Anatoly Sharansky’s Final Statement

The following might resonate with some who have experienced the corporate Scientology culture of David Miscavige. 

Anatoly Sharansky’s Final Statement in the Soviet Court
presented before being sentenced on trumped-up charges for treason and espionage, July 14, 1978

(Sharansky addressed his first remarks to those who were not in the courtroom, his wife Avital who emigrated to Israel and the Jewish people):

“During my interrogation the chief investigators threatened me that I might be executed by a firing squad, or imprisoned for at least fifteen years.  But if I agreed to cooperate with the investigation for the purpose of destroying the Jewish emigration movement, they promised me freedom and a quick reunion with my wife.

“Five years ago, I submitted my application for exit to Israel. Now I am further than ever from my dream.  It would seem to be cause for regret.  But it is absolutely the other way around.  I am happy.  I am happy that I lived honorably, at peace with my conscience.  I never compromised my soul, even under the threat of death.

“I am happy that I helped people.  I am proud that I knew and worked with such honorable, brave and courageous people as Sakharov, Orlov, Ginzburg, who are carrying on the traditions of the Russian intelligentsia in defending human rights in the Soviet Union.  I am fortunate to have been witness to the process of the liberation of Jews of the USSR.

“I hope that the absurd accusation against me and the entire Jewish emigration movement will not hinder the liberation of my people.  My near ones and friends know how I wanted to exchange activity in the emigration movement for a life with my wife Avital, in Israel.

“For more than two thousand years the Jewish people, my people, have been dispersed.  But wherever they are, wherever Jews are found, every year they have repeated: ‘Next year in Jerusalem.‘  Now, when I am further than ever from my people, from Avital, facing many arduous years of imprisonment, I say, turning to my people, my Avital,  ‘Next year in Jerusalem.’

“Now I turn to you, the court, who were required to confirm a predetermined sentence: To you I have nothing to say.”

37 responses to “Anatoly Sharansky’s Final Statement

  1. Tony Dephillips

    Sad and beautiful at the same time.
    Sad because of Man’s inhumanity to Man.
    Beautiful because this Man and other men can rise to such lofty levels.
    Thanks for being there Marty.

  2. scatjappers

    This reminds me of one of my favorite movies, V for Vendetta. And does anyone have a clue why the Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years? I’ve never been able to figure that out.

  3. Li'll bit of stuff

    Excellent comparison, Marty and shows just how hideous,
    the political tool of mind control, is / was, when waging a
    totally repressive campaign against the defenceless.

    The resolute stance, taken by Sharansky, though hardly
    under the same geo-political landscape as Scn’s today,
    (The citizens of the Soviet Union then, at large, had
    almost NO political rights of redress available, whatsoever,)
    was,never the less, almost identical, to that taken by the broad mass of fed up, suppressed Scns, who have decided to stand up to the Cult of Miscavige

    Thank you again, for paving the way, to make it possible
    to have our own version of ” ..Next year in Jerusalem….”

  4. Talk about integrity! Natan Sharansky is a great man, one of my heroes.

    And everyone (like most here) who works to expose the sewer of corruption, cruelty and criminality that is David Miscavige share, to one extent or another, in that tradition of courage and integrity.

  5. Ronnie Bell

    Indeed, Li’l bit, although I would argue that there are those among us who endured levels of suppression, entrapment, and injustice quite similar to what Anatoly Sharansky did.

    Those people braved the loss of nearly everything and everyone they held dear, to end their imprisonment in DM’s culture of evil and insanity. Many of them even made their escape while believing that they were risking their very eternity, not knowing at the time that all that and more, was just on the other side of the razor wire.

    I salute those brave souls. Each and every one. You know who you are.

  6. LTC Forever

    That’s beautiful.

  7. Li'll bit of stuff

    scatjappers, My closest friend and buddy at junior school
    was a Jew and we spent lots of time together. It was then
    that I began to perceive the enormous, 3rd. dynamic
    support and imbuing of key values of sound education,
    economics and integrity, being expected of the youth!

    This early exposure, has left an indelible impression on
    me and I can understand very well, why many other
    groups, have taken to the ” vendetta ” mentality !

    The simple answer, could be….jealousy !!!! When you
    really think about it, while the Jews ( and other groups)
    place enormous value upon the accumulation of real
    power bases through education and wealth, coupled
    to the devout practise of their faith, this in itself, is a
    recipe for conflict. Every one wants to be TOP DOG!

    I number Jews (and Moslems ) among my friends, but
    the one standout comment told to me, many years ago,
    by a Jewish businessman, was this: “Strive to make
    yourself indispensable. Always aim for the top positions
    where no one can do without you! ”

    Hope this opinion answers your question.

  8. Next year, LRH Standard Tech……..
    But here’s a better idea: Let’s do it THIS year! 🙂

  9. PersonalJudas

    Was thinking about what Tony said, above.
    It is sad, within the realm of humanity. But,
    In the realm of the spirit it is amazing – this man is an exemplar of personal integrity. He has no attachment to his life yet he is more alive than I have ever been. This is liberation.

  10. ’Next year in Jerusalem.’
    What a postulate ! They repeated that for 2000 years and never gave up !

    What postulate (Motto) can the indies use ?

  11. And does anyone have a clue why the Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years? I’ve never been able to figure that out.


    I recently made a very basic discovery on the subject of overts and would like to rapidly make a note of it for the record.

    You can call this the “Cycle of an Overt”.

    4. A being appears to have a motivator.

    3. This is because of an overt the being has done.

    2. The being committed an overt because he didn’t understand something.

    1. The being didn’t understand something because a word or symbol was not understood.

    Thus all caved-in conditions, illness, etc, can be traced back to a misunderstood symbol, strange as that may seem.

    It goes like this:

    1. A being doesn’t get the meaning of a word or symbol.

    2. This causes the being to misunderstand the area of the symbol or word (who used it whatever it applied to);

    3. This causes the being to feel different from or antagonize toward the user or whatever of the symbol and so makes it all right to commit an overt;

    4. Having committed the overt, the being now feels he has to have a motivator and so feels caved in.

    This is the stuff of which Hades is made. This is the trap. This is why people get sick. This is stupidity and lack of ability.

    This is why Clay Table Auditing works.

    Clearing a pc then consists only of locating the area of the motivator, finding what was misunderstood and getting the word made into clay and explained. The overts blow. Pure magic.

    The trick is locating the area where the pc has one of these.

    This is discussed further in Saint Hill lecture of 3 Sept 1964, but is too important a discovery to leave only in tape form.

    The cycle is Misunderstood word or symbol—separation from ARC with the things associated with the word or symbol—overt committed—motivator felt necessary to justify the overt—decline of freedom, activeness, intelligence, well being and health.

    Knowing this and the technology of auditing one can then handle and clear these symbols and words and produce the gains we have described as being clear, for the things causing the decline are cleared out of the being.

    L. Ron Hubbard
    HCOB HCOB 8 SEPT 1964

  12. Here are a few quotes from HCOPL 23 Dec 1965RB, Revised 8 Jan 1991, Suppressive Acts – Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists

    “A POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE is defined as a person who while active in Scientology or a pc yet remains connected to a person or group that is a suppressive person or group.”

    “A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON or GROUP is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology or a Scientologist by suppressive acts.”

    “SUPPRESSIVE ACTS are acts calculated to impede or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist and which are listed at length in this policy letter.”

    Questions: What if Scientology top management is actively destroying Scientology and Scientologists? What if Scientologists are PTS because they are connected to suppressive management via their respective churches enforcing management’s suppressive orders? How does the PL apply now? Or, more precisely, isn’t the PL “suppressive” since it won’t permit to expose suppressive management and will be used against you if you dare to speak out?

    In the list of suppressive acts, we find:

    “Seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or “to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”

    You read this and you immediately know you hit a dead-end. A no-games condition. Trying to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology” is a suppressive act. That says it all, really.

    This is a frightening example of how church policy can bring about its own destruction and the destruction of kind-hearted spirits when applied blindly by dedicated KGB-type robots.

  13. Now that’s integrity. I’m genuinely inspired.

  14. I believe this sentiment by Rumi – the great sufi poet – illustrates something we can each do. Few of us will be in a position to speak directly to a court as Sharansky has done, or Debbie Cook as done, or Marty or Mike to reporters and the world through this blog and with books but we can each do the following:

    “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” Rumi


  15. Well said and spot on!

  16. Sapere Aude

    The basic goodness and integrity of man shining brightly. So many parallels to the many hundreds of stories on this blog. It reminds me of the following:

    It is not the the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

    – Theodore Roosevelt, 1910

  17. E.J. Croughs

    It’s called contagion of abberation. It’s easy to undertand by studying the overt/motivator sequence and extrapolate it from an individual organisme to a group.

  18. “Save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology”, well it’s actually what they pretend having done when they fired David Mayo, Bill Franck, Marie Sue Hubbard… I wonder if they did’nt actually “save” Scientology from LRH himself.
    Yes DM “saved” the organization from higher officers, big time. He is no higher officer, just a camera boy, and he is the head of a splinter and suppressive group : RTC.
    And, it’s true, 30 years of PTSness, and to stay connected to this is to remain PTS.

  19. > And does anyone have a clue why the Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years?

    Overts. On *both* sides of the fence.

  20. I don’t compare our fight with “next year in Jerusalem” (good for jews, not so good for palestinians!).
    It’s more like the Berlin Wall. One day it will just fall, and the destiny of DM will be terribly grim.

  21. TheWidowDenk

    thetabop – I don’t think there’s a dead-end with this policy and it’s proper application. I’d suggest you get an original issue — not a 1991 revised issue — then study and demo it out. You might see a whole different viewpoint. I have. Rachel

  22. martyrathbun09

    You got it.

  23. Flourish and Prosper

  24. Li'll bit of stuff

    gotcha completely,Ronnie!

  25. Oh, I totally agree with you. Problem is, the original issue isn’t the one that is being used nowadays. It’s the 1991 version they throw at you. It’s been rigged to suit DM’s evil purposes and make honest scientologists wrong.

  26. I can tell you there is no such thing as redress in the Church that doesn’t end up in some form of confusion. There is no one posted to hear your petition, much less duplicate or understand it.

    Sharansky had it perfectly correct, nothing to say to the court.

  27. scatjappers

    While I understand the “cycle of an overt” answer, I suspect the “jealousy” answer is closer to the truth, overall. The Jews have, as a people, done well for themselves. And that would drive true SPs crazy. What you call “jealousy” I would call the unwanted attention of SPs and PTSes.

    There is also the third party law. And the Jews have millions of Arabs telling some incredible lies about them. Been going on since Mohammed was on the scene and before, I imagine.

  28. Very nice, wh. There are so many great quotes of Rumi.

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

  29. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice pieces that complete the puzzle! Again, all
    answers are basically simple. Complexity results
    from non confront

  30. one of those who see

    Thank you. Excellent.

  31. I read some months ago that there were people criticising Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (the Nobel Peace prize Burmese dissident) saying that she was obviously a poor mother because she had ended up separated from her children by the actions of the Burmese government. As a mother witnessing the erosion of basic law and order by police officers and the legal system of this country, I would say that it is BECAUSE she is a mother that she felt called to that path. It was born of a realisation that we do not want our children’s children living under tyranny And a gesture of hope for the future, created by living an honorable and compassionate life, committed to justice.

  32. For a study of how totalitarian tyranny can gradually hijack a society, I thoroughly recommend Christobel Bielenberg’s The Past is Myself. She was British, married to a German lawyer in 1932. Her book describes how the Nazis twisted the government of Germany entirely by incremental constitutional means. She says that many did not take the Nazis seriously as it was obvious to them Hitler and others were unhinged. (The saying amongst many was apparently “There are 3 personality attributes in Germany: honesty, inteliigence, and Nazism. No one has more than two of those traits.” ) By the time they realised the country was in trouble it was too late. Her stories of friends who became heroes – both unsung and names now in the history books – is very moving….and inspiring.

    I don’t know if the Press abroad has reported how deeply implicated members of the UK government (present and past) were in the Murdoch scandal. It became clear that in the race for power many household political names courted the Murdochs assiduously. It was all about getting Murdoch backing – and don’t ask too many questions. I can’t help but wonder who else politicians are playing that game with? Is it that mutual back-scratching that is what is protecting Miscavige and his ‘church’?

  33. I agree wholeheartidly. It’s also very validating. Thank you, Marty.

  34. About the Jews: Their history is a long one – they reckon their calendar goes back about 5,600 years. So they’ve had plenty of time to make enemies and evoke jealousies and get 3rd Partied planetwide.

    First of all, they have evolved. over the past 5,600 years by their own count, a complete “tech” for surviving, flourishing, and prospering and institutionalized it into every aspect of their daily life and the raising and schooling of their children.

    It is called Judaism, which includes a culture, a church religion, a religious philosophy, guides to ethical behavior, and a mystical path towards personal evolution.

    And, like Scientology, it is not necessarily a “turn the other cheek” religion, not only since the establishment of the State of Israel. Going back in history, this was very much a warrior culture, and you can bet they have their versions of the “Art of War”, and institutions for the accomplishment of winning, not losing, in conflicts.

    Much tech is contained in the Torah and institutionalized in the daily life.

    Judaism is essentially a decentralized org that has survived for a very long time, by Earth standards, and has found ways to evolve without giving up it’s basic principles. It has existed twice as long as Buddhism, for example, and is established on a much firmer basis, through the 2nd dynamic(by way of a matrilineal culture), as well as the other dynamics.

    It is both genetic and spiritual, as any human org must be.

    It has it’s equivalents of the GO, or OSA, the National Security Agency etc. One example is the Anti-defamation League of the B’nai Brith

    And Israel of course, has nuclear weapons.

    If scientology did not exist, I might well consider being born a Jew. They really have their game together in many ways other cultures have no clue about.

    As it is, well of course I could now be born a Jew, and “born again” as a Scientologist.

  35. Li'll bit of stuff

    Terrific, Valkov, it’s really great to see your comment
    and others expounding on the virtues of this group
    with such historical significance.

    We sure are looking at what LRH termed “the urge
    toward survival” when looking at the 3rd. Dynamic
    of the Jewish People. What they lack in numbers,
    they make up for with sheer tenacity, guts and an
    iron will to overcome practically any obstacles.

    We should be humble enough to learn from their
    enormous wisdom. As you say, 5,600 years is an
    extensive period to have developed the art of
    triumphing in the adversities of human existence.

    ARC, Li’ll bit

  36. My love to all asaint hill me soro

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