Scientology Order or Disorder?


Scientology Inc Creating Independents

From HCO Policy Letter 7 September 1963:

There can be no personal security without easily accessible, swift and fair justice within a group.  The jurisprudence employed must be competent, acceptable to the members of the group and effective in accomplishing good order for the group and personal rights and security for its individual members. 

Justice used for revenge, securing advantages for a clique, increases disorder.

Justice should serve as a means of establishing guilt or innocence and awarding damages to the injured.  The fact of its use should not preestablish guilt or award.  Justice which by its employment alone establishes an atmosphere of guilt or greed is harmful and creates disorder.

Justice should clarify.  Good justice in effect runs out group engrams.  Bad justice runs them in.

I have been working for some time on a system of justice acceptable to Scientologists and have evolved one in “Committees of Evidence.”  These work excellently by actual test and satisfy the requirements of justice.

I require that full use be made of these committees at once in all matters relating to Scientology organizations, groups and concerns.

I do not recommend that individuals in authority act in disciplinary measures or capacities without employing Committees of Evidence.

– L Ron Hubbard, Founder

The following occurred yesterday at the Mecca of Corporate Scientology.  It is typical of what has been happening just about every day at the ‘friendliest place in the world’ for the past several years.

My name is Uwe Stern, I am German and I am what you would call a pretty normal Scientology parishioner. I joined SCN in 1987.

I did not do much major courses, just the old HQS and a student hat (twice because of GAT) and got audited to Clear. I was a staff member at a Munich Mission (Scientology Mission of Nymphenburg) from 1989 to 1999, this mission is now  closed down because of financial irregs caused by a) the finance police and b) a corrupt mission holder afterwards (long story spare me the details). I was on staff for that mission for 10 years as a Treasury Director (I know, not very exciting, but someone has to do it and I am a number cruncher). I never was much interested in a technical post, admin is more my thing. During this time I had my share of weird management decisions of the church, handlings of the tax offices of Germany and OSA, the latter on a nearly daily basis.

Then I was posted for 2.5 yrs as Treasury Director at Munich Org finalizing 7 balance sheets under heavy (INT) pressure.

Because I also was on the board of the Mission Nymphenburg and per legal law of Germany the Board Members can be hold responsible for financial irregs and the Church did not move fast enough to really protect us, I decided to move to the US, my country of choice anyway (long story too) and arrived with my family (wife and daughter) in Clearwater in 2002.

Uwe Stern

 Long story short, because of lack of funds we never really took any major steps on the bridge since. End of 2010 I found out about the weird stuff going on in the church. Not that I had no hints before that. Like being denied to leave the parking lot at Ruth Eckard Hall after the 2007 release of the basics event (buy or die, I nearly ran the car over that SO member stopping us). Or like seeing the flashy stats ALWAYS going up (no stat is always going up) on events I attended. Or like ……

But it still came as a surprise! How could I NOT have seen this earlier. Dumbass me.

This was followed by a 2 month full time research and ended with me quietly resigning from the Church. Of course there my marriage went, as I was not able to bring my then wife to see it too.

Fast forward to PT. I got a call from the Chief Student MAA of the coachmen. I was seen with an SP, Angela LeMay, at Starbucks. The MAA said someone had written a report. Me asking why I don’t have a copy of that report the MAA paddled back, saying it was a Things That Should Not Be report because the person reporting did not know for sure if I was how I am. Crap, she knows me very well, right  Desiree Lutz? (Ohh, that’s how it is done, label it TTSNB report so you don’t have to send a copy, laughable). I asked to see the declare and we made an appointment to meet the same day (did only wait for 10 mins, that’s a record).

I asked the MAA to show me the declare, which he did. On my question to get a copy the answer was “It is church property”, me asking if I can take a picture of it, same answer : no., no copy. The accusations in this declare were very vague. Just, she is connect to a squirrel group and ensnarled another church member with entheta (not the wording used, out of mind).

Me asking the MAA if she got a copy, him saying that he thinks she got one. I then confronting him with the fact she did not; it ending with him uttering something like “that should then be reported”. Me forgetting then to say that she probably did not get one as it is Church property.

Anyway, I also asked to see the report on me, never got to see it.

Now the juicy part. Me asking to see the comm Ev held on Angela, him answering that he does not have it nor has he seen it. Me then asking why she did not get one or at LEAST a phone call before hand. To which he had nothing to say. Me then confronting him with the fact that she knows about the report from facebook and that that would be a case of libeling; he could only utter “that should be reported”.

 I then compared this to the Third Reich where there were “Blockwarts” (people assigned to a block to watch what other say and do to turn them in to the Gestapo).

He then wanted to know who enlighted me to the “dark” side (In fact I find it lighter) I just replied,  “I look and don’t listen.” Like reading the freedom mag from 2009 and the St. Petersburg Times and coming to the conclusion that the only thing both sides come to agree to is that there were beatings going on in the upper management of the church for ten years. I mean, if that would be any other corporation they would fire BOTH sides and control the damage and this Church is doing nothing for 10 years? Another reason for me I told him is the fact that the parishioners should spend their money on the bridge not on real estate. All comes down to the fact that the church does NOT live by it’s own policies.

Since I was not in the church for over 1year, I told him so. He then showed me the Suppressive Acts Policy on my question what would happen now to me. Saying that I could talk to everybody but that the policies would cover what would happen then. Which means there will be a Golden Rod issued on me as I am not disconnecting from anybody that I don’t see fit, That Golden Rod I probably never get to see. He also said I would by leaving the church and not be protected by policy. I can fortify that easily if policy obviously is not lived by the church.

I don’t regret my time within the fold, there were fun times too. I don’t know if I will continue with any Scientology services, but I have to say there is specifically at the lower end of the bridge a lot of truth for me in it. I am still operating on all the finance policies I studied. And, I will certainly not be doing ANY services in this organization.

Right now I am more into living life and enjoying life than anything else. Things I could not do previously because of lack of funds.

And I hope the Church as it is presenting itself now will die soon. The Tech should live on in the hands of the independents and made available to everybody who wants to use it for a fair exchange. But, I might not be part of that.

If you want to contact me you will find me on facebook or email me at



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  1. Bruce Pratt

    Damn well done, sir. Thank you for maintaining your integrity. Welcome to the rest of YOUR life.

    Oh my. Memories. Chief Student MAA of the Coachmen — Patricio?
    “You can’t have a copy. It’s property of HCO.”
    “Why no comm ev?” “Because we don’t have to have one.”
    “Why no bill of particulars?” “A what?”

    I really should meet you at that Starbucks. I would be more than pleased to share whatever beverage and the company and conversation would be phenomenal. It’s a bit of a commute for me. My loss. Truly.

  2. Thanks for the report, Uwe.

    The comparision of the OSA-bots with Gestapo Blockwarts surely fits.

    Viel Glück.

  3. Dear Uwe,

    thanks for confronting the illogics and arbitraries in that ‘church’, and for your report. The more or less unveiled threat “if you leave you are not protected by policy” shows the depths to which that ‘church’ has sunk : it is actually a bullying racket. Not very church-like indeed.

    I believe that everyone who confronts the actions and situations of that ‘church’ does a big favour not only to himself, but also to others who will find it a tiny bit easier to realize what’s going on.

    Wishing you a bright and happy future

    Han Solo

    PS: if you have time someday, I – and probably many others – would appreciate your report about the downfall and demise of the Mission in Nymphenburg, Munich. A Mission that existed for some decades … and suddenly it is gone. That must be quite a story.

  4. “the only thing both sides come to agree to is that there were beatings going on in the upper management of the church for ten years. I mean, if that would be any other corporation they would fire BOTH sides and control the damage and this Church is doing nothing for 10 years?”

    Exactly spot on. You have to be a damn fool not to see the outpoint that either COB is an SP, or he is the most PTS person in the universe because he keeps posting SPs to the most senior positions in the church and leaving them there for years. I can’t believe the confront of the average scientologist is so non-existent. Do they even do TR-0 anymore?

  5. yvonneschick

    Thank you, Uwe, for this report. It is sad but reveals the truth about how things are operating at this time. Thank you for your courage to look and act on your personal integrity.

    Disorder is definitely the condition of the cofs.

    Enjoy your freedom, Uwe. I am definitely enjoying mine.

  6. Uwe,
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Congratulations on your independence.
    This blog is performing a vital service with posts such as yours.
    George M. White

  7. Thank you for your report, Uwe. Good to have you here.

  8. What harm was being done by these people.

    It is all so petty. Really, really stupid.

    It is only a matter of time before there is no one else to declare.

  9. Good morning, David Miscavige. All I can say is, Thank You. You and yours are doing an increasingly spectacular job in the production of a rapidly increasing number of independent scientologists. This is good. This is very good. Please, continue.

  10. Hallo Uwe, ich freue mich dich in der Freiheit begrüßen zu dürfen 🙂

  11. Uwe,
    Thank you for that wonderful excerpt reminding me how things should be. Also, thank you for your courage in telling how things are currently being handled. Welcome out and much joy and happiness to you, living life!!

  12. Hello Uwe! How nice to see you here!

    We really should have a little get together at Starbucks one of these days. It creates such a stir. I was in there with Tony Ortega and a couple of other people and the furtive looks, the security guards prowling around outside, the staff rerouted so they didnt walk past the windows…. It’s a surreal world those people are living in.

    Your very rational and HE&R free account creates a perfect snapshot. And your introduction of blockwarts to describe these Paragons of Green on White is perfect.

    Hope to see you again soon.

  13. The same old LDW

    Dear Uwe,
    Thanks for the Things That Shouldn’t Be report on the gross violations of Ethics and Justice Policy at the Flag Land Base.
    Your report is being filed along with the many others which have been accumulated over the past many years and you may be assured that it will be acted upon by the appropriate independent scientologists to ensure the guilty parties are given a committee of evidence and justice is served.

    Your report contains vital data needed to bring criminals to justice. Thank you for having the courage to speak out.


  14. Uwe, Welcome! thank you for speaking out. There will be a time in the near future where no one will be on the “inside”. Day by day people are waking up and saying no more!!! There is a bright future waiting for you out here!

  15. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks Uwe.
    I know it’s a bitter pill. But it will really cure what’s ailing you.
    You handled it like a champ!

  16. Thanks for sharing this Uwe.

    Disorder doesn’t seem like the right word chaos seems more appropriate.

    the only thing both sides come to agree to is that there were beatings going on in the upper management of the church for ten years

    Major foot bullet admitting that beatings had occurred over a period of 10 years.

    Of course cuddly, friendly, care bear David Miscavige didn’t do any beating but even if he didn’t he certainly didn’t do anything about the beatings that were going on, which is just as bad. Oh wait he did fire (defrock) a bunch of people who left because they were the bad ones.

    Allergy warning: the above paragraph may contain traces of sarcasm.

  17. Free and Clear

    Very Well Done Uwe! And as for the “dark side” that is bull. You were enlightened on joining the rebel forces. Welcome aboard! What was once an enlightened Republic (LRH’s Scientology) is now an Empire run by Darth Sidious, complete with robotic troops. The parallels between DM and Darth Sidious in the Star Wars stories are amazing. The way he undermined a democratic republic, created an “war” and then declared martial law. Elected himself Emperor. The way he tricked good people (Jedi) like Mike and Marty into playing a part in his bogus “war” and then betrayed them and discarded them. Also the parallels between the Jedi and the rebel forces and the Indy Movement are amazing. The concept of a “force” that can be used for good or evil is also a very close parallel with Scientology. It is a technology that draws tremendous power from the very fabric of the universe, but it can be used just as easily to enslave as to free. OT abilities described in Star Wars actually exist. Right now we are the Jedi warriors and soldiers of the rebel forces. Living in far off places, but holding true to the spirit and ideals of a force that can be used for good and to free man, and clinging to the idea or bringing back an enlightened Republic of Scientology. DM and his followers are the dark side of the force. With brutal punishments, vicious discipline and demands for money they have created a dark empire. Jedi and soldiers, philosophers, fighters and cowards, we of the Indy movement are the rebellion.

  18. Ziba Feulner

    Wunderbar sachliche Ausfuehrung! Welcome to the “lighter side”, Uwe. Your comparison to the Blockwarts is spot-on! Thanks for your write-up which I am sure will help others to see the truth about Miscavige’s cult.

  19. Oh yes ! Straight up & vertical please 🙂

  20. Nice one Uwe. Good to listen in on that talk with the idiot MAA.

  21. Luis Garcia

    Welcome Uwe, welcome to the realm of the Free Scientologist.

    It is refreshing to see how you have kept your integrity.


  22. So funny.

    I think it was on ARS about 12 years ago that we realized that being declared an SP really meant you were being declared a Special Person!

    Yes, it is true that the Independents are being created by the antics of the Cofs, just as the original critics were created by OSA.

    Good thing for us all, and ALL of us, that DM is too stupid to leave us alone.

  23. Thank you sir!
    ……never get tired of getting the facts and hearing the truth.

  24. Uwe- Thanks for the write up. As you said, the outpoints are there to see if one simply looks. Good for you for looking and keeping your integrity.

    Welcome to real Scientology and the real wins and gains that are available outside of the suppressive influences of the church.

  25. R.og.e.r

    Griasde Uwe !

    Schöner tatsachenbericht ohne wenn und aber..
    Herlichen Dank und willkommen in der Freiheit. Vielleicht überlegst Du es Dir noch wegen der Brücke.
    Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg in deinem neuen Leben ohne stops !


    Roger aus Switzerland (LO)

  26. Good on you for standing up for your friend! You did what the rest of those in should be doing, but are not.

    Glad you’re out. Thanks for the well written report.

  27. Thanks, Uwe, for the info.

    I really interesting question came to me:

    Just what is the church doing that is ON policy?

    I made this analogy a while back, but it bears repeating:

    I have a storage unit, and in it I had inadvertently stored some food, which included some hard candy. Ants invaded the storage bin, and since it was a period of months, they took out the hard candy – all that was left was the plastic wrappers, holding the exact shape they were in when they wrapped the candy, only now the candy was gone – the ants took it away. Just a pile of perfectly formed, empty, plastic wrappers.

    The church is like that. All that is there is the plastic wrapper. The candy – the tech, the actual subject of Scientology itself – is gone.

  28. “When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives.”
    — Robert Heinlein
    And I think it works both ways 10x + Bozo Bongos
    By the way didn’t LRH state that He is His Friend (Robert Heinlein)

  29. “_A_ really interesting question…” Darn typos! 🙂

  30. Now this was embarrassing …. (I just want to show how ridiculous it is to nit-pick a man’s mistakes and extrapolate those to what he did most emminently right – this is late for previous threads ‘criticizing’ Hubbard, but I think it’s interesting enough to post, to kind of lay oblique references Hubbard’s naval career to rest. Sorry for being lat, I’ll try to stay on the ball in the future and thank you for your indulgence).

    “Chester Nimitz is now a U.S. Navy legend, but as a young ensign he ran a destroyer aground. He was found guilty of neglect of duty, reprimanded and relieved of command. But, Polmar said, Nimitz went on to a brilliant Navy career.”

    “On March 30, 1942, Nimitz was also made Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas giving him control of all Allied forces in the central Pacific.”

    But before that … “Re-assigned to Maumee, Nimitz lost part of his right ring finger in demonstration of a diesel engine. He was only saved when his Annapolis class ring jammed the engine’s gears.”

    This bit of history encourages me to run my boo-boo’s and get it over with … then *try* not to mess up again.

  31. Phil Bruemmer

    I hope more of those still in have your courage and integrity.
    Don’t think twice about the policy not protecting you outside the church.
    Believe me, it doesn’t protect anyone inside either – because it isn’t applied!
    You’ll fare much better out here.
    But you probably already know that!

  32. Phil de Fontenay

    Great job Uwe! 🙂

  33. Hi Uwe – thanks for telling your story. There is no justice for anybody within Corporate Scientology today. Welcome to the just side.

  34. I was a trained ethics officer many many years ago – trained in the early 70’s. I found Hubbard’s justice system to be far more just and humane when applied with no bias, self serving intentions etc. In its absolute purity in application it helped provide true life changing assistance to those I worked with. It was to me joyous. I was never on a Committee of Evidence where both the interested parties and convening authorities both were in full agreement with outcomes. If done right, this procedure blows holes right through the morass of turmoil and confusions, bitter feelings, etc.

    The truth Does set you free, and others as well.

    Under Miscavige I have seen a pure bastardization of ethics tech. He smashed this up long before he went for the jugular on the tech. I saw this back in the early 80’s. Ethics was no longer a technology to free people, it became a control mechanism to subject them to the will of a very severely aberrated and demented individual. Group sec ck sessions, standing people up in front of the mob to “confess” their “crimes” and “evil thoughts”. All these things – all of them are a psycjotic fabrication of an insane mind. None of these practices exist within the framework of philosophy designed to free a group and the inividuaks within it.

    I won’t comment here about espionage, torture and all that other stuff that has seemed to get snared up in the subject. But if one truly studies and grasps the subject of ethics, justice and the dynamics – you would see the profound perversion of the intent of Hubbard’s writings in this area. The use of disconnection, the denial of a forum for inidividuals to review their actions and their effects on the group and vice versa, the refusal to allow individual to exercise for themslves the contemplation of optimum survival along their dynamics, and to establish the co-existence of their dynamics with those of others, etc etc etc. The violatipns are nauseating to me. This serious perversion of ethics and justice (which is now successful entrenched with Corporate Scn) is above all is why I have always considered Miscavige an absolute madman. If one truly understands the ideal scene in the application of Hubbard’s ethics policies and sees what is being “applied” today that they THINK it is, one can see how deep the chasm is. To paraphase something Hubbard said….one has gone so so south, that he has to look north to see south…..

  35. Nice to meet you Uwe. Thank you for being there and communicating truth. And have some fun! 🙂

  36. “the Church did not move fast enough to really protect us”

    While Miscaviges “Troika of Death” moves along to a point wich will never be reached, he throws his parishonars to the wolves that chase it for selfpreservation.


  37. Hi Bruce,

    Thank you. And I am always up for a large Americano and a good talk.


  38. Hi Han,

    don’t know if we met before, but if wanted I surely will write that story. Might be a long read :-). And thank you for your kind words.


  39. Thank you Yvonne!
    It was quit a journey. And I am certainly here to enjoy.


  40. Hi Mike,
    That is funny. Thought about that too. Like wearing T’s with “I am a known SP, I just don’t know it”
    I am always up for that coffee

  41. Hi LDW,

    it’s just a way to give back. I have read this blog for quit a while now (just lurking, no posts) waiting for the right time in my life to come out. Now it was kind of forced on me and I like to act first.
    Thank you.


  42. Hi Carol,
    I know, I refer to it as the Domino Effect. For each one declared there will be at least two others that will be declared afterwards. And so on.
    Now it’s me cranking open the bag of popcorn and relax and watch it unfold.


  43. It’s to the point where barely a day goes by that we don’t see another person who has left. We’re watching in real time the demise of the cult. Historic when you think about it.

    Miscavige thinks everyone is out to get him so he’s compelled to label people and kick them out, even if they’ve already left. Nothing nutty there! It’s rather ironic but an unintended consequence of such acute psychosis is that he’ll be left with nobody but himself; a cult of one. Works for me.

  44. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Ewe, for this detailed report. It is always very wonderful to hear people’s detailed experiences. I expect that David Miscavige has banked an extra billion dollars by now with the altered book series called “the basics”. It was a crafty move from the standpoint of a rapacious, scheming scoundrel. I will never forget the 50 or more telephone calls that I received within the space of a few days, demanding that I buy “the basics.” I wonder what all of those people, who were apparently pulled off of other jobs to call me are doing now–now that the orgs are nearly empty?

    We should not forget that the spying operations conducted in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia were advocated as both good a necessary, to protect the people or the homeland from the traitorous and the dissatisfied. The idiot people who are the Facebook Police also believe that what they are doing is both good and necessary. How willfully ignorant they have become of what the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology are all about.

  45. Thanks Tony,
    I never met you, never talked to you just have read about you. And I like your view point to the things happening. Would like to meet you in person.
    And the pill is not so bitter as it seems by reading the write up.

    I am actually more free now then I was 2 years ago.


  46. martyrathbun09

    Hey df!

  47. Ziba,
    Thank you.
    Like to communicate to you on private lines. Could you email me?


  48. Vielen Dank!

  49. THAT is a very good analogy!

  50. Phil, I know, I saw it yesterday, again. And it declined since 1990, I also so that in person ….

  51. 🙂

  52. Hi CD, he not only throws the parishioners under the bus, but also the stuff members, even at a mission level. Easily. To protect himself.

  53. Your humble servant

    Thanks for writing this. Absolutely correct. Such abhorrent practices as gang bang sec checking and humiliating group confessions have NOTHING to do with any procedures that Ron ever dreamed of as being a part of “Scientology ethics.” I have not seen these violations of human rights in practice in the so-called “church”, but I have read several credible accounts of them happening. You would think that the people witnessing or experiencing these things would know they are not right, and probably they do, but they must believe that these are just temporary, aberrational excesses that will one day be corrected. They are hoping in vain on that. So long as DM and the present organizational set up are maintained, they will NOT be corrected.

  54. ThetaPotata

    This destruction of individual members reminds me of a snake that eats its own tail, the snake probably thought it was a good idea at the time he started eating it but eventually the action leads to the destruction of the whole snake.

  55. Welcome Uwe:
    I laughed at your Starbucks comments. I was shocked a few months ago when I drove there just to look. What I saw only confirmed what I had been hearing. When you use to walk around downtown Clearwater there use to be lots and lots of public walking to and from various church service bldgs. When you drive down Ft. Harrison, Cleveland, mainly see younger Sea Org members (not many old timers). If there are public you just don’t see them. The parking lots are filled with flag vans and very few cars. At the Sand Castle same thing – empty parking lots compared to what it use to be. You have to ask yourself are the public being kept off the streets for fear of hearing the truth and/or are there just a lack of public? Either way it’s not pro-survival.

  56. Ronnie Bell

    Very, Very Well Done, Uwe.

    You have chosen to reject the fascist mind control of a corrupt and criminal organization that is destroying thousands upon thousands of trusting people under the guise of help.

    Your personal Code of Honor is restored, and so is your access to the real Bridge. Welcome Out, my friend.

  57. Ronnie Bell

    I can’t believe the confront of the average scientologist is so non-existent. Do they even do TR-0 anymore?

    I think you sit and confront a wall in GAT style TR-0. I’ve seen photos of students doing something like that.

    Your point is well taken, though. It takes a large amount of non-confront to keep the blinders in place, with so many enormous outpoints swirling around you. You’d think that people who’d been trained to ‘look’, would be dumbstruck by some of the things that have become standard practice in Squirrelingtology.

  58. Ronnie Bell

    “When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives.”
    – Robert Heinlein

    Wowee kazowee! No wonder Heinlein and LRH were buddies. They were so on the same page about life and livingness. When you read their works, you sometimes think that they must have discussed a great many things at great length, and come to the same conclusions.

    Spot on!

  59. one of those who see

    Great Analogy!!

  60. Defender of Theta

    OEC/FEBC what a brilliant statement:

    “You have to be a damn fool not to see the outpoint that either COB is an SP, or he is the most PTS person in the universe because he keeps posting SPs to the most senior positions in the church and leaving them there for years.”


  61. The same old LDW

    “I can’t believe the confront of the average scientologist is so non-existent. Do they even do TR-0 anymore?”

    Actually, they rarely do TR O anymore. I’ve had several PCs who’s TRs sucked (people who had spent hundred of thousands for auditing in the Co$) and found in the initial interview that many had never really done a real TRs course.

    Here, we put a good TRs course at the very beginning of any life repair action.

  62. Freespirit,
    You’ve brought to light an important point. It says in the Opening Piece, quoting the HCO Policy: “I have been working for some time on a system of justice acceptable to Scientologists and have evolved one in “Committees of Evidence.” These work excellently by actual test and satisfy the requirements of justice.”

    “You have seen the First Dynamic Tech of auditing develop over the decades to a highly precise and very workable body of knowledge.”

    “In 1965 I began an active search for the basic’laws of the Third Dynamic. What has been found since then has been recorded on tapes or published in HCO Pol Ltrs.

    “If auditing took 38 years to bring to a highly polished state, then the 20 years of experience of which only 5 were devoted to an active effort to locate the basic laws can be seen to be an incomplete study.

    “But incomplete or not, the data and drills contained in HCO Policy Letters are a great advance over what Man had.”

    “In its present state of development, like early auditing material, Third Dynamic Tech is used to think with, and only the bright mind will achieve its full potential in action.” PL, THIRD DYNAMIC TECH, 11 April 1970.

    I am studying the research line of books, taped lectures, articles and issues in chronological order. So far, this embraces the so-called “First Dynamic Tech” the techniques, application and now the training in those techniques. It is apparent that as the fundamentals developed (the Axioms, Factors, Pre-Logics), the sound principles established led to all sorts of “drills”, or processes to bring about the results sought. These drills and processes EVOLVED and refined over the years. They continued to do so based on observation of positive and consistent results and in about 66-68, they became Standard Tech.

    As it states in the quoted material of PL 11 April 70, the policy developed beginning in 65 with, among other things, the “Justice Codes”, including the material on Committees of Evidence, were part of an “active search” for the basic laws of the Third Dynamic. Some years later, in the 80s, policy on the administration of justice observed that aberration would thwart true justice (PL ETHICS, JUSTICE and the DYNAMICS) and its use was mainly one of punishment drive, enforcement and scant attention to actual fair play, equity and real justice.

    We are all part of some Third Dynamic. We are in fact part of the “research line” of Third Dynamic Tech, and the very bright minds here and all over the place on earth, can if they learn to “think with” the various now isolated principles in the incomplete at this time study of the area, achieve marvelous results with what we have in HCO Policy Letters.

    RESULTS led the research and refinement of Auditing Tech. The same applies to Third D tech.

    The present, literal, narrow-minded, pedantic, dogmatic, robotic MIS- application of the real fundamentals of 3D tech so far evolved in Scientology policy include such things as we are observing today with the last few articles, including this ridiculous and egregious injustice with Uwe Stern.

    The results of this…another being rejecting the patent INJUSTICE, that man inherently knows.

    “Human beings have a very high native sense of justice. Justice could be called the adjudication of the relative rightness or wrongness of a decision or an action.
    (See Logic 7.)

    “Infinite rightness would be infinite survival. How wrong can a person be?
    Dead!” Advanced Procedures and Axioms.

  63. Ziba Feulner

    Sure thing, my friend. Will email you…

  64. NOTE: The second paragraph above is where the 11 April 70 PL, THIRD DYNAMIC TECH quotes begin. (My editor is still in Oz.)

  65. Tom Gallagher


    Nice to meet you! The occasion calls for a song……..

  66. Ronnie Bell

    It’s to the point where barely a day goes by that we don’t see another person who has left. We’re watching in real time the demise of the cult. Historic when you think about it.

    Indeed. What’s even more interesting to me, is that most of the people disconnecting from the Church of Squirrelingtology are highly trained, well processed, experienced staff members and upstat Scientologists. Miscavige is STILL running off the best and brightest. His modus operandi hasn’t changed a bit, since he first seized control of Ron’s church.

    This is most definitely one of the most historic moments in the track of Scientology. I think it’s becoming clearer by the day, that a complete collapse of Miscavige’s dark empire is imminent. I can almost see the enormous shock wave that’s going to happen in the field when he is finally revealed as the suppressive, evil monster that he truly is. On that day, the light will finally be shed for all, on the thousands of human rights abuses, alteration of Ron’s tech, and the wanton destruction of so many, many lives this man has caused.

  67. Defender of Theta


    Thanks for the excellent example.

    I have gone around and around with a friend on this subject, “How can Scientology be correct, if LRH ___________” (fill in the blank).

    Look, we all know that LRH was not perfect – he did not claim to be God and he had his unhandled areas. Frankly, I have no idea why he did not handle ________________ personality characteristic (fill in the blank).

    And, I don’t really care. What, you don’t care, Frank?

    Well, for me, it gets down to one thing: can I produce a result on a PC or student, using his Tech? Can I receive a result from another, using his tech? Have I seen others producing results on others, using his Tech? For me, the answer is “Yes,” in spades.

    Meaning no disrespect to any followers of the natural clears who have graced this planet – the Avatars who have come to try to save their brothers – and not meaning to commit the sin of saying that Scientology is “the only workable tech,” after having engaged in many spiritual and psychological practices, and after thousands of hours of study of other approaches, I am sorry, but every other approach I became familiar with or practiced offered about 1% of Tech that LRH created and no whether near the precision of application and results.

    My experience of the workability of the Tech is independent of whether LRH was a Perfect Master, an Avatar, or whether he had sex with goats. The results of the Tech are whatever they are. They don’t relate to goat sex.

    Sorry for the crude argument, but sometimes its best to be explicit.

    The Tech is the Tech, and it produces whatever results it produces – none of which is either greater or lesser because of who invented that Tech.


    P.S. For clarity, to my knowledge, LRH was never accused of goat sex.

  68. ThetaPotata

    Dude… you have a great way with words! I love your posts. +1

  69. Uwe,


    You have landed in the safety zone.

    Thanks for communicating and confronting!

    Marty’s been correct the whole time. It ain’t the world justice systems that will bring down the house of cards. It’s actual Scientologists who will.

  70. Thank you for posting your story Ewe, I find it fascinating that an organization can go so many years with such atrocities as beatings, false stats and altered importances such as buying cement rather than LRH’s original purpose of getting Auditors auditing and pcs being audited. I’m calling this fiasco of an organization “the church of falshoods”, which I feel is a more fitting name in view of what’s been going on there the last few years.
    I recall the fun days, the times when we made auditors and OTs, it was our whole purpose. And we even got time off! Not all peaches and cream for sure, but we were very proud to be Scientologists, and we knew we were producing THE most valuable products.
    I’m glad you are here and I hope you find your way to a place where you can study Scientology and receive standard auditing when you are ready. Stay in comm, you are among friends.
    Roy Selby
    Global Freedom Center

  71. Thanks for the write up, Uwe, and welcome to the “dark side.”

    Without exception, every person who has declared themselves independent seems to be pretty happy with their decision. At first, we all kind of sighed a little sigh of relief – out from under the suppression – and also a little uncertain about what’s next. But the longer you are away from the severe but sneaky suppression of the church, the more things begin to clarify – the future looks better, life becomes easier to live.

    Most important – out here in the sunlight, applying the tech to life works! And it works like it never did in DM’s little chamber of horrors.

  72. Thomas Schäfer

    Willkommen auf der hellen Seite der Macht. Well done.

  73. Ronnie Bell

    Much appreciated, ThetaPotata. I do try. 🙂

  74. Defender of Theta

    Free Spirit

    Thank you so much for your testimony regarding the Ethics Tech.

    It is understandable that if someone is beaten with a hammer, they can come to think that hammers are evil and should never be used. So, it has come to pass that some of us, having been abused by the use of (purported) Ethics Tech can come to believe that Ethics Tech is no good, or down right dangerous.

    But, I, like you, have seen persons of goodwill produce miraculous results helping others with the Ethics Tech.

    Just as Les, Anita, Marty, Smith, Helen, etc. are reviving the auditing Tech, by returning to true LRH basics, hopefully more of us will revive Ethics Tech, applied per its original intention, to help the individual.

    Even the Justice Tech has a correct basic purpose – to protect the group from the individual, until the individual can be helped.

    Here is where we see the importance of INTENTION. You can use a hammer to build an orphanage, or to kill someone. LRH was clear on this as it applies to the Tech.

    He never said that the Tech could not be twisted and used for evil. In fact, LRH WARNED that it could be used to accomplish great harm.

    David Miscavige has proven LRH’s prediction true.

    Miscaviges’ misuse of the Tech does not indict the Tech itself, including the Ethics Tech. It only indicts Miscavige.


  75. Ronnie Bell

    I recall the fun days, the times when we made auditors and OTs, it was our whole purpose.

    I first walked onto the Bridge (this lifetime) in 1973, and can wholeheartedly attest to the scene you described. It was exactly like that. The orgs were bustling like beehives – full to bursting with people training as auditors, and pcs being audited. It was like a happy madhouse of activity – and all of it producing the only VFPs that LRH considered of paramount importance, in abundance.

    It’s actually quite horrifying to see the exact opposite of that ideal scene occurring in the orgs today. Thankfully, all of the theta and OT potential that has been suppressed in the intervening decades, remains as bright and powerful as it ever was. It simply needed to be unleashed – and now (thank God) it finally is.

  76. Defender of Theta

    Jim, brilliant, as usual.

    Admin Tech can get a bad name, because, as you quoted, it does require a “bright mind” to apply it correctly, with judgement.


  77. Defender of Theta

    Marty – brilliant and spot on LRH quotes. Thank you.

  78. Defender of Theta



    What a combination of “no Q &A”, “no comm lag,” and “no reasonableness” with an applicable of the “How to Defeat Verbal Data Checklist. Well done on your confront and integrity!


  79. FCDC Class of 74

    Welcome Uwe! I agree with Roy. Do not give up on services, training the tech etc. that would be shorting yourself. Now you know you can find them out side the David Mayhem church of confusion.

  80. Defender of Theta

    Wow, Cat Daddy, that is poetic.

  81. Ronnie Bell

    I remember when the original early 70’s Comm Course began to fall off the lines – giving way to undercuts such as the ‘Success Through Communications Course’, and a host of other Div VI courses.

    I was lucky to have gotten the full benefits of doing the Comm Course as a new person. The results were spectacular, and changed my life like little I’ve done since that time. That course made me a Scientologist, and gave me skills for life that have served me well.

    Frankly, I still consider that course to be the right and proper first gradient for new people coming into Scientology. It not only gives one remarkable communication skills, but increases ones OT abilities, simultaneously. In my view, it could almost be listed on both sides of the Grade Chart.

  82. How about a T shirt that says:

    “Is there anything you would like to say or ask before one of us gets declared?”

  83. Dear Uwe,

    Welcome out from under the evil spell. It will be good for you.

    I pray your ex-wife and daughter will soon wake up and communication will be restored.

  84. Tony Dephillips

    I’d love to meet you too. If you are ever in Seattle look me up. Maybe you can come to the Indie party? There will be lots of nice ladies too now that you’re single! 🙂

  85. Defender of Theta

    Yes, Roy, those were the days. And, thanks to you, Marty, Mike, Mosey, Les, Anita, Helen, Pat, (and even Pierre!), Karen, and all the other real Scientologists who are applying the Tech, they are coming back. Theta wins are happening!

    And, as I have mentioned, it’s not “the Church” or “Corporate Scientology” that is at fault. Those are just corporations. As we all know, it’s David Miscavige and his lieutenants – the “Miscavige Administration.”

    Administrations come and go. So, the Miscavige Administration is here today, but it will be gone relatively soon.

    In the meantime, you (Roy), Mike, Marty, Les, Anita, Helen, etc. are doing a supremely vital service to the people of this planet and LRH, keeping the true Tech, and the path to freedom, free and in use.


  86. Uwe,

    Welcome out! I admire your personal integrity on the matter and sticking up for your friends. The CoS abbreviation has changed to Co Suppressive, that of course being David Miscavige, creator of Indies and destroyer of Scientology.

  87. Hey Marty – it hasn’t even been a year since I officially resigned from the Church, after 40 years in. Now that I have taken care of the legal issues with my ex-partner (who is in) I am preparing my “coming out” story. Since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I don’t want to rush it!

  88. Thanks very much Uwe.
    Each and every story portrays the current culture as Abusive, Dominating, Unmerciful and Sea Org members who have taken on the color of Miscavige.
    Monique Yingling (Miscavige’s personal lawyer) ~~ a tax attorney appears on CNN as a PR (!) and tells Anderson Cooper “We handled the violence internally”
    And it did go on for years. The beatings started in the 1980s, so the beatings have gone on for 30 years not 10 years.
    Anderson Cooper did a one week series called “Scientology, A history of Violence.”

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    Astute observations,again, as always, Ronnie.

  90. HannibalTheFirst

    What we are seeing here in front of our eyes is the end of a yearlong conversion of a rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct, – search for wisdom or short: philosophy -, into a misguided body of doctrine, myth, etc., along with the devices for putting it into operation, – short an ideology.
    An ideology provides its followers the comfort of providing the solution to any problems, thus allowing its followers to abandon any thought, any effort to understand and relieve from any form of self-inspection or -reflection. They can dumb down and rest their mind in peace.
    Interestingly having observed several ideologies from Nazis, Communists to Church Scientologists I found they all attract the same type of personality. Mostly personalities low on the tone scale, with heightened need of self-importance, a compulsive desire for fixed solutions, lower IQ and the need for a person cult, – the dear Fuehrer. It also attracts personalities that like to take a bath in their power to make others wrong, – meaning not adhering to their ideology. They just love to spy and report and denunciate other people. The Facebook and Starbucks Nazis demonstrate this trait beautifully.
    As the Church of Scientology accelerates its decay from a philosophy to an ideology it naturally cleans itself from people that think for themselves and are on the search for wisdom.
    What is left over is a bunch of mediocre slaves that look stupid beyond believe and are an embarrassment to themselves.
    Meet Dede. 🙂

    Congratulations Uwe, you are not fitting in. Anybody rejected by the Ideology called the Church of Scientology congratulations. You just got your certificate of being sane and true to yourself that is what the Golden Rod is these days.
    History shows all ideologies go eventually down hard, but first they eject anybody with outstanding qualities.
    So anybody with common sense and thought left in the Church of Scientology: Fasten your seatbelts, somebody sure enough is reaching for the eject button for you. 😮

  91. Looking forward to it!!

  92. Jim,
    I do not have copies of the green (HCO PLs) or the red volumes(HCOBs), but have obtained electronic HCOBs from Wikileaks, and have started to read through those in Volume XIV 1980-1984, to try and determine in my own view, which ones are not written by LRH. Marty commented on an earlier blog that HCOB 11 Sept 1983-‘PTSness and Disconnection’ was not written by LRH (it reintroduces Disconnection). I would like to know if you have reviewed the HCOBs 1980-1984, IMO some of them are very suspect for various reasons, which are too long to go into on this blog. Can I contact you directly about this?
    Your advice and help on this would be appreciated. I am still currently under the radar.

  93. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks, Li’l bit. Much appreciated 🙂

  94. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Welcome to the light side Uwe!
    The real fun begins now; you can do whatever you want. You can even post openly on Marty’s blog. What are they going to do? Declare you twice? Ooooh! Scared! 😉

  95. Li'll bit of stuff

    Uwe, welcome back to regaining your self determinism, something completely unattainable in the “Church of
    Miscavology ” Basic tech and even common sense
    tell us this. Not possible if dependent on an organization
    controlled by a suppressive. Any one having even briefly
    surfed this blog, would likely blow some considerable
    charge, when reading similar stories here, to there own.

    As you may, or may not be aware, the ” decompression”
    period, or the time taken to have one’s beingness, and
    therefore self determinism, restored, varies greatly, from
    person to person, but I can assure you this. there is no
    finer, more resolute place to do it, than among great
    friends and supporters of every persuasion, right here
    on razor sharp Marty Rathbun’s blog.

    Hope to read more of your posts and the wins you are
    bound to have again!!

    ARC Li’ll bit

  96. The poët was a Dutchman from Swis origin. Dutch Lyrics to the music based on the russian song “Troika”

    A family tries to reach the far city of Omsk in a sled but ends up sacrificing the children to the wolves to keep them off for a while. Finaly he throws his wife to the chasing pack of hungry wolves.

    Than he is almost there and he jumps for joy….to his own death.

  97. Well done Uwe! Enjoyed your wit!

    Life is a hell of a lot easier on the outside. So is going up the bridge.

  98. Angela LeMay


    Thanks for watching my back buddy!

    Your response to the MAA is sure to give him something to think about. Especially if he ever gets around to really LOOKING at my ethics folder and seeing that it is thick with commends. Unless, they have all been burned by now. – LOL


  99. To clean up his own selfmade mess, he can’t help himself making big stinks that neet cleaning up.

  100. one of those who see

    Thanks for posting the policy Marty! Makes things simple. “Justice should clarify. Good justice in effect runs out group engrams. Bad justice runs them in.”
    “I do not recommend that individuals in authority act in disciplinary measures or capacities without employing Committees of Evidence.”
    – L Ron Hubbard, Founder
    Per this policy – another place where the Church is completely off the rails.

    Hello to Uwe!! Well done on your willingness to think for yourself. Well done on your comm cycle with the student MAA. “I then compared this to the Third Reich where there were “Blockwarts” (people assigned to a block to watch what other say and do to turn them in to the Gestapo).” Bravo Sir!

    Welcome to freedom.

  101. Tony Dephillips


  102. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1!

  103. Dear UWE,
    Very Well Done. Go up the Bridge now,enjoy life.

    So wahr Gott Mein Zeuge Ist

  104. That video of Phoenix org is well worth watching.

    When people are really on purpose, they become enthusiastic.

    Even if it’s a false purpose, creating false enthusiasm.

  105. No, Uwe, we havn’t met.

    But if we did, we would find lots of agreements 🙂

  106. Tony Dephillips

    Hey Lil bit,
    How’s the write-up going?
    Enquiring minds want to know?

  107. +100,000

  108. that is hilariuos!

  109. Yes, there were a couple of versions of the “comm couse’ after the original one, and then came STCC. I wrote up my reactions to the Success Through Communication Course as a poor replacement for HQS or the original comm course. I was told that “LRH wrote the course.” My response was that I didn’t care who wrote it, it didn’t make Scientologist out of people.
    Ofcourse, LRH did not intend on it replacing anything, it was intended for the business sector as its focus was on the comm cycle itself. LRH didn’t want things “pattycaked” for the public who came into the church because he wanted everyone to be TRAINED AS AN AUDITOR AND TO COAUDIT UP THE BRIDGE. Gee, for some reason,he thought THAT is how we could clear the planet. He didn’t have the wise consultation of DM yet. How did LRH ever manage.

    DM wants to freakin BUY THE PLANET and he wants everyone to read all the Scientolgy books, without the mass of course,, so when you are done with all the books, you are…done with all the books, and all the significance without the mass will make you bored with the whole idea of auditing anyone, and the mu’s you pick up will put you in the perfect frame of mind to be anxious and dramatize nervous hysteria so THAT YOU WILL REALLY NEED AND WANT THE MASS OF NEW IDEAL BUILDINGS!

  110. man that was right and well said!

  111. Rocio Garcia

    Welcome to the freedom!! great write-up, no Q&A, thank you for be your self.

  112. omg! ROTFLMAO!

  113. Ronnie and Defender, Yes, we can reminisce about the good ol’ days and thank our lucky stars (postulates?) that we were born when we were. We were trained and audited the right way and now in PT we can deliver what LRH set out for us. There are many of us. There willl be many more. We and I mean the people on this Blog and some others have set our sites to wear those Boots In The Sky. It will come of age.

    I thank you both for acknowledging, and possibly we’ll all meet in the not so distant future. Actually we are lucky to have such great technology as the internet, aren’t we?

  114. me 2!!

  115. Hello Uwe,
    Thanks for sharing your story. It is sad that people have to leave their relationships and go through so many personal changes just because the church can’t self correct and apply its own pts/sp policies.
    Good for you for applying the correct policy, “Look don’t Listen”.

    I hope you consider availing yourself of the tech because their is much gain possible when it is CORRECTLY applied. Good luck to you.

  116. Jim,these are great references. Currently in the RCS very dull minds are applying the 3d Tech, thus giving it a bad rep.

  117. Tom Gallagher

    POB is a Flim Flam Man. He is also a very small man and that’s besides him being vertically challenged.

    He’s become fun to laugh at and ridicule and it’s entirely appropriate.

    Carry on.

  118. Welcome to the fun and bright Dark side Uwe!!! I lived in Munich many years ago for about a year and spoke pretty decent German-however,if you don’t use it, you lose it.
    The Church can keep their goldenrod -I think there are a few people who actually have one and we can share that,as it will be pretty much the same for everyone.

  119. Uwe,

    FIrst of all well done. I think you will experience a huge relief making this announcement. As for “policy protection”, I’ve got a laugh at that. I have not seen standard Justice policies applied to me personally and on a flow 3 basis, probably in 30 years, of course it has progressively gotten worse, since LRH passed, and DM took over as COB. You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with that crap anymore.

    Mike Reppen

  120. By all means, contact me at

  121. Tom Gallagher


    I can’t even keep track of all these ‘declarations of independence’.

    Anyway, I’ll take my popcorn buttered………….

  122. “As you may, or may not be aware, the ” decompression”
    period, or the time taken to have one’s beingness, and
    therefore self determinism, restored, varies greatly, from
    person to person”


    Seems to be longer for one way up the bridge. But, when it happens it happens, and amazingly the Tech still shines thru.

    Way to go Uwe.

    But you stated “But it still came as a surprise! How could I NOT have seen this earlier. Dumbass me.”

    You are not alone so you are not a dumbass. It is so well hidden by DM, oh so well hidden and the changes ever so slowly.
    As this earlier post by Karen #1 on Martys blog here and this comment:

    Karen#1 | June 30, 2010 at 3:18 am | Reply
    My dear Tony,

    Thank you indeed. Your coming out with your dear wife was significant to the whole community as well.

    I know how it feels when C of M take large sums of money and then discards you as SP.

    This is DM not LRH.

  123. Captain Bob

    “I know how it feels when C of M take large sums of money and then discards you as SP.”

    What does that really mean?

    If you go up the bridge in the current COS, why you get gains, but you pay thru the nose, and if you disagree with something, why in a few short months, you as OT7 or OT8, get declared SP. So, logic would dictate, how are you going to clear a planet when one goes up the bridge, and then gets declared because he speaks?

  124. Captain Bobby

    The present time bridge is designed so that the more able you get, the more money you have to donate, and the more able you get is designed to get you to donate more money or free time and effort to the IAS, No Drugs, way to happiness, OT Committee, etc all to help the 4th dynamic but not really but you think so, but actually to line the pockets of DM. But you haydn, know this and I am telling you nothing that you do not already know.

  125. Uwe, congratulations for stepping out with such insouciance!

    Angela is lucky to have a friend like you and I definitely look forward to meeting you sometime soon!


  126. Rory Medford

    DM is the BEST feeder line for the Independent movement

  127. Wow! Do I remember the original TRs course! Took my wandering eyes and turned them into a fixed dedicated glare! 🙂

  128. Rory Medford

    DM is basically FREE marketing for The Independent Movement.

    As RCS continues to FORCE, beliitle and crush sell its members the transition over to the IM field will grow leaps and bounds.

    IM = Independent Movement

    At least the Independents KNOWS who they are!

  129. Welcome Ewe, another kindred soul has found solace in the group of independents, free from the suppression of Miscavige and his “nazi” OSA bigots and crazed “nazi” public who have no clue what standard policy is.

    It’s like a dramitization of the Lord of Flies (book), cut off from the truths of the scene by Miscaviges cult enemy lines, (gone to the “Dark Side”)creating fear in looking and reading the internet, leaving those within to dramatize their reactive minds as they are fed his reactive enemy lines. DM’s fear is that you will find out the truth about his unbelievable suppression so he’s on a massive enemy line campaign. The smart are not not falling for it you like and so many others.

    You don’t have to be beaten/tortured at Int to have experienced the insidious amount of suppression, it’s trickled down, don’t be afraid to look people, some truth will ring through and help you in your journey out from supporting a horribly suppressive dicator and rejoining LRH. This whole experience has been like a massive clay demo on suppression for me, no glibness there anymore.

  130. OMG, that was embarrassingly laughable, geez, to sink to that level. I feel sorry for those girls as one day they will wake up and see how foolish they were, hopefully. Can hardly believe they are even Scientologists.

  131. We still love Uwe.

  132. Welcome, Uwe!
    Thanks for your story, you haven’t lost your sense of humour! Well done for sticking to what you feel is right – there’s no other way to go. Well done for standing by your friend.

  133. That’s funny Mat!

  134. Welcome to the light Uwe!

    Good on you for applying “Look, Don’t Listen” and seeing the truth. Here’s to a new adventure and a new life!


  135. Globetrotter

    “if you leave you are not protected by policy”

    Well, we should understand that. We all know that business model.

    If you don’t pay your protection money, how can you expect to be protected? It costs a lot of money to provide real protection from the evil out there. If you don’t cooperate, we can’t guarantee your security, or that someone won’t smash your store window or break your fingers or scare away your customers or friends and family members. Bad things happen. Belive me, you need us to protect you from it all. You don’t want to be all alone with everyone turning against you, do you?!

  136. martyrathbun09

    Great – I look forward to it.

  137. In 1971, I was on the comm course for 3 months. It totally changed my life.

  138. Globetrotter

    If you have friends to show that there has been a total hostile takeover, just tell them to do type these 3 searches into google:

    david miscavige (1170 results – times Miscavige is mentioned on – not too bad conidering that he is above it all and not supposed to be involved in the “daily operation” of the church)

    heber jentzsch (2 results – one is actually outdated, Heber can’t be found on that page any more, the other one is an old FAQ page with Heber on it, picture and all, stating he is the President – but this is the SINGLE mention of the supposed PRESIDENT of an international organization on their 6500+ page website)

    guillaume lesevre (1 result – on an italian page, obviously left there by mistake. So the so called “Executive Director International” who delivered a speech at the last event just a few weeks ago where everything was shown to be all rosy, is nowhere to be found on the church’s 6500+ page website)

    It is the fastest growing religion on Earth.

    It has a President, who, per its own widely publicized Org Board and policies, supposed to be in charge of ALL international public relations activities globally and be the international spokesperson for the church, yet the church doesn’t want anyone to know about him. He has not been relieved of his duties, thanked for his decades of serivce as President, succeded by anyone else, just made to disappear from the website like he never existed.

    It has an Executive Director International who delivers speeches at internal events, yet one they don’t want anyone to know about – not even his name. He has not been relieved of his duties, thanked for his decades of serivce as ED Int, succeded by anyone else, just made to disappear from the website like he never existed.

    While we are at it, the Hole doesn’t exist.

    There is an organization called RTC that is “not part of the management structure of the Church, nor is it involved in the Church’s day-to-day affairs” per their own website, yet its chairman is mentioned 1170 times on the website which details the church’s day-to-day activities.

    Anything wrong with that picture or I am just seeing ghosts…? Literally.

  139. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    I remember when listening to the Congresses (sorry, can’t recall which) that LRH warns that you can kill someone lower-toned than you by postulating their death… anyone want to try this out?

  140. Tony Dephillips

    How about SP with Honors Sam?? 🙂

  141. Priceless!

  142. Excellent points.

  143. When I went down to ASHO many years ago (1969) to get student auditing, I was asked by a student on the BC to do a 2 hr confront as he needed a twin. Yes, of course, was my response.
    My sister and I used to do these for fun as it always resulted in a quick shot up the tone scale. How many I have done, who knows, maybe 10, but on both Pro TR’s courses, passed the first time out on the 2 hour confront. Felt great! When I got to my FPRD, I was ready, suffice it to say.
    Honestly, it took a great deal of confront to really face the lies and PR that I had been told as a member of the church of scientology but putting one’s TR 0 in is a very good starting point!

  144. OEC/FEBC–That point about beatings going on for years was exactly what turned me–the reference is the HCOPL titled Knowledge Reports, where it talks about someone sticking pins in Joe and the out ethics group doing nothing about it. The light bulb went on: “Int Mgmt. is an out-ethics group.” After that I found lie after lie and there was no turning back.

  145. And you can’t even count “indies” against “innies” on a one for one basis. The ones leaving are the ones bright enough to observe. Those remaining are blindered, cowed, and controlled, certainly not a match for statistical analysis.

  146. Uwe:

    Thanks for your years of service, for your report, and for having the courage to do what you know is right, even with the loss of your wife. Here’s hoping she sees the light soon.

    The road out is turning into a superhighway.

  147. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sheesh Tony, 8 voluminous scrapped drafts later,
    turns out it wasn’t “just a formality!” Have a whole busload of commitments, going on at the moment,
    (as in good ol’ plus randomity,) but we’ll get there!

  148. Referring to Independent Scientologists as “the Dark Side” is simply malicious rumor mongering, black PR, and a lie. Darkness of spirit is usually associated in the human mind with evil, mystery, lack of clarity, hidden intentions, fear of the unknown, etc., etc. It conveys images of evil and insinuates that Indies are similar to the Star Wars character, Darth Vader or something. How juvenile and what a complete lie. Who is REALLY hiding in the shadows, hiding documents, having secret “comm evs”, lying about what they are doing and have done, pretending to follow policy but not doing so, pretending to deliver 100% standard tech while altering LRH issues, etc., etc., etc.? Indies??? Uh, uh.
    I will not accept or embrace this false label.
    We are standing in the Light despite being attacked for it, we are shining the Light of Truth into the actual darkness.
    We fully intend to bring forth a “New Dawn”.
    And it is happening.

  149. Ronnie Bell

    I thank you both for acknowledging, and possibly we’ll all meet in the not so distant future. Actually we are lucky to have such great technology as the internet, aren’t we?

    No doubt, we will, Roy. I’m sure of that. This li’l interwebs thingy has completely changed the way groups form and organize these days. I can only imagine how the history of the church would have played out, had it been available in the early 80s. I think we’d all be happily buzzing away in booming orgs, and only once in a while reminiscing about ‘that weirdo Miscavige who tried to take over the church way back when.’

  150. threefeetback

    mega dittos

  151. Yes, outstanding analogy, GH. And welcome to the Indies, Uwe!

  152. Richard Royce

    Free and Clear,
    I love your post! Yes we are the Jedi Knights!

  153. Disney could make this story into an animated film, complete with Phil Collins soundtrack.

  154. Rush it! Do it now – “make it go right”. Got a feeling this is a story that’s going to be much appreciated by many.

    Uwe, welcome to the sunny side mate. Is Munich Org still just about empty?

  155. Yes they are like Blockwarts, and also like Stasi. And DM remind me of Goebbels.
    Look on youtube :

  156. Hello and Welcome Uwe!

    Perfect timing and right for you. Thanks for your interesting story.

    Starbucks in Clearwater, yes?

  157. Well done and welcome Uwe.

    It consistently amazes me and saddens me that friends from my past so blithely turn their backs on people they knew and once cared for. That somehow if they de-friend them on various social networks, that person will disappear from their consciousness.

    But no. It doesn’t work like that. The “shunned” person starts to take over their consciousness as a solid mass BECAUSE of their ill-advised attempt to ERASE party-line “dark side” from their lives.

    THIS is why, when you meet kool-aid drinkers from your past, they cannot confront you, they cannot speak to you except in rehearsed platitudes … because their minds have ALMOST no space with which to truly view.

    It’s dark inside their minds. It’s claustrophobic. It’s sad and dreary.

    We are fortunate people here on Marty’s blog and elsewhere. Just look at your mind – sometimes it might be happy, sometimes sad, sometimes bright other times not so bright. BUT it has movement. It can change.

    Those KA drinkers are STUCK. They lost themselves and the way back to just square one is a long long way up from below bottom. Pitiful really.


  158. Mat, great teeshirt design.
    And, yes, it’s time for another Clearwater Starbucks meet-up. The one on July 4, 2010, was a hoot!

  159. Mike, not sure if you remember this, but as CO OSA US, someone came into the exec office and announced breathlessly, ‘there’s an SP outside knocking on the door…’

    Think your response was, ‘well, what does the SP want?’

  160. Herzlich willkommen auf der hellen Seite, Uwe!
    Thanks a lot for your write up!! 🙂

  161. scilonschools

    I hope this is an appropriate post, JUSTICE?, there are those here that have kindly expressed an interest in the bizarre harassment claim and criminal prosecution bought by my brother on me in Sussex UK, this is an update (hot off the press just got out of crown court)

    I am appealing a ‘guilty’ verdict awarded by Worthing Magistrates court in January, to do so the next level up is Crown Court.
    Y filed my appeal and got a reply letter stating a initial hearing from 2:00pm on the 9 March, rhe day before I checked the listing and it was confirmed, having got used to the BD involved in Sussex Police & Courts I phoned again during lunch breaks of normal listing officer and sure enough it was actually listed for 10:30am (first hurdle over)
    During that hearing a date was set for the appeal of a bizarre bit of legislation applied to me at the first hearing (last minute) that took away my right to cross examine prosecution witnesses and for the court to appoint their own solicitor for the job (North Korea anyone?)
    This legislation was snuck into the 1999 Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence act (sections 36/38)
    (particular section of interest is subsection 2, line b,”If it appears to the court—that it would not be contrary to the interests of justice to give such a direction”, )

    Originally listed for 30 March, subsequently listed for 4 April, I submitted a skeleton document of a Chronology and 28 pages of correspondence late last week to the Bench & Prosecution, as an anchor document to form the appeal around.
    I turned up in Court today as listed, the Prosecution had ‘forgotten’ that this was to be discussed, the Bench (a Circuit Judge) looked VERY ‘enturbulated’ and despite my protest gave the Prosecution seven more weeks to prepare for what should have been today’s hearing!

    If this Evil got into the system everywhere, the general public, without knowledge of the Church of Scientology (RCS) & Black Dianetics wouldn’t stand a chance!!

  162. scilonschools

    It just seemed AMAZING SYCHROBISITY, to open this post less than ywo hours afyer fighting the above battle!!!

    From HCO Policy Letter 7 September 1963:

    There can be no personal security without easily accessible, swift and fair justice within a group. The jurisprudence employed must be competent, acceptable to the members of the group and effective in accomplishing good order for the group and personal rights and security for its individual members.

    Justice used for revenge, securing advantages for a clique, increases disorder.

    Justice should serve as a means of establishing guilt or innocence and awarding damages to the injured. The fact of its use should not preestablish guilt or award. Justice which by its employment alone establishes an atmosphere of guilt or greed is harmful and creates disorder.

  163. Thank you Jim. Excellent. I recall, and again, I am paraphrasing, a statement from LRH whetein he stated that no amount if rules or regulations can substitute for compassion and kindness. I read this reference before I stated my “handling” ( the datum which was completely ignored by others.) when you apply ethics and justice on others you have to rise above your own case in order to assert pan determined pro survival action for all concerned. Greatness plays into this- for without that willing to love, to see the rightnesses iin others, their intent to do right despite their skill in execution, etc. you really can’t do justice to the subject of justice. It becomes a tool to bully and hurt others at best, or to destroy them utterly.

    What this injustice with Uwe so clearly demonstrates is the perversion of ethics is so practiced that it is now clearly the ” standard”. To refuse to give people a copy of their ethics orders, claiming it is “church property” is so in contradiction to the basic philosophy of ethics as to be a real head turner.

    Miscavige has undermined the subject of ethics, and perverted its use and application for self-serving motives and degraded its true value and power with his punky obnoxious
    arrogance and know best.

  164. You are absolutely correct!!!!

  165. Hi All,
    as you might guess my last day’s were rather busy with lot’s of phone calls and emails and so forth. I VERY MUCH appreciative you kind comments on my coming out and and I will comment further as time allows.
    So much up front, since deciding (End 2010) to not longer be part of Corporate Scientology my life already has greatly enhanced. And I intend to live it to the fullest 🙂

    Love Uwe

  166. From your comments I am reminding myself of a time in the early 80’s when it was with seeming great relief that Ronnie Jr., his Nibs himself narrowly missed taking over the Church in order to turn it into an amusement park or something of that order. Little did I know then that the clinker-thetan who DID take over the church at the time would suborn it into something far worse than a circus.

  167. Sam, toof honey! (“declare you twice.”)

    But I also recall an early thing I saw in the early 80’s, LA, “declare with prejudice.” I must admit to KSW blindness to this as I never did see a LRH ref for it. Anyone? is there such a reference?

  168. That sounds like a very good idea. If my traveling for work allows I will be ther(if invited that is, dont want to crash the party).

  169. Not sure if he is an idiot, but certainly blind. And not so good at all. He was very predictable and that made it easy for me. Also, I can say to him what I want, but he can not. Had hom cornered a few times because of that. That also tells you something about his own integrity

  170. Tara, the fun started already a year ago and it only gets better. I even consider this MAA visit fun, as the reaction and outcome was so predictable! And now I need not be any more careful as I am oficially out. And more fun is already on the horizon

  171. Lucy, spot on. I am nearly every day down there for my starbucks and have exactly the same impression.

  172. Thank you Ronnie. And yes it feels good.

  173. Thank you Cynthia, your words are very true!

  174. Frank, thank you. Never saw it that way, but it rings true. I just did what everybody in the same situation should do. “Never leave a friend in need of support”

  175. Yes, I think so. Did not see it with my own eyes, but a good friend of mine still in munich (under the radar) reported, that attendance to the last IAS event was about 25% of that in the mid nineties

  176. Hi Hannibal, thought of this 20 years ago, should have left with this first thought. Oh well.

  177. Hi Sam. Always liked reading your comments. Even when it kind of hurt (about people under the radar). They are so sharp and on target. I am not declared yet but that will be only a matter of time.

  178. My pleasure. 🙂

  179. 🙂

  180. Claire, you ack of my services is very much appreciated. And certainly more then I ever got from the CO of Munich ORG. Which is a whole other story in itself.

  181. Yes, my favorite place for my morning coffee. Thank you.

  182. Michael Smith

    When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything — you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.

  183. Tony DePhillips

    Sounds good!
    Yes, writing it can be cathartic. But nothing feels as good as getting it out there. I was nervous when I did mine but it feels great, very extroveritng.

  184. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lovely stuff, Tony and it shows!!

  185. Sweet! 😀

  186. A lot of those folks must have some of that “Don’t think of a white elephant” phenomena going on. They have to contract their consciousness in order to avoid being obsessed by thoughts of the people they have disconnected from. That won’t work in the long run. They have to keep their attention on not communicating with those “SPs”.

  187. The original HAS and HQS courses are irreplaceable, however I liked the STCC and a couple of the drills did me a world of good. I believe LRH designed it specifically as a course for improving a person’s social communication. That said, it is not a substitute for the other basic TR courses. However, when I did the STCC ,it included OT-TR0 and TR0 etc on it. If those are done to a proper EP – Major Stable Win – Ithink nothing is lost.

  188. Li'll bit of stuff

    Betsy R,

    ” This whole experience has been like a massive clay
    demo on suppression for me, no glibness there anymore.”

    What a novel way of putting this nightmare into an easily
    assimilable form…… Communicated perfectly for me!

    Thank you, Betsy……. Li’ll bit

  189. Jean-François Genest

    The 70s Comm Course must have been amazing.
    In the early 1990s, wise being Mark Yager ordered the whole Flag Command Bureaux & CMO IXU staff to twin-up and do the STCC.
    Result: All staff shot WAY UP ↑ the Tone Scale, were glowing with theta, had life-changing wins, raised their competence, improved communication with the world, and consequently the international stats raised. ( dahh, go figure?)
    No wonder David Miscavidge has a BIG beef with Mark Yager.

  190. Jean-François Genest

    Uwe, Way to Go! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Well done on upholding your integrity and knowingness, and welcome to the Free side 🙂

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