Scientology Mission Network – The Stats

The latest is in from Gabriel.   He provides actual statistics of the Mission network.  The uncooked facts demonstrate that you have been reading quite a bit of truth on this blog if you have been following for a while.  Corporate Scientology, it seems, has become little more than an expensive lie production and dissemination factory.

Attached you’ll find the Mission LRH Birthday Game standings as of 11 February 2010:

Mission LRH Birthday Game Standings

Each mission in the entire SMI Network is shown on this grid.  The three columns show the missions’ scores for the week, for the quarter, and their cumulative totals for the year.

This document corroborates Mr. Rinder’s “Smoke and Mirrors” blog post.

A little math tells a big story, one that DM doesn’t want Scientologists to know.

First,  that most rudimentary of mathematical exercises, of which DM appears incapable: counting.  There are 376 missions on this list, a far cry from the 488 touted by Lesevre “from International Management” at the Birthday event a year later.

Now it gets a little more complicated, but hang with me.  While we can’t scope out the OIC’s of all of these organizations, these numbers DO tell the story if we take the time to decode them.

The way the Mission Birthday Game works is you get points based on three-week trends.  Affluence gets you three points and Normal gets you one point.  In 2010, there were approximately 22 statistics that counted for Birthday Game points.

These 22 statistics measure the success or failure of the organization in any given week, and its growth or lack thereof over time.

The way the Birthday Game works, if you were to just run a flat-line organization (Emergency Condition), with statistics fluctuating back and forth randomly but ultimately remaining level, you would score points on about half of your stats.  That is because about half your stats would be going up some while the others go down some, back and forth, etc.

Half of 22 = 11 stats scoring points.  Let’s assume that six are affluences and five are normals, counteracted by six dangers and five emergencies.  And if you scored like this every week, you’d have no growth.

That comes out to 23 points in the Birthday Game for the week.

With 22 Birthday Game stats that can score, a 23-point week = stagnation.

So here is the way to read these numbers, without being able to actually see the graphs:

66 Points = Affluence across the boards

More than 23 points =  growing

Less than 23 points = contracting

By dividing the cumulative numbers by 50 (the number of weeks into the Birthday Game we were when these standings were posted) we arrive at the average number of points scored by each mission each week throughout the game.

During the 2009 – 2010 Birthday Game, ONLY 16 MISSIONS AVERAGED OVER 23 POINTS PER WEEK.



Also, nearly 200 missions averaged only 10 points per week or less, which indicates non-existence.

I thought this might be of interest to Scientologists trying to inspect statistics as part of their Doubt formulas but unable to glean anything from DM’s flashy, exploding implant affluence graphs.


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  1. Andrew Robertson

    Why are the overwhelming majority of Missions contracting? This should be a matter of major concern to the Church of Scientology. Either most of the Mission Holders are idle and incompetent, or they are facing an impossible task attracting new people to investigate and explore Dianetics and Scientology because of the flood of negative stories in the media and the Internet.

    If the Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center does not understand why the organization is experiencing such a rapid decline in membership then the corporate monolith is doomed. A few rich benefactors will prop it up for a while but they will eventually pack up their tents and slink silently off into the night. The practice of Scientology will continue of course, but no longer encumbered by the worship of those false idols, power, hubris and greed.

    Thank you Gabriel, for the excellent data you provide.


  2. Thank you very much Gabriel. This is a strong report.

  3. Add to this that some of what is reported is total BS because I counted eight missions that don’t exist in areas that I personally know. I looked for the buildings personally…they weren’t there. Some where not in the phone book. So, how are these even getting ANY points? Hmmmmm?

    Burlingame and San Mateo don’t exist. Google them and you get the site. They don’t have a contact number. I suspect this is true of Palermo too, as it is a town so small you might miss it if you blink.

    Okay, some WERE open,,, for a short time such as this one.

    Click to access may2010.pdf

    Check out their calendar (last posted May 2010)…courseroom open Sundays 10-5 but their intro page says they are open Tues and Thurs 6:30 – 9 pm. That must be so they can show their mandatory tape plays, which they have to report compliance on.

    If you look at their facebook page the staff and public appear to be all related to each other…family and friends so to speak. Their “new” location is right across the street from a major college. This should be a goldmine! Oh, Oh…but they do deliver the Basics!

    This mission is so hot that, I actually lived in the town during it’s “grand opening” and “new premises” and could never find it, even when trying. It was listed in the church locator. Come on now, this is a small town in the middle of country, nearest town is twenty minutes a way. It’s the kind of town that ANY news is noteworthy, yet Scientology didn’t make the news???

    I suspect that many of these “missions” were shoved down the throat of OTs as some form of an elegibility cycle or OT Ambassador cycle. These poor people, the expense to put up missions with saunas, full libraries, etc. It had to have created some financial ruin for some of these guys.

    This is going to be a hot topic. I wish I was going to be around today…but I’ll check back in later. Can’t wait to read the comments on this one.

  4. top of the vale

    WOW, the stats really are straight down and vertical …oops, I mean straight up and vertical…..NOT!!!
    Gabe, this is really revealing that the dwarf really is sucking on his thumb(and a dirty one at that) thinking he sucking on a bar of gold.

  5. Don’t forget that most of the “up stats” are probably bogus or in an unviable range. Going from 0 to 1 BIS isnt really an up stat for example.

    Also, I wonder how many of these “missions” are not real. For example, there have been Missions in Phx over the years, but none that actually existed. The sequence is 1) Someone is sold a Mission Package. 2) Some sort of space is estabished in someones house or a storefront. 3) It is manned up and opened for delivery. To the best of my knowledge in the last 20 years a Phx mission has never gotten to step 3 yet beyond being “open by appointment” or some such thing. I am aware of a Mission reporting “stats” even though if you went there you would find the lights off and nobody there.

  6. FCDC Class of 1974

    Yes, thank you Gabriel. Who said science and religeon don’t mix, especially when it uncovers a truth.

  7. FCDC Class of 1974

    Good point Andrew with the real estate market like it is we should be able to get orgs at pennys on the dollar.

  8. Missions and the Mission Network have been destroyed in the 80ties by DMs Finance Police and Mission Holder “Conferences” (tribunals) where everybody and their cat got SP declared. What since has been counted as mission is a joke itself, not to speak about falsifiying stats of these 1 or 1 and1/2 man “Missions”. I think corporate scientology’s stats have long since been nothing but a blatant PR lie. I don`t care anymore if it’s contracting or expanding because if you multiply or divide 0 doesn’t matter.

    It still keeps 0

  9. Gabriel,
    Thanks for the numbers – the real data which is quite revealing – mostly in proving that the 70X “stats” since the “wake up call” only exists in Shermanspeakland.

    The Missions do well when they do their jobs of getting new people in and onto the grade chart. The stats reflect that David Miscavige has turned RCS around into a vampiric organization with priority of selling books and membership status and buildings to itself consisting of existing “public” and staff as a start.

  10. Gabriel, As a former AVC Aide in RTC and AVC Eval Authority trained under LRH, I would definitely give you an “A+” on your Stat analysis!!

    You dug through the smoke and mirrors and using simple math painted the real picture with this mission network.

    No doubt the Orgs are in a similar boat.

    Very well done Gabriel!!

    DM you are disgusting as a manager, not to mention basic Math. Oh yeah, that’s right!!

    You are a High School Dropout!!

  11. Thanks Gabriel for the report. This is what I thought was happening and its confirmed. It’s all about building IDLE ORGS at the expense of others. These missionholders can be blinded by the light for so long before they become so introverted they just drop off the face of the planet.

  12. The Corporation and its CEO (POB) are on a “Mission” to hide the fact of a shrinking religion, while at the same time, lying and PR-ing the public about “massive growth”.

    Radical Scientology equals Enron, equals “I didn’t inhale”, equals WMD’s in Iraq, equals “We don’t practice disconnection”, equals…

  13. Tony DePhillips

    Good intell work Gabriel.
    Maybe dm is hoping that all the people contacted by tom cruise will keep the orgs and missions afloat. Oh, and the Nation of Islaam too, I’m sure they are a HUGE draw.

  14. Gabriel,
    Thanks for the dox and the excellent stat analysis.

    I was putting together another post specifically on the Mission hype presented at the IAS event, but it really comes to the same conclusion as you inevitably reach here — the Mission network is in reality continuing to contract in spite of the hype. Perhaps I will finish it off today and see if it is still works as a follow up to your excellent posting.

    The more facts made public to expose the lies of little King David the better.

  15. Gern Gaschoen

    >Going from 0 to 1 BIS isnt really an up stat for example.

    Don’t nag a rise.

  16. Thanks Gabriel for LOOKING and not just LISTENING.

    One factor that you didn’t mention is that Missions have gotten cannibalized for staff so that Idyllic Orgs can eke out their survival. That’s bound to contribute to downstats too.

    In my area, this has resulted in a scarcity of staff so that the Mission new hires are an odd assortment of degraded beings, long-term druggies, and criminals.

    That’ll make you upstat.


  17. Very interesting, Gabriel!

    The top mission, Los Feliz, is averaged 39 points per week. This is 16 points above the ‘make-break’ of expansion vs. contraction (NOT the make-break of staff well-paid and going up the Bridge,) of 23 birthday game points per week. This is 16 points of the total of 43 points available in across-the-boards affluence (66 minus 23 points). So the mission is puttering along at best compared with the booming missions of the ’70s.

    We drop down to the 5th mission, Belleair, which is averaging 28 points per week, only 5 points per week on average above contraction. As you point out it drops dismally from there.

    96% of the mission network is contracting.

    Clearwater mission, close to the mecca of technical implantation I would guess, comes in at 116th of 374 missions with a whopping 15 points per week, well below the point of contraction.

    dm you suck c***.

  18. Given that creating a mission requires a certain type of personality. (salesman, coach etc) and not every OTVII or VIII had this personality, you would think that the CO$ would grow a brain and realize that just because a mark has the money to buy a mission package, that they are ill suited for this particular venture. Oh well the CO$ must like the “grand opening, quiet closing” routine.

  19. +1,000!!!;)

  20. About 5 years ago I went with Stan Gerson to some dinky mission south of here where he gave a talk-only 2 public showed up. There were only a couple of staff, no auditor and a harried mission holder who had a full time job as a dentist i(f I remember correctly.) I’m sure he subsidized alot of the missions expenses. And it was hardly ever open. It was not a new mission-they were barely surviving and had been in this mode for several years. It was pathetic. Who knows if it still exists.
    Obviously, hardly any tech was applied to raise stats. It was an embarrassment.

  21. Thanks for that Gabriel.

    I’d say that these stats were pretty conclusive – the missions are %&*^ed across the board.

    I have no doubt that the orgs are in the same position as well. Here we see Miscavige’s lies laid bare. He has always presented the ‘straight up and vertical stats / unprecedented expansion like never before’ as a validation of HIS leadership.

    So, if the stats are crashing, then this must also be an indictment of him personally. He is destroying the Church of Scientology. But how to make those still in, aware of this?


  22. How dare you make it possible for Scientologists to correctly apply ethics formulas! There’s only going to be 1 person left in the CofM if this keeps up!
    Thank you very much!

  23. Question from an interested non-scientologist: what, exactly, do these “stats” reflect? Book sales? People through the door? Auditing hours?

    Also, is there any way to extrapolate how many people a given mission (or org) has been serving during a given time frame?

  24. I think that the why for this situation is in the direction of a lack of auditors.

    Missions (formerly called franchises) were designed to be run by trained (classed) auditors. HCO PL 11 Mar 64 III MISSION PROGRAM lays this out quite clearly. And the mission holders were then expected to get more training, get their BC, etc.

    Currently there is a severe shortage of auditors. Many trained MHs were ejected in the early 80s during the DM “purge”, and then in the 90s we had the Golden Age of Tech ( which is analyzed very thoroughly here: ) which has contributed to this as well.

    The great majority of missions do not have any classed auditors at this point, and can deliver very little of the Bridge (and probably have no clue what they are supposed to be doing!)

    Add this to the fact that a newly trained auditor would now have to buy an expensive DM (dead mission) package in order to get a mission going, and you see why the expansion doesn’t exist.

    Of course you can’t discount the negative PR but I think “trouble spots occur only where there are ‘no results'” (KSW Series 1) applies here very strongly. It’s a failure to apply Scientology that is resulting in RCS contracting.

  25. You are dead-on, Karen. Because of the Mission Starter Package costs, SMI targets people that can buy the packages, not necessarily people who could do a good job running a mission.

  26. LOL +1

  27. Good point. This is the story of a lot of missions I think.

    I was actually being pretty charitable in this analysis, since many mission statistics are in such an unviable range that it is basically impossible to accomplish an emergency or normal on the graph. If it goes up one it’s an affluence, or down one and it’s a danger. Which means that the break-even point might actually be even higher than what I estimated.

  28. LOL, thanks! I would love to see the orgs birthday game stats. I’m sure it’s similar. I do know that many are struggling. DM won’t have anything left to manage if he keeps it up.

  29. top of the vale

    More like King David the Little!

  30. Thanks, Mr. Rinder. Please please please (please) post yours. I read your event analyses at least three times because I laugh my head off and blow so much charge from your pointing out the outpoints (and the Shermanspeak)

  31. You speak truth. Really a mission needs to be run by an auditor. From my understanding, there was a big booming mission scene on the west coast that resulted from graduates of the old Class VIII program on the Apollo. The VIII’s came back home and made some huge, successful missions. At least, until DM deep-sixed them.

  32. Good questions.

    The Birthday Game takes a broad canvas of the organization’s statistics. Every part of the mission is scored. For example, recruitment, registration (sales), auditing hours delivered, courses completed, new people started on services, books sold, etc. etc.

    We would need access to the mission network’s Org Information Center to be able to break things down further than the general concept that the network as a whole is contracting.

    We can’t tell this from the statistics, but the biggest missions in the United States typically serve one hundred or less people in any given week. And there are only a few missions that reach anywhere close to these numbers. The overwhelming majority serve less than ten in any given week. The statistic that measures this is “Bodies in the Shop” or “BIS”.

  33. Uh oh……The COB is lying about his Stats

    Question the why, people…

  34. It seem Mike that further analysis is needed because although there are 16 missions doing better than last yr the question is how good was last year? So these missions can go up and down and be at the same point they were 10yrs ago or the first yr they started. There were no stats of building orgs from these missions? Isnt it the goal of the mission?

  35. Scott Campbell


    Great Birthday Game stat analysis of the C of S’s Mission Network.

    I loved how simple you made it for anyone to understand what the B-day game stats are.

    It’s obvious that the Mission Network is failing. The only way for it to recover would be for Miscavige to leave and for some major de-squirreling to take place.

  36. Proof that Davey is expanding Scientology:

    Since Wake up call the amount of cubic inches press is booming out the roof.
    Since Wake up call the number of mission starter packs in garage boxes has exploded.
    Since Wake up call the engine room of the Peewinds is packed with volunteers.
    Since Wake up call more Scientology feature movies were released than in the combined total years since its inception, including; Filming in the Rain, Paddle Boat Titanic, Trash diving for Miss Davey, Pinocchio Pouw, Fatal Deception, OT VII Armageddon. Prison Planet and many more to be released in an idle cinema near you.
    Since Wake up call no major media has failed to report on Scientology.
    Since Wake up call the amount of idle missions is straight vertical.
    Since Wake up call Miscavige denials in the media have been in total affluence and never stopped.
    Since Wake up call shipments of scotch imported from England blocked the ports.
    Since Wake up call the Hole busted out of its quarters into brand new confines.
    Since Wake up call the stats of empty Org space has soared up the wall, cross the ceiling and down the other side.
    Since Wake up call copyrights on Shermanspeak ® © TM have been filed in 2352 countries around the globe and many more to come.
    Since Wake up call Freedum distribution among staff has hit the stratosphere.
    Since Wake up call the amount of SP declares has skyrocketed into deep space.

  37. The Santa Monica mission has been closed for 2 or 3 years. I drive by it a couple of times a week. It has a “For Rent” sign in the window

  38. Thanks for the data Gabriel. Facts are facts and the observance of real truth brings one to as-isness.

    Reminds me so much of the day Mitch Talevi came back from the Freewinds and told me that POB ordered him personally to start the Brand Blvd Mission. Mitch had that “deer in the headlights look. Gawd knows how much money he sunk into it. It was located in the busiest area of Glendale. Wonderful location. He had some pretty quality staff for a while.

    Don’t see that Mission on the list anymore. Hummmmmm…what happened Mitch? The truth will set you free old friend.

  39. Thank you, Gabriel, for these stats, and thank you, Marty, for the diligent analysis.
    To any administrator, these figures are a panic scenario, calling for a radical overhaul or rethink or personnel shake-up, something, anything. But no, just more BS at the the IAS Event. Perfectly obvious then, that the helmsman is deliberately steering the ship aground. To any outsider, that is exactly how it looks.
    Someone on these pages a few days ago, aptly described the operation (COS) as a ’boutique’ religion for the very rich. Miscavige’s thinking must be along the lines, ‘A fool and his money are easily parted.’ With a contemptuous alienation of the media, and visibly no effort to reach out and attract new public, all that’s left is to milk wealthy celebs. Perhaps miscavige feels he may be able to ‘help’ these artistic types (being as he’s one himself).

    Many years ago, whilst still a mushroom, I even considered opening a mission myself, full of enthusiasm and all that. But after an interview with SMI UK or somesuch person, it dawned on me that I would simply be just another staff member, on a far-flung outpost, having to hold up all the costs myself, charge my public the same as an org, while still pumping money to them. It all looked too one-sided, so I dropped it.
    I’d still love to run something like LRH’s idea of a franchise, but nowadays, with the deadly PR image of Scn (by association with the CO$), the only way it could happen is if the CO$ was fully exposed for the racket it is, and was utterly dismantled. I long for the day.

  40. Anyone with five minutes to spare can research out the Church’s claims. Take my city, Portland, Oregon. There is supposed to be a mission here, there is even a website saying so. There are two addresses listed for this “Mission” – one is the Stevens Building downtown, which the Org bought for their “Ideal” org, then sold. So that’s a dead end. The other is a small rundown house in Multnomah Village with weeds in the yard. No one answers the phone number given. Contrast the Jehovah’s Witnesses who also claim millions of members worldwide. A quick search finds a dozen locations in Portland, each one a substantial church building with visible signage and a large parking lot. There’s the difference, and whatever one might think of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, at least they have actual locations with real addresses. Even the most cursory examination of Scientology’s so-called missions finds only smoke and mirrors. Try it in your own city.

  41. Gabriel,

    When this data is taken along with Mike Rinder’s post of a couple days ago debunking all the nonsense at the recent IAS reg-fest, you paint a compelling portrait with Corporate Scientology’s own data of how they’re in decline–which makes it very hard for them to argue with.

    Credible posts about abuse and kidnapping like Valeska Paris’s recent story (and the myriad other tragedies that this blog and other sources have shared) also are important because they help people understand at an emotional level how dangerous the organization is.

    But the combination of the two is compelling. If I were a wavering insider, I might be able to rationalize staying by saying, “while some stories of abuse may be true (even though Karin Pouw says they’re all apostates bent on revenge), the unprecedented expansion means they’re becoming less common all the time, so bad stuff won’t happen to me.” But when you have an increasing number of stories of abuse and compelling data shows at the same time that the whole fraud is collapsing, then people could figure out that the odds of something bad happening to you in Corporate Scientology are the only stats with unprecedented expansion.

    And if I were an outsider looking to get involved, I’d have to be completely crazy. High chance of inhuman torture and abuse for an organization that’s on its last legs? No, thank you.

  42. Jim — there are no Missions turned into orgs. It doesnt happen any more. There was one that was going to be done (in Taiwan) but POB got upset at ED Int for even thinking he could pull this off without having “all the materials.” Of course, POB even had the IAS buy them a building that HE showed with much hype at a Maiden Voyage event. Believe it or not, the IAS bought a MISSION a building in Kaohsuing — probably still sits there empty. POB is the king of stoppers.

  43. I think it absolutely has to do with the negative stories flooding the media, as well as the REASONS there are negative stories flooding the media.

    I don’t care how many “success stories” you publish, once there are enough credible witnesses telling stories of their own experiences with Disconnection, Fair Game, and human trafficking, can there be any other result than shrinking membership?

    And for any organization that engages in such practices, people leaving is exactly the right handling.

  44. I think the Iraqi Information Minister did a better job of being believable than POB.

    I understand he is available now. Perhaps DM should hire him to take over the ED OSA position now that Tommy Davis is on the outs?

  45. LOL-I love “trash diving for miss Davey!”

  46. Over on, in the latest article, the actual DM statements that dispense with the “old management by statistics” and ring in the new, DM Tech (c) is laid out pretty clearly and side by side.

    So, if DM isn’t using Scn policy’s stats, he is using A stat. I think I know what it is.

    Particles of attention/admiration to DM.

    I just read this in The Creation of Human Ability, which in turn is taken from The Journal of Scientology -Issue 16 – G(general public), from circa mid June 1953.

    “Two viewpoints setting up terminals to be viewed by the other viewpoint
    demand attention one from the other and will invent all manner of “reasons” to command the continuing attention of the other viewpoint. One of the primary methods of operation is to make one’s object or action of object so strange that the other viewpoint cannot look away. Another is to make the object or action of object so artistic or colorful or interesting that the other viewpoint cannot look away.

    “Another method is the command by force for attention. Another method is to inhibit the attention so as to invite it solely to one’s objects.

    “One can plot this as a cycle of demand for attention with curiosity below 40.0, desire below that, enforcement down to as low as 1.5 on the scale, and inhibition at 1.1 on down. The lowest methods of this scale are quite observable amongst men, and the primary operation, very low on the scale, is inhibition of attention elsewhere. By cutting the communication lines of another viewpoint, an effect is created on the other viewpoint by which that viewpoint fixes with whatever emotion (since any attention is better than no attention) upon the products or objects of that one who cut the communication line.

    “There are many methods of cutting communication lines. A common one could be summarized as “It’s too horrible over that way for you to look.” Viewpoints are thus given the understanding that they are surrounded by horrible things which they have never perceived and which, indeed, have never existed but which are said to be there so that they will be forced to give attention.”

    “The goal of seeking attention is to receive the particle admiration. One creates effects simply in order to create effects, but he is given the bonus of admiration when he creates sufficient effect or, what is most important, when he demands, commands and is able to effect admiration by duress.”

    DM’s stats are “# of attention units/admiration particles he receives”. Hence the so-called “attention unit of the society” which is money.

    As I was having my coffee this morning and thinking about Dave, I suddenly saw just how much of his behavior is about “look at me, look at me”, and the enforcing of “look at me”.

    I recalled his over-the-top sort of demeanor when he’s talking at you, the enforced attention to him, the inhibition of attention elsewhere.

    I laughed out loud at spotting this. He has one stat: Number of Enforced Attention Units/”Admiration” for DAVE.

    One last note, again from the Journal of Scientology 16-G:
    “It can be observed that under torture, duress of all kinds, the tortured one will suddenly, if degradedly, admire his torturer.”

    From this, one can see the degraded admiration as stated in the various affadivits DM trots out, from the former ED Int, COs CMO Int, Trustees, et al. Again, an upstat for Dave. Truly, THE KINGDOM OF THE IAS is upon us.

  47. Gabriel, not sure if you’ve seen the Riverside Mission video in it’s heyday on You Tube:

  48. Mike,
    “POB is the king of stoppers” evoked images, images I gotta admire or else I’ll have them hanging around, copied, filed, re-made, brought out at the most in-opportune moments, like when I’m meeting QE II, or Prince Charles or something.

    He’s the POB, KING of the KINGDOM OF THE IAS, and in his one hand, the Jewel Encrusted Copper Discharging Rod and the other, the working end of the Enema Bag of Coffee, with the actual Bag of Colonics draped over his shoulder. His Scepters of Office. The Office of the Chairman of the Board of RTC.

    Hail Dave, Hail Dave, Hail Dave ( or as commonly rendered DAVE HEIL, DAVE HEIL, DAVE HEIL.)

  49. Going from 0 to 1, isn’t that an infinity rate of expansion?

  50. Straight up and vertical!

  51. Another thing is that the missions are given quotas of public sent to the IAS events which is another method used to blow off new public by ARCxing them from the crush regging that happens at these events.

  52. Gabriel, the news about Scientology just keeps getting better and better! 🙂 There is no shortage of preclears but there is shortage of auditors. Right? DM Eats his hat every day by adding such lenghty training routes on the path of people becoming competent auditors. It would be nice a *A* mission, *ANY* mission could be shown or introduced to one via its franchise holder that one could have some faith in as far a competency is concerned. But missions are not performing well. I was in New York City today and I did not even bother to go past the org, as a matter of fact I avoided it deliberately, and its sister church {the mission of Hawthorne New Jersey – coming in here on the grid at around 45 or 46} is not peforming well. When one goes past it, if one does not look closely enough for a signage somewhere that says Scientology, the place is nothing more than a small medical office building with a parking lot in front. The church seems to rely on public too much for support they will never get, because they never get any results.

  53. Seems like one of DM’s computations would be something along the lines, “the more that close, the more I can sell.”


  54. Hello Jim. Great quote and so true!

    Over on, in the latest article, the actual DM statements that dispense with the “old management by statistics” and ring in the new, DM Tech (c) is laid out pretty clearly and side by side.
    do you mean this file?

  55. If this was posted and I missed it, I apologize.

    Just read about ex-Scientologist Michael Fairman who has left the church and is suing his Chiropractor b/c she will no longer treat him as he has been excommunicated from the church as a suppressive. I hope I’m using these terms correctly.

    Anyway, it was posted on TMZ, so I thought you might want to know about that part, even if you already knew about the situation.

    Here’s the link:

    Keep on fighting the good fight.

  56. There is another way to do the math. 22 stats, with one point for n

  57. Thank you, Gabriel. Very informative.

  58. There is another way to do the math. 22 stats. 1 point for normal. Therefore, 22 points would be on average a normal week. Some higher, some lower, but if 22 is maintained, then the mission would be operational and slightly expanding.

    So, if you take 22 points, I am sure you may tag maybe one or two more missions – lets be generous (because I can be), and push the count to 20 total missions that are normal on average i.e. established.

    20 out of 376 is pathetic. That is slightly more than 5%. In other words, 95% of all missions are in LONG TERM emergency which is Danger, or worse: probably non-e.

    This is not surprising, but thanks Gabriel for the facts that support what we can sense to be true. Numbers don’t lie.

  59. Sorry-tricky iPhone!

  60. LOL yeah you’re right. Unfortunately we can’t see the OIC so we have to guesstimate.

    I chose 6 affluences and 5 normals because in actual practice in a mission there are many statistics that it’s almost impossible to obtain a normal on. They are so granular (for example, a Completions graph that goes from 0 to 10) that even one up is a huge “straight up and vertical” affluence.

    But you’re right, any way you slice it it’s a joke.

  61. I fear that even that won’t save it. Until we start making auditors in the independent field in sufficient numbers, there may be nothing that saves Scientology…and I don’t just mean RCS. If RCS has its way, DM will take the philosophy with it in a black hole of entheta.

    That being said, there is an active field and it’s growing. There’s hope. Just read the successes pouring out of Casablanca!

  62. Would love to see the same analysis for the Org Birthday Game. Use to be that the org would publicly post the weekly BD Game stats telex. Not anymore. Do orgs even seriously play the BD Game anymore?

  63. Les, I saw that it had moved from Brand Blvd in Glendale, CA (a pretty nice part of town, where there was a lot of foot traffic) to a dumpier area on San Fernando Blvd in Burbank, CA (where there’s hardly any foot traffic). It’s still called “Brand Blvd Mission” or “Glendale Mission”, for some goofy reason, on the hard-to-find Scientology Locator thingie at the church website. And it was always pretty dead, even in Glendale which has (or had) a large number of Scientologists. I imagine in that part of Burbank, it’s probably even worse.

  64. Overall you are right but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they never get results. The individual Scientology practitioner, the auditor, very often is getting results here or there (especially auditors who got their original training pre-GAT), even if he’s in the environment of an org. It’s the only reason why RCS still exists to this day. People are still somehow getting some kind of results despite all the alter-is and overwhelm. His or her PCs are getting overwhelmed incessantly by the vulture culture, etc. etc. Despite the alterations and the troubles I’ve still seen people get results here or there. I don’t totally disagree with you but I just wouldn’t go so far as to say never.

  65. Priceless. Can we please just do this?

  66. I don’t know much about the missions but I do know about the the DC Org. I protest there all the time. I can honestly say as someone who has protested all day that they have had as little as 5 public and no more than 20 on their best day. Even events like maiden voyage have been canceled because, I suspect to knowledge of poor turn out.

    This is a 13 million dollar building and has got to be sucking more money to heat it than they are taking in. As far as the mission, it doubles as a chiropractic office and as far as I can tell, no one visits it. I am truly amazed that the staff go around believing that they are expanding with no new public. Someone posted their stats online and it listed the names of people who took the courses. A vast majority of them were staff! Yes they are selling basics to long term staff members! I would suspect that things would even be worse nut the Nation of Islam has sent new people in, often making up about half the numbers of 5 to 20 I spoke of.

    Of those that have recently felt I have to ask, was it obvious to you that numbers are crashing? Just from looking around?

  67. It seems DM reinvented the german sect filter…
    His hypocrisy stinks to heaven.

  68. Your humble servant

    Gabriel, thanks for a fine report. The 1982 “purge” as you call it, which I had never heard of and knew nothing about before reading this blog, was suppressive as hell and ripped the heart and soul out of what we knew as Scientology. The declaring of mission holders and other as “suppressive” on the spot was so evil and blatantly off policy as to make it impossible for the idea of proceeding according to policy to ever be properly respected again in the future. The stealing of missions’ money was so unbelievably criminal that the fact that they got away with it without it being corrected guaranteed the future decline of the official church as an organization. Finally, the so called Golden Age of Tech which trains people on certain technical proficiencies to the neglect of the most important fundamentals, including the auditor’s code, coupled with other errors, guarantees that there won’t be any auditors made by the now “Radical Church of Scientology” who are worth a nickel.

    In Technical Degrades Ron posed the question of how much of the tech developed over the years is still valid and he answered, “All of it.” The Radical Church of Scientology says, in effect, that except for what David Miscavige says is still valid that none of it is.

  69. I don’t know much about the missions but I do know about the the DC Org. I protest there all the time. I can honestly say as someone who has protested all day that they have had as little as 5 public and no more than 20 on their best day. Even events like maiden voyage have been canceled because, I suspect to knowledge of a potentially poor turn out.

    This is a 13 million dollar building and has got to be sucking more money to heat it than they are taking in. As far as the mission, it doubles as a chiropractic office and as far as I can tell, no one visits it. I am truly amazed that the staff go around believing that they are expanding with no new public. Someone posted their stats online and it listed the names of people who took the courses. A vast majority of them were staff! Yes they are selling basics to long term staff members! I would suspect that things would even be worse but the Nation of Islam has sent new people in, often making up about half the numbers of 5 to 20 I spoke of.

    Of those that have recently felt I have to ask, was it obvious to you that numbers are crashing? Just from looking around?

    This is a repost due to typos. Please feel free to remove original.

  70. Darn iPhone!

    Let us, for s’s and g’s allow the twenty somewhat viable missions 100 active public per week. Let give 100 per week to other 95% (you know, the non-e ones). That would be 2100 people on lines at ALL missions world-wide.
    Where are they gonna get, what was it? 10,000 on solo Nots?
    How many people signed the white house petition?

  71. Yes, my old mission in New Jersey was founded by 2 Apollo trained VIII’s. An excellent mission it was!

  72. Your humble servant


    They don’t do many real, first-class implants there, mostly just restimulation of earlier implants, which they do constantly, routinely, and VERY successfully. They have even succeeded in making a loyal cadre of “OT VIII” robot “Sceintologists.” Who would have thunk it? I do love the term mecca of technical implantation though. That’s great and very descriptive..

  73. Tom Gallagher


    Thanks for another concise, poignant, insightful and provocative write-up.
    Perhaps the little infamous sociopath should come up with a new mantra and slogan:

    “Straight down and terminal.”

  74. Your humble servant


    Thank you. Thoughtful analysis. We have a psychopath here that is obsessed with the admiration given him, whether it is based upon lies, threats, duress, or whatever. He is SO grandiose that the tortured cannot help but admire him.

  75. Gabriel

    In our area,(Vancouver, Canada) they seem to have rounded up all of the field auditors and required them to do GAT in order to continue to audit. Their “permanent certs” were removed. Combine this with the ethics backed idea that field auditors take public away from the orgs and are therefore considered borderline suppressive if they continue to audit in the field.

    Of course FLAG, under DM, is busily raping and pillaging ALL of the orgs publics for its own GI. Then take into account that Flag is also pillaging the orgs and groups for staff for various things, and then there is the AO in Canada, and the “new ideal orgs” that need to be manned up. It is frankly quite amazing that ANY auditing or training can be delivered at all, under these circumstances.

    What is being demonstrated is that can’t.

    Do I remember correctly that DM’s main stat is FLAG GI? He will cross order every other workable unit totally into non existence in order to see that HIS stats are up! And then he will gloat that he is the only one who can get his stats up, and everyone else is totally incompetent. He will blame the crash of the whole Scientology combined networks on “the bunch of SPs” who have taken over the Orgs.

    NOTHING is going to survive his “cunning plans”.

    Eric S

  76. Absolutely no need to wait, my friend. There are many individuals now auditing completely outside POB’s cult. There are training centers up and running and more on the way.
    We have the best auditors, including VIIIs and XIIs operating independent of miscavige’s greedy little claws.
    You can email me backlines if you wish and I’ll give you a rundown of what to do to get started and to win at it.

  77. Isn’t selling a “Mission package”just another version of ongoing SCAMS Gabriel ?
    (Such as Library scams, Super Power Scams, Ideal Org Scams etc.)
    Don’t they know when they rake in the $30,000 “starter package” that the mission will be GONE in 5 years, maybe even one year ?
    With draconian RTC “management” cracking a whip down to SMI does the little baby new Mission have any chance of survival ?
    And those regging the $30,000 …do they not know the lifespan?

  78. Enough Already


    Great quotes from the Save Scientology website on managing by statistics. Highly recommended.

    And let’s also give a shout-out to the website which Save Scientology credits for the majority of those quotes:

    That website (Friends of LRH) started me on my waking-up process back about 4 years ago, so I personally owe them a humongous debt of gratitude.

    (They were also the first site I ever saw which actually published org stats– something that spoke to me as a veteran exec in a way that nothing else quite did.)

  79. Beverly Hills is the most “downstat”. LAUGHTER!!!!!!!!

  80. I’m not a stooge for the church nor a supporter of Miscavidge, but isn’t the American economy in a very severe recession with 9% unemployment? Plus loans are hard to come by these days on credit cards etc. Most ordinary people would be recovering their credit card debt before embarking on new ventures. Or is that my “rational” bank squealing?

  81. oops! Miscavige of course, excuse me. Or is it Miscavitch as our tv announcer pronounced it the other day.

  82. Jim,
    Perfect. Sooth. Thanks for the great reference. I couldn’t agree more: DM is 100% about DM. All eight dynamics are about DM according to DM, and all admiration particles must belong to him.

  83. I remember at PAC that ASHO and LA Org stopped posting the birthday game stat sheets in about 2006. I think it was “too much information.” LA Org did have their OIC on the 3rd floor in 2008 when I was last there. That’s when it was obvious how the Basics were NOT improving stats. Well Done Auditing Hours were in about a year long Danger trend then.

  84. David Miscavige is no artist. An artist creates something from nothing. David Miscavige makes nothing of most everything and everyone he touches, seems to me.

  85. Thank you Gabriel, for your well reasoned and sensible analysis. As you say, the lack of competent well-trained auditors is the heart of the problem of the decline of the Corporate Church.

    But what is an ‘Auditor’? Surely someone who has had the necessary training to understand what auditing means. The traditional and successful route to this was through attracting people who knew nothing about Scientology, putting them in a classroom situation and those who saw benefit and became enthusiastic went on to become auditors, advanced their skills and then trained others.

    But why were they attracted to Scientology in the first place? Presumably because they had enquiring minds and were influenced by friends and acquaintances who believed that Dianetics and Scientology were beneficial and important philosophical ideas.

    There was a time when Scientology was ‘booming’. This is indisputable. But unlike David Miscavige, L Ron Hubbard could think on his feet. He would have taken the Internet in his stride, assessed its significance and adapted his methods accordingly. David Miscavige thinks that Scientologists are stupid and far beneath him. This is his primary error.

    Without fresh blood being attracted, the Corporate Church is doomed. The only remaining sources for the auditors of the future are the children of public and staff members. The strongly enforced official policy of discouraging Sea Org staff from having children is antithetical to the Church’s growth. This has escaped the notice of the Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center.



  86. Joe Pendleton

    Missions contract for the same reason that beings contract; they have their self determinism taken away and their ability to perceive, postulate and communicate is threatened and punished with great force. The infamous Miscavige SF Mission Holder’s conference in 1982 was the hammer. When it came down hard on that audience, Miscavige knew for sure that even the most successful and trained/audited Scientologists could be keyed in to track dramatizations when in a group. And he has never forgotten that lesson. He created the heavy key in and then grabbed their money and put them under his control.

    There is certainly nothing wrong with managing any organization using stats; actually it’s usually very necessary. But stat management has always been slightly nuts in Scientology (or even totally nuts). Even LRH data on ethics protection for upstats has never meant much. I’ve seen people produce for years (decades even) and then just wind up in the RPF for a present time sit. The Riverside video is actually a very good example of this nutso management style. In the mid 70s, my org sent a team to the Davis mission to find out how they did it, when my org situated in one of the most glamorous and popular cities in the world couldn’t do it (get lots of new people in and actually pay our staff). They came back with the data on the “disseminator, appointments, lecture, reg, etc method’. And you know what? My org, with one of the biggest staffs and the biggest field in all of planet wide Scientology in those days simply was not set up to be able to staff a Public Div that could implement the Davis method. We had originally been a 9 div org and when it was made into a 7 div org in 1971, most of the folks in the public divisions were re-posted in other parts of the org (though all of the functions remained on the org board as each previous div now became a dept). Why? The staff was used to post OTHER divisions. And by 1975, we were now a “bueracracy” in the worst sense of the word. The ED was shadowed CONTINOUSLY by the Flag Rep (literally – she actually walked beside him or behind him at all times, and sat near him in all meetings). She had a clipboard, monitoring at ALL times the Paid Comps stat, which she may have had to telex or phone in a few times a day. She also had Flag programs which needed to be implemented. The LRH Comm was always out and about too. She had to make sure all of the LRH ED programs were complied with, step by step. The org was run on a constant, right now in PT basis, fixated on each stat NOW and program steps. So….neither the ED nor the HCO Area Sec, or anyone else in the org really was able to do long range planning to post and establish a system like they had in Davis, which would have in the long run 15xéd our stats over time (or higher). Staff were A;WAYS needed for a post on a program step (I remember the LRH ED for example that had a program step for an ARCX Reg – that simply HAD to be done! – mutiply this one step over and over again, so never any discretion could be used in posting people at the org level). Our city had many more colleges and meeting places and young people than fifty Davis’s put together. But we were ALWAYS ruled by the weekly stats, and sometimes the daily stats and hourly stats. And program steps done were ALWAYS the immediate stats counted and where pressure was constantly applied. Our exec staff had no real authority to even copy successful actions in expanding Scientology, much less actually postulate and create their own org. And so… forty year later, in a beautiful historic building in one of the premier cities of the world…. there are still hardly any new people coming in !!!!! THIS was the Scientology method of management by stats in the 70s. Miscavige of course took this all to an “on steroids” level by using every way he could to “move the money to the top” (and so imitate La Cosa Nostra in SO many ways – his original contribution to world culture was to marry the Mafia with Stalinism).

    Which is why I so often make the point that this current scene will probably work out well for Scientology in the long run. The bloated, “do it all now”, stat push by force by the hour, method of management will certainly NOT be used as Scientology continues to move away from the COS into Independant mode. Watching and acting on stats, YES, of course. But with sanity and REAL understanding.

  87. Jethro Bodine

    The “PR” of the “Church of $cientology” has reached a “Lowest Ever” in Clearwater. Now non-Scientology groups won’t even accept a handout from the C of $:

  88. While I read through this blog I wonder how any rational thinking being can swallow this evident wrong talk on events. And how anybody could create such lies and talk to an audience such lies without stutter.

    If we want something to happen we postulate its existence. We postulate mission expansion. Then we announce it (we tell the world what is needed and wanted) and then we wait until this becomes reality. If it is not reality instantly we know that we have some counter intention on that line. Thus we identify counter intention and remove it. If we still see that postulate not come true we dig further and further down and do a better job removing counter intention. While we do this we increase the intention and make the postulate bigger. Not 5 times expansion. We make 10 times and then 20 times and so on until the postulate is big enough that it will become reality.
    If someone is insane enough he could understand L. Ron Hubbards work this way. Insanity is easy to understand as the core of insanity is no understanding.

    Sometimes I had been assigned an to that time undetected insane person to audit. The processes that did produce results had been simple like some orientation or „touch your nose“. If I had an insane person in front of me that had been superior to me (my boss) and him giving me orders then I did say „yes“ and did exactly the opposit. They go totally nuts and crazy about that. But others can see that too now. And they realize that you are superior to them as you do not withdraw in fear. Shure they try to overwhelm you with all the charge they can throw at you. But this does not last very long as they cannot generate or create power.

  89. Former Flag Customer

    Good point. When I completed OTVIII in the late 1980’s, I was encouraged to start a Scientology mission, and I purchased a ‘starter package’.
    At my own expense, I rented space in a strip mall and opened for business.
    The mission lasted about 8 months. A very successful FSM joined me in the early days and together we managed to deliver auditing, sell a lot of books and deliver courses. In the end, I realized that my ‘personality’ did not fit into the concept after a visit from the executive director of the local Scientology organization. He was a true ‘zealot’ making nothing but demands to send PC’s to his upper organization. At the same time, I was receiving phone calls at 3:00 AM from a top Scientology mission executive in LA who was in a constant state of panic over ‘stats’ Then I had to contend with a ‘wave’ of
    IAS ‘high pressure sales’ attacks.
    I realized that Scientology in the 1980’s was always ‘eating itself’ and was caught in the ‘short term cycle’ of instant rewards. The organization was totally incapable of operating in the long term. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons Mr. Miscavige now reports ‘false statistics’ because the network always shrinks in the ‘high pressure’ environment.
    The independent movement is the only hope for Scientology.

  90. Karen,
    I think you’re exactly right. While I appreciate the detail which Gabriel did in his analysis, the idea that these are accurate stats or even existing missions is an important consideration.
    He did the best he could do with what he had.
    Just ask yourself in the current Cof$ scene might stats be falsified? Geee…that’s a possibility. And right down to even the existance of the mission in the first place!
    I wouldn’t believe a thing coming out of that organization. Been there, done that.

  91. And you are right. My statement should have been that at least one mission I went to {that is now closed} never got any results. The mission was only open 16 hours a week! And you are right, the mission holder was paying for 6 month OT VII security checks, and as stated in another post, was even coerced into paying for the mission himself, out of his own pocket, and even showed me the checks he wrote for the mission expenses and the church STILL got money out of him. And then the mission closed because no one ever went there. It was always empty. The most promotion the mission holder did was to put Dianetics book flyers in the vestibule of a restaurant up the street where he and his wife ate after the mission opened.

  92. Does anyone know what “Mission Starter Package costs” are? I thought it was $25,000 or $50,000 but couldn’t find any firm data at the SMI site.

  93. FFO — Thank you for telling what really happened to your mission. You should have been allowed to standardly run your mission and report your stats to the mission executive in LA once weekly. There should have been no demands to send PC’s by the executive director of the local Scn organization; rather encouragement to finish pc’s to the level of the mission and then send them to the next higher organization. The same goes for those public on training at your mission; finish, then move on up.
    As far as the IAS pressure tactics, these shouldn’t have been on the lines at all! What happened to you and your mission was simply “shortfall think” and will continue to rebound. A really good policy is to “Hold the Form of the Org” when one is building toward expansion.

  94. Here’s an interesting excerpt from John Duignan’s book ‘The Complex’.
    John talks about being posted as the CO SMI UK for some time beginning in 1999:
    “…Three months later, I was back in the UK and quickly realised that my so-called promotion was a poisoned chalice. Huge problems had been brewing at SMI UK for some time and it had lost five Commanding Officers over a four-year period. There had been no one on the post for over a year when Bruce Perry ‘promoted’ me. Bruce, as Commanding Officer of the Continental Liaison Office (CLO) and ultimately responsible for all UK operations, had been put under incredible pressure to get the UK Mission Network sorted out. The once affluent and powerful network had collapsed about ten years earlier and had never really recovered. With a £30,000 price tag on the mandatory Mission Starter package it was never going to be an easy sales job. Running a mission was essentially authorising the Sea Organisation to bully you for sales and statistics morning to night, seven days a week, while earning less than the minimum wage.
    My remit, as Commanding Officers SMI, was to get the Mission stats up and to go in and force them to make more money….”
    But of course. John’s account couldn’t possibly be true! Every event I have been to in the past 20 years has bragged about the incredible expansion of Scientology Org across the boards…. the stats have NEVER been down! So John must be another of those terrible apostates who’s just disgruntled with the church and lying….. or is someone else telling big fat whoppers?

  95. Jim,

    Little Dave’s one stat “Number of Enforced Attention Units” resulting in “look at me” could have an unintended consequence for him: The Law. With such a must have on it, it only makes sense that at some point those “looking” will be from law enforcement.

  96. “David Miscavige thinks that Scientologists are stupid and far beneath him. This is his primary error.”

    Boy, does that indicate! That kind of arrogance always, ultimately, ends in tears for the oppressor. Isn’t that basically at the very heart of the total failure of socialism – the assumption that “little people” don’t have any self-determinism and need to be cajoled and coerced into activity by means of economic systems designed to keep people poor etc? Isn’t that also at the heart of the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement? Don’t take “little people” for granted. The architects of the socialist experiment known as the Eurozone are looking distinctly foolish right now. The single currency Euro is on the point of collapse and the founders of this suppressive nonsense, Jacques Delors and his cronies have got a lot to answer for.

    As far as Scientology is concerned, as many have pointed out, the way forward is just to get on and deliver anyway. The little people are revolting! Talking to Sam this morning I realised anew that the answer for anyone wondering “what to do next” is TRAIN. It’s easy, fun, and cheap. Now Jim has got some on-source checksheets there is little excuse for not starting up an embryonic training activity. It can be started in living rooms at first, and expand as needed. Trained Scientologists get things done, whereas PCs don’t necessarily. That’s my intention for the UK 2012, is to get some LRH – style training in place.

  97. Thanks, but no thanks 🙂
    I found the list thanks to this post by Jim.

    I also like the website very much.
    I like all those websites. They are helping to go free from opression.
    I also like, that they are cross-linked so well. The entire independent field goes closer and closer while DM’s empire seems to desintegrate more and more.
    This is sad, yes, but free thetans won’t stay trapped in bottles for too long.
    If he won’t step back (or down from his box) the free people will.
    We are the free people. That’s what LRH wants us to be.

  98. Sad really. The few people I know of left on mission staff started with enthusiasm and drive to use LRH tech to make a better world. They’ve been driven down tone and haven’t managed to change a thing in their communities. Nothing. Their sphere of influence barely makes it past the front door – barely makes it past their desk.
    Thanks for the analysis.

  99. Former Flag Customer

    I agree “Hold the Form of the Org”. What I experienced was ‘forced growth’.

  100. Over a decade ago it struck me that there were plenty of claims about how the Church was expanding or contracting but no data, so I set out to compile some on ‘number of churches’:
    The Mission figures come from the SMI website apart from the 2009 ones which are from the Google Maps World Locator. These are therefore Missions with actual addresses, telephone numbers etc.
    The UK Missions are interesting in that I was seeing the effect of John Duignan’s efforts from the outside – a publicity drive, regging, lists of Missions that were ‘about to open’ according to SMI in Los Angeles. None of them did!

  101. what do you mean he won’t have anything to manage?? He will still have millions in real estate. I wonder who he could rent the buildings out to???

  102. I wonder if staff still get the comminssion for selling LRH Books??
    the $30,000 starter package contains a lot of books. That is a lot of money for a Sea Org member. Even if it is only 5% of the total book sales…..

  103. The destruction of the Mission Network was the most difficult thing I had to watch. My friends were getting smashed and declared every day. ( I was too, so had no power to intervene). The list of Sea Org Execs that DM had destroyed in 1982; If you look at that list of people, almost every single one had a personal relationship with LRH, and I can’t imagine any of them allowing David to go the route he has. He had to get them out of the way. International Management had long held the view that the why for the situation of “Missions booming and Orgs not” was the missions (that was believed for years prior to gaining the power it had for the Int Finance Police. I often wonder what the information was that was slanted and given to LRH. 3rd party is not difficult to do, once you have rid yourself of all potential naysayers. LRH could only step in and take action on the information he had to hand. I do not know if LRH had anything to do with these actions, I only know that he was off the mainstream lines, and operating information he received from people who had hidden agendas.

  104. George

    I got about two sentences into the second paragraph and then we “parted company” I am afraid.

    I find that if you are going to deal with people, you would almost certainly have to modify the approach that you suggest in the rest of the paragraph.

    At the point where any kind of force is used to get people to do something, you are actually treating them like MEST to that degree. Since, when you are dealing with people, all you have to work with in the first place are their own goals, and their WILLINGNESS to help, one is well advised to address these things first.

    One does not get out of “non-existence” as a “condition of existence” by telling people what one wants and then in some way trying to make them produce it. One would do better to find out what THEY “need and want”, that is aligned with your purpose or goal, and then YOU delivering THAT to THEM, at their gradient. If you do it well, both your and their purposes will be enhanced in that area.

    Seems like a much easier and more fruitful course of action.

    And sorry, but I cannot track with this statement at all…. “If someone is insane enough he could understand L. Ron Hubbards work this way. Insanity is easy to understand as the core of insanity is no understanding.”

    Eric S

  105. Fantastic! Thank you, LDW!
    I’ve met a couple of folks here in the UK, and have seen the Indies on the net. It’s all so great. I don’t know your email address, mine is poet13c at

  106. You’re right, Leonore.
    Actually, I was being facetious about miscavige being an artist, attempting to draw out our typically British response : ‘He’s an artist alright, a ‘piss-artist!’

  107. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I’m not sure why they’re listing an East Toronto mission with stats. That mission closed down in 2009, unless it’s now being run out of someone’s basement.

  108. Hi Poet,
    “Actually, I was being facetious about miscavige being an artist…”

    Yes, I did understand that! 🙂

  109. Wow. This IS heavy!

  110. There are people that do not care if others do suffer or die. There are people that do not care if they ruin lots of others just to make millions for their own pocket.
    You are right. If I have someone of that kind in front of me I am treating him like MEST. Currently I have found no other solution for those people.
    And for my own well being.
    But I try the best I can do deal with my fellow men with respect. Am I perfect? No.

  111. Everything David Miscavige touches turns to gold like with King Midas

    He kills life

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