Have A Great New Year 2012

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  1. Hi Marty, you look great! Thanks for the enlightening video – it was brilliant.

  2. Amen, Marty! 🙂 The Great Middle Path has always been one of my all time favorite articles that you’ve written. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Really put things into context for me!

    has it gone quiet on the external front? Mexican stand off, perhaps?

  4. Paul Copercini

    Here’s To Being Great. We Will Always Be Great For Others Which Includes Ourselves. Happy Existence And Beyond Existence ********’8’********

  5. Spot on, Marty! And well done staying on the middle path in spite of serious pressure to push you to extremes.

    I would just like to add that notwithstanding the Sea Org’s drive to “save humanity”, it’s going to be done one human at a time, or not at all. The group is Not more important than the individual.

  6. Beautifully and succinctly spoken. Happy New Year to us all! L, Rachel

  7. Beautiful Marty…. Your statements of acceptance and compassion and wisdom of taking the Great Middle Path far, far exceeds the immediate Independent Scn culture and could go out to all cultures and the world as a whole. If only……..

    May 2012 be the change we want to see in this direction.

  8. Happy New Year to our wonderful community of Independent Scientologists!

    Happy New Year, Ron!

    Thanks to all for the support, help, and advice to make my dream of a reunited family come true! It is so wonderful to be with my son after all those years of interference with our relationship, and it is fun! We had a great Christmas and will be bringing in the New Year together!

    DISCONNECTION IS CANCELLED! By L. Ron Hubbard in 1968! Hear it in his own voice in Ron’s Journal 1968. As my son said, “I heard it in Ron’s voice myself! How can we tell others?” Many Scientologists do not know that LRH did this as part of what he called the Reform Code, which is detailed in the administrative Dictionary, MODERN MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DEFINED, by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Be willing to share that information with other Scientologists, and help them find out WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE TRUE SCIENTOLOGY CAN HELP ONE TO CREATE!

    by being willing to reach out, and be CAUSE on the communication line, It can be very surprising who will be willing to talk to you and hear what you have to say.


    Love to all,
    Catherine Von Ach

  9. Beautifully stated, Marty.

  10. Thank you Mark for your New Year’s message. What stood out for me was your stress on tolerance. People can disagree on many issues but still remain friends. Without tolerance of others ideas there is no communication. And without communication, hostility and suspicion are all that remains.

    ‘Dauntless and Defiant’ is a slogan misappropriated by the IAS. It’s obvious to me that this phrase belongs to you, Mosey and all the Scientologists who refuse to accept that RTC is the sole arbiter of L Ron Hubbard’s philosophy.

    2012 will be a year of change, the gilded palaces crumbling and the Corporate Church losing all but a handful of its members. The New Year’s Event speech from the Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center will be a valedictory one.


    Andrew Robertson
    Wellington, New Zealand

  11. Yes, Radical Corporate Scientologists are fundamentalists and radical but not to LRH’s Scientology. RCS has the name “Scientology” but any similarity with the subject itself ends there. They’re robotic and radical to Miscavige’s word and latest whim with no tech or stable data at all.

  12. Marty and Mosey, Happy New Year from the Kramer household. Loved the video and yes 2012 will be a Fabulous year for all. Our best to you all for a great year! Thank you for what you do!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing this Marty and I hope you may have a very busy and happy 2012.
    Best whishes for Monique and Chiquita also.

    Thanks for the work done in this closing year.
    Despite the critics, despite all the wrong things and despite the monumental task in front of you and the team; despite all that; the walk has prevailed.
    No matter what all the merchants of chaos may want us to believe.
    The aberration and insanity beast is wounded and collapsing.
    An example is being settled for future generations to come.
    We can´t stand motionless if front of lies and injustice of that magnitude.

    Extremism and radicalism are two things that have harmed a lot to mankind since the beggining of times. Is a big advance that we have not fall into that as RCS has done.

    “It (Scientology) works best in a measured, tolerant, compassionate enviroment where the intention is solely to help the person in front of one”
    Amén to that…

    I wish strenght to all of us in this coming year…

    We may need it.

  14. Marty – it’s been such a delight watching this group and the individuals within this group as we waver at times and start heading to an extreme view (I’m good, he’s bad) but thankfully Middle Way is always remembered and returned to.

    Moving on Up a Little Higher remains the overarching theme! Thank you.

    One of my favorite quotes comes from the beloved teacher Shantideva (8th century India) and his long poem: The Bodhisattvas Way of Life

    “All the joy the world contains has come through wishing happiness for others

    All the misery the world contains has come from wishing pleasure for oneself.”

    –Shantideva in A Guide to a Bodhisattva’s Way of Life

    My wish is that we always remember to think of others before ourselves, their sanity, their right to a good life and their joy.

    Happy New Year. Drive sober.


  15. I share your vision for 2012.

    Thank you for the year just ending, I wish you and the Indies a distraction free New Year and beyond.

  16. What is this Sara?

    Mexican stand off.

  17. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    To all the Independents
    2012 will be the BEST of the BEST!!!!
    Thanks for travelling the path with us.

    Claudio & Renata Lugli

  18. George M. White

    Happy New Year to all!

    Yes, The Middle Way

    In the Buddha’s language of ancient Pali: ‘majjhimā paṭipadā’,

    May all beings be well and happy!

  19. martyrathbun09

    Wow, sweet I’m putting that up with the post.

  20. Thank you, Marty! Understood on no extremism. In terms of action, you only mentioned getting and delivering auditing. I was looking forward to a rally with lots of press but I guess that would be too extreme. Well, alright, thanks for the guidance. Thank you very much for all you’d done in 2012 to make the environment safer for us and to separate the baby from the bath water. Happy New Year to you and yours and all the Independents! Let’s apply Scientology out there!

  21. And a Wonderful Year for you and yours too!

  22. The GreatMiddle Path!! We’re going to need it this year. I feel that the environment is really going to impinge on all of this year and we need to fortify ourselves with as much as the tech as possible.

    So, everyone, get on course, get on your grades, finish off your OT sections and study as much LRH as possible this next year. Keep the tech alive!

    ML Tom

  23. Pan determinism at its highest!!!

    My purpose is to create a space and environment where all can grow and happiness can occur.

    A happy and prosperous New Year to all!!

  24. Wonderful to hear!

  25. Here we have before us, as in any moment of the creation of time, a freshness of the new to be explored. A new viewpoint and self-knowledge.

    My greatest thanks to all of you for being guiding lights that beckon to those lost in the darkness and corruption of enslavement.

    It is alway NOW that we go forth in TRUTH and free those burdened with self-doubt and misdirection.

    This is another year toward TOTAL FREEDOM and I appreciate your help in the only important game on this planet.

    “SELF-CONFIDENCE is nothing more than beliefin one’s ability
    to decide and in one’s decisions.

    Negation of decision, refusal of decision, letting others decide
    are the most powerful sources of aberration. They apply to any
    and all subjects.

    A POSTULATE is a decision you make to yourself or to others.
    You make one. Then, afterwards, conditions change and you
    make a second one. This makes the first one wrong. You make a
    postulate as cause and then, by having lived through some instants
    of time, become an effect of your own cause.

    A computer could not work if you kept leaving its totals on
    the calculator for the next problem. That is what you do with
    decisions. They have to be made. Sweep them up before making
    more. It is a new method of thinking and one that keeps you happy.

    No need to be afraid of making decisions. Simply sweep up old
    decisions. You make New Year’s resolutions. And you make them
    into the teeth of old resolutions which were different. Then you
    don’t keep your new resolutions and you tell yourself you are
    weak-willed. You aren’t weak-willed. You are simply obeying
    yourself as of yesterday.

    Emotion and effort cover up these postulates. They should be
    free and clear by now and, indeed, should blow at a glance. There
    are two parts to every postulate: There is the evaluation of data
    and the decision itself.

    When you pick up an old decision, also pick up the reason you
    made it. They “blow” very quickly”.

    Code of Honor
    11. Never regret yesterday.
    Life is in you today and
    you make your tomorrow.

    – L. Ron Hubbard

    Infinte ARC,


  26. Happy New Year! Yes, a lot of independent auditing last year here in Michigan and even more coming up in 2012, – and all around the world.

  27. “In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want.”
    Irish Toast

  28. Incredibly moving … a must watch!

  29. What a great communication and message Marty.
    Tolerance and conceptual understanding – I feel at home again.
    A wonderful and happy 2012 for all of you!


  30. Nice post Marty. Well stated.

    The point about conceptual understanding and literal view is right on the mark. I had forgotten that on KTL following all the word clearing, language and grammar materials were several powerful clay table processes designed to bring about conceptual understanding. The entire idea behind the course was to bring about conceptual understanding and thinking with concepts instead of the A=A of words and in no small part to standardize the language for the future conceptual understanding of LRH’s materials.

    Thanks for that Marty, I feel rehabbed.

    What the church has become is literal (and altered but still literal) lacking conceptual understanding of the application of materials. Certainly at least in the management structure, I use the term management loosely.

    This makes sense in light of DM’s tone level, per SOS, 2.0 on down is literal and intolerant of the viewpoints of others, communications are perceived as antagonistic etc. Fits right in, hand in glove.

    Conceptual understanding does not exist for one below 2.0, this is the literal band. The CoS has a dictator that, because of his tone level, only sees in black and white. Conceptual understanding is absent as he fights against it and can not really even conceive of it.

    The concept of help, the concept of workable are lost with him and with many still in. They say the words but their actions belie different intentions.

    “It says right here that if we get the overts off the pc will feel better and by god that’s what we’re going to do. And if he doesn’t feel better, then we know, because it says so right here, that he has more overts. We will get them Hammer and Tongs even if we have to beat them out of you. ( likely the reason he assaulted his P/C) We will make you feel better even if we have to destroy you to do it. We have the tech. Aaarrrrggggghhhhhh! “ Literalness at work, with a mad twist.

    2010 was good, 2011 was better and 2012 is looking pretty good. Get the concept.

    Thanks Marty.

  31. Wonderful post Marty! And I loved the “Here’s to the troublemakers” video. VWD to whoever put that together!

    Happy New Year to you and Mosey and all the contributors of this blog!

    And Marty, please check your Hushmail account. There is a Christmas gift waiting there for you and Mosey and I want to be sure you got it.

  32. Happy New Year Marty! Great message.

    Number 1 on my new years resolutions for 2012 is to get back in the chair again somehow, someway. Delivery is really what we are all looking for.

    After all, someone has to do it. It certainly is not being done effectively in Corp Scn as you point out.

  33. Happy New Year Marty – thank you for the heartfelt and inspiring message.
    All the best to you and yours, and thank you again for being there.

  34. Absolutely wonderful!!! Happy New Year to all!

  35. Marvelous and wonderful way usher in the new year – thank you and best wishes to everyone.


  37. Marty,

    Excellent and conceptually comprehensive video.

    The Great Middle Path is the broad road out. By definition it must be a well balanced mixture of Enlightenment, Tolerance, Education and Good Control. You have exemplified this for us by maintaining your cool (and sense of humor) and continuing to help others in the face of adversity. I also greatly admire your willingness to live in the public eye in order to see through that which must be done.

    Thank you for being a tireless advocate for spiritual freedom. You have become a beacon in the fog for those who demand improvement in their lives and in their quests to fulfill the Hope of Man.

  38. That made me cry. Thank you so much Renato and Claudio, and best wishes to you in the coming new year! Viva L’Italia!!! My fondest wish is for you to be reunited with your son.

    Much love,
    Caterina von Ach

  39. That says it all! Perfect quote. Made me proud to know so many of those bright, intelligent and caring people featured in that video.

    Thanks to you both.

    Buon anno!!

  40. Marty,
    I would like to take a moment to truly commend you for being you…….
    Just as you have demonstrated in this video, the simplicity of just telling the truth-as it is- is sometimes the most complicated and difficult endeavor of all. It is what makes LRH great, it is what makes The Buddah great, it is what makes Einstein great, it is what makes Monet great, Meryl Streep, Charlie Chaplin… I could go on… It takes a profound artist to simply tell the truth- but not only tell it- tell it in a way that can be translated and digested and USED by many others…the artist allows others to look through a certain window that they weren’t able to look through before, in quite that way. And in looking through that window, they get a glimpse of what lies beyond the fortresses we find ourselves contained within. Some artists not only reveal a window but open a door for others to walk through.
    You have done that. You are a true artist. And if you can find a way to push modesty and beautiful humility aside for just this one moment- I would like you to take this acknowledgement along with my deepest gratitude and see through my window of recognition – what a truly great being you are.
    MUCH love and I will see you very soooon!!!

  41. Sorry for the misspelling, Renata!

  42. I like these personal briefings Marty.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Happy New Year to everyone here.

  43. OMG! Thank you! Just beautiful.

  44. Thank you, Gunner, these are most appropriate LRH quotes for us in the coming New Year! I consider this a “hat write-up” (a “how-to” description) for making those New Year’s resolutions. Very helpful. Especially the part about finding THE WHY you made the old decision, so you can be done with it, and have the new one standing there by itself, Great!

  45. John Fennessey

    Happy New Year to a lot of courageous, smart and compassionate folks who totally get that quote of Robert Pine; “what we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others is immortal and lives on”.

  46. Hi Marty, you look great!

    A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the wonderful, free people here.

    Love, Amy

  47. Thank you for the New Years message Marty. It has been a very productive year for the real future of Scientology.

    Ultimately it does not depend on those who yell the loudest that they are the future of Scientology, it will be done by those who effectively do the things that carry forward the vision and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard. Those will be the ones who actually study and use the technologies and philosophy personally, and to help others, and train more people to do the same.

    I personally feel that, as a community, we are doing something here that has the potential to add to Scientology’s survival potential, and that thing is the “multiple viewpoint system”. It is a major part of what makes this blog, and others, as effective they are.

    For me, this multiple viewpoint system is extremely significant.

    When you have a single source of data, and all other data is disallowed, you greatly inhibit, or prevent, being able to evaluate, because you do not have any “data of comparable magnitude”. You have nothing to compare it with in order to make up your own mind about it, and so you tend to end up having to (or being encouraged to) “believe it” without any broader inspection. This is antipathetic to the purpose of assisting beings to becoming more self-determined and pan-determined.

    However, with multiple viewpoints available, and viewed, one has little choice but to make up his own mind, because he has to sort through the viewpoints and extract the portions that he finds the most “true for him”.

    I consider that as soon as you start to restrict a being to a single viewpoint source of data, you have started him down the slippery slope to “belief, dogma and robotism. You have made him infinitely malleable.

    For myself, I have assigned this insistence on a single source of data as a “why” for many failures in the training of auditors, and in the acquisition of a workable understanding of the philosophy of L.Ron Hubbard.

    The biggest challenge for a supervisor, in my opinion, is to somehow get the student really evaluating the data he is receiving, so that he can truly “make it his own”, and be able to think with it. To do so he needs to have other data of comparable magnitude available to him.

    This forum, and others like it, have opened the door for a greater understanding, and thereby a greater effectiveness for those who choose to use Scientology in their lives.

    I want to thank all of you who contribute to this process.
    I want to especially thank all those who are currently using their understandings to help others and freeing beings.
    I want to encourage all those who are on the path to becoming able to apply Scientology technology to others.
    And I want to acknowledge all those who are not Scientologists, or using Scientology, but are aligned with our purposes.

    Thank you all!
    Happy New Year! The best is yet to come!

    Eric S

  48. Thanks very much for your persistence in your blog, and enlightenment on the Co$. Yours and others’ eyes behind the scenes are immensely valuable.

    As regards your thoughts on the video, I had to think for a while about “thinking conceptually” – I never had imagined anything else, so it took a while for me to get it. In my view, Scientology has the axioms of a science, and it has a right to call itself a religion (a word) as it deals with eternal life, and opens one’s eyes towards God and Creation. But it is not a prescriptive religion. LRH said in a lecture that if we ever caught him moralizing, we should stop him. The biggest concept to get in Scn, imo, is that one must either set one’s own ethics, or join a prescriptive religion, such as Buddhism’s Middle Path of moderation, and Eight Rules. The failure of individuals to do either is the cause of the current Co$ horror.

    Sciences have brought great benefits to mankind, but are not religion.

  49. Thanks for all you’ve done for the independent movement Marty, and Mike R. doesn’t go without huge mention. I aplaud you both. Avery big new year is on the very near horizon. May we all prosper in our travels up the Standard Tech Bridge.

  50. Happy New Year, Marty and Mosey. I have truly grown to love both of you over this year, thank you for all your fine work!
    You look bright as a diamond Marty!

  51. FCDC Class of 74

    OH definately! Back atcha and ARC to all.

  52. Thank you for that Marty, and also to Claudio and Renata.
    What a perfect message to move into 2012 with!
    Happy New Year to all!
    And how refreshing it was to be able to watch a video where I completely understood everything that was said, no overwhelming volume to deafen one’s ears, no flashing images to blast in your face…just pure theta and real communication.
    Love to all.

  53. Thank you for the news and tribute vid, these videos are joyously moving. What a pleasure (and justice) to see L. Ron Hubbard in a fitting context! Happiest ever New Year! Cheers to the radiant rebels and artists! To pure Life!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  54. Hi Marty! Happy New Year to you and Mosey! I enjoyed your talk.
    One thing I noticed this last year was that the indie field IS splitting into “new fundamentalists” vs. many other types from “let’s apply what we know” to “I’m going any direction I choose.” The new fundamentalists, when confronted with anything that doesn’t fit the arbitraries they learned from the DM church, have a curtain that rolls down over the face and disconnects them from anything “impure.” I have seen it in person and it’s a clinical lesson in watching a service facsimile take over.
    For that reason I’m very happy that you addressed this subject. Tolerance is the only way that we will all manage to row this boat together to the goal of spiritual freedom for everyone.

  55. Happy New Year! WOW!

  56. Marty,
    Ah! What a GREAT way to start the day!
    Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging message for 2012 and also for adding Renata & Luigi’s gorgeous video right on top.
    May, in the sense of the Middle Path, Indie delivery of auditing explode in this new year and more training facilities open up and be filled to the brim.
    This could be a year when BOTH will be heavily needed to help this planet.

  57. That was beautiful! I am so glad that you put this together, it’s perfect!

  58. Beautiful tribute-dm can learn from you in that department, what with his horrible false tributes at events with lots of noise and fanfare.

  59. よいお年を!

    I wish you will have a good new year.

  60. Happy New Year all!

    Thanks for the video Marty, it is good to see your smiling face, delivering the good message.

  61. Ovation!! Standing ovation!

  62. Michael Fairman

    Huffington Post has an article today titled “The Lost Year” which speaks to the inability of Congress and the Administration to get the people’s work done. Why? The answer is in Marty’s thoughtful summation of where the Independent movement has come in 2011, and where it will inevitably go in the future, Many courageous souls in preceding years have brought us to the end of 2011 — let’s call it “The Found Year”; and now we embark into 2012 with the compassion, understanding, tolerance and self determinism to “find” many years to come. I wish you all a joyous, healthy and productive 2012.

  63. Great videos!
    I wish all you Indies a happy and prosperous new year with lots of sessions and wins; may you and yours keep moving on up a little higher and then some!

  64. Kathy Braceland

    Good to see you again Marty!

    Clinks all around to a SPECTACULAR New Year for all!

  65. Lynn well said: Fundamentalism is fatal – regardless.

    “A human being is a part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” –Albert Einstein

  66. Thank you Marty for being here. Again as an auditor who is not being harrassed, I have alot to thank you for-Ya took the heat!
    Nothing stays the same-it either gets better or worse-The RCS is getting worse and I see the Indie field doing nothing but getting better because we are applying the correct Tech!!!!! Sooooo we are going to all have a fabulous 2012.
    For those still lurking or wondering, here’s a little advice from James Brown himself


  67. Happy New Year

  68. Beautiful!

  69. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, as you well know by now, I respect and admire you
    enormously and in your New Year 2012 video you answered many of the questions I had been pestering you with.

    Inactive in my local CO$ for many years, I never the less had the fortune to have a Scientologist friend tell me about
    your blog, and almost drove my wife mad in trying to get
    the basics in understanding how to use the computer!

    So, Host, please forgive me in being over the top and just
    getting totally carried away, but truth is, I just can’t get
    enough. Best, though is you’ve shown and continue to set
    an honest and forthright example to all of us of how to
    handle the insanity that prevails all around us

    Thank you from the depths of my heart and I will continue
    to flow power to you and all you do. I sincerely do hope
    to meet you one day in person Your devoted supporter

    Happy, Successful & Prosperous 2012 New Year – Li’ll bit

  70. Li'll bit of stuff

    a ver Happy New Year to you

  71. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha you radiate love & ARC Happy New Year Li’ll bit

  72. Li'll bit of stuff

    Eric, sage is a word — you are one! Thanks for sharing so
    much of your studied wisdom with us All.
    Wishing you a very Happy & Successful 2012. ARC Li’ll bit

  73. Li'll bit of stuff

    Michael, well said and no getting away from it!
    Certainly much to be thankful for as we break a new dawn
    as Independent Scientolgists. Many, many to handle and
    guide back toward Sanity. The insanity prevails even in
    our midst but we have the power within, to handle it
    To LRH– who made it all possible Happy New Year, brother

  74. Li'll bit of stuff

    George thank you for your unwavering kindness
    Happy New Year A wiser li’ll bit of stuff

  75. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike thanks for making this a much lighter,less serious
    place where we can just get on with the job of helping
    each other move on up a little higher
    Hope you get the breaks you deserve and thanks for
    not taking me literally Happy New Year to you both

  76. Theo Sismanides

    Thank you Marty for the New Year’s beautiful message. The Great Middle Path is so key!

    I expect that we all, Independents, get more ties between us in this New Year 2012 and that this is gonna be the Year of Expansion so that all people on Earth can get to know what Scientology is really about and have the ability to study it and get wins out of it.

    This is our responsibility but the little Plant of Independence is growing up to a big big Tree and its branches reaching all over Earth to all the people.

    We can do it and i am sure we will be more and more realizing the value of all the Admin work Ron did and the setting up of lines and terminals, a whole NET throughout the globe so big like an Internet, quite invisible, intangible but sooooo real. We know the stuff life is made of… we got that knowledge. We just move ahead now a little Higher, this year, 2012! A Happy New Year to all of you!

  77. Perfect and beautiful and 100% on source! Mille grazie Luglis!

    Happy Independent 2012!

  78. Theo Sismanides

    Oh, and… Marty… one point on your speech… Hey man, where are the notes? Hahahahaha!

    I was so sick of those patterned New Year’s Messages in Events, so controlled and so artificial. A great, humane and wise message Marty. thanks again.

  79. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Rachel, thank you for continuing to be a lovely shining
    light. I read about your dear Hubby in Janet Reightman’s
    book and now have a clearer understanding of what both he
    and LRH went through in those insane final days
    May I please sincerely wish you a Happy New Year Luv 2 U

  80. Beautiful!

  81. Thank you for the radiant happy new year message. Congratulations and admiration for the 2011 huge service to sanity by helping people in the world differentiate between the corporate radical “church Scientology” and Scientology, the philosophy itself! Excellent accomplishment! That is huge, and moving humanity forward!

    It’s is absolutely true the #1 thing about Scientology is delivery … for human beings to have it and apply it. The foundation of auditing, the auditing processes themselves, the procedure, the application, pure and simply could not have been developed by Hubbard with anything short of love and genius. The action defines itself — auditing is an act of compassion toward one’s self and others. There is no Scientology without it.

    Spot on statement here ! —>
    “Extremism has been the bane of humanity from the outset. It’s been the regressing factor, the destructive factor throughout history. in politics in religion, in government, in organizations, in communities.” – Mark M Rathbun

    I thought about this, and reread the Definition of “Extremism”:
    ** Extremism is any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. **

    That’s what Corporate Scientology does. While holding out the mask facade of help, their zealotry with orders from the top down contradict the Creeds. The orders from an arbitrary “leader” are justified. Hence, constantly committing overts on universal moral codes (agreements that are considered the decent way to live by humanity). These overts (trangressions of common held moral codes) by corporate “church Scientology” include lying to the press constantly, lying in impostor fake blog to harm people; manipulating (using) people as pawns, while disrespecting their value; stalking; harassment; deviousness and cheesy tricks… that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Extremes are the trap of Dichotomy. Polarity-thinking. On or Off. Black or White. ( I personally love pan-determinism; other viewpoints don’t threaten my knowledge and observations.)

    Applause on this too! –>
    “It’s the people who have brought the extremes together, the people who have created safe harbor for the extremes to become more rational that have moved humanity forward.” – Mark M Rathbun

    Thank you ! Great new year greeting! Happy 2012 and beyond to Mr. & Mrs. Rathbun and all here!

    P.S. Conceptually is a great way to go! You can understand all kinds of languages without getting stuck on words or sounds or symbols. Here’s Happy New Year in Dolphinese 😀

  82. Thanks Marty.
    That’s a wrap!
    Happy New Year to all of you!

  83. Exactly! Happy New Year, brother!

  84. Theo, you are right, let’s have a closer 3D. We are spread out all over the planet but, after all, it is just one little planet! Happy New Year to you and my favorite Olga! Let’s have straight up and vertical and unprecedented expansion on all dynamics, including the 7th!

  85. George M. White

    Li’ll bit of stuff,
    You are very welcome. Happy New Year!
    Much loving-kindness,

  86. Marty…I like the middle road and keeping ones eye on the conceptual ball. All of us are very lucky to be plugged into your universe.

    Happy New Year to all…

  87. Marty, thanks for putting things into perspective. Toast to another great year. All the best and Happy New Year!

  88. one of those who see

    Absolutely Wonderful, Marty – Loved both videos!! Perfect! Just an obnosis comment – You look absolutely fantastic!!
    Very important message regarding literalness vs conceptual understanding!! We can move ourselves and others up the bridge while being in ARC with the world. Peaceful evolution to higher states of being. I firmly believe that the roteness in the church was a key factor to my being stalled on the bridge. Agreed, that what’s needed is constant alertness so that we do not fall back into the habits of the Church. In all we do, we can work to increase ARC, Self Determinism, Certainty and Freedom.
    Wish I could give you a hug! Hope we can meet some time soon. Thank you for all you do.
    Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  89. This is the Year of The Truth.

    May you stand strong, be heard, and laugh often.

    Remember who you are.


  90. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Wow. Beautiful.

    LRH stood up for humanity. And these people stood up for LRH.

    Thanks so much for such an aesthetic gift to us Independents.

    Happy New Year

  91. Wonderful video Marty. Great to see your smiley face!

    Agreed…. delivery is number one! Delivery was lost in the Radical Church of Scientology (RCS)… the epitaph on their gravestone is: “we failed to deliver!”. So, RIP on RCS and now we need to keep LRH’s Tech alive.

    Thanks so much to you, and the others you mentioned in your video, for keeping LRH Tech alive.

    Happy New Year

  92. Just the best!! Thank you Marty!
    Happy New Year!

  93. Wow! Conceptual truth’s that we can make our own and use in our decisions and actions. So completely different than some robotic interpretation and dogma. Life is a flowing energy of thought. There is no room for dogma. Ah, but that leaves us as pesky unruly and uncontrolled. So be it. I thank all here for helping me regain my purpose and understanding that I came to find and use in this subject of Scientology.

    To me the essence of an Independent Scientologist is the only way one can use any of the materials to make life better. What is true for me, what can I use, what can my family use, what are my stable datums and what are my realizations. This does not occur following a fixed idea or somebody else’s determination for me. The way out is the road to freedom – in thought, study and use of the datums. Rigid enforcement of thought is not and has never been the road out.

    Happy New Year to all. A great 2012 is before us. This world of ours has so many incredible gifted people and they deserve the chance to know what gift LRH left us. As we continue our motion in eternity – moving on up a little higher along this road of truth and living life…

  94. WestcoastT16
    I’ve only commented on a couple of things on this blog over the last year or so but I’ve read most of them. From the comments and the links and a lot of hours of study I’ve found out the “story” of Scientology since 1982. I’ve been a Scientologist since 1969, I spent a little time on the Apollo and actually got to say “Hi” to LRH!

    I knew a lot of the people involved in the GO and SO, but the study I did filled in the blanks about what was going on during those years. What a story!

    I was kind of off lines for several years – not gone, just not doing much. During this time I probably read 600 to 700 of LRH’s lectures and never lost sight of the end goal of Scientology.

    I went back on lines a few years ago, did some of this and some of that. I attended the event where Miscavage announced that LRH had let incorrect technology sit on his desk for 30 or so years and never corrected it, I was astonished at the people applauding the Golden Age of Whatever that was announced at the event. When DM said that he correcting it LRH’s tech I knew something had really gone VERY WRONG!

    I had the misfortune of having some “three swings of the needle and you’re out” auditing and found out what it’s like to be overrrun on the correction of an overrun. And of course was told I wasn’t Clear ( I attested some years ago as did many of us). I walked away without anyplace to go. It was a shock after all these years, but I knew I couldn’t go along with these people.

    I don’t want to make this a long story – but my sincere thanks to Ingrid Smith, Marty Rathbun and an unnamed OT friend who let me know that I was right and that I wasn’t the only one that had taken a hike.

    I’m happy to report that thanks to Ingrid for some superb auditing and excellent wins, I’m on my way back on the Bridge. Something I didn’t think
    was possible the day I walked away from RCS.

  95. Happy New Year to all of you from Mirari and Theta buddy

  96. WestCoastT, thank you for sharing and I join Marty and the rest of us Independents in welcoming you to the free world.

    I am writing a book about Scientology. If you don’t mind sharing some of the data you gleaned about the years 1982-86, could you contact me at michael@thetawrite.com? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

  97. Happy New Year!

    Thank you for the wonderfull theta you spread in your video.

    Best “New Years Celebration Video” I ever saw.


  98. Happy New Year to you, ALL beautiful people!
    Thank you, Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie, Sam, Amy, Matt, Karen De La Carriere, Mark Headely, Clair Headley, Paul Haggis, Jason Beghe and many more who have spoken out and help us to see the TRUTH. I love each and every one of you and with you ALL a healthy, prosperous and joyous 2012!!!

  99. Correction: Wish you ALL a Heathly……..

  100. Excellent advice from the Godfather of Soul.

  101. Joe Pendleton

    I’m writing this before reading the other comments, so I may be repeating what many others have already said, but here goes my two cents anyway.

    Marty – I think this was your most important and most beautifuly stated message since you started your blog. It cut through everything right to the heart of the matter. Thank you and Happy New Year to you, Mosey and your family.

  102. WestCoastT,

    Congratulations to you and VVWD to Ingrid!

  103. Happy New year to you too Mariella!

  104. Joe Pendleton

    Ha Ha. Ingrid, Perfect!

  105. To all who dwell here with good hearts, thank you for keeping the keys to our freedom obtainable AND thank you all for being the best of friends!

    Love and ARC,

    p.s. Thank you, Ron 🙂

  106. Brian Culkin

    Happy New Year!

    Marty- one of the things that jumped out at me from this video was not what you said, but how you were, how I experienced you.

    Calm, cool, with a definite presence of something nice.

    Great video!

  107. Here’s a great start to the New Year. Debbie Cook just sent this to all her FB contacts:

    I am emailing you as a friend and fellow Scientologist. As we enter a new year, it is hoped that 2012 can be a year of great dissemination and a year of real progress up The Bridge for all Scientologists.  
    Although I am not in the Sea Org right now, I served in the Sea Org at Flag for 29 years. 17 of those years were as Captain FSO. I am a trained auditor and C/S as well as an OEC, FEBC and DSEC.  
    I am completely dedicated to the technology of Dianetics and Scientology and the works of LRH. I have seen some of the most stunning and miraculous results in the application of LRH technology and I absolutely know it is worth fighting to keep it pure and unadulterated. 
    My husband and I are in good standing and we are not connected with anyone who is not in good standing. We have steadfastly refused to speak to any media, even though many have contacted us.  
    But I do have some very serious concerns about out-KSW that I see permeating the Scientology religion. 
    I have the utmost respect for the thousands of dedicated Scientologists and Sea Org members. Together, we have come through everything this world could throw at us and have some real impingement on the world around us. I am proud of our accomplishments and I know you are too.
    However there is no question that this new age of continuous fundraising is not our finest moment.  
    LRH says in HCO PL 9 Jan 51, An Essay on Management, 
    “drop no curtains between the organization and the public about anything.” -LRH 
    Based on this policy I am communicating to you about some situations that we need to do something about within our religion, within our group.
    Actions that are either not covered in policy or directly violate LRH policy and tech include the extreme over-regging and fund-raising activities that have become so much a part of nearly every Sea Org org and Class V org as well as every “OT Committee”. This fundraising is not covered anywhere in LRH policy.
    Hardworking Sea Org members and the dedicated staff of orgs around the world aren’t choosing to do these actions. Nor are the OTs. I am sure they would be more than happy if they could just get on with direct dissemination of Scientology as they have done for so many years.
    But the truth is that this is being driven from the very highest echelons within the Scientology structure and clearly there is a lot of pressure to make targets that are being set.
    The IAS: The IAS was created unbeknownst to LRH in 1984 by Marc Yager and David Miscavige. This was supposed to be based on LRH policies on the subject of membership and the HASI, however the IAS is nothing like the membership system described by LRH which only has two memberships and is covered in HCO PL 22 March 1965 “Current Promotion and Org Program Summary, Membership Rundown” and states:
    “There are two memberships…”- LRH
    LRH lists there the INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP and gives its cost at 10 pounds sterling or $30 US.  He also lists a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP which is priced at $75 US. There are no other memberships or statuses approved or known to LRH.  
    Furthermore, membership monies are supposed to go directly to the org where the membership is signed up, and the money used for dissemination by that org, in that area. This is covered in HCOPL 1 Sept 1965R Membership Policies.
    “It all goes into the HCO Book Account in the area where the membership is brought and is not part of the organization’s weekly gross income. Membership monies go to dissemination”.- LRH
    Currently membership monies are held as Int reserves and have grown to well in excess of a billion dollars. Only a tiny fraction has ever been spent, in violation of the policy above. Only the interest earned from the holdings have been used very sparingly to fund projects through grants. In fact many of the activities you see at IAS events are not actually funded by the IAS, but rather by the Scientologists involved.
    Think about it, how many ads disseminating Scientology, Dianetics or any Scn affiliated programs have you seen on TV? Heard on the radio? Seen in newspapers? I haven’t seen one in the 4 years I have lived in San Antonio, Texas, the 7th largest city in the US. How many have you seen?
    Donating anything more than a lifetime membership to the IAS is not based on LRH policy. The article “What Your Donations Buy” (The Auditor, The Monthly Journal of Scientology No. 51, 1970) is clearly talking about how the church uses your donations for Dianetics and Scientology services. Next time you are asked to donate outside of services, realize that you are engaged in fundraising and ask to see something in writing from L. Ron Hubbard that this is something he expects from you as a Scientologist.
    New Org Buildings: LRH also never directed the purchase of opulent buildings or the posh renovations or furnishings for every org.
    In fact, if you read HCO PL 12 March 75 Issue II, “The Ideal Org”, which is what this program has been called, and nowhere in it will you find 20 million dollar buildings or even any reference to the poshness of org premises at all as part of LRH’s description of an “Ideal Org”. Instead, an Ideal Org was one that delivered and moved people up The Bridge – something that is not part of this “Ideal Org” program.
    LRH says in the PL that an Ideal Org: 
    “would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public” – LRH.  
    This is all it says about the state of the building.
    As a result of this off-policy alteration of the Ideal Org PL, we have the majority of top OTs, now deemed “OT Ambassadors”, heavily engaged in fund-raising activities that include “bingo”, “pirate dinners”, “knitting classes”, “hay rides”, and many other activities strictly revolving around raising funds for the required multi-millions of dollars to fund their “Ideal Org”. As part of this, people around every org are now asked to donate to their local “Ideal Org” instead of their own services or their own Bridge.
    LRH says in HCO PL Org Ethics and Tech: 
    “GET RID OF DISTRACTIONS FROM SCIENTOLOGY in your org. Baby-sitting or raffle tickets and such nonsense.”-LRH
    Yet these distractions are rampant as they are being used as fund-raisers to get money for the huge quotas being issued to fund the “Ideal Org”.
    “If the org slumps… don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.  
    Just make more income with Scientology.
    It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology.  It has always failed.”
    “For orgs as for pcs, ‘Solve It With Scientology’.
    “Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in more Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”
    HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II, Org Programming, (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)
    The point is that Scientologists and OT’s need to be training, auditing and disseminating to raw public- not regging each other or holding internal fundraisers.
    Out Tech: Over the last few years we have seen literally hundreds and hundreds of people who were validated as clear using the CCRD as developed by LRH now being told they are not Clear. This included hundreds of OTs who were then put onto NED as a “handling”. LRH clearly forbid any Dianetics to be run on OTs in HCOB “Dianetics Forbidden on OTs”. This is out tech. This entire technical “handling” was directed personally by COB RTC and was done on thousands of OTs. But it was based not on an LRH HCO Bulletin, but rather based on a single C/S instruction where LRH C/Sed one pre-OT who had not achieved the state of clear but was mid OT III and not making it. LRH directed a solo handling that the pre-OT was to do to get himself to achieve the state of Clear. This LRH C/S taken out of context was then used to implement a technical handling that was in direct violation of an LRH HCOB.
    This and other “technical handlings” done on Solo NOTs auditors created great expense and hardship on Solo NOTs auditors around the world as they were made to do these handlings to continue on the level.
    Then there are the “fast grades at Flag” that no other org has. How can it be that Flag has been delivering grades differently to the rest of the world for the last 3 years? Whatever the problem is, the fact is that having “fast Grades” at Flag creates a hidden data line and is a HIGH CRIME and the subject of an entire policy letter called HCOPL “TECH DEGRADES” which LRH has placed at the start of every Scientology course.
    More recently the fad seems to be that nearly everyone needs to “re-do their Purif and do a long objectives program”, including many OTs mid Solo NOTs.
    There is nothing wrong with doing objectives, but it is a clear violation of HCOB ‘MIXING RUNDOWNS AND REPAIRS” to have a person mid a rundown or OT level be taken off it and placed on an objectives program.
    Solo NOTs auditors are also being made to get their objectives from a Class IX auditor at great expense as they are not being allowed to co-audit.
    Flag has made many millions of dollars on the above listed out tech handlings because OTs mid Solo NOTs are forced to get these out-tech actions to be able to get back onto and stay on the level and complete it. Not to mention the spiritual effects of the out tech that this has on each OT.
    I myself was subject to these out tech “handlings”, including extensive FPRD mid Solo NOTs. It took its toll in many ways, including physical situations I am still dealing with today. So I have some reality of the hardship caused.
    LRH Command Structure: LRH left us with a complex and balanced command structure, with our orgs led by the Office of ED International. This office was considered so important that LRH created a special management group called the Watch Dog Committee whose only purpose was to see that this office and the other needed layers of management existed. LRH ED 339R speaks of this extensively as the protection for our Church. But these people are missing. And not just some. As of just a few years ago there were no members of the office of ED Int on post, not to mention top execs throughout the International Management structure.
    You may have also wondered… where is Heber, the President of the Church? What about Ray Mitthoff, Senior C/S International, the one that LRH personally turned over the upper OT Levels to? How about Norman Starkey, LRH’s Trustee? What happened to Guillaume – Executive Director International? And Marc Yeager, the WDC Chairman? What happened to the other International Management executives that you have seen at events over the years?
    The truth is that I spent weeks working in the empty International Management building at Int. Empty because everyone had been removed from post. When I first went up lines I was briefed extensively by David Miscavige about how bad all of them were and how they had done many things that were all very discreditable. This seemed to “explain” the fact that the entirety of the Watchdog Committee no longer existed. The entirety of the Executive Strata, which consisted of ED International and 11 other top International executives that were the top executives in their particular fields, no longer existed. That the Commodore’s Messenger Org International no longer existed. All of these key command structures of Scientology International, put there by LRH, had been removed.
    There were hundreds and hundreds of unanswered letters and requests for help from org staff, written based on LRH ED 339R where LRH says that staff can write to these top executives in the Exec Strata for help. But this is not possible if all these execs have been removed and no one is there to help them or to get evaluations and programming done to expand Scientology.
    Well, after that I got to spend some quality time with Heber, Ray Mithoff, Norman Starkey, Guillaume, as well as the entirety of International Management at the time, who were all off post and doing very long and harsh ethics programs. These have gone on for years and to the only result of that they are still off post. There is no denying that these top executives have all gradually disappeared from the scene. You don’t see them at the big events anymore or on the ship at Maiden Voyage. 
    David Miscavige has now become the “leader” of the Scientology religion. Yet what LRH left behind was a huge structure to properly manage all aspects of the Scientology religion. He put a complete and brilliant organizational structure there, not one individual. There never was supposed to be a “leader” other than LRH himself as the goal maker for our group.
    There is a situation here and even if you have not been to the International Management Base you should be able to see that over regging and frequent tech changes are not OK and you have a responsibility to do something to Keep Scientology Working.  You should be able to find and read the references on membership in OEC Volume 6. Find and read the HCO PL entitled “The Ideal Org” (Data Series 40). Find and read the references on org buildings, including HCO PL 24 Aug 65 II, Cleanliness of Quarters and Staff, Improve our Image. Also, HCO PL 17 June 69, The Org Image. 
    If you don’t want to make waves or put yourself in danger of being taken off the level or denied eligibility, then there are some simple things you can do. First and foremost, withdraw your support from off policy actions. Stop donating to anything other than your own services and actual Bridge progress. Simply demand to see an LRH reference that says you are required to make other such donations. No one will be able to produce any references because there aren’t any.
    Stop supporting any of the activities that are being done to forward off-policy fund-raising in your area.
    LRH says what he expects of a Scientologist – that is what he expects you to do. In fact he put it in HCOB 10 June 1960 Issue I, Keeping Scientology Working Series 33, WHAT WE EXPECT OF A SCIENTOLOGIST. Read it and follow it.
    The other thing you can do is to send this email to as many others as you can, even if you do it anonymously.
    Please keep this email among us, the Scientologists. The media have no place in this. You may wonder why I have not written a KR and gone about my business. The answer is, I have. But there is no longer anyone to send that KR to.
    But you can and should write reports and bring off-policy to the attention of local org executives and local Sea org members.
    We are a strong and powerful group and we can affect a change. We have weathered many storms. I am sorry that I am the one telling you, but a new storm is upon us. It’s waves are already in the media and the world around us.
    The truth is that as a Scientologist you are more able, more perceptive and have a higher integrity. Scientology is supposed to allow you to “think for yourself” and never compromise your own integrity. And most certainly LRH held every Scientologist responsible to KEEP SCIENTOLOGY WORKING.
    I am not trying to do anything other than affect a change in serious off policy actions occurring. My husband and I have most of our family and many many good friends who are Scientologists. I have not been real interested in sticking my neck out like this. 
    However, I also know that I dedicated my entire adult life to supporting LRH and the application of LRH technology and if I ever had to look LRH in the eye I wouldn’t be able to say I did everything I could to Keep Scientology Working if I didn’t do something about it now.
    We all have a stake in this. It is simply not possible to read the LRH references and not see the alterations and violations that are currently occurring. 
    You have a very simple obligation to LRH. Don’t participate in anything off policy, and let others know they should not either. If every person who reads this email does nothing more than step back from off-policy actions we would have changed direction. If we took all that energy and directed it into auditing, training and raw public dissemination, we would be winning.
    And that is what I wish for you and all of us as we ring in this new year.

    Debbie Cook
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    Debbie Cook Baumgarten | 7907 Donshire Drive | Converse | TX | 78109

  108. PersonalJudas

    Happy New Year to one and all!
    As an aside, have you all recieved Debbie Cook’s e-mail yet?

  109. Karry Campbell

    Wonderful post. Hugs.

    Keep up the wonderful job that you are doing enlightening others as you traverse through the waves of BS that comes your way. Very proud to know you both and to support you as I can.

    Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!!!!!!!

    A change is a coming…

    Karry Campbell

    PS – About 6 months ago I created a closed group for Indie Scientologists on Face Book that has some wonderful postings just for us. It’s great. No interference from the Church. The group is called “Indie Scientologist” Just as for permission to enter and message me and we’ll get in comm, etc.

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hear Here Scott!

  111. 🙂

  112. 日本の花火も本当にきれいですね。
    (Japanese fireworks are really beautiful too.
    I enjoyed it.
    Thank you.)

  113. Li'll bit of stuff

    Pure, unadulterated Sanity! ————Thank you Gunner!
    Another potent piece of the puzzle in place for 2012

  114. Mark,
    Helping in any way I can to get you back in the chair would be my pleasure. I’m already working out a Vegas stop so it would be great to get together. Write to me at bluecharm@hushmail.com and we’ll get started.


  115. Happy New Year!!! Very good Information. The information on Marty is very good and the second video is very real for me. I want to connect with you. I want to be independent Scientology. What I need to do? Also I need some help!

  116. Li'll bit of stuff

    The feeling is mutual, Gary

  117. WC Tee,

  118. Happy New Year to you Marty and Mosey and everybody !

    Seems that we already accomplished the target of 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    see here:
    http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?25797-An-email-from-Debbie-Cook-to-active-Scientologists !
    What’s next ? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  119. ++++++ THANK You Marty for the great massage
    and the New Year perspectives. ++++++

    There is one major thing, IMHO, which will always give you an altitude to POB (applebox) and his minions from which you can look, thing and plan your strategy and operations.
    And this is because You are a professional and practicing Auditor and C/S, so you know and understand Scientology and what is really important and that it was designed with love and compassion for the benefit of the person in front of you.

    Here is one LRH ref. I came across which underlines exactly this:
    Now, actually a person to know Scientology first and foremost would have to be an auditor.
    A professional Scientologist who merely know how to apply it, let us say, to business or communication or something of the sort, if he had not done auditing, would never really have any command of the subject at all. His command would be so superficial that he would make continuous blunders. His subjective reality would not exist. And so even if one did train simply a professional Scientologist, he’d have to teach him something about auditing.

    * bold emphasis added by me
    LRH, from Hubbard Prof. Course Lectures: “Auditing as a Profession”

    I would like to also thank you, Mike and Mosey again for this blog, all the hard work you are putting in and of course also to all the great contributors and freedom fighters, just to name a very view:

    Karen De La Carrier
    Joy G.
    Ziba F.
    Lana M.
    Jim L.
    Tom M
    Mat P.
    Claudio & Renata Lugli
    Robert A.
    Toni de F.
    Louis G ………………. I could go on and on.

    Thank you for your theta, contribution and for being YOU.

    ***** VERY Happy New Year 2012 to YOU ALL! *****

  120. Hi Marty,
    Congratulations on a very successful year. It feels like the attention is moving away from the attrocities of the church to the creation and expansion of this wonderful independent movement. Thanks to all. Love C. Ann

  121. Happy New year Marty and Mosey! I saw some videos of pretty spectacular fireworks posted here, but I gotta say they don’t quite have the bang that you and all Indies created this year. Wishing everyone all the best!

  122. Happy New Years!

    Thanks again for going public like you did, these last several years.

    Thanks for letting so many opinions be shared on your blog also!

    Chuck Beatty

  123. Thank you for the great PR video on the “crazy ones”. Way before the Independent field came to town, there was an original batch of crazy ones that set up camp and held down the fort while the second batch of crazy ones were still asking “which way did de go?” It’s about time you gave them some acknowledgment and respect, eh? I’m not speaking of the squirrels, of which all these crazy ones you speak of were themselves, before they left the nut tree. I’m speaking of those who were strictly LRH standard tech and policy and came out into what was called the FreeZone. I’m waiting for what should be a Big Ack to those people who stuck by LRH standard tech and policy. The ones you were out to strike blows at before you left yourself. OK? I’m waiting for that, cuz without that Ack all the PR and biggest amount of B.S. videos you can think of don’t mean anything. To me anyway.

  124. Hi every one !
    Just want to let you know, that I consider being here with you is an immense opportunity to learn what happened and what is going on in the RCS right now.
    Since July 2010, i have not missed one single post and comments !
    So please, to all of you accept from the bottom of my heart my wishes of a very prosperous year 2012 !!

    Love you all

  125. Happy New Year to one and all. Yes, the middle path is the right path.
    This was a fantastic year for Independence, Connecting (or Re-Connecting)and the Application of Scientology, unfettered.
    2012 will bring about a stregthening in all of these plus major breakthroughs in bustings the stalled Clears through to the OT levels and beyond and stalled/bugged OTs through to the higher levels.
    Scientology is for application.

  126. Open letter to all scientologists,

    #1 why do scientologists brown nose each other so much? The bible says to beware of those who flatter you, and not to trust them. Not to be mean to you guys, just something to consider. I think it has to do with not worshipping God. You guys start bowing before each other.

    #2 I think Marty is a nice enough guy, and I think he has a lot of courage, but he is just a man. Stop looking for new gurus, thats how you guys got into this mess. Don’t treat any man like a God. Worship The Lord Jesus Christ alone. Its okay to esteem men that seem to have wisdom, but you scientologists go way overboard IMHO.

    I am rooting for your independant movement to take down DM, he seems like a nasty little person. I sympathize with the independants, many of you have been abused, I pray for you. But if you call yourselves seekers, dont exclude Jesus.

  127. Finally got to watch the video!
    Happy New Year to y’all too.
    I’m planning on 2012 being the best year ever!

  128. You helped Silvia, Silvia helped me and mine… There are MANY more people practicing Scientology because of you. Thank you again.

  129. Brilliantly said Joy!

  130. Brilliant video Marty. Perfect wrap up of last year and a great launching point for what promises to be a defining year in history.

    One comment about the Mayan’s discussion. As I understand it, they were highly evolved souls and through a conscious and very deliberate way of life, they vibrated to such a high state of Love they literally became the light (after developing their light-bodies) and appeared to disappeared. So, in fact they didn’t become extinct but now exist in a much higher vibrating dimension that is not able to be perceived by most people’s level of consciousness.

    Perhaps that’s where we are all headed?

  131. Adam,

    Sorry, but I couldn’t help notice that you suggest to only worship Jesus.

    Wasn’t he also just a man?

    Don’t think that your organised religion is any different to Corporate Scientology. It’s probably just more subtle but still uses fear to control.

  132. Awake,

    Thanks for your followup. Jesus per John chapter 1 and many other sections, claims to be God of the universe, who upholds all things, who simply came in the flesh as a man. We who Believe worship Him as The Lord God, not as a man. In fact the bible says to worship no man.

    There is safety in worshipping God. We stop bowing before men, which is a good thing. I am sure LRH was brilliant, I have no doubt of that. But he was just a man!! Same with Buddha, and the list goes on. (Same with Marty, as I see a lot of worshipful comments towards him even, and that distresses me).

    There may be some wise things these men say, but never put them on pedestals!! IMHO that is how the scientology community got into the mess its currently in. Apply the philosophy if you like, no bowing to them. Thanks for listening.

  133. Happy new year Marty Rathbun and Monique.

    I extend the hand of friendship to you both

    I have been a difficult guest on your blog but I have believed in this from the start.

    The onley session I ever had was on the phone with my friend Terril Park confessing I harboured ill will towards Zinjibar and purposely trolled him on ESMB

    Terril Park was in effect my first auditor.

    With Regards ,Cornelius Anthonius Martens

  134. Thanks for this great little video, Marty. I think this is my favorite video of all that I’ve seen. I have a lot to say but to keep it short I wish for you and Mosey, and Mike, and the whole Indie Team a very happy, successful, prosperous 2012–especially containing big strides in spiritual advancement and knowledge. Thank you for doing all that you do.

  135. Thank you so much for your video message. I have often wondered secretly if I was defective, or something, because I CAN think conceptually and somehow there are so many higher case individuals I’ve come across while on staff, both Class IV org and SO, that COULD NOT seem to absorb the data as their own and conceptually see what it ALL meant.

    This was my downfall when in the SO, I had grave disagreement with the way the SO was being run and could not reconcile it with the LRH’s teachings. “Things” happened and I routed out semi-standardly (they never did the KR handling) and have been struggling out here as public ever since.

    I realize NOW that I am NOT flawed and that I have had the correct viewpoint (for myself) all of this time.

    Thank you for this New Year’s message and for putting a place here that’s safe for those of us that have finally gotten off the fence.

  136. Mayan Elder Reveals Truth of 2012 Mayan Calendar

    Part 2 is good too. And part 3 I recommend if you want to have a good lough. 🙂

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