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Ann Marie Tidman 1956-2011 – In Memoriam

Ann Marie Tidman Broeker Logan passed away on June 14, 2011. Annie was L Ron Hubbard’s closest friend and his exclusive direct personal and business aide during the last several years of his life.

Annie with L Ron Hubbard

Shortly before John Brousseau (JB) left the corporate church in April 2010 he was told that Annie had contracted lung cancer.  Since then a network of friends on the outside has sought to assist her knowing full well the suppression she was under that would cause such a scourge to invade her body.

Members of Annie’s family outside of the church phoned Annie and inquired about her health.  On the few occasions since mid 2010 that they managed to be put through Annie denied having any health problems.  Since June of 2011 no family has reached her, instead they were rebuffed by corporate Scientology staff saying she could not be reached. A family member last called for Annie at the Int base in Hemet California within the past two weeks.  The family member was told  that “Annie can’t talk to you now.”

Karen De La Carriere and her network of investigators searched records throughout California. On  13 January Karen found records confirming the death of Annie’s body, seven months ago. Apparently, Miscavige has covered up the death of Annie Tidman for more than half a year, after covering up her contraction of cancer for nearly two years.  Such callous, heinous disregard for life and the feelings of family and friends demonstrated by Miscavige’s “church” knows no comparison in a civilized society.  In this case it is all the more unconscionable.  No one served L Ron Hubbard for longer and with more dedication than Annie,  with the sole exception of LRH’s wife Mary Sue. And so there is little wonder why Miscavige prevented anyone from outside his cult from speaking to, let alone questioning Annie before her death.

Irrespective of what Annie may have been coerced to sign prior to her passing, I’ll always remember her for what she stood for twenty years ago. When I intercepted Annie during her 1992 attempt to reunite with her then-husband Jim Logan, we flew alone across the country overnight in John Travolta’s private jet.  Annie, in the inimitably vague manner in which such prohibited thoughts must be shared within corporate Scientology, communicated in so many words the following, she was returning to the Int Scientology base for one reason alone: to protect LRH’s legacy from David Miscavige.

Annie held on for nearly twenty years of living hell, attempting to out live Miscavige and restore some sort of order. For those who knew Annie and for those who understood her relationship with L Ron Hubbard, worry not.  I know for a fact that she is now doing ok.


I have tender memories of Annie  ~~ the first messenger I audited on the Apollo ~~ I was struck by what a gentle soul she was, so kind, so warm and so darned likeable.
Annie grew up in the Sea Org and knew no other life as a 2nd generation Scientologist.  Her loyalty and dedication was fierce.  She like very few others  witnessed  and experienced from the inside how mad it had all become.   She could compare the THEN and NOW.  The LRH way  vs Miscavige brutalities.There is an ability of the body to fight cancer. A resilient spirit all set out to fight it will send cancer into remission but not so when one has a broken heart.Annie, you were one of the finest.  You touched the heart of everyone you encountered. Fly high with the Angels.
– Karen de la Carriere
I first met Annie in 1973 when she was already a favorite Commodore’s Messenger on the Apollo. She epitomized  a true friend of LRH.  It was no fluke that she was the one who was in the right place at the right time and went off with LRH to become the person he relied on as his aide, confidante and friend in the twilight of his life. Annie was kind, smart and concerned for the well-being of others.  Power and status was meaningless to her.  What was important was her dedication to LRH and his legacy. If you searched the world to find someone who represented most closely the qualities he stood for – you would be hard pressed to find someone who filled the bill better than Annie. In the long history of Scientology that is still to be writ, Annie  will remain large and will never be forgotten, destined to be remembered as one of LRH’s truest friends.
                                                                                                                      –   Mike Rinder

I can think of no better words to conclude with here than those penned by L Ron Hubbard:

Our suff’ring is self-centered here, for we have lost, in truth,

the smile, the touch, the skill and happiness we gained from Annie

who gave to us from her past ability to live

and fare against the tides and storms of fate.

It’s true we’ve lost Annie’s shoulder up against the wheel

and lost as well her counsel and her strength

But lost them only for a while.

Goodbye, Annie.

Your people thank you for having lived

earth is better for your having lived

Men, women and children are alive today because you lived.

We thank you for coming to us.

We do not contest your right to go away.

Your debts are paid.

This chapter of thy life is shut.

Go now, dear Annie,

and live once more in happier time and place.

Thank you, Annie.

All now here lift up Your eyes

and say to Annie