Debbie and Wayne Got A Gun


Latest on Cook v. Scientology Inc from the Tampa Bay Times.

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  1. Robert Earle

    Interesting to see the activities following the Truth Rundown series. “Better hustle out and make sure Wayne and Debbie keep their mouth shut.” I wonder who’s getting that treatment today to be sure they don’t side in with Debbie.

  2. I have to tell you… I love the idea of Debbie Cook packing heat down in Texas……kinda poetic

    I can see her now arriving to the court house with her right carry permit neatly tucked in her purse and then casually showing her weapon in order to turn it over to the sheriff while court is in session…..

  3. I say bravo Debbie and Wayne. You gotta do what you gotta do. You guys should come out here, we belong to a shooting club and gunsite is out here!!! Most of my women friends here are better at handling a gun than the men!!!! Western towns you’ve gotta love em!!!

    DM is so done! I just hope the judge orders him to court. I know I’ll be there for that!

  4. Tom and Mary Beth Gallagher

    Oh little one (yeah you lil’ dave) the shit storm is rolling down hill.

    Your agents are just as wacky as you. It’s that contagion of aberration stuff that someone called the “founder” referred to back in 1950.

    The flood-gates are open. You, pob, are done.

    Donation sent.

  5. A church should not invoke fear in its members. Ever.

  6. Go ahead, Miscavige.
    Make my day.


  7. Hell, it is Texas. Just in my San Antonio zip code there are almost 3,000 concealed carry permit holders.

    Lethal Force is no joke and I’m not making light of it. It is best to be polite and respectful and to not make someone afraid for their life with threats. This isn’t Kalifornia out here.

    I may be misquoting LRH but I seem to recall he wrote somewhere “Manners are the solvent of society.”

  8. Gotta love Wayne as well….ain’t no way he was going to let OSA
    snatch Debbie again…

  9. Marty,

    Where is it that, currently, we can send contributions or additional contributions to the Cooks’ defense fund?

    Also, what is going on with Bert Schippers and Lynne Hoverson’s case in Florida?

  10. TroubleShooter

    I’ve experienced that sickening feeling in my stomach when my sense of security and safety in my home was violated by 5 people showing up after 10 at night and started knocking on the door and windows and sides of the house to get me to come to the door…it felt like an effort to overwhelm me and to let me know that they’re ideas of what is right is supreme and no respect of what another believes is valid.

    I too own a gun and if someone tried to come in to my home without an invitation they’d be looking down the barrel.

  11. I’ll make sure never to come over without an invitation. 😉

  12. Ronnie Bell-
    Need to see if you can post that article here of the elderly lady w/permit that got pulled over. The one Jen had up on FB 🙂

  13. Ronnie Bell

    “An armed society is a polite society.” ~ Robert Heinlein.

  14. Freedom Fighter

    Two words: Castle Doctrine. Many states in the U.S. have adopted this and those that haven’t have a stand-your-ground law. All you would-be kidnappers from the RCS should take note. Try to force your way into someone’s home or try to physically persuade someone to accompany you back into the fold to “route out properly” or otherwise threaten their safety or well-being and you run the risk of someone exercising their legal right to defend themselves from such a threat.

    What an utter farce that any organization calling themselves a “church” would invoke such a defensive response in their members — past or present.

  15. An armed socioty is a polite socioty.

  16. I see a movie in the works “Debbie Get your Gun” Meryl Streep can play her. Paul Haggis can write the screenplay.

  17. martyrathbun09
    Will try to get an update on Florida up soon.

  18. May I recommend a watch dog as well? Weenie dogs are the very best watch dogs. They have extended hearing and can differentiate usual sounds from unusual sounds. Very easy to care for, you can wipe them down with a wash cloth! One of them can get four Rottweilers awake and running on a target ten minutes before a Rotty can sense danger! They do bark a lot, insist on sleeping quarters with the owners (the bed), are picky eaters and dramatize ARCX’s and Ser Facs. But you will know if anyone has approached your home within 550 feet! And all you have to do to get their ruds in is take them for a car ride and let their head hang out the window!

  19. Hell, in my zip code, you can buy an A.K. 47 on the sidewalk at a gun show.
    No need to conceal anything, you can wear it on your hip! Yes, I have one. It goes from that down to a 45 revolver.

  20. Freedom Fighter

    Same here. I prefer an AR, myself, being professionally trained on it and all. I have others I enjoy shooting, too, to include one of my carry weapons, but that’s my favorite.

  21. George M. White

    About two years ago, I received a surprise visit from a Flag SO staff person who rang our doorbell at our home in Florida in an unannounced visit.
    When I opened the door, she actually tried to get in without being invited.
    A huge heavy door to block her was very helpful in this situation. All she ever saw was a huge statue of the Buddha.. I suggested she would be better advised to follow the Buddha and she retreated.


  22. What does POB stand for?

  23. Jethro Bodine

    Janie’s got a gun too…

  24. I don’t blame Debbie and Wayne for feeling they needed a gun. Even 4 years after Amy and I left the Sea Org we had PIs following us, 24/7. They were VERY overt about it. At one point they followed us 45 miles to my parents trailer park. While I walked on the quiet little street in the trailer park, where the speed limit is 15 miles a hour, the PI tried to run me down doing about 30 miles an hour. I called the police and filed a police report.
    I also called OSA and told them to get their boy under control. I don’t care if the PIs pick through my garbage and follow me everywhere but vehicle assault is getting a bit carried away. I pointed out to OSA that they were ultimately responsible for the actions of the PIs they hired.

  25. I like it!

  26. I think I want more guns and a Weiner dog…

  27. I should also note that we have had church PIs harassing us at our house as recently as last October. That’s 7 years after we left. Why the overt harassment? OSA didn’t like who I had as guests staying at my house.

    After days of the PIs sitting in front of my house I went out and told the PI to pass on a message. Here is the message:

    “Tell the church that if you continue sitting in front of my house, I am going to spend the winter in Clearwater and they aren’t going to like it.”

    The PI left about 30 minutes later and never came back.

  28. Geez, I hear “Janie’s Got A Gun” and “Dueling Banjos” both going on in my head at the same time.

    Drummers can do that, you know.

  29. It’s been said before, “DON’T MESS WITH TEXANS!”
    I have the same feelings as Debbie and Wayne. Don’t take no bullshit offa no one especially when one is threatened by abuse or kidnapping.

  30. Geeze, just thought of DM’s dynamics. Does he have any dynamics going? O.K., One D that is in. Three D he has got something. Two out of eight? No. O.K. granted he has the bucks. Three out of eight. But the money is an overt product that feeds the other two. It enables him to eat and sleep. That is what he got. He has the wherewithal to eat and sleep. Did all of us eat and sleep today? Yes, I think so. I think we all eat and sleep and have shelter. I don’t get it David. You live on donations. We live on exchange. What do you have at the end of the day that we do not have? Animosity for all of your abuse? I managed to go to bed full , happy. With no enemies.
    No, I do not see you as a person on higher ground, You had the platform to make all winners. That was just one thing you could not tolerate. But you, are not us. And thus the understanding of distances begin.

  31. Pope on a Box (as in apple box, so that when you sing “We Stand Tall” you aren’t at everyone else’s waist level).

  32. Tony DePhillips

    Plus one!! What a “church” where people feel they may need a gun to keep the “churchies” away!! Can you spell C-U-L-T??

  33. Tony DePhillips

  34. Tony DePhillips

  35. Pisses me off really! Mostly because cause my sis and Wayne kept me from all of this. She and Wayne knew I was trying to get back on line’s doing the Basics and attempting to get my FPRD delivered. They were hoping that I could get Ron’s tech delivered at the GDL org and at Flag which did not occur, which could not happen due to the off-purpose of all staff.

    This whole drama and reality is so far from the sanity that Ron’s tech (1st & 3rd) is supposed to be about. I could never be involved with this organization again until there is Real Reform from top to bottom. Gotta pack a gun?? How insane can it get?

    Big Message to dm and Scn Inc is don’t mess with Texans. There are too many of us here now to hold down the fort!

  36. A psychic adept friend of ours has a client in the Clearwater area who is not a Scientologist. This client was recently given a scare in the night by an apparition in the form of an alien telling her “you’ve broken your vow of silence, you’ve betrayed the church, we have to keep this quiet” that kind of thing. My friend reassured the woman that this was not likely a message for her. It appears that someone was broadcasting psychically up the Florida coast either to the people Debbie had emailed, or else to the whole populace to get them to avoid paying attention to the news stories. You can disbelieve this if you want, but it is an interesting piece of potential data.

  37. And I wonder if Debbie has been getting any apparitions in the night….

  38. When we lived in Texas it was weird to see a pickup truck without a gun racked in the back window….

  39. Unless you’ve got a birthday cake and can carry a tune!

  40. ROFL! Ingrid…

  41. I love all the posts today and I’m LMAO!

  42. Mike Hobson

    I used to own a Beretta 92FS (civilian/PD version of the standard U.S. Military sidearm, the M9). If used with the proper grip and Chapman modified Weaver shooting stance, it is highly accurate on quick-fire at 50′ or so. If they bought the Brazilian Taurus, I hope it was Beretta clone.

    I fired something like 1200 rounds at the range before I bought one. A firearm is a serious responsibility and one should absolutely sure of one’s skill and accuracy before using one in defense of self or others.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  43. I guess you made your influence known! I myself, I called my beloved cousin who works for the F.B.I.. She sent me over to the local F.B.I. in my area to make a video tape of all of my experiences.I thought sure as hell I would go to prison after following the programs of the HGB. They worked out how I was innocent (So true at that time). And video taped my story. I just showed up saying if I had to do time I wanted to confront it. They knew then about David Miscavige and told me so. I was willing to sacrifice a lot for the Church, but not prison. That was the line for me. One day in prison for me = all of them will fall fist. That was a one second decision. So Mat, in case this blows some charge for you. They told me, I was not the first one to show up there with a story. In fact, it was a once every two month thing. Yeah, that is right. They had video tapes upon video tapes of people that had left and turned themselves in face up to the charges. They had a library of video taped interviews. Maybe they would not have told me this if I was not connected through family. “Go Home” they said. You will not be held accountable or be put in prison.
    Why? It came down to this. They said every time the Gov went in to inspect it was like a glue that held it together. They said, “If we do nothing, the leader will turn on his own. So we do nothing. It will take care of itself.”
    I thought they were wrong when they told me this. Now over time I see, they were too right. They know perfectly well who he is and what he is up to. All he thought he got away with, he did not. They stand back and he does himself in. Too easy right?

  44. Mike Hobson

    Pope-On-an-Box (Applebox).

    Darth Midget reckons himself the Pope of Scientology and he has to stand on an “applebox” ( sturdy wooden box of standardized dimensions used on movie sets ) to be seen behind a normal podium.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  45. Yes, this is the most bizzare story I have read: that these former staff members should feel they need arms to attend a meeting with members of their ‘Church’.

    I think CoS wants out of this case. If they don’t they should: If the court rules this agreement is unenforceable, it will mean the same for other such agreements.

  46. I had known a former member of Jehovas’s Witnesses. He had the fixed idea that they are after him trying to ruin his life for leaving his church. Back then I had the idea that he is crazy. But if someone is running an „intelligence operation“ against you or your environment then they can actullay drive you nuts. An open confronation is much better. You might loose but you know what is going on. In the 80ies I have been contacted and told indirectly „whe know you and we watch you“ and later in the 90ies I have been told the same officially by phone. First time they did not identify themselfs and second time they did. If Mrs and Mr Cook bought a gun to protect them, I guess they had nightmares behind them of supposed hidden actions against them. Or real hidden actions and threats.
    Life is not easy if one has to confront all that stuff in real life and not in a movie. My best wishes to Mrs and Mr Cook that they can make it.

  47. Same here, although generally uninvited visitors get tea and scones first before the weapons come out.

  48. I don’t know if you were joking or not, but there IS a cracking movie just itching to get out in this saga. The casting would be a task. Playing DM would be the role of a lifetime for some one. Robert Downey Jnr would be my choice. Agree Meryl Streep would do justice to Debbie’s role.

  49. Pope of BS
    Pope of Bums
    Pope of Bullies
    Pope of the Bucks
    Pope on Benzodiazepines
    Pope of Bla bla bleh bleeeh
    Pope on a Box (APPLE BOX)

    Derivation: COB – Cheater on Board
    Chairman of BS
    Chairman of Bums
    Chairman of Bullies
    Chairman of the Bucks
    Chairman on Benzodiazepines
    Chairman of Bla bla bleh bleeeh
    Chairman on a Box (APPLE BOX)

  50. Well, the Church’s defense that “Debbie and Wayne didn’t do anything to indicate they were forced to sign the release” is now shot to shit.

    Also, DM probably has an arsenal somewhere…. can anyone shed some light on that??

  51. You just know there’s some brainwashed church member saying, “Wow- imagine the witholds they got to get a gun”

  52. So, you are a real Annie Oakley. I’ll let you ride shotgun for me anytime, Carol.


  53. Bravo! Now that is what I call impingement!

  54. Perfect! Couldn’t have said this any better.

  55. I really enjoy following your site every day. It blows lots of charge. However, I have some study tech issues. It’s hard to get some things defined like “POB” “HGB”etc.
    Suggest maybe you put a glossary on the categories section at the top.
    I’d really love to get some of my old buddies back on the Bridge. But where do you find the Bridge these days? My wife and I were on staff for 10 years back in the 70’s and 80’s. We were both OT 3’s. She was a Class 5 CS.
    I was an OEC grad put on the Public Exec Sec post by Diana Horwich.
    We had a rocking Div 6 for few years. We could sell a 100 DMSMH to raw public in a week using body routing, intro lectures, dissem drill. We also had some great radio ads. $10,000 of radio ads for DMSMH turned into $100.000, when DMSMH bookbuyers became basic course students who then became Div 4 public. This happened at my org in 1982!
    This all ended in 1982, when management went militant. They weren’t interested! They just wanted to know what our crimes were.
    My wife and I slipped out of sight and away from Scientology.

  56. I feel the same as you – this shit is downright pathetic. All this fuss – and guns being bought – just because a truly high-stat Scientologist wants to communicate about the troubles she’s seen in the Church?


    David Miscavige, your day is long overdue. This is disgusting!

  57. Random Stranger

    “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind.” Thomas Jefferson

  58. TroubleShooter


    I didn’t make it clear above that it was a swarm of SO members around my house did I. In case anyone wondered – it was.

    Lynne, I ain’t no turnip done fell off no truck – a cake and a tune ain’ta gonna fool me none neither.


  59. will do Ed!!!!

  60. Oracle – Wasn´t there something about “inverted Dynamics”? I vaguely remember having read or listened to something about it. – Karola

  61. Cameras, hand held recorders. Document everything. Sometime somewhere someone will get for all to see the proof of this crazy nightmare.

    I remember telling my non Scientology friends about the crazy harrassment and feeling, “this sounds crazy, I hope I’m not causing my friends to think I’m the nut.” It’s all so fantastic and strange that normal people can’t get their head around it.

    Evil is hard to confront, especially when its hiding behing words like,”religious freedom, ecclesiastic etc.”

    But the time is coming, I feel it and know it. Truth……..truth shall bring down this animal man.

  62. For DM, I was thinking Joe Peschi or Danny Devito

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  64. martyrathbun09

    I hear ya Randy.

  65. TroubleShooter

    Wow, quite a relay of info Oracle, thank you!!! I still find things that make me sit and just shake my head man!

  66. TroubleShooter

    Yes he has one but it’s all he needs
    it’s called his
    dynamic duo
    you know who er what I mean, right?

  67. Take is easy now! As a responsible gun owner I have often thought about what I would do if I was being harassed by the Co$. I have also thought that if they continue as they have, someone is going to get shoot or killed. Having or carrying a gun is taking on a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. It is the absolute the last resort. And only in self defence. If your life is in danger, fine, use it. But the minute you even draw that gun, your life will change forever.

  68. TroubleShooter

    I’m one among many who can help you find the help you and others need to go up the Bridge Dan. Getting people up the Bridge is what a lot of us are free to do out here as people aren’t being regged to death for cobs’ mob squad aka ias.
    Email me at

  69. Gun + KRC = 0 Cult kidnapping attempts.

    2nd Amendment end phenomena. 🙂

  70. It may not happen as fast as we all would like but his regime WILL come tumbling down and you can bet I will be on the sidelines cheering it along! I’m just sorry that the likes of Debbie, Mike, Marty and others ever had to endure any of this. Just so not LRH is it?!!

  71. I agree with the previous comment. If you pack a pistol of any kind, never pull it out unless you are going to shoot it. If thats an issue, dont carry any weapon.
    A video camera has more deadly impact from an encounter in todays world.

  72. “Downright pathetic” is a good way to put it.

    Can anyone imagine what the situation would be like if this criminal cult had real power in this country or on this planet??

    DM and his OSA goons MUST have extensive track history as members of the SS and/or Mafia.

    I read The Oracle’s story above about going to the FBI and what they told him. At first I took some comfort from it, thinking they may have a good point that it would be counter-productive for the FBI to conduct a raid and take DM out.

    But the more I thought about it, the more I disagree with that viewpoint. What we have here is a rogue criminal organization running roughshod over basic Constitional rights, engaging in what can only be called felonious assaults, private property right violations, stalking, spying, intimidating and harassing people INCLUDING their attorneys, and the closest thing to a concentration camp (the Hole) this country has ever seen (at least since Andersonville).

    Just from a law enforcement viewpoint, I cannot understand how they have gotten away with it so long.

    Sad to say, it must have something to do with – money.

  73. Roger that Ronnie!

  74. I have often thought of having a gun in the house myself. Home invasion, a meth. freak at the door etc… the thought of the church at the door never crossed my mind.

    If I ever do I will load the first two chambers with blanks, the second two would contain rubber bullets and the final rounds? Well…. I did warn them.

  75. Mike Hobson

    Debbie and Wayne (I hope you read this): you both ought to put in serious firing range time until you are consistently scoring nothing but 8’s or better at the 21 foot (P.D. training minimum range any assailant is to be allowed inside before firing on them) line.

    I used to fire 200 rounds per session (20 times 10-rounds per magazine) and bought extra magazines so that I could shoot 50 before having to stop and reload magazines.

    Be sure to learn and use proper range safety procedures and how to safely strip and clean the weapon. I used to bring a tackle box with my cleaning tools, cleaning solutions, bore snake, extra magazines, hearing protection, etc. I would run bore snake through the barrel every 50 rounds or so and fully strip, clean and oil it after each session.

    Master the weapon and it’s safe use and it will never hurt you or anyone except your enemies.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  76. Danny Devito!!!

  77. Correct.

    And I may add, that the minute someone else draws deadly force on you, and you are without the means of defense, your life could end forever (in a manner of speaking).

    I am only here today, quite possibly, because I once drew my pistol on three thugs that were attempting to approach me with very hostile intent, after I caught them vandalizing my property. The look on their faces was priceless. They froze in their tracks and I commanded them to leave, and leave they did, in one hell of a hurry. I would have fired only if they failed to listen to my warnings. 99% of the time, a warning is all that is needed. I am quite sure in Debbie’s case, she would never have had to discharge the weapon. Just pointing and warning is all that is needed. Even then, you better have a good reason for doing so.

    When I reported my experience to the police, they listened, they thanked me for calling them and told me to call again if those thugs came back. That was it.

    Thank you to all veterans/citizens who defended my right to protect myself. Your service is appreciated. I owe you my PT life.

  78. “I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in the direction we are moving.”
    Oliver Wendell Holmes

  79. LOL Joe Peschi is coming up ahead on the role. He too could have the perfect toupee’.

  80. Wikipedia has good data on Castle doctrine. It gives information about all the States that have it and what each state requirements are.

  81. Kevin Tighe

  82. Mike Hobson

    The above is extremely bad advice.

    The purpose of a firearm is to *stop* the commission of any felony attack that would result in grievous bodily harm or death of oneself or another. Someone who is not deterred by the threat of the firearm itself and attacks anyway with evident deadly intent needs to be *stopped* before they get to you or their intended victim.

    Blanks or rubber bullets are not going to stop them before they get to their target and inflict possibly lethal injury upon them. Police studies have shown that an attacker, armed with a knife or club, can *kill* or seriously injure an armed officer whose weapon is not drawn and aimed at them if they get closer than 21 feet. That is the reason there is a 21 foot line for placement of targets at nearly every firing range.

    If you pull out a firearm, you are making a threat of deadly force just by the action of pulling out the weapon. This may invite the use of deadly force in response, so one’s weapon had better be capable of stopping the assailant before they can use deadly force themselves. That means no blanks. Bean bag rounds are only effective at stopping someone when fired from a 12 gauge shotgun

    Stopping someone means means shoot to stop (center of chest). It means they have to be hit hard enough to *stop* them! The process of stopping them is likely to be fatal, unfortunately. So, it also means don’t pull out that weapon unless one is prepared to kill and it means don’t ever point that weapon at anything one is not ready to destroy or any person one is not ready to kill.

    This may sound very harsh, but that is what is required when defense of life and limb becomes necessary.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  83. HGB – Hollywood Guarantee Building where OSA Int and much of Co$ uppity management is located in LA.
    POB – abbreviation coined by Mike Rinder to stand for Pope on a Box as the midget needs a box to stand on during events to seem taller.

  84. Freedom Fighter


  85. Freedom Fighter

    ^^^And this. Goes for anyone who owns a firearm. Any range worth its salt will have classes on proper firearm handling and safety.

  86. I agree Mike,

    In the military we were taught 3 golden rules

    1. Do not point the weapon at something you don’t intend to shoot
    2. If you draw the weapon, use it
    3. Shoot to kill

    A sidearm is a peculiar weapon, when you draw it, there’s no turning back. And it’s not a deterrent, it has only one purpose – you kill people with it (sport shooters excluded of course)


  87. I love this quote!

  88. Good point Mike.Most gun shops offer classes on gun safety or can direct you to some place that has them. I am sure there are lots in Texas.

  89. So Debbie and Wayne might be doin’ a little shootin’, and it won’t be from no damn Camera Hat…

  90. I knew exactly what you meant, I was just teasing! 🙂

  91. Come on, Tom Cruise has to play DM!

  92. Mike Hobson | March 7, 2012 at 8:32 pm | Reply
    “The above is extremely bad advice.”

    Mike, to be clear, I never sought to dispence advice to anyone. I only communicated what I personaly would do……how I would approach the problem.

    As ill advised as it is, I probably would still not choose deady force as the first gradient…..realizing at the same time I may have to pay for that decision.

  93. I guess I was wrong, Joe Pesci is about perfect. Or he can play TC and TC plays DM.

  94. “I just hope the judge orders him (DM) to court.”
    2nd THAT!!!

  95. Close David. To be precise:
    …..”oil the machinery of human relationships was “Good Manners.”
    (PR series 9)

  96. KA,
    You got a strong point re “inverted” or “negative Dynamics”
    The LRH reference is in Scientology 0-8 page 94 POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE DYNAMICS GRAPH.

  97. It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve had “psychic” run-ins with a couple of OTs I could readily identify as well as a few every now and then that I can’t. I sure hope they get headaches from me boomeranging that flow right back at them coupled with whatever force I can add to the mix.

    This really pisses me off though. It shouldn’t be going on as it’s theta rape. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    And no, they’re not my people any longer. I am so sick of bad, and criminal, behavior on the part of those who think they are “my betters”.

    Where the hell did these fools ever get the idea that LRH might think it was okay for them to overwhelm other thetans aggressively and with no thought to the damage caused, JUST so they could keep their blinders on?

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