The Friedman’s Break Free

Some of you may know Marsha and Steve Friedman, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a little information about these two new independents. 

Marsha became a Scientologist in 1969 and introduced Steve to Scientology in 1973.  They are well-known as Scientologists in the Clearwater community, where they moved in 1989.  They are also well-known as successful business people who own and operate a national PR agency, founded by Marsha 22 years ago.  The firm, headquartered until recently in downtown Clearwater, represents professionals, high-profile individuals and corporations in a wide range of industries. Their staff is comprised mostly of media professionals, and each month they arrange an average of 160 radio interviews, 20 local and national TV appearances and millions of potential readers in offline and online print. As well they market online, with Marsha having 70,000 friends and followers on the various social networking sites.  She is also the author of the book, Celebritize Yourself, and is co-host of a recently launched national talk radio show airing weekly on Sirius/XM.

– Mike Rinder

Here’s Marsha’s story in her own words.

Dear Friends,

As I don’t know where this post will wind up in the wild world of the Internet, consider this an “Open Letter” to friends I know and those I don’t, people in the church or on the fence, public and/or staff.

While writing this letter might seem as evidence to those within the church that we have gone “to the dark side,” I’m actually writing this for the purpose of telling the truth and filling in the vacuum of data for the friends and family who have chosen to disconnect from me and Steve, and others who might become new friends.

To start, I’d like to share a little of my background. I became a Scientologist in 1969 and joined staff at the Miami Org as Marsha Ulan.  I have fond memories of being on staff during that era, and can vividly recall those exciting days when new HCOB’s and HCO PL’s were released.  Whenever this happened, we always stopped whatever we were doing to read LRH’s new breakthroughs.  The energy and excitement were beyond compare; we knew we were part of a great new movement.

While still on staff in 1973, I introduced Steve to Scientology and shortly thereafter we got married. (We were raised together in Queens, NY, and have known each other since we were 7 and 8 years old.)

I finished my contract and left staff in March of 1974 to have our first child together. We’ve now been happily married going on 39 years in May, and are the very proud parents of 2 sons, a daughter, 3 grandchildren and a new great-grandson (whew…even hard for us to believe!).

In 1989 we moved to Clearwater to be close to Flag, and while I never went back on staff, I always volunteered for OSA whenever called upon.  Over the years, we did a lot of services at Flag, including auditing on OT 7 until about a year ago when we routed off the level.

I had no idea when I routed out of the Flag AO last year that this journey would lead me here.  And, quite honestly, in a strange sort of way, I have my auditor and FSM to thank for finding my path to this portal.  You see, when Steve and I chose to route off of OT 7, it wasn’t conceivable to anyone in the Church that we could have made that decision without being influenced by people we were told are “the enemy.”  Our instantaneous response was, “What enemy? Are we in some kind of war?”

Then we were accused of being associated with “friends of LRH.”  We thought, “How strange, of course we’re friends of LRH and, yes, that is who we associate with.”  And this wasn’t said tongue-in-cheek at all, even though it may seem that way.  Truly, we were the best of soldiers.  We didn’t dare read anything on the Internet about Scientology.  We were told it was evil, enturbulating and could cause us great harm.  While neither Steve nor I believed anything or anyone had that kind of power over us, especially considering we were OT and armed with ethics and PTS tech, we chose to simply follow the rules and do as we were told.

But, after routing off services and being free to think, read and experience whatever we desired, I decided to look and see who those “enemies” were and what exactly was meant by “friends of LRH.”

Once I started to look, I anticipated finding a volume of success stories and well publicized good works of the church by independent media coverage.  However, the only pro-church coverage I found were press releases the church wrote and paid to have distributed by PR distribution services.  But most important was what I found from independent news coverage – the harrowing stories of people who had been on staff, and the violation of their human rights.

After doing a lot of research online, when Debbie Cook’s email hit my inbox at the beginning of this year, I found myself in complete agreement with the points she raised.  And, for the reasons listed below, on Tuesday, February 28th, I learned the church was planning to issue a declare on me and Steve.  This was told to me over lunch by one of my closest Scientology friends of twenty years.

My crimes?  Since I’ve received no communication from anyone at the church, or OSA, I can only speculate on their reasoning:

1.  On January 2, 2012, I forwarded Debbie Cook’s email to 3 people with whom I had a close relationship: my brother and two friends.  My brother did not respond to my email nor did he call or try to engage in any conversation.  Rather, he sent me a Knowledge Report in the mail and after a 60 plus year relationship, he just disconnected from me.  My sister-in-law disconnected shortly thereafter.

The initial response from my two friends was to say that while they didn’t agree, they still loved and treasured my friendship and would like to just agree to disagree.  However, they have both since disconnected.

2.  On February 8th, after receiving an email from two Scientology business associates asking to contract my company for services, I sent them a response letting them know of my agreement with the points Debbie Cook raised in her letter.  As lines in the sand were obviously being drawn at this point, I felt it was only appropriate they should know my feelings, in case they preferred not to engage my company for this reason.   (I never heard back from either person,      even though one of them was someone I’ve known over 30 years.)

3.  Around this same time, I got about 5 or 6 messages on Facebook, stating I was Facebook friends with Debbie Cook and requesting I un-friend her.  I didn’t un-friend Debbie Cook; I un-friended them instead.

The close friend, who over lunch told me of the declare coming down, said he was meeting with OSA’s Kathy True that following Saturday to “right this wrong.”  He said he would contact me after the meeting to let me know what occurred.

I never heard from him again.  After a very close 20-year friendship, he has disconnected from me, un-friended me on Facebook and had all of his family do the same.

At that point, I assumed a declare had been issued.  Then, a couple weeks ago, I learned about a Facebook posting below, by someone I don’t know, which resulted in a lot of FB disconnections from Scientologists.

Russell Posyton

1:07am Mar 9

“Marsha Freidman and her husband Steve Friedman have been Declared Suppressive, I know this as a fact. This Declare can be seen and verified with any MAA or OSA terminal.

“As your Facebook Friend, I would most appreciate your removing them as your Facebook friend ASAP.

“Thanks in advance for your action on this,


Lastly, I learned from my son who works for a Scientologist (and former friend) of some false things being said about me by the church:

1.  That the church has been trying to “handle” me for a year but I refused to take any calls, return any calls or speak to anyone. 

This is completely false.  No one from the church ever called, emailed or even stopped by my office (located until recently a few blocks away from Flag) to talk to me about any problems they had with me.

In fact, it’s quite to the contrary. This past Christmas I was very involved as usual in an event the church is associated with.  In 1989 I founded a group that I later established as a non-profit called Cherish the Children Foundation, which championed for abused, abandoned and neglected children.  For 22 years me and my organization sponsored a Christmas party for these foster children in which the church played a role as a co-sponsor.  This past year was no different and one of OSA’s staff even attended the event, without one word spoken to me throughout the planning or at the event itself.

If perhaps this statement was referring to “handling” my husband, the situation there is that when he turned in his confidential materials and said he would no longer be auditing, both his auditor and FSM (at different times) visited him at our office.  His auditor was furious about his decision, yelling at him in the driveway with accusations that he’s been “influenced” by enemies.  His communication was nasty enough that he called Steve back later that same day to apologize.  Then, two MAA’s called Steve (on the phone at the same time) yelling and threatening him about what would happen if he didn’t come into the Org to see them.  Well, if you knew Steve, you’d know he doesn’t take kindly to being threatened. Without raising his voice, but with tons of intention he told them their threats were meaningless and they wouldn’t be seeing him. They hung up the phone on him and he has never heard from anyone at the church since then.  So, if no longer wanting to audit on OT 7 is a suppressive act, he’s guilty.

2.  That I broadly spread Debbie Cook’s email.

Completely untrue. I sent Debbie Cook’s email to three people.

3.  That my FSM came to my house to talk to me but my husband slammed the door in her face.

Completely untrue.  My last home in Clearwater that we lived in for two years was very close to Flag and my FSM had never seen it.  It’s a high security condo building.  No one can even enter the building to get to our unit to have the door slammed in their face.

What did occur was our FSM stopped by one day at the office while we were working.  She arrived unannounced and went into Steve’s office.  He was not happy about a prior conversation where she called him an “a-hole.”  He told her that she didn’t have an appointment and asked her to leave.  He never left his desk to close the door or slam it in her face.  She got up and walked out and it was apparent she was upset.  Right or wrong, I asked him to call her afterwards to apologize.  He did and she accepted his apology.

To date, Steve and I have still have not heard from anyone from the church about a formal declare.  Nor do we know what other untruths have been said about us in a goldenrod, which we understand is apparently available at Flag.

So, after being an upstat, loyal and dedicated Scientologist for 43 years, my journey has led me here.

It’s been very difficult at times to confront the lies I believed for so many years and the aberrations that exist within the church at the most senior level.

During this journey, I was so careful not to speak to my friends in any great depth of what I found. I was concerned it would enturbulate them and I didn’t want to create that effect.  While I was being so careful to protect those I loved, they disconnected from me without any thought or reason when they were told the church had declared me a suppressive person.

If any one of those people were asked what they thought of me a few months ago, they would have declared me not suppressive, but rather their sister and friend, whom they loved and cherished.  Yet with nary a question, they have disconnected because they were told we have gone to the “dark side” and are now suppressive people.

As I didn’t take the opportunity to speak candidly with friends before our declare, and had I known they would have disconnected from me so easily without even a question, let me say, here and now, what I should have said to them when we were still speaking.

To them I would say, honestly and truly, the only “dark side” that exists is at the senior level of management of the C of S and OSA.  The entheta embroiled in the activities of disconnection and declares becomes very apparent when one is on the other side and subjected to disconnection and being declared.

But, like an auditing session – where you blow chunks of charge and see the world as bright and shining – that’s what it’s like to be on the other side, where suppression is non-existent.  I’m talking of the suppression of being told who you can and can’t talk to, what you can and can’t read, what you can and can’t think, what you can and can’t do, where and how you spend your time and your money.  Now that we’re on the other side, that suppression doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the most wonderful freedom Steve and I have experienced in a long time.  The sad part is that until the suppression came off, we didn’t even realize how other-determined we had agreed to be.

We have personally experienced the off-policy regime that currently exists within the church.  The following are just a few specifics that speak for themselves.

1.  Steve and I have been declared but we never received any communication from the church about this status.  Instead, we have heard only rumors that we have been declared – with NO prior ethics or justice actions, or Committee of Evidence held as clearly defined in policy.

2.  Parishioners have disconnected from us, some who are directly in comm with the MAAs office, even though the policy on disconnection was cancelled in Ron’s Journal ‘68, (an LRH lecture of 1968).  The existence of this LRH reference is completely ignored by the church.  At the same time they have reported to the media that disconnection is not practiced.  Is it really okay for any person or entity to force you to disconnect from those you love, be it family or friend?  What kind of a church does this?

3.  We have been “crush-regged” for the IAS and for fundraising for Ideal Orgs.  Yet there are numerous LRH policy  references against fundraising, many of which can be found on  Can anyone truly deny that crush regging exists?  We’ve all experienced it.  On many occasions I have been regged by my auditor after finishing up at the examiner, by my D of P, Board I/C and examiner.  Finishing a checksheet cycle in qual was usually accompanied by a reg cycle with the Cram Officer, Qual Consultant or MLO.  And, the bigger reg cycles usually included the D/ED and MAA, and oftentimes an FSM (other than our own) or an OL in town.

By no stretch of the imagination could we be considered wealthy.  But we gave when we could – $100k to the IAS and thousands more to library donations in addition to the hundreds of thousands for bridge cycles over the years.

But the reg cycle that took place in the last quarter of 2010 turned the corner for us.  After being detained for over 3 hours with a host of people, some using verbal force to try and close us to take out a $100k second mortgage on our home (to no avail), we realized we were no longer giving because we wanted to; it was now being demanded of us.  I was told the donations were necessary because the church was building a “war chest.”  The irony is that while one of LRH’s stated aims for Scientology is “a civilization without war,” money is being accumulated for a war, which flies in the face of LRH’s intention.  When I finally got to look at this, I asked myself, “What war is the church fighting?”  I know what I was told by the Church powers that be, but I didn’t feel I had enough data to really understand what I was told.  When I started looking, I saw the evidence to support the fact that, yes, this church IS at war.  But unfortunately, I found that the war is against anyone who dares to expose the off-policy injustices and crimes being perpetrated.

Debbie Cook is just one example.  There are many, many other individuals who have come forth with similar or worse stories of their own.  And these very well documented stories all live online.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “What if? What if any of these reports of abuse at the highest level of the Church are true?”  When I asked myself that question, I realized I could never stand proudly and look myself in the eye, if I didn’t do something to expose the dirty secrets that are very well-known to the rest of the world, but unknown to those on the inside who choose not to look.

To those still in the church, think of LRH’s essay on Personal Integrity.

“Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.”

And, think of the Code of Honor which says: “Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.  Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.”

Another important reference is an LRH quote from 9 Dec. 1952 PDC tape called “What’s Wrong With This Universe:” LRH says, “Man’s degradation always stems from his first desertion or breakage of really the Code of Honor.  He breaks the Code of Honor and after that he starts downhill and he gets worse and worse and worse and worse because his trust in himself is worse and therefore he can’t trust what his own energy is or anything else.”

If anything I’ve said resonates even to the slightest degree, then you owe it to yourself to do as LRH says, “Look, don’t listen.”  Even if you decide the data you find is not true for you, at least you’ve taken responsibility to “know.”  The other side of the coin is to not know, and that’s when you mess with your integrity.

Personal integrity is the one thing no one can ever take from you.  Only you can give it away.

While our SP declare was intended to negatively impact us, it’s actually been a very freeing action for both of us.

Our lives are good.  Steve and I feel very fortunate that we’ve never been solely dependent on Scientologists for friends, employees and clients.  We have a successful business with a wonderful staff and a great stable of clients.  And, thankfully our business is doing well.

I know many people who have experienced disconnection from the church are not as fortunate as we are in this way.  But, just as we have created close friendships and business relationships with people outside the church, from all walks of life, we know others can do this too in time.

At the end of the day, Steve and I have chosen to maintain our Code of Honor and our personal integrity.  We’re able to freely enjoy our family and friends, to keep our business flourishing and prospering, our clients happy and to live our lives to the fullest, all while contributing to the happiness and survival of others.

In summary, due to all that has happened and the off-policy regime that exists, we’re happy to announce our formal resignation and disconnection from the current C of S.



297 responses to “The Friedman’s Break Free

  1. martyrathbun09

    Marsha and Steve,
    Welcome. Thanks for the time, place, form and event. You are already helping a number of folks similarly situated. Good on ya.

  2. Marsha & Steve, V W D !!! Welcome, your picture says a thousand words.
    Francesco & Luana

  3. Church of Scientology’s loss. It is only a matter of time before all of the capable, intelligent, compassionate people are gone.

  4. Welcome Marsha and Steve!

    The Church you left doesn’t sound like the one we joined some years and decades ago and it’s not all about freeing beings nor maintaining personal integrity!

  5. Marty – thanks so much for all you have done. If it wasn’t for everything you do, we would never have made it here! If our story helps others in any way, it will mean everything to us.

  6. yvonneschick

    Dear Marsha and Steve,

    I’m writing with tears of joy. Your announcement is a work of art – beautifully communicated.

    I’m happy you are already experiencing a new spiritual freedom. I have no doubt you will have continued expansion in all areas of your life.

    Like you, we had very dear long-term friends stop communicating. I’m starting to think this is more of a reaction than anything. Anyone who knows you must respect you and your opinions. You have either planted a seed of doubt or encouraged one to grow, even if just a little. Most of those friends and family will be joining us in this new freedom before too very long.

    Congratulations! You have thousands of new friends.

    Much love, Yvonne

  7. This literally made my day!

  8. Welcome to the sunshine and to sanity! I’ll be joining you soon when I’m done with some personal cycles.

  9. Hi Marsha and Steve! Great to see you – and welcome to “the dark side”! Oh, how I love that phrase. A classic bit of thought-stopping designed to prevent people from getting true data. As you so rightly say, the only darkness is in the higher echelons of OSA and RTC, with the blackest of the black darkness emanating from David Miscavige. It’s bright and sunny here.

    Your vivid description of the peeling back layers of suppression as the truth came in will be familiar to many including myself. Great work!

  10. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Welcome Marsha and Steve!
    Thank you for your wonderful letter. I also remember the 60s and 70s and I think you’ll find that spirit alive and well among indies.

  11. ++1

  12. Free and Clear

    When notable Scientologists like Steve and Marsha are just thrown under a bus without any effort to handle, you know that the Church of Scientology structure has collapsed. Once upon a time Scientologists of Steve and Marsha’s stature would warrant a lot of attention and a dedicated effort to handle. Why not now? Simply because the Pope is afraid that truth they found will shine through and enlighten the staff doing the handling. That in turn those staff will bring that light of truth into the organization and pass it to others. A completely dark room can be filled with light through just one small hole. One candle can be used to light a thousand. Thank you Marsha and Steve, for lighting a candle for truth.

  13. Welcome Marsha and Steve.

    I was reflecting to myself today: “Where on the Org Board is the product ‘Bitter Apostates’?”
    As the absurdity of the question revealed itself, it came to me that the Scientology diaspora is anything but bitter, and tend to be more “on source”
    than the current regime.
    And then I checked Marty’s blog, and saw your smiling faces!

    May the Force be with you. 🙂

  14. You guys look great, BTW!

  15. The same old LDW

    Marsha and Steve…thanks for the eloquent statement of facts.

    It’s so bizzare to think that you (and most of us here) have been declared suppressive by an individual who beats; degrades; humiliates; imprisions and lies to his staff. We’ve been declared by a “man” who alters LRH tech to the point where it has become harmful to most, if not all who put themselves in his clutches. We’ve been declared by a group who follow this “man’s” wishes with a blind obedience that is the exact antithesis of what the church of scientology is supposed to be about.

    Welcome to freedom.

    Isn’t it sweet?

    Les Warren

  16. Marsha and Steve, Welcome and what a wonderful write-up. Also a beautiful picture! All I can say is anyone who disconnected from you, Marsha and Steve are nuts!!! Here’s to an awesome beginning and bright future!

  17. A warm welcome from Dunedin!

  18. Free and Clear:

    You are spot on. The RCS is in a bad way. They are:

    1. Afraid of sending staff to handle intelligent, upstat Scientologists as they know they cannot D/A things that are true for fear they will walk away from the insanity too. So, there are only a few who are “trusted” – led by that pillar of integrity and standard tech, Kathy False, who truly looks more and more like the Wicked Witch of the West every time I see her.

    2. Even if they wanted to, there’s no resources to even try to “handle” the growing number of people who are walking out into the light — so they resort to just trying to scare anyone else from following in their footsteps. They start a whispering campaign, “issue” unseen, cookie cutter “SP Declares” and deploy the facebook police. And that is backfiring all over the place as more and more are directly touched by the perverted, off-policy actions and are turned off.

    3. Because they cannot possibly query any order that comes from Miscavige, they are stuck. He has decreed that anyone who passed on Debbie Cook’s email and will not “repent” is to be declared (under his new Policy of declaring anyone who is “disaffected”). So, willynilly, they declare field Opinion Leaders. It’s nutty. But its a manifestation of the robotic, lockstep world of the RCS.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  19. Question With Boldness

    Welcome Marsha! You and I have many mutual friends and I am sooo happy to see you here. I experienced the same as you, looked at the internet, was never contacted by the C of S and then declared without notification. It is great to be out of the suppression.

    Enjoy your life out in the sunshine! You will find many friends here.

    Cindy Bernot Plahuta

  20. “I’m actually writing this for the purpose of telling the truth and filling in the vacuum of data for the friends and family who have chosen to disconnect from me and Steve, and others who might become new friends.”

    I do not know you folks, so I won’t disconnect, and in fact you have a new friend.

  21. Les, very nice.

    The guy who beats you silly declares you suppressive because you won’t come back for more beatings.

  22. Steve and I can’t thank you all enough for your thorough duplication and understanding. It feels so good to have such positive feedback!

    marsha and Steve

  23. wow, Cindy and Mike, never thought of what you to wrote. 🙂

  24. sorry meant Free and Clear and Mike

  25. Yvonne, your message brought happy tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for all you do!


  26. truthteller67

    More people with great integrity!! I’m in Palm Harbor!


  27. Firebreathing Frog

    Big happening in France these days.
    We’ll soon have very good news to send.
    CO$ just declared another OT VIII opinion leader last week,
    and other OL’s are preparing their letter.
    All of those will be translated for you, so you see the impact of your actions in France.
    It’s huge.
    Love u all.

  28. Congratulations to you both!

    Your decision and coming out is very much appreciated by many, many people. It is the way to shine the light on the evilness that continues in the Church. Your courage to confront the true scene and move forward on your own determinism is what does make the difference for many others who are in similar situations… will inspire them.

    Doesn’t the freedom feel GREAT! I love it!

  29. free and clear, 100% spot on truth!

  30. Yes, things have truly deteriorated very badly. The Church is eating up its own field, and the time will come that the Church will run out of field to eat and will then starve.

  31. Bob, great to have you as a new friend!
    Steve and Marsha

  32. How easily the church of David Miscavige wastes such incredible beings as you two…
    Thanks for the write-up and very nice to meet you. 😀

  33. Marsha, Wonderful write up and welcome to both yourself and Steve to the Indy world. I am postulating only the very best for you both, it wonderful to see what the world is really like without the CofS once you disconnect, it is liberating and you are now FREE from the true suppression and dark side. ML, Jan

  34. Cindy, wonderful to see you here too! Steve and I are truly looking forward to making new friends in our new life!


  35. Dear Marsha, dear Steve!
    From bottom of my heart I want to express my thanks and my respect for their integrity and you are here to share your story with us. It was so great to see them and they will accompany me to a good night’s sleep, here in Germany.

    It is once again indicative of the CofS, how these people deal with so many years of her life have given their support. And it’s still embarrassing to read how some of their longtime friends behave in this situation, with no sense of honor and integrity.

    The behavior of the church is just vicious. But, it also has its good side, because it means another big drop in the pit undermines, in which David Miscavige will eventually fall. And it will help many other people to look more closely, which are still in the church, whether by you in the U.S. or in Europe.

    I wish you both with all my heart a continued bright future.

    All love from Germany, your OriBa

    P.S. I apologize for my lousy English, because I’m forced to use the Google translator. 🙂 – And here again in German

    Liebe Marsha, lieber Steve!
    Aus tiefstem Herzen möchte ich euch meinen Dank und meinen Respekt aussprechen für ihre Integrität und das Sie hier Ihre Geschichte mit uns teilen. Es war so toll diese zu lesen und sie wird mich in eine geruhsame Nacht begleiten, hier in Deutschland.

    Es ist wieder einmal bezeichnend für die CofS, wie diese mit Menschen umgeht die so viele Jahre ihres Lebens ihre Unterstützung gegeben haben. Und es ist noch beschämender zu lesen, wie sich einige ihrer langjährigen Freunde sich in dieser Situation verhalten, ohne Ehrgefühl und Integrität.

    Das Verhalten der Kirche ist einfach nur bösartig. Aber, es hat auch seine guten Seiten, denn es bedeutet einen weiteren großen Tropfen der die Grube aushöhlt, in die David Miscavige letztendlich fallen wird. Und, es wird vielen anderen Menschen helfen etwas genauer hinsehen zu können, die noch in der Kirche sind, egal ob bei Ihnen in den USA oder hier in Europa.

    Ich wünsche Euch beiden von ganzem Herzen eine weiterhin strahlende Zukunft.

    Alles Liebe aus Deutschland, Ihr OriBa

  36. mimsey borogrove

    Marsha, at the risk of prying, can I ask you why it was you and your husband routed off OT 7. I was on the level for a few years and I’m curious what lead you to do that.


  37. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Listen!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you hear that sound? It’s the sound of another bottle of Scotch being opened at Int as the little tyrant tries to ignore the fact that two more upstat beings have escaped his OT H8 machine.

    That was one of the most lucid and cogent accounts of leaving the Church that I have read in a long time.

    Truly admirable.


  38. So true, Mike, and so utterly insane.

  39. Ken,

    You nailed it… Steve and I are thankful every day for our newfound freedoms. What is amazing to us is how we NEVER questioned that life could be different. We just accepted the controls put on us. Through it all, we have learned an incredible lesson and would never allow this to happen again. YES, the freedom is great, and has proven to be a wonderful expansion for us in soooo many ways!


  40. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Marsha and Steve,
    you announcement is really important.
    Two Scientologists Veterans, OT VII, saying NO!
    We disagree!
    This is another very definite sign that the church of David Miscavige is collapsing.
    Yes people will and are disconnecting from you.
    But they do know deep in their hearts that IT IS WRONG.
    And they do know WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
    What you did IS and WILL have an impact on their lives.
    So welcome and kudos for your courage and integrity.

  41. Thank you Marty for your work to us this report available to see.

  42. Marsha and Steve,
    Congratulations and welcome from 2 thetans in Vero Beach!

  43. Marsha and Steve,
    Welcome to the light!
    Richard and I had the same experience when we found out we had been declared SPs. I couldn’t stop smiling for days! And we had already distanced ourselves from the church for some time, but receiving the declare ended the cycle completely. Since that moment, we have experienced tremendous expansion and freedom to be who we really are.
    Thank you for telling your story.

  44. Marsha Friedman! I know you! From L.A. days. Welcome out to you and Steve.

    I’ll be in touch soon via Facebook. 🙂 We have one very precious FB friend in common.


  45. A warm welcome from Clearwater. I used to take my daughter to sing in the choir for the Foster Children party. I used to make beautiful packages of gifts to the foster children. The party was awesome, and I could see the bright smiles of the children and their foster parents. Great party and cause!!! I am so glad that you saw the true of the state of the Miscavige squirell church. The OTVII nowadays is a complete joke, with intensives and more intensives spent to go nowhere. Many OTs dying of cancer, divorcing, business failing, as well as being exploited to buy more and more. It is a complete waste of time and money.
    You are both free of enturbulation now. Enjoy your life now. If the friends abandoned you, they were not your true friends, and are completely blind.
    All the best to you. Hugs.

  46. Thank you for the welcome Sinar. I have always enjoyed reading your postings and the experiences you have shared!

    Love marsha

  47. Tony DePhillips

    HI Marsha and Steve,
    That was a breath of fresh air!!
    Your communication really keyed me out!! My wife and my story is similar to yours. We realized the “war” the “church” is fighting is with enemies of their own creation that they take NO responsibility for.
    Great summary of out points and you now have hundreds of NEW friends!!
    Hope to see you at the Indie party in July. You will have a lot more cash for travel now.. 🙂

  48. Marsha and Steve,

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story! It helps much to know the current scene. It seems there is a war and the enemy is long time contributing members. I can’t imagine anything more reversed but, I can’t say I’m surprized.
    I wish you both much happiness! Let the sunshine in!!

  49. Free and Clear

    Thanks for your understanding. We have only been able to see our way, thanks to all the candles of truth that were lit before us. We truly feel so lucky to have seen enough light to guide us. Our thanks go out to Mike, Marty, Yvonne, Debbie, and all those who were brave enough to pave the way before us.


  50. Kevin, I look forward to meeting you one day! We actually know many in common!


  51. Tony DePhillips

    As an analogy to the effects you will create on the midget/tyrant.

  52. BTW, The facebook police person who informed others that my husband was declared (we didn’t know) was Debbie Lewis (we don’t know her), since we’re naming names. I have a copy of the message.

  53. OriBa

    Language was not a barrier in your message to us. You touched us both deeply with your thoughts and caring. It came through loud and clear. Thank you so much for taking the time to write us!

    Marsha and steve

  54. Laura — Debbie Lewis is the maiden name of a woman who was in OSA Int for many years, married to Allen Hubbert. She was routed out of the SO for a medical condition I think. So, it is likely her. The facebook police seem to mostly be ex-SO. The infamous Jojo Zawaji is also ex-SO. She was a messenger for a short time on the Apollo (her name then was Jojo Albert) and was either offloaded or blew. Her brother, Peter ALbert was at Gold for a while.

  55. ” It seems there is a war and the enemy is long time contributing members.”

    How true Laura. To an SP, the enemy are people who can think, question, look, research, seek, self determined, what to be SELF-determined. Doesn’t matter if you in or not, the enemy is everywhere.

  56. Hi Marsha and Steve, Welcome from Clearwater!
    I remember you from ’72 + in Miami when I was new public. I still have something that originally belonged to your mother. I had asked about you last year but never got your full name or how to reach you. Familiar with your brother back in ’79 who helped inspire me for a mission. I would love to meet up with you someday if you are still in the area. You look so different, but then me too. I always admired you. I am currently becoming a Special Person. Glad you are here! Much love. 😀
    Mike has my email.

  57. martyrathbun09

    Man, you even drew Ken out. Now, that is a feat. Hey Ken!

  58. P.S. You both look fabulous, dahlings!

  59. 🙂

  60. Centurion

    Thank you for your kind words. My hope was to be able to share our story in a factual way, but at the same time, keep it interesting enough to send a message. As a professional PR and communicator I have been so impressed with the quality of communication of contributors to this blog — so I was especially concerned about getting it right! Thank you so much for your acknowledgement… It was truly appreciated!


  61. Wow! Amazing!
    Welcome to the group. Your resignation letter blew me out.
    God Bless

  62. Hi Marsha and Steve!

    You guys exemplify the true meaning of that old “OT Club” slogan: “I disagree – I’m going free!”

    Now that slogan finally works. Welcome to freedom and well done to you.

    L, Scott

  63. martyrathbun09

    Marsha, thanks. Yes, there is a huge ‘under the radar’ public following this blog. By stats there is a ripple effect when announcements such as yours are published. For weeks and months we’ll see folk coming out from under their fall out shelters, damning the radar, because of the example you set.

  64. yvonneschick


  65. TroubleShooter

    GOOD day SUNshine
    GOOD day SUNshine
    GOOD DAY SUNshine

    Glad to hear you’ve experienced the freedom you have Marsha. It just gets better and better as all aspects of living life are no longer weighed against any should/shouldn’t or “now I’m supposed to’s” pressures or expenses.

  66. Welcome Marsha & Steve.
    Evidently Miscavige is repelled by decent, ethical people and so he gives them the boot. Your departures means two less people he can bleed dry of money by intimidation, threats and harassment. His coffers will continue to shrink.

    Keep it up dwarf, kick ’em all out. I like it. I don’t like the disconnection but that’s what cults do.

  67. Claudio and Renata…

    Yes, our REAL crime is we simply disagreed! I have to believe what you say is true, that many who know us, in their hearts, know this was so wrong.

    One “friend” tried to tell my son, “well, your mom and dad are a standard example of having overts and withholds”. It made me think about how crazy it was that we were so trained/brainwashed to just assign people to categories, without feeling the need to understand and have compassion. Yet, what is ARC about, at the highest level, if not complete understanding and compassion.

    I got into Scientology because I cared about people and wanted to help where I could, so if our story can Impact even just one life, I will be happy.

    Thank You,

  68. Marsha,

    Excellent write up, and boy do I know what you experienced with your BS declare issue. My wife Betsy and I also forwarded Debbie Cook’s email to a selected few friends and it got us declared, and in similiar fashion it then got us to be a cause point and make our announcement as posted March 13th.

    Like you, my wife have no Scn based clientele in our business, and my predict is you will do fine. We lost a few friends and family, but it’s minor.

    Man it amazes me still how the facebook police, Kathy True etc, will do anything to ultimately squash freedom of speech that in anyway displeases Dear Leader. He is Hitler in a 1945 scenario down there in his bunker in Berlin, Dave you just blew off another outstanding contributing couple that helped build Scientology. How many more are you going to do the same before YOU stand on Trial in San Antonio, Tx?

  69. Just Me

    I can’t wait to meet you. I’ve been hoping I will learn of people I know who are out!


  70. Richard Royce

    Bravo the Friedmans! I had the same feeling of freedom when the break was made!

  71. I know Debbie Lewis, thanks for the info. She used to be in the USGO and OSA INT, she was also Debbie Hubbert, and Debbie Rossouw. SHe was onto me in 2009 but gave up. Amazing how OSA uses their ex staff to still do dirty work for them after they are “out”

  72. Thanks, Mike. That sheds some light. 🙂

  73. Hello Marsha and Steve,

    Read your letter twice, really an inspiration.
    Your are a Theta Power couple .
    Real ARC to you both.

  74. Hi Tony

    Steve and I were LOL at your comment about having more cash for travel now! We find ourselves splurging a little on things now that we get so much enjoyment out of, but would never have dreamed of buying before! And most of all, we have no guilt about how we spend our hard earned money. Steve says, he wishes he had some of that cash back!

    We are looking forward to learning more about that Indie party in July!


  75. Laura Ann

    Thank you so much, and we are thoroughly enjoying the sunshine!


  76. Lizbeth,

    You have peaked my curiosity about having something that had belonged to my mom! We moved out of CW, but still in Tampa area and would absolutely enjoy meeting up with you. Mike has both our email addresses and can connect us. 🙂


  77. Jethro Bodine

    It’s always nice to see people become free of the suppression from the “Church” of Radical Scientology.

    These “secret SP declares” in which the interested parties don’t even get shown a copy are ridiculous. They sort of remind me of the movie “Animal House” where the rowdy fraternity gets placed on “double secret probation” by the suppressive dean (which shows what a joke the current “church” has become):

  78. Tom Gallagher

    Marsha and Steve,

    Thanks for spelling this out both exquisitely and succinctly.

    Magnanimous is an understatement!

  79. Congratulations on taking the Red Pill! Welcome to the Real World(tm) 🙂

    The Rabbit Hole goes even deeper than you have seen so far.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  80. Special thanks to you Marty for building this venue for communication and coming together. The importance of its existence is become more and more clear every day and this wonderful write-up from Marsha and Steve is just more proof of that.

    It really does suck to be David Miscavige

  81. Bravo Marsha and Steve! 🙂

  82. It’s a brand new day. Kudos! Bravo! Beautiful across the board — individuals, family, groups! (and that Nikko is one distinguished fella! :-D)

  83. Bert Schippers

    Wow, I never tire of reading these declarations, and they are all so interesting still! Partly it’s that it is so hard to believe that the church is so incredibly stupid! It is interesting to see that it was the exasperation of staff that, via their statements, led you to the truth. I really feel for those people.

    Congratulations on your escape to freedom!

  84. Marsha and Steve thanks so much for sharing your story and what a great picture!
    I am always amazed (though at this point I shouldn’t be) with what ease the C of S can dismiss, kick to the curb, declare and yell at really decent and long time contributing members. I have just never seen anything like it.
    Hope I get to meet you some day!

  85. Robert Earle

    Hi Marsha and Steve.
    Your story reminded me of when I got my SP declare back in 2000. At first it was “what?”. Followed by a genuine sense of relief, release and freedom.
    It’s nice to see Debbie’s friends appearing here.
    The comments above by Free and Clear and Mike R ,along with your story , truely show the sad state the church is in now.

  86. Mike,
    I read the announcement of your resignation a few weeks ago and it strengthened my decision to post ours, so i want to thank you for that. Yes, it’s truly amazing how efficiently so many are being disposed of, as you said. We experienced a sense of relief when we heard about the declare, because like you and betsy, it enabled us to causatively end cycle and announce our resignation. A very freeing experience!


  87. Hello Marsha and Steve. Congratulations!! I celebrate your new-found awareness – it will only deepen and expand now that you are free to observe and learn anything you desire.

  88. Tango23

    So glad you read and enjoyed our letter– it means a lot to know this.
    We’re so happy to now be part of this very theta Indie group!


  89. Wow. That is such a true statement! Just like the SP who can’t see when they’ve killed everyone off, no one is left–but them.

  90. Marsha and Steve,

    Congratulations for having a marriage that allowed you to explore this thing together. Many marriages have come apart when one involved stepped out of the “accepted pattern of conduct” and questioned the powers that be. Look what happened to Marty’s, Mike Rinder’s, Jeff Hawkins’, Tom DeVoght’s etc. etc. etc. marriages when one in the marriage was walking away from the fascist DM rule. You are very welcome here and your voices are heard loud and clear. You’re part of the TSUN AMI that is coming towards DAVID MISCAVIGE that WILL end up DOING HIM IN. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT.

    Love, Bodil

  91. D-D-Damn! Great post! Marsha, I know your younger son; he’s a great guy. I’m keeping a close eye on how his employer decides to treat him as a result of all this. It’s my goal to make sure that if they try to make his life at work difficult, that those efforts will be exposed to an awful lot of sunshine.

  92. I really enjoyed reading your write up. It feels good to speak the truth no matter the context, however, this situation is particularly freeing and empowering.

    All the best wishes for your family

    -Brian Culkin

  93. Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading your story. Yes, it is very similar to ours. I’m Tony’s wife 🙂

    I’m glad you both are continuing to flourish & prosper. When we left we felt this tremendous weight lifting from our shoulders that we didn’t quite know was even there. We took off our shackles that we didn’t even know we had allowed ourselves to wear. It was shocking!!! And yes, we felt we had suddenly an abundance of $$$ from not having all that constant & urgent demand. Truly, it’s been over 2 years for us and I’m still frequently blowing down & discovering new freedoms I had lost from being part of the insidious Corporate Scientology Organization.

    Here’s a link to the Indie Party post: I’m sure you will soon receive an invitation. If you don’t, don’t hesitate to email Christie or Natalie. We would love to meet you in person.

    Until then, I’m sending you both a big hug from Seattle.

    Marie-Joe DePhillips

  94. Jean-François Genest

    Marsha and Steve,
    Congratulations on your independence and your life-long success. Your written work above is state-of-the-art. You will find TRUE friends in this sector. Those who disconnected from you are scared, unaware of the truth or can’t confront it, and surely don’t understand the Code of Honor. I wish for you that they will come to their senses. Θ

  95. The interesting point is that Marsha and Steve were given the data on “Friend of LRH” by people who were trying to “handle” them.
    This is called “Glutz PR”, putting an “ennemy line” on your own line. And all this declares are also Glutz, as when one learns that someone who couldn’t be an SP is declared, he has the attention on an outpoint, and he wants to know more about… and so on and so forth.
    The only way to disprove the rumour would be to not do anything about (since it’s almost impossible to DA the truth!) and to deliver services. Having a campaign to deliver auditing. To not take up “disaffection”. It would then prove that this disconnection business is not true.
    But they always prove that what they are accused of is true.
    Soon there will be the break point : too many people declared, it will not make sense. Then disconnection will not make sense anymore.

  96. Marsha and Steve – Congratulations and thank you for standing tall with us here!!! 😀

  97. Martin Gibson

    I really liked your write-up!!!
    Its great to see someone that the church couldn’t really touch.
    Often stories are very heavy with destroyed businesses etc, but you have really walked through the wall of fire unscathed in that respect.
    I loved the part about (rough quote) “We received 6 emails to disconnect, so we disconnected THEM” hahaha
    I also appreciate you have both had your moments that needed to be “endured” regarding disconnection. And I hope that this period of comm lag others require to take off those “self-imposed blinders” is as short as possible. Its very unnatural to disconnect on specious reasons, and those that have done that to you are blinded, numb and/or scared.
    The day will come when integrity and communication can exist together in the scientology world.

  98. Michael Fairman

    Marsha and Steve
    Congratulations and welcome. Your experiences will echo and re-echo in the minds of those still held under suppression by the strands of fear. Your detailed story added to what is becoming an avalanche of stories will snap those strands and help many others see the truth. You are in the best of company.

  99. Hey MJ! Havent seen you here for a while 🙂

  100. Crusader

    Whoever you are, bless you!

    My family means everything to me and like that Mama Bear who is so protective of her cubs, I dont want my son to be affected by all this insanity. If any problems do occur with his employer, I will be right there with you making lots of noise. They can try messing with me, but they best not dare think of messin’ with my boys!

    Thank you so much Crusader!

  101. Your humble servant

    Marsha and Steve,

    Thank you for the beautiful write-up. It is truly inspiring. I cannot believe the stupidity of church members that will disconnect from friends just because they are told that the friends have been declared suppressive. It is astounding that if they think they are following policy, they don’t know policy at all, so how can they think they are following it? And if they think they are under some obligation to just do what they are told, it is amazing that they ever got that idea in the first place and it is further amazing that they don’t question such an absurd idea. Nothing in Debbie Cook’s email was remotely suppressive, evil, off-policy, or “against Scientology.” That people cannot see that there is something seriously wrong with declaring someone to be a suppressive person simply because they have disseminated her e-mail is mind boggling. And whatever happened to Committees of Evidence? Where did anyone get the idea that it is suppressive to question “the supreme leader,” David Miscavige?

    Even before “disconnection” was cancelled by Ron, it was only to be done on a self-determined basis. People did not tell people that they “had to disconnect” from anyone. At most, an ethics officer might have said, “You are connected to so-and-so who is suppressing you, and you cannot continue with your auditing and training unless you disconnect from them” That was as extreme as it ever got, to my knowledge. No one was ever forced to disconnect from anyone. No consequences were ever threatened for “refusal to disconnect.” The present madness cannot continue for much longer.

    I am not even on facebook and the absurdity of some idiot telling other people that they must “defriend” somebody on facebook just because of something they have been told, and that they would actually do that, is astounding.

    Thank you for what you have done.

  102. Enough Already


    Wonderful announcement! So well-written, and beautifully communicated.

    One interesting point: If the Church has found you and the rest of us guilty of being “Friends of LRH”, what does that say about the Church?!?
    (Kathy True and Company may want to rethink this particular attack line, as the corollary ain’t none too pretty…)

    Again, congratulations, and very well done on your show of integrity, courage, and dedication to REAL Scientology.

  103. Enough Already

    Oh, as wonderful and complete as your write-up is, I’m sorry to say it does omit one key piece of information:


    (I’d insert a smiley face, but I can’t find it on this damn computer!)

  104. I am really waiting for this good news from France!

  105. Marsha,

    I appreciate that in return! That makes me feel well.

    We will all be good in the end after this DM Mess.

  106. Welcome out, Marsha and Steve, and thanks for a fine write-up, Marsha. When the current Church kicks out two outstanding people like you two, truly up is down and down is up. My experience is that layers of suppression continue to peel off for quite a while.

  107. Perfect! So well put. Welcome out. It’s all so aggravating! And sad the damage that has been done, hope your brother wakes up too.

  108. To Marsha and Steve, Welcome to you both! You have many friends here in the land of freedom!! I appreciate the stand you are both taking. Change is happening on the outside and we are glad to see you here!

  109. thewidowdenk

    “I am currently becoming a Special Person.” Hilarious!!

  110. If LRH was still around and issued a ‘policy’ directing folks to “unfriend” someone who is complaining about how things are going within the group.
    I remember a lecture and am trying to find the exact lecture where LRH talks about people who blow. says :we all blow sometime or other, and usually will come back”. After experiencing an incident with a fellow where he hits is head on a light pole, and applying some tech, like a contact assist, and sees
    the positive effect, they say “hey, there might really be something to this”. He goes one to say that when he sees someone “walking back up the road (assuming this was St Hill) that he welcomes them back with open arms! Sheesh, somebody (Jim Logan) help me with this. (State of Man) maybe?

    Anyway, Marsha and Steve, I truly believe the LRH that that I studied and admired would give you both a hug, even “coming back up the road” in the Indie movememnt.

  111. Dear Marsha and Steve,
    You wrote the letter I have been telling my wife I needed to write to our friends. Thank you for saving me that task. I will just send a copy of yours with ditto marks. Our experience is very much like yours. Your PR background gave rise to this brilliant announcement with the correct receipt point in mind. I applaud you on your expertise. Hoping to meet you both in person this summer. Welcome to freedom. Jerry

  112. one of those who see

    Hello to Marsha and Steve!! Great write up!! Welcome to free and independent Scientology! In celebration, here’s a quote from Thomas Paine that someone just posted on facebook: “”Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.” ~ Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791

  113. Well done for breaking free from suppression. You are welcome and loved… and if you care to continue you can now, really make it!!
    hugs and love

  114. Wow, Bravo! All I want to know, is how can any single person – kool aide drinker or not – read THIS post and not understand what is really going on and/or want to find out for themselves, why dedicated people like these folks were, have suddenly after over 40 years of service, just decided to up and leave?

    It had to be hell and had to take forever for them to make that decision–even if they saw wrong doing, even if they thought “something isn’t right with this upper management”, it STILL had to be hell to decide to turn your back on wrong doing and make a statement to family and friends, who you know will desert you and hate you.

    Bravo folks, Godspeed!

    The Bed Man in OKC

    Long live David Mismanage in PMITA Federal prison for life. Big Midget!

  115. Welcome to real freedom Marsha and Steve!!! Much Love,

  116. Beautiful write-up-You are now truly with friends of LRH. Throughout the past couple of years i have received promotional emails from you, Marsha ,on your business with an abundant exchange of tips and great advice and info on marketing. DM again has stupidly lost some more great thetans. Welcome to the “dark side”.

  117. To Marsha and Steve. Well done on making this decision and to public your independence from the Corporation of the Church of Scientology.

  118. Marsha and Steve – Welcome to the real world. You are free to be the very able theta beings that you are. I am so very happy to read this message and see your wonderful faces here. This is the group you became a member of in the 60’s and 70’s. Before the alterations of tech and purpose. When the game was to become more able and to help others become more able.

    Your writing was perfect! I look forward to the day when you brother and the others concerned wake the bleep up. I know, tis a personal thing this ethics issue and without the ethics in the blinders stay closed to the truth.

    You will find many incredible people here in the world of Independent Scientologists. I am pleased to greet you and to have you walking on the side of truth. I believe if LRH were here, right now, he too would be on this side of the razor fence – outside and enjoying FREEDOM!!

    You were trying to be a good member but the group wouldn’t allow it. You had your own viewpoint, your own observations, your own thoughts – OMG, an OT who can think. With intention and ARC you would have remained, but personally, I am glad you were pushed along the path to finding the truth.

    I know you love the big friend – the horse. A horse is easily handled with ARC. They do not lie. They are an open invitation to make the relationship what you want it. The following video is an example of the use of ARC and intention and I know you will love it (and this is not meant to move the subject of the blog off of Marsha and Steve). The only control is intention and the real living comm line. That is how I believe both you and Steve to be like, and how you handle your life on all dynamics.

    You are both exemplary examples of a true Scientologist with integrity.

  119. Marsha and Steve, A hearty congratulations to you both. Welcome back to Scientology. It was a long, lonely winter; glad you survived it. Out here as you have already discovered, honor, integrity and truth all have meaning. Since we don’t have orgs it’s a bit like 1950 all over again, but with loads of experienced staff, trained auditors and the full wealth of technology. Life after death on the 3rd dynamic you might say. Thanks for such a brilliant write up and for having the courage to be true to the service of mankind.

  120. Welcome Marsha

    What a very calm and sane write up. You have very eloquently espressed the truth of what the Cos has become and your reasons for departing.

    You will find you are among friends here. This is where Scientology went, out of the Church and into the independent field.

    “When I started looking, I saw the evidence to support the fact that, yes, this church IS at war. But unfortunately, I found that the war is against anyone who dares to expose the off-policy injustices and crimes being perpetrated.”

    A very sad fact and simple statement of the truth. As soon as the church gets the slightest inkling that someone is questioning their out tech, off policy, crimes etc the machine starts ramping up to suppress them back into line or to black p/r them.

    They only want those willing to regurgitate their wealth into DM’s coffers under the quise of service.

    Glad you made it out.

    Thank you for your post. It is heartening to know the the information here is helping others.

    You have significanlty contributed to that.

  121. Any relation to Freddy Ulan?

  122. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Was just wondering what I could say to Marsha and Steve, then
    read what you guys so beautifully put.

    “But they do know deep in their hearts that IT IS WRONG.
    And they do know WHO YOU REALLY ARE.”

    All, I can say is


    P.S: As one blogger mentioned: Things are happening in
    Europe, too.

  123. PersonalJudas

    This room’s starting to fill up. Soon it’ll be standing room only!

    Decide who are one’s friends- the upstat, stellar, glowing, free-spirited, free-willed, Friedmans OR

    The fickle, other-determined, Facebook-policed, subjects of an autocrat.

    Tough decision.

  124. +1

  125. Nicely done Friedmans.

  126. Great job, Marsha and Steve!

  127. Dear Marsha and Steve,
    Welcome to freedom! Hope you get to the Pacific Northwest sometime, there’s a large group here ready to party with you.

  128. R.o.ger aka LO

    Dear Steve and Martha,

    I loved your communication. beautifully written.
    Today a SP declare is an attestation of being a real Scientologist and freethinker.
    Welcome in the club and back on the Bridge !
    Greetings from Switzerland !


  129. RD, I was just thinking the same thing. Flag told them about “Friends of LRH” for the first time. (Now that’s a real product!) The “break point” is real to me. I can feel the tipping point here with Marsha and Steve’s declare for freedom.

  130. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    The “church” declares people for insisting on Standard Tech and demands that every scientologist disconnect from anyone insisting on Standard Tech. The “church” even takes people, who insist on Standard Tech to court and sue them for this “breach of contract”. It´s mindboggling to say the least!

  131. I fully agree what Marsha writes. It also happend to me after I read Debbie’s E-Mail. After I told only one person about it, I now heard on rumour lines that I am declared. I was doing extension courses with the Org and suddenly I get no answer anymore to my turned in lectures. Actually I feel relieved as I hated this money-regging events etc.
    I have been a Scientologist in Germany for 40 years now and I can’t be proud of this after all. The bad PR never got handled and it is created within the “church” at the top of the command-lines, this is for sure!
    I am done with this finally!

  132. Dear Marsha and Steve, Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring write-up.
    It was great to read of your decisions with the details you gave. I wish you both the very best.

  133. Marsha and Steve,
    What a wonderful inspirational write up !
    What a good example you set!
    It is unbelievable that the declares keep pouring out
    daily~~~the EP of 20, 30, 40 years in the the Church
    is an SP declare !
    I sarcastically called it “overnight SP”
    i.e for all the years we served and donated megabucks
    no one detected we were SP.
    But the moment we thought a thought or did something that
    could be named “enemy line” Boom ! New Label ”
    Suppressive Person !
    A badge of honor in this day and age.

  134. Well done and welcome to “the dark side”. Which according to David Miscavige is located 3 feet upside your head. 🙂

    Steve and I feel very fortunate that we’ve never been solely dependent on Scientologists for friends, employees and clients. We have a successful business with a wonderful staff and a great stable of clients. And, thankfully our business is doing well.

    It’s sad but for many the church of scientology becomes all consuming and all their friends and business associates are connected. These are the people who will have the hardest time to break free but this will become easier as more independent scientologists are there to welcome them. Which is why I feel letters like this are important in the hope those still in will eventually look and find them.

  135. Excellent write up by the way.

  136. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hello Marsha and Steve!!!
    So happy you are free and helping to make it safer for others to be likewise.
    Enjoy the Indie love which is about the ‘specialist’ feeling imaginable and reward enough for doing the right thing.
    We don’t need no stinking trophies! We’ve got Special Person Declares 😉

  137. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Reverse Scientology indeed.
    When you’ve got your percentages to approx 80% kicked out and declared give us a holler. We’ll come in and scoop up the 20% non-SP contingent you have left, De-PTS them and ‘help’ you work out the 2.5 percent remaining who are the only people in the church who are not SPs….

  138. Sandy Richards

    Marsha and Steve, excellent write-up. Congratulations for speaking out loud.
    (who would have thought, just decades ago, any one of us would say anything close to ‘speaking out loud’…..just amazes me.
    The ‘war chest’, the ‘church’, OSA…..reminds me of ‘the Capital’ in the Hunger Games.

  139. Marsha is his sister.

  140. NOT to make a listing question out of this, but why does it seem so obvious that the Church of Scientology is trying so very hard to destroy itself?

  141. Marty and Marsha,

    I’m getting a Malware / Virus warning when I go to Marsha’s company’s Web site (and the URL to which her posting name here is linked). Do you think “someone” who doesn’t like Marsha’s and Steve’s announcement here has hacked her site?


  142. Mike, your phrase struck a chord.
    “after this DM Mess.”

    I can see this phrase becomming popular going forward and in hindsight will be referred to as THAT DM mess. There is a future without DM and its fast approaching as more of the upstat field withdraw their support.

    There is strength in numbers for many reasons. It wil lalso serve to wake up many if they are constantly being told to unfriend this one and then unfriend that one.

    We all need to simply keep disseminating.

  143. Welcome Marsha and Steve. The shear amount of facebook police requests to disconnect, and SP declares going around has reached a ridiculous high. Seen as ridiculous by many who remain.

    There is no such thing as trying to handle upsets or disagreements with two way communication and the principals of ARC in Corporate Scientology. Those who claim to be expert communicators now run away when in the prescence of someone who dares to point out the obvious or policy violations.

    Just the other day I was at lunch with my sister and a friend and two local OTs walked by. My sister said hi to the older woman, who did wave and I smiled at her. The man she was with, her selectee OT 7 Bert Haglund, turned his back to our table and tried to usher her away. His reaction was so absurd it stood out to the friend I was with who asked “What is wrong with that guy?”

    Enjoy your freedom. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel thankful that we left the Church. Life is so much better when you can speak to who you want, read what you want, do what you want and help where you want.

  144. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I don’t think it has enough level of cause remaining to do anything other than succumb to it’s own cancer. There’s not enough theta left to keep it alive anymore. ( LFBD F/N by the way 😉 )

  145. FCDC Class of 74

    Thank you for that simple but powerful encouragement to others. To help while not inflicting negativity on others is a testament to your OT abilities. Great to have you with us.

  146. Ziba Feulner

    Wow wow wow! Welcome Marsha and Steve! What a wonderful write-up. Another eye-opener for many others to come! Thank you.

  147. Looks like Russell Posyton got a new friend on Facebook today, and wouldn’t you know it it’s a fellow OSA facebook friend police, JoJo Zawawi! I’m sure both of them will have a long friendship built on bullying other cult members, whispering about SP declares and telling them who they aren’t to associate with. In the CoS that’s about as close as you get to a real friendship.

  148. Ziba Feulner

    Exactly true and +++1!

  149. Ziba Feulner

    FaC, so true! Cof$ is digging it’s own grave by shunning away people like Marsha and Steve. All those years of effort and contribution all of a sudden mean nothing over night just because one agrees to keep KSW in – how sad!

  150. Ziba Feulner

    FF, nice! Looking forward to read those!!!

  151. Marsha and Steve,
    Congratulations on your independence!
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Your conclusions are correct. The WAR is a
    delusion in the collective mind of the corporate “church”.

    The Buddha Gotama said:

    “By oneself is evil done; by oneself is one defiled.
    By oneself is evil avoided; by oneself alone is
    one purified.
    Purity and impurity depend on oneself.
    No one can purify another”

    May all being be well and happy!
    Much Metta(loving-kindness)


  152. Meanwhile the church of scientology floor space per member stat is booming. In the past two years it has increase 3000% and looks to expand expotentially over the coming months. So sucks boo to all you indies in your cramped little room.

    Allergy warning: the previous statement may contain traces of sarcasm and attempts at wit.

  153. Welcome to freedom from suppression! After the initial shock from our declares, I couldn’t go in session for 2 weeks as my needle couldn’t stop persistently floating. My stats soared and life is good!

  154. anoter ex fso


  155. Your humble servant

    Well done, Momo!

    There is simply no continuing with an organization whose definite (if unwritten) policy is that “Anyone who dares to publicly disagree with anything ordered by David Miscavige will be declared to be a suppressive person and expelled.”

    To continue under such circumstances would be to effectively say, “I am an unthinking slave who has deliberately abandoned all personal integrity.”

  156. moneca ryane

    Welcome Marsha and Steve! The grass is truly greener in the field. The sun has a chance to shine all the time and there is no crush regging.

  157. tampabayjack

    VWD Marsha & Steve…Welcome to Sanity Central. Love your write up. This will help others stuck in the Kool-Aid line. I left the COS with my public statement in the fall of 2009 after being on lines for 41 years and have never looked back.

    I must say I keep shaking my head when I read the many statements exposing all the lies, deceit and criminality by upper management of this corrupt church.

    I wish both of you much happiness and success.


  158. I just noticed my icon Tampa Bay Jack crept back into this blog. I want Marsh & Steve to Tampa Bay Jack is Jack Airey.

  159. thewidowdenk

    Welcome Marsha and Steve! We warmly embrace you …

  160. Joe Pendleton

    George, I think LRH’s concept of responsibility goes right along with that quotation, that is the electing of oneself as cause. Of course responsibility is like almost everything else, a matter of degrees – one can take more or less responsibility and hopefully one continues to move in the direction of full responsibility. But LRH also points out (in The Factors and many, many other places) that we beings have decided to play our games with each other. And so, there is “co-action” and “help.” We may ultimately be completely responsibile for what we have agreed to experience, but in this journey of ours, there ARE other beings we are being the effect of, more or less, for both good and bad. And so, we DO have to recognize suppression and handle it as it occurs and of course it is just as, or even more important to recognize those beings who we feel in affinity and reality with and who we can help and receive help from. Those beings are in the truest essence “friends” and it’s good to make more of them here. Hello Friedmans!!!!!!!

  161. Joe Pendleton

    Thank you Marsha and Steve for your communication. Marsha, just a quick comment on what you said above. So, so true!!! I just wrote to an old friend on OTVII who keeps after me for my dissident ways, and I pointed out that in any totalitarian group the FIRST thing not to be allowed is simply the right to disagree, to have a DIFFERENT point of view, a different opinion – to simply assert, even mildly, that one has the right as a being to have one’s own postulates, opinions, reality.

  162. Hey Scott

    I loved that slogan – if I recall correctly, wasn’t that something that Mike Fine promoted in his OT seminars? was on staff with Mike at Miami Org, back in the 70s.


  163. V – thanks for acknowledging Nikko, our security dog (mini party schnauzer) who is an important member of our company family! A perfect match for DM!


  164. KFrancis

    Look forward to meeting you someday soon – and all the wonderful people who are a part of this amazing group!


  165. Bodil

    We truly have been lucky to have each other as “soul mates” for a long time and have always put our marriage above anything else which has helped us weather any storm and enjoy our life together.

  166. George M. White

    Yes, I agree that LRH’s concept of responsibility goes along with the quotation from the Buddha. As a matter of fact, in reading the Pali Canon last night, I saw the vastness of the types of powerful beings that are possible in this very, very big game we are all in.
    Hello Friedmans!

  167. Marie-Joe

    The weight/suppression that has been lifted is beyond words to describe! I’m just so thankful that this journey has led me here.

    Thanks for the invite to the Indie party – Steve and I will definitely try to make it.

    By the way, I have a speaking engagement in Seattle end of September, and would be thrilled to meet some of you amazing Seattle-ites!


  168. Martin –

    You are right about the difficulties others have encountered in building a new life and business. We truly feel fortunate to be in this position and to hopefully help others.


  169. Your Humble Servant:

    Thanks so much for the clarification about how Ron intended for “disconnection” to be applied. Any solution that LRH offered was to help people expand their dynamics, not contract, so your point makes total sense!


  170. Enough Already

    LOL – both Steve and I are from Kew Garden Hills/Flushing/Bayside – and you?


  171. Ducksoup

    You’re right. I believe LRH would give us all a big hug!


  172. Jerry,

    I’m so glad our write-up was of help – that was our hope! Thanks for your warm welcome!

  173. Marsha and Steve,

    WOW! My deepest admiration for keeping your integrity intact.

    It is sort of a bitter sweet cognition one has when realizing the betrayal and how our best intentions have been misused and misdirected. But it is a cognition one and and all must and shall have. For it leads to Truth.



  174. Ingrid:

    Thank you so much and it’s good to know we’ve already been in touch!
    Interesting that this “dark side” is only dark to those who can’t see!


  175. SA

    Thank you so much for your wonderful acknowledgement of Steve and I. I have always enjoyed your postings and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support!


  176. Thoughtful

    And a huge thank you, to you and others like you, who paved the way for us to walk down this courageous road with you.


  177. Marsha and Steve; thank you for your declaration. Each time someone comes out it makes our endeavor to rid the Church of the evil SP that much easier. You two deserve kudos for being brave and being steadfast in your decision to come out.

    Thanks to Marty, Mike and Debbie and of course, LRH for getting us all to this point.

    ML Tom

  178. martyrathbun09

    I am not getting the same response. Anyone else?

  179. Hi Ann:

    First, let me thank you for your wonderful duplication and understanding. And, yup – unfortunately, that’s my one and only brother that I referred to in my post.


  180. R.o.ger

    How wonderful to know our message has reached as far and wide as Switzerland! Makes our effort worth everything to know this..


  181. Karen

    We’re so happy to join the ranks of those who have earned this badge of honor.

    I also want to tell you how much I loved and admired Heber. When he was imprisoned in Spain, I took a leave of absence from a job with a stock brokerage firm to volunteer my time round the clock until he was released.

    My thoughts are always with him and hoping that he makes it out one day too!


  182. I think you’ll find that if you type a “:” and the a “)” together, the wordpress software will automagically convert it into a smiley for you.

    Let’s see if it works: 🙂

  183. Sam

    How wonderful to finally meet you! I’ve been reading your posts for awhile and have always enjoyed your insouciance!

    Love the Mel Brooks reference! 🙂


  184. Dear Marsha & Steve,
    Your story has many similarities with ours. I have asked Mike to hook us up via email, as we want to get in comm about some things.

    Well done on a nice clean writeup that will no doubt drive some more nails into Mr. Miscavage’s coffin.

    It sucks to be David Miscavage.

    I think that’s going to be another slogan – well done Mike. It even feels good to type it 🙂

  185. The incredible theta and response from everyone has been so overwhelmingly wonderful. If I had known what this world was going to open up to me and Steve, I would have done this a lot sooner.

    I’m moved to tears (happy ones) to know you’re all here to lend support and build a new future together.

    I wish I had the time to answer each person’s wonderful message. But just know that each and every communication means so much to Steve and me. We feel as though we’re embarking on a whole new life filled with lots of theta and new friends. And, nothing could be more wonderful!


  186. Hi Mike, Looking forward to see you & your beautiful family soon 🙂

  187. Marsha and Steve, anyone who genuinely works to help abused and vulnerable children is more than okay with me.

    Marsha, your description of enjoying the sunshine reminded me of this photo of Michael Morton leaving the court after being cleared (thanks to DNA evidence) of murdering his wife and after serving almost 25 years in jail, though innocent.


    (replace DOT)

    Welcome to freedom.

  188. We will be expecting you! Email me the details at

    We’ll have a big welcoming committee for you 🙂

  189. As I told my 2-D just after the Debbie Cook court appearance, this is going to snowball in very short order. We can see the corporate church collapsing in front of our very eyes, the Friedman’s declaration being one of many we will be seeing as more and more Scientologists see the light.

  190. Well done to you and Steve! You have worked your way through the labyrinth of lies and suppressive control and you came out the other side with your personal integrity and a viewpoint achieved by looking for yourself. Not an easy task…..

  191. “I didn’t un-friend Debbie Cook; I un-friended them instead.” LOL. I don’t mean to be unsympathetic to the personal pains and all that you and your husband have suffered. It certainly sounds like you are more than able to sort through and handle that – underneath all the mess of those who have ‘disconnected’ from you there is, somewhere, a being who will on his or her own time realize their mistake and wonder what the heck they were thinking, and are in fact looking at you as a good example. IMO, just holding one’s own viewpoint may seem like less than full potential, but it is extremely powerful as an example. I think you’re ahead of what has been touted as the “one to three years to decompress”. Welcome to … um … society again. Enjoy and be free. Looking forward to hearing from you again. There are still those stuck in the church-think and, more importantly, there’s the philosophy and practice of real Scientology still to be conclusively freed from the Co$ abuse. – Carcha.

  192. +1 – Nice.

  193. It really is sad that the Co$ product line is all but completely shut down, and that no-exchange donations are their principal source of ‘income’. A dying beast of burden, one that has served its time. But the spirit lives always, and is alive and well, growing stronger by the hour.

  194. Marsha – as to build another future … you are already a part of it.

    I believe this quote is a representation of how most of us think about this matter:

    “Man is on the high road at last. Because all of the evils of Man come
    from Man’s effort to deny freedom to Man. His lack of culture is most
    apparent where slavery has the greatest root.

    “And where you have men who are free, they can do a lot of things. Work
    becomes a pleasure. The handling of effort itself becomes a very desirable activity. And things get built, the world becomes more beautiful. Man is able to engage in life as a game rather than as a slavery.

    “And so we get another culture.”
    — L. Ron Hubbard Western Congress

  195. And now it’s working for me. Shee! Sorry for raising the alarm.

  196. They (Miscavige and his dolt followers) just don’t know how bad they are continuing to shoot themselves in the foot. These idiots are pushing the new 16-volume Ron Series “encyclopedia” as the new library campaign. I’m pretty sure most people are aware – from the last half-dozen or more library campaigns – that it is just a money-making scam and libraries don’t want them! But hey, who cares if they’re left out on the free table at the libraries, or just thrown away, and not indexed when the church was able to con some poor sap public, or coerce it in an ethics interview, to pay full price for them (after already having forced them to buy a set for themselves and an extra one to give to someone else)! The level of stupidity internally is baffling.

  197. Thank you Marsha and Steve for stating and standing by “THE TRUTH”. It is real LRH Scientologists like you and your husband, Deb & Wayne, Marty & Mike, Steve & Jim and so many others that have come out for the TRUTH and have put it on the line for the future of Scientology. It’s about time that our religion reforms to what LRH really intended it to be and for the aims of LRH to be accomplished.

    Despite what all of DM’s current church members are desperately trying to believe in and support, the truth will prevail and the lies and conceit will eventually bring this “thing” down. All they would have to do is just M-9 what is “Personal Integrity” and the “Code of a Scientologist” and the “Code of Honor”. If only these 3 LRH codes could be emailed to everyone of them and understood, we would win the battle overnight. If not, one by one, will each eventually cognite and we will win in the end.

    I think that all of us here on Marty’s blog will have something very special to celebrate for the New Year of 2013! – DM’s downfall from grace and a path that the current church can begin to travel for true reform.

  198. Well done, Marsha and Steve Friedman!
    Thank you for your serene, simple and devastating write-up.
    The churches loss and the world’s gain!

  199. Marsha, sometimes the betrayal of a former trusted person/group is actually a graduation ceremony to the next level of awareness. For when ones integrity becomes more vital and real, more than the betraying person, org etc, that betrayer cannot stand the light of that goodness, and you must be rejected.
    Congradulations……….. you made it!
    And now maybe your light and sense of service can enliven a cause unrestricted by coercion, greed and misguided power.


  200. Are you sure they’re using the new Ron encyclopedias as the basis for a new library campaign?

    I ask because I’m pretty sure I suggested it as a joke a few threads back, probably in the Ron thread. I meant it as a joke because “no one would fall for that” and as a result pretty much everyone would catch on; it would be an utterly stupid thing to do.

    Maybe you read my post or similar and are just mistaken? Even Miscavige isn’t that dumb to be that obviously crass, is he?

  201. Random Stranger


    1) Anyone with the phonetic ‘free’ in their name.

    2) Fedora hats

    3) Anything that looks like a Fac One machine

    4) Not yet personally having a trillion dollars

    5) His wife getting out of the RPF

    6) Tom spending time with anyone but him

    7) Books that he hasn’t yet edited

    8) Translators

    9) Anthrax on his thongs

    10) Bridges

    11) Anyone with the initial ‘L’ in their name

    12) Running out of Scotch

    13) Hurting his skeet shooting finger

    14) Hurting his punching fist

    15) Hurting his kicking foot

    16) Someone not obeying him

    17) Pat Broeker

    18) Louis Farrakahn

    19) L. Ron Hubbard

    20) Ghosts

  202. Psst David Miscavige I have some more money making suggestions:

    Plaster moulded life sized busts of LRH painted in bronze, silver or gold and priced accordingly.

    Limited edition of the above with emerald colored glass eyes for the really discerning collector.

    The basics on plastic (titanium effect) tablets, just like those buried under a mountain.

    LRH soap on a rope, big seller at xmas and if you make it soft enough it’ll wear down by mid January; you could discount them to SO and staff members.

    “Fully restored” photo, maybe even rendered as a painting, of that time you and LRH stood eye to eye and shook hands before LRH passed on the reigns to you and exteriorised; better yet you could be saluting each other (I mean you were saluting not shaking hands) and the looks of manly love and mutual admiration in your eyes gosh some dust in my eyes…

    There will be tears, oh yes there will be tears, this moving moment being so pivotal in the history of the church of scientology (2000% growth eh, that’s like more straight up and vertical than I pole angled at 90• To a plain and no doubt fasted than a freight train travelling along that pole.

    Allergy warning: the above statements may contain traces of sarcasm the target of which is not LRH. They may also cointain attempts at wit.

    I am not a scientologist but my intent is not to offend the people of this forum, if you feel offended you’ve read the intent incorrectly or your not the appreciative audience of this forum. (Yes OSA I do mean you).

  203. Wow, what a read!

    “But, after routing off services and being free to think, read and experience whatever we desired, I decided to look and see who those “enemies” were and what exactly was meant by “friends of LRH.”

    Nice words and what a great way to breathe again. The Cof$ management is nothing more than a seething pit of missed withholds and their followers are in great peril.

  204. Thank you Marsha, will look forward to a call or email. Great story and picture of you both.

  205. Bravo! Well done. Your write-up is profound.

    I find it amazing – astounding – how fast the church shoots people. And they shoot the “upstats” faster than anyone. Give well over $100K, be active in the community for decades, give your youth to the Sea Org or Class V org staff, and get whacked when you ask one legitimate question or say the “wrong” thing. It really is amazing how the “church” wastes their best people.

    The good side of all of this is that in my opinion, the future of Scientology must be in Independence, and all the best are here.

    I think one thing Corporate Scientologists have been missing for a long time is that life is good. Welcome to life!

  206. Yes, after repeated, daily calls to come in to watch the Birthday video or other events, nicely refused by just not wanting or needing to. Then ethics call where I didn’t hold back anymore, ending with me telling him” do what you have to do”. There will be no further discussion. Their idea of SP is there’s and mine is as stated. I laugh too!

  207. Seriously, I forwarded a copy of the email to Marty and Mike. I’m sure there are some others on here who have received a similar email from a church entity. I bet Mr. Ortega got a copy from someone as well!

  208. FFS, now even David (YSCOHB) Miscavige’s antics defy parody. No wonder some of you get caught out by the parody posts (hence my allergy warnings when I remember) you’re clearly use to the unbelievable and just plain dumb being used seriously.

  209. The contrast between what Scientology is and what Hubbard wrote and David Miscavige’s abomination is incredible.

    The CofS is the Op Term of Scientology. It needs to be prep-checked! 😉

  210. Guess I’ll have to wait for Sunday Funnies. 🙂

    We shall see how long it is before we see some of my other suggestions. ^^

  211. To all those secret, hidden onlookers.

    There are some of you that wish you had the courage to make the break.

    You have the courage.

    To those afraid of knowing what you know and afraid of acting on it.

    Does being paralysed by conflict and denial of what you know help you at all?

    Someone once said,”courage is not the absence of fear, but acting in the presence of fear”.

    Your sense of well being and happiness is NOT dependent on your loyalty to a group that asks you to be in conflict with your integrity, with what you know to be true.

    That is enslavement………. you are free……… accept that freedom

    You are indestructible Theta. Powerful beyond imagination.

    Do it!

  212. Tom Gallagher

    21) People with the initials MR

  213. From the 5th Advanced Clinical Course:
    Begin quote:
    But in this total confusion of modern education and modern this and that he’s apt to get lost,because he is entirely enclosed, you might say, and everything seems to be waiting upon somebody else’s interest. That is to say he doesn’t make up his own mind.
    He waits fo r other people to make up their own mind about other people. He’s many times removed from making any clear-cut postulates of his own.

    And yet the only time when this civilization has ever made any forward progress was when it has been confronted by an individual who could make his postulates stick in his own universe. Well, this is so rare – has been so rare – that
    very little progress has been happening here, really, compared to the amount of progress which could be happening. The amount of action which could be taking place is much greater, simply be ause we lack the… a good separation of universes.

    Universes work together very, very well so long as people know they’re in their own universes and know at the same time that they are confluent with other people’s universes you see, they know where they stand. They’re not confused. They’re not in Mama’s universe which is utterly enclosed in Papa’s universe, which is all mixed up in the physical universe, you see? They don’t know any of these things have happened.

    The universal mind is composed of a great many agreements which are very set and if it were very closely traced, you could then synthesize it in such a way that by asking the
    preclear to step into it, he would then be able to envision exactly where he is. And then be able also to step out of the universal mind.

    Now, what do we mean by universal mind? Like cosmic consciousness or anything like that? No. All you’d have to do is direct this preclear’s looking-ness for a while and
    you’d have him in a new universe. You’d have him in your universe.

    If you were a traffic cop directing a whole flock of little kids walking across crosswalks, you’re asking, temporarily, for those little kids to step into your universe – the universe of a traffic cop. They’re safe in that universe because you as a traffic cop merely have to hold up your hand or blow your whistle and the traffic stops – it sure better had.

    Now, the lookingness can have things happen to it. Knowingness doesn’t have to have a universe – no universe at all. But lookingness does. And we get into universes the
    second we get into lookingness. Because what is the definition of a universe? It is something that has space, energy and matter. That’s the definition of a universe. Of
    whatever composition we don’t care, but there is the definition of a universe – something that has space, energy and matter.

    Now, what about these fellows that are totally occluded and can’t see and can’t feel and can’t hear? Well, those individuals have been told to look at themselves long
    enough and often enough so that there isn’t any distance involved in it. Nobody can look at himself. Try and look into nothing sometime. You can’t look at yourself. You can
    look at the form you’re in. But even that’s a very short sight.

    Now, if you’ll pick out of the preclear’s life that person who has said to him consistently, “Look at your shoes. Look at your face. Look at you. Put your attention on yourself. Put your attention on yourself…” If you were to pick this up on an E-Meter and separate that universe out, you would have, in a few hours of processing, a markedly
    changed individual. Well, I can assure you that would take place. Why? Because the individual has, of course, been reduced in his own lookingness and then absorbed into
    another universe – that universe. Naturally the individual finds himself obeying the postulates of somebody else. So he must be in somebody else’s space. He’s in Papa’s space or Mama’s space or a teacher’s space or he’s in some other
    space. It isn’t his space. Well, how did he get there? People kept saying to him, “Look. Look. Look. Look.” All these various directions.

    End quote.

    David Miscavige’s universe has spread and is agreed upon by the various viewpoints of space, the beings in that group, to the point where they as individuals have no universe, or very little, of their own. Their own viewpoint of what is out there. The separation of their universe from his, and the actual looking at space, energy and matter from that viewpoint, their own universe, and the view of the agreed upon universe while maintaining their own, is freedom from that entanglement.

    I don’t see the things the way Dave does. His universe isn’t mine. He’s not the “god” of my universe, my viewpoint of dimension and his postulates don’t rule. Mine do. He doesn’t have a viewpoint personally, only that which overwhlmed him at some point, and which viewpoint he now has.

    Independent Scientology is an idea of “thetans without banks have different responses” and they have their own viewpoint and can LOOK. Because having a viewpoint and looking creates a universe in the first place and that freedom is the deal.

    It’s nice to be able to assume a point of view, create some space by viewing what’s out there, put stuff out there TO view, and not have to agree to the way things are said to be in DM’s nutuverse.

  214. That’s from tape 8 April 54, Processes: Codifying Experience, 5th ACC, Unlocking Universes Series.

  215. PS. Just bought your book, Celebritize Yourself! Just what I was looking for to promote my business ( Downloaded it thru onto my Iphone with a Kindle App. Amazing what you can now do thru the internet – Buy and read books almost instantaneously, bring down regimes not so instantaneously but very real, and so many other apps. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks!

  216. 22) Debbie & Wayne

  217. Hi Marsha and Steve

    Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing your story!

    Your voice is definitely also heard in Switzerland!

  218. Your humble servant

    Excellent write-up there, Cristian, thank you! Let’s hear it for Ecuador!

  219. Ziba Feulner

  220. Marsha and Steve,

    You have thrown the powerful ball of Freedom and have shattered the suppression that surrounded you.

    That ball is still on target and passing at lightning speed to free others.

    It is a very powerful ball that is fashioned from the essence of personal integrity and OT intention to right what is wrong with mankind and discharge the viciousness of those who speak freedom but deliver slavery based on their own fears.

    Welcome my friends and carry your lighted torch high for all to see.


  221. YesI got a password failure and changed a few times to open but
    the computer will not remember anymore on the new password.
    Other email accounts OK. Persistant Java script pop up
    and not running anything with video.

  222. i got an email about donating the encyckopedia to libraries – other then that the ten or so orgs that email me, none are even mentioning the encyclopedia – no online people are and no staff who personally communicate with me

  223. ” When I started looking, I saw the evidence to support the fact that, yes, this church IS at war. But unfortunately, I found that the war is against anyone who dares to expose the off-policy injustices and crimes being perpetrated.”

    Just wow! The depth of deception is astounding. Collect money from parishioners to fight a war with ex-parishioners who expose the truth about the church. Build up reserves with these donations untill all the donors are also made into enemies of the church until what is left: a new church with a new set of principles – a truly corporate animal of a church.

    Perfectly stated Marsha and Steve – I will be looking up your business next time I need some PR work done.

  224. Here, here!!

  225. Very good points Mike,
    It can be called the RCS tarbaby syndrome which leaves MiscavigeTech with only one choice, or no choice of the action of disconnect/declare instead of the two which is of “Handle or Disconnect”.

  226. Random Stranger

    23) Words that make his lisp worse

  227. That’s interesting, Jim, as I thought some days/weeks ago, DM is trying to establish himself as the GOD of the Scientology universe.
    Then I realized that thinking in concepts as Scientology is a universe is a stupid thing. Per definition Scientology is wisdom and techniques which allows the individual to create, un-create a universe or parts of it, “visit”, reach and withdraw from other viewpoints universes etc. Of course it’s possible to create a common game, a common universe with certain rules etc. but it won’t make any fun if any one guy involved needed to agree with the “big ruler”, leaving behind his own considerations.
    In my view, there isn’t something like Scientology universe. There simply are single beings who by the use of Scientology influence each others universes.
    If you begin to establish a universe you will wind up in the need of protecting it (look at the condensed space of DM). Instead reach out into the universe and other beings, do outflow and use Scientology to better conditions arround you.
    Instead of being scared of the shape of your holy universe – as DM does which his Scientology universe, of which he is the King/Ruler/God.

    There is another Quote I’d like to give, as it empfasizes the stupidity of DMs efforts to reduce anybodies dynamics to zero:

    “Now, there’s that old one: ‘Do not send to find for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.’ You can say the same thing about the dynamics: Don’t send to find which one is suppressed, it doesn’t matter. If one is suppressed, so will be suppressed the others. They are not independent in their action. They are connected and in confluence, one with another.

    “You cannot suppress his First Dynamic and make his Third Dynamic survive. It just won’t work.

    “Now, when I say it won’t work, I am talking out of the most ample bin of evidence that was ever arranged for anyone to inspect: the history of Man.”
    L. RON HUBBARD, “The Dynamics” 15 OCT 1955 (excerpts)
    (emphas. mine)

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  228. cf33

    Thank you so much for sharing YOUR story… I’m so grateful to Marty for creating this space for us all!


  229. Good one JL. Here’s another:

    “The hardest thing for any liberator to face is the fact that a large percentage of the people he was trying to free wanted desperatly to be slaves.”

    “So pick up what you can get as far as freedom and then if the
    other thing is too much in the road, it’s still got all “them thar” slaves in it and those fellows are sayin, ‘Oh, boy, give me that MEST, give me those chains. Let me haul on the bottom of this tombstone so I got it good and heavy so I’ll never be able to crawl out from under it’ – let them stay there!”

    LRH PDC Lecture 40, Games / Goals

  230. Should have read:
    “Instead of being scared of the shape of your holy universe – as DM does with “his” Scientology universe, of which he is the King/Ruler/God.”

  231. Random Stranger

    Highest Achievable Church of Scientology Upper Level:


  232. Hi Marsha! Congratulations to you and Steve for resigning from the C of S. Well Done. (The picture looks a lot different from the outside, doesn’t it?) If you’re interested, I would like to share with you and Steve what really happened in 1989 at BM&L. (I was the OES) It may help you blow some more mystery about what has actually been happening for a very long time within the so-called “upper management” of the church.

  233. Yes we do and they are aware of what has happened with you and your husband. I am in touch with a good many on lines folks and those who know you are not too pleased with the Church about it. You can contact me whenever you like through Facebook. This is getting fun!

  234. The widow denk

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome! Just wanted to tell you how much Steve and I enjoyed knowing your husband. Gene treated us as patients when we lived in LA in the 80s and we always appreciated his warm and caring manner!


  235. Luis Garcia

    Wonderful to meet you Luis. Your write-up was a tremendous help to me when I first started on my journey. It validated what I knew to be true and motivated me to keep seeking the truth. Thank you for being a strong pillar of strength for so many of us!


  236. yvonneschick

    24) Life Energy.

  237. 24) Flowers left by Jim Logan for Annie

  238. It seems like the only stat that’s truly growing are the SP’s!

    Being “Friends of LRH” are grounds for a declare? Seriously?

  239. Tony DePhillips

    “The CofS is the Op Term of Scientology”~Grasshopper

    Like! 🙂

  240. Tony DePhillips

    24) E-meters

    25) Tall people

    26) Someone standing up at an event and yelling ” Suppressive!!”

  241. Tony DePhillips


  242. Sanity Central!
    Thats good Tampa Bay Jack!
    After all, wasn’t that the whole idea?

  243. Marsha and Steve –so very good to see you here. Every single day will be brighter and better. I stay so above the flows of the physical universe and it is easy and every day will be better than the last.

    Well done on safeguarding your business with non-Scn clients — the Co$ knows they can’t create an adverse effect on you because are already one-up on them, and they know it. No need sending out anyone to ‘handle’ you — you already know more than they do, so why bother. They are in the minority and they know that too.

    Can’t wait to give you guys a big hug, and see you face-to-face soon.
    Sending much love and tons of real theta,
    PS You guys come to Austin to see Ken & Yvonne and tell me so I can crash the party.

  244. I really wonder how many “in good standing” Scientologists there are…..and how many OTs read this blog. Too funny, really.

  245. Marsha and Steve:

    We are very good friends with Freddie and Dana and connected with many of the same friends on a personal and professional level. What they don’t realize is that most of us haven’t done a service in the last 2 years or plan to ever again, haven’t donated in a long time, haven’t attended an event and have walked away quietly under the radar. We haven’t been as brave or bold like you or many others who made a public statement, but if Freddie were to open his eyes and look around his circle of friends he would find out that many if not most of us are no longer supporting the Church (donations, event attendance, etc..). I hope that one day he wakes up because you sound like one awesome sister and a great family that flourishes and prospers!

  246. Old Cuff

    It’s been a long time. If you’d like to connect through FB or my website, it would Be nice to hear from you…


  247. SKM——

    ““You cannot suppress his First Dynamic and make his Third Dynamic survive. It just won’t work.”

    Now that is a mouthful. Any OT reading that statement ought to wake up. No harm intended, just look.

  248. Lucy, you said —

    “What they don’t realize is that most of us haven’t done a service in the last 2 years or plan to ever again, haven’t donated in a long time, haven’t attended an event and have walked away quietly under the radar. ”

    Very good.

    What about the people still trapped in CO$?

    I want to help them use the tech as intended and to lead a better life.

  249. That’s right Marsha. I wonder what Mike Fine is up to these days. Is he busy selling Miscavige’s brand of OP… I mean OT???

  250. Agree! I also love your story you guys are free now for real.

  251. what you write is an ARC break. That is the real reason why people leave or want to leave. It ain’t O/W’s as you have been to believe by the Church.

    Look it over.

    An ARCX person will not look at the person who broke the ARC with him.

    Go out and ARCX somebody, on purpose, and see what happens. You will be amazed. Do this to somebody you do not know, just ARCX them, they will run from you. Does this person who runs from you know you or can have an O/W against you? I think not, in PT.

  252. Thank you Marty, for your hard work and good nature in providing this exit depot and meeting place for us ‘Born Again’ Scientologists. Like Steve Hall said, there is life after death on the 3rd dynamic.

  253. “I think one thing Corporate Scientologists have been missing for a long time is that life is good. Welcome to life!”

    Agreed. All the bad news fed to Corporate is designed to keep them locked in.
    How to get them unlocked so they can have a life and really experience ARC and a true group? And the true group ain’t in the publics eye.

  254. see, right there, simply an ARCX—-

    “Yes, our REAL crime is we simply disagreed!”

    and the standard reason —–

    “One “friend” tried to tell my son, “well, your mom and dad are a standard example of having overts and withholds”

    Well. jesus christ already, these people are OT7’s. Don’t you think they know about ARCX and O/W’s and and trained in such, and now they are STANDARD EXAMPLE……………..of overts and withholds. Oh my god, how insane can you get, from a young punk who doesn’t really know shit.

    Who is kidding who here.

  255. don’t desire to be admired or liked, somthing like that I believe.

  256. Marsha, Marty truly is a great guy. One thing about your write-up doesn’t offend me, but just scares me a bit. You wrote this: “The question you have to ask yourself is, “What if? What if any of these reports of abuse at the highest level of the Church are true?”. Marsha, and you are a seasoned Scientologist, I say, I have been watching the “Church of Scientology” act the way people are reporting on this blog since I was 15. I moved from Clearwater in 1989 and I did it to get away from the church after originally going there to find peace and freedom. Some people are “just” wising up that have been in the church for decades. Can the awareness of public people often be much much higher than that of indoctrinated church members without all the certs to show? I fear the answer is yes, but I am glad people are coming to their senses. I don’t think mine ever left me! 🙂

  257. 21. Standard Tech

  258. 27) No one standing up or clapping at one of his events

    28) No one showing up at his events

  259. one of those who see


  260. scilonschools

    Thank you Marsha & Steve,
    Your full account is so important to help in the understanding of the current Control & Pressures of the RCS on those entangled in the web!
    In my view,this tent of Marty’s demonstrates how Scientology could have gone viral without the bizzare levels of control of the RCS, but instead by demonstration of the power of the TRUTH, and your testimony so supports that view!!

  261. Well, isn’t that that the intention to drive you out to never plan again having anything having to do with the tech? That worked perfectly for me, the SP won….until getting de-pts’d, what a journey, now I’m back, god he must hate that. Get yourself de-pts’d and keep moving on up higher. Marty, you have done such a huge service to us all, you have no idea, but maybe you do, thank you for all that you do.

  262. scilonschools

    “But, just as we have created close friendships and business relationships with people outside the church, from all walks of life, we know others can do this too in time.”

    It will be that with offering “the best of Scientology” (to quote Eric S) that will create the growth of true, Real Indie Scientology, by example not deceit and control!

  263. Thank you, Marsha, for your story, the story of you and Steve, and the church that LRH did not intend. Thank you for your willingness to confront and to look and truly “see”, and for your openness and honesty in bringing it to everyone. The “Ball of Freedom” is in flight, picking up speed.


  264. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wow, wow, WOW!! Marsha and Steve!

    A hearty congratulations, are in order to you both!
    Yes, indeed, there is no feeling quite like being out from the
    strangle hold of the Church of Miscavology, except perhaps
    the feelings of being set free from a life sentence in jail, for a crime you didn’t even commit! Wait a second! Same thing
    hey? VVWD to you both! Another self hammered nail into
    the coffin of Herr Adolf Miscavige! Sucks to be him, hey?

  265. Rory Medford

    The friends that are unfriending you were NEVER really your true friends.

    Welcome to the bright and sunny side of people who were NOT afraid to LOOK and make an intelligent decision to leave the field of force.

    Good luck and I hope others follow your lead.

    You guys are very brave. VWD!

  266. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marsha & Steve, an afterthought!
    Thoroughly endorsed by Marty, is to add your names to Steve
    Hall’s Indie 500 list. We just Google it up and it only takes a
    few minutes. I have experienced the liberating feeling and hey,
    by being amongst a list of unafraid, insouciant, like minded
    beings, you are further standing in the sunshine. Feels good
    Best, Li’ll bit

  267. Marsha and Steve – welcome on the other side!

    I am from Berlin, Germany. Before the wall was finally opened in 1989 the East German government tried its best to make its population believe that living on the Western side of Germany was just a nightmare. And a lot of people believed it. However, some had relatives in the West, and in many parts of East Germany it was possible to watch West German TV. Therefore many people could get first-hand information about what it was like on the other side. They had to be careful though, watching Western TV. It was strictly forbidden (as it had been forbidden in Nazi Germany to listen to BBC radio).
    Sometimes teachers in school were asking smaller pupils if they had watched something nice in TV recently. That was a trap.

    As I can understand you were very privileged while being in the Church as you also had many many friends and contacts outside of the Church. Nevertheless I understand that for many many years you were withholding yourself from looking on the Internet what you were told you should not see. And as it seems, the majority of Scientologists within the Church act the same way. They do not want to get into trouble – so they prefer to shut their eyes and ears for ‘entheta’ data about the Church.

    THIS is the problem. THIS makes it (almost) impossible to reach Scientologists with messages from outside. But this is also a chance. We should figure out HOW to overcome those barriers.
    I will come back to this interesting question soon.

    Another interesting phenomenon is the subject ‘disconnection’.
    How come that so many friends of yours, even family members have disconnected from you?
    a – How many of them did this because they were fully convinced that you really turned eval?
    b – How many of them thought that you probably had not turned eval – but they decided to avoid you as they (and previously also you) avoided the Internet. So they felt it would not be good for them being still in touch with you. It might turn out to become a barrier to proceed on the bridge. An Ethics program, maybe even having to re-study the PTS-SP course …

    c – And how many of them were ORDERED by a representative of the Church to disconnect from you?

    If I had run into such a situation while taking Auditing at Flag about 15 years ago and the MAA had told me to disconnect from my friend or brother or child – I would have certainly discussed with him the whole issue of disconnection. And I would have rather left the Church than to obey.
    However – I was a public just taking autiding who did not dedicate his life to Scientology. So I would not have lost as much as a person who had friends and family in Scientology.

    I am sure that while being in the Church for so many years you sometimes found yourself in the same situation. Somebody you knew very well had left or was declared. What did you think? What did you do? Was there someone who had put pressure on you?

    Did you hear that your friends disconnected from someone they knew? Did you discuss with them about it?

    I believe that the system works well: In many cases no MAA needs to become active. Parishioners behave as they are supposed to, like cattle that once had experienced that the fence around the space where they were welcome to move was electrically charged. One or two experiences were sufficient for the whole lifetime.

    We have to work out a way to reach those Scientologists inside. I believe it would be a good idea to start brain-storming how. There are certainly ways…

    All those who have left the Church (recently) carry the key to that question inside them – unfortunately encoded. So lets find a way to decode it.

    How is it possible that a person who invests so much time and money to FREE his spirit becomes a person that voluntarily creates boundaries for his observation and thinking?
    He has studied so many courses, has made so many demos … He just KNOWS that in order to judge about a certain question one has to LOOK at it, confront it, as-is it. But after all he ends up withholding himself from LOOKING, confronting, as-ising.
    And he is not even realizing what is happening. Even not an OT …

    Once more thing:
    You also mentioned what I had also found on Debbie Cook’s website: LRH had cancelled disconnection in 1968.
    My question: Is it 100% sure that LRH did not reinstall that policy some time later?

    And now my very last thing:
    If LRH did NOT reinstall it later again – I assume that (e.g.) Debbie Cook was aware of that – already during the time when she was Captain of Flag. What might have caused her NOT to make sure that nobody at Flag would apply that cancelled policy? She would have been obliged to do that, according to KSW, as I understand it.
    Would have someone from Int. called and yelled at her? Was that the electrically charged wire Debbie respected?
    And why would that person at Int. have yelled at her?
    Because he feared the electric wire as well?

    Is this the way suppression works at the Church up to the person who personally controls the system of charged wires?

    It is what I suspect, not what I know!
    So I would be very glad if someone who KNOWS would explain to everybody.

    Thanks a lot and all the best !

  268. So succinctly summarised Les and so true I line charged just reading that.

  269. Dear Marsha and Steve: I’ve been out of town and unable to respond — wordpress is acting up … but my reaction was — good grief – this is HUGE.

    I knew Freddie well in the 80’s through his work with CCHR and my involvement financially. He’s a wonderful man yet completely invested in the church. It doesn’t surprise me that he disconnected whole cloth as it would be such a loss of his own image, his 40 year investment AS a VIP in Scn … that at this point, although this comes from his sister — it’s still not ENOUGH to crack through.

    For a very brief time, in the early 90’s I knew Steve slightly due to his connection with Ruth Valko and the chiropractic management doc who rented a space from her.

    I wish you well — may your inspiring email be a wake up call for others and help them crack the Truman show. I have no doubt it will be.


  270. Marsha and Steve,


  271. Lucy, your right that Marsha and Steve were brave to make a public statement. Its de-PTSing themselves and allowing themselves to live according to a code of honor and support the goals and aims of scientology. I hope you and your circle can soon do the same.
    I have made my public announcement, just for the record.

  272. Howdy Pardners! Your very well-written announcement was an inspiration, and will undoubtedly lead the way for many others to join what is now becoming an ARMY of Independent Scientologists. You will love new your new life, and will be amazed at what wonderful survival one can create, when one is truly free to use LRH technology without invalidation and evaluation. I like your comments about being a protective mama bear with her children, as I have had a long battle to get my son out of Disconnection Mode, and won that battle and now life is wonderful! My son and I are getting reacquainted and making up for lost time. It was the help and inspiration from friends on this blog that enabled me to make it through and do it. We have an ever growing body of theta, and your wonderful theta added to that will help many others through to real freedom of thought and effort.

    YEE HAW from Austin, Texas!

    Much love to both of you,
    Catherine von Ach

  273. Yea, right.
    Marsha wrote: “Then we were accused of being associated with “friends of LRH.” We thought, “How strange, of course we’re friends of LRH and, yes, that is who we associate with.” And this wasn’t said tongue-in-cheek at all, even though it may seem that way. “

    It sucks to be a source-confused MMA / EO these days.

  274. (Typo)
    It sucks to be a source-confused MAA / EO these days.

  275. truthteller67

    It is great being out from under the radar!!

    Paul Bourgeois

  276. truthteller67

    Yes Ziba, very sad. They are digging their own grave at an alarming rate!

  277. truthteller67

    We’ll all get together soon Marsha!


  278. Marsha,

    Your email address (which I know from before) is “full” and bounced back my email to you. And your website (when you click on your name, here) doesn’t seem to do anything when you go to “contact us” and type in a message and click “submit”.

    How do we contact you, then?

  279. “While our SP declare was intended to negatively impact us, it’s actually been a very freeing action for both of us.”

    Never ceases to be funny ho that works.

    Laminate and frame it as a troffee

  280. Hello BertyM


    And now my very last thing:
    If LRH did NOT reinstall it later again – I assume that (e.g.) Debbie Cook was aware of that – already during the time when she was Captain of Flag. What might have caused her NOT to make sure that nobody at Flag would apply that cancelled policy?

    You can see here lots of data on how David Miscavige reinstalled the Disconnaction.
    This is the way he build this 3 Dynamic engram.

    There is also another issue I saw once, but I can’t find it right now.
    It was not a P/L or HCOB but rather a SPD (Scientology Policy Directive).
    If anyone can add data to this, please do so.

  281. Regarding whether Ron Hubbard is the one who instituted the present Disconnection policies of the Co$ (I do not say “re-instituted” because the present system is nothing like it was under Hubbard in the 1960’s): Robert Vaughn Young in 1997 declared under penalty of perjury in a sworn affidavit that he personally wrote the 1983 issue “PTSness and Disconnection” at David Miscavige’s direction and that this was issued without authorization from Ron Hubbard. You may read about that at the following URL:

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  282. Marsha,

    I know I only slightly knew you when I was still on staff at the FSO, but I always thought you were very uptone and our few encounters I do recall fondly. I am happy to see you and Steve have now declared your independence and you are welcomed with open arms. I wish you all the success in the world.

    Hy Levy

  283. martyrathbun09

    Vaughn Young was a good propagandist – was the backbone of Freedom for years – and had a huge button on self-importance.

  284. Ad Hominem, Mark.

    Are you claiming his sworn statement in this particular matter is false?

    If you are, on what basis please ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  285. martyrathbun09

    Yes, on the basis that I was there.

  286. Any information on who was the ghost-writer of those issues?

  287. Hello and welcome to the Independents! I loved your write up and it truly came across as giving correct data to a situation.

    It is so strange that the knee jerk response to observing and outpoint and communicating about it is an automatic assumption of joining with the enemy. What ever happened to TR4? I think the church and those who still are in lock step with it have gone type 3…so many enemies! It really was laughable to claim that you were an enemy because you were part of “Friends of LRH”. It really can’t get more abberated than that.

    Loved the references you included!

    I have to say…that I am really impressed with the quality of people who have come out publically. There is such a strong moral fiber with each one of them…my kind of people! I’d “friend” you any day!

  288. An SP declare these days is like a “reward” for sticking to one’s integrity. I bet if we gathered all the good people that have left or been declared by the Church, we’d have a booming Scientology field once again. The copyrights issue is a tough one though, but then it always indicated to me that there is something fishy about the whole thing. Maybe, we’ve all been fooled on more levels than one.

  289. Marsha & Steve ~ I’m a bit late to this thread, but I just want to welcome you back into the light.

    I’m also a recent escapee from the squirrel group that our beloved church has become. Like you, I obeyed the unwritten rule, “Don’t Look!”, for nearly 40 years, but thankfully, I gave myself permission to do just that, about a month after Debbie Cook sent out her famous email.

    In no time at all, I found confirmation of the very worst of my suspicions and fears about our church. It took even less time for me to realize that I HAD to put on my personal integrity hat, and withdraw my allegiance from that poisoned entity, and re-assert my allegiance to LRH, Standard Tech, and those who remain true to both.

    In my mind, it’s the only course of action for anyone who calls themselves a Scientologist. As I told a churchie recently, “I didn’t move – the church did.” That is perhaps one of the biggest revelations that newly Independent Scientologists have. Until one actually LOOKS, you can’t know how off the rails the corporate church has gone.

  290. Dear Marsha and Steve,
    Thank you for speaking out your mind, it helps as an example to those, who did not dare to even look. But…
    Maybe it is for the better that you did not look on the Internet until you made up your mind based on your personal observations. I think that was the right sequence of actions – first draw your own conclusions based on your own observations and then get acknowledged by finding others with the same viewpoint on the Internet.

  291. Dear BertyM,
    I know and can explain.
    The “electric wire” becomes a shadow for those who looks and sees.
    People who stay in church stay there for the reason. While auditing gets people out of the comfort zone of living with pre-made decisions and puts one into the PT necessity to look, evaluate and decide, there are a lot of people who expect life to become “easier” if go up the Bridge. And those will not look and evaluate for themselves. Robots. Not because they do not have enough data on out-tech, out-ethics or out-admin, which there is plenty inside the church, but because they are not up to a level of existence as a being who is or is willing to be aware. The problem is not lack of data, it is lack of theta. Explaining them what is white and what is black is not solving the problem, and is not a Scientology method anyway. It is not about how do we tell them what is what and who is who. It is about how do we help them to rise to the level of willing to BE aware. Which is done through the auditing – freeing the theta, rising on the tone scale, gaining the self-determinism, increasing the responsibility level – the willingness to be at cause, to be aware, to BE.
    The Bridge is the answer.
    Walking up the Bridge is the answer.
    And the problem is that DM does not walk up the Bridge himself and prevents others from it. He has created the numerous stops for people to walk up the Bridge. And that is the counter-intention that creates a problem.

  292. Marsha and Steve,

    My gal and I too have experienced the “secret declare” so we can relate to much of what you share.

    Welcome to the light.

    “…presure and time…”

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  294. Fantastic write up Marsha

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