The Purpose of Scientology

I want to share a few thoughts concerning the debate raging over spriritual philosophies and practices.

First, I don’t believe there is any substantive, divisive differences between Scientology philosophy and Eastern philosophies, including Buddhist, or even Judeo-Christian and Islamic philosophies.  I agree with L Ron Hubbard when he said in the Phoenix Lectures that they are all best summed up – and perhaps were even divined from – the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

What I think is most unique about Scientology is that it contains a practice, that does not require belief or faith (and thus does not conflict with any of these brethren philosophies), that can and does enhance understanding of that common set of truths best distilled in the Tao.   Scientology is sometimes difficult to understand because it is a doingness, a practice that assists one to freely change his or her considerations.  It is not an intellectual debate toward enlightenment. Instead it is a methodology that assists one in achieving enlightenments.   Note, the plural form of enlightenment.  The entire subject being based upon infinity logic (there are no absolutes) the quantity of potential enlightenments is unlimited and inestimable.

I think the trap we get into, and the trap Corporate Scientology became, is the insistence upon absolutes.   The constant and obsessive assert that the practice is the philosophy, that the philosophy is completely original and absolute and exclusive of any other philosophy, can serve no other purpose than to alienate and make people withdraw from it.  As such it no longer serves as the unique methodology that can assist anyone increase his or her enlightenments and go out into the world exercising the ability of knowing how to know.  Corporate Scientology then became the antithesis of Scientology philosophy by erecting walls and enforcements to dictate what it is an individual can go out into the world and know.

Knowing how to know is the definition of the word Scientology.

If involvement in Scientology creates the mindset that one knows all there is to know then what good does attaining ‘knowing how to know’ achieve?

The highest attainment I have seen someone reach through Corporate Scientology is KNOW ABOUT on the Know to Mystery scale.  And when it is static, a destination, it becomes something far less, an arrogant sort of assert.

I’ve seen many an Independent Scientologist reach a far higher plane on the scale, called NOT KNOW.  And from there,with some courage and curiosity (the very qualities that I believe LRH possessed in spades and led to his own discoveries), I’ve seen them get increasingly extended glimpses of KNOW on the scale.

And the real sharp ones recognize that an obsessive must-KNOW all the time leads to a motionless, timeless, lifeless, lack of game.  This passage from L Ron Hubbard’s lecture of 9 July 1954, The Nature and Effect of Communication in Games is apt:

Well, if the state of total knowingness and total serenity were not horrible, then one would certainly stop communicating and simply assume it.  Is that right?  He’d simply assume this state, wouldn’t he?  All that’d be necessary for him to assume any kind of a state of this character would just seem to be — to simply abandon all parts of the communication system – swish!  Abandon them all, though, and abandon them all simultaneously, with no hangovers in any direction, before the system can police itself back into existence. Just have to skip everything. And if you did that, why, theoretically you’d get out into this state of total knowingness and total everything.

There must be something bad about this state. Must be.  Just must be something horrible about that state.  Or there’s something very, very betraying in the first considerations that came through, that you ought to start communicating in the first place.  That must have been a trick then; it must have been based upon a base betrayal.  And this base betrayal, then, must have led one into communication. Because nobody would start communicating at all, you know, and of his own free will and accord, knowing very well where it would lead to.  That’s obvious, isn’t it?

Oh, so there must be something horrible about being totally knowing, totally serene and without any time of any kind, so on.  This must be dreadful and probably is — probably is.  Undoubtedly is. You probably got that way and were awfully bored.  Only trouble with boredom is it’s a problem in barriers.  You can always solve boredom.  And barrier — boredom doesn’t exist unless you’re trying to go someplace, so we find boredom is part of the communication system — it’s the affinity corner. 

Well, then, there isn’t anything bad about this state of total serenity at all, is there?   

Well the way to assume it is simply drop all communication lines and all parts of the communication system and never do it anymore.  That’s what Buddha said, Gautama.  He said in one of his lectures to — discussions or discourses to a fellow by the name of Ananda: There are twelve things which you would just have to abstain from and any two of them would bring you bliss.  He’s a great man but, right there, there was a great big raw-tooth bear trap laid on the track.  If anybody abandoned any of these two parts of anything – by the way, they’re not the parts of communication but they’re wonderfully similar to some of the processes which we handle.  That is to say, he just groups a number of actions.  And if you didn’t ever do these actions anymore and if you just abstained from all these, then you’d get total serenity and so on.

Well, it looks to me like life is just life, isn’t it?  That it isn’t bad or good unless you want to make it so.  And that an individual could go into a 18 billion, trillion year communications spasm and then come out the other end unscathed.  And — but think, he would have had all of the randomity. But, look, that’s a consideration too, that one has to have a game is consideration too. 

Oh look, this is too much of a problem.  I mean, it’s just too much of a problem, so let’s not maunder around about it.  We’ll just look at the component parts of communication, restore the ability of an individual to conform with each of them and say, “All right now, you want to go be a personalized nirvana.  Well, goodbye.  And if you want to sell groceries, that’s all right with us too.” Because the truth of the matter is the primary violation which one could perform is a violation of an individual’s self-determinism.

Finally, let us never lose sight of the end object of Scientology, very concisely memorialized in Professional Auditor Bulletin 86, 29 May 1956:

The end object of Scientology is not the making into nothing of all existence or the freeing of the individual of any and all traps everywhere.  The goal of Scientology is making the individual capable of living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and the playing of a better game. 

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  1. I love it Marty! Big hugs to you & Mosey

  2. Nicely put!
    I see more and more of us moving in those directions.
    Like particles being released from a confining channel, we find ourselves spreading in all directions.

    It is an explosion of released theta that may transform our world if we use what we have learned from our recent experiences. Those whose attention is still stuck in the confinement need to be assisted and guided to more survival pursuits.

    Thank you for doing your part in the transformation.

  3. top of the vale

    Brilliant and spot on Marty. Love it when you communicate the obvious so eloquently! Hugs to you and Mosey!!!! Keep on keepin on! We have your back!

  4. Amen, Marty. Amen.

  5. “Because the truth of the matter is the primary violation which one could preform is a violation of an individual’s self-determinism”

    This is how it should be! All actions should lead to helping the person be more self-determined and happy. This why I love my Independence! It’s not all about the group. It’s about the individuals who make up the group. They are what makes the group what it is.

    Marty, I love the path you are on with these last few posts! Effortless!

  6. Tony DePhillips

  7. Nicely stated, both you and LRH. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Marty,
    The cult at some point went crazy on the subject of ethics. People started to be pestered with “Is it the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics??”. In other words, if the cult thought that what you were doing or what you wanted to do “wasn’t the greatest good” (for the cult) then you were considered: “out ethics”, “A-J”, “DB”, “doesn’t get it”, “has MU’s” and hundreds of other labels they would use to try to introvert you into doing what they wanted.

  9. Marty,

    I think you’ve made an important point amongst many with “And when it is static, a destination, it becomes something far less, an arrogant sort of assert.”

    A destination. So many who seek enlightenment or enlightenments are searching for an end point, a destination. As if reaching a point of understanding, a point in space and time, a point in condition will solve their current situation.

    NONE of the end points of any preceding philosophy have been workable as a solution because they have been solutions. They have offered an end point. Even the point of knowing before not-knowing, the point of awareness that precedes all viewpoint, dimension point, space, time, energy, form and event becomes a destination that proves to be insufficient.

    For some reason, a lot of seekers of truth believe that they can reach a state of pure serenity that is immortal and which unburdens them of all unwanted knowledge and experience. As if going free will permit them to no longer have a knowledge of suffering the indignities of a Nazi death camp, or worse.

    But, once theta knows, it knows. That knowledge is as immortal as the being. You just can’t return to some naive state of existence that is pure serenity that has flushed that knowledge. You can erase the matter, energy space and time of the mental images. You can gain such understanding that you have no resistance or ridges on that knowledge. But the knowledge remains.

    You know.

    And from knowing, life proceeds. Life moves forward. Universes are created. Realities are formed and shared.


    The knowledge that others exist cannot be erased. And that which precedes considerations, postulates and opinions will create new considerations, postulates and opinions with that knowledge of others.

    And that knowledge of others will eventually prohibit a being from gaining individual freedom. You can’t just escape and leave others behind. No more than you could stand by and watch a child drown in a pool. That native sense of responsibility and ethics kicks in. The knowledge remains.

    Even without time and space, there is a continuum of knowing. Time and space have nothing to do with it.

    If we could all reach a state, by whatever means, where we could grant beingness to each other without having the compulsion to enforce or inhibit our own or each other’s ARC on any dynamic, we would fare much better. Not such an easy thing. Especially in the presence of the unethical.

    But, the point is: destinations are merely way stations where we may rest but from which we eventually move on. No matter how perfect that destination might initially seem.


  10. whatisstandardtech

    Really well articulated, Marty.

    “Corporate Scientology then became the antithesis of Scientology philosophy by erecting walls and enforcements to dictate what it is an individual can go out into the world and know.”


    Add to that the obsessive dictation of what one may be, what one may do and what one may have or not have. The group is all and the individual nothing.

    With a tone level between 1.1 and 1.5 one is being cajoled into accepting the valence of “obedient slave.” for the “good of all mankind.” Won’t it be wonderful, thinks miscavige, when everyone accepts their role as obedient slave.

    No thanks!

  11. Thanks for this topic, Marty! You state the wisdom of the matter:

    “Scientology is sometimes difficult to understand because it is a doingness, a practice that assists one to freely change his or her considerations. It is not an intellectual debate toward enlightenment. Instead it is a methodology that assists one in achieving enlightenments.”

    I, personally, don’t like debates over spiritual philosophies and practices. It’s better to acknowledge that spiritual philosophies and practices exist for others, and have for centuries if not for eons. Let them practice as they will.

    I far prefer keeping this particular show on the road. For me, this road leads somewhere I wish to go. L, Rachel

  12. “With a tone level between 1.1 and 1.5 one is being cajoled into accepting the valence of “obedient slave.” for the “good of all mankind.” Won’t it be wonderful, thinks miscavige, when everyone accepts their role as obedient slave.”

    Spot on Whatisstandardtech, except I think you are flattering DM on the tone level that you assign to him and the operation around him. Here is the relevant part of the Tone Scale that I am referring to:

    Pity -0.1
    Shame, (being other bodies) -0.2
    Accountable -0.7
    Blame, (punishing other bodies) -1.0
    Regret, (responsibility as blame) -1.3
    Controlling Bodies -1.5 Effort
    Protecting Bodies -2.2
    Owning Bodies -3.0 Think
    Approval from Bodies -3.5
    Needing Bodies -4.0 Symbols
    Worshipping Bodies -5.0 Eat
    Sacrifice -6.0 Sex
    Hiding -8.0 Mystery
    Being Objects -10.0 Wait
    Being Nothing -20.0 Unconscious
    Can’t Hide -30.0
    Total Failure -40.0 Unknowable

    I would say in my 15 years at the Int Base we were run on anything as high as SHAME to BEING NOTHING as the lowest tone that was pushed on me, in my experience. SHAME, ACCOUNTABLE, BLAME, CONTROLLING BODIES, OWNING BODIES, SACRIFICE (Oh! The sacrifice!), BEING OBJECTS, BEING NOTHING — on one flow or another, these are totally familiar tone levels to any of us who lived and worked at the Base, especially after the year 2000 and especially since end of 2003. I would peg DM’s tone level at -1.5 actually, and he wants others in -6. 1.1 and 1.5 are much higher harmonics. We could have reasoned with DM if he were 1.1 or 1.5 but unfortunately he has been dead for a long time.

  13. Without self-determinism there could be no pan-determinism because other-determinism would cave the person in to zero.

  14. Li'll bit of stuff


    Lovely post ,Marty. Oh boy! Do we get BUCKETS FULL of REAL
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    All “Theta” beings are welcome to drop in any time. There are trolleys, baskets, buckets and crates available to JUST HELP YOURSELF to as much as you need. FREE OF CHARGE.

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    FREEDOM includes Not being caught in a TRAP/S. If you feel you are “trapped” ( especially in ‘THE CHURCH OF M’ )
    then begin your route out, by reading ” 31 FACTORS ” at the top R/hand header of Marty’s blog.

    Lots’a genuine appreciation for ‘OUR’ THETA MARKET !!!

    Happy ‘theta shopping’ to y’all. Lots’a luv Li’ll bit.

  15. It aint the destination baby, it’s tha journy that constitutes living 😉

    “Life to me is a journey – you never know what may be your next” destination’
    – David Russell

    “There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey.”
    -Jim England

    “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”
    – Arthur Ashe

    “The journey is the reward.”
    -Chinese Proverb

    “If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all.”
    – Dan Rather

    “I wish you a very good journey to an unknown you’ve never seen.”
    – Pieter V Admiraal

    “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
    – Greg Anderson

    “Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.”
    -Jean Luc Picard (The actor partrick Stuart in Star Trek)

    “Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.”
    -Alex Noble (The designer ?)

    “When you have completed 95 percent of your journey, you are only halfway there.’
    – Japanese Proverb

    Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.
    – Matsuo Basho

    “Experience is the best teacher of all. And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist. Only the journey matters.
    share this Journey saying”
    – Harry Callahan (The photographer)

    “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”
    -Don Williams, Jr. (Connecticut Senator from the 29th District)

    “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
    – Greg Anderson

    “Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be…Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.”
    -Erich Fromm (German-American Jewish social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, humanistic philosopher, and democratic socialist.)

    Erich Fromm postulated EIGHT basic needs:

    Relationships with others, care, respect, knowledge.
    Creativity, developing a loving and interesting life.
    Feeling of belonging.
    Sense of Identity
    Seeing ourselves as a unique person and part of a social group.
    Frame of orientation
    Understanding the world and our place in it.
    Excitation and Stimulation
    Actively striving for a goal rather than simply responding.
    A sense of oneness between one person and the “natural and human world outside.”
    The need to feel accomplished

  16. martyrathbun09

    Michael, I really appreciate your posts – not only this one, but especially this one.

  17. martyrathbun09

    CD, Thanks. The opposite corollary would seem obvious, but I don’t know that it has been recognized as much:
    When you think you have arrived, you had better set your sights on a new journey.

  18. I think that is where most of us get stuck, myself included. Atachement to the status quo. Not allowing for change. Like a simple thing as an aging (Mest)body.

    Learning new things, skills or even a new bordgame is extremely good for ones mental health. Ergo “The opposite corollary would seem obvious” borrowing and building on your words.

  19. Li'll bit of stuff


    Beautiful,embroidery. A picturesque tapestry of THE FACTORS
    Thanks for the tour!

    Much appreciated, Li’ll bit

  20. Marty,

    Here’s you: “Search for different viewpoints in order to broaden own reality. Changes reality. ” –LRH

  21. whatisstandardtech

    I firmly believe your analysis is correct

  22. I have never written on this blog before but would like to comment and maybe give something to think about:
    If we are thetans… and per the definition we just ARE…. then how and why do we think we need do anything in truth to be “free” but just accept it and remove any thoughts to the contrary. Not as a long drawn out path that goes on for eons…but realizing that we “created” this world as an illusion and a world of duality. Not just as a game but with intent on seeing ourselves special and separate from each other. An illusionary attack on truth. In truth.. there is only the Theta Universe. The Universe we see is just an illusion and is gone… We keep looking at it. We have tried and tried and tried to reconcile the dream world and make it real and good. How long are we going to keep moving furniture in a burning building instead of letting the burning building go and return to the place we never left. The truth about us. That we are not these bodies trapped in a world that we are effect of. I don’t just want a happier illusion where I am better at playing the illusionary game. I want the truth and only the truth. That we are.. changeless. Think about this… if we are changeless than we didn’t change.. we just think we did. Don’t believe in story.

  23. LRH:
    “All right now, you want to go be a personalized nirvana. Well, goodbye. And if you want to sell groceries, that’s all right with us too.” Because the truth of the matter is the primary violation which one could perform is a violation of an individual’s self-determinism.”

    To conform to this policy, Corporate scientology would need to be empty bulidings with no staff.


  24. martyrathbun09

    I think that is sort of what LRH was saying in the quotation I provided, or at least consistent with it. Thetans are going to create games and problems to solve. That is why I think the last quote in the post is so important to keep in mind. If I can’t help someone to live a better life in his or her estimation and to play a better game, then I’m like a dog that needs to be carried to the hunt.
    PS: Great to hear from you btw. You and that lunkhead husband of yours have got to come down for a couple of days to chill and catch up sometime.

  25. Marty, this post by you, Michael’s comment above, and every other comment offered above by others here are exactly why I love this blog. Thank you, everyone! Each of you is my teacher.


  26. Note: I had intended for the first paragraph below to be my complete comment. But…after typing the words out, a flow started. And I like to go with the flow. So I did. 🙂 My apologies for writing a blogment.

    There is not a day that goes by where I don’t feel enormous gratitude for the experiences I had in being a Scientologist. And there is not a day that goes by that I do not feel immense gratitude for having the awareness and courage to allow myself to move beyond Scientology.

    Long ago I went out to the shore and summoned Scientology to come into my own personal dock. When this wonderous ship arrived I eagerly climbed on board and off we sailed leaving behind a world that I had become too familiar with and too attached to for my own good. In the thirty plus year voyage that followed I explored myriad and diverse time lines, realities and dimensions. What a tremendously incredible adventure it was!! Eventually, though, there came an awareness where I knew that I had come to the end of my ride on the Scientology ship so, with the ship still being at sea, I discreetly made my way down to the water where I, ever so gently, eased myself into its cool embrace with nary a splash. At first, not wanting to make any noise, I swam using breast strokes. Once I had gotten a safe distance from the ship I began vigorously swimming and in doing so my splashing generated a considerable noise that concerned me. For a long while as I swam I was constantly looking back at the ship and anxiously wondering…had I been spotted, was I being followed, what horrible string of overts had I committed, am I betraying my shipmates, am I assigning myself to some hellish state of eternal limbo… but the more I swam the less and less I looked back and the anxiety diminished greatly. Finally, I ceased looking back altogether and just allowed myself to be enveloped in the joy and wonder of swimming in a sea completely free from isms, ists, ologies, creeds, codes, rules and policies.

    After swimming for what seemed must be years, I one day noticed that a shoreline had appeared before me. Once on shore and laying prostrate on the very warm sand, a miraculous thing began to occur. My mind was literally ripped opened and as it was, any needs, wants, desires, or compulsions that I was holding in place that required me to believe in, disbelieve in, agree with, disagree with, embrace or reject, fell away from me. Thus, I became free, REALLY free to look. And ever since, I have been having the time of my life splurging, void of arbitrary restrictions, on looking, exploring, discovering and arriving at my own conclusions. Which, by the way, speaking of conclusions, any conclusions I now make are never screwed, bolted, welded or concreted into place. Instead, I have found that little strips of Velcro work ideal for temporarily fixing conclusions. However, there is a little bit of problem with the sound. For you see, as I continue my exploration of self, I am switching out conclusions so frequently that the sound of ripping Velcro continuously fills the air. It can be deafening at times!

    I will share with you now two things of myriad that I have discovered (for myself) since that time on the beach when my mind pretty much exploded. As incredibly vast, infinitely vast, as I perceived Scientology to be while being at sea on that ship, I have learned that the entirety of Scientology, when held next to, for lack of a better phrase, Divine Consciousness (theta), will, with plenty of room to spare, easily fit onto the sharp point of a pin. I learned this because of something I discovered about infinity. It seems that infinity is actually infinite. The other thing I have discovered is that indeed, not only do all the answers but also all the questions and even all the experiences lie within. As without so within, as above so below….theta is fractal. No matter which direction one explores there is always an earlier beginning and there is always more to the story.

    In closing I want to mention one more thing. My laptop coupled to the Internet is my “Magic Bus” (remember that song from the WHO?). My Magic Bus is my spaceship, my time machine and my teleporter into multi-dimensions with which I explore the infinity of theta. Cheers ~ Monte

  27. Gale… wise words indeed, fellow traveler!

  28. Off the fence.

    But if the building is burning, and you have a way to put it out, then why not? If people are cruel to other people, and you can help make them less cruel, then why not? If one cannot stop crying and someone can help them smile, then why not? If there is a little kitten in the middle of a busy street, and you can put it somewhere safe, then why not? That’s what real Scientology is trying to do. Better conditions.

  29. Marty,

    Technically (pun intended), I owe you one. You helped me re-evaluate a subject I had cast aside as filled with lies and betrayal. Sometimes, we all need a little help.

    I took up the loaf of bread again, sniffed it, cut out the mold and rot and had plenty to feed the five thousand sitting on the hillside with enough leftovers for eternity.

    Which reminds me: as you did with grade 2, a look at what underlies grade 1 might be in order: problems and help at a theta level–straight out of the axioms. It seems relevant to your topic here. And the understandings are great.

  30. The purpose of Scientology is a good one. Sometimes beings come back in a next life that have applied Scientology in their last life and possibly one of them is the baby in this video that smokes and plays guitar at 2 or 3 years old like a pro.

    I am convinced this baby was an OT in his last life. It is a marvel to the Indonesian people that have not yet figured out how this toddler does it.

  31. Michael Fairman

    If there is an absolute, you metaphorical tale of freedom is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all six paragraphs.


  32. Michael Fairman

    I agree. Serenity of beingness may be relaxing, but after a half an hour or so, it can’t be to much fun.

  33. Hello Marty,
    Here are some new inspiring journeys to take to make a better world:
    Thank you for enlightening all of us who take part in your blog and who are enjoying the journey of life.

  34. Tony DePhillips

    Nice piece of art Monte.

  35. -30.0 now I reckon 😀

  36. Agreed Marty!
    Spiritual truths and beliefs are as unique and individual as each persons journey through life.
    You can’t put a thetan in a bottle and stick a label on it! 😀

  37. LRH;
    “Or there’s something very, very betraying in the first considerations that came through, that you ought to start communicating in the first place. That must have been a trick then; it must have been based upon a base betrayal. And this base betrayal, then, must have led one into communication. Because nobody would start communicating at all, you know, and of his own free will and accord, knowing very well where it would lead to. That’s obvious, isn’t it?”

    Yes, the base betrayal. It is a substantial fact.


  38. “Life is for living and living is free”
    The tao according to Barclay James Harvest 😉

  39. This recent concern over postings brings to mind certain things that all posters and readers should realize.

    LRH said, “When in doubt, communicate.”

    So, you communicate, pour your heart out and …. get no response. Or you get a negative response. So, what do you do? Do you want to stop commenting? Do you want to stop participating?

    Let’s consider that option.

    My wife and I went to the local opera house, just finished, patterned off the one in Sydney. Evening gowns, noses in the air, la-de-da! People all around, some feeling important, some feeling they didn’t belong. But, you have to ask, “Who gives you importance?”

    When you communicate and don’t feel it important, why? Does it matter that much whether someone else gives your creations and thoughts importance? You are really only as important as you (YOU) decide you are important. You are the only one who can assign yourself value that matters.

    That’s self determinism. Depending on others for importance and value is being other determined.

    Want to remedy not feeling important? Go assign importance to others. Just go out and grant all the importance in the universe to everyone you choose, just for the hell of it, make yourself cause over it, become pan-determined about it.

    When can you grant yourself being and assign yourself importance? How about now?

    The question comes up, “What is appropriate and on purpose for this blog?” I’ll tell you something, if all this blog did was preached the joy of Scientology and the intricacies of Scientology Tech and “let’s get rid of that SP,” it would not have become what it is.

    This has become a relatively safe haven for living and expressing life outside the confines of a very corrupt, controlling institution. There are people inside who want to know that it’s okay to sit at the computer in the morning in their bathrobe, sipping coffee, looking out the window and enjoying the humming birds visiting the feeder.

    What do humming birds have to do with the purpose of this blog? Everything. Life is to be lived.

    You get what you validate.

    This isn’t just about crushing a despicable tyrant. That isn’t moving on up a little higher. That’s cleaning the overflowing toilet so the guests will have a clean place to pee when they come over for beer and conversation. The importance of DM is that he’s the turd on the table that needs to be removed so you can sanitize the thing and get on with the festivities.

    When my wife and I were inspecting the intricacies of the cables that hold the opera house in place, we became aware of how interdependent all of this architecture was. Sure, you could remove parts and the whole would stand, but you would weaken the whole.

    That applies to the audience. Sure, some of the seats could be empty and the performance would go on, but wouldn’t there be the slightest diminution of the whole? Sure, some of the chorus could go missing and the presentation would go on–lessened to that degree.

    I wonder at the myopia of purpose that develops. Not just here, but all around. Life is for living. Communication of experience is what makes living so satisfying. So what if someone wants to say how much joy they got from making a quilt. We’re all capable of estimating efforts, estimating communication. Certainly, we’re not perfect in that estimation. And certainly, someone is going to point out when enough is enough.

    But if nothing else, the blog demonstrates to those “on the fence” that life does exist outside the walls, that life can be fun and satisfying, that frying fish can make for a fantastic party.

    You don’t have to wait for doubt to settle in before you communicate. You can communicate just because it’s worthwhile sharing.

    And, if you really need someone to tell you it’s okay to think any thought and communicate it to someone else, then, here, you have my permission. You can tell anyone who didn’t like it that I said you could. And if I don’t have enough altitude, use LRH, or tell ’em Dr Mitigan said it would be therapeutic.

    This blog is diminished to that degree when you feel you must not participate. The architecture is diminished. The structure is weakened.


    just in case no one has confirmed it, you are important.


    And, do not send for whom the bells toll. Ring them yourself.

  40. Marty,

    I want to thank you, and our friends here, again for another thought provoking compilation.

    One of those great thought-stopping moments on my voyage through LRH’s works was the concept of considerations.

    Ron wrote in Creation of Human Ability that a consideration is “the highest capability of life, taking rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time.”

    Further, “a consideration is a continuing postulate.” (5702C26)

    What I came to realize is that the easiest thing to change is my own mind.

    These technological arts, Scientology and Dianetics, are about assisting the changing the minds of oneself and others for the better and actually measurable. And this is the essence of this applied philosophy.

    I sincerely sense that we are undergoing a great awakening of mankind and somehow this is the center of it, although sometimes seemingly delayed and hampered. Truth is POB can’t and won’t stop this march forward.

    As a final related thought this evening is a quote from LRH and I’ll have to paraphrase:

    ‘Look, don’t think. Feeling is a condensation of looking and thinking is a condensation of feeling. So look, don’t think.’

  41. Michael, Tony, thank you both for your very kind words. ~Monte

  42. Well…it seems I have more commentary to add to this both provoking and evoking blog post of Marty’s. There will be this one then I have at least one more I want to add.

    “I want to share a few thoughts concerning the debate raging over spriritual philosophies and practices.” ~Marty

    This may sound a bit odd, but I came to the realization that my gift to the universe is to be me. Not to be my dad, my mother, my brother, my daughter, my wife, my cousins, my grandparents, my teachers, my friends, my enemies, my bosses, people I see in the mags, movies, television, characters in a book or any combination thereof, and so on and so forth. My gift is to be purely me. And I consider that another’s gift is to be purely who they are. In having this perspective I have no reason, or obligation, or duty, or compulsion to change another in ANY way. In other words, I do not want another to be me nor do I want me to be another. My true gift is being me. Another’s true gift is being who they are.

    Okay, so what in the hell does this have to do with the quote of Marty’s above? Well, it was the word ‘debate’ that evoked this. And debate involves perspective. So it’s really about perspective. My perspective, your perspective, the other person’s perspective. What in the hell to do with all of these perspectives?

    A current truth I hold is that I, as is any other being, am a unique, sovereign, independent viewpoint of consciousness with a perspective peculiar to me. Using the human body as a metaphor…within an assembly of a quadrillion cells, I am an independent, unique, cell. No other cell occupies my exact location in space and time. No other cell has my exact perspective. Yet, I am simultaneously the whole. I am simultaneously the integrity of the body and an independent perspective of that completeness. In actuality, though, the perception of separateness is an illusion. We are all ONE. Myself, and every other cell of this body, contain all knowledge and understanding of the entire body. It is ALL in our posession. It’s not a case of each cell having a “piece of the puzzle” so to speak. Instead, it is a case of each and every cell having ALL the pieces, the whole enchilada, EVERYTHNING!

    The organizational structure of the body is not that of a pyramid. There is no hierarchy. Instead, it is holographic. However, I being a single cell, a single viewpoint, only have a fraction of awareness of this knowledge and understanding within my possession realized. Meaning, I have only a fraction of awareness of me. At this point, the “ALL” that I am in possession of exists within me as unrealized potential. Therefore, my primary objective in my journey, more accurately, in my sojourn in whatever vibrational frequency I happen to be in, is to become fully knowing and in full understanding of me. And, when I fullfill that objective, I will have come into possession of my complete understanding and all that I know.

    Okay…so how in the heck do I go about this? I do it by integrating every perspective I encounter. I don’t debate with, argue with, compromise with, fear, embrace, reject, believe, admire, admonish, hate or judge another perspective. Instead, I integrate it. So how am I doing with this integrating of perspectives you might wonder? Well…that depends on the perspective that I’m attempting to integrate. Some perspectives really stir up some crap in me that I have to wrestle pretty hard with. But, that noted, with having a senior intention to integrate and not do anything else, I am able to keep the arc of duality (polarized thinking) at a minimum. You can forget integration if you’re in polarized thought. It ain’t gonna happen. Those perspectives that I have great difficulty in integrating are definitely the ones, though, that bring the most insight and allow me to realize more of ME. Consequently, the more perspectives I encounter and particularly the more disagreeable perspectives I encounter, the better it is for ME. By the way, during my journey through Scientology I picked up a lot of really good tools that are of immense value to me in my quest to become All of ME.

    In closing, here is a song. The lyrics to this old song, All of Me, as sung by Frank Sinatra in the video below certainly have an expanded meaning for me these days. 🙂

  43. You nailed it exactly Tony!

  44. Very, VERY wise words Marty. Thank you for that!

  45. Okay, before I hit the hay, one more comment to add. The following excerpt is what prompted this comment.

    “The highest attainment I have seen someone reach through Corporate Scientology is KNOW ABOUT on the Know to Mystery scale. And when it is static, a destination, it becomes something far less, an arrogant sort of assert.

    “I’ve seen many an Independent Scientologist reach a far higher plane on the scale, called NOT KNOW. And from there,with some courage and curiosity (the very qualities that I believe LRH possessed in spades and led to his own discoveries), I’ve seen them get increasingly extended glimpses of KNOW on the scale.” ~Marty

    In recent yrs I have observed many folks waking up to many things. Some of those people go back to sleep but many just keep waking up a bit more each day. They begin to once again actively climb the ladder whereupon the rungs of the ladder exist in a supposed infinite sequence of KNOW, NOT KNOW, KNOW, NOT KNOW and so on… Another thing I’ve noticed is that when a person reaches up and grabs that rung of KNOW on the ladder where they suddenly realize that they are CONNECTED to EVERYTHING, that they are indeed ONE with EVERYTHING…Man O man! That’s when they really start to wake up!! That’s when it’s up the ladder w/rockets! Grabbing this particular rung of the ladder also happens to be the point where any attachment that one might have to a religon that promotes separateness, embodies dualism…instantly crumbles to dust.

    As one is on the ladder of NOT KNOW and KNOW the rails that the rungs are attached to appear to be running parallel to one another. However, if you zoom out far away from the “ladder” and get a distant perspective, you will see that this is not so. The ladder is actually in the shape of a martini glass. It has a long narrow stem that eventually opens wide into the shape of a V (an interestingly constructed ladder for sure but a ladder nevertheless). The point that is the KNOW rung of the ladder, where a person realizes they are One with Everything is positioned right where the stem opens up into the wide V. And although one takes off like a rocket at this point, the rungs are so much more comprehensive that the journey from rung to rung at this stage of the ladder can be quite lengthy.

    The process of waking up starts when one begins to wonder about stuff and endures by wondering more. Embrace and venerate the unknown and the not understood for it is the unknown and not understood that gives birth to wonder. And wonder is the impetus to the evolution of consciousness.

    When one ceases to wonder about stuff that’s when they cease to evolve and become fixated on either a NOT KNOW rung or a KNOW rung. Fixating on a rung, either one, causes difficulty. There came a time for me in Scientology where I fixated on a KNOW rung. Not a good thing for me or for those around me.

    When people stop wondering about stuff, the status quo is born.


    Another thought has drifted in…
    There was a point when Scientology went from being a workable tool that one could use to help better themselves and others to being the ONLY tool that would work to take a Thetan being a human to a Thetan fully operating as a Thetan. The first description was not only useful it was also truthful. The second description was a lie. The instant Scientology exalted itself to the “ONLY” pedestal and when LRH lost his clay feet and began to be looked upon by Scientologists as being “special,” more special than themselves, IMO that’s the point where Scientology made an abrupt bee line for the proverbial ditch.

    Personally, I am very fond of LRH, his applied philosophy (even though it was a remix it was an ingenious remix) and his technologies. After all, it was his applied philosophy and technologies that was the primary horse that I rode a good stretch of the distance from way over there to where I am now. Only problem was, the Scientology horse not only became too “special” for me, it also became too possessive. Indeed, any degree of possessiveness was too much for this spiritual cowboy. Nowadays I have a huge expanse of open range that I wander and it is abundant with wonderful free spirited mustangs of every color, size and dispositon you could possibly imagine. And each one has valuable lessons to share. But I no longer have a need to ride horses these days. Instead, I much rather walk with them, run with them, play with them and converse for hours on end, days on end, with them and as I do the lessons flow freely between us. We are each one special and no one is more or less special than the other. It is a grand and joyous life we have!!!

    Another video…just came across this one a little bit ago.

  46. Andre Tabayoyon

    Marty what are you doing? You know better than to take LRH quotes out of context and then blend in what you think, perhaps some word clearing. Your post is degrading to any trainned Scientologist who is in or out of the corperate loop. You know better. Just stop this and start handling your crimes against the families you destroyed.

  47. You cannot keep a good thetan down and now that we have the technology and the wisdom and the many intentions to advance that technology forward, all the suppression in the world is not going to stop it. There are now too many purposes and goals to free individuals and, as we know, a goal and/or purpose revived can blow stops out of the water.

    This is a route out of the trap we have gotten ourselves into. It is a one way street and it winds and curves and goes up and down and there are many off shoots which one can stop and gaze at and possibly even be tempted to explore. Suffice to say they are dead ends, cul-de-sacs (A cul-de-sac (literally “bottom of bag” in Catalan) is a word of Catalan origin coming to the English via French referring to a dead end, close, no through road) and demonstrate the importance of remaining focused on the goal.

    One might be labelled Christianity, Another Islam, And another Judaism and many others with equally good sounding names and glittering pathways full of fanciful ritual and promises of something better for the sake of relinquishing responsibility.

    The fact remains, in the last analysis, that LRH discovered, one way or another. the route out of the morass and into the light.

    And as he points out in KSW, We need not waste time when the route is already there.

  48. Li'll bit of stuff


    Sir,I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your duplication and understanding of the essence of what LRH tried so hard
    to impart to the likes of ALL of us,is truly like a breath of fresh
    air. Marty’s comment of appreciation to you,I’m sure,speaks
    for all of us.

    Yes,indeed we ARE ALL important! It’s never a theta action
    to ignore persons who genuinely show you GOODWILL, no
    matter how poorly they may be able to communicate this!!

    I have tried hard to live my life,including the raising of our
    two kids,using the guidelines of LRH’s dfn.of good manners;

    MANNERS,GOOD, the original procedure developed by man to oil the machinery of human relationships was good manners, various other terms that describe this procedure are–politeness decorum,formality,etiquette,form,courtesy,refinement,polish, civility,courtliness and respect. Good manners sum up to ;-

    (a) granting importance to the other person ———-and——–

    (b) using the two way communication cycle. (HCO PL 3O May 71)

    (BTW this is viewable in the Admin dictionary p.323 )

    Thank you again sir,YOU truly understand this principle !!!!!

    And yet again for your truly inspiring post!!!!!

    Much luv, Li’ll bit

  49. Monte,

    I used to post here a lot, though haven’t posted now for a long time. I can’t help myself, though. Your post is simply beautiful. What wonderful metaphors (including the magic bus/spaceship – I also have one). Your poetic writing is art and it’s theta.

    L, tone 41

  50. Li'll bit of stuff

    reply (Well it seems..)

    Monte, what a Beautiful life I’m living, just to know I’m able to be ( sharing it ) with such an unselfish person as YOU. Thank you for your honest insights, which clarified many of my own dilemmas
    and failures to understand the puzzling behaviour of others.

    Much luv, Li’ll bit

  51. „Knowing“ is an interesting subject. As I started Scientology I had no problems with knowing. Someone asked me: „what did you have for breakfast“, I looked onto some pictures on my time track and did know then and could answer him. All worked well until a day something went terribly „wrong“ in session. After that day I had no more mental mass or pictures that I could use to „know“. Oh did I have problems the first weeks after that session. Shure I did know what I had for breakfast. But no more „evidence“ for that. Not for me and not for others that wanted to have a look onto my pictures as evidence. The world around you is always asking „how do you know that?“ and expecting some „evidence“ one could see, taste or smell.
    Inside Scientology I had only two options. Either recreating my mental image picture machinery or not going up the bridge. (even inside Scientology all insist in „standard tech“ and thus insist that anybody behaves that way he should behave according to his „assigned“ level.) I did not recreate any machinery. This stopped my progress on the bridge.
    In essence this is the trap Scientology went into. On the theory side of the coin there is theta, theta universe, knowing and all that and then on the practial side of the coin is a fixation on mass, money, phyiscal universe evidence, by the book word by word, learning verbatim, all that stuff. Ron wrote on issue soandso page x para y…
    As you look on somebody that is psychotic you know that instantly. But then asking yourself for evidence. You look onto a book and at an instat you know whats written in that book. Asking yourself, how could I know? Then, I cannot know, thats not possible. I think I went out realitiy, nuts or.. better do some physical universe work or objectives to better see reality.
    Indeed a very interesting subject „knowing“.

  52. tone 41,

    Wondered frequently whatever happened to you.


  53. Michael, this is a great post, man. You’re really speaking to me lately. Or maybe I’m just listening louder, as hubby says. Either way, thank you.


  54. Thanks too, Li’ll bit, for your post above. More civility. I could use that in my life. So I will start acting more civil. 🙂

  55. Li’ll bit,

    My friends would laugh uproariously at the juxtaposition of my behavior against “manners.” Our idea of fun is to beat the hell out of one another intellectually, using our egos as racquets, tossing them aside when the game’s over, afterwards relaxing in a spiritual sauna, allowing ethereal poisons to seep away.

    Of course, we also engage in metaphysical mud wrestling–clothing optional. Or when the sun’s out, psychic surfing. So many ways to amuse one’s self–in gossamer garb or without.

  56. Excellent post and amazing comments. Truth is truth. I don’t really care where it comes from. And because of LRH tech I can 1000 times better observe and understand what is true.

  57. “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape.” Heard this quote last night in a beautiful movie about a horse whisperer – the old woman who’d taken in scores of foster boys over the years said this was her husband’s motto.

  58. Li'll bit of stuff

    Just Me / Michael

    Guys ! You really DO GET IT! Ain’t that exactly WHY you can enjoy each other UP & DOWN the Tone Scale ??

    Appreciate your comments (as always!) luv, Li’ll bit

  59. Lynne

    Well said

    Eric S

  60. Gale

    Yes, the truth and the beauty of that. And all it would take is to totally BE that postulate. So true.

    But then…. You see, for me… I LIKE TO PLAY!

    I am not sure I want total KNOW. I am not sure I want to be so exterior to life that there is no longer any GAME.

    My GOAL, if you will, is to be LIVING at a level where everything is totally OPTIMUM. Optimum Energy, Optimum Space, Optimum Time, Optimum Matter. Optimum Affinity, Reality, and Communication, Optimum Randomity.


    This, I know, will not be somewhere that “I AM NOT”, and then suddenly “I AM”. This is not going to be created by creating something else “in order to get there”. This will be created by creating more of it in PT and LIVING IT! I want to totally wallow in it!

    I am not interested in “Freedom From….”
    I want to improve my abilities to create “Freedom To….” and then to……

    This is not something that has ever existed in the history of this universe, that I know of. One of the reasons I can say this is that it will not be a “static” thing. It will never be “finished”. That is the beauty of it. The point is NOT to “finish it” and wrap it all up in a big Theta bow and put it on a shelf with one’s trophies. The point, for me, is to LIVE IT!

    I find that the entirety of Scientology Technology and Philosophy, and every one of its processes individually, are aimed at assisting a person in achieving this.

    Eric S

  61. George

    Interesting post. Thank you.

    I remember Ron (yup, there it is…) talking about the Tibetan Book of the Dead in one of his lectures. He was talking about how various “teachings” can get “booby trapped”. What I particularly remember about it is that he was of the opinion that the data had some value, but that there was a key error. The problem is, that when the Tibetan monks perform the various rituals to guide the being through the “between lives area” they have no method of knowing whether the being has actually escaped the “birth/death cycle”. Some of the rituals that they employ apparently take the form of calling the being “back” and telling him what he will be experiencing next and how to avoid getting caught up in it. But since they do not have a method of actually seeing where the being is, or is not, they “call him back” every few days and virtually place him in the next trap, until he is again reborn into the “cycle of life and death”, the very thing that their rituals were supposedly intended to handle.

    I have also had some difficulties with this kind of thing in Scientology. Because much of one’s spiritual awareness and ability is “invisible” to outside observers, it is well nigh impossible to ascertain exactly what awareness level a being might occupy at any given moment. This makes adjudicating what process the being may ACTUALLY need quite difficult. Unfortunately the “solution” was to “build a bridge”, “the Scientology Book of Life” if you will. This “Bridge” unfortunately does not allow for “giant steps” , or “quantum leaps” particularly. It is designed to assist those who are “dragging their feet” a bit, and for those who move easily.

    If one has managed to take a “giant step or a quantum leap” he will generally be required to “prove it” by walking EVERY step of the path anyway, ( keeping in mind though that one should not be being required to RUN anything that does not actually have charge on it) and this can cause him some turmoil as he tends to re-create aspects of his case in order to do so.

    It may not be the perfect system, but in the hands of someone who really has your self-determinism and your spiritual enlightenment as their goal, you do stand the chance of making it relatively unscathed.

    In the hands of a suppressive being, or one totally ignorant of his goal as an auditor, he will find a way to twist the top end of The Bridge around and unceremoniously shove it back up your Theta Butt and thereby “sew” you into a beautiful trap.

    And at least with “solo auditing” you should be able to fully trust the Auditor to have you, and the best interests of your Dynamics, at heart.

    Aspire to always operate from the point of view of your highest awareness. (your Q).

    Eric S

  62. And if you find that you no longer have “feet” to walk the path, then FLY my friend.

    Eric S

  63. Nothing wrong with helping put the fire out. Just saying…We can keep putting the fire out over and over until we finally realize that the fire isn’t real and was just a mock up and needs no putting out. Which leads me to WindWalker comments of his joy of living in this world as a game. We certainly have the choice to continue to “recycle” or “reincarnate” back into this dreamworld of “happiness”. Look around. It is a world of duality. So… you are happy now..well your brother/friend down the street may be suffering. You may suffer next week. AND something sure about this dream world is the body will eventually die. Not so joyful. A world of duality. Up/Down. Left/Right. Happy/Sad. You get it. So, if duality and form are mock ups and unreal then sure.. go ahead and keep playing the game of “life/death”. In truth there is no opposite to truth. We made up the entire dream world of death. At what point do we stop believing in the whole thing and wake up to truth about what we truly are. Children play make believe and have nightmares but at some point they wake up and put their toys down. If time is illusion just an idea and the ever present always is truly all there is … the past gone and the future not here…why do we continue to look at the past in everything. hmmm. maybe to keep our little dream world alive and well.

  64. Hi my friend,
    Thanks for the invite … if you are ever in Southern CA give us a ring we would love to see you and meet your wife. Lunkhead says hi….haha.

    Yes… I think thetans are going to create games…but the problem with this world is we believed the game. Really believe the body/world game and make it so so real. You are helping people ..nothing wrong with that. But see my answer to the other 2 comments. Just food for thought.

  65. Hi there tone 41! Great to hear from you! I recall our having a few exchanges of perspective way back when here on Marty’s blog. That was during the time when I was still out at sea swimming and swimming and swiming with no shore in sight. Since my ride on the Scientology ship (during the Monte identity segment within my journey of self-discovery) was such an impactful and helpful experience in my remembering who and what I am, I keep three lines hooked to the subject just to follow along and witness the evolution of that story line. One line I keep connected to this blogsite of Marty’s and I also have a line connected to Tory’s Youtube channel, ToryMagoo44 (that Being always causes me to smile big). With these two extended viewpoints and then factoring in all the perspectives being contributed by the commenters, I consider that I am getting a rather comprehensive view of Scientology in its multi-faceted transition. The third line I have is hooked to corporate Scn and on this line I still receive phone calls, emails and copious amounts of mailings with the same ol’ messages, the same ol’ stock photos and the same ol’ copy. As I walk from the mailbox to the trash can I scan the mailings to see if there’s anything that might be new and fresh. but no, there’s never anything new or fresh about these robo comms. I usually don’t answer the calls I receive from the church (source recognized by area code on caller I.D.) but here lately there has been such a blitz going on at all times of the day and night that I finally acquiesced and took a call. This turned out to be most unfortunate for the caller as, in sharing my truth with her, I enturbulated her to such a degree that she hung up on me. After that I only got a couple more calls, which I didn’t answer, and now all is quite from that neck of the woods.

    tone 41, you mention that you haven’t posted here in a long time. Same is true for me. Anymore it is rare that I post comments either here on Marty’s blog or Tory’s videos. However, this particular blog post of Marty’s was different. It’s as if he said, “Hey, let’s go out here on the patio, pull up a chair and talk about whatever comes up. And I’ll kick off the flow with this post.” So I said, “Yeah, why not.” And I’m very glad tone 41 that my post prompted you to chime in too. And I want you to know that I really appreciate your acknowledgement.

    Speaking of metaphors, I have the notion that metaphors, analogies and allegories are each key components of the language of illusion. This grand illusion that we’re all so engaged in, perplexed by and fascinated with is in itself just a metaphor that we project so that we can experience an infinity of perspective and experience.

    Talking about illusion and projecting illusion, while I was on the beach having my mind ripped open incredible revelations occurred. A very important one was this… I came into an awareness wherein I realized that things like facts, truth, credentials, titles, popular opinion, unpopular opinion, opinion leaders, stats, proof and so on and so forth, were all concepts that I had, in various degrees, inflated with considerations that in, one way or another, made my viewpoint, my perspective, less than. Coming into and having an understanding of this awareness brought about an instant deflation of these concepts in my universe. I was then able to recognize and acknowledge and Have myself as being the sole opinion leader to me, me being my sole guru and me being the center of my universe and complete Source. And I suddenly saw that EVERYTHING outside of me was a projection that I was projecting. And I remembered that there was no good, no evil, no right, no wrong, no dark, no light, no pain, no suffering, no misery, no jealousy, no revenge, no hate, no love, no kindness, no duality, no religion, no war, no path to spiritual freedom, etc,. etc.,…that existed within the projection. The projection is a flat screen and a constant neutral and there is no experience in it or on it. It is no different than sitting on my sofa watching a movie on TV. All my experience comes from within. I am the total experience of ME. The Monte identity, the Marty identity, the Tory identity, the tone 41 identity, the DM identity…ALL identities and ALL other components of the illusion (the projection), originate from a single Source which is known by many, many names. You know how when you’re having a dream and in the dream you can simultaneously be and experience every single viewpoint in the dream, even if it’s the viewpoint of a single proton in orbit around the nucleus of an atom….well, the dream is a metaphor. It’s one of the ways that Source reminds one of its toes that it’s connected to a foot and always has been connected to a foot and always will be connected to a foot and the foot, of course, is connected to a leg which is connected to a…. and so on and so on. “dem bones dem bones them dry bones now hear the word of the lord.” (sorry, couldn’t resist. for those of you who don’t get the connection this is a lyric from an old religious song).

  66. Hey Li’ll bit! You are most welcome and it was my pleasure to share. Indeed, I’m of the mind that always, but especially now where it seems every speck, from the micro to the macro, of every fiber of our both hated and cherished illusion is in a state of profound transition, this is definitely the time for us all to be openly and freely sharing our perspectives. It’s a wonderful way in which to become much better acquainted with ourselves. And I suspect that the better we know ourselves the less onerous our experience of the transition will need to be. That noted, at this point, I’m going to go off on a tangent of perspective and we’ll just see where it goes.

    From the perspective of a Scientologist I could easily be considered to be the poster boy for “Type H.” Once I regained my ability to be open minded I really went hog wild! Certainly, an aspect of freedom is that of a viewpoint being able to have and maintain a wide open mind void of any need, obligation or compulsion to judge another coupled with an adeptness and adroitness for discernment.

    When I move over to that time line where I am getting my first A-J interview and I am asked, “Are you open minded?” and I reply, “Yes, I’m very open minded!” I have to chuckle a bit. Of course, Frank, who was interviewing me, with no inval, loads of compassion and great skill, eased me into a new perspective of what being open minded meant to a Scientologist. I realized that if I wanted to continue riding the Scientology ship, my accepting this new perspective of open mindedness was part of the price I had to pay for the ticket. Well, I was so far up the pole and in such a state of bliss at that time, albeit without an ounce of understanding other than assigning LRH as being the cause of my being up the pole, that I would have accepted practically anything if it meant I could stay on the ship. So, from this new perspective I chose to start erecting walls, sealing off paths, closing doors, closing windows….basically, closing off any opening that did not bear the sign, L. Ron Hubbard: Source. And from that point forward the only place where it was permited, but with exacting supervision, for my mind to be opened, was in session. Open minds were not permited outside of session.

    My Monte identity grew up in a loose Christian environment meaning that my mom felt obligated to see to it that my brother and I be exposed to the Christian religion by way of it being made mandatory that we at least attend Sunday school weekly. So until I was 18 I attended many a Sunday school lesson and was “tricked” (by my mother) into sitting through many a sermon too along the way. Anyway, this 18yr stretch of religious indoctrination delivered unto me the story of the universe as interpreted by numerous and diverse viewpoints each referring to the same source material i.e., the Holy Bible. Even though at times I really attempted to meld myself with the various accountings of my history, my existence, what awaits me in the future as being told to me through the Bible via one interpretation or another, it just wouldn’t happen. I knew there had to be more to the story so I refrained from committing myself to a particular accounting.

    It was my desire and intent to discover “more to the story” that summoned the Scientology ship to my shore and my dock. Once on board the ship and off on my new journey, it was through reading, listening and studying the works of LRH, as well as my own subjective explorations via auditing into memories long sealed off, that I discovered a new story, a new perspective, a new incredibly expanded perspective of the universe. I found I could easily meld with this new accounting of my history, my existence, and my possible future. For a long while I was totally convinced that LRH had the complete and accurate story/account of, not only the universe existing as an illusion, but also of the universe existing as an actuality of theta. In attaching myself so completely, so thoroughly, to LRH’s perpsective I inadvertently dropped my own viewpoint and took on the viewpoint of LRH and the church (LRH=CoS=LRH). I became an LRH clone in progress. However, there was enough of me still available to eventually recognize that it was time to leave the Scientology ship and I ever so gradually did.

    After leaving the ship I spent a long time de-botting and de-cloning myself. Eventually, I had regained enough of me that I could clearly discern that it was time to leave Scientology and get back on my journey of self-discovery so I embarked. As I did so I was utterly amazed at how closed minded I had become and how many immensely clever booby-traps had been set while I was on the ship to ensure that I remained faithful to the Scn perspective. For a long while whenever I would find an old door that had been sealed up and I would start to break the lock, all manner of explosions would occur and I would be momentarily overwhelmed with some of the most insidious nullifications one could imagine. But, I had regained enough of me so that I was now reslient once again. So I persisted and little by little I opened up one door, one window after another and ventured down any path I chose to when I chose to.

    One realization that I had along the way was that I didn’t really understand Scn or LRH near as much as possible and there were many things I found myself wondering about. But with the realization there had come a knowingness that more understanding would not come from being further involved with Scn or in perusing more of LRH’s material. I knew that if I was going to come to have a more thorough knowing and understanding of LRH and Scn that it would come from other sources and, not surprisingly, this has proven out to be the case. This doesn’t mean that I’m coming across material wherein LRH or Scn are addressed by another because that’s not what happening at all. Instead, it is through listening to a diversity of stories/accounts of the universe as told by others where my understanding and knowing of LRH and Scn is enhanced and made more clear.

    Okay, in case anyone might be interested in exposing their self to another account of our universe of illusion or universe of theta or some aspect thereof, I am listing below several titles to videos and to one text piece that you can easily search for, find and avail yourself of. If nothing else, it’s very interesting to spot the correlations between points addressed in some of these stories with points addressed by LRH in some of his material. Personally, I find each one of these stories as fascinating as any shared by LRH. One more thing… you know, so many of us at one time did or still do consider LRH to be “THE” Source that we never questioned (at least out loud) who or what he considered to be his source or if he even had a source. The stories/accounts I’m listing below might cause one to wonder and speculate about that even more.

    – Arkansas: The Atlantaen Crystal Awakening – And the Fall of Atlantis (text)

    – on Youtube (YT): Spirit Science 12_1 – The Rise of Atlantis (Jordon, a young man of 20yrs, produced this animation series of 5 parts as well as the 11 introductory parts before #12)

    – YT: Michael Tsarion – The Destruction of Atlantis – 1 of 12 (uploaded by youtuber, TheWakeUpChannel2. The vid is poor quality but the audio is okay).

    – YT: (Part 1 of 3) Dimensions & Angels – Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sedona, Arizona on 01-24-11 (uploaded by Liloumace. Outside setting in red rocks)

    – YT: If we were created by Divinity, Why must we suffer? Ancient Earth History and What Went “Wrong” (uploaded by MaNithyaSudevi)

    – YT: The Galactic History of DNA by Dan Winter (1/8) (uploaded by 5T4RSCREAM233)

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