to eliminate his rivals, and it is going to happen to him.

  11. Mr. Miscavige,
    When the end comes, repeat the following three times:

    “There is no greater catastrophe than greed”

    Phra Ajahn Yantra Amaro, Thai Buddhist monk


  12. “……at the end of the day I am going to see that they come through all this ok.”

    Bless your heart, Marty. Get them all out of there ok. (Well, except for Danny Dunigan and Ken Seybold. The world might be safer with them on *that* side of the razor wire.)

  13. Ex-GO, Ex-SO, Ex-Staff, Ex, ex, ex. Sigh, sigh, sigh. Scientologists (Corporate or Indie it seems) and its’ dang labels.

  14. Oh, Marty, that is putting the knife in deep. Miscavige will have a sh*tfit when he realizes how true it is, how he is surrounded by people who at any moment may betray him the way he would do to them! Oh, lordy, I am ROFL.

  15. Is anybody ever really a nobody?

  16. Tony DePhillips

    Give em hell Marty!!

  17. Forever Lurker

    Marty, Mike:

    As I’ve been reading posts on this blog about the highest, most trusted executives in the COS structure from back in the 80’s, like Senior CS Mayo and Mary Sue, there’s one thing I can’t get my wits around. Why didn’t LRH pick up the phone and have a conversation with Mayo when the Mayo problem came up? Why didn’t Mary Sue pick up the phone and call Ron and get things straightened out about her situation? It seems a simple phone call would have saved a lot of grief and missteps that changed the direction of COS unalterably and terribly. Same goes for all the Mission Holders that got axed. Why not a conference call or Q&A with LRH? Not so difficult to arrange.Why did LRH insist on not talking to anybody directly, rather allowing DM to install himself into his ingoing and outgoing comm lines to the world and his closest allies and friends and wife?

    I can assure you that in businesses all over the country key executives pick up the phone and get in comm with their key managers when critical issues come up. It’s not a big deal. And I know people did this in the 70’s and 80’s.

    From what I understand from many sources, LRH handed over the responsibility for the tech for the next twenty years to Mayo in a letter that many people have seen and read. This is beyond dispute. With DM inserted in the comm line between the two, months later Mayo got axed.

    (I’m not making any judgment here because a lot of people hate Mayo nowadays from what I gather. LRH trusted and choose Mayo, then went 180 degrees and axed Mayo. I’m just stating the facts.)

    Now it seems to me that handing over the tech responsibility to Mayo was one of the most important decisions that LRH could have made at the time. When the controversy or trouble began and he got whiff of it, why didn’t he simply pick up the phone, call David and find out what was going on? That’s what CEOs do with their key executives every day.

    Likewise, why didn’t Mary Sue call her husband and get things squared around? I simply do not get why the most critical decisions perhaps ever made about the future of the tech and COS were allowed to go down like they did, when in my opinion some phone calls could have straightened things out and history could have been a lot different for all of us. Maybe DM would have never happened if some calls had been made.

    What was going on behind the scenes that LRH could not pick up the phone and get in comm with his most trusted technical terminal, his most loyal supporter and protector, his wife, and the most hard working and loyal mission holder team that created much of the boom of the 70’s because they worshiped LRH and the tech.

    From what I’ve been told, LRH was writing fiction books during those years so he probably had the time to make some calls.

    Now don’t read me wrong here, I’m not critiquing or criticizing, I’d just like to know the back story. I don’t get it.

    Now I may be very simple minded and have been accused as such, but I just can’t wrap my wits around why this was all permitted. If I had heard that my good friends, trusted supporters, my wife were having problems, I’d pick up the phone that minute and see what was shakin’. I wouldn’t rely on a KR. I’d want to talk to the people. After all we’re talking about the legacy of a life’s work — 30 year’s worth of life invested in research and writing. The stakes were and are too great.

    I’ve been around since the early 70’s. I put all my hope and dreams and youthful energy of a lifetime into this movement and then as the true stories come public, I just can’t get why it was allowed to go the route it did during those critical late 70’s ealy 80’s years. There were pivotal moments of history that could have been different had a few phone calls been made

    Am I foolish to think that? Can you guys help me here with this?


    Forever Lurker

  18. I just finished a book on the Nazi attack on Stalingrad, Russia from Sept 1942 to Feb 1943 and one story about an intelligence officer reminds me of the current state of CO$. (This was a brutal 5 month campaign that was supposed to be won in 5 days. Of the 300,000 Nazi’s that invaded only 30,000 returned home). At the very end, on a direct order from Hilter, the Nazi 6th Army withdrew their rescue mission and abandoned the soldiers in the city. I want to write a quote from a Nazi Intelligence Officer having his “cognition” on the sit… “Better to kill duty at the first sign of a lie from your leaders; smash duty right then. Throw it off you like a snake that’s dropped on you from a tree. With duty gone from around your shoulders you’ll see all the lies clearly because duty makes you blind. Look down at duty, with a broken back now, hissing weakly up at me from the floor. I see everything revealed.” I don’t think it’s stretch to say that this is very telling of common behavior w/ GO and OSA w/ Nazi behavior.

  19. In actual fact, the G.O. and Mary Sue were attacked and taken out through a collaboration of the C.I.A. and FBI and IRS. The reason being that the OT Levels (pre-NOTS) created the ability of Ingo Swan and Hal Puttoff (C.I.A. Agents and OT VIIs) to use OT abilities to form the “Remote Viewing” Program to be used as a military weapon for the US government. Mary Sue was trying to “steal” the OT Level materials back from the government in Project Snow White.
    The CIA considered the OT Levels to be a “military weapon: and coversely, in the hands of the Russians and others, a “threat to national security”.

    LRH and MSH spent their entire lives fighting and running from the CIA, FBI and IRS, et. al.. The CIA finally won the battle permanently when Miscavage, Starkey and Rathbun signed over all of the copyrights and trademarks of LRH materials to the CST.

    Read the entire timeline, documents, history and behind the scenes data on the following web site —

  20. Seems to me it’s kinda like Stalin disbanding Hitler’s organization. What a relief that was to everyone concerned.

    Am I wrong in this? It seems to me that MSH and many of the folks who were working with her were handling very real, very suppressive threats against our ability to deliver the tech in any form.

    And miscavige is simply attacking anyone who makes him look bad, or makes fun of him. Especially viciously attacked are folks who dare to actually repair the damage he has done to cases by applying standard tech.

  21. mark mckinstry


    Following the GO purge, Miscavige wiped out the Mission Network. In retrospect he had to, as it was obvious that many Scn public were on Mission lines and regarded their Mission Holders as OL’s. And they weren’t very impressed with Miscavige and the implementation of the SMI system. From what I know, they were third partied heavily to LRH.

    I was in GOWW as the Director of Training and then transferred to the Mission Office before it became SMI, so knew most of the Mission Holders.

    Not to mention that Diana Hubbard was for the most part the OL and leader of the Mission Office, and he could not leave her in a position of power.

    One other note.. when I was on the RPF, I had the hat of taking care of Uwe Stuckenbrock. Uwe was married to Laurisse. Uwe had MS and left the Int base to come to the RPF to “sort himself out”. He has since dropped the body. I met Uwe in the late 70’s. He was my student on the HEJSC (Hubbard Ethics and Justice Specialist Course) at St. Hill.

    His time on the RPF was a bit odd, as he could not do the program physically. He tried for months to get FP approval from Int to get chelation therapy to help him with his illness, but this was delayed for months. By the time he did get it, it was too late.

    I always had the idea that he was parked in Pac so that he would not be a burden at Int and to keep him away from his wife.

    The Pac RPF has been a perfect vehicle for Miscavige. He can keep those who threaten him or who he is tired of, parked away from him, but still under his control. They are out of touch and out of comm with their families and staff contacts and kept hidden physically so that nobody can see them and remember that they exist.

    And.. they can build the furniture for his idle orgs.

    Normally those who get taken off the lines are never seen or heard from again. On the PAC RPF I met so many ex-Int staff, many old friends, and from there began to connect the dots as to the widespread destruction that was being created by Miscavige. Much like this blog, I was able to find out what was really happening and the common denominator to the destructive acts that have now wiped out the Church as many of us knew it.

    So’s you know…


  22. And speaking of OSA….

    I just quit my job. I resigned from a company that I have been a partner in for the last 6 years. As I was driving home, I was reflecting on how this came about and the effect that David Miscavige and OSA are creating in the environment. So hopefully this is not too off the mark from the subject of this post.

    To me, this is just another snapshot of David Miscavige’s “New Civilization.”

    (warning this is long and possibly incredibly boring to anyone else but me. So feel free to skip to the next post. It made me feel better writing it and it does have a happy ending.)

    A few years ago, a Scientologist friend of mine (I’ll call her Marcy) invited me to partner with her in her existing business. I brought a certain expertise that she was missing. Before long, we realized we were going to need some working capital, to get us to the next level. I was able to bring in some old family friends, a couple (non-Scientologists, very theta) who were looking for a new game at that time and had some extra money to invest. The four of us became partners. The company rolled along, stats were up, life was good!

    Then, about 2 years ago Marcy and I along with our husbands, were getting heavily regged…IAS, Ideal Orgs, Libraries… the usual. We were all pretty much maxed out–both spiritually and financially. Then I received Geir Isenes’ Doubt Formula. It was perfect timing and I went from there to Steve Hall’s site and then to Marty’s. I shared my newfound knowledge with my husband and Marcy. It all made perfect sense and we were each having realizations about WHY it had become so incredibly painful to be in the Church.

    And then, something happened. Within 3 months, both Marcy and her husband had rather serious medical scares. They were under huge stress as they had become seriously in debt from donations and Marcy’s husband’s lower bridge (yes, his LOWER bridge was costing a fortune. Go figure). Because of the stress and the medical scare, Marcy and her husband decided they better get “serious” about moving up bridge. They wanted to get to Clear at least, before anything else happened. When I suggested they look to an Independent auditor, like Trey, they couldn’t conceive of getting any auditing outside the box (so to speak.)

    I was going full guns at this point, reading everything and sharing with my husband. We devoured it all, read all the books, and talked for what seems like hundreds of hours about it all. Meanwhile, Marcy was now getting concerned that my disaffection (I prefer the term disillusionment) was going to affect her bridge. So she meets with the other two partners and explains how the CofS has an excommunication program similar to other religions. If I am excommunicated, then it will have serious ramifications to the business. Half of our employees will leave. When you have a staff of eighteen, and nine leave at one time, this can be a huge problem in a service business (half are non-Scios). The Scientologists on staff are the more skilled ones, so this would be very hard. Of course the partners are now electrified! They have seen and read enough on their own to know how scary this Church is. They have read about Miscavige on their own. We have a meeting and it is agreed that I, for the good of the group, will NOT declare myself openly and will basically keep my opinions to myself from that point. These three people, two of them not even Scientologists, are TERRIFIED of the Church. And Marcy’s husband is as well. The stats start to go down and stay down.

    Meanwhile, none of this is on the lines of the staff. As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of our Scientologists have either kids, parents or siblings in the SO. Many of them are ex-staff. They are keeping their heads down and doing what minimal they have to in hopes that this comm line to their loved one is not cut. Some of the stories I have overheard are truly heartbreaking. Truly. These guys are ALL afraid of the Church to some degree.

    So here we are in PT. I am a partner in a company in which more than half of the employees and all of my partners are living in fear of the Church of Miscavige. The employees are fearful that they will lose their loved ones if they don’t do what they are asked. So they stay away from any of the local “Ideal Orgs” and they don’t go to the events, because those places are where the regging happens. Those places are not safe. They can’t do everything they are asked because they don’t agree with a lot of it, and it would give them another lock on the chain of out-integrity that has become longer and longer over the years, if they did comply. So they withhold themselves.

    And I have been muzzled. Admittedly, I agreed to it for the good of the group. But when I stepped back and took a good hard look this weekend, I realized that I am surrounded in my working life with PTSness to the Church. Not mine, but it pervades my space just the same. Marcy and her husband have blinders on, exactly as my husband and I did when we decided to “go for it” and get onto OTVII. NOTHING was going to stop us. So, I understand where they are coming from. I gave it a shot and they have made their choice to stay in the Matrix. The employees would never choose a job over a loved one (well, maybe a few would). But why are they even IN the position to have to make this choice? My old family friends should never have been put into this position where they are afraid that a simple act of my voicing my opinions (which of course is sanctioned in the Creed of the Church itself!) could cost them their business. Seriously? A Church is doing this?

    This fear machine that the church has become MUST be stopped. This is just one little company, and I know there must be many more in every country where David Miscavige’s Radical Scientology™ exists.

    For me, I have decided the greatest good is to remove myself from the company. And there is something SO incredibly liberating and exhilarating about this! Some may berate me for letting the Church have a win on this, and I can see the viewpoint. But these people are my friends and they are asking to not have this on their lines. They KNOW it’s the church that is the problem, and they KNOW who is behind this. The company will do better without the stress on the Execs. The employees won’t have to make a choice in the near future, of losing their livelihoods. Marcy and her husband will deal with whatever gets presented to them as they move up the bridge. I can only hope that some of what they read previously has sunk in and they won’t suffer too many jabs at their integrity before they walk out. And frankly, I don’t consider this a win for the church. I consider my disentanglement an empowerment, my next step on the Road to Freedom.

    Because, most important for me is that I am removing another layer of connection to the Church. And this is a huge win. I am leaving an atmosphere of much stress and fear and getting my own space back. The happy ending is that my husband needs me back in his business. He and I are of like mind. He has only one Scientologist employee left who is moving in Feb. So, other than a few Scientologist clients left to replace, there is not much left that OSA can take away. Boy does that feel good. Who knows what will happen next? I think only very good things. My love, admiration and appreciation to all of you who keep this blog going. Without you, this would have been a much harder decision. And with you, I had enough butt-kicking to make me look a little closer at my current scene. So, thanks guys. :->

  23. as a note, Linda Hamel was Snow White Programs Ops US

    “Operation Snow White: Under this program, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, and theft of documents in government offices, most notably those of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. ”

    and Linda Hamel is today a closest Miscavige-appointed top Commanding Officer of corporate $cientology OSA operations.

  24. Why does the Hollywood Celebrity Center organization of the Scientology corporation have an OSA …Office of Special Affairs?

    There was a woman named Maragret Marmalejo who was Director of OSA at the “Celebrity Center” — very wound tight!

    Is the Hollywood Celebrity Center the headquarters for the smear campaigns against celebrities like Placido Domingo Jr.? Would Margaret Marmalejo as Director of OSA be the one directing his Confessional folder to be inspected for that fake blog they published divulging his embellished “sins”? (google: Placido Domingo Jr & Scientology)

    Or like the South Park television show infiltration, when they sent in moles, is this also out of “Celebrity Center”.

    Weird to me that artists are used like that. And nthen they buy into it for their vanity?? Someone said Scientology zealot “celebrities” are like Trojan Horses, it’s true! Never sincere, always up to another agenda. Jenna Elfman is on the OSA employee list. She was so funny once, in Dharma and Greg.

    So why does a spiritual retreat for artists have a Spy Director (OSA)?? And why do they smear and target artists? I see they smeared so many great, smart, talented people!!! So creepy.

  25. Li'll bit of stuff


    I echo the sentiments of all your true supporters and sentinels of TRUTH !!! You truly DO inspire us ALL (thanks Tom!)

    For the benefit of non scientologists reading this blog, here is the Scn. Tech Dictionary definitions of INSANITY—–by LRH—–

    INSANITY, 1. the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy (HCOB 28 Nov 70} 2, insanity is most often the suppressed agony of actual illness and injury.(HCOB 2 Apr 69) 3. The obsessive adaptation of a solution to the exclusion of all other solutions in the absence of a problem. (SH Spec 27X, 6107CO4) 4.the inability to associate or differentiate properly. (Scn 8-8OO8, p.44} 5. insanity is an emotion which is brought about by the compulsion to reach and the inhibition not to reach or the compulsion not to reach and the inhibition to reach. (2ACC-18A, 5312CMO8) 6. the best definition of which I know would be: the person widely believes that the symbols are the thing. (PDC 2O) 7. insanity is an individual assisting things which inhibit survival and destroying things which assist survival. (51O9CM24A) 8. if an individual is incapable of adjusting himself to his environment so as to get along with or obey or command his fellows,or,more importantly, if he is incapable of adjusting his environment, then he can be considered to be ” insane. ” But it is a relative term. (DMSMH, p. 38O) 9. the point between where a person who is sane goes thereafter insane is very precise. It’s the exact point at which he begins to stop something. At that moment he is insane. At first he is insane on that one subject; then he can get another ‘ idee fixe ‘ and become insane on another subject, thus getting cumulative insanity. But there is no doubt of his insanity on that one subject, something that he is trying to stop. (6711C18SO ) 1O. insanity itself is simply must reach – can’t reach, must withdraw -can’t withdraw (SH Spec 98,62O1C1O).

    Hope this CLEARS UP exactly WHAT ( and WHO ) one is dealing with and why Marty & Mosey ” Gone Fishin’ ”

    Lots’a luv, Li’ll bit

  26. just looked up ♦ “Operation Freakout”: a Church of Scientology covert plan intended to have the US author and journalist Paulette Cooper imprisoned or committed to a mental institution.

    Wow. What a goal and mission. So that would be Guardian’s Office Linda Hamel too, now in the bunker with David Miscavige.

    And in may this year, May 2011, ♦ “Operation Violet Wreath”:
    The motive for the Scientology attack was greed. According to Ynet, police say Gur Finkelstein, Scientology’s legal representative in Israel (and, according to Ynet, worldwide, as well) ordered the building blown up:

    …Police surveillance discovered that the man who ordered the “hit” on the Scientology center was none other than the Scientologists’ very own legal representative in Israel and worldwide, Attorney Gur Finkelstein, who stood to benefit from the future reconstruction work, due to a close connection with the building contractors.


  27. FCDC Class of 1974

    Yes, and the truth will set us all free. Free to walk in the light. No repercussions or looking over our collective shoulders as independent scientologists.

  28. Me!

    Why? Because… “Nobody’s Perfect.” 😉

    It actually is an avatar/handle of mine on a few blogs. I think it’s funny.

  29. Patricia — Kenny Seybold isnt an evil person, he is a decent guy, though very misguided (like so many others). Danny Dunagin is the Barney Fife of the Int Base, except with an evil edge. He is a foolish coward who tries to act tough (Jackson has many wonderful and very funny stories about him!).

  30. I take it your preferred label is simply “Scientologist”?

  31. Yes, when you are: “A person of no influence or consequence.”

  32. The sad thing, Marty… you are sincere in your willingness to help them come out of this “alright.” BUT their initial reaction to that statement was Shock, Fear, Offense, Anger, etc… Science of Survival.

    But you really mean it! You truly would help them out, welcome them with open arms, put them up for however long until they were on their feet, or find others willing to do the same.

    And yet, I can hear them screaming and cussing right now. “Truly” offended at your gesture as some put-on just to get their goat.

    Hang in there! Good things come to those who persist! 😉

  33. This article describes the very conniving duplicitous dishonesty that is Corporate Scientology brand.

    David Miscavige thought he was tricking the world and the law by issuing that (bogus) (as usual) public statement, while covertly renaming and putting different disguises on the operations.

    This article is an example of true justice and Scientology itself. There is zero malice in it, only uncompromising application of gradients toward a solution. And the solution is liberation from ignorance, ultimately. Bravo, Marty Rathbun, you are an inspiring example and a beacon for the stated purposes of Scientology.

  34. Conspiracy theories abound and there is really little point arguing with anyone who believeds them, as just like true believers of anything, no facts or reason get in the way of such fixed ideas.

    But consider this — if the CIA “won” by installing Miscavige because they were so concerned about the OT Levels being a “threat to national security” how it is that under Miscavige those same OT materials were disseminated to the world on the internet, and those same OT materials were shipped into Russia with the “SH Size” Moscow Org and OT levels for the staff with the Universe Corps?

  35. Just a little BPC but what I really prefer is this:

    There is so much bad in the best of us
    And so much good in the worst of us
    That it ill behooves any of us
    To talk about the rest of us.


  36. Hey Tighe, I understand they can be confusing… a lot of people who post here learned them, it’s called nomenclature.

    Nomenclature is a term that applies to either a list of names and/or terms, or to the system of principles, procedures and terms related to naming – which is the assigning of a word or phrase to a particular object, subject, profession or property.

    Sounds like you are ruminating the word “ex” a lot. Ex simply means “out of” or “former”. So Ex Staff means…?

    I hear ya. I get frustrated in medical blogs!! But you can probably find a lot of the definitions online.

  37. Good for you Magnolia!

  38. Miscavige you can erase all traces of Mary Sue and her children from Saint Hill Manor and Scientology publications. No matter how you try to make her disappear, you cannot hide what you did to her. We know. She will live on in our hearts as the woman who stood by LRH and tried to protect him (from YOU).
    To all those currently cowed by the tin-pot dictator: We understand what you’re going through and will not blame you for what Miscavige has done to you. He did it to us all. But it’s OVER. You will find nothing but warmth, compassion, help and understanding when you find the courage to leave. I hope you do because history tells us that in the final days when the rat is cornered in his bunker, he always takes his ‘friends’ out with him.

  39. My home (and heart) are open too.

  40. I just can’t imagine how dm can even be standing these days. He gets one punch from Marty and another from Village Voice.

    Then a punch from Marty, followed by another from VV.


    At this point, dms got to be suffering from severe PTSD. Perhaps Marty will let him rest up in a tailor made bucket … there’s something soothing about being in salt water … not too deep of course and after a day or so asked …

    ready to try something a bit different?


  41. It makes sense that those with the biggest crimes are the last ones standing. They have more to fear when Miscavige turns against them.

  42. Magnolia,

    Congratulations on taking your life back! What an awesome example of keeping with your personal integrity! Things will only get better from here on out! You Rock!

  43. Magnolia,
    You are now free! Congratulations.
    Thank you very much for sharing your story.
    Your “white kamma’ will bear sweet fruit.
    OSA’s “black kamma” will only lead to pain.

    May all beings be well and happy!

  44. Hmmmm…don’t David Miscavige and his Office of Special Affairs (OSA) also employ former Guardian’s Office Bureau One (Intelligence) staff as “Private Investigators”? The finger of Truth is pointing to a couple of former GO (Guardian’s Office) staff as the fester minds of OSA’s internet calumny, smear and harassment campaigns.

    To be specific, let’s take a look at:
    George Pilat
    Bruce Ullman (Washington DC Guardian’s Office)

    They started company in Clearwater Florida a few years ago, yes? Intelligence Network Online, Inc. (aka Intnet Online) intnet.net

    Isn’t it true that the past couple decades, George Pilat has done private investigator work for OSA? For the past several years, and continuing in present time, Pilat and his partner are running Internet Dark Ops out of Intelligence Network Online, Inc.

    For a little background on these two, here is an excerpt from the of sentencing memorandum submitted by the Department of Justice to the US Federal District Court in the DC 9 case disclosed about George Pilat and Bruce Ullman (GO then, now Office of Special Affairs Miscavige employee$):

    “In February 1977, the Guardian’s Office promulgated Guardian Program Order 1017 entitled “ARM (Anti-Religion Movement) Clean Sweep.” (Document no. 13724.) It was written by unindicted co-conspirator George Pilat for defendants Heldt, Weigand and Budlong, and promulgated by fugitive defendant Jane Kember, the Guardian World-Wide. That order caIled for the placement of “covert agents” for “data collection lines” with anti-cult groups.”

    “[Bruce] Ullman was involved directly with the government witness who ultimately was kidnapped and falsely imprisoned by the GO (Guardian’s Office) in an attempt to cover up the hundreds of crimes he ultimately disclosed.”

    Kendrick Moxon, Esq (currently OSA INT in house lawyer) was also named an unindicted co-conspirator for his role in the conspiracy to obstruct justice.

  45. Miscavige clearly had leverage (and a lot of interest) in the ex-GO staff.
    The ex LC UK once told me that at some point he was ordered to round up all ex-GO staff members in the UK and get them in and sec-checked. Anyone who refused was to be instantly declared. Approx 80 SP declares were issued during that evolution. Now what was all that about Davey?

  46. Tony DePhillips

    Way to take the bull by the horns Magnolia!!

  47. Try ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-daughter, ex-son, ex-friend, ex-human being, ex-thetan.
    Far simpler.

  48. John Fennessey

    Mike, you sure know how to ruin a good story. You were actually pretty restrained. If the government had remote viewing to use, I imagine we could have found Bin Laden a lot sooner than 10 years. And the Seals that went in would not have had cameras strapped to them. The White House situation room would not have been on pins and needles waiting for confirmation that Bin Laden was in the house, etc.
    I feel that Mary Sue and the GO basically did themselves in by loosing their moral authority through misdeeds. They were weakened and susceptible to the internal ambitions of others. And we know the rest of the story.

  49. John — you got it.

  50. No no! You’ve got it all wrong!
    We were invaded by evil alien space invaders from another planet who infiltrated our technology and implanted evil intentions into all of the top level Scientologists, CIA agents, bankers and government officials.
    Earth is now being run by these aliens who want to breed with us and create offspring who will suck our blood and feed on our brains.

  51. Huh? Maybe you should read the quote you just posted…

  52. Fascinating story. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Li'll bit of stuff


    Your last comment, (…So why..,) Simply because the “founder” of MAD-CABBAGE-OLOGY Knows he can !!! To his eternal DISCREDIT he has perfected the art of DECEPTION and MIND CONTROL (Black Dianetics, Black Scn.) that many otherwise intelligent , but gullible persons are “persuaded” to BUY INTO, against their better judgement, (We were “pressured” into it )

    They WILL eventually wake up to their “hoodwinking ”

    Li’ll bit

  54. Funny. There’s also Sylvia’s clever take:

    Sittin’ in a restaurant
    She walked by
    I seemed to recall
    That certain look in your eye
    I said, who’s that
    You said, with a smile
    Aah, it’s nobody
    Aah, nobody
    Maybe that explains the last two weeks
    You called me up, dead on your feet
    Working late again
    I asked who with
    You said, nobody
    Aah, nobody
    Well your nobody called today
    She hung up when I asked her name
    Well, I wonder
    Does she think she’s being clever
    (Clever, ooh, ooh)
    You say, nobody’s after you
    The fact is what you say is true
    But I can love you like nobody can
    Even better
    Late last night we went for a drive
    You were miles away
    I asked, who’s on your mind
    You said, nobody (nobody)
    Why do you ask
    Oh, her again
    I could’ve told you that
    We came back home
    Got ready for bed
    I said to myself
    I’ve got one shot left
    You’re still mine and I won’t stand in line
    Behind nobody

  55. Although in earlier days, ex-Guardian office were not permitted to do further OT levels labelled “a bunch of criminals”… a number of old Guardian’s Office execs are now auditing OT VII and some attested OT VIII.

    I was the Class XII flown out to the DC jail in 1977 to audit Arte Maren when he was jailed at the time on the FBI 1977 raids. I audited him for 6 weeks and was in communication with MSH and met with Henning Heldt a few times intermittently.

    Henning Heldt recently attested OT VIII and this is a shocker :::::

    In his 3 page success story, 2 pages of the success story praise David Miscavige !

    An OT VIII success story with 2 pages of lavish adulation of Miscavige !

    Marty your essay above hits home.

  56. Mike,

    Ah. That definition. You’re right. My bad.

    Sometimes, in court, a lawyer wants to get a point across knowing opposing counsel will object and the judge will sustain. He puts it out as a question or by leading the witness. “Objection!” “Sustained!” But, once the idea is before the jury…

  57. You are free and in control of your own life.
    No-one can ever take that away from you.
    It isn’t boring! This is HUGE! You MADE IT! 😀 😀 😀
    And you have become the light to lead your friends out of their darkness too.
    Well done!
    Big big big hug!!!!!!!!

  58. transporter,
    That’s a brilliant insight you’ve quoted. Duty is a high motivation and likely one of the prime movers for so many incredible acts of accomplishment in so many different areas of life.

    When the trust that exists as part of the assumption of one’s “duty” is betrayed…

    David Miscavige used skillfully the assumed duty to a noble cause and a worthy man, Mr. Hubbard, to get others to do some of the nastiest out-of-basic-character deeds imaginable. Really rotten acts, and most done in the name of “duty”.

    Shucking off that falsity, that David Miscavige is acting in pursuit of the original noble causes, the ideals and the ethics of the group, and one’s duty to HIM (he is a falsified identity) one can begin to see the lies, and if one persists through the disturbed state of mind having lost that “anchor” or stable datum, which DM has purposely confused as being the same as Scientology or Hubbard, one can also recover from the intense betrayal of their faith and trust in what they assumed was a valid cause to willingly give their choice of duty to in the first place.

    Duty is a high motivation. When it is manipulated, betrayed as a snake from the tree fallen upon one, around one’s shoulders, hissing, then throw it down, break its back and all will be revealed.

    Miscavige has betrayed that duty willingly given by good people to a positive cause.

  59. Sam ~~
    The execs of the Old Guardian’s Office ~~ Duke Snyder, Chuck Ohl, (GO Intelligence) Tom Reitze ,(GO Intelligence) Henning Heldt et al all work together and are all major execs in David Morse and Associates, an Insurance claims adjuster (head office in Glendale, CA)
    David Morse was recently brought back into the company after the stats had drastically gone down down down down out the bottom.
    He implemented on an immediate basis some pretty firm rules.
    1) No more IAS regges allowed to come in and plunder the revenue $$$$
    2) IAS regges BANNED from the property as persona non grata.

    David Morse did this before he even knew what happened to Richard Acunto’s “Survival Insurance !”

  60. The 2 year long OSA op on Placido (Jr.) was run directly by Karin Pouw (KP), Mike Sutter and Hans Suli.
    The Vice President at CCInt (Susan Watson) was roped in to try to get to Placido’s father when the 3 stooges failed to complete their mission but he immediately recognized this as an attempt to further control the Domingo family – and showed me Susan’s texts 😀
    I’m pretty sure Maragret Marmalejo was not involved.

  61. Freedom is yours now, Magnolia. Keep flourishing & prospering!

  62. Mark,
    Thanks for the bits of truth on Uwe, he was a friend who I worked with installing Electrical such as lighting various Int Base facilities like the Par course, PDO/CMU, AV building, before he worked in Security and the data on him swept under the rug. POB definitely was responsible as a 3P on his 2D which initiated his slide to eventually end up in the RPF with physical conditions.

  63. OK.
    DM is a nice guy really.
    He’s just a bit misunderstood.

  64. This does not surprise me – There is no oversight in the church at all. The public Scientologist has zero influence on church leadership – except by withdrawing funding and not participating, which is what I and a lot of friends of mine are doing.

    The prevailing LIE that the church is pushing, pushing, pushing is that THEY are the only keepers of LRH’s tech, and that if you want “your eternity” you have to put up with them and their shit. It is spiritual blackmail. It is mob-style protectionism under the guise of a religion.

    So, of course, the fleas, rats, and flies would be drawn to DM – he stinks to high-heaven, and there is no “Flit” to get rid of the bastard.

    The TRUTH is that the tech is alive and well in and in the hands of Independents – and NOT in the church.

  65. Mary Sue and LRH used to send birthday cards to people. She also had the best hat write ups on making a home… down to changing the water in flower vases. So much admiration for their efficient + heart & soul approach to all life.

    David Miscavige’s penchant for PhotoShop goes beyond drawing mustaches & horns on photos of his perceived enemies — it also includes photoshopping Mary Sue out of photos with LRH.

  66. W,
    OSA is a network and is included in all of the Organization boards of all Orgs in the CofS as Dept 20 (of 21 Departments) which each Org consists of. In Orgs like CC Int the head is called DSA – Director of Special Affairs. Not sure if this answers your question.

  67. Thanks for sharing the story Magnolia, Happy Trails to you and hubby!

  68. Magnolia,
    Thank you. That was the opposite of “boring” 🙂

    Good call, good on ya, and all sorts of good.

  69. They may be moley but they sure ain’t holy.

    David Miscavige top team!?

    Warren McShane
    Laurisse Stuckenbrock
    Linda Hamil
    George Pilat
    Bruce Ullman
    Kendrick Moxon

    Makes sense now that auditor training, genuine delivery and global outreach was hijacked and obstructed.

  70. LOL
    Tony Ortega isn’t afraid either 🙂

  71. IMHO, within Scientology, whether Corporate or Indie, the “ex- whatever” is a pejorative. Not a big deal. Just my own little pet peeve.

  72. LOL! I’m far from perfect. In fact not even close. 🙂

  73. Agreed!

    Kenny Seybold was POB’s personal trainer for a while and got replaced by a Non-SO one, who knew more about “getting ripped” in the later ’90s. She put him onto weight and cardio routines at his daily excercise and eating meals & snacks at intervals between 2-4 hours, with a certain number of calories per meal and day, including exact ratios of Protein to Carbos to Fat in terms of calories for his gourmet meals. There were protein supplements and protein bars and all consumption recorded on a laptop with a special program I had. POB did achieve “getting ripped” with 6 pack abs and maintaining it at that time. Looks and body appearances are of the supreme importance to him and his BFF and would demean anyone with excessive weight or other things.

    Even Pat Broeker could not stand Danny Dunnagin and sent him back to the base after Danny arrived at the Creston Ranch to augment the Security arrangement in ’86 (under Rick Aznaran). He lasted for one day!

  74. Thanks Mike and Marty for the info, hadn’t realized about being surrounded by GO. It is no wonder that GO dirty tricks like psy ops, Squibs etc. is still SOP and still considered “effective” in current times!

  75. Not at all boring……well done on your decision…Soon you can put yourself on Steve’s “Indie 500” list.

  76. Believing anything David Miscavige says is like a former SS member telling people from a concentration camp it was all a joke! He is one of the most insincere people on the face of the Earth! 🙂

  77. That is his top team? Don’t tell me they are OT’s? They must be crazy to stay connected to an organization like that! I never had a problem turning my back on the church and withdrawing my allegiance. The problem has ALWAYS been, ALWAYS, the member of the church “follow you after you leave, just to make sure!” 🙂

  78. Karen,

    Henning, Duke, Tom Reitze, Chuck Ohl, Doug and Nancy Sadwick and many othe ex-GO people have been trying for years to get into good graces with the POB so they can “go up the Bridge.” Though forbidden to do OT levels by order of POB, with enough “contributions” anyone can get whatever they desire in the RCS. The Pope on a Box (r) Indulgences may be expensive, but they are open to anyone with a checkbook/creditcard/inheritance/life insurance policy or other asset. And I have reason to believe the David Morse and Associates gang have also done some covert work for the RCS.

    No wonder Henning sings the praises of POB — he lost sight of LRH a long time ago.

  79. Totally duplicated 🙂

  80. Nice photos!

  81. Sam — you were NOT supposed to tell anyone!!! No wonder POB hates you, you cannot be trusted to keep your mouth shut…

  82. Expelled 4 Life

    Sam: My comment was not meant to have anything to do with DM. It was just an observation as well as some BPC. No big deal. For all I know DM started the whole “Ex-whatever” monikers.

  83. Expelled 4 Life

    Thanks. It’s been an excellent creative outlet. Lord knows I needed one this past year! 😉

  84. I used to work for the Guardian Office in New York and I did not have a completed Drug Rundown or Life Repair under my belt like most of them did that worked there so I thought I might stand out a little. My good TR’s helped a lot, but I swear to God, that they were the most suspicious I ever met in my life up to that point. Everthing about the place was “Cold War”. 🙂 I am not trying to validate David MIsavige either for disbanding the GO the way he did. The truth of the matter is he needed someone’s head to put on the chopping block to make his “rise to stardom” or whatever calls it, or whatever anybody else calls it 🙂 seem real!

  85. Magnolia, thank you for taking the time to communicate, after all, isn’t that what beings do best? Wonderful news that you are handling the suppression in your life. You will find that the suppression keeps lifting and lifting until, one day, it is no longer there. Now it is time to flourish and prosper, your reward for confonting your dynamics is that your life is now your own and life out here in the independent field is fun, dynamic and very much alive! Yahoo!

  86. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. A particularly nasty op was run on me out of DMA; but got foiled when I smelled the rat.

  87. martyrathbun09

    See my response to your other comment on DMA. Miscavige’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  88. Magnolia, that is a fascinating story. I agree with most of what you say, but I don’t think it is fear of Miscavige that keeps them in line {although in some cases this may be true}. I think of most of the Kool-Aid drinkers are most likely mentally retarded to some degree or another and unable to fully duplicate the situation they have placed themselves in. I have seen several people in real life with Down’s Syndrome and I would not consider it funny if I were to be trapped in a church like this feeling that way. It is just a matter of diginity and how much a person values their own true freedom.

  89. The overt DOTH speak loudly in accusation!
    If you hadn’t opened YOUR big mouth in the first place then I wouldn’t be forced to have a withhold on it!
    And anyway… POB doesn’t hate me. He loves me. He told me… well… Minerva did on the OSA website which is almost the same thing.

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    WH, very telling commentary! An innuendo,perhaps, of the up coming CATALOGUE of ABUSES which MAD-CABBAGE will be compelled to answer to, when he is finally dragged away,kicking
    and screaming,( as is his wont ) for the massive indictments he will be facing ! (the list is quite torturous for THE perpetrator!!) Oh well, as they say (yawn…) As ye sow…so shall ye reap.

    Li’ll bit

  91. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing Magnolia, thanks for stepping up, and good luck.

  92. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for filling us in. Yeah, Miscavige wanted Uwe as far away from Laurisse as possible. And yes, the PAC RPF was the go-to gulag for “security risks” from Int.

  93. martyrathbun09

    Take a chill pill. You’ve got more false data than a Miscavologist. Just for starters, I never signed any trademark or copyright over to anyone. Just for starters.

  94. martyrathbun09

    All those questions and more will be answered in my first book – look for it this Spring.

  95. When I look at getting a job done, let’s just say reconciling the bank accounts for the company, if I think of it as a duty, that means I am the effect of a pattern of behavior that is demanded of someone on that job. I can also look at it as a game, because there’s always some glitch that has to be puzzled out to achieve a correct answer. I can also just look on it as a function that keeps things running, not because I MUST (duty) but because I want to. I understand that others may have a different concept of duty, but that’s my take. ARC, Lynne

  96. The Church of Scientology seems to sure be spilling out a lot of cold war type facts about their imagined adversaries. Are there any recent pictures of Linda Hamel you can link to, just to see. I am not sure if the one I found is that current.

  97. Awesome pics.

  98. Touche.

  99. I remember this Karen. Me and both of my parents went to the Rower’s Loft on Hudson Street in Tribeca when Arte was in in New York and he spoke about his time in prison. He did not metion you, but he did say when he spoke that one of the inmates learned about Dianetics in jail from Arte when he was in the same cell with him. And the inmate said to Arte {according to Arte} that if he had to go to jail in order to learn about Dianetics for the first time, then he was glad he was arrested. Me too, if he learned about NED, but I would much prefer learning about it in a bookstore or library. 🙂

  100. Great post, Magnolia, and I know exactly what you mean by the feeling of freedom. My daughter and I both felt that for about a week, then a sudden crash. I looked at the feeling and realized it was loss of a stable datum, and it blew. We just had to get ourselves reoriented to where we were really going with things.
    As I said, we only lost four employees who made their own choice about it, and since our COO was not a Scientologist he was able to demand from them that they handle it properly so he could continue producing. They got replaced, not without stress, but it was not impossible.
    Your options are now open, and I am happy to know you. Love, Lynne

  101. Watchful Navigator

    Whew -ahem – someone’s been drinking the White House kool-aid, right down to the phoney and staged situation room (you know, the same room Cheney used to order fighters to “stand down” on 911?) Bin Laden was dead years before the staged event and was a CIA asset. This data is not that hard to find underneath the phoney layer of gov’t PR accepted at face value by corporate media.

    The remote viewing angle was in fact a serious concern – a “national security threat” according to an Air Force agent caught and debriefed in the early 1980’s on-lines at AOLA.

    True that the OT levels are no longer a security concern. That NSA-CIA program lasted as long as needed to mechanize the whole thing with electronics, and for major advances in satellite detection and tracking. Also, the cold war was powered down in the late 80’s and remote viewing courses hit the public domain well before the Internet releases.

    Miscavige lost the levels because he was out-foxed. In a 2009 I heard him brag in a 5 minute event piece about how the CIA used our OT levels (I think I was the only one whose jaw dropped to the floor – everyone else was oohs and aahs) in the remote viewing program. Completely missing was the obvious shocker of how come anyone would think to celebrate the most egregious breach of our security and the reason LRH kept them so secure – exactly to prevent just that!

    (Also missing was arch-enemy psychiatrist Jolly West’s involvement in SRI research using those 3 government operatives who infiltrated the church)

    Miscavige, if not government operated (and I neither believe that one nor rule it out) is most certainly government-influenced, and minimally shares evil purposes with the shadow-government implanting crew and so they happily leave him in place. I happily signed the White House petition knowing full well that these political motions are easily bought, and Miscavige still has plenty of buying power.

    And note that he sure as hell doesn’t let real OTs be made under his watch!

    Note further, that the OT levels didn’t make it to Russia until well after the USSR broke up, and the OT level to do with remote viewing (Original Level 6 – correct?) was dropped from the Bridge by Miscavige and crew in 1980. Maybe you can shed more light about that, like that these are the “OT IX-XII” they have everyone waiting for?

    Conspiracy theory just also happens to be the first requisite of a brilliant investigator, and if you can stay at cause and treat these as “theory” until proven, this willingness to look beyond the PR story is actually a major step up from accepting things at “face value”. The opposite quality is rightly referred to as “suppressive reasonableness.”

    While I am sure things are a lot less dramatic than the conspiracy theorists have it, there are still a whole lot of “unexplaineds,” laying around, and in a compartmented intel environment like Scientology, it’s very possible that even top veterans have yet to gain full perspective.

    Meanwhile, there is still a whole lot of official story, including I’m afraid, even some of our cherished notions expressed here, told that still just don’t add up.

  102. You left off one other from your team Karin Pouw. There . That gives us a nice even number of seven. This is the crew that currently runs “Operation Seven Dwarfs” in honor of their leader(POB) which amoung other things seeks to derail any FBI invest into them.

  103. Not too long! Fantastic move! Congrats!

  104. Watchful Navigator

    By the way, I forgot to add, that remote viewing is still done in the military, although the persons I talked to said that drugs were employed to do it. Nothing like a little atropamine for forced exteriorization. It’s a lot easier then trying to get PTSes up the levels in the Air force Academy.

  105. Expelled 4 Life

    Thanks Tara. I think we know each other in passing from the Baton Rouge Mission. Note: Tighe x 2 = E4L.

  106. Forever Lurker

    Looking forward to the book and you having the vehicle to put it all in “proper context” like you’ve said before. You have my support.

    Forever Lurker

  107. Li'll bit of stuff

    WH, oh yes, forgot to mention, in mitigation of sentence for the above,(having been found guilty on all charges ) It shall be recommended that the perpetrator be examined by a full panel of STATE PSYCHIATRISTS,who may ‘DECLARE’ the perpetrator ‘CRIMINALLY INSANE’ and would therefore, in the best interests of all, he be permanently confined to a SECURE ‘MENTAL INSTITUTION’ where he would receive DEDICATED CARE from those EXPERT in such matters. (padded cell ,straight jackets,lobotomy,ECT. etc,etc. It is believed that he had ‘ QUITE AN INTEREST’in the subject ! .

  108. martyrathbun09

    Scientology – and any other spiritual practice bringing about exteriorization – is self-protecting. Read Men Who Stare At Goats by Jon Ronson – the CIA remote viewing stuff went nowhere ’cause you can’t do it with militaristic intentions.

  109. More lies in PR. It just won’t work anymore!

  110. And here you probably thought it was all you, Lawrence. 😉
    Nope. More truth revealed every damned day!

  111. Amazing story Magnolia,

    Need any “Indie Scientologist” employees? Karry may be looking for a new job soon.

  112. Unflippin believable really. I was never an insider and hell, I didn’t even know what Int was really back then. I’m just constantly amazed that all this shit’s been going on. I only experienced it via the whacked OTs who pushed it on down the lines directly and indirectly. And what’s really interesting is that the crooks seem like they’ve been crooks for a very long time in the church. So then I have to wonder (though of course I’d like to think they’re just misguided) if they really do know what they’re doing, exactly what they’re doing and pure and simple want LRH tech eliminated…period.

  113. OMG…you’ve met my ex?

  114. Guys, thank you all SO much for your kind words. I can’t believe how amazing this group is. So many wise individuals. It’s a huge stable datum in such a time of change. Who knew after 36 years that I would have to be doing a PTS handling on my Church which has turned suppressive? And I can’t help think about all the wasted talent and loyal parishioners the Church has blown off the lines. And it is only escalating.
    I am on a mission to do the same for my husband and then anyone else who needs to get free of the “fear of loss” that the Church is running. I’m going to find so many new clients who won’t care what he thinks or says about the radical church. And then OSA has NOTHING to take from us. Not even a slight loss of income. We have recently lost our three very closest friends (they are afraid to be associated with us), so nothing left to lose there!
    So it’s all good. I am so keyed out, I just sat and listened to the birds sing for an hour today. Haven’t done THAT for a while! My love to all of you!!!

    P.S. Kassapa, got your message and I am going to read the posts from 10/27 tonite. Thank you for being part of this group. You are amazing.

  115. Thanks for posting this, Marty.

    I appreciate how you keep on correctly identifying and placing the pieces that will solve the puzzle and as-is the mystery that the Church of Scientology has become.

    Sort of a Third-Dynamic “Roll Back”!

  116. Your humble servant

    Far from boring, I never read a more interesting account. Thanks for all you are doing.

  117. I second what all the above folks of good will stated. I am in the shadows of spiritual giants.

    I add my wishes that others waste little time to recognize and follow your courageous, potentially heart-wrenching, awesome acts of personal integrity and code of honour.


  118. Watchful Navigator

    That’s a very true point!

  119. Nancy & Doug Sadwick were friends of mine, I guess, when I lived near Flag. I say “I guess” because I never found friendships within the church to be true friendships. Friendships always seemed to be predicated on your last service, donation etc. We were FSM’s. They did OT 8 early on around when it first came out. They were VERY good friends with George & Susie Pilot. I believe that relationship went back to the GO days. George started an internet company, back in the 90’s and I’m pretty sure it was called called IntNet.net and made a ton of money from teaching the phone company what he knew. The creepy thing is what IntNet.net stands for: Intelligence Network, Inc. My friendship with the Sadwicks waned when I stopped having anything to do with the church.

    Prior to moving from there in 2001 Nancy called me. She wanted to come over to see me and my dogs. My dogs??? I’m not making this up. At the time I’d barely even talked with her in well over a year. Problem was that she wanted to bring Cathy True with her. I declined.

    Then out of the blue, totally unannounced and uninvited, around 2004 Nancy & Doug showed up at my house here in North Carolina. How they even found it is bizarre as I’m in a very rural area. It’s not a place you’d just stumble upon but all of a sudden there they were getting out of their car in my driveway. It was an obvious attempt to surprise me, perhaps overwhelm me. Didn’t work. I went outside and met with them; I sat on the porch steps, they stood. I didn’t invite them in nor offer them even a glass of water. My lack manners matched theirs. We talked for about 15 minutes. They kept asking if I wanted to know about anyone in Clearwater. No, I didn’t. But they kept asking so finally I said okay, how’s so & so. Whatever. They wanted to have lunch with me the following day. I said I’d call them.

    I called them alright, got her voicemail, turned down lunch and told her don’t even think about EVER showing up at my house again unannounced, that they ‘re not invited, ever. Never heard another peep.

  120. I sincerely believe that Marty’s pronouncement of pending defections from highest levels is right on. In fact, I have written about my belief of such before in many other threads.

    DM is not impervious to being removed. In fact, he is ripe for it.

    His “Nero moment” is approaching.

  121. Yep, that’s me, unrestrained White House Kool Aid drinker. I have it shipped in by the case. 🙂

    Clearly, you are one of the brilliant investigators you speak of.

  122. Pat — this figures. They were ‘making their contribution.” They probably drove all the way from Clearwater based on orders from Kathy True.

    Someone earlier laid out the story with George Pilat and Intnet.

  123. Scott,
    My exact thought earlier today. Marty is making it possible for us to be cause instead of effect of all the mystery and insanity.

  124. Wow, Magnolia. Good choice. DM is banking on these interrelationships to keep people locked in to his group – that kind of thing can only last so long, and he is at the end of the cycle on this.

    When David Mayo left and started the AAC and the blow-up happened in the early ’80s, it was an entirely different scene. LRH was alive, the materials were under lock and key, Mayo had to lie about “remembering” the OT documents and re-writing them, etc. Frankly, I visited the AAC back then – I know of a few people there who were bad apples, and some who were flat out lying.

    The scene today is completely different. It is one thing to have a dispute about admin and a power-trip in the SO and between churches and missions. It is quite another to squirrel the tech, and create a gulag in Hemet, and create a mini-genocide of Scientologists (which is what forced abortion is).

    I can say wholeheartedly that my friends are either out and independent, or independent in spirit – actually, they always were independent of spirit – we had some heated discussions at NY George’s after course many a time.

    If fear is the only thing Miscavige has got – and that is all he’s got – then the end will come all of a sudden, and all at once. Not sure what the straw will be, but there will be a straw.

    Good luck to you and your husband!

  125. Rafael:
    In many ways the Current “Office of Special Affairs” is far worse than the Old Guardian’s Office.
    1) Examine the 120 day siege at Marty and Mosey’s home, stalking them, harassing them, denying them their civil and constitutional rights right in plain sight of the entire Internet making the Church look foolish, evil and unconscionable.

    The OLD GO never did camp outside a private residence for 120 days to intimidate and dramatize.

    2) The Guardian’s office did not shift gears into full time attacks on Church veterans who walked out. Many left in the 1970s and early 1980s and that was that. No FREEDOM magazines were published to attack ex Church members. Anonymous phone calls to Law Enforcement to set ex Sea Org members up for crimes is Stock in trade for Miscavige’s “Office of Special Affairs.”

    In the old GO days when departing members started groups outside the Church (such as Alan Walter,) almost no draconian malicious retaliation took place.

    3) The Guardian’s office while using the tool of “Sec Checking” did not actually drive anyone “Type III” (mental breakdown) as Office of Special Affairs sec checking has done more than once.

    I acknowledge that while the old GO’s handling of Paulette Cooiper was unconscionable, Guardian Office conduct did not include David Miscavige sadism:::
    Bashing people to the ground, punching them til they crawl into fetal position, heavy blows to the head and ears (Marc Yager, Ray Mithoff, Norman Starkey, Mike Rinder and 38 others …..I am exposing these incidents one by one on other boards.)
    SLEEP DEPRIVATION was not implemented by the Guardian Office.
    Lock down and kidnap and held against will was never a GO specialty.
    It is a Miscavige specialty !

  126. I’d forgotten about that earlier post. Too bad the Sadwicks have chosen to keep drinking the Kool Aid. They’ve done a lot of training but evidently KSW Series 1 never sunk in. How they could continue to support DM is beyond me, other than fear. I truly think they’re in fear. I recall Nancy enturbulates very easily which would make it a breeze for Kathy True to keep them under her control.

  127. Watchful Navigator

    Dear Wow:
    Margaret is “wound tight” because she is terrified of her OSA Int superiors like Linda Hamill. If you saw the ex-wives hissing on the Cooper show, well – that’s the beingness run on her daily.
    Marty explains elsewhere the operating basis of compartmented intelligence (specialization with controlled comm lines) and “deniability”.
    This means that while OSA gets involved, to some extent, with “handling enemies,” they – especially down the Org Board at Margaret’s level – are not asked to do illegal or hugely “out-PR” activities for the most part. The dirty tricks department is thus mainly RTC-Attorneys-Private Investigators. The lowly DSA is told nothing of the criminal acts carried out by PI’s who get paid by attorneys who are highly paid just to shield the “church”.
    I sometimes wonder if DM had a special dirty tricks department that he didn’t even tell Marty about.

    Margaret mainly does “PR” which aligns with Celebrity Centre purpose and ultimately helps to shield Davey and his crim attorneys from too much inspection since they make sure that police and government who might someday wake up to their criminal activities, are “safepointed” with their social reform work.
    Margaret gets told “who to smear”, although knowing her, she doesn’t really “smear” anybody. All that Black PR on special websites comes from God-knows-where – special ops RTC, perhaps?
    I would not at all be surprised if she truly knows nothing of the pc folder culling. This too, is done on a “covert” line like “flub-catch” RTC.
    As far as I know, DSAs are told to “peak in pc folders” to find and predict, “threats” (we used to have a DSA doing that), but never told straight out to use this information.

  128. Watchful Navigator

    Right on, Sam!

  129. Watchful Navigator

    Aw, shucks =>

  130. Tom Gallagher


    POB, the sawed-off psychotic twerp has always reminded me of another Roman sociopath: Caligula. Both seem to have the same modus operandi and death wish.

    History does seem to repeat itself.

    Then again, we do come back.

  131. Hugs to you both and ditto if anyone needs support or help as always.

  132. Great thread.

    Isn’t Kathy O’Gorman also pretty neck deep in-the-know ex GO, and she’s CIC in Bu 1 Intel at OSA Int today..

    Also isn’t Kurt Weiland ex GO, and half a dozen other current OSA Int staff are ex GO, and Moxon. Like Lynn Farney, his wife, Elaine Segal, I mean the ex GO in OSA Int are really the ones holding the fort there today!

    It’s so absurd that Robert Morse has so many topflight ex GO people who would today “help” do ops as extra curricular activity, like against Mike.

    OSA Int needs to be retired, and let these trained GO types finally all die off from old age, and thus stop having an influence on the movement.

    My impression is OSA Int is not replacing and building itself up, but that instead it’s slowly losing it’s personnel through routing out.

    My biggest beef with “top management” (DM), is he NEVER really learned management tech, and didn’t learn tech tech, he’s unqualed, he’s case on post, and unhatted for any top management position. LRH in 1982 wrote a bunch about the Executive Staff Statuses, and Tools of Management. Unbelievable amount of management tech you just don’t here anything about.

    Question, can someone relay to JB, were Int staff doing their study time weekly, when he left? Was it just the lower level Int staff who had regular study time? And the execs were in the SP Hole still, when JB left?

    Are the Exec Strata and WDC positions 1/2 filled, 3/4 filled, not filled at all?

    Chuck Beatty

  133. Does anyone know where Rena currently is? I have not seen her in LA for years, despite her husband Brian still working at ABLE INT. She is a ball buster in every sense of the word.

  134. Last seen in the Hole…

  135. E4L-Wow-I had no idea you are a great photographer-obviously a family trait!

  136. Magnolia-I am so happy for you!!!!!!!

  137. I remember kathy O’Gorman from SF Org very well. This woman has been in the Go and OSA for over 40 years now !!! I can only imagine how solid she must be by now.

  138. Bert Schippers

    Wow & Well done Magnolia!

  139. Why didn’t LRH pick up the phone and have a conversation with Mayo when the Mayo problem came up?

    It seems a simple phone call would have saved a lot of grief and missteps that changed the direction of COS unalterably and terribly. Same goes for all the Mission Holders that got axed. Why not a conference call or Q&A with LRH? Not so difficult to arrange.

    Why did LRH insist on not talking to anybody directly, rather allowing DM to install himself into his ingoing and outgoing comm lines to the world and his closest allies and friends and wife?

    Out-Security. LRH was in hiding to prevent being served in numerous Lawsuits, and that would also incl. any Gov’t/FBI investigation tapping any and all his phone lines to indict him. They were quite desperate to get a hold of him, and would have used any Dirty Trick in the Book to do so, even impostering other trusted people. Sufficient Evidence, and not just 1 or 2 Things, but tons of it, was obtained against Mayo and there was no Reason to do anything other than to put his Head on a Pike.

    Rightly or wrongly so, Miscavige was one of the few LRH trusted at that time, but then LRH didn’t have too many Options … he needed to trust someone, and DM had already clearly demonstrated he was “all good” running the ASI.

    Thus ZERO-Risk on any Out-Security, since LRH wanted to complete his Research into the OT Band before being hauled off. So he did an exit-stage-left in ’86 when all his work was done.

    So the Story goes … it was a Race against Time.

  140. Magnolia,

    Awesome! Just great! I’m very happy for you. You’ll be amazed at how your life will change from now on. Every day, every moment of new found freedom, will confirm to you how right your decision was!


  141. A tad off-topic, tilttilatingly tempting tidbit to transcend: tentative Transylavian Ideal Org transaction, Staturday trends!


  142. … “tilt-illatingly” and “Ideal Morgue”.

  143. PersonalJudas

    Edward Wallis Hoch said this, not LRH.

  144. John Fennessey

    Just when it felt like things were starting to stay on topic without RJ….

  145. The only crime of the GO was taking the bait of some IRS officers who wound up owning all LRH trademarks through CST.

  146. If you can get a person to commit overts of sufficient magnitude, especially on the Tech and LRH, his confront dwindles to zero. He maintains his intellect on many subjects but he won’t even look at Tech or ethics or anything connected to the area of his overts; the being is gone, he isn’t there. The remedy is simple; dePTSing like on this blog.

  147. Mike,

    Let’s get honest and straight for a minute:

    The CIA / FBI / IRS war against Scientology has has been going on since the 1950s. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Miscavige or the squirreled-up ruins of what was once the Church of Scientology. The government take-over of the Copyrights of Scientology Technology by US government agencies is not a “conspiracy theory”. It’s a fact. Read the documents for yourself. They are all there on this website (http://www.sc-i-r-s-ology.com/rvtimeline/index.html).

    As for the so-called “OT Levels”, let’s get honest and straight about that too:

    I did the original OT Levels during the 1970s as an S.O. member working directly under LRH. The so-called “OT materials” that are in circulation on the internet today may or may not be the original materials. Whether those relatively few bulletins are correct or complete is irrelevant. The “OT Levels” are comprised of the ENTIRE TECHNOLOGY: Standard training and processing and administration and ethics.

    The “OT Levels” are comprised of the ENTIRE GRADE CHART. Not just a few levels above Clear. In order to attain the state of case postulated by LRH, the delivery of the “OT Levels” must include Standard Administrative actions and Standard Ethics actions. This takes an entire ORG BOARD of fully hatted, apprenticed and managed staff members. Without Standard Organizations delivering standard courses that train people to apply Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin, there ARE NO “OT Levels”.

    The fact is, that there is NO existing organization on Earth which is delivering the entire Bridge according to the Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin developed by LRH. There may be a few isolated individuals who are doing a limited “version” of it, or some parts of it. However, without the ENTIRE body of technology being applied per KSW, the “OT Levels” do not exist.

  148. Magnolia
    Good on you.
    Happy times ahead.

  149. Those had been exactly the same questions I had been asking myself. I came to some conclusions. Maybe you can compare the situation to a real war. Lets compare it with the Germany situation at WW2. What would you do if you had been a leader of a group or a country and you know you cannot win that battle or war? (leaders of germany excluding Hilter and his bunch.) Would you just quit or would you prepare for after the battle? Look at the situation Germany is in right now. And at the situation the war enemies of Germany are in right now. Soviet Union: no longer exists. France: Germany is controlling France. Great Britain: no longer exists actually. US: look yourself.
    In case you did something positive (going up the bridge yourself, helping others in that or helping in general that auditing could take place) it was not for nothing and you did not waste your time. Not at all.

  150. Note further, that the OT levels didn’t make it to Russia until well after the USSR broke up, and the OT level to do with remote viewing (Original Level 6 – correct?) was dropped from the Bridge by Miscavige and crew in 1980. Maybe you can shed more light about that, like that these are the “OT IX-XII” they have everyone waiting for?

    Many People are doing these Levels after Solo NOTs and before OT-VIII.

  151. Mike (and Pat)
    Pardon my ignorance – I’m usually MUCH better informed!
    Can you give me the back-ground on Cathy True?
    I only know her in name from reports that my ex-husband gave me.
    Reason I’m asking is that she was the first person to arrive at ground zero to handle the ‘flap’ of my coming out party on Marty’s blog and was involved in initiating an ambush on my ex-husband and the manipulation of his 2D (the DSA Tampa Org) to begin disconnection proceedings on me.
    The cycle was later turned over to the three stooges.
    Incidentally last time I saw Doug (2007) he was mooching around on the recovery lines and one of the few remaining people who insisted on collecting FSM commissions for any recoveries made when the rest of us had decided to forgo any such personal financial gains on account of the fact that it might create BPC for those being recovered and we wanted to show them that we cared about THEM and not the money we could be making.
    Nancy was supposedly a volunteer minister but I actually didn’t see very much of anything of her and could never get her to help on any recovery cycles.
    Doug and I were very close until I turned to the dark side. Seems I’m not worthy of his friendship anymore… or would that be the other way around?
    I still have my old recovery list that the Chaplain at Flag so very kindly gave to me. The off-lines OTs that Miscavige has lost control of… there are a LOT of them 😀

  152. Sam you hospitality is becomeing legendary!! 🙂

  153. Well well.
    The GO is alive and well and continuing to follow the evil and corrupted directions of it’s new master.
    Interesting isn’t it? That a group that was formed with good intentions (to protect LRH and Scientology) became the vicious enforcement arm for Miscavige.
    Take note OSA. What were your intentions when you joined the Sea Org? And who do you work for now?… and what will Miscavige do with you when you are no-longer of any use to him? Mary Sue wound up in jail and later died of cancer. Alone.

  154. On the subject of dying alone….
    Miscavige – I don’t seem to recall having received an invitation to LRH’s funeral. I’m sure he would have wanted his friends to say goodbye. Did it get lost in the mail or something? Or did he want a quiet, private funeral with just you and a couple of your stooges in attendance? Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m sure you can produce LRH’s wishes in writing to clarify this point for me… right?

  155. martyrathbun09

    If you spent a little more time on delivery and application than you do on anticipating doomsday and preaching can’t do, you’d be a happier, more OT fellow.

  156. Because according to your story LRH died in perfect health and would have had PLENTY of time to say goodbye properly – and provide a legal posting order for you IN WRITING.
    Shockingly enough I discovered last week that some people actually still believe the fairy stories you concocted after LRH’s death – don’t worry – I put them straight.

  157. martyrathbun09

    Not so, their crimes were legion, arrogant, and cruel.

  158. martyrathbun09

    Right Karen. Add to that continual violation of law by use of phones for GPS tracking, stealing phone records, bank records, running in agents provacateurs, etc, etc.

  159. martyrathbun09

    Kind of amazing what one can find on this blog, using the search feature.

  160. Thats a good point Jim- it goes beyond Scientology– look at the ‘duty’ of the US military. Duty to one’s country is a beautiful thing– but when you start a mass murdering campaign for oil profits– it makes you wonder.

  161. Sam, I really don’t know anything about Cathy True other than she’s with OSA. That was enough for me to not allow her to come to my house.

    Funny how they got so unglued when we moved out of the Clearwater area. I guess they realized that what little control they had over my husband & me was about to totally end. And it did.

  162. 🙂

  163. This is an extremely important differentiation that needs to be duplicated by those who read online. I have heard the comments about OSA being just like the GO and with it came the derogoatory implication of LRH, blaming LRH as the brain child of OSA. If one takes a quick glance they may come to that conclusion.

    But, as you have pointed out OSA in many ways is far worse than the GO ever was. Honestly, I don’t know much about the GO. I have known people who worked there, generally about the legal situation and that there were actual crimes involved but the core intention was to preserve Scientology and Scientologists.

    Whereas OSA/church has quite a different intention which is to nullify and destroy all those who don’t walk in lock step with the church. It is now the church that is corrupt and committing crimes wholesale.

    If one steps back and looks at the activities of the church from the top down one can see that those at the top are in the winning valence having seen the destruction of their predecessors they know their potential desmise is very real if they don’t do DMs biddings. There is no “analytical” aspect of the church anymore. Proof is OTs used for covert Ops on people who left, Squirrelbusters, insane compliance to Ideal Orgs which is glaringly driving people to financial ruin. Anyway, you get the point.

    Oh, what troubling times these be,
    When OTs held captive forget they’re free….

    If you can see it, you can be it
    If you can’t be it, you can’t see it

  164. “Who knows what will happen next? I think only very good things.”

    I dare say I am sure!!! Way to go Magnolia 🙂

  165. Alex castillo

    Grasshopper, sorry to jump in here.

    You said:

    “Frankly, I visited the AAC back then – I know of a few people there who were bad apples, and some who were flat out lying.”

    You forgot to mention the people who were there with the sole purpose of helping to get Scientology delivered without the constraints and aberration being dished out to parishioners by the Church of Scientology, which was already being covertly headed by david miscavige at that time.
    One of those people was my ex-wife Maude Castillo who was a NOTs Auditor and C/S trained at Flag by David Mayo and previously LRH’s personal photographer on board the Apollo. After blowing Flag from Clearwater in 1981, (I was a long term Evaluator in the Flag Bu, my wife was a NOTs auditor in the FSO) David Mayo went to Santa Barbara and started the AAC with the help of a couple by the name of Harvey Haber and his wife Donna, both very decent people who agreed that what David Mayo was doing was the right thing all around. Another person who was involved was a dear lady by the name of Virginia Downsborough, one of the original LRH crew when he started the sea Organization. In the mid/late 70’s I was at the Manor in LA and I did my HEJSC (Hubbard Ethics and Justice Specialist Course and Virginia D was my course sup, she was possibly GO DofT at that time. And she was nothing but loving and caring to me (tough though). In Santa Barbara, although I was never David Mayo’s staff by my own choice and was running a small business in town, we lived together and I knew everything that was happening at the AAC, day in and day out from feedback from my wife and Virginia. I don’t know who lied to you there, or what kind of lies, or who the “bad apples” were (there were one or two people whom David Mayo and Julie trusted who were actually plants from RTC sent by Vicky Aznaran under Miscavige’s orders and Nancy Many can attest to that as she did in her book My Billion Year Contract). If you want to know who I am, ask my old comrade Mike Rinder.
    My point here is that I felt your comment about the Santa Barbara AAC, Mayo and his staff was a bit of a generality. In my view, David Mayo and the genuine Scientologists/ ex SO members who worked with him during that time period, actually set the trend and encouraged many others to become “Independents”, and they have my respect and admiration for having the courage to break away from the clutches of Miscavige and his newly formed OSA and continuing to deliver standard scientology in spite of the danger involved. And today, with same courage and Intention, Marty and Mike are doing the same thing: Keeping Scientology working in spite of personal danger and perhaps with even more courage, given the circumstances. Hope I have’t offended anyone here.


  166. Thank you for the correction. I believe LRH quoted it in an HCOB or PL.

  167. Marty, you were there, I wasn’t, so I have to rely on the observations of people like Karen, you and others and there seem to be different realities. Of course the GO couldn’t have been the most benign outfit considering that LRH was attacked vehemently and they had to fight back using the means at their disposal. But understanding where LRH and MSH were coming from, I can’t think with the idea that she was cruel, maybe tough and fighting to protect her religion, but not inhumane. That IRS documents wound up in her possession, conveniently just before the raid, is too close a coincidence to brand her office arrogant and criminal without thorough investigation. Understanding Davey, I know for sure he will have accused them of all the crimes he himself committed. The SOP of any died in the wool suppressive is to proof the good guys to be bad so others will fall for it and fight on his side.

  168. Marty — Yes, I had forgotten this post.

    SOOOO much has been covered on this blog that it is now the REAL “Scientology.org.”

    As the old (new?) saying goes: “If you can’t find it on Marty’s blog, it’s probably Miscavige propaganda.”

  169. Old Lang Syne

    I remember Kathy O’Gorman , or KO, as was her handle, to be motivated by the same desires we all had. She was full of energy, intelligence, dedication and could get things done and was very much a person who could be trusted. I suspect she will be amongst us at some point. I reject any notion that she could be more about DM than LRH. Like us, she was there for the right reasons. Just a matter of time. Pray for the lass.

  170. I recall that two attempts were made to serve process on Dr. Denk before he “disappeared” in approximately July 1984. Rachel

  171. Some of the guys that I know that are on OT7 that seem to have this GO mentality are cold fish. They are out for themselves or anything that will eventually serve their own selfish needs. They’ll never really make it. They still haven’t figured out that OT is not about them.

  172. top of the vale

    A model “IDEAL MORGUE” in an Ideal Morgue setting…. remote, on the outskirts of a city and lots of tourists to body route…right on the premises!

  173. LRH published it accrediting the original author.
    What’s your point?

  174. OnceUponaTiime


    I wonder if a thetan can truly every lose another.

    Sure am impressed.


  175. top of the vale

    A conspiracy theorist’s dream! This “Miscavige Hunkers in Bunker with G.O.” has opened up all new horizons for all those of us who are in desperate need of the truths of the dwarfs inner circle. This has drawn out all kinds of great data. Don’t you just love historical rhetoric?
    Still waiting for a comment from Haydn!

  176. OnceUponaTiime


    Kind of interesting that anyone would be surprised by Marty’s willingness to help, isn’t it? To a normal human that seems almost saintlike. I think saints were those who could convert entheta to theta. They were auditors on various dynamics, bringing reason and analytical ability.

    An auditor cares for the pc regardless of the bank dramatizations and irrationality. Just persists in freeing up the available theta.

    The only rational conclusion to live and sessions is to grant beingness to theta freed rather than punish and make wrong. Anything else is just adding more bank and entheta.

  177. OnceUponaTiime


    Excellent point. Is duty the cause? Does duty cause you to act? Which puts you at effect. Or are you cause? If duty is the cause, and forces you to act beyond conscience, then you experience enforced KRC, enforced ARC, which is an ARC break.

    What satisfaction in a life of persistent ARC brea?.

  178. OnceUponaTiime


    Loved the quote. Such imagery.

    I think truth often gets clothed in lies and misunderstanding. The truth is that “duty” gets misunderstood and assigned to down tone activities. Duty is more conscience and integrity then following orders. One operating from a sense of duty is operating from choice and cause. One understands condition, recognizes a need and acts to improve the condition.

    To throw off one’s sense of duty to self, family, others and the rest of the dynamics is to lose one’s truth and integrity. Duty is at the heart of KRC, just as understanding is at the heart of ARC.

    A feeling of dissonance between what one is told to do and what one knows just signals one’s ARC and KRC are being abused.

    When one’s ARC has been sufficiently abused, a person just decides “I won’t care anymore. I won’t feel anymore.”

    The exercise of integrity, conscience, duty all provide the most satisfaction that life can offer.

  179. Gern Gaschoen

    >how it is that under Miscavige those same OT materials were disseminated to the world on the internet

    Because obviously the CIA are not the only vested interest with their fingers in Scientology.

    Plus, there is much evidence that what we have in the OT Materials on the Internet is, simply put, squirrel material altered and ‘released’ after LRH dropped his body.

  180. Gern Gaschoen

    I think the point really needs to be addressed: what can be done to repair the alteration of LRH tech? There is much to say about this subject, and the Independent field cannot ignore the fact that LRH dropped his body under *extremely* suspicious circumstances, and not long thereafter the OT materials were radically changed.

  181. OnceUponaTiime


    The man is a master at converting theta to entheta. Alter-ising and solidifying a thetan’s sense of duty! What a betrayal.


    Isn’t betrayal somewhere on the conditions of existence? I’ll just have to check.

    Where does a person have to be to have awareness that and understand that they are being betrayed?

    This is so hard. I think I’ll go back to bed and suck my thumb.

    Much love,
    Manuel Estrada Magnifico Indicito Forenso Vargas, master of electro-magnetic manifestations occurring in botanical stamen suffering discoloration due to unsuspected cosmic influences originating not less than millennia removed.

  182. HI Marty;

    Wasn’t the IRS concerned about the seniour XGO terminals still being involved in high positions of Cof S management during the tax exempt negotiations? I seem to recall some discussions about that years ago, and that all the senior XGO terminals were no longer involved in church management was a factor in the negotiations.

    Any info on that?


  183. Bobo — There was no dictated requirement by the IRS, but it was a PR handling to distance the current church and its leadership from those who had committed crimes against US Government agencies, as when you are trying to persuade the US Government to reverse all previous decisions and grant you tax exempt status it is helpful to be against those who bugged IRS meetings and stole documents from them.

  184. You think the alteration of LRH tech is being ignored? By whom exactly? I think you mistakenly posted on the wrong blog.

  185. Alex castillo (Concerning History)

    Hello all,
    The following information may be of interest to those of you who don’t know or only partially know the short lived history of the AAC Santa Barbara
    and the people involved in it’s creation and running of it. The time frame is 1984-1986. I was there during that time.

    Click to access jaac2.pdf


  186. I suspect you havent really looked. If you do, you will find ALL LRH materials on the internet, all original OT levels, NOTs as well as COHA, PDC, 8-8008.


  188. Martin Padfield

    Really thrilled for you. Go girl!

  189. Hi Alex, thanks for that. To be specific, the bad apple was Jon Zegal, who I knew personally.

    David Mayo is an interesting guy. He was supposedly going to take over the tech hat from LRH, which I disagreed with, having lived through the altered TR’s materials that Mayo modified under LRH’s name. It was impossible to finish the TRs course in 1980/81 using the HCOBs. The only way I was able to get through it was literally to listen to LRH demo tapes and do exactly the same thing, and point it out ruthlessly to my sup who said it conflicted with the HCOBs. Sorry, but LRH demos trump modified HCOBs.

    In the event, it is clear that Mayo was not the right guy to take over LRH’s hat, because if he really wore the hat, he’d be here now, instead of doing whatever he is doing on his pay-off from DM.

    I have no doubt, however, that there were good folks at the AAC – I met a few, but in the end, I disagreed with the concept.

    It is my opinion that 1982 was too early to give up on the church. DM was 22 years old, and wet behind the ears. Other staff LET him get away with this shit, and at the time there were enough high-powered staff to take him out. It just was not done. But it could have been done. Me, I had no intention of joining the SO – I respect all who did, but I had my fill when I was on staff at Flag. But others were good at the game, and loved it.

    International Management was a mess. The CMO, the LRH Comm Network, the Finance Police, the Flag Bureaux (especially the Action bureau), the GO, all of them competing to be the main line to LRH, and dicking around with each other. Think about it: Why was there a CMO AND an LRH Comm network? Who had the comm-line to LRH? Why was there so many layers of “international management?” Why was there an FBO network? Why was there a “Watchdog Committee?” Why was there an “International Justice Chief?” With all this dicking around, in my opinion, there was still the chance that we could have pulled out of it. And especially since LRH was alive and the potential was there for him to step in – even though he did not want to.

    On the other hand, I was not running a mission, I was on course. I was not a field auditor – how I remember how Trey Lotz was called out specifically in one of those KSW town-hall meetings as being a “bad apple.” Trey has the patience of a saint. Had I been running a mission that was attacked by Mr. David Miscavige, I might have said FU to the church, too. Had I been an LRH-trained tech terminal that was ousted by a brat still wet behind the ears, I might have hoisted by own shingle as well. I am the same age as DM, and I was wet behind the ears then, too.

    But since I was on course, I saw that ASHO at least was running well. In a way, we were “under the radar” at that time – all the turmoil was at the top, while the orgs and whatever missions were left were getting the show on the road. But the madness hit ASHO as well at times – I remember well the recruiting raids into Skid Row to sign up bums for the SO because, while they were drinking sterno, they never took LSD.

    Alex, I know of you, and I respect you. All the Mayo stuff is so far under the bridge that it makes for interesting memories and lessons learned. It is just too bad that the church turned out the way it did.

  190. Alex,
    During that time period, I could not get a session at Flag because of a total meltdown in Clearwater. I waited for hours and finally got a D of P which was totally useless.
    I was coming down from Toronto on the weekends to get auditing in Clearwater.
    Frustrated by the whole cycle, I flew out to California and rented a car and drove to Santa Barbara. I remember meeting with someone who looks like Ken.
    At any rate, it was during the time when C of S was hitting them hard with secret agents infiltration, and bad flyers etc. ACC thought I was an undercover agent and refused to grant an interview. After much discussion, I finally convinced them that I was not a spy. They believed me.
    At any rate, I did not do the services because the org was empty at the time and they were reeling from the hits. I could see this.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  191. That, and the fact that when she got the award and was posted as President of ABLE she wanted desperately to be in the DM in-circle and would do anything to please him. she was hand picked by him and she was his “Trusted terminal”. She butchered a lot of staff.

  192. FS — you are right. A lot of people (self included) who get into positions near POB become bloody minded. It’s amost a job requirement.

    But as inevitably as day follows night, those people eventually fall into disfavor with Dear Leader and disappear into obscurity (she is probably assigned as a potwasher somewhere these days).

  193. Well done Magnolia and thank you for your story. Not at all boring. It tells of the twists and turns in extracting oneself from the clutches of the CoS.

    Very well told. Thank you.

  194. Congrats! I’m sure you are starting to sleep well. Wishing you all the best!

  195. Just read an interesting quote from poet Diane Di Prima related to the OWS movement but also pertains to anyone here still sitting on a fence (punctuation not changed):

    “There is no way out of a spiritual battleThere is no way you can avoid taking sides… history is a living weapon in yr hand& you have imagined it, it is thus that you”find out for yourself”

    “There is no way out of a spiritual battleThere is no way you can avoid taking sides… the war is the war for the human imaginationand no one can fight it but you/ & no one can fight it for you”

  196. Hush you two! ‘People’ will say I’m recruiting Anons!!!

  197. LOL, your “FIRST book!!” I think I just heard desktop items being thrown against the wall in Hemet.

    Please, put me down for ten signed copies.

  198. Thank God YOU saw the light!

  199. “Although in earlier days, ex-Guardian office were not permitted to do further OT levels labelled “a bunch of criminals”… a number of old Guardian’s Office execs are now auditing OT VII and some attested OT VIII.”

    Right, Davey labeling you a criminal is tantamount a badge of honor. As long as Davey had not fully established OT H8, Truth Concealed, social personalities were not allowed to do it, but as soon he really had it twisted to the EP of full Davey Adulation, it got stuffed down everybody’s throat, only to thereafter cycle through the lower grades again and again (part of the EP).

  200. I wasn’t there but I agree 100%!!

  201. Bruce,
    Those shadows are not created by other beings.
    They are the shadows that fall away from you as you shine your own light into the darkness.

  202. Thanks, Alex – right – the AAC was 1984. Now that I think of it, that was a year before the Portland Crusade. The ASHO MAA made me get rid of the AAC materials I had – although I still have the spoof “Analytical Attenuation Center” Journal.

  203. I’m willing to proof read it for you Marty. No Fee, just pancakes.

  204. “Other staff LET him get away with this shit, and at the time there were enough high-powered staff to take him out.”

    I don’t think so. Davey had signed blank dismissal forms for all executives. The tax lawyers had provided him with legal power over all corporate entities. He was the one that could call the police when invading a mission; the missions couldn’t throw him out. Mayo and others couldn’t maintain their integrity and accept Davey, they had no choice like we didn’t as soon as we knew. The only excuse for ever having gone along with Davey is really not knowing what’s going on and Davey was good at cutting information. The moment I had to choose 12 years ago between my integrity and my ha, eternity, I choose the first. Actually it wasn’t a matter of choice; there was no choice (same for Mayo).

  205. The Church of Scientology’s purchase of legendary Bran Castle, better known as Count Dracula’s cozy roost perched in the Transylvanian Alps, seems a no-brainer (perfect for the current Co$ contingent)! With 450,000 tourists a year, the geometric expansion of Scientologists worldwide will get a real kick-start. They’ll think the billion-year contract in fine print on the back of their ticket stub is a colloquial joke. And for those who may want to pull out from under the New Flag after one horrific night, the castle comes ready equipped with real dungeons. “Overboarding” off the cliff-supported parapets will take on new meaning, reminiscent of asking, “I can talk, can you fly?” and will test those OT VIII abilities. All the Indoctrinates have to do is remember not to scare off their new congregation by smiling at the entrance bridge, and it will be a raging success – bats in the belfries and all! And the Count, er … Chairman … does look like he needs a little new blood. No worries about alleged civil rights abuses in Dracula’s Castle!

  206. Well, Sam, you have called me on my mixed and questionable metaphors. How do spiritual giants cast shadows in the first place? 🙂
    How do I know it’s not the light of an even larger spiritual giant casting the light which allows the shadow to occur? How do I show respect, gratitude even admiration to those who may have exercised such displays of personal integrity? That is a rhetorical question but is the basis of my mixed and questionable metaphors.

    I thank you for your graciousness.


  207. Thank you for this piece of history. IMO a tightly centralized organization is an error, and apparently (from reading this blog) it was NOT what LRH intended. I found Mayo’s lead article very interesting as it invites the distinction between overts of breaking written laws (which change all the time), and breaking moral codes (which seem to transcend written laws through the ages). Moral codes are, to me, personal, and violations of those lead to deterioration of the individual himself. In the case of Scn, it leads to the deterioration of the Scientologist, who IS the goal of Scn. In the case of the church, it has led to the deterioration, massively, of the organization from within.

  208. +1 Are we going to get deep, here? Let me know so I can be ready.

  209. I have tried to search your weblog without success. Is that an option from wordpress or can it just not be done unless you are the administrator?

  210. I listened to the whole lecture he gave. Not in person though, just the video and he is such a friendly guy. And super super trained to the teeth with tech up through Class XII C/S. I feel very at ease around people like that.

  211. martyrathbun09

    There is a search feature in the right hand margin of the home page.

  212. Don’t know Bruce
    I figure we’ll all just shine our light so brightly that the shadows cease to exist 🙂

  213. laurusse, leisa, darnelle, fleur, michelle conole parents melva collins and eunice henley-smith were all involved in NZ – there was one collins girls who was never in simone

  214. As bad as the GO may have been, it is impossible to out lie, out cheat, and out steal the IRS. As far as I am concerned, infiltrating the IRS is the best thing they ever did and it is too bad that the GO didn’t tar and feather the lot of them (IRS agents.)


  215. wrote these lyrics sometime back, am reposting them here since Marty used the phrase “Hunker in the Bunker.”


    Hunker In The Bunker
    (Tune of Bungle In The Jungle by Jethro Tull)

    The staff at the Int base gave up Hemet apartments
    And moved into barracks and sometimes to dark tents
    Thrown into the water for downstats on Thursday,
    DM would then beat them right into next Sunday
    Some smart staffers laid low by lurking in shadows,
    Escaping on two wheels to seek greener meadows!

    Let him hunker, in the bunker … DM’s last days, bein’ free.
    His PR flog’s blamin’ Marty,
    But a jury may disagree!

    Each mis-spoken word and the internet’s right there,
    The truth’s blowin’ thru now and clearing out cult air.
    With press peeking over DM’s puny shoulder,
    Anons and the Old Guard grow bolder and bolder.
    Sea Org reserves now are thinner and thinner,
    The game critics play now is surely a winner.

    Let him hunker, in the bunker DM’s last days, bein’ free.
    His PR flog’s blamin’ Marty,
    But a jury may disagree!

    Osuh may be full of PR floggin’ nasties,
    There out classed by ex’es who now kick their asses.
    DM’s had a life as a player of pawns,
    As the sun sets on his crap we’ll see a new dawn,
    To expose the beatings,
    Cof$ consumed,
    The press now is willing to play a new tune

  216. If anyone can put them straight, its you !!!

  217. Marty, I would like to add one more difference. G.O. crimes are out of range for legal prosecution, OSA-crimes are not.

  218. Well said, OnceUponaTime.

    Duty, like the Code of Honour, exists at the top of the Tone Scale and Chart of Attitudes. Duty ceases being fun the moment Other Determinism is entered into one’s life, because then, Other Determinism acts like a held-down-seven. PTSness is inevitable, because you’re trying to do your best across the dynamics, but you have orders which conflict.

    When duty isn’t a pleasure, take a rain check, because only an SP will interfere in the KRC of your dynamics. In other words, Sacrifice is the highest motivation, which is a neat curve where you substitute divine Cause for a shoddy imitation. Miscavige’s best staff are ones that cause others to sacrifice (that would be all they are allowed to cause).

    Funnily enough, miscavige says you have to register 3 swings of the needle before your win counts.
    In the church, you just don’t know anything for yourself, anymore.

    Of course, outside the church, you have to take responsibility yourself. Tough call. I wonder how miscavige would do with that one.

  219. Sam, this is not background, just data. Mrs. True was active in Germany at some point in the mid-90s to prevent that the (crimes involving) real-estates-OSA-org-scene came to light after Wiebke Hansen had blown up and the forerunner of the Ideal Org scam had failed, then. Under the pretense that she wanted to handle the situation she got people to write reports on that. I have never seen or heard of any handling resulting from the data she collected. I guess she was on orders to just find out how much is known in the field and then the use the “we-study-it”-button to calm down the situation, prevent that the tax and courts looks into it and to stop any further data from coming out.

  220. Never happen.
    Dave’s cult is waaaaaay too creepy to qualify for the purchase.

  221. I’m not letting the entirety of the management structure of the Church off so easily. They had a choice. I am not letting myself off the hook, here. I chose not to participate in the SO, and I chose not to intern or start a field practice when I graduated the BC.

  222. Thank you Ingrid for your beautiful article about Ron on your blog!

  223. Transporter, thank you for bringing that up. I feel it is a key.
    “Duty” is often mis-used as a control operation to enforce obedience or certain behavior. There is a large difference to the real concept of “duty” as being something from yourself that tells you what is right or what you feel you should do.
    This mis-used “duty” is often better called “an official-act”. In a lecture called “Overt-Act, Motivator Sequence” from 4 Jan 1959 LRH related overt-acts to the various areas of life (the dynamics) and then continues:
    “Now what kind of a mess do you get on some individual who has been, perhaps, the chief executioner of a nation? Where are you going to find this boy on the track? What state are you going to find him in? In the first place he has done a horrible thing. He has said “The act that I am engaged on are official acts and are overt acts of the nation I work for. Makes him totally irresponsible for his own acts, doesn’t it? Now look, I’m not going so far as to say that the reason we have insane governments is because no public official is personally responsible for his acts. But the definition of an insane man is one who is not personally responsible for his own acts. Do you agree with that? No, I won’t go so far as to say that. That does not automatically make all public officials insane, but they’ll get there.
    Now, the individual was almost wiped out the day that somebody invented a thing called an “official act”. Now, that it was an official act was an invention – that was the invented thing. Nobody invented a “personal act”. But somebody invented that thing called an official act. That says, “An act I am doing for another dynamic for which I have no responsibility of any kind.” If a guy piles up enough of those, he’s had it because he takes no responsibility for the things.”
    This applies to Nazis as well as to soldiers, politicians, G.O. and OSA alike. Even the Nuernberg Trials are based on this idea that a person is responsible for his acts.
    If you do it, it is your personal act. And “duty” as I understand it relates to that, not to what someone else tries to make you believe what you should think or do.

  224. I think the point really needs to be addressed: what can be done to repair the alteration of LRH tech?

    Virtually all materials, incl. the original OT Levels right up to LRH’s passing are in Possession of the Freezone/Independents.

    There is no such thing as “Repairing Altered Tech.” One just doesn’t use it.

    Independent field cannot ignore the fact that LRH dropped his body under *extremely* suspicious circumstances, and not long thereafter the OT materials were radically changed.

    There is no known Relationship between LRH dropping the Body and the Alteration of Source Materials. They are dissimilar Datums.

    how it is that under Miscavige those same OT materials were disseminated to the world on the internet

    They were snuck out of various AOs on numerous Occasions by Ex-SOs. At least 4 separate and other-sourced copies of the original NOTs Materials exist in the Freezone, and that is being conservative.

    Plus, there is much evidence that what we have in the OT Materials on the Internet is, simply put, squirrel material altered and ‘released’ after LRH dropped his body.

    Correct. Some of it is, but it’s too easy to weed out. Secondly most Class XIIs know these Materials inside out, and any alterations are spotted quickly. But none of matters anymore, as we have all the Source Materials dead-spot-on right down to the last Comma.

    Looks like you spent much time reading Low-IQ conspiratorial Nonsense on the internet.

  225. They still haven’t figured out that OT is not about them.

    That’s about the long and short of it.

  226. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    DM&associates was partner with Richard Acunto in a company called Guardian Claims. Guardian Claims as a insurance Claims Company ran all the claims through DM&A.
    Guardian (the Acunto partner company partner with DM&A) is a Managing General Agency which represents the actual insurance companies that hold the policies. Most all Survival (brokerage) sold policies were managed by Guardian General Agency. Thus the bulk of sold policies through Survival were “Guardian”. Thus the claims that came from these policy holders were all funneled to DM&A “through” Guardian Claims (The DM&A and Guardian/Acunto partnership).
    DM&A and Acunto later had a falling out when DM&A bypassed Guardian Claim (the partnership company) and Acunto’s Guardian General (managing general agency) and went direct to the Insurance Companies that Guardian General represented and struck their own deals for the claims traffic. This effectively cut Acunto out of any piece of the claims business as it was no longer being funneled through Acunto’s Guardian General and the partnership Guardian Claims.
    Greed….. they eat their own.

  227. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    George M White,
    Just saw below:

    Mr. Miscavige,
    When the end comes, repeat the following three times:

    “There is no greater catastrophe than greed”

    Phra Ajahn Yantra Amaro, Thai Buddhist monk

  228. Right, but they knew it could be done for ethical reasons and thus screw up all their black ops as long as OT’s were being made. They couldn’t destroy the Church so they had to destroy the tech (almost succeeded) and disseminate squirrel tech to control and get rid of real OT’s.

  229. Joe Pendleton

    Lurker, the answers are covered in HCOBs and LRH lectures. Beings are unable to reach and unable to go into action due to the overts they have committed (and by this, also allow themselves to go PTS). LRH and Mary Sue ran the COS and per Ron’s own definition of responsibility, they must assume cause point for the church. By the end of the 70s, the COS/GO had spent many years running black ops on people like Paulette Cooper and committing federal crimes which put the whole church at risk.. Add to this the overts on orgs/staff members that was committed by the formation of the Flag Service Org starting in the mid 70s (what percentage of money for Scientology services is now spent at Flag that used to be spent at orgs? – this occurred along with PRing Flag T&P as very superior to what one would receive at an outer org – despite the use of the word “standard” to describe tech). And I could go on here. So yeah, by the early 80s, Mary Sue had been in prison for her crimes, her husband had abandoned her despite her great contributions to him and Scientology and her older son had killed himself. Ron had become an old man on the run, obsessed with dust particles and odors. I don’t judge great people by their end. LRH, like many great men, make immense contributions to humanity and then have a very rough time in their final years. Like the rest of us, he did things he should not have done. He doesn’t need any “forgiveness” from me certainly. I’ve done my best to be in exchange with him. All I’m trying to do here is to say that he is responsible for his condition as I am for mine. He was no longer able to pick up a phone or protest. Maybe he was even happy. Maybe he had dementia or another organic disease. He was not in good physical shape. But he spent his final years puttering around a barn,answering to his jailer, the young David Miscavige. If Ron COULD have mustered the awareness and the power to pick up the phone, I am fairly certain he WOULD have.

  230. Watchful, your name isn’t Art Bell, is it?

    I was active in Scientology for 35 plus years and never met anyone who could leave their body and travel around freely doing “remote viewing.” I don’t doubt it would be a lot of fun and very valuable for intelligence gathering. If high level Scientologists could do it, the GO probably would have had an easier time attempting to infiltrate the government. You think?

  231. Congratulations David Miscavige

    (On your ‘Non Paranoid’ Declare)

    Dear David,

    For over 25 years your ‘self awareness;’ has left you with a fear that they are all out to get you.
    Some may unfairly, call this paranoid behavior, to protect yourself in this situation you have self authorized extreme measures against others.
    These measures have included re wiring and introduction of viruses into others in an unlawful manner.

    I myself have argued for an opportunity of redemption on numerous occasions, in this I was wrong.
    Some people are truly beyond redemption and you appear to qualify to this category.

    David you have betrayed the entity of evil you choose to serve and put your trust in, exposure and humiliation caused by gross incompetence are not accepted by that entity, by any servant, no matter how ‘loyal’!

    No matter how many ‘goatsie’ shirts you may wear, no matter how many ‘sacrifices’ you offer in abuses of humanity, it just wont resolve your errors.

    Yes David, you are longer Paranoid, they are all out to get you.

  232. For David

    If you mess with too many minds, then surround yourself with them, it’s bad news, very bad news! 🙂

  233. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing 9. Interesting.

  234. While dm hunkers alone in a bunker, bereft of friends, family and love —

    Look at the accolades sassy wrote about Brian Culkin? Could this guy be any more loving?

    Well, I suppose maybe a smidge as there is no end to the amount of love we all have 🙂

    Thanks to Marty’s blog for bringing us all together — I’m thinking our combined affinity is going to just crack those gates of Hemet in two.



  235. Poet13C

    Curious what the “13C” refers to.

    As for “duty,” like most words, I would guess you have a scale of meaning. English, like all languages, is spoken and understood by humans who generate concepts relevant to their situations. The “duty” understood by someone at 1.5 will differ from “duty” understood by someone at 1.1 or 4.0 or 20.0 or 40.0. Though, I suppose the free theta of an individual always has an awareness of higher definition.

    Our language is fraught with accepted meanings designed to dominate by nullification or to arrest one’s thinking. So many pejoratives. So many thought stoppers.

    I know that I interfere with the KRC and ARC of my kids and wife, as they do with mine. All of our dynamics interact, colliding and creating dissonance. Groups, by their nature, will always have some KRC in dissonance to some degree. Makes things interesting, and gives us a chance to learn. Which I suppose doesn’t make us all suppressive, just a bit whacko.

    But since “whacko” is disagreement, I don’t take it too seriously. A thetan is doomed when he can’t disagree.

  236. For those who were trained and saw what was happening the choice was accepting Davey or leave. And accepting Davey and his crimes is no option. For those that really didn’t know as they were too far away, uninformed or low trained, I understand if they gave it a try with Davey. btw, start as a field auditor, it’s fun and rewarding!

  237. Robert, another way to search the site is to use Google. Type this (without the quotes) at the end of your search phrase to search only Marty’s blog: “site:markrathbun.wordpress.com”. Sometimes Google will pick up things that the built-in WordPress search function might miss. The only drawback is that Google is not updated instantly — it may take a day or a week for the most recent entries (and comments) associated with those entries) to reach the Google search index. But it’s quite good for older stuff.

  238. Really great post, GH. Very informative too. I also knew the Zegels fairly well. I was not as certain as you that he was a “bad apple”. People should also be reminded that Yaeger is Vivien Zegel’s son and so they were probably quite easily brought into DM’s sights as quarry to be neutralized.
    I recall there were reports of physical force being used to keep the Zegels from walking out of some very unpleasant encounter with SO “execs” in the ’82 time frame.

    In retrospect, I do think some of these early rebels had picked up on, and were responding to, the insanities being introduced by DM from above (“International Financial Dictator” gang bang sec checks on mission holders AND successful, productive field groups). At the time, I agreed with everyone else (apologies for the generality) that David Mayo was an SP & that the Zegels were seriously off the rails.

    But now I’m not so sure. Maybe some of these people and their reactions at the time should be re-considered as “canaries” in the proverbial coal mine, chirping away, sensing the craziness but not having tools like the internet to be able to figure out what was really going on & therefore not necessarily making the most rational decisions.

    As Krushchev did post-1956, after confronting and revealing Stalin’s massive crimes, perhaps some of these early rebels need to be “rehabilitated”, their “crimes” forgiven, and, what the hell, maybe even a commendation or two for standing up while no one else dared.

  239. Gern Gaschoen

    Mr Rinder, I don’t believe this blog or its membership, is ignoring this fact. But what effectively is being done about it – this is the question for which I wish I had a better answer.

    Some of us still have our Sea Org member hats on. What can we do to fix this situation? For my part, I’ve started scouring EBay for all the old books and I envision one day having a grand library of materials published during LRH’s lifetime. But, what can we do as a group to repair this situation, is my question? Ought we organize to create a better darknet repository, or am I simply just missing the ball?

    Either way, at some point we are going to need senior Tech terminals to help patch up this mess. Ought we be recruiting the blown and disappearing Old Timers to the cause of tech recovery? I just don’t know – and I find myself wishing less time was spent on opp-term’ing with DM and more time was spent fixing the scene with a real program.

    I’m *not* trying to upset you, sir. I just believe that the time is coming very near for us to have a better picture of just how much of a mess we are *all* in, with regards to tech recovery.

  240. Gern Gaschoen

    I may well find them, but how do I *know* these materials aren’t altered from what LRH intended? I know its a leading question, but I believe we really need our own Independent Field Senior C/S Int hat being worn, sorting out the mess.

  241. Well, a lot of them are handwritten….

  242. “OWS Movement” – now THERE’S a spiritual movement for you!

    These people (at least the ones who are sober enough to exercise their vocal chords) make the Tea Party participants sound like members of MENSA.

    OWS Movement = 60s Redux: scream, yell, fornicate, defecate, and smash things, throwing public tantrums in an effort to force others to give stuff to them for no exchange.

  243. It looks like David Morse & Associates is imploding. How can an amateur like me figure this out without using all those nefarious investigative skills that a Church of Scientology-employed PI uses on people like Marty and Mike? Simple. Click on the “office locations” tab on the company’s web site, and start clicking on the stars on the map to see the office addresses. At least half of the locations I clicked on in my two-minute sample test point back to corporate HQ in beautiful downtown Glendale.

    Out of six locations in Colorado, for instance, five tell you to call Glendale. The sixth is an address of a house on a dusty dirt road on the lonely prairies 30 miles east of Colorado Springs — so the whole state is being covered by one person working out of their house. And both of the offices in Wisconsin give the Glendale address. Same with all twelve locations claimed in Texas, not to mention Wichita, Albuquerque and Tulsa. And so on.

    Why is this a problem? Because insurance claims adjustment is more than just sending in forms to some PO box in another state; insurance companies know that claims adjustment, particularly for P&C and complicated stuff (“inland marine” = tugboat/barge accidents, which are way more complicated than car fender-benders), requires on-site personal service.

    So it looks like DM&A is trying to look big and successful by showing lots of offices (site claims 120 offices in 32 states), but it sure seems like they’re trying to paint a brave face on a massive wave of recent desertions by using the central address for the majority of their offices. If you count offices that refer to Glendale or other out-of-state location, it looks like at least half their business has tanked recently. Like LRH said, look at the data first.

    So DM&A could well be another circling-the-drain hollow shell that serves as a great “success story” for those highly trained business consultants from WISE and the Hubbard College of Administration (you know, the up-and-coming business school that has the folks at Harvard B-School worried about their #1 ranking every year). I wonder how many of those tasteful IAS “Patron Mucho Ludicrous” trophies are in a big display case at DM&A headquarters.

  244. Marty,

    Just wondering…. how many hours of ‘Spiritual Enhancement / Auditing does Miscavige receive each day?

    And how so, is it that he compares himself or makes himself equivalent to the Pope of the Catholic Church…. The Pope communicates DIRECTLY with GOD … to guide the Holy Catholic Peoples….

    Clearly, Miscavige does NOT communicate with GOD.

  245. John,

    Interesting. I think they learned this from the Scientology.org site.

    Try finding the oft touted “more than 8,000 orgs, missions and groups” on that site. It’s patented RCS “we are expanding faster than a southbound train on a downhill rocket ride to the stars and beyond, moreover, what this really means is 5 times greater expansion than in the history of the universe, just last week, and all under the guidance of our Dear Leader, man with the plan, the midget with the widget, the king of pop and the suckup to the stars, our savior, Pope on a Box and bantamweight champeeeen of the eeentire woooooorld, Mister David Mudcabbage….” And behind that smokescreen you find 1,000 “Applied Scholastics Tutors” (anyone who did Learning How to Learn) and 6,000 “Volunteer Minister Groups” (total sales of Scientology Handbook in last decade)…

  246. Publius – I had totally forgotten that Marc Yager was Vivian’s son – the last time I had thought about that was when I was on staff at Flag, and my parent mentioned it to me. I worked with Marc directly on a project to move the tape archives to LA.

    I can see these guys as a canary in the coal mine – but, I still maintain that the last 30 years were not inevitable just because Mr. David Miscavige is not a nice guy.

    If I may be so bold – I think it was a mistake for LRH to empower the CMO as much as he did. I understand the energy and vitality of youth, but frankly, every CMO kid I worked with would have been better served getting trained, educated, and serving an apprenticeship – in other words, be cadets instead being of conduits to the lightning words and commands of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Marc was a good guy who had his heart on straight when I worked with him. But, just like me, he was a child – we are about the same age, and I was 16 at the time. I was a Class IV auditor, and an HSDC grad, and had a few auditing hours under my belt before I started my temp stint at Flag, and even at the time I recognized the incredible value of having been trained, and I knew that if I had not been trained (i.e., knew what Scientology really was), I would have walked out the cussing door, because it was insane. None of the CMO I worked with had any training as auditors – did not know the subject – and it showed. Tanya Burden was as vicious as any teenager with power can be – and she showed up later claiming victimhood.

    As for Marc – he was a good hearted guy who was a kid and did not have the skills to do what he was doing. Neither did I, and it hurt me to the point where I routed off the project. In his case, he did some major miscalculations and we all hand-built some insanely big boxes to his spec to move the tapes, only to find that they weighed far too much to be usable. Oh, and we discovered the dangers of working with fiberglass that summer as well, as we all worked in the Florida sun with raw fiberglass and no masks, shirts, or gloves. But, hey, we were making it go right.

  247. Thank you Truth for pointing out and linking to Ingrid’s article. So beautiful. Thanks Ingrid for giving me a persistent FN. Really, the man was a colossus and my appreciation of him – always high, ever since my first read of the TRs HCOB back in 1969 – continues to increase.

    At least with me, the anti-LRH crowd achieves the exact opposite of what they intend every time they try to tear him down. All that happens is that my admiration for him grows even more.

  248. Thanks for the additional details, GH. You clearly have a lot of history to relate, and you relate it well. What you say about the empowerment of CMO makes a lot of sense. Do you think that command line worked well on the ship, when it was always right there under LRH’s nose – and then maybe started running amok after the move to the Land Base? Just curious.

  249. Gern Gaschoen

    There is no such thing as “Repairing Altered Tech.” One just doesn’t use it.

    Assume, for a minute, that Miscavige and co. are indeed agents sent in to prevent OT’s being made. Imagine that this did happen.

    How would you handle it? How did LRH want us to handle it?

  250. Gern Gaschoen


    I believe we need an open, 100% public (as in -NO- secrets) exposed library of confirmed materials.

    The point I am making is that the old timers who were there, and can confirm the details, ought to be promoted to Div VI function within the Independent scene. I’d love to know every single old-timer story Marty knows, for example, ditto with Mr. Rinder, and I’d love to see a functional archive of the OT Success stories be replenished with new, too, of course.

    We *need* a public statistic on the confirmed OT’s, under Ron’s watch, and we *need*, as an Independent Field, to know where they are and what happened to them.

    I mean to say, yes, if you were ever certified OT under Ron’s watch, then “step forward, and describe the event sufficiently well for the rest of us to understand the nature of the materials at that time”. Is there a scene like this, already, and I’m just missing it? Perhaps. Some would say, that scene is the Church, and of course it is.

    Moving on Up, though, has purpose and is a lot more visible for Scientologists to gather around Marty’s mission. But I don’t frankly believe in the “Scientology underground” – no true Scientologist needs whatever protection the underground provides ..

  251. GH,

    Hope I can add some data here and answer some of your questions.

    LRH went off the lines in Feb 80 with Annie and Pat Broeker. Annie handled the Messenger and Household unit functions with Pat handling the security and communications, establishment of facilities etc. Pat handled the secret comm runs of messages etc. and meets with various people such as DM, CO CMO, David Mayo etc. The Gang of Five posted a story, not sure if you’ve read it, which is fairly accurate: http://www.scientology-cult.com/secret-history-of-david-miscavige.html

    The LC NW handled stuff that the CMO didn’t such as Birthday game, and various LRH programs to boom orgs, as well as SO#1 and KOT functions. FBOs handled financial and reported up to the Int Finance office. Snr CSes had their own network for Tech. There were so many networks at the time whereby Jon Horwich was established as NWL (Network Liaison) at Flag to coordinate and lessen the confusion. WDC was set up and taught by LRH to get management functioning from Exec Strata, Flag Bureaux, Cont Liason offices, to Orgs to properly expand Scn. They would get all the stats and reports for their various sectors and do stats analysis and approve plans for the next week and beyond..

    LRH intended to get back on the lines and return to what is now the Int base. There was a whole big push in ’82 to do that, with renovations to make sure his spaces (house at BV, office and various offices in Cine etc.) were operational. I did a project to establish his AV facilities, personal recording and mixing gear, at the base as all the gear had been in storage after “X” which was a place we lived in (79-80) was disbanded when he went off the lines at his request. It was PB who prevented myself and Household unit terminals from providing direct service to LRH by limiting the establishment of such a unit at his location due to “Security” reasons. We could not get posted or do something else and my post was “on hold” for 6 years.

    Between PB and DM it was deemed to be unsafe for LRH to return with legal threats and physical threats such as “sniper in the hills around the base’. LRH wanted to return and even had JB and his deputy David Lantz who was LRH Transport buy and renovate a new Peterbuilt semi truck with a box behind the cab which was entirely bulletproofed in order to get to the base and travel around. It was completed but never used as between PB and DM’s reports LRH never came back on lines and I’m not sure what happened to the truck. Mayo was assigned the Tech hat by LRH but he and his entire staff got toasted by PB and DM – it’s unknown as to what was reported to LRH on the subject.

    DM was put on as “Special Project Ops” and in charge of getting an “All Clear” fpr LRH but never got that done intentionally or unintentionally. There is data available now that suggests an IRS tax exemption could have been achieved at that time through plans done up by MSH, but was nixed by DM and PB. It is not a surprise that DM refuses to pick up the cans with Ray or anyother tech terminals and prefers the grounding rods.
    DM and Pat

  252. Gern Gaschoen

    Sam, are you aware of the nature of the Facsimile and its role on the Theta time track? Because, while alien invasion in the physical/hollywood sense might well be worthy of a great deal of ridicule, you’re giving me good alien-invader-vibe facsimiles right now ..

  253. Agreed. They could be replace lock, stock and barrel by replacing the income tax with a consumption tax of some sort.

  254. I don’t know enough about the intention of the CMO – except that that a messenger relayed messages directly from LRH and thus were not to be touched. I think that once the comm line from LRH was stretched, there were liberties taken. How often does a hanger-on to a power start to think they themselves are the power? They were the moon to LRH’s sun, but I can see how easy it would be to mistake the respect due to LRH as praise for them. They were completely outside the hierarchy of management, and they were all kids except, of course, for LRH, so, yeah, it easily got out of hand. What do unsupervised teenagers do?

    It is easy to state (and I felt this way at the time) that we are all being eons old, and have experiences reaching back to Native State – but I have learned that the influence of this lifetime, in this body, in this context, is HUGE, and that a cleared teenager is still a teenager.

  255. one of those who see

    Hey Pete,
    Excellent. Big Jethro Tull fan, so just sang your lyrics!

  256. Speaking of champions, R,I.P., Smokin’ Joe.

  257. Thanks, Sinar, for that! So David Miscavige failed at making it safe for LRH, and yet he becomes the leader of the church? It looks like DM has been playing this “security” and “danger” card for a long, long time. The initial IAS briefings in Portland in 1985 were frightening! And they have been frightening ever since.

    And yet – here we are. The ONLY people attacking independent Scientologists are DM and the ‘droids.

    I remember the “Loyal Officer” FO naming Pat and Annie Broeker as Loyal Officers after LRH passed, and then DM stomping on them. It sounds like both PB and DM were too power hungry?

  258. Put another way, all those “office locations” pointing back to a post office box in Glendale show that DM&A is improving on the Church of Scientology “Idle Org” strategy. DM&A doesn’t even bother wasting all that money on actual real estate only to let it stand idle. All they have to do is claim on the web site that they serve a given city, and funnel the stampede of prospective clients back to Glendale. Boy, the Internet sure makes growing your business a lot easier than it used to be!

    Perhaps the Illustrious Dwarf could learn something… making the “Imaginary Org” strategy the next initiative in continuing all that unprecedented expansion.

  259. one of those who see

    Hi Alex,
    I got into Scientology in ’82 so was new when the upheaval was happening. I did meet some finance police though.
    Since being off lines since 2007 or so, I have listened to David’s Sunday Talks and read 2 of the Journals from the AAC. I loved it all and wished I would have known enough to go to the AAC back then. I even wrote a private message to Harvey on facebook to say hello. I watched the AAC video which is available online and saw Maude there. I’ve also written to Mary Freeman another auditor from there.
    I wasn’t at the AAC and I don’t know much about David after the AAC. But from what I heard, I call him friend. Certainly not the monster i had accepted he was without inspection. My apologies David. I was so very happy to correct my data.
    Love that you post here Alex!

  260. Target One is to get rid of DM. Not much will be accomplished with him still on post. With him off post, anything can and will be accomplished.

  261. In RTRC there exists a microfiche file of all bulletins, PLs and other issues. Many were LRH handwritten for just such a verification as you are calling for. Again, we need to get rid of DM and then things will start to come right.

  262. Sam, how about ex-asperated? LOL

  263. Is Elliot Abelson still in play ?

    Oh and lets not forget Miscavige’s attorney

    Monique Yingling

  264. martyrathbun09

    CD, I replaced “PG” with “attorney” – same difference.

  265. I have zero interest in even trying to decipher what the hell you’re going on about both here and in earlier posts you made.
    Carry on if it makes you happy tho.

  266. A very, very fine tribute indeed. And I agree, P, any flaw or wart on LRH makes him all the more human and thus, all the greater. Like Beethoven writing his 9th Symphony while stone deaf. Unfathomable, like LRH’s lifetime of work.

  267. Adfirmitive

  268. Incidentally…
    At which point am I supposed to ask for your credentials (seeing as you suddenly appeared on the blog out of no-where with a strong opinion talking of such things as ‘op-terming’ with COB – while you attempt to do the same with others here).
    And at which point will you howl in outrage at my insinuation that you COULD be working directly for Muck-cabbage and attempt to derail the topic of discussion onto yourself?
    Just checking….
    I could be ENTIRELY wrong of course.

  269. Erwin, are you saying you think DM had those “signed blank dismissal forms for all executives”, back in 1982, when he was 22 years old, and 4 years before LRH’s passing?

    That does not ring true.

  270. Oh, Christ, you want to see cloak and dagger stuff? You should have been at WHQ in 1977 with the top GO guys. My wife (at the time) arrived and got our security briefing from a buy named Brian Roubanik (spelling?) who pulled down the shades of his office to brief us. You would have thought that Russian agents were in the hallway with their ears to water glasses at the door. This guy was a living a security nightmare. All the top GO guys were there with Mary Sue including Nikki Merwin, her top aide, the B1 guys like Jimmy “Truman Capote” and Anne Mulligan. Fred Hare and others. We were not allowed to use ANY remotely related Scn expressions or terms out doors on pain of Treason. We had to carry pc folders in brown paper bags and our shore story was that we were a quiet little ranch in the desert. The La Quinta golf course was literally right across the street from one side of the property and when John Brodie was there for a celebrity golf tournament one winter, the place went into lock down. Apparently LRH himself never got the security briefing because he would be out with some messengers at the mall in nearby Indio blabbing on about the Int stats or shouting through a bullhorn throughout the still desert night while shooting TRs 0-4 on the base or downtown in Palm Springs where someone once mistook him for Col. Sanders. Oh, yeah, the GO were beauties.

  271. Li'll bit of stuff


    Don’t you just LOVE that sound ? ” REAL SCIENTOLOGY? ” It just keeps on “growing on you” as I believe it should.Also has the “psychological” effect of “displacing” POB’s version. Could this be the FUTURE BRAND? Comments please?

    Li’ll bit

  272. Good point GH, you identified the POB mechanism and the implant that he is the one and only to “save” Scn or avert disaster single-handedly and thus is the Pope! And – will that be cash, credit card or cheque?

    The Loyal Officer FO was simply cancelled as a fake by POB. Staff and SO were given a photo of LRH and that FO encased in hard plastic for their desks for a PR caper I recall and those were rounded up by CMO, under POB’s direction, confiscated and destroyed in about ’87. Unfortunately for PB, after he had the reigns in ’86 he didn’t do anything but literally hobby horsed, playing with the horses at the Creston Ranch and left management and structure intact to do their jobs. He had big financial irregularities he was sitting on & DM also had leverage on Annie. NFS – Norman the trustee of the Estate had been working at ASI for years under DM and remained so, despite LRH bestowing trust through his will to remain Independent and above CST and maintaining the system which was supposed to be set up as per http://www.savescientology.com/

    I’m sure this will be covered in Marty’s upcoming book due next spring!

  273. GH,

    I’ve worked with lots of CMO and MonDs in my time (messenger on duty, on watch for LRH) and generally got along much better with the Senior messengers as originally trained by LRH. The junior watch messengers seemed to not have the know how and used their ethics powers unwisely as a rough thumbnail. There was one messenger Melanie (Seidler) Murray who was a trained Class 8 & OT and she dealt with Tech matters with Mayo etc., DM and Robbie Crivello were Class 4s. Most of the messenger training was on the admin side with hardly any Tech training. Worked on compiling hats for CMO Int with Paul Grady at one point. Never met Tonya, but perhaps power corrupts little beings.

    I worked with Annie quite a bit and she provided air cover for me when one of the junior messengers over the Household unit was gunning for me. Surprisingly, DM even wrote a lengthy commendation on me to provide me with air cover as I did 7 successful missions for him. That jr messenger left I think in ’82 and still drinks Kool aid, even though POB does not allow any Exs to come near him or attend Freewinds Maiden Voyage anniversaries etc.

  274. Remind me not argue with Sam Domingo on this blog. Or ever for that matter. 🙂

  275. I would imagine that Miscavige’s last three remaining closest advisers in the bunker who are former Guardian’s Office criminals are reading this.

    A bit of advice to the trio: RUN BABY RUN!

  276. Dan-LOL- Just as alot people key in to some horrible valences when given exec posts, so I saw the same with people in the GO. I remember at SFO a couple of them actually moved about in what can only be described as a”cloak and dagger” beingness with a withhody look in their eyes and at the same time looking very smug about it. I used to think they looked very silly and so transparent.

  277. A consumption tax would be a worse fuster cluck than even the income tax. ALL taxes now are indirect or excise taxes, which means that they are taxes on PRIVILEGE. When it comes to the taxes under Title 26, collectively known as “income tax,” there are several different taxes on different privileges all only MEASURED by income. For most of us, the privilege and therefore the tax is incurred by inviting the federal govt. into our contracts for work, turning work into “employment” … this is done via use of an SSN, which the federal govt. admits is totally voluntary by law, altho it is enforced virtually 100% by the private sector via policies based on ignorance, fear, and a few bad actors. So what about a consumption tax???????

    The current consumption taxes, i.e., state and local sales taxes, are ALSO taxes on privilege … the tax was sold to the public way back when as a means of taxing large out of state corporations doing business in the state of (your state.) The trouble is, “everybody knows” because nobody reads. So, the local retailers are forced to get reseller’s permits just to do business with wholesalers, even tho the tax doesn’t apply to them. But they don’t care because the law allows them to pass the tax on as a separate item … and that little clause in the sales tax laws, coppied from one place to the next until now it is universal … has converted our right to make retail purchases into a defacto privilege … the tax has effectively destroyed that right for us. The plan is to piggy back a federal sales tax on top of state sales taxes, taxing the same liability … in the same way that state income taxes tax the same liability that is incurred via federal income tax … which can easily be avoided just by not using a socialist slavestate number. But it gets worse …

    If a national sales tax or other consumption tax were to be passed, it would be on top of the income tax, it wouldn’t replace it. Why? The income tax would be waiting to come back as long as people use SSN’s. Furthermore, FICA and payroll tax would not go away, nor would state and local income taxes. But it gets even worse still …

    The battle to pass a national sales tax would be fought by liberals who would scream how regressive the tax was. The compromise solution would be to make it a GRADUATED sales tax, which would mean that ALL of your purchases would have to be kept track of or you would pay a higher rate. Even cash purchases would involve the swipe of a national ID card. But don’t worry, your driver’s license is already a national ID card because you gave your state DMV a socialist slavestate number to get one issued, and all the driver’s licenses are colated into a national database including digitized photos. Welcome to George Orwell’s Wonderland. BTW, I did that as a parody as well, tune of Winter Wonderland.


  278. You are one smart cookie….

  279. Yes Mr. T, I think we do. I certainly heard lots of good things about you from Ms. Peggy. (sigh)

  280. David Miscavige was the only mode of communication with LRH during the five years preceding LRH’s death when LRH was in hiding, seclusion and a fugitive from justice. During this time, LRH signed many blank sheets of paper which the Scientology organization used for various purposes. David Miscavige notarized many of the assignments at issue herein. http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/docs/declaration_of_graham_e._berry.txt
    Davey and Broeker were already channelling and altering LRH comm. since 1977. LRH was in bad health, had strokes, had 35 laws suits against him and struggled with the new NOTs. Ideal for IRS lawyers to falsify documents and arguments, ideal for trapping the GO into stealing their documents and then busting them, ideal for a legal takeover. http://www.davidmiscavige.wikiscientology.org/text/Criminal_Time_Track:_A_History_of_High_Crimes_Against_Scientology

  281. Thanks, Sinar. Most of my experiences were at Flag. Bitty Blythe was there, and a few others. None were tech trained as far as I could tell.

  282. ….or they choose to remain totally blind to what they are contributing to (those overts of sufficient magnitude.) Or they see that they are stuck and have nothing else they can do in their life because they have been doing it for so many years that they elminated everything else out of their lives. Or they know no one else outside of the “fence” and have no one to turn to. Similar phenomena to that of an abused woman…hating it, in mental and spiritual pain, maybe even physical pain, yet somehow thinking they have to stay right where they are and must never try to break free.

    That is the power of a suppressive person–until you realize that it is YOU who is giving them that power, and YOU who can take it away. Once you realize this lots of ways to break free become apparent and Life becomes solutions and free and successful and fun.

    I guess if you haven’t lived through such a very disturbing and shattering experience it is hard to fully understand. But it’s real, it happens. I applaud the people who saw through it and pulled the plug on their support through either finances or manpower or both.

  283. What memories–the whole security force was/is so duped. Danny doesn’t know it but his idiot alterations and comments to me about driving “priviledges” on the base were one of the little red flags that clued me into the fact that much more control and suppression was on its way in the near future. Now he knows. That little evil side of him (and a lot of other really strange, non-LRH things that were going on) gave it away and lost them another hard-working staff member. Got my butt right outta town! 😀

  284. Love that—What were your intentions when you joined the Sea Org? And what are they now? (Directed at Int Base and other “management” SO staff.) They used to be “to help rid the planet of criminality, insanity and war.” Now it is “to forward POB’s intentions no matter what it takes–criminality, insanity and even war. Oh–and especially every dollar you can find or borrow or steal.”

    WAKE UP you stupid tools!

  285. DM is really muddying the water.

    Has anyone else noticed the big shift in positioning that Flag is doing in the promo they are sending out?

    It has been gradually introduced over the past 2 or 3 months. Flag is positioning itself as “RON’S ORG”
    and phasing out calling itself “Flag” except in the small print inside their brochures.

    The brochure in today’s mail read –
    “Your Route to OT at RON’S ORG”


    Inside it reads:

    “Whatever you want to get handled


    has the tech to handle it.”

    And inside there’s an almost anonymous quote under a large photo of a pretty smiling woman writing a success story: “Flag is Ron’s Org and, as such, it’s perfect. I know that being here at Flag, I have gotten what LRH intended for me personally.” – N.W.

    I’m wondering if the real Ron’sOrgs have any copyrights or trademarks registered with regards to the term “Ron’s Org”?

  286. There *are* alien facsimiles exerting influence on our governments, duh.

  287. Well I humbly submit that in fact, Target One is to go OT and thus produce as many OT’s as possible, Standardly and with full ARC/KRC for the product of the Tech, with a sub-target being getting everyone Trained as Auditors.

    DM is a distraction of significant magnitude, and a GREAT DANGER, true.

    But there are other, bigger dangers to Scientology than DM: that nobody is really going OT, for example. Auditors? In the public? Another big danger is that there is an absolute dire lack of a really good, responsible, Terminal, on Scientology PR lines, who actually brings bodies in the shop. Well, we may be witnessing this condition changing, surely, but not at Int stats, necessarily.

    By now, the green-on-white has produced lots, and lots, and lots of successes: but the public button is not being pressed. “Scientology is Ridiculous, a Sham”; that is its position in the public sphere, and that is the exact result of non- and false- Application. We, independent Scientologists, have a responsibility to do something about that.

    DM has a part in all of that, it is true, but his removal is not actually, an on-policy Orgs’ product. Removing him doesn’t produce OT. I believe the only possible solution to the DM problem, is one we may never see: him doing the RPF, reality-TV style, and working up the conditions in front of every single Scientologist on the planet. DM demonstrating prowess with actually producing a Clear, at some point, would be an essential part of the Liability assignment, also.

    You see where I’m getting at, Scientologists?

    I bow out of this long thread now, because there are other quarters to be discussing my faults, indeed, but I only hope a single point is made: less opp-term, more production.

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