Flag Services Org Inc v. Debbie Cook

David Miscavige has ordered Flag Service Organization to sue Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten in order hide his own crimes.  The suit is summed up competently in a story just released by the Tampa Times, Flag Service Org Inc v Debbie Cook.  Also see Village Voice coverage.

I predict the litigation will make clear that the sole intent of suing Debbie is to stifle the revelation of just how David Miscavige authored and dictated compliance to every off-policy action protested in Debbie’s 1 January email.

Miscavige had virtually all of the OSA (Office of Special Affairs, dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Corporate Scientology) Network working feverishly for the first 26 days of January to destroy Debbie’s and Wayne’s business and to deplete their finances so that he would have an easy, broke target.

There is an evidentiary hearing set for Thursday 9 February 2012 at 9 a.m. in the Bexar County 150th District Court in San Antonio Texas.  At the hearing Scientology Inc will be attempting to make the restraining order, obtained with no notice to the defendants, valid until the end of trial on the merits.

I have it on good authority that Debbie and Wayne are not backing down to the Scientology Inc muzzling machine.

They have established a legal defense fund of their own at Debbie’s personal website – Debbie Cook Baumgarten, see top right column of home page.

All donations made at this blog will be transfered to Debbie’s defense fund.  All future donations to the defense of Wayne and Debbie should be made directly to Debbie’s site.

Thank you to all who donated in advance here. I believe it is doubtful that this matter would have made it to a full, public airing absent the contributions that you all made in advance.

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  1. Marty,

    It’s amazing how you are on top of this, David Miscavige’s latest antics, to result in another major footnuke. I’m glad our donations are going to good use and your foresight on it.

    DM’s VFP that I can see now are footnukes, as each one of those Idle Orgs unfortunately are as their whole purpose is PR of “expansion”.

  2. Got It. Thanks Marty. I’ll donate.

  3. Go Debbie, go Debbie, go! Fight the good fight. Take down the machine. Send a message to all those previously paid off and muted: Unmuzzle your mouths, free your speech and talk as much as you like! 🙂

  4. Tom Gallagher

    Well Marty, you’re prescient again. MB and I are glad we could lend a hand towards Debbie and Wayne’s defense.

    As a follow-up thought, Miscavige has painted himself into a corner. And like a panicked rat, similarly situated, he’ll find his neck in a well baited kill trap.

    Ha Ha Ha! Couldn’t happen to a better psycho drama queen…………

  5. Is there a lawyer here? Is there a clear precedent whether such an agreement, which includes waiving first amendment rights and agreeing to never utter a negative world about the church, even “indirectly,” is legal and binding?

  6. George M. White

    The CO$ says it now faces “substantial risk of imminent harm and irreparable injury,” Last one out of corporate scientology, please turn out the lights

  7. TroubleShooter

    Just as soon as we can we will be making a donation to her defense fund ABSOLUTELY!!!!

  8. If there was ever a time to stand up and make your voice heard, this is it!

    Tom Price

  9. The full force and power of miscavige’s billion dollar slush fund will be used to wage war on this dangerous heretic who dares to state the obvious fact that david miscavige is bastardizing LRH policy and tech. How dare you write a knowledge report outlining specific violations by miscavige against LRH and the sworn duties of an RTC rep.
    See, if Debbie had just put the KR on “proper lines” david could have crumpled it up and put it in the waste basket. But NO, she had to make sure people actually saw it. She had to make sure people actually confronted the fact that miscavige’s entire modus operandi is completely off-source.
    How dare she.

    My respect for Debbie just doubled.

    I paid for my ticket to the show. Where’s my popcorn?

  10. Thus beginneth the second Battle of Waterloo!

    Lay on Miscavage, and woe be he who first calls ‘Hold’! – something like that.

  11. Finally we see the Cult’s true colors as the business it is: Telling the truth about COB and the way Corporate Scientology operates will cause great economic harm.

    We also finally see something from the Cult approximating a true stat: Debbie’s message reached 24,000,000 people. Now that is true straight up and vertical expansion as Debbie Cook is said to have only contacted 12,000 Scientologists!

    Debbie Cook can also file a cross complaint. This makes this matter that much more perilous for the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet,.


  12. Absolutely fascinating — not in a good way. Talk about a dichotomy, and an insane one at that.

    On the one hand, there is this organization founded by a well meaning fellow who wrote up a lot of truths about life and it’s improvement. Included in that body of work is the idea, of a road, a route, to more and more truth. A former dedicated staff of that organization, still adhering to the foundational philosophy and principles, is now attacked by that organization with a legal procedure to invoke actually severe monetary penalties for attempting to communicate what she at least believes is the truth — shut her up and hence block hers and others road to truth.

    This is so fundamentally perverse that it is scarcely confrontable. The press and public reaction, both in the organization, or cult as it’s become, and at large, may prove interesting.

    Now please pardon me while I go visit Debbie and Wayne’s LDF page.

  13. And she still won’t announce; leave or change sides? This degree of loyalty is difficult to understand. That said, best of luck to her an Wayne. I sent a donation to their site per your suggestion, rather than a check to you.
    Good God, I hope she wins.

  14. So is David Miscavige ordering crimes to whip someone that politely, clearly and with references, pointed out that he has and is committing personal and corporate crimes?
    I don’t see him ordering anything else. It would be outstanding if one or more of those persons stepped forward now and put an end to this crazy thrashing circus that is destroying so many.

  15. What on earth does the Corporate Church of Scientology hope to gain from this lawsuit?

    Regardless of the outcome, it will excite contempt and derision and be reported nationwide.

    The last thing the organization needs at present is more bad publicity.

    “We do not want Scientology to be reported in the press, anywhere else than on the religious pages of newspapers. ”
    -L. Ron Hubbard, quoted in the Evening Argus, Brighton

  16. “-That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others. ” – L. Ron Hubbard

    inalienable – incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred

    What message are you sending here Dave? You are not “with” LRH on this one?

  17. Ah, the CO$ is concerned that it might be forced to follow policy. Yes that would be imminent harm and irreparable injury to one that is violating written LRH policy.

  18. Debbie Cook – there is a defense/offense in “equity” that applies: UNCLEAN HANDS.

    This works in retort as well – UNCLEAN HANDS.

    Your email reveals to some extent the measure of the departure from written and spoken subject that David Miscavige is guilty of perpetrating. There is evidence abundant that uncovers it all, and at the least enough to bury this creature.

    Discovery – that is what it’s all about. Discovery of how he has, even with the muzzle he paid to put on you, attempted to usurp civil rights, and restrain the First Amendment practice of Scientology.

    UNCLEAN HANDS. Expose them Debbie and Wayne. I will do everything I can to help.

    UNCLEAN HANDS. Blood soaked and rotted.

    Finally, this prick has been baited to the arena.

  19. Arguing that it faced “substantial risk of imminent harm and irreparable injury,” the church asked for and received an order temporarily restraining Cook and Baumgarten from saying anything more until a court hearing Feb. 9.

    Oh, you mean because David Miscavige’s crimes are being exposed?

  20. Karin Pouw , church spokesman, told the Tampa Bay Times that news of Debbie’s New Years e-mail reached 24 million people.

    Apparently that wasn’t enough so David Miscavige decided to publicly sue Scientology’s most known and liked Scientologist so that the news can reach at least 240 million people!!!

    Of course people will want to know what Debbie said that caused such an aggressive attack from Miscavige. They’ll find out that she merely pointed
    out the HUGE glaring off policy actions that are obvious and objectionable
    to the majority of Scientologists. She is saying “The Emperior as no clothes!”

    The real problem for Miscavige is that this opens the door for discussing what he paid $100,000, just to Debbie and Wayne, to cover up. His sadistic
    little “Apocalypse Now” scenario out in the desert of California.

    Scientologist like to think that they have a high confront of evil. I think that theory is about to be tested in a BIG way.

    I’d like to thank David Miscavige without whom this HUGE foot bullet could not be possible.

  21. Yes, she’s standing up just like I thought she would! Best donation I ever made – hopefully she checks for messages of support through Facebook.

  22. According to the article, “They waived their First Amendment rights to free speech”…
    So…the Church has written agreements drawn up that actually state a person has waived their First Amendment Rights? How can they do that? How can they take away that right? Is that even legal? Forgive my ignorance here…
    But, Wow…the Road to Freedom is a complete joke within the Church.

  23. Michael Fairman

    This is the beginning of Miscavige’s self inflicted Armgeddon and “Shock and Awe” rolled into one.

  24. haydn (T Paine)

    A counter-claim for cruel and unusual punishment, mental and physical harm, torture …now, that would be interesting.

  25. “Last one out of corporate scientology, please turn out the lights”


  26. “If there was ever a time to stand up and make your voice heard, this is it!”

    That is so true and every time somebody makes a stand against the machine that is Corporate Scientology and the evil dictator David Miscavige it makes it a little easier for someone else to stand up and speak out.

  27. haydn (T Paine)


    Not sure it will be a “Waterloo” but it could be a crushing defeat, a “retreat from Moscow” as little Napoleon gets his butt kicked because he utterly violates the rules and art of war and completely mis-estimates what he is up against for the sake his image.

  28. In fact, she never issued a negative word. She simply pointed out specific and egregious policy violations which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that miscavige and any board members voting with him on these blatently off-policy, out-tech actions have zero ecclesiastical or legal authority since they are all in violation of their sworn duties as board members.

    She simply did her duty as a scientologist in good standing. Wrote her KRs.

    Miscavige had no choice. He had to silence her. She might keep writing KRs on him and passing them around. All true. All On-source. All very damning of his narcissistic and despotic leadership.

    The other board members have one of two choices:
    -Comm ev and remove miscavige
    -Face that comm ev in a court of law and a jury will sentence all of them.


  29. Debbie,

    There are good people here. We’ve all done something to help free the tech. Some have done a tremendous amount, like the owner of this blog and a few of his closest friends.

    What you’re doing/enduring, is important over the long-term.

    Thanks for your help!

  30. I would suspect that she believes she can execute that long overdue comm ev on miscavige and have him removed from post. I suspect (just a guess) that she believes she can turn that wayward ship around.

  31. Mat-DM keeps proving “you get what you resist” time and time again. Since he can’t duplicate the Tech, he does commit these footnukes.

  32. Holy effing shit! Leave it to that little pud whacker to take a completely DEAD issue, and turn it into an international media shit storm.

    Scientologist sues Church for slavery and forced abortion? Thrown out on ecclesiastical grounds. Church of Scientology sues Scientologist for speaking? Restraing order issued! Wonderful, GLORIOUS headlines for Scientology! PRO area control in 100%!

    What a stupid loser DM is. I can’t WAIT to see how the reconciles saying Debbie violated her NDA while also saying she’s a lying apostate.

    I can’t WAIT to see them defend how making someone sign one of these NDA’s under threat of declare and disconnection is NOT duress.

    I can’t WAIT to hear how they decided 50K was sufficient consideration for a CEO on post for 17 years, to bind a LIFE-LONG NDA, while 150 mil was sitting in her own Org’s bank accounts.

    Random thought just occurred to me…the Church might have to start having all staff who leave sign NON-COMPETE agreements as well!!
    That’ll REALLY keep the formers under control!

    I wonder what Tom Cruise and John Travolta think of Debbie being effing SUED by the Church she spent her whole life serving. They know Debbie. They know what a virtual saint she was as the Captain! If Debbie’s email ALONE didn’t raise any doubts about what’s going on in the Church, her being SUED for speaking must do the trick!

  33. 2 things really stand out.
    The suit was filed in a County Court and not in a Federal Court.
    There is a reason for this.
    I believe they REALLY want to control DISCOVERY.
    Ahhhhhhh those dirty secrets.
    TRO Rush ! Rush ! Rush !
    Let’s clamp it all down.
    Irreparable damage they admit if all is revealed.
    The Dirt which must be hidden is so despicable, so unconscionable, so morally and ethically repugnant that the Church must restrain all other utterances IMMEDIATELY with a TRO
    (Temporary Restraining Order)
    They do not want a Jury.
    They only want a quick Summary judgement and clamp it all down as quickly as possible !
    One Page 1 of the Law suit it wants DISCOVERY under Discovery Control Plan as allowed by TEX.R.CIV.P. 190.4.
    If you look that up Rule 190 significantly limits discovery.
    Express train discovery to further enable all the hidden secrets that could cause so much “damage” to the Church.
    My question is, Why does this dark criminal entity HAVE so many darned secrets that, when outed, could cause so much DAMAGE ?

  34. Sam is the Popcorn I/C. If she hasn’t EATEN it all!! 😉

  35. Hmm… I also just had the feeling this could easily turn into another Portland but with the shoe on the other foot. If it does – I’m there in full 60s protest mode!!


  36. Found this, thought I ‘d share.
    (a song dedicated to a fellow co-worker)
    To: COB
    From : Karin Pouw

    Dear Sir:
    Just sayin….

  37. Really ?
    I cannot imagine how her email is not an announcement – and a beautifully written one at that. It has been received by most of the western world (those that actually care) by now.
    I have absolutely no doubt where Debbie stands – do you ?
    Her loyalty is to LRH and what he stood for.
    As is mine.
    I will do whatever I can to help Debbie & Wayne.

  38. Tom,”That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others. ” – L. Ron Hubbard. Absolutely a favorite of mine.Honestly, when I first read that line I thought, wow I can join up with that group! Unfortunately with DM at the head, it was never allowed.

  39. TroubleShooter


  40. Isn’t that the truth, the dwarf took the bait; lock, stock and barrel. Discovery should be a dream come true. Can you just imagine Miscavige having to answer questions. He’ll go nuts.
    My prediction: by the time this is all done the Miscavige will be offering to pay Debbie & Wayne to settle out of court. What a riot.

    ps. Something isn’t working right when trying to post a comment.

  41. Thanks Marty for predicting this and getting the defense machine rolling in advance.

    I believe this case/situation with Debbie is the most important ever. If Debbie wins and the court of law deems those signed non-disclosure agreements as fully or partially invalid, then hundreds of other voices will be heard.

    This is of course realized by David Miscavige and hence he will do anything in his power to crush Debbie. He certainly has the financial resources and we already know he will stop at nothing to obtain that which he wants.

    However, this time he will be having millions of people watching as this case unfolds, and to his disadvantage the subject at hand is the subject of truth and for most people other than himself, the subject of what’s considered universal freedoms and rights with the American people, and it won’t sit well with them, and hopefully this includes those in the legal arena, that an obvious tyrannical maniac is trying to tamper with the basic rights of our constitution..

    It is the sort of thing that gets a lot of people upset. This fight will not be easy, but it is necessary and all help is needed to ensure Debbie wins. It will either be the final straw for David Miscavige or it will silence everybody else for a long time forward, and out of care for LRH and Real Scientology we can’t let that happen.

  42. Thanks Marty for being a TRUE friend!

  43. Like, like, like!!!

  44. Freedom Fighter


  45. Yes, it would be interesting. I’d like to see that!

  46. Joe Pendleton

    I almost want to say “Ha Ha Ha” because such a thing is fraught with great risk for Miscavige and my feeling is it is going to turn out very badly for him. I assume that Debbie and Wayne are being sued first of all because if they are ignored (which would be the smartest tthing for Miscavige to do) then effectively all past and future agreements of this sort will have no teeth really.

    I don’t think gag agreements are illegal per se (whether divorce agreements, working for celebreties or in the gov’t for example) but I don’t think they are valid if gotten through committing a crime (such as extortion). I’m no lawyer (but I have two decades of “Law and Order” behind me – ha – and numerous John Grisham novels as well) but the key to something like this will probably be a very good lawyer who is extremely skilled at depositions and discovery. He/she could probably subpeona Miscavige and many high ranking COS officials to challenge the charges (and these depositions are usually very wide ranging). Won’t be pretty for Miscavige and the COS.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant analysis Mr C.

  48. Thank you kindly

  49. Jim,
    This one will open a real can of worms for the C of S. Her agreement several times refers to non-public information. Other than the statement about the amount of reserves all references were to public information from the OEC’s, current emails and regging actions and published information by the church. None of this is privileged information.

    The attempt to stifle free speech will run head first into the brick wall of freedom of religion. The church has spent years to get a religious recognition and this very recognition allows her, a follower of said religion, the right to practice what LRH wrote. That is the material she referenced in her email.

    She even told people to do the bridge and ask to see the reference on any other demands. This is right out of the LRH written references. This is a major flaw in my opinion on the part of the church and their legal team. How can they prove that quoting LRH references and telling Scientologists to do what LRH says has created harm to the organization. First they would have to admit that what they do is contrary to what LRH wrote.

    Yes, “baited to the arena”, and now the games begin. It is no wonder the high paid attorney’s didn’t want to take this one on. Would like to see a jury of Texan’s listening to this story!

  50. Crusader,

    I think you should apply for a job as a writer for the Daily Show. He has become a social force with his biting sarcasm exposing the utter blind insanities of people who take themselves way too seriously — and end up looking like complete fools.

    Or maybe that’s where you work already….

  51. Yes! …And this is a great opportunity to begin righting many wrongs and turn the tide and get it moving back toward Source!
    We should consider a Call-to-Arms. A packed court room and many more Scientologist in the surrounding area to show Debbie Cook we absolutly support her push to get Scientology back to the vision LRH had for it.
    I have donated!

  52. Please don’t use HTML tags unless you are going to use them properly!!!

    ITALICS was not closed.

    Michael A. Hobson
    independent Scientologist

  53. For Scientology to cry alligator tears about “economic harm” is the height of hypocrisy given that its entire existence is predicated on inflicting grievous economic harm on its own members.

    The last time the Cult of Scientology claimed “economic harm” was when it acted to take down a critical website that had posted Scientology materials. Here is the letter:

    “This office represents the L. Ron Hubbard Library, the owner of the copyrights to a number of scriptures and trade secrets, the founder of the Scientology religion, has issued the following notice to Verio Inc, a subsidiary of NTT Communications. The website “codebot.org” under your control registered to IP address is in violation of federal trademark and copyright laws.

    “This information summary contains the details necessary for you to understand the events, background and issues of the equity and law that pertains to the Church of Scientology’s fight for its property and First Amendment right of free religious exercise.

    “A small portion of the Church’s scriptures were broadly released on said website, and made available to the general public who have not completed the prior steps of religious study and counseling. Conspiracy to disseminate Scientology’s copyrighted and trade secret scriptures is a crime and will result in arrest, prosecution, conviction and imprisoned for theft.

    “Additionally, The Church faces economic harm from what would be essentially black market trafficking in its protected works and attempts to dissuade individuals from becoming Scientologists by holding its scriptures up to derision. As a result we request you suspend the account holding this website, and place this notice up in reparation for our damages. Your prompt attention to this matter will result in no further legal action.

    “We appreciate your attention.

    “Legal Department
    Church of Scientology International
    6331 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    Phone: (323) 960 3500
    Fax: (323) 960 3508”


  54. I’ll be there to join you! What a great idea!

  55. Here is one of the Cook’s websites for their business if you also want to support them that way, especially if DM is trying to shut them down.

  56. Sorry about the typo in my HTML tag Marty.

    Have a nice day Michael A. Hobson.

  57. DMs Psychotic Break

    It’s obvious that satisfying David Misavige’s wounded ego supersedes his knowledge/understanding of the ‘news cycle’. He has an uncanny way of bringing more bad attention to himself (which I’m sure he blames on others) MONTHS after a news story about him dies. The pedestrian attempt at attacking Haggis in the New Yorker in Freedumb Magazine six months after the story was released was beyond amateur. It was the work of a 9th grader….oh, wait. That’s right. Miscavige didn’t really pass a double digit education level.

  58. Am going over to Debbie’s site to donate.

  59. Donation made.

    Banzai, Debbie and Wayne! Banzai, banzai!

    “Live long and prosper!”

    The word banzai in Japanese literally means “10,000 years” and is associated with long life. Banzai cheers are given at joyous occasions, banquets and gatherings, to express congratulations, encouragement, or celebration. Traditionally, the participants shout the word “banzai” three times in unison, raising their hands in the air each time.

  60. SA,
    There’s all sorts of outpoints here. The one’s that are obvious to any and all who read her email and it’s statement of observed and PUBLICLY available and revealed facts, and there’s the ones on the immediate attack by DM via his Facepolice and sundry avenues.

    There’s the ones of his “standing”, i.e., as he violates his position and funds inure to his personal benefit, the benefit of his crony Tom Cruise, the “excess benefits”.

    There’s the personal experiences of Debbie Cook at his hands in the Hole.

    There’s all sorts of factual evidence of his technically “unclean hands”, all of which puts him exactly where he should be – the courts and what’s all the more ironic is HE put himself there.

    Finally, bait presented, bait taken, hook FIRMLY set.

  61. Marty, can DM be ordered into court to testify? Won’t his testimony be public info? Many of these off policy actions of the church can be proven by simply examining the actions against LRH’s policy’s. This could be interesting.

  62. Your humble servant

    Ten likely reasons why the non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements people are forced to sign when they leave the Sea Org could never be binding:

    1. The organization has no commercially valuable (proprietary) secrets that it would have any reason to protect. The Church is supposed to be a religious organization, not a business.

    2. There would be no legitimate reason for a church to require people not to talk about what they had experienced in the church, unless the church were trying to hide something such as crimes–which would also not be a legitimate reason.

    3. Such agreements are necessarily procured under duress. The person is not allowed to leave, or is not given her desperately needed $500 severance allowance, or is declared suppressive if she doesn’t sign. An agreement procured under duress and not of one’s own free will is not really an agreement and so is not legally binding.

    4. While agreements not to disclose “confidential material”–i.e., advanced courses material might be another matter, these agreements are not really about disclosing such material.

    5. A broad prohibition simply against “saying anything negative about the Church of Scientology” would be overly broad, not supported by any conceivable necessity, and an attempted violation of the person’s Constitutional right to free speech–not to mention the Creed of the Church of Scientology .

    6. A prohibition against disclosing facts about possibly criminal acts would be void “as against public policy.”

    7. There is no precedent for any such agreements in any other religious organization.

    8. The provable intent that lies behind such agreements is to place the person in a state of fear where she will not complain about any mistreatment she has received. Naturally, if mistreatment did not occur, such agreements would not be thought to be necessary.

    9. There is no precedent for any such agreements in any business organization, with the exception of trade secrets or proprietary secrets.

    10. The only precedent for agreements remotely similar is found in secretive organizations like the CIA, which seek to hide many crimes and questionable activities behind the shield of “national security.”

  63. Joe Pendleton

    Thanks Karen. Well, I learned something from your post because I thought the great risk to Miscavige/COS would lay in discovery/depositions, but if that would all be limited……….. though I belive in an actual trial, a jury is a right one can demand, true? First thing though, she needs a VERY sharp lawyer, agreed?

  64. freedom fighter

  65. I’m pretty sure(!) this won’t work out the way DM hopes. Is he so completely disconnected from reality that suing Debbie Cook seems like the best option for buttoning the up this giant flap???? The mind truly BOGGLES that anybody can be that #%&#^^#!! STUPID.

    If Debbie can weather the shit-storm of the psychotic gyrations of that self-destructing little dude, life will get much better for her, I am sure of that.

    Now where did I see that Paypal Donate button???

    Maybe I can do more to help too; I am endlessly creative 🙂

  66. And actually, you are supposed to send a copy of a KR to everyone you cite in a knowledge report. In this case, it is every Scientologist that is misapplying policy, so sending a copy to all 12,000 online Scientologists who are supporting the misapplication of policy, was on policy per the ethics policies.

  67. I suspect she probably did put it on “proper lines”earlier-she just upped the ethics gradient.

  68. NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS. What a concept! Many businesses use these today……

    Oh, wait. You say the CoS is not a business but a CHURCH?????

    Oh, well.

  69. I just don’t know what to say about this. It is astounding. Let’s see – a long-time, loyal employee is leaving due to a medical disability. After being paid chicken-shit for umpteen years, she has zero resources. Under this duress, money is offered, but only if she waives a constitutional right that is part of the very soul of American citizenship. After years of watching, she appeals to her friends in the Church to follow long standing policies and references LRH sources. So the Church goes after her because Americans exercising their constitutional rights will cause irreparable harm.

    It makes me wonder what Debbie knows that David Miscavige is so terrified about.

  70. If I were Debbie I would contact the most ball busting NY/DC lawyer I could find and tell him or her, “Look, let’s make a deal. You take on my case and file a countersuit for however much you think you can make. If and when you win, you take every cent of the judgment. All you have to pay me is the time I am involved with the suit based on the hourly rates you normally charge for your services. You take everything else when you win.”
    I can just see some sharks licking their chops at the thought of presenting the tale of Debbie standing in a garbage can with water being poured over her head and screamed at by Jenny DeVocht to a jury of gun toting Texans. Jenny’s father should secure the rights to the movie RTFN.

  71. HI Crusader I just read your comm and your analysis is actually very good. You actually explain very good the all picture.

  72. Well..well… No sane Scientologigst would ever care what the public would think…


  73. Talking about Portland (I met my husband in Portland by the way). I remember standing in the hallways of the court building putting on my Danish flag T-shirt when a TV crew was approaching to let them know how far I’d come to express my concern for religious freedom. I’d be willing to go to San Antonio (along with several other family members), put on that T-shirt (I hope I still have it) and stand in the the court building hallways again for freedom of speech this time.

    Marty, thanks for reporting on this. Other than donating to the defense fund let us know what we can do. This is important.

  74. I just saw an attorney’s opinion of the lawsuit and non disclosure agreements. His viewpoint is that Cook and her husband should attack the Non disclosure agreements on religious grounds – that this is a religious dispute that she was attempting to handle through communication to fellow Scientologists therefore is not governed by contract law and therefore the courts should stay out of it on Constitutional grounds.

    Now that DM has sued someone, doesn’t this open him up personally to depositions and discovery?

    I would appreciate any opinions regarding how this lawsuit should be attacked by Cook from anyone with legal expertise including either Mike or Marty.

  75. markthehungarian

    While part of me is disgusted that the CoS is trying to, once again, use the legal system to harrass an individual into silence and submission, maybe they have picked the wrong person in Debbie Cook. She knows “a lot,” I’m assuming.

    However, I’m also a little worried because the CoS has insane money and access to insane funds. So they’ve had clever people working out the best way to silence her and make her go away.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for Ms Cook, but I’m also a little worried because the CoS always has the get-out clause of throwing money at a problem to make it go away. How much would it take to silence Ms Cook? Is there a price she can be bought for? $1 million? $10 million? $100 million? Although she was treated very badly in the end, she worked very well in the CoS machine – she couldn’t have become top dog of Flag otherwise – so maybe she could be persuaded to return to the fold if the CoS dangles a carrot in front of her that is tasty enough.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want Ms Cook to come out of this unscathed, but the CoS has been a very slippery snake in legal terms, and I see no reason why that won’t continue here.

    Now, if a Church of Scientology member steps up to the legal plate who has lost a family member – son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother – completely… and by that I mean death… then I think the CoS should be worried. No amount of money can replace a lost relative.

    That all said, I will be fascinated to see how this turns out. Discovery will be key. As will be the terms Freedom of religion and Freedom of speech.

  76. This will be watched with great interest. I’m surprised at the relatively small sum being sought, $300,000, I wonder if there was some “reasoning” behind the scenes on this one; the kind where one party is blustering, fists clenched, red faced, hoping foot to foot and launching spital in all directions, about $millions, and the other saying it would be laughed out court and no way would their firm put their good name to such a suit.

    Even so this is typical of the kind of over reaction expected of the church of scientology.

  77. Tony DePhillips

    I am so glad that my wife and I donated to help Debbie Cook now.
    There will be more coming as she needs it.
    The fact that david miscavige would sue the person who lead Flag for seventeen years is unbelievable, disgusting and unreal.
    I really hope that the legal arena doesn’t give this little prick a win on this.
    I hope that this backfires on him BIG TIME.
    I was thinking earlier today how good Scientology could have been. If the prices were reasonable and you didn’t have all this shit thrown at you to give up your whole life for the group.
    I realized that was all coming from david miscavige. He thinks all of us owe HIM. He destroyed the tech to convince us that we all owe HIM.
    Well, davie boy, I don’t owe you shit, except to do all I am willing to, to see you either in jail or humiliated in society as an out cast. I think that is where you are heading.

    It’s going to be real fun to watch you crash and burn man!!

  78. Tony DePhillips

    I can only think of a few things that would motivate me to openly picket Flag, and supporting Debbie Cook would be one of them.
    Could you invision 200 Scientologists picketing Flag with signs saying ” DM is suing Debbie Cook to hide his crimes!!” or “DM is attacking Debbie Cook now, whose next??”

  79. Gern Gaschoen

    This is a huge indicator that the Church is applying Black Scientology – when its members attempt to get POLICY IN, its management considers this ‘a thread to its perceived survival’. Since the PURPOSE of the current Church management is to ensure that as little Scientology is applied as possible, it is clear that anyone actually trying to APPLY SCIENTOLOGY is going to be counter- to that purpose.

    TO STAFF MEMBERS OF THE CURRENT CHURCH: This is your biggest out-indicator. You are participating in a destructive effort to ruin Scientology. LEAVE NOW AND JOIN THOSE OF US WHO ARE FIGHTING BACK.

  80. Gern Gaschoen

    Typo: thread = threat

  81. Gern Gaschoen

    As usual, David Miscavige is digging his own hole. His lawsuit against Debbie is going to result in his own downfall, since it will provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that he has violated the terms of his assignment to the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology, International and must therefore be removed.

  82. Isn’t it even a crime to sue a fellow Scientologist?

    “The Church of Scientology, which has its worldwide spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, says news of a former Clearwater church leader’s emails reached over 24 million people.”tampabay.com

    24 millions! Look at you and your shrinking apple box POB.

  83. Gern Gaschoen

    I believe there is a group to which Debbie Cook belongs, which is defined thus: Those Scientologists working for and with the Church of Scientology, who want to apply Scientology and fix the problems of the Church.

    We in the Independent field must never forget that there are ethical, dedicated Scientologists *within* the Church who are also fighting the same battle. We don’t see them, we don’t hear from them (well, some of us do) but the truth of the matter is: they are there. They are trying to use LRH tools to resolve the conundrum, and I believe that Debbie is a member of that group – or, at least, was. Her comm lines with the other members of that group are being hacked to pieces, of course, but the fight is still on. I believe the only solution for the problem presented by the usurping powers of David Miscagive is to FIGHT BACK *AS SCIENTOLOGISTS* FROM WITHIN THE CHURCH *AND* FROM OUTSIDE THE CHURCH.

    Two fronts.

  84. Gern Gaschoen

    “What on earth does the Corporate Church of Scientology hope to gain from this lawsuit?”

    It hopes to scare the living bejesus out of anyone, within the Church, who might side with Debbie and try to actually apply some LRH tech to resolve the scene, of course. This lawsuit is being directed *internally* to prevent the uprising that could be the only way to unseat DM.

  85. Just donated to the fund via Debbie’s site – and hope many others will too.

    I said from the outset I thought Debbie was playing an absolute blinder, and nothing since has changed my mind. She’s totally got DM by the goolies. This case will be rivetting, and will open up Pandora’s Box, except instead of releasing all the evil into the world this modern day Pandora will have, wittingly or otherwise, brought out the evil into view, to disperse and evaporate in the sunlight.

    The world’s media will be watching, and whatever the technical outcome, David Miscavige and his squalid, vicious little cult has already lost. The mere act of bringing this case will disgust all who see it. Even those who don’t care a jot about Scientology will be flabbergasted that such a loyal servant to their religion can be treated in this way. Let the show commence!

  86. “Apparently that wasn’t enough so David Miscavige decided to publicly sue Scientology’s most known and liked Scientologist so that the news can reach at least 240 million people!!!”
    Yeah right!
    This comes when you leave the college. This mathematics is way too sophisticated for POB.

  87. I think the C of S, using a correct target, should sue DM for “substantial risk of imminent harm and irreparable injury,” by his ordering of this lawsuit, along with his many other acts of insanity, stupidity and destruction.

    But of course, SP’s habitually wrong target, so of course that would never occur to them.

    I tried, unsuccessfully, to follow the thinking that must have occurred to bring about this major blunder for the Church. But then I realized my mistake. Reactivity is not “thinking”. It is stimulus-response.

    As SP’s are not in present-time, I think DM still thinks Debbie works for him and is handling this as if she were still a staff member. I can’t imagine this will actually make it to trial, but if it does, think of what it will mean if Debbie tells the WHOLE story. Revealing the hole and all it’s sadistic madness to 24,000,000 people (their estimate) will be reminiscent of the Nuremberg trials. And we all know how that came out for the perpetrators.

    Hey, I just worked it out. They actually are suing DM! This suit actually puts the Church on trial. The audacity that they feel they are above the law, in this case the First Ammendament, will not be lost on anyone.

    Can you imagine the Mafia suing one of their own who left and “went public”? Absurd! Normally they would just quietly “put out a contract” and that would end the matter. Now, with all the notoriety they have just garnered, it’s even too late for them to use that approach (thank the lord!).

    I guess we’ll all “stay tuned to this station” so see what unfolds come Feb 9. Actually, I think all this makes good material for a new TV show…. “Above the Law”. I’m sure it would be a hit!

    Hy Levy

  88. Hi,
    just opend your page and after opening the comments here my virus scan alarmed me with:
    „URL requested URL: http://httptrack.com/links/widget_IFRAMEcont.asp?id=185
    Information: contains patterns of HTML-Scriptvirus HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen2“
    While looking at the source code of your blogs page as it arrives on my computer no sich URL request is in there. And usually httptrack is a software that copies web page content from your web server to my local computer for offline reading. But I have not installed this software nor any similar software on my computer.
    Thus I guess: someone tracks all activity of this web blog. Due to an technical error the web server hosting your blog did send me a link that my virus scan software acted on. I have no know how if my guess is correct or if some code had been incejeted onto your web blog. Just for securitiy reasons I would suggest to inform the blogs admin about above that he can have a look at it.
    Right now in 2 of 3 times doing the same clicks opening your blog and comments then this same thing happens. It might be the case that no such scriptvirus is present on that link. But otherwise I would have not noticed it.

  89. Debbie Cook,
    I love you.

    You have true friends
    and helping hands.

  90. What happend to David Miscavige at January 28, 2012 ?
    see this foto:

    Must be a nightmare for him, Marty, Mike and now even Debbie Cooks Letter reaches 24 millions people. This is quite a negative body change.
    What happend to his left eye? Was he a victim by the Squirrel Busters?
    And is he wearing a bullet proof vest? Well, won’t help with truth.

    David Miscavige, we see you!

  91. Brilliant! Those that can be at or outside the court offering support should definitely go.

  92. As a bit of ‘fun’ diversion have a go at this quiz, to check your rational and improve your ‘detection’ abilaties!! (answers included at bottom, DON’T Cheat!! (and that goes for you too DM 🙂 )

    Scientology, Geography and Celebrity Quiz/Trail hunt

    1) What is the name of Adnan Khashoggi’s sister who resides in the UK?

    2) How far is her long time UK address from St Hill East Grinstead?

    3) Who was her famous son who tragically died in 1997?

    4) Who else died in the same tragic event?

    5) Who did that person once describe as her ‘Rock’ ?

    6) What was that person famous for?

    7) Who acted as Ghost writer to that person?

    8) Where does that person co-reside between? (and since when?**)

    9) What major UK enquiry took place that year**?

    10) Why was it ‘unusual’ to move away from the UK that year for that person?

    Bonus Question.

    How many of the people mentioned above have connections with the Church of Scientology?

    Answers to above

    1) Samira Khashoggi
    2) 12.6 miles (by road) , Barrow Green Court, Oxted Surrey
    3) Dodi Fayed
    4) Princess Diana
    5) Paul Burrell
    6) Princess Diana’s Butler/Confident and ‘writer’
    7) Steve Dennis
    8) UK and Los Angelos (since 2008)
    9) Inquest into deaths of Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana
    10) Steve Dennis had become a close ‘friend’ and confident of Paul Burrell during his ghost writing for Paul on his Diana series, there was fear that he may have been called to ‘give evidence’ (so rumoured at the time)

  93. And why bother? With the refunds, financial damages, damages for emotional pain and suffering suits coming at them, they won’t have the money to pay the bill anyway – even their attorneys are abandoning ship. The fates of deposed tyrants are not often pretty.

  94. It may be that the people turning out the lights for them are prison guards – a question I have is how far down the chain of command “complicity” reaches? Would it include registrars who knowingly participated, accountants who may have hidden funds, people who “should have known”, possibly even those who accepted “church” funds for their personal benefit?

  95. What would happen if you posted something here with only a “close italics” at the end of it? Just curious – I don’t know if it would make things better or worse.

  96. The church’s legal team has been flawed for some time and now it is simply a stimulus response extension of DM. This footnuke was bound to happen.

  97. The Battle of Portland 1985…
    The Battle of LA 1986…

    The Battle of San Antonio- 2012!

    The free beings of Scientology are once again mustered to confront and defeat the forces of evil who would keep mankind down!

  98. Expelled4Life

    Very well done on transferring the money to Debbie. I will be make a sizable donation to Debbie today. Everyone who reads this blog really needs to make a donation. IMHO this is the showdown we’ve been waiting for. This is the most important Call to Arms since Portland. Please donate to Debbie’s defense fund today!

  99. Expelled4Life

    $1,000.00 just sent to Debbie. 🙂

  100. martyrathbun09

    Good observation Hy.

  101. Summary judgment can work either way though….

  102. Yes, as i will do when all is in order. 20+10 years.
    Thanks Mareka

  103. PublicServant

    Karen, lets say what you write is totally correct and the church has found a connected judge and totally gets its way,etc. Would Debbie still have the option of appealing to the higher court which would allow more discovery and/or a jury trial, etc. Just wondering.

  104. martyrathbun09

    Flowing some business (if anyone needs the type of services they provide – you can bet they are competent) their way wouldn’t hurt. Scientology Inc is going to have to answer for the well documented attempt to bankrupt them in a single month, but that may not play itself out for years in court.

  105. Hy — I think you and Crusader should team up. Look out John Stewart 🙂

  106. martyrathbun09

    Doncha just love fishin’?

  107. scilonschools

    NOT a pretty picture!! (though got to hand it to his hair dresser, the dye job is good)

    Sorry Mike but it looks like a heavy grease paint version of you in the 2007 Panorama show after the time in the Hole.

  108. Tony — the legal arena is only half of this equation.

    Regardless of the outcome there (and this sort of knee-jerk assault rarely succeeds), this is a 100% gold-plated, straight up and vertical, over the top PR disaster. Just watch how many angles there are to this story that are going to unfold — many here have made intelligent observations of the contradictions, lies and patent attempted bullying and these will NOT be lost on the media. And the beauty is that court documents are the perfect “source” for the media as they are absolutely libel proof, so threats from the church are meaningless.

    If David Miscavige thought the media was hostile, unkind and out to make him look like a fool before, he has a very dim future to look forward to. And though he is no doubt the one that ordered this lawsuit be filed, he will be cursing and blaming anyone connected with its filing in short order, this is truly a monumental fuck up.

  109. scilonschools

    Can someone post a picture of LRH age 52 as a comparison ?

  110. martyrathbun09

    Thanks George, reported.

  111. I am not a lawyer, but I do know that when you sign a contract under duress the contract is now null and void. I’m sure that will come up in the proceedings.

  112. A member of a religious order waiving their First Amendment rights under duress, and then being sued by their church? It sounds like something the ACLU might want to take on, and if they do, every detail of this little lawsuit in a Texas county court (and the countersuit) is going to be international news. David Miscavige, I think your days of hiding behind your lawyers are about to end.

  113. Thank you, Jesus! And bless DM’s heart.

    Just Me

  114. Here is my attempt to post only a close tag:

  115. At first I thought you might be right — that DM was wearing a bulletproof vest. After doing some research, I am wondering whether the explanation is that he’s gained weight recently, which would be a real come-down for a guy who spends so much time on trying to pump up his macho swagger.

    His face looks much rounder and less chiseled than previous pictures. I thought his face may have been distorted by direct sunlight if the podium was facing south at noontime, but 6th Street (where the front entrance is located) runs to the north and south on the west side of the building, so DM would not have had the sun in his eyes while he was speaking. Also, the building is surrounded by a multi-story shopping mall, further reducing the chances that he was in direct sunlight when this picture was taken.

    It’s possible that he’s wearing a bulletproof vest but given what appears to be a marked change in the shape of his face, I am now wondering if Dictator Midget is packing on the pounds. Maybe those copper rods aren’t working as well as they used to.

  116. Tony,

    I approve of this message!

  117. Your humble servant –

    Thanks. Would #8 above void the agreement since it requires that an individual disobey the law by failing to report a known criminal act?

    Someone mentioned in the Village Voice that since she disclosed “scriptures” this bridged over into an argument about religion, but I wonder if that would not be a real legal mistake (to bring “religion” into it)? That is, if it is kept “secular”, there can be only issues of secular law, and nothing can be brought in by the Co$ to give any shelter under claims of “religious organization” and such. I’m very suspicious of lawyers who immediately want to address “religious issues” instead of sticking to the generally applicable laws concerning, in this instance, corporate NDAs, duress and the other points you listed.


  118. San Antonio- site of the famed Alamo and the cry,
    “Remember the Alamo!”

    LRH and Debbie Cook vs. Miscavige …..an even more important and historic battle in 2012.

    Godspeed Debbie!

  119. Just put a little amount through and I wish it helps them. BTW, a note to the blog manager, comments have started being italic.

  120. So, the Church is claiming imminent harm and irreparable injury for Debbie sending an email to parishioners informing them of violations of the Church’s own policies, as formulated by its Founder, and imploring them not to take part in these violations of policy. Sounds to me that she is trying to stop the Church from causing imminent harm and irreparable injury to itself and protect its parishioners from being imminently harmed and irreparably injured. In the short the Church is trying to stop Debbie from helping it and its parishioners. Further virtually all the information in her email has already been widely publicly disseminated in this blog, other forums and various media, over a considerable period of time, the information usually coming from other sources that also signed such agreements, and were not pursued legally.
    So many interesting issues and angles in this situation.

  121. haydn (T Paine)

    When I was a kid there were a slew of British made movies that came out. They were the “Carry On” series. Carry on Up the Khyber, Carry on Regardless, they were always “Carry on …. ” and always contained a number of very smart lines. And I swear, I absolutely swear that David Miscavige used one of them before he made his legal blunder of epic proportions.

    While running around his cavernous building at the Int Base, he uttered the immortal line attributed to Julius Caesar in the Carry on movie that parodied Rome. While bouncing off the walls he could be heard yelling: “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”

  122. JM!! Good to see you – it’s been ages. Let’s see if some of the newer posters think you are serious.

    Going to Indy?


  123. Mike I agree with you. When you look the all picture is not looking good for DM or for the C of S PR really.
    Specially Flag the top of Scientology. Debbie work with many artistist and VIPs, that for sure they still like Debbie. I remember when she introduce Tom Cruise at the stage when he finish OT VI at Graduation at Flag I was there anyway, I agree with you is a big fuck up.
    I think Debbie should translate her website on many language also. I can translate wherever she need in spanish, anyway is an idea.

  124. looks like a ……….wax figure……

  125. Also happen to me too. Just check Mark and see maybe is nothing. But just check.

  126. Hi guys, while I have not posted in a while, I have continued to follow very closely EVERYTHING, on Every Day.

    Marty, I have always wondered….you may have discussed this or may not have before–but have you ever been offered a deal like this?

    I am positive you have and I can only imagine that the amount is gargantuan ….excuse me GARGANTUAN.

    What are the reasons you had for not taking it?

    Not enough? or not enough to give up your rights? or did you not wish to continue to feel like the Co$ still owns you?

    Ive always wondered and have never seen it addressed.

    Continued success and all the best at the Independent celebration coming up, soon.

  127. martyrathbun09

    Hey JM! If this couldn’t rouse your interest, I was plum out of ideas.

  128. Does any other church pay such high amounts to people leaving? How about the Catholic Church? DM likes that church.

  129. haydn, funny that. I thought of the quote from ‘Carry on Camping:’

    Charlie Muggins: “My name’s Muggins”
    Peter Potter: “I’m not surprised…”

  130. PublicServant

    wait for the book.

  131. What I CANT understand is how Corporate Scn’s can turn on Debbi Cook SO FAST!! My God, what do they think will happen to them if they have to leave? From out here, the backstabbing is EPIC!!

  132. exactly!
    “she just upped the ethics gradient” – this is it

  133. Saint Peter, this is a good point – no doubts about ample duress during Debbie’s routing-out cycle! The judicial proceedings may have to reveal the circumstances Debbie endured while on the RPF; This can’t be good for the Cof$!!! It seems that David Miscavige is finally falling into his own trap…Plus, the court’s outcome may include an end to the unlawful “Gag Orders”!

  134. Roger that!!!

    It never ceases to amaze me that David Miscavige and the church can use the legal system, but the idiot followers are lead to beleive that it is not to be used by ‘public’. It is the arrogant mentallity that is RUN in on (one way flow) on the ‘public’.

    “…time and pressure…”

  135. FISH ON!!!

    “…time and pressure…’

  136. !I AM waiting for the book…….. Ka Ching!

  137. Party Hat

    That is creepy, in a fun way…

    Hope you didnt steal my contacts list!!!!

    “…time and pressure….”

  138. I signed one of those agreements. Didn’t get any money for it. I was told by the OSA Legal person that they have an entire closet full of these agreements. They keep them just in case, but they hope that no one will turn and they won’t have to be used.
    I have spoken out, sometimes loudly, and they have never attempted to enforce it’s contents. I remember something about signing away even the rights of my heirs to speak or write.
    I had it reviewed by Lawyers, and was told it was completely invalid.

    I was not too stable at the time, but maybe it was invalid because they never gave me any money in exchange. I don’t know. $50,000 is such a small amount of money to agree to silence your voice.

    I wish her and her husband the best. This is an important court case.

  139. well said!

  140. Jim Logan, by gosh I think you got it!

  141. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Mike. I needed that!!

  142. anoter ex fso


  143. LOL!!! I’m interested, Marty. That’s not the problem. Read my email to Mosey from last weekend. 🙂

    BTW, I guess not everybody knows that “Bless his heart!” is Southern for “What a fucking idiot!”


  144. haydn (T Paine)


    I think this is the famous line from Carry on Cleo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvs4bOMv5Xw

  145. PlainOldThetan

    I wonder if Scientology parishioners can engage in a class action suit and sue for the removal of Miscavige from his ensconcement by arguing that they face “substantial risk of imminent harm and irreparable injury”.

  146. retired, extremely dangerous

    We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money.
    Davy Crockett

    You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas.
    Davy Crockett

  147. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Just Me.
    Are you coming to the party this year?

  148. When I was forced to sign my gag order I wasn’t even given a copy. Anyone else I know who had to sign one didn’t get a copy either. If Debbie didn’t get a copy, how does the Corporation expect her to comply in any precise way?

  149. Is it just me or does DM wear his hair identically to LRH?

    His pose at the odium is always the same with his right hand extended and his left in front. He obviously really likes this photo posture.

  150. Hi:

    I suspect the legal action is designed to harrass and drive Debbie into an agreement. When that is seen to be failing, DM may attempt to walk away before he gets hit. This is common in court cases which have little merit. But, if Debbie as a respondent to this suite, enters a brief as a counter suite, then DM cannot walk away without Debbie’s brief also being heard.

    When Napoleon ran away from Moscow, his Grand Army of 600,000+ was decimated, and Napoleon was pretty much toast after that. If Debbie goes for the throat, DM may suffer the same fate.

    What is going to be interesting is how the religious and corporate cards are going to be played, and how the court is going to skate around them. This could open up a major legal precedent for those who have such gag orders.


  151. There are some who were also paid off in exchange for golden silence, in David Miscavige’s Golden age, as they headed out the door of Corp Scn,

    This suit perhaps communicates to those, that there is a rabid sheepdog policing the sheeple.

  152. Not to be a wet blanket but someone said she accepted a payment ($50,000?) Which may make it harder to convince a judge of the coercion; not necessarily impossible but the church of scientology is bound to say she signed over her rights for the money and not because they coerced her. IANAL.

  153. Here’s the beautiful thing. David Miscavige has now opened the door to discovery on a lot of issues.

    Issue 1 – an NDA cannot be used to cover up fraud or other crime. To the extent that Cook’s KR gently suggests that such things may be going on, guess what? She now gets to take discovery to show that the Co$ is mishandling funds, lavishing Co$ funds on a millionaire’s lifestyle for PoB, and otherwise doing bad things with the cash. Oops, Dave. You stepped in it this time. Your deposition will be a hoot with any kind of decent attorney sitting on the other side of the table from you.

    Issue 2: She followed Co$ policy to the letter, as I understand it, as you point out. Courts really, really don’t like getting involved in internal church matters for 1st Amendment reasons. Cook has a good argument that she did not do anything in violation of the NDA, but instead followed established Co$ procedures. Some discovery is likely in that area before the court washes its hands of the issue, in favor of Cook.

    Issue 3: Duress. There is ample evidence that the NDAs signed by former $ea Org people are procured under duress. It will be fascinating to watch the string of witnesses who will be deposed or provide affidavits as to the forcible nature by which NDAs are procured. I believe that amount of evidence is sufficient to take further discovery as to the abusive practices in the $ea Org, as Cook can get out of the NDA by proving it was signed under duress.

    Get out the popcorn. David Miscavige just pushed over the final domino, where the final domino in line is the death of the Co$ and potential jail time for him. It is poetic justice that Miscavige is the one that has set in motion the events that will finally destroy him.

  154. That said, I also think there is more than one prong to the defence’s attack on the law suit.

  155. Bingo. Miscavige was so eager to Do Something that he has opened the door to massive discovery on a range of issues – and to an eventual deposition of himself. The shredders are running overtime at Hemet today.

  156. It could be a mistake to bring religion into it (pls see “Your humble servant” posting ca 6 a.m. above and my post ca. 3 pm). With straight contract law it looks like she has excellent grounds to stand on and defeat the suit, then counter-sue. When “religion” comes into it, so do Constitutional issues which lower courts are reluctant to deal with and may simply default to any religious organization under the courts misconception or fear. So a “won” case can be “lost” by confusing the simplicity of it as outlined by “Your humble servant” in detailed points above. The Co$ would probably LOVE to get it onto religious grounds and Constitutional issues.

  157. “Battle of Alamo 2012?”

  158. I really think it’s a wild stretch of fiction to rule that a NDA is “religious doctrine” – that would turn virtually every high-tech company in America into a Church.

  159. +1. There is a big enough pot of money here for an enterprising plaintiff’s lawyer that she should be able to get a really, really good attorney with limited $$$ out of her own pocket. This is a trial attorney’s dream. A good trial attorney isn’t going to be intimidated by the standard Co$ pissant annoyance tactics, either.

  160. This is a brilliant idea. Set it up – I’ll go. I love Florida this time of the year!

  161. Wait a minute, I thought Declare was the highest ethics gradient.
    She’s in good standing. Isn’t bringing suit against her a Suppressive Act?
    Isn’t this a Suppressive Act in a bunch of ways with no twisting of meaning and exaggeration?

  162. The counterclaim will be a lot of fun. Cook can get this removed to federal court solely on the grounds of diversity as it stands. Once she counterclaims over the lower limit for federal court also, she’ll easily be able to remove to federal court in Texas. State court also will not want to touch her First Amendment counterclaims.

    Venue will be fun also. Co$ massively screwed the pooch with this suit. They filed in Texas, thereby establishing that, in their estimation, Texas is not an inconvenient or objectionable venue. When this case is removed to federal court, it will still remain in Texas – a venue much less favorable to them than the home turf of Florida, and a venue that will require them to spend a lot of money on travel.

    Somebody really failed to think through all the implications of this. I wonder who that could be.

  163. Mike – LOL! Good legal points, yes, but the way you say it all is hilarious. (I got mayonnaise on my keyboard, darn.)

  164. Chipmunk face.

  165. Peter Mansell and Alan Cartwright should head for the hills, while the headin’ is good.

  166. This lawsuit really shows how Miscavige has become utterly stupid. Overts have a way of doing that. Not a week after the article on Marty appeared in the Texas Monthly, a magazine which I’ve read is seen by all the movers & shakers in Texas, what does Miscavige do? Files a lawsuit ……in Texas. It’s like this guy is begging for a public smackdown.

    ps. I tried to turn off the italics code that seems to be stuck on all the comments. When I hit submit we’ll see if it worked.

  167. Sort of like Wollersheim case in terms of interference with the business.

  168. I just found that if you google ” dianetica.mx ” you will find a copy in spanish of this knowledge report. Bing finds this site too.

  169. Hmm, so the Church is saying that it faces irreparable harm if Debbie discloses the truth about its criminal activity. Well, isn’t that the point?

    BTW Debbie, you should have held out for at LEAST $1 million from the Suppressive of the Board.

    Wayne, as an old and hatted MAA (I worked with you) you should have known you needed more $ to defend yourself from the suppressive church.

  170. haydn (T Paine)

    You are right Bob. A short while after the Russia debacle, Napoleon met his Waterloo!!

  171. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Carcha. I’m certain even if parts of the agreement were to be upheld, the signer would be absolutely free to report crimes.

  172. freedom fighter2


  173. Your humble servant

    Thanks for your abundant generosity!

  174. Botox is usually on the forehead. I was struck by the changes in his jaw line and how his cheeks seem to have filled out and gotten puffy.

  175. She could turn it into a religious issue as Davey just obtained a precedent that religious issues are not the domain of the courts but then a valuable chance for rendering all gag orders legally worthless and getting lots of media attention would have been passed up.

  176. Everything depends on how much time and money Debbie and Wayne have to throw at this case. I expect a huge fight over discovery and a big push by CoS for an out of court settlement. I sincerely hope the finances are available to bring all out into the light. It’s really exciting knowing all this is going down just a couple of hours down the road.

  177. TroubleShooter

    sheezus I don’t know what the hell any of you are talking about here – please help me out ?

  178. martyrathbun09


  179. TroubleShooter

    Mark, WHA!? do you really think that discussing legal strategy for the case on the blog is the correct forum? REALLY! ?? Maybe we should just call corn cob’s lawyer and tell him what debbie is doing and thinking so as to be coordinate thereby and therewith…irked

  180. Although it may comprise a different lawsuit with Debbie as plaintiff: She has earned a far larger amount of pay-out for all the years of dedication and hard work within the Cof$. However, if she was paid to “keep quiet about questionable on-goings within the organization” how is than the Cof$ any different than the Mafia? In my humble opinion: No matter the point of view, this lawsuit is a shot in foot for Cof$ and David Miscavige…

  181. PublicServant

    You couldnt resist the dig. Thanks for showing your colors so fast.

  182. FCDC Class of 74

    When I donated I expected nothing in return but I did hope it would lead to the opportunity to practice in a manner that brought me to LRH in the first place. Be careful Debbie because a cornered rat has many more teeth than the viper that is poised to strike. I worry that Dumass (not the french man) will call out the last resort team – the rat’s teeth.

  183. Marty, My comment was a little long for this venue because I wanted to re-familiarize people with an old Policy Letter called Counterespionage that used to be posted on the walls of every org in the world. So I published it as its own article on Scientology-cult.com — Steve


  184. Isn’t that the intention? To silence her “legally” per a settlement? With enough harassment, intimidation, loss of earnings, etc., perhaps DM hopes Debbie will cave, take the money and stfu for ever more.

  185. Well, I’m going to go against the tide here and suggest that Debbie puts on her Sunday best, dusts off her South Carolina accent and represents herself. The testosterone led pissing contest of who has the bigger/better/faster city slicker lawyer, may not impress the courts in Texas and this isn’t just a legal issue; it’s a PR issue and a David v Goliath story.

    I think she should ask the Texas Bar Association for pro bono lawyers who could advise her on the legal aspects, or failing that, the nearest law school for volunteers. Believe me, if you need legal research, a student can be the best option.

    But Debbie has the confront to stand up in court and make her own arguments.

    The church is very good at litigation, but look at the distaste for corporations generally at the moment. The ‘Occupy’ movement reflects the mood of a significant minority of people who want their voices heard and want to be treated fairly.

    From a PR stance, if Debbie represented herself, with assistance, this could be very powerful.

  186. Great points you make, Gern. I agree with you 100%.

  187. Debbie and Wayne deserve our support. They have shown great courage and personal integrity to stand and confront the evil beast.

    My husband, Ken, and I will do all we can to help them. A donation has been made and Feb. 9 has been set aside for the action in San Antonio.

    David Miscavige has shown over and over again his craving to destroy the lives of any who disagree with him. I think his reactive response on this one may have finally set him up to be hoisted by his own petard.

    Thank you, Marty, for once again keeping us all well informed.

  188. Windhorse and Tony,
    Hubby and I are discussing that right now. But it will depend greatly on the health of family members this summer. BTW, Minnesota is an inspired choice! Many thanks, Natalie. 🙂

  189. There is a MAJOR flaw in the “churches” policy to “ruin them utterly” when someone expresses an opinion that corporate Scientology doesn’t like.

    Once you’ve taken away a persons money, family, friends and job, you are left with a pissed off person that feels they have nothing to lose (can’t be blackmailed) and yet they can still express their opinions.

    OH – I GET IT!!! That’s why the pay offs, contracts to give up one’s Constitutional Rights, law suits, etc.

    OH NO!!! If this doesn’t work how is one supposed to keep their crimes a secret???

    IMHO the result of Miscavige’s actions against Debbie will just further force the issue of her COMPLETELY exposing his crimes.

    Damn Dave – this is BAD. Maybe you should kick the dog, slap a couple scumbags down at “The Hole”, grab a cigarette and a bottle of scotch and
    reconsider things. As a tip – I would skip the dip shit videos, magazines and spokesmen…… Maybe an extended vacation in the bomb shelter of Tom Cruise? Fake your own death and move to Brazil? Get a sex change, a wig and move to San Francisco? Sorry – I’m just trying to help….

  190. A Person versus a Corporation… hands down win to Debbie.
    The disagreement will end in the Court, Alice in Wonderland Style for sure. Rationality has departed and even though the legal system is insane a kind of truth will happen. Short arse dictator is soon to be accountable before suicide. The end of a cult and a scattering of members. It’s OK. Stable datum of the “Church” is to be found and it is in you.

  191. Thank you Marty!
    Second donation on the way!

  192. David Miscavige has definitely filled out, a sure sign that he’s loosing it. He’s living too much of the good life.

  193. If this goes to a jury trial, David Miscavige’s biggest obstacle is going to be finding an impartial jury. It seems to me that the general consensus among the US population is that Scientology is an evil, fraudulent cult that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. Is he really going to find a jury that rules in his favor? DM needs to do some surveys to discover what people think of him. He is so deluded that he actually believes he can stop people from googling his name. A simple googling of his name is quite revealing.

  194. Like, dankoon.

  195. Goering was commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe and rose to the position of Hitler’s deputy. He was captured at the end of the war and convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg trials. He was sentenced to death but committed suicide the night before he was due to be hanged.

    too bad

  196. “Somebody really failed to think through all the implications of this. I wonder who that could be.”

    David Miscavige is bringing ethics in on himself, eventually.

  197. I stand by my prediction that Debbie may have to declare independence and become a keystone in the foundation of same.

    However, there is another tactic possible here. If she acquiesces to DM’s demands, nothing changes and she is still out and to get back in she must reject LRH’s tech and accept DM’s. If she can maneuver through the lawsuit and come out with a solid victory, she may hold sway which could give her the tailwind to conduct a putsch, and send DM packing. To do this she must regain altitude and hold the ears of the majority of staff and execs – and display the violations of LRH tech for all of them to see, on a broad and concurrent scale.

    But, as we know, that is a very tall order when your enemy has 1B$ and the ability to mesmerize his flock with only a handful of IAS money pounders who demand financial support for DM’s Totaler Krieg. Truth is hidden in such ways and it will be difficult to overcome DM’s ability to compartmentalize enough public and staff with lies to allow them to begin thinking with truth.

    Thar be dragons, matey.

  198. At least a non-disclosure agreement NEVER applies to known criminal activity…

  199. Pumpkin, I don’t understand. You’ll stand up and speak out in 30 years? Is that what you’re trying to say?

  200. SmokenMirrors

    Good hair dresser even dyed David Miscavige’s eyebrows to match.

    And NOTE TO DAVID MISCAVIGE’S FACIALIST: easy on the skin exfoliation, the skin is too shiny/glossy!

    But in the photo it looks as if David Miscavige has been crying, doesn’t it? could it be?

  201. Ann, wonderful “Freudian slip” in your post – “His (DM’s) pose at the odium is always the same”……. It is his “odium” indeed, that we post about!

    POB – Pope Odious Botoxicus.

  202. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1!!

  203. Maybe he has pink-eye, in which case he needs to receive an SRA and be sent to the RPF’s RPF for being so out-ethics as to develop an infection!

  204. Tony DePhillips

    HI Aeolus,
    I was trying to think of that group, ACLU. I thought the same thing. Aren’t they therre to help the downtrodden when their rights are being trampled? I hope Debbie puts a comm line into them and sees if they are interested.

  205. I have gone to the Debbie Jean Cook Facebook page several time today. I cannot find the donate to the defense fund. What am I missing?

  206. Maybe he is gaining weight because he is on antidepressants?

  207. A quote from the Heath Ledger movie “10 Things I hate about you.” (may apply here.) “The Shit hath Hitith the Fan.”

  208. Some non-Brits out there might need a translation of what Martin said. By ‘goolies’ he means shrivelled, dried up hazelnuts, carefully wrapped in a pure silk posing pouch.

    I am amazed at this development. Yes, yes, we have all heard tales of how stupid Miscavige is, but I never expected him to do something so incredibly, monumentally, suicidally moronic as this. A church suing someone for telling the truth and expressing an opinion? How is that going to look to the world?

    I’m not a legal expert, but since the original email mentions Miscavige by name, can’t he be deposed by Debbie’s defence and made to answer some very awkward questions?

    I’d love to see the Tiny Tyrant squirm in court. Definitely worth travelling over to Texas for.


  209. Jesus. The architecture of the org showing in the photo behind AOB (Alvin on a Box) looks like the stage decor of a freaking Int event. This is madness.

  210. +1000000

  211. IMHO, he looks bloated. This could be because of poor or not enough sleep.
    Davey, time to increase the dose.

  212. Would you mind using a different name on this board? I have been using my name for longer here, and posted most recently a few days ago.

    Michael Brown. #66 on the Indie 500

  213. Jack, as soon as the page opens up, look to the bottom right corner.

  214. Brian – That lays it out beautifully, esp. #1. And keeps it out of 1st Amendment volleyball. Thanks! Carcha.

  215. Cortico steroids???

  216. Thanks for this data which does indeed bring up yet another question – why the attempt to enforce now? She is by no means the first to speak up, and by all my counts the mildest to do so thus far. So, David Miscavige and your sycophants, what makes this so special as you’ve never done this before? Yeah, it’s really my own rhetorical question.

  217. Random Stranger

    First draft of Debbie Cook’s New Year’s Eve email:

    Dear Friend,

    After breaking out of the hypnotic trance that I was stuck in, I realized that the lunatic running the Church made me stand in a trash can holding a sign that said I was a lesbian, while his brain-washed hang ’em high posse blasted me in the face with water hoses.


    Suddenly it became crystal clear to me that the Church of Scientology has become a torture chamber reg-fest shark-feeding frenzy manned by a bloodlust army of blood stained vampires sucking money out of parishioners with a giant vacuum cleaner hose a half-mile wide, under threat of extinction and severely mistreating its staff.


    Oh, and the beatings, chokings, slappings, throwings to the ground, spitting, screaming, punishing, humiliating, punching, imprisoning and other satanic tactics pushed on down the line from DAVID MISCAVIGE, who took over the Church with VIOLENCE and THREATS and LYING and OPPRESSION…well, it suddenly became too much for me to tolerate. We all have our limits.

    This whole IAS thing? Good god almighty, the money, the pressure, the money, more pressure, mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money…Holy Christ in a hand basket!


    The changing of the F/N thing? Miscavige fixing LRH’s mess ups? Changing the books? Torturing students? Running ’em backwards down the grade chart? Sucking parishioners blind?


    And what about THE BUILDINGS? These fake ‘Ideal Orgs’! Ideal for the goddamn Pharoah Empire Builder of Solid Substances, DM…COB…Tom Cruise’s BFF! Is that why that campaign came to be? ‘Cause Tom Cruise, with his gazillions of bucks wanted better buildings so he could bring in Will Smith? Impress Arnold Schwartznegger? Dazzle the eyes of one of Tom’s Big Star friends?


    It’s all a fu@%ing charade being pulled off by a maniacal, violent, egomaniac of a megolomaniac died-in-the-wool squirrel whose name is David Miscavige holding a fake post that isn’t even in policy!


    The wholesale degradation and wiping out of battalions of highly competent executives and the obliteration of the last molecule of any existing technical heirarchy, leaving Dave as THE sole source and power for EVERYTHING in Scientology?


    No wonder Marty says the Church is dead. It’s been strangled and choked and warped and permeated with blood-sucking evil pressurized doomsday hypnotism by a Grand Master of Illusion, COB of the RTC! The head of The Church of Spiritual Technology! The Legacy! The Tech!


    Let’s not forget the LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES being told by the revolving door PR spokesperson of the day! Lying about the violence within the Church. Lying about DISCONNECTION! Lying about abortions. Lying about about lying! Lying, lying, lying, lying.


    When I first started experiencing all this stuff I thought, “Oh well, it’s a tough job clearing the planet so gotta be tough tough tough, tough as hell, everyone, tough tough tough. Must be the correct approach, look at the money coming in! Wow.” So I went along with it. But as time rolled on and I saw the continued decimation and the shenanigans being pulled off that were way off-policy, way out-tech, way crazy…well, I just plain became overwhelmed and got sick as a dog and had to leave. Since withdrawing the fog has started to lift in total and now I say,

    WTF Almighty??!

    The PR and news coverage of the Church is horrendous. More and more people are leaving the Church for bonafide reasons. Celebrities and top church executives are speaking out and telling the truth of what’s been going on behind the scenes, so I figure it’s high time I did the same despite what I expect will be a Nazi-caliber Blitzkrieg smear campaign against me.


    I figure it’s time to grow some cajones and push for a Com Ev and legal and civil prosecution on this fu@%ing Ass-Clown Miscavige now!!!!!

    (note to self, on second thought maybe I’d better tone this down a bit)

    Pissed as shit,

    Debbie Cook

  218. +1 for Brits’ LOL!

  219. Scilonschools – I think I catch the drift, but most of it went right over my head, man (lol).

  220. ACLU has their own agenda, only.

  221. I don’t know why its doing that—i am ALWAYS BEDMANOKCthink it is changed now though

  222. +1 Nice association with Texas Monthly.

  223. Okay then, how about too much single malt scotch coarsing through his veins?

  224. Very nice call, Marty.

  225. Agreed! And how wonderful does this sound … David Miscavige, DEPONENT!!! As in, “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of [jurisdiction] that the testimony I am about to give is true and correct, so help me God.” By suing Debbie, he has thrown open the door to his own deposition. Finally.

  226. Mark,
    Here’s an irony in the legalities; David Miscavige claims Breach of Contract, simple enough but must be proven (takes all sorts of things into consideration such as what she wrote did NOT violate the contract in that it was, is ALL publicly available). On the other hand, ALL that Debbie was doing with her email was PRACTICING Scientology.

    So, David Miscavige is actually suing to prevent the practice of Scientology.

    Debbie’s email itself points up the fact that “unclean hands” (a technical defense/offense) exist to prevent the practice of her chosen religion (there is NO management and her reports go unanswered or responded to) so she is simply trying to PRACTICE that religion which David Miscavige thought he could prevent by “contract”.

    Free speech is only part of the First Amendment. Religious PRACTICE is at the heart of this. She is being sued for PRACTICE. An affirmative defense is UNCLEAN HANDS of David Miscavige left her no choice but to send the email and PRACTICE her religion.

    David Miscavige, you can’t fish, so you don’t get it; FISH ON!!

  227. Davey, time to increase the dose.
    Asthma, right?
    Why is this guy not using any Auditing to come out of this trap?

  228. In all fairness to Dave, he has no choice but to free the Scientology religion from his rotted grip. Hence, HE put in motion a suit which will inevitably do just that.

    Thanks Dave. Maybe there is some theta in that clinker after all.

  229. Sadly Tom Cruise and John Travolta likely think it’s sad that Debbie lost her way and has chosen to try to snuff out the light emanating from the posterior of the Dear Leader, David “chubby” Miscavige.

    It’s very unlikely they’ll have read the email, unless maybe* their personal email addresses were in the original 12K, and they won’t want such entheta in their arena

    *Don’t they have church of scientology (Miscavige puppets) friendly staff to read all those innane emails for them to save them the worry of seeing something dodgy?.

  230. Exactly Yvonne and succinctly stated. Thank you.

  231. Too much Scotch perhaps..

  232. Mike,

  233. Tony DePhillips

    We hope you and your husband can make it!! 🙂

  234. Old news by now (30 mins or so), but editorial comment re: hypocrisy of Co$ is suing Debbie suppressing her 1st Amendment rights while wrapping itself in them itself.

  235. It occurs to me that David Miscavige now looks even more like Alfred E. Neuman, just needs to loose a tooth and he’d be the spitting image.

  236. one of those who see

    Hi Jack, it’s not on her facebook page it is at this link http://www.debbiecookbaumgarten.com/

  237. Brian,
    Ahhh yes, “diversity” 🙂

  238. Mat,
    In the spirit of help, we’ll have to come up with a solution to how a eunuch gets a “sex change”. Dave’s got no willy, as his statue at St. Hill “amply” demonstrates.

  239. Dan Koon; I Love that post of yours. Get one o’dem Bwooklyn Mouthpieces. One who can say “I’m comin’ to get you and Hell’s comin’ with me!” Like in the movie “Tombstone”.

  240. Freedom Fighter

    I also think Miscavage is screwed whether he carries forward with the lawsuit or not. If he were to withdraw the lawsuit for fear of too much exposure, it will bolster the validity of Debbie and her report.

  241. I see the wheel of Karma turning slowly, inexhorably. To avoid subpoenas, David Miscavige will have to go into hiding. Then, to ever get out in pubic again he will have to assign some young ambitious staffer to run an “all clear” program. It will fail …..

  242. Freedom Fighter

    Not sure who this is, but this wasn’t posted by me. You should use a different name.

    FF (The Original)

  243. one of those who see

    oops typo. Perfect.

  244. Steve- Very interesting.

    “Should any staff member have knowledge of any financial irregularity within the organization and furnish proof of it to the Guardian’s Office promptly along with evidence sufficient to prosecute he shall be given 25% of all monies recovered.”

    If Debbie can get the court to see that she was following that policy- church doctrine- in distributing her email then the NDA issue is DOA. She was simply reporting the matter as church doctrine says to do. The court won’t even go there if it gets to this. And she is entitled to a percentage of the monies involved that are recovered. This could be hundreds of millions. If she can prove the misappropriations of DM and inured benefit to TC. This just keeps getting better and better.

    This was such a monumentally stupid maneuver by DM.

    Great policy link.

  245. Response to Thoughtful

  246. Michael Brown

    Thank you

  247. You young dudes are way to hard on POB. He is in his 50’s. I can tell you from experience God is not just too all men or women in their 50’s. SHIT HAPPENS.
    Stress does strange things to the body as you get older. Please don’t take this as supporting POB. Just an observation from someone who has walked down the path of aging bodies.


  248. one of those who see

    LOL!!! Great!!

  249. Thank you Bluebonnet.

  250. Jim – I got it. The editorial of the Tampa Bay Times gets another wrinkle on it, as well – same reference to the 1st, but to the free speech clause.. Maybe we have a new phrase “With all due respect, your Honor, I take the 1st.” (Followed by “You jerk! Do you have any idea what this POB has done?!”) – Carcha.

  251. Do we know if Debbie and Wayne have top notch people that can hit back with a counter suit? I know a couple of guys in California that I have worked with before; they specialize in litigation and RICO laws. They ones I am thinking of are very smart and it would be scary to oppose them. Perhaps if they had an ass-clown criminal sitting on a billion dollars(!) they might be willing to take it largely on contingency, who knows? If they did so I expect the legal equivalent of “Go to work with a pair of pliers and a blow-torch, gonna get medieval on his ass.” 🙂

    If the CoS/OSA took a swing at me, that would be my goto plan.

  252. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Mike, I keep imagining a room full of lawyers trying to tell DM that this is a bad idea, and the sick little SP unable to take their advice. He’s on a path he has no control over. The more he does what he thinks will destroy the enemies he sees all around him, the closer he brings his own end.

    Actually, it seems like DM is doing a good job of creating enemies all around himself — at least he’ll be right — I guess 🙂

  253. from the above link to the times article:

    “Pouw did not answer several questions about the agreements signed by Cook and Baumgarten and said the Times’ inquiry “fits your controversy-laden agenda.” She said the newspaper should be reporting on the 15 “Ideal Orgs” set to open this year, including two recent ribbon cuttings in Hamburg, Germany, and Sacramento, Calif.”

    Should be reporting on two recent ideal orgs set to open this year………..

    I guess the question to ask is how is it that these ideal orgs are opening:

    1. By expansion of public into those orgs, thereby creating expansion and the need for new quarters, or

    2. By existing member donations and as such no actual increase in public.

    Which is it?

  254. from above link:

    ” The lawsuit, which accuses Cook of violating the terms of a non-disclosure agreement when she dared to criticize the leadership of her church”

    Non-disclosure means no talking allowed.

    Lets, Grade 0 = willing to talk to anybody about anything on all four flows.


  255. There are long time reasons why facial swelling can be caused by alcohol… The liver releases enzymes involved in water balance between cells and the interstitial tissue. Hardcore alcoholics have weak livers, and all of its functions will be decreased, and the facial swelling will remain so long as the liver is damaged.


  256. Jethro Bodine

    I think the point was that the NDA doesn’t apply because Debbie’s email was actually concerned a religious dispute, not a violation of what’s in the NDA. Debbie asserted that DM was misapplying religious documents such as HCO PLs and HCOBs and that a court can not therefore get involved in the interpretation of them. A court can’t determine what is “off policy” or “out tech” because it would involve interpreting “religious scriptures”. So, Debbie’s defense could be that this is a religious dispute and not a contract dispute. Also, Debbie could argue that she did not reveal any “privileged information” because the information in her email was already widely available.

  257. My very first impression is that he looks like someone on steroids. That could account the puffy face look that’s in the picture. Some people illegally take steroids when weight lifting (ain’t going to help you dwarf) or they can be prescribed for various medical conditions.

  258. I’m confident that an experienced executive like Debbie will do as thorough a job of evaluating her options to proceed forward as time will allow. Just FYI, there are some very intelligent, very clever lawyers in Texas with the gentle demeanor of a of southern gentlemen who can more than stand their ground against “bigger/better/faster city slicker lawyers”. I hope to see the best of both world, Debbie giving her testimony in court with the legal strategy “C/S’ed” by knowledgeable and experienced counsel.

  259. Debbie and Wayne did not have, or have access to, any legal counsel when they signed their agreements with the Church. That in itself makes whatever document they signed null and void. Furthermore, had they asked for legal representation, it would not have been permitted as it would have emerged as a conflict of interests against the backdrop of their pledge to only think with the Church’s interests, which is required of any Scientologist or Sea Org Member. A Scientologist is required by the ethics books not to turn over another Scientologist to the authorities or police or for suit in so many vague terms. I am certain an attorney was appointed for them, through the Church. And provisions were withheld from them to consider their interests.
    For a contract to be valid there must be equal considerations and instruments afforded both sides.
    You are expected to surrender your rights to redress in the community beyond the Church. This in itself may emerge as a key situation that needs to be addressed in a court of law. If the Church wants their 50,000 back that they paid Wayne and Debbie, I am sure an advance payment would be forthcoming very fast from many assorted publishing agencies.

    I think the purpose of the suit is to overwhelm, as the Church has resources to a vast array of legal resources. This in itself should emerge before a knowing justice community. That in itself will recoil as injustice. Injustice always recoils. It is already recoiling through the media as the worst P.R. cycle to hit the airwaves yet. “Church sues members for using first amendment rights” is about as bad as it is going to get with the P.R.

  260. OMG Stranger, that is seriously the funniest shit I have read in a long time.

    If you are not a comedy writer you should _really_ think about that as a possible career path.


  261. Jethro, did you read what I wrote? I mean, you just argued exactly as I and others have said will lead to a complete mess? Why?

  262. Do we know what Debbie’s phisical condition was or is, and why the Church didn’t provide her with proper medical care?

    Do we know if it was Debbie’s choice to leave the SO or if she was forced to in any way by Co$/Miscavige?

    Why the FBI do nothing???

    I mean, that NDA it’s a clear sign that the Co$ is actively hiding something, and they pretty much knows what already. Why they do nothing?

    Why America export democracy with bombs worldwide and then act itself as a corrupt system?

    FBI, are you a corrupt organization? Why don’t you move your ass and stop a criminal church leader from abusing church members?

  263. Ann – I think I see your argument, but how will the court enforce “religious doctrine” that it refuses to interfere with? How can the court order that 25% *per religious doctrine* be paid? Wouldn’t that be like a court reviewing Catholic Mass, then ruling on whether or not it was performed correctly, then issuing an order that it be performed according to the court’s interpretation? – Carcha.

  264. Random Stranger
    A literary home run hit out of the park and smack into the bowels of the scum sucking dwarf. Your words smoke!

    Michael Fairman

  265. Bruce, my guess is that Debbie was at Flag when Lisa McPherson was……

  266. one of those who see


  267. The Corporate ‘Church’ of Scientology;
    The ‘Church’ that will SUE your ass if you leave it…

  268. Letter of a former slave to his former master who wants him to come back and work for him. Those were different times, but I see some parallels


  269. Very well put, I sincerely hope Debbie’s legal counsel sees this for what it is…

  270. From the Scientology Creed:

    We of the Church believe:


    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.


    And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

    (end quotation)

    Irony is such a cruel mistress.

  271. have to add:
    Did make a mistake. This link is not linking to httrack = grabbing software but to httptrack.com.
    This domain belongs to: http://www.mainadv.com/ a web marketing company. httptrack.com is a empty page. The virus scan engine claims: „HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen2 Description:
    A common attack against the web infrastructure can be the infection of harmless web pages. Some malware changes every HTML file stored on the disc and adds a link (very often an IFrame) to a site hosting malicious code. Other attacks can aim for the web servers and try to insert forwarding to the pages hosted there. The owner of these pages is advised to take them offline. Fix the hole (either on his own PC or on the server), check the pages for infections, clean them and go online again. Infected Web Pages often contain additional Iframe, Object or Script Tags. The Script Tags often contain encrypted Code.“
    This code if not detected on your computer might not do any harm. I guess that the code at least should report back your IP and other personal information to the company for marketing purposes. Or for Corporate Scientology purposes. If WordPress admins find something out it should be reported to proper authorities or made public on this blog. Thanks.

  272. Tears of fear.

  273. Drift ? 🙂 Just a bit of fun!!
    I hope Steve Dennis manages to get into script writing as he desires, LA is a town with prospects!!

  274. Perfect!!!
    (have you got a bug/plant at debbies?)

  275. martyrathbun09


  276. Jim, you are clearly knowledgeable in this area, but I realized I should explain for the benefit of those readers fortunate enough to not be attorneys. 😉 In determining federal court jurisdiction, the term “diversity” means that the two parties are residents of different states. It doesn’t mean “diversity” in an ethnic/religious sense. A nonperson is a resident of the state of its incorporation/charter/etc., generally speaking. Co$ is a resident of CA or FL, and Cook is a resident of TX. Therefore, there is diversity, and regardless of the amount in controversy she can move for removal of the case from state to federal court.

  277. Carcha- I was thinking out loud while typing. The court wouldn’t couldn’t enforce church doctrine as you mentioned. But the argument for it could be in he court record and made known. Scientologists would find out and some would recognize that Debbie is owed, according to policy, a boatload of money. Those grasping this would include DM. Chuckle.

  278. While I understand their desire to muzzle Debbie in particular for what she must have known, seen and could potentially communicate, I would bet that she has already hit them hard in the pocketbook and has therefore established the potential to be an IAS buster. This is the stuff Dave’s terror is made of.

  279. For Debbie to be sued by the “Church” is no different than a police officer being sued because he told someont to follow the law. This (the Church) looks more like NAZI GERMANY every day. I guess I had better end with seig heil! or they will sue me next. I say go ahead and sue me. After spending most of my life working long hours for nothing, I barely got out alive. I don’t have any property left.

  280. This is the REAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CRUSADE, not PORTLAND 1985. This is what Heber was talking about when he came to Flag in 1984 to brief us that they were starting the IAS to protect Scn. This is If we collected 1/100 of the amount DM and his cronys have collected to destroy Scn we could easily handle it.

  281. Debbie Cook is DM’s STALINGRAD.

  282. I was a member of the group fight within the Church until 1. I all but died and 2. I was offloaded.

  283. What does LRH say about orgs that “are not totally with LRH? He says that the will “leave in droves” He said that People want Scn LRH’s way and they do not want other versions. (paraphrased)

  284. Sign me up. I woked at FSO for 7 years, I’d be happh to go.

  285. She (or others) should get a CLASS ACTION SUIT on behalf of the thousands of others totally fucked over by the Church. Can you imaging how much that would be? I am one of the fortunate ones still alive to tell about it.

  286. (Continuation) The money received could go to buy a massive place for INDIES to practice Scn.

  287. Why do Indies need somewhere big to practise scientology? What I particularly like about the Indies is they practise scientology independently as part of their lives.

    While they obviously meet on the Internet they seem to not need the “church” thing. The biggest problem with all beliefs aren’t so much the beliefs but the formal organisations based on them, churches.

    If scientology helps you that’s great. If scientology helps you to help others that’s fine too. If however scientology ever becomes something used by someone to dictate what you do that’s when it’s wrong.

    There are a wealth of philosophies out there, study and interpret them as L Ron Hubbard did but never accept someone elses’ interpretation unquestioningly.

    L Ron Hubbard interpreted and added his own thoughts to the philosophies of the world.

    If you’ve learned anything from David Miscavige’s church of scientology it should be that you should never accept someone’s else’s interpretation over your own. Churches always impose their own doctrine because it’s necessary to form an organisation.

    This may explain some of L Ron Hubbard’s problems with setting up the church of scientology. As a self help organisation the focus was purely on helping individuals be the best they could be through Dianetics and scientology, becoming a religion changed that.

    Religions are about followers, worshippers, people who devote themselves to the religion rather than make their own life. Scientology as a self help philosophy was always intended to help people improve their own lives, not to make them worship at the alter of someone else’s.

  288. I rarely create responses, however after reading through a few of the remarks on this
    page Flag Services Org Inc v. Debbie Cook | Moving On Up a Little Higher.
    I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay. Could it be simply me or does it look as if like a few of the responses come across like they are written by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional online sites, I would like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Would you post a list of every one of all your shared sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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