David Miscavige: The Narcissist

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. Narcissistic personality disorder is closely linked to egocentrism.  – Wikipedia

As Mike Rinder, Dan Koon, Raul, and others will attest, not a single word of a single Corporate Scientology event is not directed and/or finally authorized by David Miscavige.  He lives for Corporate Scientology events.   The latest IAS Freedom Medal winner – the Columbian military man in the following video excerpt – is being honored for distributing The Way To Happiness booklets (a moral code written by L Ron Hubbard) in his country.

Mike Rinder, Dan Koon, Raul, and many other former International Corporate Scientology base staff will attest that David Miscavige would never lift a single finger to advance any such campaign.

Anyone who has worked closely with Miscavige can also attest that he considers Latinos second-class, degraded people. Not only can he not translate Spanish, he cannot even pronounce a single Spanish word properly. I’ve only ever heard him attempt to use Spanish words to degrade Latinos or Latinas in his environment.

Now, check the following clip from the most recent IAS annual event and tell me, is there a single sincere bone in this cat’s body?

By the way, birds of a feather?:

Tom Cruise Pays “Fans” to Adore Him

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  1. Funny thing I never saw the Miscavige “not confronting” a person, not even able to reach him and inmediatly withrawing? I would actually made a special Latinamerican ppl sec check on David so he could actually reach hands, just for that lol. If you have any story or proof about mistreating latinos you can write to me and I will let ppl know what kind of ppl is this guy among my communit.
    Latinameican ppl is not just the warmest ppl you could find, but also the most incredibly high ARC you will ever find on this part or area, that Military guy was very excited and you could see his dissapointment face because he didnt recieved the beingness back according what was his real words.

  2. This is so ….. tacky. The guy’s thank you speech is scripted and turns it around to actually be an award for David Miscavige?????? I think that this is called a reflective receipt point or something like that. Something is said or done in a way that the cause point actually is the recipient. Narcisim completely fits. Ignoring him when he enters a room would drive him nuts.

  3. ExIntStaffMember

    Any normal person would have been too embarrassed to translate and pass on such comments due to their own innate sense of humility. There were absolutely no indications from Miscavige that he was embarrassed or feeling humbled — not in the slightest. Just a big fat chester cat smile. So spiritually advanced that man is — NOT!

  4. I have to say that is the most disgusting, repulsive thing I have ever seen in my entire life. WOW. Baaaaaaaaaarf!

  5. How frigging awkward with DM translating the ack to himself. Top it off with the glee of insanity. It was embarrassing to watch even in the privacy of my own home.

  6. I Agree with you ExINtStaffMember, translating his own ovation is not only a very bad it self as an action, the proper action would be an aditional translator and DM just saying thank you and saying something toward the soldier, then making the audience clapping toward the man who earned the medal, but neeeewwwwooooo he did it toward himself, Jesus! ok ok I will drink my coffee ….

  7. Yeah, I read the article before watching the video. So, what else is new? Then I watched that 1:05 clip and OMFG! Yes, Marty is dead on the money. That butt kiss was scripted into the event and approved by DM. I would bet my life on it. And, oh, yes, DM was very, very fond of denigrating Latinos and Latinas, particularly Yael Sherlock (Lustgarden). But he was also an equal opportunity denigrator. He took it out on Guillaume, who is French and Jesse Prince, who is black and others I am sure will furnish numerous other examples. Maybe we all did when we were 10 or 12 but not at 50. Talk about arrested social development. DM, Stevie Wonder wrote a song about what is SUPPOSED to happen, i.e., grow up so you can look back fondly on the dumb shit you used to do. At some point that dumb shit becomes downright nasty. Listen closely: http://youtu.be/GH1BPQ7FLbc.

  8. Let’s all write letters to DM, translated into Spanish, and compliment him on his prowess in mastering that language.

    I hope the next IAS winner is from Upper Volta. Would love to see him translate whatever they speak there.

  9. Megalomania.

  10. The illusion is that DM is an upstat, honest, strong and very scientology trained leader.
    The reality, the truth, would never have been known if all the people arround him have never had the courage to speak and tell what´s behind the courtain.
    Thanks to all that that have the misfortune to meet him for speaking out.


  11. So, Dan Sherman is now writing the speeches of the awardees?

  12. martyrathbun09

    +1 – nice selection too.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Mike and I have both done it on many occasions – ignored him – only to witness Mr Vesuvius on crack emerge.

  14. Dan — I agree with everything you said 100%.

    From having been very directly involved in these events for many years, I know for a fact that the IAS people that select and promote these medal winners make VERY sure to brief them on how they have to acknowledge POB. Karen ALpers was there shepherding them through their speechwriting and drilling. Once she is done (there were times in the past where people wrote acceptance speeches for IAS or Birthday Game winners that “didnt acknowledge COB” and their speeches were not only corrected, the people were investigated/sec checked for being disaffected) then the event director (used to be Lisa Schroer — she may have returned from laundress by now) gives them another work over. ANd finally, the great man himself reviews the speeches, modifies them as he sees fit and then drills with the awardees.

    Dan, can you imagine contemplating standing on stage and “translating” something you say about how incredibly wonderful YOU are? You would die. You would NOT be able to get through the rehearsal. You would feel like a complete moron. And you would EDIT THE DAMN SPEECH! This is SUPPOSED to be about the winner, but as years go by it has become more and more about “Mr. Scientology” himself.

    This is downright creepy.

    • Good description Marty. You non-compliant, suppressive c***sucking piece of s**t! You are CI to me! You have evil purposes dripping off of your face!
  15. The scene opens with dubbed in clapping and cheers. If you look at those in the audience, they are looking less than enthusiastic and there is no movement that would normally accompany the sound effects one is hearing. The military man is obviously very theta. DM makes me want to throw up!

    All this is going on while those trapped in the “hole” and RPF are still there! This link if for those that erroneously think that their “church” is without crimes! Read about the RPF and get the truth.

  16. +1 Baaaaaaaaarf!!

  17. I watched it twice. Once with the sound on and the second time with it off, just to watch the body language. It’s quite apparent that whatever this guy did moved the audience if you listen to the applause and the acknowledgement of HIM. At the same time, DM, in anticipation of what is going to be said starts smiling. We are to think he is smiling at the IAS Medal of Honor winner but really, he is smiling at what’s next…his own public acknowledgement…for all the masses to witness.

    Then, when he goes to interpret you can see a huge chop in ARC as he goes to the podium, almost a don’t dare touch me flow. He gives his translation and goes to back away when the medal winner reaches out to shake his hand. He starts to withdraw and almost as an afterthought, shakes his hand…begrudgingly. Yes, contempt is clear but in such a 1.1 way and fast video speed, a person might miss it. Good call on both the contempt he feels and the self aggrandizing.

  18. Laura — The appropriate reaction for any normal people. And yet the clubbed seals under the big tent applaud like they had just been thrown another fish! Extra special applause because POB himself told them how wonderful himself is.

    This really reminds me of watching the interviews of the devoted followers of Warren Jeffs when he was being tried for sex abuse. While held in prison he called his flock every day to preach to them. And they revered him. In spite of the overwhelming evidence of his abuses of his own people, they considered him the next best thing to God and would hear no evil, see no evil nor speak no evil concerning their anointed one. He was perfect.

    It is astonishing how one power hungry, false purpose ridden creep can persuade so many that he is anointed to guide them to salvation — even as they lose everything. And ESPECIALLY in a group that supposedly teaches self-determinism and “thinking for yourself.”

  19. I had to have a double take on that clip just to make sure I was actually seeing what I was seeing. Now I feel ill – he translated his own made up compliment about himself for himself by himself.
    No wonder the “crime” of masterbating became their number one sec check question – it came straight from the top – the biggest wanker to ever get a grip.
    Geez, what a sick puppy that guy is…

  20. Jethro Bodine

    Boy, what false sincerity! Miscavige is trying to force a smile on his face while he’s probably thinking some degrading thought like “How did this overdressed Taco Bell reject get into the building?”

    And that little ass kiss at the end – totally scripted. They (the IAS) probably had to put it in there to allow the guy to share the same stage as Miscavige. It almost sounded like Miscavige was getting the award. I’m so glad I don’t have to go to these dumb PR events anymore.

  21. Mike, your picture of clubbed seals under the big tent applauding cracks me up. I have seen this in the past and thought to myself “are you kidding me”! This applause is reactive!….something gets spit out and something is expected to happen as a result!

  22. 1) Does DM always talk out of the side of his mouth?
    (I know, rhetorical question…)
    2) What are the odds that this was an actor HIRED to do this bit? the introduction was cut off, so his name, military affiliation and rank were omitted.

    The culture of abuse and torture within Corporate Scn reminds me of this quote:
    “When feelings of insecurity develop within those holding power,” reads one CIA analysis of the Soviet state applicable to post-9/11 America, “they become increasingly suspicious and put great pressures on the secret police to obtain arrests and confessions. At such times police officials are inclined to condone anything which produces a speedy ‘confession’ and brutality may become widespread.”

    Et Tu, Dave?

  23. How self indulgent & narcisstic ,,, to do the translation. Not an ounce of humility, not an ounce of compassion emanates from him. No greatness hear, just low class nothingness.

  24. Marty, good article, I’d say the SOB is the definition.

  25. Yes, I agree. It is absolutely incredible, and embarrassing as hell. I know the value of Scientology. I am sure geneticists felt the same way when the insane abuses of Eugenics came to light.

  26. LRH wrote some great words In The Phoenix Lectures about a person “being interesting” or “being interested”. He says, …”A thetan is interested, and an object is interesting…”
    This video shows another obvious display of how DM is always “being interesting”. He lives that beingness. He has to have that inflow of interest from others, and is truly just an object…he has become MEST, and thus his fixation on worshipping it.

  27. You know, the scary thing for me is that I can visualize myself several years ago actually standing up and joining in with the applause. The problem is that when I do so, my brain stem feels like it is going numb, I lose my peripheral vision, and I begin mooing.

  28. Thanks for this video. It was very interesting to see the
    7 Social processes that grease the slippery slope of evil:

    1. Mindlessly taking the first small step
    2. Dehumanizing of others
    3. De-individuation of Self (anonymity)
    4. Diffusion of personal responsibility
    5. Blind obedience to authority
    6. Uncritical conformity to group norms
    7. Passive tolerance of evil through inaction or indifference

    RCS has gone all the way through these steps to where the sheeple have dropped through all 7 steps in a complete reversal of LRH’s original principles.

    When recently asking an OVIII who travels the country doing regging for idle morgues if he was worried about the collapse of the Exec strata into one person, he said, “who cares…we’re expanding. Stats are highest ever and we’re opening new ideal orgs like never before.”

    Geeeze… even the supposed “most aware” thetans in this group are tolerating evil as long as they think they are winning. That Kool-aide is so yummy. Wake-up will ya. You are being lied to. Evil is evil no matter what the apparencies. Why would anyone want to expand with this PR machine so negative? Where is your integrity?

  29. DM is bathing in the admiration coming from the crowd.

    He also seems nervous and jerky in the presence of the evil, giant, Latino/Martian/FBI Agent-Man who had the nerve to hand out those fucking Way To Happiness booklets that can actually HELP people!

  30. Patrick Bateman reminds me of Pope on a Dope, er, Dope as a Pope. A facade of a human, an empty shell, a void.

    1:59 – “There is an idea of a David Miscavage, some kind of abstraction. But there is no ‘real me’, only an entity, something illusory.”

  31. Birds of a feather is right.

    And both facing moments of truth. POB how long he can keep the pretense going in the face of a stream of constant exoposures of his lies.

    Tom facing the test that is going to either confirm his career is buried beyond redemption as nobody wants to pay money to see D/POB on screen, or give him a glimmer of hope that there may be a future. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Box Office is going to be a defining moment. And judging from the promos they are doing (focusing on him — they are making this a star driven movie) it is not going to live up to their hopes. Opening opposite Sherlock Holmes, Tom will be embarrassed into reclusiveness if he is beaten by Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law. I think he is in for a terrible weekend, but we will see.

  32. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty & Mike, seeing this clip, probably turns on instant
    nausea, with each and every Indie visiting this site.
    ANY spontaneous ” Outflow ” of Expletives, outrage or
    involuntary puking, is the very LEAST method of getting
    that vile, toxic, entheta intake — immediately expelled
    OUT of your SYSTEM!! Man this is just so-o-o-o SICK!

  33. Heard on the local radio during my drive to work this morning: Apparently Tom Cruise’s handlers hired 200 people to greet Tom at the airport in India where he is promoting his new Mission Impossible movie release.

    Birds of a feather….

  34. On watching it a second time for body language cues.

    The other man is quite a bit taller than DM and also is dressed in his uniform with the hat, medals, etc. All of which imply power or dominance, even in DM’s mind as he stands there in a taylored suit. People tend to cover up their insecurities and it is quite clear where he is feeling a need to protect himself.

    Once the are done reading their scene DM feigns a handshake only to withdraw. Once the man goes to reciprocate the handshake DM goes in with the two handed shake to reassert his dominance over the situation.

    Up comes the clapping, “No really, stop, please….sit down….oh I’m so humbled! (CLAP LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!)

  35. Ha ha! I know that feeling.

  36. Re: almost sounded like POB was getting the award, don’t think it couldn’t happen some day. I can certainly envision POB some time saying “I have done a trillion times what anyone other Freedom award winner has ever done (perhaps except D/POB, as POB has probably only done 70X what he has done)..” then some ass-licker comes up with the idea to give POB the award. POB calls the ass-licker an SP for suggesting he only receive the same award as anyone else and decides he should receive the “IAS Whole Track Maximus Freedom Medal” to be presented by D/POB after at least a one hour tribute film with the audience expected to give a standing ovation throughout….

  37. Gern Gaschoen

    I remember once taking an elevator with DM at Pac base .. I’d gotten in the elevator first, didn’t really think anything about it .. go up a floor, in walks the midget. I did what I always do when I share an elevator with someone, made eye contact, said “Hi”, and then looked away as the elevator did its thing. Personal space boundaries re-aligned, and so on.

    Oh man, was that guy solid. I got out of the elevator and my 2D at the time caught me on the exit floor and said “hey .. did you just share an elevator with DM?” .. “sure” I say, thinking nothing of it – we’re humans, elevators are there, it happens.

    I got a fucking KR for that. “Shared an elevator with DM, showing no respect for our Leader” or some such rubbish. I can’t get over how stupid that shit is ..

  38. Gotta come back later to watch past a few seconds and read comments but what I saw at the beginning was a guy in the back clapping slowly, as though he was not really with the program. Looked like a Sea Org guy. RPF for him!

  39. Dan,

    Hadn’t heard that song for a while – brings back memories where we used to blast it loudly every day while working at the office, when the album first came out!

    DM definitely degraded other cultures and races. His personal bodyguard at one brief point, who came from Venezuela and was Freewinds crew before promoted to RTC was a baseball fan. However he tried, he could not pronounce “Yankees” the American way, and so was renamed by DM as “Jankee” as a Joking and Degrading thing, calling him by that given name for a long time, not in anger but to put him in a lower place. Asians were F__king Gooks at times, not particularly in anger.

    It is totally amazing how DM laps up praise, no such thing as modesty.

  40. A very interesting comparison between Cruise and Miscavige. Both of diminutive size, both pretending in their respective careers, both apparently needy of public adulation, both recluses, both hire people to applaud them, both money motivated, both control freaks, both oblivious to the plight of others.

    Does the Indian release have Cruise subtitled or voiced over by an Indian actor? Cruise (in movie) “How can I provide excellence of service of you today?” Villain, “You can please die for me.”

    I’d see it just for that.

  41. Tony DePhillips

  42. Gern Gaschoen

    Did you ask him to show you the stats graphs?

  43. Unfortunately, while this sounds like a joke, I assure you this concept has been thought of MANY times and POB is judging the progress of his ascent to invincible, all-seeing, all-powerful Mr. Right to determine the right time for such a move to be made….

  44. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, Most astonishing INDEED!

    It seems very FEW even vaguely suspect the cavernous
    depths of EVIL from where this “permanently raptorial
    CREATURE ” came slithering, in a HUMAN disguise!!

    Of course,once the deadly BITE of “kool-aid” has
    taken effect, just as any competent hypnotist will attest,
    “the subject is completely under one’s “CONTROL”

    However, thanks to the monumental efforts of you,Marty
    and now thousands of anti COS members hitting back
    via the ‘Obama Petition’ ( approx 6,5OO signatures )
    including our OWN Indies and F Zoners Using the ONE
    weapon which he just CANNOT STOP –THE INTERNET


  45. The trailers being pushed in commercials seem to be financed by BMW, which seems odd.

  46. MR: It might sound like a joke to some, but I certainly did not intend the comment as a joke. I consider it inevitable unless everything blows up before that blessed day…

  47. +1000000000000

  48. Yes, I know YOU didnt think this was a joke. Should have made that clear.

  49. Not unusual these days SInar. Practically everything you see in a movie has a “deal” connected with it. If James Bond wears an Omega, Omega pays. If Julia Roberts uses Clinique cosmetics in a scene, they pay. If MI IV uses BMWs, they pay and provide cars to be trashed, but they are guaranteed coverage in all promot trailers etc etc. It’s a big business in Hollywood these days.

  50. Well if or when it happens, I hope it includes him being carried through the hall in a litter…or having his ring kissed…

  51. Sinar,
    Oh, yeah, and we used to blast Hotter Than July in RTRC, especially when Phoebe was not there and even when she was. (A wonderful lady.)
    There is no one like Stevie Wonder. I never saw a better concert than the one from December 1980 at the Staples Center.
    And, Mike, you are right–we would all die before translating something that over the top said about us.
    It occurs to me reflecting on this post and the comments that DM must have a serious case of continuous missed withhold phenomena around anyone such as OSA staff who keep up with this blog and other anti-DM sites. DM KNOWS that what is said about him here is true and he knows that OSA staff read it so when he sees them he knows that they know. Yet, he has to keep up this other valence of The COB. Must be a verrrrry complex existence at times.

  52. I see despair, resignation. He has lost and he knows it.

  53. I’m at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas with a crowd from the Freezone convention. We put this on super sized television and read the post and watched the video. Everyone was ON THE FLOOR! Best entertainment at the convention! Too f*^&%$g FUNNY!

  54. My god that is so sick…. how on God’s green earth can those people not see through this man at that event. I had a visceral reaction watching the video. DM looks so solid… he has a hard time smiling while he is listening…

  55. Jethro Bodine

    The new Mission Impossible movie features a new BMW car – I just heard a BMW ad. No doubt they paid a lot for it.


  56. scilonschools

    And here wae i thinking DM may have DID (dissociative identity disorder ),well maybe that as well!!
    Multiple mannerisms, attitudes and beliefs which are not similar to each other
    Unexplainable headaches and other body pains
    Distortion or loss of subjective time ( a long time)
    Severe memory loss
    Flashbacks of abuse/trauma
    Sudden anger without a justified cause
    Frequent panic/anxiety attacks
    Unexplainable phobias

  57. Didn’t somebody once say that the not-quite-bright have a button on self-importance? Or……was that…….impotence?

  58. He should not be embarrassed to be beaten by Robert Downey Jr, RDj is a much better actor, although maybe a slightly lesser “star”.

  59. Marty, Mike, and any others;

    Given that the CofS cannot possibly be reformed until DM is gone, how do you see that exit coming about? Would it be a legal seizure, or a mutiny, or just a ‘retirement’? Any speculations?

    Personally, I’d like to see a mutiny, but I don’t know how that could come about. Who would have to mutiny for it to be successful? Obviously it would have to be by a significant majority of INT execs, I suppose. Which ones could pull it off? I’m not so interested in the names, but the posts held.


  60. Honestly, that little man is so vile, I can hardly watch him without wanting to vomit. He is so stupid, he really thinks he’s fooling everyone with how “wonderful” he is, NOT, NOT, NOT, we know you for what you are!!!!!!!!!!

  61. martyrathbun09

    Hey – Have a great convention ya’ll.

  62. Truly scary that your sweetie would write up a KR for not dripping awe from every pore that you had spent a few seconds in an elevator with DM.

    This is a lot like what happened after the Berlin Wall and East Germany fell and Stasi (secret police) files were opened to the public. In a number of cases, people found that the informants directing years of painful harassment by the Stasi goons were their own spouses who were blackmailed into turning informer by the regime… It’s hard to come up with adjectives to say how scary that is.

  63. He has his copper rods and scotch to help him deal with this complex existence,but mostly trained ass kissers.

  64. What a contrast: a tall, robust, good looking man standing next to puny, thin, pint sized (even with shoe lifts) DM. I bet DM hated him and couldn’t get him off the stage fast enough.

  65. Clever — pretending to be someone you have no idea who she is.

    Using her name, linking to a shambhala community.

    I’m asking all of my friends on this blog to NEVER respond to anything from “Jane Philbin” — she/he is a complete fraud and has started to harass the real Jane Philbin. This is someone from OSA.

    Authorities are now on notice. I suggest you never call her again.


  66. Marty, perhaps you could offer him a session in strictest confidence. I believe he would like to have some auditing with you, if only he could find a way to do it within the true safety of an auditor’s space. I say this because he trusted you, of all the people in his world, to audit Tom. And he still trusts you not to betray your p.c. and of course, he is right about that. Your brother has fallen. Will you hold out your hand to him?

  67. He is very vomitous.

  68. martyrathbun09

    I posted this one to make a record. More from the creepiest cult on the planet.

  69. Have for self – can´t have for others!
    He cannot even let the person HAVE the admiration from the audience – he has to grab it himself via a “translation”. And then the glee about it – absolutely sick!!! How can anyone still have any respect for such a vain, silly, self-absorbed peacock. I just think at some REAL leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, M.L. King, Nelson Mandela – exactly the opposite.

  70. To me this video shows just how far south Miscagive is. To actually be the translator of a (as we all know priorly prepared and rehearsed statement that had to be approved by him) that sucks up to him and positions him above this award recipient in front of public like that is taking narciccistic up straight and vertical.

    And I happen to believe the rumour about paying Indians to cheer to be true. Tom “who?”. Why would a bunch of poor people who can’t afford to go to the movies be cheering an American actor. Come on!

  71. Maria, you don’t audit criminals or out-ethics types until they have stopped committing crimes and their ethics are at least somewhat in. There is no point otherwise.

  72. You’ve got to be kidding.

  73. Do you also think that this is DM pretending to understand Spanish so people would think he is fluent? Does dm know any other languages?

  74. Thanks Marty —

    Pathetically creepy. As was dms false smile in the video and how he relaxed that plastic smile and it bounced back on when the applause kept coming.

    I’m just wondering how long this facade can keep going before it cracks.

    And thinking of the people who are dying inside —

    Any more news of Peter Schless?


  75. The military guy was USED as a PROP by David Miscavige, to aggrandize David Miscavige. Period.

    Yes, the Latino culture is warm and demonstrative, a beautiful culture.

  76. Sue, your description is exactly, by definition, what Narcissus (the legend from whence the term comes) does….constantly look in a mirror at himself…everyone and everything is a mirror in which he MUST BASK, and which MUST REFLECT his (imagined) beauty and importance. Or else…. ::crack:: and ::pop:: goes the weasel.


  78. And before he sits down, offer him a phone book to sit on. So that he can have an F/Ning chair.

  79. I think you are talking about two other David Miscaviges.

  80. A (good) Observer

    The bit about Tom Cruise “Tom Cruise Pays Fans to Adore Him” — the denial by his “reps” sounds like Scientology “apostate” blather! It’s “ludicrous” and “offensive” and “an insult” by GAWD.

    A report in First Post Bollywood claimed that 200 or more extras were each given about 150 rupees — the equivalent of $3 — and a free lunch to mimic enthusiasm for Cruise’s arrival in the city.

    About a year ago it was so transparent when Tom Cruise went on Twitter, he paid people to do gimmicks to get people to “follow” him. He also puts out these insincere ploys to “help” actors and writers, it is manipulation to get “folllowers”. If only it were genuine, that’s different.

    Tom Cruise movies stopped being works of art and started being big money stunts to couch him in glory. Narcissists look at the world as there to serve them — Tom Cruise, like David MIscavige, sees resources and people as disposable assets on the world, which exists for one purpose: a stage on which all are mirrors and pawns to reflect back and bolster and stroke the “greatness”.

  81. A (good) Observer

    Another thing … the production of that IAS video set up …. the AUDIO is way skewed, Listen to the cheering and applause in the opening, it is starkly out of proportion to the room, the distance of the crowd (including extras paid to be there) and does not work to picture. I read that David Miscavige scripts and edits these videos (I’m ready for my close up), and the same little paws that meddled with John Travolta’s “Battlefield Earth” production were probably turning up the volume levers on the CHEERING (for him). Rather bleak and sickening when one think s of the people who have placed their trust in this sham.

  82. A (good) Observer

    oh and as sickening if not more, that this type of psychopath latched on to writings by a genuine philosopher (Hubbard), and is using another man’s life work to give him credibility. People get the benefits from the bits they are given of Scientology, then confuse that it’s David Miscavige, as this video shows, Miscavige orchestrates it that way and has been. The ultimate parasite. A soul-sucking tick.

  83. The studio is trying to use the success of “Dark Knight Rises” by showing a special sneak preview before “Ghost Protocol” to boost sales, as some hardcore Batman fans will buy tickets to the Cruise flick just for those 6 minutes’ worth of preview. They know they have to pull it off somehow, and even had D/POB introducing a college football rivalry on national tv to promote the film as mart of its marketing campaign.

  84. He had to shake his hand as well – arrgh!

  85. top of the vale

    It seemed that the little runt was seething under that fake grin!

  86. Yes, Tom C paid a huge amount to BMW to promote him and his movie. I know this for fact because one of the top BMW sales person told us and also invited us to go to the event without knowing there is no way we would support Tom C for what he did to us.

  87. Tony- Where the hell do you find these youtube videos?

    Unreal 🙂

  88. Winning an IAS Freedom Medal is not good enough to get even a little bit of applause from POB apparently.

  89. “he has a hard time smiling while he is listening…”

    I noticed that too, kye. His smile looks very forced while he stands there listening to the canned praise.

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    What I just DON’T get, is WHY you guys are so
    NICE to this life blood sucking, soul destroying
    child and foetus hating Psycho Monster from
    CORRECT TARGET. He knows it, So do we
    and his OSA trolls, too.” Your fate is sealed
    through your own horribly distorted, delusions
    and maniacal actions, which are made even
    more horrific by the fact that you have single
    handedly ORCHESTRATED the destruction
    and BETRAYAL of the legacy of L Ron Hubbard
    and CAUSED untold suffering, misery, poverty
    suicides and death while masquerading as
    a front called;”The Church of $cientology ”


  91. Maria,
    Speaking of crreeeeeeeepy. Youch. And I was just getting over the creepy fuck who scripted and translated his own accolade, using a real man as a prop for his own wonderfulness.

    This has been a real test of willingness to experience anything easily, boy oh boy.

  92. Bobo,

    Good idea you want to organise a mutiny. Don’t tell the names of your fellow staffs, just their post. Don’t tell you name but just the hat you’re wearing in Osa ! 🙂 🙂

  93. Marty, I beg to differ. 🙂 I believe Narcissist is much to mild of a word for David Miscavige. I am not sure the full words exists in the English language, and my niece speaks 6 languages with a Master’s in English literature. I may not know the EXACT word but Narcissist it too mild of an expletive. 🙂

  94. debbie cook and ron norton could much say about oscar saldarriagga the columbian. how come the drug cartels are not tarbetting those in clearwater who can get there minions off drugs

  95. My daughter was traveling trough Columbia on a bycicle when all that Hype from the IAS was about this TWTH campaign there. In the 2 months while riding from on corner of the country to the other , also in the jungle and the dangerous areas and talking to lots of soldiers she never saw one TWTH booklet, never met one Scientologist, no Org, no mission, no media, no TV just nothing……and she meant that this booklet wouldn’t be of any help for the major population there as they have survival problems that have to be adressed first.
    I googled in google Columbia about the promoted sucesses in the army etc…but nowhere could find any real reference to it.
    What are the products there ?
    How many auditors trained ? How many clears made ?

  96. Mother of Grendel

    No… that creepy smile was because POB had a hard-on about getting to tell all those fans – er, parishoners – how great he is!

  97. Maria, DM is a text-book SP, and as such, has no trust to a point of terror. He is in continual danger in his own estimation, and would not permit himself to be helped and would not respond to treatment if help were attempted. Only the sane, well-balanced person tries to correct his conduct.
    If he came into my space, I’d vomit all over his beautiful GAT bollocks (figuratively), then I’d say, with my perfect TR0, ‘I want to help you.’
    Maybe Marty is made of sterner stuff.
    Pardon my intrusion.

  98. Who is Tom Cruise?
    No. Joke.
    I still like his movies and productions, even though his space shrinks…
    Paid fans is a PR flub of its best. Risky business. Way too serious.
    Lift up Tom.

  99. The sad backstory and truth to this little fiasco is that TWTH distribution in Columbia has little to nothing to do with the reduced violence there.

    In the book El NARCO, INSIDE MEXICO’S CRIMINAL INSURGENCY, Ioan Grillo describes how the control of the cocaine market has shifted from the Columbian to the Mexican cartels. It is no long centralized in Columbia, but in fact, has moved north. And thus the shift in violence can be seen in the daily news reels coming out of Mexico. (40,000 dead in 5 years, and they ain’t all gun toting drug dons!)

    See: http://www.npr.org/2011/10/25/141650194/el-narco-the-trade-driving-mexicos-drug-war

    There are two things wrong with this “award”. First, I happen to personally know the individual who started this grass roots campaign back in 1993/94. And like so many others, she was grandstanded by a “Johnny-come-and-donate-lately” or wasn’t important enough or visible enough, etc, etc….

    Second, and most significant, the violence continues in a new land, as if it just snubs its nose to the social better campaigns and while the drug lords of Mexico slaughter their own in an unchecked genocide, the little one is on stage talking to himself….

    Andy Defresne
    “…get busy livin…”

  100. I was on the Freewinds in Nov. 09 and was made to go to a fundraiser because the Colunbian government demanded TWTH booklets. I wonder if I was the only one wondering why we were expected to pay for this and not Columbia? If there was such a program and it was so successfull would’nt they happily pay for them themselves? Glad I was’nt w/ the program and walked shortly there after. Oh yea, there was a mandatory IAS ‘event’ the next night. Thank God I was’nt one of the new or almost OT Hates. Talk about being raked over the coals!

  101. A soul sucking tick? Hardly.

    As is covered in the opening video:

    David Miscavige IS the way to happiness!!!


  102. Busted and exposed before he/she even gets out of the starting gate?
    Playing some pointless game with the intent to trick others?
    prostituting one’s soul for a religious pimp?
    Not so clever. Not by a looooong shot 🙂

  103. That’s what struck me the most too. The grin was so fake. More like baring teeth in a grimace than a real, natural smile. It’s easy to tell the difference and Miscavige is a LOUSY actor.

  104. Absolutely right Andy. Nor did the IAS pay for whatever was done in Columbia, direct donations were collected “at gun point”. In fact, money was diverted from similar programs running in Mexico (where the violence moved to) to pay for the gestures in Columbia. I know, I was there at the time. I also debriefed a lady (not a Scientologist) who was pressed ganged into going to Columbia on the WTH program. She reported it was a waste of time. This event is the usual false hype within false hype within DM paying homage to DM hype.

    Not only are there huge falsehoods. This all went down years ago. It has been dredged up out of utter desperation.

  105. Tony DePhillips


  106. Maria,
    Are you speaking on his majesty’s behalf?
    (‘scuse me while I gather myself and attempt to keep a straight face)
    What is this? DM’s exit strategy? It’s all going to shit so ally with Marty and attempt to suck the life out of the Indies next?
    What’s the next line? It was all a big mistake? His case got the better of him?
    DM has no right to go in session. A – E steps apply. He IS guilty of suppressive acts and has barred the road out for innocent people.
    Whatever it is you’re doing, one thing I am sure of: you are mis-representing your real intentions. The slime dripping off of this ‘request’ shows it to be about as genuine as the crocodile ‘smile’ of Miscavige.

  107. Been traveling so I’m back on the mission subject…along the way there was about 300 miles which had a lot of black ice. About midway I stopped at this remote roadside diner for a cup of coffee—really just wanted to warm my hands on the mug and relax for a bit. Inside I got to know a fella named Josiah G “Doc” Scurlock in one of his kinder moments. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doc_Scurlock
    I was in charge of the “baling wire and WD40”.
    The thought was entirely his.

    Pullin Hard Against the Stream

    It’s from this world I’ve gained my knowledge
    And for that, I’ve had to pay.
    I never cracked a book in college
    But often things would seem to say,
    Life is like a mighty river,
    Rollin on from day to day.
    We as ships are launched upon it
    And some get wrecked or cast away.

    So do your best for one another
    To make this life a pleasant scene.
    And help a weary brother
    Pullin hard against the stream.

    (If a mission holder had that, he’d be a success.)

  108. Pingback: Miscavige Megalomania, In Three Languages | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  109. I suspect DM uses a teleprompter. I know at FLAG where I gave two graduation speeches my speech had to pass muster with a certain person in charge. I was asked to say my thanks to COB. NOTE: not in my original speech.
    I suspect this was a speech written by someone wanting to kiss the ass of DM.
    Now here is the kicker…..DM played his part and loved it.
    A true psychotic narcissist….and yes still an empty suit…still a boy in a man’s body.
    And those, what did Mike Rinder label them….of yea….”clubbed seals under the big tent applaud like they had just been thrown another fish!
    You can’t make this shit up….not in a million years.

  110. Based on this very brief clip, the guy in uniform with the fruit salad on his coat strikes me as an outstanding example of diplomatic class and personal poise.

  111. We can be sure it’s no accident that MI 4: Botox Protocol is opening in the East first. The main star’s appeal has seriously waned in the West. That’s why the movie has a popular young co-star too. Bad US opening weekend grosses would dent revenues in what is now the main global market for a declining star’s product.

    Miscavology also has a bad rep in the West now and so is being flogged heavily in nations where people aren’t so wired to the press and Internet.

    No amount of Viagra PR can help Miscavige or his BFF get their limp appeal up at this point.

  112. Actually, based on everything I’ve read of Marty’s I do think he is made of sterner stuff, and it is reflected in his compassion and in his refusal to back down in the face of extreme circumstances. There are very few people I would even think of making such a suggestion to – and Marty is one of those few. So you can find it creepy or weird or think that I have gone off my nut, but I honestly think that Marty is of the caliber of being that truly would and could do his best for anyone. Anyone. And I doubt that anyone posting here would disagree with me. That’s why I made the suggestion to Marty in particular.

  113. No I am not. There is no slime – whatever slime you are seeing is simply not there. I really do think that Marty really does have the “jets” and I really do think that he could and would use appropriate tech to great effectiveness.

  114. Oh, those times when I thought, “Do I have to stand up AGAIN?” Up, clap, sit, be hyptonized, Up, Clap, Sit, Be Hypnotized. Over and over and over. The redeeming feature was that when you stood up, you didn’t have to listen. ROFL.

  115. Getting others to commit overts is called Agent Provocateur. Don’t go there, LBOS.

  116. Well stated Roberto

  117. Maria,
    My apologies.

    You’re right, eventually somebody with the “gas” is going to have to deal with this guy, IF he’ll sit in the chair. And IF that somebody can get in their Act One from AP&A on him.

  118. Awesome!!!

  119. Scott Campbell

    This is what the Columbian guy really said to DM: “No grito, chupa me pito, viejito.

  120. It’s all been said. That’s just disgusting…

  121. My favorite!

  122. When meetings first became “mandatory,” I ridged and avoided any and all such events. Glad now.

  123. Though it is true that the Freedom Medal Winners get to write their own acceptance speeches, it is also true that each and every word is approved by King David.

    In one case which I believe was a Venezuelan couple called Martha and Javier, they wrote an acceptance speech which only thanked RTC but didn’t thank COB personally. The King hit the roof and ordered that someone speak to them to put their ethics in and lo and behold the final acceptance speech didn’t just thank the King but also thanked him for his Golden Age of (out)Tech – despite none of this having been in their initial draft.

    In another example a Freedom Medal Winner who operated on a grass roots level merged International Management, RTC and King David into the same thank-you sentence and the King gave a 1-minute ranting on stage during rehearsals about the audacity of such a statement, followed by another minute of how the Int Management is doing nothing but the public thinks that is the case, followed by a public upbraiding of Guillaume in front of the event crew. It just went from bad to worse and the rehearsals had to be stopped to let the little King vent his anger.

    The other amazing factor is how the King belittles the Freedom Medal Winners to the event crew. One memorable instance was a guy called Peter Stevens or some such and the King strutted back and forth in the editing bay at Gold going on a rampage of how this guy was just a faker and that we have to put together a story which is false just to make the King look good, but Peter himself didn’t deserve it. Peter had done some dissemination actions in Nepal and around that region, especially among monasteries. At one point King David declared that he was certain Peter was ass-f**king the monks when he went up there.

    But of course, on stage the King would give Peter that all-so-typical 1.1 smile and handshake and act like he actually cared. If Peter had known what was said about him behind his back I’m not so sure he would have given such an enthusiastic smile back…

  124. Apology accepted! I realized after I posted it that it was probably kind of a jarring viewpoint, however valid!

    I do think Marty can get his Act One in — probably on just about anyone. I also think that he has sufficient “altitude” to actually run a session on just about anyone. I am quite certain that DM does personally read this blog – he wouldn’t bother if he thought Marty could be easily dismissed as unimportant or of no consequence. Look at all the work being done as regards Marty! Its outrageous, really, and it means that Marty is taken VERY seriously by DM.

    And yes, if Marty cannot do it or will not, then someone will have to, one way or another. The game is actually over already, picking up pieces may take some doing!

  125. Tom, not a chance. What you didn’t see in the clip was a per-prepared 10 minute video presentation laying out all the facts and figures about the guy(s) and at the very end he comes up on stage to receive his/her award and there isn’t another introduction at that point.

  126. Peter Schless was last seen in a Dead Agent campaign for the 2009 St. Pete articles where he showed up in a written interview with a photo with a forced smile and miserable eyes with copy dictated by someone else . Unnamed sources confirmed that despite the PR appearance, Peter was not as of 2009 working in the music department – he was still in the Hole. Nor has he shown up to any events with the musicians – actually no musicians are now showing up for events – only hired professionals. I guess it is more convenient that way if some of them turns. There must be a policy these days that any live appearance or video presentation must only include hired professionals and no staff so the Church don’t have to recall the video when the staff member turns to become independent…

  127. Scot…

    Too funny!…

    Eric S

  128. p.s. Marty, please accept my apologies for evaluating you and speaking in the third person about you, but I did not want to leave an impression that my comments were anything less than complimentary to you or that I intended to “slime” you in any way. Far from it! I have often thought about the article LRH wrote: What is Greatness and it seems to me that he was, after all, correct in his observation:

    “The real lesson is to learn to love. He who would walk scatheless through his days must learn this. Never use what is done to one as a basis for hatred. Never desire revenge.

    It requires real strength to love Man. And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.
    Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate.

    To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength.

    To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness.

    And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”

    You posted the entire article on your blog in 2010, and I always thought that it is the pinnacle of the title of your blog, Moving on up a Little Higher:


  129. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lynne,thanks for this.My comment was
    purely rhetorical and “moderated” LOL

  130. martyrathbun09

    Raul, Shoot me some stories for posts. These gems deserve highlighting – not everyone reads the comments.

  131. I knew Oscar when I was In the CMO. I worked with his daughter Pilar. When I knew him he was a funny and awsome guy/father figure. now driving with him was another story. I rode with him to Busch Gardens and he was going about 110 on the freeway, this was around the time when the FSO started making a million dollars a week in GI. I felt safe and loved it as I was only 17 at the time. He drove a gray mercedes at the time. Oscar was A Okay in my book.

  132. Alex Castillo

    Aha, I see the light now. He hates Latinos eh? Well, that is probably why he enginereed my RPF assignement at Flag in 1980, while all my post stats were in normal or above, just because I was a Mexican!! He wasn’t so “powerful” then, but one could see then that he very bad news. Watch out pendejo Misgarbage. Los Latinos no se dejan.

  133. The world knows what you are David

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



    (Also issued as HCOPL
    27 Sept. 66k, same title)



    The antisocial personality has the following attributes:

    1. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. “They say…” “Everybody thinks…” “Everyone knows…” and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor. When asked, “Who is everybody…” it normally turns out to be one source and from this source the antisocial person has manufactured what he or she pretends is the whole opinion of the whole society.

    This is natural to them since to them all society is a large hostile generality, against the antisocial in particular.

    2. Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.

    “Gossip” or “bearer of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” once described such persons.

    It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.

    3. The antisocial personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news. Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along.

    Such a person also pretends to pass on “bad news” which is in actual fact invented.

    4. A characteristic, and one of the sad things about an antisocial personality, is that it does not respond to treatment or reform.

    5. Surrounding such a personality we find cowed or ill associates or friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding.

    Such people make trouble for others.

    When treated or educated, the near associate of the antisocial personality has no stability of gain but promptly relapses or loses his advantages of knowledge, being under the suppressive influence of the other.

    Physically treated, such associates commonly do not recover in the expected time but worsen and have poor convalescences.

    It is quite useless to treat or help or train such persons so long as they remain under the influence of the antisocial connection.

    The largest number of insane are insane because of such antisocial connections and do not recover easily for the same reason.

    Unjustly we seldom see the antisocial personality actually in an institution. Only his “friends” and family are there.

    6. The antisocial personality habitually selects the wrong target.

    If a tire is flat from driving over nails, he or she curses a companion or a noncausative source of the trouble. If the radio next door is too loud, he or she kicks the cat.

    If A is the obvious cause, the antisocial personality inevitably blames B or C or D.

    7. The antisocial cannot finish a cycle of action. Any action goes through a sequence wherein the action is begun, is continued for as long as is required and is completed as planned. In Scientology, this is called a cycle of action.

    The antisocial becomes surrounded with incomplete projects.

    8. Many antisocial persons will freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them.

    Their actions have little or nothing to do with their own volition. Things “just happened.”

    They have no sense of correct causation and particularly cannot feel any sense of remorse or shame therefore.

    9. The antisocial personality supports only destructive groups and rages against and attacks any constructive or betterment group.

    10. This type of personality approves only of destructive actions and fights against constructive or helpful actions or activities.

    The artist in particular is often found as a magnet for persons with antisocial personalities who see in his art something which must be destroyed and covertly, “as a friend,” proceed to try.

    11. Helping others is an activity which drives the antisocial personality nearly berserk. Activities, however, which destroy in the name of help are closely supported.

    12. The antisocial personality has a bad sense of property and conceives that the idea that anyone owns anything is a pretense, made up to fool people. Nothing is ever really owned.

    — L. Ron Hubbard
    HCOB 27 September 1966 Issue II The Antisocial Personality The Anti-Scientologist

    That frightens you don’t you David, to be found out for the fraud you are.

  134. Mary Rathernotsay

    Sorry, I seem to be a bit out of the loop on this…What is this “Obama Petition” with 65,000 signatures? Some anti Co$ petition?
    Is there a link, please?

  135. Mary Rathernotsay

    I have an idea. Since Miscavige apparently cannot speak or translate any Spanish by himself (or any other foreign language, I’ll bet) the next time someone accepts an award from him where COB decides to “translate” it himself they can drill the acceptance speech exactly the way Miscavige wants it, but then on the day of the actual event they can say something else, like the real truth about Co$ and COB, and he won’t be any wiser. We can at least see how far it gets before someone stops the electronics…! It would be great. DM deserves this to happen to him.
    Ha! If only I could have spoken Spanish at a long ago graduation at Pac base when that joker was in the audience. Hmmm.

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