Corporate Scientology Aggression

While I was out of town once this summer, Mosey had a lengthy, frank, off-camera conversation with the non-Scientologist minders of the corporate Scientologists who harassed us every day for one hundred and ninety nine days straight.  Monique asked them “what do we need to do to make you people go away?”   The answer was “Marty needs to stop talking to the media.”  Besides the fact that that unguarded, presumably honest answer put the lie to the entire “Squirrel Busters” front of being here to burn heretics, Mosey did not hesitate for a moment to inform the hired guns that their answer demonstrated the double-digit IQ mentality of their boss, David Miscavige.  Mosey informed them that “Marty hadn’t spoken to any media for months, until you goons showed up and made it an ongoing hard news story.”

Apparently so much so, that Village Voice Editor in Chief Tony Ortega listed it first in introducing a year-end poll on the top Scientology story of the year.  Here’s Tony’s summation:

1. Marty Rathbun besieged by the Squirrel Busters

In April, the sudden appearance of John Allender and his fellow Squirrel Busters, with matching sky blue T-shirts and video cameras strapped to their heads, was a powerful image that made for one of our most popular blog posts of the year. The goon squad had showed up at Marty Rathbun’s front door in little Ingleside on the Bay, Texas, where the former high-level Church of Scientology executive, several years after defecting, was now involved in an independent Scientology movement and inviting people not only to leave the official church with announcements on his blog, but also by coming to his house for unsanctioned auditing. To Scientology, people who conduct such out-of-church activity are “squirrels,” and the goons sent down to intimidate Rathbun called themselves the “Squirrel Busters.” The Busters rented a nearby home and set up all-day surveillance of Rathbun and his wife Monique for the next five months, until they finally managed to get Rathbun arrested on what turned out to be spurious charges. Keeping an eye on this ongoing siege is what, in part, inspired us to go from occasional Scientology writing to a daily blog that covers all things Scientology around the world, so this story was important to us personally. But it also is one of the most remarkable operations of Scientology’s retaliatory “fair game” that we’ve ever seen or heard about.

Click here for the full Village Voice Story.

Miscavige’s antics resulted in seven feature articles in the Corpus Christi Caller Times newspaper – many of which were picked up by the Voice and other web based news services.  Click here for access to the Caller Times stories. 

Miscavige is a loser.

That is because he has one impulse that substitutes for strategy, and one impulse alone that he follows: attempt to overwhelm by force.

I’ve posted the answer before  and I’ll post it again here though I hold little hope that the overexcited boy with the gangster complex will wake up and learn from it.

When two great fores oppose each other, the victory will go to the one that knows how to yield.  – Tao Te Ching

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  1. Marty, your quote from the Tao could not be more perfect. DM will spin if he even tries to understand it. He knows that if he takes his foot off the accelerator even for a second, he is doomed. Well, he is doomed anyway but from his perspective more and more force is the only way forward. He has so much invested in that op basis he cannot consider anything else. He is utterly blind to what is ahead of him, while we can all see it clear as day.

  2. “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
    ~ Jung

  3. Floating Needle

    While the “Squirrel Busters” video was definitely an eye-opener for me personally (I realized how 5th grader-ish this cult really is) that it made me NOT want to admit I had ever been a part this organization.

    But, there was another video that just had me feeling really good and realized how therapeutic a good laugh can be…. just saying.

  4. This post brings back fun memories of the cute-blue busters with cameras on their heads. Tragic but so entertaining.

  5. I don’t think DM will be yielding any time soon.

    At least, not by choice…

  6. Dave Miscarriage reverse PR stat is in Power.

  7. From foot bullets to foot nukes, miscavige must certainly be having a hard time walking these days.

    He’s turned the entire Co$ into a reactive GPM. Being the king terminal (or emperor or pope or whatever) he can’t see outside his black little world. He also has no idea that we’re simply not playing his abberated game. Try though he may to suck us in to being the opposition terminal in his drama, he resorts to childish tantrums because we’re not wearing the hat.

    Dear little Dave. We’re just trying our best to help people and to train others to effectively help people. I know at this stage of your game that our efforts to help drive you berserk. I hope, for your sake that you peek your beady little eyes out from your bank for just a moment and take a good hard look at what your future holds for YOU if you don’t wake up.

    Merry Christmas

  8. I think DM, Inc, has shot its last round. And that was a dud.

    If the best they can do is get Marty arrested on a charge that had no chance of sticking, then they have truly revealed themselves as a pathetic, third rate thugs. It reminds me of the SS using convicts and criminal low life’s to act as prisoner supervisors at the labor camps. They were chosen because they could be counted on to be who they were – low life’s.

    Allender and his street creepers were chosen by DM, Inc. because of similar qualities, with the added quality of lacking any quality at all.

    DM: OTH8/Truth Concealed

  9. Yes, in my opinion the whole squirrel busters harassment campaign constituted the most damaging attack on corporate Scientology this year, by far. That POB and his corporate Scientology minions in OSA planned and funded this huge attack on themselves, and had OT VIIs/VIIIs carrying out key roles in it, is bizarro world in extremis, transcending the realm of foot bullets and even foot nukes to reach the lofty heights of foot supernovae. POB ought to be beating himself up for being such an SP c–ksucker to himself.

  10. The only definition of “yield” Miscavige knows is: “those sums of money extorted and extracted from hapless souls.”

    And speaking of gangsters, I was studying the life of Al Capone the other day, the similarities between him and Miscavige are astonishing. Quite in addition to the more obvious ones – they both failed to finish high school and both had a penchant for having their cloths tailor made at top class, very expensive clothing stores, I was surprised to learn they both actively and systematically courted and were intentionally seen with celebrities as a means of angling their way into the limelight – they both wanted to be a celebrity. They both achieved celebrity, of a certain kind at least.

    They both left high school to join a gang (make no mistake; from the testimony of others it is clear Miscavige joined a gang of his own making). Both rose through the ranks, holding back their inner personalities, riding on the power of others until they had enough power such that when the time and circumstances were right they took over the whole organization. At that point their true personalities came to the fore while they used loopholes in the law and gained friends in high places to strengthen their position and power.

    A documentary on Capone took pains to point out that violence on his direct subordinates grew on a gradient, started with slapping, moved to pounding them with fists and in his case ended with beating them to death with baseball bats, all the while ostensibly doing “good works” in the community to build up his public image while holding the whole organization together with threats and intimidation.

    I could go on but instead invite people to check it out for themselves. But I am left wondering if the story will end the same for both of them – prosecution for tax evasion and death in prison from an STD?

  11. It’s as if the only tools in his toolbox are, ‘attack, deny, attack…’

    The knee jerk reaction or circuit of, ‘he/she is an apostate,’ might mean something to him, but it means absolutely nothing to people reading these stories. It’s circular reasoning. The REASON people are apostates is because of the aggression and intolerable conditions.

    There’s no humility, no kindness, no compassion. Lots of organizations, when something goes wrong, admit it. There’s no shame in getting things wrong, but it’s unbelievable that an organization is ALWAYS right and the people who have dedicated their lives to it are ALWAYS wrong.

    What about in response to Valeska’s story: ‘we are sorry about her experiences and would like to apologize for any actions that were off policy.
    We would like to thank her for her service and wish her and Chris well for the future, and she is always welcome to discuss her experiences with us…’

    Am ducking as I just saw a pig flying…

  12. LOL. My vote for best video of the year. Even if you’ve seen it before it’s worth another watch.

    A great way to start the morning, not including my Solo session uninfluenced by the CoS that is. Life is good.

  13. Tony DePhillips

    Seattle “Ideal” Org update from my super secret source in Seattle:

    *Only two staff at test center and there have been NO major course starts out of it in quite awhile.
    *Diane Gagon is now the Day Org E.D. She has replaced long time E.D. Mark Arnold who did all/most of the regging for the Idle Org. Mark had his hip replaced and after it healed he went for training. They sent him back because he was having trouble sleeping. Apparently he then went to a “cabin” with an auditor and for help and was taking sleeping agents and is still not back to his usual self. He is mostly off post and comes in once in awhile to help out. This guy was one of the pillars of the area and it looks like throwing people into financial ruin is taking it’s toll .
    *Many of the staff have left and the Sea Org has a mission into the Org because it is failing.

    So much for the Idle Org strtegy eh?? Or maybe the strategy is working just the way dm wants it to by creating failing Orgs and suffering people, so we can “Clear the Planet!”
    Freedom and happiness for all, except hard working staff and public. They should be ruined by any means necessary because THAT my friends is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

  14. top of the vale

    Noise proves nothing. Often a hen(DM) who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she(DM) had laid an asteroid.
    Mark Twain

  15. Tony DePhillips

    Oh yeah,
    Only one auditor and that person is auditing about 10 hours a week for the Day Org. Don’t have data on the Fdn Org but the person told me they would get me some.

  16. LOL, it’s a classic for sure!

  17. “The Service Facsimile is in actual fact the two top reliable items of the last (present time) pc’s actual Goals Problem Mass.” LRH 28 Sept 1963- Actual Goals.

    Thank you DM for the protracted demo. It was very instructive.

  18. +1 Best video of the year award goes to Car Wash.

  19. George M. White

    David Miscavige wants Marty to stop talking to the media.
    David Miscavige won’t talk to the media.
    The Village Voice displays Corporate Scientology in a
    series of hilarious events in 2011. The St Pete Times
    uncovers the corruption of the ‘money machine’
    Excellent books by Urban and Reitman are written on Scientology in 2011.

    Happy New Year, Dave! You might want to consider my offer to
    give you a new orientation.


  20. top of the vale

    I am personally acquainted with hundreds of journalists, and the opinion of the majority of them would not be worth tuppence in private, but when they speak in print it is the newspaper that is talking (the pygmy scribe is not visible) and then their utterances shake the community like the thunders of prophecy.
    – Mark Twain – “License of the Press,” speech, 31 March 1873

  21. Just as no one was giving much credence to the Occupy ______ movement until a police officer methodically emptied his canister of military grade pepper spray into the faces of seated student protesters at the University of California, Davis campus, no one really knew or cared about what Marty Rathbun was doing or what happening in Corpus Christi until the Squirrel Busters’ hysterical antics and harassment drew the world’s attention. Media loves a circus and David Miscavige never fails to provide one.

  22. I forgot one.

    “A service facsimile is a brother to R/Ses and evil intentions” 6 Sept 1978- Service Facsimiles and Rock Slams

  23. The SO Mission in the org will probably put the nails in the coffin since doing individual evals on orgs, unless recently gotten back into use as VITAL management tech, was ceased and cast into the condition of “lost tech”, (along with the OEC and Tech Vols) quite some time ago.

  24. Yes, if Richard Hirst ever shows up at my door (since we are in the same town) I’m afraid I will start laughing non-stop, thinking about that first video.

  25. And, think how devastating it must be to these “Ideal Org Platinum Humanitarians” (and similar statuses) that donate themselves into the stone age for their Ideal org, believing it is the magic bullet of expansion, only to then witness their new Ideal org fail.

  26. That is really sad, ie peoples lives shattered.
    No one wins with RCS, not even Davey, I imagine he is too afraid to do a simple thing like grab a coffee downtown by himself. People must really worry him without ‘protection’.
    Slave Master as a job description? that sux.

  27. I vote it to be best independent film of 2011! Gets a 10 for production value and a 10 on the laugh o’meter. I never get tired of watching it and it never fails to bring about a spew liquids from my mouth response.

  28. Exactly, Marty, use of force to overwhelm and stop. We are talking about insanity here. I thought it’d be interesting to examine the subject of insanity in relation to DM in order to speed up his demise.
    Scientology definition has to do with intention to stop, harm or destroy any opposing reality.
    The legal definition, the M’Naghten Rules, defines insanity as inability to “know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or, if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong.” It is really a problem with recognizing reality.
    The medical definition of insanity is a person in a state of psychosis. Psychosis is defined as loss of contact with reality. A psychotic is a delusional person per this.
    Dennis H.Stephens defined insanity as an attempt to live by a postulate and its counter-postulate simultaneously which means inability to recognize logic or use logic, inability to reason. Would be interesting to find the postulate-counterpostulate that DM is dramatizing. THERE IS SOMEBODY THERE – THERE IS NOBODY THERE?
    What comes into focus here is a person whose sense of reality is gone and he can’t reason. The PTSes who surround him all suffer from the same malady through contagion of aberration and the mechanism of valances.
    I think one way to bring that sense of reality back would be an organized operation of all of us ex-communicated Scientologists contacting all the active Co$ members we know by any means we know with the message of exact actual reality (not accusations), such as that the Ideal Orgs are off-policy, off-purpose, are empty and in some cases don’t even exist, that the definition of F/N was falsified causing overruns, that training on GAT is alter-is of LRH and why, that constant sec checks on OT levels are counter-productive to making OTs, that double-hatting everybody as book sellers and enforcing money stats on every staff member and even public pushes Scientology Orgs further and further off-purpose, that Int events are off-policy and off-purpose as they take all staff off-post and obstruct delivery of Tech, etc.
    I think such a massive flow of reality would help topple the system but it has to be organized.

  29. Damn! That pig flew past my window too!

  30. Yes, you would think they would learn.

    But all that happens is POB comes up with one of his amazing new “Whys” to explain the failure. It’s a new opportunity. He will spew forth his massive breakthrough, bigger than anything ever seen before, that he has personally worked on 36 hours a day without the help of a single soul, “doing what LRH wanted” that is the answer to planetary clearing, and the final piece of the puzzle, notwithstanding the urgency of our mission and needless to say nobody else has ever recognized the true source of the problem…. bla blah blah. And he will convince the clubbed seals that the bug has been that LRH said there are biochemical factors that can prevent clearing and that the Purif solved those problems, but with the decline of the planet and genetically modified foods and anti-biotics in the food chain put there by Big Pharma and the Psychs, this is blocking the bridge, so we are now going to buy huge tracts of land to raise organic crops and we need to wean society off meat — and we only need $250 million to get started…. And for the first time we are doing what LRH said needed to be done in the Diet HCOB as we have figured out what the perfect diet IS: organic rice and beans. If we handle the biochemical problems then the population will be able to progress onto and up the Bridge! Now THAT’S solving planetary clearing at the correct oder of magnitude!!! APPLAUSE STANDING OVATION

  31. absolutely agree!!!!

  32. MR, you are in rare form today. LOL+

  33. Hahahaha! This is the best!

  34. Tony,

    Thanks very much for the update, it shows that the BoBS (bard of bs so aptly coined by Mike R) Idle Org strategy is another POB ser fac, based on lies and s the Field of Dreams concept. It perhaps has turned into a Field of Nightmares for him and the staff who follow blindly, with their perceptions and personal integrity parked in the distant back lot.

    Seems to me that the Village Voice poll would simply not have come up if POB just simply told the truth without concealment and was honest and straight.
    One of the biggest Fibs by DM was brought up recently. Please get your barf bags ready and don’t take a sip of your drink. In this YT of the IAS October event, through CGI and Hollywood methods, DM made it appear that an Idle Org had opened!

    However, the Village Voice in November observed that the Idle Org was closed, was never opened and did not have permits to do so; with skulduggery, violence, lawsuits, police investigations and crimes associated with it’s construction and financing.

    (This was covered in a recent VV article )

    BoBS is a correct title – name suffix- for the Dear Leader – David Miscavige in continuing with this double digit IQ operating basis of Fibs, see-through denials and more Fibs to conceal the truth and thereby enslave those under his influence!

  35. +1 Mike!
    Can I have mine over easy for breakfast?

  36. Sinar — if you cooked them, I would eat them and you may be the only person on earth that could ever persuade me to eat rice and beans for breakfast 🙂

  37. The Golden Age of Beans & Rice?

  38. ‘Car Wash’ is definitely the best video of the year. I chuckle to myself every time I think of Marty “washing the cars”.

  39. “…and we need to wean society off meat…”

    As he orders up a round of Filet Mignon for his inner bunker aboard the Slavewinds…

  40. That’s It. Maybe Rice and Beans — GARB(age)?

    And think what a million acres of prime farmland would do to the Golden Age of Real Estate Investment.

  41. +10, honorable mention also to the video where Mosey calls them “goofballs”!

  42. Yes! The GARB-age! If He sets out to work 36 hours a day every day, with no help from anyone else, and in the face of their attempts to stop Him, there is no telling what He can do!

  43. Mike-You really made me laugh!!!

  44. It would kill him

  45. What a brillant quote – thank you.
    It’s comforting when such intelligence is exposed from the time track.

  46. Li'll bit of stuff

    Still cracks me up re watching it !!

  47. Similar personalities, similar lives.

  48. That’s so funnyyyy…

  49. On this “attempt to overwhelm by force” situation, the first time I came face to face with David Miscavige, I noticed the three or four pounds of medals attached to his coat. Doing the math in a right away fashion, I realized as he took over at the age of 21, he had to have selected and awarded himself all of those medals pinned on to his coat. That was an outpoint for me. I have often wondered if anyone else has wondered about his medals when he dresses up in uniform. How he obtained them, and awarded them to himself?

  50. top of the vale

    He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.
    Sun Tzu

    He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.
    Sun Tzu

    If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
    Sun Tzu

  51. WH waves to GMW !! 🙂

  52. I like the quote given from Tao Te Ching. How true!
    I thought it very interesting to note that if you type “Marty Rathbun” into your Google browser, his site tope the current corporate C of S. that means he has more interest going to him.
    Thank you to the real Sea Org members, putting ethics in on the planet, Mike, Marty, etc. being very active for 32 years, I am appalled by the current behavior of many SO members. No one whose ethics were truly in could remain in the current C of S as SO members or staff. I almost cannot believe I am writing this, but I see that “identities are not identical”, i.e., the C of S currently does NOT equal the religion.

  53. Oh yeah, it’s Car Wash, NO doubt 🙂

  54. Hilarious.

  55. OMG I am here laughing at my desk, because Marty is so overt in hitting them with the hose and they stand there! Great PR guys. LMAO.

  56. Tony, what a tragedy. When you sit back and look at this wow….so many that truly wanted to help spread scientology, fed lies, told stories that were false,financially bankrupted, the giving and receiving of DMology, a TRAGEDY. Then of course there are the sick and dying, wow.

  57. “Yes, you would think they would learn.”
    Some of us platinum humonguses did learn. Still laughing at ourselves, in between slaps to face!

  58. Laying an asteroid give a hen a hen-eroid. Now, that’s something to cackle about!

  59. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, the beans in question, are these the
    genetically modified ‘Mexican Jumping’ variety
    I’ve heard about? Apparently POB has done
    a wholesale ‘implanting’ deal with certain
    farmers,beverage manufacturers and an
    underground ‘ Krispies ‘ breakfast cereal
    corporation —– all conveniently located just
    south of the border !!

    Apparently he is now making a bold move to
    diversify into the ‘breakfast business’ and is
    going to be marketing his new product as MACDAMAGE’S $UPAMECCAPOWAFOOD

    Insiders report that, The Anointed One, has
    put together an amalgam of ‘extraordinary
    significance to the future of the planet’

    It has been revealed that “the founder of
    GAT” has ascribed a further meaning to
    this moniker : Gastro Attenuation of Theta
    (this cuckoo always runs circuits ad nauseam)
    Here are the ‘Nuts & Bolts’ involved of this
    ANYTIME (you’re actually starving,you get;)

    ” Through extensive ground (rock)breaking
    research, we have come up with a Supafood
    that will propel you ” up the bridge ” faster
    thanever ! Using Ultra Nano Technology
    OUR “KRISPY RICE” is now even MORE
    surreptitiously laced with our POTENT KOOL
    AID formula to AUGMENT our RECORD
    BREAKING “JUMPING” BEANS!! Not to boast,
    but our “beans” are not content to “pop” along
    with the “kool” rice

    “Ladies and Gentlmen, I give you the WORLD’S
    RICE. Our beans don’t even wait for the spoon,
    they actually “jump DOWN your throat” quicker
    than FLAG’S krush regging team can even blink!”


    ” BEANS AND RICE!!” (breakfast,lunch&supper)
    There YOU have IT Fellow MISCAVOLOGISTS

    ( APOLOGIES to Sinar Mike! OK to POBlish??

  60. Wow, what a great quote. Thank you.

  61. Lynne, Yes, I know you and Bert did. Congratulations for being big beings.

    But look at the other people in Seattle who were leading contributors and they just go on hoping? All the hype and promises have resulted in nothing. Can you imagine if all that money had been spent to pay staff a decent wage and real promotion? But the sheeple keep buying the bs and are probably too embarrassed now that they got suckered — it couldnt possibly be that they were taken by a scam, nah, couldnt be that. After all, all the other Ideal Orgs are doing great (COB said so….) and ours is the only one that isnt succeeding.

    How many times do you have to be kicked in the nuts before you admit that maybe you shouldn’t keep believing the guy when he says: “I am practicing my moves, I won’t touch you. Promise.”

  62. “I’ve posted the answer before and I’ll post it again here though I hold little hope that the overexcited boy with the gangster complex will wake up and learn from it:

    When two great forces oppose each other, the victory will go to the one that knows how to yield. – Tao Te Ching”

    Perhaps the reason DM won’t wake up and learn from it is that he doesn’t – or maybe more exactly, he can’t – admit that Independent Scientology (including you and other Independent Scientologists) is a great force.

  63. “Slavewinds”! Right on!

  64. Hmmmm…
    Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone (died January 25, 1947)
    David Miscavige (born April 30, 1960)
    13 years and some months to plot the next round of criminality upon another generation.

    OR (as some might surmise)

    Adolf Hitler (died 30 April 1945)
    Exactly 15 years and no months or days of plotting.

  65. “Many of the staff have left and the Sea Org has a mission into the Org because it is failing.”

    Translation: The Sea Org has gone into punish, humiliate, comm ev, declare, and bitch slap anyone still standing.

  66. one of those who see

    OMG Mike!!! OMG because you are brilliant and i can actually see him doing this!

  67. That Mosey is one sharp cookie. I wonder what other nuggets Ralph revealed in that comm cycle? I hope that the Sqibs DON’T win the VV poll
    as that would only encourage Torquemada (DM) in his own perverse way….

  68. George M. White

    GMW waves to WH!!
    Made some awesome new friends in Sri Lanka.
    Burma is next on our list.
    Much loving-kindness,

  69. +1
    Car Wash was perfect. Perfect action at the perfect time. It should be required hatting for anyone who might unfortunately come in contact with John Allender.

  70. And as far as the staff still propitiating to the dominating one:

    ‎”Each one hopes that if it feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last.” -Winston Churchill

  71. Tony DePhillips


  72. Tony DePhillips

    Sad but true Mike.

  73. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Sinar,
    I was just talking to somebody today about the fact that if dm had just told the truth that he did slap around some staff and was sorry and would make restitution, that he was responsible for the Lisa McPherson death, that he screwed up the f/n, that he stopped the 2-d for many Sea Org members resulting in forced/coerced abortions, etc… Well….in some ways I can see why he won’t do that. That is a huge wad to choke down. I think he would rather say that others are “admitted liars”.. Eventually he will have to choke down his own actions. Maybe he can cut them with some rice and beans of his own.

  74. +1
    Absolute replica in tone and content
    But no mention of impending delivery of Super Power ? 😆

  75. Very interesting post. It sure got my attention. I have often wondered what is the situation now with the squirrel busters down in South Texas. Now that is clear. Mosey (Monique) is a very smart women.

  76. Tony:

    Appreciate the update on Seattle Org. Though I live here, I never go in. Warned early on that the “Ideal Org” was off-policy and not a good idea. Needless to say, these comments were not appreciated, so stayed away. Sorry that Mark is not doing well as he is (or was) a nice person.

  77. Yeah, definitely!
    Casual wins with water……

  78. HN,
    Well maybe some good will come from that and the ‘Idle Org Donors’ might put on their “thinking cap” for a change and start looking around for other solutions.

  79. Boys…that’s just too funny 🙂

  80. Capones end started when Eliot Ness entered the game, a guy that couldn’t be bought or blackmailed. And Eliot started with building a team of alikes…..

  81. If I would be the leader of the leaders, top of the world, the biggest being on earth, head of the biggest operation on Earth or Super OT I would then ask myself a simple question: can I create a simple flower?

  82. Carol and Tony,

    It is a tragedy – getting the condition one fails to assign is the bitch of responsibility (in my opinion).

    My heart goes out to the org I am from, who this summer had only 34 BIS (about a 1/3 of what it was 20 years ago) and an empty edifice of an Idle Org since 2008, not renovated not occupied. The said truth is it is the staff on the ground who had the “strategy” shoved down their throats that have to deal with the aftermath and fall out all the while hanging in there believing, hoping that it is “going to work this time”.


  83. TroubleShooter

    A group of us were talking last night and agreed that CAR WASH was THE FUNNIEST video of the year!! It blew charge and took the seriousness OUT of the entire scene.

  84. In thinking about this, I would find a list of all the Sea Org medals to be very interesting. Just what do these people reward themselves for? Mud Box Wiper First Class? Amount of money extracted in marathon crush regging sessions? Number of abortions you forced fellow Sea Org members to get? Does anybody have a list of these worthy honors?

  85. martyrathbun09

    Who are you Rip Van Winkle?

  86. Hahaha, I woulid like to have organic steak, just like what’s on DM’s manu. Every staff and Crew is on the same level with his diet, birthing, etc.,(paid by him), plus Superpower done, then this would definitely be correct order of magnitude, corporately.

  87. I thought he was Candide.

  88. martyrathbun09


  89. I don’t get you here, Mark. Couldcha ‘splain yourself? Thx.

  90. Hey Marty, I see you posted my question in response to your “reply”, but I don’t see any answer to it which I find kinda out-comm. So TR3: what did you mean by your comment “Who are you Rip Van Winkle?”

    I just find it strange that after I post what I thought was an innocuous opinion/comment on why I thought DM couldn’t allow himself to recognize a great force, you responded with some non-sequitor comment (which could be construed as snide if one was in that mood). I wasn’t sure about what you meant or what your intent was so I asked you to clarify it. You didn’t. I find it strange because I don’t even know why you would make such an off-the-wall comment in the first place.

    Now, giving the benefit here of you being in session or otherwise occupied, I’d appreciate it if you could answer up on this and not let it go the way of other “no responses” I’ve encountered here. You can even email me if you like. TIA.

  91. martyrathbun09

    If you haven’t figured it out by now, there is no use in explaining it to you.

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