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His Town by Jason Sheeler


The latest, and probably the last, chapter in the “Squirrel Buster” drama has been published in the February edition of Texas Monthly: the national magazine of Texas:  His Town, by Jason Sheeler.

The link will take you to an excerpt of the beginning of the article.  If you register below that (it is free), you can get access to the rest of the lengthy article.

For those who might have missed it, Corpus Christi Caller Times readers voted  the SQB saga as the story of the year, and it too did a wrap up article a couple of weeks ago, Squirrel Busters Leave Ingleside on the Bay.

God bless the Orrs, the Isbells and the rest of the good people of Ingleside on the Bay Texas.

‘Nuff said.

To Those Suing or Considering Countersuing the FSO

I’ve got more than one hundred and fifty million reasons why Miscavige ought to watch his blustery, threatening step.

The following information gives the state of reserves of the Flag Service Organization Incorporated, as of December 2009.  It is written by its highest ecclesiastical officer at that time.  It was sent, as a similar report is sent weekly, directly to David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center (the organization that is alleged not interested in stats or money in the slightest, but only in the purity of the application of the technology).

Please let us know how they respond to discovery as to what the FSO’s liquid assets are; their ability to pay back what they hold for you; and perhaps in other contexts what the value of your services to them might have been worth. We’ll provide you with more reports on how these balances changed over time along with unimpeachable witnesses to corroborate the information.

I anticipate the FSO will be claiming (perjuring itself) in court that any number of these accounts do not belong to or are not in the control of FSO.  Well, technically, they’d be right – the guy who controls them is the guy who receives the direct report each week, David Miscavige (and that would seem then to justify roping him into deposition to find out why he is withholding your money in trust when he’s got 150 million to play with).  But, legally they’d be wrong – this report is generated every single week by the highest ecclesiastical officer in the Flag Service Organization Incorporated to the highest ecclesiastical officer in all of corporate Scientology, certified weekly as the RESERVE ACCOUNTS OF FLAG SERVICE ORGANIZATION INCORPORATED.

Just getting prepared.


10 December, 2009


The following was added to reserves:

                                                This week        Added in:    Disbursed:         Balance:

SUPERPOWER accounts:

Superpower funds              $60,395,201   $44,626                                 $60,439,827

Org Reserves accounts:

FSO Reserves                           $679,532                                                       $679,532

FC Reserves                              $438,194                                                       $438,194

Total Org Reserves:            $1,117,726                                                       $1,117,726


SOR Accounts:

BFA FC                                     $562,750          $15,744                                $578,494

GLF FC                                      $1,090,806       $15,744                                $1,106,550

BFA FSO Accounts                    $3,114,524       $129,084                           $3,243,608

GLF FSO                                    $37,679,781    $140,054                            $37,819,835

Other SOR accounts at Flag      $6,369,020                                               $6,369,029

(CMU, Property)

 Total SOR accounts:            $48,816,881    $300,636                             $49,117,517


HCO Book Accounts:             $39,270,463    $242,324       $141,013    $39,371,774

TOTAL IN ACCOUNTS:       $149,600,270   $587,585      $141,013 $150,046,845