Possession and Dependency

Possession is the way you pin people down.  If you give them enough possessions, you fixed them.  You really fixed them.  The way to ruin somebody would be to give him a million dollars!  That would just ruin him.  Right now there’s a government on the face of the earth which is making a principle of giving everybody money. And I’ll be a son of a gun if people don’t take it.  It’s a sure way to ruin. To have, to have, to have, to have; a dependency, a dependency, a dependency — it’s ruinous.  Because the only way to have is to create and then not have.  Just create and not have, create and not have, create and not have will put you in full command of time and make you cause without ever getting an effect  And the magician wanted this answer — oh, my God, how he wanted that answer!  And there it is for you.  If you create, create, create, create, create, you never violate the second law of magic, “Do not be hoist by your own petard.”  “Do not be an effect to your own cause.”  And the only way you can be an effect to your own cause is to keep moving up the time stream and acting after you’ve postulated.  So you want it — if you can get it on the level of create, create, create, create, create, create, then you’ll never have “have”  You haven’t got time!

So, how do you avoid this?  Never borrow any money from a bank — make it.  Never accept a gift — make it.  Dealing in the MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, Time) universe you can shilly-shally around and monkey around a little bit if you want to, shift possessions around — don’t take them very seriously.

                        –  L Ron Hubbard, 7 November 1952

Fill your bowl to the brim; and it will spill.

Keep sharpening your knife; and it will blunt.

Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench.

Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back

The only path to serenity.

                                  -Lao Tzu, circa 500 BC

30 responses to “Possession and Dependency

  1. Great posting Marty! This was a hard won lesson of mine as a member of the C of S. How was it okay for the church to not borrow and totally okay for me to swim in debt all for the purpose of “gifting” them money?! Violation of this LRH datum has ruined the church and many a good parishioner. This is a good one to post on all walls and live by! Gracias! Linda

  2. threefeetback

    Thus the Diabolical Molester of Corporate Scientology’s last ditch effort is to position himself as a do-gooder: give, give, give…(ruin,ruin,ruin…).

  3. I so needed to hear that today. Sometimes I just love the shit that comes out of L. Ron Hubbard’s mouth. “Create- not have. Create- not have” So brilliant, so powerful, sooo freeing

  4. Thank you, Marty, for reminding us. I think this is exactly the material of which the glue is made that holds the Int Base together. The same glue that keeps some people’s lips so firmly affixed to DM’s butt. Otherwise, what would be the fascination? This would require a more detailed analysis but just pocking at the surface, I see first of all, tremendous havingness that CoS offers in terms of huge, heavy MEST, mysterious to the parishioners but supposedly enormous money reserves, promises of the eternal future in OT bliss, monopolized possession of LRH (not a small thing) and even severe case restimulation and lots of yelling (tons of mental mass). Most of all, DM offers his followers the 3D and group approval. At Int Basde that is the whip and a heavy one at that. And then we have the almighty stats, too! Keep on sharpening that knife, keep on jumping up and down, never time to step back and enjoy your creations. Of course, DM did not invent the stats.

  5. threefeetback


  6. Once again, Marty, great selection of material, and so relevant. As in the previous posting, you show how LRH clarified, expounded upon and made practical and usable- the highest wisdom of the ages.

    Governments as well as individuals should take heed – reference the whole “entitlement society” that has become a nasty result of not heeding these principles.

    And, from Wikipedia, on the delightful “hoist by one’s own petard”:

    The word petard comes from the Middle French peter, to break wind, from pet expulsion of intestinal gas, from Latin peditum, from neuter of peditus, past participle of pedere, to break wind; akin to Greek bdein to break wind. (Merriam-Webster) Petard remains a French word meaning a firecracker today (in French slang, it means a handgun, or a marijuana cigarette).

    The word remains in modern usage in the phrase hoist with one’s own petard, which means “to be harmed by one’s own plan to harm someone else” or “to fall into one’s own trap,” literally implying that one could be lifted up (hoist, or blown upward) by one’s own bomb.

  7. Thank you, Marty!

  8. OK … this is off-topic (maybe) but I think we are going to be seeing a lot of good shit starting May 7 when Debbie’s case goes into high gear. Can’t wait for that.

  9. Marty, Your Blog is so good for so many.
    I have been reading your Blog scince Jan1,
    having amazing wins
    ( Kool Aid Free, immune to Rolling Thunder Events)
    Feels damn Good.
    Friend of LRH

  10. Another off-topic observation (but maybe tied in somehow) is that the people who I considered my “friends” in the Cof$ still all seem to be heavily addicted to koolaid. But again, that may all turn around shortly after May 7.

  11. Both qoutes are excellent, thanks Marty

  12. one of those who see

    Wow, Wow, Wow Marty – you are on a roll with these quotes!! Love it. So LRH says don’t go into debt and the one thing most Scientologists have in common…..DEBT. As you said from the beginning. Reverse Scientology in the Church.

  13. one of those who see

    Just had another thought. And now, the Church has the public giving them money. ” The way to ruin somebody would be to give him a million dollars!” LRH
    And the Church is not making Auditors or Clears or truly free OTs. They are just having Mest. Shit, it’s their downfall. Miscavige and friends are doing it themselves.

  14. Yes, they are “entitled”, down at “must be contributed to”.

  15. 3 feet. You’re a chicken shit using a fake name and a via, THAT is 1.1.

    Fuck you. That’s 2.0. Reach up and you may get it.

  16. The church used to make money by creating it. They would deliver auditing and training. Now they have to get free money and are in love with their possessions and flaunt it to the media and their own members. They don’t just accept a gift they demand it and take that so seriously they will withhold service to try to blackmail one into giving free money to them!

  17. Hey B,
    Yeah, dunnit just make a guy smile and smile. Free. Yessiree.

  18. “If you create, create, create, create, create, you never violate the second law of magic, “Do not be hoist by your own petard.” ”Do not be an effect to your own cause.”

    My favorite L.R.H. Quote.

    And the first law of magic,……………

    Well, he knew the laws of magic……………..

  19. Well, I get it.

  20. repelling.

  21. Great reference from LRH in 1952 and Lao Tzu in ca. 500 bc!
    But is there a typo here? “And the only way you can be an effect to your own cause is to keep moving up the time stream and acting after you’ve postulated.” I don’t have the LRH tape to check it, but shouldn’t the word “can’t” actually be “can” instead? So it would read: “The only way you can’t be an effect to your own cause…………………………….”. I ask because I know sometimes transcripts have typos.

  22. Yikes!!!!!! Now I’ve done a typo. I meant to say: I don’t have the LRH tape to check it, but shouldn’t the word “can” actually be “can’t” instead? So it would read correctly as: “The only way you can’t be an effect to your own cause…………………………….”.

  23. Just like folk had to translate the Tao. Here we go….. If the farmer gets out and plants a garden in the Spring, he does not think about HAVING food.
    It’s just that simple. He creates the food, so of course he is not concerned about HAVING it.

  24. I would kind to like to share some sunlight on this “Fake name = 1.1” theory. When I was 14, I went to go visit my mother. I went to go visit her because I was raised in foster homes. I had visited her through her LSD period, her I ching period, her pot period, her Tarot Card period, her Haight Ashbury period, all of the periods of the 60’s. She was living in the East Village of New York and going through her “Scientology period”. She checked me in to her apartment (I hardly knew her) and went off to the Org. I went upstairs to her neighbor and asked him if he knew what Scientology was. He said, “It’s a crutch”. She came home later and I recounted this information. She took it as an attack and pushed me out of the door of her apartment onto 11th street and first avenue of the East Village in the worst rain storm of the season. I walked up the street half a block and a car garage owner let me sleep in a funeral hearse that was in the garage for repair for the night. In the morning, I had to make it on my own.

    Fast forward, I have two kids I do not care to throw under the bus in their career because I have a voice in some other universe. They have already been affected when I got outed on ESMB and as a result, fair gamed on the anti Marty blog. I don’t think that makes me a 1.1.

    I think that makes me a better person than my mother. And if you don’t have kids yourself, don’t judge.

  25. Woo Hoo! I forget how free I am (because I just am) till someone like you reminds me what I’m actually free from and it makes me all excited! 😀
    Glad you’re here, Dr. Jim.

  26. That is some powerful stuff. Truly powerful. Thanks for this post!

  27. Hummm. Marty, for one trained extensively in finance I of course agree however…. I got myself in an interesting predicament. I used my credit cards (were all 0) to bal xfer to my husbands w/ high APR then he got in auto accident and the hospital was 428,000$. I loaned another to a ‘friend’ for services. So now, husband died, I have no income and am on general relief (from US tax payments). So I do need that till I work again AND 3 persons that owe me money are still Church members. I stay under cover till that’s handled or I will never get paid back and I need it back. What a mess. Anyway thanks for posting the quotes. Guess that was another policy violation I now am fixing. Isn’t hindsight great when there is all this mass to go with the policy 🙂

  28. LTC Forever

    I think this perfectly applies to having to have and being pressured to have “all your materials.” I literary felt suppressed by all the boxes of lectures for basics and congresses I have accumulated… and I don’t even have the ACC’s. For a mobile person like myself it added so much anxiety of having to carry this stuff around with me. I recently had to go through and gut all the lecture packs for CD’s and transcripts and throw away all the packaging. I reduced a number of Congress boxes to a one small box of transcripts and a binder of CD’s – what a relief! I couldn’t help to think how wasteful this production truly is, and I felt bad about having to throw away all that plastic. There is enough of it polluting the earth these days. Some have styrofoam pads to add to the injury. Who uses CD’s these days anyway?! The church could have done away without the entire CD production lineup and just sell downloadable MP3’s on its website or even those high-tech displays at Ideal Orgs. It would be good for the earth, good for the parishioner, and would have saved the church extra staff and resources having to manage CD production and packaging lineup. But of course! Then you would not be able to charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for all these lectures that may literary take a lifetime to listen through if you take all the ACC’s into account. Endless materials with lots of MU’s and no practicals – that’s what every Scientologist needs especially someone totally new and clueless… lol. And now you have what some full biography set for the Founder? Thanks God I never made it to the most recent LRH Birthday event and avoided yet another sales frenzy.

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