Corporate Scientology’s “Global Retribution”

It would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this latest pronunciamento* by Corporate Scientology leader David Miscavige.  What came to mind to me was this axiom, that which you resist hard enough you become.

*Pronunciamento: translation

1 pronouncement

2 military uprising

– Merriam-Websters dictionary

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  1. Scientology had some early successes exposing psychiatric abuse, and if their actual goal was to combat abuse, they could build on those successes and the world would be a better place for it. However, this campaign to “eliminate psychiatry” is another kettle of fish. For the stated goal, it’s a compete failure, but that’s not it’s real purpose anyway. It’s all about creating a dangerous-sounding environment so people can be encouraged to give up money.

    Which, by the way, fits the exact definition of “Merchant of Chaos”. Yes Davey, that’s you. The Merchant of Chaos.

  2. Global Retribution… Flow 1 or Flow 2?

  3. Amazing how LRH’s intention to REFORM mental health, psychiatry has become squash psychiatrists. That hammer didn’t seem any too reform oriented – rather destroy oriented.

    If scientology tech cannot be used to help, reform, educate, work with then as far as I can see — it’s either NOT a workable technology OR it’s being used WRONGLY.

    And it appears that several here on Marty’s blog have expressed how they CAN help, reform, educate and work with — so I’m left to conclude SOMEONE is using this tech TO HARM OTHERS – as a reverse process.

    “See the false as false,
    The true as true.
    Look into your heart.
    Follow your nature.

    An unreflecting mind is a poor roof.
    Passion, like a rain, floods the house.
    But if the roof is strong, there is shelter.

    Whoever follows impure thoughts
    Suffers in this world and the net.
    In both worlds he suffers
    And how greatly
    When he sees the wrong he has done.”

    Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Budda

    dm quite possibly will be finding himself in the very white straight jacket he rails against taken off by a very white wagon — as LRH has said of madmen: “ding ding here come the wagons”

    The death museum in NYC is closed down. Lost their lease.


  4. Though you’re right about the axiom, there isn’t much significance to this other than the fact that it follows the standard “formula” for an IAS event, a formula that DM made up and then of course have to attend to every IAS celebration. I don’t think psychs are even on his radar screen, but it certainly get audience responses by a witty speech, blow-them-up-good computer graphics and some campaign slogan that sounds cool and hasn’t been used before, though the last 10 campaigns never got executed outside of a program in CCHR, no funding and no executives to move it forward, but POB certainly got a Standing O – isn’t that what matters?

  5. George M. White

    Dave sent me to the dictionary:

    ‘Punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved.’

    Dave uses imagery of fire and destruction. Marty has pegged him
    correctly. His mind tends to the violent solution.
    Dave is also speaking with only his voice on an important issue.
    He appears to be following policy but departing from policy
    and creating his own policy all at the same time.
    In my view, his violent tendencies need to be monitored.


  6. When I see and hear this I am transported back to the 3rd Reich and I am reminded of and hear Adolf give one of his rousing speaches in an over the top monumental setting and I hear the people …. just like in this video…..It gives me goosebunmps.
    How right you are: What you resist most……… Scary, if you ask me

  7. And the omadans (Irish for idiots, I think I’m spelling it incorrectly though) applaud!!! Jeez!!!! When you hear the boogeyman (psychiatry) being dragged out, you know that extortion (uhm, I mean fundraising to save the planet) is just around the corner (as soon as the event ends).

    Miscavige speaks to a few thousand gullible folks who applaud every idiotic thing he says because they passed over their self determinism to him a long time ago. It is truly embarassing for us old timers. In the public eye, Scientology is now entertainment for the masses, read about the crazies in the Village Voice, they’re hysterically looney, with their prison ship, camera hats, and paying a million dollars for spiritual awareness, etc. Who in the public eye even takes Scientology seriously any more as a body of philosophy. That’s what Scientologists have created by their continual not-is in supporting Miscavige’s policies.

    Psychiatry is not dying or being hurt by CCHR. Miscavige uses psychiatry like Falwell used to use gays – to push the buttons of the “righteous” to get them to cough up some more dough. That’s all there is to it. The Church of Scientology is about as much a concern to psychiatry as one dust particle would be to an elephant walking in the jungle.

    Not having seen a full event in 6 years, I am still kinda shocked at Miscavige’s sing-songy voice every time he speaks now. If nothing else, he used to have a powerful TR1. What has happened to this dude? Drink? Drugs? Do the folks in the audience have such perception shut off that they don’t even notice it any more? Of course, if you even HINTED at such a thing to another person in the COS, the knowledge reports would be flying and the sec checks
    would be on the way…..will that be credit card, cash or your home?

  8. Based on the violent history of some cults ie “Jonestown” and the exposure of the abuses going on in Corporate Scientology, that video could come across to the average person as a promotion of violence by Corporate Scientology against Pscyhiatrists with those video game graphics of destruction.

  9. Okay, I made it through 22 seconds then had to click off. I think it was all one sentence.

    Anyway, regarding the quoted axiom, years ago I saw that this “church” which resisted so hard being called a cult became……..a cult.

    What I didn’t see until recently is way worse; this cult has a psych for a leader and practices the delivers the worst kind of psych treatment imaginable. At least if someone goes to a regular psychiatrist he pretty much knows what he’s getting. With RCS, psych treatment is delivered under the guise of eternal freedom & spiritual enlightenment, going Clear and OT. Sickening.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing those thought-provoking thoughts.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Welcome back George and thanks for the wisdom.

  12. Pardon my typo in the 3rd para. “practices the” should have been deleted. Maybe I was still in a fog from listening to the dwarf ramble on & on & on ad nauseum.

  13. My first thought, on my first run-through, was fear mongering.

    My second thought, on a second run-through, was that the positioning is entirely with violence and threats.

    “death industry”
    “out of existence”

    I give an ‘F’ for marketing and PR.

    I agree with you Marty, “What came to mind to me was this axiom, that which you resist hard enough you become.”
    I give an ‘A’ for those disclosures in this clip.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Raul, I think it might be Flow 0.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Sandy, pulling the words out and displaying them is very revelatory. Thanks.

  16. No, No, NOOOO! You peabrained mental midget. This is right of the Psychosis HCOB, a typical example of the criminal mind – all stupidity and dub-in… How many times do I have to tell you c-cks-ckers what its really about… To quote LRH, “If you want to be all just be tall!” (Did I get that right…) I’m trying, I’m trying… But please see the genius behind this. I come up with a brilliant slogan. I pay $80,000 to hired SFX Pros to give me beautiful computer graphics. I have a seance with Danny boy and we write a spectacular speech and we tell the public all the horrors of the Psychs. Then we tell them the solution, and all they have to do God damn it is to simply donate!

    CCHR doesn’t have to lift a finger. As a matter of fact they are incapable of it as if I wasn’t doing everything nothing would be done anyway, and the public KNOWS IT! So of course this isn’t a real campaign, but it is an impetus to get MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!

    Just wait until next year; I have already figured out the slogan for it – GLOBAL EJACULATION!

    I am AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL and f-ck you!

  17. Extra points to anyone that can locate the original footage of the people arrested. I bet it has nothing to do with the topic.

  18. top of the vale

    I agree totally! This madman is resisting the psychs so much he is becoming a psych. What with the ‘prisoners in the hole’, forced sterilizations(abortions), denouncing the raising of children, forced divorces, and a litany of similar crimes the psychs forward and approve as ‘good for the society’, DM has become the leader of the Nazi horde he is promoting ‘we’ are fighting against.

  19. Not too bad translating this as it’s only one sentence. Any errors are entirely my own.

    “… magazine ads and a virtual death museum online and fully comprehensive, and in this way (perhaps wake?) a veritable army of psych busters is born to pursue and prosecute psychiatric crime, to condemn and shut down psych institutions, and legislate their death industry out of existence, whereupon a psychiatric Armageddon comes to pass and psychs are treated as the Lord treated sinners when turning them to salt which, metaphorically speaking, is why we call it Psychiatric Global Retribution.”

  20. Oh, sorry Mr. Miscavige. How could us unworthy souls even contemplate spewing our foul breath over such a genius.

    My absolute apologies and eternal redemption,

    All respectfully yours, Raul

  21. Well, of course the above isn’t a translation! It’s a transcription. So confusing …

  22. Radical scientology has become an extremely abusive organization under Miscavige. I fear the abuses coming from radical scientology more than I fear the abuses coming from psychiatry.

    FWIW, since leaving scientology, I’m still not a big fan of psychiatry but I no longer consider that “psychiatry is the sole cause of decline in this universe”, as that is extremist thinking in my opinion, but that’s a whole different thread.

  23. Yes, quite inflammatory and incendiary words!

  24. Mother of Grendel

    Last week in Hollywood – in the heart of Cof$ real estate holdings, just a mile from CCHR Int – a lone gunman shot at passing motorists, fatally wounding one before committing suicide by police. Reports say he was on Psych drugs.
    So, a Global Retribution so impotent that it can’t even protect its own home turf.

  25. Mother of Grendel


  26. Can someone call Obama and tell him he has a psycho terrorist in his backyard?

  27. Mother of Grendel

    Kudos to you for having the stomach to listen closely and often enough to transcribe! Its absolutely chilling – the rantings of a madman.

    And since most of the audience will have no understanding of the biblical references – or even many of the words – it will wave over them in one great mass of confusion until its finally over and they get to jump to their feet and applaud their release from his voice!

  28. Perfectly well stated — appears to be following policy but departing from policy and creating his own policy …

    dm is unquestionably a mess.

  29. Whether Scientology accomplished it or not, Psychiatry was reformed. The shape, manner and behavior of psychiatry changed markedly many years ago. So Miscavige keeps beating his drum against the subject for his own sordid reasons (a device similar to Hitler targeting Jews).

    The enemy that was Psychiatry existed in the past but Miscavige keeps fighting. Interesting.

  30. Exquisite sayings from the Dhammapada. Thank you WH.

  31. “psychiatry is the sole cause of decline in this universe”
    Master implanters are, and so is DM.
    In the “Sex and Pain” reference there is a lack of a definition what a “psych” is.
    There were lots of master-implanters down the track. The profession we call “psych” is new and they were destructive (at least some were it really bad) to the society and the spirit of man. It’s a dramatization of the track and it’s true that many of the psychs in the last 2 centuries misled the society and did lots of unethical things to the humanity.
    In RJ68 Ron wants us to do something about the abuses and to stand up for Human Rights. But DM has misinterpreted everything about it and it looks like he wants to replace the Psychs with his misimpreted Scientology. Maybe he has a deal of which we know nothing? Just a thought.

  32. That is Danny and Dave, Old Testament all the way. Guys, that does not play well at this time of year. A little peace on earth good will toward men would go a lot, lot, lot, lot farther. But that is counter to the dramatization that drives DM’s every waking moment.

  33. The footage are actually real psych busts. One is from The Koji Minami medal winner in Japan from about 10 years ago and the shot of the boxes being carried out must have been used in 50 videos by for about 12 years or more.

  34. Marty – DM is a cunning salesman and is a master of misdirection. He has to keep convincing his flock that the ogre is “out there” . The complete opposite of what LRH said. To this day I am still shaking my head in disbelief that I ever bought his bullshit.

  35. Hmmm…Did you really see him resist? I mean some of you folks here were pretty close to him so maybe you have another impression than I have. I never bought his “Resistance”. He used everything he could get his hands on to forward his own agenda. If Scn folks hate Psychs he’s against them (of course). If people like black people he stops calling them “nigger” and loves them of course because they are so cool.

    He’s never been something else but a con man, an opportunist, an unscrupulous bully, an agent with a hidden agenda, a “psychic warfare man” in disguise. His “help”-campaigns were never something else but self-adulation and a means to grab more money.

    When Tom Cruise called DM a man that “cares”, I wondered WHAT he might care about. He NEVER cared about people. At least not of our kind. Maybe he serves another master maybe only his self-esteem or his own pocket. I am pretty sure he runs a hidden agenda and it is certainly not called Scientology.

    Merchant of chaos indeed.
    But I think he was it from the very beginning not because of resistance against it.

  36. Radio Paul, that was exactly my first thought on seeing those images in the video. Could have been any sort of mass arrest of white collar criminals. And the hair styles seem a little older, could have been 20 years ago, not the last year. So…

    Hey, Dave:

    Show me details on any mental hospitals that were shut down in the last five years in developed countries for patient care reasons (closing down due to the bad economy, Japanese tsunami damage, etc. doesn’t count).

    Show me, with details, how many psychiatrists were arrested for “psychiatric crimes” in the last five years (insurance fraud doesn’t count, only those relating directly to the practice of medicine). Then show me how the incidence of arrests of psychiatrists exceeds the arrest rate for other categories of physicians, or for other licensed professionals (lawyers, dentists, etc).

    Show me the countries that have enacted legislation that significantly restricted the ability of psychiatrists to practice their specialty in the last five years. Again, developing world only, please — the Taliban outlawing psychiatry in Afghanistan doesn’t count, since they’ve also outlawed schooling for girls and tons of other stuff in their campaign to return to the worst of medieval times.

    OK, now that we have approximately zero examples, then take those zero examples of Armageddon-like “psychiatry retribution” and show me exactly how many of those zero examples were due to action directly initiated by the Church of Scientology or CCHR.

    (The above points are all about the data or lack thereof. I am not trying to change your mind about whether you think psychiatry is good or evil. My own viewpoint is moderate: sometimes they help, sometimes they don’t, they help more than they used to, though I’m also concerned about the enormous number of people on meds who probably don’t need to be.)

    Whatever effect CCHR may have had on psychiatry in the past (and I don’t think it was ever much after they were exposed as a CoS front group), they are having absolutely zero effect today. They’re approximately as comical as the Volunteer Missionaries handing out pamphlets in post-hurricane Haiti instead of food. And because this video is free of even the most tenuous made-up stats, it only emphasizes their failure.

  37. Global this Global that:)
    Global and flows seems to remind me of this old favourite:

  38. Sry differing embedding for various versions of wordpress:

  39. Biblical references? It’s as though he is treating this as a crusade…or maybe a jihad…I think he’s nuts. There is so much a head of a church could be talking about right now that would be so much more relevant. Any one who has gone to a psychologist or psychiatrist for help is banned from receiving services from the Church of Scientology, so maybe he is just looking at this as protecting his customer base.

    I recently watched a 30 minute speech that Hillary Clinton gave before the UN about human rights. Not once did she look down at her notes, or use a teleprompter. She talked passionately, intelligently and very persuasively. I will try to link to it here. Compare this to ANY thing coming out of David Miscavige’s mouth and you can see that he is a complete failure as a public speaker. Weirdly, he seems to think he’s doing a great job.

  40. DM is digging a hole that will be very hard for him to climb out of.

    The people outside of Scientology including the general public, professionals and the experts in many fields sees DM and Scn as a laughing stock.

    The sheep that follows DM and SCN unfortunately will make SCN and DM laugh all the way to the bank.

    The Sheep are DD &B! Deaf, Dumb and Blind and DM will count on them being that way so he can fill his bank accts with money earned through fear and force. He is quite the character and he has the balls to continue to pull it off!

    Wake up sheeple you are being taking advantage of and are buying into his BS hook line and sinker.

    Be the fisherman NOT the FISH!

  41. There’s an interesting point buried in your comment that bears consideration for the long term health of the Independent movement: the Scientology “brand” is irreparably damaged. For the time being, you are primarily limited to existing Scientologists as your potential “members” (I appreciate that is a poor choice of words but can think of none better at the moment). Based on what I’ve picked up from reading Marty, that current state of affairs is perfectly fine and I get that. This is the only place to start.

    But in the longer term, if what you become about is sharing what you feel is something really great with the masses, a name change will probably be in order. “Scientology” vs “Independent Scientology” will look little different to a prospective believer.

    By way of example: as much as car companies are making modern versions of old cars (Camaro, Mustang, etc.) you can be fairly certain Ford won’t be coming out with a new Edsel.

  42. George M. White


  43. George M. White

    “It’s all about creating a dangerous-sounding environment so people can be encouraged to give up money. ”

  44. This clarifies even more why miscavige needs to get rid of the old timers who refuse to keep their eyes closed and refuse to submit to his behavior modification programs.
    His rantings about what they are “going to do” completely ignores the fact that they have been “going to do” exactly the same thing for well over 20 years.
    Those of us who who can look, recognize his bullshit and have no qualms about calling a turd a turd.

    What would really crush the abuses of psychiatry?
    Affordable alternative mental health centers using naturopathic methods to help people. Demonstration of results. Lobbying to insist these results be recognized. Inclusion of such centers in health insurance plans. Voila!
    This is already occuring in many areas of the country. Scientology, with its enormous “we are the only ones who can help” serv fac, is not on board.

    miscavige’s hate, smash, kill, overwhelm, blow-out-of-existence program is just low toned hate-mongering for money. He’s not really capable of real help. It’s not real to him.

  45. As Orwell pointed out so many years ago, in order to control people, you have to give them an enemy. So beware of leaders who tell you who you should hate.

  46. George M. White

    Good point. Miscavige keeps fighting something which has changed and which he does not understand. I always felt he was blocked from the fruits of real observation. In addition, his attack is a “generality”.


  47. Yes, Adolph Miscaviage has undoubtedly returned. He recruits one of the most suppressive groups and people, Louis Farrakhan, into “Scientology”. Read anywhere what Farrakhan’s opinion of a Jew is. He is anti-semitic. Wonder what the Israeli Scientologists think of this subject. Wonder how Adolph Miscaviage thinks of the Jewish people. The man has all 12 characteristics of an anti social personality and he is fighting a battle from a trillion light years away and ago. It’s just a matter of time before he destroys himself.

  48. He’s a death talker. LRH remarks on death talkers….

  49. martyrathbun09

    Interesting Les.

  50. Breaking it down to words simplifies the message.

    There was also one small section which did not make a lot of sense which involved branding of Psychs to “sinners” and transformation to salt alluding to a section from the Bible on the section of Sodom and Gomorrah involving lots of out 2D. I guess DM could not resist being a Pope in his Shermanspeak.

  51. Yep! He’s even trying to hide, but actually, can’t hide, under the Sea Org motto, “We Come Back!”. He has certainly come back in full force with blatant evil purposes. LRH was just a man and as he has said many times, ” I have borne this for too long–you are with me now”. Here we are again and WE’VE COME BACK and will continue to. His rantings are completely out of the Bible.

  52. Just another example of COB’s fear mongering! You can’t control a population or group except through fear! Having worked with CCHR in years way past, there was a point where exposing the abuses was a positive thing…now COB just uses it to control his lemmings.

  53. Li'll bit of stuff

    HI Brendon—- What has come up too often to be ignored
    the term: “REAL SCIENTOLOGY ” vs. CHURCH OF SCN.
    It BEGS for “clarification” and therefore, interest in the
    subject and therefore the opportunity to DIFFERENTIATE!

  54. In Hubbards own words;

    “The fellow who yells loudest in the crowd is asserting the fact that he is not guilty of this because he is being very reprimanding on the subject. This tells you that sometime on the track, I must have been a psychiatrist. Well, that’s right. I was.”

    “There are certain things which I have decided to be mad at in this universe. I’ve decided to be mad at psychiatrists. There is no reason why I should be mad at psychiatrists. They’re never going to hurt a preclear, really. I can rave and rant about electric shock and prefrontal lobotomy – you can pick them up in the next life and they’ll be as good as new. Really, the sensible thing for me to do about psychiatrists is simply go over and talk to them, make a couple of patients well, show them how they can make bigger fees, pat them all on the head, and you’ve got Dianetics in psychiatry. But there’s no randomity there.”

    LRH PDC tapes (5301C23A)

    Randomity = Chaos?

  55. Tony DePhillips

    First off, the graphics of blowing up a Psych building is not a great idea in todays times. Maybe the cult should be investigated for terror activity. This event could be construed as a threat.
    Some people here have to pussy foot around with what they say for fear of the cult going after them legally for saying things that could be interpreted as a threat. Nothing I have ever read here even comes close to the intimated threat from that graphic of blowing up a psych building.
    Secondly, based on infinity valued logic, psychiatrists have good in them too. Nobody is pure evil except for maybe dm. LOL…

    Instead of being in communication and trying to create some ARC with the mental health industry, the madman continues his attacks against them. He also continues his attacks against Scietnologists that don’t goose step with him. His three pronged approach at destroying himself is very effective though. Keep up the good work dm, I say you will be history within three years.

  56. Great way to illustrate the problem. With such polarizing words, you (may) be able to hang onto those who were already the most committed. But the more extreme the rhetoric, the more you actively repel the open-minded people who might otherwise join you. I happen to be very concerned about the increasing percentage of people in the US on psych meds to help them cope with day-to-day living. But after this video (if I were open-minded), I would never affiliate myself with CCHR as a way of doing something about my concerns.

    In fact, with this extreme rhetoric, CCHR and RCS may actually lull others into complacency: “If we’re doing the opposite of what those lunatics are demanding, we’re probably on the right track.” So CCHR might actually be doing less than zero good in the world. Foot bullet to the max.

  57. I did the M-1 co-audit, KTL course, all kinds of word clearing in my lifetime…

    How the hell does ANYONE understand what this man is saying???

    “Rambleramblerambleramble…SOMETHING IMPORTANT SOUNDING!!!”
    *cue the applause*

    Gimme a break.
    Props to Marty for the patience to sift through, and decifer this guy.

  58. Hi, “what we resist. We become” So how the hell do we un-become?
    If I have been fighting and resisting something that I now may be becoming.
    How do I blow it away?

  59. He’s stuck in the 80s.

    Memo to POB: The days when Eddie Murphy was portrayed as the only cool person and all the white folks were bumbling idiots are over. The days when the war on psychiatry had any kind of main stream traction are long gone. GET TO PT.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Face it comfortably.

  61. Haydn, Great point. I remember in 2004, I was riding on a bus through the Czech Republic and I saw a HUGE, beautiful complex of buildings. When I heard it was a facility owned by Psychiatry I went into the complex and walked around.
    For the patients there were libraries, coffee shops, tennis courts, horse back riding, etc. I walked through some of the buildings and talked to both staff and patients. I asked various people where the electric shock and lobotomies were done. Each time I was told that those actions were stopped for almost 2 decades ago and I got the look of “where have you been?”
    The patients received drugs but it wasn’t the horror house that I expected.
    I sent a whole report to OSA like I had made some great discovery. Daaaah.
    Ironically, compare what I saw to the “treatment and care” given to Lisa McPherson at the Fort Harrison Hotel under the supervision of David Miscavige.

  62. You are obviously not “disseminating” or really talking to people about the subject from an auditor’s perspective. More than half of the people who have visited us this year, and half of the folks currently here, have had zero prior involvement with scientology.
    It is extremely easy to fill people in on the difference between LRH tech and the cult that Dave has built. Just tell the truth, and they see it easily.

    This entire subject expanded and evolved based on word of mouth from people who were actually helped. All the hype in the world won’t expand the number of people who use LRH tech to better their lives. Only results will. Correctly taught, correctly applied, with good heart and honest intentions, the subject will be applied by many. Deliverd by a money hungry cult, it will wither on the vine.

    We can be honest about who we are and what we do, can do and can’t do.

    That makes it all very simple and very acceptable.

  63. I guess they turned to salt due to being struck with lightening on sandy ground. The resulting blasts and swirls of sand
    The burning off of the skin around sand in this situation. Me thinks.

  64. “You become what you think about most of the time”, (Napoleon Hill, 1928).

  65. Haydn,

    I’d be very interested to learn about any specifics you have on what you state here about psychiatry being reformed. Thanks.

  66. well said, JP

  67. If the Church of Miscavige ever got wind of a group seen to be cheering on the fiery decimation of their orgs I do wonder how they would respond. How would they view it? Bigotry? Incitement to hatred, perhaps? Hmm..

  68. That’s right! When proper legislation was passed our psych institutions ran so empty that they hosted huge lobby campaigns to get them filled again. To no avail, as a consequence our prisons ran so empty that we had to import lots of prisoners from our neighbours to avoid unemployment of wardens and closure of facilities. This was of course Scientology at work and it had nothing to do with MR.IQ and his global obliteration (the very thing he is so afraid of). His ranting serves 2 purposes: his sheeple can be fleeced and the psychs can continue their crimes by showing the madman to Congress discrediting the Scientology argument against psych abuse. This MO was used to double the Pharma sales and score ww top records of inmates last decennium. Davey is the very best answer the psychs have to nullify legitimate concerns about their crimes.

  69. yes, it all sounds rather “Chaotic”..

  70. Only one person was turned into salt, from what I recall. And not because she ass-raped anyone. Who’s DM rambling on about?

  71. Alanzo

    Yes, in some aspects “Randomity = Chaos”

    But without a certain amount of Randomity you would not have anything to be interested in either.
    You would have no game to play.
    You would actually feel the sensation and tone of “pain” if your randomity gets too low, or too high.

    Pleasure is derived from putting order into Randomity.
    The more capable the being, the more Randomity he/she can handle.

    Is Randomity a “bad” thing?
    Guess it depends how you look at it.

    Eric S

  72. My sentiments exactly! I would love to join into an intelligent conversation expressing some views about what he is saying, except I can’t ever get past the first few words without feeling repelled by the sound of his voice, and I can never figure out what he is saying to be able to have any response to it…except… “huh?”. I know that may sound lame, but it’s the God’s honest truth.

  73. not to mention “speaking in generalities.”

  74. It’s also about giving the impression that something is being done and wins are being had so that people can be encouraged to give up money and continue to support Dear Leader.

  75. Les,
    He also needs to get rid of those of us who were around and read what LRH actually wrote.

    This attitude and intention as demonstrated is not what Scientology is about. We believe, and find to be true, that man is basically good. We believe, and find to be true, that LRH developed and codified a means of helping man achieve and attain higher states of awareness, responsibility and beingness. The higher beingness is in actuality the true beingness inherent in the person that has been occluded, hidden or disguised.

    LRH ED 87 Int: 20 February 1969:

    “Major Target: To assimilate and utilize the individual members of psychiatric organizations and to inhibit the personal economic and professional destruction of individual practitioners in the field of mental healing.

    Information: It is largely the psychiatric front organizations which attack Scientology and make the big money from government handouts. It is not the individual practitioner.

    …This in no way modifies our stand or policy or attack upon brutalities, inhuman treatment and the planned social degradation campaigns of psychiatric and psychological front organizations.

    … Scientology has no wish whatever to drive the individual psychiatrist from personal practice or injure him economically.

    … We have no faintest wish to exclude the individual practitioner from this parade of case successes.

    We do not in any way wish to victimize him simply because some front groups made a mistake.

    … We only wish to help you, an individual, and we have no wish to see you carried down.

    Therefore, we are making to you personally, the following offer. …

    1. If you will take an oath not to use shock or brain surgery on any of your patients hereafter;
    2. If you will take an oath not to mix Scientology with older practices;
    3. If you will promise to follow the auditor’s code scrupulously;
    4. We will grant you a 50% professional discount on all services;
    5. Process your own case successfully up to what we call a Grade IV Release;
    6. Train you up to a Class IV auditor status and award you a proper qualifying certificate;
    7. Defend you personally during training and auditing and publicly in any time of outcry against psychiatry.

    … We see no reason why you personally and all your original purposes should be thrown away just because some front group saw fit to try to throw away an important development two decades ago. … This is a sincere effort to reunite the field of mental healing, so badly split up by some misguided people.

    We have no wish that you should suffer.”


    Now, we can keep in mind that CCHR was formed to stop ABUSES in the field of mental health. The “psych’s” that are evil are those individuals who wish to use force, duress, shock, drugs, etc to enforce their idea of how you should think, act and be. The evil “psych’s” are all about thought stopping and control – not help or solutions. Using that definition we must put many apparent people into this evil psych category.

    The current RCS would do so much more good to get real LRH tech in use and available to all the good beings who merely want to help.

    But, as is known and can be studied in history – “war” (as in war on psychiatry, etc.) has always been very profitable for those on the fringes fomenting and making 3rd party. These same fringe people don’t give one iota about the damage and chaos to those on the battlefield. It’s about money, control and power ONLY.

    Real LRH Scientology is about help! (both receiving and giving)

  76. windhorse

    Yes DM and company rail against Psychiatry but they are totally unwilling to handle ANY of the people that psychiatry works with.

    Flag will not even confront someone who is ill, and they certainly go ape when they are confronted by someone who is the least bit psychotic.

    It is apparent to me that David Miscavige cannot confront “illness or insanity”. No surprise really, just look at how little control he has over his
    own case.

    And then to add to the stupidity of it all, he is systematically destroying the technologies of Scientology and Dianetics, which can actually deal with psychosomatic illness, and insanity.

    So…. one has got to wonder… how is that strategy going to deal with the actual problem? I do not think that “denying it”, or “avoiding it”, or destroying those who are at least doing SOMETHING, (however effective or not) is going to “deal” with it.

    Sure, there may be some twisted people in Psychiatry, but look at what is currently “running” (read, destroying) the “church”.

    Eric S

  77. Every great story has good and evil.

    The trick is in recognizing which one you really are.

    DM is getting what he puts his attention on……..enemies.

  78. I speculate that big pharma and the psychs are in bed with the powers that be on this planet.

    The fact that they haven’t taken out the church would suggest that they don’t perceive it as an actual threat.

    This would suggest that the church’s current leadership is innefective at anything other than bilking its own members out of their life’s savings. The bees nest is eating itself alive inside Corporate Scientology. And the Queen Bee has gone stark staring mad, attacking her own kind while pretending to attack the psychs.

    Again, the above is pure speculation and I’d love feedback from more knowledgeable individuals as I find it fascinating that the church is, in fact, still going….if barely.

  79. Great reference, Alonzo!

  80. LOL, Marty, “might be a flow 0.”

  81. This was not posted by me Allen “Alanzo” Stanfield. Someone is posing as me on this blog using my email address and blog address in the comment form.

    Moderators – please check the above person’s IP address with the one that appears for me here in this post.

    This is a blatant forgery.

  82. Les


    Eric S

  83. Shocking! Instigating retribution, war mongering. Wow, is DM ever stuck back on the track, leading the COS in that direction. Out of time. Out of valence.
    Granted Psychiatry is quite insidious, with 40% of children on drugs (according to a recent article I read on yahoo)
    What ever happened to “we seek evolution, not revolution” (may not be verbatum, from DMSMH.

  84. And let’s not forget that dmology is ACTIVELY creating psychotic breaks in PCs and PreOTs. Lest we not forget Lisa … and there are numerous others who have been shoved under the carpet and their names expunged from the records.

    dm creates psychotics.


  85. DM sounds more and more nuts.

  86. It reminds me of the last days of the Third Reich, invisible enimes, phantom support and victories that are not there. The worse it gets the bigger the claims of final victory are. The only fights DM can win these days are the ones in his head. It concerns me that even a few people buy in to this, it shows that some people will belive anything.

  87. Jack UK

    …”Only one person was turned into salt, from what I recall. And not because she ass-raped anyone.”…

    Yes, I believe you are correct, but perhaps there is another, somewhat more covert message being sent here….
    As I understand it, Job’s wife was “turned into a pillar of salt” because she DID NOT OBEY one of God’s commands….
    Perhaps it is not “who DM is rambling on about” that is really the target for this communication(?). Perhaps David Miscavige is covertly trying to tell his followers that he will rain this kind of Hell down on them if they do not OBEY HIM!
    After all… who was the intended “audience” for this garbage?

    Just a thought

    Eric S

  88. I agree its Flow 0. It’s Miscavige’s way of inviting the nemisis of free beings the excuse to attack him and so generate a dangerous environment for his followers to ‘rally around the flag’ and be consumed in yet another implant or the strengthening of an existing one.
    Maybe It’s a similar phenomena to Japan attacking the US in 1941 & Hitler going into Russia, the generals with ability must have realised the maddness of such acts yet followed along like the good sheep they were.
    Miscavige might have a few ill gotten dollars but he’s got no management structure, no self determined beings to back him up & what allies has he got? He’s a one man band with enough mega overts to motivate for everyone connected. It’s an invitation for disaster.
    A Jonestown in the making – I hope not.

  89. Domestic terrorism, for sure.

  90. Windhorse, good points. And c0nsider the fact that even a good comm cycle handles so much upset, while DM is using bad comm cycles to create upset. That’s pretty fundamental, eh?

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nicely and succinctly delivered ,LDW, just like a
    standard session should do (ie. produce results! )

  92. Never saw this before. Good stuff. Thank you!

  93. Brendon, I get your point and have had similar thoughts. However, when we look at the Indie zone and find “Indie,” “Freezone”, “CBR Bridge,” (even “Standard Tech,” as it is being defined in various places), there are plenty of new terms to learn just for those of us who’ve already been long-time Scientologists.

    I do agree that to the newbie, the word “Scientology” has a high chance of representing something negative. A friend of mine recently confessed to a couple of people she was ride-sharing with, that she’d been in “a cult.” They both snorted scathingly, “Not Scientology!” Since then I’ve tried the word out on a couple of people and gotten similarly negative reactions.

    I believe many current Hubbard practitioners only offer help in response to the things people are interested in, without springing on them that they have to be “Scientologists” to receive the help.

    But rather than taking your opinion, my opinion, or someone else’s opinion, to find what is an acceptable approach to raw public, the best way might just be to use the Scientology approach of doing a SURVEY. I think that’s for the future, though.

  94. I like the theory presented that Sodom and Gomorrha were nuked by aliens. Lot’s wife got turned into the pillar of salt when she turned to look back at the city–probably at the moment the blast overtook her.

    This positioning was not just putting COB forth as Pope, but as the Old Testament Jahweh who got credited with the rain of destruction on those two cities. Can’t get much higher than that!

  95. Li'll bit of stuff

    Jason, great to see you on marty’s blog and thanks
    for your NO BULLSHIT videos. I really got you clearly!

  96. Davey is no threat, he’s an asset, paid by the same powers that be in charge of the psychs and Big Pharma. We’re their only potential threat and a small one at that (for the moment).

  97. My thoughts and opinion,

    This is all about MONEY!!
    The CCHR section of the event was always a surveyed favorite, especially when Heber presented it.
    He is using the button he knows will work and announcing a global war on Psychiatry to get more money out of people in IAS donations, period.

    I remember a trip to Flag when I was briefed by an IAS reg on the Black Box Warnings on anti-depressants and what a win it was. Based on this briefing, he wanted a donation. The information I had was that the USDA hearings were already under way when CCHR sent a rep to attend. I don’t believe any church related entity had anything to do with the Black Box Warnings being created.

    The IAS has used the disasters in Japan, Haiti, southern US, drug problems, human trafficing and slavery to reg donations.

    It’s all about money!! It’s more smoke and mirrors to get $$$$. That’s my opinion.

  98. LRH has some good words about “trying to understand a mystery.” And that’s a further point DM has going for him in his attempts to confuse people, because anyone who really does try to understand him gets wrapped up in a mystery since there is no way possible to do it.

  99. Laura,

    Interestingly, the psych portion of this event was an almost word for word rehash of a psych speech I did at the IAS in about 2004. Same graphics. Virtually the same sentences explaining it all. Obviously they cannot use the one that I delivered, and there are no copies for anyone to do a comparison. I happen to know as I delivered the original speech. Not only is this magnificent celebration of 10 years of accomplishments since the Wake Up Call a fraud with rgeard to Scientology expansion, its just as much a fraud with regard to psychiatric contraction. Same old same old being presented as “great news” and if dont with enough smoke, flash-booms and false enthusiasm, everyone believes it (and forgets any details within 30 seconds).

  100. mrinder,

    Thank you for the background data. It makes perfect sense. By the way, you were always real at these events. I enjoyed hearing you speak very much.
    DM’s delivery is so much a hypnotic, monotonous drone, I’m not surprised I didn’t recognize the speech as one you made previously.

  101. Thank you Lynne. Very good point!

  102. It’s not even a matter of “What we resist, we become”.

    DM is “resisting” something that no longer exists. Sure, some psychiatric practices of the 19th and early 20th centuries were pretty brutal. But that’s not the case anymore.

    And even on that note, CoS is not even a blip on Psychiatry’s radar. They have had so little impact overall it is laughable to think that they are having any effect, at all. Certainly Anonymous has had a far greater impact on Scientology in the last few years than Scientology has had on Psychiatry.

    Geez, Dave. You’re not even competent at being a pain in the ass.

  103. I do understand why in the course of human events (to steal a phrase from Mr. Jefferson and the Declaration) a dramatising third dynamic will replay the games that have been played on the track over and over and over again (King says to council “must have enemy to tax the peasants and send out the army or no one will recognize that there must be nobles and knights to be above them” or the galactic commander saying something similar in the mother ship).

    But despite the absolute need for a state or a church playing these games to have an enemy (whether it be the Russkies or Satan) I think it has been a HUGE error in judgment for Scientologists to turn the definition of “responsibility” upside down when it comes to psychiatry. Talk about electing “one’s enemy” cause!!!!!! And ceding THEM power!!!! I cannot count the number of conversations I have had with Scientologists these past twenty years or so who have identified every evil of society as “psych.” It’s “psych education”; it’s the “psych culture on the 2D”; it’s “psych influence on the arts”; it’s “psych Nazi/Commie ideas on the economy” and so forth and so on and ad infinitum. Yes, let us build up psychiatry until it is ALL powerfull and influences EVERY negative aspect of life. Yes, empower it and recognize it and how much “at cause” it is (wow! what an enemy to take on, what a cause to fight for!!!!).

    OF COURSE, one needs to understand how suppression works so that one can recognize and handle those who would control and one’s beingness and power . But that doesn’t mean you actually CONSTRUCT the power of an enemy until it is WAY more powerful than it has any right to be. I never actually felt that psychiatry could even compete in the same league as the truths of Scientology or the tech of auditing. Never worried me. Never even doubted that Scientology would “win.” Never recognized ot honored psychiatry with great power. But then again……..I didn’t need an enemy to fight against (my enemy was my own and others’ unawareness and reactivity). This whole dynamic became clearer to me when 6 years ago a teenage SO MAA in an effort to get me to donate ALL of my money to the church (to keep me from being expelled) started screaming at me in a small room “PYCHS! PSYCHS! WE NEED TO STOP THE PSYCHS FROM TAKING THE CHILDREN!!!. I became fully aware then of why this whole fixation on psychiatry was invented and kept alive. (ANYTHING Miscavige promotes has only two objectives – to get more cash and to control the attention and actions of more beings).

    Well, in the 70s EST was the enemy always mentioned (as Werner Erhard had been a Scientologist and he was the threat to turn people into squirrels). But can’t raise money or rally the troops to defeat ONE little guy – we needed a devil and his minions who created ALL of the evil on the track and who were worthy of a BIG and SUSTAINED battle that could be waged for YEARS. Unless one was willing to join the crusade and give it EVERYTHING that one had, then one was obviously in the enemy camp, either with other fish to fry, severe misunderstoods on KSW or just actively on the other side (so I was told when said young man demanded I tell him the amount of money in my bank account).

  104. It’s David Miscavige’s version of Tom Cruise’s “War of the Worlds.” They have matching motorcycles, and matching Narcissism — anyone notice how in recent years all Tom Cruise movies have been stages for him to preen and strut and pretend he is a super hero “saving the world”?

    Miscavige is creating the same stage for himself. A stage with no relevance to reality. Both Cruise and Miscavige believe their own hype.

    In a recent news item, obviously a release from the Cruise Missile Impossibles, was another dud scud missile: An article placed that did nothing but brag about how fans made sure Cruise had every little thing he required in India, and all his requests were met.

    This news item was “damage control” to his fragile image of himself when it was revealed by an agency in India that Operation Cruise paid 200 “extras” (to greet him and mimic enthusiasm.

    Well, guess who else takes it very very very personally in a “must not see reality” sort of way when outpoints are communicated?? That’s right, The Missile Impossible Twin, David Miscavige, who dispatches squads of lunatics to squat like raving homeless people in front of Mark Rathbin’s home, for 199 days!?! Who wastes untold money to stalk, hack, phone tap, harass, intimidate, slander, calumnize and smear hundreds of people who disturbs his Mirror Reflection of “perfection”.

    You think that Scientology Inc leader David Miscavige is upset about Psychiatry abuse, or people misusing Scientology? LOL No way!!! He is a little psychotic propped up by the money people have been duped to shell out for NO PRODUCT.
    Same goes for Cruise movies, no longer entertainment, too self absorbed with his own butt.

  105. Ruth,
    How about the other side of this resistance coin so to speak; you get what you validate, what you put energy into.

    DM has enemies. He validates them constantly. He puts all of his energy into them.

  106. I know that voice! It is the droning voice that meets the dead and dying souls in the echoing halls of oblivion.

  107. Great quote Alanzo. This is the “liberal Ron” of couse. Actually it’s more like the “cheerfull Ron.” Wouldn’t you say LRH’s tone level is around cheerfullness as a social tone in the PDC? Probably much higher into “games” as a true tone level. But he was way up there at this time I think. LRH’s lectures and writings at about this time are my favorite as they validated the idea of personal power, personal creativity and self determinism. (It would be about the mid 60s when he just got REALLY royally pissed off at all the out ethics among people in Scientology and the lists of crimes and high crimes were written up and the hammer started coming down.) Well, I’m not into being theetie-weetie or anything and not-ising what needs to handled on the fourth dynamic, but I have to say I really dig “1950s Ron.” Bet he was a totally cool guy to hang around with and work with. Anyway, I think he was right on here.

  108. The footage in this MIscavige Productions video of a policeman hauling away a guy in a squad car as though the public is to believe psychiatrists are being arrested en masse is absolutely telling of the fragile if any remaining “sanity” in Scientology Inc leadership.

    Then the clips of flaming fireball attacks on humanity by UFOs…??? Hmm, oh is that what psychiatrists have in the works? Or what Miscavige has in progress. What is that? War of the Worlds 2?

    David Miscavige talks in generalities. Yes, there is heinous abuse in the field of psychiatry — as there is in the field of parenting.

    Would Hubbard have acknowledged Sigmund Freud in his original dedication of Science of Survival if such a “generality” were true?

    This Miscavige Productions video is clear evidence of a mind gone beyond coo-coo, and a soul that is asleep and out of communication (if even there).

  109. Sapere,
    This is in alignment with the Code of A Scientologist:

    5. To expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of mental health.

    6.To help clean up and keep clean the field of mental health.

    7. To bring about an atmosphere of safety and security in the field of mental health by eradicating its abuses and brutality.

    Global Retribution? Not in there. Pan-determined effort to bring about a rational and effective handling of human aberration? Oh, THAT is in there. But that is impossible with David Miscavige – he IS mad and has snapped terminals with madness. Perhaps some non-brutal sedatives and a quiet environment and get him out of that crazy valence, then ease up those evil purposes, blow off the prior confusion he’s attempting to solve with all these destructive acts and maybe we’d have some peace and effective action from all those who actually want to do just that as they sit and applaud Adolf in some surreal dramo of what we aim to handle.

  110. You gotta lie through your teeth to them too. So looks like Dave has both bases covered. He lies about enemies.

  111. Deciferring DM is a tchor, I no. Butt, yew’ll half to trie. Ceeriouslee.

  112. Take a Pan-determined view and actually be willing to BE both sides. Create both, start, change, stop both. Try it in an argument you have with somebody. Simply be them and argue their argument and see how long that arguing lasts.

    Then you can assume your own view of the game again. You can think any thing you want, from any point of view and change your mind.

    You get a flow of energy by two terminals opposed. In this universe, DC only goes so far, then sticks and tries and tries to switch back and eventually may do just that. AC switches back and carries on, and on, and on. As long as those terminals are held apart but in proximity.

  113. GTC,

    There are a number of factors that lead me to believe psychiatry has changed and reformed from the barbarity that it used to be. In brief:

    There is a great deal of empirical evidence. Psychiatric abuses used to be very common. When I was 13 (four decades ago now) I went round to see a good friend. His pretty, older sister sat in the living room, unmoving, staring into space, what we later called “out of it”. I asked what her problem was. My friend told me that his older sister had dated the wrong boy and his parents had forced her to see a psych who had ECT’d her immediately and at once. Nearly a decade later, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest came out which showed the barbarity of ECT and brain operations and its sentiments have been echo’d many times over since. The lastest being The Changling.

    The attacks on Scientology continued through the 50s, 60s and 70s and I can tell you that the later attacks were not, in any way, due to psychiatry.

    During the Cold War, Moscow used western psychs and their organizations as agents and vehicles for Soviet programs. This practice seems to have ceased.

  114. top of the vale

    That’s because the decibels are so loud one is stunned into believing anything as A=A=A!

  115. I thought I recalled the verbiage of that speech! There were other “psych buster kits” promoted, if I remember correctly, and now it’s just an online kit. There was a huge push to get every Scientologist to become a psych buster. I agree it’s a horrible waste of time, and Les’ comments above about actually providing workable alternatives in the mental health field would have/do have a much more significant impact on reforming the field.

  116. Any of you ever see the move Scrooged with Bill Murray? He plays the epitome of a evil TV exec and at the start of the movie he plays his over the top ad for his Christmas special. When it’s reported an old lady died of a heart attack upon viewing his ad – he’s thrilled it’s so effective. The crap DM puts out reminds me of the comical shit Murrays character did, only he’s serious and it’s not satire. Davey can’t even see what a joke his schlock is to the world at large.

  117. Z,
    A very cursory glance at the Dharma discovers that it embraces these facts. “All
    that we are is the result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts.” “By oneself evil is done; by oneself one suffers; by oneself evil is left undone; by oneself one is purified. Purity and impurity belong to oneself; no one can purify another.” “You yourself must make an effort; the Buddhas are only preachers. The thoughtful who enter the way are freed from the bondage of sin.” “He who does not rouse himself when it is time to rise, who, though young and strong, is full of sloth, whose will and thoughts are weak, that lazy and idle man will never find the way to enlightenment.” “Strenuousness is the path of immortality, sloth the path
    of death. Those who are strenuous do not die; those who are slothful are as if dead already.” P.A.B. 32 L. Ron Hubbard, August 1954.

    “For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” W. Shakespeare, Hamlet.

  118. Louis Farrakhan lectures were broadcast on Sunday mornings on BBC Radio London back in the early ’90’s. He’s certainly a far-out character, and no stranger to space opera history, either (though I can’t vouch for the accuracy). His common-sense wisdom was jawdropping, and interspersed with biblical and Islamic references throughout. The overall impression he gave was of authority, understanding, compassion, and divine inspiration – a million miles ahead of stuck-in-used-car-salesman-mode mismanage. Shortly after, in 1995, Farrakhan pulled approximately 440,000 folk to a gathering in Washington, DC (Wikipedia). Eat your heart out false-echo, mismanage!
    Actually, I only chanced on this series of lectures because I enjoyed the preceding series of radio programmes, called ‘You Don’t Have to be Jewish.’ Not that I’m Jewish myself, but loved the light-hearted, community spirit in these talks, especially the self-deprecating humour and weekly Jewish Jokes section. You really warmed to them!
    I’d quite happily hear both these series’ again (while I cook breakfast), but never to false-echo and his delusional ravings of ‘Retribution.’

  119. Laura Ann,
    DM is a godawful speaker. His TR 1 is impossible. He doesn’t actually speak to anyone. He can’t be Effect on a comm cycle, so he doesn’t actually duplicate the other end of any communication. He’s talking to himself. There aren’t any others there.
    It’s just Dave, blathering on in what he thinks is effective public speaking; talk at some generality out there that is out to get me. He’s in a universe of one. And at this point there is NO space in it. It’s all up real tight so one word is another word (just like in a rock where all particles are the same as all particles) and we get this one word that goes on and on for hours.

    It’s just ridiculous what this guy does on stage. He has NO idea that he absolutely sucks as a speaker. Nope, to him, this is the height of oratory. He’s the Pope after all, and infallible, by his own bull.

  120. Oh yeah, Pendragon, a thorough Grade 1 works wonders for the Ability to Spot the Source of Problems and MAKE THEM VANISH. It helps to study the materials. Then you get the mechanics of how all this stuff goes. The Scientology Axioms cover this, and it’s amplified in countless lectures.

    Hell, just do a really good Bridge, both sides. Amazing rehab of ability, when actually, honestly done.

  121. Well DM really needs to find someone to hate in order to unit his followers. He actually much behave like a nazi. Same methods. Once, I was watching an event, about ten years ago (much before today’s revolution) and I said that he reminded me of someone. Same attitude, personnality, size… and the name popped up in my mind : Joseph Goebbels.

  122. Not once did she look down at her notes, or use a teleprompter.

    Her teleprompters were are the top right and top left of her somewheres a ways frontward. Those are the spots her attention sticks to when she is reading.

  123. one of those who see

    I see that you are not “Alanzo” But whoever you are – this to me is LRH treating life as a game and being in spirit of play. Not Serious, which is up the tone scale. I also love this because one can get the idea that it would be perfectly alright with him if we choose not to go to war with psychiatry, but get in comm instead. Shame that DM skips over these good bits.
    Regarding LRH saying he was a Psychiatrist back on the track. A bit of history, I guess. If he did some harm at that time, he has more than made up the damage. That’s for sure.

  124. Whether Scientology accomplished it or not, Psychiatry was reformed.

    Lobotomies and Electric Shock have pretty much gone by the wayside. Unfortunately that seems to have been made up by Drugs in even greater Quantities since. I will have Issues with Psychiatry until the Day they cease being legally-sanctioned Drug Dealers.

  125. one of those who see


  126. The program will be as successful as Ideal Orgs – only there won’t be any published numbers for how much money is spent on this campaign … oh … I get it!

  127. Les, I completely agree with you.

  128. Mike gone are the days when they had actual number of psychiatrist jailed or institutions closed down. It is all generalities now and they even give up on computerized stat graphs with no numbers. It seems DM cannot perpetuate the lies he was doing just a few years ago. Did he mention any direct link by scientologist on any closings or psychs gone to jail?

  129. Mother of Grendel

    Remember – Izzy Chait – not Israeli, but Jewish – welcomed the schvartzas of Inglenwood to the cult!

  130. Thank you, TWD. I’d already made a transcription to read back what was said, with a view to posting it, but you beat me to it.

    This 76+word stream-of-conciousness sentence contains some odd things, the most noticable, to me, was,

    “…and in this way a veritable army of psych busters is born…”

    I laughed at Little Mr Delusional’s concept of other people.

  131. David Miscavige will say anything, anytime to anyone if he is convinced it will place a spotlight on him. Although I do not hate the man, I have better things to do with my life than “track down psychiatric abusers for the church”. Such a thing does not even make sense. DM should remember that psychiatrists don’t go to people, people seek out psychiatrist’s and become PTS.

  132. After reading your transcription I get it. The guy has taken to speaking in allegorical terms, allegorical war, allegorical psychs, allegorical events … it’s all allegory except for the m-o-n-e-y!! (Not that I have anything against religious allegory with a real purpose. I think the Bible is allegory, and beautiful at that, with a message. It’s just that I don’t really see the role of allegory in Scientology, which is based on factual results … oh … except in the Co$, where the results are … also allegorical! I get it!)

  133. I don’t know if you have been asked this, but where can we see the entire event? Let me know.

  134. Mat,

    That’s the difference between LRH and Scientology, and David Miscavige and the Co$.

    LRH was right, in the world he lived in. He was acutely aware of what was going on, the pulse of the society, and he spotted a real wrong which Scientology could right. The society recognized it. A big movie was made, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. The society changed. The world changed.

    Miscavige is our new version of Nurse Bratchet (or however it’s spelled), blinded by fear, apprehensive, defensive, offensive – harming people out of paranoid delusion and purely selfish vindictiveness – a dark frenzy of hate and madness.

  135. The IAS has used the disasters in Japan, Haiti, southern US, drug problems, human trafficing and slavery to reg donations.

    Yup, my Introduction to this Nonsense was in 2001 “using” the 9/11 Tragedy.

    And as you said … it was all about grabbing your Money.

  136. Of course this is DM’s attempt to extract even more money as a Merchant of Chaos, bla, bla, bla…. but I think this also indicates that he is grasping at some “over the top” straws, trying anything to shore up his failing Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes require lots of “feel good” feed-back to the koolaide drinkers (like packed Idle Orgs that never happened). Currently, DM IS the MAIN source for the “feel good” positive feed back… it’s total BS as he can say anything he wants and is spewing Giant Global Everything and always with no or false stats. But his over the top hyperbole of expansion is creating a dissonance because of empty classrooms, and this is creating a real dissonant-resonance within the Church. So, when I saw the Global Psychiatry Retribution video, I saw cracks in DM’s Ponzi Scheme.

  137. The above should read more like: LRH was right about psychiatric practices in the world at that time. That was the world as it was, the world he lived in and sought to change for the better.

    The fact that the world recognized the wrongs he pointed out is testimony to his knowledge and his well-placed faith in Mankind, that men can, and will, and do in fact recognize rightness when it is pointed out to them, and do act on it to improve the world. I guess greatness is shared, by the truly great.

  138. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “The enemy that was Psychiatry” … can now be found cheerfully destroying lives in the COS.

  139. Laura Ann,

    The members of the committee that recommended the black box warning had all been hand-picked to do a white-wash for Big Pharma. Several of them were already on record supporting antidepressants for children. However, a reporter from Freedom Magazine called the office of every member and asked for a statement for an upcoming story, so they knew the spotlight was on them. Everyone was surprised by the black box decision, the pharmaceutical industry most of all, and I’ve always counted that as a win for Scientology.

  140. Unlike RCS, over the last few decades psychiatry has taken steps to reform and clean up its act. Yes, in the early days actions to reform psychiatry had its place. Today this anti-psych campaign simply serves as a distraction from RCS’s own catalog of abuses. It’s a red herring. It’s total hypocrisy.

  141. This puts me in mind of the ending of LRH’s “Mission Earth” series, in which a “combat engineering” psychological solution is used to protect Earth by mocking up it’s destruction in a virtual display of Earth being blown up, if I remember correctly. Everyone cheers and promptly forgets about invading or destroying the Earth, because they have just seen it destroyed.

    Is DM protecting psychiatry while fleecing the faithful of their money by asking for more donations? Maybe when he’s ready to retire, he will announce that Psychiatry has indeed been handled thanks to their contributions! The sheep will look around an see that it indeed has been handled. Because they have been told by DM that it has.

    Close your eyes. Now open your eyes, and see what DM wants you to see.

  142. Great post Tony. LRH did indeed say that Scientologists should ally themselves with other groups who were roughly in a similar field of endeavor – that of the mind and mental therapy.

    Not to mention his call to maintain good relations with the environment as a first policy.

  143. Laura Ann, DM has used disasters to reg donations ever since I can remember. He is the KING of disasters!

  144. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Can you imagine the fuss that the Church of DM would make if the indies or critics made You Tube videos of their buildings exploding and spoke of “Global Obliteration”? They’d be petitioning law enforcement everywhere.

  145. Lynne

    Interesting possibility, except for this at least,…

    Supposing it were even true in the first place, that anything like this actually even happened, one might have pause to wonder why EVERYONE within the blast zone ( per your offered scenario) was not similarily”turned to a pillar of salt”. Perhaps some other technology? The way the story is told seems to suggest that it was fairly precisely targeted.

    Many Bible stories point pretty directly at a “wrathful God” (some alien entity perhaps?), one who turns violent when “his” every whim is not followed to the letter, or if “mere humans” get too uppity. Sounds a lot more like the one being talked about in this scenario is a violent sociopath rather than a “benevolent” entity.

    And… you know… A=A on sociopaths and all that…and I immediately thought of David Miscavige.

    Eric S

  146. Sue

    …”Any one who has gone to a psychologist or psychiatrist for help is banned from receiving services from the Church of Scientology,”

    Actually this s not entirely the way this plays out. I have seen myself that even people who have been incarcerated in a psychiatric institution have been allowed on lines (and are currently on lines).

    I think you will find that there are quite a few people who fit into the category you give above who have gotten services in the “church”. I personally am a walking, talking example.

    In Canada, pretty much any child in any school may well have had words with a psychologist. They have offices in the high schools, at least.

    No… David Miscavige isn’t that stupid. You see, some of these people HAVE MONEY. He will pretty much break any rule to get at that. It doesn’t seem to bother David Miscavige that what he says and what he does are often miles apart.

    The truth is that the only things that hold his attention for long are how to destroy people and how to get more money, and it seems to be a special win for him when he can do both at once.

    Eric S

  147. George M. White

    Great contribution.
    These hinderances must be overcome.

  148. George M. White

    Message to David Miscavige:

    “When night hath past, the bright dawn comes
    In car of rosy hue;
    So drive the false bliss from thy mind,
    And thou shall see the true.”
    Boethius, Song I


  149. Sue, Hillary does use a teleprompter. In a diplomatic setting, people can get upset over subtle nuances, so you have to read your text exactly as it is written. And the translators (who receive your text in advance) need to know you’re sticking to the text so they get some of the subtle meanings correct. Hillary has good writers who are very attuned to her style, and she is practiced enough that she comes across as sincere, intelligent and convincing. It is also critical that the material is stuff she believes in. So the teleprompter helps Hillary do a better job of being who she already is, when she’s in front of a TV audience of millions.

    The teleprompter is an important tool but no tool can turn you into a good speaker. You have to be one already. With the teleprompter, gaudy stage sets, over-the-top graphics, pancake makeup, True-Tone voice modulation synthesizer and all the other junk he uses, DM is going to be a disaster every single time he gets in front of an audience because he’s using all that junk to try to be somebody he’s not. And the bizarre writing (“Shermanspeak”) that he’s delivering using all those gimmicks is an attempt to convince the audience that he’s smarter and more capable than he is; it backfires utterly. Nobody except the Kool-Aid drinkers that are stapled into their seats is going to believe a word of it.

  150. Journey Continued

    DM doesn’t want anyone around that has an open-mind. He wants submissive subjects that will do as he commands. He wants sheeple who will obey him, donate all their worldly goods and then be spiritually and bodily sacrificed to Pope Miscavige on the high alter of Corporate Scientology.

  151. Havingness George. Until you get a being above the need for the other-determined sensation, and rehab his ability to create and destroy, he’ll hang on for dear life to whatever it is. Then there’s the body and all THAT craving. She’s a composite alrighty. Yessir.

  152. Toxic Psychiatry – Dr. Peter Breggin. That is very much late 20th and early 21st century.

  153. The thing is Alanzo, it is not as you suggest, Hubbard as a “merchant of Chaos”. The attribute of intelligence in a game makes the addition of randomnity something else. Not enforced but offered as play.

    Insouciance rather than psychosis.

  154. German is my native language, and I can attest that this Miscavige speech is actually a quite well done copy of the propaganda tech used in Hitler’s 3rd Reich (if you consider that worthwhile to copy).

    Highly significant words suggesting infinite importance, the concept of “us good guys against them bad guys” and the illusion that big and rapid progress is being made in every combat zone which pushes the listener into the valence (role) of the winner (no matter how the actual situation is; note that Hitler’s Germany was in a constant process of losing against the Allies for some 3 years until finally the whole country was belly up – yet the propaganda movies always promoted a winning and powerful valence).

  155. Foremost,

    I agree, but the drug issue is much bigger than psychiatry. It embraces the AMA, most of the medical profession, big drug companies and big business in general (especially media). Mental health professionals have changed radically.Not sure when it came in exactly, but It is now a big no-no to evaluate for a patient or tell them what to think. The big enemy that tortured it’s patients has gone. To improve the scene further we would have to embrace and work with mental health professionals not attack the living daylights out of them because it is my personal opinion, based on at least some observations, that LRH tech has leached out into the society and helped bring about the change. No thanks to Miscavige. I can only surmise that, for example, 50 million copies of Dianetics read and passed around has had quite an effect over the last six decades.

  156. Whether Scientology accomplished it or not, Psychiatry was reformed. The shape, manner and behavior of psychiatry changed markedly many years ago.
    Hello haydn.
    I don’t know where you live, but there is still psychiatric abuse around the world on a daily basis. They still doesn’t have any technology and they still have failed help in what they do (which isn’t good to their own cases, too).
    There is still medicalization where some harmless assists or a good advise or some hours of work would get the job done.
    Children are still placed under drugs in european countries. Not in US?
    They are expanding in new countries in the European Union and infliltrate the school system. They create drug addicts.
    CCHR is there for one reason. It was originally established in `69.
    But it is true: CCHR stands for: Citizens Commision on Human Rights and not “Lets kill all Psychs”.
    CCHR is still important and needs to continue the work.
    But I can agree, CCHR shouldn’t be used to get the public to pay for the IAS.

    Why this “War” against Psychiatry I can’t understand. No one wins if force is straightened against something. It’s just not the right way to be.

    “What world could we build if the powers unleashed by war were used for rebuilding! A tenth of the energies that nations consume in war, a fraction of the money that they pulverize with hand grenades and poison gas would be enough to help people of all countries to a dignified life and to prevent the catastrophe of unemployment in the world. (…) There would be enough money and enough work to eat well if we rightly distributed the wealth of the world instead of making ourselves slaves of rigid economic doctrines or economic traditions.” – Albert Einstein

  157. Catholic Readers

    David MIscavige [quote]
    “Psychs are treated as the Lord treated sinners when turning them to salt…”

    [VISUAL: laser fire blasts hovering above cities and pulverizing targets]

    “…which, metaphorically speaking…[VISUAL: CGI waves of SALT sprinkle across screen] we call it ‘Psychiatry, Global Retribution.'”

    Is that some kind of promise / threat? And, say what? Using the Lord for Scientology Inc. turning psychiatrists into salt with a big sledge hammer that makes over-produced banging sounds. Okay. David Miscavige comparing himself to Jesus Christ with a threat to pulverize psychiatrists. I’ve heard it all.

  158. +1

    from the book description on Amazon:

    Toxic Psychiatry sounds a passionate, much-needed wake-up call for everyone who plays a part, active or passive, in America’s ever-increasing dependence on harmful psychiatric drugs.

    There is still much need for reform in the psychiatric field around the globe.
    War is not a reform.

    DM, put your war-toys to the side. Grow up.

  159. Tony DePhillips

    I liked that reference too.
    I recall hearing something similar to that on the BC tapes.
    I will have to say that LRH’s decision to make the psych’s “enemies” was not a great idea, especially after taking that reference into consideration.

  160. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Kevin,
    True. They’d be crying like little girls.

  161. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Valkov.
    True Scientology basics that I use daily are ignored by radical corporate scientology.
    “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. ” author unknown… 🙂

  162. Alanzo, is there anyone else in your house who posts on the blog?
    Or, if you logged onto WordPress on another computer at a friends house for example it can still be “logged on” the next time Martys site gets pulled up on that computer.

  163. Your humble servant

    This is true, Haydn. Some of the most cruel and brutal practices have lessened a great deal. They are still practiced though. Also, not only mental institutions but the public at large is today awash with largely destructive and toxic psych drugs. However, the absurd irrationality of official church extremism has essentially neutralized its original, well meaning efforts to combat these abuses against human rights. Not only has psychiatry flourished and prospered in the last 50 years–unjustly–but the official church’s rants against “psychiatry” as a broad generality are completely disregarded, thus making the effort to “defeat” psychiatry rather ineffective.

  164. Shelly (Britt) Corrias

    Marty, Please humor me and allow me to leave a message for DM here. For all the rest of you: CHEERS and Happy Holidays * big smile *

    Message to DM:
    Hun, your ignorance is really showing now.
    I’m no expert on the Bible or on any religion. In fact, I know more about Scientology than any other belief system. But the God I talk to these days doesn’t give a hoot about “punishing sinners”. Not even you. So I’m offended that you use a Bible story while inciting fear so you can steal more money from your sheeple.
    Of course in your world there is no such thing as a benevolent God. Sins are never forgiven, only exposed so they can be used for leverage and control. Yes, even sins that never happened. After all, GUILT is one of your best control mechanisms – it makes people so deliciously maleable, doesn’t it?
    I always heard you’re supposed to “love your enemies”. To me, that’s asking a lot. But, I’m working on it. I can’t say I’m at the point where I “love” you, but I did want you to know that it’s not too late to stop all this madness and redeem yourself. I’m guessing it’s a pretty tiny crack by now, but the door is still open for you.
    Just a message I wanted to pass along.

  165. Marty I took to trip thru the CCHR virtual tour he refers to.. I kept seeing similarities between what I was watching and the ways of C of M under Miscavige. It does provide some interesting information and I must say I’m no fan of the Psychiatric /Pharma solution as I doubt many here are. The video clip you posted both looks and sounds pretty much the same as every other one. Same poor speaker with same speech writer with same drama video. If I were to compare POB 1990s version to 2011 POB he is far more robotic now and he is clearly more of an only one, oh and he’s more whacked out now. As inviting as it was I didn’t send any dono to CCHR, as I just wasn’t sure it would get used as intended. I must have been black PRed and third partied by the St Pete Times .

  166. PS The similarities had to do with the abuses of Psychiatry / abuses of POB and those who follow him .

  167. Formost,
    Ditto your comments. I don’t like Miscavige’s call to retribution as it paints Scientology as a threat – not as a wise defender of human rights. However, I do see that psychiatry continues to do damage especially as huge legally-sanctioned drug dealers. I know quite a few non-Scientologists who take “medication” to manage misemotion (anger, depression), “hyperactivity,” roller-coastering, and so on. “They should put it (prozac) in water,” gushed one colleague effusively. Two weeks later she was visibly distressed, and I asked her if she was OK. She told me with hooded eyes that it was “the darkest day of her life.” Fortunately, we had no “incident.” Others have joked about their medication and their therapists as though what they were doing was the highest of fashion .

    In addition to the vast drugging of people by psychiatry, I have seen in recent years some increased propaganda about the effectiveness of modern Electric Shock Treatment. Evidence Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) staging a series of comedy shows touting how she was cured of her depression by modern shock treatment. I’ve seen some probes in other areas suggesting some psychs are making an effort to bring this back. It will be a hop, skip, and a jump back to brain surgery and implants.

    To me, these things indicate the social failure and disconnection of Scientology in recent years – diverting from what had been a successful tack. Scientology has failed to keep the reform moving ahead, and so there has been a strengthening of the field again. Why have past successful actions been dropped? Maybe the right question should be “Who? …

    This call for global retribution is just plain unreal to most and will be more ridicule. It fits DM’s band, though – punishment, so it is to be expected. (What LRH called for was the cleaning up of the field of mental health & exposure of crimes – not posturing with swords and armor and scenes from Armageddon).

    That’s my take on it.


  168. Quentin, does the “psychbuster” kit include a T-shirt with a Psychbuster logo and a hat with a camera taped to it?

    If so, I want one!

  169. Jim, and other books too, by other writers, as well as “ECT Survivors” groups, and many many websites.

    The the number of people to whom ECT is administered every year in the USA has apparently plateau-ed at about 100,000 a year; these patients are mostly voluntary and have a much better idea of what they are getting themselves into, than they were a couple of decades ago.

    Googling for “antipsychiatry” yields a ton of informative results, most of them having nothing to do with Scientology or CCHR; here’s one such from Wikipedia:

  170. Thanks.

  171. Domestic Terrorism is what David Miscavige seems to have on his mind – according to the Corporate Scientology video clip presented here. The little guy is obviously jumping off of the deep end – while intimating that he is planning on blowing up psychiatric medical offices.

    David Miscavige reminds me of David Koresh and Jim Jones….
    I’m calling the FBI,
    You should too!

  172. Joe-What has happened to Scientology under dm has made it one of the most destructive therapies on the planet. Fortunately, alot of people actually don’t know much about the Church-so the precious money dm gets in certainly didn’t go to marketing and of course he has destroyed div 6. Most people that I run into outside the Church don’t have a favorable impression, but are easily handled because they only have a surface knowledge-one of the very few areas I’m grateful for dms incompetence.

  173. This little bad boy is over the top, a whacko. Notice how the not quite bright think they are smarter than everyone else? That’s our boy out there who lies, lies, and lies. About 9 year old behavior if that. At least with our children we can get them to reason. That’s lost on little Dm. I’m happy he has no sword as he seems to be pretending he is a Roman emperor, Pharoah or something. What will he do when he has no one left to play with?

  174. We have two electrodes at a distance from each other. One is the plus and one the minus pole. One particle sitting on the minus pole is fully convinced that he is right with his opinion (e.g. agaist psychiatry) and the other one on the plus pole is also fully convinced that he is right (pro psychiatry). Both are fighting each other. Then we have another particle in the middle of those electrodes that thinks he is right cause he is neither plus nor minus but in the equilibrium of that plus and minus charge. But all three are between those poles. Who is right? I think that particle that is not between those poles but outside turning on and off the electricity.

  175. Jim,
    Perfect duplication!

  176. Aeolus,
    Thanks for this info. I wasn’t told that part of the story so was unaware. No credit was given to the reporter in the story I heard. Thanks again.

  177. Jim,
    I met Dr. Breggin when he came to Austin to testify at a hearing during a legislation session. He was trying to help get shock treatments in Texas banned by law. There were several psychiatrists and psychologists that came to Austin to speak. There were also a good number of victims of shock therapy who came and endured reliving a lot of pain to help others. There were lobbyists who helped and several volunteers. Lots of people have contributed to the stats CCHR posts on their site.
    And what about Dr Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist and co founder of CCHR. It seems the strategy when LRH was around was to reform not attack.

  178. The ring of fire just prior to the parting of the Red Sea was help from Odin.

  179. Aeolus,

    I just had time to fully read your post. It’s spot on, IMO.

  180. bloke who got turned to “salt” was heading in too close toward the lashing source at the time.

  181. Formost,

    In the early 90’s in Texas, my ex-husband, Jerry Boswell and Others worked to get legislation passed that resulted in a ban on shock for children 16 or younger. A reporting system was also put in place that gave statistics. If I remember correctly there were around 1100 people shocked the previous year in Texas. Of those 1100 over 50% were senior citizens on medicare and medicade. Recently ABC did a great story about foster children being drugged, even babies! I don’t remember the stats but, foster children are many times more often on “mind altering drugs” as the program put it. The program featured a couple of psychiatrists who seemed to profiting from this system. When the government is paying, these types of activities are going to occur.

  182. Li'll bit of stuff

    The self appointed,self aggrandised,self deluded,self
    DESTROYING individual, purportedly heading SCN,
    DID so at the outset, with a postulate to displace THE
    SCN founder, and then commandeer it’s future, through
    the use of what HE perceived, as most effective useful
    tools to ACHIEVE this!

    (1) Despite his pint size physique, he evidently learned, at
    a VERY early age, that all you had to do,was SCREAM
    LOUDLY enough and incessantly enough,that people
    in his midst, would CAPITULATE to his demands!

    (2) He also, through the complete absence of conscience
    and therefore a preponderance of unabashed EVIL
    intent, learned that MOST people had little CONFRONT
    ( obnosis ) of 1&2 above and ultimately learned the
    use of the final mechanisms, used rotatively and with sufficient repetition to achieve his ultimate GOALS

    (3) i. INVALIDATE
    iii DOMINATE

    (4) As an adjunct, liberal use of modern psycho tools
    of manipulation including; sublimal implant & hypnosis
    techniques,and HYPED, mind-numbing MEDIA assaults
    and grossly exaggerated statistics. as seen at all major events, actual and “future” ETC, ETC, ETC (puke!!)

    (5) Through use of the above “mind – numbing” control
    techniques, achieving the “seemingly impossible” in
    EXTORTING huge sums of money, using “Reverse SCN
    & BLACK DN” upon adherents, to Expand this “model”
    ever wider and wider, entrapping State, IRS and the
    FBI in a sticky web of impotence through alleged “dirt”
    collection on those involved.

    PLEASE WAKE THE F— UP all Rip van Winkles

  183. Formost,

    If you have time google, SOMATICS, LLC. That is the name of the company who claim to be the “World’s Leader in ECT Innovation and Sales”.

  184. I offered to go to Haiti after the earthquake in Jan 2010 to volunteer. They were like, “thats cool, but 20,000 cash money would be cooler” {sigh}

    I also found it amazing that they on one hand hate the media and at Flag any media reading/watching is frowned upon. Yet….. when the Today show did a piece on Scientology’s relief efforts in Haiti- they showed that video to everyone 20 times on the base.

    “The Today is a respected programs and thinks were legit…. now give us money”

    Then Christie was on 2 months later and they were like…

    “The Today Show? Bunch of SP DB dillentante panty waists PTS… give us money”

    It always ends with that, I noticed. “Now, give us your money and your soul, but we’d rather your money. And God your handsome” {sigh}

  185. George M. White

    Same line. Different words.


  186. DM just trying to clear the decks of anybody who can diagnose his mental condition and Commit him to a Rubber Room!!

  187. It’s not surprising that you didn’t hear about Freedom’s role, because the story didn’t run. It was to be about the FDA being a rubber stamp for Big Pharma which didn’t happen in this case, possibly because of Freedom’s noisy investigation. A couple of issues later though, the magazine did run a story about the suicides during the clinical trial for Cymbalta. This was the pill to replace Prozac, whose patents were expiring. The FDA approved Cymbalta in spite of the suicides, which were conveniently attributed to depression rather than to the antidepressant being taken. Cymbalta is now being touted not only for depression but a variety of other conditions from insomnia to obesity.

    Shortly after that, Freedom’s role in investigative journalism came to a screeching halt as the magazine was taken over by Miscavige for his personal puff PR and his vendetta against the whistleblowers. What’s happened to Freedom Magazine since the Truth Rundown is just a travesty.

  188. Tony — I did the transcription above in the queue. That meant I didn’t need to watch the video, only hear the words over and over. After your comment, I went back to actually watch the video. I agree the cult should be investigated for terror activity. This event video proves it!

  189. martyrathbun09

    Last time I saw CCHR President and Spokeswoman was at Corpus Christi airport, along with 18 other bots, attempting to intimidate JB into going back to implant prison at the International Scientology HQ. Good on saving your money.

  190. martyrathbun09

    Nice Message Shelly.

  191. Li'll bit of stuff

    Eric, what I admire Most, about you, are two qualities
    rarely seen in the same individual. You show a balance
    in the capacity to accurately get to a REAL cause, using
    tested,clinically proven investigative pointers, while
    showing a “gentleness” and restraint, when outrage
    and violent expression are resorted to by “others”

    Noble and admirable strengths, indeed!

    Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  192. martyrathbun09

    Read Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test. Psychs are not the cause – the drug companies are. Miscavige sold out to drug companies, lock, stock and barrel mid nineties. Miscavige, Corporate Scientology, and CCHR have sadly become shams.

  193. martyrathbun09

    CR, thanks for weighing in with the bright comment.

  194. martyrathbun09

    Good observation.

  195. Marty says … “It would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this latest pronunciamento* by Corporate Scientology leader David Miscavige. What came to mind to me was this axiom, that which you resist hard enough you become.”

    I say … I expect that’s true. However, I’m far more interested in helping others who have become affected/infected/inflamed by that which David Miscavige has become and pronounced.

  196. martyrathbun09

    Thank God for Tesla.

  197. Maybe. Or maybe he’s just an imbecile. 🙂

  198. Excellent point.

  199. Very good, Carcha.
    Made me look at just what has Miscavige been successful at.
    What programs of his have completed to a win across the dynamics?
    Taking away the corruption, declares, brankruptcies, altered tech, empty buildings etc etc. I’m still looking…
    Not one completed cycle of action as far as I can see.

  200. ow… ow… ow… ow…
    my head… my head… ow… ow… ow….ow….

  201. Is that the European Parliament behind the, ‘psychiatry’ sign?

  202. Tony DePhillips

    Great points Windhorse.
    It always irked me that the church wouldn’t audit “illegal pc’s”. Why not audit them? You could have them sign a waver, and if you weren’t charging such high prices anyways, who would care if you had to refund occasionally. I am sure many illegal pc’s would gain with auditing and this would be the real way to show that auditing tech was superior to psychological tech when used correctly.
    I thought it was quite bizzare during the big Book one campaign a few years ago, where book buyers were encouraged to co-audit Dianetics at home outside of the Orgs. Alot of illegal pc’s were having wins. Some would come to the Org and become Scientologists and then be told (now that they were Scientologists) that they were illegal pc’s and could no longer get auditing. How’s that for insanity??

  203. I know this is off topic, but ut akways bothered me, and now more than ever.
    The more i have understood of DM’s efforts to rewrite and distort LRH’s original work (Golden Age etc), the more obvious that so much of the Ideal Org is large impressive public image.
    So why Trementina Base?

  204. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    + 1000 Shelly!

    — Jackson

  205. Trementina Story is even more Bizzare when you read Wiki entry and rge history of investment and subsrquent ‘land swap’

  206. Well, ALL war propaganda promotes a winning and powerful valance to the country its being consumed by.

    What might be interesting to compare is the very late stage Nazi propaganda, starting with Goebbel’s “Total War” speech until fortress Berlin. I also can’t help but mention what Goebbel’s said after his “total war” speech to Speer, that it was the best-trained audience one could find in Germany. Which I think is a perfect description of the audience at DM’s big Scientology events. Ironic its their own money used to make them the best trained and brainwashed audience in the world.

  207. That’s exactly what I saw. Replace ‘the psyches’ with ‘the jews’ and the bolsheviks’ and you’ve got the same game.

  208. Modern institutional psychiatry is little more than a tool for Big Pharma. Read Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker, or The Truth About Drug Companies by Marcia Angell, MD. Psychiatric drugs have a lot less to do with Psychiatry than you probably think.

  209. I listened to this today – “You don’t have to worry for two seconds about crusading for Scientology” and “When it comes to crusading against Medicine against Psychiatry…no, no don’t bother… for the excellent reason that they dug the vacuum into which they are going to fall..” (LRH 3rd American ACC – Labels: In Society and Preclears 14th January 1954).

    Following this, Issue 129 of IMPACT magazine arrived in my mailbox beating the same old drum and showing the same old glitz. I’m all for Human Rights and against the drugging of anyone but this Organization, by the examples set within it, is NOT the Organization that should be tasked with any social reform. A for profit organization, such as this, IS part of the problem despite the good intention and hard work of those within it who believe only what they are told. It is wrong.

    I tried to read Miscavige’s nonsensical spoutings in IMPACT but gave up.
    Interestingly the first quote in the Magazine comes from Mr. Miscavige on Page 17 and it’s ” Since the wake-up call Scientology sectors across the world are now delivering help at a rate 70 times higher than in 2001″… another pointless, idiotic and unverifiable statement but I bet this got a seal clap at the event. How did I not see this before?
    But this slick, although tacky publication is read as fact by those who choose to believe without proof like I did. By the year it becomes clear that this is the cult of a man.

  210. Up to 4.5x more often. But what’s even more horrific is that many of these are on 5 or more drugs at any one time! Sickening. See or download the full report from

  211. This is not a mistake, Chris. When I write a post anywhere on the Internet, I know that I write it. I’ve set up, created, and maintained my own blog for years and I know how they work.

    This person has forged at least 2 comments using my Gravatar that I know of on this blog.

  212. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ingrid, such very apt comments. Further, because DM
    is so obsessed with HIS own self importance, the VITAL
    IMPORTANCE of the very Heart of auditing;( the two
    way comm cycle ) just never occurs to / for HIM. Thus
    being perpetually “out of valence” HE can just Never
    “as is” ANYTHING, thus persistence of the DM alter-is!

    Wonderful, hey ? Just carry on delivering your auditing
    to your “very privileged” PC’s THETA product indeed!!

    Much luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  213. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha, this is a beautiful time shift of period realities
    and transported me to “then / now” so clearly.

    Right on with your observations!

    P.S. How’s your back up supply of popcorn holding out?

    Luv, Li’ll bit

  214. I did not write the above post, this is some slimeball’s new illegal game on this blog.

  215. (No one else has access to my computer. If you click on my name, the counterfeit post goes elsewhere than gravatar.)

  216. Well, that’s exactly what I think. We just need more evidence to proof that point. Somebody who knows about it, has to spill the beans or at least give some hints for further investigation.

  217. Hello SKM,

    As I said above, the drug issue is much larger than Psychiatry, they have been bypassed you could say. So called medical doctors dispense drugs directly. I am not saying all issues have gone. I am saying organized psychiatry is not the target it used to be for a whole host of reasons so Miscavige carrying on the same old line is a misdirector.

    I know the entire history and am painfully away of the world’s problems. I was one of the guys handing out Freedom Magazines to movie goers as they came out from seeing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in London back in the 70s, so they realized that psych atrocities were real and not just Hollywood.

    LRH went after psychiatry because they tried to stop Scientology and no other reason, there was no way he was going to disperse off building a new civilization as he put it. As he said: “we are not even in their line of country.”

    Yes, we have a world full of problems, little real tech and a great deal of greed. I guess what I am saying is that instead of “Psych buster kits” we should have “Grief buster kits” or “Loss buster kits” that train people how to counsel grief for real and handle losses, Grief and losses are two of the greatest causes of depression and misery in the world today and the tech exists to handle them spectacularly. All RCS does is criticize defunct organized psychiatry.

    With respect.

  218. Mr. Mike Rinder.
    I would like to talk to you. You helped me several times in the past and I hope you can do so now. I cannot find an email address for you. Would you thus please email me at so I can re-introduce myself. I am in Europe.


  219. Pendragon

    The answer lies in your ability to continue to “be yourself”, not in “un-becoming”.

    You only “become it” (that which you are fighting against) to the degree that you consider that you are losing the fight against it. Down around “sympathy” on the Tone Scale you will accept the thing that you are losing to as the “victor”, the “winning valence”, and you will move into that valence in order to “win”. You will “choose” to become IT.

    LRH’s advice to avoid this, in the tapes on “Emotion and Effort”, is simply “DON’T FAIL!”

    Eric S

  220. “There is still much need for reform in the psychiatric field around the globe.”

    And that is the purview of the individual state Boards of Healing arts; not a religion that puts itself outside of the bounds of science, peer review, or even criticism.

  221. David Miscavige ( the actual being himself) is not in any danger of becoming what he resists, because he did that many years or lifetimes ago. He is no longer taking any responsibility for the Dynamics at all, from his own beingness. At this point he is thoroughly in the valence of a psychotic sociopath. He IS the definition of a Suppressive Person.

    The thing that we are probably seeing now is that the VALENCE that David Miscavige chose to BE is now also losing to its “enemies” (real or imagined).

    So… which valence is he going to skip into next? Whichever valence overwhelms the valence he is currently “being”.

    Until he starts on the road to rehabilitate his own self determinism he will know nothing but defeat as a being. He will simply be flotsam and jetsam in a universe that he has given up any responsibility for.

    Eric S

  222. windhorse

    Yes, evidence shows that he has long since given up any concept that there really IS a solution, so all that he has left is to contribute to being part of the problem.

    Eric S

  223. Sherb,

    Interesting how tricky it is to actually confront what you have just outlined, that is, all the non-achievements DM has non-achieved. The exercise you recommend is kind of a mix of looking at not-thereness, and simultaneously peeling away disbelief of how such a vacuum could exist in fact. It requires an ability to see what genuine achievement MIGHT be (envisioning ideal scenes and accompanying programs). And it’s a balancing out in the middle of the spectrum bewteen creation and destruction.

    So obvious, yet so tricky to see, because it’s literally “not there”. Deadening thought, sorry, but maybe that’s the insight into his head. A psychological black hole, sucking everything in, never letting anything out. All the momentum is directed inwards. Productive constipation.

  224. I buy bulk popcorn.

  225. Marty,
    I agree with you 100%. I have always thought this. The ads are everywhere and the prescriptions are given out like candy. The average dollar amount spent on marketing to doctors in this country is $7000. a year per doctor! Shock and awe: I have had some very sweet psychiatrists as clients and they had “in comm cycles”, good manners, high ARC and so forth. One gal in particular comes to mind. We were up at her office and I asked her what “mood” would you like to create in this space? Her answer, “safe”.

  226. Beautiful, Shelly.

  227. It’s solely my own opinion, but I think, that if the Boards of Healing Arts do not make the change themselfs it is, at least, my right as citizen to protest against abuses on the current and future generations.
    CCHR is not ecclesiastical. It has to do with religion only so much as some of this abusive treatments are very harmful to the soul, the spirit of man.
    But CCHR is not a religious organisation. The aims are fully focused on Human Rights.
    David Miscavige has nothing in common with the original aims of CCHR.

  228. Hello Haydn.
    I understand your point of view.

    It’s true, the lobbyist are not only psychs.
    The real problems are SPs who don’t want people to go free.
    I don’t like generalizations at all. I am sure that not every single psych is up to harm people. But either way as long as the most generality of psychs operate on the basis of “chemical inbalances” they won’t get any positive products.

    We as Scientologists, whether on Church lines or Independents, we know that there is a tech.
    The real shame is DM’s “Campaigns” inhibit real commitment by Scientologists.
    CCHR could bring about a real change.
    If they bring some criminal psychiatrist in jail, fine. I think that’s good. If they are really criminal.
    But David makes it a “Kampagnie” to hide his own machinations behind it. Therefore, this is all puffed up so unreal.

    Kind regards,

  229. The biblical God Davey refers to is the God of the Old Testament.
    Of course it is true that he is stuck on the track.
    He has the God who is touted by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount is not met. Davey is not a particularly religious person. Is he?

    Using God as a justification is another example of his own state of mind.

    Interesting Quote…

    Matthew 5:43-48
    43. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’
    44. But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
    45. that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
    46. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?
    47. And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?
    48. Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

    So, what is Greatness?
    What is it for Mammon worshiper DM.

  230. Sorry, one above sentence should have read:
    He (DM) has the God who is praised by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount not read in the Bible, as it seems.

  231. Protest all you want, SKM. You have a First Amendment right to do so.

    However, when CCHR decides it’s going to go after “Psychs”, it is doing so in a very cynical manner.

    To say that CCHR is “not a religious organization” is simply not true by any standard, as its views are informed by Scientology, and the lies about the profession are perpetrated using funds raised through the CoS, solely by members of the CoS.

    When you assert that, “It has to do with religion only so much as some of this abusive treatments (sic) are very harmful to the soul,” I think that is more to the point than CCHR has the integrity (and balls) to come right out and admit.

    And that is yet another example why the CoS has such a miserable reputation among the population at large. Front groups like CCHR, Applied Scholastics, WISE, etc. are nothing more than extensions of the CoS, yet purport to be something entirely secular. It is a sneaky, underhanded means of infiltrating the “wog” world in order to fulfill religious aims-and when people find out they’ve been fooled, they get pissed.

    In all sincerity, Scientologists in general would be far better off if they would just say, “We think Psychiatry does more harm than good because it is trying to address what is, we believe, a fundamentally spiritual problem. Our religion believes in a spiritual approach rather than a psychologic or psychiatric one.”

    That is straightforward and honest. If people think you’ve got a kooky religious belief, they will at least respect your right to hold it, just as they respect people feel about Mormons, Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    As it is, the CoS is perceived as not only kooky, but also subversive, litigious and dangerous. Do you really want to keep the same policies that have done so much to drive the reputation of the CoS into the dirt so that the Independent movement will be perceived as the same?

  232. “It seems the strategy when LRH was around was to reform not attack.”

    At first LRH tried to be accepted by Psychiatry, and to reform it as he saw it should be. However, after being rejected by the Psychiatric profession, he saw fit to attack them. Indeed, he made perfectly clear that Psychs were the main enemy, and were by definition, “Suppressive”.

    “”The names and connections, at this time, of the bitterly opposing enemy are: 1. Psychiatry and psychology (not medicine). 2. The heads of news media who are also directors of psychiatric front groups. 3. A few key political figures in the fields of “mental health” and education. 4. A decline of monetary stability caused by the current planning of bankers who are also directors of psychiatric front organizations [that] would make us unable to function.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 16 February 1969, “TARGETS, DEFENSE”

    “A psychiatrist today has the power to (1) take a fancy to a woman (2) lead her to take wild treatment as a joke (3) drug and shock her to temporary insanity (4) incarnate [sic] her (5) use her sexually (6) sterilise her to prevent conception (7) kill her by a brain operation to prevent disclosure. And all with no fear of reprisal. Yet it is rape and murder… We want at least one bad mark on every psychiatrist in England, a murder, an assault, or a rape or more than one… This is Project Psychiatry. We will remove them.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, Sec ED, Office of LRH, Confidential, 22 February 1966, “Project Psychiatry”

  233. Sapere Aude,
    Refreshing – Source! I am so happy that someone has preserved these issues outside of the C of S.

  234. Li'll bit of stuff

    Totally geared up! Enjoy!

  235. JackUK, you are right onabout that. It is the same in the USA.

  236. Formost, I beg to differ a bit. In the USA, by their own published stats, ECT has plateau’ed at a bout 100,000 patients treated with ECT per year.

    It is true that most of these are voluntary recipients of ECT, and involuntary treatment is down. Also that the recipients are better informed about what they are letting themselves in for.

  237. I thank jim! But what energy is entheta energy. Like if your at your desk and an alcholic tramp on prozac is standing above you but on the next floor up, drinking from you? Whilst your studying your Accs or something at the desk.

  238. martyrathbun09

    Simplistic. Read my book this spring if you would like vital context.

  239. Exactly! I went into psychology in college because that was the only subject I thought I could earn a degree in and actually help people with. Of course, I found LRH quickly and joined staff to become an auditor.
    But the majority of people in that field, at least the ones I knew back then and some I know today, are in it to help others in some meaningful way. There is no other academic route to do so. The “church” sure as hell isn’t providing it.
    I mean, a good psychologist would use LRH tech, IMO. But the “church” just can’t have that…

  240. Ah yes, the wave of confusion – wait, look, do we clap now?!

  241. LOL! Way more than 2 sir. You only started noticing, as has Sinar, and Jane, because I started checking the boxs below the replies to “notifiy” of new posts and new comments. I do this when I am done using your ID, so you will know I did it.

    I have posted as you MANY times here and elsewhere! And as many others here too. I try to mimic the real persons voice when I do, and no one has ever caught on until recently when I started checking the notify box. It was getting boring, not having the posters know they were being spoofed.

    You’ll be happy to know Mr Stanfield that you are a well known and regarded contributor to many forums, media comments, and other online venues due to my efforts. No thanks necessary, my motives are altruistic.

    Nothing Illegal about it by the way, (Sinar), its protected speech as parody. I would suggest posters who I have spoofed, read my posts and see if they are accurate reflections of your views, (with a twist!)

    Of course Marty will never post this reply, but maybe he will forward it to all the people I have spoofed. How many is it marty? Just the 3 that have squawked? Or 15 or so? Or many more? Its more than 3 if you want a hint.


    PS This has absolutely nothing to do with the corrupt church of Miscavige. That little chronic masturbator and his scam are getting my treatment also, in other devious and not too blatant ways! But feel free to blame them, they can use the attention.

  242. Haydn, I agree.
    General practitioners prescribe more “medications” than psychiatrists do.
    Many years ago, working with an ER MD Scientologist on how to handle patients brought into the ER as “psychotic” – he told me he had about 5 hours total training in “psychiatric medicine.”
    This is the guy who can commit you (through ER) for 72 hours (in Louisiana) against your will and medicate you against your will. Not a psych…a general practitioner.

  243. Sapere Aude, love that post.

  244. I thank you very much for that WindWalker. I was slipping away.

  245. Looking forward to reading it, Marty.

  246. And this is dedicated to the “devoted Scientologists” that have donated their children into slavery in the Sea Org:,0,1583100.story

    The rest of society isn’t lending applause.

  247. Well Raymond, I’m not quite sure what I have done to you that would make you feel like doing this to me, but I certainly would like you to stop.

    Would you please stop forging my Gravatar around the Internet?


  248. As I said, I am already done using your ID. (If of course you are the real Alanzo ! There is no way to tell for sure, I could be having this conversation with myself in some insane delusion )

    I’ve moved on to a new game, posting here sounding like I agree with Mr Rathburn but with subtle twists that undermine his message. All you need is a proxy and an imagination and much fun can be had. I’ve got pretty good at imitating a scientologist. Really the whole trick to it is to be overly self confident and sure of yourself, and agree with anyone else who is and says nicey nice about EL RON. I’ve got 3 different personalities in play on here that I have posted with for the last 3 months, all different.

    So thanks for the match Alanzo, to bad you didnt arrive on the court in time to return some of my serves.

    Score: Rathburn and crew, 0. Me, 9001

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