Freedom of Speech, Religion and Conscience

by Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun

The Radical Corporate church of Scientology has filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in the Debbie Cook case.

The church is asking the court to declare the church the winners of the lawsuit based on the facts that they have presented to the court. To grant a Summary Judgment, the court must decide that there is no triable issue of fact. That means that no evidence that Debbie can present conflicts with the facts that the church says are established and prove its case for breach of contract.

You can read the church Summary Judgment Motion here, but for those of you who do not care to get mired down in legal mumbo-jumbo, here it is in a nutshell:

Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment

The church claims Debbie and Wayne left the church and signed contracts not to speak about their experiences.   They were paid money in exchange for their silence.  The church asserts that any claims by Debbie and Wayne that they signed the agreements under duress are invalid as even if that were true, Debbie and Wayne did nothing to overtly invalidate the agreements for 4 years.  Their inaction indicated agreement with the contract and thus they “ratified” it by their inaction.  They are arguing that because Debbie did not battle George Spencer, and effectively cross examine herself on the stand on 9 February, and testify about the duress she has continued to experience since leaving Flag in October 2007, there was no such continuing duress.

Here is where some readers of this blog can help.

Evidence can be submitted to the court by Debbie’s attorneys in the form of sworn affidavits.

A lot of people out there have communicated having experienced continuing duress similar to that experienced by Debbie.  In particular, those who can honestly testify, in the form of sworn affidavit, to the following fact pattern may be integral in defeating corporate Scientology’s summary judgment motion:

  1. Saw first-hand that David Miscavige operated as the supreme leader of Scientology and that there was no possibility of objecting to or defying his dictates no matter how unlawful without severe loss of rights.  That includes corporeal punishment including battery, loss of consortium (split up from 2D), lessened sleep, food deprivation, imprisonment, personal degradation, severe hazing, torture, surveillance, monitoring by covert and overt means after leaving, etc.
  2. Witnessed David Miscavige beating, punching, kicking, choking, slapping, throwing water at, physically threatening, severely hazing yourself or other staff members,  or witnessed agents of Miscavige doing the same or witnessed Miscavige ordering others to do the same.
  3. Left church employ because of “1” and/or “2” either by escape (unauthorized sudden departure) or route out procedure.
  4. Knew of corporate church policy and/or standard operating procedure to silence former members by way of any or all of the following:

a)       signing non-disclosure agreements under intimidating circumstances including presence of Security and/or OSA personnel, presence of an OSA attorney, and/or presence of video recording equipment.

b)       Witnessing or participation in the blow drill: where departed staff are tracked down by use of roving teams, credit card information, life history information, pc folder information, in order to make them participate in “a”.

c)       Having a provisional SP declare held over one’s head, whereby you were told that if you remained compliant and silent on the outside the SP declare would not come, but if you did otherwise you would be SP declared thus either lose your immortal future and/or lose the right to communicate with friends, associates, business contacts, and family.

5. Were so indoctrinated in an isolated cult for so long that you lost all sense of common mores of civilized society.  In other words, developed a mindset where you accepted the wholesale violations of civil and human rights visited upon self and others as justified or normal activity that did not warrant protest or reporting.   Many have reported having developed a state of mind where the ends (no matter how unlawful or shocking) justified the means; where for extended periods of time they felt so degraded by their experience that they believed there was something awry with themselves for even harboring thoughts that Miscavige’s reign of violence and human rights violations was in any way actionable or wrong.

6.  Because of 1-5 lived for a substantial period of time in fear or reticence of telling anyone about the facts underlying 1-5 or other facts concerning the loss of liberty or Human Rights of self and/or others by David Miscavige or agents of the church of Scientology.

A)     Include any of the common manifestations you may have experienced that are often reported by others – nightmares about being apprehended and returned to the Hole or the Int Base or the RPF, nightmares about being visited (and being declared) and having your friends, family, and associates disconnected from you.

B)      Include your own thought processes (backed by what you witnessed that prompted it) that kept yourself living in silent fear; such as taking a given period of time on the outside to begin to reckon that what you experienced inside was in fact unlawful or unacceptable in a civilized society; and such as awakening to the unlawful, unjustified nature of your experience only when you saw others were standing up and talking of their similar experiences over a period of time; and such as over time comparing what you experienced inside to the outside, and that experience beginning to wake your conscience with a need to do something about those left behind suffering.

C)      Include your considerations about protecting the religion of Scientology.  Part and parcel with that would be explaining any conditioning that had caused you to believe that the religion of Scientology was the same as the “church of Scientology” and how that played in keeping you silent and compliant – and of course how time played a part in the differentiation process that caused you to begin to communicate the evils you witnessed.

What is important to emphasize in “6” is time. How much time did it take you to decrompress from the physical and mental trauma of what you experienced in 1-5 to begin to speak with others about your experience; whether as a personal catharsis or as a conscientious need to help others still similarly situated.

I know there are literally hundreds who could and would attest to parts of 1 through 6 above. However,  we are looking for corroborative witnesses to the experiences of Debbie and Wayne.  Part and parcel of that of course is parallel experiences with an overlapping fact pattern.

Recognize, the inclusion of David Miscavige is important in distinguishing between the hundreds with similar experience and the few dozen with experiences sufficiently parallel with Debbie and Wayne’s experience to be admissible, relevant witnesses.  “The boss”, as you may have heard Church of Scientology International counsel Eliot Abelson refer to Miscavige in Debbie’s signing video, is front and center in this case.  Irrespective of Abelson’s now-world-famous admission the “church” is doing everything in its power to keep the chief perp out of this dispute, without Miscavige, of course, there is no dispute. Without Miscavige there is no 31 December 2011 e-mail by Debbie, there is no need to speak out, there is no cause to shudder into silence, there is no need for redress for aggravated assault and battery, torture, imprisonment, and the entire array of serial human rights abuses Miscavige perpetrates to this day.

If you feel you can honestly swear to facts that fit squarely within 1-6 above, or your experience roughly follows the pattern of 1-6 above, an affidavit from you might be critical in overcoming David Miscavige’s dishonest and aggressive attempt to bury Debbie Cook through court process.

If you are willing to consider drafting and signing such an affidavit, please tell your story – emphasizing the facts that fit within the 1-6 pattern – in writing to Mike Rinder at and copy me at

Despite David Miscavige’s best efforts to prevent Debbie from establishing a defense of any kind we are continuing to assist her counsel in ways that ensure that she have as full, fair and affordable a defense as possible.

If you step up, you will be protected.

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  1. Assuming this does go to trial, will Debbie’s attorneys be able to subpoena Miscavige to be examined in open court? What a thought!

  2. fly on the wall

    I hope those that respond do not even mention it on the blog. No sense in letting the other team know who and how many.

  3. Well-said, Marty, and probably Mike, (and the lawyer, I am sure, since I don’t think either of you would have used the subjunctive case in the second-to-last sentence there.) (LOL–most people don’t even know what that is any more, even if they did KTL.)

    I sincerely hope everyone rallies to this call. If ever anyone was afraid to try standing up for their rights, this is their chance to help deliver an EFFECTIVE blow–ONE blow that takes out all the stops so that the threat ceases completely.

    And if it were someone who hadn’t spoken up before, I think it would be even more effective because it would exemplify the nature of “decompressing” being assisted by the encouragement of those outside the gulag.

    So come on, it’s your right to tell your story. I’ll be waiting to hear it after court’s adjourned.

  4. Time will tell if the church will win. Debbie’s true friends should speak up. I can’t I was not there. But I do know and can prove it is illegal for a person to know that a crime was committed and not report it when it is possible to do so. So by Debbie signing an agreement not to speak, for reasons well known that are not illegal, didn’t the church FORCE her to violate the law under duress to protect themselves somehow? That is not ethics and justice. The outcome of this case will be educational to all parties interested and concerned. Only a very good attorney can prove the church coerced Debbie into not saying what was done wrong to her by offering her money at a time when she needed it.

  5. Here is where DM’s nightmare begins to whipsaw back in his face, but in previously unseen orders of magnitude.

  6. I’m borrowing this from Brian Culkin — who had it posted on his event page:

    There comes a time in the life of every human when he or she must decide to risk “his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor” on an outcome dubious. Those who fail the challenge are merely overgrown children, and can never be anything else. Jill Boardman encountered her personal challenge — and accepted it — at 3:47 that afternoon.” -Robert A. Heinlein

    This seems to be the wake up call that we all must face in our lives. Risk it all on an outcome uncertain or stay asleep.


  7. And the really scary thing is, that once a person is involved in a high profile legal battle in court with the church this way, one can never go back to their choice, absolutely by orders from the church and depending on the person, if the person wants to go back there or not. But in lieu of all of this, where are all the Clears and OT’s that are and should be being produced during this time? They are not around here.

  8. Here’s my most recent list of people, and their statements, who have witnessed or experienced Miscavige’s violence over the years. I’m sure it’s not complete, but it’s a start.

    My guess is that many of these individuals are regular readers of this blog; in case some aren’t, perhaps someone can email them Marty’s and Mike’s message above:

    Debbie Cook (former Captain of the Church of Scientology’s Flag Service Org; she had been in the Sea Org for 29 years, and was Captain at Flag for 17 years; she was at the International Headquarters under Miscavige in 2005-2007), said this under oath to a US judge:
    “I witnessed Mr. Miscavige physically punching in the face and wrestling to the ground another very senior executive at Scientology international level [Mark Yager]. … One time I was called into a conference room and [David Miscavige] ordered his secretary to slap me and she slapped me so hard I fell over into the chairs. [Another] time Mr. Miscavige ordered his communicator to break my finger if I didn’t answer his question.”

    Lana Mitchell (formerly worked in RTC in the 1990s; also worked for several years as a cook for David Miscavige, and his entourage and celebrity guests until 2003). Lana said this in a November 2, 2011 Australian TV interview:
    “I was working in [Miscavige’s] organisation which is called the Religious Technology Center, I worked there for six years. … It would have been in 1994 in a meeting in the International Building and he struck his brother Ronnie Miscavige. He hit him with the back of his hand, right in the stomach and Ronnie wasn’t expecting it and it winded him, that was the first time. I’ve seen him do a similar thing to Norman Starkey many times who is the trustee of Scientology. I’ve seen him hit Ray Mithoff. I know I’ve heard many accounts of other instances of violence which I know would be true because I have witnessed enough myself to be able to say well you know there’s substance to that because I’ve seen and witnessed it myself. …
    “[Miscavige] does character assassination continually on anybody that he considers to be a threat; anybody who he considers is speaking out or has the potential to be a threat, he will go out of his way to assassinate or to destroy the character of that person in the eyes of others.
    “This is how he ‘de-powered’ all of the other executives within international Scientology; this is how he’s become virtually the head of Scientology. There is nobody else left, everybody else if you go back and have a look at videos of events back in the nineties you see… They’re all gone, Guillaume Leserve, Mark Yager, Mark Ingber… When I left [in 2004], the entire place was in a state of fear.”

    (Source: [see link to transcript at the end, for above quote.])

    Chris Guider (former Inspector General MAA [Master-At-Arms, the most senior “Ethics Officer” in the Church of Scientology International] at RTC late 1980s-1990s worked directly with Miscavige) said this on September 22, 2011 to Australian TV:
    “[David Miscavige] is a violent individual. … I’ve seen him physically beat one staff member, Mark Fisher, who was formerly an executive in RTC and worked very closely with Miscavige for a lot of years. And I witnessed [Miscavige] beating him. …”
    “[Miscavige] was standing behind a person, who was editing the [video]. And [Miscavige was] telling him how he was doing this wrong and that wrong, and screaming at him. In the Ethics Officer role, you have this little … “riding crop” [stick] … and it’s just meant to be a symbol of authority that the Ethics Officer has. Well anyway, Miscavige told me to BEAT the guy with the stick. I looked at him and I refused to do that. He took that very, very severely on me because I didn’t just do what he wanted me to do.”


    Mark Fisher (former Corporate Liaison to Miscavige [supervising household and special assignments] circa 1980s-1990) made this comment:
    “Miscavige .. came racing across and grabbed me around my throat, and started choaking me, and I immediatly went down into a fetal position on the ground and covered up because I didn’t want to fight back or get hit. He was pulling on my hair and was punching at me and kicking at me. And this went on for two or three minutes. And when he finally stopped and calmed down, I stood up and I reached behind my head and my head was bleeding behind from him pulling my hair. And I pointed my finger at him and looked at him right in the eye, and I said ‘You notice I didn’t lay one finger on you’. And the reason I said that was because I wanted everybody else to notice that HE was the reason that this was going on, not me, I wasn’t the one that was doing anything physical or fighting back. … That had a profound impact on me as to why I wanted to leave because when you’re talking about the person who’s the head of the organization that you’ve dedicated your life to is actually physically attacking you … that’s not why I got involved in Scientology. I got involved in Scientology to help people.”

    Marty Rathbun (former Inspector General of RTC, 2nd in command to Miscavige, 1984-2004) made the following statements in 2009 and 2010:
    “Working with Miscavige from 2000 forward was a continually deteriorating condition … regularly Miscavige would, in the middle of a conference, physically assault, punch open handed, tackle people.”
    “Mark Yager got beat up, kicked on, had large volumes thrown at him by Miscavige.”
    “Ray Mithoff got beat up by Miscavige.”
    “Mark Ingbar got beat up by Miscavige.”
    “Mike Rinder got it worse, [I saw him] get beatup at least a dozen times by Miscavige.”
    “Tom DeVocht got beatup by Miscavige a couple of times, and seeing that one time, caused me to leave.”

    (Sources: , , ,

    Mike Rinder (former International Scientology Spokesman; Head of Office of Special Affairs for 25 years, 1981-2006) made the following statements in 2009 and 2010:
    “I was at the [receiving end] of repeated acts of random violence at the hands of Miscavige.”
    “I was physically assaulted some fifty times by David Miscavige.”
    “[His physical assaults on me] happened more than once. He’s a very volatile personality. He will lash out for uncalled-for reasons.”
    “There is no doubt that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of others who would tell the same stories of their experiences [with Miscavige] if they weren’t being coerced into silence either by threat of disconnection from their families, loss of job or legal action being brought against them.”
    “Where is Heber [Jentzsch]? … The answer is simple: Miscavige hates Heber. … Heber has not only witnessed Miscavige-brand physical and mental abuse, he has experienced it firsthand. … I have seen Miscavige strike Heber on at least 10 occasions.”
    “Having to lie to the BBC about Miscavige beating people was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I walked out while in London [in 2008].”

    (Sources: , , Australian News interview , ,

    Janela Webster (former head of AVC International, RTC, 1990 – 2007) made these comments in April 2010:
    “I am writing this to make it known my own personal experience with the physical and emotional abuse I either witnessed or experienced from David Miscavige. … Norman Starkey: how could you stand up [on CNN] and lie about David Miscavige not laying a hand on you? I was standing right there in the office when he just walked up to you and boxed you in the ears with no concern whatsoever. And you, a senior citizen in your ‘60s? … While I have my own personal experiences of being thrown in the lake; sleep deprivation; being incarcerated on the Int base and forced to sleep on a cot in my office for 7 months; starved on a diet of rice and beans for weeks; the most destructive and painful of all was the forced disconnection from my daughter in 2001.”

    Amy Scobee (20 year Scientology International Base veteran, helped build Celebrity Centre network) made these statements in 2009 and 2010:
    “David Miscavige is an extremely abusive, tyranical leader.”
    “[David Miscavige] grabs Mike [Rinder] around the neck, swings around and is choking him, and he’s holding [Mike’s] neck. And Mike starts grabbing the side of his chair and struggling and not knowing what is going on. And his face is turning red, and his veins are popping out his neck, and I’m going ‘What in the hell is going on?'”
    “Miscavige jumps up on the conference table and jumped at Jeff Hawkins, tackling him to the ground.”
    “Miscavige jumps up on the table and lunges at Wendell Reynolds, knocking chair and Wendell back.”
    “Miscavige went straight after [Mark] Yager, grabbed his shirt and threw his whole body onto the ground.”

    (Sources: , , Australian News Interview ,

    Mike Lemeron (former Sea Org member for 21 years, worked with LRH in 1978, later worked at Gold at Int, doing lighting for International Events) made these comments in 2010:
    “I was no senior exec but I did have the privilege of being around LRH for about a year back in ’78. I know that he generally did 2 solo auditing sessions per day. During that time he wrote the scripts for and directed some tech training films and wrote the Battlefield Earth book. He was definitely not evil nor dictatorial to his crew although the production demand was very high. …As for DM, he is basically the anti-LRH.”
    “David Miscavige is a violent person and I have seen and experienced it for myself and I have subjective reality. I used to do lighting for the Int events and I personally saw David Miscavige be very rude, invalidating and condescending toward the other speakers. Years prior to that I was his table server at meals with other executives – long before he assumed his “COB” title. One day, during dinner, he followed me into the kitchen and pushed me up against a wall because he thought I was being rude. I have seen him being both physically [and] verbally abusive on different occasions during the nearly 21 years I was around him and his area. Anyone saying David Miscavige is not violent and has not committed violent acts on others is a complete liar or a dupe.”

    (Sources: ,

    Marc Headley (former Senior Executive at Golden Era Productions in International Management, 1995-2000):
    “I myself on at least 10 different occasions have witnessed David Miscavige actually physically strike other staff members to the ground, strike staff members so many times or damage them physically that they actually needed medical attention or that a medical officer from the facility would have to come bandage them or treat them. In one instance, I myself was punched several times by David Miscavige in the face for basically arguing or talking back to him during a discussion that we were having.”

    Karen Pressley (former head of Celebrity Centre Network and former International Public Relations Officer, 1980s-1990s):
    “I’ve seen [David Miscavige] slam people against a wall, by the neck, by the shoulders. … Ray Mithoff, who was the Snr C/S International (his office was across from mine when I was the International Public Relations Officer; we were in the Del Sol Building) … was constantly under the gun with David Miscavige. And I was present once when he threw Ray Mithoff against the wall, and took his shirt and threw him up like this [gestures upward], and told him he was an SP and a piece of shit. And made him get on his hands and knees and just humiliated him. And right after that, Ray Mithoff was sleeping in a tent on a hillside and having to pee outdoors with no toilet facilities. And cleaning floors with toothbrushes. … Miscavige used every psychological tactic, physical abuse, verbal abuse, to dehumanize him.”

    Jeff Hawkins (35 year Sea Org veteran [1969-2004], marketing manager who created the DMSMH marketing campaign which put DMSMH back on the NY Times Best Seller list in the 1980s) made these comments in 2009 and 2010:
    “I never saw [Rinder] abusing others, despite the abuse he received from Miscavige. Mike was, without question, THE most abused person at the Int Base. He was rarely allowed to sleep. He was physically beaten by Miscavige on many occasions. How he managed to carry on with his work and deal with media I do not know. He has great reserves of strength, which I hope are serving him well now that he is out.”
    CNN: ‘You’ve worked with Marty Rathbun. You’ve worked with Mike Rinder. The Church told us, that they were the ones leading this reign of terror, that Marty was the one responsible for these beatings.’
    Jeff: ‘Absolutely not true. Absolutely not true. David Miscavige was the one leading this whole physical violence kick. And it was him who was beating people up. … [Miscavige once] jumped on the conference room table, with his feet right on the conference table, launched himself across the table at me — I was standing — battered my face and then shoved me down on the floor.’
    Jeff: ‘Miscavige was always threats, bullying, haranguing people, verbal abuse, physical abuse. That was his game. He is a bully.'”

    (Sources: ,

    Tom De Vocht (former Church construction supervisor in Clearwater [1986-2000] and Int base construction [2000-2004]) made this comment in Apr 2010:
    “Dave asked me a question … and the next thing I knew, I’m being smacked in the face and knocked down on the ground, in front of all these people. This is the ‘Pope’ [Miscavige] you know, knocking me down on the ground.”

    Steve Hall (Worked at Int Base as writer from 1988-2004; came up with Church’s tag line “Know Yourself. Know Life.”) said the following:
    “The four assaults I witnessed where David Miscavige actually attacked someone were against Mike Rinder, Mark Yager, Guillaume Leserve and Ray Mithhoff (four of the highest-ranking officers of the Church of Scientology). In the case of Mike Rinder, he and I were standing shoulder to shoulder when Mike was attacked. Miscavige didn’t like a minor edit that Mike had made to a video we were working on. Suddenly Miscavige just went off: he lunged, grabbed Mike’s head with both hands and bashed his head into solid cherry-wood paneling three times putting his whole body into the effort. Mike has since departed from the Church. Violent physical abuse is just the tip of a dark iceberg.”

    Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch (LRH-trained Class XII C/S, former wife of Heber Jentzsch, President Church of Scientology International) made this comment on March 24, 2011:
    “Last night I went to dinner with an Ex SO [Sea Org] member that I had not seen for 30 years. It was a remarkable dinner. Here was a guy who worked like a dog in the Sea Org, had production 2nd to none, a household name in Sea Org circles and he told me the story of being locked in a room, waiting for HOURS with no food or water til David Miscavige entered the room with an entourage. This PUNK [Miscavige] always has a gang around him for protection. DM never engages in brutality one on one. He is always surrounded by numbers and a gang for his THUGGERY and ABUSE. He punched this SO member in the jaw with a heavy blow and then spat on him. There was no Committee of Evidence. There was no explanation on what the Sea Org member did or did not do. No charges were ever brought. There was just violence and ABUSE from the top command structure. …This veteran ex SO member has never told his story on the web. He took a Miscavige assault and suffered in silence.”
    (Source: as Karen#1)

    Gary “Jackson” Morehead (former Security chief at the California Int base from 1990 to 1997) had this comment:
    “Yes, Scientology has done good for mankind. I saw and see it. What I also WITNESED first hand was DAVID MISCAVIGE physically hit SCIENTOLOGY HIGH RANKING EXECUTIVES AND STAFF. I witnessed DAVID MISCAVAGE make 5 SCIENTOLOGY EXECUTIVES defecate into a clear plastic bag out in the broad open, make them shower by use of a garden hose in the broad open – male and female executives mind you.”

    Eric Knutson (former CMOI and WDCI Executive, Department Head of Gold; worked at the Int Base from 1980-1990) had this to say on August 21, 2010:
    “While working on a construction project as a Department Head in Gold in the late 80’s, I was summonsed to the RTC office building at the Villas to answer some kind of question Miscavige had with regard to the project I was working on. For some reason I was called to the office where Mark Fisher and Jason Bennick worked directly under David Miscavige as his execution arms. Jason and I were the only ones in the room with DM. I had answered any questions Miscavige had and when I was finished he asked Jason a question about his post (I don’t remember the subject content). Jason replied and DM came flying across the office behind Jason’s desk where he was sitting. Screaming obscenities, Miscavige started punching Jason with body shots to the chest and ribcage with closed fists as Jason used his arms to protect himself from the thudding blows. I remember Jason’s eyes as big as saucers filled with terror in his disbelief as to what was happening. It ended almost as abruptly as it started. I remember DM looking at me with an expression that stated clearly ‘this is what will happen to you if you fuck up.’ ”

    Bruce Hines (former Senior C/S in Scientology from 1987-2003) said this:
    “[Miscavige] just walked up and hit me on the side of the head … with an open hand … It definitely hurt, and it definitely knocked me back.”
    (Source: ABC Nightline interview

    John Peeler (Delphi School graduate; in SO from 1989-2000; worked at CC Int and then Int Base) said this:
    “I witnessed David Miscavige as well as other executives and staff at the base beat people up, slap others around, spit on people, overboard people, and a number of other punishments for either no reason at all or for disobeying orders or non-compliance. Even smaller things found out, such as masturbation, became huge issues blown up and read out at staff musters.”

    Don Larson (Former Finance Executive, worked with David Miscavige in the early 1980s) said this:
    “There were about 15 of us … we took the Commanding Officer [of the SF Org] … and he was sec checked on the meter … and there was a whole row of people around the guy … this had nothing to do with religion anymore … this was ‘Where’s the money Jack!? I want the money, where did you put the money!?’ He said ‘I don’t know, I don’t have the money’. So David Miscavige comes up to him and grabs him by the tie and starts bashing him into the file cabinets.”

    Larry Brennan (helped create high level Church structure for LRH in late 70s and early 80s; personally worked with Miscavige during this period) said this:
    “In the lair of [Miscavige] I am sure that “status” means everything. From my years of working with him I found him at best to be a highly immature, spoiled and abusive status seeker. I’ve also found the types of things I’ve heard Marty [Rathbun], Mike [Rinder] and others say about his abusive and his need for a false “status” to be correct and in keeping with what I witnessed as well.”

    Dan Koon (former Snr C/S International; worked with LRH on tech films in late 1970s, was “Joe” in TRs Film) made these comments in 2009:
    “I spent nearly 27 years at the Int bases in La Quinta and Hemet, when LRH himself worked there (and David Miscavige was the video cameraman on the first Cine shoot crew), and when LRH was off the lines, when he passed away and throughout the rise and reign of DOB RTC (Dictator of the Board). I saw these bases morph from incredibly alive, all-over-the-Tone Scale, mostly positive but always hopeful operations to the present state of affairs that is chronically below 2.0 and where Boredom let alone Mild Interest are unobtainable dreams. … I can personally attest to the observations that Mike [Rinder] has reported in this blog post. Many of you reading it may be in disbelief. If you could see the stats of Int Scientology and know that David Miscavige sits squarely atop the entire Scientology movement and is, thus, where the buck must ultimately stop, maybe your disbelief would at last be forced aside. Because we all know that the stats are the bottom line: auditors made and preclears well audited.”
    “When I first joined the Sea Org, LRH was there, he met with us. We made films together. … And life with him around was wonderful. … he went off the lines for good in 1986. … It certainly became a lot less fun as the years went on. By the time I left in 2003, it was very unfun. … A lot of the stuff you read on the blogs about experiences at the Int Base, I can attest that they’re all extremely accurate. I lived through them, I observed them. I know people, good friends of mine, who are now out, will attest to the same thing. It was just not the Scientology I joined in the 1970s and 1980s.”

    (Sources: ,

  9. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the nice summary.

  10. Marty, this is a great article. Your instructions on how to prepare a statement are spot on.

    As a side point, I do not think this testimony is needed to defeat the motion for summary judgment, which is mostly a matter of law (are there enough disputed fact to proceed to trial, which is where you establish the facts of the case?). I think there clearly are enough points of contention, particularly around the area of duress, which the motion tries to sweep under the carpet. Several attorneys experienced with litigation against Scientology writing on the Village Voice blog yesterday suggest that the summary judgment motion is unlikely to succeed. Thus, any statements your readers contribute would probably be most useful later on when Debbie Cook’s attorneys are trying to corroborate the truth of her testimony about life in the Hole.

    If you are successful at getting a large number of people to write statments, it could be a very good way to blunt one of Scientology’s favorite tools to winning litigation: to bury opponents with “scale.” Miscavige can command every single one of the inmates of the Hole at “spiritual gunpoint” to write a declaration that life in the Hole is basically a balmy, languid vacation sort of experience (just like the calm, leisurely life of crew on the Freewinds, except there is no salt water nearby). And even though a judge might think it a little odd that every single one of those is virtually verbatim identical, he’s going to presume that some of them are telling the truth, and a couple dozen declarations, no matter how false they sound to the ears of this blog’s readers, would cast doubt on the lone defendant’s accusations of all sorts of craziness at Int Base. An attorney would have to demolish the credibility of a large number of witnesses to establish the possibility that the lone ex-Scientologist is telling the truth. That’s a very expensive and time-consuming proposition, so most attorneys wouldn’t bother.

    But by harnessing the power of “teh inter tubes,” you may indeed be able to whip up equivalent scale on behalf of Debbie and Wayne. So if Mr. Spencer whips out 100 declarations that David Miscavige never hit anybody, and Mr. Jeffery whips out 100 declarations that say he did, the advantage of scale is neutralized. It doesn’t need to be one-for-one; it might be enough if there are only 40 or 50 declarations in response to 100 or more from the Scientology side. There just needs to be enough so that a “wog” judge or juror doesn’t bend towards believing that scale equals truth.

    “Scale” is what got the Anons noticed when they launched Project Chanology in 2008 — nobody had been able to generate more than a handful of pickets at more than one or two Scientology locations at a time before that. But the Anons raided dozens of Orgs with many, many people at each protest. And they use the net to stay in touch, and to stay motivated, so they’re still protesting at a few key locations all these years later.

    So the Anons have shown what can be done by using the Internet to band together to fight RCS. It would be great if you and your readers can do it again.

  11. I encourage and applaud those who step forward and tell their story in affidavit form. I, too, will look forward to reading about it after court is adjourned.
    The madness has to stop, the tyrant needs to be deposed, the suffering should be set free.
    My postulates and intentions for justice with a victory for Debbie and every Scientologist who is on this board and beyond.

  12. One hopes those in a position to do so have the strength to confront the church of scientology. To those that do I salute you.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Quantity is not so important as quality; notwithstanding the legal scholar opinions at Village Voice.

  14. I guess it’s time for those who have “legs” to”walk the walk”. I wish you all well.

  15. The above comment under Joy’s name is from Michael Fairman

  16. I agree that quality in individual statements is essential. But I didn’t talk about that simply because anyone who carefully followed the directions you laid out here ought to be able to meet the necessary standard of credibility with their statement. I treated the quality issue as settled definitively, and not worth repeating.

    I was pointing out what happens when you build on quality of individual statements: the effect of “scale” adds a new dimension that people fighting Scientology in court have not been able to harness previously in order to win.

  17. I am not a lawyer, but from what I understand, promissory estoppel is a valid legal theory. Debbie and Wayne stayed quiet for 4 years after they left Int and routed out, therefore they ratified the contract regardless of any duress. Any bad treatment or bad behavior by Miscavage is therefore not relevant to the case.

    In my opinion, a GOOD affidavit would definitely include thoughts and experiences that show why applying the theory of promissory estoppel is not reasonable in this case. Psychological effects are important, decompression is important. “I saw DM beat people up” just doesn’t cut it. Sorry I don’t have any relevant experiences to share.

  18. “…strength to confront the church of scientology…” This is a generality. It isn’t some massive, faceless, amorphous mass they have to confront. The entire church is not against them, there are good people in it, even if they are being fooled. It’s a finite number of sp’s who are out to destroy LRH’s legacy to us.
    Please, if you can, provide such an affidavit. You won’t be alone.

  19. Robert Earle

    Sorry I can’t contribute in the way you’ve defined Marty. My only first hand experience with DM was in late 80s at the Shrine where he was rushing around during set up with an entourage to which he was cussing out about something.
    I can in fact contribute to the forward motion of this endeavor through donations to Debbie’s defence fund which I’ve already done and will continue to do.
    This is the link to do so for those who may not be able to donate affidavit.

  20. Random Stranger

    Holy shit.

  21. Robert Earle

    PS No reason not to donate to Marty as well which can be found at the top of the blog.

  22. Wow Margaret! I am impressed! Well done on getting this together in a right away manner!

  23. Excellent idea. All of my experiences along this line are pre-Miscavige by a number of years, including a blow-drill where they hunted down my mother when she left (blew) the RPF in 1976, and had me working various odd-jobs, including kitchen duty, as a minor around the same time.

    I personally do not have direct experience with Miscavige, or I would write this up in a heartbeat.

  24. Random Stranger


    TOM: “Dave, what should I say when I receive the Freedom Medal award?”

    DAVE: “Just say you’ve never met a kinder, more compassionate, caring, competent person than me. A true leader of leaders.”

    TOM: “Ok.”

    DAVE: “And I’ll say you’re the most dedicated Scientologist I know!”

    TOM: “Really?? WOW! Ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HAH ha ha heh heh heh! Wow! Whooooo! Wuh! Zzzzzt!! Heh, heh, heh, whew! KSW! Zing! Hah ha ha HA HA HA heh, heh, heh! Woooo!”

  25. Curious reader

    Name of David Miscavige is not mentioned in the papers that C of S filed.

  26. FCDC Class of 74

    Wait I’m laboring under a false assumption. Don’t most corporations negotiate with their best and brightest executive a golden parachute package? If Debbie and Wayne labored all those years at SO wages I don’t know why they have to pay 1. a deadbeat bill since its my understanding it is subpar wages and 2. they deserve some sort of support package. It can’t be a church gives hush money when it is engaged in humanitarian efforts and is out to save the planet. I think if you cannot support if it is not ethically possible then for the sake of all the is the true Scientology you need to send in what is possible- no regging just a please if possible. I have not been coerced in what ever manner to make the above statements.

  27. A valid point, I stand corrected, I still salute those who do step up to confront this situation withwhat they know.

  28. I can see miscavige arguing the point about the sort of frame of mind someone could get into that would make them unable to realise they were being abused until years later.
    I just don’t see how he can win, and besides couldn’t Debbie Sue anyway… even on the off chance that they got a summary judgement.

    I think the POB has painted himself into a corner. The truth rundown is impinging hard:)

  29. In a 2008 article on Andrew Morton’s book on Tom Cruise, a question was asked if TC was second in command of the Church. Elliot Abelson replied:

    “Mr Abelson denied the actor was ‘second in command’.

    “He is a parishioner, a well respected parishioner, but that’s what he is. The only person who runs the Church and makes policy decisions is David Miscavige.”


    Elliot Abelson has already admitted that DM is in charge. Any affidavits that document duress are buttressed by Abelson’s own remarks.

    In the Anderson Cooper 360 series “A History of Violence” we see Scientology Attorney Monique Yingling telling Anderson Cooper about the felony assaults inflicted in Sea Org. Monique states, “We did not call the police. We handled it as an internal matter.” This starts at 4:58 and corroborates the inherent duress inside of the Church.


  30. Margaret, people keep focusing on the fact that “David Miscavige beat them up”. That is a good point, because assault is a crime anywhere in the world. But, more serious allegations should also be put forward that only former INT Baser’s and people that have worked right with DM would know. More serious crimes such as money laundering, tax evasion things that are FELONIES that carry MANDATORY prison terms and can be re-prosecuted again in civil court whether the party is found guilty or not. Just like in the O.J. Simpson case in California. He was found not guilty in criminal court but found guilty in a civil hearing and then went to prison anyway on another charge he was fool enough to commit because he thought he was still not guilty from the first criminal trial he had that never result in him receiving a penalty. I think, people should come up with more serious allegations against DM and then LOCK HIM AWAY to the public’s approval.

  31. I think in the upcoming Battle of Affadavits it will be much harder to counter the many accounts of DM’s violence and brutality with “It didn’t happen,” because that immediately begs the question, “Okay, then, what DID happen, Mr./Mrs. Kool-Aid drunk?” Cue the Ralph Kramden “Hamenna, hamenna, hamenna.”
    Let just one of the Holees come to the stand to defend DM and watch how fast his house of affadavits comes down. I can see Ray Mithoff up on the stand under oath deny that DM toasted him and kicked him in the ass three times up in Qual Gold in March 1996 just before a briefing to the management teams were set to fire out to launch the New Era of Mismanagement.
    Boilerplate denials written by church lawyers and signed by liars will not stand up against a tsumani of time, place, form and event with all the richness and color that DM’s depravity provides.

  32. No shit. POB always does all he can to prevent him from being personally involved in lawsuits. Sworn testimony never goes away, and can perjure him if it contradicts earlier testimony. He is far better off working the case at arm’s length.

    Which, of course, is EXACTLY why DM needs to get dragged into this, tiny little feet kicking and screaming.

  33. I have to ask: How come DM hasn’t been arrested and charged with assault? Why hasn’t anyone on this list made a complaint to the police?

  34. Your humble servant

    Mike and Marty,

    “The church asserts that any claims by Debbie and Wayne that they signed the agreements under duress are invalid as even if that were true, Debbie and Wayne did nothing to overtly invalidate the agreements for 4 years. Their inaction indicated agreement with the contract and thus they ‘ratified’ it by their inaction”.

    This argument, while creative, has no basis in the law that I am aware of. It is simply a diversion and a distraction. They did not have to do anything subsequently to invalidate the “agreement” because it was already fatally invalid. If someone holds a gun to your head in order to get your “agreement” to some contract, the purported agreement is completely worthless because of the duress that was exerted at the time of the “agreement.” That is the one important time in question–the time that supposed agreement was entered into. All subsequent times are unimportant if the agreeement was never valid in the first place.

    It would not matter if the person who signed under duress waited 20 years to mention it or complain about it, the “agreement” would still be meaningless because of the duress that existed at the time. Spencer et. al. are perhaps hoping that the court will confuse Debbie’s subsequent silence with the doctrine of laches. That doctrine holds that if one doesn’t assert a legal right which he could have asserted (and by all rights should have asserted) for too long a time he may be held to have waived it. It is a doctrine that is rarely applied and should be applied only when it is equitable to do so. It applies to ordinary contractual rights, not to fundamental, Constitutional rights.

    Here, Debbie could not waive her inherent right to speak up simply by not speaking up for a few years about the invalidity of her supposed agreement to keep quiet. That is because the right to speak up is an inherent, Constitutional right, not one that was afforded to her by some contract or other mechanism, and there is no doctrine of “laches” under such circumstances. The ONLY basis for Miscavige’s argument that Debbie did not have the right to speak up is the contract she supposedly entered into when she left. There is no other basis. The only important issue is whether the contract was valid and enforceable at the time of signing. (If it was, presumably it continued to be valid and enforceable afterwards). We know that the contract was NOT valid at the time because of the extreme duress that existed just prior to, and indeed at the time when, she supposedly entered into the contract. Whether or not there existed any “continuing duress” after she left is really irrelevant to the only important question here–which is whether the duress existed at the time–and just prior to the time–of the supposed agreement.

    I think Mr. Jeffrey will agree that this is the case.

  35. It made my head spin trying to follow your comm. I have no idea what you were trying to say.

  36. Random Stranger


    Tommy: “Help. Help me. DM slapped me just before I flew out here.”

    Leserve: “Help. Help me. See how jumpy I am? I’m overwhelmed. If I don’t defend Miscavige he’ll kick me in the testicles again.”

    Starky: “Help. (Hiccup) Help me. I’ve turned to wood.”

    Yingling: “Help. Help me. They are paying me so much money I can’t stop taking it. I can’t stop lying. Help.”

    What Anderson is thinking: “Am I seeing things or are these people all blinking Morse code signals?”

  37. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty & Mike for spearheading this operation. It seems a little quiet here this afternoon. I get the sense that there are a whole lotta folks pitching in on this project.

    Also, thanks to everyone who is typing away.

    POB, you’re cornered.

  38. I’ll salute them with you. They will be easy to spot. They will be standing tall, shoulder to shoulder, in the sun.

  39. Mike and Marty,

    I will be happy to do an affadavit. My question is are there any statue of limitations? My observations were 21 years ago. Although I will be happy to write up about how I was harrassed by secretive private eyes for Scientology all the way up until late 2009. That might be helpful.

    Let me know.

  40. I’m in the middle of writing down my whole journey out. It’s longer than I thought so now it will take a few days to finish but I’ll send you a copy when I’m done.

  41. You guys/gals that confronted that evil for so long are like a “Seal Team” – the real shit. I admire and applaud your bravery for 1. Getting out of the trap and 2. Letting others know about the trap.

  42. What’s interesting is that the tiny prick has already lost. A growing group of Scientologists have seen and are seeing the truth about skidmark (I think I like skidmark better than little prick, it’s more descriptive) and will never go back to his church. And I have no problem describing my experience with the religion as opposed to the church to my wog friends. If I have no problem with it, then I would say a growing number of people will likely never give skidmark a dime. Who’s expanding now?

  43. This seems to be the most important anti-Miscavige alliance that ever happened. A historical event !!!

  44. Mark — Email me. Mike

  45. You are obviously new here. Go back and read earlier posts concerning the FBI. You can rest well at night knowing that a number of law enforcement agencies have been given all this information (FBI, Riverside County Sheriffs, LA County Sheriffs, Pinellas County SHeriffs). Perhaps you might pose the question to them.

  46. Just so long as they don’t break in to song: “Weee stand talll…” That would push splendor in to cheese. 😀

    Lot of admiration for people who stand and be counted.

  47. There are some other people who need to get dragged into this, too. When the top falls, there is fallout down the ranks. I personally give credence to reporters who back up their stories, and I do not seriously read attorneys who post to blogs, so I don’t expect this below will be any better, but it may be of interest. It seems an open question to me whether those supporting the Co$ might not be liable for something or another. These are not innocent passersby who run away in fear, but people who presumably have personal and credible knowledge of events, and are able to tell right from wrong … oh … wait ….

    “A misprision of a felony is the concealment of a felony without giving any degree of support to the felony.”

    Apparently this is a common law issue and varies by States. Probably courts elect to judge perjury of witnesses under oath, rather than misprision, but I think it’s still worth noting. Here is a discussion and blog on misprision:

  48. Margaret, good work!

  49. Sounds interesting, Sam.

  50. Corey1010, a lot of the times many of the times, many of the people that are assaulted, some very brutally, are still members of the church at the time and do not want to give up their eternity because of one man’s acts. So, the people will look for what they have wrong not DM that may have caused this to happen. Almost always, by the time a person reaches the point that they are sick and tired of being punched in the mouth, choked, strangled, kicked and pushed every day DM has already had them in “The Hole” long enough so that the length of time since the crime took place and the statute of limitations on it being able to be brought before a judge, expires. The F.B. I. DOES NOT investigate crimes directly. I know because I was in contact with the F.B.I. when I first went public with my diary on line. The F.B.I. ACTS on TIPS and CRIMES forwarded to them by local police departments and people, and the type of crime has to be within their jurisdiction. I was told this by the F.B.I. in Newark, New Jersey. Operation Snow White was different, the church was caught red handed and the information was turned over to the F.B.I. and the church was raided. One must examine the actual legal process here and how it run in order to understand the WHY behind DM’s teflon escape route.

  51. Nice work Margaret!

    Bob Keenan- just about now would be a great time to realise you do have a spine after all. You have plenty to tell, and your silence would not go unnoticed after the dust settles. Andy Hutton… Nah, forget it, don’t think you’ll find yours any time soon.

  52. I am a witness and I can and will swear to such an affidavit.

  53. Marty, how soon do you need these?

  54. When did these blow drills go into effect in CoS? (I.e. Chasing down and trying to recover anyone who tried to leave without “authorization”?) You saw it in 1976 (before I was born), I’ve read other reports of blow drills in the 70’s. Was it SOP as soon as the SO came ashore? Or even before?

    I’m kind of curious when this mindset of preventing or stopping people from leaving (unless they do it per CoS rules) went into effect? Kind of seems like a sign of things starting to go off the rails if hunting down people who wanted leave became a standard part of SO life.

  55. That was a good one J. Swift!

  56. Dan, so true. That is why it is so important to get past the affidavit stage, and start getting people onto the stand. My guess is that Miscavige will attempt to back out when he doesn’t get Summary Judgement … and why Debbie’s counter-suit (please keep it going Debbie, if you can) will be so important.

  57. Cured Robot

    Wish I could help but it is all on a third flow.

  58. Al Capone was only brought down on tax evasion charges. With enough minions to do the dirty work you can get away with murder, literally.

  59. You has a keen eye, Lynne.

  60. Today, this blog feels a bit like watching a Congressional recess pending outcomes of closed committee meetings, or waiting for a jury verdict. Soooo … for a bit of randomity: the link to video about North Korean labor camps in, of all places, Siberia, is worth it for the first two minutes alone. Lots of glitzy PR right at the opening! Tons of numbers of people, all in neat rows! If you watch the whole thing (an interesting journey), go back, when you’re done, to the first couple of minutes for contrast. It’s made by an independent news service named VICE. The hour plus or so of vids opens with a look inside NK itself which is, well … no cell phones allowed, no radio, no computers, no contact with outsiders … then if you’re “disagreeable”, apparently the NKPR ships you off to their slave labor, built in the image of NK, with education centers and pictures of Kim Yung Il, where you live in rooms or trailers with ten other guys, contribute to the “improvement of the living standard of the people of NK”, get paid nothing, “days off” is a confusing phrase, if you try to leave, your friends and family get “demoted” back home, the camps have mosquitoes galore (major plague that will drive people insane), everyone is there voluntarily, don’t like it one bit, no filming is allowed, and if you do in fact film or report on them, they follow you around … eery stuff. The stuff inside the NKPR is much worse than the camps, from what I’ve heard. They also have vids of life inside the Gaza strip on the site.


  61. Maureen Bolstad stories of locked down, held against will for 2 years+ at Old Gilman House at INT BASE til she lost the will to live and threatened to starve herself to death is an impinging illustration of Miscavige’s will being played out at INT Base.

  62. Marty and Mike,
    Unfortunately I can’t help with any first-hand affidavit. I can help with financing the best defense/counter-attack money can buy. Let us know if you need further funds!

  63. martyrathbun09

    And only then because of a small group of untouchables.

  64. Quite so, Yhs. The church appears to be referencing an implicit ‘cooling off’ period in the contract. How laughable is that!

    How much more can Spencer take?
    The heat is on but the pie won’t bake.
    He can’t win the case, and he can’t offload –
    miscavige’s inanities will make him explode!

  65. Captain Bob

    The title says it all –

    “Freedom of Speech, Religion and Conscience”

    This is a something for Scientologists to review and think about.

    One has to ask themselves. Why is the Church suing Debbie Cook? They are suing her to be silent? But she has spoken. So the Church is suing her for money damages. And it is a matter of winning in a United States of America court of law. But what does that have to do with “Freedom of Speech, Religion and Conscience” from a Scientologists point of view. Why is it even in the USA Courts to prove who is right or wrong, or prove who has been wronged.

    Ilregardless of the outcome. A Scientologists has to ask themselves why is this occurring? Why is this occurring to a person who for their whole life, for the most part anyways, and who was highly trained and on the path to spiritual freedom, one has to ask themselves how is this possible? One has to ask themselves if this happens to such a person, can it happen to me? One should re-read what Debbie Cook wrote in her New Years message. And after reading her message, one can ask themselves what if I spot something not right per KSW and other LRH policy letters and if I report it, what will happen to me? Will I get expelled or sued? What if I join the Sea Org and notice things not quite right – will I be hit or hatted, and will it be the correct tech?

    One could conjecture that Debbie Cook went off the rails recently? She is now a suppressive person. But how can this be, from a Scientologist point of view? One can ask themselves if I get highly trained and processed, will I go off the rails and turn into a suppressive person too? One can ask themselves don’t we have the tech to handle this? One can ask themselves, but wait there are others who are in the sort same boat. And one can ask themselves why doesn’t the church just “handle” Debbie with the tech and why must the church sue for money?

    The church is asking for Summary Judgement, because Debbie Cook disparaged the church.

    Regard or represent as being of little worth.
    depreciate – belittle – decry – underestimate

    But did Debbie Cook disparage the church or you. In fact she made much worth of the technology of Scientology and LRH. Did she make little of you?

    These are questions one should understand in my point of view.

    But, if you make it up the Bridge and don’t toe the line, why what will happen to you? Will you be expelled? Will you be forced to be a Class V org ED because you are OT8? But you don’t have that desire.

    Will you be forced to be apart of things or events that are off purpose from your self determinism? Will you be forced to do Ethics Conditions on something you know not what of, or will you be hatted and not hit?

  66. I am confident people would pass FBI lie detector tests if that would add any oomph, even if just to offer to take the test. Maybe not needed — just a thought.

  67. Cured Robot

    My sister (non Scn) told me that she listened to a nationwide AM radio station this morning talk to someone, she thinks it was Debbie Cook, talking about the Hole and all the atrocities that went on there, etc. I’ve googled it but find it, does anyone have a link?

  68. Captain Bob

    “The entire church is not against them, there are good people in it, even if they are being fooled.”

    This is true. Even with new people, for they have been given sunglasses to hide the truth, and the sunglasses are called Golden Age of Tech and Knowledge.

  69. Captain Bob


  70. I am sorry to be a party pooper, but I don’t see why anyone would or should assist Debbie Cook with this. She was the leader of a massive Org for 17 years that exploited people, treated them inhumanely and committed seriously immoral and distasteful acts.

    Her coercion of a million dollars out of Pia Gardini alone, which earned her $40 000, shows that she is a heartless, evil, snide and horrible person who is probably deserving of a long stint in prison. Make no mistake, Debbie Cook only turned against Scientology when it started treating her the way she treated people for years.

    She is a hypocrit and I hope she gets what she deserves.

  71. Margaret,
    Excellent list. Another one that should be added is Homer Schomer’s story.
    There are eerie similarities to Debbies experience and this was 30 years ago at ASI.

  72. Your humble servant

    Right on, Poet, and nice poem! This Spencer character must be being paid so handsomely well that he figures he can take a little (more) tarnishing to his reputation. This is George Spencer, Jr. His dad, one of the early members of the firm, would be ashamed of him.

  73. Summary judgment will be granted if “taking all factual inferences in the non-movant’s favor, there exists no genuine issue as to a material fact such that the movant deserves judgment as a matter of law.”

    The Co$ is attempted to gloss over the duress issue, which they have to do in order to win the motion. Note how their arguments are not quite relevant to the particular situation here. As a lawyer you make the best argument you can for your client. Here, the Co$ attorneys did their best, but the law and the facts are not in their favor, and their best is not going to be good enough.

    Also, please remember that even if the Co$ were to somehow win their motion for summary judgment, (1) the counterclaim would likely still continue, and (2) that decision on the motion would be appealed and in my opinion likely reversed.

  74. It might be too soon to have shown up in the search engines.

  75. Deeply disturbing. Deeply moving.

    While many of you who understand are working so hard to eradicate one of the root causes of this abuse,

    I pray that somehow within this group there also is, or can be developed, a mechanism to provide the very high quality & possibly long term aftermath support so clearly needed by Maureen and no doubt many many others.

  76. Any chance that Terri Gamboa might pipe up?

  77. A student is responsible for his/her twin that blows course. You bring them back to get their words cleared.
    A blow drill to keep someone from escaping insanity and then not actually handling them, just squirrel on them more, that’s bad. Not LRH that I know of.
    I was *briefly* in the SO in the mid 70’s and though I was told to do off policy stuff, when I refused I wasn’t hit for it, literally or figuratively.

  78. I just mad a paltry donation to the defense fund. It is all I can afford, it is more than I can afford, yet I feel so thrilled that I did! This bully, whom has commandeered the Cof$ has destroyed so many lives and caused so much damage.
    I have been gone from the CofS for many years, I left shortly after the mission holders conference travesty and David Mayo declare, and than the death of LRH, the beginning of David MsCavaige. It got ugly. Telexes received daily about “who’s blood will be on the ax next?” I was on staff.
    Now I admit that I no longer am a believer in Scn in the KSW way, but I believe in Hell and Karma that we create for ourselves.
    DM is going to burn in Hell, or better yet Prison. With a boyfriend. A big burly onel.

  79. Mike and Marty—-I sent you a few things that are perfect examples of their horrific abuses.
    I have many more examples if you want or need them. I just sent what I thought was key as starters. Please let me know if you want more. In 30 years as a member, I have lots of examples. I forgot being part of the top secret Internet Mafia—which should also be made know to the courts.
    Please let me know if you want that written up.
    Thanks and best 🙂

  80. What about Stacy Brooks (Young)? Hasn’t she testified or made statements as to David Miscavige’s egregious abuse of staff? I wonder if she would be willing to make one more statement.

  81. scilonschools

    Sermons in Erlangen, Marburg, Göttingen and Frankfurt (January 1946), as quoted in Martin Niemöller,
    o When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

  82. scilonschools

    Martin Niemöller
    Last sermon before being imprisoned by the Nazi regime of Germany (27 June 1937)

    “No honest man or woman in Germany feels responsible for these things. Good Germans took Nazism as a new religion. These people are shocked by the revelations which have shown that Nazism was not idealism, but a means to the performance of criminal acts…”

    Nothing Changes!!

  83. Any attorney worth their salt will tear apart the lies of veteran members of the hole. Personally, I’m ready to see some of the ex-wives get picked apart under oath!

    Wish I could contribute, but the worst I saw of DM was his quicksilver campaign in 1993-94 when he changed out the leadership at FB & ITO. It was loud and out-ARC, but didn’t see any violence.

    I just hope the show gets going and not bogged down in a mire of legal BS.

  84. Eye In The Sky (o)

    I’m impressed, maybe Attorney Spencer has been reading this blog?
    I find it interesting that;
    “Estopped” is mentioned on pg.6 line 5 of his complaint.

    Sound familiar to anyone regularly reading this blog?

    > I would like to think Spencer is too dumb to come up with this on his own, after all; He has David Miscavige as a client, Am I right?

    How much ‘Church’ member’s money do you think the I.A.S. has absolutely WASTED on this “trial”? Are the rank and file ‘Church’ Members OK with THEIR hard earned money donations being given out $100,000.00 thousand dollars at a time as “Hush!” money to silence and strip ONE OF THE HIGHEST RANKING OFFICERS OF ALL TIME – that I have personally witnessed, on video, being told they are being paid for valiant service and are repeatedly commended for years of good service…and then later, another Lawyer of the ‘Church’ sinks their legal fangs into them wanting BLOOD?!? Spooky. So much for ‘Brotherly love, right?

    *As an interesting footnote: “Estopped” & “Miscavige” were both red underlined by my spell checker as “Unaccepted” – hmmmmm…

  85. Right on! You guys ARE the untouchables!

  86. I concur with John P, my understanding is that asking for a Summary Judgement is often just another step on the long road to court, it isn’t always to be taken seriously. However ‘be prepared’ is not just a scouting slogan, lining up as many people as possible to testify at some point if needed can’t be bad.
    People saying how it takes a while to recover from the kind of pressure Ms Cook was under, people saying how as soon as they started speaking up the harassment started, people in sufficient numbers that Ms Cook is seen by the court as acting in a reasonable fashion in rejecting what she signed and blowing her whistle, that should do it.

  87. Great points Captain. And to follow right along with this theme I am including an earlier posting from a few days ago that is so indicative of the changes in the church. Any one who has been around for any length of time can see that the alterations are sometimes mind boggling. Special attention should be given point #1 given in the NEW HQS course.

    “Here is an interesting alteration of LRH – Code of a Scientologist

    As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all.
    1. To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press, public or preclear’s concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or those whose names are closely connected to this science. (Total rewrite)

    2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world. (No Change)

    3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help. (No Change)

    4. To deter to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends. (Total rewrite)

    5. To prevent the use of Scientology in advertisements of other products. (Total rewrite)

    6. To discourage the abuse of Scientology in the Press. (Total rewrite)

    7. To employ Scientology to the greatest good of the greatest number of dynamics (Total rewrite)

    8. To render good processing, sound training and good discipline to those students or peoples entrusted to my care. (Total rewrite)

    9. To refuse to impart the personal secrets of my preclear’s. (Total rewrite)

    10. To engage in no unseemly disputes with the uninformed on the subject of my profession. (Total rewrite)

    11. (Gone)

    12. (Gone)

    13. (Gone)

    14. (Gone)

    15. (Gone).

    16. (Gone)

    17. (Gone)

    18. (Gone)

    19. (Gone)

    20. (Gone)

    THE CODE OF A SCIENTOLOGIST – Original LRH version
    The Code of a Scientologist was first issued in 1954. In this code, L. Ron Hubbard provides a Scientologist with guidelines for fighting for human rights and justice through social reform. It is a vital code for any Scientologist active in the community. The code was revised in 1969 and again in 1973 and is given here in its final version.

    As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all.

    1. To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.

    2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world.

    3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help.

    4. To decry and do all I can to abolish any and all abuses against life and Mankind.

    5. To expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of mental health.

    6. To help clean up and keep clean the field of mental health.

    7. To bring about an atmosphere of safety and security in the field of mental health by eradicating its abuses and brutality.

    8. To support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.

    9. To embrace the policy of equal justice for all.

    10. To work for freedom of speech in the world.

    11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help Mankind.

    12. To support the freedom of religion.

    13. To help Scientology orgs and groups ally themselves with public groups.

    14. To teach Scientology at a level it can be understood and used by the recipients.

    15. To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all its applications and variations in the humanities.

    16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.

    17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.

    18. To increase the numbers and strength of Scientology over the world.

    19. To set an example of the effectiveness and wisdom of Scientology.

    20. To make this world a saner, better place.

    I guess LRH’s original code of a scientologist” didn’t fit DM’s new 21st century corporate scientology model anymore. Why would it. The “Old Man” just talks too much about human rights, responsibility, standard tech in ethics, processing and admin, suppression of knowledge as well as general abuses in the mental health field, which we happen to be a part of.’

  88. Random Stranger



    1) We are unable to verify whether these incidents of violence happened or not, but they are all lies.

    2) If anything like that happened, we are unaware of it. Besides, it’s a lie.

    3) After generously tolerating apostates bumbling and incompetency for decades, we finally say, “Ok, enough is enough.” We don’t tolerate this type of behavior.”

    4) There was violence among everyone except Mr. David Miscavige. Anything said about him being involved is a complete and utter lie by defrocked, bitter, insane, colluding apostates.

    5) Mr. Miscavige is terribly frightened all the time by all this violence from the very same people who are accusing him. It was so bad, he had to fly around the world constantly just to avoid it. When we see him head for his plane, we know that he must have just left some area where violence occurred. That is when we address it and handle it internally.

    6) We have a very strict policy of defrocking someone once they’ve proven they cannot stop being violent after decades.

    7) We emphatically deny that Mr Miscavige was involved in any of the following:

    a) throwing large books at staff
    b) throwing water bottles at staff
    c) punching heads
    d) punching stomachs
    e) slapping faces
    f) kicking asses
    g) headlocks
    h) choking
    i) spitting on others
    j) banging heads into walls
    k) ripping out hair
    l) twisting necks
    m) imprisoning
    n) knocking to the ground
    o) ordering others to commit violence on others
    p) threats of violence
    q) verbal abuse
    r) sleep deprivation
    s) food deprivation
    t) cover up
    u) lying
    v) extravagant life style
    w) waste of church funds
    x) humiliation
    y) altering of scriptures
    z) pandering to celebrities
    z1) numerous extended vacations
    z2) demanding gifts
    z3) use of vulgar language
    z4) obsession with homosexuality
    z5) splitting up of families
    z6) taking LRH’s house
    z7) taking LRH’s Kool cigarettes
    z8) stealing a pin from the HASI

    None of these specific incidents ever happened, although we did handle them internally and they were all perpetrated by the gangs of bitter, defrocked apostates all telling the same story with their detailed lies.

    Mr. Miscavige is a leader of leaders who is highly respected, particularly by Tom Cruise. He has the highest statistics of anyone in the history of Scientology for the square footage of carpet and tile laid. Besides, he was never in any location ever where violence supposedly occurred. We have a substantial amount of video footage showing Mr. Miscavige carrying out his daily activities and not once does he ever commit acts of violence nor unkindness nor incompetence nor humiliation nor making staff defecate into bags nor any of the other claims made by the gangs of bitter defrocked apostates who are trying to ruin Mr. Miscavige’s notoriously pristine reputation.

    Furthermore, we absolutely deny all the accounts of any pressure ever being exerted on anyone for any donations for anything during any fund raising campaign ever. All our parishioners enthusiastically support our projects and programs. They are never asked to go into debt in order to donate. Any statements to the contrary are lies by bitter, defrocked apostates who learned nothing and never improved despite the fact that we tried for decades to try to help them. Since we ex-communicated them, the statistics for amount of square footage of carpet and tile have sky-rocketed through the roof to the point where we’ve had to install new roofs on all our buildings. We blame them for the roof damage and will be seeking reimbursement through the court system.

    Chief Spokesperson
    Church of Scientology, International

  89. Because he is a Fed puppet, in liege with the US Government to destroy Scientology.

    Look at the stats.

  90. On the subject of freedom of speech, religion and conscience, the Village Voice has a deeply moving story this morning of the early life of Paulette Cooper, the author of the first expose of Scientology back in the 1970s. The link is here.

    Paulette escaped the Nazis as a young girl after her parents were sent to the camps through the courage of friends and strangers. In her new life in New York, she exposed Scientology in a carefully written book, and paid the price in a concerted 16-year campaign to destroy her, which included potential plots to murder her or at least to drive her to suicide. She showed extreme courage in writing what her conscience told her to, and paid a heavy cost, just as those who saved her risked everything.

    Reading her story may serve as further motivation to anyone teetering on the edge in deciding whether to recount their stories of the abuses of Scientology in a declaration as Marty and Mike have invited you to do here.

  91. Random Stranger



    We emphatically deny that we ever condone, tolerate, support, encourage or demand that our sales people get a parishioner in a room and pressure them for hours to donate huge sums of money to any of the following programs:

    1) Church of Scientology Services

    2) IAS membership statuses

    3) Super Power Building

    4) Ideal Orgs Program

    5) Freewinds Services

    6) Preservation of the Tech Project

    7) Basic Book Packages

    8) Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights

    9) Narconon

    10) Planetary Dissemination

    11) COB Retirement Fund

    12) Gifts for Tom Cruise Foundation

    13) Make a Roving Reg Rich Campaign

    14) Sea Org Rice and Beans Campaign

    15) The Anti-Violence Therapy Foundation

    16) The Way to Happiness Foundation

    17) Political Campaigns

    18) Flag Parking Garage Project

    19) The We Need Our Own Power Plant Project

    20) The We Need More Dishes for the Freewinds Donation Campaign

    21) iHelp

    22) The Pay People to Shut Up Fundraiser

    23) The Lisa McPherson Settlement Bank Loan

    24) The Tom Cruise Daisy Field Dono Project

    25) The Oh No We Only Have $128,000,000 for the Super Power Building and We Still Need More for the Spinning Machines Campaign

    26) The Volunteer Minister Campaign

    27) The We Need Fuel for John Travolta’s Jet Fundraiser

    28) The Hide the Reed Slatkin Connection Secret Campaign

    29) The Rehabilitate Heber Campaign

    30) The Bug the Auditing Room, Reg Office, Hotel Room Retrofit Fundraising Campaign

    31) The Help a Reg Win a Rolex Campaign

    32) The See if Anyone Can Beat Sonya Game

    Furthermore, we would like to state the following:

    a) All donations are made completely voluntarily.

    b) There is never any pressure to donate money.

    c) No one is ever asked to go into debt to donate.

    d) We never put tables in front of the doors at an event so people can’t leave.

    e) There is never a gauntlet of staff demanding money at any of our events.

    f) We never use donations as a qualifying criteria for services or ethics status.

    g) We have no training on how to extract funds from parishioners.

    h) We impose no quotas on staff for obtaining donations.

    i) We do not pander to celebrities.

    j) Mr. Miscavige does not have a luxurious lifestyle way beyond the ordinary living standards of our staff.

    Chief Public Spokesperson
    Church of Scientology, International

  92. Oh no Dave!


    It IS happening!

    This train is so loaded with facts, truth, believable people.
    Oh my, it must make you nervous when you are all alone.
    Especially the thought that this train is headed right towards YOU.
    This is not a threat,

    It is a fact.

    The attention is all on you now Dave.
    This one is not like the others.
    This one has a tone 40 intention headed right toward your guilded cage.
    And the speed and force of this train is in direct purportion to the crimes against humanity you have commited.

    This is not a pro Scientology anti Scientology issue Dave.

    This is a criminal case unfolding.

    Love Always,

  93. That is fascinating Karen. The first list was in fact the original Code of a Scientologist as published in the book “Creation of Human Ability” in 1954. Miscavige, being the know-best must-be-right type, decided that the updates made to the Code over the years didn’t suit him, so he reversed LRH’s (and Scientologists’) intentions for the Code, and reversed it. I imagine that this is “pure LRH” in Miscavige’s warped mind, since Miscavige can’t think with the Reform Code from 1968, which was meant to bring about improvements in Scientology and likely were the reasons for the changes in the Code of a Scientologist in both 1969 and 1973.

  94. Words used by Miscavige as a rhetorical smoke screen:
    Religious freedom, apostate, ecclesiastical, church etc.
    Soon, as the heat of the sun of truth evaporates the smoke screen which is the perversion of freedom of religion, a criminally insane man shall be revealed in the cold light of day.
    And all those protecting him may in fact be held liable.

  95. Mike Hobson

    Moderator: Why is the above vindictive bile even being posted here ? The poster is spewing OSA PR lines being used in the critic crowd to undermine support for her and nothing more.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  96. Holy freaking cow! DM has no restraints whatsoever on him. Of course, the CSW was written by an RTRC compiler, so DM can one day plead that Tom Ford or Sue Koon did it! Not me! What’s next? The Laws of L&N? The Factors? I better get to work on my affidavit.

  97. How horrible. What a SQUIRREL!!!! I take that personally.

  98. The quashing of critics is the church of scientology way. It’s good to see critical points being allowed, you’re welcome to answer the point or treat it with contempt.

    I don’t know Debbie’s history though I’ve heard the stories, as I have about Marty and Mike, and a few others; my past is by no means a shining example of virtue either. How she deals with her conscience is a matter for her.

    I have nothing to forgive Debbie for, others may well do. Whether they can forgive her is their choice and I don’t judge them for their choice either, how could I?

    All that matters to me is Debbie now. At this time I believe her heart is in the right place.

  99. Hi guys, Thanks for the responses. Yes I’m a new poster here but been reading Marty’s blog for a while on and off after I saw his interview videos on the tampabay ‘truth rundown’ I’m not a scientologist and have never been involved with the Church and never will because of what people have said about it. (never even has a stress test!) However, I have read some of LRH’s books. Some interesting data in there and I personally found the ‘Problems of work’ book very useful. The pieces on the tone scale and stable datum is very insightful.

    So to me, it sounds like this DM has a lot to answer for. You can’t just be all ‘disgruntled former members’ just claiming to have been assaulted after leaving. I am in the UK and I am fairly certain the CPS would definitely be pursuing assault and abuse of power charges. The sheer number of complaints establishes a pattern of behaviour. Bit of a no-brainer really.

    mrinder – if you are Mike Rinder of OSA fame, I am very sorry to hear what has happened to you. I find it utterly disgraceful that you have been assaulted and bullied by superiors at work. I have been in similar situations from time to time and it is just completely unnacceptable. Good luck and I hope you get justice soon.

    I do not understand that if this ‘tech’ is true and independently verifiable why it needs a US incorporated entity to make it ‘official’ (I am referring to RTC). Surely if it is true the tech can be independent of any organisation. I suspect this is the essence of the Church’s aversion to ‘squirrelling’ the tech because it deprives them of income. Did Hubbard actually say it could only be delivered by CoS?

  100. I would love to step up if I could, but no data specific to the case. In the meantime, we’ve sent money to Debbie and will continue to help as we can.


  101. Not to excuse the actions of others while in the church of scientology however it’s important to know that studies have shown it’s remarkably easy to create an environment where otherwise good people become party to gross abuse.

    Google The Stamford Prison Experiment. Also “The Wave” school experiment. Worth while so you learn how it happens.

    WARNING: the Internet is dangerous and this is dangerous knowledge, do not seek it out if you value your eternity and stuff. 😉 1

  102. Firebreathing Frog

    The arrogance of David Miscavige is unbelievable.
    He still believe he can win this case.
    I saw again the video of Mrs Cook signing her agreement with the church.

    I can not believe the Church of Scientology actually publish this, and even worse, use this video interview in there defense.
    If you really look and listen, it is just screaming “Look, we have tons of crimes, and we need to make god damned sure to protect our dirty ass.”

    The “Church of Scientology” who actually like to position itself wirth other religions, using the same terminology, “defrocked”, “apostate”, “The Pope of Scn”, etc.

    But which religions will even think to do such video?

    Can you imagine the Pope making a video of one of his Cardinal wanting to leave, to make him sign he will never say bad things about the Pope or his religion, and handing him a check of 50G’s ???

    What the fcuk is going on here?

    And now David Miscavige is telling Mrs Cook is a Squirel, an apostate, a criminal ???

    Well why did you let her in the SO for 28 years in the first place?
    Why she was at the head of THE MECA for 17 years if she was such a squirel?
    And why do you give 50 grant to thiqs criminal to shut up if you have nothing to hide???

    If Mrs Cook wanted to video this interview, she would not have been permitted to take this home with her (did you ever see a video of the beautiful environment at the Int Base filmed by a SO member?)
    But Miscavige is so stupid that he gave the video to the world?

    Look how criminal Debbie Cook is, she fcuked up all her 27 years she was in the SO, her entire life as Captain FSO – 17 years Mrs David Miscavige had to work days and night 24/7 to handle her flap !
    We even gave Debbie Cook and her husband 50 thousand dollars to thanks her for all the mess she created.

    And here she comes again.
    Listing all our violation of LRH policies.
    Sure all she said on her email is true, and irrefutable.
    Any stupid moron can just read the policies and see the violation occuring days in days out.


    I suspected David Miscavige was crazy enough to come to this end.
    But I didn’t though he had such a band of criminals to cover his ass.

  103. I am sorry to burst your bubble mate, but I am not from OSA or associated with Scientology in any way.

    I have read some of the actions that Ms Cook took and I don’t think she is worthy of help. Scientology is a corrupt evil organisation, but in order to function it requires the actions of corrupt and evil people. Debbie is one of those people and she deserves to be treated with scorn and contempt – not helped in lawsuits.

    Like I said above, she is only complaining against scientology because they started treating her the way she treated others. She is the very model example of a hypocrit.

    In my opinion, anyone who thinks about donating money to this person should take a long hard look at themselves. I would donate it to Pia Gardini instead or at the very least, someone not so deserving of contempt.

  104. Dean,

    I am aware of the Stanford Prison experiment, and also the the Stanley Milgram one, which may be more relevant here. For me, it would be a dangerous precedent to go around excusing behaviour because they were subject to these types of pressures – virtually no-one would ever be guilty or war crimes for instance. At some point, we need to step back and say there are some crimes and some behaviours that are so bad that no matter what the situation, the person is unworthy of respect.

    In fact, if we took your view to its natural location, it would be impossible to criticise even David Miscavige himself, because he was raised in such an environment.

    The first step for someone like Debbie is to admit she caused harm and beg for forgiveness. Not only has she not done this, she has parrotted obvious lies like “disconnection was only brought back under Miscavige”. I have no doubt at all that if she was still head of an Org and filled with power, she would have no issue at all with the abuses of Scientology. I mean how can she complain about solicitiing for donations when she herself duped Pia Gardini out of a million dollar inheritance?

  105. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks Margaret, that’s a very helpful hat you put on here and gave us this summation. Perfetto!

  106. Theo Sismanides

    Marty what quantity can do (assuming there is a high quality already, and I think you pin pointed so many good points there on this article) is essential.

    I do agree with John P. Margaret, above, did an excellent summation of many people who have witnessed DM’s abuses.

    I do feel more people are going to pick up various hats on this thing as Margaret did and a lot are going to follow your excellent article and do come out and submit those sworn testimonies.

  107. One thing that comes to mind that I don’t think anyone has mentioned: What company, church or any organization does a video taping of person leaving employment, where an attorney asks pointed questions and gets yes answers.

    It begs the question, “WHAT are you so worried about, C of S, that you have to go through all this expense, cameras, lawyers, etc.?”

  108. Your humble servant


  109. Mike Hobson

    Dean Fox, Kiss My *ss.

    I don’t need or want any instruction from you – especially not about matters which I have – I strongly assure you – researched far more thoroughly than yourself.

    For instance, apparently you are not aware that the Stanford Prison Experiment was completely destroyed during the Peer Review process:
    * No controls.
    * Sample base too small to draw statistically meaningful conclusion.
    * Sample biased as starving college students wiling to do anything for pay is not a valid representative sample of all humanity.
    * Participant behavior biased by the fact that the researcher himself was a participant and as he was the one paying everyone in the study, some felt they had to do whatever he wished them to do in order to get paid (starving students).
    * Findings inconclusive as 3 of the 12 “guards” in the study defied their orders to be mean to the “prisoners” and actively took steps to ameliorate some of the worst abuses.

    The Stanford Prison Experiment *FAILED PEER REVIEW* and it has never been replicated. Therefore it is *not Science*, amigo.

    Don’t come at me again with your arrogant pontificating, Mr. Fox. You don’t know whom you are dealing with.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  110. Blowing course, session, or staff was never condoned. The original purpose of going after someone who does is to help them clean up whatever was going on. It was a different world back then.

  111. i sincerely hope that people who have some reality on debbies time @ gold step up.. isn’t it about time the truth train pulled right up and started unloading right on DM’s lap?

  112. Mike Hobson

    Oh, Geez. For F*ck’s Sake!! Give it a rest!!!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independents Scientologist.

  113. Firebreathing Frog

    “What company, church or any organization does a video taping of person leaving employment, where an attorney asks pointed questions and gets yes answers.”

    I forgot to mention this but actually, Marty mentioned a video in a former post, showing North Korea military doing such videos.

    So you see? David Miscavige is not the only one!

  114. I wasn’t even talking to you Micheal so get off your high horse.

  115. FCDC Class of 74

    Bluebonnet re 4 March 2012. My comm was posted out of sequence while waiting for approval. It was in response to Robert Earle’s post about the differences of how to help. It was with a sense of purpose and that of my agreement to different reasons for helping. I was in my auditor internship in 1974 and was stopped because they (the org) said I was too PTS not just PTS toward my girlfriend now my wife of 34 years. My wife did not want me to go on staff and the org wanted me for the FBO. My point being there are a lot or mostly ex staff personnel on Marty’s blog and from my view point I never understood how or why the staff, be they executives or in what ever role did not get treated better i.e. medical, pay, or any equality for exceptional up stat performance. I originally thought the money Debbie and Wayne received was in fact a golden parachute (an exit perk negotiated for past performances) As a semi-public I could see difference in the seventies of change and there after. I just wanted to encourage everyone to help in their own way. My apologies if I was not clear on the content, structure and the like. No sarcasm really, I’m very sincere. I never stopped believing in LRH or the tech, which is why I’m here after all these years. ARC Bill Dupree FCDC class of 74

  116. FCDC Class of 74

    Can that be sent directly to Bluebonnet?

  117. I also point out that, under Florida law, liquidated damages clauses are unenforceable if they are a penalty rather than an effort to agree on reasonable damages.

    No reasonable party would agree to penalties in the six figures for making an internet posting. The Co$ points out in its brief that Florida law applies, but conveniently omits any discussion of the Florida law governing unenforceability of penalty based LD clauses.

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  119. I agree it’s dangerous to excuse behaviour, which is why I said “not to excuse”. 🙂

    To my mind it’s more by way of understanding how such things can happen and how otherwise normal people can become abusive.

    For those that don’t know Stanley Milgram is an example of how a person will follow orders from an authority figure even when such orders result in the harming of another; in the case of the experiement the apparent death of another by progressively higher electric shocks. All related effects.

    There are numerous studies but IIRC the Stanford prison experiment was never repeated because it raised too many ethical questions. I think most studies these days deal with real life examples such as Abu Grab (sp) in Iraq.

    As I said I’ve heard the stories but don’t know enough to comment; the problem with dealing with an organisation that by its own admission lies for its own ends is you cannot trust such stories; there are many who say Debbie was much loved.

    Right now however Debbie’s actions serve to highlight what a corrupt, corrupting and dangerous group the church of scientology is. And let’s not forget while Debbie’s email started this it’s clear the church of scientology’s own mismanagement have caused Debbie to counter sue.

  120. Bill Straass

    You mean the “calm liesurely DEATH of crewmwmbers on the Freewinds. I left there in May 2002 when I tested positive for HIV . The ship sent me to a chiropractor for treatment. The Captain personally told my wife (who was held there for 6 months against her will) that I would be dead soon so she should end cycle on me. Aty least 3 other staff I used to work with have been reported dead since I left. The D/Capt Paul McElveen died of prostate cancer, Jorge Arroyo hanged himself, Wak Allcock died of prostate cancer. I think personally that one of the reasons that staff did not complain about physical abuse was that the mental torture was far worse. Justice was a crock, LRH policy was ignored, I almost self terminated a couple of times.

  121. Bill Straass

    We could have a RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CRUSADE like was done in Portland and LA, only this time to demand justice for Debbie and the other hundreds or thousands of staff abused by the Church.

  122. golden parachute
    A clause in an executive’s employment contract specifying that he/she will receive large benefits in the event that the company is acquired and the executive’s employment is terminated. These benefits can take the form of severance pay, a bonus, stock options, or a combination thereof.
    This was not the case for Ms Cook. It was not a golden parachute.

    You’re right, I didn’t understand what you were trying to get across but now I see a little better. Thank you for explaining.

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