Kudos to Aida Thomas and those who assisted her in discovering and exposing the Office of Special Affairs (OSA, church of Scientology dirty tricks and propaganda wing) operative who publicly slimed her friend Silvia Kusada:

Aida Thomas Opens Up A Can of Whup Ass

In my view Aida sets a wonderful example of what friendship really entails.

As for Neil Roger Woods – aka Tim Higgs, aka truthseeker, the OSA operative very active in attempting to disrupt and destroy the lives and reputations of Independent Scientologists – he had his fun on this blog for a spell in 2010.  That was until we noted that his creepy comments indicated he was an OSA troll.

This Woods message was a dead give-away:


Mr. Rinder,

Have you ever been on the other end of one these “gang ups”? If so, was it just once or more than once? If a man spends years of his life shooting others, should others feel sorry for him when he gets shot?

Should we feel sympathy for someone who was once on the cause end of something like this but is now on the effect end?

Didn’t you and Marty Rathbun help to build the Frankenstein monster over the last 20-30 years we are now having to deal with?

Isn’t there a word for things that happen like this?

Isn’t that word “Karma”?

It is David Miscavige attempting to export the Hole right into our living room – the tell-tale “I am going to take your treasonous act of coming clean to make you guilty until you cave in and shut up”.

Woods ought to be exposed to the point where societal peer pressure forces him to confess and repent.   “Oh”, the OSA trolls will rant, “but you are proposing to do just what OSA does!”   No, I’m not.  I have published OSA programs straight from their greasy files that direct the spreading of black PR (not fact) to ensure that folk of our ilk lose their jobs and any possibility of a livelihood.   Examples, Tory Christman Program,  OSA War Against Independence. That is precisely what Woods has been involved in, going on for years now. Mr Woods does not deserve to earn a red penny from anyone until he makes good on what he has been doing to others at the behest of Miscavige’s OSA network.  To allow him to continue to harm people of good will is ethical bankruptcy.

Thanks again to Aida for not only demonstrating what  a friend is, but also for helping to put Ethics in where sorely needed.

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  1. It seems that the current mask of the OSA operatives is the one of a ” friend ” sharing your criticism to befriend you and then: bang, bang, bang… goodby mr. independent scientologist leaders. Not the case with the effective Aida Thomas assisting a good leader.

  2. Marty, I am speechless to say the least to see that you posted this.
    I think it is very big of you validating my article on Silvia and sincerely apreciate your validation of our friendship and my sense of integrity.

    Thanks for the positive things that you do.

  3. martyrathbun09

    I am truly impressed.

  4. People uniting for a common cause !!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Thank you Marty, for your generous comments about Aida.

    Independent Scientologists may choose different paths but if the destination is the same this doesn’t matter.


    When you set out for Ithaka
    ask that your way be long,
    full of adventure, full of instruction.
    The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon – do not fear them:
    such as these you will never find
    as long as your thought is lofty, as long as a rare
    emotion touch your spirit and your body.
    The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon – you will not meet them
    unless you carry them in your soul,
    unless your soul raise them up before you.

    Ask that your way be long.
    At many a Summer dawn to enter
    with what gratitude, what joy –
    ports seen for the first time;
    to stop at Phoenician trading centres,
    and to buy good merchandise,
    mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
    and sensuous perfumes of every kind,
    sensuous perfumes as lavishly as you can;
    to visit many Egyptian cities,
    to gather stores of knowledge from the learned.

    Have Ithaka always in your mind.
    Your arrival there is what you are destined for.
    But don’t in the least hurry the journey.
    Better it last for years,
    so that when you reach the island you are old,
    rich with all you have gained on the way,
    not expecting Ithaka to give you wealth.
    Ithaka gave you a splendid journey.
    Without her you would not have set out.
    She hasn’t anything else to give you.

    And if you find her poor, Ithaka hasn’t deceived you.
    So wise you have become, of such experience,
    that already you’ll have understood what these Ithakas mean.

    Constantine P. Cavafy – 1911

  6. Neil and Bobbi, if you want to talk to or meet with me regarding the situation you’ve gotten yourselves into, you already have access to my home telephone #. Give me a call. Seriously. I know you are both capable of enough self awareness to see that you are on a path to eternal spiritual pain and suffering. This is no joking matter. Don

  7. Marty,

    A big thankyou for posting this for a number of reasons.

    1. Kudos to Aida Thomas for doing the right thing and standing up for a friend. This is what personal integrity is all about and there is nothing more admirable in my book than such a demonstration – its easy to sit back and watch injustices and abuses occur and decry them or feel outraged. Certainly better than agreeing with them or turning a blind eye. But it is really something when you see someone stand up and do something that is not required of them because they know it’s the right thing to do. Not a soul in the world would have noticed had Aida NOT done what she did. I tip my hat to her.

    2. It reminds me of something I have come to realize over the last couple of years. Real friends are the most important possession anyone has. If you are fortunate enough to have family members who are real friends, all the better, but too often in the world of RCS family members turn out to not fit the definition. But in this “independent” world there are a very large number of people who I consider REAL friends. People who I share “R” with not because they are forced to think or act a certain way, but because they think and act in a way that their own moral compass and decision making process leads them to. These are really great friends to have and bring such enormous joy and satisfaction to life. And they are REAL. And they can think for themselves. And they have personal integrity. This is the third dynamic I want.

    3. On a less pleasant note, I hadn’t recalled seeing that Woods message? Did he post it on the blog? It must have been in response to the “Car Park” incident as covered in the postings from April 2010:

    And of course that was shortly before the gang bang hit squad of all time, the 20 man crew that flew in to Corpus Christi to try to drag JB back to the Hole. Ironic that one of the leading ladies in that effort, waiting for me with her gang when I arrived at Corpus Christi airport was none other than Jean Eastgate…. I wonder what is in Neil Roger Woods closet?

    It sucks to be Miscavige. He doesn’t have any real friends. Just clubbed seal sycophants like Woods, Eastgate, Ed Bryan, Joel Phillips, Dave LaBlow, Joanne Wheaton etc.

    I was watching the March 13th event last nite and its really a sorry scene. The event contained NOTHING. It’s hard to even figure out what to make a posting out of. When a big announcement is the RE-opening of the Hamburg “Ideal Org” (I guess they are into reruns now) and the “release” is the “LRH Encyclopedic Volumes” (putting his massive printing presses to great use, turning “Ron” mags into hardcover volumes and re-marketing them at a massive markup).

    The façade of his MEST empire is coming down. I am glad I am not standing around waiting for the falling bricks and masonry to land on my head.

  8. this is why!

    this is how healthy people operate in my humble opinion.

    I think a group hug is in order. love you guys, warts and all.


  9. Aida, Sylvia, Marty,
    You are all great!!

  10. OSA punks have posed as “friends” of independent Scientologists for decades.

  11. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    You said… “Real friends are the most important possession anyone has.”

    You know my feelings on this one buddy!

    Even applies to Nikita!


    — Jackson

  12. Well, the dwarf reissues materials so why not re-open idle orgs. He’s letting us know loud & clear that’s all he’s got. The fact is, he’s in a bind. His tech doesn’t work so people stay away in droves and he’s already re-re-re-issued the materials. What’s left other than re-opening already opened orgs? Nothing but to re-do everything all over again. Miscavige makes me think of a hamster on one of those wheels in a cage.

  13. It is David Miscavige attempting to export the Hole right into our living room – the tell-tale “I am going to take your treasonous act of coming clean to make you guilty until you cave in and shut up”.
    Marty, thank you for being who you are and acknowledging this act of true friendship. (There’s a whole lot of deep meaning in that sentence that I won’t commit to words, but please feel my deep admiration for how you continue this evolution and expansion.)

  14. Aida,
    Your blog post is wonderful. It warms the cockles of my heart, it does. Am also sending out a big hello and hug to Silvia. Hey, Silvia! 🙂

  15. I see that Aida has dox’d Neil Roger Woods, (dox’d = provided name, address and telephone number of home and or business).

    If that had been done on 4Chan and the denizens there decided they cared (they don’t always) he and his wife would be fending off pizza dilveries, taxis and an assortment of prank calls etc; nothing on the scale of Squirrel busters mind for that scale of harassing behavior you need the church of scientology.

    I in no way endorse or encourage childish pranks, they’re fun but not the sort of behaviour adults should engage in. (Take note if you plan to record a prank call, wire tap laws vary by jurisdiction; in many places only one party of the conversation needs to know the conversation is recorded, which is okay because you’d know, but some areas require both parties be informed. Not that I encourage such dastardly behaviour even if it is a funny call.)

  16. “The façade of his MEST empire is coming down. I am glad I am not standing around waiting for the falling bricks and masonry to land on my head.”

    We’re glad too MIke!

  17. Well Done Aida! That really is a truth friend.

  18. The same old LDW

    Hi Aida. It was nice to see you and Dave in LA last week. You both looked great.

    I wonder if you noticed something that stood out to me when I looked at Wood’s website. Nowhere does he honestly state who he is, what his training level is, why he defends miscavige and OSA, how many PCs he’s audited to great results…NOTHING. Just like Mike said about the recent event…NOTHING.

    All I saw was some generalized third party by someone who sounded quite similar to a 13 year old posting nasty things on his face book page because some girl he had a crush on rejected him.

    Who is this guy? How long has he been involved? Why did he lose his license? Is he an auditor? What kind of nasty out-2D has he been involved in? (The overt doth speak loudly in accusation). Is he working on a specific program from OSA (dave) to destroy Sylvia? He is sooooo willing to denigrate others but it seems he’s not really willing to discuss who he really is. Hummm…maybe he just hasn’t figured that one out yet.

    Not that I really care. Third party is third party no matter how you spin it. And revealing the source of third party is always a good thing to do.


  19. Keep shinning that spotlight on these destructive cock roaches. I predict they will scatter.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Mike, my read is that the encyclopedia is the answer my calling him out on NEVER doing a biography for utter inability to understand and represent L Ron Hubbard – and dance around his own withholds along the way. Those encyclopedias are the LRH Bio is my guess. In other words, take the life right out of the man. For instance, one person reported to me that in perusing the volumes he can’t find anything on the family. They’ve excised his wife and children right out of his “biography.” 1984!

  21. It sucks to be Miscavige. He doesn’t have any real friends. Just clubbed seal sycophants like Woods, Eastgate, Ed Bryan, Joel Phillips, Dave LaBlow, Joanne Wheaton etc.

    Surely you’re forgetting David Miscavige’s bestest friend in the world, Tom Cruise; bet David Miscavige is planning a big bash for him again this year on july 3rd. Maybe he’ll present Tom Cruise with another medal, just the kind of moral boost the church needs.

    Then there are David Miscavige’s drinking buddies Glen livit and Johnny Walker, they’ll never desert him. 😉

  22. martyrathbun09

  23. Maybe the Indies can publish their own biography. I’m sure that between the lot of us we can come up with quite a bit of information about the family, complete with pictures and stories. Maybe it could be a collaborative effort like a wiki, online. We’d need an editor, though. Hmmmmmmm….

  24. Hi. You could give Marty a break. After all, he is doing what he can to make up for damages done. We can’t change the past, we can only do better in the future.

  25. E.J. Croughs


  26. That should be Glen Livet.

  27. GetTheConcept

    That’s the origin of the slang definition of “squirrel”.

  28. Marty, thank you for posting this. I am very happy to see the reach-out to others and other groups who left the church. It’s all about love.

    The Question

    We can try too hard when it’s easy
    We can want too much when we don’t really need
    We can save our laughter for tomorrow
    We can trap ourselves when we’re so very free

    Love is the question
    Life is the journey
    Love is the answer
    To all we are learning

    We can hold on tight to an illusion
    We can wish we might and never dare
    We can make ourselves so damn important
    We can hide our hearts and pretend we don’t care

    Love is the question
    Life is the journey
    Love is the answer
    To all we are learning

    We can hold ourselves above each other
    We can strive to win at any cost
    We can play a part to please another
    We can search for meaning ’til we’re lost

    Love is the question
    Life is the journey
    Love is the answer
    To all we are learning

    We can choose to fight or choose to listen
    We can give or grasp
    It’s always our call
    We can bless each moment we are given
    ’cause the Truth is that we have it all

    Love is the question
    Life is the journey
    Love is the answer
    To all we are learning

  29. Well done Aida!

    I met Aida and Dave a couple of weeks ago, for the first time. Only had a few moments to chat with her and in those few moments I had the pleasure of a comm cycle with a real being. Someone who is there, and communicates.

    All kudos to you for applying the Code of Honor to your friends. I sincerely hope to enjoy your company for a much longer time. Soon.

  30. Perhaps you failed to notice, Mr. Fox, that this is *not* an Anonymous site ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  31. I found the emails to Silvia from Neil Roger Woods in his various hidden identities to be more than just a 13 year old suffering from a young teen break up — they seem obsessive, stalking, threatening and possibly what falls in the category of cyber bullying.

    In case Woods is noticing has been severely prosecuted recently due to the suicide of a young gay man in Rutgers.

    The line between politically correct behavior (which conservatives HATE and rails against) and bullying isn’t that hard to figure out. Which behavior creates turmoil, death, intimidation, nullification, and domination.


    Woods should pray nightly that Sylvia lives a long, prosperous and happy life …

    Which reminds me — dm best be making sure Heber is healthy, and all the rest who were subjected to the Hole. Our memories are long, our members are legion and we don’t worry about one lifetime …

    I have recently reconnected with someone, thanks to this blog who I knew, from my early days at CCLA, as a child — in fact since birth — whose mother abandoned her (AKA disconnected) because of a choice made by the person to no longer pursue scientology.

    I wonder how her mother, once my best friend, can sleep at night. I figure it’s actually not too hard. She goes from being unconscious during the day, continuing being unconscious during the evening and into her sleep. And sadly she’ll die unconscious as well and into her next life where she’ll find herself in some horrible spot on earth where children are treated as slaves or worse and she’ll have moments of wishing she could have a better life.

    But suffering from amnesia, she won’t have a clue why. She’ll just not be happy, not one bit. dm has the same but worse future. An wholly unconscious one.


  32. Typo: “In case Woods is noticing has been severely prosecuted recently due to the suicide of a young gay man in Rutgers.”

    In case Woods is noticing cyber bullying has been severely prosecuted recently due to the suicide of a young gay man in Rutgers. And other incidents of cyber bullying, leading to death has been prosecuted as murder.

  33. Aida Thomas is no shrinking violet.

    She is a formidable asset to the dedicated field of LRH practicioners. DM and his varlets are no match for such a stellar Being.

  34. If anyone has any questions for The Calumniator, Dentist Neil R. Woods (aka Truthseeker) he welcomes them on his website:

    Neil R. Woods has some ‘splainin to do. He may also want to verify that he is indeed THE Neil Woods, subject of this email, dentist and Black PR Jekyll and Hyde by dark.

    My question: Is TRO Bullbaited your favorite piece of Tech? How do you feel about specializing in trying to cave people in by finding their buttons/ruin?

    Get out your red pen in the next session.

  35. Seriously, I’m thinking O.M.G. if I knew what Neil Woods does in his off hours would I let this guy near my mouth with a drill and sedation?????

  36. Mike and Marty
    Thank you for acknowledging Aida.
    We have been friends back channels for a while.
    One thing that stunned me was what the Church did to Aida
    WHILE she was on the Class VIII course.
    Aida, Please post the lock down where you were held against
    will and what happened on the Class VIII course at AOLA.
    You have a captive audience here.
    Also, it is an important piece of history as to what the “Church”
    will do and has done to Class VIII students. Please share with one and all.
    High Fives Aida ! 😆

  37. I’ve being delving through records and while I thought I was pretty well informed about the antics of OSA and its predecessor the Guardians Office I came across something that actually surprised me both for its childishness and its effectiveness, the graffiti campaign against Paulette Cooper in which her name and phone number were spread around offering sexual favors, presumably bathroom door graffiti, that resulted in her receiving random calls for sexual favors.

    It seems even pre-internet dox’ing was bad.

  38. The question of his connection to these events has been asked. He has been advised he has been dox’d. Any reply will be posted.

    Warning as site admin he will have access to IP addresses and the possibility of tracing anyone who posts to his site. Don’t post anything stupid that may get you in trouble; I know what I’m doing.

  39. “Thanks again to Aida for not only demonstrating what a friend is, but also for helping to put Ethics in where sorely needed.”

    Aida Thomas is a friend to humanity. O hi DianaClass8 from ESMB 😉

    Is signed Niels, KittyKatspanker, AnonKat, Cat Daddy, Cornelius Anthonius Martens

  40. Vercingétorix

    Bravo to Ms. Thomas! Now, this a bit off topic, but I don’t know where else to post it. Here is some VERY big news from France –

    Artist and opinion leader at CC Paris, Vincent Magni (Class V, new OT 8), has just sent out an e-mail doubt formula, quite long, detailed and substantiated by LRH references. He mentions the effect of Debbie’s letter in corroborating things he had observed for a while. Too long to translate completely, so I will just translate the end:

    « Je quitte le groupe de David Miscavidge et son management perverti, je rejoins simplement le groupe de L.Ron Hubbard. Je ne quitte pas la scientologie, je déclare mon indépendance par rapport a l’église actuelle et reprend ma liberté. »

    “I am leaving the group of David Miscavige and his perverted management, and I am simply re-joining the group of L. Ron Hubbard. I am not leaving Scientology, but am declaring my independence from the current church, and am taking back my freedom.”

    So Debbie’s letter continues to create big effects!

  41. Lol at video.

  42. Amazing the light of truth penetrates into so many new sectors now, daily. I didn’t know of Silvia before today, nor Woods, so thanks for that Marty! Were I her neighbor or friend, I’d want to know all about this clown (it seems they do). He seems about as stable and predictable as a grenade with a loose pin.

  43. No. I’m pointing out the differences while drawing attention to the fact OSA act far worse than Anonymous; squirrel busters, PI’s, smear campaigns and graffiti dox with association to sexual services are far worse than any silliness Anonymous has engaged in.

    Anonymous are pranksters and also “not your private army” (NYPA) they do stuff for the lulz and for some it becomes a quest for a while.

    Anonymous is anarchic and totally democratic because Anonymous is the ultimate equaliser; you are judged on your actions and nothing else.

    Many believe that the worst of human nature comes out in Anonymous and it certainly seems that way but few who post if any mean what they say.

    In fact when Anonymous rallies around a cause it is always one of good intent whether it be highlighting the abuses of the church of scientology or sparking off the Arab Spring or just being generally pissed at how so few people have 99% of the wealth and starting the occupy movement.

    OSA on the other hand will actively try to falsely incriminate as well as spread false and malicious rumours. And LSD in toothpaste.

    I know Mike and Marty have had their hands in some stuff but I see them as reformed. Not all their victims do nor can all their victims forgive and obviously OSA plays on this.

    Thank you for asking the question Michael and allowing me to clarify. 🙂

  44. Mike, are you POSITIVE that the Truthseeker worked for OSA? He attacked LRH for years on a.r.s. before it pretty much died.

  45. martyrathbun09

    How do you think a mole gets into position? Promoting LRH and Scientology?

  46. Well, well, well, what do we have here? Declared squirrels and bitter, defrocked apostate members who band together like a gang of criminals with mutual out ruds. No wonder they look up to losers like Mike Rinder who blew the Sea Org and deserted his family on the same day, or Marty Rathbone who blew the Sea Org after having been removed from post for committing repeated felonious assaults on Sea Org members. Big surprise they’d band together to defend fellow squirrels like themselves. Everyone here is stuck in the victim valence on this blog. No responsibility for anything they ever did. They’ll never see the OT levels. NEVER!!! I’ll make sure of that.

  47. Just finished reading your article and I found the info on Silvia Kusada so moving. Also found your example links, Tory Christman Program, OSA War Against Independence to be a tremendous help.
    Appreciate your sharing these now, for people like myself that have not read everything yet. There is so much data and it does take time.
    Now on to the comments to learn more. Thanks again.

  48. Wow!
    Great news.

  49. martyrathbun09


  50. I read this and sang “Le Boudin” French Foriegn Legion Marching Song.

  51. Hello Aida Thomas,
    thank you for all you do.

    I have seen many of your video taped interviews on youtube and they really helped me to expand my space.
    Creating and expanding space is a valid (if not the only) process for decompression.

    Marty, thank you very much for posting this.

    I also love Silvias Blog and the stories on her Blog.

    All the best to you, people.

    “Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which man could walk free.” – L. Ron Hubbard

  52. Thank you so much Marty, I’m sooo proud of you for this and so happy to see people really caring about each other so much. This is what a true team is about, love and care…

  53. V is for Valor, Virtue, Vivacious, Vita

    Victim Valence said: “They’ll never see the OT levels. NEVER!!! I’ll make sure of that.”

    You best think about your own responsibility, as in taking it for that intention and your actions quick; the consequences of continuing to dramo it won’t be fun not even for a motivating victim valence.

  54. Well done! I imagine spotting these OSA plants consists of knowing the tone scale and observing their actions. I think most OSA plants fall somewhere around 1.1. David Miscavige is pretty 1.1 if you ask me so it kind of makes sense!

  55. martyrathbun09

    Hi Silvia. We are the ones who are proud of you. You are a fighter.

  56. Kool on the block

    He shot himself in the foot with that word “karma” – which in Scientology squirreldom translates to: “pulling it in” – a manipulative use of the overt-withhold mechanism to make people guilty of their acts.

  57. Thanks Mike for including the links for a really neat story of your experiences. Really enjoyed both. It helps me to know you and what hard times you’ve been through, also some more on how They operate.

  58. V is for Valor, Virtue, Vivacious, Vita

    Victim Valence wrote: “They’ll never see the OT levels. NEVER!!! I’ll make sure of that.”

    Dedicated to Victim Valence, so you know you’ve been duplicated. Your comment was so vivid, could hear you clearly, just like the tone in this video

  59. Vercingétorix

    : )

  60. V is for venom.

    I’ll pass. You are very good at putting slimy labels on people. (I would not personally list that as a positive skill). If you take away those labels, all you are left with is the generalities – “Everyone” “No” [responsibility for] “anything”…. If you take away the generalities, you are left with only venom.

    Venom is not the way of a righteous church, and it is not the way of L Ron Hubbard.

  61. Welcome Neil/Joanne/Ed/Dave/John etc etc
    Wonderful to know you pay such close attention here….
    As for the OT Levels, you are a bit late…. But you could do me a favor and keep an eye out and give me a heads up if you see me coming anywhere near David Miscavige brand Reverse Scientology. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  62. Why, bless your heart.

  63. Speaking of victims and valences, I went to visit the Base the other day and everybody seemed to be absent, even the Guards were hunkered down in the Main Booth. Scared? Afraid to be victimized by some unconfrontable beasty?

    What’s your take on that V for Victim?

  64. Thanks for the line charge – you totally made my day!

  65. Plus!

    DM must be awful frightened of Silvia.

  66. Marty — Absolutely no doubt.

    This is another in the long line of Miscavige carrots that have turned moldy and rotten:

    Mark VIII emeter…

    …OT IX and X…

    …XXXX nation has officially adopted LRH tech…

    …the greatest gains you will ever experience are now available from:
    + reading the Basics
    + listening to the Congresses
    + listening to the ACCs
    + redoing your GRades
    + redoing your Objectives
    + giving money to the IAS

    …Super Power. And by the way, he yet AGAIN promised Super Power building is going to open this year and the crowd burst into applause and cheering — and it was not an applause line. 14 years of promises are starting to even penetrate the addled brains of the clubbed seals.

    His presentation of the “LRH Encyclopedia” was a joke. Aside from the grotesque Shermanspeak (and it has become a terrible caricature of itself these days, the same old twisted lines, connecting phrases, strange words) he focused on the RESTORATION OF THE PHOTOS, announcing how many particles of dust had been removed from the photos contained in the “encyclopedias” and as much as admitting that they are only repackaged “Ron” mags. Even he couldn’t hype this pigs ear.

    He WANTS to make LRH a laughingstock and open to derision by putting out an “official” hagiography that will be torn to shreds in minutes — but he has delayed it SOOOO long that it will now reflect badly on him, so he knows he cannot do it any more. He has been introducing Dan Sherman now for 15 as his “LRH biographer” and having Sherman slink around with him at all the public events he attends. So, anything now published by Sherman is known as a Miscavige product.

    And if you saw Sherman at the podium giving his convoluted presentation about LRH you could not miss how heavily his overts are weighing on him. He looks absolutely terrible. And his presentations have become something that could appear on Saturday Night Live as a skit about a weird, self absorbed and neurotic professor that pontificates and nobody in the world can understand what he is going on about. He reminds me these days of Stanley Unwin (for the Brits that read this blog — and perhaps some others that are as old as I am….)

  67. I hate to break the news to you, but Ron Hubbard is fair game as far as Darth Midget is concerned. The only person whose PR image matters on the entire Earth is David Miscavige.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  68. Tom Gallagher

    Silvia, Aida, and all the rest of you good people, here’s a redux:

  69. The very definition of stupid.

  70. “They’ll never see the OT levels. NEVER!!!”


    Head in the sand much?

  71. tonydephillips

    Why don’t you post in your own name if you’re such a big man? Punk.

  72. Hello Victim, thanks for the hearty laugh!!!!!
    Not with you but at you, poor thing!

  73. It is really most painfully obvious when someone postures and pontificates and they are utterly clueless as to what they are talking about. Truthful said the definition of stupid. I’ll see that stupid and raise with the definition of moronic.

  74. J’♥ le nom Vercingétorix 🙂

  75. Θ Great news ! Welcome to freedom, Vincent Magni !

  76. I am glad to see these OSA agents are being exposed.
    Here is another dentist in LA (OSA agent):
    Dr. Kourosh Maddahi in 2010 sent this e-mail based on false information and generality to all my comm lines around the world.
    “Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010- 21:14:51
    Subject: Mariella
    Dear all:
    This email is to inform you that Mariella Hosseni has been declared as a Suppressive Person by the Orange County Department of Special Affairs on August 19, 2010.  Please let all the people that know Mariella know.  All efforts were made to salvage her but unfortunately she refused help.
    Kourosh Maddahi – LA
    Sent from my iPad”

    Some of those people who received this email from Maddahi, forwarded it to me and were disgusted by Maddahi’s behavior as an OTVII and decided to disconnect from the church. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. Fantastic Aida, great job!
    Magnificient application of the Code of Honor

    Θ Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.
    Θ Never withdraw allegiance once granted.
    Θ Never desert a group to which you owe your support.
    Θ Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength of power.
    Θ Never need praise, approval or sympathy.
    Θ Never compromise with your own reality.
    Θ Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.
    Θ Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.
    Θ Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.
    Θ Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.
    Θ Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you can make your tomorrow.
    Θ Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.
    Θ Don’t desire to be liked or admired.
    Θ Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.
    Θ Be true to your own goals.

  78. Mike, you said–

    “2. It reminds me of something I have come to realize over the last couple of years. Real friends are the most important possession anyone has.”

    Couldn’t agree more. And your key word there is REAL. When I blew staff, my REAL friends were indeed family and friends not in the church. Now something is wrong with that. My REAl friends helped me to get back on my feet, not the church. Seems it should be the other way around.

    You also said this “I was watching the March 13th event last nite and its really a sorry scene. The event contained NOTHING.”

    Lets be careful here, and I know what you are saying. But, per LRH there is/are supposed to be no events anyways. It’s all supposed to be communicated via Org magazines.

  79. yes sir Tara. How many on the fences are there reading this, and because of FEAR and not applying KSW? Fear of the bridge, not be able to getting it in the future, because they think only the church can deliver standard tech. Fear of losing connections? If they only knew there was a choice, a choice a free thinking person could make, which when one thinks about it, that is the purpose of Scientology, an applied religious philosophy, the work was free so keep it so.

  80. “You also said this “I was watching the March 13th event last nite and its really a sorry scene. The event contained NOTHING.””

    It’s all there in the PR series. Make the crowd stand up and cheer, what great accomplishments,,,,,,,,,on and on…………

    search around and find something to promote, make a big deal of it, get everybody involved, campaigns, letters promos out on it, phone calls out on it, the next great thing,,,,,,,on and on,,,,,,,,,really ham it up, the next greatest thing or the next greatest we need your support,,,,,,,then have the event,,,,,,,,,,,,,then 3 or 6 months later, rinse and repeat…This is now 4 times a year. And it’s all regging for money. Hidden regging for your bridge actions but not really.

    I knew and saw it long ago, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it and nobody in general talks about it, they just feel it over the years. they feel the pressure to do the bridge, but also feel the pressure to help CLEAR the Planet. Oh my god, Everybody goes PTS to it and doesn’t realize it. They must DO MORE. On and on it goes over the years.

    It’s just the PR formula. Unfortunately the church applies it to it’s existing members and they feel it, you might say. And they say to themselves, where are the new people coming in? Where are they? Very bad management is the bottom line. But we have no managment, it’s just one guy. But the church says YOU are not FSM’ing or being on staff, helping to the cause. Boy oh boy, what a hamster wheel the church has created. It all boils down to YOU not helping I guess. Don’t mean you Mike in particular, but everybody. It’s a trap that DM has created.

  81. Somebody got his buttons pushed. Awwwwww…….

  82. Tom Gallagher

    Quote: “They’ll never see the OT levels. NEVER!!! I’ll make sure of that.”

    Either some kinky delusions of grandeur or “Hello POB”.

  83. I’m glad you can parrot what LRH says. But have you thought about it, what you said. It could also apply to you.

    Why did you post what you said?

    I think because you made a choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you’ve made it. Please look around, and examine the data you find. And compare it to what YOU know to be true or false. But you must examine data, not what people say. That is KSW per Debbie Cook email on facebook.

  84. I haven’t seen her mentioned recently here, but JoJo Zawawi is another kool-aid drinker and blatant member of the SP Facebook police — especially in the LA area.

  85. Jean , couldn’t agree more.

    I think, in my opinion, it the current church management system, which seems to be one guy, I think these are the most important:

    “Θ Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.
    Θ Be true to your own goals.”

    And one should look up adviser, counsel in a new unit of time.

    And that is my opinion of applying the code of honor. And that is per KSW as per Debbie Cook email facebook communication to fellow scientologists who wish to clear the planet, who wish to lead a life where they, as a person, is a well and happy person. But not something forced on them, as a person.

  86. Windhorse, they don’t call karma a bitch for nothing…

  87. Tres bien! 😀

  88. VifVV~ Circle that one in red, Bubba. Scientology outside the church of David Miscavige can handle that.

  89. One valence, so many, many names it is hard to track the names. Not the valence.


  90. Aida,

    Thanks you for defending the honor and integrity of your friend Silvia. She is lucky to have friends like you as we are all lucky to have friends like you, Silvia, Marty and the many others who can proudly call themselves Independent Scientologists.

  91. Gabriel Vibromundo

    Did someone just fart?

  92. I’m very happy to see not only the exposure of OSA but the compassion exhibited by most who posts here or reads this blog, especially Aida, Sylvia and Marty. Personal opinions may vary but that doesn’t stand in the way of acknowledging and protecting a friend.

    This demonstration of personal integrity, compassion and true friendship despite differences in views and opinions is why I turned to this community instead of that which exists within the Church under David Miscavige.

    I know Aida very briefly and despite our different views we quickly became friends. I don’t know Sylvia but as Aida’s blog states – a picture tells a thousand words and there is no doubt that Sylvia must be an incredibly compassionate woman, and Marty (and Mike) simply state things for what they are and though they add their subjective commentary, if you have experienced much of what they describe their basic accounts when writing stories are factually fairly objective. An they are as quick to acknowledge someone’s good deeds as they are to point out those that are not.

    That is HUMAN and REAL and what I originally believed Scientology was all about but lost faith in after 20 years in the SO, but have regained a belief in after reading and conversing with you all.

    Thank you! Ulf

  93. More of this kind of thing.

  94. The line between politically correct behavior (which conservatives HATE and rails against) and bullying isn’t that hard to figure out.

    Not sure why you felt it necessary to toss in that little dig at politically conservative people, in an otherwise excellent post. Lord knows we Scientologists have more than our share of schisms and ARC breaks amongst us already.

    If I want to be insulted, I can go to any free-for-all political forum to get that. I really don’t expect it here.

  95. Outstanding!

  96. Interesting, I read this as a silly humorous post. For me the use of “V” as in the iconic film “V for Vendetta” (Anonymous iconography and an excellent film you should all watch) said this comment is just being silly and while perhaps ironic is not meant to be taken seriously.

    Then again as Micheal Hobson (independent scientologist) points out I’m a veteran of Anonymous forums where one should never take anything at face value. That said it could be OSA posts that I misinterpret as Anonymous trolling. The result is however the same, I laugh at them.

  97. You’re also a cutie. 🙂

  98. PS Micheal Hobson, I arrogantly judge you to be an okay guy. 😀

  99. Well V is for vitriol, I am auditing on my “They’ll never see the OT levels NEVER!!! I’ll make sure of that.” and making heaps and TA, having great wins and doing very well indeed. So you haven’t made that postulate stick!

  100. So references to Shermanspeak have nothing to do with “the shermanator” of American Pie fame?

  101. I seen that pic I took of you too on the blog. I am glad you like it so much. It does look good.

  102. Quelles bonnes nouvelles! (What good news!) I have been hoping that there would be some independents in France. Bienvenue a Vincent Magni! (Welcome to Vincent Magni!)

  103. And who are you exactly? Care to identify yourself? How courageous to post anonymously…

  104. OSA Plants are very easy to spot because they are not green and growing.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  105. Lafayette, we are here. Viva la France!

  106. Jackson,
    I love Nikita. A suburban hunter. Deadly. And fast, very, very fast.

  107. Well done Monsieur.

  108. 🙂



  110. VWD to Aida, and to Marty for the great gesture of friendship – putting this article up for the world. I sense that those of us who revere LRH’s legacy are coming together in an even more powerful Juggernaut.

  111. Newsflash for the Victim Valence (little Davey and his pals):

    There are more OT levels being delivered in the field than in your sorry excuses for AOs. Is that really the biggest threat you can muster? You’re a goner, Davey. Time to pack up the gilded thongs and Scotch and head for a country with no extradition, ‘cuz you’re gonna need it. But don’t go yet, because we’d all like to see you on the witness stand in Texas!

  112. “They’ll never see the OT levels. NEVER!!! I’ll make sure of that”. Who is is “I”? It would only be polite to introduce yourself properly so all know who is the new trustee and arbiter of all knowledge everywhere, and who we need to ask permission in order live and gain knowledge…

    Think you may be a bit confused here, VVV. How’s getting onto OT IX working out for you? It’s the culties like you can’t seem to be able to do their OT levels without DM introduced arbitaries like endless 6-month checks, 3-swing F/Ns, re-doing Objectives, re-studying (altered) basic books and tapes etc. There are many in the independant field trucking along on their OT levels just fine. Not to mention the Ls, the Church-suppressed Superpower rundowns et al. Doing the OT levels in DM’s brave new world is a risky business; statistically you have a high chance of getting very seriously ill or not making it into old age. I personally know half a dozen who have died in the last few years alone.

  113. I am impressed Marty, I really appreciate you came off the high horse.
    to establish a comm line to Aida :-). It is an effective blow against OSA purpose to create dispute within the Indie scene. Keep going.

  114. April Fool’s is NEXT week, you do realize?

  115. Hey Victim Valence,

    I read your bold words : “They’ll never see the OT levels. NEVER!!! I’ll make sure of that.”

    Where is the position of “hallucinatory cause” on the tone scale ?

    Hint: it’s at -8

  116. E.J. Croughs

    Hi Victim, nice of you to come out and play. Great to hear the same lines reparotted again, only this time complemented with an open threat of the very thing you’re secretly working on every day; trying to prevent anybody from ever seeing the OT levels. People going OT and becomming powerful is the last thing you can afford. Great to hear you confess in public.

  117. Thanks for posting that… It’s nice to realise just how far I’ve come sometimes… Sad mind but in a good way.

    But for “V”, whoever you are… I would print that post off and put it somewhere safe… In the years to come you will be able to remind yourself just how far you’ve moved on too… The only question is which way?

    Up or down?

    The choice is yours.

  118. Wait a minute… That’s not Random Stranger is it? Seriously… I’m just not sure what is and isn’t a parody of these people anymore.

  119. scilonschools

    DM & the RCS still havn’t worked out that taking Black Dianetics Toooo far, on the Wrong target, only fuels and feeds the very thing he is trying to stop!!
    (Mistaking good manners and rationality for Submission and Subjugation, Big mistake DM, HUGE!!)

  120. Theo Sismanides

    Aida, Silvia and Marty,

    This is so wonderful. Admiration is the most powerful particle there is! It can melt anything, even Miscavige and his OSA ridge! Now, when it is backed up by real friendship and long term relationships, it has no rival. Congrats!

  121. At the end of June, 2010, I was on staff at the Cincinnati Org while my husband was on his eligibility at AOLA. After we declined Teddy’s Bragin’s “request” for a donation, I started complaining about the incessant phone calls I was receiving for donations. I even received a call wanting funds to pay the operating expenses on the new printing presses. I was abruptly taken off post as Staff Staff Auditor and ordered to AOLA for sec checking. Wondering what in the %&## was going on, I remembered Aida from when I did my Class VIII retread ’92-’95. In ’95, our Class VIII Supervisor Karin Koski Huber, was routing out of the Sea Org. She was suddenly “persona non grata” but I refused to treat her like that. And I was not alone. Aida also reached out in friendship to Karin. Even though I had had no contact with Aida for 15 years, I called her to tell her I’d been ordered to AO. Her response? “When is your flight? We’ll pick you up at the airport.” I spent 2 days at Aida’s house, and made a new friend there, Silvia Kusada. I never made it to AO. And I will never cease to be grateful to Aida.

  122. Sorry to have offended you — I guess my point was to point out that politically correct speech which has been given through the years a hugely bad name but isn’t in fact inherently wrong and real bullying are two very different things. I didn’t express myself well.

    You have every right to be a conservative of course.

    Just as I have every right to be a buddhist, a liberal and someone who doesn’t like anymore than you do to be attacked for my views.

    Again — my apologies.

    I look forward to meeting you some day and through direct communication recognizing how MUCH we have in common, rather than how little we do.


  123. Brava Silvia, the truth win …

  124. I think it sets a great example for all of us – no more tech wars. I suspect that Sylvia is a great auditor, but here is a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that someone really is delivering squirrel auditing. How do you stop it? Force and/or disconnection won’t stop it, because there is no leverage outside the church. The only remaining option is ARC, and you would only bother putting for the effort to increase ARC if you are taking responsibility for the situation.

  125. You have every right to be a conservative of course.

    WH, surely you realize that sentence comes across as though being conservative is some kind of malady. As I was reading your reply to Ronnie all was well until I got to that sentence. Ronnie can stick up for himself but as someone who reads this blog, I have to say, anything political on this forum is a complete turn-off to me. Turn-off as in X out right then & there and I go do something else.

  126. V is for Victim Valence

    Congratulations Dean, you pass the IQ test. I thought it was rather lulzy myself.

  127. Rory Medford

    Its nice to see people like Debbie Cook and Aida Thomas are coming out and they are coming out in a big way and they have tons of support.

    Keep shining the light. The cockroaches are coming out!

    Awesome work from the top down in The Independent field. People in the RCS are starting to wake up and question the regging, altered tech and the hula dances and barbecue events for fundraising.

    All of which LRH said was nonsense and off policy.

    Ethics, tech & admin baby keep it flowing.

    One by one the flock wakes up and leaves and there goes the support.

  128. Rory Medford

    Another grass roots movement is happening hopefully this time we wont have a psycho running the show.

    Time will tell but its a worthwhile game to play.

  129. Ok. I have had and I have commlines to criminals, psychotics and crazy people. I communicate to them to a certain degree, on a certain level.
    Although I do not agree with what they are doing in their life, I grant them beingness, admire them and respect them as a being. They feel it and know it, and thererfore I am not getting into troubles, when dealing with them. Beside the mechanics , Isn´t this the basis of all Scientology?

  130. Well, you know who took the picture no? 😉
    Thanks my friend.
    And thanks for the responses from everyone here in Marty’s Blog, I am really moved byt all 🙂

  131. Welcome to the actual Marty Blog. Hope you stick around long enough to do some readings. If you have any questions, just ask, or view the many links. Wishing you well.

  132. Open Hostility. You guys are coming uptone!

  133. Dearest Athena8, you have brought tears to my eyes with your story about us in the Class VIII course. I have forgotten that Silvia was also at my house and that you have met!
    I admire you and your husband for what you are doing to help others.
    Thanks to everyone for the responses here in Marty’s blog, I am truly moved by all, those who know me and those who don’t and gave Marty, Mike and me the support as a group.
    This proves that truth and theta always win.

  134. Thanks for posting this, Marty. I heard a quote from Elvis where he was supposed to have said that Scientology has no heart. I think what Aida did for Silvia shows how much heart they both have, and how much the indies in general have.

    I think the process of becoming an Indy – the looking at the current scene, the evaluation of what is important to you as a person and as a Scientologist – strengthens people both as people and as Scientologists. Taking stock of what you know and what you value, and comparing that with what is – what is in the church as well as your friends in the church – is part of growing up as a person and as a being. Independent Scientologists are really adult Scientologists.

    Aida, this is wonderful that you posted the truth about Silvia. How cool is that?

    I read how this mongel got outed in Aida’s post. The guy probably thought he was being clever – but doing all this from his company line was not-quite-bright. Memo to OSA – you are not really anonymous on the Internets.

  135. That you, Andre?

    Why don’t you sign your name, if you are going to deliver back-handed complements ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  136. Vercingétorix

    Merci ! : )

  137. I’ll see your arrogance and raise you my hubris. I am not merely OK, I am great!!! 😀

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  138. So very true !

    The European / Russian Freezone movement has learned by experience that OSA plants :

    # don’t take services and / or don’t make the expected gains when on services (as opposed to those who are actually interested in real gains)

    # are flattery for the Freezone or nattery about Co$, however a bit too obvious

    # ask lots lots lots of questions far beyond the limit of plain interest, like details about the life of other Freezone members

    # will inform OSA about the answers they got

    # will sooner or later voice shady objections about leading Freezone members, frequently behind their back (3rd party)

  139. ‘Truthseeker’ didn’t attack LRH. His purpose was to deter newcomers from reading ARS by claiming that the ‘critics’ of the Church who posted there were all OSA secret agents (except himself of course). ARS was alleged to be a honey trap intended to expose squirrels.

  140. Vercingétorix

    Oh yes, Claire, there are independents, and many I think just withdrawing silently and waiting for such news. Thank you again for your declaration of independence too, which I’m sure has also created an impact, you having been founding staff of Paris org.

    I just heard a funny story from an org in Europe, where every staff is put on the meter to see if they have been reading “entheta” and to determine who is the suppressive who is crashing their stats. Too funny, as they have only to look at “Zebigboss” ! lol

  141. And the queen of frump, Adrienne Craig.

  142. Magnifique!

  143. So, Truthseeker is Neil Roger Woods? He of the mandatory one year professional “break” due to not telling the TRUTH when filing those claims for payment?


  144. Random Stranger

    Please…give me more credit than that, huh? (although it is a funny post)

  145. Bryon,
    The Ethics Presence issue, the full version that includes the basis of it and interruption of ARC, is valid. The correct estimation of effort is by definition in the Dianetic Axioms, rightness.

    Intention is the carrier wave and the cause for the future – the intention to aid survival on the Dynamics makes all the difference in the achievement.

    I’ve had who knows how many Comm Evs, RPF assignments, Non Enturb Orders, some 650 instances of ‘known insubordination” as OSA records on their blather site, and a vast array of goofus ethics interview, condition assignments, List One RS accusations, “punished” by being put on the Running Program for months and well, even declared an SP by David Miscavige and the attempt to ‘utterly destroy” my life.

    One need only peruse the recently released Ethics Repair List to see how far it can go. One need only DO this Repair List to handle any resulting or remaining By Passed Charge, and then False Data Strip the nonsense and re-evaluate the workable and valid Ethics Technology for use.

    I’ve just this past week come across what could only be called GROSS out tech in folders while doing a Folder Error Summary. It can and is being corrected by the USUAL. As well, I’m left with correction of both the auditor and the CS (at least there was one in this “freezone” case). The ONLY capital I have in that correction, ethics or otherwise, is the WILLINGNESS and professional conscience and pride of those persons.

    I have NO compunction about making efforts to get in the ethical choice to apply the materials in a standard fashion, by appealing to good sense and the desire to do a good job, and absent either, the onus is on me to do what I can to see that these types of things are dealt with.

    I make mistakes in the calculation of effort needed to get in ethics, tech and admin, or even have somebody I see toss their trash on the roadside to handle that and maybe consider the rest of life in their actions. I trust myself to have the intention to see that each person I may deal with is part of MY dynamics and whatever I may do to aid (or abet) them in their own Dynamics and their future intertwined with mine, is for the benefit of each of us.

    I trust myself. And I correct my own efforts if they aren’t getting the product I envision that I trust is positive. I have run FPRD on all 8 D’s, twice through, given and received and studied and know the theory and practice of “solutions” that aren’t, cures that are the next malady and understand, know and apply the ability to spot the source of problems – and make them vanish.

    We have a perhaps, sensitized field, on the subject of ethics and so-called justice. The tools have been abused. They are tools and they work when intelligently applied. I recommend anyone with BPC on these subjects get and get applied the Ethics Repair List so that BPC doesn’t interfere with application of the correct tools to a positive result.

    Those same tools are being wielded marvelously in this very blog by Marty Rathbun.

  146. If any under-the-radars here are wondering why Adrienne Craig has thousands of Scnt friends, wonder no more.

  147. Hello H,
    Hey, I DID study the Family Law Act thoroughly. You’re right, the Court has jurisdiction in property issues. I might add, I thought the Act and the update to include the Less Adversarial Trial was darn well superb. Just checkn’ in with you here 🙂

  148. I bow down to your superior hubris. 😉

  149. Awesome, another one who SEES!

  150. Well, well, well, r u kidding? LOL, dude, you’re like a die hard Hitler lover, you’re like Ahmadinejad of Iran who says the extermination of the Jews never happened. You can be told of all the beatings/torture/mind fucking/extermination of the tech, that has been going on up at Int but you’d be the type to say it never happened and post the idiot comment you just posted. You must have agreement with the damage being done to continue to support it, perhaps you were a Nazi last life happily exterminating Jews.

  151. I don’t think it’s a question of IQ, it’s a question of experience. I’m use to parody posts one reads on WWP or VV and am also conversant with 4chan. Many people here have only or mainly been exposed to such as Religious Freedom Watch and Freedom Magazine.

    When you read the character assassinations in Freedom Magazine or on RFW you realise they are so over the top they defy parody.

    What we recognise as parody for the LULZ they are use to reading as serious opinion. Likewise we may read some OSA bots’ actual serious post as either a troll or parody. To me that doesn’t matter because it means we just laugh at it rather than try to counter it.

    I try to remember to post an allergy warning on my less than serious posts here so people know I’m not being serious. As in “Allergy Warning: the previous statements may contain traces of sarcasm, parody and attempts at wit.”

  152. Excellent post! Maybe one day.

  153. Ziba Feulner

    Blessed real friendships! Well done, Aida – You go girl!

  154. It wasn’t me either but it is a parody post. See my comment above in response to V’s comment on IQ.

  155. one of those who see

    Fantastic news! Always appropriate to post news like that!

  156. That is really funny!

  157. one of those who see

    LOL. This is a joke, right? Is someone doing a parody of the blind leading the blind in the church. Well done! This sounds absolutely ridiculous!
    Especially love the “defrocked apostate” part.
    And yes, we are all victims. Victim, victim, victim. Wah, Wah, Wah

    Sorry, gotta go have some stats to boom in my business.

  158. one of those who see

    Aida, Sylvia is very lucky to have you as a friend and I’m sure the reverse is true too! 2 wonderful, theta OT Auditors!
    Well done on having your Code of Honor in.

  159. I am not Andre`. Aida knows who I am and where I live.

  160. You are welcome, V. I hope my declaration has helped.

  161. You have made a great list of incomplete cycles and undelivered promises. When you see them all together, you wonder how painful it must be those who are in doubt but keep donating despite overwhelming evidence that their donations are disappearing into a convoluted abyss of inaccountability.

  162. Vercingétorix

    Thanks to General Pershing and now the American Independents!

  163. Vercingétorix

    Thanks for the video – she is great!!

  164. Random Stranger

    Mohammed Ali is the greatest, though.

  165. Yes this is a parody and not an OSA post. In terms of response you guys might consider that if you’re in doubt, or if you think a post is by OSA, then reacting to it as though it was intended to be humorous is always the best approached, after all OSA don’t like being laughed at while a poster of parody is happy to be laughed with.

    As for trolls they get bored when people laugh at their comments rather than take them seriously.

  166. Michael please let’s not be unfair, okay so OSA plants are not green, but they do grow.

    They’re like mushrooms, kept in the dark about reality and fed bull shit upon which they grow. 🙂

  167. Random Stranger

    (this is for V)

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    Office of COB, RTC


    In order to stiffen the ethics gradient because of the global downtrending of statistics, the following are now absolute mandatory isnesses:

    1) All staff and public are to punch themselves in the face instantly whenever any question of the quality of my management enters their minds.

    2) A new series of Securi-Basic Books is to be developed and published within 30 days which have face detection built into the binding via microchip. If any Independent ‘Scientologist’ picks up one of the new books it will be designed to explode. (Disclaimer: void where prohibited by law)

    3) Dildos, blow-up dolls and porn subscriptions, along with a cake and card are to be sent to Marty Rathbun’s house each month for eternity.

    4) I want a Time Machine built by the end of the week so I can travel back to LRH’s early research days, kill him and then return to now as the savior of the world. At that time, all mention and photos of L. Ron Hubbard are to be eliminated.

    5) I command that everyone anywhere stop cogniting on anything. It confuses me.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC
    Owner, Church of Spiritual Technology
    President, TC Fan Club

  168. 101) Shermanspeak

    It’s quite nuccipating when spunniness contabulates in recinocity.

  169. one of those who see

    Wonderful Story!!
    And I must point out the insanity of the Church. They took a Staff Staff Auditor off post because she wouldn’t make the direct donations wanted!!!! And direct donations are no where in LRH Policy! Really, is there an abundance of staff staff auditors?????
    Sorry for the rant, but this is a really good demo of the Church’s present priorities.

  170. That is very good news! The new Declaration of Independence model seems to be taking hold. I hope that Vincent Magni’s example will help other French Scientologists to see the truth of what’s become of the church, and help them to find the courage to do likewise.

    I hope to see an English translation of his write-up soon.

  171. It isn’t funny at all. You guys still in OSA are way too fixated on your intelligence, keen sense of planning, organizational coherence, subtle and pointed humor and … oh, wait ….

  172. Anon.

  173. Hope you hang around and post here frequently!

  174. BillyJackIsBack

    Is there a link to Silvia’s blog?

  175. Here you go Aida & Silvia, this one is for you-

    ““But this is what happens and this is what we have to contend with. I, for one, disassociate myself from the movement completely. “

    re posted from ghost in the house:

  176. Martin Gibson

    While we are on the subject of deliberate silliness as a means to mis-communicate specious reasoning and awkward humour:
    (Dedicated to V)
    All greetings and salutationisms to those of Flatulariate Gigamoogie!
    I can communicate with cheddar cheese.
    My colon is named Felipe and was recently awarded a scholarship to Michigan State University.
    People often tell me that I remind them of some guy named Nick.
    I am allergic to the letter “Q”.
    I love pizza, but it makes me kill nuns and rollerbladers.
    I constantly argue with fleas.
    I love yams, but they make my nipples droop.
    I don’t believe in Oxygen. I’m pretty sure it is a get rich quick scheme.
    I once was so hungry I ate the skunk end of an ass.
    My dad pretends to be a cardboard box.
    Did you know you could start a fire by sniffing really quickly?
    I grew up in the Middle East and then realized I was lying.
    And since I don’t like “creamy” or “crunchy” I am attempting to invent peanut butter that is “jiggy”.
    I don’t care if you lick windows, interfere with farm animals, vote liberal or occasionally shit yourself… today is International Disadvantaged People’s Day.
    Please send an encouraging message to a retarded friend, just as I’ve done.
    You hang in there sunshine, You’re fucking special…

  177. I see I’m a little late to the party having just read this by T. Paine —-


    It’s kind of funny. Cuz after reading that link post, I’ve been trying to post here what I have observed from my knowledge of the tech and what I know to be true as observed by me over the years. So in essence what I have been posting actually is truthful from my observations, so I take a win on that.

    I like this—-as it has much reality for me for having been on staff and joining staff to earn a living as well as helping………….

    “”One does all he can by staff work to improve the image. If image is the reason why one must move from an area where the org was viable or had student housing, forget it. Posh up what you have already … staff pay and food and cheap student housing do more for an org than a posh building.”

    “staff pay and food and cheap student housing do more for an org than a posh building.”

    Boy, that last statement gets lost these days and for awhile now, one is in fact sort of in self sacrifice on the whole matter of “being on staff” and if you don’t be on staff, why you are out ethics.

  178. +1, Mike Hobson notwithstanding 😉

  179. In reading this link———

    and this from T. Paine–

    ” I returned to international management that this problem of making new Scientologists was a planet-wide problem, one that had existed in all orgs, unhandled for more than two decades.”

    ” making new Scientologists”

    Now I’ve read in several places that the goal is NOT in making new Scientologists. I can’t remember now without researching it, but off hand, this was a beef with me in the Church, the goal is not making people into Scientologists, the goal is clearing a planet. Maybe Steve Hall knows of the references. But whatever, big difference to consider, and LRH says it.

  180. and now that I think about it, if you want a monopoly you call it something, with legal trade marks and legal actions you can do in the current legal system.

  181. OMG, you’re too funny. Thanks for the best laughs I’ve had all week 🙂

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  183. truthaboutskusada


    Please allow me to make something clear at this time.

    I, Tim Higgs am not Neil Woods. I and Mr. Woods are two different people.

    Mr. Woods is 20 years older than me and married. Not to mention, I hear he’s OT 8.

    I’m in my early 40′s, with brown hair, slim and attractive, Neil is in his 60′s, overweight with grey hair.

    If you look at the picture that Aida has up on her blog, you can see that he’s a man in his 60′s and that picture was taken by members of “Anonymous” a few years ago.

    Aida is just forwarding false information she got from ESBM put there by a girl who went by the nic, “HubbardTelescope” who was obsessed with me and finding out who I was.

    Why? Because she kept losing one argument after another on WWP and ESMB on the subject of Scientology. Who once said she wanted to “smother me with love”.

    She turned out to be an obnoxious girl with a serious weight problem.

    Tim Higgs

  184. I see no reason to doubt you Tim. I always found you an interesting example of someone who compensated for their poor grammar, spelling and inability to use the apostrophe correctly with a considerable talent for chess.

    But why couldn’t you use that analytical skill to make the ‘Truth Seeker’ operation a success, rather than a clumsy and transparent failure?

    And why didn’t you learn anything from Craig De Fan’s ability to turn a preposterous story into one plausible enough to fool Bob Minton, at least for a while.


    Andrew (aka ‘Mr Spellchecker’)

  185. truthaboutskusada

    That’s what I always liked about you Andrew, your ability to focus on the most important aspect of a post while never getting sidelined on trivial matters.

    Another thing I liked about you is that you post are always full of positive reinforcement and never write anything that contains any condescending remarks or insults.

    I love you too Andrew. 🙂

  186. Hi Karen:
    Yes, we have been doing fun things back channel… 🙂
    I loved your postings at ESMB, they were the best! Thanks for being there and communicating.
    I think it is a great idea to talk about what happened to the Class VIII course at AOLA. I am definitely going to follow your advise.
    Love to all who have responded at Marty’s blog and to those who visited mine.
    I am so glad that this whole charade from OSA turned into a very postive thing, that showed us that at the end we are all united.

  187. Martin Gibson

    It was plagiarized 😉
    I read it 3 years ago and still get a laugh out of it.

  188. truthaboutskusada


    While I think it’s real touching that you and Aida Thomas are currently patting each other on the back, there’s something about her you need to know.

    Aida Thomas has an entire section of her blog titled: “Who Helped David Miscavige Take Over?” where she tears down you and others who she feels is to blame for the current situation.

    Here’s the link to that post within her blog:

  189. martyrathbun09

    I saw it long before I made the post. One real defect, really a sickness, in the thinking of you Corporate Scientologists is that everbody is black or white, good or evil, with us or agin’ us. It is sick, war mentality. Try looking up LRH on how a supervisor handles students: you invalidate wrongnesses not the being. The reverse certainly applies too. Another reason why your church is dead.

  190. Hi Marty, I know that you are aware of my position and of the contents of that article; that is why I said that I was speechless and also thought that it was very big of of you that despite of it all, you still posted my article on Silvia Kusada.

    I guess that the only one clueless here was Mr. Woods, er, Mr Higgs no? LOL

    Funny thing is, that as a result of his warfare tactics people of “all sides” are getting united.

    Again, Marty it is big of you and thanks for the good things that you are doing.

  191. I love you and Monique… always will

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