Scientology Inc Creating Independents


Scientology Disconnect and Facebook Nazis

Opinion Leader Cyber-Lynching by Scientology Inc

Here is the latest from Angela LeMay in Clearwater.   Scientology Inc is actively creating Independents by the minute.  

Earlier today my housemate was called by the MAA regarding a report
that he was seen downtown(Clearwater)with a declared SP – me.

The MAA was seeking agreement that he would just disconnect from me
as a result of the phone call, but instead my housemate demanded a
meeting to see the Golden Rod.

My housemate said the issue stated I was declared for en-snarling
another Scientologist in entheta and being a member of a squirrel
group but when asked the MAA had no other specifics.

My housemate informed the MAA that I wasn’t aware of the declare
and asked if a Comm Ev had been convened, the MAA didn’t know and
said a Comm Ev didn’t have to be done as I had committed
suppressive acts.

As I did not join a squirrel group and as far as en-snarling
another Scientologist in entheta – I hadn’t a clue who???.
At first, I thought this all came about due to my refusal to
disconnect from “Declared Sp’s” on FB and the Church just wanted to
put a head on a spike and mine would do nicely.

Then I realized, wait a minute… for the last 24 years, I WAS part
of a suppressive, en-snarling, squirrel group called:
the Church of Scientology – led and being run a ground by one David

I have come to my senses and have recanted. I am no longer a part
of or support that group of mis-guided individuals who blindly
support and robotically practice injustice, out-tech, off policy,
crush regging, glutz PR, suppressive acts, etc…
More of my story to come… and my housemate is typing his
announcement this very moment…stay tuned.

95 responses to “Scientology Inc Creating Independents

  1. Wow, Independent Scientologists don’t need to promote. You are right Marty, Miscavige is the Independent’s Div 6.

    He is actually freeing people from his craziness.

    An SP declare is liberation. And when they get declared, they come to the examiner “Moving on Up a Little Higher” and originate their wins.

    This is crazy facinating.

    Something very good is happening here.

  2. Spring has sprung! All these announcements along with blue skies, sunshine and daffodils!

  3. This is contagion of sanity……

  4. Tony DePhillips

    I love it!! Keep it coming!!

  5. Wouldn’t it just be so nice-n-easy if your housemate would disconnect based on a mere phone call? Where the hell does that point of view come from anyway? LRH? Hell no! What low confront that is, huh? Cut people off, just like that. No, you don’t have to talk to them. No, you don’t have to actually understand what they did that was so bad. No, you don’t have to sort out whether what you hear is true or not. No, you can just pick up your phone, say oh, okay, yeah, sure, whatever you say, yes master, I will follow your command, no questions asked. Perfect zombie that I am.

  6. Welcome Angela, I particularly like “Then I realized, wait a minute… for the last 24 years, I WAS part of a suppressive, en-snarling, squirrel group called: the Church of Scientology – led and being run a ground by one David Miscavige. What a great transforming cog! Look forward to hearing more of your story.

  7. Tony Dephillips


  8. Tony Dephillips

    I think the cult is low enough on the tone scale that it is going towards death now. Rapidly disintegrating and doing suicidal actions.

  9. Angela!!! This is beautiful, because it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone else (besides me) originate the correct policy that actually applies to us all: A to E in the Ethics book. These are the steps for anyone who “comes to their senses and recants” after having been part of a suppressive group. That suppressive group is the CULT of David Miscavige. He calls it the “Church of Scientology” but it’s the most anti-Scientology pile of wrechedness anyone could possibly imagine. Check it out, this is a direct, high-speed road map out of the mess for YOU individually.

    Step A is to stop committing “present time overts” so the person can get a case gain. That happens the instant when someone stops supporting and condoning the David Miscavige and his mafia Nazis. The funny thing is, anyone who does this experiences an immediate and profound improvement in condition — (the case gain LRH spoke of).

    B is a public announcement explaining what happened. That announcement, LRH says, should be calculated to expose any conspiracy and for Christ’s sake, we know there is one. And at the center of it, is David Miscavige. You can post it here on Marty’s blog or you can post on Scientology-cult, or both.

    Step B1 is to deal with any factors of out exchange — money. If anyone in the Church deceived you or otherwise took your money under false pretenses… oh, I don’t know, say someone in the IAS told you a horror story and said they needed money to handle it… when actually DM (who controls all the money) never actually spent a penny of the donation (thus today the IAS has an estimated $1.5 billion in various banks). Maybe you were ripped off. Or say someone regged you for a building, or IAS status when frank LRH policy makes that illegal. Ref: “What Your Donations Buy” and HCO PL “Exchange.” Well, the correct target is to force Miscavige’s crime syndicate to return any funds fraudulently obtained.

    B2. Amends. If your support of the Cult of Miscavige resulted in any damage… if you neglected family or friends… if you hurt anyone by giving them all your cash… if you brought others into dangerous circumstances… well you can do something to make up the damage and get your pride back. For some this will be a long step. For others they might not need to do anything. So do whatever is appropriate for you. Ethics is a personal thing. You will know what to do and doing it will be a JOY.

    C. Retraining is normally required, but the shoe’s on the other foot. The product of DM’s cult is to unmock you as a Scientologist and to definitely UNMOCK auditors. Scientology is for USE. Any auditing, even if poorly done, is better than no auditing. It’s right in Book One. So spot the Golden Age of False Data where you can’t think with the tech and put your hat back on as a Scientologist. Start applying the tech to improve live around you. Help people. LRH says the dynamics ARE help. Think about it.

    D. Keep at least mental notes on what you do as you go along. You are wearing a hat that others abandoned: Int Justice Chief. You are wearing that hat for your own cycle. You are the represenation of Scientology, not anyone in DM’s cult.

    E. When you are done, you will know it. Acknowledge the fact and reward your own production.

    The reason I’ve been pushing this literally for over a year is because it IS the route that will take you to full recovery from our 3rd dynamic engram, and beyond. It will help you recover everythign GOOD about Scientology that you lost.

  10. SP Declare issues are actually graduation certificates!

  11. David Miscavige: Top FSM for the independent field.

    Well done, man! In short order you will have taken the current corporate money grubbing “church” and rung it inside out, with all the sensible people gone and you left standing in the foyer at Flag, parking cars.

    Keep issuing those declares. They are being converted to tickets out.

  12. Luis Garcia

    Hahahahahaha! This is just too funny. At this rate they won’t have anyone left to declare. Me thinks we are witnessing a meltdown. Never seen robotic incompetence exemplified so brilliantly.


  13. Under Radar


    I loved:

    “I have come to my senses and have recanted.”

    Look forward to hear more of the story.

  14. Sounds like the church is creating a cult of nextgen mafiosi who act as judge hangman and jury. They sure know how to create enemies. And feed the revolution. How daft can they be?

  15. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, great Angela! And great sense of humour, while stating the Truth:

    “I have come to my senses and have recanted. I am no longer a part
    of or support that group of mis-guided individuals who blindly
    support and robotically practice injustice, out-tech, off policy,
    crush regging, glutz PR, suppressive acts, etc…”

    I have said it before, Scientology Inc. is our biggest Div 6 pool!

    Angela, thanks for being alert and welcome to a new world for Scientology.

  16. I’ve pointed it out on a number of forums that the two church of scientology stats that are really booming, straight up and vertical, are the production of BDA’s (Bitter, Defrocked, Apostates) and the FSPSIGS (Floor Space Per Scientologist In Good Standing [with CoS].

    Someone should work out that last stat for real based on the more conservative and realistic estimates of the number of scientologists in “good standing”; read 20,000 world wide based on census data and reports from ex’s re activity in orgs, hardly accurate but that’s one stat CoS keeps close to their chest while claiming Tom Cruise has “reached” 1 billion (?).

  17. Opps, forgot to check to notify flag.

  18. The information control is so tight within the Sea Org that Miscavige and his puppets can not allow staff to sit down and review “evidence”. Miscavige and his flying OSA monkeys are in a total spin and they are seeing “SPs” everywhere. They are scared and desperate. They need instant SP declares with “no questions asked” as “it’s a war”. They must a have a free hand to tear up the dedicated staff and public as fast as possible, before anyone else exposes more of their crimes.

    Not surprisingly, their insane “solution” is just making their situation more desperate. Every time they “declare” someone they are just shooting another hole in the bottom of their sinking boat.

    I’m going to Fed Ex a ream of golden rod to HCO and OSA Flag so there is no chance of Financial Planning (FP) slowing down their implosion……

    Some where Miscavige is screaming:

  19. Defender of Theta

    The astonishing thing is that anyone believes that what Angela experienced is Scientology . . . . that those on the inside do not see these acts as being Squirrel Admin (specifically, Squirrel Justice).

    In fact, I humbly suggest we stop honoring the Miscavige Administration by using the word “Scientology” in relationship to anything they do.

    Applying that concept, what we are seeing is not “Scientology Inc.” or “radical Scientology” or “Corporate Scientology,” because what is occurring not any form of Scientology.

    What we see in these cases is institutional psychiatric tech (punishment drive) or Gestapo “justice” being CALLED Scientology by Miscavige and his agents.

    I would like to share my concurrence with that it’s not “the Church” doing these things, its David Miscavige and his lieutenants – the “Miscavige Administration,” that have usurped the management system specified by LRH.

    It is not for me to say how we speak, let alone what we should think (DM is already holding that post). I simply suggest we not dignify DM’s squirreling by using any terms or phrases containing the word “Scientology,” when referring to him.

    So, from now on, I am going to use the term “Miscavige Administration,” not “Church of Scientology”, or “the Church” or “corporate Scientology” etc. I am not going to honor his attempted unmock of LRH by calling his “tech” “radical Scientology” because it is not any form of Scientology. I am going to call it squirreling, as Marty and many others have.

    Just my two cents.


  20. Defender of Theta

    In my zeal in writing the post, above, I forgot to thank you, Angela, for your integrity! Much appreciated!

    And, “well done” to your house mate.


  21. To all here. We always had each other. I guess that wasn’t enough.

  22. But here in my heart, you got the best of my love.

  23. Heil Miscavige:

  24. I know you were trying to give me the best of your love.

  25. Phil Bruemmer

    Well, with your cheeky attitude it’s a wonder they didn’t declare you long before!
    The unstated reason for declaring you is you’re too uptone for the Cult of Scientology.
    It’s more Theta than they can have.
    Enjoy the freedom!

  26. Boo-Yah!

  27. Sad but all too familar and true. I have yet to see my declare. But isn’t it great when you realize who the real SP is!! I lined charged on that for hours when I really got it a couple years ago!

  28. “…group of mis-guided individuals who blindly
    support and robotically practice injustice, out-tech, off policy,
    crush regging, glutz PR, suppressive acts, etc…”

    I think that about covers it.

  29. Well done and congrats!

  30. “I have come to my senses and have recanted” Priceless. We’ve never met Angela, but your my kinda gal! Wise decision. Ah, the fun just goes on and on..

  31. Apparently goldenrod is shared on a need to know basis. LOL. I have several onlines in good standing friends on facebook and I’ve been blown and enturbulating for years. Recently a new Independent told me that his wife was shown goldenrod on me. No wonder the Scientologists who talk to me never try to get me back on lines. It’s sad really, they must know that if they ask I might tell and then they will have to disconnect.

  32. Welcome Angela.

    You and other brave folks who actually “get it” when it comes to scientology, are yelling FIRE in a small crowded and oppressive dark theatre.

    Through abuse and subsequent exposure, credibility loss for the church is their biggest problem. When that is lost, ethics presence is lost as well. After that, everyone with half a brain who got into Scientology for the right reasons heads for the exit doors.

    There is increasingly relief and a new day of delivery. The sun never sets on Independent Scientology.

  33. Hey Angela. I think you’ll find getting declared is very freeing. As to not getting a Comm Ev I wouldn’t sweat it. I got one and it was a perfect example of a kangaroo court. In fact I obtained a recording of my Comm Ev. Might be why the Church fears doing any other Comm Evs on the public. You’re welcome to come over and listen to it sometime or perhaps we can do a public playing of it down at Starbucks!

  34. Very well done Angela. Your integrity is alive and well. Great news at 5 AM! Next month it will be two years since I left and life has improved markedly.

  35. Precisely. Bang on the money as usual Steve.

  36. Thank-you for sharing your journey to freedom.

    You are obviously helping many others with their travels out of the darkness now permeating the dead, empty shell which was once a church.

    Enjoy and well done,

    Vic Krohn

  37. TheWidowDenk

    Thoughful — I’m so glad you wrote this as it helps me see what I’ve been doing over the last seven years. It’s a causitive handling which — as you state — “will help you recover everything GOOD about Scientology that you lost.” Am I finished? Good heavens, no. I have many objectives in the works and continue the recovery process.

  38. Moving On Up a Little Higher has become an Ellis Island for Scientologists.

    At the site of the original, immigrants sought to escape economic hardship, political instability, hunger and restrictive religious laws. Millions made their way through the doorways of Ellis Island and from there to opportunity and a new life and freedoms they had not known.

    Today Miscaviage has compelled a new wave of religious immigrants to arrive here in order to escape the three swing F/N, frequent sec-checks, extreme regging and a variety of other technical travesties.

    Many have already arrived to this portal on their way to relief and freedom- the way things are heating up it looks as though a crush of even more who have had enough are surely on their way.

  39. Ya know folks its like this, a dumber than dirt hillbilly can see how
    David Miscavige has screwed the pooch. Corporate Scientology has reached terminal pouring gasoline on a blazing inferno while issuing SP Declares on the Fire Department and putting chains on the firehouse
    doors and letting air out of fire engines tires.

    The public is flooding to the Independant Scientology, yes its true Scientology building a great movement, just not there own.
    Dumber than Dirt Hillbilly

  40. Free and Clear

    Good for you Angela. In heavily suppressed countries, Facebook became a a vital tool in fighting dictators and suppression. Think about the regimes who have tried to stop Facebook. As revolution built up, Gaddafi cut access to Facebook. The Egyptian revolt started with the image of a badly beaten teen being posted on a facebook page. DM fears facebook the same way. Since the Debbie Cook email, many prominent Scientologists have been forced to close their facebook pages completely. Tony Falcaro, the IAS FSM, used to have almost 4000 friends on facebook- suddenly he now has only 300. I have heard of several other people being threatened with SP declare for “facebook crimes”. It’s not just you Angela. A lot of people are getting serious pressure to stop the spread of facebook in the Scientology world. DM is desperate to stop facebook being used as a social communication line for Scientologists in good standing. People talk, people can see what other people are doing, people can get in comm with people – dangerous stuff. Everytime someone stands up and says NO, it sends a loud and clear message to DM and it also sends a loud and clear message to everyone who knows you – “I am a Scientolgist, and this is not Scientology!” This is not a small thing. Pretty soon it will be impossible for a “good standing with DM” person to go into Natures Food Patch without having to duck and bob the whole time to avoid seeing someone who is in good standing with LRH. I bet that sometime this year Flag MAA’s will declare Starbucks, Natures Food Patch and Cleveland street as “off limits” for all those who wish to remain in good standing with DM. Ethics will be harsh for anyone found walking to Cleveland street, due to the high probability of bumping into a real Scientologist!

  41. Angela LeMay


    Thanks for welcoming me. I look forward to hearing more from you too.


  42. Angela LeMay


    I agree completely. I just wish I had gotten to step A sooner. B is coming soon.

    Thanks for all you do.


  43. Angela LeMay

    Under Radar,

    Thank you. I also look forward to getting it all out.


  44. Angela LeMay


    The funny thing is, when I first wrote it I chuckled. Then when I realized how true it was, I line charged…


  45. Angela LeMay

    Defender of Theta,

    Totally my pleasure.


  46. Angela LeMay

    The Oracle,

    How’d you know? The Eagles are my all time favorite group.

    Thanks for the post.


  47. Pingback: Scientology Order or Disorder? | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  48. martyrathbun09

  49. I’m going to Fed Ex a ream of golden rod to HCO and OSA Flag so there is no chance of Financial Planning (FP) slowing down their implosion……

    I like your style Mat. 😀

  50. Hey girl! The facebook police are comical. Great job on standing up for what you believe. Keep going to Starbucks 😉

  51. Angela LeMay


    “Well, with your cheeky attitude it’s a wonder they didn’t declare you long before!”

    No doubt, I wondered the same thing myself. It’s never been easy for me to sit back and not speak out against atrocities.

    Noticing something non-opt and not mentioning it – for the past 2 years while discovering how the Devil usurped the Church and bastardized the tech of Scientology – was probably the most difficult road I’ve traveled.

    What’s the saying…”What doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger.”

    I am so immensely grateful to those who have courageously paved the way by exposing the truth. My hope is that many, many, many, more will too see the truth.


  52. Angela LeMay


  53. Angela LeMay


    “..a public playing of it down at Starbucks!” Great idea!

    what do you say…’round 10 AM on Saturdays with special VIP seating for SO members?

    🙂 Angela

  54. Angela LeMay



    As I traveled to this point I moved up and down the tone scale. However, my life approved with every drop of truth I absorbed. And now that I’ve taken the suppress off of my comm – Look Out 🙂


  55. Maybe we should send DM a certificate for “POWER FSM” for the “Independent Scientology Movement” and a VWD 1/2 ack so he keeps it coming.

  56. Angela LeMay

    Your’e Welcome, I am having a blast doing so 🙂


  57. Angela LeMay

    Free and Clear,

    “Pretty soon it will be impossible for a “good standing with DM” person to go into Natures Food Patch without having to duck and bob the whole time to avoid seeing someone who is in good standing with LRH. I bet that sometime this year Flag MAA’s will declare Starbucks, Natures Food Patch and Cleveland street as “off limits” for all those who wish to remain in good standing with DM. Ethics will be harsh for anyone found walking to Cleveland street, due to the high probability of bumping into a real Scientologist!”

    You’re spot on and it is already happening…more to come.


  58. Phil de Fontenay

    “Miscavige and his flying OSA monkeys”

    Too funny Mat! 🙂

  59. Phil de Fontenay

    For Miscavige it’s brown tongues! 🙂

  60. Angela LeMay


    Definitely, I have enough material from the FB police to publish a comic book – which would embarrass the lot of them.

    On another note, their hate campaign is already recoiling on them without me printing a single issue.


  61. Phil de Fontenay

    Hey Angela you are way too high tone for THAT group 🙂

    All aboard the Independent Express! Woo Woo! Woo Woo!

  62. Angela,
    Thanks for your writeup. I have 2 good friends who are Facebook friends of both you and the Friedmans. And I have just happily emailed them your
    writeups. What fun!

  63. E.J. Croughs

    Something tells me you’re gonna make sure many others will see the truth, welcome to sanity!

  64. Excellent comment Tony – it is the only explanation for the increasingly bizarre actions being taken by Miscavige and his minions. I keep coming back to a point which has been noted earlier – that even if he was an agent of some government bent on destroying the Church, he could not be doing a more effective job. But I don’t believe that to be the case, and the only other explanation is the one you put forth. Right out of Science of Survival.

    One thing is for sure – David Miscavige has NO CLUE what Scientology is all about.

  65. I agree 100%, DOT. Nothing emanating from the Miscavige Administration should be characterized as “Scientology” because it is NOT Scientology in any way, shape or form.

  66. Ronnie Bell

    contagion of sanity…


  67. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks for posting the A to J steps, Steve. You’re absolutely right. In just reading it, I can see that this is the exact series of steps that anyone leaving the SP squirrel ‘church’ of Miscavige needs to do, to regain their honor and personal integrity.

    What’s funny, is that I’ve already done two steps, and am currently working on a couple of others. Truth is intuitive, no?

  68. Kevin Tighe

    LOL! Did I mention the t-shirt I have with a photo of Captain Debbie Cook on one side and “Google Debbie Cook” on the other side? I think I might have to stroll around downtown Clearwater Saturday morning around 11:30AM with it on. Or perhaps Nature’s Food Patch during lunch time!

  69. Angela LeMay

    That would shake some stable datums and replace them with something new but true.


  70. Ronnie Bell

    Arrrggghhh…. A to E, darn it.

  71. As I feel out friends of decades and hear their fishing questions, if I bring up even one point, like, “Why all the regging for donations, not for auditing?”, and “Why aren’t the Academy’s making auditors”, I continue to quietly retreat from communicating with more and more friends and acquaintances, until they do what Source, LRH, told them to do–“Look, Don’t Listen”.
    Good for you!
    As my family and I have stopped supporting the Church, our stats are flourishing and prospering, things are going right and falling into place, former encysted attention units have been freed up to create.
    Yeah, PTS Tech of course works if you can locate and disconnect from the real SP’s.

  72. Angela LeMay


    Thanks it does make a difference.


  73. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hi Angela!
    Welcome to the party! 😀

  74. Another Layer


  75. Hi Angela ! I couldn’t find you on FB to befriend you.
    Amazing story. You didn’t even know you were declared ??
    Wow makes me wonder where I am at in PT.
    Way to go, congrats !
    Welcome to the club.

  76. Hi Angela, just saw your exchanged communications on FB with Lyn Ribisi !
    Can you please get her to give you my SP declare issue # as well ?
    I don’t have her on FB and I have been told repeatedly that am declared.

  77. Hola Placi. Nice to see you here. 🙂

  78. Placi — in a very strange “coincidence,” Angela’s FB page was hacked and taken down. She is taking care of it (though FB isnt too fast).

  79. Angela LeMay


    At the moment my FB account has been hacked and is temporarily down and last I checked she finally un-friended me.


  80. Angela LeMay


    I would love to be friends with you on FB. But someone has been trying to hack into my FB account and it has been temporarily locked.

    Hopefully, it will be up in a day or so.


  81. Well done Angela and welcome out from under the suppression. Getting auditing now that I’m out is a whole new ball game, so suggest getting back in session ASAP, its amazing to get auditing without being PTS.

  82. XXOO

  83. Welcome, Angela!
    Your account of the churches actions at first reminded me of a children’s playground.
    Then I realised, when kids play madhouse games, it’s for fun and everyone laughs because it’s fun to be crazy.
    But the churches game is, cut comm and strike out members. No kid likes that – that’s a dumb game.

  84. +1 I like that!

  85. Great points Steve. With you on this!
    — Just have to UN-twist things a little to get them straight!!! —

  86. Kerry – Very well written!

  87. Angela –
    Fantastic. I think we are all here today as each of us have come to our senses and recanted! (Boy that makes me smile 🙂

  88. Very nicely put Steve. Thanks for the data.

  89. Very nicely put Steve. Thanks for the data. I never quite thought about this way.

  90. Richard Royce

    Just wanted to add my BRAVO to the other accolades!

  91. martyrathbun09

    posted for Byron Dawson, who had trouble with WordPress on posting this comment:
    I have come to my senses and have recanted. I am no longer a part
    of or support that group of mis-guided individuals who blindly
    support and robotically practice injustice, out-tech, off policy,
    crush regging, glutz PR, suppressive acts, etc…

    That pretty much says it all.
    Welcome back.


    As an aside I just found out that I have been declared also. No comm ev, no goldenrod and I only found out because an old friend had to be scared away from my wife and I by some clown I wouldnt let wipe my shoes.

    Hey Marty, seems like the Church of the Diminutive Moron has hit critical mass…

  92. BTW, someone wrote to me asking for the reference where LRH says the dynamics ARE help. It was one of the lecture series on covering the subject of help. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which one. Maybe someone on this blog knows. I think LRH really delved into help… maybe around ’56?

  93. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Angela, marvelous ! Welcome to the free and independent world.
    You are a State-of-the-art Person (SP). Congratulations ! 🙂

  94. God Bless all of you who have listened and heard God speak to you and shared his word with Others……… does bring such joy to walk with God, and leave the the devil CULT, behind……Keep it up Angela

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