Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

David Miscavige’s Ownership of Tom Cruise

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has just filed a very informative, accurate story on the extent of David Miscavige’s ownership of Tom Cruise:  How Scientology Spied on Tom Cruise.

The highlight comes towards the end where Mike Rinder describes the surrealistic scene of Miscavige bypassing Cruise to fire the latter’s assistant into Creative Artists Agency like a missile.   It gives insight into the depth of self-destruction Miscavige will initiate for the short-term satisfaction of silencing critics and truth.  Quite in addition to demonstrating the cult-like control Miscavige wields over Cruise.

But, please read the whole thing.  Don’t miss Claire Headley’s description of Tom’s first six month check after I left the International Headquarters base.   The very fellow, Miscavige, who has sent dozens of top notch auditors and examiners to gulags for allegedly calling floating needles that were not, goes “ape shit” on Claire Headley for not calling a floating needle that was not there.   Miscavige’s dishonest corruption of tech apparently knows no bounds.   I find it interesting that all the sudden, after two years of flying, Tom can’t fly anymore.  Solution?  Tell him he’s flying when he’s not.  Read carefully. It gives great insight into how Miscavige has reversed the tech internationally.  If he’ll do it in a heartbeat to Tom Cruise, imagine what he is willing go do to all the lesser riff raff (i.e. Flag and other org public)?

And while Tom presumably continues to share his secrets with the sociopathic cult leader so he’ll continue to betray him nice and sweet, those with the cajones to break ties have their trash sifted for secrets, Miscavige Sifts Through Paul Haggis’ Trash.