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  1. I am postulating, praying, thinking tone 40 intentions WHATEVER, that TRUTH wins. I am doing this everyday. I suggest that all on this blog do it. Don’t just think how horrible it is.
    Have a clear concept, outcome, end result in your mind, hold it there for a few seconds, minutes. EVERY DAY!

    I may not have the money or testimony to contribute.

    But I have soul power baby. And I’m using it!!!!! And it is a force to be reckoned with. ROAR!!!

  2. Note to Lou, Davey’s assistant:

    Better order in several cases of Depends, size XX Small for the little midget cretin. We don’t want any messy accidents!

  3. “Scientology: Dear Judge, Protect Us from Rathbun and Rinder!”

    Lol! That´s the best headline so far!!!!

  4. The name recognition and celebrity of TC may end up drawing all kinds of unwanted attention to this case. The Co$ makes enough headlines as is, but most people just think of them as a punchline, if you’re talking about Co$ in terms of TC their ears may perk up and pay closer attention. Media Judo? Yes please.

  5. Just wondering if DM is the type that has a Plan A, Plan B … type of appeoach to the most serious issues?

    And if so, as the heat intensifies, whether one of these Plans might involve a single ticket a to a country that doesn’t have an extradition agreement with USA.

  6. Brian: Your thoughts are poignant and important.

    (Side note: Touching on the earlier post of Debbie and Wayne Got a Gun – While being armed is a choice and a right in the US – it isn’t mine, as it presumes correctly that I am willing to kill someone to protect myself. I’m not.)

    This blog and community created by Marty, Mike and others brings to all of us a sense that MIGHT(force), POWER and MONEY are what drives David Miscavige and the Corporate Scientology.

    What drives Marty, Mike and others is the truth AND the potential to help all beings from their suffering using the tools of LRH.

    I read this recently in “The Great Eastern Sun: The Wisdom of Shambhala” by Chogham Trungpa (my own teacher’s father)

    “The question that we’re going to discuss tonight is a very simple one. It is a question of heart. As warriors, we should have a soft heart. That is what the world needs. The heart of warriorship is also fearlessness. Having a heart at all is based on being fearless and manifesting a sense of warriorship. When we talk about becoming a warrior, we are not talking about conducting warfare, but we’re talking about manifesting fearlessness and gentleness that can save the world.

    We have to be genuine, which means not having aggression and being true to oneself. In that way, we can build an enlightened society … Enlightened society has to be real and good, honest and genuine.”

    While it appears that a turning point and tipping point is nigh — I personally would like to see all of us not embrace a vengeful/superior attitude re dm and those still under the influence of kool-aid but rather a recognition that what has prevailed is the truth.

    That Miscavige’s power is almost over. That scientology can once again start helping others and the REAL WORK, with a majorsuppressive disarmed, can now begin.

    We do not yet have an enlightened society AKA a cleared planet.

    But with dm almost gone — we have the potential to achieve one, using LRH’s unadulterated tech. (along with other wisdom traditions 🙂


  7. Scientology works if applied standardly.
    This is true for Group-Dianetics-Sessions, too.

    We’re faced with lots of stupidity these days but this is the indicator that the process is running well and finally the charge will blow off.
    We see the results of combined efforts of Group Auditors, starting with scientology-cult.com, Marty, Mike, Amy, the other ex-Int Staff and since Debbie Cooks e-mail the process is running even faster.

    Here comes the next command: Look behind the curtain!

  8. Karma’s a bitch huh Davey? Turn the world into your enemy and sooner or later it’s gonna bit you in the butt!

  9. moneca ryane

    +1,000,000 I am right there with Brian and so is my husband!

    Time to use that ‘intention’ we all spent so much time and money acquiring.

  10. “Starting new lives in San Antonio, Texas, after working decades for the Church of Scientology, they picked up the phone in August 2009 and were stunned when church security officer Kathy True said she and two other staffers were in town to see them. ”
    Well well well. Wasn’t Kathy True the busy bee in August 2009? On August 14th 2009, not only was she sent to get Debbie and Wayne under control but she was also frantically texting my ex husband in Acapulco to discover the exact whereabouts of myself and my daughter. We took pity on her and decided to help her out: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oops – my mistake – took a whole other year for Kathy to get to my ex husband – Oh well – leave it up. Same pattern and a great story 😀

  12. This may be slightly off topic, but I’ve been very concerned lately for S.O. members currently on post, who don’t have the first clue of what steps to take next, even though they know that things are very wrong. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  13. Expected response from the Church lawyers. Waste time dickering over the rules and limitations for engagement. This is not about truth. It is about who prevails. It will be interesting to see if the Court will go along with limiting who Debbie can hire to help her case.

    Oooooo, they really do hate Mike and Marty. They are just squirming with hatred.

    The Church’s strategy to keep people from talking to one another is falling apart. Now, the best that they can do is try to keep members from talking to people outside of the Church. Weird strategy, in that the Church’s survival requires that there be outreach.

  14. Brian,

    I duplicate and fully agree that seeing the end result we all know is right, ethical and true is the way to postulate. Also, while this Scientology matter is a serious situation, definitely don’t BE serious about it. Postulates respond to higher tone levels in my experience.

    And, to God above (if you exist)….if you’re listening, please do the right thing here! Why? Well, because, dammit…..too many good people have stepped forward and risked their own necks to bring about truth. Too much damage has gone on for too long and you aren’t holding up your end, God. I’m now holding you accountable. So let’s go already!!!

    Now, back to us humans. See DM as already gone and all the trapped souls in his cult set free so that they can become valuable members of society once again. Many have done extremely hard work to achieve this along practical application and action lines. Now we need to reap the rewards from the end result of truth and justice.

    The end.

  15. Tony DePhillips

    It’s pretty bizzare that when in the cult of miscabbage we were sec checked within an inch of our lives and at great expense. I got from that at the time that they really wanted me as clean as a wolfs tooth. On the other hand it is clear that dm is lying, has blood on his hands and is withholding like crazy. Yet somehow, the other churchies see this as ok?? Boggles the mind.

  16. I laugh at the Co$ whining that it has no staff or representatives in the state of Texas, so it shouldn’t have to move forward in a standard Texas litigation time frame. You brought the suit there, doofuses! You can’t now complain that the venue is inconvenient _when you chose the venue_!

    Oh no! Written materials from a public court proceeding that are documents in the public record have been placed on a “media Internet site”!

    Uh, Co$, you can’t leverage a motion for SJ into a protective order when the court hasn’t ruled on the motion for SJ yet! Your mere allegations about duress not mattering and your glossing over the unenforceability of the liquidated damages provisions of the NDA don’t mean you get a protective order.

    I’m not a great litigator and I haven’t done it in a long time. I was never a bigtime court whiz. But I know amateur hour when I see it. This is just embarassing.

  17. This is the most amazing ongoing account of what it takes to audit the 3rd Dynamic. The truth is treated like some slippery eel buried in wads and wads of legalities.
    As a child we are often trained somewhat punitively at times to accept and introduce honesty and fairness into our dealings in life. Punishment for infractions is swift and inevitable. Yet when we reach some magical legal age a whole new set of nebulous rules begin to apply, And now with overwhelming evidence of systematic human rights abuses by the Church of Scientology management and the vast amounts of money involved, honesty is not the issue but rather how to avoid being honest.
    Surely the legal system represents some value of transperancy and gives some integrity back to the abused – if it doesn’t just what is it’s purpose? This may be a simplistic view and plea but geeze, just look at how complex honesty is…
    Best of luck Debbie & Wayne.

  18. Love you, WH.

  19. martyrathbun09

    By the way, anybody seen a Flag Service Consultant Office in either the Dallas Org or Austin Org?

  20. Michael Fairman

    Beautifully stated. I am in compete agreement

  21. Sam–I remember something by Ron about the “only one” fighting all the other dynamics and thus being overwhelmed. It sure is looking that way for you-know-who!

  22. I imagine there will be picketers around the FH and such, with signs that say, “You can come out now! Ollee Ollee Oxen Free!” (that’s the signal when children play hide and seek that they can now come out without losing.)

  23. If they want out and know about Marty and have no resources, I would think they could contact Marty and there would be Independents who would step up to help them..

  24. WH, I like your viewpoint. My view on the gun thing is backed by LRH’s Code of Honor point #12, “NEVER FEAR TO HURT ANOTHER IN A JUST CAUSE.” Good point to remember.
    Altho’ I would never admit or say I would kill someone in self defense, it is more appropriate to say that I would do my best to stop someone attacking me in self defense and use whatever means it took to do so. If that were to involve a gun then it’s application would be to stop with as little lethal effect as possible.
    Mat Pesch on the other hand being a formidable golden gloves boxer in his day has never needed a gun when attacked but taken great pleasure in a good workout…..in self defense. I remember when we watched boxing films after renos just to study the technique.
    I miss Mat!

  25. Michael Fairman

    The rat has been cornered and is now up on its hind legs gnashing its teeth. Making its rat noises, its fevered mind believes it is facing a single kitten. It cannot and will not see it is face to face with a pride of LIONS.

  26. ThetaPotata

    [img src=”http://i1110.photobucket.com/albums/h458/IdealSeattle/chillebemail.jpg “]
    Jzizzle… Meet Chill E.B. – There is definitely a new face on the IAS. I wonder if we’ll be seeing wholetrack storm trooper looking guys in Riot Gear down the road? It amazes me how far off the rails DM has gone. I’ve got nothing against Rap guys but do you think that they actually surveyed the public to have “Chill E.B.” out promoting the IAS? These are the decisions of someone bent on destruction. DM is truly a textbook case of what happens to someone who can’t stop committing overts. Maybe they can come up with a new stat “Gangsta’s in the Shop.”

  27. martyrathbun09

    I do too, except for his upper cut.

  28. Sherb,

    Great view!

    That was a good read.

  29. Let’s also not forget that Cook’s discovery requests are relevant to her counterclaim. The Co$ is ignoring the counterclaim completely and asking for a protective order based solely on its own action. That dog will refuse to hunt.

    Discovery disputes are typical in any civil litigation and they are part of the game. What is not typical is running to the court for a protective order, especially this early in litigation. Usually the attorneys work these things out via negotiation. Judges do not like discovery disputes, and I can’t imagine that he or she will be pleased to have to deal with the Co$ discovery motion.

  30. Red: I definitely believe in protecting oneself, family and country from being overtaken by the tyrants and criminals of the world and have often been thankful that I wasn’t drafted during VIetnam —

    Love the story of Mat. In my buddhist tradition was have a “military” arm that serves to protect the community, the high level teachers and the Sakyong and his family. Those in his inner circle are more highly trained but none carry guns.

    The problem with guns is simply – “stop with as little lethal effect as possible” sounds good when you are calm and collected. Might be less possible during an assault and you do kill someone.

    Not something I wish to have as part of my mind-stream/karma this lifetime. Have had plenty in previous lives. Fact is, I am going to die – inevitably. The person who kills me, has just sped up the inevitable.

    BUT it’s NOT inevitable that I kill someone this lifetime. So, I choose not to own a gun. But, I do own a formidable watch dog 🙂 – 1/2 chow and they guarded temples and kings for eons.


  31. Actually Mr. E.B. is quite talented and has a nice voice. I think I would really enjoy one of his concerts. I also think he is going to be really pissed when he finds out the truth about the IAS. Let’s hope he looks soon.

  32. Message for DM from a proud Texan – the unofficial Texas State song:
    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
    All the live long day.
    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
    You can not get away.
    Do not think you can escape them
    At night or early in the morn-
    The Eyes of Texas are upon you
    ‘Till Gabriel blows his horn.

    I’m saving the official Texas State song till later…

  33. At least for So members,they don’t know about Marty and the majority won’t even know about Debbie or the court case. Only OSA and External Security staff would know and even among those ranks the numbers are limited. Maybe a few at the Int Base know because DM briefed them on some facets in his daily rants about all those despicable apostates out there, but that still wouldn’t paint the real picture – only DM’s picture.

    For 95% of SO members they would stand in shock learning about all this only after the fact. Until that happens they are in the majority clueless unfortunately.

  34. Mr Neil, and any other that ‘wonders’.
    He can run and he can hide, but not for ever . . .

    Ex Brit Marine Commando SBS.

  35. Sam, that brings back memories!

  36. Not only that, but the CO$ connecting up with Louis Farrakahn and the black muslim organization, know for its anti-white and anti-semitic views.
    Farrahkahn: “Judaism is a gutter religion”.

  37. Rumor has it that Chill E.B. was a no-show at his recent supposed gig at Melbourne’s Idle Org. Does anyone have positive proof of whether he actually showed up or not? This was supposed to have been sometime in the last couple weeks.

    I liked the new stat category you’ve defined. But I wonder if staff will start to count any African-Americans that wander in the door as “Gangsta’s” in order to get their Thursday stats straight up and vertical. I would think the Nation of Islam members wandering in as a result of Alfrauddie Johnson’s outreach program might get annoyed if they knew they were being classified on the form as “Gangsta’s.”

  38. One thing that became clear to me today with these new filings, is that while Debbie, Wayne, and their team are requesting communication to resolve this matter, the Church is doing everything in their power to prevent communication.

    It is an observable truth that more communication, not less, is the road to resolving upsets. By this yardstick, one would have to assume that David Miscavige, and those who do his bidding, are not seeking any “resolution” aside from completely silencing their detractors.

    Truth is David Miscavige’s ultimate nightmare. The only way that David Miscavige can prevent the truth about his deep seated overts of magnitude ( of which he is well aware) from seeing the light of day, is to squash ANY AND ALL communication.

    And yet the seeking of truth is the route to ultimate enlightenment and spiritual freedom.

    It has been noted that “one’s communication level is their livingness level”

    David Miscavige is a dead man walking.

    It must really suck to be David Miscavige.

    Eric S

  39. ThetaPotata

    Byron – It really could be me… just being older and never “Cognited” on rap. I do realize that all rap guys are not the same and it’s not fair to lump them together. If the IAS stats suddenly jump from using Chill E.B. then I’ll have to admit that “Theta Rap” may have a place in future of Scientology promotion. If Chill E.B. has a realization about the suppression connected to the IAS then that would be even better!

  40. Tom Gallagher


    POB is the un-Ron.

  41. Damn I remember reading that too! Qual Ninja around? I’d love to know what that reference was!

  42. Marty, never saw a Flag Service Consultant Office in Austin for the years 1971 – 2001. Don’t think they have one now. But, lots and lots of tours personnel and registrars from Flag and the Ship. They don’t have any problem getting people there in record time for events! They grab the money and run!

  43. Agreed. But you never know….there could be just one looking for help here.

  44. Rory Medford

    DM is a coward, liar and a fake!

    The Great Pretender

    He will go down as one of the worst liars and twisters of truth in ALL of SCN and that is to include all of the SP’s he declared.

    Karma is a bitch

  45. Rory Medford

    Come on you fence people, JUMP over!

  46. Like Joe Stalin, DM got rid of anyone who opposed him the past 30 years. So, inside the Church with no opposition, I don’t think he has a plan B…

    But, unlike Joe Stalin, DM couldn’t send his opponents to the graveyard. Instead, he used lawyers and forced “escape” agreements to keep the dirt on top of this silent army.

    But, that silent army is rising up from the grave, like the ghouls in Michael Jackson’s Thriller, they are dancing in perfect unison, which is the beginning of Miscavige’s real nightmare.

  47. The damage has already been done. Debbie revealed on the witness stand the abuse to which she was subjected and the media picked it up and it is all over the world! David Miscavige knows that and is just trying to do what he can do to get a Summary Judgement before any more data comes out. He knows that further discovery would just make him further vulnerable for more publication of his crimes. If he gets denied the Summary Judgment, he will do whatever he can to bail, jump ship. Only problem is: with the counter-claim, Debbie and Wayne can proceed with Discovery. Discovery is the REAL WORLD VERSION of Security Checks, the thing David Miscavige has enforced upon others for so many years. He is backing himself into a corner where the court will be SEC-CHECKING HIM! I can’t think of anything more fun to watch, read or listen about. In the words of Sam: ” I’m gonna get my popcorn ready!”

  48. The church’s filing complains of having to bring somebody from out of state. This is laughable. How long did it take Tommy Davis to show up in Texas when JB blew in the the church’s non-existent blow drill.? Or the many others, i.e. Squirrel busters from out of state for months. The disingenuousness of these statements literally drips from the pages.

    Mr Spencer! You might spend a bit more time looking into just WHO your client really is before your reputation is further damaged.

    It won’t take but the merest glimpse at the CoS’s recent history to drive a stake through your arguments.

  49. I would like to add something for those who have never experinced auditing or are not Scientologists (real ones that is).
    Auditing is not directed at groups per se but the individual. It addresses you and your relationship to yourself, groups, family, the universe etc by releasing the accumulated traumas, misemotion and a whole heap of unwanted emotions and reactions. In essense it gives you back to you. It is very simple when done correctly and brings much relief but also raises your confront of life and gives a greater hope of a better future. It revitalises life.
    To witness the amount of lies, witheld honesty, dirty tricks and decieving in the name of religion and straight out $ theft by a corrupt management of the Church of Scientology is criminal and quite frankly disgusting.
    Please assist us to rid the corruption from our Church and set matters straight, enough is enough. There is more at stake here than an ‘us verses them.’ Everyone on this planet has a right to their own life but also a right to their own sanity – novel ideas maybe but worth fighting for.

  50. When you stop someone from committing an overt act, you are doing them a favor. The law recognizes this. If you have someone yelling at you, you stop them, if you see someone about to steal, you stop them. It’s a matter of necessary force. Society is not built on a vacuum; it is built on philosophy and accumulated wisdom; the right to defend oneself has deep roots, and should be exercised. Doing so is an issue of responsibility, which is an issue of choice and free will, reach and withdraw – honor, if you will – and as such, must be undertaken with careful consideration. My .22 cents.

  51. Oh, and the request for a Protective Order is asking for Protection from revealing more cirmes, and more details on the crmes, and the wider circumstances of the crimes. David Miscavige is asking for Protection from revealing more overts and withholds. (cirmes and hidden cirmes). Is the preclear squirming during the Sec check or what? Debbie, Wayne and Mr. Jeffrey, just continue the process. Don’t forget to add: “I am not auditing you.”

  52. + for to the point!

  53. You might enjoy the movie “Brown Sugar” if you want to cognite on rap/hiphop. Cast includes Mos Def, Queen Latifah, Tae Diggs.

  54. Ronnie Bell

    I wonder if staff will start to count any African-Americans that wander in the door as “Gangsta’s”

    I’m black, and I really, really despise the politically correct term, ‘African-American’. I wasn’t born hyphenated. I’m as American as the next guy, despite the fact that some of my ancestors were from Africa. The last person in my family who even remembered Africa, was probably born in the early 1800s.

  55. Ronnie Bell

    When I first heard that the CoS had invited the NOI into our churches, I nearly panicked. I’ve known those people since I was a youngster, and they’re not the sort of group that any sane church management would seek alignment with.

  56. Post Miscavige Scientology cannot arrive soon enough.
    With all this tech for solving problems of mankind, why on Earth
    the carnage of lawyers, PI’s,the “Hole” news , etc. COB Sir ?

  57. Golden gloves boxer? I’ve heard this before but its not true. I think someone has me mixed up with another New Yorker, a guy named Mike Tyson. Some say we look similar.

    I have done some boxing for fun but that’s all. I did get to wrestle at just about every weight class starting at 76 pounds….

  58. TroubleShooter


  59. Totally agree Windhorse, totally.

  60. martyrathbun09

    You looked like Chuck Wepner when I got through with you.

  61. LOL!

  62. martyrathbun09

    Course, you know the truth – I retired from our noon time sparring the day you nearly put my lights out.

  63. Wise observations.

  64. “Ex Brit Marine Commando SBS.”

    Wow. Respect to you, sir. DM does NOT want to be messing with you 🙂


  65. I worried about that for a long time – look what happens to SO members who are no longer capable of being on post. If it were colder in Florida and LA, they would send them off on ice floes.

    That said, if anyone can figure out how to live on nothing and make things go right, SO members can. It will not be like one day there are orgs, and SO berthing, and all that, and the next day DM is gone and the entire church is also gone. There will be turmoil when DM is asked to leave the buildings, but turmoil is not new to Scientology. And, they will have their family and friends back, as well as a wealth of new friends.

  66. 🙂

  67. Or the anti-Ron. +1

  68. Love this comment Mr. Clear as a Ronnie Bell. You are refreshingly straightforward and have a wonderful sense of the rightness of things. Really happy to have you around these parts. 🙂

  69. “and they’re not the sort of group that any sane church management would seek alignment with.”

    Sounds like something MESTcavige would do.

  70. This whole thread reminds me of Tony Orgtega’s vid of DM’s very embarrassing speech announcing the Inglewood Org.

  71. TroubleShooter


  72. Tony Ortega, sorry.

  73. I predict Colombia as a possible home for CoS / COB in exile.

    Indications: Using Freewinds for military exercises, having a Colombian military guy (as good as he may be on rights) as one of a small number of human rights speakers, and so on.

    I hear $1,000,000,000 can buy you a lot of protection and luxury in some countries. And there’s probably more money than that salted away not even counting real estate (no inside knowledge, just a hunch).

  74. Ronnie, what an incredibly refreshing statement.

    This would be such a wonderfully different country if all those whose “ancestors were from Africa” (and other places as well) viewed life the way you do.

    Not to get the political thing started again, but the intentional creation and maintenance of a culture of victimhood has done a real disservice to millions of people.

  75. I wonder if David Miscaviage knows that… all this just might go away, if he were only to resign?

    If he were to leave, go away, promise never to return, so much of this would go by the way side. I can’t see everything going away, but certainly the lion’s share.

  76. George M. White


  77. one of those who see


  78. Yes, its class! This case is so going to blow up for the CoS.

  79. Another Layier

    “The Church’s strategy to keep people from talking to one another is falling apart. Now, the best that they can do is try to keep members from talking to people outside of the Church. Weird strategy, in that the Church’s survival requires that there be outreach.”

    Great point! Once again demonstrating that the Miscavige Administration has no clue about and cannot function within the reality of present-time. Instead, it’s engulfed in smoke and mirrors imagery of a battle that has been over for a really looooong time.

  80. one of those who see

    Marty, Mike and Debbie still on purpose, still taking responsibility for Ron’s Scientology. I saw a video of Mary Freeman being interviewed. Mary is a highly trained Auditor who trained under LRH. She said that she stayed going straight. The Church veered off. The same is true for Marty, Mike and Debbie.

  81. “’Curiouser and curiouser!’ Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English). ’Now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!’ (for when she looked down at her feet they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting so far off).”

  82. Tom Gallagher


    My take on this ongoing, seemingly unending nightmare, is that POB, the un-Ron, is on an autopilot, criminally psychotic, terminal, self-destruct mode.

    We’ll collectively look back on this nightmarish saga with our collective jaws on our chests.

    Then we’ll get back into gear as one. Then again, that’s already happening.

    Free market independence is POB’s undoing; fuck his Rockefeller-like monopoly.

  83. Ronnie, I like you! You are a straight shooter!!

  84. The church’s filing complains of having to bring somebody from out of state. This is laughable. How long did it take Tommy Davis to show up in Texas when JB blew in the the church’s non-existent blow drill.? Or the many others, i.e. Squirrel busters from out of state for months. The disingenuousness of these statements literally drips from the pages.

    Ann, good eye!! that about sums it up. One day real soon this shit is going to stop.

  85. Random Stranger

    The only thing about ‘black’ is that you ain’t black. If you were black, man you’d be the color of coal or India ink. You’re like…brownish. I’ve never seen an actual black person, not in a photo and not even in person in Africa. Some highlights of purple in the darker brown approximate black but never quite get there.

    On the other hand, whites ain’t white either, otherwise they’d look like Casper the Friendly Ghost or chalk. Whites are like…pinkish beige-tan, sometimes with orange and occasionally grayish, but highlights of green and red are quite visible.

    The proper terms of course are Caucasian and Negroid. Caucasian just plain sounds weird and Negroid is at the root of the N word and so it’s radioactive and seems to be impolite.

    So what’s left? Brown and Beige. More accurate. And new and different. People like new and different. Maybe it’ll catch on.

  86. Random Stranger


    ✔ 1) Silver-handled ankle derringer

    ✔ 2) Flip-out Maxwell Smart Shoe Knife

    ✔ 3) .22 caliber shooting cufflinks

    ✔ 4) Bullet-proof thong

    ✔ 5) Bullet-proof t-shirt

    ✔ 6) Bullet-proof dress shirt

    ✔ 7) Bullet-proof jacket

    ✔ 8) Bullet-proof tie

    ✔ 9) Poison-spray tie clasp

    ✔ 10) Telescoping baton pen

    ✔ 11) Spring-loaded wrist stiletto

    ✔ 12) Land-mine-proof shoe lifts

    ✔ 13) Kevlar-lined dress pants

    ✔ 14) Lead-filled slapping gloves

    ✔ 15) Copper-clad brass knuckles with spikes

    ✔ 16) Water bottle with Easy-Aim Laser-Sight™ attachment

    ✔ 17) Mini-grenade-launching belt buckle

    ✔ 18) Clip-on steel knee-caps

    ✔ 19) Pocket-pictogram of secret emergency eye signals

    ✔ 20) Remote control for Propel-a-Pope Quik-Xcape Rocket-Powered Podium-Launcher™

  87. I’d say, “Make my day, Punk”, then blow their head clean off.

  88. Debbie’s lawyer can point out the contract was made null and void when the Church breeched their end of it. Didn’t they send someone to D and W neighborhood to harrass, threaten and interogate them? When Debbie and Wayne signed those contracts, they were led to believe the torture and harrasment was over. But no, someone had the bright idea to send someone down to harrass and interogate them, which frightened them so much they bought a gun! THIS was where the contract Debbie and Wayne had signed was made null and void. By the Church itself. Debbie and Wayne have no contract with the Church. It was nullified when the Church breeched it by sending a parole officer to Texas to carry on an investigation against them.

  89. Ronnie Bell

    DM is the keystone that is holding the arch of evil upright. Once he goes, the whole rotten structure will fall. Only then will the white hats be able to return and restore our church to its rightful state of beingness.

  90. Very powerful statement Ron. Thanks Ron the American. I also find an offense to the term “Oriental”. I am a Canadian and proud of it.

  91. Ronnie Bell,
    I, apparently like everybody else who has posted on this blog, admire where you are coming from. You said,
    “I wonder if staff will start to count any African-Americans that wander in the door as “Gangsta’s”. I’m black, and I really, really despise the politically correct term, ‘African-American’. I wasn’t born hyphenated. I’m as American as the next guy, despite the fact that some of my ancestors were from Africa. The last person in my family who even remembered Africa, was probably born in the early 1800s.
    And then you said,
    “When I first heard that the CoS had invited the NOI into our churches, I nearly panicked. I’ve known those people since I was a youngster, and they’re not the sort of group that any sane church management would seek alignment with.”

    In the 1960’s a bunch of SPs put a bullet through the head of Martin Luther King. They could not stand the fact that he was a man with dark skin who insisted that he and others who have dark skin (in particular), as well as all other people have God-given inalienable rights. These SPs and others have been trying ever since to anoint one group after another in the press as the “opinion leaders” of “black people” to replace him. It will never work. People know that MLK was a champion of inalienable rights for all human beings. A free people do not need “opinion leaders” to form an opinion or see truth.
    And I appreciate you speaking your truths.


  92. +2 However, I WAS drafted in 1971 and decided to join the Navy band (I was starting music school at the time). Fortunately, Nixon ended the draft a week before I signed the enlistment papers. I have to admit I was a bit worried that I would have to learn how to kill people with my clarinet in the event of hand-to-hand (or instrument-to-instrument) combat 🙂

  93. P.S. Do you remember the televised draft lottery?

  94. Ronnie Bell

    I’m thrilled to be here, Mike. I want to give you, Marty, Steve, and Debbie a galaxy-wide Thank You! for pulling all of the white hats together like you’ve done.

    I know you all probably won’t want to accept any sort of awards from us when this sordid chapter of church history is behind us, but that’s just too bad. You’re gonna get ’em anyway 🙂

  95. one of those who see

    Wanted to make sure I was clear. Like Mary Freeman, Marty, Mike and Debbie stayed going straight – The Church veered off.

  96. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks Publius. Labeling black Americans as ‘African-Americans’ is just a devious way to further individuate and disassociate blacks away from the rest of the American third dynamic. So is the rest of the ‘multi-cultural’ agenda.

    Split the stongest, freest group of people on the planet along racial lines, to weaken them and cause infighting amongst them. That’s just pure evil. I’m sure that DM approves.

  97. Ronnie Bell

    A lot of people in this country forget our national motto: E Pluribus Unum, which means, ‘from many, one.’ All of this recent insistence upon labeling people by their racial or national ancestry, is simply an attempt to divide and destroy the group.

  98. Ronnie Bell

    I saw a video of Mary Freeman being interviewed. Mary is a highly trained Auditor who trained under LRH. She said that she stayed going straight. The Church veered off.

    I wrote a letter to my non-Scientologist family members to explain my recent decision to disconnect from the corporate church. That was exactly how I put it to them. I didn’t move. The church did.

  99. Transporter

    Slightly off target but of significance…”Life Force School” the Scn run charter school in Dunedin was given notice today. It shuts down in 90 days. The Pinellas County School Board voted to terminate its charter.

  100. Ronnie Bell

    MLK was leading black Americans in the direction of full equality with their fellow Americans. He did it through the teaching of timeless principles of freedom, liberty, self-respect, harmony, love, and so forth. He was educating people and raising their ARC and KRC. And, he was getting results.

    Sadly, the SPs had different plans for black Americans, and could not allow MLK to free their slaves like that. Today, we see the fruits of those SPs’ create on full display in the black community.

  101. Ronnie Bell

    Do you remember the televised draft lottery?

    Boy, do I. They ran the draft lottery numbers on TV on my eighteenth birthday. My number was 16. I was an Army Brat, and my dad had already done three tours of Nam, so I knew better than most kids what I’d be getting into if I was called.

    I never was, thank God.

  102. Back in the day of the draft, they didn’t draft women. So I was in luck; however, I was very worried for my younger brother.

    And no — I don’t remember the televised draft.

    Cute story though about the clarinet combat, thanks.


  103. Tony DePhillips

    Well said Ronnie!!

  104. Tony DePhillips

    I like the way you think man.

  105. “…turmoil is not new to Scientology.”
    Yes, I can attest to that, Grasshopper.

    And there’s plenty more to come:
    thousands of staff and public waking up to massively contradictory versions of the church, Scientology and LRH,
    vested interests, both in and out of the church, currently plotting and scheming, even as we speak, for a foothold of power and a handful of profit (DMs inner circle, OSA, government agencies, speculators),
    legal and financial travails which await,
    determined hostility from some really quite nasty people to the re-emergence of Scientology,
    floods of cases anxious for repair,
    confusion over right and wrong tech, admin and ethics,
    time-bombs and traps that miscavige is sure to leave behind, and may even be cooking up right now.

    We weren’t prepared when LRH moved on, but we’re older and wiser now (Reach and Withdraw). That’s the good news. Plus there are many learned exes that will hopefully offer their help to restore Scientology. Confusion will be blowing off when order and stable data get put in. I believe we have good hearts and the job can be done. Just like the old days, we’ll have to roll our sleeves up and get on with it.

    There are certainly conflicts of interest just below the horizon as a new dawn comes to Scientology, and the darkness of The Anti-Ron fades into yesterday.

    Since coming out I’ve been shocked at what horrors drench the internet about the church. But I’m not ashamed of LRH and will happily fight my corner for the gains to be had with his tech.

    Randomity in Scientology? You betcha! Bring it on!

    Richard Kaminski

  106. Mike Hobson

    Mr. Bell,

    Never forget that the keystone of an arch is upheld by the other stones of the arch. Darth Midget did not gain power over what is now the Church of Black Scientology without those who are now there giving it to him.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  107. Hey Ronnie,

    I’m proud to have such a sane communicator as yourself on this blog.

    As a 44 year-old white male I remember learning in school, around ’73, that MLK had been shot because of his message and the color of his skin. I couldn’t think with it. I had black kids sitting right there beside me and to me they were simply my friends.

    Thus, I never undervalue the effect MLK had upon me either. I’d guess many (although not enough), white people would agree.

    I hate racism and that includes the racism going on in Corporate Scientology against anyone who doesn’t fall in line.


  108. Amen Ronnie

  109. barney rubble

    Very nice take on a quite complicated subject matter Ron. I appreciate it very much. Stay tuned for new news from my own end of things,coming on this blog soon.

  110. It’s from Fundamentals of Thought, the chapter The Reason Why.

  111. Pass the Scotch

    From the latest Impact (“The Magazine of the International Association of Scientologists”), Issue 130, page 46:

    “Not only is the creation of Inglewood Ideal Org the first phase in the realization of LRH’s dream for bringing his technology to the urban community but it is also realizing the postulates of many great leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Rosa Parks.”

    So in the mind of David Miscavige, Dr. Martin Luther King (Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of the greatest men in the history of mankind) and Rosa Parks (freedom fighter and one of the most courageous women of our time) share the same category as Louis Farrakhan (anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic rabble-rouser).

    Miscavige sure chooses some strange partners to sleep with…

    Karl Riehl

  112. Karma is a bitch. But with auditing and ethics conditions one’s Karma can be managed very well. If DM were removed from the Church lines as an official Chairman of a corporation, would he then come in for auditing and training? I cannot envision him as a student or a P.C. coming into an Org for service. That in itself is telling. I don’t think he has any experience really as public. Nor as a Org or Mission staff member. Nor as a business owner. He obtained a managment position. He has a duty to manage effectively .
    The root of the word “innocent” : Middle English, from Old French, from Latin innocns, innocent- : in-, not; see in-1 + nocns, present participle of nocre, to harm; see nek-1 in Indo-European roots = NOT TO HARM. He has a long history of harming people and harming the company called CofS.
    He has a very limited view and very limited experience in this theatre and was not the most qualified person for the job, only the most ambitious. Most people in this theatre are in it to get up the bridge, and to get others up the bridge. He was just in it for other reasons and other people didn’t see it until it was out of hand. But I’ll tell you who saw it best, the public. The public for the most part have not liked him and not trusted him. The only people at his command are the people at Int and the CMO staff. The other staff run damage control on his influence as best they can. That is far less than 2% of the Scientology population. Maybe .0000002%, if that. They are hugely out numbered. Funny, as they are “only ones” in identity. The “only ones” with certain power and privilage. That is their purpose.

  113. RB – Very astute observation.

  114. What a wonderful concept about warriorship, WH. Thanks for sharing this.
    As for carrying a gun, that is a huge responsibility and I think that if one were going to carry that one would have to become very skilled in its use, skilled enough to use it not necessarily to kill but to protect oneself without killing by doing what DM and Scn Inc do daily with their steady stream of footbullets. A footbullet doesn’t kill though I think DM’s demise will be death from a 1000 footbullets.

  115. Okay, RSer, that one had me laughing out loud. Where can I buy an Easy-Aim-Laser-Sight?

  116. I note that the SPs offed MLK only when he began talking about economic issues. The last year or so of his life he started talking about a bigger picture that oppresses blacks, whites, reds, browns, yellows, anybody–capitalism as currently practiced by the SPs in the 1%. Note to Publius: capitalism is not inherently evil but that insane people make it so.

  117. That is really one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen at an event.

    Man, the sooner we get rid of this idiot, the better.

  118. Windhorse.
    Beautifully written and spoken.

  119. I’m right with you brian. 6:38my time

  120. I’m sure they would have done better if not for the ridiculous crap pushed down on them by David Miscavige and his sad gang.

  121. George M. White

    It was a very serious affair. I ended up on a mountain in South Korea in 1969. Thirteen month tour was cut to 12 when Nixon started to reduce troop levels.

  122. Dear OSA
    I know you’re under a lot of pressure what with the whole Debbie Cook thing going down and all of your Dear Leader’s crimes getting exposed but would you PLEASE stop wrong-targeting your own public!
    I don’t mind THAT much – you’re doing a lot of our work for us but FFS slow down! I can’t keep up with all the people you’re kicking out!

  123. LOL Well, obviously I managed to miss your gender somewhere along the way – my apologies. However, I’m glad that was cleared up – now it won’t take me nearly as long to find you at the picnic in July! 🙂

  124. I was in college at the time and my number came up: 336. No way was I going anywhere, except back to my HSDC at the Berkeley Mission.

  125. martyrathbun09

    I’m with ya, if I had to register it would be “mongrel.”

  126. …..would he then come in for auditing and training?
    You must be kidding. He belongs in an orange jumpsuit for the rest of his life and the most he should be able to do is get on the Crimonon program.

  127. Yep, my number was 53; they were drafting into the 150s that year. It’s one of those things you never forget. I was very much against the war and considered auditioning for an open bass clarinet position in the Vancouver Symphony at the time. However, I decided it was still my civic duty to serve when called and hoped I could do so in a non-combative capacity – my father was a WWII vet/Normandy invasion survivor, which also weighed heavily in my decision.

  128. Oh, I heard this speech before.
    Just compare with this video.

  129. Random Stranger

    Officially Occidental.

  130. Random Stranger

    Acme Hi-Tech Tool & Novelty Company. Free shipping.

  131. Random Stranger

    There’s a special this week only on the Propel-a-Pope Quik-Xcape Rocket-Powered Podium-Launcher™.

  132. I recently got a phone text message from an accomodations rege at Flag. I texted back that DM had imprisoned and abused Debbie. That DM has gone psycho. That should he decide to escape there was lots of help waiting for him. That he should spread the word to other SO that there is an underground railroad which will help any and all.

    My small attempt to get the word into the organization. Reges are given cell phones so they can contact public without the base number coming up on caller ID. I doubt their incoming text messages are screened. I think I’ll look back and see who else I still have cell numbers for.

  133. Personally I take offense to the term ‘beige’. It just sounds so …blah. And ‘pinkish’ is way too girly for an old warrior like me. I think I’d like to be known as ‘muted orange’.

  134. I have only one thing to say Windhorse: yes!

  135. Well maybe one more thought Windhorse. I am not a pacifist. I would use lethal force to protect the innocent. In fact I consider it an overt of omission to not protect the innocent.
    I am a practicing yogi not just exercise. I have been meditating for 40 years. I resolve issues always peacfully.
    But if you practiced non violence with a hungry tiger, you’d be mulling over pacifist philosophy in his stomach.
    The only reson Gandhi’s approach worked with the English is because the English were the English.
    That approach to Hitler would have been a joyous celebration of death and distruction for him. A murderous cakewalk.
    Windwalker, google “Dalai Lama escapes Tibet” then google images. His guards aren’t carrying roses.

  136. Orange jumpsuit? Surely too fine an attire for someone on the RPF RPF.

  137. <Oooooo, they really do hate Mike and Marty. They are just squirming with hatred.

    They are squirming in FEAR. Certainly there is hatred but they FEAR what they bring to the case.

    Deep Down, DM is AFRAID. The rage, the abusiveness, the bullying, it is all FEAR based. DM is a coward and uses money and intimidation to get others to provide a backbone for his support as he has none of his own.

  138. Mike Hobson

    Dan, I put a Crimson Trace Laser Grip on my Beretta:


    Not cheap, though.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  139. Marty, just thought of something ..(you can print this or not for obvious reasons) but In searching for an employee within the state, it seems to me that the autonomous FBO would be perfect. They make it known constantly they do not work for the org. Other than amassing funds as I/C for all the Idle Org programs, they are responsible for getting public to FLAG. Unless of course DM has nothing at all to do with Int Finance. lol Last I heard there was an FBO on at Dallas, named Dave, he’s lived in Dallas and worked there forever. Not sure about now. Not sure about Austin Org.

  140. Ronnie Bell

    Wow. What a great idea, Yvonne.

    As we know, many staff are even more in the dark about what’s really going on ‘over the rainbow’, than the public is. Having read so many testimonials from former S.O. staff who wanted desperately to leave, how encouraging would it have been for any of them to get such a private message from outside the razor wire?

  141. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks, Barney, but I don’t believe the subject is complicated at all. If you were born here, or you were legally naturalized, then you’re an American – same as the rest of us. Not a Hyphen-American. An AMERICAN. Period. Full stop.

  142. Ronnie Bell

    Mongrel? Boy, you ought to see my family tree. I should register as Neapolitan (as in ice cream!)

  143. Ronnie Bell

    Never forget that the keystone of an arch is upheld by the other stones of the arch. Darth Midget did not gain power over what is now the Church of Black Scientology without those who are now there giving it to him.

    True. The arch stones and the keystone are in a corrupt symbiotic relationship. If either of them crack, or remove themselves, the whole thing will fall. The only question is, who will crack, or remove themselves first?

  144. Ronnie Bell

    I’m thinking that’s going to be my next gun-related purchase. Just seeing that red dot on their body would cause most aggressors to break off their attack. And if it doesn’t, at least my grouping will be tight afterwards.

  145. Ronnie Bell

    I remember learning in school, around ’73, that MLK had been shot because of his message and the color of his skin. I couldn’t think with it.

    Isn’t it interesting that we had to come this far down the track to discover that those who shot MLK weren’t the ones we thought they were? No – the very same forces who claim to be standing up for black people and ‘helping’ them, are the ones who have MLK’s blood on their hands.

    Sorta the same valence as a certain POB.

  146. Ronnie Bell

    So in the mind of David Miscavige, Dr. Martin Luther King (Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of the greatest men in the history of mankind) and Rosa Parks (freedom fighter and one of the most courageous women of our time) share the same category as Louis Farrakhan (anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic rabble-rouser).

    Where’s the ‘like’ button?

  147. Ronnie Bell

    A little birdie told me last night that there’s a fresh sheet of goldenrod with my name on it at my local org.

  148. martyrathbun09

    Congratulations Ronnie. If you catch a glimpse let us know what you find out.

  149. martyrathbun09

    Family reunions at Mosey’s are like a Rainbow Coalition convention.

  150. martyrathbun09

    Good point. How many generations does an Italian, Irish, etc roots person use the old root and hyphen?

  151. Congrats! Coincidentally, a beautiful swan gave me similar news two days ago! 🙂

  152. Mike Hobson

    Here’s to the Indie Texas Rangers:

  153. I agree Bryan, seriousness spoils the fun. Life is fun, being good is fun, fighting evil is fun, being happy is fun, resolving suffering can be fun with the right knowledge.
    And my personal perceptions of God is not that it is above as you say, but within and without. The Dreamer dreams His Dream, and we are that. We are the dreamer and the dream. What fun being a living being!!! Immortal and joyous!! Bodiless, spaceless, timeless and so happy to be!

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