Super Power Release – Ethics Repair List

One major portion of Super Power that L Ron Hubbard did directly see through to completion was the Ethics Repair List.

I wrote the following comment on a thread on this blog on 11 April 2011 concerning the Ethics Repair List:

Thanks. Do you think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that the ETHICS REPAIR LIST – as approved by L Ron Hubbard – is gonna be on that line up? Think about it. It ferrets out arbitrary, wrong condition assignments and ethics actions. The EP of that RD in this day and age, could be nothing but REVOLUTION against the Miscavige machine. It could be nothing but. Forget it, the original LRH Ethics Repair list will NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT, ever see the light of day. I know all about it. Used it to great effect. Miscavige has altered it beyond recognition already – I’d bet my life on it.

Well, I have to eat half my words.   I still hold that David Miscavige has done and will continue to do everything in his power to keep the Ethics Repair List from Corporate Scientology public.  However, due to the alert action of Independent Scientologists, what I consider the very most powerful step of Super Power – and one of the few that LRH wound up completing to final issue –  the Ethics Repair List is now available to the world.  Check the pre-reqs on it – just about anyone can be run on it.

I have seen “reconstructions” floating around the internet over the years – but none even resembled the Real McCoy.  Now, the real deal has surfaced.

I have used it several times to wonderful results years ago within the church and look forward to using it with even more spectacular results away from that oppressive environment.

LRH notes the following in the HCOB:


Nothing is more likely to exteriorize a pc than this list.

If the pc goes exterior during this list, do not audit past it, gently end off the session.

I hope you all have a heck of a lot of fun with this.

Ethics Repair List. *

* Download instructions from Michael Hobson:

The “DOWNLOAD” in big letters at the top of the page is *NOT* the hosted file. That is actually an embedded advert designed to fool you into downloading that other crap.

Theo, you ought to know better than to run any executable downloaded from a random website you don’t know anything about.

The PDF file you want is at the link labeled “Click here to start download from Sendspace”. It’s a PDF document, which is not executable.

Michael A. Hobson
Independent Scientologist


195 responses to “Super Power Release – Ethics Repair List

  1. How can you be out of Scientology this long, Mark and Marty, and choose not to recognize LRH as the Satanist he was? Your brain must decode only what it wishes to see, because I too grew up in Scientology, 30 yrs. worth, and I had no problem seeing LRH, the man I completely trusted all this time, was a con artist. I finally decided to stop lying to myself and find out the truth. You COULD do this too, ya know. You are CHOOSING not to see this, and you’re looking like morons with this ‘Independent’ Scientology movement. WAKE UP!!

  2. Who (level of training) can deliver this R/D?

  3. Well, after reading this blog for the last 2.5 years, I feel like I got at least half of the repair of ethics done. Thanks Marty.

    ML Tom

  4. Martin Gibson


  5. Nothing coming down from that link…

  6. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Marty this is great!!! Smoking, man!

    just a question, when i downloaded the file and tried to open it, a program Genieo was installed. is that normal? you know anything about this?

  7. martyrathbun09

    When a superior man hears of the Tao, he immediately begins to embody it.
    When an average man hears of the Tao, he half believes it, half doubts it.
    When a foolish man hears of the Tao, he laughs out loud.
    If he didn’t laugh, it wouldn’t be the Tao.
    -Tao Te Ching

  8. Boy was that hard to find! Couldn’t get there on my computer and still a maze on another computer. Whew!

  9. Crawl back under your rock. You just don’t get it.

  10. TroubleShooter


  11. 🙂
    yoda man [sic], Marty.

  12. Theo,

    Your computer did that itself. The download is a regular PDF with nothing fancy about it, so any old pdf reader will work just fine.

  13. Marty — this is a pure gem.
    Thank you so much. I have downloaded and OMG, can’t wait to use it.

    The whole subject of ethics has been completely corrupted and reversed by DM to a point where it no longer has to do with moving aside any ethics blocks that are preventing tech from going in. It is instead a body of technology that has been used to target, cave-in and destroy people. To nullify people so they can not in any way challenge “the power” (actually spelled d-e-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-o-n) of David Miscavige.

    Ethics has become a dirty word.

    Ethics — per LRH – is a personal thing. It is not a tool that is used by an executive to control and introvert and punish people. Yet that is what it has become in the last many years.

    This Rundown is pure gold.

    I will certainly do it — and I will run it on anyone who wants it. That is the least I can do for any part I played in the whole ethics mess.

  14. I think you be careful which link on sendspace to click. As is typical with websites like this that rely to some extent on ads, there are multiple links, some of which take you to a product they want you to buy. It is easy to click the wrong “download” button.

    The link you want is: “click here to start download from sendspace”. Don’t click any other of the “download” buttons.

  15. The installer did something I didn’t like. It wouldn’t let me uncheck certain boxes that would change my default search engine and homepage. Then, it wouldn’t let me close the application normally. Hmm…

    I’m just gonna let that download rest for a while until I hear more from tech savvy folks about it.

  16. Marty,
    Thanks very much, this is really awesome news and is a great discovery of the lost LRH tech!

    I did this rundown some time ago in the 90’s and was really blown out as having been on staff and the SO and way down the track; one does accumulate a lot of incidences of injustice and misapplied ethics. It took a while as we had to stop several times due to wins. Just an awesome LRH rundown which restores the power of a being for which I am grateful to have gotten.

    Definitely want others and urge everyone to pick up the cans if possible and do this rundown as the gains to be had on repairing this subject matter are simply spectacular!

  17. Classy reply, I truly admire your patience.

  18. thanks i downloaded it,…..and i’m very excited to start this as soon as possible……

  19. It ferrets out arbitrary, wrong condition assignments and ethics actions. The EP of that RD in this day and age, could be nothing but REVOLUTION against the Miscavige machine.

    Then you can rest assured that it will be squirreled in some fashion or another.

    It’s interesting to cogitate on whether POB made a mistake in releasing this rundown. If it does everything you say, then it was a suicidal order on his part. “Mistakes, Anatomy Of”, anyone?

  20. Hello Marty, I have one question.
    You said: “I have used it several times to wonderful results years ago within the church and look forward to using it with even more spectacular results away from that oppressive environment.
    Was you the only terminal to use this list or were there more auditors who run this list on pc’s?

    I only ask to understand how you did manage to use the list without having DM preventing you from doing just that.

    Kind regards,

  21. dk: Perhaps you misunderstand – we are not “out of Scientology”, we are out of David Miscavige’s cult. Our gains from application and receiving LRH processing are real and not to be denied. That is the truth for me, it doesn’t matter whatever stories exist or abound on LRH’s faults – he never said he was perfect and he wasn’t and working for him was not easy and not a walk in the park.

    Your decision is respected and this blog is about Moving on up a little higher, which ever way you can and choose to go.

  22. What a powerful list! I can’t believe this has been suppressed in the CoS! Oh, wait, yes I can. Just think of WHO might not want this list to be run on staff and then it all becomes clear why this is out of the lineup.

    BTW: I highly recommend listening to the State Of Man Congress; it spells out WHY this material will be suppressed by those with unclean hands.

  23. Doug, That is the most ironic comment ever. Made my day.

  24. Spectacular list, Marty. Thank you for making it available.

  25. Theo, it means you used the wrong link on that page. The “DOWNLOAD” in big letters at the top of the page is *NOT* the hosted file. That is actually an embedded advert designed to fool you into downloading that other crap.

    Theo, you ought to know better than to run any executable downloaded from a random website you don’t know anything about.

    The PDF file you want is at the link labeled “Click here to start download from Sendspace”. It’s a PDF document, which is not executable.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  26. Roberto,
    I emailed it to you.

  27. No, he wasnt the only one. I also had this list done on me by another auditor than Marty. LRH directed the piloting of the list and it was available to auditors at the Int Base. Miscavige could not oversee every session being done. If an auditor did it, he didnt necessarily know. He also was as mad dog as he is now. He has degenerated over the past 15 years…

  28. Theo, you have to be careful which link you click to download due to Ads put on the page.. The link is not a program, but a .pdf file.

  29. Mike,
    I seem to recall that this list was one of the basewide actions or something where all staff at the base were supposed to get the list done.

    Getting Superpower for all crew at the Int Base was mandated by LRH in the late 70s early 80s and suppressed by David Miscavige who preferred to target the transcriptions and other things involving the blind instead.

  30. martyrathbun09

    Probably the only terminal for many years. I had to debug some particular situations; and this list indicated and so I C/S’d for it and did it.

  31. martyrathbun09

    He hasn’t released anything yet. We are ahead of the curve – even on the 150 million plus Super Power project.

  32. When I first heard about superpower wins from Matt Feshbach, I was most impressed with his description of the Ethics Repair List. I am so happy to see that it is now available for all to use.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Thanks sharing your experience Sinar.

  34. Thank you Mike.
    This makes sense.
    It was long time ago when the list was run at the int-base and is out of sight since then.

    I agree with Marty that “The EP of that RD in this day and age, could be nothing but REVOLUTION against the Miscavige machine.

    And as soon as this guy is gone, this list could be an important tool in a possible “Reform Code Reinstallation Movement”.


  35. Freedom Fighter

    Boy, when I think of some of the stuff people have been put through by Miscavage’s regime — especially some of the Old Timers back in the early ’80s and you guys subject to the atrocities at the Int Base . . . this list is pure gold. Pure gold. May everyone who does this list experience the relief they so deserve. Thanks for finding it and making it available, Marty.

  36. It’s tricky. If you click the wrong “download” button you’ll get something you don’t want. Click the “click here to start download from sendspace”. It’s a blue link.

  37. Thank you.

  38. Good going Marty! I see you are getting some reads and originations from that repair list already!

  39. Finally! Someone putting out some exchange for all of the money begged for the Super Power Building! Thanks Marty!

  40. Ronnie Bell

    Yep, I see it now. Funny….I don’t normally miss that sort of thing. Guess I was in too much of a hurry to snag the file before it went down the ‘memory hole’.

    Much appreciated!


    …of course this list has to be suppressed in David Miscavige’s Official Church…
    Just imagine this list ran on all staff.

  42. “I have seen life from the top down and the bottom up. I know how it looks both ways. And I know there is wisdom and that there is hope. ”
    – LRH, from “My Philosophy”

  43. Tom Gallagher


    I’m not intending to be an evaluation, however I’d bet you have been previously assigned a wrong condition(s). Consider the intent & purpose of this update from Marty. Then take a walk. Breathe some fresh and look at this again.

    I wish you well

  44. Ronnie Bell

    He hasn’t released anything yet. We are ahead of the curve

    Gads, you’re right. I just carefully re-read your post. You never said that Miscavige is releasing this rundown. Sorry for my misduplication (how embarraskin…).

    Now it makes sense to me that the PDF is a color photocopy of an old-style HCOB. Thank you.

  45. You are absolutely right, Marty, in that this will NEVER be released by David Miscavige. Anyone who receives it, and is truly “in session”, would actually begin to lift the kool-aid valence he has worked so hard at creating in others. Seeing as this list is a part of SuperPower, it also explains why SuperPower has not been released…even aside from the finance con for the building.
    This list is wonderful, and I LOVE the beginning r-factor to be given as it shows the love and care that LRH has for the person receiving it.
    Thank you for this.

  46. +1

    “signs of success”

  47. Ronnie Bell

    Oh. My. God.

    I’m just reading the list of questions, and I’m experiencing all sorts of stuff blowing off! Unbelievable.

    I can only imagine how staff would be rehabilitated by having this run on them.

  48. Ronnie Bell

    I’m only at question # 15, and I want to weep. This is life changing stuff. Powerful doesn’t begin to describe it.

  49. Can you imagine if Ray Mithoff, Marc Yager, Heber and the others imprisoned in the hole, had someone run this on them now…wow. I wish I could do that for them…

  50. Wow Marty that is a powerful list….you just did the planet a huge favor!!!! I for one love you for it.

  51. Looks to me that a Level 3 auditor could do it.

  52. These Westerners….what could could know about matters of ancient magic , habits of shoguns , etiquette in the face of nobles and angry monks? They indulge in instant gratifications and hunger for Lordships without having commanded or driven any tribe to greatness. Neither good servants or great leaders, they linger as critics at a cock fight and long for
    adulation without sacrifice and Gods without faults. Do not permit yourself to be disturbed by the black magic with the stillness of the Heron, who waits until the fish forgets he is there to move forward. Only to be snapped into the long bill and used for personal eating habits.

  53. Thanks. Even with your excellent description I had a time finding it, but find it I did.

  54. Can somebody post the list in the comments section? I’ve got a glitch in my system for some weird reason.

  55. I had the same reaction to parts of the list. I think many will.

  56. The sensation of HOPE – just kind of hit me. Thanks.

  57. Captain Bob

    Lana, what is greatness?

  58. Ronnie Bell

    Bryan, do you have a PDF reader installed on your computer? Some folks don’t. If not, you won’t be able to open and view the document.

  59. Sinar, finally got to look it over after work, can see why DM does NOT want anyone getting this auditing–it would unravel all his hard work to enslave others!

  60. Freedom Fighter

    Yeah, no kidding, eh? Wow.

  61. Captain Bob

    DM since taking over the Church as decided all people are out-ethics in his eyes, and as such has targeted the wrong target. The target is the leaders of the countries who have been corrupted for whatever reason. Most people are good. And DM’s relentless IAS campaign and other campaign’s is bankrupting and preventing people from going up the bridge and leading happier lives. That’s how I see it.

  62. Bridgit Yavarosky and Ted Breggin–“HAVE YOU CONNED ANOTHER INTO SOMETHING?” Run E/S to F/N.

  63. Bryan, I can email you the copy sent to me.

  64. Tom Gallagher

    Holy Shamoly!

    On a quick read through of this ethics repair list, not only did I garner case gain, but I fully understand why that sawed-off, wannabee anti-Christ, hiding in Hemet, doesn’t want this to see the light of day.

    Thanks Marty for another historic moment. ‘Truth Revealed’?

    ‘Secrets Revealed’ would probably be a more accurate assessment why this was suppressed.

  65. Scott Campbell

    Eloquently and powerfully stated, Oracle.

  66. Just want to say that I read this blog daily. The information provided on this blog is liberating. Thank you Marty and all you bad ass independents.

  67. Scott Campbell


    Ethics repair is indeed among the most powerful and freeing Scientology techniques. Thanks for this pearl from LRH, buddy.

  68. Hey That’s a great post. I can really see the connection between KRC Optimum Survival and the Dynamics which gives one’s Power and makes one Exterior and to Prevail over whatever or even whomever. LRH comes through again.

  69. You are right with that you should never start an EXE file from some web page.
    But this link was designed to fool people into believing it was the right link to click, and even I clicked on it and only then realized when it wanted to save an EXE file that it was the wrong one. And I know my way around computers.
    There should be definitive warnings in the post above to tell the users which link is the right one to click or they might well download and install some adware crap or even something that is infested with a virus.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Great to hear from you again, stranger.

  71. Mike Hobson

    Mr. Kramer,

    What was your auditor training level after 30 years?

    How many Well Done Auditing Hours did you deliver in those 30 years?

    How many Preclears did you complete on their Grades in those 30 years?

    Our practice of Scientology is not even remotely contingent upon Ron Hubbard being a saint or a demi-god, Doug. In fact, it is not contingent upon Ron Hubbard’s personality, deeds or misdeeds at all.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  72. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I’ve added Michael’s download instructions to the post.

  73. martyrathbun09

    What, you don’t love me for my field trip companionship and story telling ability anymore?

  74. Marty, Thank you for this.

    I read the first few items – I was stunned

    Simply speechless …

    … and a big thanks to LRH for one helluva list

  75. Captain Bob

    Matt Feshbach who dealt with shorting stocks based on out-ethics of CEO fudging the numbers to make their company look good in the world of the make believe stock market in the make believe world of investing. Yes, he figured it out. He did a good thing actually. But the bottom line is he dealt in lies and made money doing so. Whereas the church is in Truth. Go figure.

    Big deal some fuk made a lot of money, and now that dude gets to do Super Power. What about the 30 year Scientology staff member that gave his all?

  76. 2012 – The year of changes.
    This is quite a huge gift to LRHs Birthday – expansion of delivery.
    Thank you Marty for sharing the data.

  77. Robert Earle

    Nice of you to speak up. You are most welcome to do so more often. We enjoy having more voices.


  79. Captain Bob

    And for that matter, is Matt Feshbach going to help clear the planet?

  80. Just as I was getting my fangs out, read Martys reply and had to bite my lip. It stung a little cause I was planning to use venom.
    Patience… Patience….

    But I concur with a later reply, it actually does not matter who, what, when or where. Freedom from the self imposed tortures is the goal. Freedom to attain happiness is the goal.

    A datum is as valuable as it is evaluated.
    Maybe you can analyse LRH’s works per datum. Per value of datum.
    Your comment was a generality. I think perhaps your certainty was shaken because it was based on believing LRH.
    “Don’t believe it just because I said it. Lazy bones.” LRH (London congress on Dissemination and Help & The Open Evening Lectures).

  81. Marty,
    This is fantastic news.
    I just reviewed it, and there’s no doubt about it – you couldn’t get that genuine aged look if you tried !
    LRH will be pleased to have it see the light of day. Of that I have no doubt.
    I am very excited to see it, and cannot wait to create wins for my PCs with it.
    THANK YOU !!!
    (and to whomever dug it out of their attic to provide it to us…)

  82. Freedom Fighter

    Ethics has become a dirty word.

    It’s true. Long before I got out of the RCS I had become totally disabused with ethics as it was applied in the “church”. It wasn’t until I did Mary (Maren) Freeman’s Integrity Program (, which is a standard application of LRH’s ethics tech — approved by LRH himself, that I began to embrace the ethics tech again. Mary’s mastery of this tech is mind blowing. I highly recommend that program to anyone.

  83. Random Stranger












  84. Wow! I can hardly focus enough to write. I went exterior somewhere between #1 and # 9! What an amazing gift to mankind.

  85. This is fantastic.
    I view the Ethics Repair List as just one example that displays the love LRH holds for mankind.
    I concur with you Marty that David Miscavige would never let this see the light of day. Why, because it would expose him, David Miscavige. Or, if those auditing it and those receiving it would choose to be untruthful and not “allow” it to expose David Miscavige, then it would surely mess-up both the “auditor” and “pc” in this case and continue to dig a deep hole for themselves.
    What a fantastic and powerfull tool! Thank you!

  86. Mike, this also looks like a list a person could get an update on–their could be more shit in the last fifteen years than in the previous 1500. Or is it one of those lists that makes it all run off after that like water off a duck’s back?

  87. Yeah Lana M! +1

  88. Great LRH quote from “My Philosophy”. Thanks SKM

  89. Cured Robot

    ‘You are absolutely right, Marty, in that this will NEVER be released by David Miscavige.” Especially R-Factor #107 “By the power invested in me, I hereby pronounce that all the overts and withholds you have told me are forgiven, and you are cleared of these sins of the past and free from them.” There is no forgiveness or What is Greatness in DM’s universe, can you imagine him actually forgiving us???

  90. Mike Hobson

    Mr. Bell, Likewise!!! Sweet Jesus, I seem to have some charge on some of these points… ya think? 😀

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    Doug, sad that you have taken the position of a bigot.
    I have personally, never come across a man as astute
    and resolute as our host, Marty Rathbun. The guy has
    B.S and fakery detectors built in, to practically every
    facet of his being. NO, Doug, It is you, who threw the
    baby out with the bath water! Say sorry to yourself,
    you CAN appreciate and know TRUTH only when YOU
    become the one to ” choose ” a CORRECT stable
    datum. ( one that works and holds true for others,too)

    Perhaps, re-reading the above posts, would invite the
    notion in you, that you may, indeed, have a bigoted
    view ? If not, then carry on with your stable data.

    Unlike you, LRH was gracious enough to say to us all,
    including you, ” What is true for you, is what you have
    observed yourself…….and when you lose that….you
    have lost everything!”

    Now, about that stable datum that you are now using to
    make the world a better place to live in……….????????

  92. This list in reverse is Miscavige’s road map to total enslavement.

  93. Thanks guys. It’s now in my pack and on the C/S list of processes to run. Ethics is such a needfull subject.

  94. Eileen Clark

    Thank you, Marty for posting this and seems thanks are also due to our friend Hobs. This list came at a very propitious time, since I’ve just been addressing some of these issues in session today. Now, I can simply get this run on me and it will fix up everything. Hallelujah!

    Loved that quote from Lao Tze.

    Pass the popcorn, please. This one is gonna create some excitement for a little tin pot despot we all know…speaking of withholds and missed withholds, injustice, enforcement, invalidation, whatever…

    @Ronnie Bell, I missed your posting at the time due to internet problems, but I want to say WELCOME! Great write up. I am relieved and joyous to see you here and to know that you are truly doing very well. Warmest regards to you and your family.
    L, Eileen

  95. I went exterior just reading this-Can you imagine guys in the Church getting this-before they answered, I can see them nervously checking to see if they should answer truthfully. Once it can be delivered though it will blow tons of charge!!!

  96. Just in case…
    “If the pc goes exterior during this list, do not audit past it, gently end off the session.”

  97. Yep, this is the real McCoy that LRH had us piloting in the fall of 1978 at WHQ. Just reading this list blows locks. There was a lot of stuff going on at that time: Tech Films being shot, RTRC had just been formed up and was cranking out issues under LRH, NOTs was being researched and developed, the notorious List 1 project had mercifully come to an end, Super Power was being piloted (the ERL I am sure was an outgrowth of LRH’s handling for the L1 Project where more than half the WHQ base had been RPFed as List 1 RSers unjustly, in fact, I am certain that all of Super Power itself was). The ERL and Bright Think Rundown were both released for short amounts of time, probably incorrectly and the last RD is still available on the net. And now the ERL is as well. I wrote an article on Steve’s site for anyone interested more in the entire rundown under the byline Joe Howard.

  98. Lana=Greatness. Trust me, absolutely. I get the angle, but she is firmly on the rails, and busy keeping others on them too. DK went full retard. It was an ethics gradient. I’d assign confusion, or whatever too.

  99. THANKS a lot for the list, now just before LRH birthday! For me already the caring introduction and first question indicated. We will soon have real Scientology available. Thanks to Debbie and all you guys.

  100. Ronnie,
    Regarding “I’m only at question # 15, and I want to weep.”
    With me that started with question #1. “Has the work you have done not been appreciated?” I sat there with tears in my eyes, thinking “YES! YES!” feeling the TA blowing down.

  101. Under Radar

    Hi Marti,
    This is a reply to the original article, never know how to do this,
    where to click!?

    I know what you mean, Marty, but it seems to work the other way round ?
    (And Miscavige, deep down in his Machiavellian soul knows it.)
    He can put people 3 times through the PTS SP course and knows,
    they won’t come up with him as the correct item.
    How many people I tried to enlighten on who he was, answered
    me: “So why is he putting everyone through the basics, where
    every tape in one way or another addresses personal integrity?”
    I’m afraid the same thing will happen on the Ethics Repair List.
    People will cog. that some church terminal did them in, but who
    gave them the tool, the Rundown to handle it all?
    Dear Leader, himself!

  102. Why would one need a special building to ask these questions?
    To me it seems you could audit it in any building or even in the open.

  103. Very well stated, Lana! I couldn’t agree more!

  104. This list is so powerful it should only be used within the confines of a superpower building. A building so powerful and awe inspiring that anyone inside it will feel small in comparison but can comprehend the immense gains attainable within the space with such sophisticated divices as opera electrical grab bars to name one. Therefore to guard against this a question has been added and an instruct as contained in a highly confidential briefing sheet from Ron marked for COB eyes only. Note that in this HCOB Ron clearly defines the defintiion of HCOB:

    HCOB (HolyChairmanOftheBoard)

    Additional questions to be added when the Ethics Repair List is used without the aid of a Superpower Building:

    a) Have you been audited on this ethics repair list without a superpower building and failed to throw down the can and stop the session and bash the crap out of the out ethics auditor in front of you?
    No flows.
    Instruct to Auditor: Continue to Clear the word HCOB on the PC, as given above HCOB (HolyChairmanOftheBoard) , until 3 swings of the needle or you the auditor has swung by your neck 3 times.

  105. Captain Bob,
    What is your name?

  106. AWESOME!!!
    Thank you Marty 🙂

  107. If one chooses to do this:

    “Never compromise with your own reality”

    Then one might just obtain this:

    “Our gains from application and receiving LRH processing are real and not to be denied.”


    Thank you for your service – previous … and continuing.

  108. Curious, I don’t see that list in the Subject Vol 4.

    One would expect to find it there.

  109. Its not released yet. That’s the point.

  110. Nice. We’ve been needing an RCS repair list for a while 🙂

  111. Precisely Worsel.

  112. Dan: I was fortunate to have this ERL as well as Bright Think Rundown at some point — I think maybe 1979 or so — but I definitely remember the ERL now that I’m reading it over.

    Bright Think was terrific as I recall.


  113. What a suppressiv act, to hold back this repair list!
    Just imagine, all staffs would get this list audited….. all staffs would just leave their posts… leave DM…… And all publics…… DM would be sitting alone in his huge buildings…… like Dagobert Duck….. on his money, but without anything else…..
    I´m a class 5 grad.Auditor….. How many PCs were in session, maybe thinking about a “PTS-Item” like DM, but not saying it…they were all “implanted”, not to take “good staffs” as PTS-Items, because that would have meant, they are SPs……
    So I still have a big Blowdown on that and looking forward to take my first PC in session with that. Thanks a lot Marthy for your courage!

  114. Cowboy Poet

    I’ll be reading that one a few times!

  115. Cowboy Poet

    Yup, that was nice.

  116. Cowboy Poet


  117. Firebreathing Frog

    You right.
    David Miscavige is holding the list because he doesn’t want to be seen as the real target and the who.

    But, as LRH put it, this list was the key to get staff really making it on their post and expanding Scientology for real.

    So Miscavige has a real problem by withholding this list.
    If he release it, he will show up as a con artist he is.
    If he withhold it, he is killing the church and leave staff working at 10% of their aptitude.

    That’s why he is putting “Ideal Org” and fancy Div 6 videos enlightenment BS.

    He expect people to come in attracted by these beautifuuuuuul building, and pay 100G’s to the IAS after seeing his beautifuuuul video.

    How nuts this guy has become, is unbelievable.

    The amount of crimes Miscavige must have committed to be in this state is probably unconfrontable for any being.

  118. TroubleShooter

    However, Under Radar, the briefings on Super Power rundowns began decades ago with particular excitement on THIS action. cob David Miscavige isn’t bringing us ANYTHING. There’s no way around it for him to release it. Maybe people will overlook that he’s added decades of time to the release of it and let the shining glitz and glamour of the SP castle that will deliver the SP rundowns transfix them. But HE isn’t bringing that tech – LRH is.

    IMHO – his out-tech PTS/SP course arbitraries of the 90s were all about driving home the datum that if a person named a good hat (a scn’ist, a staff member or god forbid, HIM) as their PTS item it meant the person could be easily discredited as the effect of his own evil-purposes and so needs to be sec checked. VERY convenient, very much a reflection of his sinister black coal sized soul in charge of his sinister black mind and diminutive body.

    The irony of this time for me is that with every creation of cob’s David Miscavige is a creation of his own destruction.

  119. TroubleShooter

    Captain Bob, I believe it’s being able to admire the beauty of how cob is creating so well toward his own destruction. I grant him the beingness of being capable of putting his own ethics in which ends in his removal in disgrace right before his public’s eyes…I think that’s GREAT.

  120. Cowboy Poet

    A riot as usual!
    But ya know, any one of these actions probably would rehabilitate someone who had been at the receiving end of his Holy Turdness.

  121. Your humble servant

    Hey Dave! I think we finally found that bitter apostate you were looking for!

  122. Mum !

    I love your comments !



  123. If it would have been given out in 1978 as promised by LRH it would have chenged the whole Scientology world and we would be somewhere else now !

    What the hell happened that this wasn’t done ?

    This is one of the most suppressive action that this list never was released.


  124. I am reminded too of when the Happiness Rundown first came out. Some of the executives at the Org were displeased with it because their juniors, upon completing the rundown, were actually trying to ensure they got enough sleep, took proper care of themselves, treated others kindly and without force, etc. The executives in mention said derogatory things about the rundown as it created “first dynamic oriented” people. I love this rundown.

  125. What I find so exciting is that such a list even exists!

  126. Firebreathing Frog

    David Miscavige has since retrieve the original hand written LRH manuscript, check it against the last confidential * advices that no-one-but-god have access to, included the R-factor one need to get straight from the last LRH OT 15 research, and Mr Miscavige can tell you the list you’ve got is entirely squirrel.

    As example, #107 now read:
    “By the power invested in me, I hereby pronounce that all the overts and withholds you have told me have been recorded on video and will be used to harass you, show how out ethics you are, made broad publication to all regges for use as they see fit, including but not limited to: key you in until you have put a 3rd mortgage on your house, sold your car, your retirement pension, your kids, dogs and gold fish just to show you have “no other fish to fry”.
    It is hereby issued as evidence in an already written SP declare ready to be published as a first sign of disagreement you may have on any actions or thought of our Lord, Pope and Leader, Mr. David Miscavige.”

    Mr. David Miscavige will soon announce:

    the Golden Age of Ethics and Super Power.

  127. This repair list reads like something an intelligence agency would ask in a vetting questionnaire – except more thorough! The very LAST place you surely would want a record of your answers would be at the CoM.

    It seems everything WILL be taken down and used against you if ever you should leave…or is this not right, even in spite of behaviour of Church officials, spying etc.

    Can someone tell me what is the point of this list? Is it like a catholic confessional with absolution given by the priest at the end? What is the basis of the authority that gives an auditor the power to forgive sins? Can you ‘self audit’ this list?

  128. one of five


    Outstanding job !

    Suppressed technology recovered and made widely available.

    Pretty easy to see who’s really playing the Birthday Game for blood.

  129. It’s already blowing tons of charge. Group auditing is by far the most effective way to create most TA at minimum auditor time. More than 90% of all my gains as a PC I got from cycling through LRH’s group auditing tapes again and again.

    But we as a group are in the middle of an engram and that should be run out and just reading this list is doing exactly that, even without going E/S, as there’s so much PT charge. Reading it is like indicating BPC.

    Looks like Sam has some serious mailing around to do, to get it in the hands of all her contacts that are still in. Not only to get them the gains they’ve been waiting and paying for, for over a decade, but mainly to undercut and expose Davey’s Super Power carrot.

  130. Talk about a withhold of Vital Information!

    From the looks of it, it appears that this list could be done very early on in a person’s sojurn up The Bridge. Not only would you get a being with major abberations out of the way, most likely they would also experience the ultimate truth of themselves (exteriorization). AND be able to function as a productive group member with the context of a Production Organization.

    IN 1978!

    Now, WHO would not want to have that, or allow others to have that?

    Prepare to deliver…..

  131. I remember in the seventies in St. Hill in summer (when it wasn’t raining) auditing teams auditing in the woods, on the wooden camping tables with their Mark Vs. On some days there were up to three of such teams in front of the castle at the same time. Still love to remember that sight.

  132. This is awesome!! I blew charge just reading the list!! This opens a lot of hope for all you have been through the ringer with the COS and the poor application of justice and ethics. I am gonna petition my auditor(Trey) to run this list. THanks for the discovery.

  133. who not you….

  134. Your humble servant

    (Re: “Doug Kramer” –the first poster on this topic)

  135. Well, 34 years! Babies have had time to be born and grow adult. Adults have had time to die. Like a certain amount of OTVIII from de maiden voyage who didn’t get their next level in this lifetime! One has really to believe he is dealing in eternity to hold some vital tech from being used for such a long time. (Like Mark 8 meters also). This contradict very sadly the “buy it now”. When it is about giving money it is NOW, not in 35 years! DM is keeping this as ammunition to have something to show. And to have it, you’ll have to pay full price and beyond! Careful use of resources!
    And he’ll get admired because he’ll be the one who is deilvering it! None will notice the added time…
    Hey, it’s pretty easy to audit, anyone who can fly a rud can deliver that rundown. A bit more difficult is to do the CS 53 to fning list (not a 3 swings!). Needs to be at least 5 graduate. And it might complicate a bit when to be delivered on a pre OT.
    Marty or any advanced auditor, would you check it with Not’s tech at each question or only when it seems needed ? Or it doesn’t really make sense to use Not’s tech on this particular RD…?
    Really would need a good training center. To be able to say again “this is the session”. And give and receive again case gains.
    Otherwise to audit that list seems as simple as drinking a glass of water.
    Actually just reading it and some locks are blowing.

  136. Ingrid, I had those same thoughts!!! Wow this would help every staff member I know. As I read down the list I saw so many people light up!!

  137. To use the phrase of another, I was gobsmaked upon seeing this and recognizing the date of its origination.

    Not only was this spectacular piece of tech created and then suppressed for 33 years, it was developed smack in the middle of LRH’s discovering of the NOTS tech.

    Another example of LRH’s brilliance. He recognized and distilled a tremendously beneficial handling for all upon his understanding of upper level materials.

    This is the same thing he did with the L’s . Truly remarkable. Ron, I am again in awe of what you have provided to mankind.

    To Miscavige; it has been a terrible year to date for your and yours. It just got much worse by a significant factor. This undoes your treachery and lays bare your crimes to each person who sees and reads this HCOB. For those that run it; there eyes will be opened, their hearts unburdened and their folders filled with your name as the found item. This is your legacy. Bask in it, it was earned.

  138. Erwin,

    I am not familiar with the “Group Auditing Tapes”. What are they and where can one obtain them. Maybe I have some of em and on’t even know.

  139. Thank you!

  140. As people live their lives and work and play with other people, disagreements happen, misunderstandings happen, people get “thrown under the bus” and some people hurt and betray others. Sometimes people compromise their ideals, or are forced to conform to the ideals or mores of other people.

    All of these things can bother people – a person people can have his or her attention fixed on some past injustice, or feel incredibly guilty for hurting someone else, whether done on purpose or not.

    This list is designed to help a person find the areas that he has his attention fixed on, and to help him identify and address the issue. How it is addressed depends on the question.

    These questions are designed to uncover these areas. The list covers a wide swath in order to help the person locate the precise areas that he has his attention on.

    The E-Meter helps the auditor and the person find “charge” on these questions. The person may not (actually, will not) be fully aware of the problem. The E-meter can reach just below the level of awareness to help guide the person to the “charge.” If the person has nothing on the question, the needle would be unaffected, and he would be in a good frame of mind about it. The needle, therefore, should be “floating” – he is fine, and there is no charge on the question.

    But… If there IS charge (of some kind), the needle will react on the question, and the auditor brings it up with the person to address.

    There could be a number of reasons the meter read, and the auditor can help sort it out. The usual reason is that there is something on the question to address. But, it could be that there is nothing on the question, but the person was accused mercilessly on it, and so there is charge there. A competent auditor will help find and resolve the charge, whatever it may be.

    Please note that the person will have charge on a question because they have attention of some kind on it. He will have charge on a transgression because HE knows it is a transgression, not because WE think it is. The auditor DOES NOT JUDGE the person. The auditor’s code is very strict about that – no invalidation of the person, no evaluation of the person or his “case.” The auditor just guides the person to areas of the person’s charge that come up, and helps the person address the charge. THIS IS KEY. And it is missing from Corporate Scn now.

    The PURPOSE is to help the person get over it, to sort it out, and free up the fixed attention on it. By doing this, the person is FREE to that degree from the injustice or his own transgressions of the past.

    Real Scientologists believe that if you own up, fully, to your own transgressions (as you conceive them to be) and take full responsibility for them, you will be a better person, and will be far less likely to commit these transgressions in the future.

    The list could possibly be solo-audited, but if your purpose was to avoid disclosure, it would not work. Just because DM has violated the privilege does not mean that we must change the tech because someone abused and betrayed our trust.

    The auditor, as an authority to the person by dint of being his auditor, and (at least back in the day) as a minister of the church, has the right to forgive transgressions. This list shows that The Church of Scientology used to be in the forgiving business.

  141. I think Miscavige does “deliver” this list – in reverse. He must have sat down and worked out the best way to create the charge associated with each item on this list, then implemented it in full. In my last 20 years in the SO, ethics/justice became ever more arbitrary, punishment-oriented, random, manipulated, misused, abused, wielded as weapon, wielded as an executive reactive dramatization, applied by the MAA so the MAA could look good to seniors, applied neither for the benefit of the individual or the group, applied with destructive intention, and applied to as to make sure that whatever LRH said on the subject was violated.

  142. Awesome, Marty – thanks for unearthing this.

    What is amazing about this list is that it shows what the essence of Scientology is:

    One person being helped by another in an auditing session. That is the pure essence of it.

    I love the pre-reqs – Full DRD, and a C/S 53 to F/Ning. And THEN you fly ruds to F/N before starting. It is obvious this list is meant to handle the long term issues. (To the lay people, this means that the person is squeaky clean on any current situations that the PC may have his/her attention on).

  143. Thank you Marty!

    I read the beginning of the list several hours ago and charge is still blowing!!

    And for the first time since many years I have some reach for auditing again.

    Future looks bright 🙂

  144. one who sees the truth

    I think with your reply, Marty, you are basically proving that what Doug said is correct. You are not thinking for yourself, rather you are letting other people, be it LRH or Laozi, do their thinking for you.

    One day you will truly look for yourself, as others have. And just like others have, you will have the cog that LRH was a con artist. It’s painful, but when you’re ready, it will happen.

  145. Ronnie Bell

    Hi Eileen,
    I just posted back to you on the FB group. It’s great to be here, and I’m very happy that you’re here too. Thank you for the welcome!

  146. martyrathbun09

    Dude, I guarantee you my capacity to handle pain is light years past yours and your skeptical friend’s. I guarantee you that my ability to confront, and my track record of confronting, truth – and particularly truth of the inconvenient variety – blows yours and your friend’s away. But all the same, I hold out hope that the both of you can grow and perhaps learn something here; and therefore I am happy to have you as readers.

  147. You can’t (and shouldn’t) self-audit this list. It really is very important to have help in finding the answers to these questions.

    The purpose of this list is in the title: to repair failed or wrongly handled Ethics actions.

    And no, its not supposed to be an ‘intelligence gathering’ exercise – the purpose of Auditing is to give the individual more control over their own lives, not the other way around.

    Perhaps you don’t know what Flows are? I suggest you clear this up, if you want to understand what is so extraordinary about this rundown. The ‘flows’ are already well-described in Scientology materials you can find elsewhere, and I would encourage you to seek out the definition of this term and understand it completely, if you want. Needless to say, what you do to others, and what others do to you, what others do to others, are intimately connected when it comes to repeated cycles of harm or help.

    Absolution does not come from the Auditor; its the person doing the rundown that ends up absolving the situation. The Auditor is only there to assist the person in finding the answers to these questions.

  148. Ronnie Bell

    I sat there with tears in my eyes, thinking “YES! YES!” feeling the TA blowing down.

    I almost went exterior reading the first few questions, and had some pretty powerful effects going on, reading the rest of it. I know that anyone having this list run on them will undergo a life changing improvement. I’ve already emailed it out to a few friends, to help get it into the hands of as many Independent auditors as possible.

    Every person who’s ever stepped foot in a church of Scientology should get this rundown. I think it has the potential to raise the dead.

  149. The guy that would suppress the ERL from broad delivery has so many overts that he must be terrified that those run on it would expose him and ultimately destroy him utterly.

    Hidden Terror of Others?? He might as well have painted “I, David Miscavige an a Raving SP” on a billboard in hollywood. The fact that this list has been suppressed tells all the story there is.

  150. “What is true for you, is what you have observed yourself”

    Never being a Scientologist, I have never understood this oft-quoted Scientological pillar.

    The quote is predicated on the idea that we (humans/thetans/etc) have perfection of observation. However, imperfection is now and until our death at the root of our being.

    To attempt a quick philosophical proof: For this quote to have any real meaning, there are two dependencies 1) the “data” our physical senses sample from the physical world must be without flaw, and 2) our cognitive interpretation of said data must also be without flaw. Clearly, neither suppositions are correct. Therefore, the quote has no real meaning.

    Why? Uncountable uncontrollable factors can and do negatively impact both our sensing abilities (visual, auditory, somatosensory, and the like) and our subsequent high-level cognitively-driven classification of (already flawed) sensed data.

    The only salient conclusion based on the above is that this quote can be and is used to make one feel better about not confronting potentially ugly truths about one’s self. Just repeat this as your mantra, and any uncomfortable unconfronted thought will melt away. Cognitive dissonance just doesn’t stand a chance.

  151. Off the fence

    Well, obviously this list was created by LRH because he was aware of the widespread ethics abuse that had been, and was going on at that time. Possibly he realized himself that he was a bit heavy handed. It’s great to have. But equally as important would be to stop all of the overzealous, abusive ethics actions that continue to this day. Nothing worse than being punished for trying to help. Looking forward to the day when “this list was unnecessary”, comes up more than not.

  152. Ronnie Bell

    It’s no small thing to realize that this man, David Miscavige, withheld this vital rundown from the world, while ostensibly being in charge of Keeping Scientology Working.

  153. Thanks Doug. I have read enough to feel I can see where you are coming from. My position is more middle path, if you will. I’m aware of the nonsense and wrong actions LRH is accused of. I’m also aware that similar charges can be leveled against other founders of religions (Muhammad, Joseph Smith, many sects of Christianity, and so forth).

    I personally would love to see Scientology investigated rationally and scientifically — put up to fair scrutiny, because it does have value and insight. I know this from personal gains in auditing, and I know this from having been an auditor. One brief example (and I will never disclose names or personally identifiable information — I consider information I received as an auditor to be a sacred trust): I had a pc with a terrible, long-lasting, debilitating headache. She was beyond herself. We used Dianetics processes to trace the chain back through earlier similar incidents, using the e-meter as a guide to detect indications of charge. We hit what appeared to be the beginning of the chain, but there was no resolution (no cognition plus floating needle). So I repeated the standard auditing question in search of an earlier similar incident. Then when I continued to ask the question, I began to see a “read” (a certain reaction) on the e-meter. I could see that, but the pc was still sitting there with no conscious reaction to the question, eyes closed. I asked several more times. Each time the needle read got bigger. I began directing the pc’s attention when I would see the read, saying simply “that.” Then a remarkable thing happened. Right as the needle made a big movement, the pc opened her eyes, her face brightened (very good indicators as we would say) and she had a “cognition” (a realization) of an incident in which her head had been severely injured — and she had died, for it was a past life event. Her headache vanished and to my knowledge did not return. In the session, I looked down and noted the e-meter needle was floating, and (not waiting for DM’s silly redefinition of an F/N needing to make three sweeps but rather observing the combination of F/N+cognition+VGIs), let the pc know that her needle was floating and ended the session.

    So _whatever_ is the mechanism that is making that work, it does work. I want to see the research into it continue. Maybe Hubbard had the right explanation, or maybe we will find ever more refined understanding. But the techniques do create results and that is too valuable of an avenue for humankind to explore for it to be written off as Satanism.

    I do know the charges against Hubbard, and I do know that even the Scientology cross bears an uncanny similarity to Aleister Crowley’s “x’d out Christian cross” used in Crowley’s tarot cards. I myself am not into any religion and it’s part of what led me to leave CoS. I thought the whole religion thing was an obvious scam for tax purposes, and I wanted no part of that. On the other hand, I am fine with something being called an applied religious philosophy.

    For me, fair or unfair, I think of cults and religions and sects in pretty much the same “bucket” of potential nonsense with their potential to block scientific inquiry and to force kids to lock in belief systems when they are too young to have the perspective and education to make intelligent choices. My version of Scientology would therefore be one that is completely open to Hubbard’s failing — and his successes; his nonsense — and his insights; and so on. In all the lectures and printed material I absorbed of Hubbard’s, I don’t recall him ever saying that he was always right or that he was perfect (the elevation of Hubbard to infallible Source) is something I hope goes into proper perspective with the Independents. He did say things like if it isn’t written it isn’t true, but I don’t recall him ever saying that if I didn’t write it it isn’t true, or that I am the only truth, or that I am infallible, or anything like that.

    This is a long rumination, and I hope you don’t mind it. My personal call and motivation is that we want to find to validate what works, investigate all the options on why it works, and continue the spiritual exploration.

  154. Chris Johnson

    So awesome to see this blog linking to that particular “sekrit” document!

    Raise your hand if you remember the “Scientology vs. Scamizdat” crusade from the 90’s. For those who remember, this latest development is ironic beyond belief. Bravo!!

  155. This list will help a lot of people!

    It has been sad to see how the subject of Ethics has been perverted in the current Church. An intelligent use of the Big Three: Ethics (“rationality towards the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group, and mankind, and other other dynamics…” Science of Survival), Code of Honor (Personal Integrity Course for $25) and the Way to Happiness by themselves can give amazing gain.

  156. Does it ever occur that Marty has looked for himself? Why must every view be the same as yours to be real? If your viewpoint is the only valid one, why share an Earth? Does it ever occur that two people can look at something and see something different? This is born from tolerance. It is also born from talent and ability. What do you see when you see this:


    Do you suppose someone else looking at this will see something different?

    Your view is limited to your own teachings.

    We have not all of us walked the same path.

  157. If you find no meaning in these symbols: 真実を求める
    Does it mean these symbols mean nothing to anyone?
    If you have found no meaning in Scientology, it does not mean there is no value for everyone else.

  158. Some you can find on the congresses but most are on the 4th and 5th American ACC. They are incredible OT and I think best is to run them after studying the Congresses and backed up with a good auditor because as your confront comes up while auditing, bank shows up…..

  159. OMG!!! That rundown is AWESOME!!!
    I was so laughing just reading along. And the R-Factor, oh my goodness.

    No way in HELL David Miscaviage would EVER let ANYONE EVER say those words in “HIS” church. Hell no! Talk about ending the endless Sec Checks at Flag! HA! This is the “End of Endless Sec Check” right here!

    BLAM! Hot damn. Kudo’s to whoever tucked that in their shirt late one night and snuck out with it!!!

  160. You have got to be kidding. What a load of gibberish, the sort of thing that comes from the confused mind of perhaps an academic in the English Dept. All dressed up to sound “logical” although what it really is, is jargon-driven attempts to obfuscate.

    I will try to make my response as easy to understand as possible. Here’s the deal: to suggest that the quote “what is true for you, is what you have observed yourself” is “used to make one feel better about not confronting potentially ugly truths about one’s self” is 180 degrees from the truth.

    One way to describe Scientology is that it is a set of tools that ENABLE one to “confront potentially ugly truths about one’s self”.

    Only if you see those “ugly truths”, whatever they are, FOR YOURSELF, can you become free of them.

    You can listen to a “learned intellectual” from, perhaps, the Psychology Dept. offer HIS reality on YOUR Truth 24x7x365, and you will continue to wallow in your “ugly truths” until the cows come home.

  161. Sorry, I should not have included so much sarcasm in my comment above. Instead, what I would suggest to Wisher: someday when you have a little free time, find an auditor with a private practice in your area, and give auditing a whirl, see what it’s like for yourself. Then perhaps re-evaluate your comment about “not confronting potentially ugly truths”!

  162. Thank-you for taking the time to write such a lengthly reply to my questions. You have greatly added to my understanding.

    From the things I have heard on Marty’s blog about the secret video taping of auditing sessions and joking about Tom Cruise’s sessions would seem to me to be the worst kind of betrayal of the auditors code. The official CoS is the LAST place I would be going for this. If the procedure works, then I agree the tech or process is independant of the official channel of delivery. The other thing that worries me about going anywhere near the CoS is getting ripped off!

    I can see that going over something that has ‘charge’ as you put it, over and over again should eventualy desensitise the subject. This process is very interesting. There are plenty of things on that list I wouldn’t want made common knowledge or have recorded by a corrupt organisation.

    Thank-you again for your answers.

  163. Thank-you for your reply and taking the time to answer my questions. You are correct, I don’t have a clue about about ‘flows’. I’m sure I can find out what these are so thanks for the steer.

    At the end of the rundown it says ‘by the power vested in me..’ refering to the auditor, not the subject? So in essence what you are saying is that the subject has to forgive themselves of transgressions. The proof that his has happened is that there is ‘no charge ‘ on the e-meter?

    Interesting stuff.

  164. Wisher

    I can see how you have come to your conclusion.

    Unfortunately you seem to be missing a vital part of the philosophy behind being able to make such a statement.

    L. Ron Hubbard, within only a couple of years of publishing “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health,” came to a very basic conclusion which lies behind everything that L. Ron Hubbard developed after that . This is the postulate that the most important aspect of a being’s existence is his SELF-DETERMINISM. The entirety of Scientology is aimed at the achievement of this for beings.

    When a being has lost his self-determinism, and to the precise degree that he has lost it, he has lost control of life. The more a being accepts other conclusions than his own, for whatever reason, he becomes less able and more the effect of his environment, and the people around him. He actually gives up some of his own ability to exercise reason toward the pursuit of optimum life for all, until eventually he is basically just flotsam and jetsam in a world that he feels he no longer has any say at all. Usually by that point he is dead, or certainly feeling dead.

    So we come to the postulates that to be healthy and sane, a being needs to “keep his own council”, maintain his belief in his own honor and integrity, and pursue his own goals, in his own way., He needs to be self-determined.(expanding naturally to pan-determined as a being becomes more aware and more able.)

    You may well disagree, but the “truths of science”, or mechanics, or even popular agreement, or anyone else’s opinions, hold secondary importance to a being’s self-determinism. These things should, at best, be tools for a being, not his masters.

    At least that is how I see it, and it has served me well.

    Eric S

  165. Wisher
    “What is true for you, is what you have observed yourself”

    Never being a Scientologist, I have never understood this oft-quoted Scientological pillar.


    I see you never understood. It has to do with dogma versus knowledge. We aren’t expected to just belief something because we read it or were told it. We are expected to think with it, see if we find this to be true and real, see if we find it to be valid – and only then to decide for ourselves that it is true. To many, the writings considered dogma are accepted with blind faith, that is the opposite of know what is true for you.

    How easy it is to confront has nothing to do with it. We are individuals with out own experience and viewpoint. We are not robotic cogs in the wheel of some machine. We can and do think for ourselves.

    Does this now make sense to you?

  166. Thanks, C1010. Glad to do it. One thing: Reviewing memories or incidents like this is not to desensitize the person to them, but to enable the person to uncover and view what it is that is pinning them to it, thereby “blowing” the charge. The mechanics of this is very well covered in the Dianetics books, and in Science of Survival. This is core to what Scientology is about.

    It is NOT about the IAS, the Sea Org, forced abortions, licking bathroom floors, etc. This is why we are all here, and not in the world of Miscavige.

  167. Doug, you say you have been in for 30 years and your only summation of all that you have learned is that LRH was a con man? You’re starting to sound like Creed Pearson the way he attacks LRH. Evidently you haven’t learned to control your existence with the auditing you should have had. It is your extreme loss that you had no wins; that you got nothing out of LRH’s technology. If you feel you were conned, you should look in the mirror and look real well at who thinks he got conned. “The overt doth speak loudly in accusation” – LRH

    Only you are responsible for your own condition.

    What Marty and Mike and the rest of us can see is that LRH’s tech IS the solution to many of man’s problems if one chooses to understand its brilliance and can apply it to their life.

    The tech has saved my life on many occasions, my threshold of pain is higher than many men and my understanding is becoming greater with each passing day. This is the embodiment of the Tech of LRH.

  168. You can always use your operating system software to remove programs you do not want. (e.g. Windows: bring up the “Control Panel”, click “add or remove programs” find the program and remove it; or just hit the F1 key from anywhere to bring up help, and search for instructions to (add or) remove programs).

  169. Many thanks, Marty.

    And you didn’t even require Gluteus Maximus Patron or Ideal Morgue donations for the release of this list!

  170. Wisher:

    Tell us Honestly – Have you bothered to study (in earnest, not cursory glance) the Books “Scientology: A New Slant On Life” or “Creation of Human Ability” wherein the concept of the “Three Universes” – one of the very most fundamental principles of Scientology – are propounded ?

    These are the Three Universes – One’s own personal universe, The Other Guy’s Universe (of which there are as many instances as there are other beings and The Physical Universe (which is held to exist by way of agreement between oneself and countless Other Guys) . All manner of trouble can be seen to arise from the confusion of phenomena occurring in one of these three Universes with phenomena occurring in another of the three.

    Efforts to enforce what is True in *one’s own* personal universe to be accepted as Truth for another in *their* personal universe is one of them. Another is confusing what is True in *one’s own* personal universe as being necessarily true in the *Physical Universe*.

    Most of Scientology is aimed at helping a being sort out these Three Universes. Many other practices (Psychiatry for example) deny the very existence of one or more of the Three Universes.

    You, Wisher, seem to have adopted such a practice as the foundation of your world view. What a pity.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  171. Hey "D.M." !

    Your opposition is BIGGER than you.

  172. Wonderful, WH, You were at the right place at the right time because they were only authorized, and probably incorrectly so, for a very short while in late 1978 or early 1979. So, good for you!

  173. As for the secret taping of Tom Cruise’s sessions, I was there for at least two of those at Celebrity Centre International in December 2005. The joking part did not happen when I was there but the observing sure did. Greg Wilhere, Lynn Engen and I were there making sure Ray Mithoff did not screw up.

  174. Except for the apology, P, two brilliant comments. Though perhaps the “sorry” was just clever use of irony.

  175. Solo-audit this? Forget it. Nowhere in this HCOB does it say that this list can be solo audited. (It would have “solo auditors” in the routing fields, if that were the case.)

    Its a two-terminal universe, and Ethics repair is not something an individual is going to be able to do on themselves.

  176. The Auditor is acknowledging the completion of the repair action with this statement. “By the power vested in me” really just does mean just that the auditor has heard the results, acknowledges the injustice and incorrect ethics handlings, and thats that. There won’t be any further actions (outside the session), and whatever was revealed is forgiven in the session. Its very important that the PC know that nothing revealed in the session during this action is going to impact them outside the session – this is Standard Scientology.

  177. From the stories I’ve heard, I won’t be going anywhere near a CoS so that is why I am here too! Too many CoS top people have ‘blown’ so that is enough for me. Building big cathedrals doesn’t impress me either. If I want that I can go to the Vatican in Rome.

    I think there are practical aspects of Scientology which might work and I will read the books you suggest. Hubbard was undeniably clever.

    I wouldn’t be honest to you if I didn’t say that what I have heard about ‘Xenu’ and the ‘loyal officers’ sounds like pure science fiction. In a world of infinite possibility, I can’t absolutely say it isn’t true, but I consider it as unlikely as the flying spaghetti monster!

    There are a number of things I don’t get: one is why it is so expensive. It has all the hallmarks of a major con, which is sad if it is really useful.

    I would be interested in exploring alternative delivery training. Do you know if Marty is going to run pre-clear courses? It sounds like what he can offer now is the higher stuff for people who are already in. I have seen that video by Hardeep Singh ‘An introduction to LRH’ and the freezone in Europe. So that could be an option for me.

    Good corresponding with you! I have been very interested in the subject of Scientology (not just the negative stuff) but very nervous about getting involved with it for all the reasons Marty’s blog exists.

  178. “The quote is predicated on the idea that we (humans/thetans/etc) have perfection of observation.”

    In furtherance of the points that Mr. Hobson (and others) make:

    Actually, I would say it it predicated on the idea that each of us has our own observations …. whether they be flawed (or incomplete) …. or not.

    One could “proof” that (as a premise) this way: a circumstance occurs – for sake of argument let’s say it’s an automobile accident.

    There are five observers, all in different locations, each observing some portion of the incident. No one person observes the entirety of the incident in it’s totality.

    Five different points of view, five different observations.

    Whatever detail or aspect is observed by one individual will be quite real for him (therefore “true” …. according his observation) … but if that same detail or aspect is unobserved by another, it will or may, to a greater or lesser degree, be somewhat unreal (and therefore somewhat “untrue” or less “true”…. according to his lack of observation)

    This, of course, opens the door for disagreements amongst observers.

    Now, it could be that the latter individual, not directly observing this particular detail or aspect directly, is able, at a later point in time, to make other observations of conditions that allow him to, through the use of logic, computation, and experience to derive what had (likely) occurred and come to some sort of conclusion about it …. however, despite that, even this result may possess some degree of unrealness – by virtue of no actual direct observation of the detail or aspect.

    Additionally, should more than one party observe some detail or aspect jointly, it will likely be held as “true” by the both of them in common – but even then there may be minor differences in what was observed – since the individuals involved did not view the incident from exactly the same point of view.

    Were these individuals to then attempt to enforce, under some manner of duress, their “truth” onto someone who had not made the observations they had, does it seem likely that this would in any way raise the ability of the latter individual to make his own observations ?

    Or might it impede or even reduce it ?

    It seems to me that it could be said that there are at least three types of “truth”:

    1. Many personal “truths”, each one of which is unique to a particular individual.

    2. Another “truth” which, by default, is unshared with one self (this is composed of sum total of all the “truths” in No. 1, other than one’s own personal “truth”)

    3. And a “truth” which is (potentially) shared and held (to a greater or lesser degree) in common (this we know as The Physical Universe)

    Now, an interesting question arises: assuming the above premise (of the Three Universes) is correct for the sake of argument, which “truth” out of the three above has the potentiality to be the most “real” and the most “true” for any given individual ?

    As Mr. Hobson correctly points out, it is really necessary to at least know and understand the basic theory of the Three Universes, in order to have enough familiarity and truck with the matter to understand and appreciate the statement which you find fault with ……

  179. Thanks for the reply Dan – all I can say is I wouldn’t want my sessions taped. If true, joking about a confessional is way out of order in my opinion as an outsider.

    Are you saying that the purpose of observing is ONLY to ensure that the auditor does not screw up (which I assume Ray Mithoff was in this instance)?

  180. martyrathbun09

    How many Corporate Scientologists does it take to pull a WH?

  181. Corey,

    Pricing has always been one of those tricky things, with no obvious easy solution. One of the things LRH battled with almost since day 1 was the tendency for so many people to take the subject off the rails and start running crazy process on people while calling it auditing. KSW1 was most likely written one day in response to yet another case of it.

    His eventual solution was two-fold: people take a subject off the rails because they don’t understand it and can’t duplicate it, so he developed Study Tech, KTL, SuperPower and more to handle those technical aspects. The second factor was a very strong QA function (Division 5 Qual) in central organisations.

    These central organizations might have been a good model for the 70s and 80s but now we are in an internet age. Maybe the model doesn’t fit so well anymore. What did happen in the meantime is organizations became top-heavy, DM took complete control and created a monopoly so prices skyrocketed. This isn’t peculiar to Scientology, any monopoly does this whether they sell phone lines, airline transport or auditing.

    Currently there’s a grass-roots shift over to smaller more independant auditors (very much like it was in 50s and 60s) where pricing will settle down to reasonable levels. I expect independant auditors to become the norm, but there will usually be a fee – the auditor wants to make a living too, just like your plumber and doctor. Or perhaps a new business model will develop that no-one has considered yet. Either way, prices will come down, the CoS abuse will stop and achieving Clear (just as an example) should go back to a few hundred hours like it’s supposed to take.

    Pick an auditor or study center the same way you’d pick a plumber – carefully and check out the service offered before committing.


  182. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for your reply – its really interesting. What you are saying makes sense about the independent auditing. I’d eventually want to get something to do the process as well as you have to earn a living somehow. The key seems to be that you really need to TRUST the auditor…

    I’ve seen Marty’s interview where he was asked by an interviewer about Tom Cruise’s sessions and he flatly refused to discuss the content of the sessions even though he was out of the Church. An exclusive, tell-all interview about Cruise would be a sensation – and worth big bucks. Marty gets 10 out of 10 for staying mum in my book.

    I could do 100 hours probably.

  183. Pass.

    At a guess, if they were charging $500 bucks an hour my answer would be: as many as possible. If their competence was in question (which is eminently possible from reading this blog) my answer would still be the same!

    PS (Whats a ‘WH’? Withhold?)

    PSS I’ve just come up to date with Bert Leahy’s videos after he ‘blew’ the squirrell busters. Awesome video!! One can tell he doesn’t know that much about Scientology yet they’ve managed to really piss this guy off. I think they’ve made a very powerful enemy there. His video ‘Scientology flirtin with disaster’ is creative and cryptically disturbing. Stupid squirrell buster assholes. In the UK I’d get a restraining order on them.

  184. Thanks Nonono, one would hope that is really is confidential. Can you honestly say now that the CoS has NEVER used information gathered in a session against a person after that person has left the Church?

    There seems to be quite a few claims around that they have done so.

  185. Indeed, trust is everything in an auditing session. You can read every blog article on this site and you won’t find a single case of an independant auditor publicly revealing anything mentioned in session. And that’s how it should be.

    I do want to point out that this isn’t a special Scientology thing that sets auditors apart from other professions – most people take confidences seriously, lawyers and doctors even have laws about it. Auditors tapped into this long-standing tradition too for very good reason

    I haven’t set foot in a Scientology church in any meaningful way for 10 years, but when I was in, revealing session data was one thing that was completely unthinkable. I can’t speak for the current church though. You asked elsewhere if CoS do use session data to smear people. Sam is your best answer, she’s called CoS on that very thing right here on this blog.

  186. I’m pretty sure for every case where the policy was violated, there are about 10,000 cases where it wasn’t violated.

    That is to say, I do believe that the current Church management has allowed itself to go vastly squirrel and off-policy with regards to priest/penitent confidentiality, without question, but also the humble fact remains that a whole lot of Trustfulness has been granted, and delivered, between PC’s and their True Auditors throughout the decades – which we of course do not hear about.

    No question, it is an utterly disgusting situation that people consider it unsafe to go in session with an Auditor in the Church these days; it only took a few bad incidents to create this condition. Its terribly unfortunate, and for us Scientologists indeed very sad, because so much has been gained by Auditors and PC’s over the years which, clearly, is being ignored in this discourse.

    I would hope that you one day see what I’m saying as true for yourself. Its a wonderful, fantastic thing, to be in session with someone you truly trust, and make the real gains of Scientology, together, really.

  187. davemessenger

    Additional Note:
    To make sense of these criticisms you really need to look at them within the context of the surrounding questions, and the other correct uses within the document. Many are perfect as you would expect, but there are just too many outpoints here.

  188. *three* terminals, bud.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  189. Marty,
    this Ethics Repair List is incredible!
    Just reading the R-Factor made me go exterior!!
    Thanks a lot for making it available.
    8ARC, Gottfried

  190. Thats what she said.

    Seriously though, you know the references.

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