Carisa Marion Goes To Bat For You

Hello Everybody!


There’s a lot more to the story than what was in the St Pete Times. I’ll be doing a free workshop at the upcoming Freezone convention in Vegas on how to get your money back, not just the paperwork, releases and how to get those right, but the strategies as well. I also have the lines with the attorneys in Florida whether you are suing or not. (do not sign a gag order, period, call me if you need help now on a cycle) It took me 9 months and 16 days.ย  When you see what really went down you won’t believe it.


I am certain it was my KR on Tommy Davis and Int Execs that got him put away. It got me months of “2 on 1” meetings with OSA, being refused service for 8 months unless I would change my mind. I assigned Int Execs treason for the lies and alteration of the most basic Scientology tech exposed in that interview by the very guys claiming to be “keeping the tech pure”. That was after I was going through hell for my KR on the gross revisions of the FPRD. As soon as I figure out how to do a blog I’ll have it all online. : )

Joe (Childs) was great, we spent months on the phone and he’s heard the real story, however I will never forgive himย and Moe the photographer for not allowing me to smile or see the photo beforehand. I understand they want to make us look like we are “lost and hurt” from the suppression but OMG publishing that horrible photo of me on my 50th birthday for the world to see me as a poor victim?! Do I seem lost or hurt to you? I win everytime against them, period.


Remember The Little Yellow House? 1 million dollars, how did I do that? That’s another story and that also took 9 months of daily back and forth and threats of declare in my kitchen after 12 years of keeping that property from investors. I could write a book about the story of that property. But who won? They’ve only had a taste of me. Attempting to steal all that money off my account was the smallest crime they committed against me in 33 years. I handled that easily back in December of last year.


I’m still on post and I’m still working for LRH. They know I’m not going away. Okay you guys, are we ready to take it to the next level or what?!!! Anyone can reach me at



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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous lady. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

  2. Carrie, Thank you! You are beautiful and very up tone. Love to read your full story once you get your blog started. Thank you for helping others to get their money and life back.

  3. Dayam Carisa! I don’t know if I actually followed all that but wowza anyway, you rocked their world, obviously! Nice to meet ya!

  4. Now THAT’S a great shot Carisa!

  5. That must be a way old picture of her or something, because there’s no way the attractive woman in that shot is anywhere near 50! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ah…an unkillable combination: persistence, beauty, and theta.

  7. Tony Dephillips

    You’re awesome!!
    You look like you’re 21.
    Glad to have you in our gang.
    Jack is a good friend of mine by the way. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you.

  8. Carisa ~
    Fabulous to see you on this blog !
    Warrior Princess !
    Blood and Guts.
    I love the way you are Following the Money trail !

  9. Amazing interview with the SP times, Thanks very much Carisa, for the truth and look forward to your blog! The info on getting your money back is definitely needed due to POB’s RCS off policy actions (as per usual) of dragging their posterior of doing the right thing.

    Mo or Maurice does like more serious shots like the one he took which I use for this blog.

    Marty you’re posts and blog has been really quick the past couple of days which makes it hard to keep up and post! Tom Tobin and Joe Childs have finally come through after their relative silence the past year, VWD guys!

  10. Holy mother! This is just bloody awesome news. I can only imagine that the phone lines around the world are in overload today, as the KA drinkers’s TA is jacking to new levels. Ain’t it just the best!

    Carisa, you made my heart sing girl. Love you for all that you did for all of us! love, Kay

  11. You look great and did great as well. Congrats,

  12. Carisa,
    I recall reading your KR on the FPRD and it struck me as one of THE BEST reports I’d ever read. Time, place, form, event. Nuttin’ but the facts miss, nuttin’ but the facts.

    I’m glad to see you making your voice heard, with its clarity, broadly.

  13. She looks great Mike doesn’t she? ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that picture of her. And I used to be in the flower business. Quite a bunch she’s got. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Beautiful, Carisa. And it looks like the Pike Place Public Market in Seattle too, so you chose a great background for your pic. Fifty? You look more like 35 but of course it’s how you feel about life that really counts and you look like you’re lovin’ it!

  15. Bert Schippers

    Wow Carisa, you Rock! we’re looking forward to meeting you!

  16. Carisa,
    Nice job! I loved your little yellow house and was always wondering who it belonged to. I have sent you an email from my email. By the way, nothing wrong with your picture in SP times ;))

  17. Tony DePhillips


  18. Tony DePhillips

  19. Lovely photo and great news! Keep up the wonderful work. Rachel

  20. Carisa,
    What a riot about the pictures. I can see why you’d be unhappy. In today’s picture you look like different person!! And a happy one at that. Joe should know better than to mess with a lady and her photograph.

    Well, well, well done on what you’ve pulled off. Maybe, just maybe, this illegal book debiting will be the straw that brings the cult to it’s knees. The point will come where no amount of political influence will stop the Feds from acting.

  21. Carisa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s important for people to understand the reasons behind parishioners feeling they have lost their church. There are real life situations that need attention. Thanks again, ml, Laura Ann

  22. Carisa,

    Now that’s the picture they should have used. You look great. And I love the flowers.

  23. Awesome Carisa! Way to slam them down. It is amazing what kind of out points hide behind the facade of “The Greatest Good,” including misappropriation of funds.

    Well done!

  24. Carisa, you look great no matter the picture! Just generally publish or tell us how to get money back. That topic needs to be addressed! What about getting the church in trouble for not keeping accurate records? What about when they ignore your comm. What if they refuse to give records? There are alot of old timers here and before they went to computers in 1995 I think there was gross gross violations. My cycle like I think many is not straight forward with me keeping reciepts and all that. I had to rely on the church cause I trusted them and was in the middle of 5 courses (they wanted new start stat to go up)so since I started they dont want me to get money back on incomplete cycles and no records! They unmocked packages and tried selling tapes and screwed up my accounts way back in 1984!

  25. Excellent handlings Carisa.

    You are perceptive and persistent! I love the way you cut through the bullshit and get your product by NAME, WANT and GET!

  26. I think you looked good in the Times. I don’t see weakness in that shot, I see determination to rise above far-from-perfect circumstances. That’s not the posture of a victim; it’s the proud stance of a survivor. You should be proud.


  28. Thank you sooo much you guys! I have been receiving your emails since Marty posted this and I promise to get back to all of you that haven’t heard from me yet. I will do my best to help you on your cycles.
    Yes, it was Pike’s Place Market in Seattle two months ago. One person wrote me asking if I was really “still on post”! Have you noticed how Marty and Mike and others, Jim Logan, Dan Koon all seem to still be on post but even moreso than when they were in? During my OSA “meetings” where they tried to convince me I was brainwashed they told me there will never be another person posted to IG Ethics, the post was abolished after Marty! I thought, “Perfect because he still is the IG Ethics”. Look at that cycle in Germany with Ms. Caberta for example. That’s the way it should always have been done! And Mike speaking at Trinity College in Ireland. He is being the spokesman for the church now for real like never before.
    Well my entire life it has come up repeatedly that I am “still on some post” and I am a last lifer. Being a KSW zealot, when I started my groups with my ex, it always feels like I am “on post”! An old post no one else has and I never relinquished. I am still wearing my hat, not inside the church but in the bigger game. Sorry if some of you thought I meant I was literally still in the church!

    Well today finally feels like my birthday, it feels like the first day of my whole new life actually so I’m off to eat cake and blow out candles and go to a movie! Thank you all for the very warm welcome. : )

    Much love,

  29. Hello Carisa – it is pleasure to meet you. Yours is a hard hitting story. There is no way, in my opinion, that you look like a victim in the SP times photo.
    That photo shows me a woman who is steadfast and immmovable in her demeanor. Having said that I also really like the photo of you smiling and holding those gorgeous flowers.

  30. Oops – immmovable should read immovable.

  31. Carisa,
    Loved your photo with the flowers….. you’re right, your natural bright smile with dimples would have been a far better image to communicate to the public… because that’s who the RCS is trying to step on! Joe and Moe missed this. Anyway, I got it. Thanks, it cleared it up for me. Now your photo matches up with what you go girl. Joan of Ark has got nothing on you!

  32. I love how you don’t want to be a victim!!! You kick butt girl.

  33. Synthia,
    Thank you for your interview!

  34. Very good work, Carisa!

  35. Sorry, I meant Carisa.

  36. Your humble servant

    Great story, Carisa, thank you!

  37. What a story Carisa! Thanks for standing up against that criminality!

    I would love to meet you when you come to Las Vegas where I live. I’m sure it is going to be a great convention!

  38. Carisa,

    That’s funny — typical wrong why, shoot the cat handling from POB “There will never be another IG Ethics….”

    In truth, there will never be another executive on post in the RCS because POB has worked so diligently to get rid of them all so there is nobody that could possibly take over from him. There hasnt been anyone in RTC except the liar McShane for years. There is no WDC. There is no Exec Strata. No ED Int. Not even a CO CST or a recognizable person in charge of the IAS. It’s just “COB” because after all, he IS Scientology (and conversely Scientology really IS Miscavige — MEST/Money and “No Sympathy”).

  39. Well done Carisa!

    Truth and endurance will win every time, over the grossly out tech manipulations of David Miscavige’s ‘Church’.

    Congratulations on your WIN!

  40. Hi Carisa. Beautifully done. Whatever that hat might be, you sure are wearing it. Happy birthday.

    PS Your analysis on the FPRD was excellent. You would make a fantastic Case Supervisor if you choose that route.


  41. Now that I’ve read the article it makes so much more sense! Don’t know how I missed it…
    Just gotta lololove those comments.
    Glad you’re out and enjoying your birthday!

  42. Wow! Love the way you hold your position in space. Power used with intelligence! Thanks.

  43. Carisa,
    Welcome home!

  44. +1

    BTW, Mr. Rinder: Loved your TV Show some weeks ago (Irland).
    Mostly appraciated.
    Always loved you on TV – also in earlier days. You’re one of the most gentle Thetans with great A “RRR” C. Big thanky you from pulling yourself out of that MEST Game (hence truth is theta – MEST must be a lie, right?)
    It made one of my eyes open when you left. Now both open and I am on my way to restudy the Data-Series.
    What makes me courious, if anyone really have read the whole “Ideal Org” reference (Data-Series #40) (espacially the last three paragraphs where is LRH says how the org gets one). WTF Donations!? (DM should use a dictionary and go through the whole reference again…. Cramming Officer, anyone!?).
    It’s hard to demonstrate the principle in the real universe if you got to many MU’s.

    Mr. Rathbun, thanks for your hard work and this platform.
    You all got me thinking and I am working on a BP to plug me and my beloved off the matrix. Working on my doubt formula right now.
    I won’t do that because of the Church or the people on lines, but because of the misaplication of LRH policy and technology.
    When I FIRST joined Scientology it was literally a “Game where anyone wins”.
    Today it became the game of “rise your status else…”
    This practice is really (really) destroing the spiritual character of Scientology I once loved (yes it was present years ago).
    I love to help others. Love listen to LRH, study, get some good session – contribute to the society, being in exchange. You name it: Being a Scientologist.
    Last time I mentioned some huge outpoints I found myself in a 4 month ethics cycle, was told that I have ARCX because of WH.
    I made a complete O/W write up, passed, but the IAS is still there!!!
    The biggest outpoint is that IAS/IdleOrg Projects is ‘assumed equality’ to LRH Policy. Another big issue is that DM is accepted (installed) as “authority”. (Data-Series #8)
    This is the result of the propaganda machine called ‘events’.

    Thanks to all of you giving a good example. You’re no longer trapped in this [i]idรฉe fixe[i].

    And Carisa – You look beautiful!


  45. (sorry for typos in my post above – english is not my native language. Man on the mission – took a body near denmark :-P)

  46. Yeah! This is a real spirit!

  47. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carisa. Wow! Did you just go and CREATE an effect, or what?
    Great job!! You’ve got the WHOLE Indie gang with you !!

    Kudos,Li’ll bit

  48. Congratulations for your 20th birthday ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    We neeed you urgently. Your post is just at the right time. i’ll email you !
    Tanks for what you are doing !

  49. Believe me, Sinar, they have been working on this all year!

  50. Ya it seems that picture of you should be from the church rather than SP times. The church always puts out the worst pics of ex scn.

  51. Wow, you’re hot, love your ethics presence. Thanks for kicking Davey’s as.

  52. Mike,

    I agree with you. You should have seen that DA pack that was first issued after CNN, I sooo wish I’d made a copy before it “disappeared” after my report on it. No one in OSA or HCO could locate it again. It was so insane, DM obviously wrote it and it was so embarrassing, so transparent. Russ Bellin’s affidavit which was obviously part of an A to E from the hole, it was absolutely twisted, his quotes italicized where he stated DM was the sole reason Scientology existed today and all Scientologists know he has single handedly saved the church from ruin, it went on and on. There are no execs anymore, there is no command chart, no one is on post, he has bypassed one and all and this is a dictatorship that is no longer even pretending to be anything else. I assigned them all Treason. This is his one man show. And the robots who cannot see or who are so terrified just sat there keeping their mouths closed as you point out the obvious grossest outpoints, it’s like a whole track drug incident going through these meetings with these zombies just staring as you point out the LRH to them, no response whatsoever, like Stepford Wives. They couldn’t find one outpoint in my reports to cram me on or word clear me so finally said I was refused service because my reports were disrespectful to David Miscavige!
    I’m so glad I’m finallly out!

  53. Carisa: A great report! Would you please post the KR you wrote that got Tommy Davis busted?

    What I would like to see even more is Tommy Davis blow and speak out like you – this assuming Tommy can escape from whatever Scientology maximum security prison they have him locked in,

    CoS is so self-destructive that it just keeps right on losing members and making more enemies everyday.

    Two notes on the Karmic Vortex that has been dismantling the Cult since 2005:

    1. According to my Karmic Clock it is now 11:45 PM inside of the Cult.

    2. The Scientology Diaspora of 2009 has turned into a Torrent of Scientologists blowing and going public. My prediction is that members blowing will Hyper-Accelerate in 2012 in a way that the Cult has never seen!


  54. Hi Carisa,
    Thank you…

  55. Carissa-

    Funny story: Your ex Brandon once tagged in when a group of IAS people were regging me for my Patron Maximanimus Supercalifacilous.

    He played the good cop. He took me for a ride in his car to break up the onslaught and was talking about responsibility, blah blah– Almost in perfect synchronicity he opened his glove box and about 10, what appeared to be unpaid parking tickets, fell out of the glove box.

    It was a classic moment.

    I love your daughter and grandson btw. Awesome people. And for the record- I thought Brandon was nice too.

  56. Well, aren’t you wonderful!

  57. Carisa,

    Funny how an “unlisted/unstated” post on an org board which serves a necessary function ends up being held anyway in a functioning org. Functioning org, that’s accomplishing its stated purpose.

    To get your required products always requires someone holding the posts necessary.

    So, thanks for being on post–even if I don’t know what that post is.

  58. Where do we find this: ‘Your analysis on the FPRD was excellent.” Thanks! Rachel

  59. Thanks SK — nice to see you posting here. Can you use a different handle as there is a long time poster here (Shannon Kimoto) that uses SK for her posts.

  60. Caesar Alarcon

    You are incredible.

    Much Love,
    Caesar Alarcon

  61. Carissa,

    “these zombies just staring as you point out the LRH to them, no response whatsoever, like Stepford Wives.”

    I think it’s more and more apparent that everything DM does is designed to undermine the ability of others to reason and make decisions–thus the zombies.

  62. J Swift,

    I wonder how many of those left have the ability to “blow.” That takes the ability to look and the ability to decide followed by the ability to act. But, a lot of those active have lost those abilities on a self-determined level.

    Some are probably stuck in the problematic stable datum: The only reason a person leaves is his own overts. You kind of have to admire that person’s ability to persist and to try to do the right thing. But, being incorrectly introverted by this datum doesn’t improve your chances of leaving.

    Maybe, it’s like, “When those smokers see how bad smoking is for their health and appearance, they’ll quit.”

    Don’t mean to come across as apathetic, but yah just have to wonder what it takes to make a person open his eyes, look and respond.

  63. Carisa,
    Thank you for the integrity to be yourself. It seems that all of those with truth of tech within them all end up here – on this blog – and in this group of Indies. We never left the group. The RCS group has just gone off in another direction and left us. We are still here, still on post.

    I see the future with performances such as this at the Indie events. This video speaks for so many of us. Glad to have met you and looking forward to more. Enjoy your freedom and yes, eat your cake and candles galore. Life is to be lived! That living includes crossing any valley of darkness we find before us. You have taken that journey. You are with friends. Another free being amongst the free and living!

  64. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 100.
    Synthia you are a class act. Thanks for doing that.

  65. Hi all;

    The debiting of accounts for book sales stat, and paid commission, is/was very widespread back in the 80s and 90s. The one I am most familiar with was the Way to Happiness foundation, which went full bore on scanning accounts at ASHO and AO to see who had unsed money, and then talk the person into using the money on account for WTH books, which were then given away. Now, not everyone who had money on account could be contacted, so, the money was deducted and ‘they’d be commed with later’. I know two persons who made HUGE commissions from doing so.

    This was also done at FLAG.

    This same type of scam was being used by ASHO FDN in the Hubbard Guidence Center. When there were not enough public to get into sessions, the Director of Processing, made the auditors grab folders and do Folder Error Summaries, on them, none of which was called for, and done only for the stat. The money for the FESs was then deducted from the persons account without them knowing it.

    This organization has been criminally inclined for decades.


  66. Oooh, I hear the sizzle of a branding iron, Bobo. SSZZZZZZzzzzzzz! Your facts are red hot!

  67. Wait, if the auditor or C/S makes an error that must be corrected, the parishioner is expected to pay for it? In the real world if a doctor makes a mistake he gets his ass sued for big bucks and is lucky to escape with just that (insurance premiums range up into $300k annually). I’m not saying the lawsuits against doctors are right, but can you explain the “ethics” of an FES please?

  68. Also, do book sellers still get commissions? If so, then the amount of $ being paid out to those who were pushing those Basic Book packages must have been enormous.


  69. martyrathbun09

    Wasn’t till Miscavige that it became institutional. See earlier posts on his great book scam that kept him in power at Author Services.

  70. email me backlines and I’ll send you a copy.

  71. ILO staff selling Basics most certainly did not get commissions. I highly doubt that any SO staff anywhere made commissions, and I am relatively confident that any staff anywhere did not get commissions. No info on public.

  72. I believe book commissions were cancelled for staff by DM. Don’t know if he is personally getting an override commission or personal royalty for having personally re-worked Hubbard’s books in a way they became so “popular”.

  73. And to compound the disaster, all the debiting from accounts destroyed the CGI, driving orgs insolvent (as a direct result of the “massive expansion and highest ever booksales”) and killing any meagre staff pay that may have existed (when money is taken off account, that money has to be transferred to the book account from the income and is deducted from the GI to calculate the Corrected Gross Income — “CGI” — and it is the CGI that is the basis for the org’s FInancial Planning allocation and a percentage of the CGI goes to staff pay. If an org had an income of $5000 but sold $6000 of books “off account” the CGI would be MINUS $1000 and NO bills would be paid, let alone staff pay). This was another one of POB’s brilliant international strategies that crushed orgs in the name of “doing it for Ron.” And all while PRing the “straight up and vertical booksales” no doubt quoting LRH about the importance of booksales out of context (ie every quote about booksales concerns getting them into the hands of the public — new public — so they READ them, not getting them into garages or delivered to people that didnt reach for them adn will never read them).

  74. Michael,

    Last I knew, book commissions were to go into the staff pay sum. But I bet that with the debits from account, there was no staff pay sum in most orgs….

  75. Here’s an interesting bit that you might consider.

    On of the fundamentals upon which Dianetics was based: a person does with thought which he does with MEST. He’s hit with a baseball bat, so he avoids bats because they hurt, not only in the physical universe, but in his mind. He avoids the idea of bats. simplistic example

    But, here we have all these church members giving up all they own. Why? Isn’t this stuff valuable to them? Isn’t ownership helpful in maintaining survival? How do you go out and buy apples for the kids if you don’t own any money? Kids need some food and shelter to go along with some love and encouragement. So does the spouse. So do you.

    Ownership is basically the idea that you control that which is owned. But, in the Church of Miscaviage, all ownership resides in the Church, which as has been stated, “DM is ‘scientology’.” Not scientology as we know it, but as he’s redefined it. He owns everything.

    Scientology was meant to help a person control his/her life. To own his/her life. To put order into his dynamics as he saw fit. That includes the sixth dynamic and the seventh. MEST and theta. Both.

    But, a weird shift occurred. MEST became anathema. MEST became the enemy rather than merely a dynamic. A dynamic is merely the urge to survive as.

    “Bank” became something to get rid of. Bank was unwanted mental MEST. But, it seemed that all MEST was bank in this new view. To have case was bad. To own MEST was bad.

    Let’s step back a bit. All MEST is essentially a problem. But, thetans actually enjoy problems. Thetans in good shape like to have problems and persistence because having problems is…well…having.

    And having is the opposite of loss.

    Thetans prefer having to loss.

    But, you get this oddity of having as a purpose the intention to get rid of “case.” You get this oddity of intent to get rid of the physical universe. So, you can easily convince a person whose goal it is to get rid of case to get rid of his MEST by redefining MEST as “theta case.”

    MEST is not theta case. MEST is theta havingness. We’ve just made it a little more solid than is necessary because we’ve sunk so much need and importance into the stuff. But having MEST is fun.

    Owning MEST is fun. Giving away MEST and exchanging MEST is fun. Receiving and sharing MEST is fun.

    But, you get a psychotic who is running “no ownership for you; all ownership for me,” and ownership gets all snarled up and confused as he convinces you to give up ownership “for your own survival.” He can put a gun to your head and say he’ll blow your brain out if you don’t give him what you own. Survival. Or he can convince you that as members of his congregation, your eternal survival depends on contributing all you own to the cause: all of your resources, your time, your life, your energy, your thoughts, your production.

    Now, life is all about contributing all of your resources to goals. That’s what makes life fulfilling: total investment. It could be becoming a star quarterback, or writing novels or making the world better. You take the resources (MEST and theta) that you own and contribute them to the goal.

    In an optimum outcome, resources contributed result in an increase of return on available resources. A profit if you would.

    Available profits to whom and for whom?

    Optimally, profit to those who contributed.

    Not all value can be measured in MEST. Satisfaction. Understandings. Enlightenments. Joy. Serenity. Love and admiration. Respect. All sorts of things are not rewarded as money or measured return. What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

    But, back to my point. You’ve got this group that has agreed to the idea that getting rid of case/MEST is the most valuable thing they can do. In the process, they give up ownership and they give up control of their lives, because in some weird way, they’ve come to look at their lives as case manifestations.

    They’re doing to their thoughts what they’re doing to their MEST: giving up ownership. Which turns them into slaves.

    A fulfilled life is filled with havingness.

    I won’t belabor this. I just wanted to point out that there are some fundamentals underlying all this crap.

    I also wanted to point out that having MEST is not bad. Owning and controlling MEST is not bad. Having and enjoying problems is not bad.

    A high toned, productive life manifests across all the dynamics. All of them. We’re not on some weird mission to truncate all existence to the seventh dynamic. Which I think becomes more and more apparent to those who leave the radical church and become independent Scientologists.

    Being an Independent Scientologist is not a forsaking of the third dynamic. It’s a forsaking of ignorance and slavery. It’s a recognition of owning one’s life and one’s dynamics, of being self/pan-determined on those dynamics, rather than other-determined.

  76. ” Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them, because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while many see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. ”
    ~ Steve Jobs

  77. It gets a bit complicated when a persons folder(s) contains all sorts of auditing & programming from many sources: from student co-audits, academy actions, ethics, qualifications division actions and all sorts of imput, even medical. Also, when a person moves from one organisation to another, a study of the folder may reveal an FES is required. Often the folders are ordered FES’d by the case supervisor to find bugs or why the case isn’t running as it should. If an FES is done per policy/tech it is a usually a quick, effecient action and the PC wins and all is as it’s meant to be – it’s a self correcting action which keeps the case running smoothly. Its cost is miminal and it’s a necessary part of audting procedures as a whole.
    Don’t get me wrong it’s criminal to do it for any other reason except for PC benefit, it is very true FESing is sometimes done for a (false) stats push, it is counted as a percentage of auditing time and is paid for = criminal. I’ve been guilty of such an offence when the PC hasn’t been seen for years. In the lower orgs to my knowledge it’s pretty much accepted practice and so easily justified as “auditing” the folder and as if by some magic the PC will benifet from a distance. I can only imagine it’s rampant in uppper level Orgs too, it’s money!
    It’s another example of the decay of the wonderful thing standard auditing is. It’s just gotten worse and totally out of hand in the RCS.
    Winning PCs and students are a wonder to behold, they shine like beacons, full of life and energy, all too willing to rave about the technology of Scientology. Seen many like that in DMs Church Foyer lately?

  78. OnceUponaTime

    Michael, This reminded me of a line from an old song (from somewhere in the 60s or 70s) that went like this…

    “Well, I thought I was dancing, till somebody stepped on my hand.”

    Other than that… We all got here from there… so can they.

    Eventually, if their attention towards it often enough, they will get glimpses of the aberration and little by little the charge will come off until they finally start to see what is really going on.

    That this whole thing is still being played out in present time offers their best opportunity to see it for what it is. The real problem will be for those who never get to the point of confronting what is happening. It is these people who will be the hardest to “run this out on”. If they cannot, or will not see the “suppression” in it now, they are very likely to hang onto it as a “pro-survival” incident, and it will be a great deal harder to get them to inspect it further.

    Eric S

  79. Tony,
    Cool video. I love it!

  80. Um…

    “Eventually, if their attention towards it often enough… ”

    Well, that doesn’t work…How about this version…

    “Eventually, if their attention is directed towards it often enough…”

    Eric S

  81. Hi Mike;

    Also, when money was taken out as a book sale, then the org had to pay the seller a commission on the sale, which reduced even more the amount of money available to the org. A LOT of money went to commissions, thousands and thousands of dollars, and there were two SO persons in the middle of it getting rich.

  82. OMG! Carisa, you look great! Keyed out and happy! well done on everything!

  83. O.K. I will give my full initials.


  84. Yes – just as a consulting physician would be paid to review a patient’s records – not that the analogy to doctors is correct (but it is yours).

    An FES is a folder/case review, and that is all it is, just to make sure all is on track, and if it is not, the information found gives context to the C/S in programming the case. Actually, the FES always gives context to the C/S.

    The issue is not the FES, it is the stat push.

  85. WOW. Brilliantly stated observation of truth.

    LRH: “It is the bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing”

    David miscavige IS bank.

  86. Brilliant explanation! Thanks for this!

  87. Michael Fairman

    Beautifully and clearly stated. To your point of DM aka Scientology “owning everything”. That’s why I’ve gotten statements from those still in like “Scientology (aka DM) has given me my life and you want to take that away from me”, or “I won’t let you take my eternity”. As if one’s life and “eternity” are DM’s (aka Scientology) to give. The essential corruption is the assigning of ownership to a church, state or ideology. When that occurs, goodbye self determinism and hello slavery. It’s pathetically obvious. Thank you for your post.

  88. Great post OUT.

    I just recently listened to a lecture by LRH about processing a person’s automaticities, in which he goes right into that point by stating the liability of getting a pc to as-as his automaticities. Ron said that was only half a solution because it destroyed his havingness. He said that if you’re going to get a pc to as-is his automaticities, you had to make sure you then rehabbed his ability to create automaticities as well.

  89. Mike, you’re wrong. It’s like a baseball team retiring a number as a tribute to the former player. They’ve retired the IG Ethics number. Because no one can fill Marty’s shoes.

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    J.S. Thanks for your post. Once again, find myself asking : Where does the LAW sit in terms of incarceration performed by NON STATUTORY INSTITUTIONS? Any useful comments
    or clarification by our on-board legal eagles would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Li’ll bit

  91. Davey, you brilliant you! Genius, how you manage to get staff to work their butts off selling books and as super reward for the sleepless nights, they got zero pay! Brilliant, did you actually get them to pay you for all the negative income they generated with their 24/7 shifts?

  92. Eric,

    I’m not giving up hope. I’m just trying to use available data to make accurate predictions.

    Of course, “accurate predictions” become irrelevant when something intervenes. Such as Cause. Such as free theta. Such as cognition.

    A person stuck in grief might be predicted to act a certain way unless you factor in the person’s theta endowment and how much available free theta they have which operates at a higher level.

    A person with lots of free theta can be stuck in a full blown ser fac, while examining their behavior and thinking, “Hmm, this is irrational; I need to be more rational.”

    So, each of us is an individual, and my statement was a bit of a generality, but hey, I’m a lazy thinker. It’s easier to use generalities, like “Kentucky has so much more talent than KU that KU will get its ass handed to them tonight at the Garden.” We’ll see.

  93. Michael,

    Yeah, I know what you mean. You’re left scratching your head and wondering how you can get this person to see. It’s a wonder LRH had any hair left on his head by ’53.

  94. Sara — I stand gladly corrected. Nobody will ever be able to fill the shoes of Mickey Mantle Rathbun.

  95. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. Thank, I don’t believe I’ll be needing and FES today. And I won’t ever charge for one. In the broken court system, you have to prove a mistake was made, but then you also get to sue. If you sue the Co$ – which is ALWAYS right, even when it is proven dead wrong – your eternity is taken away. That sounds like a pretty serious and, ah, covert threat to me, based on a monopoly (bow before me or die). Isn’t “eternity” beyond “lethal”? (What a crock.)

  97. “The issue is not the FES, it is the stat push.”

    I disagree. The issue is whether or not all policies of the Co$ are workable. To me it seems more than evident that they are not. There are some who delusionally dream of re-etablishing a “reformed” Co$. (Would it be a religon, would it have ministerial priviledge, an OSA, declares, PI’s, SQBs, SO police, an RPF, would it still be “fun” to torture people, take away their kids, etc.? Would it pay at the very least minimum wages?). I dream of an unconditional and irreversible release of copyrights and trademarks. A gift to mankind is only a gift when the giver releases all strings attached. Those who wish to return to the blue monstrosity are free to do so, and take on all the overhead of boat (good luck, har, har).

    This whole gruesome affair with the ever-so-easily taken over “Church” of Scientology and its version of imposed “ethics” apparently has proven nothing to some people.

  98. Thanks Jim! It’s a whole new game. Guess who I’m close friends with now? Sergio Mora. LOL! Remember the Chaplain in charge. He says I was the worst cycle he ever was involved in. He really didn’t know but he does now. He suspects DM actually CS’d me but I don’t think so. I was offloaded 6 weeks after Lisa McPhearson died though. Well, it aint over till it’s over! Richard Reiss and Alain Kartuzinski are both deceased now, but there’s still someone who thinks they got away with it all. The truth is going to come out. I wonder if Jerome Blume is still in the SO, I loved that guy, he was a great CS and not part of the “good ole’ boy network”. Anybody know where Jerome is, if he’s out?
    Thanks Jim!

  99. Well done! You’re on fire! Now let’s shake the foundations of Miscaviges limp foundation. It trembles before our growing might!

  100. Rachel,
    So glad to see your face! I loved your husband, he wasn’t just my Dr. but he was an asset to my research and work in special needs cases Purif delivery. Email me at and I’ll forward you my KR on the FPRD revision.

  101. martyrathbun09

    I think I just saw him in a recent Flag promo piece as some cleaner or some such for the Super Power building. Ridiculous ad by the way.

  102. For Carissa

  103. Take 2. for Carissa Marion

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