David Miscavige: Merchant of Chaos

In the following excerpt from the October,2011 International Association of Scientologists (IAS) event, David Miscavige preaches the benefits of the destruction of the Twin Towers and the loss of the lives of 3,000 people in New York  City on 9/11/01.

Possible Questions for discussion?

1) Is there anyone in the free world who ten years later is still so excited about the “virtues” of the terrorist attacks on New York City?

2) Is there any corporation in the world that has so shamelessly continued to exploit the misery of 9/11 ten years after the fact for profit and personal gain?

3)  Has there ever been a ten year period where Scientology has declined in numbers and credibility more than in these past ten  years where Miscavige has consistenly used the 9/11 catastrophe as his brilliant “Wake Up Call” strategy?

4)  Is Miscavige promoting the ideas of Osama Bin Laden in his dramatic description of what 9/11 meant?




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  1. “…And, as yesterday marks the 70th anniversary of that oh so cataclysmic cacophony that woke up the world, pulled open the curtains and exposed one and all to the bitter reality of things to come, henceforth known as World War Two, we here at the IAS are shoring up the front lines of our own, personal Pearl Harbor so that it NEVER happens again!”

    Talk about beating a dead horse….

  2. DM’s attempts to hitch Church of Scientology recruiting efforts to worries over 9/11 are deeply offensive to those of us who were there and who lost friends, clients and loved ones on that day. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I was not in the building but I saw the planes hit with my own eyes from my office windows a mile away; I lost some clients but fewer than I feared; I didn’t lose friends or family though virtually all of my friends did lose people on that day.)

    As a minor point, DM’s comment that the economy was destroyed by the attacks is not borne out by any half-competent economic thinking. The Internet bubble was already imploding, the economy was slowing, and virtually all of the economic havoc that year was from events that were already set in motion by 9/11. The tens of billions of dollars of rebuilding costs and economic aid to NYC that year are barely a rounding error for a US economy that produced $15 trillion or more in 2001. The real economic disaster of that decade, the 2008 credit crunch that began our current woes, was entirely self-inflicted and had nothing to do with terrorism.

    It speaks volumes about DM that even after a decade of this donation-grubbing strategy failing to deliver any real “straight up and vertical” expansion, he keeps doing it. No shame and no clue.

  3. Mike, Perhaps a little off topic, but is little Davey still doing these entire events solo or are there other speakers? Of course, he relishes being the “only one.” I can imagine the invective he spews at Guillame and Yager, though, as a result. “You ****suckers are making me do all the work. Lou, look at them all pie faced, while they sit there covertly trying to kill me!”

  4. His eyes were wigging me out. Never, have I seen angrier eyes. His actual asocial tone level on that stage during that speech was 1.5 – anger. If you do nothing else, look at his eyes and you will see the absolute hate emanating from HIM. While being in that tone he managed to stay “friendly”. This shows how 1.1 and polished he really is.

    ML Tom

  5. Somewhat stilted manner of speaking, there shorty.

  6. Hi Marty – Not relevant to this post but I’ve been wanting to tell you the interesting coincidence that the ‘We the People’ petition about freeing the wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning (which I also signed when I was signing the scientology one) got exactly the same response as the scientology one at exactly the same time. The Manning response was sent out at 2351 on 18th Nov and the scientology response was sent to me at 0019 on 19th Nov. Probably a coincidence but I couldn’t help but wonder if they’re linked in someone’s mind somewhere.

  7. Forgot: in direct response to your question #1, “is there anyone in the free world who ten years later is still so excited about the ‘virtues’ of the terrorist attacks on New York City?”

    The only people who are “excited” about the “virtues” of the terrorist attacks are those despicable religious nut-jobs who are always thundering from the pulpit that some piece of bad news is a Sign From God that you had better do what they say. “____________ (fill in event here, including hurricane, 9/11, earthquake, forest fire, …) is evidence of God’s displeasure with America because we allow people to ____________ (fill in social issue they don’t like: have abortions, give gays the same rights as anyone else, not require people to go to church, elect a non-white President, …).” Funny how all these fear-mongering messages are all basically the start of requests for donations to go to organizations that are not accountable for how they spend the money they receive.

  8. I just can’t understand what he says! Never have been able to…I have never been able to sit all the way thru any of his presentations…ever! That is no exaggeration. And it’s not like I have a study or learning issue. I have studied a lot of LRH tech and policy and can easily assimilate and apply it.
    This gobbledygook from DM is …just that.
    I still could not bring myself to watch the video from yesterday.
    Miscavige definitely plays upon the use of disaster and bad news, and he pushes this tactic down the org board to all levels. It’s one thing to confront the conditions, good and bad, of a situation…it’s another to try and use the adverse conditions of a situation to manipulate the good intentions of another.
    The other “sales tactic” I have seen used is to focus one on the disaster consequences if one does not buy or contribute, rather than the positive goal one would achieve…I suppose this is because it is hard to actually achieve a positive goal within the Church these days.

  9. What 9/11 means to DM – the attack on the U.S. by flying commercial airliners into the Twin Towers:
    “the impermanence of social infrastructures”, “the fragility of economic systems”, “the futility of measuring security in terms of military hardware.” And, apparently, this was THE “wake up call” for the Church of Scientology.

    David Miscavige is OUT OF TOUCH.

    In the last 5 years there has been an economic meltdown. For the first time in generations, our children will have a standard of living that is lower then their parents. If 9/11 was the Church of Scientology’s wake up call, then what the fuck has DM been doing while awake for the last decade? I can tell you what he’s been doing – fleecing their members so they can buy and develop real estate and provide David Miscavige with a lifestyle appropriate to the 1%. I think that David Miscavige’s leadership or direction has destroyed the social infrastructure, destroyed its economic system and has used the immoral and, at times illegal, practice of disconnection and harassment in the name of “security.” Meanwhile, the world is passing by and people are looking elsewhere for answers.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Good post Sue.

  11. Huh!

    It seems Miscavige can point out everyone else’s futility while failing to recognize his own.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — attributed to Albert Einstein

  12. There is, however, another preliminary word that’s due on tonight’s festivities…and oh my GAWD it just gets worse from there! To even know WTF he was saying, I had to pause, rewind, re-listen, etc. Guaranteed nobody in the audience followed what he said at all!
    No wonder I spent the entirety of events, way back when, in oblivion, just waiting for cues to applaud.

  13. The number of people dying in the international drug war in the past decade dwarfs 9/11. Over 40,000 people have dies in Mexico in the past 5 years alone due to drug violence…I would have thought the massive expansion and Narconon would have ended this by now. Hmm…maybe it is trickle-down Scientology?

    On another note: Can you think of the great speakers and communicators in your life? I’d be willing to bet most of them really engage the audience and don’t use a podium. Slappy is glued to the podium in all of these videos like he’s hanging on for dear life, hiding from his audience.

  14. Miscavige’s strategy is actually leveraging the economic downturn to raise the only true upstat in Corporate Scientology: square footage.

    I got a map of real estate activity in the United States and got about a 75% mapping of “Ideal Orgs” onto “Areas with the most foreclosures”.

  15. Firstly. I feel hypnotised. Halfway through this small excerpt my eyes began to widen and stare off into nothing and then my mind became numb. I managed to come back into the near present and realise I was listening to a POB event only due to some weird, nonsensical words that my numb mind began to question. “thundering out of control” ? “question of questions” ? Wtf is this guy talking about. I had to watch the video again to try and figure it out. I still don’t really get it.

    Secondly, in the beginning he talks about “our highway to eternity” ??? An eternity of what? Bad Sherman scripted events??? An eternity of extortionist IAS reg cycles? An eternity of paying through the nose for squirrel, out-tech auditing? Well you can keep that eternity Monsieur Apple Box. I think I’ll stick with my eternity of freedom, thanks!

  16. 1. Davey best buddies, the banksters that high-jacked the American government and haven’t stopped assaulting Europe ever since. The CIA that took the heroin production in Afghanistan from zero in 2000 to a present 90 percent of the global market. Haliburton with its kill teams became filthy rich with the most shady deals and escapes justice (it only had to change its name to Xe) while continuing its lucrative government contracts. And let’s not forget the oil industry, the military industrial complex and the fear based media that became feed of it.
    2. All of them blood brothers of Davey work in the name of profit and personal greed, they serve the same selfish, evil and cruel ideas of world domination.
    3. Scientology has never contracted so close to the point of total obliteration (proudly announced by Davey) as in the past decennium since the man made catastrophe that was brilliantly used by those who prey on fear.
    4. Osama, notorious for being on the CIA payroll, receiving care from American doctors, is death for a very long time. That some of us believe he just died is because Obama wanted to bring the troops home and needed an excuse without losing face. Davey is promoting the same fear based politics used by those who are in control of America. Osama had similar but much less capitalistic ideas.

  17. You hit it on the nose. The only true wake-up calls in Scientology are when people start to applaud at Int events. Then the people who have nodded off wake up.

  18. “This evening’s celebration marks another milestone on our highway to eternity”

    You might need your demo kits boys and girls – I had to go through this quite a few times before I got it:

    The “Wake Up Call” was such a monumental document in the history of everything (right up there with the Magna Carta and Universal Declaration of Human Rights) that its 10-year anniversary is worthy of “celebrating” all by itself. ONLY POB could put the concept of a celebration next to anything to do with 9/11.

    BTW, here’s a few choice quotes from this magnificent, all-encompassing legendary piece of apocryphal writing, The sublime “Wake Up Call”:

    “Computers, heralded as “amazing”, but only capable of popping up an address book, phone number, mail order catalog…”

    “The public knows other religions have failed. Every one of them had an original goal of peace, love and compassion. And yet, one by one, they became involved in war themselves…”

    “The way to do it is TO GET BIG. An org with a few dozen staff will struggle. With 200, it will thrive and really expand…” (Guess that one was shelved in favour of MEST).

    Highway to eternity? Highway to Hell more like.

  19. Like your “handle.” I remember the movie of the same name, and the polished lying “stealth” candidate played by Tim Robbins.

  20. Just like the powers that be needed an ignition that would be backed by the public through lies, deceit and manufactured evidence/events, witness Lusitania for WW I, Pearl Harbor for WW II, Gulf of Tonkin for Vietnam and Sept. 11 and Iraqi WMD to engage in the last 10 years of middle eastern upheaval, and just like the powers that be needed an enemy such as the Nazis, Communists, al Qaeda and now Muslims in general – so did POB jump on the bandwagon and utilized the events of Sept 11 to instill fear and a the-end-of-the-world-is-near-mentality with Scientologists.

    The enemies of old – FBI, IRS, the Psychs and even the “German government” were not enough to infuse enough incentive to achieve millions of dollars in donation. 6 years had passed since the Golden Age of Out-tech was launched and the statistics were declining, not rising.

    POB needed to put the public’s attention on a new diversion and away from the training of auditors and delivery of Scientology which was declining and failing demonstrably, possibly even intentionally though I actually believe he thought it would work to hopefully, somehow prove that he was even more brilliant than LRH, but the reason for his madness is a subject for another discussion.

    And so we got the Wake-up Call – the launch point of massive public registration/donation, Ideal Orgs, and numerous other donation campaigns.

    Every event since that time has ended with an end speech which takes days and days of careful Shermanspeak semantic diarrhea to put the public in fear of the inevitable end, which can only be stopped through donations.

    The entire purpose behind the closing speeches, as the above is a short excerpt from I assume, is to get the public to donate more money. POB has bragged over and over again (as Mike Rinder can attest) how this section of the event – always the last – makes more money for the IAS than any other single entity can even come close to approximate.

    The above is just the Oct 2011 version of the same semantic diarrhea he does at the end of each event, utilizing a cataclysmic event to instill fear and insecurity and threats of the public’s eternity at risk. There hasn’t been any world event of the order of magnitude of Sept 11, so 10 years later he is still using it, but rest assured, if another crises happens, such as full-scale economic melt-down, or full-scale war with Iran (and whatever “WTC” catastrophe that will be used to justify the start of that) POB will issue Wake-up Call #2 and just ride the coattail of world catastrophes to get that last bit of $ from the remaining public.

    He must be aware that public support is waning so I’m sure he is desperate to amass as much as can be from the remaining sheeple – for what ultimate end I can only guess.

    One would think that an event such as Sept 11 would in the Church of Scientology concentrate on making auditors if one were to follow LRH as that would be the only causative action this philosophy could do to actually bring about a change, but no, POB concentrates of MEST while obliterating and last working installations that actually produced auditors.

    POB is truly a Merchant of Fear (Chaos) and have no doubt that every word and action of his is carefully planned and executed in the very best style of propaganda which would make the SS, Stasi and KGB get down on their knees, frothing with envy.

  21. The grim reaper dancing on the graves of people who so tragically lost their lives. Disgusting. Beyond all words I can find, this is disgusting.
    I saw a documentary this past September featuring the friends and family members of those who were lost that day. They talk about one thing and one thing only: The pointless and premature loss of their mothers, fathers, brothers, best friends, sons and daughters.
    Oh the irony.

  22. Theo Sismanides

    Guys this is a political issue, 9/11. It’s also a real fact but allow me to say that I personally i am not going to accept terrorists alone. I have seen Governments being more Terroristic than even some terrorists. I have seen the Church of Scientology Terrorizing decent people in many ways we know.

    So, yes i will agree, yes, agree with Miscavige on the fragility of economic systems but as Sue above said, what has the church under Miscavige done about this?

    Also I would like to comment on DM’s incomprehensible speech. This must be Dan Sherman in full action. He IS so ROBOTIC and SYNTHETIC as he Reads from those invisible tablets he has left and right. What a joke.

    He cannot even APPROVE of a decent, making sense SPEECH. What the hell is all this? HE IS SO OUT OF COMM with the world.

    The world of Scientologists is sinking in DM’s INCOMPREHENSIBILITY.

    LRH BROUGHT COMPREHENSIBILITY TO PHENOMENA yet INCOMPREHENSIBLE. And here comes DM (Dan Sherman probably) and cannot even give ONE clear, comprehensible SPEECH. On top of it HE READS the whole thing. LOL… my god… so happy i AM ME and an INDIE.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Great post.

  24. Sure, DM is using 9/11 to motivate the followers to give him money, and yes, this is really stupid. But the other thing going on here goes back to his megalomania: HE wrote the Wake Up Call and therefore it is IMPORTANT. Ten fucking years later.

  25. scilonschools

    Is DM still friends with Adnan Khashoggi?


    (still worries me!)

  26. Theo Sismanides

    I left something unfinished there in my previous post. Yes, 9/11. Yes everybody believes what he believes about it. But hey let’s not say this or that happened really CAUSE we don’t know what really happened. After that day the whole world went into economic crisis and Bush started all his NON TERROSTIC (hahaha, what an irony, that was NOT terrorism) attacks on countries of the world. And still the world IS being TERRORIZED by those same merchants of Chaos.

    I think now that there is some hidden agenda here. Scientology is to be made the next religion of the world. And many play with this.

    I am not going to play with this. 9/11, Scientology, the Global Climate or u name it can NOW be easily USED by the MERCHANTS OF CHAOS. They create the problem and then offer the solution.

    The whole world is victimized today by a CRISIS. Well, there is no CRISIS. Their systems actually were so superficial and so corrupt that it now shows.

    SPs have gone down to CAN’T HIDE. They were at HIDE but now they are at CAN’T HIDE.

    MISCAVIGE IS ONE EXAMPLE. CORRUPT POLITICIANS who are puppets of the real SPs behind them are another.

    So, let’s stick to what we have here. A made up CRISIS or in the best of cases a CRISIS because, yes, their systems were made up for the few and rich of this world.

    Scientology can alter this condition. Terrorists or no terrorists. And allow me to say that the so called “LEADERS” of this world are more TERRORISTS than many others who are called so. I gave the examples above.

  27. The second to last paragraph should have read, “…POB concentrates on MEST while obliterating any last working installations that actually produced auditors.”

  28. He is an ignorant, illiterate criminal.
    People in the church have been put into fear and are kept there by this …vampire.

  29. “The public knows other religions have failed. Every one of them had an original goal of peace, love and compassion. And yet, one by one, they became involved in war themselves—all because they lacked the technology to achieve their aims—Christianity, Islam, Judaism—you name it. All except us.”
    – Captain David Miscavige
    BULLETIN No. 44 11 September 2001 ‘Wake-up Call – The Urgency of Planetary Clearing’
    Umm. Reality check ‘Captain’ Squirrel Policy Generator.

  30. Good point.

  31. scilonschools

    Sorry only have Anonymous remix of a previous DM 9/11 obsession speach! (link below)

  32. top of the vale

    Wouldn’t be surprised as they both have the same goals in life, regardless what those goals cost in human lives.

  33. top of the vale

    BTW, regarding the Wake Up Call, DM still has yet to wake up from his own wake up call! HELLLLLOOOOOO MIDGET, YOU UP YET???

  34. I was listening to this, and trying to imagine what Ron would have said about it, and what he would have done.

    The real wake-up call for Scn was the Cuban Missile crisis, followed by the FDA raid. If you look at the pace of events prior and post these events, it is very clear things changed in LRH’s universe. The BC speeds up considerably at this point. Therefore, what did Ron do?

    1. He did not exploit anything.
    2. He kicked research and delivery into gear.
    3. He built the Church of Scientology, i.e. delivery, in earnest.

    I can’t imagine Ron saying anything like the babble Miscavige spews. Ron was a writer who knew the language, and spoke incredibly well off-the-cuff. Never (very, very rarely) had notes for lectures. Knew exactly what to say, and said it very well.

    This clown? He needs to be scripted just to keep from dropping F-bombs and spewing racial slurs.

    What a difference.

  35. What an as…..He doesn’t know on what planet he’s living. Since 1990 the amounts of war on this planet is declining (less and less wars) and also the amount of people dying because of armed conflicts;

    ” In fact, the last decade has seen fewer war deaths than any decade in the past 100 years, based on data compiled by researchers Bethany Lacina and Nils Petter Gleditsch of the Peace Research Institute Oslo. Worldwide, deaths caused directly by war-related violence in the new century have averaged about 55,000 per year, just over half of what they were in the 1990s (100,000 a year), a third of what they were during the Cold War (180,000 a year from 1950 to 1989), and a hundredth of what they were in World War II. If you factor in the growing global population, which has nearly quadrupled in the last century, the decrease is even sharper. Far from being an age of killer anarchy, the 20 years since the Cold War ended have been an era of rapid progress toward peace.” (source: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/08/15/think_again_war).

    And this little i…wants to tell us the world is more and more dangerous and celebrating the anniversary of 9/11 ?????????????????????
    Factually there is more peace on this planet,
    Let’s have a win on that and expand !

  36. Sue, I cannot argue with your reasoning as it is just that – reasoning following the laws of logic.

    You have to put yourself in the mindset of POB and you’ll see there is a very specific “logic” behind using Sept 11 and the Wake-up Call.

    Firstly POB has to be the Cause-point of everything and he has to acknowledge his own actions and hence the inconceivable “celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Wake-up Call.”

    But even more importantly POB couldn’t use the financial meltdown of 2008 (and the events leading up to it) other than some words in passing as 1) he would be talking about MONEY which he believes he can’t say. You see he prides himself with being able to get people to donate without ever using the word MONEY and 2) if he put the public’s attention on the poor economic climate then he would counteract his own intention of getting them to be blind to the economic situation so as to make them donate more money.

    It has nothing to do with how much more the events that followed after the Sept 11 actually impacts the society, but it has to do with the fact that POB wants them to donate money and hence he can’t add ANY counter-thought to MONEY and ECONOMY in his speech and hence you still hear about Sept 11.

    Not countering you here, actually agreeing wholeheartedly, but just trying to shed some light on why POB does what he does.

  37. You are right about this same line being used by so many other religions. Read the Old Testament of the Bible (I have). Prophet after prophet used that same line, “God will inflict/has inflicted you with (_______) disaster because you have turned away from him (on and on.)” I wish I had seen through it earlier this time.

  38. By the way – if forget – what’s the training level required for the rank of ‘Captain’ (per Sea Org policy)?…

  39. And just think, right now, right this minute at the Int Base and Gold, the living nightmare that is the “New Years Evolution” has started. Staff are up day and night making up stats, figuring out who deserves this years cheesy awards, attempting to write speeches that will be torn to shreds the first 10 times they are submitted, videos are being shot and reshot as the speeches change, and will soon be edited and reedited for the same reason, the HE&R meter has fried once again and all of this is being stirred into a big kettle called “Coffee, Cigarettes and No Sleep.” Folks, I wish you could all witness an Int event evolution. Take Fellini’s most “out-there” movie and play it backwards and that is only a faint approximation of what goes on. And the demon stirring the kettle is you-know-who, the One Who Loves to Hate.

  40. I beg to differ with you a bit, POT. The attitude was that it didn’t matter how much the building cost, you suckers are OT enough to come up with the dough!

  41. Tara, you were in a roomful of people doing the same thing. Good thing he had some people there who were already cued in when to start clapping. Oh, sometimes we just clapped in relief that there was a pause in the torrent.

  42. I watched the video and listened to every word. I have no idea what he said or what points he’s trying to make. None.

    Then I watched it with the sound turned off. Remember those bobblehead toys from the 1960’s that we used to see in the rear window of cars? That’s DM as he reads his teleprompters.

    Those reptilian hands with splayed fingers look like claws. Creepy He’s not relaxed at all.

  43. He is a 1st class a**. Sounds like a carny (carnival) pitch man at his c’mon & play worst. The theatrical speech & tone inflections are nothing but ridiculous. A fool, is a fool, is a fool ,,,, and the emperor still does not have new clothes. Marty I think I need to buy a gross of barf bags ,,,,

  44. So so glib. The rhetoric of, ‘measuring security by military hardware…’ ‘out went the props, down came the curtain,’ ‘the fragility of economic systems…’ Nice phrases, but he doesn’t seem to recognize the words coming out of his mouth.

  45. FCDC Class of 1974

    Lil’ Davey stays behind his podium because that is where his soapbox is. And to address a wakeup call, he had his, its us who missed his epiphany and failed to stop him. Those who saw and did not act or could not believe are having their wakeup call a bit late and at a greater cost. It is payback time.

  46. Marty,

    I don’t think I can take any more of this now. Really. It is just too disgusting and I would think that anyone with any doubts about POB would now be handled.


  47. Raul,

    Perfect comment.

    I also want to note there are two definining “issues” that have been published in the name of King David.

    The Wake Up Call and the Golden Age of Tech for OTs.

    These lengthy, Shermanspeak diatribes are extremely significant to POB’s plans to dominate his Kingdom.

    Wake Up Call put him on the map as “THE LEADER” for broad public Scientologists. It was his “Winston Churchill” moment and he grabbed it and ran. As you so correctly pointed out, a lot of what has followed has been a direct result of him seizing that moment to “steer the ship” during a time of fear and confusion (someday I will recount the story of him traveling to the UK for the IAS event two weeks after and how terrified he was, and after he kept asking Marty and I if it was safe for him to travel and that we had better not put him in jeopardy, I finally proposed that Heber, Guillaume and I would go and do the event and he could stay safe at Gold, and how that was then turned around into we were trying to “usurp his position”).

    But the other issue, his 17(?) page diatribe that IS the “Golden Age of OT” is perhaps even more insidious. It was with this that he established himself with all OT 7s as “THE MAN”. Every person on or completed Solo0 NOTs was called in to study his issue and then do a cram. His issue interprets all sorts of things about Solo NOTs procedures, but cleverly he then “refers to” (interprets) LRH. He tells you what you are supposed to understand and then has you read the LRH issues. If you don’t agree that his interpretation is correct, you are back to cramming and sec checking. There is no choice but to come to the realization that his brilliant “analysis” of the materials is correct — or you can spend a fortune getting sec checked and if you still disagree be routed off the level and declared. I heard just today that he ORDERED the RTC Rep FSO that they were to inspect every Success Story from those completing this study and that if the person did NOT acknowledge “COB” in addition to LRH, then that was a failed success and the person was to be pulled in to find out why.

    So, these two issues are very significant in him taking control.

  48. I would love to talk to DM about what happened with WTC Building 7 at 9/11/2001.

    With his group engram restimulation techniques this morom embarrasses Scientologist from practicing Obnosis.

  49. Only DM, the Merchant of Chaos and creator of the Vulture Culture would create a Milestone such as that, on an invented highway to eternity! It is a total disassociation of the real world and total lack of responsibility as DM is not doing anything to deaberrate and make it more sane. His direction is the opposite and reverse, deep-sixing the islands of sanity which Orgs and Missions are supposed to provide as per LRH.

    Perhaps it should be called DM’s Highway to Hell instead, my personal wake up call in 2001 was to realize that which brought the best solution – GTFO! Yesterday being Pearl Harbor day reminded me that DM’s wake up call stated “Suicide bombing in Pearl Harbor” which is incorrect and false.

  50. Thank you.
    That’s great news.

  51. You say it.
    Your entire comment is so true, Raul!

  52. *thumbs up*
    so true.

  53. There was a wake up call for people in the Church of Scientology and y’all woke and left. Some are just heavier sleepers than others, they go on dreaming, occasionally grunting and twitching fitfully; it’s a manifestation of those PoB events in their dream state.

    Some lie awake under the thread bare covers afraid to step out for fear of meeting a cold hard floor when, as most of you have found the floor, has carpet and there is central heating.

  54. CIA boot camp.

    ML Tom

  55. Oh wow Mike, quite the observation.
    That is about the most nauseating data I’ve ever come to digest. I HAD a number of friends who went through that “process” and they tried hard to convince me to read the issue, get corrected and back on the level.
    For good luck or good fortune I never did and now those ‘friends’ are broke, unhappy, unable and have drifted off to God knows where.
    That DM issue was truly a turning point, coupled with the out tech sec checks & money demands he truly killed off the level.
    Oh my, what a mess his out tech and suppressive intentions have generated – tragic on a grand scale, just horrible.

  56. Funny how some of the core corporate entities in the church of scientology are thinly veiled David Miscavige aggrandising names. DavyOT Industries especially amuses me.

  57. “The facade of civilization?” If ever there was a “facade of civilization” it is him out there in his tux with some freshly beaten execs he just bitch slapped or ordered to the RPF behind the curtains.

  58. If you examine the stats of mortals brushing aside all bias and rumor, the stats are actually good. This planet is in much better condition decade by decade. More than I can say for the civilization being run by DM.

  59. DM did get that original release (#44) out Damn fast on Sept 11 2001!

    “Every one of these attacks, and endless world conflicts can be traced to a lack of real technology of the mind and reliance on false mental therapies of psychiatry and psychology. Don’t be fooled. It is not normal for people to agree to suicide missions in killing others. Such people are not born, they are made. It is done through drugging, hypnotism and implanting — the stock in trade of the psych. This not conjecture. It is fact. And if there is any doubt, consider the fact that the primary suspect — Osama bin Laden — has a psychiatrist as his right-hand man.”

  60. The sense of entitlement that COB has usurped is outrageous. The definition of
    lèse–ma·jes·té is so perfectly on point.

    Definition of LÈSE-MAJESTÉ
    a : a crime (as treason) committed against a sovereign power b : an offense violating the dignity of a ruler as the representative of a sovereign power
    2 : a detraction from or affront to dignity or importance
    Draconian laws where an individual can be thrown in prison (for long periods!) for saying or posting something about the King or Queen of that country. Or even their heirs.
    The story in today’s news is an American ~~ a US Citizen for 30 years, living in the US. He went back to Thailand for some medical treatment and he was detained for some things he posted a long time ago in the US (online). He was arrested and tried and now is being hauled off to jail for 2.5 years! And he is an American!!!
    Another guy who texted a couple messages is 60 years old and was sentence to 20 years!
    That concept of LÈSE-MAJESTÉ is COB’s modus operandi.
    Miscavige believes he rules a KINGDOM and that he sovereign to all Law Enforcement.
    Only he can fool the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department, the White House and
    mouth off on 9/11 like his word is Scripture!

    The Emperor wears no clothes

  61. IMO…

    1. No

    2. No

    3. No

    4. Yes

    Can I add another?

    5. WTF is he on about?

    Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant wrote and directed a brilliant comedy for the BBC which is currently airing called “life’s too short”… There is a scene involving Scientology… Dave… Yes you… Dave Miscavige… You should watch it… This is what the world thinks of your “religion”… It’s time for you to move on… And give us our family’s back…

  62. Definitely! The only thing I actually remember from all the events I went to way back when is the one graphic with the horses going up the chart for the birthday game…in 12 years of events.

  63. Spot on, John P. Perfecty stated.

  64. +1 (I picture them every time)

  65. Tagging onto your comment, Bryan U., so as to place this transcription early in the comment queue.

    “There is however another preliminary word that’s due on tonight’s festivities because as it happens this evening’s celebration marks another milestone on our highway to eternity, namely and unforgettably tonight is our 10 year anniversary of the wake-up call. Needless to say it met every definition of those words ‘defining moment’ and never was the urgency of our mission so manifest for suddenly and in one cataclysmic instant out went the props and down came the curtain exposing what lies behind the facade of this civilization. At which point we didn’t need an archeologist to read the rubble at Ground Zero. On the contrary it was stripped clean and laid bare — the impermanence of social infrastructures, the fragility of economic systems, the futility of measuring security in terms of military hardware. All this and more became patently clear as of September 11, 2001. Well, if only to complete the history lesson, it was also then and there that nation after nation let slip the dogs of war whereupon the twenty-first century limited went thundering out of control. All told (this is a guess as I couldn’t hear it very well, transcriber) all that mattered was that question of question from which comes the supreme test of a being. The one that reads — who will make things go right in spite of anything and everything?”

    Any transcription errors, including punctuation and capitalization, are entirely my own. Rachel

  66. Mike,

    Thanks for going to the crux of the matter & reminding me of how much of a chicken the guy is really at.

  67. That was something that was hard to grasp for a while, about LRH: Ron opens his mouth and truth, profound truth, comes out.

    Reading policy letter after policy letter, listening to lecture after lecture, he doesn’t flub! Not really… not often at all. What he says has value. What he says is meant to help You. Me. Us. Selflessly And Selfishly… he enjoyed what he did! Loved being an auditor! Loved C/S’ing cases and making auditors!

    When David talks, it’s all about how WE need to do more. WE need to give more. WE haven’t come far enough. WE have more work to do. Not him… just everyone else.

    Yes. BIG difference between the two. It’s cosmicly embarressing that he even tries to compare himself to LRH.

  68. What really strikes me is the absence of something like: “Today marks the tenth year of a tragedy. The loss of life on September 11th 2001 still weighs heavily on our national heart. Indeed it weighs heavily around the world. May we please take but a moment to preserve in silence, to contemplate love, and its ascendance over hate? … … … [resuming] Life is about love. The citizens of truly great New York City demonstrated how love can restore and rebuild, even from death and ashes, how love unites in common purpose, like nothing else on the face of God’s Creation. Love, is what we seek to further with the technology L. Ron Hubbard humbly tendered as a gift to mankind. There is nothing more important, that we have to reach out with, than love. It is not a tool, it is a sincerity.”

  69. Yes. There have been a number of news stories recently about stats showing less violence across the world.


  70. I always hated the fact that there was a New Year’s Event at all, when all I wanted to do was be with friends and family to bring in the New Year. Instead, we would be required to attend some boring event in a non-descript hotel ball room, sit in uncomfortable chairs, and listen to people we didn’t know drone on and on through from another location. We were always given sales quotas, so it was one big drag. A bunch of the young adults used to sneak out to the bathroom where we would have a little party, which would make it a little more bearable, but generally there was a lot of “waxing enthusiasm.”

  71. Yes, I noticed the same, a very strange insect-like creature with unthinkably horrible hands.
    At the end of his tether but trying not to show it.
    Talking himself up, garnering accolades – my guess is that this is his last IAS event.

  72. Michael Fairman


  73. Michael Fairman

    A vivid picture of Dante’s 7th, 8th and 9th circles of Hell (Violence, Fraud and Treachery) and these poor souls frantically skipping over the coals to get to a “Done”.

  74. Dan – coffee? You had coffee?

  75. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    All I ever had was a sharp stick in the eye to keep me awake….

    (Jeff — have you ever seen the “Four Yorkeshiremen” skit from Monty Python?)

  76. That was actually printed on about the 15th, it was just dated the 11th for more impact. Believe me, that thing was worked over by about 10 people and then King David pronounced (as is his wont) that everyone else was an incompetent supprssive and that he was going to write it himself. Then he got Dan Sherman to write it for him.

  77. Music had coffee. We had the thin excuse that it was for “talent”. Mmmmm, coffee. Of course, sleeping NOT, it would be drunk and drunk and drunk and had the effect of preventing the only sleep you might get (in the Reverb Room, up under the baffles in the attic, in the Vocal Booth, behind a door, on the toilet).

    Ahh, those were the days. And all for that garish display of gibberish.

  78. I know I’m being picayune here, but one of the parts of the Shermanspeak (r) the King relayed was something like “the impermanence of social infrastructure” being the MEST buildings.

    OK, here’s the picayune bit; ummm, Dave, wouldn’t that include those really nice “infrastructures” you’ve been putting up – the “Ideal Orgs”?

    Sorry, I just had this nagging me. I know DM wouldn’t contradict himself, or do something with one hand and another with the other.

  79. Tom Gallagher

    Once again, messcabbige demonstrates he’s simply a sawed-off sociopath. I shake my head while considering he has to live with himself.

    Then again, God help those in his vicinity. There is a hell on earth.

  80. I instantly noticed the eyes aswell. That is not a rational thetan.
    Perhaps not even a self determined thetan.
    At this time of night it is hard to say what it is.
    Perhaps a reanimated corpse. That is perhaps delving into the upper levels a bit.
    However I cannot think of a better description.

  81. Check the hands. They are the telltale. Clearly reptilian.


  82. Luxury…luxury!

  83. top of the vale

    I consider that a sincere punch right in the schnoz out of the blue would set the wee skitzo right in his rightful place. Ya know tears in his eyes, blurred vision, shocked that a public and friend/close acquaintence of the family would have the nerve to do so……w/o pause.
    I am ready you little fuck, any time!

  84. Psychotics deal with doing people in. Their whole mission in life is destruction.

    They inveigh against lower level gains and seek to discredit them since these run contrary to their aberrated purpose.

    But when it gets to Clears and OT levels, psychos go berserk!


    You can, with the utmost certainty, identify a criminal psychotic by the way he vilifies or degrades or seeks to stop Clears and OTs from coming into existence.


    … And they speak from terror.


    Recognize them for what they are—psychotic criminals—and handle them accordingly.

    Don’t let them stop man from going free.

  85. Scott Campbell

    Hey Jimmy,

    What’s the reference about charge being exactly proportionate to the magnitude of the ARC-X?

  86. Opening for discussion:
    Question #1: I don’t see him talking about the virtues of 9/11. I see a mouthful of overwrought “sherman-speak”. It was self-centered in the extreme, in that the anniversary he talks about was of his gggggreat “Wake-up Call”, not the tragedy that happened that day.

    Question #2: Yes, companies like Blackwater, and others in the Military-Industrial group. Churches…um, none that I can think of.

    Question #3: The question answers itself.

    Question #4: I can barely make out what he is trying to say, with all that gloppy flowery verbiage, but from what I can understand, I don’t think he is promoting or glorifying Osama Bin Laden’s ideas. He is, like every other politician, particularly George W. Bush, granting immense beingness, life, and importance to 9/11, elevating the effect and thus, granting the terrorists more power than they deserve. But I don’t see promotion of any OBL ideas there.

  87. Jethro Bodine

    This is representative of the current “vulture culture” in the C of $. Have no real compassion for the victims of the tragedy, do nothing to help them, but instead use the incident to further your own agenda.

    I remember when all the Class 5 orgs had “wake up call” events which were nothing more than high-pressure recruiting events, with no specific handlings having to do with 9/11. That event was my own wake up call to the GTFO of the cult.

  88. Scott Campbell

    I’d be tempted to add a little dental work too!

  89. How special – a gilded, self-inflated little prick forwarding the enemy lines of those who would enslave the human race while surrounded by the glorious sights and sounds of a mocked up implant station. No wonder the sheeples have such little resistance when met at the exits by the usual gauntlet of money-grabbing robots. Oh, such memories!

  90. In response to the four questions:

    I have no idea. For a second I thought he was going to finish a sentence and I would be able to glean some concept of something he is trying to say, if he (Dan Sherman?) is actually trying to communicate something. Then I realized I have no f-ing idea what he is saying. I have a hunch he is saying nothing. If you asked Miscavige to tell you what that meant in his own words I think he would be lost to explain it.

  91. His eyes have always been that way, since he was 20 or so. Such malevolence, is really hard to look at him or confront it. He has parlayed this into the situation we now have.

  92. Coffee? Oh, I used to dream of having coffee. We used to have to make do with weak tea.

  93. I am with you Mareka.

    What the fuck was he saying? Never have I heard so many words put together that didn’t say a thing.

  94. Karen, I read about these two cases. 20 years for saying something that is “offensive” to the Queen of Thailand is rather harsh to say the least by any standard. I wonder if the Queen of Thailand finds all the marijuana called “Thai Sticks” that her country exports to the United States offensive in anyway as well. Drug use certainly impedes auditing progress. She, is very similar to DM who just puts people in “The Hole” that even look like they might be thinking something he finds offensive. What is he a mind reader or something. Buy the man a crystal ball. 🙂

  95. Mike, as an OT 7 at that time he was NEVER “The Man” for me. He was/is the Blind leading the blind.

  96. I get what he’s saying. He’s remarking that planets and cultures are frail things, they do not endure. His wake up call, brilliant P/R that it was (gag me), was a reminder to all Scientologists of how important it is to get up the Bridge because economic systems, governments, societies and even planets are not permanentand that 911 made this abundantly clear.

    Our Mission is urgent, so hurry up and contribute more to the Ideal Org expansion.
    What’s not said is that HIS mission has supplanted LRH’s.

    It’s actually quite brilliant p/r positioning, directed at the fold.

    I don’t happen to agree with his charaterization of 911 but that is his message. At least that’s the one I hear.

    Certainly its a stretch when looked at for what it is but isn’t that the crux of the problem we in the independent field face? Getting others to actually look and think?

    Having been a CoS member and understanding the typical member mindset this plays right into that very well IMHO.

    We on the outside, having removed our blinders, see it very differently. It is fearmongering in a very polished manner that is missed by many still in the fold.

    I have discussed some of these outpoints with members and their common response is that I’m being critical and so naturally must have overts. Funny how that is. Even if I did have overts that doesn’t negate the outpoint. But that much evaluation of data is not generally engaged in.

    The fear mongering is definately a Bin Laden message and since Miscavige sees fit to tie it to 911, it seems like another foot bullet, once pointed out.

    Good post. Interesting once you start pulling it apart.

  97. Hahaha!
    “Terror, God is dead, we need all your money!”
    What this guy thinks he is?
    He should study some Scientology books or listen to some LRH lectures (with word clearing) such as ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT OF MAN CONGRESS.

    Thank you Sam. You just remind me of the real condition the Church of Scientology is in. And where this button of self-importance comes from.
    This is so sad, but true.

    LRH 1951
    1) Understand as fully as possible the goals and aims of the group he manages. He must be able to see and embrace the ideal attainment of the goal as envisioned by a goal maker. …

    We already have a goal maker. We don’t need any new tech inventions, new organisations, policy alterartions and new orders.
    You’re not a manager either. You’re a squirrel. No, worse.
    Just go home and stop bypassing Ron.

  98. Reptilian? Oh my gosh. I am a guy, but I just have to say, can you imagine if you were married to David Miscavige and had to smell his feet if he didn’t shower at night before he went to bed. I would pass out and vomit if I was the poor woman stuck in that situation. :

  99. top of the vale

    “A long time ago -– I’ll give you an idea of how a society can go off –- a long time ago in the United States, there was a great deal of child labor used in factories. They took children because they could pay them very small wages and worked the lives out of them.

    “And so a great many reformers sprung up and they passed child labor laws, they never for a moment suspected that juvenile delinquency would someday occur as a result thereof. These laws were passed solely because people felt for and liked children. And yet today these same laws operate to create juvenile delinquents.

    “What do you think would happen to a man if you restrained him from working and from earning for twelve years? Do you think he’d work? Do you feel he’d have any responsibility for the society around him, if you restrained him, actually, for twelve years? Let’s say between the age of twenty-one and the age of thirty-three, he were actively restrained from participating in the work and construction of the society in which he lived, what would you wind up with at thirty-three? A bum, certainly. And yet the ages between twenty-one and thirty-three are not very impressionable years compared to those between ten and twenty-one, are they?

    “Well, we have to send kids to school, we have to do a lot of things. But kids are capable of doing a lot of things. Maybe we have a flood of labor, maybe we have to cut down our labor market, maybe a lot of interests here have to be consulted.

    “But this doesn’t get around the fact that there is such a thing as juvenile delinquency and that the criminals of today in the society are the criminals in the juvenile band. These people, the active crimes committed on the highway out there, are kids who have been taught carefully that their services are not desired and that they do not belong. They have no vested interest in society. They are prevented from working in the society and therefore and thereby they have no responsibility for it. And they get to be twenty-one, twenty-two, they know nobody’s got a job for them, they know they can’t work, they know they can’t earn –- the answer is to steal.”


    from lecture
    Something Can Be Done About It (Unification Congress)
    30 December 1954

    Except DM continues, “…… they know they(he) can’t earn –- the answer is to steal.” Which he does so well!

  100. “Like a squirrel” means erratic and inconstant, as if hopping from branch to branch.
    From: “I Ching – The Book of Change.”

    DM you ought to use Scientology instead of Goebbel’s Propaganda techniques.
    You’re on the road to perdition.

  101. Every person on or completed Solo0 NOTs was called in to study his issue and then do a cram. His issue interprets all sorts of things … he ORDERED the RTC Rep FSO that they were to inspect every Success Story from those completing this study and that if the person did NOT acknowledge “COB” in addition to LRH, then that was a failed success and the person was to be pulled in to find out why.


  102. Right on!
    Been watching these Scientology – Corporate parallels for a while. Same tone levels, similar lies.

  103. Very interesting post Mike-As a merchant of fear, dm uses a mechanism that is well described in “On Human Behavior”, 1953;
    ” It should be remembered that such people have invited many overt acts. The “merchants of fear” specialize in being offended themselves and. even though the overt acts against them are slight, these have have become magnified in the preclear’s bank until such people, on the overt act phenomenon alone,occupy a major role in the preclears thinking.”
    He does pin people into his universe with this mechanism-they become terrified of offenses against him and he, dm, becomes,possibly in some cases, the only person they think about and defer to. All the goofy sec checking plays right into this. A good way to make slaves.

  104. Carol — Yes, but you are here on this blog and enjoying a life of freedom. In the immortal words of Yogi: “You’re smarter than the average bear” 🙂

  105. scilonschools

    Thanks for clearing that up Mike !

  106. LO,
    That’s probably quite correct. However it is counter balanced with far more drug, medicine and iatrogenic (caused by MDs) related deaths, not to mention toxins in food which is far more sneaky than counting dead bodies on a battle field.

  107. The Best Possible Transcript of what Mr David Miscavige said during the featured video:
    “There is however another preliminary word that’s due on tonight’s festivities because as it happens this evening’s celebration marks another milestone on our highway to eternity, namely and unforgettably tonight is our 10 year anniversary of the wake-up call. Needless to say it met every definition of those words ‘defining moment’ and never was the urgency of our mission so manifest for suddenly and in one cataclysmic instant out went the props and down came the curtain exposing what lies behind the facade of this civilization. At which point we didn’t need an archeologist to read the rubble at Ground Zero. On the contrary it was stripped clean and laid bare — the impermanence of social infrastructures, the fragility of economic systems, the futility of measuring security in terms of military hardware. All this and more became patently clear as of September 11, 2001. Well, if only to complete the history lesson, it was also then and there that nation after nation let slip the dogs of war whereupon the twenty-first century limited went thundering out of control. All told (this is a guess as I couldn’t hear it very well, transcriber) all that mattered was that question of question from which comes the supreme test of a being. The one that reads — who will make things go right in spite of anything and everything?”

    If ANYONE is still hanging on to every last LIE and MISSPEAK that this Mental Midget is spewing forth; STOP IT! David Miscavige is a LIAR of SPECTACULAR proportions! Save YOURSELF, AND your FAMILY; from the ravages of what has become the Corporate World of Scientology! Cease and Desist from what has become a most criminal and deceitful form of “Religion” headed by one Mr David Miscavige.

    May you see the TRUTH…

  108. Thanks Tony,
    Got the breathing going again.

  109. Here’s a personal message to PoB:


    I know you read this blog, so I’m going to give you a perfect chance to “make it go right in spite of anything and everything”. This is a chance to not only make Scientology the #1 religion in the world, but it is an opportunity to REALLY respond to the “Wake Up Call” that you have proclaimed.

    Given that we were attacked by Saudi Arabians who believed they were doing the will of Allah; and given that, by your own estimation, Islam (and every other religion) has failed in its aims; and given that the Saudis are very “able” people who have some big, fat bank accounts that put yours to shame, I propose a very logical response on your part to your own “Wake Up Call:.

    The Planet needs your HELP! Using your superior Tech and your OT abilities, you, being the ONLY one who can actually ACCOMPLISH anything (all other executives being CI cocksuckers), it falls upon YOUR shoulders as the only COMPETENT executive to make your way to Mecca and open an Ideal Org to begin Clearing of the Arabian Peninsula.

    Surely the War against Terror cannot be won by military technology; the only thing that can TRULY help is Scientology technology. Please, please, PLEASE go to Saudi Arabia and begin telling the Saudis that Islam is a failed religion, and that only by donating obscene amounts of oil MEST can planetary clearing finally happen. The Muslim faith has over a billion adherents. Think of how much *money* can be made there!

    IF things don’t work out, no doubt due to the counter-intention of SP faggots, and you get a little beheaded for trying to proselytize against the Prophet Mohammed, don’t worry. You can End Cycle with dignity knowing that the Only Competent Executive did what he knew was best: Regging for the IAS.

    And maybe your next lifetime can be spent being a movie star! Swell! 🙂

    Remember, only YOU can really help! (…and maybe Tom Cruise.)

    Your pal,
    Mr. Fancy

  110. Right on!!!!! 9-11 was an inside job as well, a Reichstag fire event that has been used not only as an excuse to wage war abroad but to attack the Constitution here as well and setup a police state, complete with the airport granny-gropers that will soon be groping you at shopping malls, trainstations, bus stations, and in front of your local WallyWorld soon enough. DM and the Cof$ are just also-ran wannabees in the equation, going “me too, me too, I wanna piece of that action to scare people into donating!”


  111. He creates confusion in order to plant his implants. It’s a simple propaganda method. Give the adience enough MUs and confusion and they become overwhelmed and behave like hypnotized.
    He makes continues crimes to Study Technology. Many DIV6 publics attend to events and never understand any of his speeches because they don’t have the vocabulary.
    There is a load of policy against using words which could be easily misunderstood by new public.
    This guy lives in a parallel universe. In an upside-down world.
    There is no communication in his phrases. To have communication you need something to duplicate. But there are only lies. It’s just quite impossible to fully duplicate a lie.
    This is an implant operation.
    (my bad english is not meant to confuse you – it’s just lack of practice 🙂 )

    So why is he using the exact reversion of Scientology?

  112. Like everyone I get headaches and my lunch want to go the other way when listening to Mr. M. However, I managed to copy word for word of what he said.

    Say “Hi” to David Miscavige:

    There is however another preliminary word that is due one tonight’s festivities because as it happens this evening celebration marks another milestone on out highway to eternity namely an onforgettibly
    tonight is our ten year anniversary of the wake-up call needless to say it met every definition of those words the fining moment and never was the urgency of our mission so manifest for suddenly and in one cataclismic instant out went the props and down came the curtain exposing what lies behind the facade of this civilisation at which point you did’nt need an archeologist to read the rubble at ground zero on the contrary you were stripped clean and laid bare the impermanents of social infrastructures the
    vergility of economic systems the futility of measuring security in terms of military hardware all this and more became patternly clear as of september 11 2001 well for to complete the history lesson it was also then there that nation after nation let slip the dogs of ware whereupon the 21 st century limited went thundering out of control until all that matter was that question of questions from which comes the supreme test of being the one that reads who will make things go right in spite of anything and everything.

    Check this. I did the best I could.

    And now: can anyone make sense of this?

  113. Man, thats crazy talk.

    I wonder if it is intentionally written that way- to confuse.

    You sit and listen to that at the event and think you are listening to something profound and maybe you just missed a word or something. No, it’s gobbedlygook.

  114. DMs Psychotic Break

    My observations – Watch all videos from Marty’s series with the sound off. Then watch DM’s hands and eyes. Then watch it again with the sound off.

    Without reading all of the comments here to cloud my own judgment, I see a very tense man with eyes that are dark and sunken in his skull. He looks tired and his emoting is very forced. His hands are always in a tense position (all digits are held out straight on the podium, at all times). There’s no relaxation of his stance, posture or of his face. His face is taught and his facial features tell me he is not relaxed.

    His eyes dart from left to right in a rigid and nervous fashion. The meter count between his words and his eye shifts are abrupt and not consistent. Those that are trained on a teleprompter know that you need to read, speak, pause, then shift to the other side, then read, pause, speak, then read again, pause. DM would make a horrible musician because he has too many interruptions in his patterns.

    My conclusion? His body language is nervous, tense, and shifty. I did not listen to the message. Watching DM while the others are speaking (in Marty’s earlier videos while not listening to the words) tells volumes about his well-being. He looked like a man that needed to run off the stage due to loose bowels.

  115. Mother of Grendel

    On another note… I wonder if all the news from Marty and Co. is what’s got Clive Rabey out of Flag on a Monday? Here’s an email he sent to the OT Asses and KADs:


    I will be in L.A. this coming Monday to meet with you and give you what is, in my estimation, the most important message I have ever delivered to OT VIIs & VIIIs! I need you to be there to hear this message and to additionally help make sure all other OT VIIs & VIIIs are also in attendance.

    I cannot stress how vital I believe this to be. And I think most of you know me well enough to understand that I would not make a definitive statement such as above, or indeed would not be taking time out from my post here at Flag on a Monday, unless I was very earnest.

    Therefore I need you to take an hour or so out of your busy schedule to be at the meeting.

    It will be held in the LA Org Chapel on Monday, 12th December, 2011. Doors will open at 6pm when dinner will be served.

    I will see you there.

    Best regards,
    Clive Rabey,
    D/CO Flag AO

  116. Yes I remember too the time period around Sept 11. POB would literally act schizophrenic – at one moment “This is the time we have to stand strong and do something!” and then suddenly he’d turn into a raving lunatic where EVERYONE were against him and he had to protect himself at any cost and all of Management tried to do him in. It was the first time period where I really observed this behavior first hand.

    I’m not surprised at what you’re saying about the NOTS interpretation. He seems to be obsessed with being the source of everything and as even he knows he can’t say he is the source of the tech, so what’s left is to be the source of the interpretation of the tech and hence we find all the altered tech, including NOTS and Solo NOTS, FN’s, FPRD, sec checking, Super Power, etc.

    Its so clear to see and observe when on the outside, but damn this is hard to see, or maybe I should say confront when you’re on the inside – it all somehow “makes sense”.

  117. We can see you doing this COB:

    Excerpt from The Factors by LRH
    24) And the viewpoints are never seen. And the viewpoints consider more and more that the dimension points are valuable. And the viewpoints try to become the anchor points and forget that they can create more points and space and forms. Thus comes about scarcity. And the dimension points can perish and so the viewpoints assume that they, too, can perish.

    Yeah, right. You’re a dimension point, a symbol now.

    25) Thus comes about death.
    Too bad, you would have to choose Scientology. Now your matrix shrinks. We plugging out the people. Do you feel the motion?

    28) The resolution of any problem posed here by is the establishment of view-points and dimension points, the betterment of condition and concourse amongst dimension points, and, thereby, viewpoints, and the remedy of abundance or scarcity in all things, pleasant or ugly, by the rehabilitation of the ability of the viewpoint to assume points of view and create and uncreate, neglect, start, change and stop dimension points of any kind at the determinism of the viewpoint. Certainty in all three universes must be regained, for certainty, not data, is knowledge.

    Humbly tendered as a gift to man by L. Ron Hubbard, 23 April 1953

    Thank you Ron from the bottom of my heart.
    Your legacy will be carried forward by humble servants.

  118. DMs Psychotic Break

    I’ll leave another post here because I’d like to express my opinions on deeper body language of DM, of which I am very interested…they are called micro expressions. My previous post was an amateur analysis on DM’s primary body language in Marty’s last two video posts.

    This post is one that evaluates DM’s micro expressions, which are defined as such:

    Simulated Expressions: When a micro expression is not accompanied by a genuine expression.
    Neutralized Expressions: When a genuine expression is suppressed and the face remains neutral.
    Masked Expressions: When a genuine expression is completely masked by a falsified expression

    Most humans give off micro expressions when conveying verbal messages that project their honest beliefs, and these micro expressions are involuntary movements of the facial muscles. Humans are able to immediately read the facial movements in concert with the spoken word, which is why many have ‘gut’ feelings of distrust when the facial movements do not match the words.

    DM’s usual podium pontifications were accompanied by mostly neutralized expressions. This is an instinctual sign that the viewer should be on guard.

    But these pontifications are masked and very tense. Watching him hand over the podium to his ‘guests’ is very forced and rehearsed. It is the masked expressions that should send off alarm bells as a human instinct of survival.

    I recommend that everyone here watch the progression of his Ideal Org speeches with the sound off. Watch the hands, eyes, and how he reacts while others are talking. Then watch other historical dictator’s speeches doing the same exercise.

    The man is strung out and doesn’t believe in what he’s saying.

  119. Chris I had the same reaction: wtf is he rambling on about?

    But the intention comes through: this catastrophe was meant for Miscavige and his gang, so he thinks. no one else on planet earth can do anything about it. Yet President Obama leads the charge to take out over 20 top Al Queda operatives including Bin
    Laden, etc and all this guy keeps going after are buildings that have absolutely nothing to do with righting the wrongs committed on 9/11. The
    insanity just makes me want to scream.

  120. Erwin, thanks for saying it.

  121. Sometimes I wonder how you could top this in making a fool of yourself and your church. He really seems to work very hard on becoming “the joke” in history. He places himself between two enormous golden Styrofoam torches, puts artificial reverb on his voice to make it more “dramatic” and talks about things he doesn’t understand at all. The way he speaks he also doesn’t seem to care if the audience can understand. It just doesn’t matter. I still wonder if he gets paid for that cheap, primitive knockabout comedy or if he works on his own payroll.

    As to Marty’s possible questions:

    1) Is there anyone in the free world who ten years later is still so excited about the “virtues” of the terrorist attacks on New York City?

    Yes, I think so. Besides DM all the SPs working in the background to knock out our civil rights the constitution and our freedom (Patriot Act I and II). The very same people that carefully plan the financial crisis or wars or the total enslavement of mankind. He seems to be just one of their minions. Unwitting or not, I don’t care.

    2) Is there any corporation in the world that has so shamelessly continued to exploit the misery of 9/11 ten years after the fact for profit and personal gain?
    Yes, lots of Governments and Organizations around the world working hard to bring about the “New World Order”. Church of $$ just joined the ranks.

    3) Has there ever been a ten year period where Scientology has declined in numbers and credibility more than in these past ten years where Miscavige has consistently used the 9/11 catastrophe as his brilliant “Wake Up Call” strategy?
    I don’t know really, because of DM’s other brilliant strategy to hide the stats. It’s just ironic that this is the main reason why I think, “No, there wasn’t”.

    4) Is Miscavige promoting the ideas of Osama Bin Laden in his dramatic description of what 9/11 meant?
    He’s promoting the ideas of the people behind 9/11. Has nothing to do with Bin Laden.

  122. “But the other issue, his 17(?) page diatribe that IS the “Golden Age of OT” is perhaps even more insidious. It was with this that he established himself with all OT 7s as “THE MAN”.”

    Not quite “all”. I for one was even more suspicious of him ever since and never went back on the level. Most of my friends didn’t either. That he
    wrote and signed it, when there was still a senior C/S, was the obvious, gross out-point.

  123. Raul, exactly that communicates as the intention of the speaker. WHAT he does say is completely irrelevant. (See Scale of States of Case, point: “IS ONLY AWARE OF OWN EVALUATIONS”)
    The fragility of civilization has already been a subject in DMSMH in 1950. Ron has spoken and written many times on that including economics, speculation versus production, etc. If this became visible to DM so surprisingly on 09/11 – in what kind of world has he lived before?
    Americans who could observe have protested since ages against these fabricated disasters, called “war”, “depression”, “terror” etc. People like for instance Mark Twain COULD OBSERVE and he has written so heavily that he was put on the black list for that.
    DM cannot observe, he is only aware of his own evaluations and from that viewpoint he attempts to dramatize unhealthy intentions.

  124. Thanks Erwin,
    strongly recommended reading: “Unrestricted Warfare”, to be found at: http://cryptome.org/cuw.htm
    Note: Currently there is much “war” about rating of German and French banks and Greece and Italy going broke. The US concern in that is well hidden from mainstream publication: These german and french banks have insured these credits in the US against default. If Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal stop paying the credits rates it would hit US finances, not Europe’s

  125. Same important Message with yet another Tale as any other day.

    We want all your money !!!

    (When they don’t want to tell you what it’s all about, their intentions are always covert … for the greater good of course… ie. ethical 1.1s)

  126. Jethro Bodine

    Any Scientology “briefing” where “dinner will be served” is guaranteed to be some sort of marathon crush regging engram. The IAS always does this as well. This is an old user car salesman tactic of giving the prospect something no matter how small (I can assure you they won’t be serving steak and lobster at that diner), so that the prospect in turn will feel somewhat obligated to reverse the flow. Just walk into any car dealership, you’ll be offered a Coke or something like it within minutes.

  127. I would agree if not for this horrible time line; in the 90’s Davey had proven that the strongest, most able, stable and aware executives can be suppressed and any group can be brainwashed if you use enough force, lies and fear. Before Davey this happened only to cults of lesser intelligence but 911 happened after Davey proofed that the most successful and aware group of the planet could be usurped by GAT, F/N perversion, upper bridge reversion and taking out the self determined auditors and management by 2000. Davey inspired the me too wannabees and piloted their most advanced techniques, using Eastment, Yager, etc, to perfect it. He even trained their elite, the dentists, chiropractors, finance advisors, doctors, realtors, etc, to set the benchmark for greed and criminal exchange across the boards.

  128. Theo Sismanides

    Now how about all those things! Come on, if we don’t discuss those things we are not then having a two way comm. There is a conspiracy and is OUT now. Thanks Erwin.

  129. Spot on Ingrid.

  130. I have never in my life seen a greater embodiment of the axiom, “if you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullshit!”

    However, I find it more comical than offensive. It’s more silliness along the lines of TC’s statements about who is equipped to help at the scene of accidents.

  131. TroubleShooter


  132. Dan,
    Contrast that with prior to “Event Modes”, if you recall such a time in the late 80’s before the A-Lister and BFF showed up on the scene.

    There were Xmas shopping days, tree trimming parties, beer and cheese party, and Christmas at Big Bear (with coffee and hot chocolate and foods provided) at cabins and one big dinner/party at a hall for all crew and “Bosun’s party” for New Year.

    The “fun” got cut down in the 90’s and all together cut out after the “Wake up Call”, though DM continued to have his smaller parties in his private lounge with those in favor.

  133. Meanwhile DM’s version of applying Scientology to fellow Scientologists is graphically illustrated here when some peaceful F/Zers and Indies went to visit Int Base. “Get off the property” – “You are traspassing” etc. Nice, Dave. Good work.

  134. Chris,
    I agree. It makes my brain creak to listen to it.

  135. Totally off point, but I just realized why I feel so terribly disagreeable everytime I hear any segment of that man’s speeches. Have you ever read William Faulkner’s “The Sound and The Fury”? and get through Benjy’s stream of consciounessness? It is painful! Seems like DM found his very own Benjy with Sherman.

  136. “Can you think of the great speakers and communicators in your life? I’d be willing to bet most of them really engage the audience and don’t use a podium.”

    THAT’S a wake up call! Thanks!

  137. TroubleShooter

    Spot ON. This was a significant alarm on my way to MY Wake Up Call. I heard what was happening at Flag with the recalls and cramming and a revised HCOB and the accompanying threats and costs of questioning or protesting it. I saw the division that it created. I saw fear being CULTivated in the OTs around me if they didn’t going. I witnessed the lemming migration that followed. I saw the raised eyebrows and shoulder shrugs of those not immediately effected by the order to “REPORT” (how positively restimulating). We couldn’t KNOW what was really going on there because it was ultimately a confidential matter but it was clear that “there’s a change in OT VII NOW!?, an LRH revision for this level is just NOW coming OUT!!!???.”

    How well I remember this program target – “Write a knowledge report on ANY stops or slows or counter-intention to implementing the Golden Age of Tech and include a copy to RTC.”

    I just had several names of people I need to find contact information for as they were ones who just quietly faded away, moving to locations that made a home visit unlikely to impossible…the six foot rear-view mirror sparkles with clarity.

  138. Thanks for the transcript! So many words so little meaning. I didn’t feel less dizzy by reading it though. Still just nonsense. 

    Watch the video without sound and you’ll notice IT:
    A psychotic reptilian with sharp claws entertaining its sleepy sheep…zzzzzzzzzz

  139. Benefiting from the misery and suffering of others has always been abhorrent to most of humanity.

    Deriving pleasure from someone else’s pain and suffering is the mark of a mad man.

    Someone so starved for feeling in order to FEEL anything it must be EXTREME. (think: Silence of the Lambs)

    The joy of a smile, the surge of emotion when a high school band marches by full of pomp and circumstance, the twinkle in a grandpa’s eye when he sees his first grandson — these simple joys of humanness are NOT available for someone who is a narcissist, a chaos merchant, beggar and a thief.

    We don’t have to say — there by the grace of god go I — for we are SOULFUL.

    We can only pray/aspire/postulate that the soul of one who has become soulless will in some VAST DISTANT FUTURE have the small spark of recognition of his OWN soul — and start his climb back up to sanity.

    I can only say that I am immeasurably thankful to this despot for making what was NEVER really real to me — completely real.

    A suppressive WILL attempt to destroy everything and everyone around him and ALMOST succeed.

    Except for the early few who say:

    NO MAS


  140. martyrathbun09


  141. Not the deepest of thoughts but an honest attempt to examine the man’s behavior.

  142. But the other issue, his 17(?) page diatribe that IS the “Golden Age of OT” is perhaps even more insidious. It was with this that he established himself with all OT 7s as “THE MAN”.

    I remember this time very well. I wouldn’t budge on getting back on 7 so was sent to the RTC rep. Yawn. That rep told me that “COB personally c/s’d everybody’s folder”; everyone who’d been on OT 7! Little did she know that that was the defining moment for me, meaning I knew it was time to get out of Dodge. And get out I did.

    See, what that RTC rep didn’t realize was that her statement about COB personally c/s’ing all those folders, 1000’s mind you, couldn’t possibly be true. She may have believed it but I knew it to be a total and complete lie. I also knew that I was the one in control of that comm cycle, not her.

    So as she was pressuring me to get back on the level I simply told her, with no attitude or emotion, that it didn’t indicate and that I didn’t get this far up the Bridge to become other-determined. She had no come back for that. I guess they didn’t drill that one. Off I went. Never looked back.

    ps. With that incident not only did COB not become “The Man” to me, he became “THE LIAR”.

  143. Thanks for posting this email. Back in later 2005 or early 2006 — after I had relocated out of LA — I received such a notice in the form of a mailed letter. I ignored it as I wasn’t even in the LA area any more. And guess what … I got chitted for non-compliance as my attendance was deemed mandatory.

  144. Wow. Wow.

  145. I worked for Writers of the Future and during that time 9/11 happened. The following year, a Bridge Publications staff member was working on the next cover for the WOTF anthology. He used a piece of science fiction artwork that showed space ships flying around a very tall building. I suggested that would not be appropriate at the time due to the preceding events. Fortunately I was listened to and the staff member went back to the drawing board to come up with a new proposed cover.

    I never felt that original cover was maliciously proposed but was only a result of some kind of A=A restimulation. In addition, it was swiftly handled and gotten off the lines.

    Conversely, I believe that celebrating “our 10th anniversary of the wake-up call” makes no sense whatsoever. It’s like celebrating that all horses sleep in beds with the emphasis on buildings. You see, it makes absolutely no sense. We have already asked, “What’s all this about buildings?” when LRH clearly defines the parameters of an “Ideal Org.”

  146. Carcha, wow, what a contrast between your words and what the dick said. What you seem to have effortlessly written seems far closer to what Ron might have said, and touching, no matter who one might believe were the perpetrators of 9/11. Obviously and sincerely spoken from your heart, a feat of which dm appears incapable.

  147. Yes.

  148. here we go again, bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla….and of course to those of you who do not show up, sec checks for you!

  149. Is the New Years Event in LA?
    If so this is most likely just the front carriage of the gravy train arriving.

  150. Who owns all this ‘private property’?
    I’m still a fully paid up Patron of the IAS – doesn’t that make me a part owner?

  151. ditto 🙂

  152. LOL – nice delivery mike.

  153. “Dramatization”

    L.Ron Hubbard

  154. No, and no cigarettes either. But I had no sleep in abundance, especially on Xmas Days. Weren’t those fun!

  155. Yeah, and things were even looser in the late 70s when LRH was around. And I have heard stories about the Ship that were even better. I think that if not for DM we would all still be in the S.O. and Scientology would have gotten somewhere by now.

  156. Davey’s SOP 24/7, his #1 above all other perversions!

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