Gone Fishin’

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  1. Best eatin’ fish ever! Recipe for redfish:

    Use a big iron skillet on OUTSIDE grill or hotplate.

    1) Cover bottom with cooking oil
    2) Place a side of redfish scales down in skillet
    3) Turn heat on high
    4) Walk away!
    5) When fire trucks arrive (or neighbors call and complain) the fish is done.


  2. May you feed many hungry people.

  3. How delightful and encouraging it is to see you all enjoying the day without any attention paid to your stalkers! Living well truly is the best revenge.

  4. Awesome! 🙂 Your friend just had the best dinner he’s had in a loooong time.

  5. I was totally hoping it was a squirrel buster in scuba gear! 🙂

  6. This is wonderful.
    “Mindfullness at every moment
    Brings peace and calm within”

    Phra Ajahn Yantra Amaro

  7. Martin Padfield

    CD posted this short video by Joy Graysen at the end of the last thread – I feel it deserves re-posting as it totally encapsulates, in my view, what being Indie really means.

  8. Scott Campbell

    Now that’s livin!

  9. Nice Red Mosey! That brought back many happy memories from my childhood fishin’ days. Thanks yall!

  10. Redfish, Louie Armstrong & Bing and good friends. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  11. Nice catch.

  12. Hope this doesn’t break protocol too much here, but just wanted to mention I answered posts from Lynne, Laura Ann, Martin, Mike and Kassapa on the last thread. (sorry for being so slow).

    Now, Back to the more important matter at hand… Fishin’ baby!

  13. Good for you guys!
    I was smiling the whole time Mosey was bring’n him in. Actually leaning forward on my chair looking down to see him.

  14. Very nice dinner set up!!!

  15. I am a vegetarian for over 15 years so I am afraid I cannot comment much here on the joy of fishing and cooking animals. I am glad the two of you are enjoying yourselves.

  16. Tom Gallagher

    Marty and Mosey,

    What a lovely post. I thought I’d share another song that came to mind while watching.

    This is from a genuine Chairman of the Board, not the carpetbagger ‘pope’ hold up in Hemet.

    Dedicated to you two………..

  17. Tony Dephillips

    Great job Joy!!

  18. Martin Padfield

    To hell with protocol! Got your lovely ack – thanks!

  19. Martin Padfield

    And kind of ollowing on from that, and the last thread, and Sam’s post in particular, there’s something else I wanted to say, and coincidentally, my eldest daughter and I have been singing it at community choir with her school. It’s this:

  20. I’m so happy to see you all enjoying your freedom from the evil and insanity for a moment! Yay!! But… I do feel very sad for the poor, beautiful fishie… ;( Go to heaven Fishie, and know that you gave your life to nourish the bellies of deserving and noble people… Ahmen… 😉

  21. Aye Joy, You sound like Marty, He only let me keep this one because he promised the neighbor a fish. 🙂

  22. martyrathbun09

    Plus, I always give them the native American prayer asking their permission to fullfill their purpose to support higher life forms. Sometimes they don’t give it and I put em back and let em swim. We don’t fry any unwilling fish.

  23. Thank you martin. Joy made an excellent analogy regarding proffessions being able to hang up their shingle once they’ve earned their degree.

    Loved the video, too…so theta!

  24. Marty, love that you ask permission even of the fishes! I’m going to start doing that as well!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  25. Holey Mosey! Look at that fish!!! 😉 You had to go get the largest one??? 😉 ;). I hope he/she tasted well.

  26. Beautiful catch, Mosey! You have great technique in reeling him in. As far as keeping them, I only keep them if I eat them. I have always loved the Native American philosophy in regards to earth and its creatures. It’s a very symbiotical relationship.

  27. I LOVE you guys! Thanks for being so compassionate!

  28. That’s BEAUTIFUL Marty. Thank you for your heart. Much love…

  29. I’ll be. Fish do swim.

  30. Perfect last sentence regrading bastardizing or altering LRH’s tech : “The truth is, that’s what they are doing in the Church!” Perfectly said!

  31. Mosey,
    Did you keep a slice for me? Enjoy! 🙂

  32. Add some loafs of bread… and share…

    Bon Appetite

    Love you guys too.

  33. Nice fish…

  34. Wow, very cool!

  35. Magnolia,

    Duplicated and agree 100% ❤

  36. Magnolia,

    That ❤ is supposed to be a heart. LOVE to YOU!

  37. I’ve witnessed Marty doing that. It’s true! He said something to the fish about the theta that was within you will now reunite with the universe and, etc, etc. It was so sweet!

    Then there is Logan who has given his caught fish a touch assist before letting them go back into the water, to make sure that they make it.

    Are these the coolest people in the world or what? 🙂

  38. Marty: A willing fish just might have accumulated enough merit to have an auspicious rebirth as a human where he or she can start walking the path towards enlightenment.

    Mosey might have helped this willing fish begin her/his next journey.

    You just don’t know 🙂


  39. I really do think that when we engage in these kinds of activities with pure intention, we can create a connection with the being and help guide their consciousness towards a life of greater freedom and opportunity. May this be so!

  40. Joy-As you know-I put my ol’ shingle out there and doin jes fine-no one has died yet!

  41. Thanks Bruce,

    This is the classic recipe for Blackened redfish, which works really well, without the fire engine noise!

    With the addition of Mango salsa, makes it quite tasty! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/mango-salsa/detail.aspx

  42. Wow, can I book for some fishin’ lessons from Mosey?

  43. Marty ~
    That is so cool.
    As a die hard Vegan/Vegetarian completely opposed to animal slaughter
    for food, I loved that you do that.
    Happy vacation to Marty and Mosey

  44. Magnolia,

    It’s interesting that you say you’ve been having discourse with a Theravada monk re self/no-self, and would like to get my perspective on that subject. Proper understanding of no-self was the subject of an extensive discussion on this blog on October 27, under the article, “Scientology’s New International Spokesperson.” George White, a Scientologist who became a Theravadin, made a comment regarding no-self, which I answered. This stimulated a long discussion in which several knowledgable Buddhist Scientologists participated.

    I just looked to see if you’d posted on that day and found that you hadn’t, so perhaps you missed that discussion altogether. If so, check it out. It may just hit the spot for you.

    Re our loss of the spiritual community we had in Scientology 30 years ago, I, too, grieve for it. The Buddhist vow begins with, “I take refuge in the Buddha (the source of the tech), the Dharma (the tech), and the Sangha (the brotherhood). Spiritual progress requires all three. In Scientology, that means (1) LRH is Source, (2) standard tech is the way, and (3) we need to get organized to help ourselves, each other, and the people we care about.

    COS is no longer the Sangha. I call it CONS — the Church of Not Scientology, or the Church of the Nazi Substitute. Take your pick. Either way, pun intended.

    We must rebuild the Sangha. Steve Hall started that 3 years ago with his Scientology-Cult blog, which was a break from the earlier natter boards. Then Marty joined in 2 years ago, and his blog has become the closest thing to a Sangha that we’ve had in a long time. Here and there people like Jim Logan and Les & Anita Warren have been getting training going again. Dan Koon has helped with his Independent checksheets. Slowly but surely others have gathered around the purpose and gotten active at some level. And now Bob Mongiello has raised the banner for a renewed Sangha in a big, big way, by revealing the simple actions he used to make the Riverside Mission of the 70′s the most successful Scientology org or mission in history. We are on the verge of the rebirth of our brotherhood.

    In my last post I said DO SCIENTOLOGY. For those who have gone all the way up the processing side of the Bridge to OT 8 (and gotten any CONS out-tech repaired), doing Scientology now means GETTING TRAINED. For those already trained, doing Scientology means DELIVERING IT! If you’re involved in auditing existing Independent Scientologists, that’s great, and please continue, because there are so many of us that still need to be cleaned up. But ultimately “delivering Scientology” means bringing in new people and making them into auditors.

    It is so, so easy to start delivering Scientology. You can do it right from your own home. If you’re trained, just start auditing people for free. Then circulate their success stories to everyone you know, and before too long you’ll have paying pcs. (Thanks to Anita Warren for this proven successful action.)

    Even better, start training people to be co-auditors. To get started, follow the Riverside Mission’s successful action. Just invite a bunch of people to your house for a talk on how better communication skills can improve their lives. Or, talk to them 1-on-1. Either way, tell them about ARC, the Tone Scale, ARC Breaks, the Comm Formula, etc. Just talk from your heart about what you know. Keep it simple.

    Don’t worry about CONS terrible PR. If someone you talk to brings it up, just explain how you and most Scientologist are not part of the official Church, and that you deliver the philosophy and technology without the cult bullshit. Most people accept this very readily.

    Then offer them the Comm Course for free, suped by you. Deliver it exactly per TRs Re-Modernized, not the new CONS HAS Course, which omits bullbaiting and differentiation between comments and originations! Give your students the real thing! Make sure they get blown out like we all did decades ago. Then circulate their success stories to everyone you know, and before long you’ll have paying students.

    Do these things right out of your own home evenings and/or weekends, even if you can only devote a few hourse per week to it. CONS won’t know what you’re doing, and if enough Independent Scientologists across the country get active in this way, there will be nothing CONS can do about it anyway.

    Don’t worry about what to do after the Comm Course. Bob Mongiello and others will make a complete Div 6 sequence of courses available in the near future.

    Grassroots co-auditing is the way to rebuild the Sangha. The reason COS became CONS and destroyed the Sangha we once had was that it tried to train teenage admin-trackers to be executives in control of grown-up tech-trained OTs. These kids had no idea what Scientology really is on the tech side. They were at the bottom of the Bridge as pcs, and for the most part stayed there. Under the pressure of the Sea Org environment, they keyed in and just dramatized the ancient totalitarian implant on which all cults in history have been based, whether religious, political, or commercial. That implant is the opposite of a Sangha. Like a cancer, its cult grew inside the body of the Scientology organization, expelling more and more theta, until that body became all cancer, well on its way to death.

    To put our theta back together as a true Sangha, we only need to avoid the admin-first mistake that destroyed COS and transformed it into CONS. The way to do that is by pushing co-auditing, with students paying for courseroom access weekly or monthly rather than all up front for some big training package. Make it easy for people to learn to co-audit, and they’ll do it!

    LRH found that in general auditors disseminate a great deal more than pcs do. So, by pushing co-auditing, a lot more dissemination will occur automatically without the need for tons of expensive mail promo, high-pressure reg’s and MAA’s, or top-heavy admin. Expansion will be natural and smooth.

    If someone wants to be an exec, tell him to become an interned Grad 5 auditor and go Clear first. Make sure that as your group/mission/org grows, admin staff remain subservient to tech staff, and you’ll be OK.

    It’s time for us all to stop being fish hemmed in by shadows on the floor of Lake Tanganyika. The shadows are just shadows. Swim out freely! The Sangha will return as soon as we put it there.

  45. I want some fish!

    Nice catch Mosey!

  46. Nicely put. ARC, Understanding, friendship and a joyful existence are available everywhere to those who truly seek it.

    Hate, deception and cultish control are also available to those who seek that.

    Careful what you postulate. You certainly will get that for which you truly seek.

  47. Nice catch indeed. The fish and the friends.

  48. one of those who see

    So theta!

  49. Scott Campbell

    Excellent analysis and commentary, Joy. I can’t wait to see the whole interview!

  50. Come to mama! Love the scenery out there too. Good times.

  51. Thanks Christie, You are my witness 🙂 he has gone so far as letting me keep a fish on a stringer all day long then on our way back he says ” he hung out with us all day, we should really let him go”

  52. You got it Sinar!

  53. He, he. Gotta love him for it. 🙂

  54. What fun! Nice catch, Mosey!

  55. Nice fish Mosey. He was really running. I could hear the drag on your reel. And he posed nicely for the camera too. I was hoping for another fishing video. Thanks guys.

  56. That’s so very Marty!

  57. Damn! How the hell do you do that Mose?
    All those wily suckers ever do is steal my bait and swim off laughing!
    Still – reckon I might have helped fatten them up for you 😀

  58. Here ya go 😀

    And one for you two

  59. LOL – Thanks for that Ingrid – sounds like you run with the same philosophy I do:
    One of my favorite activities (after I’ve gone and done something particularly ‘hair-brained’) is to check myself over…
    “OK… not dead yet… still not dead… STILL not dead!…
    Awesomel! I’ll just carry right on then! 😀

  60. Beautiful Joy.
    Inside and out ♥

  61. Just want to mention that as of Monday, 6:00 am EST, exactly 6,000 folks have signed the White House petition.

  62. Beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂

  63. Mosey, Marty,
    Awesome! Wish I was there, but watching this…well, it felt like I was.

  64. Karen, you are great. I can verify this. I remember one evening at the Flag event in New York in 1978 someone in the audience asked you about your health and you said “I am a fanatic about health”. It is so wonderful to really meet OT’s that care as much about the environment as others do. You and I one day should sit down to tea and share TONS of useful vegan/vegetarian tips. I love you.

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