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Disdain For A Valuable Human Life

I have just examined the death certificate of L Ron Hubbard’s closest friend, Ann Marie Tidman.


The certificate indicates that the manner in which Miscavige treated Annie and her family was far worse than originally reported here on 14 January, Ann Marie Tidman In Memoriam.

Please examine line 107 “underlying cause” of death.  It notes “Non Small Cell Lung Cancer” with a “time interval between onset and death” as “14 Months”.

Given that her date of death was 14 June 2011, that puts the onset of the lung cancer as mid April 2010.  That means when John Brousseau learned of her lung cancer it was right at its onset, since JB left the Int base in the last week of April 2010.

Our efforts to inform Annie’s family on her condition behind the walls of Miscavige’s prison began immediately upon JB’s escape.  That was because I predicted to JB that Miscavige would keep this matter a secret until her death so that no one would have an opportunity to hear the truth from her last years with L Ron Hubbard.  We agreed that the only chance for her recovery was for Annie to be as far away from Miscavige as possible as he had a vested interest in her passing quickly and quietly.  And that is why we set the machinery in motion immediately.  That is also one of the reasons why JB and I traveled to the Int base on June 5, 2010, see post report The Citadel.   Before we made the loud, overt approach reported in the post, we attempted to call Annie’s cell phone to inform her we were in the vicinity to assist her to escape.  Annie did not answer the call.

That Miscavige prevented family knowledge of the disease through and beyond her death is inhumane.  The felony is compounded by the death certificate which tells us that Annie was ordered by Miscavige to withhold her condition to her family from the onset; a point in time where cure was clearly possible.

Next, please note line 26, name of informant.  “Catherine Fraser” is the Port Captain for Miscavige’s prison camp known as the International Headquarters at Gilman Hot Springs California.  The Port Captain’s first and foremost duty is to obstruct the discovery of and cover up any crime committed by David Miscavige.  But, here is the damning part – look at the four letters by Ms Fraser’s name DPOA.  Wikipedia defines DPOA as follows: DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY: Under the common law, a power of attorney becomes ineffective if its grantor dies or becomes “incapacitated,” meaning unable to grant such a power, because of physical injury or mental illness, for example, unless the grantor (or principal) specifies that the power of attorney will continue to be effective even if the grantor becomes incapacitated. This type of power of attorney is called “power of attorney with durable provisions” in the United States or “enduring power of attorney” elsewhere. In effect, under a durable power of attorney, the authority of the attorney-in-fact to act and/or make decisions on behalf of the grantor continues until the grantor’s death.

With malice aforethought David Miscavige had Annie (in who knows what state) sign over her right to make decisions concerning her own life to the Port Captain Gold (who is an unquestioning Miscavige loyalist; if you doubt that see Ms Fraser’s performance on Anderson Cooper’s Mar/Apr 2010 series Scientology: A History of Violence).

Finally, please see line 1 place of death “address”.  It is marked “1830 N Bronson Ave, Los Angeles, CA”.  That is the address of the apartment building for Celebrity Center International staff directly across the street from the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center.

For the last several months of Annie’s life her family tried to reach her by phoning International Headquarters.  The phones were answered by staff whose handling of such calls is closely monitored by the Port Captain (Cathy Fraser) who told Annie’s family that Annie was too busy working there to be bothered with them.  The family, out of respect for Annie, and for her eighty-one year old Sea Org member mother at Scientology Inc’s Clearwater Florida center, respected “Annie’s” wishes (ordered communicated no doubt by her DPOA under the micromanagement of Miscavige).  All the while Annie was dying in Apartment 336 smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles, where a visit from her family could not possibly have bothered the tyrant’s security or privacy concerns or even distracted him from the innumerable other cover-ups consuming his busy day.

As a last macabre note, see line 40 – location of delivery of the body cremation remains – 19625 Gilman Hot Springs Road, Gilman Hot Springs California, Scientology Inc Headquarters compound – right into the hands of Miscavige’s designated DPOA.  It was not until six months after Miscavige personally disposed of any remaining trace of the body that Annie’s family even knew of Annie’s passing – and only then because we made it known.

This investigation is not over.

Thanks again to Karen De La Carriere for her deft deployment of  investigative resources.