More on the Vulture Culture

by Mike Rinder

In light of the ongoing St Pete Times series, here are some further thoughts on the subject.

Some Background:

David Miscavige has a long history of financial rape extending back to his days as “Chairman of the Board Author Services” in the 1980’s.  There he oversaw the Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth “special editions” and “signed artwork prints” exorbitantly priced rip-offs  sold as “investments.”  Anyone who owns these virtually worthless “properties” knows how much they are worth and how much bullshit hype accompanied their sale.

Miscavige also directed the pillaging of org book accounts, forcing orgs and missions to buy bookstocks that they did not need (many of them rotted in basements and eventually became worthless when the “new editions” came out) as the income to the Pubs Orgs resulting in increasing HIS stats at ASI (and consequently his bonuses).

And let’s not forget the International Finance Police, launched under his personal supervision, who went to orgs and missions and “fined” them for imagined transgressions and took the money from their accounts without any recourse.

But these were just warm up rounds to prepare him for the multi-million dollar scams to come – the IAS, “Basics” and “Ideal Orgs.”


In late 2006, David Miscavige ordered Janet McLaughlin (President IASA) and her executives, who were in Los Angeles at the time, rounded up and taken to the Hole.  Janet’s husband, Colm, was sent to the Freewinds under guard where he was put in lockdown.  Colm remains there to this day, separated from his wife for 5 years. He has reportedly tried to escape, but was gang tackled on the dock and dragged back to the ship (Security telling the Port Police that he was “drunk”).

The IAS had appeased Miscavige with extravagant gifts and vacations over the years (and he in turn had been the chief fundraiser for the IAS – he liked to announce to anyone in his vicinity that “he could raise more money with his pinkie, and without ever uttering the word “money” than all the IAS regges put together).

Huge amounts of money were spent by the IAS to cater to POB – and it was funded through a scheme whereby the staff of the IAS were paid “bonuses” that they turned over to form a slush fund for POB/Tom Cruise jaunts/parties/food/gifts.

Despite the well-known arrogance of the IAS executives, their shopping sprees in London, Paris and Los Angeles, their bonuses and perks….  President IASA had become disenchanted with the over the top extravagances of POB and especially with respect to his best friend and “Deputy COB,”  Tom Cruise.

Being in disagreement with POB was a one way ticket to oblivion, and Janet made her disagreements known. In fact, she was in LA as she had asked to meet “COB” face to face in order to air her disagreements.  He in turn had her tailed by PI’s, her car had a tracking device installed on it, her phones were monitored.

Her “disaffection” gave Miscavige a justification for taking her out. The operation was executed in typical Miscavige total overwhelm style. 30 people descended on the IAS Offices in LA  to round up the 5 women and separate and contain Colm.

Concurrently orders were sent to the Freewinds, executed by the RTC Rep Lurie Bellotti, CO CMO Ship Sue Price and Miscavige’s favorite hitman, Captain Freewinds, Mike Napier. All IAS staff were herded into the Starlight Cabaret, their phones, beepers and computers were confiscated and they were all made to “confess” to their crimes against Miscavige (i.e. any agreement with Janet that Miscavige and Cruise were overly extravagant).  The only ones that survived the purge were those who were loyal to Miscavige. As a separate note,  Mike Napier is widely hated by the staff on the Freewinds.  He is a Miscavige pet who has been protected even though he had out 2D with a shore terminal, and also with the Bookstore Officer Freewinds, while married. He was not beached, nor sent to the RPF, or removed from post.  In fact, his indiscretions were  kept quiet and dealt with by Sue Price and Lurie Belotti . Napier is a real piece of work, hypocritically vicious “I am unreasonable about 2D out ethics”, including requiring Freewinds staff to get his permission to marry, which he would often withhold simply out of cruelty.

With Janet and anyone in agreement with her out of the way, Miscavige began running the IAS personally.  He was in daily communication with IAS Regges (though he falsely claims in legal filings that he has nothing to do with the day to day operations of the church and nothing at all to do with the IAS).

Since late 2006, with nothing but POB sycophants in the IAS , it has become his personal  “SS” (the few remaining in RTC and the CMO are his personal “Gestapo”) and as a result the IAS has taken over Scientology like a cancer taking over and destroying a body.  Today, the IAS are beyond criticism as “everyone knows” if you mess with the IAS you are “messing with COB.”

The IAS specialize in doom and gloom briefings accompanied by intense pressure to suck blood out of the stones that pass for Scientology public these days. It is ironic that the guy who is running them stands on stage at his international extravaganzas proclaiming massive expansion and worldwide acceptance of Scientology at “unprecedented, unparalleled, unreal and unbelievable” levels.

These days, everyone is fair game for the IAS – more and more SO members show up on the rolls of patron gluteus maximus as they become older and eventually inherent from their parents, along with former SO Members trying to buy their way back into good graces.

And even the RPF are now prospects for the voracious regges. If someone in the RPF has money, all the rules of the RPF are set aside.  Regges take people out of the RPF to hit them up (often at 2 in the morning when they are trying to make a quota and there are no other people around, so they happily roust RPFers out of bed to gang reg them). Some have even been convinced to pay over their inheritance to “make up the damage” for supposed offenses that caused them to be assigned to the RPF.

Under COB IAS the pressure to increase income has increased dramatically. The FSO quota  for the annual IAS event was $10 million a couple of years ago, its probably more by now.

COB IAS has morphed the IAS, which is not contemplated in any policy, into a massive parasite immune to any efforts to curtail its insatiable appetite.

The Basic on The Basics

When Miscavige originally ordered that the manuscripts be gathered together for all LRH books and compared to the published editions, Jon Horwich and myself were assigned the job of going through the books.

We had a time machine order from Miscavige to get a book done EACH DAY. It also included putting together a glossary for each book.  This of course was insane, made doubly so by the fact that Jon and I were spending almost as much time answering questions from Miscavige’s personal staff and his other sycophants demanding to know what we had done and whether we would “meet the TM” as we were working on the books.

In the end, people were assigned to stand over us to keep us awake – we were sleeping a maximum of 2 hours a nite because it was easier not going to bed than being woken up constantly by idiots demanding we get out of bed because we were “behind TM, and if COB says it can be done in this amount of time you are proving you are CI to him and LRH if you don’t meet the TMs and go to bed instead.”

Eventually, Miscavige busted us off the project as “CI” he “personally took it over” because “nobody else could do it.”

He then spent 2 years completing this job (virtually 24/7 if you believe the statements the church makes to the media) he had ordered and beaten us to get done in 2 weeks!

But then, “because COB had put so much time and effort into it” it became the MOST IMPORTANT thing in Scientology.  Every part of it, from the editing of the text to the typesetting, cover design, what words are in the glossaries, setting up the printing presses was “personally done” by “COB.” Of course, this is how everything goes in his world – nobody can be trusted to do anything right, so he has to be the only one.

The real tragedy came when the books (and lectures) were released.

Now it was a personal affront to “COB” if the sales were not “highest ever” each week as this was “the MOST IMPORTANT THING in the history of Scientology.”  He set his usual unreal quotas – it goes like this.  “There are 8 million Scientologists in the world, every one of them needs at least one set, so we need to sell 8 million and if that doesn’t happen I will find who is CI and blow them away.”  And thus the insanity ratcheted up to a level never seen before.

Staff everywhere became “book consultants” with quotas that had to be met each day or they could not go to bed. This included ALL OF MANAGEMENT, including WISE, SMI, ABLE and OSA.  RTC became the booksales quota police, enforcing that nobody could go to bed without meeting their quota.

In this era the criminality on book lines reached new lows.  Huge numbers of people had books debited from their accounts without their knowledge. People were regged to buy sets for others – and they subsequently showed up on the doorstep of unsuspecting public who had separately bought their own copies. It even descended to “loaning debits” – people would be convinced to “borrow” others APs to get sets of books and then “repay” the persons’ account at a later date.  SMI and ABLE began taking reserves accounts from the few remaining missions and groups. Mission Starter packages that had been donated in previous stat push campaigns were “converted” into Basics packages.

Of course, the criminality was applauded when the “stats” were reported by the RTC Rep (the RTC Rep ILO, Tracye Danilovich is one of the most incompetent people ever to rise to a position of authority in the church – her ONLY talent is telling POB what he wants to hear and screaming at others that they are “CI”) and then subsequently when the criminality was exposed that same RTC Rep would be indignant that anyone would sink to such levels of out ethics.

The DM Birthday Game

See earlier posts on the subject of Ideal Orgs:

This is the third prong of the master propagandist who sucks the lifeblood out of anyone in his vicinity.

The LRH Birthday Game, as covered in LRH ED 339R and 339R-1 is to make all orgs the size of Old St Hill – and in so doing, make being on staff viable and move all staff up the Bridge to OT.

But POB had a better idea as that was just too damned hard.

Convince Scientologists that what they should do instead is buy fancy (often out of the way) buildings, and call these “Ideal Orgs.”  This of course required NO management structure, no Universe Corps of auditors and C/Ses to move the staff to OT and the PUBLIC could be made responsible for getting it done through the “OT Ambassadors.”  But even more amazing – they would raise the money and buy the building and it would then be turned over to Int Reserves.

And the side benefit – keep showing the Kool Aid drinkers buildings and keep pounding in that this equates to “expansion.”

Today, all that is required to “demonstrate” expansion under POB’s watch is to buy more buildings (or sell more Basics).  No delivery needed.  No new people in. No raw public booksales.

The crown jewel of this strategy is been the “Super Power” building. They have convinced people to turn over enough money to build the “cathedral” 3 times over, telling them that the “last money is needed to complete the building this year” for at least 5 years.

This, all by itself, is a massive moneymaker. And without the need to deliver a single hour of auditing or course – in fact, it probably makes more money empty than full!  Though POB promotes that this is the tech that will “make planetary clearing a reality” (KTL which was the earlier touted solution isn’t mentioned any more and isn’t even sold or delivered, and there isn’t much talk about 10,000 on Solo NOTs handling the planet either ) he will not complete the building as to do so will result in 2 things:

  1. A drop in income
  2. Exposing that the place is a cavernous morgue as he cannot fill it up and it will be apparent to ANYONE.

The DM Birthday Game is about MEST and money.  Auditing and training is long forgotten in the world of the RCS.  If Miscavige is the Pope, Money is the King.
What Your Fees Buy:

This is what LRH said about money given to the Church. It is something that used to be broadly distributed in the Church but is now hard to come by (for obvious reasons). These are excerpts that make clear just what you were buying when you paid for auditing and training, when there was no separate IAS regging, no Ideal Org regging, no CCHR regging or “donations to libraries” regging. EVERYTHING was paid for through the sale and delivery of Scientology SERVICES.



By L. Ron Hubbard

So the fees you pay for service do not go to me.

A Sea Org member draws only about four pounds a week and his room and board. We run our ships and stations at a cost that would make a cost accountant disbelieve it. So not much of your fee goes to them even though they bear a full burden of management of pure services.

Org staff members over the world work for so little that Execs occasionally get letters from their landladies demanding orgs increase their pay level so staff members can pay their rent.

So not much of your fees goes to them.

Occasionally some org or franchise goes on a big kick of high pay. We very soon pull the rug out from under that. So if your fee went that way for a brief period we corrected the outness fast as we frown on money-motivation like a thundercloud.

Some fringe fellows know that if you had a complete monopoly on the only workable mental technology on the planet you could make billions. That’s why they’re on the “fringe”. So we prevent your fee from going in that direction.

Then where does your fee go?


Since 1950. So-called  “mental health” groups have fought to discredit and decrease the power of Dianetics and Scientology.

So a portion of your fee is spent on patching up the damage done, keeping going in spite of attacks and nullifying the actions against the West of a very choice lot of bad hats. If we didn’t have the documentary evidence I wouldn’t dare mention it.

It costs money to bring cases up to US Supreme Court level as we have. The legal defense expenses we have in a dozen countries is not small.

So a portion of your fees goes to keeping the subject available to you and to the world.

We work very hard to keep tech being done well.  It is nothing for us to put two people on a fast plane and send them half around the world to straighten up the Case Supervision and auditing in an area so you can have confidence in the service you get.

It is routine to send the highest class people we have to handle “ARC Breaks of Long Duration” in the field or on admin lines or to see they get handled.

Your fee supports a long and complex set of communication lines by which tech and admin can be cared for rapidly.

A portion of your fee just the other day began a survey of a backward country to introduce high speed educational processes to bring their people quickly from the stone age up to present time. The “Peace Corps” was also there on cushy government funds building houses for a big construction company at a nice profit. But we, unsupported, began the effective work actually needed there to help the people.

A tiny bit of your fee neated up an area ruined for Americans by the American Navy.

Small parts of your fee heal up a lot of things over the world.

But the biggest part of your fee stays right in your area. It is used to make training and processing and data available to the next fellow first by keeping the org there and second by letting him know about it and third by making as sure as possible that the training and processing he gets is standard and effective.

Your fee keeps the nearest org alive and functioning and the environment safe.

So little by little, using the fees you give us for your service, your training and your processing, we create little by little areas of sanity.

I doubt that anyone is surprised that this is no longer available in the Church or in the OEC Volumes?

The Vulture Culture is a creation of the COB IAS/COB Pubs/COB Ideal Orgs/COB BS.




274 responses to “More on the Vulture Culture

  1. Thanks Mike. These ‘background’ exposees by you and Marty really help the rest of us fill in the blanks.

    I know Marty is working on a book, are you considering doing the same?


  2. Mike, amazing data. Thank you so much for sharing and exposing details that I, as public, did not know.

    This policy is absolutely “the most theta” thing I have read. It brings tears of pure theta, as I have absolutely no disagreement with that at all. I would support that to the moon and back, as I know the rest of would too, if we had experienced its implementation.

    It royally pisses me off that POB has destroyed it. Annihilate the s.o.b. Pure, stone cold criminal far beyond anything most of us can fathom.

    Love so much for this beautiful expose and thank you again for all that you do. ~Kay

  3. “The best leader is one whose existence
    is barely known by the people.
    Next comes one whom they love and praise.
    Next comes one they fear.
    Next comes one they defy.”

  4. I remember well the limited edition and Battlefield Earth print scams! Many friends of mine were taken in by it. “Buy in at 1/2 the issue price, with a guarantee to buy the print back in the future.”

    The limited edition books, limited edition meters … I used to wonder why no one went to jail because of that … it had to be illegal.

    By the way, I have five limited edition ‘The Way to Happiness’ leather blue bound books for sale if anyone wants them. The issue price in 1980 or so was $1,000.00. These were the very first limited edition book published, a trial run I guess. So, if anyone is interested, just forget what I said earlier about the whole thing being a scam, because actually, uh, .. it was a … uh … a worthy investment … uh … and was well received by everybody … uh … and … yeah, that’s it. These books will …. uh … appreciate in value … uh … and … uh … the price is negotiable … uh … yeah.


  5. Mike — a brilliant synopsis of this monumental train wreck. It is not even enough to suck every last thin dime, nay, penny out of the public members for things that require NO EXCHANGE back. No, for every poor SO member that has the good fortune to come into some money by inheritance or whatever means, he or she is descended upon by the a whole flock of vampires who suck every last extra penny out of them, too. To me, that is one the absolute most disgusting aspects of the rampant parasitism in operation. And orgs don’t have to have auditors, but they sure as hell better have “Membership Officers” to continuously con money out of their public the IAS. I remember well the order to post Membership Officers in every org in the world RIGHT NOW after POB cemented his iron fist control over the IAS.
    And Scientologists still on the Church lines — don’t dare mention the fact that 1) LRH Policy expressly forbids orgs from soliciting donations for no exchange and clearly says to make the money though the sale of Scientology services; 1A) Policy that says what to do in the event someone voluntarily makes a large donation not for any service (Special Income), which the org is not even supposed to spend; 2) That no policy in existence even mentions the IAS let alone the levels one pays for on up to Patron Povertius, Bankruptius and Suicidius; 3) All the policy on how to correctly build an org rather than having people dance around with lampshades on their heads and empty out their bank accounts and silverware drawers at fundraisers to pay for their Ideal Org. No, don’t mention any of that or you will be in front the Ethics Officer or in a marathon ethics interview for your crimes, because you are GUILTY of trying to uphold LRH Policy.

  6. Mike,

    That was painful to read. Brought back unpleasant memories. Unfortunately you ‘hit the nail right on the head’ as my father used to say. I say unfortunately meaning unfortunately it is the truth. Your writeup brought some clarity to a few areas that I had not previously linked together.

    Thank you,

  7. Just how suppressive can a suppressive be?
    Attempting to replace LRH as Source and altering ethics, tech and admin beyond all recognition.
    For a noble cause? No. Just to steal the admiration, respect, money and lifestyle that LRH worked so hard to earn. Gives new meaning to the word low-life (theta-sucker).
    Miscavige give it up! You will NEVER be LRH no matter how you try to convince others that you are equal to or better than he is.
    I’ve finally passed the point of sympathy for any remaining koolaide drinkers. To watch them stand by and calmly accept that if it isn’t written it isn’t true unless Miscavige says it or alters it from the original creates only one kind of effect now – projectile vomit.
    May they wake up and come to their senses for their own self-respect – assuming they have any left.
    Thanks for the report Mike. It helped me realize that the ‘church’ really is dead and not worthy of any help or support. Those who choose to remain inside can free themselves to independence (as opposed to DEPENDENCE) or rot together as ideal-morgue corpses.
    I once had the consideration I should ‘never withdraw my allegiance once granted’ The thing is, I never granted it to Miscavige, That too belonged to LRH and is something Miscavige will never be able to steal.

  8. Grendel's Mother

    Thank you, Mike!

    But this still leaves me with one question – and I think that you’re one of the few people who can answer it.

    What is POBs actual base motivation? I can’t believe it’s just greed. Is is power? or ego? Or did those come later? Or is it actually a deliberate plan to bring down Scientology from inside by promoting actions that can be billed as pro-survival, but are actually designed to destroy.

    I just want to know what’s at the core of this horrendous betrayal.


  9. Mike, Thank you so much for the continued info to fill in these gaps. The Vulture Culture is so appropriatly named.
    I am curious about any additional info on the 9% “Money Paid for Training” fee that the Orgs have had to pay every week for the “films lease”. This was another endless $$ pit that began in the 80’s and continued to rob the Orgs of income on a weekly basis. And the thing is, I remember when we had a damaged film, we had to pay a large amount of money to get a new one, and yet continue to pay the weekly lease payment. Additionally, Gold would send inspectors to the Orgs to check the condition of the films and make us rebuy them if they did not pass the inspection. I don’t know if this is still happening or not.

  10. Phil…
    If you really want to help then the best way to help is to walk away and help to expand real Scientology.
    It’s part of the cycle of creation. If you’re hoping for a re-birth of true Scientology then the cancer needs to die out first. You’re only prolonging the inevitable as the 3D organism has gone below death already and has become MEST. Some cancers cannot be cured. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  11. He wants LRH’s havingness by pretending his beingness.

  12. Thank you for this excellent contribution to the debate. I have posted it to Facebook.

  13. One day he’ll wake up and realize who he really is. Or maybe that’s just too frightening for him to confront…

  14. Another interesting datum, Mona, thanks.

  15. Just a quick calculation here: COB says there are 8 million Scientologists so we must sell that many sets of books. I and most other Scientologists I know ended up with 14 sets in the basement and maybe 6 donated to libraries. Divide 8 million by twenty and you get a more realistic number of 400,000 Scientologists, forced to pay for 20 sets each. Probably not the real number of Scientologist, but an interesting way of estimating.

  16. MOna,

    It was designed as another income stream to CSI — theoretically to finance the production of films. It is very important for the Non US orgs that do not have tax exempt status to receive a lot of justifiable bills so they always show a loss on their balance sheets. This way they do not incur any income tax liability as they are operating “at a loss.”

  17. Scientologist for life

    Is that Jon Howich Diana’s husband? Where is he now? Are they still married? Is he the grandfather of Jamie?

  18. Scientologist for life

    I work on a book, b. You don’t?

  19. Interesting. Thanks for that clarification about the Non US Orgs.
    I’m sure the cumulative amount of money that we paid every week, over the many, many years, probably paid for the films and their production at least 10X over.

  20. To destroy.

  21. GM — This is a question that an FPRD auditor that could get him to sit still in a chair for long enough may be able to uncover.

    I agree with you, it is not just greed. But that is part of it — though it really is more that he feels he has an entitlement to “the best” and there is not another being on this planet that is more deserving than him. He certainly runs on a compulsion to control everyone and everything around him. He sees martians behind every bush waiting to destroy him, so he tries to control the bushes and their surroundings and everything else as anything that is potentially out of his control is a threat. This includes people — it is why he must have total obedience and slavish “loyalty” because he KNOWS that anyone that is not loyal to him is plotting to destroy him (and somehow, what he fears and resists is becoming a reality — how weird is that?).

    But the bottom line is that the guy is not sane — he does not operate on survival for the greatest number of dynamics, there is only ONE dynamic in his universe. So, as LRH says, its hard to make sense out of something that is irrational.

  22. YEs, that is Jon Horwich, Diana’s ex-husband. He is the father of Roanne, LRH’s first grandchild and Diana’s only child. He and Diana have been divorced for a long time. Jon is no longer in the Sea Org.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Mike.
    Another lucid explanation of what has beend happening over the years.
    It all really boils down to david mis-manage-savage. He has clearly appointed himself LRH junior and is trying to prove his insanity is just being “unreasonable” to the”SP’s”. That HE is the SP is being recognized more and more and is being shouted from the rooftops. His kingdom is shrinking and soon he will be just a very small man with a very large head eating pudding and peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwhiches while someone watches over him in his little room.


    By L. Ron Hubbard
    Mike can you provide the full reference please?

  25. Mike,

    Thanks for icing the cake.

  26. Lynne — your estimate is off by an order of magnitude of 10. There are no more than 40,000 Scientologists internationally at the absolute maximum. ANd a large percentage of those are not on lines. THere are less than 30,000 people who see the international events even with the orgs inflating their figures of attendees. And way less than 30,000 people in the CF of the IAS. If the church ever wanted to “prove” their membership (its a question that is OFTEN asked and always the answer is vague) they could give the number of members of the international association of scientologists. That would seem to be a pretty fair way of judging (especially as everyone that comes into an org is given a FREE membership to begin with).

  27. David — Yes, it is pretty painful to look back on these things and realize in hindsight just how screwed up things were and how long ago it started. It’s somewhat embarrassing.

  28. One word for Mike Rinder’s writing style: Surgical

    An outsider reading this would most likely think Scientology is composed of a sweet combination of escaped convicts from maximum security prisons, insane asylum dwellers, and those with a passing interest in Science Fiction.

    This is truly horrifying. Thank you Mike for the further enlightenment into our favorite cult.

  29. Sam, I see it as a true learning experience for everyone. L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings unaltered clearly indicate they were never destined to be the misunderstood chaotic public controversy they are due to the Church of Scientology’s chronic inappropriate use of them over many decades. The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that the Church of Scientology was never even asked to do these things the did to me by me or anyone else I know of, to the best of my knowledge. It was never even suggested to them nor has there ever even been any evidence that their actions were even possibly warranted in some or any way. The church just went out of its way to volunteer its time and money {without any regard as to where or how the time and money was acquired} just as long as their acts were accomplished and utterly ruined another human being’s life. As incredible as it sounds is as true as it is. The church’s actions against me for no reason enabled me without question to come to know the many things I now know that I would otherwise never have considered looking into.

    “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.”
    …© 1954 L. Ron Hubbard

    For this I am grateful.

  30. Scientologist for life

    Thanks, Mike.

    Got another question: Jamie Dewolf isn’t saying much about DM, isn’t he. Is that why he hasn’t ordered Roanne and Diana to handle him? If just LRH gets the beating, DM feels great?

    What is Jon doing now?

  31. Mike,

    Thank you for a superb summary. Just when I thought I knew the worst, I get to learn that there are even more disgusting events.

  32. HereNow: You’re so right. “Inconvenient” policy is brushed aside by POB when it doesnt suit his agenda. The sorry state of affairs is that there is no intention to provide people with the Bridge to spiritual freedom — and the joke of it all is that in order to keep the sheeple in line and continuing to “donate” the RCS threatens to “take away” their “eternity.” And these poor lost souls don’t even notice that the Bridge to that eternity feel into the chasm a long time ago.

    There is a LOT of policy that I could quote that absolutely forbids this vulture culture. I just pulled out that particular writing because it is somewhat hard to come by these days. Back in the 70’s LRH directed on a number of occasions that it be distributed to all public and be made available at every reg desk.

    Imagine what would happen if every IAS Reg, Super Power Reg and Ideal Org Reg had to hand that LRH writing to each “prospect” as the first step of eacfh “reg cycle.” You know that the broad and repeated distribution of that one article (and it was originally a magazine article in the AUditor intended to be BROADLY distributed) would do to the IAS and the “Ideal” Orgs? They would be stopped in their tracks. Dead. ANd what would they say? We don’t do that any more? It no longer applies? Things are different now? That would be the ONLY thing they could say, and it would expose this whole scam for what it is.

  33. Here you go:

    By L. Ron Hubbard

    I wonder if you’ve ever estimated how much it costs to launch a new subject into the world, keep it pure, keep it going right, make progress and defend it.
    For that matter, what do you suppose it costs an organization to deliver an hour of processing?
    I know that Dianetic and Scientology services should be free and I wish they were.
    Personally I have tried to do my part in this. None of the researches of Dianetics and Scientology were ever actually paid for out of organizational fees. With my typewriter I paid for the research myself. Occasionally orgs were supposed to but they never did.
    Independent of research costs, the 13 1/2 million dollars that orgs owed me for services rendered, 10% (the usual author’s royalties), lectures, loans, things paid out of my own pocket I never collected.
    As even the royalties of the first book were given to orgs for their work, I didn’t even make anything out of that best seller. Its paperback is again a newsstand best seller in the U.S. but I don’t collect those royalties either. Even today I draw less than an org staff member and they draw very little.
    So the fees you pay for service do not go to me.
    A Sea Org member draws only about four pounds a week and his room and board. We run our ships and stations at a cost that would make a cost accountant disbelieve it. So not much of your fee goes to them even though they bear a full burden of management of pure services.
    Org staff members over the world work for so little that Execs occasionally get letters from their landladies demanding orgs increase their pay level so staff members can pay their rent.
    So not much of your fees goes to them.
    Occasionally some org or franchise goes on a big kick of high pay. We very soon pull the rug out from under that. So if your fee went that way for a brief period we corrected the outness fast as we frown on money-motivation like a thundercloud.
    Some fringe fellows know that if you had a complete monopoly on the only workable mental technology on the planet you could make billions. That’s why they’re on the “fringe”. So we prevent your fee from going in that direction.
    Then where does your fee go?
    Since 1950. So-called “mental health” groups have fought to discredit and decrease the power of Dianetics and Scientology.
    For 19 years, using their press control, government stooges and puppets, these psychiatric front groups have conducted a continuous suppressive covert operation against us.
    Why? They feared that as our power increased they would lose their easy appropriations and fail in their plans for a 1984 World.
    We were not even in their line of country – the insane. Yet such was their fear, they have spent untold sums to bring about our destruction.
    We not only know who why and where with full documentation we also know their sordid intentions for the world. Some of your fee made the work to collect that evidence possible.
    Bad press, inquiries, bans, these are the surface you see. Those are their fingerprints.
    Below that level it’s a rough fight and has been for 18 years.
    Our press consultants tell us we must never mention it as it “frightens the public.”
    We are in the weird position of being perhaps the only really effective Western security force. We wouldn’t give five pence for the rest of them combined.
    If a definition of governing is maintaining an orderly peace in which business can be conducted, then there sure isn’t any real government.
    So a portion of your fee is spent on patching up the damage done, keeping going in spite of attacks and nullifying the actions against the West of a very choice lot of bad hats. If we didn’t have the documentary evidence I wouldn’t dare mention it.
    It costs money to bring cases up to US Supreme Court level as we have. The legal defense expenses we have in a dozen countries is not small.
    So a portion of your fees goes to keeping the subject available to you and to the world.
    We work very hard to keep tech being done well. It is nothing for us to put two people on a fast plane and send them half around the world to straighten up the Case Supervision and auditing in an area so you can have confidence in the service you get.
    It is routine to send the highest class people we have to handle “ARC Breaks of Long Duration” in the field or on admin lines or to see they get handled.
    Your fee supports a long and complex set of communication lines by which tech and admin can be cared for rapidly.
    A portion of your fee just the other day began a survey of a backward country to introduce high speed educational processes to bring their people quickly from the stone age up to present time. The “Peace Corps” was also there on cushy government funds building houses for a big construction company at a nice profit. But we, unsupported, began the effective work actually needed there to help the people.
    A tiny bit of your fee neated up an area ruined for Americans by the American Navy.
    Small parts of your fee heal up a lot of things over the world.
    But the biggest part of your fee stays right in your area. It is used to make training and processing and data available to the next fellow first by keeping the org there and second by letting him know about it and third by making as sure as possible that the training and processing he gets is standard and effective.
    Your fee keeps the nearest org alive and functioning and the environment safe.
    It is not easy to do, hit repeatedly as we are.
    Gradually little by little we are taking the pressure off our orgs. Gradually surely and certainly the bad hats and losing their own power in the world.
    If we had the fantastic sums appropriated to “mental health” (and put largely in their own pockets or used to try to crush anyone else) we would make a lot lot lot more progress. As we wouldn’t also have to fight the lies that money buys into press and government.
    But we don’t have appropriations. They are given only to those who deal in death, it seems.
    So little by little, using the fees you give us for your service, your training and your processing, we create little by little areas of sanity.
    And as these areas spread out, releasing and Clearing the community, if we continue to be alert and competent, perhaps those areas will meet one country, one continent to the next and we will have a cleaner, saner world.
    Your fee is supporting and continuing the greatest hope that man had ever had and the orgs and people vital to its survival and increase.
    Your fee does what it takes to get the job done.
    Thank you.
    L. Ron Hubbard

  34. “…And way less than 30,000 people in the CF of the IAS…” And of the people in CF how many are declared? I was told I had been returned to good standing according to my cf folder. I still get calls and emails.

  35. Don’t know how many in their CF are declared.

    What I do know is that the number is growing every day as more and more gag on the warm, regurgitated KoolAid.

  36. TroubleShooter


    Mike your article was a true work of art(iculation)! It reminded of the events of the years gone by where you delivered speeches at events that made me proud to be where I was. Thank you for bringing up LRH ED 339R and LRH ED 339R-1. It’s been a long time since these were given any airtime what with them being phased out as THE reasons for gathering each year for the LRH Birthday event – to report in on how well we all did in providing LRH with expansion…

    The reference was great to read again too. I have a friend who told her MAA that the fundraising being done was not LRH but was assured that it is – so far still waiting for the LRH ref that was promised…

    Re: SP aka Super Power – the latest over here is that as of August (the last time that mail was opened) the reg letters are still going out for it. The letter started out “I wanted you to know that we are preparing for the Grand Release of Super Power in these closing months of this project and cause.”…yadda yadda yadda Play it again Sam… The purpose of the letter was to get us to get others to become cornerstone members. It ended with “There is but a very short opportunity remaining for anyone to become a contributor or move up in their status.” WHOOOOO HOOOOOOooooo…

    Re: the basics, my org was solvent before the basics were released – by the end of that year we were NOT solvent any longer. But this brings up a question I have about them – Ron’s forwards and dedications are missing, changes, omissions and additions have been found, tapes have even been edited to omit Ron’s original lecture. Do you have any idea Mike to what extent cob has altered the material in the basics? or do you Marty or Dan? I’ve found some instances of it and there doesn’t have to be any more than ONE for me, but to what extent did changes get made if you know?

    Thank you for the superb post, we REALLY enjoyed it over here.

  37. Mike,

    I think you are forgetting a recent money making COS scam: The NEW Era of Management.

    I am not referring to the technology of this program, I am referring to the newly included percentages that each org up and down the line had to pay.

    While the policies and directives in the New Era of Management talked about bonuses for upstats and org survival,, in reality, there was a lot more money being taken off the top of the week’s income and sent to management.

    CLO’s and the ILO were surviving on fumes and sometimes not even fumes. Cl V orgs, even successful ones paid their full time staff 100.00 a week at best.

    I don’t have all the specifics on each org but I saw enough reports to know that that particluclar program did not result in expanding, prosperous orgs.

    As an aside, I have seen lots of comments about how shocking it is that Sea Org members receive only 50.00 per week. If these same people only knew how we were glad to receive 50.00 and how it was more often 25.00
    or 6.00 or even nothing!

  38. Can I get a publication year for which OEC volumes this can be found in?

    And thanks for the great post – excellent info there.

  39. Mike — Thank you for telling it like it is! The LRH reference, “What Your Fees Buy,” was always around when I was on staff at LA Day, 1976-1980. Haven’t seen it for many years. Obviously it’s not used any more. Rachel

  40. I wonder how long before a total collapse. This is like the real estate fraud of the last decade. The bubble must burst soon.

  41. AnonLover — I found the issue on “The following was written by LRH in 1970 and published in the Auditor Magazine No. 51.” Rachel

  42. Oh man. I remember the books. My org had (and still has, I assume) a huge stockpile of books that just sat there and rotted. If we sold one we would get ten. If we sold two of those we would get twenty. It made no sense at all. It was obvious somebody was screwing us to push their stats up.

    Miscavige said at one of the events that Superpower is being released this year. I am curious to see what happens with that.

  43. Chris — They have been telling the same lie about Superpower “opening this year” for 5 years at least. It’s a “buy now” and it works. There are a LOT of peoiple who have given their hard earned cash to this project on the basis that it was their contribution that would make planetary clearing a reality.

    In truth, the hold up on opening the building has NEVER been money.

    These days I think the failure to open it is for two reasons:

    1. It would cause a decline in income if the place was actually open. They make more (without having to deliver anything) to say “we are going to open it, but we just need a hundred thousand (or whatever the reg thinks is going to work) to make it happen

    2. If it was open, the few public that are there would be wandering around echoing halls, the course rooms would be empty, there wouldnt be enough staff to have one in every room, and it would be apparent that the Emperor has no clothes and his little winkie is hanging out…

  44. Its not found in any OEC Volume — it was deliberately omitted (there are other magazine articles in the OEC Vols). It was Auditor Mag issue 51 as I recall.

  45. Dear SfL ,
    Jamie Dewolf is in the family of LRH Jr, not a part of the LRH /Mary Sue family of which Diana is.

  46. In its own separate way this is as sick as the scandal that recently hit Joe Paterno and Penn State. God damn it! You know, the whole problem with any general STAFF is that they don’t believe in themselves enough to KNOW when its an SP who is falsely accusing them of all the Counter-Intention they must be harboring for not getting the job done. The fact is, when you’re IN that organization, surrounded by all your immediate friends who are in ?Total Agreement with the Stated Mission to Clear the Planet, you are so susceptible to be manipulated by a “Child Molester” like mentality that invalidates you mercilessly at the first instance that don’t make your impossible quota. It’s very much like SEXUAL RAPE in its effect upon you. Just completely overwhelms you, because you are so DEDICATED to the CAUSE and you have NO CLUE that the person at the top could ever, in actual fact, BE a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON. God man, it makes me SICK. Just SICK!!!! That this shit just keeps going on, year after year, without END. Somebody tell me, what would have to happen for COB to be overthrown by some sort of REVOLUTION within his own Management Ranks? Because I don’t see how anything less than total and complete annihilation of the whole organization on every continent as being capable of bringing this about. And that could take another 5 years at least!

  47. Nice article Mike. Expanding our view of these “wonderful expansion programs”.
    As a detour Tony O posted about his visit to the Idle org in Jaffa

  48. Mike,

    Thanks very much for the comprehensive coverage of the Vulture Culture and it’s COB! Unfortunately, most of the sheeple, I mean current members of the RCS do not seem to know real LRH Policy such as Building Fund Account and the like. The current staff who are supposed to study Green on white and ongoing LRH Birthday game EDs just ignore it. You’ve covered all of the aspects of financial irregularities, however there is a couple needed to be included here.

    One of the first Red Flags for me was when COB IAS totally razed down LRH’s existing house, one which he had customized to his specs spent time with his family in and had been expecting to live in when he returned to the Int Base in the ’80s. Years after he left, POB IAS completely removed it, the Japanese garden, waterfalls and koi pond with teahouse/gazebo, exercise building, pool, laundry facilities, skeet shooting range and rifle range as it was too modest, reflecting LRH’s choice and priorities with MEST. Many hours were spent over the years to build and maintain these LRH spaces by SO and Household unit staff.

    All that was razed to the ground and all traces removed with the current lavish luxurious Mansion, costing $ 30 million of IAS donations built by outside contractors was put in. It is designed in it’s interior to have the theme, colors and motif changed 4 different times for each season. LRH is not around to use it, however both COB IAS and his BFF Tom Cruise have stayed in those facilities with JT and Kelly being entertained and dining in the mansion after the Battlefield Earth film bomb was released. Janet was the President IASA at the time, and POB stated that it was through her generosity that this place was built, as if he had nothing to do with spending IAS slush funds.

    There exists a rule, totally known at the Int base that no one is supposed to use an LRH space. But that of course doesn’t include POB/COB/BFF, as COB IAS he got the millions needed for some “emergency” for those who needed statuses to cough up the funds which ultimately benefits David Miscavige. There is his office building too of $70 Million IAS funds and later luxurious personal digs and luxurious suites for DM’s guests which most likely has the same source of funding – both mostly built by outside contractors.

  49. Michael Fairman

    I also remember well the big push to “invest” in the Frazetta prints that were to pay for the golden records of the Tech, so that come the nuclear holocaust, it would still be available to the survivors. Now that the church has the “accurate, correct, exact, precise, and true tech, do those capsules or containers have to be re-opened and new golden plates substituted? What is ASI to do? They better find a new Frazetta before Iran gets its nuclear program into full swing. What BS! Back in the 90″s, when this hard sell was happening, I showed my Frazetta to a friend who was a print collector. I gave him the ASI spiel and he fell on the floor laughing. That pissed me off and I told him he was missing out on a great deal. More the fool I and more thousands down the drain, or should I say sucked up by the vulture’s. scamarama.

  50. He really doubled down with this announcement. Actually I heard it secondhand, so it may have been in deceptive Sherman-speak in a way that left it open. But people left that event with the idea that it was a definite thing.
    I thought maybe he decided he needed to do something big to keep his PR going and keep captive public in line. I’ll be watching to see what happens. I think if they do try to open the building and Superpower it might end up being a real bad move. They can only fake PR it so much, unless Church members are totally blind.

  51. TS: Thanks, nice to hear from you. Send me an email to give me an update on your activities.

    Concerning the books and lectures. I am far more familiar with the books than the lectures, so I will address those (I think you can find a lot of the deletions in the lectures covered on the Friends of Ron site). As for the books, there are some changes to them where there were things found to be wrong. LIke transcription errors. For example, Dianetics 55 was entirely dictated. I listened to every word and compared it to the book and there were a few errors — some wrong words, but mostly punctuation errors. On the other hand, very very few errors were found in DMSMH. The tech contained in the books is little different than in any earlier editions. What is changed is the typesetting and the glossaries and differences in the front and back matter.

    The fact that such a huge deal was made out of these new editions of books by POB is insane. He wanted to be important. He wanted to make “highest ever sales” and surpass anything that had been acomplished before (ie when LRH was around). So, he made it the most important thing in the universe and ordered that earlier editions had to be burned etc etc.

    The one thing I DO agree with him about (and Dan Koon commented on this earlier) — these books when put together with the lectures that go with them, are a magnificent journey of discovery. The lecture series had never been matched up with the books previously, nor put in any sequence (some of them were random “OT Hatting” Courses). This period from 1949 through 1956 and the books that came out of it form the foundation of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. But, true to form, POB used it as a way to make everyone else uneducated and inferior and another way of gathering more filthy lucre at the expense of the orgs and public moving up the Bridge.

    New editions of the books with good glossaries would have been welcome in the world of Scientology. Instead, that shinola was turned into shit by the master of disaster.

  52. “…little winkie?”

    They say that two heads are better than one, but in Shrimp”s case, both heads are equally intelligent…so why bother?

  53. I seem to recall that there were two sources of funding for Gold to operate from – film lease payments and from meters, tapes/cds etc. Cine mostly was funded from SOR (Sea Org Reserves) and this film lease income stream was put in instead. Gold also had to maintain the 500+ acre buildings and property of the Int Base.

    At a certain point, funds from the sales of meters were diverted from Gold to produce new and unreleased Mark VIII meters still sitting on shelves in storage at Pubs.

  54. As a confirmation of Mike’s numbers – only 20K Mark VIII Ultra Emeters were made to sit for years at Pub’s Bandini warehouse. Every auditor needs 2 (?).

  55. The Author SERVICE scam on these Frazetta prints is visible on the Internet.

    These Frazetta images sell on Ebay for $20 and don’t even get a bid.

  56. Mike – yes you are right, there is a LOT of policy the forbids the vulture culture. A whole project could spend substantial amounts of time just identifying each policy that is violated. I remember well that “What Your Fees Buy” was originally a Mag article, and that was the first place I ever read it. Between it and the policy Org Programming (solve it with Scientology), if broadly distributed and read, would stop this whole shakedown in its tracks.

  57. Sinar — You are exactly correct in what you say.

  58. Mike,
    This is an incredible.. and nearly unbelievable prediction about the Super Power Building:

    “he will not complete the building as to do so will result in 2 things:

    A drop in income
    Exposing that the place is a cavernous morgue as he cannot fill it up and it will be apparent to ANYONE.”

    Wow! It never occurred to me that is what is going on!

    So, it’s not a troubled building that needs more donations to complete. Instead, it’s a building that exists to solely for the sake of getting more donations for income.

    How insidious!

    And, how insightful of you to goad the midget into completing the Super Power building…. just to prove the point!

    Brilliant Mike! Brilliant.

  59. Very good point, Karen.

    A mutual friend ours who worked on those lines said that the reason for these Special ASI properties financial irregularity was for making up for big losses DM and Pat Broeker incurred investing LRH’s funds onto Wildcatting (oil drilling) and really risky and out there, get rich quick investments. LRH was not informed about it and the Special properties flim-flam put in by COB ASI to make up the damage done.

    LRH did personal commodities investments himself in ’79 and was successful at it as a contrast. He would buy us- his personal staff with him at the time – cookies he bought at the market himself when he was “upstat” and this occurred a lot of weeks!

  60. Indie-saurus-rex

    God, pretty much everything written about POB describes him in an identical manner to the antagonists in both Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth. The paranoia, the narcicism, the destructivness… the leverage… NEED MORE LEVERAGE!!!

    Perhaps those books were LRH’s way of warning about Miscavige ;0)

  61. He actually tore down LRH’s home. Disgusting. Truly disgusting. What an evil little twit.

  62. John P.Ralston

    My Father the late Norman C.Ralston D.V.M. drop about $25000.00 on that worthless art work from some reg at Celeberty Centre Dallas in the late 80′ s and early 90’s.We had some reg come to our house late in thes night for money for some stupid project.Never seen my dad so mad.He told them get off of my property or I will call the police.I Remember the high pressure and how they would tell my step mom Helen D.Ralston oh we can get you a higher limit on that card..I have my fathers Patron Pin from the IAS still today.Worthless to me he gave over $40.000.00 for what??to show for.Like these Basic Books cannot even get $300.00 for them..Maybe a good bon fire and some hot dogs and some good ole Texas Shiner Bock beer.Get my money out of them that way.Just Sad the way this Cult has taken from so many families.Mine included.

  63. Tony, when I first started having problems with the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige was I believe somewhere on his Product 0. Later as more problems developed between the church and myself David Miscavige got on to higher posts until he finally arrived where he is, an imaginary post in an imaginary organization he imagines is his own. Even though he was not “there” really at the start of my problems he is now, and consequently his influence seems to not exist as far as rectifying anything gone wrong, and his opinion is far too ignorant to be considered of any help. So, either way you look at it from my point of view, I still would not agree with David Miscavige’s “religious beliefs” whether he had helped to cause the problems or not. I think the truth of the matter is sadly, that DM uses or tries to use other people’s “O/W’s or out ethics” as a stepping stone. But Tony, a stepping stone to where? To what? The incompetent person he is now? Way to go DM! Any minute now the Dianetics books will be walking right off of the shelves. 🙂

  64. “A portion of your fee just the other day began a survey of a backward country to introduce high speed educational processes to bring their people quickly from the stone age up to present time.”

    Anyone know what country LRH was referring to in this passage? Any backstory on the survey or what the results of the introduction of educational processes were? Seems a project like this would have left a quite an impression.

  65. Mr. Rinder, that’s so awesome and exactly the thing I mentioned yesterday.
    “COB” uses ‘mass hypnosis’ techniques á la 1984 (Orwell) to implant his “fixed ideas” to people with good intentions.
    (I really suggest to anyone here: listen to the Classic lecture “Para-Scientology”, in which LRH describes how “believers” will be produced. Obviously Misc uses this lecture as an inctrucion manual.)

    For your information: full copy of the reference “THE AUDITOR #51” can be found in the Finance Series (Management-Series vol. 3, 2000 Edition).
    However it is not well promoted.

    Maybe some well skilled Independend Scientologist will pick some of this data up and make a ‘high quality’ (in order to reach attention of the target audience) multimedia footage to strip implanted (false) data from public, give correct data in and spread it through the internet (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter).
    This should be done in a theta way, so as much people as posible will be reached with this massage.

    This corrects also false data about Scientology in general.
    It should be in such a way, that also broad public can see the original intention of Scientologys Founder how parishoners money flows are to be used, for which benefit and so on.
    There is plenty of PR tech to discredit the falsehood of and portrait the evil intentions of COB.
    An appropriate Heding may be:
    “David Miscavige – Never use lies in Public Releations”
    (There is a “David Miscavige” campaign rolling on on youtube right now…. Wrong source…. )

    I’m gonna use the “Code of a Scientologis” (HCO PL 5 February 1969R I)
    to make a change:

    1) To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology…..

    11) To activley decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.

    12) To support freedom of religion.

    16) To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology orgs.
    17) To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.

    So far you all do a good job!

    I am not really AGAINST any one.
    I like those games where I can stand up FOR something.
    I am FOR the correct application of Scientology and a competent and trustworthy leadership.
    I don’t care about anyones mistakes from the past.

    Kind regards,

  66. Mike, outstanding briefing on the vulture culture. I used to get so sick of “releases” all the time. I would refuse to be one of those staff at the end of the event waiting in the wings with the release in hand “Cash or Charge?”. God I hated it.

    I protested these “releases” saying that we need to get books in the hands of the raw public per HCO PL Planetary Dissemination. But that HCO PL disappeared because LRH said that selling books to in the org pubic was “preposterous”. LRH said the booms were caused by selling books to raw public. But Davie knew best and CANCELLED an LRH policy on this.

    ML TOm

  67. Mike – thank you for your excellent account of Miscavige’s Sting.

  68. Yes, it is a reference to Morocco where a facility was established to introduce study tech. It didnt really get off the ground as there was an attempted coup in Morocco — and one of the other projects had been the introduction of sec checking tech to the Royal Family so they could ensure the loyalty of their staff. This didnt go over as a big success and the Apollo was escorted out of Morocco by the navy.

  69. For what I observed in all the many years I came up with the conclusion that he is not only a “abarrative personality” (sucking off all admiration addressed to celebs and LRH) but also high grade middle class PTS.
    But it’s not all to this sickness.
    As I read here on this blog, it seems that only a few oldtimer GO staff is surrounding him.
    Considering the sensitive materials Ron stumbled upon end 60s/earlier 70s I assume that the whole thing became infiltrated for one reason: Tech corruption.
    If so, DM is just a Kermit with somebodies hand in his ass.
    Please note: I have no evidence for any of this data and I am not intending to make the whole thing appear worse than it is already.

    But consider this: it’s too hard to think about the unbeliveable – that’s how it is administered.
    It’s funny how this datum works in orgs on a day-to-day basis. If you ask a public for the reason why his org is down stats he will just mention some “reasons”. No one will look at the real “why” (IAS/COB out-exchange politics, no money left for public to pay for service so the Org can survive, deliver and obtain high morale, get new people in…. you name it.).
    You can’t even point your finger on the real why, because this is unbelievable. Since “IAS is such a pro survival on all 8 dynamics institution” you must be either PTS or SP, right?

    I don’t know the basic SP yet. But I don’t think that DM was the basic on THIS chain. We shouldn’t make our space too small on this IMPORTANT subject.


  70. Thank you Mike R. for this valuable data.
    In 2007, Kim Benford(Whitworth), South Coast Mission/OC auditor/Mission Holder, showed me a large room at the mission where they stored over 300 sets of Basics piled up. She told me that Todd Lamkaw (another OC mission holder) was forced by Flag to buy them each time he was at Flag for his six month check. Kim was asking for $500 for each Basic package.

  71. Actually, the name was changed to “What Your Donations Buy”, it was heavily altered and edited (without indicating where, how and by who), and was published in the 1990 OEC Vol 2, pg. 106 … pretending to be the original issue that LRH had authored for The Auditor #51 in 1970.

  72. Hi Karen;

    Those posters were issued for $1500.00, unless you pre-paid, in which case you got a deal for $750.00 plus a buy back guarantee. I wonder if anyone has ever been successful in getting their money back …

    I remember Debbie Mace bought significant numbers of those prints with the idea of selling them for a profit. She expected to make $1,000,000.00 in profit, which gives you an idea as to how many she had bought or planned on buying. I hope she unloaded them, I liked her.

  73. Yes Sinar.
    The Lyman Spurlock “Oil investments” ~~ I lost $10,000 there……
    Feel sorry for Lyman in recent years. He has been battered like others at INT BASE. Pummeled and degraded. No escape for him.

  74. Nope, but I have five for sale!! 🙂

  75. I second what Kay states.
    Fabulous post Mike Rinder.
    Super laser precise.
    Take a bow.

  76. Marty, this is an EXTREMELY important series of articles that you are currently posting. A record that one can share with others as the need arises. Though I have to tell you that it is very difficult for me to read them and equally hard to find words to comment about them. I am outraged beyond any ability to express myself, as to the criminal acts committed by Miscavige, Napier and others. I have to say that I am TREMENDOUSLY saddened (real grief) that the vast majority of Scientologists directly involved with these criminals did not IMMEDIATELY protest their actions. When I first got involved in Scientology, I truly thought that greater awareness throught training and processing would result in individuals who would NOT allow Stalinesque tactics and culture to even occur, much less flourish in the COS. Very, very sad and very disillusioning. I still believe there are great gains to be made from participating in LRH tech, but I do believe it is mostly a first dynamic activity as it should be (3D if one has a group of pc, auditor and CS; and also of course, an association of folks like on this blog who will support each other in the activity of gaining greater awareness).

    Keep this all up please Marty. This criminality needs to be exposed and stopped. I think a Church of ScientologY may still be a possibility in the future, but it needs to be a church built on ARC and mutual respect and help between beings, true compassion and caring for others. It CANNOT be based on MEST acuisition, criminal activities, imprisonment of people (HOW IN THE WORLD DO PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES SCIENTOLOGISTS ALLOW THEMSELVES TO PARTICIPATE IN IMPRISONING OTHER SCIENTOLOGISTS??????? THERE IS NO EXCUSE OR PUTTING THE RESPONSIBILITY ON OTHERS. EACH INDIVIDUAL WHO FOLLOWS MISCAVIGE OR NAPIER’S ORDERS IS PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS.)

  77. I saw a scientology limited edetion platinum disc container with hubbards recorded words on e bay once probably for the high rollers back in the day.

    Goldpainted poppycock

  78. Yeah, Michael. Frazetta is certainly well known in his field, but I remember when these prints were being hawked (in the 80’s first, right?) – all I could think of at the time was that Scientologists were buying freaking posters……POSTERS!!!!!!…… for thousands of dollars!!! Garish and vulgar posters which were supposed to be an INVESTMENT!!!!! And yet, in the upside down world of the COS, this criminal activity (see def of what a criminal is per LRH) was NOT considered an OTHER INTENTION to the activity of training and processing, but man, if you wanted to take a trip to Paris or London, now THAT was out ethics!!!! Geez!!!!! (as long as you’re lining the pockets of Miscavige and friends, you are IN ethics, I guess…. you know, the Mafia chiefs need their cut of the loot all the way up the line). Well, I got out of the COS with some money in the bank and I’m ENJOYING it, baby, every single day!!!!

  79. Mike, I’d say the picture at the top of the blog says it all!!! A well written timeline, thanks. I was at the ASI party, the grand opening, the one where all the paintings and prints were released….now that was an experience. Lots and lots of selling going on that night. I remember the sales pitch being “you want to buy the the lowest numbered print because those will bring you lots of money as a collector!

  80. Mike, Your experience with the Basics (i.e. listening to the original dictations) is very rare and valuable. I totally get that DM turned it into a “most important thing in the world”, simply because he personally oversaw it. Not surprising at all coming from DM.

    However, the project of taking the original dictations and comparing them to the books is very valuable. But frankly, I would trust Miscavige getting it right, about as much as I trust him getting management of Scientology right, i.e. not at all.

    It might be worthwhile for you (if you recall the details), to at some point more thoroughly document and share what you and Jon Horwich found in your comparisons for each book.

  81. To Mike Rinder – apologies for not crediting you with your contributions to the series (I only thanked Marty). Important work you are doing.

  82. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Mike, as usual… excellent write up!


    Thanks for the memories my friend. The house, cars and Bluebird were all very simple, well cared for and rich with history. JB,DL and James Hall used to tell me all the stories of LRH’s use in each vehicle. JB had the best as he is the one who either drove or drove with LRH during their use aside from the fact he build them to LRH’s liking to boot!

    During my nightly;y patrols through LRH’s home, I could feel LRH’s Home. I was proud to of helped build it, the 2nd one, and the vehicle garage.

    Remember Casper! Casper was a very very cool cat!

    And the Koi Pond. I forget the gentleman’s and his translators name who not only built the * Koi Pond but the waterfall, pool and koi pond currently at the Star of California.

    The thousands of photo’s of Creston that passed through my hands were very cool too.

    I couldn’t help but feel the degrade COB afforded LRH property buy having church exec’s confined there to shit in plastic bags and shower with a garden hose. I specifically remember that ill feeling of disrespect he afforded me to witness that and the following night’s, days and

    I also remember the stories you used to tell me of serving LRH when we were in the kitchen at BV a few times.

    Thanks buddy!

    — Jackson

  83. Mr. Rinder,

    This is your best post ever. I cannot agree with you further. Thank you.

  84. Bam Sam! Exactly so!

  85. That just blows my mind that the the reference has just been completely omitted!

  86. This has been quite a journey. Mike,thank you for giving us this data-it helps in getting exterior to the insanity. You also do it with a great wry wit.
    Another source of income are the really expensive, crazy e-meters. I remember a gold one that someone had-it would smudge very easily and you would have to use a cloth on it all the time. Then ,of course, the transparent ones, which I can only imagine would be distracting to both the PC and auditor in session.

  87. Grendel's Mother

    So, we (Scientologists) were just unlucky enough for him to end up in our group? He just sees Scientology as a means to an end – or a means to more and more and more.
    Thanks for your answer.

  88. Grendel’s mother-An SP is stuck in a past incident fighting an old enemy-that is what makes him so hard to understand in his motives-He sees us as that enemy and we must be destroyed.

  89. Well, I have a slightly different idea. I dont think it is accidental at all.

    The biggest source of freedom is bound to attract the biggest sources of suppression. Like a moth to a flame…

  90. Excellent article on the Vulture Culture!
    Kinda makes me glad I was just a measly “poor” mission staff member! I started feeling like my guts would’ve been pecked out while reading that! And boy am I glad I left before the basics BS!
    Thanks Mike!

  91. This is an amazing article about a true criminal. Mike, I was wondering why you put up with the 2 hour a night sleep deal while doing the book project, with staff keeping you from going asleep.

  92. Why do staff continue to stay, despite the abuse and corruption? Well, when you are staff in a Vulture Culture such as what the c of s has become, the only thing you know how to do is carrion.


  93. November 15, 2011
    TO: Mr. Mike Rinder.
    FROM: Alexis Ward / Las Vegas, Nevada

    Dear Mr. Rinder,
    You have forever captivated my heart by singlehandedly providing me with the necessary data that enables me to fully understand the madness of repression that I have been living my life under.

    May you live a life of fulfillment & happiness.

  94. Wow. The insight that you’re able to communicate is astounding. I always thought the IAS reg techniques were completely slimy. I never put it together that the slime reg tech came right from the top. I feel like a light bulb lit up over my head. Keep up the good work exposing the truth behind the insanity propagated by someone so severely deranged.

  95. *P.S. I will NOT be participating in the “Birthday Game” this year!

  96. Fantastic writing Mike!

    You’ve really hit your stiride. You increasingly come across as calm, confident, authoritative and completely unaffected. And with a nice twist of dry wit too. It’s very inspirational!

  97. I echo what everyone else is saying Mike. A brilliant write up which gives the back story behind what the St Pete Times is writing. They tell of all the high pressure regging, but don’t go into the reasoning behind it.

    And no need to feel embarrassed about it now Mike. Once you realized what was going on, you made the sane decision to get out and do something about it. What you are writing up now, will help like minded good people still trapped by DM to realize the same thing and stop giving him money.

    This just goes to reinforce again what has been said earlier. The only real hope for Scientology and it’s tech is through independents in the field.

  98. Mike, Thank you very much for your excellent synopsis on what happened to our old Church. It is nice to have the facts.

  99. Bob
    I lived in Clearwater 2006-2008
    During that time nothing was done inside or out of the building (and I mean NOTHING). It was all but a deserted, abandoned shell. A big piece of one exterior wall was missing which was an eyesore and I wondered even that small job didn’t get finished off. So I asked as staff member at Flag and was told that if the wall was finished off then the actual building would be complete and the church would be liable for fines from the city as long as it stood empty. Can’t vouch for the accuracy of the information given to me but the building was empty and abandoned.

  100. In fact, the entire renovations on the Fort Harrison building were begun and completed while the Super Power building remained untouched.

  101. Superpower is a carrot. Just like OT IX and X

  102. Thank you for reprinting this. I read it once upon a time and was frustrated in not being able to find it.
    I am wondering if anyone knows what cases the Church was trying to bring before the Supreme Court before 1970,
    Thank you

  103. Damn good Article, Mike.

    Should be on a Goldenrod.

    This tops any Story I have read so far.

  104. +10 from me as well, Mike. Really appreciate the data.

  105. Regarding the lectures, there have been quite a few deletions, though not many of them concern technical factors. LRH did instruct to remove things like his Intro talk which was merely directed to the local audience and not pertaining to the lecture as a whole, as well as having a legal check done to ensure that there was nothing political in the lectures.

    DM took this to include the removal of practically every mention of Mary Sue (not directed by LRH), Reg Sharpe and all other Scientologists who were part of the anecdotes that LRH described to exemplify his tech points. In the current lectures no individual past Scientologists are mentioned by name. If a passage included Mary Sue, for example, and it was essential to the technical understanding, LRH was edited to say “person”, or “woman”, or a post title or some such generic term instead of her name. In some instances this did result in removed anecdotes which would otherwise shed a better understanding of the tech as he originally illustrated it.

    A few passages were also removed as DM considered it to contain currently confidential OT data. This include, but is not limited to the lectures surrounding History of Man (and the book), as well as some of the BC lectures. I don’t know if this was instructed by LRH or not.

    Some of the “legal deletions” have also included passages which include mentions of finance as DM deemed this a possible threat to his IRS negotiations. Many other deletions have fallen within this “legal check” though I don’t remember all the specifics, but in the majority of cases, the technical information, especially in the earlier lectures are complete and DO provide an accurate research trail by LRH.

    There were many lectures from the late 60’s and 70’s in the form of mainly staff or technical personnel briefings which have never been released because they give examples of PTS checking, Sec Checking and preambles to FPRD which would appear to be “contrary” to DM’s currently revised issues on those subjects. These will never be released to the public unless DM is removed and someone else picks up on putting all the materials out in an unaltered fashion.

    The Basic lectures, Congresses and ACC’s DO however contain the essential technological information, despite “legal edits” to be useful.

  106. To add a couple things to another excellent post from Mike, the Frazetta soft porn prints were a bright idea to make back the millions that DM and a few others lost OF LRH’S MONEY in investments in dry oil wells or some such. Secondly, when all the froofrah was done with the basic books, there was very little done to the actual texts, and no major concepts were clarified, “discovered.” A few things put in better order but nothing of major significance, despite DM braying that if you read an earlier edition of The Original Thesis, you could not have possibly understood it and there every later book, lecture or the newspaper you read that morning. The changes were cosmetic. I read somewhere that the books were about to go into public domain and that was the reason for the project, but I am no expert on those matters. It would not surprise me, though. Devious Miscavige can dramatize his name like no other.

  107. But Mike, what is really behind the stop of Superpower? Do you think, if the building will not open, those Scientologists who donated big money will just forget about it?
    Is there actually a working Superpower Rundown put together by LRH?

  108. Spot on Mike.
    All those years in excile will eventually drift off to someplace else.
    Truth will win out, and those than can, will stand up to be counted for they are the Independants: upon those the future rests.

  109. Sinar
    Super post, well spoken.

  110. Martin Padfield

    This is still the explanation that makes most sense to me:

    “Now, any thetan wants out. Even the SP himself, personally, wants out, only he unfortunately is sure that you are simply trying to put him in. You see, he knows he belongs in. And he is very easily described as somebody who is totally surrounded by Martians, regardless of who you are. You see, he’s stuck in an incident which has personnel that have nothing to do with present time. But all that personnel is in present time, and you are that personnel, so that, of course, you have to be held down, because if you got big and strong and powerful, you — being a Martian or being an FBI agent
    or being something else — would of course do him in. So therefore he commits almost continuous crimes in an effort to hold people down.” LRH
    A lecture given on 2 August 1966 Suppressives and GAEs.

  111. Oh, man, Jackson, you just reminded me: if JB would post some of the photos that Ted Horner took of LRH’s Jaguar that JB restored it would knock people’s socks off.

  112. Producing jazz records and loving life.

  113. Ingrid,
    Exactly. The answer is always simple and always comes down to applying BASIC tech – and you never seem to fail in reminding us of that 🙂
    Wonder how many churchies got the real item missed in their end of endless 10 Aug handlings? I know I did…

  114. Hey OSA – what’s the handling if Miscavige comes up as someone’s item on a PTS handling? I’ll bet it isn’t a standard one!

  115. OUT,

    Thanks for your answer to my post a couple of days ago. By the time I saw it, I figured you would never see my ack, had I put it there. So I’m putting it here, as this is a current thread.

    I’m still here and I make a point of finding and reading most of your posts. You remind me of a good friend of mine. 🙂

  116. Mr Rinder as always with your posts so much light into the dark corridors, thank you for your persistant application of search for the truth.

  117. Your humble servant

    Another reason that the Super Power building cannot open is that FSO cannot deliver Super Power. How could they open the building without at the same time beginning to deliver the promised service that the building was supposedly built for? Some years ago it was publicly announced that 100 Super Power auditors were being trained. We never hear about that any more. What became of those trainees, if they ever existed in the first place? Unfortunately, this criminal organization cannot really train anybody. They don’t know how. You cannot train real auditors in an atmosphere of suppression and altered tech. Apparently, Super Power delivery requires auditors who really understand the tech, more so than even the auditors who were being trained back in ’78. That is why Ron diverted his attention to developing the materials of the Key to Life course, rather than immediately beginning to implement Super Power. Now the Key to Life Course is gone. So, where would FSO find any real Super Power auditors? At FSO, there are certainly none to be found.

    As soon as FSO would begin to actually offer delivery of Super Power, there are hundreds of high paying contributors, Cornerstone Members and above, who have been promised immediate first priority, free delivery of Super Power to them in exchange for their contributions. FSO has absolutely no capability of delivering that service to any of them, so if they open the doors and announce its delivery they will be in huge trouble immediately.

  118. Margaret,

    Surely you aren’t suggesting that the “biggest thetan in the land” can’t duplicate!

  119. Yup it started with exorbitant price increases & pressure reg’ing in the late 70’s. Graduated to Don Larson & the Finance Police and then taken to ever escalating financial highs by COB. I personally got whipped around in the Richard Stewart office take over & consequent mandatory go to Flag for KSW. But the coup d’gras was the 8 hour AOLA Larson & gang, lock the door screaming make wrong fest.
    This was the beginning of the end for me. The combination of insanity and control + verbal invalidation so went against what Scio was intended to be …… The rest is history…. And here we are.

  120. YHS — While much of what you say is true, there is nothing special about the delivery of Super Power. It’s requires nothing that is not learned on the Academy Levels (and there needs to be one person that knows how to turn POB’s NASA machines on and off — things that were NOT required to deliver “Super Power” to the Feshbach’s 15 or more years ago).

  121. Sam — I know, as it happened with me.

    Ignore it. Try to find some other item. Probably not even write it down on the worksheets.

  122. SKM, LRH said the degree of complexity is equal to the degree of non-confront. Your concern that our space may be too small in determining who is suppressing scientology suggests to me that your not confronting the data or have another agenda. Your very vague. Your dancing. Please say what you mean. If you want to show that DM has a rival candidate, spell it out. Let your facts stand on their merit. Or drop it.

  123. I think you’ve got a point about the general staff not believing in themselves enough. When in the midst of a cult, it takes a lot of self confidence and personal integrity to stand up for what’s right and to walk away when you find you can’t change things. But the first step is they have to be willing to look.

    In a cult it’s all about control. You can’t control someone who’s got his head on straight and not willing to compromise. About all Miscavige has left are bullies in his valence and a whole lot of cowed people. Personally, I don’t see a revolution from within.

  124. Mike, thanks for your continued honesty as we gain perspective on where we have been and are heading. I appreciate your not spinning the naval escort out of Moroccan waters as an honor guard.

  125. It was reported around town that Ben Kugler and Bob Duggan both “invested” a million dollars each on those posters. Kugler storing many of his with Virgil Wilhite and Virgil TRYING to sell the on the secondary market — with NO success. Duh.

  126. I can attest to that any written word of Mike is true.
    My org has thrown away tons and tons of Old books, course Packs and all kind of Materials over the years. And I mean it, tons !
    A mission holder I knew, bought some hundreds of books 2 weeks before the release of the Basics, It cost him about 4000 $. With the release of the basics they were worthless and he could throw them away and was forced to buy again the same books. He didn’t get any refund and the staff that sold him the books knew they’ll be worthless.
    An Fsm has bought several thousands of dmsmhs to sell, just some time before the release of the basics. He tried then to get rid of them for a very cheap price. Nobody wanted them, even for free. He threw them away at the end.
    In 1981 our Org was solvent and had huge reserves and the staffs had a a decent living as they were getting enough pay. In 1982 the finance police came, took all the money in 3 days and in 1984 the org was broke and had to ask huge amounts to be donated in order it will not be closed. The reason told was because of the psychiatry wanting to close the org, when in fact it was robbed of all it’s assets by the finance police.
    etc…there are much more stories I could tell about what happened in Europe, Huge financial irregularities which are totally crazy, back in the eighties and nineties.
    How come that so many criminal minded people rised to high positions in the C.O.S ?
    More rude people were, higher they were promoted. Honest people voicing their concerns were just sent to ethics and told they are CI.

    Just recently it seems that Flag opened an office in Germany and staffed it with some sea Org members with the sole purpose of handling all the refunds/repayments requests in the german speaking area.

    Allready in 1982 my Org sold me about 2 intensives of setups for the OT-Levels. I had some short Sessions and the rest was used for a FES.
    When I arrived at my AO they used about 1-2 Intensives for FES, nevertheless my org already had done one and then gave me a long and long setup for the Ot-Levels – with all kind of nonsense Auditing that I was protesting- so that my prepaid Nots was gone ! And the most sad thing was that the guy sitting next to me in the Hgc wating area, paid the half (of my price) for the same package, and I had it with a rebate of 50% as staff, because he paid it 6 month earlier. I wasn’t upset at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I look back at my experiences from the beginning on I see that from the first moment on I have seen criminal people i/c and they justified their actions with the ennemies of Scientology and the greatest good !

    Already in in 1974 I’ve seen criminal and promiscuous people being recruited and put on high post, because they were able to get stats up with lying , false promising and cheating. You just sent the arcx people into session and they were happy again or you told them you pulled it in !
    In 1983 i was routed off staff by a SO mission after generating weeks of screaming affluence GI, as not being qualified. They recruited then real criminals (the police was looking for them) and a real alcoholic (in treasury), that later stole money and the best was a type 3 public (not dangerous one, she always changed her valence and was talking to ghosts around her) as a ppo which wanted the to recruit me on staff again. Those were the people that qualified but not myself. ! I didn’t know if I have to cry or laugh when the Type 3 ppo called me up…….

    It looks like that the average Scientologist after some initial wins with the tech was looked upon as a cash cow and that this people attracted their wolwes slaughtering them and there wasn’t anywhere any mechanism to stop that.action.
    There is propably no group of people in this universe that trust their own wolwes so much then Scientologists.

    LRH had some big problems when he started with book one. All solutions he had – Church/ GO/ Osa / RTC/ WDC/ CST/ Sea Org- caused some new problems at the end, not for him I think as he was able to finish his Job I hope, and his solutions worked while he was alive.

    So, the initial problem has to be confronted and handled. What was it ?
    Perhaps that the establishment didn’t accept his Ideas ? That his discoveries weren’t recognized and he was attacked because of his actions and ideas ?

    I think that the Moment the world understands and recognizes the fact that a reactive mind exists and that one can get rid of it, all those problems will vanish, even then there will be thousands of people calling themselves auditors and cheating people, while the use of the tech in society will make big jumps.
    My question to you people is:

    HOW CAN WE RECREATE SUCH A BOOM AS BOOK ONE DID IN 1950 with those powerful tools at our disposal in modern times, that LRH didn’ t have ?

    If the Internet would have existed in 1950 he propably would have sold over 100 Millions of dmsmhs !

    So this will be our job to do it !

    Thank you MIke for confronting the past and telling the truth. i hope that on that 3rd Dyn. audting session, we will be soon at the basic and the whole chain will blow. Where and what will be the basic ???

  127. I worked with Frank Frazetta as he was a judge on the Illustrators of the Future Contest. I actually had an opportunity to meet him a couple of times. Really nice guy and nice family. He love pawn shops!

    As an artist and a judge, Frank was widely respected in the field. Whenever he rendered a critique for a new and aspiring artist in the course of his judging duties, it was like gold!

    Frazetta artwork graced at least six volumes of the annual Writers of the Future anthology. I think there may have been more; I just couldn’t find them. I also saw Final Blackout, Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth artwork.

    I believe Frank Frazetta did well by LRH. If his work was subversively used, please don’t let us target the artist.

    Frank Frazetta passed away in 2010. May he rest in peace! Rachel

  128. Grendel's Mother

    yes, – thanks.

  129. Moneca Ryane
    Indeed your comments on time of then known as the Finance Police
    Would for those knowing the real scene could and did pick up something became very odd of operations .Rinders write up shows a picture of disaster disaster beneath the vary eyes of us.

  130. Actually … may he rest in peace with a paintbrush in his hand! Rachel

  131. Raul,

    Thanks. Do the taped lectures as opposed to the CD’s have these alterations?

  132. Moneca,

    As you mention the late 70’s, I want to add something else to this discussion.

    The beginning of regging for money as opposed to moving people up the Bridge was the “Postulate Check” era of the “Clear America Crusade” in the early 70’s. At that time, a number of (in)famous people were getting people to write checks with the postulate that they would get the money in the bank by the time it was to be cashed. There was a huge “GI boom.” (Remember at the time there were also a lot of booming orgs). But after a short while, it was discovered that the money didnt really exist to back up the reported stats. When LRH found out about it, he was beyond furious. He had the ringleaders, Sibersky, Franks, Gleeson, David Light and others brought to the Apollo and they were Comm Eved with LRH as the Convenin AUthority with the Comm Ev charged with responsibility for determining whether they should be declared. The Comm Ev was duly held and recommended they all be declared and offloaded (and at that time, being declared by order of LRH was no “badge of honor”). LRH mitigated the findings. He sent them as a Command Team to Boston. Their orders were to get 1% (may have been 2) of the population of the city into the org’s CF (ie sell books to new public). That is the Boston Org that is talked about in LRH ED 339R.

    I only bring this up because it illustrates how LRH viewed this sort of vulture culture mentality. He was livid and had no compunction in removing and declaring the 7 most senior people in Scientology in the United States at the time. The policies concerning GI, solving things with Scientology, What Your Fees Buy, Stat Push, Booming an Org Through Training etc etc were NOT window dressing.

    Some like to credit everything bad that happens in the RCS to LRH. If you understand all the tech and policy annd have things in contect, you know how foolish this is. But gaining that context takes time, so illustrative examples sometimes help to give context in place of a full study and understanding of the writings and lectures.

  133. Joe,

    “I do believe it is mostly a first dynamic activity as it should be”

    Groups are wonderful things, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Of course, you have to factor in the tone level of the group.

    I don’t think Scientology is served by making it primarily a first dynamic activity or simply a third consisting of auditor, pc and c/s. Nor do I think a person benefits completely by individuating from groups and other dynamics.

    It’s useful to keep your theta from being overwhelmed by entheta and enmest. But, theta loves theta.

    Other thetans are really, really fun to experience. There’s no experience an individual can create that isn’t enhanced by others. Exponentially.

  134. I agree. I also think it’s sometimes difficult for a general staff member to see a bigger picture.

    Let’s say we have the Central Files Officer at ASHO. On top of her own post, let’s say she’s been targeted for five sales of “Basics” per week. How much is she going to be able to look in another area, another org, etc.? Do you think she’s even aware of “The Hole?” We know she’s not aware of the media; we’ve all been there. Do you think she has a cell phone? Do you think she calls her family on a regular basis?

    This could certainly be expanded upon. It does have a great deal to do with the “Viewpoint” policy letter. It also has a great deal to do with the willingness and ability of a general staff member to look. Rachel

  135. Mike, thank you so much for this article. I was sold my first set of the basics by the International Justice Chief! Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from him! I was “one of the select few” that he was calling. Later I bought more lectures from the Continental Justice Chiefs of Flag, Western Uniteid States and PAC. (Pacific Area Command.) So, you are correct, the order to sell went to the very highest levels of the staff, even the top ethics and justice terminals in the organization. I had a gang of them trying to sell me 6 sets one afternoon, and cried the whole way through. I ended up letting them debit one set for my son. Later, I found out $18,000 had been illegally debited off my account for the most ridiculous purchases by some desparate staff member trying to make his quota. Due to this blog, I was able to get my account corrected and my money back from Flag.

    You have previously made reference to a change in the repayment policy. Is the Church now denying all repayment requests?

    I was curious, how did DM raise money for the IAS? Was he referring to his briefings to the OT Ambassadors on the ship?

    Also, is the President IASA the same persson as Janet Light? Is she related to David Light, the long time Flag Registrar?

    This whole Basics scheme was a group engram ( past bad experience) for those in the Church and those on the sidelines, and it is good that this area of data is exposed, and the insanity detected. Whew! Thanks again.

  136. Thank you Sinar. I knew paying the $ was for more than the cost of the films and production, but had no idea to what extent.

  137. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the context Mike.

  138. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the context (all important context) Rachel.

  139. Thank you for that, Mike. It does add to the real LRH.

  140. A few minutes’ work with Google suggests that somebody with a lot of these posters is being very creative trying to unload them. If you go to the “Friends of Narconon” site, they are selling a bunch of these posters as fundraisers, for half off the “value” of this unprecedented expansion artistic majesty. They even tell you that you are getting an asset worth twice what you paid for it.

    So some poor sucker(s) who owned a warehouse full of this stuff probably donated and claimed a tax deduction for the “fair market value” (i.e., three times the original full retail price, since these things were guaranteed to go up in value, so they sure must have in the intervening decades)… And they’re supporting Narconon, another Church of Scientology front.

    I wonder how many of these the Narconon folks have managed to sell in all that time.

  141. martyrathbun09

    Miscavige threw in a number of curve balls that ultimately will create confusion for Corporate Scientologists who are taught to learn LITERALLY despite LRH’s best efforts to get them to learn conceptually (witness Student Hat, KTL). Some of this will be covered in later posts. For Indies, who for the most part think and learn conceptually, doesn’t pose so much of a problem.

  142. Mike,
    I think a picture of that blowhard little rooster, Foghorn Leghorn, in a Hermes sweater sittin atop an applebox directing the scavenging of carrion off the bones would have been good.

  143. martyrathbun09

    US vs. Article or Device (FDA attack on the e-meter)

  144. Catherine,

    Will try to answer your questions:

    Is the Church now denying all repayment requests?

    It seems they are now either delaying/not responding or telling people they are not “qualified” for a repayment. I believe the reason for this is how many requests there are and that there is a clamp down on the outflow (and frankly, there are a lot of local orgs that just don’t HAVE the money to make the repayments based on the fact that they are ordered to pay them from their current income).

    I was curious, how did DM raise money for the IAS? Was he referring to his briefings to the OT Ambassadors on the ship?

    He is the “keynote” speaker for the IAS at the annual IAS event and on the Freewinds. He constantly tells people how important the IAS is. But what you don’t see is his little speeches and photo ops with the “Patrons Bled-dry-us” that occur at the Patron’s Ball, and at the end of the events on the ship that are not broadcast. And the special privilege of shaking the little man’s hand and having your photo in Impact Mag if you donate a million or more to the IAS.

    Also, is the President IASA the same persson as Janet Light? Is she related to David Light, the long time Flag Registrar?

    Yes, Janet Light is Janet McLaughlin. SHe was married to David in the 70’s and he is the father of her two sons.

  145. Perfect picture that is now stuck in my mind forever – Foghorn Leghorn in a Hermes sweater…

  146. or stick

  147. Hello OLS,
    I don’t have another agenda.
    In fact it’s true that DM is the correct tartget now (see my post above).
    Late 90’s he himself told in an interview to st. Pet Times that he:
    1) got rid of MSH
    2) he was off-lines in his teens (school)
    Thus he must have had an setup then to come so close to power (LRH), I assume. I was not around when he became CMO staff.
    Has he been sec checked ever since he came to the Sea Org after school?
    (Why is he dramatising that one so much? It kind of makes sense.)

    Saying: “I don’t know the basic SP on this chain now” means, what will happen once he is disclosed? Will this bring up relief to the tech (and policy)?

    See: I don’t have an insight view how he can SP declare (almost) the whole old St. Hill and 80% of Class XII’s. I don’t know how he can enforce stupid policy (opposit to it’s original), Idle Orgs, IAS, Bridge mess up.
    All I see are the results of him doing so.
    And this, of course, is an SP product. Therefore he is the correct target to be addressed.
    The question is still open: who managed to have him so close to power and why things begun to get worse and worse (drasticaly) after those old GO staff came back to the base.

    Kind regards,

  148. I’d like to add an answer to Catherine’s question:

    “I was curious, how did DM raise money for the IAS? Was he referring to his briefings to the OT Ambassadors on the ship?”

    In my experience, DM’s name was used by the IAS reg, Howard Becker, to try to get me to take out a home equity loan on our house to raise my “status” after I was widowed. “COB has a really big situation.” I said no.

  149. You just mentioned that a Colm McLaughlin was imprisoned on the Failwinds for 5 YEARS, STILL THERE, AGAINST HIS WILL, what have you done to help him escape? I noticed that NOT ONE SOUL on this blog even cared enough about that to even mention it! This definitely gives me som insight into the scientology mindset!

  150. Sam,
    +1 You say it well.

  151. Johnson, you provide great insight into the troll mindset.

    As for what has been done to help Colm, I guarantee a lot more than you have ever done to help anyone. And interestingly, a lot of behind the scenes hard work seems to have finally paid off, as someone in LA told me they saw Colm with Janet in LA yesterday.

    I bet you are just thrilled to hear that arent you…

  152. David Light has two sons???

    Has he ever seen them? 🙂

    I believe Janet was married prior to coming into the Sea Org and her sons were from an earlier marriage.

    David was married to Judy Light in the 70’s and they had one daughter. Kiera. Judy left the Sea Org to marry a man much older than herself and went to live in Las Vegas.

    David later connected with Janet McLaughlin after his divorce from Judy and children were no longer allowed in the Sea Org and I don’t even remember seeing Janet pregnant but I could be wrong. Just don’t think those sons were ever on the Freewinds.

    David did help with financial support for the 2 boys, I believe paying for them to attend private schools — thanks to his always hefty reg and book bonuses.

  153. Rachel,

    Yes, you are absolutely right.

    Remember MaryJo’s Knowledge Report… And many others.

    I expect some more of this “COB IAS” may be appearing in the subsequent Vulture Culture stories from the SP Times.

  154. Mike,
    You have referenced “What Your Donation Buy” which clearly lays out the off-policy actions of soliciting for direct donation, Ideal Orgs, IAS, Super Power etc but let me take it a step further.
    The reference states…..
    “But the biggest part of your fee stays right in your area. It is used to make training and processing and data available to the next fellow first by keeping the org there and second by letting him know about it and third by making as sure as possible that the training and processing he gets is standard and effective.”

    ‘The money stays right in your area to make training and process available…..” Really? This would imply that the org would use surplus to fund larger facilities if and when needed. Well, during the 1990’s the FSO averaged about 1.7 million dollars a week- nearly 88 million a year.

    I wonder how many FSO donors know that during that same time (90’s) the operating costs of the FSO were only 200 thousand a week AND about 75% of the FP was consumed by bulk mailings. The actual cost of the FSO, not including bulk mailings was approximately 50 thousand a week. FSO donors might be interested in know that 90% of their donations was profit (~80 million per year in the 1990’s) and was sent to INT Management (Dave) and used at his discretion.

    Auditing hours that are billed at $500-1000 an hour only cost the FSO $50-$100

    A $3,000 dollar training course costs FSO even less (about 5%) which would amount to $150.

    The “vulture Culture” not only MARKS UP their service by a factor of 9 (30 times when it comes to books and tapes) but then ALSO asks you to donate for all of their buildings and IAS and promotional activities as well!

    To all of those struggling to buy and get up the bridge or those who go into debt to “help scientology with their financial needs”…… Know this – The FSO is an obscenely profitable enterprise which could have funded the SuperPower building within 1 year with their profits. When it comes to money RCS has it set up so that “all roads lead to Dave”

  155. WH — I am terribly sorry, you are absolutely right. Their father is Andrew Stevens who is a New Zealander. Seems I have been listening to Rick Perry too much on Comedy Central and my brain has melted. David was their step father and you are right his wife was Judy. Both Janet’s sons were raised in the SO and were on the Freewinds. One remains in the SO and the other is out (he, Carl, was the Public Officer IASA).

  156. Hello to all looking for the reference “THE AUDITOR #51″.
    The reference can be found in the Finance Series (Management-Series vol. 3, 2001 Edition).
    The reference is not widley spreaded or well known (IAS propaganda forces amnesia on this one).
    The 2001 Edition was translated to 15 languages including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
    What impact could be achieved if any on line public would recieve a “remimeo” copy.
    Any suggestions how this could be done?


  157. Don — Absolutely correct.

    And let me go one step further.

    The amount of money that has accumulated in Sea Org Reserves and IAS accounts is enough to pay for the “Cathedral” (love that new positioning — after all, every Pope needs a Cathedral…) and for EVERY SINGLE “IDEAL” ORG on earth. I have said it before — IF as POB tells everyone, THIS is the strategy for clearing the planet, the most important thing going, the reason for people to put themselves into crippling debt and ruin their lives, why is it not good enough for POB to spend HIS money on? No loan needed. Just buy all the Ideal Orgs and be done.

    The LRH reference is that there should be enough money in Reserves for 2 years of operation without income. The costs to operate all orgs on the planet (seeing as how they have virtually free labor and if there was no income there would be no “payments to management”) may be a million a week. Double it to 2 million. That’s 100 million a year. 200 million for 2 years. The total reserves are on the order of 2 BILLION. 10 Times what is needed. So WHY NOT SPEND THE MONEY TO EXPAND SCIENTOLOGY AND STOP CRUSHING PEOPLE TO KEEP GIVING MORE?

    Simple answer: POB DOESNT KNOW HOW TO DO IT as that would require technical and administrative skill.

  158. I have Know doubt rinders report to be valid because I was a witness to this in my area, where when it leaked that posulate checks were attempted and false income counting. I was asked to observe this in swing and where I got nterviewed by a assistance to LRH com in Europe for data requested by LRH in what actions were being attempted and what did one seen, or was asked . Whilst I reported my concerns to a LRH com what my suspects feelings were before I was interviewed. I was releived to be actually interviewed and asked about it .I added in my report actions I had been threaten with ethics aswell, as knowing also who else asked were under me, I told Gleeson myself when I saw what was happening that your mission if your have this type of handling for handling the Gi then I would resign and report it directly to LRH Com.
    He went black looking showing to me with his body lanuage that I just miss mighty witholds ..I Also was withness to false reports told to regges by Gleeson , Sibirksy /Light I could name a few more but no, I also witness stories being told to european regges about reserve accounts neing low, when in actually fact millions was on hand. It was a normal european tatic with these missionaires towards regges when income was down and ways to get regges in panic state and feeling threatened.
    Rinders notes on LRH fury about it from my side, I was withness to that

  159. I’m curious to know your opinion on “Bonnie View” – so DM tore down the original house and had a mega-McMansion built in its place? For years the rumors circulated that DM wanted this new house completed by some particular year (2004? or so) because it would be the 18th anniversary of LRH’s death and he expected him to return from his LOA in a new body and DM wanted the house ready in time for the big return. In your (or anyone who was at Int during that period) opinion, do you think DM actually expected LRH to return or it was just a great excuse to spend insane money for a big gaudy playground built for him and his BFF? I mean if he’s says he’s spending all this money for “LRH’s return” who’s going to argue or disagree? But I do wonder if maybe he really did believe it would happen, and then when LRH failed to show up, it was the last straw. Now that he could rest assured LRH wasn’t going to return and take back power, he could really run totally amok and do as he pleased with no worries?

  160. In recent work I ran across this. Charity Navigator is the premier organization that reviews nonprofits.
    Looks like dem woggies got their poop grouped.

    A Donor’s Bill of Rights
    This Bill of Rights for charitable givers was developed by the following four industry experts: American Association of Fund Raising Counsel, Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, National Society of Fund Raising Executives. It is industry-accepted and all quality charities should subscribe to the beliefs espoused here.

    “Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To assure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the not-for-profit organizations and causes that they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:

    I. To be informed of the organization’s mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.
    II. To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization’s governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
    III. To have access to the organization’s most recent financial statements.
    IV. To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.
    V. To receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition.
    VI. To be assured that information about their donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
    VII. To expect that all relationships with individuals representing organizations of interest to the donor will be professional in nature.
    VIII. To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization or hired solicitors.
    IX. To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share.
    X. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.”

  161. I believe V is covered quite well!

  162. Mike,

    Thank you for this post. It sure filled in a lot of holes for me. Though there were parts of it I was trying not to throw up out of pure disgust, at the end I definitely had a clearer picture, and more of an understanding of what was/is going on. Its amazing what sort of effect the truth has.

  163. SKM, you ack that DM is the correct target but want another “who”. Why does there have to be one? People do claw their way to power. Examples of ruthless men are everywhere. Capone, Hitler, Stalin, etc. At times they have accomplices whom they then betray. Others give them a pass thinking they are something other than what they truly are.
    We can cite many policies and mistakes made by many, including LRH. They have been thoroughly acknowledged here. And that has not led to a handling. That is water under the bridge or correctable. And pointing to a few old GO staff who have been kept on doesnt seem to cut it.
    I am not seeing the need for another who in order to turn things around or to open the door to a handling. If there is one he will show up when the curtain fall or rises. But the curtain has to be removed. This blog is shredding that curtain daily. If you know something others dont, please share it.

  164. Also, the Author was changed from “L. Ron Hubbard” to CSI. You can search the copyright database here:

    Title: SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008.
    Description: Book, 415 p.
    Copyright Claimant: Church of Spiritual Technology, Transfer: by assignment. Address: P.O. Box 1182, Los Angeles, CA, 90078
    Date of Creation: 2007
    Date of Publication: June 30, 2007
    Nation of First Publication: United States
    Authorship on Application: Church of Scientology International, employer for hire; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: Editorial revisions.
    Previous Registration: 2006, TX 6-443-928.

  165. Hello OLS
    I have no evidence for some assumptions, that’s why I can’t share any correct data to this (as I emphasized above).
    You say: “If there is one he will show up when the curtain fall or rises. But the curtain has to be removed. ”
    100% agree.
    That’s how group dianetics works.

    Kind regards,

  166. The original reel-to-reel lectures had almost no editing, just the intros edited out. The majority of tapes had some minor legal changes and DM was not intimately involved in this, though every word was checked by some RTC people. When the CD’s came out the major deletions, such as names were implemented and DM was involved in every lecture personally.

  167. I’m sure he did, though I don’t know specifically what you’re referring to.

  168. The day that Janet McLaughlin (Light) stood up to COB and told him what she thought of him, was the day she won back her soul. She’s a tough cookie, I know her well from the early days when she took no shit from anyone. Miscavige hasn’t got an ace over her at all. He just thinks he does. Janet will shovel shit in Louisiana, no problem, but one day, she will have the last laugh. DM has absolutely zero humility. He sees no fault in himself, just others – the true sign of a suppressive, and a very arrogant, personality. Alas, his days are numbered – he’ll pull out soon enough, when the dollars stop rolling in and when enough people start challenging him. I mean, do we really need to wait for the gulag-encampment he has created, to be revealed? I think not. He needs to be hit where it hurts – MONEY.

  169. Mike, I am so glad you brought up the early 70s scene regarding postulate checks and how LRH handled that outbreak of insanity.
    This same remembrance popped into my mind just a few days ago and I was going to mention it here. Thanks for beating me to it, because from your vantage point, you were able to add many more details than I was ever aware of.

    Something that seems to be emerging from recent posts and discussions is, a refreshing of awareness and memories of how LRH handled things, and perhaps more importantly, how he wanted us to handle things. “LRH Intention” is clearly a basic touchstone for many of us who read and post here regularly.

    With that in mind, I would like to broach the subject of, what was/is LRH’s intention regarding the Church? I’ve come across many posts over the last 2+ years to the effect of, “the Church is dead”, that what DM has done to pervert/destroy it over the past 30 years renders it unsalvageable.

    I would like to suggest that the opposite is true – that what LRH would want is for us to figure out a way to salvage the Church, the mission and field networks, and restore them to and beyond what they used to be. No doubt with many modifications to what existed then, as there were (IMO) always many departures from LRH policy and intention even in the best of times past.

    The question for me is, NOT what seems the most desirable or sensible course of action to take today, but rather, what would LRH want done? What would he want us to do to regarding the restoration and reformation of the Church of Scientology he spent his life building?

    I for one think there is a place for a reformed Church. During my days auditing in the field, I had enormous respect for ASHO, AOLA, and Flag. And the Apollo was the stuff of legend for those of us who’d never been there.

    The main reason for the widespread respect these orgs garnered was because of their superior application of Standard Tech. They were the place to go when you couldn’t figure it out or resolve it out in the boonies.

    There is no reason it could not be this way again. I think LRH would want his Church put back to how it was, and not only that, made even more a beacon of Standard Tech than ever. Not by means of monopoly or force, but simply respect.

    I think he would want us to take out DM by any (legal) means possible, and then implement his clearly stated intentions as to how his Church was to be managed after he left the scene.

    I say, “clearly stated”, because it is all there in writing, and, at, beautifully laid out, even illustrated, for all to see and understand.

    LRH’s intentions in this area are NOT common knowledge, even among the Independent community, but (IMO) they should be.

    That website also includes simple steps one can take to assist in the effort to end DM’s One-Man Rule and to replace it with fully functioning, interlocking Boards, implementing all checks and balances as set up by LRH.

    Perhaps a course of action worth considering.

  170. Truth–When the Flag reges were calling us up with deals to “repackage” old intensives and thus recalculate money onto our accounts so they could use the money for basics packages to be sent “to libraries” (snort/heehaw)–I quickly figured out that Gold had forced Flag to buy some enormous quantity of basics packages, and even though they were not going to get any REAL money for them, they figured it was better to send them free than to have to store the crap in giant warehouses. Unfortunately, it meant there was no real GI to pay for the books, the real GI from services had to go to pay for the books, and thus there was no money for staff and they got to eat rice and beans again. Do I know this for a fact? No, just following the logical string.

  171. Actually part of this ref. What your donations buy is being distributed from an Ideal Org right this minute to promote auditing and training. Just another PR gig. 

    One IAS reg made me read this ref. in a reg cycle so yes they use it but they use it to cover up the real purpose of the IAS money-for-nothing-scam.

    Con-artists extract value under false pretenses. Value = your money, time, loyalty, kudos, integrity, your life and family. 

    When the Basics were released I just had it. That was the end of my support. Had to change phone number to escape the insane sales quotas calls. Just the word Basics still makes my stomach funny. 

    The Trauma Church of misapplied Scientology is just a big reactive bank as per KSW #1. 

    How’s the tech preservation going? Are they running out of platinum plates with all new pages being constantly edited and released? 

    Why don’t put all materials on a USB flash drive and seal it inside a 2″ platinum cube? Alternatively send a backup copy to Sirius. 

  172. Thank you Mike for answering my questions. Also, thanks to Rachel and Windhorse for the additional data. This blog is so wonderful for enlightening us on the present time situation AND for clearing up the past. The multiple viewpoints and information shared here help create a complete picture and eliminate so many questions from the past; A TRUE GROUP HISTORY! Not only are we able to learn the truth about our group, but I believe it is enabling us to become a TRUE GROUP because it is eliminating so much false data about was REAL SCIENTOLOGY and what was the perversion of LRH’s original philosophy. I am having many wins in my life due to clearing up the past with our group, and being able to apply real and standard Scientology principles! Scientology is magnificent when applied correctly!

  173. Michael,

    I believe this is a reference to POB’s Infantile ‘Schlong’ Syndrome.

  174. The fact that Mike Napier has gotten away with severely gross 2D out-ethics (may not always viewed so severely in society in general, but quite severe for an SO member) and is protected as a POB-pet, really jacks my TA when at the same time I know of many dedicated and productive SO members that have been RPFed (for years and years or until they left in disgust) for far, far, far, far, far less — or for things that should not have been RPF offenses at all — or for nothing at all (other than incurring the wrath of POB and/or POB Posse members like Jenny Linson (who by the way when I met her struck me as one of the stupidest people I had ever met in the SO, although she was parading around with the title CO CMO Int at the time.

  175. This is fantastic data! This is stuff I have wondered about for years. Also, you have hit upon a situation or a REAL WHY: HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT EXCEPT THROUGH THE VULTURE CULTURE! He is having an adverse effect because he does not know or does now apply the true data that would allow him to expand Scientology without resorting to all his unusual solutions and off-policy actions for making the money the correct ON-Policy way! A true case of the LRH policy: YOUR POST AND LIFE!

  176. Opps … (ala Rick Perry) 🙂 🙂

    I didn’t realize though that Janet’s sons were raised in the SO — that’s tough

  177. That was supposed to be “He does not know or does NOT apply the true data that would allow him to expand Scientology, without resorting to all his unusual solutions and off-policy actions for making the money. There is a correct way to do it that is ON-POLICY! A true case of the LRH policy: YOUR POST AND LIFE!

  178. Mike, That was very informative. So, now we know the methods DM uses to raise funds, which is just about anything except delivering services in greater amounts.

    I wonder though, what will he do to keep this thing going once Super Power is out? There will be no more books to redo, no more auditing levels to release, no more admin books, no more lectures, no more case states to invalidate and redo over. There is no goal to get orgs to St. Hill size. It seems to me the only thing left is outright pancake breakfasts or releasing OT 9-10. But, we are lead to believe that they do not have OT 9-10, or cannot compile it because LRH did not leave instructions on any further levels. Even if he did release 9-10, only a very small percentage of churchies are “ready” to do it.

    What is this clown going to do after Super Power to keep the money rolling in, in lieu of getting LRH policy on expansion back in? We know he wont do that.

  179. It may come as a shock to you, but at least some of us ‘wogs’ do have a problem with people being held against their will, kidnapped as it were, no matter what the circumstances. I AM glad to hear he is away from there, and thank you for the information.

  180. WOW! Just had time to catch up with the past weeks blogs. Incredible stories, good and bad. I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the recent SP Times articles. Another layer of lies peeled off and truth is shining through. Having been a reg, I was particularly moved by Hy’s video and I can attest that this was true in Class V orgs as well.

    Mike, today’s article was fantastic! Great summary of earlier posts and the details included by all the posters has been very illuminating. The more the lies come off, the easier it is for those still in to confront that the church is no longer the illusion they created once upon a time. It is dead. Yet the charge they still feel regarding the financial rape that has taken place is very much alive. A charge that can easily be handled with the tech…which is outside AND very affordable!

  181. HereNow: Boy, you said it. I didnt go into detail about this creep — its what he did to others after getting away with murder himself that is so obscene. He is a perfect Miscavige sycophant in every respect. And I know people that bit the dust for alleged out 2D where it was just an excuse to justify torching them because POB was constipated or his eggs were too runny or it started raining or some other catastrophe that was a plot to make his life miserable. They are very fine people that anyone would be happy to have on their team — and they are cast aside like so much garbage. Meanwhile, a piece of garbage like Napier is an untouchable.

  182. Centurion — good point.

    He will come up with something new, don’t worry.

    Still haven’t seen the super duper planet clearing Mark VIII yet. That’s sitting there gathering dust…

    He will probably come up with some compilations of things to sell, or invent a whole new concept like “everything available on a special tablet that you can ONLY buy from the Church for $4000 a piece — its the latest “state of the art” technology….”

    ANd then there are the Idle Orgs — still plenty of those to keep the money rolling in.

    And the new Auditorium next to the SUper Power building.

    And all Missions have to be gotten into “Ideal Mission” premises.

    And there is now NEW technology on preservation of the materials, so they all have to be re-done.

    Need a new ship.

    Probably need a fleet of planes.

    A rocketship….

    Don’t worry, he will think of something….

  183. Ziggy played for time, jiving us that we was voodoo….

  184. An orbital battlestation……

  185. And on top of that his speeches at Maiden Voyage events were boring and useless – cheap filler about the Free Winds in Dry dock, etc.

  186. The SHSBC orginals had in the beginning of eacgh real to reel tape people that started the SHSBC, where they were introduced and clapped those names have since be removed.Recently confirmed by insider

  187. Strewth Mike – you don’t mince your words, do you!

    I really can’t understand why Miscavige hates you so much. It’s almost like you’ve missed a humungous withhold on him.

    Hang on a minute…

  188. SV,
    That is exactly it: all rumors, opinions, innuendos, and not actually anything in writing. Perhaps it’s just PR BS appointing COB IAS as the anointed one, giving him power and a hidden comm line to LRH, and how On-Source he is.

    The opulent Bonnie View Mega McMansion in my estimation is perhaps DM’s ideal scene of something to impress A-listers, something which could be a Gettyesque museum, Hearst castle wannabe huge piece of MEST and monument.

    There is no purpose or facility differential to achieve Clearing the planet, which has been what LRH is all about. All he seemed to care about was a good distraction free environment with clean air and free of dust, so he could produce his products to improve conditions for all. No cost was spared in air handlers and electrostatic filters and cleaning systems for example. Tiled floors were great as they were smell free and didn’t retain dust and dirt, but it didn’t have to be special, top dollar imported Italian marble with interior looks changed every season.

    You are correct, no one is going to argue on costs for LRH but surely there is enough space on the Int Base to build without destroying. Also in all of the building projects there is a certain amount of costs of re-do’s. DM simply changes his mind on something he approved and has it re-done with blame shifted elsewhere, thus mounting costs in terms of money and time.

    Sanity is the ability to recognize similarities, identities and differences and it is patently obvious how the vulture culture differs from LRH’s, however much the COB IAS tries to assert how Identical and similar it is. Independents have far saner lives!

  189. WH,
    Both of her sons were also married, last time I saw them (2001). Carl to Janet’s communicator at the Freewinds and Danny who was in the IASA CW office to a CMO CW messenger promoted to RTC.

  190. Sorry for being off subject but I think it concerns us all. Just got an alert from that the congress debates a new law to censor the internet. Remember that pages like Wikileaks had the courage to make the OT-Levels available.
    Avaaz is doing a petition. Have a look and sign if you feel you should.

  191. moneca ryane wrote: “I personally got whipped around in the Richard Stewart office take over & consequent mandatory go to Flag for KSW.” Me too. Were you there as a staff member of RIchard’s company that day the all in black-outfitted gang including Larson, Spike Bush, Clive Doudell, Jim (?) and at least 3-4 others I cannot remember names of, rolled into the second floor seminar room of Richard’s property there on Brand in Glendale? That began for those connected with RG Stewart and Co. quite intense times and showed just how vulture the culture of Scn management had become. We all lost a lot of friends who said goodbye to all this madness at the time. Dark times indeed.

  192. My opinion – and of course it IS just an opinion, although I am seldom wrong 😉 – is that a group such as the Church of Scientology will always attract dishonest megalomaniacs like Miscavige.

    Why? Because most members are honest, trusting and want to help.

    Inherent honesty means they will admit to things that THEY have done wrong (thus providing ammunition for their enemies) and naturally think that others are just as honest and so not question their motives.

    Trusting means they are willing to let others ‘do their job’ without feeling that they have to monitor what they do or constantly look for signs of deceit.

    Wanting to help means that they can be relied upon to put others before themselves and keep on giving, even when it means pain or financial ruin.

    Miscavige had all this figured out years ago and has taken advantage of the situation that he was presented with. If he hadn’t done it, someone else would have. He must laugh himself to sleep every night, thinking about all those poor saps who keep on shelling out for nothing in return.

    Scientologists are too damn nice – HTFU!

  193. OMG, Mike, this is the most terrifying summary yet! My sister and I were both sucked into the Authors Services scam of prints in the late 1980’s, depicting characters in Mission Earth books. We loved the books but the prints that were supposed to increase in value, were badly framed, not archival materials and were vastly over-produced, thus decreasing their value. Keep on truckin’, Marty and Mike!!!

  194. There is also the “Interview with L. Ron Hubburd” DVD.
    It was “shortened”.
    It the previous Version, LRH was asked by the interviewer, how much Auditing does cost.
    LRH answered, that it depands on where you reciece you Auditing (field, org).
    But this seems not to match the COB agenda and therefore this sequence is no longer in the current version.
    I was very aware of this, when I first saw the new released DVD.

    I have also a 1968 copy of Dianetics (DMSMH) with the “synopsis”.
    It’s almost the same synopsis as in the “basics” edition (same wording, lenght).
    However, DM claimed, that this data was lost for 50 years, bla bla.
    It’s a lie. And it was NOT written by LRH but by “the editors”!
    (Bullet proof evidence)


  195. dm is PTS type III to HIMSELF.

  196. EPA!….oops.

  197. I received a reply from the Attorney General Florida. It appears they have not been copied on very many attempts to retrieve funds.

    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi received your correspondence regarding your concerns with the Church of Scientology and your requests for a return of the advanced payments made to the Flag Service Organization.
    Attorney General Bondi asked that I respond. I am sorry for your difficulties.

    Our office uses complaints such as yours to develop information about
    patterns of questionable business activities. If we discover a pattern, what originated as a private dispute between buyer and seller may become a matter of broad public interest and thus warrant the Attorney General’s intervention under the state’s consumer protection laws. We will keep your correspondence for future reference. Please note that our office does not mediate individual consumer complaints.

    I note that you have contacted the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Consumer Services (DACS). The DACS is the clearinghouse for consumer complaints and has a voluntary mediation program to assist individual consumers. The DACS also registers solicitation of charitable donations by non-profit and charitable organizations. You may follow up with DACS at:

    Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
    Division of Consumer Services
    2005 Apalachee Parkway
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399
    Phone: (850) 488-2221
    Toll-free within FL: (800) 435-7352

    In addition, the following information about contract issues, small claims and civil procedures may help you decide whether or not to pursue a judicial remedy and, if so, how to proceed:

    Legal and Binding Contracts$FILE/LEGAL%20AND%20BINDING%20CONTRACTS.pdf?OpenElement

    Court Is Your Last Resort

    A Civil Case Or A Criminal Case?!OpenDocument

    The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure

    Please contact an attorney if you need legal advice. An attorney can give you the legal advice which our office is not at liberty to give to private individuals. If you need help finding a Florida attorney, The Florida Bar offers a Lawyer Referral Service which you may contact toll-free in the U.S. at (800) 342-8060 or online at:

    Thank you for contacting Attorney General Bondi’s Office. I hope this
    proves helpful.


    Bethann Dillon
    Office of Citizen Services
    Florida Attorney General’s Office
    PL-01, The Capitol
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050
    Phone: (850) 414-3990
    Toll-free in Florida: (866) 966-7226

  198. From Joy’s computer
    I just recalled something interesting. Back in the early or mid ninties, a friend, who was an actor among other pusuits ,and now deceased, told me he had been at Gold to audition for the voice of LRH.He didn’t go into detail and never mentioned it again. He could sound very much like LRH, but I don’t know if he got the part as we went our seperate ways. In the light of your recent posts, this just became curiouser and curiouser.

    Michael Fairman

  199. Like a leper messiah….

  200. Figures. That sucks even worse than being given a 1.1 smile and told to find a REAL bad hat (my class IX auditor at Flag).
    And this is the tech being delivered in RCS?
    I’d rather swallow glass.

  201. no need to ask why vicky dicky had to be sent to the rpf by her son. no need to look at $12 spent on carlton gore road on a building that was not for sale – but ended up in CoS hands. no need to ask why it is still ununhabited since 2007

  202. Publius
    It’s a nice idea. Have a chat with the folks at your local org and see how receptive they are to SPs…
    I have met a lot of people in the church who know the truth and yet continue to support Miscavige’s treachery for purely selfish reasons. Their kids are in a private Scientology school or they don’t want to risk losing family members or they don’t want to be cut off from their friends or they want to make sure they are able to get auditing or they want to keep their businesses running. I have supposedly close friends who know the truth and yet are willing to disconnect from me to protect their lifestyle or status within the church.
    Realize that a very large percentage of those who stay in the church are treading water until the Indies who have paid dearly in terms of personal sacrifice finish up handling their church for them with the idea that they can continue on up the Bridge once we have handled the suppression and cleaned up the tech for them. Why should they have to suffer the discomfort of being attacked when we can do it for them?
    Those people are not my friends. I don’t want to help them.
    I would far rather devote my time, energy and theta to real friends – people I know I can trust for the rest of eternity.
    Not telling you what to do. I’m just giving you my viewpoint after 3 years of considering that course of action.

  203. Mike,
    There really isn’t anything to add to what others have said so well.
    You are precise and eloquent, again. Filled in some things for me, too.

  204. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, SHEEEEESH! YOU’RE on FIRE !!!

    Thanks so much for the voluminous outflow! TONE 2O.O stuff
    Ditto for the insider revelations.Thanks for being there and here
    and seemingly everywhere! Ain’t that the TRUTH ! At least you
    CAN be (now!) FREE TO RISE TO GREATER HEIGHTS, just like the rest of us INDIES who accompany you in the sunshine!

    I genuinely appreciate all the ‘straightening out’ that you and
    Marty do, enabling the likes of me and SO MANY others on this blog, to just AS-IS so much of the lies, bullshit,scams and
    all the other MISCRAPOLOGY and MISTRAPOLOGY this little warped reincarnation of Hitler conjures up YECCCCH !!

    Eat your jealous little hearts out, TROLLS !

    Luv Li’ll bit

  205. As an update, as of 8:00 pm EST Wednesday, 6,130 good people have signed the White House Petition asking why this criminally psychotic individual, David Miscavige, and his co-conspiratorial coterie are still not incarcerated for their blatant, in your face, crimes.


  206. I read this exact policy when I was in Scientology before you posted it here. I cannot remember for the life of me in what volume or where, but I read it. I especially recall the part where he says he gets no money out of all this. It can make a person feel bad to know that bad results or no results with the “tech” is what produces these expenditures to fight of suppression in the first place. And the sad thing is, the current members of the church are almost all “into fighting off suppression”. Even the whole character of the church’s member’s has changed. It’s all about money gotten from corrupt tech.

  207. Mike,

    In the moth to the flame story…

    In a past story I read here (from you or Marty or someone) where many years ago LRH told teenager DM to leave a camera shoot because he screwed up on the camera and DM just refused to do so. DM said “no” to LRH, and he refused to leave his cameraman post! Total defiance. And, he got away with it.

    The story moved me.

    At the time DM was a young bit player, but I never heard of anyone doing something in total defiance to LRH and getting away with it.

    I assumed LRH gave DM some latitude because he was a youngster.. or maybe it was a combination of a youngster and the expediency of continuing the photo shoot? But today I think it was an evil moth flying close to the flame and finding out how close he could get and survive the flames of LRH.. and he continued to use that lesson the rest of his life…. and, unfortunately, for the rest of LRH’s life too.

  208. A BIG +1 Mike!! You hit the nail right on the head. POB does not know how to do it!!

    I watched the video from the man who was part of the Riverside Mission in the 70s. Now THAT was a way to get new people into Scientology and onto the Bridge. That’s how I got into Scientology in DC.

    DM hasn’t the foggiest and trying to do it himself, he would fail utterly as he is doing now.

  209. noone,
    this is a curious post. I twinned with Vicky at ITO in 91. Can you elaborate on your post? I know she was from NZ and Carlton Gore Road is in Auckland.

  210. martyrathbun09

    Nor does he wish to.

  211. martyrathbun09

    Horried is more like it – that you have more lines into corporate Scn that DM does at this point.

  212. OMG! The crim razed down BV?
    I already knew from reading this blog that all of these all-nighters were for the birds. All of the RPF issues re 5 hours study became non-existent including sleep just to get BV and the “Star of California deck redone.
    I remember falling asleep sitting on the newly led marble tiles in one of the rooms of BV but I had no idea that he literally physically erased LRH’s presence from atop of Gold, AFTER we renovated BV. The whole house was lifted up so we could lay a moisture barrier down underneath it. Talk about waste of time, labor, lives, and LOTS OF MONEY!
    Barry Stein had done an incredible designing job. Once it was ALL finished everything fell into place.

  213. Excellent thread! Tons of excellent comments and history here in this thread.

    On people’s inheritances, David Ziff (Sea Org member, routed out for medical reasons I believe, and since has passed away), many times told an LRH story that I don’t doubt was true.

    David Ziff said that while at Saint Hill in the mid to late 1960s, David inherited a huge amount from the Ziff family money. David told LRH he’d like to donate it to Scientology.

    LRH told David Ziff, to keep his inheritance, because David might need it later in David’s life.

    David at the time he told me the story, was Senior C/S for Staff, at the FLB.

    While there is many LRH writings I’d myself retire today, I agree with the sentiments on this thread.

    ASI’s history I hope gets more told by ex ASI staffers. The LRH traffic to ASI needs leaking to the public domain.

    Jim Isaacson was the scapegoat and Rich Tinklenberg, for the fiasco with LRH’s stock investments and the oil disaster.

    It’s all in the back and forth ASI traffic.

    ALL of LRH’s final years traffic should be leaked into the public domain.

  214. Lynne,

    Flag actually sold each set to Todd Lamkaw (public Scientologist) for $3000 but he & his friend Kim Binford were reselling them to their friends for $500. The church had no loss, actually made a lot of money on this sale, it was Todd who went broke. You see?

  215. I love that! That is how the ancient native american Apache scouts lived. They were a secret society that protected the tribe, always behind the scenes, never taking credit, guiding, leading, and teaching others without them knowing it, even making it look like others did what they did. A huge contrast to the “church” which is desperate to take credit and get recognized and well thought of at every chance. “He who proclaims, is not.”

  216. They were great Vets, and I liked hearing about the natural approaches to animal health.
    Helen really helped me on the KTL. Ha!…she had a lot of tolerance and patience with me.

  217. Mike Napier during MVs would always leave the Ship and go on the scuba diving excursions with Miscavige on the IAS chartered luxury yachts which were the dive boats. Not sure why as there were other Freewinds divers who handled the tanks, dive gear set ups etc, along with DM’s personal dive instructor and assistant to handle Lou and entourage coming every year from Curacao. I guess he was always there to slack off and brown nose at the same time.

  218. ???
    BATTLEFIELD EARTH autographed by L Ron Hubbard – There were about 555 “Limited Editions” of the book which was singed by LRH. At one time, they were selling for around $12,000.

    Marty or Mike or Dan or someone…
    Were these books really signed by LRH?

  219. axiom142

    Your opinion rings so true. I came across others who acted as clones of POB even after they left the Sea Org. There is one especially I am not sure if I can mention his name on this blog. He caused lot of people lot of strife more so when he routed out from the sea org than in. KRs didn’t help because he was upstat and had the right connections when he was in the Sea Org.

  220. Mike,

    Interesting post. Another interesting aspect to the story, re: Mike Napier is this: Early on he went out 2D with the ship’s doctor Julie Powiesnik, (spelling?) and later married her. Later, I was told by the ship’s Chief Officer that Julie had done her physician’s residency in a psych ward at a hospital in England. That’s right her RESIDENCY – not he internship, her RESIDENCY!

    Incidentally, this info about Julie and the Captain and his out 2-D’s was part of the highly enturbulating data that was used on me in the first Black Dianetics session that was given to me by Owen Starkey. During this “session” Owen actually told me (Tone 40) that the Captain was not a Scientologist, he was a psychiatrist! That (along with other highly upsetting info about Int Management) served as a major wrong indication to me.

    Little did I know at the time, it was all true!

    Fuck those cocksuckers.

  221. I’ve heard many references to the enormous SO reserves banked by DM, in a post above Mike Rinder estimates then at $2 billion & I’ve heard other similar estimates. What I don’t understand is with that much money stashed why in the world would you basically spend the last decade trying to squeeze every last penny in a members line of credit and drive away a large part of your membership in the process? The crush regging is causing mass defections and people leaving in droves – why risk alienating your entire base for another couple million to sit in the bank??? I just can’t figure this out. A former SO friend of mine had a theory that DM had possibly lost big in the market via Feschbach short selling combined with the mortgage crash. Since DM has a history of gambling and losing big time with CoS funds, it doesn’t seem out of the question. Who would DM answer to now if he lost $2 billion of SO reserves? How many people would even know about it ? I got think DM keeps the circle of people who truly know the real accounting figures very, very small and totally controlled.

    Anyway, with an already dwindling member base it’s just unfathomable as to why the insane soul crushing money suck continues. I bet for every successful 5 figure high pressure reg job, they end up losing 10 members via the same tactic. With the reported CoS receives and accurate membership stats, it’s easy to see members are far more important to have at this point. Money can’t buy true believers.

    Does any one else have any idea why the CoS continues to bleed it’s members as if the doors will close tomorrow if they don’t get more money? Why they continue to reg even at the cost of losing and angering a large number of their ever shrinking member base? I think the insane reg-fest of the past years is due to more than just some greed, there’s a backstory to it and I bet a huge void in some accounts due to DM stupidity. Hell, the entire cult could probably operate on the interest of $2 billion in reserves. There’s got to be an explanation for the desperate hounding for every cent a member can get their hands on.

  222. loook on esmb posted by someone called blown in anzo

  223. Scott Campbell

    The Int addresso was about 45,000 back in the mid 80’s.

  224. Hey there – I have the Management series green vols from 1991. The Finance Series is in Vol 2. I see no reference to Auditor 51 in there.

  225. Question With Boldness

    To clarify. Janet Light’s two sons were adopted by David Light. One is in the SO and one is out of the SO.

  226. The sad thing is that the “old” books are worth more in real terms than the new ones. The new ones are just editing tricks, and illiterate tricks at that.

    I have several copies of Science of Survival, and of course “The Basics” version, and I just compared pages here and there, including the infamous phrase about teaching women “anything but” the care and feeding of men and babies.

    In the old version the emphasis is “anything but”

    In the new version, the emphasis is “anything but”.

    This makes a BIG difference. A HUGE difference. The person who changed that does not understand the idiom “anything but.” The whole meaning of the phrase is changed to saying that LRH advocated and taught that women are only good for breeding, which is NOT the case, and is NOT the meaning of that section of Science of Survival.

    I checked other pages against each other. The original had “book 1” and “book 2” with the second book starting a page one again. The new one does not.

    The old one had a more educated way of using the English language, the new version was dumbed down. I did not see any major, major changes, but the tone and tenor of the book is different. THERE IS NOTHING FUNDAMENTAL THAT WAS “DISCOVERED” THAT MADE THE BOOK SUDDENLY COMPREHENSIBLE.

    The book WAS altered – edited differently – and for no real gain. Therefore it was change for change’s sake, which is compulsive alter-is.

    And, with my “anything” example, this thing at least was altered for the worse.

    I read Science of Survival, of course, more than once. It is a GREAT book, and I got a LOT out of it – in 1976, 1980, and 1985, well before “the basics.”

    The basics are a scam. And I am really, really happy I have multiple copies of the original LRH.

  227. I read Original Thesis, and I understood it. I also read “Evolution of a Science” in the original “Astounding Science Fiction.” Worked for me. (Not that I am that old – I bought it at a used book store across from the Hollywood Inn in 1977).

  228. Your false PTS and you get FPRD and in some cases sent to the RPF if you name DM as an item.

  229. Michael, I don’t think there is much conspiracy involved in this. The actor/narrator you are talking about auditioned to do LRH’s voice for the technical training film TR 16 – Beingness. LRH always intended to record the narration for this film but never got to it before he had to leave WHQ. As the film was scripted to include LRH “talking” it was a bit of a problem and it was solved by finding someone who could sound like LRH, which was located. I think the final guy was someone from New York. He was coached to speak in the manner of LRH. A person was also cast who looked like LRH from behind and he was coached to walk like him by people like Annie Tidman, which extended to that of the cast messengers.

    The recordings this actor did only included the TR 16 script and nothing else. No other such LRH impersonation or recording was ever done or attempted, though the words of LRH was sometimes edited by taking words he said elsewhere and fitting them into some sentence, usually to make a “punch-line” out of something that hadn’t been delivered as such. This was mainly for high-powered quote video presentations.

    No other manipulation of LRH’s spoken words were done (outside of the deletions in the recorded lectures as mentioned earlier.)

  230. Awesome work, Mike. Thanks.

  231. That’s right Mike. Colm has been reunited with Janet very recently and it took a lot of work from people I wont mention. Williamjohnson007, don’t be so nasty. It’s unnecessary and not good for your well being.

  232. That’s right.
    But in the 2001 Edition.
    The entire Finance Series moved to Vol. 3.
    Good Idea to send packages to Orgs with a bulk of 300 copies.
    No other words needed.
    Just 300-500 copies before a IAS Event starts with a nice advise: “Plese hand over a copy to ANY B.I.S.!”

    (pardon for my english, it’s not my native language)

  233. Plus the “The Ideal Org” HCO PL (Data Series #40) with the last 3 paragraphs highlighted.

    At least, this program would create some nice hysteria for the IAS regges (but for the sake of the Scientology Public).

  234. Sunny, I think it’s not rational. By that I mean, there is no valid “reason” for it except in the mind of the person in charge – DM.

    As my first auditor pointed out, there is such a thing as an incomrehensibilty. That would be something that is actually not comprehensible and cannot be rationally understood because it really does not make any sense.

    That’s what us populists think about the so-called “one percenters” that are in the news lately.

    For some people, how much money is enough? All of it, no less. Money is power they can’t seem to get enough of.

    That’s how I look at it. The insane are insane, there’s no rational reason for it.

  235. TroubleShooter

    Thank you for the data Mike good to know. That email has been sent.

  236. I too loved Frazetta’s work. When I was the Qual Sec at the Berkeley Mission in the 1970s I had two Conan posters on the walls to let students know that I was not there to mess around when they came to Cramming.

  237. TroubleShooter

    Ok, good to hear from you on it too Dan. Check your email…

  238. Agree ,,, the separation and recognition between the tech & group bank and LRH’s intention is most valuable. For all this mess is not not straight forward ‘a equals a’ situation.
    By having the truth of the matter revealed, the truth sets you free ,,, this blog is a group auditing process, enabling us to blow the charge, have our ah ha’s and FN, thus being able to get moving in a freer manner. Thx Mike for the post,

  239. No wasn’t there. Was doing his Millionaires Course at the time. This is how I got on the AOLA smackdown event & subsequent go to Flag for KSW. The Brand building was originally leased by my husband, it was a computer store, we met Richard he sub leased from us & then took over the whole building. So we got all the intimate details of the ugliness of the sit. Deplorable, despicable and criminal!

  240. Thank you for the article and LRH reference.
    It’s informative indeed.

  241. TroubleShooter

    Ooops, my email wouldn’t go through to your hushmail acct I have

  242. Judy married Nick Nicholas, they lived in Utah. Nick passed she is now married to Eric Barnes and lives in Wa. Connecting the dots.

  243. Luis, +1.
    Yes, Thank you, Mike!

  244. TroubleShooter

    There’s also the LRH Hall that has yet to be built next door to the SP building too. cob will need lots of money for that and the undoubted “highest technology every existing on planet earth” to install in it too.

  245. Simple answer, DM wants to destroy Scientology. Somewhere deep inside, he knows the tech works and he is doing everything humanly possible to ensure that no one gets it.

  246. Great V — thanks for the confirmation.

  247. Tony Ortega’s report (Village Voice, link below) on the goings on with Scientology’s Israel interests bizarre as they are, leave two burning questions.

    A) What turned a number of people of previous good character (Gur Finkelstein and the Bakher family) from upright successful and sane people into apparently Psychotic Criminals, overnight?

    It seems a recent trend with those connected to the Corporate Church, sudden ‘changes’ in personality!!

    B) Why did Finkelstein (who is of Jewish family)try to frame the right wing end of the Jewish community with blowing up the new scientology org building and additional attempt on a senior Arab figure, when if successful there clearly would have been an Arab backlash against the Jewish community.

    The fact that the new Org building is in a mainly Arab suburb (A strange place to attract the local Jewish community!) may be a clue, creating a sympathetic bond between Arab community and the church of Scientology as being ‘victims together’
    It appears that the CoS is trying to recruit/infiltrate the Israeli Arab community.

  248. Just hoping nothing like this reaches this blog as a feature posting!!

  249. Mike, on the Basics-Project, have INTENDED changes of the original manuscripts been taken into account?
    I have a copy of the handwritten KSW #1 and it is not word for word like nowadays. So I wonder if any intended changes have been undone.

  250. Mike,

    He is not looking for 2 years of reserves, he wants reserves large enough to last HIS natural life; enough that he could live out his life as POB even if the bottom fell out on sales.

    New enrollements and active members are on the decline, People are not buying his brand of religion and he knows it. Ideal Orgs, IAS, planetary dissemenaton, re-pacakaged books and empty promises are his only way to extract revenue from his dwindling number of followers.

    The church has become nothing more than a vehicle to sustain this personal lifestyle and more importantly (I believe) he needs it for protection. As long as he is POB sitting on a large war chest he has the ability to shield and protect himself from litigation. If he were ever to leave the church he would exponentially more vulnerable.

    He needs his scheme to last long enough to fund the rest of his life. If the church was to vanish the day after his passing it wouldn’t matter to him. A high stakes game of “beat the clock”.

  251. “Looking for something fun to do after your Thanksgiving feast. Well look no further. Put on you walking shoes and head down to OC org for some door to door Basics selling. I couldn’t think of anything I would rather do that weekend.”

    Come join in the fun over Thanksgiving weekend. Check it out!!
    Maggie Bell []
    Wed 11/16/2011 11:02 PM

    Hey! Take a look at what’s happening over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s the International Book-A-Thon. And, we’re part of this international thrust right here in Orange County. Please take a look at the impact of what we are doing across the globe, and come and participate! We will definitely need YOUR help! We have sign-up sheets at the org, but you can email me back at to what a good time might be for you to help. Right now the most important slots we have to fill are:
    Friday, November 25 from 6 – 11 pm
    Saturday, November 26 from 4 – 10 pm
    Sunday, November 27 from 4 – 7 pm

    Don’t worry, you will be working with staff who will help groove you in on what is needed to get the book selling done. And, believe me, from the public volunteers we have that are working, it is definitely fun, and you win like crazy.
    Let me hear back from you as to when you can help, OK?
    Maggie Bell

    Be Part of this Year’s International Book-A-Thon!

    Be part of this year’s international Book-A-Thon. Help spread the truth of Dianetics on the biggest shopping week of the year!
    Teams of staff and public will hit the street all week, with the biggest teams launching on Friday, November 25th and Saturday and Sunday November 26th and 27th.
    Teams will be selling all week; so choose your slots and help spread the Dianetics wildfire for this holiday season!

  252. martyrathbun09

    I’ve never seen Hip Hop whored out so shamelessly.

  253. I just can’t believe that’s the reason behind the unending appetite for money. There are many ways to go about “destroying” the organization – his PR efforts and criminal abuses alone are doing a mighty fine job without any money grubbing.
    I’m not claiming DM is rationale – far from it. But there is something to this crushing demand for more, more and more money. Unless he’s Scrooge McDuck who wants to swim in his money vault having huge liquid reserves merely sitting and doing nothing in accounts doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
    I guess my real question is who knows anything about the “real” accounting of the CoS besides DM? I know DM isn’t bright enough to crunch the numbers or truly understand the complexities of such a vast operation – so there have to be some accountants helping him. I have a feeling they fear him as much as any abused SO member and probably fear telling him any truth that might displease him. With the way Lil’Davey throws around money I have to think he’s spending far more than even we imagine. We see the TC presents and the lavish buildings, we know the wasted money on endless changes of mind, we have the reports from SO members who folded and laundered his $900 shirts and 5 figure suits we see endless evidence of money wasted on 24/7 harassment campaigns.

    I have a theory I will share — Deep down inside DM know he is still just an overpromoted CMO errand boy who merely lied and stepped on many people to get to his position. I think there is a desperate desire on his part to prove he can be successful outside of LRH’s shadow. Therefore he has taken plenty of cult funds in a gambit to make a success through various investments or schemes. We know he did this as a young man and I don’t think he would ever learn from his mistakes or change his behavior. The difference now is no oversight and he answers to no one.

    I bet he’s lost untold millions trying to be a venture capitalist. real estate magnet or savvy stock market player in an attempt to impress TC and other bigwigs – and failed miserably. We will probably never know until his midget empire collapses around him. I’m also sure he’s stashed away a huge amount in swiss accounts as a back up plan in case the shit hits the fan. DM thinks he is perfect so would take stupid risks with large amounts of money convinced they were a sure bet.
    I don’t think the crush regging is all about his financial stupidity and ignorance — I know he has been raised to believe in the almighty stat and therefore demands always bigger and better stats to prove he’s the bestest cult leader ever and he’s irrational, and greedy – but I believe some shady dealings do play a major role. I think some of these insane money pushes are spurred by really stupid mistakes on his part that caused losses. Just like he did with the prints, he uses the member base to cover the losses he’s responsible for. Worked 25 years ago for him, works even better today since he answers to no senior now.
    I do think if he actually manages to finally pull of a success and gets a big windfall, he’s probably never stop gloating about it and what a financial genius he is. However, given he is thick as brick, without even the most basic of education, I don’t think we have to worry about any type of success, either inside or outside the CoS, coming from DM. He’s just a human sled ride straight to the bottom all the way.

  254. Thx! That explains why the searches i did across two different sets came up dry.

  255. FWIW – Cleaner, high res version of the full mag newly reposted here:

  256. Ahhh, I’ve seen that – thx for the pointer!

  257. +1 along with an extra helping of: Thanks Mike – this was very helpful indeed.

  258. I believe if you put Norman Starkey on sodium pentathol, and asked Norman, you’d get the truth.

    DM and Norman, per Jesse Prince, both were capable of forging LRH’s signature, and DM bragged of this, during the years that ASI was selling LRH’s gilded leatherbound properties.

    Remember this question, and if you have the chance, ask the ranch staffers, like Sarge, if they ever saw shipments of the leatherbounds coming to the ranch to be signed by LRH.

  259. Gosh! Amazing details Scott, thanks! Hope you someday do your whole story in detail.

    The personalities of Norman and Owen Starkey (and Maria and Nan, their spouses respectively), their whole story, would be a fruitful book.

    There have been such wide swings in their behavior.

    It’s out of the question that Norman would ever write candidly about his life, but his history if shared in detail, it would be entertaining to say the least.

    Norman oversaw the whole CST project, from his Trustee “hat” for years. He knows and was one of the key decision makers relating to what all was to be done at the various CST sites.

    Owen himself was ASI staff, I think, for a period in the early to mid 1980s.

    Owen’s been all over the Sea Org.

    What I lament about the whole Scientology landscape is the self muzzling of internal events. People have to defect out of official Scientology to speak freely.

  260. Thankyou Raul! Excellent history details.

    And for LRH’s hands, I heard Dan Swanson’s (Janadair’s ex) hands were used for the hands in that film.

    We on the Int RPF did the sets for that movie!

  261. Does any one know What is Owen Starkey doing now,? He and Nan had two children, The son I have forgot his name, but their daugther Jackie Starkey where is she any one know. I am aware Nan died. I myself worked with both Nan and Owen for a long time , epecially Owen DIV 6 AOSHDK / and me in Registration AOSHDK /TOURS EU and Tours AOSDK liasoned a great deal together /As for Norman /Maria I knew them However my dealings with them not to my liking so reframe from further comment.

  262. It was already well into the millions back in the 80’s so god knows what it was late 1982 / and as for now !!!!

  263. Wouldn’t put anything past what Norman Starkey is or was capable of doing.Very Slippery worm to say the least.

  264. The 2001 version in the Mgmt Series was also renameed “What Your Donations Buy”, with large sections removed from the original. No mention or notations of these changes (and by whom) were made, it was printed as though it was the original from The Auditor #51 from 1970 by LRH.

  265. SunnyV wrote: “Does any one else have any idea why the CoS continues to bleed it’s members as if the doors will close tomorrow if they don’t get more money?”

    Just a theory SunnyV, but from things I’ve read here and elsewhere, my guess is that DM is trying to follow the model of the “Hollywood elite” … getting rich donors to give to the cause, instead using one’s own money. Of course DM takes it to unimaginable, and suppressive, extremes by going after not only the rich but *everyone*. And he does it suppressively by using crush reg’ing tactics, while holding the threat of disconnection over the head of those who see through the suppression.

    Also, I seem to recall that Tom Cruise was quoted somewhere saying that that was his approach to “raising money” for certain causes (and he had apparently been given that advice from others in the Hollywood rich circles). So DM might just be trying to emulate TC, while throwing LRH’s intentions for income through real, honest production and expansion down the drain.

  266. That’s one of my big beef’s with the whole thing too, Worsel. LRH had clearly been aware of how and what the books said, what the editors added, and how things were organized and arranged in the books. I can understand a couple typographical or transcriptionst errors being corrected. But in a few cases with the 2007 Basics, whole chapters are re-added, re-ordered or changed.

    Additionally, some LRH books which were in print in earlier have been completely cancelled (no longer in print): Second Dynamic, Dianetics Today, Notes on the Lectures, etc. And in some cases, these books were actually referred to in other LRH references (e.g. “Notes on the Lectures”).

    The whole thing comes across as very squirrelly to me.

    I don’t buy DM’s fast-paced, salesman-like “explanation”. If we’re expected to accept the changes in the Basics, I want to see a detailed line-by-line, change-by-change description, backed up by specific LRH references. Until then, Miscavige is a blatant squirrel, throwing away LRH’s “How to Defeat Verbal Tech” checklist by just altering the tech at his whim.

  267. Hello Margaret.
    Thanks for the hint. I never have seen the same copy in english.
    The last 5 paragraphs of this (newspeak) edition still got the point (where those donations come from: service, training and processing).

    I hate the idea that there are changes done in current issues without even mentioning it.
    No sign for ‘revised issue’, nothing. Two dacades later Scientology ‘scripture’ will become worse than ‘The Bible’.
    Shame on the editors not wearing their hats. They should have insisted.


  268. However, given he is thick as brick, without even the most basic of education, I don’t think we have to worry about any type of success, either inside or outside the CoS, coming from DM.

    He’s glib. Was supposed to have been the Saint Hill Auditor Poster Boy used for SO Promo. His product was a teary-eyed female PC tagging along behind him after he had struck her in Session. And the was the End of his supposed “Child Prodigy” Days …

  269. I see Tony Ortega enjoyed it as well!!!

  270. This is an important article. It deserves to be issued as a resource, a definitive summary of what happened and how the takeover and subsequent decline of Scientology began to be maneuvered. Thank you Mike RInder. Thank you all who participate in this blog, and to Marty Rathbun for spearheading the accountability of one of the biggest heists of the century … Scientology! stolen!! for the twobit petty agenda and power quest of a greed-driven psychotic obsessed with self aggrandizement… meet David MIscavige.

  271. I really suggest to anyone: listen to the Classic lecture “Para-Scientology”, in which LRH describes how “believers” will be produced. Obviously Misc uses this lecture as an inctruction manual.

    Believe it or not. This Classic lecture is no more listed in bookstore catalogues nor official online bookstors.
    It’s withdrawn from the public.

    In this Classic lecture Ron mentioned “Nineteen-eighty-four” by G. Orwell.

    So, for you to note: the ‘newspeak’ editions of LRH Works are not only censored and shortened, but it seems that entire lectures are withdrawn from the public.

    It looks like a dramatization of the spanish inquisition.

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