Morals, Punishment, Ritual and Chaos

How has radical corporate Scientology gone down the chute into chaos?

An ethic, really, is different than a code.  People can be beaten into being moral but they can never be beaten into being ethical because an ethic requires a very good estimation of force.  You have to be able to judge to be ethical. And one of the first things they tell a people that they only want to be moral — the first thing a ruler will tell a people that he only wants to be moral is to tell them that they mustn’t judge anything.  And then he lays in a code of morals with a club, you see, and then expects them to live up to it and punishes them if they don’t. 

– L Ron Hubbard 7 November 1952

When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.

When goodness is lost, there is morality.

When morality is lost, there is ritual.

Ritual is the husk of true faith, the beginning of chaos.

– Lao Tzu, ca. 500 b.c. 

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  1. Perfect Marty.

    Thank you for constantly reminding me how MUCH we have lost in Radical Scientology and just how much we stand to gain by returning to LRH’s actual scientology.

    “Speak or act with a pure mind
    And happiness will follow you
    As your shadow, unshakable.” Dhammapada – The Sayings of the Buddha


  2. Nicely put!

    Judgement is essential for optimum survival.

    Unfortunately, the Church of Scientology has devolved into a cult where judgement is no longer permitted.

    The outcome is no longer in doubt. It is just a matter of time.

  3. Theo Sismanides

    Simply amazing, man! Thanks so much!

  4. Everytime I read a bit of LRH some piece of confusion/charge blows off of my universe.
    Thanks Marty

  5. Marty, one of the best suggestions you ever gave me was to buy a pocket-sized copy of the Tao and keep it in my purse. I did, and since then I’ve read it countless times while traveling. What a treasure it is. Thank you. 🙂

  6. E.J. Croughs

    When ritual is lost, there’s force.
    When force is lost, there’s chaos.
    When chaos is lost, there’s Davey.
    E.C. 62 AD

  7. FCDC Class of 74

    How far will the remaining staff tumble into the abyss that is corporate Scientology? I never realised that true faith was a blind state of being before chaos. The needs of the many require we get as many survivors off the sinking ship before it takes down so many good beings.

  8. Lao Tzu wrote more densely and beautifully than LRH, but LRH wrote so that anyone could understand and, more importantly, use the concept so perfectly expressed 2500 years ago. Exhibit A, arbitrarily chosen from many, is the Ethics Repair List.

  9. Wow !
    Makes lots of sense !
    So the Indies will have their ethics in by each indie thinking for himself and making his own decisions about his life and using the philosophy of Scientology as a guideline if applicable !
    But those original estimations of efforts have to be done by each one individually .
    And so we ‘ll be powerful !

    I like it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. This LRH quote refers exactly to the current state of radical corporate Scientology!!

  11. I must get a copy of Tao for my Kindle.

    Side stepping slightly, I gather each Scientologist within the church of scientology is encouraged to write Knowledge Reports (of form of judgement perhaps, perhaps not) on perceived transgressors.

    I always wondered if the KR system had the effect of making individuals police themselves to the degree of thought stopping for fear of a KR being written on them and ethics action being taken. It also struck me as a system that could be abused.

    Was it like that? Pros, cons, misperceptions of the workings of corporate scientology?

  12. Your humble servant

    I find it most profound that the Tao is above goodness. When the Tao is lost there is goodness. All else is below that. The Radical “Church of Scientology” is so far below that it is disgraceful. A girl called me wanting to “brief” me on some Way to Happiness campaign. What could I say to this girl? That I had long since given up on donating to anything connected with the Miscavige Church of Suppression? I did not, I just abruptly and somewhat politely declined. Probably I should have communicated some little bit of the truth to her, although she would not have wanted to hear it. E.C. is right that Davey is chaos. David is right that the outcome is now pretty much inevitable.

  13. TheWidowDenk

    Thank you for posting this topic about all things wise and wonderful! Rachel

  14. This is a little bit off topic, but I would like to share this with you:

    I just attested the State of Clear. 🙂

    For me this was an unbelievable cycle.
    I am since over 20 years a Scientologist.
    And this question (have you gone dianetics clear) came up already in the very first weeks, when I´ve started, and then from time to time again and again.
    But up to know it wasn’t handled appropriate and we couldn´t figure it out correctly.

    Now within a couple of session and in one single day, we was able to sort it all out.
    Now for the first time all the thoughts, invalidations and evaluations I had related to this question, it all makes absolutely sense to me.
    It is totally crystal clear to me what happened and it feels great.
    So much charge has blowed.
    It feels wonderful, I feel great and I’m very, very, very happy and I am still in the process of realising what I have just achieved.

    21. April 2012 is a wonderful and unique day for me.
    And the year 1952 was a wonderful and busy year, too. 🙂

    One thing which was also quite remarkable for me, is, that since a couple of month I was so interested and exited about starting on my solo journey, like never before.
    Although I was theoretically still at the very beginning of the bridge and while earlier, when I thought about that, the idea of auditing myself was very strange to me.
    And now I am very very close and eager to start on my solo journey.

    Thank you soooooo much to Ignazio Tidu, he is an absolutely, unbelievable very straight and A to B auditor.
    His technical skills are just amazing.

    Thanks to Ron for all the great Tech he gave us.

    And thanks to you all too for listening.

  15. For myself, I read LRH Tech and always there are insights and Pearls
    of Wisdom that I think WOW, this will Clear the Planet in no time at all.
    Why this datum alone will change Mankind overnight, ( a true Hippies mentality of the 60’s Summer of Love) And then I see the Date and its in the 1950’s. Looking around today ( D.M.s Puzzle factory working overtime) and I shrug, my God,all this tech to raise ARC
    back then.

  16. E.J. Croughs

    Looks like everybody can see except the trapped staff. Now we have (non American) governments opening their eyes. Even Dutch Members of Parliament hit the empty building scam, tax loop holes, fraud, abuse, etc.

  17. Cool, Marty. Love the quote from Code of Honor and the one from Tao Teh Ching.
    Both quotes show exactly the face of the current scene in the “Church”.

  18. Nice Marty

  19. The same old LDW

    Thanks again for being relevant and perceptive, Marty.

    “No one expects the Code of Honor to be closely and tightly followed.
    An ethical code cannot be enforced. Any effort to enforce the Code of Honor would bring it into the level of a moral code. It cannot be enforced simply because it is a way of life which can exist as a way of life only as long as it is not enforced. Any other use but self-determined use of the Code of Honor would, as any Scientologist could quickly see, produce a considerable deterioration in a person. Therefore its use is a luxury use, and which is done solely on self-determined action, providing one sees eye to eye with the Code of Honor.
    1.Never desert a comrade in need, in danger, or in trouble.
    2.Never withdraw allegiance once granted.
    3.Never desert a group to which you owe your support.”


    It takes some real self-determinism to see and decide for oneself who is and who is not a comrade, who does and does not deserve one’s allegiance and which groups one owes one’s support to.

    I never gave my support to a narcissistic little squirrel who intends to make slaves. I never joined that group. There are indeed real comrades in need, danger and trouble and I still wish to help them. Exposing miscavige, his intentions and crimes and neutering his evil purps is a necessary evil in order to make this world a better place to live.

    This group gets my support with no hesitation.


  20. theo Sismanides


  21. Li'll bit of stuff


    You came

    You saw

    You grabbed

    What was never

    Yours to have.

    And now

    Thanks to your

    Refusal to have

    The real E/P

    of Scientology

    You are now

    Just another


    S.P. Ponzi

  22. For the KR system to advance the greatest good, it needs for the people whose hat it is to read and act upon those KRs to have good judgment. By good judgment is meant the correct estimation of force that leads to the greatest good.

    If the people who read and act upon the KRs don’t have good judgment, the KR system brings about a police state where people are afraid to act because someone might write some arbitrary “KR” and the person whom the KR was written on suffers even if he didn’t do anything wrong.

    Too often the people reading and acting upon the KRs have not had good judgment and the system has definitely been abused often

  23. Ethics – makes you want to look doesn’t it?

  24. Nice post.
    ca. 500 b.c. looks like a good time.

  25. Thank you for your answer DaveFagen. 🙂

  26. Atta boy/girl!

  27. Random Stranger

    One of Hubbard’s mistakes was the creation of the Sea Org. Too into punishing. Too ritualistic. Too non-thinking. Yes, he did whip up a lot of cool stuff, but this was not one of them. Militaristic uniforms and protocol? I think not. Harsh discipline? Doesn’t work. Inspiration and understanding does, not enforcement. A lot of this stuff went against the very philosophy of Scientology. No one was strong enough to tell him if and when he was full of shit or if he was on the wrong track. Or if they did they were thrown out. All of that crap laid the groundwork for a suppressive like Miscavige to utterly destroy the good. Bad move, LRH. Hey, nobody’s perfect. I’d tell you to face if you were sitting across from me, but I’d also validate you for the good parts of the philosophy. I don’t know if Marty will post this and I don’t blame him if he doesn’t, but I’m just posting what is true for me about this whole Morals, Punishment, Ritual and Chaos thing. I can understand not wanting to shine a light on a blemish of LRH and after all, it is Marty’s blog. Why do I post this?

    C o m m u n i c a t i o n.

    With Reality.

    With Affinity for what I communicate.

  28. Li'll bit of stuff

    Just FABULOUS! What an achievement!! Enjoy !

  29. Stuck In A Meat Body

    Words of wisdom. Reminds me of some Aristotle:

    “We must no more ask whether the soul and body are one than ask whether the wax and the figure impressed on it are one.”

  30. Plus a billion.

  31. flytrike–Beautiful!

  32. Wow! this is really good news! CONGRATULATIONS! All the best to you and lots of greetings to Ignazio. I did not forget him and will continue my way up the bridge when I feel ready for it again 🙂

  33. Dave — I wholeheartedly agree with you. And I think the issue of “judgment” is WAY more important than I had thought back in the good old days of drinking the koolaid.

    THere is sort of a trap built into the subject. The rigorous application of the procedures and route to bringing someone up the Tone Scale is one thing. Deviation from this pattern is provably unworkable.

    But when the same rigidity of application is applied to Ethics and Admin, disasters result. It is the ADMIN procedures where LRH talks about “playing the piano” — knowledge and judgment of the scene.

    Of course, there is also the insane level of “no judgment” that occurs on tech lines too — witness the GAT and the robot auditors turned out (fortunately for pc’s everywhere, there aren’t many of them being made….) but it is a longer-term, more widespread disease on admin and ethics lines. And Ethics/Tech/Admin are inextricably intertwined.

  34. In my over 30 years experience I have never seen it do much good on the people involved. It has mainly created more upsets. It is used instead of handling the situation directly, communicating to the individual and is mainly used as a self-protection by the person originating the KR. When it comes up in Ethics/Sec Check, he/she can say “I wrote a KR” about it.

  35. Random Stranger

    Thank you Marty for being brave enough to communicate.

  36. People can be beaten into being moral but they can never be beaten into being ethical because an ethic requires a very good estimation of force. You have to be able to judge to be ethical.
    I was so constantly judged while on staff that I lost the ability to judge in myself, I lost the ability to estimate the force needed to be ethical. That’s really a mind fluck that required removing myself completely from being judged (away from CofS) so I could restore my own ability to judge. Which I have done, by the way. And oh how effortless it is when you get away from them!

    How was I judged in CofS? Assigned conditions not based on stats. My overts were always the Why. Judged by some OT “friends of David Miscavige” verbally with their opinions and attitudes of how I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to do and what I could have or not have in my life. Oh and if I disagree with their judgment or if I can’t be brought around by force to agreeing, then I can’t be part of THEIR church BUT they won’t let me leave peacefully and want to keep me captive and producing and in confusion.

    Thanks to LRH, I found out where I was – and got the hell out as quick as I could!

  37. EXACTLY, Dave!

  38. Awesome news! Congrats & wishing you smooth and exciting and fantastic sailing UP the Bridge!
    VWD Ignazio!

  39. Random Stranger, I just want to ack you.
    IMO, just like pieces of tech were changed over the years or abandoned completely, perhaps given more time, so would the S.O. have been completely revamped or abandoned completely. One thing LRH was certainly willing to do was be wrong.

  40. one of those who see

    Marty, had tears in my eyes as I read the 2 quotes. Tears of joy, tears of huge affinity for you as you invite us along on your personal journey of truth.
    We are on the correct path. Of this I’m certain. Hope you have a well deserved beautiful day.

  41. Great post, I hated getting thrown in the lake, it has been the low point in my life.

  42. YEAH! Applause!

  43. yvonneschick

    You can relax, Random. IMHO, you haven’t attacked the man. You are just expressing a rational disagreement with one of his actions. Personally, I welcome your perspective. I think there is a bit of agreement within this group that we are not required to worship LRH or any of his creations. In fact, I think he compelled us to question for ourselves the workability of anything we encounter.

  44. Mike, I agree with both you and Dave on this. Goes towards sec checking also. Sec Checking, was supposed to increase activity. I noticed for myself, DECREASED activity because it was so intense and long that I was afraid to do something wrong. Living life, almost all actions have positive and negative consequences in some aspect of their global influence. Ethics applied as a purely black and white subject, especially when exceptionally biased, makes it an un winnable game.

    This was one of the major reasons I disconnected from this world 10+ years ago, it is so much simpler in the outside world; break the law and you go to jail … know and don’t break the law, treat people fairly or you will have no friends and customers and reputation and will have your ass sued off.

  45. Very nice, Marty. Thank you ! Congratulations, Flytrike ! VWD !

  46. Thanks Marty!
    Very helpful. Great quotes -I’ve ordered my copy of the Tao….

  47. yay Clear! This is what we all came into Scn for in the first place and you did it!

  48. E.J. Croughs

    By exposing miscavige, his intentions and crimes and neutering his evil purps you’re helping your comrades in need, danger and trouble. That’s the way to support your group (real Scientologists) and maintain allegiance.

  49. Brilliant post. The juxtaposition of Hubbard’s elucidation of these mechanics of a Conduct scale with the Tao’s wisdom (cognition) (of the same truth) exemplifies that truth is truth, no matter the form.
    L. Ron Hubbard is an admirable and outstanding philosopher; a courageous observer with acute analytical acumen AND sense of play, who contributed a methodology, tools and stepping stones to those seeking truth and freedom.
    Just as the words .’friendship’. and ‘love’ are verbs, so is Scientology. It isn’t Scientology, even if it’s calling itself Scientology, unless it’s Scientology. No doubt most of us have experienced being told “I love you” with quite the opposite actions.
    Reading this Hubbard excerpt alone says it all insofar as the fundamentals of conduct, both personal and in the etymological sense of conDUCT (to manage, guide). The Hubbard excerpt illuminates and describes the declined, decadent pudgy-fisted “rule by force” impostor Corporate Scientology has become — and for an off-the-rails substitute goal to boot! (not auditors and processing…but buildings, personal aggrandizement, conquest and money.)

  50. I think it was revamped. Geeze he wrote one long policy on being a “nice” person. Even he got fed up with the abuse. Maybe that was a Flag Order? I had a copy. Lost it. That would be a great piece to share. He built the subject of Scientology on ARC. Hey, I was in the Sea Org and I did not become ritualistic, militaristic, use harsh discipline (or any discipline). I really do not blame the “Sea Org” for the mean spirited people or the blind. The biggest problem is stupidity. You have Marty out here who has the DECENCY to show people and tell people the truth and you have people in the Church working to harm attack and suppress him for that. This is their world too and they have to live in it, they choose to live with lies and suppress the truth, that is stupidity.

    Although I never would have come up with a militia type of organization myself to sit on top of a religion. Hubbard was most successful with franchises until DM mocked up the “finance police” and turned a group of domestic terrorists loose A,K,A, now known as the “mission massacre”. I think having the Sea Org run on communistic principles was not such a bright idea either. People get grumpy when don’t get paid for the effort. Staff do not even get trained and audited anymore. They receive improper exchange and now are forced to deliver overt products. No wonder they are mean. An elephant at a circus recently had a psychotic break and turned on the trainer because he was tired of working for peanuts.

    DM has grown men prostrating before the MAA for masturbating and Jenny Linson on missions to find out who is doing it while he is up at Int wrapping a dildo to mail to Mosey. And the whole group will fight for him!

    You can’t fix stupid. Sorry you can fix a lot of things in Scientology and you can make people a lot brighter. But what we find most appalling is the stupidity. Stupid people prefer to let others do the thinking. And that is the main problem with the Sea Org. DM relies on stupidity:

    “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

    In the same interview he says this:

    “Let me tell you, I take a great deal of pride in creating peace,” said Miscavige, who became Scientology’s leader at age 26. “And I have been involved in a few situations or conflicts that looked unresolvable … and I was capable of resolving them.”

    How many stupid people believe this still today against the backdrop of scandal and revolt? Hey, OSA, let’s do a QUICK ROLL CALL HERE!

  51. Dolphin Play

    Congratulations!! The joy leapt right through the screen! What a happy day indeed!

  52. E.J. Croughs

    I would never sign up for the SO, only part time contracts like I did. A game without end is no game. But when LRH was running it, Scientology expanded big time up to the 80’s. Davey’s handlers would have taken over any form of organization, whether SO, GO, CSI, Church, charity or whatever outfit would have ultimate power over the flock.

  53. Claudio Lugli

    This is a gem!
    Thank you Marty.
    Always refreshing and sane.

  54. Thanks, Marty and contributors, for creating and “island of sanity” right here on this blog.

  55. Thanks, Marty!
    This post ties in nicely with your previous post on Force. Freedom through domination is not a workable method.

  56. Cured Robot Betsy

    Congratulations! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Mike Laws, good point about sec checking supposed to INCREASE activity. I had completly forgotten that.

  58. In the current culture, the word “judgement” has taken on a somewhat bad connotation, usually as the adverb form “judgmental”. Often used to describe people who impose their mores or morals or opinions upon another or others in an annoying or even oppressive way. Thus, in the last several years, I’ve taken extra care when using this word to ensure the recipient of my comm understands that the meaning I am using is the one which expresses a good estimation of effort, proper or good assessment of the situation, etc.

    There are plenty of examples in RCS of MAAs or others being overly “judgmental”.

  59. +1

    @Random Stranger
    I think LRH wouldn’t need to establish the SO if there wasn’t that much of suppression on his lines at that time.
    The only “country” left for him to go was the sea.
    Maybe not.
    I don’t know.
    He needed a base – that’s a fact.
    And he had one. And dedicated staff.
    LRHs idea to have a base on the sea is not that bad if you ask me – but I must agree it seems as it is way too cultish in some way.
    In my opinion the worst thing is not the SO itself but that the SO Members are used for IAS registrations, Idull Orgs program and running class V orgs.

    I always wonder what have had happened if the mess in UK were handled on time and properly.
    We wouldn’t have the sea org. Maybe. Maybe no (confidential) OT Levels.

    Who knows.

    I know there is suppression on the planet and I conclude LRH did what he did because his time was limited.

    He owns my full admiration, despite of some of the things he has done which make little sense (looking on them retrospectively).

    [sorry for my bad english, hope you get that]

  60. “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

    Hey, this quote is from LRH.
    Not exactly the same wording, but Madison is using this concept in Vol. 9 (or 10) of the Mission Earth series.
    It’s obvious that Madison’s “PR” as described in Mission Earth is the only PR Miscavige ever used.

  61. I am off on this sec checking tangent. I recall my first few sec checks in the very early eighties. Beautiful! Relief! Wins! Then there was my first with the official “handling” afterwards. Very different. I came out floating on cloud nine only to encounter der ethics officer who proceeded to read off every KR and insist on conditions. Which I had to bullshit my way through. Talk about being jammed back into it.

    Anyway, what Marty said and, LRH has given us the tools.

  62. Robin, in the ideal LRH world, you’d judge for yourself what you needed to do or not do. It could have been as easy as seeing the EO and them asking you, do you feel you need to do anything on these KRs? Waits for your answer. Helps you if needed. Anything other than that is evaluation and an easy slide into the EO dramatizing evil purposes on you by judging and trying to punish you.

  63. Flytrike, the Days togheter was Fantastic, i’ve look your eyes when you have attest the state of Clear and they was Crystal white !
    I am very honored to have known during my sessions of NOTS.
    It ‘s true, and as’ a small world, and ‘HGC was international ! And Ignazio with its 20-24 sessions per day, and not’ bored for sure!
    See you soon my new friend !
    The standing ovation is for you !

  64. That was a stretch a huge I don’t know how you connected such dots.

  65. Tom Gallagher

    Morals, Punishment, Ritual and Chaos…………

    My take: “Welcome to POB’s world.”

    Marty, you couldn’t have titled it better.

  66. The question of being denied “eternity” if you leave the Church of Scientology
    seems to be the “trump card” that gets played quite often. It usually follows some quotes about policy or some such. Its so serious that its funny and
    this passage from Steven Vincent Benet’s “The Devil and Daniel Webster”
    always reminds me that this sort of maneuver has been around for a long time…
    Jabez Stone has sold his soul to the devil and wants to back out of the deal…

    ‘But Jabez Stone wasn’t listening, for he saw something else flutter out of the black pocket book. It was something that looked like a moth, but it wasn’t a moth. And as Jabez Stone stared at it, it seemed to speak to him in a small sort of piping voice, terrible small and thin, but ter- rible human. “Neighbor Stone!” it squeaked. “Neighbor Stone! Help me! For God’s sake, help me! ” But before Jabez Stone could stir hand or foot, the stranger whipped out a big bandana handkerchief, caught the creature in it, just like a butterfly, and started tying up the ends of the bandana.’

    as I haven’t been declared yet, I prefer to be known by my handle “crane”
    I am at a very low level of training anyway…and I just disconnected…using the “never explain, never complain” method.

  67. I agree with you, the suppression dramatized on Earth in the 50 – 70s was quite intense, threat of nuclear exchanges with the arms race going on, the cold war, Berlin Wall, amalgamation/creation of financial dictatorships etc. In the face of suppression one makes mistakes.
    I reckon LRH did wonderfully well to codify what he did, the 3rd & 4th Dynamics have a gross instability about them, history provides the best proof of that.

  68. For over a year in the mid-90’s I was responding to knowledge reports that were written to the RTC Reports Officer. It was a disheartening process. The policy then, and I am sure now, is to provide an acknowledgment that the report has been received, to info people (on the response and on the original report) on the org board below that should know of the situation or take action to investigate or deal with it (if required), or to send an alert over to RTC Investigations staff to look into the situation as reported.

    The answer from the Reports Officer RTC is virtually a pat answer for most reports, leaving the person who wrote it unsure if RTC is actually doing anything or not. And the people lower on the org board who are info’d on the response and original report, don’t know if they should take action or if the fact of RTC receiving the report (bypassing them) leaves them in Danger and no longer responsible. In my view, the RTC Reports line has done nothing but a) incur a constant danger condition on persons lower on the org board and b) added to the image that David Miscavige and RTC are handling everything (when they are not actually dealing with any situations and just making them worse).

    There were a number of instances when I was in Data RTC and David Miscavige would come in and look at the reports coming in and the answers going out. He would arbitrarily jump on some and issue orders to rectify situations, and he would harshly deal with the Reports Officer if he deemed that the responses were too specific, or helpful, and not generic enough.

    On the other end of the line, the investigations staff in RTC (in the 90’s and early 2000’s) were simply flooded with random outpoints and alerts from Data reports and were expected to investigate and deal with situations. These ranged in severity from out-right squirreling and altering of the tech, to so-called disaffecteds, unqualified executive postings and the like.

    BUT — what was missing in ALL of this, was judgement. DM sets the policy (and counter-policy, and illegal policy and screw-ball policy) on what is said to reports, what is done by the Reports Officer and by other investigatory staff. RTC staff are not permitted to have judgement. They are either DM-bots or they are out of RTC. Period. I can say that with absolute conviction as every time I ever tried to use my own judgement and knowledge of the Data Series when I worked in RTC, I came a cropper. I was beheaded, fast and furious. And it happened more times that I would like to mention. Yep — I was in constant trouble in RTC — because I could not or would not follow the thinking of the leader.

    Judgement is the key. Ethics and admin requires judgement and an ability to play the piano — not an ability to worship and suck up to the “Pope” of Scientology.

  69. Random,
    You are absolutely right, there is no way to communicate and gain any kind of reality at such a level of affinity that precludes granting beingness, that comes off the top as invalidating or any of the various and unworkable valences that over the years have characterized the Sea Org.

    That shit done’ work. So, in the entier sprite of Scientology, what doesn’t work is tossed.

    Toss the “valence”, not the workable aspects, such as Evaluations done by expert use of the Data Series and which HELP, and with that help flow, a Mission fired to HELP the area achieve a closer approach to the Ideal Scene.

  70. That shit don’t work. So, in the entire spirit of Scientology…etc.

  71. In today’s RCS, sec checks are abuse intentionally and emanating from the top, to put the entire body of tech into disrepute. To undermine it and all because David Miscavige has withholds he doesn’t want revealed.

    I don’t know, but it’s possible this one thing, the pounding with added inapplicable sec checks, coupled with the squirrelling of the FN, has wreaked more havoc with cases from the bottom to the top (and maybe ESPECIALLY at the top) than any other SP bullshit this SP has brought into play.

  72. Path of Buddha

    Excellent post, Marty.

    In Theravada, ritualistic activities are called “clinging to false practice.”
    There is an old story that the Buddha, while walking the highway of the day,
    encountered two naked ascetics who had crucified themselves upside down
    on crosses. They believed that this extreme ritualistic practice, handed down, would purge them of their sins and that they would reach the end of stress.
    The Buddha explained the error of their ways and convinced them to come
    down from their crosses to earth. It is recorded that from that point on they tried the “Middle Way”. What a relief it must have been to them.

    May all beings in extreme ritualistic activities be well and happy!
    George M. White

  73. Random Stranger

    No, it’s true. LRH set the stage with the Simon Bolivar policy. I’m sure that those who were witness to Miscavige’s brutality and flamboyance early on, when they witnessed him accomplishing something ’cause he pounded someone into it, decided to support him based on the Simon Bolivar policy by LRH. Let’s be real and let’s be honest. Period. And there you go.

  74. Tom Gallagher

    I agree Jim. It’s all too obvious.

    RCS is DM’s contagious dramatization.

  75. Random Stranger

    My honest point, after much deliberation and contemplation about this is that LRH caused a disconnect from society as a whole. Didn’t feel it was deserving respect as an existing entity. In my opinion, instead of playing cat and mouse and cops and robbers and spy versus spy, he should have STOOD UP and faced his accusers, his detractors, met the onslaught head-on and arm-wrestled the authorities straight up. That would have been honorable, win or lose. Instead…well, you know the game he decided to play. And at the end, while Miscavige was busy wreaking havoc, LRH was idling away the otherwise idle hour by writing an amateurish decology of slightly interesting science fiction about Jettero Heller. Yeah. That’s the truth. I’m not judging. I’m just saying that’s the unvarnished truth. And you have what you have now. Hurrah for the illustrious Sea Org, a powerful band of people, so competent they are willing to abuse each other, follow a crazy man, and justify every action of their demise until they run out of ways to justify it. Then they leave. Some try to make up the damage afterwards. If I’m lying…then strike me down with a lightning bolt to my head as I would be unworthy of having an honest opinion of what the truth really is.

  76. TheWidowDenk

    Random Stranger —

    This below quote is taken from LRH’s Orders of the Day (OODS) April 17, 1970. It made total sense to me when I read it recently and it makes sense now in response to your comment. I don’t think it’s necessarily that “One of Hubbard’s mistakes was the creation of the Sea Org,” as you state, but that it evolved into what you/we now see and experience.

    Scn orgs have taken to advertising the SO. This is silly. The SO is not their product.

    We are the organization three feet behind the head of Scn orgs. We succeed if we are least noticed. End quote.

  77. Random Stranger

    There’s too much admin tech. Good god almighty. Volumes and reams and lists and axioms and truths and EDs and Evals and more policy and more stuff. Jesus H. Christ almighty in a hand basket man! I’ve been deep inside successful multi-million dollar corporations who had NO written policy, NO reams of dictates, very few orders, NO ethics department, a basic plan and a lot of cooperation and it was WAY more successful than a policy-laden and burdened Church of Scientology organization that continually chokes itself with its own stupidity and stereotyping of circumstances. Simple. Go for the product. Get things out of the way that prevent the product. Simple. Simple. Simple.

  78. Profound wisdom from LRH and Lao Tzu, Marty.

    Little creepy “deja vu” feeling when contemplating those words from those two.

  79. I NEVER got that from the Simon Bolivar PL. In fact, I got the diametric opposite to DM’s bullshit and the 1984 style “new Sea Org” he inaugurated at the San Francisco Mission Holders meeting in 82.

    The Responsibilities of Leaders issue is a wrong source for an explanation of this situation. It doesn’t open up any door to handling. Misinterpretation of it, or robotic application with no judgment many account for outpoints.

  80. +1 Nice, Dave!

  81. And that is precisely what it says in LRH policy to do – cut it away if it gets in the way. THAT is covered. That is the truth. (The Structure of Organization: What is Policy 13 March 65, Issue III).

    And how about this from OEC Vol III, Refund Policy:
    “The more thetan you have present, the less policy you need and the better
    things run. Only a thetan can handle a post or a pc. All he needs is the
    know-how of minds as contained in Scientology. That was all he ever lacked. ”
    given that, sheer policy is poor stuff, as it seeks to make a datum stand where a
    being should be. That’s the whole story of the GPMs. So why not have live orgs?
    “Policy is only vital where agreement must exist between two or more thetans
    working together. Beyond that it fails. A needful policy is “We’ll start work on
    time” since without it the org goes ragged. A useless policy would be “The
    Registrar must always smile at an applicant” for that puts a datum where a
    person should be.
    “So there are two kinds of policies- those needed to obtain work-together
    ease and those which seek to put a datum instead of a being in a position. The
    less you have of the latter the better things will get. The more reasonable the
    former, the more work will be done.”

    The policy Third Dynamic Tech covers the fact that policy has to be thought with, to use judgement, to evaluate with the fundamentals.

    I agree with you, swamped by significance and altered importance and failing to understand and apply ANY policy in relation to the purpose of helping others along the road to truth is, and has been a curse and destructive and utter bullshit. But it isn’t the policy that does that, it is people ppoorly informed, or robotically indoctrinated and operating on an irreducible minimum of the lie that there is a pat answer for every damn thing that happens in life.

  82. Masturbation mission…. never heard of it until this blog. It missed me. Can’t help imagining a scene where Jenny is being primed for the mission by DM wagging his finger at her for emphasis: “Not only is it a degrading thing to do but it will make you go blind.” Jenny: “But sir, I’m over here.”

    As for the definition of power if someone will listen to you…. I kind of like that. If you try to run a business, give a talk, or write a blog and no one listens to you then you don’t have much power. That is unless you are resonant with Lao Tzu and it doesn’t matter, because you are one with the Tao. My leaving the scientology was predicated in a sense on assigning all my power to the church, the tech and LRH and then coming to the realization that it might be a good idea to listen to myself…. luxuriating in ‘keep your own counsel’. Until one’s self recognition trumps the external voices then one is sure to have tyrants and dictators.
    Part of the reason I follow this blog is the inspiring stories the come from those who have re-aligned their focus, their assignment of power, to the voice within which may not even be a voice but a knowing or an impulse to look in another direction.

  83. When I went to Phx to see Tom Martiniano one of the first things we did was a repair of questionable auditing and or ethics list (I’m not sure how close to the name of the list I am), and it was very needed. I knew I was a bit upset by some of this stuff, but I really didn’t know if you know what I mean.
    Humans can get pretty squirrely on their own, but in a squirrel Scientology Church they can get pretty bad. I assume this might be a charged list for a lot of Church Members

  84. Activity and productiveness.

  85. One day, we will be reading about the Reformation within the Church of Scientology in history books.

  86. Absolutely correct Lana. I was Reports Off Sec for a while and concur that all the answers were pat.

  87. Joe Pendleton

    A wonderful quote and there are numerous other writings during those years where LRH was saying stuff that was very similar and I think these ideas on ethics, morals and choices (and force) are very important. I do think at the same time that it was Ron himself who starting using the club in an ever increasing way starting in the 60s. I only post my opinions again about this by the way just because it is the subject being discussed. But with the lower conditions (assigned quite liberally even at their start) came a number of punitive measures and then the 300 or so listed crimes one could commit, all the “justice” bodies/boards, throwing people overboard, chain locker imprisonment and the RPF, all in the late 60s. Yes, of course these were not the insane, crazy, over the top stuff that Miscavige enforced, but by the time Davey started his reign of terror, these rituals were completely in place (I can attest to that as an org staff member from 1970 onward). You can read about the Sea Org side of this from 1967 on in Jeff Hawkin’s book. Why did LRH start to get so heavy? I don’t really know of course. My guess is he started to think beings were in much worse condition than he had previously thought and that this was necessary. Maybe he was also getting frustrated and short of patience. Just guesses. But the ironic thing in this all is that he had written for the previous 15 years that Scientologists, Clears and OTs were the MOST ethical folks in the world with the BEST judgment on life, and then he started using more force and control to get them to walk the straight and narrow. That “cognitive disonance” never really made sense to me. And now we see what is done under the current regime to the most highly trained and processed and accomplished Scientologists (like Debbie Cook and remember the story Marty posted on Mary Jo, an OT8 last year?). If THESE people can’t just be trusted to do the right thing then there is something that has REALLY gone screwy in the whole world of Scientology. (like when I used to hear 3 or 4 musters throughout the day at ASHO that were audible to the BC room – why would such control have to be put in on “the most ethical and dedicated beings on the planet”?)

  88. Fantastic news Flytrike! 🙂

  89. +1 I’m with you TheWidowDenk

  90. Hi Lana, I read your post. Regarding Staff Member reports, specifically KR’s.
    Now the Pl on this HCO Pl 1 May 1965. It has not been revised.

    There are 21 reports a staff member by report on with titles.

    the last one is 21 – knowledge reports.

    It says “On noting some investigation is in progress and having data on IT (meaning the investigation) of value to Ethics.


    So my question to readers here………and after re-reading that PL, why does one write a KR? Read the PL. And read the PL that it is from a staff member on staff in an Class 5 org. Not pubic, but a staff member reporting on knowledge for info for an investigation in progress.

    Where is it written one just writes a KR on somebody for some bad wrong doing? There are 20 other reports a STAFF MEMBER may write on another STAFF MEMBER. Staff member being key here. Does this PL apply to public? A paying public going up the bridge?

    There a dept called the Chaplain.

    Why would one write a KR on somebody because they have a problem with them? Why would a public person write a KR on another public, a friend?

    I don’t understand?

    The PL says what it says?

    I do not understand this KR thing? As it is written in the Policy Letter.

  91. Jim, you are a gem. Thank you for: “the lie that there is a pat answer for every damn thing that happens in life.” What a perfect way to say it.

  92. Marty,
    Thank you for posting these two gems of sanity, one from Ron and one from Lao Tse. Together they address the importance of judgment and, by inference, self-determinism. Without self-determinism there can be no judgment. There also can be no case gain without an increase in self-determinism:
    “Any new discovery or simplification is valid and useful directly in ratio to its enlargement of the individual’s ability to reason with the knowledge he has. This rehabilitates the person’s self-determinism. If Diantetics and the auditor save the preclear’s self-determinism, they save all. They are giving the individual back to himself”. -LRH (Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, September 1951)
    Compare that with what is going on today in the Church. I believe that in this post you are pointing directly at a MAJOR mechanism which explains why the wonderful case gain, life enhancement, sense of freedom, affinity for others, etc. that the Church of Scientology under LRH used to deliver routinely to people has gradually deteriorated to the point where it is today under Miscavige. Miscavige is all about control, obedience, others saying the “right” thing and not saying the “wrong” thing, and others doing as they are told rather than following their own consciences. The result of doing that is what those who are still fooled by DM experience every time they have an squirrel auditing session or strain to hope that they will have a three swing F/N. Thanks in great part to you we don’t have to participate in that suppressive games condition any more. You have de-PTSed a whole lot of Scientologists by spotting the correct “who” and continuously putting our attention on this exact, correct why….that there has been a big-time SP at the helm of the Church of Scientology for over 25 years. It is not necessarily easy or comfortable to confront this even though in retrospect it is kind of obvious. Sometimes it might seem “safer” or “more comfortable” to just ignore one’s own observations and not face this fact. But, the truth is the truth and you keep saying, “look at THAT. Thank you.” So, I just wanted to say, thank YOU …for doing what you do.
    Here is a little verse you inspired me to write:


    You don’t have to ask permission
    Just to do a little fishin’
    You can cast out far and wide
    To any place that you decide
    And when you find you’ve caught something
    Just go ahead and pull that string
    If you wish to know what’s on your hook
    All you have to do is look !

  93. Random Stranger, I think they called that integrity: knowing what you know, communicating what you know. Being true to yourself even if the whole world is against you.
    It’s easy to always agree with everybody and have a self condradulatory lalapalooza.

    I honor a good argument, especially when someone can change my mind with reason.

    I’ve learned that there is a sense of rightness in learning to comfortably be wrong when I am wrong.

  94. RS, He wanted Manuela should be a conniving manipulative hard driving bitch with hidden agendas willing to sleep with Simon’s cohorts for favors. But if Mary Sue had done that he would have had a shit fit. The point I took from that PL as a value, was the idea that you have to take care of the people that take care of you. Something Hubbard also failed short on from time to time. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t good advice.

    People need to LOOK and think for themselves. He wanted staff to live on a an allowance but he did not live on one. He even wrote a policy suggesting people think “Do what Ron would do or what would Ron do?” Why the hell would I do what Ron would do if I’m not Ron? Every human being has the option to think for themselves. It is actually a duty many people surrender . Hubbard shared advice, results, and stories and opinions. The only people he asked to copy him were the CMO with messengers with regard to messages. I did know people in the Sea Org Org who managed to remain themselves. Plenty of them. DM is lacking some core attributes and those would still be lacking if never walked across the front door of any Church.

  95. He is stupid. Total theater. He appeared bright when he has a bright foundation beneath him. That foundation gone he comes off like a bumbling idiot. He has been WAY over estimated. Total theatre!

  96. There is a later PL — 2 July 82 entitled Knowledge Reports that answers your question. I dont have it soft copy. It’s in Vol 0.

  97. E.J. Croughs
    You said it perfectly.

  98. Hey, don’t forget, those people in those multi -million dollar corps were probably well rested, well fed, getting laid, healthy, did not have to put up with injustice and the Sea Org, knew their rights and were cheerful. Look at the way staff live, where is the pleasure , reward or enhancement?
    There are more MacDonalds restaurants than there are Churchs. Once you make someone a slave I don’t care how many good dieas you have for a business, it is going to turn into a graveyard.

  99. The red on white when used exactly as advised, works like high magic.

  100. Simon Bolivar is a dangerous church doctrine for a world wide religion. Is Simon Bolivar simply metaphor? Did Ron say in the policy to not take his words literally? No, he did not. Ron wanted his words understood, not for us to debate the significance of policy. He was very against the over significance of things.

    If I was writing policy to potentially be read by millions I would be damn sure that the transfer of proper understanding be essential. Especially if I’m asking my parishioners to consider assasins as a plan B. Notwithstanding the implications of R2 45 not being acceptable “at this time”. Implying that at some time it might be.

    Given the fact that the Simon Bolivar policy’s intent is debated tells me that the intent is still in question.

    Can anyone here prove to me that Ron did not intend others to commit violence to protect Scientology? That is impossible unless he foot noted Simon Bolivar with a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer.

    Look around, see what you are up against.

    Some here have even part took in that.

    It is disengenuous and an utter brick wall denial to not consider that some of this hurtful, dangerous and violent church doctrine came from Ron.

    Brick wall denial.

  101. Jim, I believe you are correct: DM’s practice of out-tech “sec checks” and by-passing F/Ns has wreaked more havoc on cases than anything else he has done… ESPECIALLY at the top of the Bridge. That’s why people are staying away from RCS in droves… he altered the tech to fit his own image and in so doing made RCS a squirrel group…

  102. The ethics conditions and admin scale tech were brilliant.

    Who cares if people do not use comm baskets anymore and those policies would not work in today’s market place? There are no policies for email in box and Sea Org people are not allowed to have computers anyway. The Sea Org is falling WAY behind in modern day technology.
    Soon they will be behind the Amish.

    Hey, you loose a lot of “think” as you move up the bridge. Maybe Ron thought to replace it with some bright ideas so we did not end up enmeshed with so much black magic further up on the track.

  103. My bad, the Sea Org is already behind the Amish:

    Main article: Amish religious practices

    Two key concepts for understanding Amish practices are their rejection of Hochmut (pride, arrogance, haughtiness) and the high value they place on Demut (humility) and Gelassenheit (calmness, composure, placidity), often translated as “submission” or “letting-be”. Gelassenheit is perhaps better understood as a reluctance to be forward, to be self-promoting, or to assert oneself.

  104. So eloquently and beautifully stated V.

  105. Homework: please clay demo Simon Bolivar. I’m serious, clay demo Simon Bolivar.

  106. As an auditor who has had to sort things out on PCs who have escaped the madness, you are so right!

  107. Great post!

  108. It is so great to be outside of this crazy Church where I can exercise my rights to use my judgement!!! Those who do use sane judgement are so much fun to be with. Robots are not.

  109. oh yes, I see you are correct as I have the Volume in hand. My OEC vol 0 from 1991 copyright L Ron hubbard Library.
    It is actually 22 July 82 Pl.

    So you say it answers my question. Yes it does. Thank You.

    But my further question is this. In 1982 is when DM took over. So my question is was the PL written by LRH? I don’t know.

    My Pl I reference is for staff members. The PL 22 July 82 is for Group Members.

    I’m just posing the question.

  110. I think the bigger truth, RS, is that the organization didn’t adapt. It was a different world in the 1950s/1960s … and instead of adapting the organization as the world changed (e.g. as psychiatry/psychology were reforming themselves, as alternative/naturopathic methods were becoming mainstream and as the comm lines of the world were opening up in ways like never before [i.e. the internet, cell phones, etc.]), the radical CoS dug its heals in even deeper and became solid and robotic, instead of fluid.

    The organization desperately needed experienced leadership, which really had their finger on the pulse of society and was able to use ARC to lead the group. Instead, we got the finance police, the mission massacre and an inexperienced dictator-wannabe.

  111. Your humble servant

    Random Stranger,

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, but it seems to me that you are not only judging but judging very harshly. I do not agree with your assessment at all. It seems to me that Ron accomplished more in one lifetime than most could have even dreamed of. It seems to me that it is easy for others to say what he should have done instead of what he did do, but then they weren’t there confronting what he confronted. As for the Sea Organization, it may have morphed into a suppressive group in its present aspects, but it didn’t start that way. (It was originally the Sea Project, after all, a much more modest undertaking). I think initially the S.O. did a tremendous amount of good.

  112. Joe, There’s a core of workability in requiring that the most senior members of any group — those with the most power — be more disciplined and more ethical than the other members of the group. One sees this approach used throughout society (e.g. our elected officials, our judges, our military are all held to a higher standard of ethical behavior than the normal citizen/member).

    So I think I understand what Ron was aiming for. But clearly, the result has not been what one could call “workable”, and so I think it’s fair to re-evaluate the policies and methods which didn’t work.

    If there is ever a reformation of the organization, I think it will be important to recognize LRH’s goal and intent in doing what he did, but to learn from the mistakes of how he did it.

  113. Hi Joe,
    For me, It all boils down to the Tech being used by someone who has sane judgment and cares about others or by someone who is quite mad. A knife in one persons hands makes a salad and the other kills someone.
    I never felt that Ron was trying to control me or someone like you, Joe-He differentiated between trustworthy people and people you can’t. He has Tech to handle some pretty unsavory characters and I have had to use that Tech and was grateful there was education in that area..Unfortunately, when unsavory characters get into power they use that Tech against decent people.
    So the question can be, should he have come out with that Tech at all, if it can be abused in the wrong hands? Just as you can’t ban all knives, I say yes, as we have to learn to actually SEE and handle the abusers. In the ethics book in “The Social Personality” he states” The frailty of showing how the harmful people can be known is that these then apply the characteristics to decent people to get them hunted down and eradicated”
    I mean DM hasn’t only abused ethics Tech, he uses anything as a weapon,such as auditing itself, by just the little twist of a 3 swing F/N.
    I do want to point out that Ron spent most of his time on very POSITIVE Tech meant to elevate the spirit.

  114. PersonalJudas

    I never liked group auditing until I came to this blog.

    Thanks, Marty.

  115. Li'll bit of stuff

    I am in awe, overwhelming AWE!
    The massive response ( 562? ) to that posting,
    apart from releasing an obviously huge amount
    of by-passed charge in the respondents, also
    succeeded in zero’ing in on the literalness, or
    stupidity, constantly manifested and manufact- ured in the mind and actions of Miscavige!

    This is all too much!!!!

    EMBARRASSING to the extreme!

    How on earth could someone, SO STUPID,be
    permitted to remain in charge of such a life
    changing, vital movement like Scientology ?

    Mebbe a single truthful answer, may suffice ?

    FEAR of consequences?

    In closing, my admiration of your steadfast
    work in ALL that you do, never ceases.
    You truly are a beacon of light, to all that
    need to find their way!

    Thank you,

    Sincerely, Li’ll bit.


  116. None of us will ever walk a mile in his shoes.

  117. It is not lonely at the top anymore. Walking away from something into nothing is an impossible task for most people. Good on you for your courage!

  118. LAUGHTER!

  119. Wow Errol, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Welcome to the independent movement. I assure you the Church can not and never had the power to deny you your eternity, but I know the saying. If you ever need any advice or recommendations for continuing up the bridge please ask: Time is on our side. So is the magic!

  120. Electricity flows exist cause of difference in potential. No difference of potential (between plus and minus) you have no flow. If you disagree with the group you are in you get a flow. If you agree then you have no flow and no charge. No difference in potential. In Scientology the first thing you learn is to as-is the charge. Any charge. So you think charge is bad. Has to be as-ised (gotten rid of). Thus if you feel „chargy“ you think you made a mistake. Need some handling. Ethics or Overts or being PTS? You learn to be in agreement with your environment. Your group, your boss, everything. In the end you wind up as a clapping robot on events or meetings. You feel great but you are not free. You have been told another lession. To be happy is good. A moral code makes you happy and free of charge if you follow that code. No matter how silly some rules are. If you violate a silly rule you feel bad and report in to the next Ethics Officer. Cause that is the next lession you learned. Especially that last lession is a lession every slave had to learn. My first lession in the good old Scientology had been „The world begins with TR0“. Con-Front. To BE.

  121. Anyway, I had a good time in the Sea Org until the day I did not want to be there, I left the same day. I had a lot of case gain from being in the Sea Org. Came to love a lot of people. Came to the conclusion I should not let other people think for me. I had a few let downs but I rolled with the punches O.K.. I am still of the mind we are part of something very magical. And I have a feeling you are too. I admit I was not there on the same terms as everyone else. But none of us are.

  122. Agree that overload of admin will kill a company. I did some work with EDS. They decided they wanted to create a “management tool”, I think CMMI was popular at the time as “tool” of choice and they wanted to compete.

    EDS put a bunch of business analysts together and eventually came up with Global Solutions Management System. GSMS, four letter acronym, has to work, right?

    The “system” was comprised of loads of forms, over a thousand, and check lists. Theory was you could handle (normal meaning) any situation by applying the right set of forms.

    It was eventually quietly dropped. EDS was bought out by HP. It’s demise perhaps not due entirely to GSMS but certainly despite it.

  123. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Espiritu, I like your verse. It made me smile.

  124. I had thoughts along those lines, too. Like Ron should have known, that the RPF will me misused, or the reports system, etc. There’s always the guy who would, and these guys were around, when Ron was, and he knew, for sure.
    I had another thought though:
    What if he knew?
    What if he knew it would run the church into the ground, even over and over again, until people realized, it wasn’t the fault of the RPF (that let’s face it is in essence a brilliant idea!) or the reports system, or even Simon Bolivar. (After all he wrote for eternity, didn’t he?)
    It’s people not thinking with it, once they learned that, there might be the S.O. way up the line, that he envisioned… with an RPF were troubled characters are helped and help themselves.

  125. JD,
    Good point!

  126. I have a slightly different view on this.
    I wasn’t there in the late 70’s early 80’s and I don’t know all the circumstances.
    Speaking about the Mission Earth series, I think it is a good read. And very illuminating.
    The “3rd Dynamic Power Fomula” (Simon Bolivar PL / The Responsibilities of Leaders), it is not the PL which is wrong nor the formula itself. It is it’s installation.
    Rewrite the Formula itself for you in another topic, say, instead of a mafia-like environment compose a friendly scene as example.
    The Formula itself works. I always liked this PL. Sure, Miscvige implemented it wrongly.
    For example there is a sentence in this PL Miscavige is oblivious for:

    “Honors meant a great deal to Bolivar.
    To be liked was his life. And it probably meant more to him than to see things really right.
    He never compromised his principles but he lived on admiration, a rather sickening diet since it demands in turn continuous “theater.”
    One is what one is, not what one is admired or hated for.
    To judge oneself by one’s successes is simply to observe that one’s postulates worked and breeds confidence in one’s ability.
    To have to be told it worked only criticizes one’s own eyesight and hands a spear to the enemy to make his wound of vanity at his will.
    Applause is nice. It’s great to be thanked and admired. But to work only for that?”
    12 FEBRUARY 1967

    Here is another one Miscavige is oblivious for:

    “Bolivar had no personal insight at all. He could only “outsight” and even then he did not look or listen. He glowed things right. Pitifully, it was his undoing that he could. Until he no longer could. When he couldn’t glow he roared, and when he couldn’t roar he fought a battle. Then civic enemies were not military enemies so he had no solution left at all.

    It never occurred to him to do more than personally magnetize things into being right and victorious.

    His downfall was that he made far too heavy a use of a skill simply because it was easy. He was too good at this one thing. So he never looked to any other skill and he never even dreamed there was any other way.”
    12 FEBRUARY 1967

    And there is a reason for Miscaviges downfall, too, as he violated the 3rd dynamic formula on many ocacions and still does:

    “And they lie upon the field, not noticing there can be no more game since the other team has fled and after a bit they have to do something; and if the leader and his consort are sitting over on the grass being rag dolls too, of course there isn’t any game. And so the players start fighting amongst themselves just to have a game. And if the leader then says, “No, no,” and his consort doesn’t say, “Honey, you better phone the Baltimore Orioles for Saturday,” then, of course, the poor players, bored stiff, say, “He’s out.” “She’s out.” “Now we’re going to split the team in half and have a game.”

    (form the formula)
    “1) Life is lived by lots of people. And if you lead, you must either let them get on with it or lead them on with it actively.
    2) When the game or the show is over, there must be a new game or a new show. And if there isn’t, somebody else is jolly well going to start one, and if you won’t let anyone do it, the game will become “getting you.”
    3) If you have power, use it or delegate it or you sure won’t have it long.
    4) When you have people, use them or they will soon become most unhappy and you won’t have them anymore.”

    12 FEBRUARY 1967

    I am sure Miscavige feels also betrayed about the concept of “help”, “control”, “communication”. That’s why his branch of Scientology is all about interesting (instead of interested) and his concept of Power all about money.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  127. Love that quote.
    The major failure of the sea org is its installation in class V orgs and below.

  128. Yes, it is from LRH. I saw it when it was sent from him, along with orders to write programs to implement the PL and this turned into a massive “evolution” to teach program writing skills to Int Management.

  129. Good post, and thought provoking. My 2c is that the ethics policies, and most of the OEC for that matter was written pre-supposing that it would be applied by real OTs or at least Clears who were above Tone 4.0 as an operating basis, with a high level of intelligence to boot. Or as LRH says in the above quote, “You have to be able to judge to be ethical”.

    There seems to be an in-built assumption that it (ethics ploicies) would be applied with reason and intelligence. But put policies like Simon Bolivar into the hands of a meglomaniac wanker like Miscavige and it’s pretty certain to end in tears. The debate as to whether DM was following on from his mentor’s aggressive ways has been rumbling on and on in other forums (and on and on…) but it’s not that relevant, IF you can be intelligent enough to sort the duff stuff from the useable.

  130. E.J. this begs the question that lingers daily in my mind: where the f*** is OUR US Justice Dept and FBI? I mean after all of the media reports I just can’t think with why there is no investigation into both finacial fraud and the enslavement

  131. Dean, when LRH originated this I truly believe it was with kind intention to help people, As you said, police themselves. Now days and as I see it for the past 20 yrs it’s totally gestapo. True story: I had a “one nighter” with a girl. I did not call her back. She writes a frigging KR. I swear true I actually got called in by HCO FSO and assigned a condition. My amends? Of course it was to buy multiples of the current new release.

  132. One of the really interesting manifestations of Scientology I am beginning to notice is their ever increasing alignment the ‘police’ This video is interesting, there was the pimping of the LA sheriff in an advertisement, as well as this obsession with being ‘aligned’ with various local forces.

    Very clear indication where they are in the Tone Scale … the church which is now, for all intensive purposes, a pseudo police religion enforced through KR’s and sec checks now unconsciously needs external validation and protection for their collective behavior

  133. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME Ignazio!!!!! Thanks for sharing your win. Keep on keeping on daddio. Do not stop pause or hesitate. I am truly happy for you! Kudos to whomever your Independent autitor is too.
    Very well done to both of you.

  134. Thanks for this Les. Very cool!

  135. RS I must say I disagree with the part about Ron. He was a very compashionate guy. The SO got Scn where it WAS. DM is the one that Fd with it. I’m just saying

  136. Jim great post. Let’s not forget the constant sec checks are huge source of revenue. Not just on the front end, but on the back end mostly because nowadays the amends is to pay. Cost of getting out of a Comm Ev? $45,000.00 USD. How do I know? I paid it several years ago. I was scared to death. Crazy eh?
    On a side note, if I am correct you are in Halifax, NS. I hear it’s beautiful there and am considering going there this summer for a while for a change (play a little blackjack and contribute to your province haha). If this is where you are and I come over for a week I’d love to meet you. I will get in touch with you.

  137. Marty I just wanted thank you for another awesome post. I am so grateful for this blog. It’s the first page I pull up with my morning coffee. Then later I pull it up again to read the comments and wow more truth, more wisdom, more insperation. So I get double great whammy because you have put this.
    Just thanks

  138. Gelassenheit in german means also “serentity” (uptone).
    (see also the original meaning of the concept of the greek word πραΰς translated into english with the word “meek, gentle”.:

    Demut is another concept which repeats in many religions. “Willing to serve” (highest on the scale of motivation), humility.

    BTW, to the german readers, check out this etymological dictionary for the german language:
    (very good articles about the etymology of words.)

  139. You know, there are lots of guys who take Keeping Scientology Working’s points, which are clearly defined in the issue to be related to the Technology of auditing and the training of AUDITORS, and with identification running in A(ny) thing LRH wrote equals A(ny) thing LRH wrote consider Simon Bolivar’s “pink legs” to be TECH.

    This is idiot think. This is illogic. This falls under the Data Series 5 proviso of “facts” that one protests or ridicules or growls about are ALL one or another of the outpoints.

    There’s no denying that illogic and assumed identities that aren’t identical, even assumed similarities that aren’t similar, exist among men. There is no denying the gullibility rampant and the acceptance of “authority” with no further inspection.

    However, I can differentiate. Miscavige has added the 10 points of KSW to the list of High Crimes when it is patently obvious the policy itself says no such thing (the intro) says “actions which neglect or violate” the PL result in Comm Evs on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES. Similarly, observations of the phenomenoa of “power” as characterized in the Simon Bolivar adventure, are NOT Scientology technology and when DM and now his SP group declare a person suppressive for “out Simon Bolivar” it sure doesn’t make any sense in any way whatsoever.

    One of the things that stood out for ME reading Simon Bolivar was the point where a real person of power has to delegate it to those of let’s say lesser IQ, one whose observational fruits are lean, and that courage, to hand over the reins so to speak (and then attempt to move on by the power) is one of the toughest parts of the whole deal.

    Honestly, that’s one of the main issues we face today. LRH left, the structure he put together shortly before he did was sound (see and that structure SHOULD have been the subject of the event in 86 informing the Scientology community of his death, and the future. Instead, we got a romantic “Loyal Officer” issue, which told us nothing, and gave the falsity that the reins had been handed to Pat Broeker and David Miscavige and Annie. T’weren’t true. And now, some 30 years later a broad recognition of the facts are resulting in the awareness that “power” delegated is a tricky subject, which is exactly what I personally got from Simon Bolivar.

  140. very good !!!!!!!!

  141. The Oracle, fortunately, I knew my family would “take me back” without stipulations or even an explanation of my seemingly sudden change of heart. I flew straight from L.A. to La. that day in 1999 and to this day they have not even asked me what happened. I know it’s because they were just so happy to have me back. I also had 2 little kids – their grandkids, they would finally get to be close to. 😀

  142. And why I shouldn’t have been able to have all that AND LRH tech at the same time? Morals, Punishment, Ritual & Chaos, exactly as this post describes.

  143. The Oracle
    “The point I took from that PL as a value, was the idea that you have to take care of the people that take care of you.”
    THAT is ALL I got from that PL. But I didn’t have an exec force-feeding me with M9s and hidden agendas and ulterior motives and altered significance on it either.

  144. Robert,
    The suppressive out-tech of these sec checks on those on Advanced Levels is a topic all on its own. Briefly; it is gross out-tech, violating CS Series 73 and Confessionals and the Non Interference Zone to even DO them in the first place. Add to that, they are done using the limited approach of Not Auditing You, reserved explicitly for an HCO invest, and then they are done NOT using the exact tech of handling ANY CHARGE for those OT III and above. Add to that the suppressive bullshit on the FN, then the misuse of the “buttons”, and you have REVERSE Scientology being done with the result of introspection and doubt. DM went further, he cancelled the fundamental tech of NOTs and replaced it with a rote, robotic and invalidative method that further denies the real gains to be made on New Era Dianetics for OTs.

    The ability to be cause over the case that is experienced by those on Solo NOTs, when they are left to actually DO what they can on their own, unharassed, is contradicted by every 6 months they are put through Reverse Scientology. This leaves them in doubt as to their own ability, the capacity to blow case, and accounts for the problems that are manifest. It is, by definition an intention/counter-intention situation which is PTS.

    How about the absurdity of “blown by committee approval” that Solo NOTs auditors have to get? That’s the video taping of a solo session, which itself is ludicrous, and then the “approval” of that nonsensical video by others as to whether or not the OT has done who knows what. This is completely ridiculous.

    I heard the other day of a person on NOTs “crammed” for licking their lips in a solo session for “body motion”!!!!! Did it affect the needle or TA? NO!! I mean, what about peristalsis? What about blood flowing? What about a heartbeat? This idiot cramming them doesn’t know why or how a meter works or what an FN actually is.

    I think the prime attack of David Miscavige is directed to the achievment of the state of Clear and OT and a suppression of the abilities recovered of those states.

  145. This is not off topic. This is what it’s all about! Go Flytrike!!! Go Ignazio!!!

  146. I totally agree.
    And just want to add that we do come back, you know. At least that’s been my experience and my kids’ experience and we’re in this for the long-haul, whether we like it or not.
    The fantastic thing about this blog is that we can sort out the good from the bad and keep moving forward.
    So look down your track a lifetime or two and envision where you’ll be then, envision the bigger picture. There will always be bumps and hurdles, but you will always continue in some way, shape or form.
    It is magical.

  147. I’m actually in Cape Breton, and there is and has been a Front for liberation headed by General John Cabot Trail, for the island nation of Cape Breton to depart from Confederation, and minimally succede from the Mainland.

    You should come up to Cape Breton. I’ll be there in June. On the river for the river for the spring run of Atlantic salmon, floating a fly and working a rise.

  148. Great post George.

  149. Errol, welcome. Sounds like you cut and ran, hopefully before the losses became too great. For sure you can continue up the Bridge connected to the people here. Hey, we actually WANT to see you go free. 😀

  150. Maxim46……….. Thank you

    Giving our power away to anything external: teacher, teaching, politician, priest, guru, spouse etc is proof positive of one singular truth: Self Realization has yet to be realized.
    “don’t ye know ye are gods?”

    But that of course does not mean that we cannot honor and love teachers etc. I seldom quote anybody because my inner teaching is so intoxicating and liberating.
    I love and bow to those great sages that have taught me to see Myself and not simply be a parroting victrola quoting them.

  151. +1000000

  152. Cured Robot Betsy

    Years ago I was walking behind Ed Dearborn in the org while he was bad mouthing a public walking ahead of him to another staff member. You can see this underlying current of distain/hostility/dislike emmanating from him. He has been made into a small version of Dear Leader.

  153. Brian,
    In this li’l speech is a key point; “upstat” people. This is straight outta Dave’s universe. It’s his caste system with RTC at the top of the org board, and the rest untouchables, except to take their money which defines for him “upstat”. The letter from the D/CO FSO posted on this blog giving the EP of CCH’s as “has money and MEST” is a manifestation of DM’s world view.

    “Ideal Orgs” are MEST palaces for the well-to-do that DM deigns to rub shoulders with, and then will implant at Flag and the Freewinds.

    Beware the hoi polloi. Scientology is for the “able”, and that means MONEY and MEST of course, and for the rest? Let them eat cake at the Grand Openings.

  154. E.J. Croughs

    Right, that’s an interesting question, warranting proper invest. As you might know Europe is under the most elaborate and pervasive attack from American Banksters since the 30’s and so is Scientology. The difference between Europe and America is that we still fight back.

    The Banksters use scarcity, leverage and fear, just like Davey, to control and dominate the flock. They control Washington (both sides) and thus FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc. They use Davey to push legislation that has skyrocketed pharma sales to a point where 1 in 4 Americans is hooked on legal drugs. They use Davey to prevent exposure of their rackets and black ops, something freedum used to do. They use a lunatic like Davey to rant against psychs who thus get additional funds and legal protection. They use Davey to degrade medical and dental practice and pervert it into a legalized rip-off scheme, hard selling patients into bankruptcy and foreclosure. And so disrupt the housing market and attract investors into successful (rip-off) ventures that set the benchmark for the profession. They use Davey to degrade moral standards in just about any sector of society for better control.

    Don’t you ever think for a moment that a high school drop out, asthma medicated, fac one dramatizing, pc slapping alcoholic stimulus response robot would ever be smart enough to overthrow the best LRH BC trained auditors and C/Ses, OEC/FEBC trained management and CL XII’s by himself, ever!

    Somebody here just commented on the striking parallels between corporate America and the corporate Church……and there lies the answer.

  155. WOW. OMG! 180 degree reversal. It’s now militant. I knew when I was last at FSO in 2008 I could/would not be returning. It was totally militant and very cold and unfriendly, except for a few public and staff I knew who still had genuine ARC. I was not “in trouble”, either.

  156. You Jim, as a thinking man, a decent man, sees Simon Bolivar policy in a decent way. Because you are good. You see it as metaphor, analogy.

    But it my opinion, that the reason you could never imagine that Ron meant for Simon Bolivar to be a blue print for how he and Scientology was to be protected is because you are decent.

    And decent people find it difficult to conceptualize indecent motives. Especially from an honored teacher.

    And none of what I’m talking about invalidates all of the wonderful wins we have all had learning things from that Ole Salty Son of a Bitch.

    I am not a Ron hater. I have simply allowed myself to look, investigate and release any unwitting assumed and learned false knowledge about Ron.

    I have neutralized within myself the well studied, well word cleared, group think, well security checked, that it is treasonous and a high crime to find fault with, be constructively critical of, and form my own opinions about…………Ron

  157. Brian, What you may see as “brick wall denial” other may see as “not holding Hubbard accountable”. A lot of people care to be accountable for their own actions. If other people have not gleamed from a reading what you have, it could be that other people interpreted the policy in a different way. I am not in denial , that is not an item for me.

  158. +1.

  159. Maximum creation, minimum destruction. That’s the motto!

  160. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good observations! Also many valid critiques offered
    by others, but these also overlook some VERY key
    data. To get this, (duplicate) one would of course
    have to step out of one’s (relatively) comfortable shoes
    and step into the toughened, worn and battered
    footwear of Ron, to have had a sense of even a fraction
    of the journey, he had to make, to unlock so many
    riddles of life and the universe. Such was the power of
    his genius, so prolific his skills of observation and
    literary and personal communication, that I believe he
    then ran into his own limitations!
    He simply could not BE more people, QUICKLY enough!

    One really has to get these lamentations, that RON
    made, from time to time……..” it’s like trying to pull a
    wounded water buffalo out of a wallow, but we’re
    doing it… ” or ..”.we may err, for we are building a
    world with broken straws….”
    For all those doubters and retro-specters dishing up their 2c. worth on LRH’s shortcomings, let us be blunt
    … successful would you be / have been, if you
    had to ……”build a world with broken straws” ??????

    And let’s not even mention the amount of comm-
    unication involved. Are you surprised at all??? by
    the sheer volume of HCOB’s, P/L’s Tapes, and
    courses, he originated, just to put an Org, / Orgs

    Try it sometime….see if YOU can build ANYTHING
    worthwhile ……with broken straws!!!!! I’d like to see
    just how far you get

  161. Brian,
    You and I, one day, with a bottle of Demerrara rum and lots of time to chat.

  162. Thanks, Lizzy!

  163. Joe Pendleton

    Ingrid, I understand what you’re saying. Thanks for the comm. I very much appreciate it. I agree certainly that any group with sane goals needs to police those who would harm or destroy the group’s activities and purpose, as well as handling PTSness so that people can make and keep case gain. I know that an ethics function is a necessary one. I just think that the mechanisms of a “justice system” that were so easily abused, with really very few effective protections (lower conditions, comm evs, rpf, 3 may handlings, all the listed crimes that could get one declared, etc) have resulted in more harm than good. I don’t think it’s a highly workable system. Frankly, when we were on staff together in the mid 70s, the greatest source of counter intention to doing our job and training and processing people was our executive director (finally removed after two brutal years on post) but the whole system was geared to protect him while he was “handling” the “out ethics” of all those junior to him. (And Ingrid, you know that 99% of our staff were always willing to do whatever they could to promote Scientology and make our org a success. Our ED and sometimes the OES who he restimmed might go nazi, but we had an extremely willing and in-ethics staff and I’m going to guess that most people who worked in Scientology were the same – VERY little harsh ethics was ever needed).

    Again, I know how necessary an ethics function is. I’m just going to have a different viewpoint from you here on OUR system as set up in the 60s. I just happen to think the way it was set up promoted intimidation of staff members as well as enforcing an attitude of compliance to seniors no matter how nuts they were. Yeah, we can query insane seniors on their orders. I’ve seen how effective that is. I’m sorry Ron had mutiny as a high crime, cause I think that’s what we needed back in the day and I think that’s what was needed against Miscavige. In my opinion, Scientology would be 10 times the size it is now if anyone on staff could say “fuck you” occasionally to his seniors (when necessary of course – ARC and true communication always being much preferable).

  164. Joe Pendleton

    Thanks for the comm Margaret. You expressed this more succinctly and better than I did.

  165. Thanks Mike.

    This KR should show the non standard application of it then, I suppose.

    Click to access kr-2005-bert-lynn.pdf

  166. Like any other tech, the reports system is a two-edged sword. I’ve had more than my share of false reports written on me. The weak and the cowardly misuse any reporting system to fetter the strong. And there are weak people at all levels within the Church.

    I spent pretty much all of my years on staff despising the system. But what I really hated was abuse of the system. Under DM the system was perverted, misused and corrupted.

    It’s easy to condemn the system as possibly “unworkable” but then again, there has to be an orderly way to control people who are tearing things apart. And that is really what the report system was designed for. I’m not saying it is perfect.

    Here’s a good question: What are we doing now except basically reporting DM’s crimes? The difference is, in the Independent world the people in charge have judgement.

    This website, Friends of LRH, SaveScientology, Scientology-cult, RediscoverScientology are platforms to expose HEAVY 4th dynamic suppression. These websites are popular because they are run by sane individuals who will not allow the platform to be misused.

    An observable sequence is,
    1. a powerful tool is developed
    2. suppressives use the tool to help themselves and hurt others
    3. the tool gets a bad name
    4. the tool is prohibited

    Scientology as a whole is already at #3. Many ex-Scientologists condemn the entire subject while they are still using it. Some countries are trying to ban Scientology #4. Food for thought.

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