Sugar Ray Jeffrey

A)  Hearing Report by Tony O at Village Voice. Court grants motion to postpone summary judgment motion hearing till after FSO Corporate Rep Depo.

B) WOIA San Antonio coverage.

C) Connecting some dots: WOAI interview with Sugar Ray Jeffrey.

You startin’ to understand why I call him Sugar Ray?


Freedom of Speech, Religion and Conscience

Debbie Cook Goes On the Offensive


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  1. Ronnie Bell

    Looks like Sugar Ray Jeffrey just moved the ball down field for a first down. That thump you heard, was Davey fainting to the floor.

  2. “Sugar Ray” is quite a tribute. Held by many as the greatest boxer of the 20th Century. I was privileged to see some of his fights. He had the speed, tactics and heart of a LION.

  3. Theo Sismanides

    This is great! Ray Jeffrey is really doing a lot and he has to be acknowledged for that!

  4. martyrathbun09

    That’s the second clue.

  5. Good WOIA article. Loved the positioning of the cult with the Fundamentalist Sect of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Hey dwarf, don’t think the judge isn’t thinking the same thing.

  6. in response to Michael Board’s summary: where constitutional rights are in issue, legal principles are applied to the case. So, in this instance, the C of S is asserting First Amendment. Mr Spencer, you may wish to review Pickering v Board of Education and the legal principles therein.

  7. Sapere Aude

    Tis the heart, tis the speed, tis the determination. Everything from Mr. Jeffrey and Debbie is from the heart and right there in present time. Everything from the church must be filtered back to not conflict with the lies, the alterations, the shift between corporations and of course the approval of DM. And then back from DM, some bogus demand or order through the OSA rep and to the attorney to be forged into some semblance of a legalistic response. Meanwhile, Mr. Jeffrey, thinking on his feet, and needing no filtered agreement, just steps up punches, ducks, feint, guard, punch, with no let up and the opponent goes down for the count!

    Mr. Jeffries gets to apply his legal skills to an issue of truth. The church attorney(s) are attempting to hide the truth, make the lie look like some truth, and still fit this into the legal puzzle.

    Seems an issue of order up the popcorn, watch the fight, even enjoy the fight. But the outcome – speed, tactics, and heart are on the side of Debbie and Mr. Jeffrey.

    Note to OSA. Please review your basics. In the legal arena it is the person who establishes the legal understanding and validity that wins. You are dealing with a false C (communication with lies and alterations) and thus you won’t create Understanding by the application of A, R, and C. This will bite you. You are attempting to cut across a theta line based on truth. Oh, well – your choice.

  8. Davey, it so sucks to be you. You wanted a quick out and now you’ve bought yourself another 45 days of media speculation as to wether or not you’re going to produce the evidence you’re obligated to in any dull civic contract suit that has nothing to do with religion. Sorry, that’s your own words against your cry for religious protection. You also got yourself a counter claim you will have to answer, no matter the summary judgement which you won’t get because of your obligation to produce evidence, which you don’t. On the other hand, you can produce the evidence and loose that way. Then again, you can destroy the evidence know to exist and go down on that crime. Very soon your bosses, Yingling, Ableson, Sherman and their seniors, never to be found in the Hole, are going to drop you like a hot potato.

  9. Every one of those guys being pummeled brought DM to mind — especially the white boys who got beat like redheaded stepchildren. It was especially ironic having witnessed the little big man hit so many defenseless people who could not hit back. And after he hit them or tackled them to floor, he stood over them like a little rooster, preening himself with how touch he is.

    Ray Jeffrey has the forces of evil are running scared. With good reason. They have been pounded in Round 1 of a 15 round title fight — they know they have 14 more rounds of pain unless it is ended and they are down for the count, lying on the canvas, utterly destroyed.

    My prediction for the fight? “Pain” (with apologies to The Greatest).

  10. Never the same girl twice. We floats, we stings, we floats agin.

    Honestly Dave, this is fun. I showed up the other day and you wouldn’t come out. I even asked. Yet, you remained unable to simply face up.

    It was good to be back, permeating the space, owning it, letting it be. MY choice.

    I’ve got a write up and some shots too, soon.

  11. My brother was raised in Texas from the beginning of his adulthood, and his wife was born and raised in San Antonio and she has a huge tribe of family down there. I have been getting feedback from the locals on this matter. Marty, Debbie, you were very, very clever to lead him into San Antonio . Brilliant. The oppressive landlord has been lured to another planet and doesn’t even know it.

  12. Ronnie Bell

    Does this order from the judge to grant Debbie’s attorney’s request for discovery mean that he’ll only be able to call witnesses from the corporate church – or will he be able to call witnesses from outside, like Marty and Mike?

  13. Tom Gallagher

    Sugar Ray Robinson perhaps?

    Then again here’s another Sugar Ray possibility………

  14. Marty, I watched the radio interview. I tried to hear Ray Jeffrey’s words, but all I could hear was puum! Puum! Puum-ity-ity-ity-ity-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty puum, puum, boom, BOOM, CRASH, SNAP, CRACK. Sounded like a crash test dummy leaning into an airplane propeller…

  15. I like Jeffrey’s calm and level-headed demeanor, even when describing the suspected ongoing video surveilance of Debbie and his office. It perfectly illustrates the relentless duress that Debbie is under at the hands of the Church of Scientolgy and their attempts to force her back into isolation, without aid or friendship outside the dictates of the Church. I would recommend that Debbie’s team watch for evidence of interference with witnesses or witness intimidation by the Church (including Marty, Mike and whoever else they have). I believe that this would be a crime.

  16. Hey, Sugar Ray, Debbie, Wayne great job!!! My bet is the “one ” in the trench coast is Mr. Squirrel Buster himself! Then of course there is the one and only Ms False. DM your done, its time to go down for the count. You and your team of bandits are so over. Just remember, everyday another person speaks out!

  17. martyrathbun09

    Since identified him as Eric Lieberman. He is C of S constitutional expert attorney. He is also perfected the art of brown nosing DM – achieving the distinction of one of only two attorneys who has staked a thirty year career and made lots of bread to this day through selling his soul to Miscavige. SO, he was likely there on an errand for Dave to report back to him personally on what the …….is really going on in San Antonio. Kidding himself that he doesn’t already know. People want to know if DM is Clear; this tells you all you need to know. Not even in the same neighborhood.

  18. HannibalTheFirst

    Great! Looks like the court has figured some things out correctly.

    It is getting closer to the point where the church will offer a eight digit $$$ to settle quietly. (What your donations to the IAS buy.)

    I just hope Debbie can afford to turn down the money and go for it all the way to shut up David Miscavage for good.

  19. Yeah – Sugar Ray against these guys:

    Business up front, party in the back!

    And, I wish I understood Spanish, because this one is pure DM. Love the Rocky theme and sound effects:

    Awesome win today!


  20. The door to Miscavige’s closet of crimes continues to be pried open for public view. Are those the hinges squeaking or Dave himself screaming???

  21. Can’t wait, Jim.

  22. Kevin Tighe

    I clearly remember sitting in a bar in Boston watching the 1981 Leonard-Hearns fight. IMHO the greatest boxing comeback ever. IMHO Debbie will be Scientology’s greatest come back ever.

  23. GH — That second one is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. And the commentators expressed my sentiments exactly (and I havent got a clue what they were saying between their guffaws)….

  24. martyrathbun09

    Agreed, the Hit Man Hearns comeback was greatest ever.

  25. This is quite the bout. I have to keep reminding myself that I have work to do.

    Thanks Marty and Mike and Sugar Ray for giving us ringside sets.

  26. Make that ringside seats!

  27. The door to Miscavige’s closet of crimes continues to be pried open for public view. Are those the hinges squeaking or Dave himself screaming?

    Hard to say, but I can hear it all the way from Dallas and it’s music to my ears.

  28. Since Davey’s pretty close to the floor all the time (unless standing on an apple box), it must have been a pretty soft thump.

  29. All you guys are brilliant! We are going to win this one with a KNOCKOUT and the dwarf begging, “Don’t hit me anymore, pleeeeeease?” TC will send him a ‘dear dave(john)’ letter – You are no longer my friend!!!

  30. TC will send him a ‘dear dave(john)’ letter – You are no longer my friend!!!

    I’d really hate to be in TC’s shoes right now. His tight association with DM is going to hurt him badly in the near future.

  31. Ray Jeffrey = competence. Much respect.

  32. Well, I didn’t say that it was a loud thump. What is he anyway – 90 pounds soaking wet?

  33. He has no power over the healing effects of a contact assist.

  34. Heh heh, I wonder how much rent he collected last month, renting the buildings back to the people forced to buy them for his real estate portfolio.

    “In each village the Tay Son controlled, oppressive landlords were punished……”

    “California tenants have important rights, and they do not have to put up with oppressive landlords and unhealthy living conditions.”

    “Initially, the group presented itself as the voice of the poor and landless and the scourge of oppressive landlords…..”

    “She, then, led a peasant insurrection against oppressive landlords of the Cauvery Delta.”

    “The Irish peasants left to fend for themselves in a world dominated by a corrupted church, oppressive landlords..”

    ad in·fi·ni·tum
    Again and again in the same way; forever.

    Heh heh, too bad he doesn’t research these identities and their outcomes before his greedy methods are whirled into place as programs.

  35. Tony DePhillips

  36. Very well said, SA.

  37. Since Miscavige CAN NOT and WILL NOT take just a minuscule bit of responsibility for his actions, he has gotten himself on a dwindling spiral which is going straight down and vertical.

    A little bit of responsability goes a long way. But because of his arrogance he has open himself to “injury” and will definitely be the one liking up bathroom floors when all is set and done.

    I personally would not mind him being in prison for oh, 20 or 30 years at the very least and metting Bubba as his prision cellmate.

  38. Constitutional expert attorney, yeah that says it all. He should know better than to even show up. His client violates every bit of the constitution. DM is so pulling in what he resists, now up against his third women judge!!!!!

  39. Beautiful Tony. Unfortunately, “Muhammad Ray” just doesnt have the right ring to it! “Cassius Ray” is closer but still no cigar (and BTW, like you, Ray enjoys a good cigar in the evening) 🙂

  40. This will happen to DM when his rolling thunders go to weird this LRH Birthday Event Celebration:

  41. You be 100% right on SA! It is the basics of truth, eh? With lies as the operating basis, a person cannot go on forever with out being tripped up at somepoint.
    Thanks for you comments.

  42. TC will write him: “I need to disconnect from you now, because you’re a declared SP”

  43. Dunno … he’s gotten chubbier recently. Middle age spread and his face is filling out. Not aging well. Tick tock, tick tock, midget!

  44. Tony DePhillips

    I hear ya!! 🙂

  45. TC would be embarrassed to be seen with Davey now.

  46. +1000!!! On the floor myself laughing!

  47. Tony DePhillips

    This commercial reminded me of Sugar Ray Jeffries!!

  48. What I love about Ray Jefferies is that he has DM and his money hungry attorneys on their heels and not letting them get an inch of room. He is hitting them like a blitzing linebacker and not allowing them to play their normal intimidation game.

    Its like having the white pieces on the chess board and making your opponent have to defend and respond to every move you make until it is too late. Checkmate!!

  49. A constitutional Attorney would know that all Americans are guaranteed “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” , a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence and considered by some as part of one of the most well crafted, influential sentences in the history of the English language.These three aspects are listed among the “unalienable rights” or sovereign rights of man.

    It denies people liberty when they cannot send an email to a friend.
    It denies people liberty when they are falsely imprisoned and tortured having committed no crimes.
    It denies people the pursuit of happiness, when they are told they cannot identify themselves in a beingness connected to the religion of their choice. Or visit family members. Or recount their lives lived to others. Or warn allies of impending dangers.

    I think David imagines he can bypass rights guaranteed to every American long before he was Chairman of a corporation.

    This declaration of independence is a summary rights granted to all of us as citizens.

    Perhaps it will come up in a courtroom that part of this religion now
    means surrendering your rights as a citizen? And if so, where is it in the employment contract?

  50. Yeah, I hope Miscavage has a good cutman. For those not that familiar with boxing:

    A cutman is a person responsible for preventing and treating physical damage to a fighter during the breaks between rounds of a full contact match such as a boxing, kickboxing or a mixed martial arts bout. Cutmen typically handle swelling, nosebleeds and lacerations (commonly called cuts). (Wikipedia)

    Whoever gets the job, it looks like they better have a lot of Vaseline on hand – I think Ray’s opened up a few bleeders already!

  51. Curious reader

    What if there is only C of S surveillance with a smiling and happy Debbie Cook at INT?

  52. Ken,

    I think it was Mark Twain that said, “if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

  53. Heh heh, Eric, (wink) cha ching cha ching. You have every right to profit from this misery. Lurking in trench coats, first class seat at the theater in Texas. The producers waiting in anticipation for your review. Cha chang cha ching. (wink) He NEEDS you now. He will go total effect of you too. Heh heh. cha ching cha ching. I think he will pay in twelve hour blocks for your beautiful mind. He will spare no expense, it is not coming from his own wallet. You will profit from his misery as he has profited from the misery of others. My how the magic shifts so suddenly…..

  54. TroubleShooter

    Are you sure DM wasn’t hiding inside that trench coat???

  55. Hey Marty, is the clue in the Sugar Ray Leonard video the fact that in each separate bout shown, there is definite evidence of at least 3 full swings visible immediately prior to full EP of the process?

  56. I know, right? I was on the floor. So cocky, then laid so low.

  57. Random Stranger


    Church Lawyer: Your Honor, we’d like to insist on the defendant not breathing.

    Judge: Denied.

    Church Lawyer: Well then, we’d like to ask that you not listen to anything the defendant says and simply find in our favor.

    Judge: Denied.

    Church Lawyer: Can we please punch the defendant in the head, Your Honor?

    Judge: No.

    Church Lawyer: Kick them?

    Judge: No.

    Church Lawyer: Spit?

    Judge: Uh-uh.

    Church Lawyer: Well…ah…we’re going to take away their eternity.

    Judge: Yeah, right.

    Church Lawyer: I hate you.

  58. Both Sugar Rays can go the distance and when the moment arrives, deliver the winning (TKO?) blow.

    Working backwards, makes me wonder how much study of his opponents SRL did prior to his matches. Seems quite evident that SRJ has done his study however obtained, nodding thanks and acknowledgments to MR, MR and SH.

    Damned, these sure are innerestin’ times.

    Shout out to Tony — Man you ARE the Youtube Yoda.

  59. Tony DePhillips

    Number two IS hillarious!! Just like dm he doesn’t know when to stay down.

  60. CR, of course she will be smiling. I doubt Security will surrender any raw footage.

    The editor(s) will be very busy with the event work about now. Event lead ups are normally a no-sleep period for the staff assigned to them, excepting of course David Miscavige. Now with the security tape editing it will be hell. Actually I’m at a loss for a word here. Not hell but something that is pain and hypnotic and sleep deprived and while under those conditions being in fear of yet another reject and dressing down by DM while trying to get it done so you have a chance to see your family for a day before you are shipped off to the event venue. And of course trying to pass uniform inspections after you’ve been up for days or perhaps slept in your clothes for an hour under a desk.

    Not fun.

  61. This has got to be the guy:

  62. largo paris'69

    Hello Marty and friends
    This is my first writing on the blog…all of you are absolutely amazing. Found scientology in 1973 and never looked back.
    I had my share of malice and injustices not from the work of LRH
    but rather from that old bicameral medievil mindset that is always looking for a place to perch. Ron, must be thrilled about an independent field that thinks for itself…that non mystical, non following, self integrating joyous freespirited pirate in the oceans of ALL THAT IS! Count me in. much love Largo paris’69.

  63. Freedom Fighter

    Nothing against Sugar Ray, but you have to admit that Jeffrey Devaluation has a nice ring to it:

  64. Freedom Fighter

    Ok, my autocorrect is seriously possessed. That’s supposed to be Jeffrey Segal …

  65. I only know the last four digits of his telephone number. 1111

    Really, it’s the truth!

  66. Heh heh, when the others create chaos they are provided with sec checks. When the Chairman creates chaos, he is provided with attorneys.
    Heh, heh, clever Chairman!

  67. largo paris’69. It’s nice to see you writing here on this blog for the first time. You and I found Scientology about the same time.

  68. Sugar Ray Jeffrey stays on the offensive in fighting the good fight.

  69. 🙂

  70. Tony DePhillips

    Bummer. It looks like the Florida Judge won’t get involved in the Schippers and Garcia case.

  71. This is simply pure ecstasy. I know it is still early and that the church won’t turn over any discovery or will simply turn over trash and then do the page count thing in defense. Mr Jeffrey will have to have the court force them to turn over discovery. The Church will claim they have turned over x number of thousands of pages of documents. All worthless naturally, some pages will be blank but will be counted anyway etc etc. But still, you just know that DM is apoplectic and has been most of the year to date. And I suspect that someone else will defect and tell the story of document creation and destruction, the old create/destroy the documents for discovery routine will be outed. This just keeps getting better and better. I don’t eat popcorn so I think I’ll have a celery stick to celebrate.

    I just love seeing a well laid plan come together.

  72. Correction, looks like they already dropped you. Why don’t you fire them for 30 years grabbing your tax deductible loot and counting….. you so like to squash people, why not for once hit the correct target…. (oh, sorry, I forgot; you can’t)

  73. Watch the video on the CoS website about how they restored Hubbard’s ‘Clearing Congress’ – frame by frame.

    Need I say more?

  74. The Church lawyers seem to be sleepwalking into a major PR disaster whichever way the case goes.

  75. MOre like they rushed into a major PR disaster, and now in their flailings to try to extricate themselves are burrowing themselves further and further into the briar patch….

  76. I have to believe they have ‘sleepwalked’ into PR disaster because my general faith in the competence of the human species is at risk of being lost: surely NOBODY on earth is that STUPID!!

    I’d love to see their confidential written advice to their client they have advised the Church of the potential downside consequences of proceeding with this case – just to cover their ASSES as lawyers! Otherwise, yes, they really are that stupid to have rushed into a MAJOR PR disaster.

    ‘…burrowing themselves further and further into the briar batch…’
    Mike, based on their conduct of this case so far: I can’t deny it!

    Peace, happiness and prosperity to you.


  77. Seeking As Isness

    Is this the Eric Lieberman in question.

  78. Firebreathing Frog

    Wow. did you read that DM?
    Smart people here.
    Funny after reading all this blog, you don’t get any wiser.

  79. Firebreathing Frog

    Go on, Please.

  80. lucy, that appears to be a different Eric Lieberman.

  81. one of those who see

    Welcome largoparis69! What a beautiful first post! Glad to see you here old friend. I am so happy that you have added your voice to this wonderful group of free beings.

  82. I didn’t know that Eric Lieberman went back 30 years with Scientology. I ran into him when he was deposing me 16 years ago (1996) in Tom Hogan’s office (I have no idea of how much money Lieberman got, Hogan, much junior to Lieberman was collecting $40,000 a month). If you want read a commented transcript by Shelley Tompson’s it is here:

    In there I predicted that scientology would cause something like anonymous to arise.


    Henson: well it comes off the recreation budget. [He is making fun of this expensive lawyer, and it’s getting Lieberman’s goat.] This is training for the big action, Henson says. Lieberman takes the bait: What’s that?

    Henson: when some major government finally decides to really sit down hard on free speech on the net.

    Lieberman spends a few minutes in a halfhearted attempt to get Henson to say something seditious, but gives up quickly. Perhaps it occurs to him that he is being trolled.

    Lieberman: so you welcome this [lawsuit] as a training exercise?


    If you are going to be deposed by Lieberman, it’s probably worth reading this article in full.

    Anonymous (“the net”) certainly used Scientology as a training exercise starting in early 2008 that later figured into their defense of Wikileaks and their support for the various rebellions in the Islamic world.

    That first Anon picket of Scientology really impressed me when 9,000 people turned out. That was 100 times larger than any previous picket against scientology. I think it was instructive to Anon as well to see just how many would take part in something relatively risky.

    Keith Henson

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