Why Cold Steel and Scientology Don’t Mix

Over the past three decades Scientology Inc head David Miscavige has proudly and increasingly implemented what he calls the ‘ruthless, cold, chrome steel’ personality ‘necessary’ to manage Scientology.   It started with Religious Technology Center (RTC, the top of Scientology Inc’s chain of command).  Cold, chrome steel has made its way all the way down to local churches of Scientology.  More and more cops to prevent more and more potential ‘crime.’  More and more cops policing more and more dynamics. Public Scientologists taking on the valence of cops, confronting and informing upon friends and family members for creating an independent thought, for example. Look at the end product.

L. Ron Hubbard tells us why this has had such disastrous effects, and why the independent Scientologists movement has thrived and can be counted upon to continue to do so.  Fittingly, from the 4th of July, 1958 in a lecture titled The Fact of Clearing:

Man definitely has a right to certain happiness.  He isn’t going to experience that right under the circumstances of his own past. He can’t.  He’s too wound up in this and that. It’s not the mores of the society that prevent him .  It’s all of these delusions about how bad the other fellow is. 

You have police because other people are so bad. I investigated police one time. I became a cop. That’s the best way to investigate something — become it for a while, you know?  You can go too far with that sort of thing. But where do we have, in essence here, a cave-in of the society?  What could cave the society in?

Well, all you’d have to do is have a police force and a society would start caving in.  Why? The police force constitutes a constant reminder that men are evil, which is a constant reminder that we must agree with these evil men.  Do you see how this would work?  Neat little trick.

Now, that doesn’t say that we are so starry-eyed as to believe that at this time we could dispense with all police. Or could we?

Now, you have to make up your mind which way you’re going to go with a society if you’re thinking about a new society of one kind or the another. And if you say, “Well, this society would be totally unregulated,” then we would be proposing an anarchy.  And all the anarchists tell us that the only way a society would work as a total freedom without government would be if everyone in it were perfect.

Well, I don’t know whether we propose — when we talk about a cleared society — whether we propose or not to have an anarchy.  That’s beside the point.  That’s up to the people who get cleared.  But I don’t think you’d wind up with an anarchy. I think you’d wind up with a much finer level of agreement and cooperation because I think you’d then be able to realize the rest of the dynamics. 

The cops are there only because the rest of the dynamics aren’t there! So, if you put those back into society, then you’d get a society. 

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  1. This reminds me of another startling quote from LRH which he made in a lecture entitled The Deterioration of Liberty, March 1956.

    “When you have to reduce liberty, it means you must be scared. When a man is afraid, he doesn’t perceive, so it almost always happens that that of which one is afraid doesn’t exist.

    “Definition: Fear is a state of imperception; fear is an unwillingness to confront.”

  2. TheWidowDenk

    So let me get this straight: The use of the ‘ruthless, cold, chrome steel’ personality on public and staff of lower “status” and expecting that individual to learn and apply Scientology to improve conditions in the world around him. David Miscavige IS a conundrum and has established a conundrum as a result. Fortunately we have Source materials to solve the conundrum as evidenced, in part, above.

  3. This is something I’ve wondered about — the obsession with punishment in the current Church of Scientology organization. In the US, there are about 800,000 cops to protect a population of 310 million, about one police officer for every 400 people.

    What percentage of the corporate Scientology organization today is devoted to punishment of public and of staff? It sure seems like a huge percentage of the payroll is devoted to sec checkers, masters at arms, blow drills, OSA operatives, etc. Is the number 10%? Is it 25%? Is it anywhere like 50% of job responsibilities devoted to detecting others’ misdeeds and punishing them? Those of you intimately familiar with the current organization ought to be albe to come up with a reasonably good estimate.

    Whatever it is, if it’s greater than the 0.25% needed to police a population with criminal sociopaths running loose on the streets, why would an organization that is supposedly made up of highly ethical people need to devote even that relatively small 0.25% number to punishment of its members and employees, much less the number that it actually does?

    The end result of all these police state thugs in the RCS is an organization that goes way beyond the most brutal excesses of East Germany in the Communist era. According to Wikipedia, the Stasi secret police had 174,000 confidential informants, which was 2.5% of the population between 18 and 60 years old. (These data are quite precise because they came to light during the integration of the two halves of the country after the Berlin Wall came down.) There were also 10,000 informants under 18. So if the Church of Scientology has more than 2.5% of members (employees plus public) spying on and punishing their own, they’re more repressive than East Germany.

    The real organizational parallel with the Church of Scientology organization today is North Korea, but the data on the number of people involved in state security is, of course, imprecise, so it’s hard to make comparisons on the two “state security” organizations. Somewhat credible official estimates suggest, however, that there are 200,000 people in prison camps in North Korea out of a population of 24 million. If we assume that there are 25,000 Church of Scientology members in the US, then all it takes is about 300 on the RPF in the US for the Church of Scientology’s prison camp system to be more repressive than the one in North Korea. Based on comments here and elsewhere about “The Hole” at Int Base, it is almost certain that RCS’s gulag system (“Hole” plus RPF) has a higher percentage of the population in it than North Korea.

  4. FCDC Class of 74

    I think the cops are there to remind us of the unobtainable extremes we live under in this agreement of MEST. Sure if we change the conditions we get more or less randomity to spice up the monotany. In the long run cleared, we would know and that would encourage butt heads to come out and play on the other team.

  5. Speaking of how out of place “cold steel” is, does anyone else see a resemblance between David Miscavige on the one hand and Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” look in the movie Zoolander? That’s the 2001 comedy classic where Ben Stiller plays the title character, a dim-witted uneducated male model whose dominance of the catwalk is about to be usurped by cooler, smarter, better looking rivals.

    Check out Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” here. This was the first thing I thought of when I read the headline and imagined how it would look when Miscavige lays “cold steel” on his minions.

  6. With all the copper rods little David Miscavige keeps fondling he’s surely also suffering from galvanic corrossion too if he’s being all cold steel.

    Allergy warning: it’s true that copper and steel give rise to galvanic corrossion however the comment is not meant to be taken seriously.

  7. Theo Sismanides

    Ι have been to the U.S. for 5 years. 1990 – 1995. Oh, never seen so much of a Police State. The Spaniards were being arrested left and right on Hollywood Blvd.

    I was from the Mediterranean and at those times there was no such police state here in Greece. But now my friends, there is.

    This is why the Indie Movement is going to get going if we do get those dynamics working again.

    It’s NOT Miscavige Only. It’s what we do about Scientology and the dynamics, now, now, now.

    I thank this blog and ALL the free Scientologists around the globe!

  8. Mrs Denk,
    I would also contribute that he is an ANOMOLY and has established the current CO$ as the same as regards religion.

    The only real benefit here will be the ability to point out to current and future social beings what the true nature of a suppressive is, how they work and how to take them down. This is our own internship!

    He is going down and that is certain. And as you stated, we do have the Source materials. Bring it on Davey!

  9. Alex Castillo


    “There;s just one problem with Marty’s argument. He doesn’t audit PCs; he squirrles. BTW Marty, where’s your Way to Happiness Campagin?”

    It would be most enlightening and most interesting for many of us here, who have for many years learned and benefited from the original works of L Ron Hubbard, some like me and others going back to the 1950-60’s, if you could just for a moment drop the generalities and give true specifics as to how Marty is “squirreling”, when it is a verifiable fact that he ONLY uses LRH tech . Can you prove otherwise? You sound so convinced of what you say…

    I don’t know what kind of “wins” you have had from the misapplication of
    LRH Tech or should I say the correct application of Miscavology, but your behaviour and your words tell me that you are talking about two very different things: LRH’s Scientology and and it’s bastardized version which we know as Miscavology and to which you sound so faithful. I think that when you say that Marty (and probably every non-corporate Auditor in the world) are squirreling, you mean that they are purposely ignoring Miscavology and applying what we learned from unaltered, unadulterated LRH Scientology. If I were you, in order to gain some kind of inner peace, I would investigate what LRH actually wrote, and perhaps try it.


  10. Yes indeed Alex,

    I received a report concerning someone I know well, an OT8. This person recently received 200 hours of objectives. 200 hours – folks, that is 16 – (SIXTEEN) intensives!!

    This person reported “having some wins” as a result.

    Merely hearing about it on a 3rd flow made my hair stand on end.

    Miscavology = 100% Squirrel tech
    LRH = 100% Standard tech

    I simply cannot believe that there are still highly trained C/S’s and Auditors, some of whom received their training and much of their experience prior to 1980, who have sold out to – and perpetuate – this insanity.

    John Allender, can you please supply us with an LRH reference stating it is OK under any circumstances to run an OT8 on 200 hours of Objectives?

    You will not find it. But if you do, it is a fake – guaranteed.

  11. I had a senior executives that said I was too nice to my juniors and to the public…that I needed to be “tough”. And I know I am not the only one who had this incorrect evaluation given to them. What David Miscavige and the like do not get is that toughness is not about being antagonistic and bullying people into compliance. It is about being able to confront and demonstrate competence, and for that, one must be able to have and create ARC.
    The Church, as a whole, has morphed into operating off of altered and twisted computations of the tech in order to make themselves right and others wrong, in order to dominate others and escape domination. It IS insidious, as they pretend to align with survival, when in fact they are so far off the mark.
    I’m glad I never bought into not being nice to others, as I happen to love mankind.

  12. Yeah, the cop valence. I have known “scientologists”, staff or public, who would KR you to death if you dared to express a viewpoint. When my daughter was being recruited by the Sea Org years ago, I told her that she should only join if she really meant it, if she really wanted to play the game, if that really was her purpose. Her life was in tatters. I suspected that she was joining the Sea Org because she could no longer confront life. It was the “easy” way out. And what do you know? I immediately got a KR from the recruiter accusing me of stopping the cycle and bad-mouthing the Sea Org. Cop valence. A few years later, my daughter blew because she couldn’t take it anymore. Thank god.

    A few years ago, I visited my original org. At the time, I was living abroad to pay less taxes. The top exec of that org KRed me for fleeing the country and setting a bad example for other org publics. She said that I was PTS. Cop valence.

    These days, with many friends of mine having publicly gone independent, the attitude seems to have changed a little. I’m not asked to disconnect from them. I’m only asked if I know that they have left the church. I say yes. And they leave it at that. They are afraid of what I might say should they ask me to disconnect. They tread gingerly. They fear a chain reaction. They know the cop valence may no longer work. They’ve dropped down to 1.0, heading towards apathy.

    Funny, isn’t it?

  13. TheWidowDenk

    Hello newcomer and welcome! I love the concept you communicate about how “This is our own intership!” and I believe that is true. I personally consider I have been on an internship for the past 7 1/2 years and, while I’d love to apply for completion, I don’t think that will happen in the immediate future. An internship is in Qual and we don’t ever wish to lose Qual again. So, we keep doing what we are doing …. L, Rachel

  14. Hi Marty, Great series of quotes the last few days. When the ugly pygmy donkey reared up on hind legs and started braying for everyone to emulate “ruthless, cold chrome steel hee-haaah, chrome steel hee-haaah” what we are really looking at is the depersonalization of everything that makes Scientology work and everything that makes it Scientology, i.e. life. The bedrock of Scientology is not confronting others as something (a via) but understanding. TRs are all about coaxing the being to be there comfortably and confront. Pygmy Donkey is all about coaxing people to not be there, and to put something else there instead of you — an inanimate object (chunk of steel).

    There’s a reason why LRH put the ARC triangle in the Scientology symbol. Scientology pivots upon Understanding (the summation of ARC) — that is THE breakthrough of Scientology. There are thousands of breakthroughs in Scientology — but this one stands above the rest. LRH found that the only route any being can take that harbors zero liability whatsoever, is the route toward understanding. What does one do about this, or that? Understand it. Because through understanding alone one can resolve anything.

    Perhaps ARC is one of the most powerful breakthroughs in Scientology. What powers all auditing except understanding? What powered all the development of the technology except the desire to understand.

    And here in Independent Scientology we have zero people trying to be an object (cold chrome steel) and we are wildly successful and expanding far faster than the Cult of the Pygmy Donkey. We got no police. We got no steel men. We got no Hitler Youth. Everyone is factually oriented around understanding, and our lines and social network is gobbling up the dead zombies as fast as they come to their senses and wake up.

  15. TheWidowDenk

    Hi Alex,

    I believe you have made a worthy comment and thanks for that. However, you are responding to a non-worthy comment and one that is illiterate at that. Probably not worth your time … Rachel

  16. Talk about Why Finding and right items. I love the sound of Truth in the morning. (or anytime) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  17. DM took one line from one LRH dispatch and made THAT his stable datum, not only for RTC’s stated purpose but for every part of Scientology and every Scientologist. Just call DM Mr. Overboard. He goes overboard on everything and not in a good way. It is intended to stop, on the premise of “high standards” and “quality.” Of course, unobtainable quality before any sort of quantity results in . . . well, look around you, you Mushroom Scientologists reading here. The RTC building was “cold, chrome steel” to the max with even the windows cold chrome steel! (Not much of an exaggeration.) The “Malmö” Org in Sweden (in quotes because the org is no longer in the center of Malmö but in the industrial suburb of Arlöv) had that cold chrome look. The exact opposite image of what you would want to communicate to represent a church that helped people. Someday, that space will make a great headquarters for Volvo’s PR firm.
    Marty, the LRH quote about police reminds of another quote where LRH said that there had to be as many Volunteer Ministers in a society as there were police. That would now seem to be a necessity for Scn Inc.

  18. Li'll bit of stuff

    Said so before….David Mestcavige….is completely devoid
    of the essential qualities that make up a (sane)human being.

    1. He is completely without a conscience.
    2. He has no “heart” but only a cold, mechanical steel pump.
    3. The eyes, show no other emotion than utter hatred.
    4. Most humans can recognize making a mistake. Him never!
    5. He cannot recognize goodness, in anyone ( doesn’t exist!)
    6. At no stage, does he EVER recant, since HE is never wrong.
    7. He is incapable of “love” “loving” “being in love” with another.
    8. Human beings need ARC. Mestscavige ONLY needs WAR.
    9. One cannot find a single spark of decency in Mestcavige.
    IO.It is difficult to categorize such an individual as “human.”

    …the above “individual” would have everyone believe that he
    alone, has been “entrusted” to the safeguarding & future of
    L.Ron Hubbard’s Scientology!

    This surely is asking too much for even a moron to accept??.

  19. Alex Castillo

    Ahh Rachel, but it is worth giving this deluded person the chance to PROVE his statements, since he seems to think that what he is saying is the truth. I am no slouch when it comes to Scientology and LRH. Whether it is worth it or not, people like Allender should be challenged to prove their statements. That’s just my opinion, of course.

  20. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes, Steve, ’cause WE now stand for UNDERSTANDING!


  22. Considering where society is headed right now … considering the police state that is going in all around us with total surveilance … considering the snitch mentality that is being put in place via the public school system … perhaps DM isn’t so crazy after all. With all the training writing up KR’s on everyone else, the public Scientologist in the Church will be well trained for life in the new Amerika, which is more and more resembling life in what used to be East Germany or the old Soviet Union.


  23. That’s funny. I did see the “look” Ben Stiller’s character does. Miscavige doesn’t have the humour to pull it off though.

    But I would highly recommend another film for a fantastic “demo” of where the cold chrome steel mentality ends up – EQUILIBRIUM starring Christian Bale. In the first half of the film Bale’s character and his cop colleagues are RTC bods to a T. From IMDB summary: ” a strict regime has eliminated war by suppressing emotions: books, art and music are strictly forbidden and feeling is a crime…”

  24. martyrathbun09


  25. 100% dittos, Alex! As you see above, I challenged him too.

    However I forgot to ask him where I can get one of those cool video helmets like the one he wears whenever he’s out & about . . . now THERE is a way to make friends for Scientology!

  26. You hit the nail on the head with this one, Pete.

    Snitch mentality, including enviro nazis, food nazis, diversity nazis and more. Political correctness is the new Nazism – utter the wrong word, and you are instantly ostracized.

    A six year old kid got suspended from school the other day because of singing the song “I’m sexy and I know it” to a girl in his class.

    The only thing missing from the new “Amerika” as you call it, is an RPF. So far, all they have are enforced “anger management” and “diversity training” classes. Just wait til DM sells them on the “benefits” of the RPF and the Hole . . .

  27. OFF Topic :
    found here;


    “I made a little joke in the book about psychiatry secretly funding scientology, but really, it couldn’t have worked out better for the pharmaceutical companies and biological psychiatry. The reason is that, of course, it delegitimizes criticism. The fact that scientology is so visibly attacking biological psychiatry and attacking psychiatric drugs delegitimizes all criticism. Scientologists clearly do have a cult-like status and they clearly do have an agenda. The fact that they’re so visible makes it very easy for psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies to say, “This is just criticism coming from that crazy group.”

    Some of the stuff, they’ve gone into the data and they’ve brought out some information. Because it was scientology and CCHR that was out front with the criticism and raising questions and raising accusations that these drugs were causing suicide and violence, just made it really easy for pharmaceutical industry and Eli Lily to have it dismissed. If we didn’t have Scientology. Imagine it doesn’t exist and there’s no such group raising criticism. The questions around whether Prozac can stir violence or could cause someone to become suicidal or homicidal would have had a lot more traction.

  28. Simple Thetan

    I think that your analogy to North Korea is right on. Suppressive regime, cult of the (insane) leader. Thought police. dehumanizing. Amazing, how the two are similar. I bet its taken right of some track incident, which is being dramatized.

  29. TheWidowDenk

    And, Dear Alex, I know you are no slouch when it comes to Scientology and LRH!

    But, really, don’t you think John Allender “proved” himself with the head cam at Marty’s place? Do you honestly think he’s going to accept your challenge to prove his statement?

    IF that comment was made by John Allender, consider the source of it — the guy in the head cam. He probably has more delusions than you can shake a stick at. IF that comment was not made by the real John Allender, then it’s spin or spam, whatever. Not worth your/my time. Rachel

  30. one of those who see

    God, I love the old man!! Thanks for this one Haydn. Also wanted to let you know that your family story is such an inspiration for me. Read it way back toward the beginning of this blog. “things” are happening in my family too. I am postulating my family’s story ends up like yours.

  31. happybaby89

    Dan. Regarding the cold steel design of the RTC space. I once heard the designer say that the PR message of the design is a cool modern look but the real message is DON’T FUCK WITH US. Those were the exact words she used. Isn’t that just sick?!

  32. The Oracle

    This is why I said, when the purpose was to “clear Earth”, we had a great game going. When the purpose of the Sea Org became “getting ethics in on the planet” a police force was created. It was never MY purpose to be a cop. Yeah, I too got labeled “reasonable”. Yeah, I am reasonable! I would rather be reasonable than be a cop!

    “You have police because other people are so bad.” = “We have the Sea Org because people are so out ethics”. “We have to put their ethics in”.

    = Welcome to the Church of Scientology where the customer is always wrong.

    The last time I got a call from an ethics officer I said, “Send me a subpoena.” and hung up the phone!

  33. Wow. I’m saddened… yet somehow not surprised that the insanity continues.

    I was a young teenager when I was exposed to heinous mind-f**k that is “Dianetics and Scientology”. Ended up working in an “org” and then a year or so later, joined the Sea Org (Gold, what a treat that was). Even as a kid I could see how screwed up and totally insane the whole sham was… problem was that the adults were running the crazy show and I was along for the disturbing ride.

    Now, 26 years after getting out, it amazes me that anyone could believe anything that LRH so obviously concocted based on things he blatantly stole from others and mashed together into the total crap you are desperately clinging to as your “Source”. That people can’t see how broken and fake the entire “religion” and “tech” he created is – even after getting out – is pretty disturbing, but I guess it goes a long way to prove the brainwashing was pretty damn thorough, as intended.

    If LRH was such a benevolent genius and his “tech” really worked: Why did he die alone and sickly? Why is it that just one real OT wasn’t enough to start the landslide movement toward a “clear planet” (correct me if I’m wrong, but everything I ever saw stated that an OT is total control over matter, energy, space and time – the entire “MEST universe”) Why was LRH constantly and obsessively deified (in the 80s when I was there)… with an office in each org that contained expensive furniture, paper, pens, etc., and had to be spotlessly clean at all times, with a tons of pictures all over the org – he was still around so why was this sort of thing going on? Seriously, you don’t see how weird that is? Are you that desperate to hang onto being right that you can’t see the turd for the sewage?? Chalk it up to the loss of lots and lots of time, money, dignity, sanity, common sense and close relationships, and just get on with living your life according to your own beliefs and decisions.

    LRH is a complete fraud – if he weren’t, he wouldn’t have lived or died like one, plain and simple. Stop following anyone else and just “be” yourselves. You’re good enough just as you are; maybe if you started really “knowing” that, you’d find out you’re just ducky and life is good!

  34. martyrathbun09

    I’m sorry you are so miserable.

  35. One thing that amazes me about David Miscavige is how blind he is regarding his own actions. He obviously likes to collect lots of money — that seems to be his primary goal. Yet, he has his OSA cops go around and declare anyone who dares to voice disagreements with him and/or his church. They then require family members who are still “with” the church to disconnect from the declared person. Well, quite often the declared person is the one who the family members would have borrowed money from to give to David’s church and if things were handled differently may have been willing to continue to do so. Yet, David has and is successfully cutting off many sources of income with all these declares and enforced disconnections. Doesn’t he think anything through?!?

    It is interesting to watch how David continues to whittle away at what was the Church of Scientology, all while he revels in the accumulation of MEST. How long will those who are left continue to buy his story?

  36. Martin, Yes! I happened to catch EQUILIBRIUM on TV last year – the resemblance was chilling. Very 1984-ish. It’s probably available on services such as Netflix, or from rental stores as I think it went straight to DVD.

  37. That IS creepy … I almost lost my lunch reading that.

  38. This actually relates to Marty’s post from yesterday. You were a kid when you signed up, and went on staff as a kid, giving your all for something that sounded like it would save the world, but having NO idea of what Scientology really is, because you were never trained. Probably not even audited, other than accusatory O/W (Sec checks and the like). You were demanded to give all you got, with no real context as to why? All these rich people going to Flag, all these rich public actually getting training and auditing – but not the long-suffering SO staff members like you. So, naturally you feel betrayed. It’s the kind of betrayal that of course gives you a “scorched Earth” attitude toward Hubbard and Scientology.

    Well, good luck to you, and I hope after 26 years you now have a nice life.

  39. Wait, LRH worked as a cop!? What!? Where can I find some information on this? That’s a very interesting little statement he made. Would it have been after the war? That’s quite a statement to casually throw out there. Does anyone have any records on this or where it was at?

  40. To sef,
    What are your overts and witholds?
    Who have you done something to that you wouldnt want done to yourself ?
    Get all of this on paper,time, place, form, and event
    earlier similar overts and witholds till you feel better ?
    OK , START!

  41. This is an an excerpt of tape “Attitude and conduct in Scientology” from 3 November 1955. It totally oppose anything DM is doing.

    “Now, therefore we are rather put to it this way. That when an
    individual, when a person becomes part of Scientology in general
    or the organization in particular, they are part of our own time
    continuum. And enturbulences which affect them and separate them
    out of an orderly existence, kick back madly all the way across the
    whole set of dynamics, and you have apparently practically offered
    to kill somebody! I think mere capital punishment is not a fitting
    description of comparable magnitude.
    See, you say, “Well, that’s all right. Don’t come around to this
    group anymore. You go away. And now that you’ve been booted
    out, why, you’re off of communication, and we’re not going to do
    anything for you, and don’t associate with us anymore,” and so
    forth. This creates one awful reaction. And I’ll tell you why I know
    it creates an awful reaction. These people don’t spin necessarily but
    their retaliatory gestures demonstrate that they have received a
    motivator of enormous magnitude.
    I can tell you how it seems to them by what they do.
    They practically devote the rest of their lives and all of their
    action and attention and everything else to trying to get even with
    you or remedy the situation somehow or something. This is one of
    the more fabulous things, so that it must be something of mag-
    It evidently doesn’t compare to simply being ejected out of a
    country or ejected out of some kind of a universe or out of a family
    or something of the sort, you know? It isn’t evidently of com-
    parable magnitude. ”

    The idea would be to post the whole tape, it’s the correct viewpoint on managing Scientology. Cold Steel and Disconnection are in complete opposition with LRH basic idea. It’s communist or markabian policies!

  42. Excellent comment, Thoughful ! This is really true !

  43. Please. You sound like the “Church.”

  44. Pretty simple really: Which would you rather receive? Cold, chrome steel, or ARC? Force, intimidation, domination, and nullification, or ARC? The answer is completely obvious.

  45. +10!

  46. Rory Medford

    ever since DM took over the reigns force has been the MO of C of S
    and stats have dropped ever since

    he is a master at enforcing disconeection and creating as well as being a dictator at his craft

  47. I agree wholeheartedly Steve! +100!

  48. Rory Medford

    tango you need to lighten up and go dancing or do the tango o something

  49. Colorwheel

    I, like others, have to thank my FSM of decades, for helping me decide to check out the independent movement.

    This persons “help” consisted of eval, inval, insults, ruthlessness and sheer hostility. Mind you, they collected FSM checks for each completed intensive of empty promises and agony at times.

    When I loudly voiced my upset with out-tech and absurd programs, I was further invalidated for being “bypassed chargey” and “stupid”, and “acknowledged” with “F**k you!”.

    These kind of FSM’s should be supplied with police-like badges marked ETHICS ENFORCER.


    Needless to say after passing around Debbie Cooke’s email, and I got this “friendly”call to ensure “I was OK”, I trust this is the last call I will ever receive from this person. Good riddance!

    I am meeting very productive, kind, genuinely caring people outside of the corp Scn community. Hard to believe this is the case after all the BS spewed about hanging with wogs is off-purpose. Bad cops specialize in inval, too.

  50. “Cold, chrome steel” is squirrel. It is a squirrel version – a kid’s idea of what Ron meant when he spoke of “Ethics Presence.”

    The reference is HCOPL 4 October 1968, “Ethics Presence”.

    Key section totally ignored by DM:

    “Without in any way softening your approach, you should know that real force is dependent upon ARC, and the major threat is the interruption thereof.”

    Cold chrome steel is the Nazi valence. It is “Hate” on the Tone Scale – at its highest. It is “Controlling Bodies” at its lowest. There is nothing uptone or constructive about it. It is Voldemort. It is Darth Vader. It is “The Jackal.” It is death.

    Compare that with real Ethics Presence: Gary Cooper in “High Noon”. Jimmy Stewart in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.” John Wayne in almost any role. “Adam” in “Seven Wives for Seven Brothers.” Eliza Doolittle at the end of “My Fair Lady.”

    All of these roles are high ARC, and all have Ethics Presence.

  51. Tony Dephillips

    Good point LRH.
    The police-bots in the cult are saying that some of the other bots cannot be trusted or are too stupid to do the right thing and need shepparding and watching. They (the cult) will get more of that sort of thing because you get what you put your attention on.

  52. Marty, how is criticism of Ron (or anybody) proof positive of sef being miserable?

    Misguided, uniformed, judgemental, being screwed by ass holes, honest opinion, an observation opposed to yours, miserable, getting stuff off his/her chest can also be possibilities for his post.

    I can understand that your experience is totally different from Sef’s and in that light you both are seeing differently.

    As he seems to judge Ron harshly in your eyes, you seem to judge him harshly.

    If I were new here (and maybe I am) I’d think that you are applying “when they attack us we attack them.

    Maybe an opportunity to have sef think differently has been passed.

    What’s your take on my view?

  53. martyrathbun09

    If you understood the emotional tone scale you wouldn’t be so harshly judging me; you would know I care about helping sef.

  54. Your humble servant

    This whole business of “cold chrome steel” was one of the earlier things that made me realize that David Miscavige is a suppressive person psychopath.

  55. I am postulating too!

  56. Lil Bit of stuff

    On items 1 thru 10, You descibed a Sociopath major markers.
    General Population 1 in 25 have various degrees of Sociopathy.
    With Prison Population its 2 out of 10.

  57. One could well ask them, “Are you tough enough to establish and maintain ARC with anyone you meet?”

    If they can’t, do they have their TRs in?

  58. The Oracle

    I was a young teenager too when I was first exposed to Dianetics and Scientology and I don’t feel the need to heap inval, wrong items and wrong indications on this blog or the people posting on it or myself or L. Ron Hubbard.

    I am living my life according to my own beliefs and I always have. Life is good for me . You are asking people here if they are desperate to be right. I’m wrong at cause whenever I want to be. Most of the people on this blog if not all are very happy to be who they are and with what they’ve got. And what they are not happy about, they are seeking to correct. The people on this blog have been getting on living their life.

    You come off at the end like a cheerleader after dosing a heap of medicine on people that are not sick.

    I think that is weird. I didn’t set up empty offices. But if someone else did and it wasn’t hurting anyone that didn’t bother me. Either does hair color. In some places it is considered very weird to color your hair. Church’s are called “house of God”. I don’t know if he lives there but if others want to call it that, I’m not offended. How weird is it to talk to someone who is not there? Are you over on the Catholic forum bashing them? Accusing them of being pathetic? Your post comes off like a huge wrong item / wrong indication for me. Fortunately, because of Scientology, I can see it for what it is and move it the out basket. I haven’t done you any disservice.

  59. Reminds me a bit of Marc Headley and “Blown For Good”. Marc spent much of his life at Gold, didn’t he? And similarly, never actually experienced much of the tech as it might be correctly applied. The result? resentment and bitterness at being used and taken advantage of. Thanks a lot, Miscavige.

    I wonder if sef ever did the TRs to a win, had a Life Repair, or ever audited anyone? I suspect he is clueless and I hope he has found some kind of happiness in his life anyway.

  60. Tony Dephillips

  61. Wow, I feel so bad for you. I hope you can someday have that thing we have read so often on the PC origination sheet in the academy: “Wow, this is the first time I have really been in session!”.

  62. Today I opened an envelope addressed to my husband from the IAS (I on the other hand am happily off there mailing list!) I read it and threw it away. However after reading todays blog, I retrived it-as it seems befitting to quote some of it here:
    “Dear Lifetime Member,
    Man’s inhumanity to man.
    It influences all of our lives.
    ….Civil strife & war dominate the news while domestic violence, school bullying, discrimination & dishonesty can affect you as well as your community.
    That is why the IAS gives grants for the United for Human Rights global salvage campaign that raises awareness & brings about reform.”

    Are you kidding me- at this point I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry….and what screamed out to me is it’s clear, here they are giving up their own overts, but blinded by them!!!

    Included in the envelope-from “Ron’s Journal 1968”
    The Humanitarian OBJECTIVE.
    “The humanitarian objective is to make a safe environment in which the fouth dynamic engram can be audited out. By engram we mean the mental block that prevents peace & tolerance; by fourth dynamic we mean that impulse to survive as Mankind, instead of just individuals. Obviously, we must do this.
    An auditing session, where Scientology processing is administered, cannot be continually disturbed or held in a noisy, misemotional place. Therefore, the upsets & conflicts & intolerance of the planet would prevent or slow progress in trying to audit the world, That’s obvious.
    So we have a humanitarian objective: to make a safe environment in which the 4th D engram can be audited. Therefore, we & you & all of us have a responsibility. You cannot live sanely in a world in which nations behave like criminals to their peoples & toward each other; in a world where pressure groups stamp out all right in order to advance their own.
    The building block of the world is the induvidual. Only to small extent, to some small extent, does the individual have any rights or justice. Therefore, by defending the individual or group against injustice & oppression, and by advancing the cause of human right, great progress can be made toward the humanitarian objective.
    You can help. It is easier than it looks. You don’t recognize your power actually. The public is overwhelmingly in favor of human rights. You’re fighting on the side of the majority; you’re not the minority.”

    The reverse of this is a revelation of what Dave Misasshole is doing!

    Thanks, LRH, Marty, Mosey, Mike, Kristy, all you auditors, course sups, et. al…
    You have my admiration & graditute!
    Love, Midge

  63. PS thanks to my dear friend Carol Kramer. I love you!!!

  64. Excellent! ARC – What a concept?

  65. Alex,
    I’ve got to weigh in on the point Rachel makes. Scientology is for the able. Those able to duplicate, act, etc. etc. and my observation of the body that identifies itself as John Allender is that it is totally deficient in the qualities that would define an able being. Quite the opposite in fact.

    I think you could get a much more interesting response from a rock.
    Lose the bastard and enjoy the day!

  66. Lucy James

    “The importance of physical terror against the individual and the masses also became clear to me.”
    “Here, too, we find the exact calculation of the psychological effect.”
    Adolf Hittler, from Mein Kampf.

  67. Midge — thanks for this.

    WHat is most interesting to me is the selective use of quotes from RJ 68. Wow. I am sure if you asked any of the sheeple if this LRH quote is as true today as it was in 1968 they would overwhlem you with their Tone 40 certainty. And then if you pulled out the Reform Code and asked them about that, they would hem and haw and not know what to do or say….

    The IAS truly defines hypocrisy. They are conducting a massive fraud on the public. Sooner or later, they will be held accountable.

  68. Excellent comment Steve. Very enlightening. Thanks

  69. Captain Bob

    what you say is true, from your point of view. But one has to ask certain questions regarding your 26 years.
    What is your case level? training level? What have you observed in using the tech that worked? What have you observed in using the tech did not work?

    Do you or have you done a research on the net to get a more accurate view of the timeline of Scientology and Dianetics, what went wrong, what went right?

    Sure. LRH is gone, and died. Regards money for him or others, seek the timeline and put it together. But, he is gone, so who is running the show now? And who is making the money?

    Are people here interested in the money now, if they are independent? And just want to deliver the tech to earn a living? The real pay in life is actually ARC=understanding. Communication being the key from the bottom to the top of bridge, don’t you think.
    and you state——–

    “Now, 26 years after getting out, it amazes me that anyone could believe anything that LRH so obviously concocted based on things he blatantly stole from others and mashed together into the total crap you are desperately clinging to as your “Source””

    Are we talking about believe now or what. Who here says “believe”? Either you know or you don’t. There is no belief. There is not supposed to be belief. But the current church wants you to believe. The current church wants you to “believe” DM knows what he is doing, he wants you to believe there are upper OT levels waiting for you, he wants you to believe there is super power, he wants you to believe big buildings draw in “customers”, he wants you to “believe” that his intent is to “clear the planet”.

    It is true the only thing you can be upbraided for is no results. But, ultimately, you are responsible for your own condition in life. And the tech is there for you so as to help you realize that. Any business goes under with “no results”.

    LRH just organized the data, didn’t steal it, he just explained it. And he just put the data from others into a form that one can improve his lot in life. But that is not the current COS or SO, look to the timeline of it all.

  70. Captain Bob

    Cold, Chrome Steel——–

    LRH Tape of 27 Nov 59 “A Brand New Type of Auditing” 1MACC-29 (original title “Clearing up the whole track”).

    “The principle of the introduction of an arbitrary should be thoroughly understood by a group. Because of an emergency, or because of some past engram, there may exist within or around the group sources of continual arbitrary orders. An arbitrary is an order or command introduced into the group in an effort to lay aside certain harm which may befall the group or in an effort to get through a period of emergency and foreshortened time for a certain action. Subsequent arbitraries issued by any member of a group not during periods of emergency can be considered to be locks or dramatizations of the engrams of the group. Each time an arbitrary is introduced it has the effect of reducing the rationale and tone of the group as a whole and will lead to the necessity to introduce two or three more arbitraries”.

  71. Captain Bob

    nice post.

    It is funny, oh so serious it has become, death spiral down.

  72. Captain Bob

    LRH tape lecture of 22 OCT 1963, “The Integration of Auditing” SHSBC-316 renumbered SHSBC-347.

    “Anything that’s wrong with him, he is creating at this very moment. Anything that’s wrong with an organization is being CREATED NOW, in the organization”.

  73. Tom Gallagher

    Shorty, this dwarfish sociopath, that psychotic, anti-Christ like “Pope on an Apple Box”, the un-Ron, the anti-Scientologist can shove a “cold chrome steel” baloney pony up his miniaturized thong-laced little ass.

    Sorry. But I had to unload….

    The world will be a much better place once he’s straight-jacketed and isolated along with his like-minded facilitators and sponsors. IMHO, they, the aforementioned, have last names like Rockefeller & Rothschild. This list should also include the baby “long hog” eating Royals and their inbred kin. (Google the Committee of 300)

    Enjoy this impending hell-fire Dave Miscavige.

    You’re a Platinum Glutinous Maximus Founding Member.

  74. Captain Bob

    arbitrary orders—–

    all orgs must be the size of old st hill for OT9/10 to be released.

    We must HAVE a building at Flag donated by Flag public or others b/4 Super Power can be released, no mind it is intended for staff and not public.

    You must re-do Tr’s & Objectives no matter your case level.

    You must re-do your training on GAT or your certs will be expired:

    “The Rights of the Field Auditor” … “9. To have and to hold his certificates without cancellation by anyone forever”
    – from PAB 112 of 15 May 1957.


  75. yes, it is funny.
    And on the cop patrol, I had a KR written on me because I had a party that had many non scientology friends there…so, therefore, that “proved” that I did not disseminate, and obviously I was out ethics.

  76. Captain Bob

    arbitary order——–

    donate to the IAS for super duper Yoda status.

    donate to the Way to Happiness

    donate to the no drugs——–

    What about your life, in your own estimation, of how to improve conditions……

    What about your bridge donations and none of these arbitaries………what your family’s bridge——–

  77. Right on, iamvalkov!
    It’s interesting to look back and see that this executive rarely, if ever, directly dealt with the public.

  78. Captain Bob

    arbitary order———-

    sec checks every 6 months while on OT7.

    Lots of money for you know who.

  79. The Oracle

    Brian, He started out with, “Wow. I’m saddened…”

    Usually people who are saddened , well, that in itself denotes misery. Sef is the one that said it. Marty expressed his sympathy.

    How did that get turned into Marty judging harshly? That was a long stretch!

  80. Captain Bob

    thank you

  81. Absolutely!
    Respect and support is acquired thru care and ARC, not seniority of rank or position.

  82. Good for you Colorwheel. It is a very sunny side on the other side of the rainbow.

  83. Captain Bob

    Midge, nice post.

    “That is why the IAS gives grants for the United for Human Rights global salvage campaign that raises awareness & brings about reform.””


    So the IAS wants you to donate to them so they can give grants for the United Human rights global salvage campaign.

    What is wrong with this?

    No mention of your own self going up the bridge? To clear and OT. It’s implied you must help the 4th dynamic. But what about the income one earns to just get himself up the bridge? Why do I have to donate to these things when I myself am not up the bridge? How can I do it all? A worker says to himself. Remember that Problems of Work book?

    How can a worker go up the bridge when he earns a living and is using scientology to get more able in life, getting auditing and training, and that comsumes his worker pay, how can he be forced or hard sell into donating to the IAS? Doesn’t make sense, now does it. What’s going on here with the current COS under DM?????????????

  84. Captain Bob


    when did the IAS start—–1984………….and not approved by LRH. See Debbie Cook letter, facebook email.

  85. The Oracle

    Unfortunately this is one of those advice’s best understood by a very few people after a certain place on the bridge . Certainly not good to push on someone that might be in need of life repair. Certainly one’s ARC breaks are handled first and this too, helps a person understand himself better, just as his overts and with holds do. Certainly, a person is permitted protest too, and we have protest reads. Certainly people op/term for reasons only they can say. This is a blanket C/S you give above without an interview or a C/S to get the person up and going again. I know it has become a habit in the CofS to throw this blanket C/S at anyone that sqeaks. I think that is out tech though. Certainly, it is the humane way, to permit others to discover and understand their own reasons than to be told them by someone else.

  86. Captain Bob


  87. The Oracle

    Good one!

  88. Yup,
    I was an Ethics Officer, and a Good one.Red On White all the way.
    Salvaged many cases unlike today with Reverse Scientology.
    I’ll have lunch in the Effiel Tower and toast Ron.

  89. Captain Bob

    I don’t need no license to survive.

    In the beginning and forever is the decision to be.

  90. The Oracle

    ‎”Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

  91. Captain Bob

    “therefore, that “proved” that I did not disseminate, and obviously I was out ethics.”

    Effort comes in, use it or lose it.

    You could have said, why didn’t you, dear friends, disseminate to my non-Scientology friends. Why didn’t you name yourself in the KR as one who didn’t disseminate as well during the party????????????

  92. Captain Bob

    Dianetic jiggles

  93. Simple Thetan

    This is one of the things that dm does to hurt LRH. He takes raw public, and instead of giving them wins, he repeatedly restimulates their reactive mind. Now that they are reactive it’s A=A=A. This people equate LRH to dm.

    I cannot blame them, but I do blame dm.

    As for you sef. May I offer you a free session? What have you got to loose? Two hours in your life?

  94. Why is no one else picking up on the glaring out point:

    LRH said he was a *cop*?!?

    Puh-lease. Chalk that one up with being a nuclear physicist, a doctor, a “Commodore of Corvettes” in the Atlantic, or any of the other tall tales he told.

    Why does he have to lie to make a point, when the truth should be able to speak for itself?

    I applaud Sef for getting out of the insanity. Just as I applaud the rest of you for getting out, as well.

    Sef just made it down the road farther than the rest of you.

  95. Rory Medford

    nice have one for me

  96. What an appropriate time to remind people that Voyeur David Miscavige sent someone, not just someone, a former successful sports star, to the RPF because he refused to beat someone while David looked on:


    Just more wildly stupid drama summoned up by not too bright David Miscavige who occupies sadism on the tone scale!

    Thank God for people like Chris who stood up to him! I think this guy deserves the Freedom Medal Award!

  97. John Allender, you OSA staff, you will be the next good whipping boys right?
    You will whip some “volunteer” on command won’t you?
    That makes you the senior race right?
    Dense M*^&$%#&($^%*S! DM might as well own a pack of rottweilers!

  98. Tango23 email me please, I need a ethics officer. kye@hush.com thanks

  99. Well Marty I was thinking about the tone scale also. But wondering if it just wasn’t misreading that fellow and assigning emotions to his rhetoric or actual experience that maybe aren’t what you think.

    That was just my view, as that’s what I felt when reading it. I could be wrong, wouldn’t be my first time 😉

    And if I am wrong please take my questioning you as a respect for you. I trust I can ask you these sort of questions and get an intelligent answer.

    And Oracle and Marty,nah, that wasn’t harsh judgement. That was sharing a perspective and asking for Marty’s take on my criticism.

    If I were harshly judging I wouldn’t have room for other’s views.

    I trust the truth of what you said Marty, concerning your intention for helping Sef.

    Thank you for replying.

  100. Li'll bit of stuff

    Cap’n, laid it it out very gently for him, SHOWED him
    some of the good ol’ fashioned ARC, he never got!!

  101. The Oracle

    Self determinism, an ability GAINED on the grade chart after the Sunshine Rundown, PUNISHED by David Miscavige at the Int base.

    How the hell are some of you justifying that as 2 +2 + 4?

    How the hell do you get to an equal sign from that?

    We are talking 2 – 12 = 4 right? Fuddy duddy propitiation. And you are saving the planet? Who are you kidding? You are only avoiding inconvenience!

  102. Hello Marty,

    Thanks for the excellent LRH quote.

    One of the primary control mechanisms of tyrants is to convince the public that they are under threat from evil forces, and only the tyrant stands between them and destruction.

    Scientologically, the tyrant tries to position themselves as the stable datum restraining the confusion represented by the threat. We know that it is difficult to let go of a stable datum that is restraining a serious confusion (whether the confusion is objectively real, or not). Tyrants know this, as their one area of “competence” is knowledge of how to manipulate the reactive bank, in a destructive manner. (Probably because many of them had a key role in building it or designing it, a long ago.)

    Your actions, and the actions of all the other good people on this site, in spreading the truth – that there is no huge threat requiring David Miscavige’s draconian policies and abusive behavior, or, if there is a threat, it is of his manufacture or the result of his actions – is vital.

    Thank you.

  103. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yeah, true! Perhaps “granite” might be a more fitting
    description, Cold, solid, hard and “lifeless”, has certain
    uses, such as ornate grave markers !!!!!!

  104. Li'll bit of stuff

    just enquiring if that is really YOU responding to Marty’s
    simple acknowledgement to Sef: “I’m sorry you are so miserable.”………Is it / WAS it ?

  105. Li'll bit of stuff

    Simple Thetan, hi…..nice to be able to comm to you!
    Don’cha just love the effectiveness of this here group
    of REAL Scns, (the Indies) ???…locate the “ruin”,
    indicate it, salvage, and then bring to understanding!

    We just love to help and therefore,do!

    We don’t even charge for it! This drives DM ballistic!

  106. We don’t need no stinkin’ Ethics OSSIFERS, er…. OFFICERS… This is a BLOG, fer Chrissakes! What reality are you addressing? Certainly not sef’s.

  107. Very astute … in the minds of people who don’t think much past the sound bite and pay more attention to fooball and/or American Idol, criticism from a group that is otherwise discredited is obviously not credible. Nevertheless, give credit where credit is due. Alex Jones had some rep on from CCHR a number of times, and all the points he was raising were legitimate. Also, it was the Cof$/CCHR that succeeded in exposing some stuff worse than that back in the mid 70’s, exposing such things as an experimental drug that the Army tested out on unwitting victims known as BZ … really nasty stuff, an LSD on steroids if you will.


  108. My hobby horse is physics. A Thetan (spirit) creates energy by postulates. But, in case that would be true, I cannot do it. Because I cannot move a physical object with my energy. Maybe at a later time when I am way up the Bridge. Now, let us make an experiment. Take a potato. If you have a simple electrical meassurment device then put one electrode left side of the potato and one right side of the potato and turn on the device and set it to highest sensitivity. Let this alone for a some minutes and watch how much millivolts this device registers. Then put some intention into that potato. „I smash you“ or whatever. Usually the millivolts increase. Only a little bit. Let us say you can create one milliwatts of energy by your intention. With that one little tiny current you cannot create any effect. But at least you have evidence that above statement of creating energy is a valid statement.
    Now think a bit further. In case one million people would intent something at the same time the same intention to the same target. How much current that would produce? 1 millwatts times 1 million people equals 1 kilowatt of energy. One kilowatt of energy can create effects.
    Now you know why SPs have to distract, confuse, point to others. If one million people together would intent something the SP would have no chance.
    And that is the game. Get us to divide. That then we have group A against group B. Thus no effect on the target that would deserve our „be against“ intention. Simple physics.

  109. Li'll bit of stuff

    Right! As for OTHER determinism…perversely wrong!

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, Hi!
    How are you & Christie doing, with the big event??
    Looking forward to the arrival, hope you will share
    it with us. Couldn’t be happening to nicer guys.

    On the subject of Mestcavige, Tons of predictions
    have been proffered, as to the nature of his exit,
    however, I have the strong feeling, that when it
    finally happens, it will,true to form, be with a
    BIG BANG!!!! ( ka- blam!! )

    Oh, but one can only lament what could have been,
    were those evil purps. and O /W’s pulled over thirty
    years ago. He alone, decided it wasn’t to be!

    Much ARC to you both…….Li’ll bit.

  111. Exactly. Here is a couple of direct LRH quotes from RJ68:

    “Disconnection is cancelled, as a relief to those suffering family oppression. It’s no longer required in SP Orders, and the person has to Handle.

    “The Fair Game Law was cancelled. And the prohibition against writing down or recording professional materials was made”.

  112. In a few hours, I am going to have morning coffee and then lunch with my FIRST friend from CCLA – back on 8th Street. I met him the morning I came over to CCLA, sent from one of Carl Barney’s missions to route out from CC. (long story, not relevant really)

    Anyway, he convinced me to not route out of CC but to route out from the mission. Which I did. A few months later joining the SO at CCLA.

    I haven’t seen him since 1985. He left scientology in 1987. Remarried and has a new family. His sons actually go to school not far from where I currently live.

    His daughters from his first marriage (when he was on staff) I adored and was at the birth of both of them.

    Because of the insane, inhumane policy of disconnection revived by dm – he has never seen his grandchildren nor his first born in over 20 years or so.

    Thanks DIRECTLY to this blog, we reconnected. I am hoping that perhaps I can get him to reach out to his oldest daughter as she apparently is quietly wanting to reconcile with her sister — who she disconnected from years ago.

    Disconnection is without a doubt THE key I believe to tumbling the entire evil dm empire. IF enough would gather forces who have lost sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, nieces, etc — and sue en mass for pain and suffering with enough teeth — maybe something would change.

    I figure there MUST be 400 individuals as a LOW NUMBER who have lost a family member — I’m going to speak with my friend, who is an attorney and himself won a lawsuit against the church years ago — to see where this might go.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Thank you again and again Marty and Mike for keeping this blog and independent movement alive. There is nothing like finding my old best friends after all these years. And funnily enough — we are still like best friends.


  113. Yes, I see it like this, this is our internship.

  114. E.J. Croughs

    Self-determinism, Davey’s archenemy, is to be fought to his last breath, obliterated at all cost, wiped out of this planet so Mr. Hypee be safe.

  115. E.J. Croughs

    Right, that was in the days that Davey didn’t control CCHR and Big Pharma was having trouble, before he took over and before drug sales went out the roof! His usurpation was their gift from heaven (if you believe in coincedence).

  116. When L.Ron Hubbard had the helm he discovered that tech was OUT internationally. Wrote up a Blue on Blue Program to get the Tech IN Internationally. Things got better, production went stellar .
    Money was not an issue because people wanted the Tech that was IN.

    What you have now is an Outlaw Biker Gang mentality that needs boatloads of money to get from day to day. Sony Barger Miscavige knows well he cannot survive 30 seconds without promising everything and delivering nothing. If Flag could get public hooked on CRACK they would be shoveling it in the HGC’s in wheel barrows,only to get money . The tech continues to slide and eventually what was once , well I hope you get the picture.

    OH, that Blue on Blue that Ron wrote to get tech back in, ITS COLLECTING DUST IN A FORGOTTEN CABINET.

  117. Random Stranger

    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB


    I, David Miscavige, having been ordained by Source and upon taking full responsibility for salvaging Man and the Universe, do hereby put forth my inalienable rights to enforce the following:

    1) Man will keep the accounts straight only to the degree that bayonets can be mustered against him.

    2) Having fully studied the characteristics of Captain Bligh, it is my duty to Man to ensure that I make him look like a Sunday school teacher.

    3) It having been proven that Man will attempt to destroy any workable technology of the mind or spirit, I will ensure victory by destroying those who try to stop me..

    4) Being that there are so many proven incapable people in the world, and it is better to have them dead than incapable, I have made it my purpose to make as many dead people as possible.

    5) Due to the fact that Man survives better in a challenging environment I have taken it upon myself as a service to Man to make his environment as challenging as possible.

    6) Being that it is obviously suppressive to counter-intend my objectives to save Mankind, I hereby fully commit myself to detecting and stomping out of existence anything that appears to be counter-intention.

    7) It being a fundamental truth that Rightness is the correct estimation of effort, and being that everything in this universe of force is wrong, I have calculated the immense amount of force necessary to straighten everything out and I shall not waiver in my mission to make everything right.

    8) Being that human emotion and reaction are the main barriers to production, I take personal responsibility for hammering out of existence all emotion and reaction and failing that, all humans, in order to ensure victory.

    9) Operating on the truth that Knowledge, Responsibility and Control are senior factors to Affinity, Reality and Communication, in order to expedite my mission of saving Mankind from its own destruction ARC will until further notice be shelved in order to concentrate on raising the Control factor so that we all may someday enjoy the luxuries of ARC.

    10) Due to the undeniable fact that Man is only pretending to be something other than Total Cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Thought and Form, Both Subjective and Objective, it is my duty to ferret out and eradicate this pretense, thus bringing Mankind as a whole into the higher states of existence where it belongs.

    Humbly tendered as a gift to Man,

    Your dutiful servant,

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  118. John Allender

    Hey Marty,

    I’m the Standard Tech guy around here, not you. Please come clean. My wife Lynda is more than happy to sec check your ass. She’s the real deal, not you. Just check this out:


    I bet you wish this was you. The best way to help is to just say “NO”.

    BTW, where’s your Way to Happiness Campaign? No answer for that? You can’t even defend yourself on this one. So, let’s go look at one of your folders. Squirrel Buster Productions is backing me, not the C of S. I’ve been reading your blog, so yeah, go ahead and make me a celebrity. A celebrity of Standard Tech.

  119. Yes Li’ll bit of Stuff it is moi.

    Now I am saddened. What a world of mistrust.

    How a honest simple view questioning Marty can be misconstrued to be an undercover butt head.

    I am inquisitive and ask question when they arrise in my mind.

    To me a good question is magnificent.

    Nothing is safe from a good question.

    And asking someone’s opinion about their view is reversing that appreciation back on to myself.

    Om Peace (undercover butt heads don’t chant Om 🙂

  120. Dear Windhorse,
    I started my journey on lines at CCLA in 1977, were you there then?

    And, my husband and I have a son who disconnected after joining sraff at the Palo Alto MIssion in the mid 90’s with the Feshbach’s (Mission holders) encouragement & blessings. He has two children whom we never met and unfortunetly he is still on staff! and drinking the kool-aid.

    I am always hopeful that once I get onto my OT levels (with the help of my auditor Marty) I can affect a change in this condition (?). I cm currently doing Solo 1 and having huge wins. Love you Marty & Mosey, and hope to see you soon!!!

    Until then I, again, am ever thankful for this venue to communicate on safely!!! Whereas this was one of the reasons I left (in 1998) after GAT came to view and I questioned it at Flag….I ended up at the MAA’s office to do an OW write-up, which I never did.

    There is nothing like ARC to resolve differences, as per LRH Communication is the universal solvent.

    L, MIdge

  121. And the freedom to ask questions, any question, is freedom itself. Because it is also the precursor to knowing. And knowing is our native state.
    If we were all safe to ask questions about anything, we would become who we are: Authentic, real, safe, wise and free!

    And knowledge would truly be our own.

  122. Bill Straass

    Dear Steve,
    I’ll take Hitler youth over current Scn staff any day. I had a junior on the ship who was Hitler youth in the 40’s and he was a nice guy. And LRH said something to the effect that the last thing that a group who is intent on turning people into slaves would want is a technology to make men totally free. So no wonder LRH tech is altered in the current “Church”. I has to be.

    Bill Straass aka (Bear)

  123. Bill Straass

    Dear Dan, On the ship I was told that the reference for beating up staff members was the Knowledge Report PL where LRH says “In an upstat group, Joe would probably have a black eye! Of course that was an alteration of what LRH was talking about.

  124. Bill Straass

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, according to LRH, this “fraud” you are talking about, unless of course, you currently work for the Church. That means that even I am entitled to mine. I have seen a lot of bad things in the 23 years I was in the SO, many of them I have posted here. I am incredibly lucky to even be alive after the experience. However, before these things happened there was real LRH tech applied that not only saved my physical life several times, but more importantly, brought me up so that I actually cared to survive. If LRH is a fraud then either dead people use the Internet or you are a Medium and can read the words of dead people

  125. Bill Straass

    I heard that he was a police officer for the LAPD around 1948.

  126. Bill Straass

    I think that “Mein Kamph” has been added to the Sea Org Member hat required by all new SO members

  127. Beautiful Captain Bob!

  128. martyrathbun09

    Us too 🙂

  129. martyrathbun09

    You should have your lovely wife try to consult the ‘church’ of Scientology on labor law.

  130. martyrathbun09


  131. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for your astute observations James.

  132. martyrathbun09

    The joke is on you. He did serve a stint as a cop. Have you done anything as adventrous in your life that is clearly superior to Hubbards and the rest of us riff raff?

  133. Thank you. Does asking for O/W’s every time someone sqeaks work? It’s what the “church” does. It’s what they’d do to everyone posting on this blog. Obviously there is a difference between hyper critical natter and stating valid out points or having valid questions. Sef had his experiences and has his reality. Who is anyone to tell him to compromise with it? How does saying he is miserable or has o/w’s promote communication and understanding? I’m sure many of us have done o/w write-ups to an honest win, as I have. And others have experienced unnecessary or overrun sec checks that just created more bpc. Sef, I wish you happiness.

  134. Damn, are you the guy from the Squirrel Bastard Video?
    Go find chapter 7 in TWTH Booklett.

    BTW, you have a beautiful wife. Are you not ashamed of using her in your black PR campaign?
    Be your own advisor, dude.
    We are looking at you.

  135. Li'll bit of stuff

    Brian, take a deep breath, relax. …it really is all okay!
    Om Peace….Aummmm…and let the question rest for
    a while. What REAL Scientology is about is simply
    Communication ( ALL PARTS OF & FULL AWARE-
    THAT ANSWER (like Marty did with Sef.) We call it
    TR’s( Communication Drills O-4 ) and makes
    auditing possible…………..peace bro’.

  136. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mr Fancy, it sure is. Check out the reference in :-
    “The Fact Of Clearing” section 8, of the LRH Clearing
    Congress DVD.( I/2 way down page 12 of the transcript)

    Please accept Marty’s invitation to share some of your
    worthy adventures with us ? Don’t,just please don’t
    hold back on us, please?

  137. Every now and then I come across one of those vanity PR pieces, “meet a scientologist”. I never read them, why, well because they’re bound to be happy, clappy puff pieces which only promote one aspect of a person.

    That’s not meeting someone, that’s having someone presented to you.

    I’ve met corporate scientologists and ex-scientologists; I’ve yet to physically meet an Indy. Most of those I’ve met in both camps were good people. I’ve met one corporate scientologist I thought was a dick, but that was just him and I’m sure he felt the same way about me.

    I know Marty’s criticised me, hey he may have a point, but I think he’s an okay guy and is way more about helping people and doing the right thing than David Miscavige.

    As to yourself, I’ve never met you. I’m sure you think you’re doing the right thing and are all standard tech and delivering a blow against the enemy etc. If you’re a decent person then I see you as a victim of David Miscavige’s corporate church of scientology motivated by his teachings in to acting like a jerk and coming off as an arrogant baboon if you’re not a decent person then you’re just an arrogant baboon.

    Only you know your true motives. Of course victims rarely realise they’re victims until it all goes pear shaped. I hope you wake up.

  138. Victims should read “victims of mind fucks”

  139. On August 31, 1948, Hubbard was convicted in San Luis Obispo, California, of petty theft. He left California to move to Savannah, Georgia late in !948…Do you really think that he became a cop between those dates? If you have details when he served, I would be more than happy to believe what you have said . Thanks.

  140. Tony Dephillips

    Pure genius!! You da man RS…

  141. Hey John & Lynda,
    Where were you when Mark Chambers was falling asleep in the KTL/LOC course room? Where were Lynda, Claudia & Christina, the tech terminals then when I tried to get ‘help’ for him? It was obvious he was not well, and I’ve learned since has dropped his body. Pathetic! As no one at St. Creek did anything to assist him. I know I went several times to Claudia & Christina & Lynda to no avail. Finally I wrote a KR (referecing KSW) and was called into ethics!
    Then there was Paul Faccero, who I was also trying to help to get his BP down, however, no tech was offered to him either and he too died.
    Prior to that there was the then EO, Rene Chalepsky who had uterine cancer, she was given up by the staff at St. Creek and came to me for treatments (IV meds from Jim Keller, in Mexico). One day while on couse at the org, I ran into your wife Lynda and she said to me, “Rene’s going to die”. I was dumbfounded and turned to her and said, “not on my watch”! Mid-treatment Rene got pregnant, with Keller’s OK we continued treatment and she delivered a healthy boy. I hope she is well today.
    IF you’re the “Standard Tech Guy” then I tell you the same thing I told the DofP at Flag after GAT: then that means all the 100% Standard Tech that was supposed to be delivered, at orgs and especially Flag was a sham? No, I don’t buy it. And as I told my then DofP and I’ll tell you now-you and Flag are in a lower condition and you need to make up the damage, as what you’re doing is destructive. Too bad you’ve bought into the suppressive reasonableness of your egomaniacal leader. Your brand of tech is DM’s squirreled version, not LRH’s, as I’ve known LRH!
    And, I am sure if he’s around this sector of the universe he’s pushing power to Marty and us Indies.
    John I hope you too can see the light and come out of the darkness you reside in.

  142. Random Stranger

    Allender Idiot Person,
    It’s now Standard Tech to storm around pounding on people’s doors, harassing them for months while wearing Fac One helmets and stupid-looking derogatory t-shirts??? WTF kind of warped idiot are you? THAT’S your WTH campaign?

  143. O.M.G. That is disgusting and sad.

  144. Bela, that is the perfect KR of a service facsimile. I’m LMAO.

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Marty , here’s a notion for you…. Who knows what
    you’d be doing if it wasn’t for the Prince of Darkness??
    Dontcha’ think you owe this vampire some gratitude??
    For putting you where you are today? In line with the
    debt you owe him…..here’s a little practical gift that
    mebbe we can collectively hussle up, as a token of
    INTENSE appreciation.

    You know those massive loud hailers they use to
    make those big crowd announcements? Yeah, those!
    Well, what if we put in a request to source one of those
    MONSTER size jobs, you know, the 300 decibell earth

    Haul it out to The Int Base, (making sure he’s there, of
    course) Set it up as near to his residence as possible.
    Be sure to bring in multiple video crews, and set up
    in various locations around the perimeter fencing, to
    collect the “action ” as it unfolds.

    Of course, this is no “PR stunt”. This is a genuine
    opportunity for each and every “disaffected” Scn,
    who turned up in their hundreds, by invitation, to
    personally thank and acknowledge said “Prince”
    in the most unforgettable rousing manner EVER!
    (from a “safe” distance, of course for those with
    shoddy TR’s !!)

    The responses ? At a guess?? Anyone???

  146. IN the case of Allender, WTH stands for What The Hell? He did his WTH campaign in grand style — generating media coverage around the world. It was one of the greatest PR coups in the history of Scientology idiocy, right up there on a par with the GO marching down the streets of Clearwater dressed as Nazis.

    It sucks to be Miscavige, but it REALLY sucks to be Allender sucking Miscavige.

  147. martyrathbun09

    I don’t care to make anyone believe what I say. You, quite apparently, do care so about your own utterances. Interesting conundrum for an mocked up valence.

  148. Wow man, got a badge to go with that ser fac? Yoo Hoo Hoo, don’t wanna be like Yoo Hoo Hoo. Making me happy I got away from peeps like you! 😀

  149. Gosh, are you saying to me that I am possessed by evil or that I am doing evil because I ask you to explain your knowledge that LRH was a cop? You threw the fact back to Mr. Fancy with “the jokes on you” and replied with certainty that is was a policeman. I am not your enemy, only someone whom wanted you to back you facts..You would not expect less from anyone else.

  150. martyrathbun09

    Bullshit. You are here to run down Hubbard. And I am not here to prove his every utterance or give proof of his day by day whereabouts. If you read this blog you would understand that. So, if you haven’t, do so. If you don’t want to do so, get lost.

  151. I’ll go out on a limb and say the will phone the police and claim breech of noise abatement laws or disturbing a religious service or harassment or something. Don’t get too close or they’ll sic the sprinklers on you. Don’t go on the property or security will jump on you while screaming “tresspassing”. If you tread on a flower they will sue. They will try to claim you have a restraining order on you or are the agent of someone who has. They will try to get evidence for a restraining order. Repeat the performance and they will install their own sound system to counter yours. Then some “random persons” will stop and physically or verbally abuse you. You will have to be careful of the road as you may get vehicles coming at you. You may find “your spot” contaminated with foul smelling substances. You may be sprayed with same or have water thrown at you. Someone may just come up and ripped the megaphone off you.

    All of the above and more have happened to protestors around the world.

  152. That said I think it’s a great idea, just go in force and have videos running constantly. Be alert and be prepared. And don’t give in to baiting.

  153. This is my last post about this…I’m sorry if I said anything untruthful but I stand by my statements abut LRH, I wasn’t Running him down. Although if the TRUTH runs him down, that is his undoing…You can’t have it BOTH ways..you can’t say that he did this or that and then say you don’t have to prove his utterances that you state as fact. The reason being is that he lied about alot, just because, and if he lied about the small stuff, he lied about the big stuff and the big stuff is what counts..I’m sorry that I have seemed to you as a waste of time. Sometimes you can judge a man by what they don’t say and you have answered my original question by not answering at all.

  154. Li'll bit of stuff

    My kinda guy!

  155. martyrathbun09

    Good riddance. You provided nothing to refute the statement, only a salacious, irrelevant stab.

  156. YOUR observations. YOUR opinions. That which is true for YOU. And you can’t understand why those around you don’t think similarly? How old are you?

  157. Hi Midge,

    So sorry to hear about your son disconnecting from you. I am hopeful with you that his universe will change and he’ll wake up to family!!!

    I was not at CCLA in 1977 having left in 1975 to be staff at Flag. I left the SO in 1980.

    I hope we meet some day.


  158. Hi Windhorse,

    I love your posts and your spirit. Thank you.

    I think your idea regarding getting together a group of the “disconnected” is very good. As to what to do with that group, whether to bring a suit against Miscavige for breaking up their families, etc., or some other action:

    Perhaps the key concept in these situations is:

    – Asymmetrical Warfare –

    It’s a fancy term, but simple: you only engage in symmetrical warfare when you have a clear upper hand. So, the U.S. brings tanks, bombs, etc. to Vietnam. The North Vietnamese commander, General Gap, a strategy genius (no matter his politics), does not respond symmetrically, that is, with tanks and bombs. He responds asymmetrically, with guerrilla forces, and defeats the greatest conventional military power on the planet.

    Said another way, you don’t play the other guy’s game, unless you are way better at it than him.

    So, in the situation you describe, what is the Miscavige Administration good at? Well, other than the colossal footnuke of suing Debbie Cook, they are pretty good at litigation, if only because litigation is, in good part, a game of money and they have lots of money.

    In the civil rights movement, we had to face this situation many times – out gunned legally, by much wealthier forces, who often controlled the courts. So, we responded asymmetrically (and, when we did litigate, it was also asymmetrically, e.g. in courts that were not controlled by the oppressors).

    The success of the civil rights movement was a direct result of extensive hatting and drilling, which matches what LRH says on the vital necessity of hatting. Others have been down this road and we can benefit from learning their successful actions. This is an excellent work: The Methods of Nonviolent Action. 348 pp., June 1973. ISBN 978-0-87558-071-5

    There is a huge amount of effective technology in this area. Gene Sharp has written it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Sharp

    Best wishes,

  159. Hi John Allander , you are a squirrel buster , which is good , sqirrel busters’ are needed because David Miscaviage is a squirrel , how about you handling David Miscaviage ! Your wife could sec check him.

  160. This is an example of david miscavage believing he is the one eyed king and to remain the king of his subjects he must maintain and expand their blindness. Obviously he is delusional.
    Steve Stuart

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