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Flag Services Org Inc v. Debbie Cook

David Miscavige has ordered Flag Service Organization to sue Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten in order hide his own crimes.  The suit is summed up competently in a story just released by the Tampa Times, Flag Service Org Inc v Debbie Cook.  Also see Village Voice coverage.

I predict the litigation will make clear that the sole intent of suing Debbie is to stifle the revelation of just how David Miscavige authored and dictated compliance to every off-policy action protested in Debbie’s 1 January email.

Miscavige had virtually all of the OSA (Office of Special Affairs, dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Corporate Scientology) Network working feverishly for the first 26 days of January to destroy Debbie’s and Wayne’s business and to deplete their finances so that he would have an easy, broke target.

There is an evidentiary hearing set for Thursday 9 February 2012 at 9 a.m. in the Bexar County 150th District Court in San Antonio Texas.  At the hearing Scientology Inc will be attempting to make the restraining order, obtained with no notice to the defendants, valid until the end of trial on the merits.

I have it on good authority that Debbie and Wayne are not backing down to the Scientology Inc muzzling machine.

They have established a legal defense fund of their own at Debbie’s personal website – Debbie Cook Baumgarten, see top right column of home page.

All donations made at this blog will be transfered to Debbie’s defense fund.  All future donations to the defense of Wayne and Debbie should be made directly to Debbie’s site.

Thank you to all who donated in advance here. I believe it is doubtful that this matter would have made it to a full, public airing absent the contributions that you all made in advance.