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Debbie Cook: Beginning of the End of David Miscavige’s Tyranny?

Debbie Cook is not in imminent danger.  Her lines of defense are forming rapidly and efficiently, in depth and multi-dimensional (many she is not even aware of).  This while her  initial communication is becoming international news:

The UK Guardian

USA Today

The Telegraph – London

Daily Mail – London

Village Voice  – the latest

Don’t expect a lot of further significant revelations by Debbie for a while; but do expect significant news about efforts by corporate Scientology to silence her.  Do expect also Miscavige’s efforts opening the door to further revelations.  Mike Rinder and I have on several occasions been vindicated on major cycles over the past couple years by deciding to sit back and let Miscavige do our work for us. His responses to Debbie have thus far been vintage knee-jerk, foot bullets.

First, he directly ordered that the very first response (which many saw filtered down versions of on Debbie’s Facebook page) was to deny the authenticity of Debbie’s email.  Denial is always his first impulse.

When that backfired, he had Karin Pouw deliver this incredibly imbecilic line:

“Ms Cook’s opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today.”

Not only does it sound like Baghdad Bob in its insane (criminal mind) transference of describing the institution she represents, it opens the door to a lot of further revelations seeing the light of day (the legal implications will be spelled out in near future posts on Corporate Scientology Gag Contracts).

The degree to which corporate Scientology seeks to muzzle and attack Debbie monitors the degree to which a number of witnesses to Miscavige’s torture camp will feel safe to communicate.  In other words Miscavige is currently rock slamming between a rock and a hard place.

Now, lest we forget that David Miscavige, while characterized as a lot of things here over the past couple years, at bottom is a human being, see this mini-bio  from Philadelphia News.


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