What Is Wrong With Corporate Scientology?

For starters, from L Ron Hubbard 6 July 1958:

We have found that staff requires this prerequisite: a good Scientologist.

A long time ago they used to tell us what we needed was a good businessman. We’ve had good businessmen, and we fired them.  What they used to tell us was, what we needed was a good publicity man that was really trained in publicity.  And we’ve had them and they laid an egg, and we fired them.

And every once in a while we have had to fill a post with somebody who was not quite up to handling that post, and we missed.  And we finally found what the common denominator was of an individual who could handle the post in an organization or any post in the organization.  And that person was – the common denominator is – a good auditor.  If a person is not a good auditor, there will be something wrong with his organizational activities.  

Boy, that is something to remember…

There are people around that believe that a Scientologist – a Scientologist is somebody exclusively who audits people professionally.  There are a lot of Scientologists who do this.  But that is not everything one does.  Let me tell you that on staff, as sharp as we are about this sort of thing, we find that a person who is not a good auditor (that’s not a good Scientologist) — a good auditor, who can sit down there and turn out an excellent session, who can get good results on a preclear, is the only person we really like to have on staff because they always do a good job.  They always have the ability to understand the problems of those around them, and they have the ability of handling a situation.

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  1. This reminds me of a conversation I had with His Most Arrogant after the release of GAT in 1996. I said that we should put the entire base on training 5 hours a day and make them all into auditors and that would basically solve everything. DM said, no, they need hatting. Of course nothing happened either way, when either would have done something, at least. Sixteen years later . . . nothin.’ Says a LOT about David Miscavige.

  2. Indeed. Since the product of an Org is well trained students and thoroughly audited PCs it makes sense that staff are at least trained auditors. Corp Scientology puts a 3rd rate double-glazing-style salesman in charge of Flag (Harvey Jacques) and tries to put completely untrained public as ED’s of Class V Orgs “because they’re OTs”.

    Although you could add to that “life experience”. I remember well some of the comical occasions when Sea Org members in Treasury had to interface with “the real world” at St Hill. Less funny example was having a Stasi-esque “ethics handling” at Flag by 2 teenage girls who had never worked a day in the real world in their lives.

    However isn’t there another altogether simpler answer to the post question? What’s wrong with Corpoarate Scientology is that there is a frikkin’ nutter at the helm.

  3. So true, because a good Scientologist would do the right thing, otherwise the whole thing just turns into a money making venture, a business like any other, and, for Scientology (unlike many other businesses) that’s a destructive thing as we see today with RCS.

    Auditor training and the delivery of auditing have their own rules that don’t follow the rules of business. Example — when to give that budding auditor a scholarship, not as a sales gimmick but as a way of adding a person with a good heart to the ranks of auditors in the world because that would benefit everyone. Example, you’ve got to know when to fix a PC at the organization’s expense and do whatever it takes because it its the right thing to do.

    And as with other cultural lag points a weird reversal is in full flow — as parts of the business world wake up to the fact that it is not all about the bottom line, that companies need a more human side, a more friendly and understanding approach, RCS becomes ever more hard line corporate, unfeeling and downright cynical.

  4. TheWidowDenk

    Amen … Rachel (formerly known as Hallelujah!)

  5. To which I say, name one person who has benefited from auditing delivered by dm. This was my retort to someone criticizing Debbie Cook in comparison to dm. The average church member is blind with their eyes wide open. The outpoints are the size of elephants. A non-accomplished auditor spearheading the “evolution” of the tech.

  6. Marty, A home run over the center field fence!
    This is such valuable data Because you have source.

  7. sierramark


    I got into Scientology through the Davis Mission in 1975 (COSMOD). At that time, in order to be a staff member you had to be at least a Dianetics auditor (HSDC). Right or wrong to have that as a pre-req, we had a big booming Mission that spawned other Missions.

    Those that didn’t meet the requirement usually joined staff at the Sacramento Org, which created different problems as the Davis Missions were bigger and more qualified than their local Orgs.

    But the Mission staff was a great group and had the world by the tail. Becoming an auditor was the thing everyone wanted to do.

    As an aside, the Mission was in a converted garage. The academy had holes in the floor where the hydraulic lifts had been. But that place was buzzing.

    The exact opposite of the current Morgues.

    Mark McKinstry

  8. Great quote and so true. One of the things that drove me crazy on staff were people who didn’t have the ability to understand others and handle others well and weren’t even working on it. After all, what was the point?

  9. Paul Copercini

    I have the experience of working with Orgs and as an Auditor and in Management Outside Scn and in Music of being Organized and coping with any situation and having 3+ persons responsibility always. I was nicknamed cope too for coping and the first four letters of my last name. “Lucky I guess”. Yes it is true that with or without a Mind, the organization of how things are done that a person executes, comes from the optimum state of a being and familiarity with Logic and Illogic, and a basic ability is the estimation of effort. Auditing is a model for these patterns as well as handling the finite and the infinite, as one knows.
    Thank You from the Future of the Future!

  10. Beautiful. Perfect.

  11. Corinna N.

    ohhh yes, this is so true !
    I’m happy to read this. It was on a Flag-Order I read in 1973 and than it disapeared and was no longer in use !
    Corinne Amora

  12. Simple Thetan

    This is beautiful, I forgot all about it. Of course, a trained auditor in an Executive post will not allow code violations. Honestly, if Co$dm only made sure that the Auditor Code is kept to the letter, everything would look different.

    I know that I myself have tried several times to get MAAs to adhere to the Auditor Code, or minimally to HCO PL “The Ethics Officer his Character.” All I got was a glazed look. This also tells me that Study Tech is out, so GAT also managed to destroy that.

  13. So true. Most staff members today have no auditor training and they don’t know how to handle individuals. They’re just sales people. And they don’t even sell auditor courses anymore. There is an alarming shortage of auditors in orgs and missions. Most auditors I know ceased to audit after the GAT was released. In many idle orgs, you won’t find more than two or three geezers doing their Academy levels. This will come as no surprise in view of the fact that the guy who is running the show never set foot in a course room.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Dan, you were right. The biggest problem with International management of the corporations of Scientology is the dearth of Scientologists (read auditors) in International management. Imagine the dictator putting in Grades, starting with CCHs – “Walk over to that wall asshole, or I’ll fucking kill you!”

  15. LRH is right, hip, hip hurray!

    But an unrelated question to Marty and Mike. You know John Travolta, What are you thinking about the allegations against him?

  16. TroubleShooter

    HCO PL 3 Dec 64R,

    “Many people “want to know about Scientology but don’t want to be an auditor you know…”

    ‘You’ll have to break that attitude. Honestly how can a person use Scientology who can’t audit? How can an executive use it in his business if he hasn’t been trained? Well, he can’t. That’s the reality you must put across.

    ‘Don’t say “If you want a happy home, get audited.” For that may or may not be true. There may be so much messy environment and so little auditing time that there’s no win. Say instead the bald truth as you and I know it. “If you want a better environment, become an auditor!”

    ‘Thank the HGC for what they do. Demand the Academy perform only miracles.

    This then is your answer to “But why take a course? I don’t want to be a professional.” You say, “But my dear fellow, who’s trying to make you a professional? We just know you won’t succeed in using Scientology unless you can audit.”

    REVISED 7 JULY 1983
    (Originally written by LRH on 3 Dec 64. Issued as an HCO Policy Letter on 23 Apr 80)

    To hear from someone who was there that cob was kicked off his training for slapping a pc and as I read this article caused me newly to reflect back on my decades of service and know that all the while I was on a train gaining speed as it raced toward the cliffs. It sends chills through me to think about…

    good post Marty. Thank you.
    as my friend John likes to say,

    “The answer may be simple but it is rarely easy.” Jimmy Rebel

  17. Pascal Dorion

    That sums it pretty much.

  18. That was the difference in the early 70’s, almost everyone trained and co-audited. The Austin org academy was packed, about 40 to 50 students on the weekend as I remember. Last time I walked past the academy in Austin and looked in (on a week day) there was 1 student in there.

  19. Another Layer

    ” … a good auditor, who can sit down there and turn out an excellent session, who can get good results on a preclear, is the only person we really like to have on staff because they always do a good job. They always have the ability to understand the problems of those around them, and they have the ability of handling a situation.”

    Wow! I am moved to tears on this one! I cannot tell you how many times I felt (or knew!) that there had to be more to staff qualifications than the issues in my hat, and Staff Qualifications Requirements Enforced, or Vital Necessity of Hatting. In retrospect, out of all the time spent in Cramming regarding recruitment/hiring, and searching for references on my own, not once did this issue appear. Almost as if it had been deliberately dropped. And yet is it such a beautiful statement of LRH’s wishes regarding staff.

  20. And it was planned that way. The last thing Miscavige would or could tolerate is trained individuals. Lucy and I left L.A. Scientology management in 1991 for a far flung org. Returning 14 years later (in that time we did both admin and tech training and Lucy went to OTV), it was like time had stood still, 350 management staff had moved forward not one bit. No auditor training, no case progress and no admin training either for that matter. Just endless sec checks for those that did happen to pick up the cans. The result? No life, they were dead, utterly lifeless. Just how Miscavige wanted them.

  21. After many years as a supervisor it never ceased to amaze me the majority of staff, although they all stated they wanted to be auditors – never had the intention to follow through. Those that did become auditors and then took on exec postions were a real pleasure to work with and were actually sane.
    One true test of anyone, especially of a staff member is the ability to honestly complete a checksheet and get the products of that hat. Without being a competent auditor it’s all smoke and mirrors as far as I’m concerned.

  22. LOL

  23. Makes total sense. A Scientologist that is a professional auditor sees the tech work on all 4 flows day in and day out and understands its immense value to the world. It naturally follows he would take care to organize this activity so that more of that valued delivery occured to more people.

    I was a supervisor at the famous (or imfamous) 1981 FEBC when then-ED Int Bill Franks walked up to the podium at graduation and asked for a show of hands of those had never read DMSMH. We were shocked down to our toes when 2/3 of the 500 students raised their hands. I had an immediate question that I wanted to ask: “What are you people doing here?” I mean, if they never read DMSMH then they don’t even know how to run Book I. So what do they think they are going to be administering?

    Give me an auditor any day to run anything. He would use his TRs rather than scream at the top of his lungs (Yaeger, Ingber Liz and Mark both, etc).

    ML Tom

  24. Really spot on. It remembers me the Miscavige’s “fantasm” of getting OT 8 to manage The Iddle Orgs, regardless of their training level. It remembers me the arrogance of an OT8, successfull businessman, to whom I showed this same reference.
    Dear POB (COB FLOB BOB ROBOT, whatever), and dear BUSY NESS man, we are not in the same business, we are in the business of freeing beings!

  25. I was laughing at (with) Marty, but yes Hadyn, you are correct. I always, for years and years (goes to my own blind loyalty) wondered if staff, especially SO would EVER make it up the Bridge. Even dubbed in fleeting thoughts maybe SO were already OT (indeed many were in a sense), but still I didn’t see it happening. I remember walking around L. Ron Hubbard Blvd. one afternoon and wondering what is going to happen in the end, retirement, medical needs for these folk? Just discarded? It was a disturbing thought and I never got a good answer.

    There is so much unaccounted for, yet we all (did) persist along that path.

  26. Richard Royce

    What made CCLA so successful was that Yvonne was a Class 8 Auditor. Her mantra was get trained and she got all of us onto the HSDC Course. a lot of us who just hung around CCLA and helped out here and there were given the course as a reward for helping. Then when you were finished with the course Yovnne would say “Dear, could you supervise the course for a while while we get the sup through the course?” Then the whole thing would happen again when the hard TRs course came out, then the data series course etc. Seems to me we were always on course or helping out! Before I knew it I was Class 4 interned and XDN interned. Oh yes the internships. Yvonne would get you to do the internship which meant all her staff would get audited! Mine segued into 2 years of staff staff auditing. Those were the Good Old Days!

  27. Ok. So we all have to become very good auditors to handle Corporate Scientology and… DM ! 😉

  28. Another Layer

    Where were you a supervisor?

  29. DK: I said that we should put the entire base on training 5 hours a day and make them all into auditors and that would basically solve everything.

    What a novel idea, especially just along with GAT. But no, they need hatting. WTF? We need LRH trained auditors you (miscavig) fuckkng buffoon. And we need Clears idiot.

    Talk about insanity. Thanks for the relay Dan…………… jesus h. christ.

  30. The best Execs I’ve senn, mostly were also trained as auditors. The worst mostly weren’t trained as auditor.

    SiMPLE !

  31. And that “And every once in a while we have had to fill a post with somebody who was not quite up to handling that post, and we missed. And we finally found what the common denominator was of an individual who could handle the post in an organization or any post in the organization. And that person was – the common denominator is – a good auditor. If a person is not a good auditor, there will be something wrong with his organizational activities” is worth quoting.

  32. The Oracle

    Great post Marty! That says it all! When I was in the Sea Org I was actually assigned lower condition (even thought my stats were up), because I said I wanted to train as an auditor. It was considered counter intention because auditing was not my post hat. Never mind I was on course at an Org when I was recruited and it was my understanding that I was recruited for the TTC. I wasn’t even permitted to finish product zero! Mid course I was pulled out of the courseroom and put on post! The one day I did return
    to study the 2 1/2 hours promised to me, two people were there to pull me out within an hour. That is just how crazy it had become. Now, I did do my time and the delivered on my part. The C of S still owes me six years of training at 2 1/2 hours a day. But when I left I was presented with a Freeloader Bill, which I paid. How is all of that for bait and switch? Still, the Church has a DEBT to me, of six years of study time at 2 1/2 hours a day. Not only to me, but anyone who worked in the Sea Org who was promised 2 1/2 hours of study a day and did not get it. This is a monumental invisible unpaid debt. There were some big can’t haves being run on staff by staff with the Scientology. They were running can’t haves on one another while running must haves on the public.
    Then they just started running the can’t haves on the public too. “You can’t have OT8 until you buy us a ship” “You can’t have super power until you buy us a building” “You can’t have your OT levels unless you donate and become a patron” “You can’t have Scientology unless you disconnect…” CAN’T HAVE SCIENTOLOGY has become the theme of the day in the corporate Church. Look at the big can’t have being run with Super Power!
    The can’t have with OT8 became such a stuck flow even when people were finally permitted to get it, they were told afterward they really didn’t get it!
    “You have to go back onto OT 7 ! We are going to run the can’t have on you all over again!” Can’t haves are suppressive! Can’t haves with the Scientology are suppressive! The Church is down to running Can’t haves with your own body! What are we doing out here? We are running can haves! And right there is the conflict! Can have the tech, it’s all over the net! HAVE IT! Can have a session! Can have your OT levels! If we were ever to establish a mantra for the Independent Movement that says it all it would be “CAN HAVE Scientology!”

  33. Mark, Could you provide the name of the lecture that is the source of this quote?

  34. Do you mean that ‘far flung org’ being Birmingham? Centre of the universe!

  35. martyrathbun09

    The Goal of Auditing.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I had to blow for nine days – after 15 years of service – in order to get auditor training.

  37. martyrathbun09

    I’m thinking, interesting how they so titillate folk like you.

  38. ANZO

  39. That’s the one, the only, the second city.

  40. “Becoming an auditor was the thing everyone wanted to do.”

    This was true at the Palo Alto mission as well in the late 1970’s. Even the newest Scientologists were learning how to do Book 1 auditing by studying and drilling right from the R and D volumes.

    Although I think most came in on a first dynamic ruin, it was the ability to help another which brought the greatest case gain.

  41. I tried 3 times to get auditor training, and every time I did, I ended up off post, digging a ditch or in ethics on the meter again. My life in the SO would have been drastically different if I had been auditor trained. The urge was there to learn and to help — but getting there was an impossibility.
    And the changes and wins I have had SINCE becoming and training as an auditor since being an Indi are immeasurable.
    Such a good post Marty.
    Thanks very much!

  42. TheWidowDenk

    Lest we forget the Awareness Characteristics:

    Department 10 – Department of Tech Services – PREDICTION
    Department 11 – Department of Training – ACTIVITY
    Department 12 – Department of Processing – PRODUCTION

    Training definitely comes before processing as we move up the Awareness Characteristics and comes well ahead of CLEARING, which is Department 17. Rachel

  43. Great post ! Very interesting point of view ! Thank you to share it !

  44. Dolphin Play

    And what else is Scientology really about if not that?! Being an auditor. Helping self and others!

    So awesome to read about when Scientology was Scientology. Night and Day!

    Besides, training is 50% of case gain!

  45. Isn’t there also a reference, I believe it may be called Executive Qualifications?

    One of the points on this was that an executive needed to be an accomplished auditor.

    Most executives had to csw uplines with evidence of all requirements being met before being given an exec post. But I gues DM never went through this process since he deemed himself the annointed one right after LRH droped his body. He certainly was not an accomplished auditor!

  46. Richard Royce

    This post and many of the comments are one of the clearest explanations of what we are doing out here in Indiland. LRH would be so proud!

  47. Bruce Pratt

    I’d say, based on the title and content of this post, what’s wrong with corporate scientology is that all the scientologists have left the corporation. If not all, too few remain to effect correction.

  48. Lucy James

    Mark your post brings back fond memories. I remember being a student in the academy training on the HSDC. If you didn’t get to the course room early you chanced not having a seat. The academy was packed with people studying on the Student Hat, Primary Rundwon and HSDC.

  49. Random Stranger


    1) DM

    2) MONEY



    5) STATUS



    8) CONTROL


    10) SECRECY

  50. andrewdjmcgowan

    I think a better question would be “What is right with corporate Scientology?”

    Umm… hard pressed to find an answer!

  51. Mike Hobson

    Yes, it’s a completely unrelated question.

  52. RS: You win the Grand Prize in the “Describe the RCS in 10 words or less” competition.

    Your prize? Excommunication from the RCS.

  53. Love today’s blog. Love it. I have an off-the-wall but urgent question pertaining to correct auditing: if I get a floating TA on a PC, does it have to go “right, off the dial; then left, off the dial; then right, off the dial”, three times, in rhythmically even flops, before I can call it a floating TA and indicate it to the PC? (I really, really wanna know! I have a PC waiting, laughing at me for some reason).

  54. There is another harmonic below “not an auditor” that I doubt LRH ever even considered. No subjective reality on the subject of Scientology.

    A lot of staff these days are not only NOT auditors, they have not experienced real case gain. This is a result of several factors:

    1. Many staff, and especially SO, are children of Scientologists — raised in a Scientology “ethnic” environment, but nowhere on the Bridge. Their parents encourage them to join staff as a noble thing to do and because it is a “safe environment” and “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.”

    2. The majority of the balance of staff seem to be from Third World or Eastern European or Soviet bloc countries where they are offered “travel to exotic lands” if they join staff. Whether that be Copenhagen, Flag or the Mission in Ocala.

    3. The high pressure on recruitment means recruiters go after people who just walk in the door. Those make up the final percentage of new staff and SO recruits. Everyone else in the dwindling world of Scientology orgs and missions has already been “recruited to death.” The recruiters will literally take ANYONE.

    And finally, compounding the felony is this:

    4. Once they get on staff they are not trained or processed, They are at best instant or mini hatted and then work full time being stat pushed to sell basic books and LRH “encyclopedias” or reg for the IAS.

    THere were very few people on staff in the 70’s who had not experienced the gains of Scientology auditing — or at least TR’s and Objectives to a real EP. And LRH thought those were not really the right calibre to be staff. Can you imagine what he would think about the majority of staff these days having NO auditing — as in zero Grade Chart completions. I would guess the most common case level of staff these days is “Purif Comp.”

    This is the real tragedy of what Corporate Scientology has become.

  55. To Oracle,
    This is true. The hidden line at San Fransisco Org was to pit the OT8’s against the Clears with sordid ditities only verbally passed privately . Then
    the Clears were pitted against the OT 8’s with sordid dittitries in a likewise manner. August Murphy, the Third Party succeeded in getting 80 percent of Org Public to abandon Scientology. That is until he was declared.

    Bait and Switch, dont get me started.


  56. Jean-François Genest

    Yes! Exactly! Θ
    And, 62 years ago, with the broad publication of Dianetics, LRH started the process of making it possible for every common human being to audit its other fellow humans, and help each other live a better life, at an AFFORDABLE price.

    We are only 26 years behind. On an infinity scale [∞], it is only the size of a pebble. We’ll catch up and make up the lost time. David Miscavidge will eventually end up alone and deserted anyway.

  57. The Oracle

    The allegations against J.T. are completely false.
    The plaintiff described his penis as being 8″ long. Way off. All John has to do is walk into court with a ruler to clear himself.

  58. The Oracle

    Make that a tape measure.

  59. Colorwheel

    Well, I have not experienced this in years, so, here we all are, starting over. The old man was right and always has been.
    Can’t wait to read your book, Marty. When is it being released, please?

  60. The Oracle

    Heh heh….you bent his finger back until you got the right answer!

  61. The Oracle

    I think you could have put punishment at #3. Sea Org Members are obedient. There is no need to punish volunteers. Punishment is a higher priority if you can find an excuse to punish a Sea Org member.

  62. Ronnie Bell

    Interesting topic, considering today’s date.

  63. Oh, would that being a trained, interned and competent auditor had been a prerequisite for joining the Sea Org!

  64. There is plenty wrong with corporate Scientology and I mean plenty. But, did anyone stop and say “Happy Birthday Dianetics” for today is the Dianetics book birthday or have people forgotten? Who can ever forget going Clear. It was like the movie “Hostel” at the Org I went to. 🙂

  65. Tony Ortega thinks the complaint smells fishy, and I trust his judgement.

  66. The Oracle

    J.T. wasn’t even in California when these alleged incidents happened:


  67. Sapere Aude

    Mike – “No subjective reality on the subject of Scientology.” That is the key to the question of this post – “What is wrong with Corporate Scientology?”

    So many good comments here that I need not repeat. Public in the early 70’s, when I came in, mostly came in having read one or many books. I know for a fact my only desire when I first walked into an organization was to be an auditor. Real study tech was available in the Primary Rundown, PRD. Real TR’s to a major stable win in Div 6 on the HAS course with TRs 0-4 and 6-9 as your introduction.

    The corporation today is not made up of Scientologists who know what Scientology is. I would bet not many new SO members in the last 10 years have ever contacted a non Scientologist and audited them on anything. With absolutely NO subjective reality there isn’t a chance in hell of any staff member being able to envision the ideal scene. Without a good ideal of the ideal scene and purpose there is no ability to spot or recognize an outpoint. Without study tech there is no ability to duplicate LRH and to become a being with the ability, willingness and desire to help another human being. Without a true intention to help one does not bring about clearing.

    From there on the corporation of scientology is just another business and its product is only money, property and mest. A Scientology organization was made up of individual beings all behind a common purpose – helping people by making auditors and clears.

    I know I am speaking to those Independent beings who recognize this but I distinctly remember when we made reference to “the org”, our “org”, etc and all we here today is “the church”. An “org” (short for organization) was made up of real Scientologists. A “church” can just be some warm meat bodies who wanted to leave some existence that was unwanted and are just cogs in a wheel. No free independent beings helping others to be free. Just cogs in the wheel, the machine with the apetite for money and power.

    Today, May 9th, I believe only the Independent thinking person stands for the ideal scene as written by LRH. I am proud to find myself on this side of the razor fence and outside the blackness unthinking adoration of the machine now operating with the name of corporate scientology.

  68. Oracle,
    Really well put and thus S.O members and staff are PTS without realizing it.

  69. The Oracle

    Just remember John, Over here we had your back, and your front!

  70. Thumbs up indeed,,, !! The good ol’ days. 🙂

  71. Ahhhhh this topic brings back track… I remember first auditing a public on Book 1, circa 81, and I persisted (as a total newbie) per that tech until I got the prenatal engram. It was 3+ hrs., over and over and earlier and earlier, and by God we got it. The entire room lit up, literally. And she was so blown out ~ I couldn’t have been happier for her. She was raw public. THAT is Scientology.

  72. The Oracle

    I hope OSA didn’t you find out you were reading Marty’s blog and set up these frivolous law suits! It seems very OSA to me!

  73. Correction, actually that was Dianetics… 🙂

  74. Auditing others is such a loving service when it is done right.
    In the same spirit as this article Marty, I think all schools should have service community time starting at Kindergarden.

    Some how simply being there for another especially when there is good training and love is such a great initiation towards a loving attitude towards the world.

    Tyrants have learned to fear the world, because the level of evil they perpetrate on other’s. They are constantly trying to stop evil, imagined or real, from happening to them.

    They are trying to stop themselves by projecting their evil mind Outwards onto others.

    In the past I used to cause pc’s to FN. I did nothing other than love the pc, really have ARC.

    ARC is one of my fav Ron Ideas: it was elegant

  75. T.O. , you have created a new meme for the Anons –

    “I can haz Scientology!”

  76. @Tango
    What is this about August Murphy getting 80% of the Org public to abandon Scientology? What year? That was my org and I knew him fairly well and I do know that he was instrumental at getting Electric Shock Therapy to be illegal in SF. He worked in the DSA for twenty years and never got any auditing. When he was finally ending his last contract, he wanted to get audited but Qual, Melanie Davies wouldn’t approve it because he was technically “ex” staff. I know he left disgrunteled.

  77. Mike,
    True to the letter!

  78. Tony Dephillips

    If it doesn’t fit then aquit.

  79. Tony Dephillips

    Corporate Scientology doesn’t train auditors anymore it just punishes them with grueling arbitraries…wrong indications and a whole lot more. They make you regret you even thought about becoming an auditor. They convince you it isn’t possible unless you fake it.

  80. The Oracle

    I’m not trained but I have seen a floating T.A, solo auditing. I would say it’s a floating t.a. whether it lasts one minute or two swings or three minutes and one swing. Yeah, it’s there it’s there.

  81. John Allender

    There;s just one problem with Marty’s argument. He doesn’t audit PCs; he squirrles. BTW Marty, where’s your Way to Happiness Campagin?

  82. Over 20 years ago i wanted to join the sea org , i went into the recruiters office and told the recruiters i wanted to join , the responce was always the same from the recriter , that i should join the sea org because i needed somewhere to stay ( which was not true ) and that i needed help .
    I never joined the sea org because i could not agree that i was a body that needed help .
    The recruiters attictude was that i was just a body .
    IMO that is something wrong with corporate scientology , that the sea org staff would regard a person as a body .

  83. I forgot to mention , the recruiter always said it in a sympathetic tone of voice , that i needed somewhere to stay and needed help .

  84. And that was invalidation of what i am , i am an operating thetan , not a body .

  85. Mker, I think the downfall of Scientology is/was unqualled people recruited into the Sea Org. When I was at Int I found most of the execs in charge were not tech trained and in fact were only trained as messengers. Some of them may have been messengers of importance at some point in time, but they were actually cruel to others around them and expecially under them. You could tell there was no training in their past because of lack of TRs, compassion and direction-by-screaming. The handling of others poorly found its way down the org board and became the poisen in Scientology, taking the place of real tech. It then became normal to focus on HCO PLs that talked about “wrath” (HCO PL ETHICS PRESENCE) or “Pityless Product Officering” when there were 100’s of other PLs that talked about hatting so that juniors could run their posts themselves. I could dwell on this for 100 more pages.

    ML Tom

  86. martyrathbun09

    John, stay tuned. I am about to make you a celebrity – the highest possible attainment of a corporate Scientologist.

  87. Bill Straass former Mwchanics Chief Freewinds

    I was discarded from the Freewinds 10 years ago today. I was almost dead from AIDS I received from a bad blood transfusion I received in the Freewinds’ home port. Then I was sent to a chiropractor for treatment . The only reason I am still alive to write this is that SPs cannot complete a cycle of action.

  88. Bill Straass former Mwchanics Chief Freewinds

    Marty, we were told on the ship that you were awarded your BC for getting the IRS scene handled. I guess that is why I never managed to get trained; because I never blew. I just stayed until I was dead, like a “good ” staff member.

  89. John, “You Can Be Right”.
    Just read “New Slant on Life” in a new unit of time.
    (The original edition.)

  90. Bill Straass former Mwchanics Chief Freewinds

    I was assigned Confusion once for going to study. I realize now it was the correct condition- I did not know where I really was- I had the crazy idea that I was in an LRH organization!

  91. The same old LDW

    Learning the tech of auditing others and learning the discipline of auditing others is such a vital part of the the road to OT…the road to freedom.

    Having a great supervisor facilitates doingness and KRC. Your average corporate scientology supervisor destroys initiative and the desire to take a pc in session. One of the main out-points in Co$ is their blatent disregard for the code of a supervisor. Just a few examples:

    “7. The Supervisor will be able to correlate any part of Scientology to any other part and to livingness across the eight dynamics.
    9. The Supervisor should never lie to, deceive or misdirect a student concerning Scientology. He shall be honest at all times about it with a student.
    10. The Supervisor must be an accomplished auditor.
    12. The Supervisor should at all times be perfectly willing and able to do anything he tells his students to do.
    21. The Supervisor will be a stable terminal, point the way to stable data, be certain but not dogmatic or dictatorial, toward his students.”

    From my personal observation of sups at ASHO, AO, CCI, LA Day, LA Fdn, Tampa and Flag, less than 10% of their sups actually live up to these points of the sup code. From 1990 to 2007 it kept getting worse and worse.

    To me, auditing others is the most rewarding activity in this universe.

    The Co$ makes it seem dangerous by making it appear impossible to do a good job. Also, they make it impossible to to do a good job by virture of david miscavige’s squirreling and their acceptance of his out-tech demands.


  92. You have to know that LRH would LOVE this success story!

  93. LOL.

  94. Hi John. Where is YOUR Way to Happiness Campaign? I’ve been by the WTH Building in Glendale. You recall that building the CoS bought and reno’ed a few years ago. Another monument to failure to follow policy. That’s right, that WTH morgue on Broadway. The one that gets no foot traffic despite its location. Sure you do. Putz.

  95. Ah … good! Better late than never, and nice to hear about YOUR floating TA! Nice! I told my PC I couldn’t listen to her anymore because the meter was broken. She went into hysterics and laughed herself off the chair onto the floor. Sigh.

  96. martyrathbun09

    Great post, Bill.

  97. martyrathbun09

    That was the reason, only Dave thought it was to get this indian back onto the reservation.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Another great post my man.

  99. A business is supposed to have a product.

  100. Exactly Mike,
    I read Dianetics in the 70s, did a couple of book one sessions and then went to the org and routed on to the Dianetics Today Course. Within three months I was auditing Dianetics and then routed onto the Dianetics Internship and audited staff first and then public and was out the roof.
    As I recall I logged over 400 hours in the chair by the time I finished the internship and had been “in” scientology for about six months.
    Those were great times! And there are many more ahead as long as we keep working our way up a little higher!

  101. 🙂

  102. John — Glad to know you keep checking up on things here. Oddly, I doubt that anyone in the world bothers looking at anything you do or write… Oh BTW, whatever happened to your “documentary”? You wasted a lot of parishioners hard earned money, claiming you were “shooting a documentary”…. Even Stanley Kubrick couldnt take this long to edit the 3 minutes of usable footage you shot (some estab shots, couple of shots of your t-shirts and hats, your golf cart, inside your sekrit HQ and the outside of Marty’s house).

    It sucks to be Miscavige, but it REALLY sucks to be sucking Miscavige.

  103. The Oracle

    Too Funny!

  104. Hey Sherb,
    Can you email me pls ? (I am from ANZO too).
    axiomatic (at) hushmail (dot) com
    I would love to get in touch…

  105. Sunshine Disinfects

    LOVE IT Mike!!

  106. Geeze Mike, I wonder what happened to John. Hope he isn’t mad. What a sad little piece of meat.

  107. Captain Bob

    nice lemonade

  108. Nice!!!

    “…presure and time…”

  109. “The product of an org is well taught students and thoroughly audited PCs. WHEN THE PRODUCT VANISHES, SO DOES THE ORG. THE ORGS MUST SURVIVE FOR THE SAKE OF THIS PLANET.” HCO PL Tech Degrades. (caps emphasis added)

    Enough said.

    Nice post Marty.

    “…presure and time…”

  110. You Know Who

    Now, THAT indicates!

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