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Debbie Cook – Gathering Steam on Day 4

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has done a comprehensive, very accurate story on Debbie Cook, see Scientology In Crisis.

If anyone doubted my report last night as to Miscavige’s “handling”, Corporate Scientology Infiltrates Debbie Cook, Ortega’s article, quoting USA Today, provided further confirmation:

Spokesperson Karin Pouw adds that the “positioning” of Cook as a “prominent Scientology insider” is “inaccurate.” She describes her as “‘a disgruntled defector’ who has not had any position in the Church for several years, having left in 2007 for medical reasons.”

“The Church refers to individuals such as Ms. Cook as a squirrel. A squirrel is someone who alters the Scripture; a heretic,” she writes, asking that “you correct this error in your headline and in the text of the article.”

As Mike Rinder predicted – and was validated by the above text within hours – Miscavige has labeled Debbie a “squirrel” for urging Scientologists to read and abide by a little L Ron Hubbard.

As I noted yesterday, the more they come after Debbie publicly, the more they breach the Gag Contract they coerced her into signing.  In my legal opinion, based on – among other things 22 years of concocting such Gag Contracts with  corporate Scientology lawyers on the orders of Miscavige – Debbie Cook is free to share any and all experiences within corporate Scientology in order to defend herself.   Miscavige, as predicted – even though he exceeded my time expectations – has footnuked himself into the public light of Debbie Cook’s full panoply of truths.  Well done Dave.  All of that is quite in addition to corporate Scientology’s serial breaches of the contract (rendering it null and void) over the past two and one half years.

Tony’s story also makes reference to a St Pete Times Editorial.

Please read it.  This is historic.  This is the first time they have publicly acknowledged that perhaps corporate Scientology abuses are most effectively handled by real Scientologists.  Two and one half year comm lag.  But if we have learned anything in all this it is patience and keeping our eyes on the mountain while gradually moving on up a little higher.

press update:

The Independent of London


Corporate Scientology Infiltrates Debbie Cook

I am seeing a lot of comments about Debbie’s practice of taking on and removing friends from Facebook; and a lot tea leaf reading along with it.

Per my friends at Facebook Debbie’s account has been hacked into by Office of Special Affairs (OSA, Corporate Scientology’s dirty tricks department).  The intent of the operation is clear.  They are filling Debbie’s Facebook friends list with dozens of Independents and others who proudly wear their excommunication declares.  OSA is already briefing on-line, non-declared corporate Scientologists that Debbie is “friends” with all of these “notorious” characters.  And that is ALL they need to tell Kool Aid drinkers to get them back in the pen seeing and hearing no evil.  Please do not help OSA do its work.

Please do Debbie Cook a favor and let her get on with the mission she spelled out in her original e-mail.  That is, let Debbie handle the massive e-mail and phone traffic she is receiving from corporate Scientologists.  There is plenty of that to handle.  There are corporate Scientology threats to handle.  There are infiltration attempts to handle.  And there are dozens of kool aid drinkers trying to cave her in.  Don’t supply ammunition to these deployed agents.

If you want to show support say it loud, here and in other on-line forums (everybody who cares about Scientology reads them).   Most importantly, get Debbie’s original e-mail spread as far and wide as possible on the lines of corporate Scientologists.

If you doubt the wisdom of this advice, please carefully read Debbie’s original email and divine the intent.  Debbie doesn’t need to be turned into an Independent.  Whether she ever does or instead continues on a quixotic quest to change the corporate beast’s stripes makes little difference.  There is no more effective action (other than independent delivery) happening for the future of Scientology than what she is doing at the moment.  More corporate Scientologists are being reached and gotten to look and think than by any other single action.  If Debbie becomes an independent it will not be because someone convinces her to; it will be because David Miscavige drives her there.

Like I said in the first post on 1 January, we’d be well served to prepare to deliver to the fall out.  Because no matter what, there will be plenty of that.  Please back it up.

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3 Jan Debbie Cook posting.