Scientology Squirrels Busted

Tony Ortega has published a Squirrel Busters anniversary retrospective at the Village Voice.   Tony asks whether the saga marked the beginning of the end of Scientology.   I might agree with him if he had added to  “Scientology” the preceding adjective “corporate” or the following-modifier “Inc.”.  In either event, its an interesting read.

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  1. Yes, it is an interesting read. What I find hard to comprehend about this whole sorry episode is how David Miscavige, Linda Hamel and the whole Intel gang in OSA could have believed for one second that this was actually a good idea and could be effective in accomplishing anything they would want to accomplish. When I saw the first video of the first Allender headcam visit to your home, my first thought was how incredibly ineffective this would be at anything other than making the Church look like total fools to the world. And I don’t think it would take a rocket scientist to arrive at that conclusion. I know it was no fun to have to put up with their crap, but you knew all along they were doing themselves in with this. But, why didn’t they know? Is Miscavige really that divorced from real life? Scary.

  2. Random Stranger

    KSW #1 Point 7:


  3. It’s interesting that a normal every day wedding documentor has more conscience, ethics and integrity then trained planet saving enlightened devotees.

  4. Meaning the guys with the head gear

  5. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    DM and OSA used to harass others before with much less force and duration, and had success. So I think they did their “successful action” BUT they did that to Marty and Mike, and that gave DM what Stalingrad did for Napoleon Bonaparte.
    It is not therefore what DM and OSA did, but the difference in the “victims” chosen.
    Now, we all are hatted how to react and not to be intimidated, thanks for Marty and Mike

  6. Yes they surely made themselves looking like fools, but I believe they got what they wanted; Marty in handcuffs. We all know what happened but a different story was possibly told to the hypnotized membership.

  7. Miscavige has MU´s MU´s MU´s on “The Art of War” – good for his opponents!

  8. HN: He IS that divorced from reality. This whole episode went down with him pontificating about how to “handle Marty,” including scathing comments about how ineffective Warren and OSA are and that he is going to get some public sent down there to “handle Marty.” Probably included some mention of John Allender for being so cool to accost Lori Hodgson in a parking lot, and that “he has more confront than the SPs that work for me.” And his basic plan was this: “Get in his face. I know this guy. He will snap. ANd you document his every move and when he snaps, you get him arrested and then convicted and he will be dead agented.”

    His lunatic ramblings were then typed up into a transcript. The lunacy became orders. Those orders were enforced by his finger-breakers. Linda Hamel and who knows who else then had to round up Allender and some others and send them off to IOB. Because it was Marty, LaBlow was put in charge so there would be some distance as LaBlow has a cutout through Elliot Abelson.

    The Squirrel Blusterers were sent off and the reports were dutifully sent to Miscavige daily. But of course they cannot report that this isnt working, as this was a stroke of brilliance from Dear Leader. So the reports are “They got right in his face, and he is really close to snapping, just like you said….” That went on for weeks and weeks, all the time pretending that this is going GREAT, proving once again the genius of Miscavige.

    Finally, the truth could no longer be withheld. POB reads the daily press updates. THen he starts screaming about the SPs who have been so stupid doing what he ordered to be done, and tells everyone around that they, like the SPs they are, have created yet another flap for him to have to handle.

    This is life around Dear Leader, Pope on a Box, Vampire Emperor, David Miscavige.

  9. Public Servant

    LRH says never mix Intel operations with PR. Thats exactly what they did. Compounding the error was the harrassing nature of the PR event itself. Its one thing to collect signatures or call for an investigation to justify a press release. Its another animal alltogether to stalk a family for months despite constant objections from even the public to go away. The whole operation had nothing to do with scientology or policy or justice. Ill conceived, poorly managed and enemy PR by definition.

  10. The tall tales by LRH and now kept alive by the “church” are not needed and were never need really by Ron himself.

    The simple truth of the workablity of ARC and the comm formula and helping a PC gain insight into who he truly is – is spectacular enough that you don’t need any tall tales at all.

    Please Ron we don’t need tall tales.

  11. Yeah really. When the likes of Allender and Co interface with the real world and real people like Mr Leahy it just shows how out to lunch they are. No doubt the whole episode made sense to the goons (even more sense with a $100,000 expense account and a gold card), but Dave, the rest of world wasn’t laughing along with you, we were laughing AT you.

    Kudos – again – to Mr Leahy for speaking the truth and exposing the Corp Scientology harassment.

    Was it the “beginning of the end”? Time will tell, but it’s looking that way. Debbie Cook wil hopefully with our help hammer the final nails into the coffin.

  12. Thought: How does a normal good person with conscience in tact become a social criminal with distorted sense of right and wrong in human potential cults?

    1) has wins (problems in life find some answers)
    2) life changes for the better
    3) told we are the only way to help people
    4) agrees with the idea that questioning the teaching is bad and will cause the planet to not be saved
    5) decides to dedicate their lives to saving the planet
    6) learns that other attempts to help mankind are “so yesterday” or part of an evil implant ready to eat your children
    7) as a result of agreeing to cult dogma and wanting to survive “for the better good” the brand new naive truth seeker reasons that there is something not right with their own sense of right and wrong.
    8) once ones own conscience is seen as standing in the way of saving the planet, YOU HAVE A DANGEROUS PERSON. And a dedicated cult member.

    Thank you to the wedding documentarian ( forgot his name) for starting this line of reasoning for me.

  13. MR: God it must have been a trial for you to have put up with this pea-brained mental midgetdom for all the time you did. I would truly like to know what Hamel et al at OSA think of this sorry chapter in their careers. They can’t possibly believe that is was a brilliant idea but that they fucked it up…can they?

  14. HN: You know how intense the pressure is on them to figure out “what did I do wrong?” They had sec checkers all over them asking them “Concerning the disaster you created in IOB, what evil purpose or destructive intention did you have towards COB.” They probably had visitors hammering on them to “cough up their crimes” in addition. Eventually, they succumb, and another wrong item is ingrained. It’s been happening for years. Their resistance level is low. ANd they have come to believe they are bad and evil.

  15. The same old LDW

    Fraudulent “documentary”; fraudulent statistics; fraudulent PR statements; fraudulent denials; fraudulent ideal orgs; fraudulent executive C/Sing of cases; etc. etc.

    You write a knowledge report on any of the fraud being perpetrated by miscavige and you get your very own overt or covert SP declare. If you’re high profile enough, you get your very own lawsuit courtesy of “the most ethical group on the planet.”

    Ortega, despite his MUs and not-know on the workability of the tech has more integrity than miscavige ever dreamed of. Lehey proved out to be a hero by his own refusal to join a suppressive group. He doubled his hero status by having the courage to speak out.

    I feel a little sorry for the next group of people miscavige pulls into his inner circle so he can set them up for blame, humiliation and personal destruction.

    Thanks again for the open comm line Marty. Valuable and vital in making sure this all comes out alright.

  16. Hi ZenZoneO,
    Don’t be so ready to buy into the spin from the Ortega Propaganda Machine. It’s easily at times as fictional as the spin from the Radical Church Propaganda Machine. Especially when it comes to the subject of L. Ron Hubbard.

    If you want to better understand the post-war period and how the atomic physicists, science fiction authors, and SoCal political players (such as Nixon) of 1945-1946 were all brought together in an interesting piece of anti-communist, atomic-war-hysteria history … I would recommend starting with a read of Patterson’s recent biography of Robert A. Heinlein, especially the chapters “Dangerous New World” and “Settling In”. And then read up on Nixon’s involvement in southern California politics in 1945/46.

    You might also want to study up on why atomic physicists and Manhattan Project members (such as Robert A. Cornog) lost their security clearances as a result of the same anti-communist hysteria and witch hunting running through the country in the post-war years.

    Hubbard’s friendship with Heinlein and involvement in the sci-fi / Navy community made him very much a part of all of this.

  17. MR: Introversion city to the nth degree. It’s true, it takes some spiritual strength to ultimately resist the ceaseless onslaught on their realities. Add in the many other factors of dedication, duty-mindedness, spousal concerns, for some the belief of any alternative life…what a hellhole.

  18. Here’s an interesting excerpt from Patterson’s “Robert A. Heinlein” biography (pp. 372-373):

    “The war had been hard on a lot of people — though comparisons with blinded and disabled veterans of the fighting always made him [Heinlein] feel small. Hubbard was in the ‘wounded veteran’ category and deserved all the patience Heinlein could muster. When John Arwine came through Los Angeles, demobilized, in November [1945], Heinlein was glad to see him put heads together with Hubbard [who was living with Heinlein and Heinlein’s wife at the time] and come up with a project that would provide satisfying and important work for themselves. [In an 11/20/45 letter from Heinlein to Cal Laning, Heinlein writes:]

    ‘John Arwine and Ron Hubbard have whipped up a plan to organize all the scientists for the purpose of channelizing some of the rational thought for this [atomic weapons] crisis. I think they can accomplish it. They have organized CalTech already.’

  19. This whole scence came in steps, steps that grew in leaps then bounds. Hard to see what or wher e and who was at the starting point.

    Certainly the camera on the heads was a signal of a downward spiral.
    Something that a goof ball hooked up tocopper ground rods as he audits God Knows what can think of.

    Great Post Marty my best to Mike.

  20. While nothing, it seems, compares to what is/was inflicted on a continual basis to people around Davey, the intention to introvert, give wrong items to, invalidate, bankrupt, break up friends and families and drive into guilt nearly all of corporate Scientology to fall in line out of fear has been experienced broadly. An army of robots, as in HCOB “Robotism” has been created and are unable to think for themselves and actually believe, to some extent, that they are happy and doing the right thing as long as they follow orders. The time it takes us to unravel that horse shit is unbelievable, and still coming off in sheets.

  21. Path of Buddha

    In my opinion, Corporate Scientology died a few weeks after the Freewinds maiden voyage in 1989. First of all, miscavige consolidated his power. Secondly, the OT levels were forever abandoned.
    The funny OT8 with the camera on his head in 2011 was a product of miscavige’s limited knowledge and misunderstandings.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  22. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I’ve heard far more tall tales spun about Miscavige by the church’s PR machine (notwithstanding the rumours that he was an all powerful, all knowing OT XV and Ron’s personal and closest friend and confidant and indisputable single and only heir to his legacy). And after all, isn’t MISCAVIGE the one who actually salvaged the church following on from Ron’s neglect? I wouldn’t say the accusations of incompetence and stupidity levelled at LRH would be a tall tale to tell about him at all.

  23. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Sorry – that was supposed to be a response to ZenZone0’s comment above – will repost.

  24. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I’ve heard far more tall tales spun about Miscavige by the church’s PR machine (notwithstanding the rumours that he was an all powerful, all knowing OT XV and Ron’s personal and closest friend and confidant and indisputable single and only heir to his legacy). And after all, isn’t MISCAVIGE the one who actually salvaged the church following on from Ron’s neglect? I wouldn’t say the accusations of incompetence and stupidity levelled at LRH would be a tall tale to tell about him at all.

  25. Margaret; Your information is interesting. It is hard to tell what is true and not true.

    I understood the non-PR version of Ron’s history ’45-’46 was: he was hanging out with Jack Parson and doing black magic in Pasadena and getting involve with his to be second wife Sara Northrup. Now Cal Tech is in Pasadera.

    Maybe the truth is a mix of both stories.

  26. This reminds me of something I read today about the Titanic. Evidently there was another ship close enough by to see the distress flares the Titanic was sending up. However, the Captain of that ship was such a psycho none of the men had the nerve to wake him up and explain the situation. We all know what happened next.

  27. The same old LDW

    Thanks. I wasn’t aware of this.
    I would expect that the propensity to re-write history in favor of some bias or another is an ages-old tradition of alter-is artists. They just don’t get that “the truth will set you free.”

    My respect is out the roof for what Ron developed in terms of a workable technology that can and does lead toward spiritual freedom.

  28. As a self-appointed field researcher for the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ I’d like to post the following revision to that venerable volume:

    Squirrel Busters, Earth, USA, Texas 2011-2012: A group of thoroughly annoying and irritating individuals who pursued and harassed a former high ranking member of the Church of Scientology, Marty Rathbun.

    The Squirrel Busters are a bunch of mindless jerks who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes…

    See also: Cirrus Cybernetics Corporation Marketing Department Professionals, who were previously thought to be the first against the wall when the revolution comes but are now second in line to the aforementioned Texas Squirrel Busters.…

    All credit and reverence due to Douglas Adams expressly acknowledged!

  29. ahh, lots more sunshine and fresh air.
    Pretty soon I reckon a Humpty Dumpty experience is aligned for Miscavige & no amount of kool aide $uperglue is going to work.
    What’s that John Denver song, “sunshine on my shoulder…”

  30. Leahy has more integrity than the executives of Scn Inc and the OT’s sent down there to launch the worse OUT public relations campaign in history. They even scammed Leahy with a pure sense of entitlement. All the while trying to drive home the point that Marty was out ethics. That is as ass backwards as it gets. Total confusion. Complete sense of entitlement to torture and scam, criminal minds. All the while imagining themselves as the “white hats”.

  31. They could have opened four new missions and the property they stood on, for what they spent on that well documented torture campaign.

  32. Your humble servant

    Thank you very much, Mike. Reading what you have to say is always like looking through a clear, picture window that looks out upon the existing scene.

  33. They could have opened thousands of Orgs and missions across the planet for what they spent on underground vaults to bury the tech. DM has no intention of clearing this planet. His actions show his intention is on living underground.

  34. Mike,
    Does DM ever get on the Internet? I’m sure he probably didn’t believe any glowing reports from the squirrel busters. Does he have the courage to check it out himself?

  35. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, his biggest worry now is the potential of a mine shaft gap:

  36. Captain Stanley Lord of the SS Californian. He actually thought Titanic’s distress flares were for company identification purposes (like when (London) bus drivers flash/hoot eachother). The guy nobody thought to wake was actually the wireless operator, to contact the Titanic to find out what the situation was.

  37. “Concerning the disaster you created in IOB, what evil purpose or destructive intention did you have towards COB.”

    I like not far from this fool. Thanks for the greeting next time I see him putting gas in his truck. 😉

  38. TheWidowDenk

    Margaret —

    I SO enjoy your research! I’ve done quite a bit myself in the pulps where LRH stories were published. You might enjoy this:

    DATE: FEBRARY, 1946

    That yarn (“Pattern for Conquest” by George O. Smith, added by Rachel to identify “that yarn”) starts next month. In months still further ahead — indefinite dates as yet, of course — a variety of old names will be showing up again. Bob Heinlein’s back in California, and ready to start writing and loafing. L. Ron Hubbard, until recently a tourist on
    the Navy’s South Pacific route — the hard way, via Java, Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, Saipan, et cetera — is also back in California. There will be other old names returning and inevitably, brand new names showing up.
    Isaac Asimov, research chemist in a Navy lab during the war, has been drafted for the postwar army; how much writing he can do now, I don’t know.
    Eric Frank Russell was in the RAF during the war; he should be writing more soon.
    The Editor. TEXT ENDS

    That editor, by the way, was John W. Campbell, Jr. It’s so fun to find that early data and get out of the interpreted stuff. Keep up the great work!!

    Keep up the great work!

  39. TheWidowDenk

    I sure could use and “edit” button. lol

  40. Zen, The truth is a mix of both stories. Hubbard’s short-lived interest in “black magic” was almost certainly a passing but genuine interest, but probably not something he ultimately took very seriously. Hubbard’s successful involvement with Naval intelligence early in the war[1] and also his connections into the sci-fi and scientist community (of which Robert Cornog was connected: in addition to being a member of the Manhattan Project, Cornog was friends with Heinlein and Parsons, and in fact, Cornog was living at Jack Parson’s mansion at the time Hubbard moved in) would have made Hubbard a candidate (in the eyes of the intelligence community) to “inform” on guys like Robert Cornog. Cornog was suspected as early as 1945 of being a communist informant[2], which would have been pretty serious considering his involvement in developing the atomic bomb.

    Whether “intelligence gathering on the suspected communists” was Hubbard’s underlying purpose for being at Parsons’ house is still speculative, but the known historical facts do fit together to make the theory work. I’m also sure that Hubbard had an interest in the whole “black magic” thing, but I think he recognized early on that any truths in Crowley’s black magic were something that were common in many ancient (eastern) philosophies/religions and so Crowley’s “black magic” on its own probably didn’t interest Hubbard too much.

    Later, Nibbs (Hubbard’s estranged son from his first marriage) saw an opportunity to damage his father’s reputation by exploiting the societal fear of “black magic” and made it appear that black magic and Crowley were Hubbard’s primary influences in the development of Scientology. This was later propagandized by authors Corydon, Miller and Atack in their antagonistic biographies of Hubbard (using Nibbs’ family connection), and we still see this propaganda being repeated in Ortega’s blog and others around the net.

    The truth is far simpler, imo, and much closer to Hubbard’s own statements on this period. His own statements acknowledge his having “wandered around and observing … the strange cults of Los Angeles”, his friendship with Parsons, his involvement with intelligence, and his passing interest in Crowley and black magic/mysticism as part of his overall search into the wisdom/truths of human knowledge.

    The Radical Church of Scientology has downplayed Hubbard’s personal short-lived interest and involvement in “black magic” in 1946, by essentially denying it completely or not discussing it. And the anti-Hubbard propagandists have seized on the RCS’s incompetent and hagiographic handling of this period of Hubbard’s life by spewing their own strawman spin on these events.

    So yes, there are elements of truth in both versions. But Hubbard’s involvement/interest in black magic was very minor in the grand scheme of his overall research, I believe. He may have moved into Jack Parsons’ house out of a genuine interest in black magic — or possibly as part of the “anti-communist paranoia” (and intelligence activities) of the day. Or perhaps the more likely truth: for both reasons.


    [1] Hubbard’s early period in WW II has been badly mangled by other Hubbard researchers/propagandists (Chris Owen [author of the website “Ron the War Hero”] is probably the most well-known propagandist of Hubbard’s war years and badly distorted Hubbard’s years in the Navy — especially the first year, in which Hubbard was in Naval Intelligence; Owen had taken his cue from Miller, who was largely relying on “research” from Gerry Armstrong). In fact, a sober view of Hubbard’s Naval record and the public record show that Hubbard was effectively successful on his first intelligence mission — though it certainly went awry when his ship was redirected to Australia instead of the Philippines as had been originally planned, and when he got caught in the middle of some “office politics” between the Army in Brisbane and the Navy in Melbourne. But Hubbard does appear to have “seen action” in Java and/or the Timor Sea in February 1942, and was in fact flown home from Australia to the U.S. in one of the planes used by the office of the Secretary of the Navy in March 1942. Hubbard doesn’t appear to have sustained any life-threatening injuries during this period, though he did get malaria and does appear to have sustained eye and foot injuries which stayed with him, intermittently at least, till after the war. These may have been enough for him to have been awarded the “Purple Heart (with palm)” in Australia prior to his leaving in March 1942. (BTW, I’ve personally researched all of the above — including going to the National Archives — and would be happy to supply documentation on the above, to anyone interested. — mesamarg @ earthlink . net.)

    [2] Cornog was ultimately a victim of the U.S. “House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)” (Nixon was a member, and had earlier partially won a Congressional election representing eastern Los Angeles by tying his opponent, Voorhis, to communism). The HUAC launched the witch hunting trials of the post-war 1940s which caused many dozen individuals and scientists to be labeled “communists” or “communist sympathizers” thus irreparably damaging most of their careers. The actual “crimes” of most of these individuals and scientists were largely politically-motivated and amounted to being friendly with known communists or communist sympathisers.

  41. When I read scientology in such a context as in Tony’s headline “end of scientology” or what ever I fill in “church of” and think corporate scientology inc.

    I can’t say that’s what Tony means but I believe there is an increased differentiation in audience perception between the church of scientology and scientology the subject, thanks in no small part to the indies.

  42. I read thanks early this morning (west coast tm)… thanks to Mosey’s FB link. 🙂

    One thing I see here often is of the “certain demise” of Miscavige and the RCS. I would love to believe nothing less, and I do believe it will happen, eventually, but perhaps I’ve been around too long.

    I just got an email today, for example, from a Reg I personally recruited from raw public 30 years ago, and honestly she is a doll of a being, truth be revealed, but still very much entwined in “me” doing My Bridge, and trying to save me.

    Is that a change in light of all else going on? I don’t see it.

    Add to that I get emailed daily from the Church, mostly from Orgs (and Missions too believe it or not) and Flag and AO’s I haven’t been to in decades, or never been to. Though perhaps interesting to some, is a minor point given the mass outflow that must be demanded now from RCS.

    Everyone’s email is obviously in some central accessible database, but still, one wonders wtf… you don’t even know me, never met me, ‘never been to Hamburg, Ontario, and no plans to, so why would I care? It’s ridiculous, just as are the 3 trees that surely must be killed every year on my behalf from FLAG promo alone.

    Sorry if I’m being a cynic, but I’ve long ago given up on being asked off mailing lists.

    Maybe I just need to declare and receive my badge of honor, probably makes things easier, but it’s a tough call.

  43. Les, the really sad part of this whole thing is that the truth (with no bias and no alter-is in either direction) is fairly easy to document. In Miscavige’s attempts to PR himself and make Hubbard “The Perfect Human Being Throughout His Life”, he has made the subject of Scientology and Ron’s life easy targets for any would-be antagonist.

  44. I guess the only thing tall about David Miscavige are the tales his PR machine spins.

  45. martyrathbun09

    Margaret, you are the most credible of all L Ron Hubbard biographers in my opinion. You understand the great middle path, not to mention the Data Series (haven’t discussed the latter with you, but you certainly demonstrate application of it whether by coincidentally being quite logical or reading it or a combination).

  46. I read thanks early this morning (west coast tm)… thanks to Mosey’s FB link. 🙂

    One thing I see here often is of the “certain demise” of Miscavige and the RCS. I would love to believe nothing less, and I do believe it will happen, eventually, but perhaps I’ve been around too long.

    I just got an email today, for example, from a Reg I personally recruited from raw public 30 years ago, and honestly she is a doll of a being, truth be revealed, but still very much entwined in “me” doing My Bridge, and trying to save me.

    Is that a change in light of all else going on? I don’t see it.

    Add to that I get emailed daily from the Church, mostly from Orgs (and even some Missions too) and Flag and AO’s I haven’t been to in decades, or never been to, AOSHUK for example. Though perhaps interesting to some, is really an unsurprising point given the mass outflow that must be demanded now from RCS.

    Everyone’s email is obviously in some central accessible database, but still, one wonders wtf… you don’t know me, never met me, ‘never been to Hamburg, Ontario, San Diego, St. Hill, and no plans to, so why promo me? It’s ridiculous, just as are the 3 trees that surely must be killed every year on my behalf from FLAG alone (not to mention the waste of member dollars).

    If I’m sounding a bit cynic, understand I’ve long ago given up being asked off mailing lists.

    It’s happening, that much is clear enough, but don’t count your chickens before they themselves lay fresh eggs.

  47. Margaret, all I can say is — where have you been all my life? Or for the last 25 years or so, anyway. Are you writing a bio of Hubbard? Certainly seems you could. I have never seen this exculpatory data mentioned anywhere, and it is very welcome. I hope you are arranging somehow to make all of your research available. Thank you!

  48. I have no idea why this was posted twice (it was at least once herein), nevertheless Dean, “in no small part” – to the indies, I fully agree.

  49. That’s a good one, Rachel. I hadn’t seen that before (and I think I even have a copy of that edition in my collection — I’ll have to look it up). A sci-fi fanzine (“SunSpots” Vol 6, No 3), in Apr/May 1942, also wrote: “L. Ron Hubbard, famous science fiction writer is reported to be back in the United States recovering from a wound received in action”.

    Ron was in fact in the Vallejo Naval Hospital (outside San Francisco) for about a week, having been flown in from Australia, arriving on March 23, 1942. It was pretty rare to get flown on trans-oceanic flights in those days (PanAm was the primary carrier and the Army/Navy had all but taken them over for urgent military purposes during this part of the war), but it appears likely that Hubbard had successfully gathered up some intelligence on the just-ended “Java Sea Campaign” that Washington was eager to get ahold of (particularly the specific military capabilities and resources of the Japanese). Ron had hurt his eyes and feet while in and around a combat-heavy Java (and may have taken small bits of shrapnel), and was also recovering from malaria. None of it appears to have been life threatening, but remnants of those injuries, as well as a bout with an ulcer, did stick with him until after the war, and left him in a pretty bad state physically by 1945/46 (made worse I’m sure by the fact that his first marriage had fallen apart).

    These physical conditions were intermittent — bad some days, not so bad others — so it was easy to accuse Ron of “making it all up”. But he did get a 40% VA disability shortly after the end of the war (based on physical tests and measurements of several conditions including his eyes, feet, the ulcer and several joints) and ultimately was allowed to go before the Navy Retiring Board by early 1950. By that time, however, Ron’s physical condition had improved enormously (confirmed later in 1951 by VA followup tests), and he chose not to go before the Navy Retiring Board. Ron ended up resigning from the Navy later on his own in 1950.

    Chalk up his recovery to dianetics research or not, but that is what the historical record — nearly all publicly available in the National Archives — shows happened.

  50. Defrocked Bay Area Apostate

    John Allender is a rock star! He and his Squirrel Busters alone are responsible for the straight up and vertical expansion of the Indies. I hope he’s invited to Maiden Voyage and seated in the front row with the cameras panning him and his wife. I hope we see them in the magazines and at the grand opening of the Super Power building. Be sure to invite him to the October IAS event and treat him like the VIP he deserves to be.

    The OTs who have now read Debbie Cooks email and are sitting on the fence need confirmation that John and his team are the poster boys for the current culture in the church. Sitting him in the front row would do wonders for the Indie movement with all the OTs questioning management and all. Not that the help is needed, really.

    John is a failed mission holder. John’s wife was the CS that failed to protect Lori while recovering from the trauma of a knee replacement surgery when recruiters tried to take her young son into the Sea Org while she was in pain and under medication. John’s wife received FSM commissions for the free loader debt of at least one of Lori’s children had to pay for their underage staff debts. John was ignorant and twisted enough to then try to intimidate Lori while she was alone in a dark parking lot. He a big guy, who let’s admit it, the HCG diet his wife put him on didn’t help, went out to intimidate a woman half his weight and with a deformed leg? I’m sure even then John altered that order. He probably made things worse for the OSA orders, but that’s what DBs do.

    Yes, OSA, you picked a real winner. You even named John Allender in one of the reasons Lori was declared.

    What should really interest OSA is the connection of John and his wife’s responsibility in the demise of Bruce LaBelle. Bruce committed suicide after being left in financial ruin. Bruce provided jobs, money, an suv, large gifts for the Allender kids and more. Bruce was alone and bankrupt when he committed suicide. When the Allenders worked for Bruce at his welding type of company they had him using a service that bought his payables at 10% so that he could pay the Allenders their large checks. But OSA don’t take my word for it. Ask Carol Krammer. Oh, I forgot she’s declared. My bad. You could ask anyone of the Allenders friends. Maybe Maryjo or Pat Wenier could help you with that. They’ve voiced opinions about that in the past.

    I feel you should know what kind of monster you’re holding up as the friend-of-Dave before you parade John so that at least you “know before you go”. Oh wait, you already went.

  51. Thanks Marty! I’ve been in and around the subject of Scientology since my early teens, and without the extremist thinking imposed by the CoS, the subject lends itself quite naturally to logical and critical thinking (as I’m sure you know).

    FYI, my time is starting to free up again, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the National Archives to do some more digging.

  52. theakman – Somebody here suggested to send articles from Marty´s blog in the return mail. At are some very good articles too, for example “Mechanisms of Miscavige” (
    /mechanisms-of-miscavige.html) or perhaps one of the great articles from the declarations of independents. You could use the lines to enlighten some terminals inside about what is going on till you get “dead filed”.

  53. theakman, I’ve gotten a church refund and threatened to sue the church. And I STILL get church mailings. (Personally, I don’t mind, since I now look at the whole thing as research … and it allows me to keep track of the “completions” stats. But the wasted trees each year does suck, I must agree.)

  54. Maybe I owe amends to Marty, somehow it’s still posted 2wice. Good grief. Ok fine … some sort of universal stuff…………. ( I don’t know how to post this on line ).

  55. Margaret,
    Several years ago I listened to a an Art Bell interview with someone on the subject of Aleister Crowley, Magick and OTO. The interviewee (sorry – I didn’t get up to write the name down!) mentioned that recently (1990s?) declassified British documents dating to the period of of mid-late 1940s revealed that the United States had intelligence gathering operations/investigations going against Crowley and his extended circle in LA due to perceived potential threat to national security/weapons technology. There are docs out there somewhere on this, should someone want to chase up that string. (No mention of LRH in this interview – it was strictly focused on Crowley). For me, it was a bit of an “AH HA! – so there are docs!” moment, though I don’t have interest in spending time on that now. It is a small point, but perhaps of interest to you.

  56. A brilliant movie! One to be studied.

  57. Leonore, the since-declassified FBI documents (many now available on-line) are filled with evidence that show that the FBI had “informants” (mostly unnamed) buzzing around Jack Parsons’ circle of friends. But interestingly, the whole “black magic” aspect was barely on their radar — their primary interest was trying to figure out who the communist moles were, in the scientific and other circles, that were leaking sensitive “atomic bomb related” details to the Soviets.

  58. Bob, I’m really doing this research out of personal interest just trying to get to the truth of things. I do plan to eventually publish it all — either online or in a book — but still hope to fill in a few more gaps before all is said and done.
    The truth is, much of this documentation has been publicly available in microfilm records and elsewhere for decades, but only available online (AND searchable) in the last few years. So while earlier researchers could have dug it up if they really really tried, in some cases it would have been like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Being able to actually SEARCH through many of these National Archives documents (and other publications) has been invaluable. And even so, there are unquestionably missing documents in Hubbard’s (and many veterans’) service records, and so to get the full picture, it takes piecing together other clues from related documents for it all to make sense.

  59. Michael Finley - retiredfromthechurch

    No point in hiding anymore. I know John Allender to be a first rate coward…ALL BARK AND NO BITE. I am surprised that Linda has put up with his bs for as long as he has. From his re-cycling Clears at Stevens Creek in the early 80s to his threatening Lori in the parking lot. He’s just a coward and were he alone he would go and hide whimpering.

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    Quentin, while I fully concur with most of the assessments expressed here, you have done
    a sterling job, in succinctly nailing the entire scene,point for point, across the board ! VWD!

  61. Dear Margaret,
    I was glued to your comment here and couldn’t help but feel while reading it that you are the LRH Biographer I have dreamed of. You research well and state your findings in an unbiased way. Wow, what a breath of fresh air you are. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I hope you write more on the blog here in our future days.

  62. I’m sure DM thinks his POE has been tainted by SPs, when in fact the scotch consumption and copper fondling are the culprits.

  63. That’s funny Mike. Sounds like Miscavige is the king of misestimations.

    In celebration of the first anniversary of the squirrel busters, I say to Miscavige, Allender and friends, and that creep that got arrested in Florida trying to bother Mike, all of whom thought they were being so bad-ass with printed shirts, hats,etc. Did you really think that’s all it would take to shut Marty, Mosey and Mike down????

    Miscavige, you brought a knife to a gunfight.

  64. For others reading this, the point is that such documentation would tend to back up assertions that when LRH was involved with OTO (black magick) and Crowley briefly, he was doing some intelligence gathering for the US Gov’t. These “black magic” accusations have been used to Black PR LRH on many occasions.

    British declassified documentation that the US government had secret investigations into these matters in Pasadena and surrounding area at that time tends to lend credence to LRH’s responses that he was helping the US Govt. However, I agree that he probably had personal interest in a variety of topics that could be called “occult’ at that time since LRH’s interest in the abilities of mind and spirit appear to have been a constant thread throughout his life and writings. It is not surprising that as a young man he would have done much “wandering.”

    Thanks for the very interesting summary – best I’ve seen!

  65. Marty, how can I contact you personally? I am not “out” yet, and would like to send you an e-mail. Thanks.

  66. In Vol Vl of the older tech vols, There is an issue by Hubbard called; “Evidences Of An Aberrated Area” HCOB Of 30 June 1967 This list totally defines the current culture about David Miscavige.

    David Miscavige checks out on every point of creating an aberrated area.

    His aberrated area is the subject of Scientology.

    # 18. Justifies any overt commited.

    # 3 PTP’s on that subject.

    #6. Can’t confront the subject matter.

    #14. Resents any criticism of self regarding the subject or area.

    #17. Commits overts on the subject or object.

    #19. Thinks critical thought of the subject or object. (See Golden Age OF Tech)

    #20. Dwells on the subject or object continuously.

    #26. Has with holds concerning subject or object.


    #29. Tells lies concerning the subject or object.


  67. +1

    And Ron did develop a workable technology to free man on the basis
    that he is basically good.
    So anything said about him that goes in another direction is essentially
    an out-point.
    This is not saying he was perfect, but I’m sure his intentions were good.

  68. What are the Squirrel Busters but older hats ? They did not even think with the most basic in Scientology studies regarding conflict and becoming trouble sources. They went from becoming Potential trouble sources to ACTUAL trouble sources! They followed orders to be with the in crowd. Is an OT8 to be in the same clay demo as a Nazi? These people were down there on DED EX”s (He deserved it). Don’t they have a copy of a tech dictionary? DM has been beating up people for a LONG time and has only sent representatives to do the beating for him. I just can’t believe you OSA spies that gloss over outpoint after outpoint like clueless slaves expected not to think. Have you really surrendered your own ability to do math for a bed that does not belong to you?

  69. This is the “Free Earth” drill and we have OT8’s pts as hell. John Allender all for what looking like an out ethics DB against the backdrop Leahy! Yes! This is for real! This is what we are talking about! This is a real situation. It is amazing but the folks on this end confronting this inconvenient truth are not in doubt. We are in higher conditions. Normal and above is the opposite of what you are seeing. Believe it.

  70. The sad thing is that David Miscavige has no understanding at all of the complete surrender an entertainer makes, a complete surrender of identity, a total supplication, an absolute “I do not matter” to step aside from these traps and reinvent themselves on thought. And reinvent themselves. Yet he piggy backs on people with this amazing ability to up the status of his own importance.

  71. “…and I STILL get church mailings”.

    lol That’s funny Margaret!

    One should to be able to laugh amidst it all

  72. But I am just talking over the obvious. Hell has no wrath above the scorned woman. If ever there was a scorned woman in this theatre it is David Miscavige, His with hold is that he depended wholly on Mike and Marty and tom and tom and he just got a little too princess y. DM is out of comm. Amazing how you can fuck up a whole planet by being out of comm? Well there you have the importance on communication.

  73. Tory Christman

    Excellent points, by all. Thanks, Tony, for another great article, too!

    Imnsho: I see the “Squirrelbusters” then and now as a bunch of bozo’s…set out by OSA to get the EXACT “reactions” they got from Marty, for their idiotic “Black PR” video about him. As if regular people cannot see the intent in all of this insanity.

    For me ..having been “in” for 30 years, and escaped out in July of 2000—and worked with OSA Int’s Top Sekret Internet Mafia—-their KEY Breaking point was and will remain with ONE word: Internet. They tried to stop it, they failed beyond belief.
    Next biggest was the critics (People who were never “in” but stood up against they trying to manipulate the Net)… and OSA trying to stop them, hoping to cancel ARS which just created MOAR critics, in the 90’s.

    THE biggest came in 2008 when ANONYMOUS arrived and kicked their Asses WORLD WIDE. This brought out SO many of the Top Execs, finally speaking out with names and ranks, and specifics that had never been told, before…including M&M and ALL that is on this blog. As more people leave C of $ and find there way here or other areas, more people leave…and the hits just keep on comin! Thankfully you have this blog where peeps can find each other, share expriences, etc. So healing.

    I personally do not see the “Squirrelbusters” as THE turning point…although they certainly did help shine the light on WHY people should leave. (“If this is Scientology—let’s run for our lives!”) I think THE biggest thing will always remain the Net—and next to that now is Davey Boys utterly BS “Ideal Org” program—which I believe will kill them, financially. A few key media have also been a *huge* help, and the VV is definitely one of them. Thank you, Tony and the Village Voice!

    As I’ve said many times: Time will tell. One thing I KNOW: Tick tock, Tick Tock, Time is on ***our** side! 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  74. Nothing I do is gonna be right………………….. lol. Crazy nite.


  75. There is no such thing as “black magic” (magick is neither black nor white). This is a term I often see bandied about by those lacking data on occultic practices, as well as those with a dogmatic agenda in positioning occultism with “devil worship” or “satanism”. It is highly misleading.

    I believe Hubbard was extremely well-educated in occultic wisdom, and Scientology is all the better for it imho. Tone 40 intention, the state (and pursuit) of OT, exteriorization, entities (and their removal), these are just a handful of concepts with occultic roots, some of shamanic origin dating back thousands of years.

    LRH was also clearly impressed with Aleister Crowley’s work (he recommended Crowley’s text The Master Therion (aka Magick in Theory & Practice) during PDC #18, 5 Dec 1952) and there are definite similarities between the two, both in certain concepts and even the use of symbols.

    Of all the things Nibs said of his father, I can see truth in his statement that LRH simplified magick, stripped it of ritual and got right down to its basics. Keep in mind that magick is simply the direction of intention. That is all it is.

    I think some people assume occultism is nefarious, dangerous, and that Hubbard’s interest in this field goes against him. Total rubbish, imho. There is great wisdom within the occult and I wholeheartedly respect LRH for seeing this and utilising its workability within his own subject.

  76. theakman,
    Don’t give up on getting off their mailing lists. There’s a proven method which I’ve posted before and will do so again for all who missed it.

    Hit “reply” then copy & paste one of Marty’s blog posts into the body of the return email. A really good one to send it Debbie Cook’s letter. Don’t put a link; the receiver may be afraid to click on it for fear of being discovered. Don’t add the comments because it’ll make the email too large in size and it will bounce.

    You’ll be off their lists at warp speed and that includes the US Mail lists. This puts you at cause which is pretty nice after years of being at effect receiving all that unwanted mail and email. It works. I did it.

  77. TheWidowDenk

    Thank you so much Margaret! I love how you weave data into context, or is it the reverse, weave context around data. Whichever way it is, you add a dimension to LRH’s life which I have not seen nor heard before.


    I’m sending you an email as I have a few more references you might not be aware of. Thanks again! Rachel

  78. morelivesthanacat

    Use your spam button. I have gmail and the spam button is very effective and remembering and identifying the sources you don’t want unsolicited mail (spam) from. I get ZERO RCS spam now.

  79. The same old LDW

    Welcome to the sunshine, Michael Finley.
    What’s your story? Would love to hear it.


  80. TroubleShooter

    I hear that! It sounds like you paid a price for being there and communicating on what you saw and now write here. Every time I read a post like this I feel the holes it punches in the damn. Thank you.

  81. Path of Buddha

    Thanks for this excellent research. It is very factual and puts a balance on the stories about Hubbard and Crowley on the internet.
    When I first listened to the PDC tapes back in about 1984, I remember
    Ron Hubbard’s reference to his “friend Crowley”. By the way there was a great piece of research on the internet in the last few weeks in regard to the real meaning of the Book of Revelation. I wish I had the link for you.
    One of her theories was quite interesting in that she speculated that the origin of the term “Beast 666” was in fact a reference to Nero. She further speculates that the ‘Anti-Christ’ was fashioned to destroy the Roman Empire during the early days of Christianity.
    Since Ron Hubbard mentioned Crowley in the PDC tapes, I took some time to look into the occultist There is no way that Ron Hubbard could be aligned with the ethics of Crowley. On the other hand, I did see that Ron Hubbard borrowed some ideas such as the concept of ‘other world’ beings.
    I hope I can read your full research report into Ron Hubbard someday.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  82. Gern Gaschoen

    It is DM’s job to make Scientologists look as stupid as possible.

    That is actually his product.

  83. mwestern, the whole use of the terms “occult” and “black magick” was propaganda — and I think Nibs knew exactly what he was doing when he trotted them out as a means to discredit his father. I also think you’re right: LRH did simplify magick, stripped it of ritual and got right down to its basics. But isn’t that also true of what he did with Buddhism, Shamanism and Hinduism? The term “black magick” was used by Nibs as a thought-stopper that conjured up images of satan, devil-worship, etc. — which played right into society’s fears of “cults”. Nibs pretended to be about “telling the truth” but was really about “telling propaganda in order to discredit his father”.

  84. Gern Gaschoen

    Margaret, you are a breath of fresh air.

    In fact, I am finding the great gathering of minds here, freely communicating using the best tech available to us all to be in communication, to be an extraordinarily theta event.

    Like you, I have also been practicing Scientology since my early teens.

    Its been a wild, wonderful, adventurous ride, and when I read your posts I can tell you that it seems that at PT, things are well in Scientology, as long as you are around.


  85. martyrathbun09

    Nibs was an AMA stooge – I believe he figured out little or nothing, but instead parroted lines given to him.

  86. Path of Buddha

    Interesting point of view on this subject on occultism. I studied Crowley’s life story and found him to be a very troubled person. For example, he abandoned one of his wives in Thailand after their child died.
    He also was heavily attacked in the British press concerning the death of one of his followers on an island off the coast of Italy. Perhaps these are the reasons that occultism now has such a bad reputation. His “Book of the Law” also contains some very unique concepts in regard to the structure of the universe. On the other hand, in reading about his life, it became quite clear to me as to why he was followed especially by people like Ron Hubbard. Crowley was in rebellion from his Victorian upbringing and brought a sense of independence to his followers. It had appeal and many of his followers were attracted to his alternative interpretation.

    May all beings be well and happy!

  87. martyrathbun09

    Could have easily been picked up from Siddhartha Gautama or Jesus Christ for that matter.

  88. Path of Buddha

    “stripped it of ritual and got right down to its basics. But isn’t that also true of what he did with Buddhism, Shamanism and Hinduism?

    Margaret, I cannot speak for all Buddhists since we have so many different traditions. Also, I cannot speak for Shamanism or Hinduism.
    I can only speak about Theravada Buddhism which I have known for
    forty eight years and which I practice daily.

    We know that Ron Hubbard refers to about 4 major Discourses from the original Pali Canon which we in Theravada regard as source. This is about 1% of the total Canon. Large portions of the Canon were translated in the 1890’s. However, these early translations used up till the 1990’s were not as good as what we have today. Ron Hubbard encountered Buddhism in China. “Hymn of Asia” is sourced from a later Buddhist tradition probably Mahayana.
    In Theravada, we have very specific instructions from the Buddha and there is no evidence that Ron Hubbard simplified any of it.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  89. Path of Buddha

    So True,

    In fact, I just completed a reading of some very old scripture which outlined a variety of being types.

    May all beings in whatever world be well and happy!

  90. I like it. I think that is why LRH generally credited a bunch of folks and schools of thought rather than any person individually. Of course there were exceptions to this. But after you distill a workable truth, who do you credit specifically if it was common in some measure across many of them?

    And by the same token, folks at large are able to research many a given datum LRH proposed as truth and find someone else who has stated it, then claim the old man “stole it”, when in fact that source may not have been available to him. After all, he did incredible research, reading, communication long before the advent of Google.


  91. George, I think part of the issue that Hubbard had with Buddhism is that we don’t in fact know precisely what Siddhartha said — even the very best translations are not from Siddhartha’s own words. (It’s the same situation with Jesus; we can only guess as to his actual philosophy and intent.) And so we are still left with translations of someone’s interpretation. They could be right-on-the-money interpretations … or very off base. We just don’t know.
    But in all these disciplines, various rituals and significances were built up and it was those that I believe Ron attempted to strip away in order to simplify things down to their basics.

  92. Michael Finley - retiredfromthechurch

    Soon my son, soon ROFL

  93. “OCCULT” is a rather ill-defined term, but here are some meanings:

    oc·cult (-klt, klt)
    1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
    2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.
    3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious.
    4. Hidden from view; concealed.

    Catholics distinguish between miracles from God and apparently miraculous occurrences brought about by humans using knowledge of supernatural things. This latter is considered bad by Catholic thinkers.

    Basically “occult” seems to refer to secret or concealed knowledge, things not generally known or understood.

    I find modern physics rather occult!

  94. George, re reputation, there may well be truth in that. I’d add that a history of scare-mongering, ridicule and suppression by institutional Christianity still has a lot to do with it.

  95. Margaret,
    The discussion I heard was specifically related to the black magick aspect, Crowley, and OTO – not communist moles. These were British declassified docs, not FBI. That’s why it specifically caught my attention. It may be the FBI seriously vetted their docs for some reason, or never released them.

  96. Margaret,
    I too decided to dig up everything I could on Ron, but not to the extent that you have . I hope you do continue to dig because I think seeing him as a man and looking at his activities is interesting, if nothing else. I hate it when people are into Ron worship, but I also hate when people try to degrade him and ignore his incredible achievement regarding spirit/mind. No purely evil person helps mankind. A book which presents him as he was- the good and the bad, would be refreshing.

  97. ‘@Marty, in what way was Nibs connected to the AMA?

  98. Totally agree with you Margret, would add the who idea of black magic and devil worship was created by the christian church’s literal demonising of pagan beliefs.

    The good or evil of magic is determined by the intent of the practitioner.

  99. Gern Gaschoen

    I believe that the roots of western discouragement of magick are based on a near total lack of confront for the fundamental Life Truth that ‘what turns it on will turn it off’.

    Magick is directed intention, and deals with the subject of Infinity in that intention can be directed an infinite number of ways. It is through the controlled directing of intention that magick has any effect. For example, if you want to get over the grief of a lost child, and seek the help of one who practices Magick, well then .. the magick way is, simply, mockups and incident re-stimulation until flat. If you want to steal your neighbors wife because she secretly loves you, you openly love her, and her husband is a vile devil who beats her, well then .. the magick way .. is to conjure up a mockup of a vile devil and demonstrate to him all the things that can be done to his wife. And so on.

    This has never played well with the heathen ideal that one simply has to non-confront something for it to go away, which is a dominant ideology in many western cultures responsible for much of its turmoil. Magick is the confront of that which is and that which isn’t.

  100. I don’t understand what the problem is, if you don’t want these idiots bothering you with their tin foil hats and cameras just call the police, get a restraining order. If they start spreading propaganda against you sue them for defamation.

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