Mothers’ Day

Some thoughts about mothers and potential mothers on Mothers’ Day.

Abraham Lincoln said:

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

Washington Irving wrote:

“A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands.  But a mother’s love endures through all. ”

Mark Twain wrote:

“My mother had a slender, small body, but a large heart – a heart so large that everybody’s joys found welcome in it, and hospitable accommodation.”

Oprah Winfrey noted:

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”

Miriam Makeba noted:

“Girls are the future mothers of our society, and it is important that we focus on their well-being.”

L. Ron Hubbard wrote:

“The arts and skills of woman, the creation and inspiration of which she is capable and which, here and there in isolated places in our culture, she still manages to effect in spite of the ruin and decay of man’s world which spreads around her, must be brought newly and fully into life.  These arts and skills and creation and inspiration are her beauty, just as she is the beauty of Mankind.”

James Brown brought a similar line of thought to song:


“God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.”

~ variously attributed (Rudyard Kipling, Jewish Proverb, etc)

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  1. Beautiful post, Marty! Thank you!

  2. Your humble servant

    Lovely sentiments, thank you. Happy mother’s day to all of you mothers, mothers to be, surrogate mothers, and children of mothers. If all were mothers, there would be no war.

  3. Paul Copercini

    I never knew a being of a higher character then my mother and I can attest to that on the highest level. I will always do everything I can to enhance her existence whatever she does and I would and do trust her with the lives of every being. To my mother father and their grandchildren, we are here, you are there and we are in the stars. Happiness to All !

  4. Just beautiful!!! Thank you Marty.

  5. WestCoastT

    Thanks Marty,
    I heard James Brown in concert not too long before he left this body. Brings
    back fond memories. It’s great to hear two of the greats together!

  6. Ziba Feulner

    Great quotes on this mother’s day, Marty. Here another one, “The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind is the word “Mother,” and the most beautiful call is the call of “My mother.” It is a word full of hope and love, a sweet and kind word coming from the depths of the heart. The mother is everything – she is our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness….”Kahlil Gibran

  7. Great quotes and great live performance.

  8. Happy Mothers’ Day to all…. these were great quotes. Thanks Marty.

    And, very nice photo of LRH.. I guess this was his Arizona days because of the necktie and his age..

  9. Jean-François Genest

    A very special Happy Mother’s Day wish to all Sea Org / Ex-Sea Org ladies who were once mothers for a short moment, but had to abort, as ordered by the insane “Captain”-Of-Bulshit.

    May the whole world know that we, the TRUE Scientologists DID NOT endorse nor agree to that mistreatment.

    ► I wish for you to be pregnant again, if you haven’t already.
    Θ ♥ Happy Mother’s Day ♥ Θ

  10. Simple Thetan

    Thank you Marty. This is a very theta post. I always say theft if you believe in God, your mother is only second to God.

  11. Thank you Marty. Certainly my most important hat in life right now is that of Mother to my three girls. I love hearing them tell me how they too want to be mothers one day with lots of kids. I take this as a good indicator. 😀

  12. Thanks to all the moms out there.

    “…presure and time…”

  13. Of all my hats in life, I receive the most joy from being a mother. To give someone life is such a powerful thing. That connection has no comparison.

  14. Simple Thetan

    I am sorry the iPad changed that to theft.

  15. Ciao Marty and Ciao to all the new world indipendents.
    Tonight it’s been a Big Party at “La Reception”, i and my wife Luana have attested OT V.
    I’d like to give a big thank to our Auditor, Ignazio Tidu, and to all people in the world that allaow Scientology to be free from Monopoly in the independent field.
    God bless the day that Facebook Police sent me the “invitation” to cancel Tiziano from my Friends. This open our eyes !
    you never betrial a friend.
    Since that moment we start to climb the Bridge.
    Thank you.
    Francesco & Luana Minelli
    Ciao Marty e Ciao a tutti gli indipendenti del nuovo mondo,
    Questa sera abbiamo fatto una gran festa qui’ alla Reception, io e mia moglie Luana abbiamo entrambi attestato oggi OT V !
    Voglio inviare un sentito ringraziamento al nostro Auditor Ignazio Tidu ed a tutti nel mondo che permettono una Scientology libera dai monopoli nel campo Indipendente.
    Benedico il giorno che la Polizia di Facebook mi ha “invitato” a cancellare Tiziano dai miei amici.
    Gli amici non si tradiscono MAI.
    E da quel momento e’ stata tutta una salita sul ponte !

  16. Marty, Your mother must be so proud for having such an amazing, loving and caring son who very much cares about mankind. We thank her for this. Happy Mother’s Day to her, wherever she is now.

  17. Congrats! Awesome news.

  18. Tony Dephillips

    Great post Marty!
    Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there.
    I remember my own Mother fondly. She was a very wise person and she warned me about dm when I was still a bot. I am sure she is smiling now that I finally got it. Thanks Mom, I love you!!

  19. Mike Hobson

    “Mother is the word for ‘God’ on the lips of all children.” — The Crow

  20. And Pete said … Just admit it … we pay tribute to the “moms” because we don’t like sleeping on the couch or being sent to the dog house. In the case of the guy who invented mother’s day, mother is only half a word. He clearly deserves to be forced to roll around in a poison ivy patch and then have both collar bones broken, putting him in a body cast for six weeks, totally unable to scratch or apply calamine lotion. He can spend the time reflecting on the error of his ways. And forget about father’s day. You are probably still splashing on the cologne from some bottle that you got 5 father’s days ago, and face it … your wife doesn’t know which car tool you really want or need in the garage, and, if it is the right one, you will only be asked to fix her car anyways as opposed to restoring that old 2 seater triumph.



  21. Li'll bit of stuff

    To ALL Mothers, everywhere, it is time to thank you,
    for the wonderful beingness you assume, while making
    it possible for each and every one of us, to appreciate
    love in it’s purest most unconditional form.

    Thank YOU, have a joyful, happy, Mothers Day.

    Love & appreciation, Li’ll bit

  22. Happy Mother’s Day! (Without you, we would have no game!)

  23. Theo Sismanides

    Ciao Francesco & Luana and congradulations on OT V! Give greetings to Ignazio from Theo in Athens, Greece. We may celebrate mother’s day today but we Italians and Greeks can be brothers, too. Lol! I intend to be more and more in communicazione con gl’ italiani! Auguri e bravi!

  24. Luana & Lorenzo ………………. very very well done (and very very cool to hear about) !!

  25. My mom took care of me I swear as her highest calling. Dressed me in cowboy suits or sometimes something resembling Al Capone (complete with hats) when I was a toddler (I still see some of those dorky pics from time to time) and she never let up, went to my little league games, pressed my clothes for school, made my lunch every morning and dinner every night and after I left home at 17 she would still do the same whenever I came to visit (except for the cowboy suits… I eventually started buying those myself… lol).

  26. The Oracle

    Thank you Marty.

    Some thoughts of mine about potential mothers:

    Little Girls

    Oh the happiness we can feel,
    little girls on scholastic wheels
    making every sentence rhyme
    touching words, keeping time.

    Little girls, they do not not mind
    the debt they carry for our kind,
    a tu tu and some patent leather,
    a uniform for any weather.

    This is the power we possess
    for tomorrow’s holiness.
    Yet, we guess and guess and guess
    – is she holy, or possessed?

    All the future we can know
    lies beneath her dancing toes.
    Any man to cause us harm
    lies hidden in her tiny palm.

    Every wise man who ever lived
    came from her want and whirl…
    If we care to heal the world
    raise men to care for little girls.

  27. The Oracle

    YEAH!!!!! Bravo!!

  28. A lovely posting Thankyou Marthy

  29. Happy Mother’s Day to my own mommy — the most quietly courageous person I know. I love you, Mother. ❤

  30. Great post, Marty. Miriam Makima though should be Miriam Makeba.

  31. Theo sismanides

    It is great to keep a balance in life! I wish today and i make the postulate that my mother this life time will cognite she IS a spiritual being!!! I thank you all for putting that chance there for not just mothers for life times to come with your inefendent work.

  32. I’m relieved to confirm that we had mother’s day in the UK in March. Thought I’d missed it for a second.

  33. Love it! This song fits the spirit, imho.

    (And Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”.)

    I wish all the grown-up girls a happy and fun Mother’s Day!

  34. Tony Dephillips

    Nice!! 🙂

  35. The Oracle – You know, your poem is really very cool – it puts very, very, esoteric concepts to rhyme. Just personal taste, I really was wowed by the first stanza, ‘scholastic wheels’ and ‘touching words’ – it’s so, well, ‘girl’! And so true. Thanks for the poem. – Carcha.

  36. The same old LDW

    My mother and I never got along. No real communication. She couldn’t understand me, nor I her. Then at the age of 22 I did Grade O. Upon realizing that I, myself, was in full violation of the correct use of the ARC triangle and I, myself was fully fully responsible for the comm line, I changed our relationship. We were very good friends for the rest of our lives. And I sent her flowers every mothers day. And she sometimes cried at how beautiful the boquet was. And I loved her sentiment.
    I miss her and wish her well.

  37. Surely as everyone may know, Lisa Marie has left the Miscavige Side Show featuring the world’s smallest soul, David Miscavige.

    Lyrics to “So Long” by Lisa Marie Preseley

    This here is a city without lights
    Those are all the people without eyes
    Churches, they don’t have a soul
    Soup for sale without a bowl
    Religion so corrupt and running lives
    Farewell, fair weathered friends
    I can’t say I’ll miss you in the end

    So long, seems that I was so wrong
    Seems I wasn’t that strong
    Dead wrong, and now I’m long gone
    Wrong side, I’ve been sleeping on the wrong side
    Stains all over my soul I can’t hide
    Nothing’s more clear than goodbye

    These roads they don’t lead to anything
    These people they talk, they say nothing
    Actors who don’t have a part
    Heartfelt people with no heart
    I’ll find a new crowd
    Make a new start
    Farewell, fair weathered friends
    I can’t say I’ll miss you in the end


    You can hear her earlier song “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” from the same album here, now with lyrics too:

  38. Oracle,
    This is beautiful. Thank you.

  39. Li'll bit of stuff


    As our super hard-working host, I just need to express, to you directly, once again ( some 8 month’s worth!) Thank you.
    …….for being ( unofficial, but recognized, as the legit.) LRH
    Comm / Ethics Officer / REAL protector of the tech./Qual . G.O., and ACTUAL Squirrel Buster!!! (Just you and your better half Mosey, (Monique)) vs. The Bumbling Busters of David
    Madcabbage inc ( up M. Rathbun -The Car Wash.) ( voted best video clip of 2011.) What a year that was, too!

    I haven’t a clue how you manage all this, just boggles the
    mind, but helps me understand, why you only very, very,
    rarely, bother to acknowledge comm directed to you
    in a true spirit of ARC.(I know, I wouldn’t cope in your shoes.)
    However, on a regular basis, I would definitely let people know, that their comm. and support, are genuinely appreciated,
    but that’s just me.( TR-2 keeps & builds better ARC, Marty! )

    By the way, of course my “declaration” is long overdue, and
    the thick pile of drafts, sit staring back at me in a green
    folder—all unfinished comm, of ALL the things, I was wanting
    to say. but couldn’t articulate succinctly.

    So, here it is, including a brief biography, for the “pests”
    You know who you are. (still luv ya, anyway!!)

    My (present lifetime) name is Calvin Bernard Duffield.
    Joined LRH version Scientology, Durban Org. South Africa,
    in 1971. Like many, including you Marty, was blown away
    completely, after doing the ORIGINAL (pure, hard, TR’s )
    Comm. Course. This single course, answered most of my
    life’s pressing questions, and turned me into a lifetime,
    devout follower of LRH’s philosophy and adherent of his
    workable technology of the mind,spirit and how to improve
    one’s understanding of one’s self and fellows, as a Scn’gist. I did the Student Hat, Primary Rundown, Life Repair, Purif.
    and had enormous fun in the early days as an FSM and using the Tone Scale in spotting and handling people, thru’ better understanding of where they were at. Still do, today!

    As this, is Mothers Day, it is very appropriate, that I share
    my appreciation for my late mom, Phyllis, who left the body
    due to respiratory failure in 1978. Despite her initial antag.
    towards Scn., she never the less agreed to come and do
    the comm course, at a very late stage, and completed, with
    flying colours and some great cognitions, before passing on.

    Biologically, I come from a very competitive family, RACING.
    My late dad, Bernie, was a very successful jockey, in his day,
    as was his brother Ernie, ( later the “voice” of South African
    horse racing, as a famous racing commentator,) and my
    Australian grandfather, too..

    Sadly, my dad, died at the young age of 35 (1948) the result of
    heart trouble, induced by having to keep his weight down,
    to acceptable limits.

    This left my late mom, Phyllis, then aged 34, to continue to try
    to run her hair salon,Winchester Hair Stylists, (on the Durban beachfront,) comprising six staff, and a 14 month old, sickly baby son, ( me,who ended up contracting rheumatic fever)
    just to add to her worries!). Sorry again, MOM, for all the
    heart ache I added to your life. I appreciate all the sacrifices,
    you made and bore, from the bottom of my heart, I truly do!

    As a youngster, and a latch key kid,(mom was always working)
    I had two wonderful pastimes. Both served as orientation points.

    From my dad, apparently, I had inherited artistic ability, and
    by the age of five, was able to capture people’s facial features
    from memory. I took this skill seriously and made an in- depth
    study of some of the great caricaturists, of the day, including
    the great Mort Drucker (MAD Magazine) and our own.late, Jock
    Leyden (Daily News) whom I regarded as a mentor, and later
    approached when applying for a position as a press cartoonist.
    I later did caricature work, in various press, as a freelancer.
    Still do the odd caricatures, for fun, but mainly by request.

    The second activity ( I was told to stop behaving like a bloody monkey,literally! Most of the time, I couldn’t stop running up and down walls,trees, and over roof tops and the like .) This
    hyperactive nuttiness, got channelled into something a little
    more organized, when I took up gymnastics and trampoline..
    Loved this, of course, and provided the impetus for the next

    In brief, my teens developed into a passionate love of a
    different form of racing Motorcycle racing! This sport so
    completely captivated me, that I packed up my job as a
    draughtsman, to work full time in a motorcycle shop and
    learned the repairs and tuning from one of the former
    greats of the day, Bill, of Bill Wood Motorcycles, who
    served to help me enter the thrilling world of knees to
    the tarmac hi-speed racing.

    Long story shortened, I worked as well, at two additional
    jobs to help pay for my privateer ventures as a competitor
    in the South African racing calendar. My racing highlights
    included finishing third to future world champion, Jon
    Ekerold and racing with four time world champion Korkie
    Ballington. Though racing with an older 250 Yamaha TDI-C
    My bike allowed me to be able to out brake some of the
    TD 2 riders through the generosity of six time world champ,
    Jim Redman,( MBE) who allowed me to campaign using
    the incredible 4- leading shoe front wheel of his WORKS
    (factory) championship winning Honda. Thanks again Jim!

    Enter now, the 2-D (girls) who it turns out, require a lot of
    attention,(and money!) and something had to give, and in this case, the RACING career lost out ! (lamentedly)

    Hey sometimes, you win the competition, with something
    even better. In this case, I won my wonderful wife, of almost 40 years, Dorothy. Definitely my better half, and
    MOTHER to our two beautiful daughters, and Grand MOM
    to two grand daughters and one grand son.

    Dorothy, is the Scientology Achiever, in the family, and
    shortly after we got together, I introduced her to my new
    interest, Scientology, and she was into it like a duck to
    water! In no time at all, she had done the Comm course
    and Quickly progressed to Super literate and onto her
    Auditor training levels O-1V. She became the very first
    class V (NED) Auditor in Durban, under the super able
    mentorship of lovely ol’ C/S, Reg. Davis (also Head prof.
    of the English Dept. Natal University) She joined up as
    staff, and put in a healthy period as staff auditor Day
    and Fdn, after completing her staff status,requirements.
    and full training, giving years of service to paying P.C’s
    and sharing in the wonderful wins and successes along
    the way!

    Although we have both been effectively off Org lines’
    now, for some twenty years, mainly due to the insane
    increases of pricing for training and services, some six years ago, Dorothy was approached to become a
    Criminon counsellor and agreed to give it a full go.

    True to form, she poured her heart and soul into
    helping others who had fallen by the way, for whatever
    reason, and today, stands modestly proud, to have
    filled in as “MOTHER” to so many , who have never
    known caring, compassionate help before.

    I have castigated her Criminon sponsor, Harold van
    der Berg, our good buddy, and now declared Indie’
    for often referring to her as “a machine” such was her
    level of production. And indeed, Harold, in retrospect, you were right. But it was taking an enormous toll on
    her health, and I’m thankful that she has now managed
    to pack it all up, after announcing her RESIGNATION and leave it to some poor devout CO$ minions to
    continue to claim credit for one of it’s very credible
    front groups. Criminon future now ? Who knows?

    There are other whole careers I followed, apart from
    as an artist, including that of a Gym owner and
    personal Trainer, and sports coach, but wont bore
    you with that here!

    So there you go! Sam, Tony and others! Now you have
    the “reason” for me being under the radar. but now,
    at last, fully in the open. so there!

    To the Church of $cientology, you no longer represent
    the Aims of Scientology, which focus on the training of
    Auditors, and setting the people of earth free through
    the application of STANDARD LRH TECHNOLOGY.

    Instead, you have been deceived beyond belief, into
    an insidious state of mind control, which PREVENTS
    you from confronting what is actually going on behind
    the smoke, mirrors and distressingly empty glass and
    granite, cold, lifeless, Idle Morgues that are supposed
    to herald the “greatest expansion of Scientology, the
    world has ever seen.” As we say in South Africa..KAK!”
    ……………………………… ( CRAP! )……………………………

    Please everyone still in, reading this…YOU have been
    / are being conned!! L. Ron Hubbard warned and fore-
    saw this fate befalling your church, way back and you
    are actively PREVENTED from finding this out by your
    own “Church” of Scientology.

    then google up “friends of L Ron Hubbard” and have
    yourself a li’ll ol’ heart attack! Hope you don’t die though!

    Thanks y’all (especially Marty) for this extended post.

    Calvin B. Duffield (Li’ll bit of stuff) Mothers Day 13 May’12

  40. Thank you for these wonderful quotes on this special day, Marty.

    The importance of motherhood and the rearing of children cannot be overemphasized.

    It has been said that money is the lowest form of motivation, while duty is the highest. Mothers who unflinchingly face the duty of raising their children with love, understanding, compassion and education are to be praised in the highest. They are truly the genesis of our future prosperity and the agents of change in our world.

    Here’s to my wife, my mother, my mother’s mother before her…

  41. boulder body router

    I don’t often stop to think about the influence my mother had on me. My mother loved me & cared for me. She raised me & helped me grow up. I am eternally greatful to my mother’s patience. What more can a child want from their mother. As a side note, she even attended my ordination as a
    scientology minister when I was in my 20s. Now THAT took guts! She never stopped loving me no matter WHAT I did! It’s great to have a day we can give thought to our mothers! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there! We need you.

  42. boulder body router

    Please post my comment under my full name, Matt Plahuta.

  43. I think I’ve just become a Lisa Marie Presley fan.

  44. Cavin, You sure have made it a special Mother’s Day! Your announcement pays tribute to your wife Dorothy and mother Phyllis so beautifully. Thanks for sharing your story with us! love, Laura Ann

  45. Sorry Calvin, my finger missed the L key. 🙂

  46. *** Great post Marty, thank you! ***

    +++ Complimenti Francesco & Luana +++
    V*V*V*V**W**D! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I´m very happy for you.

    ” God bless the day that Facebook Police sent me the “invitation” to cancel Tiziano from my Friends. This open our eyes !
    You never betrial a friend.
    Since that moment we start to climb the Bridge.”

    This says it all.

    Many greetings to my “girlfriend” Andrea.

    Ciao Italia!

  47. The most important lesson my Mother taught me was “right and wrong.”

    It has saved me many times over the years.

    Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the Moms out there!

  48. Hey Matt — Nice to see you here! Mike

  49. Welcome to the sunshine Calvin!!

  50. In 1990 after I was sent to the RPF by David Miscavige because I told an MAA (my ex wife) “the problem with the Int base is the misapplication of Ethics to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation” (and she ratted me out) I often saw Lisa Marie hanging out at the Manor where I was working as a painter and carpenter. At that time she was still married to Danny (a marriage that was destroyed because Miscavige didn’t like Danny since he wasn’t a celebrity — can you imagine?). Although I never met her, she always seemed like an old friend.

    With the brilliant lyrics she has crafted in this song and also “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” on, I know for sure Lisa Marie is a friend and one hell of an artist.

  51. 😀 Big congratulations to you Francesco & Luana!!! 😀

  52. Mat! Great comment. Good to see you here!

  53. Love that The Oracle.

  54. Love that song Carcha…haven’t heard it since the ’70s!

  55. Congratulations, Francesco and Luana ! VWD !

  56. Thank you Marty for this great post !

  57. Thoughtful, I wouldn’t doubt one bit that her leaving has to do with her being a mother. DM is the most anti-mother “church leader” I can think of and his anti-mothering attitude gets pushed down the lines by his OT cronies.

  58. Great post Calvin!

    Well you’ve finally satisfied the curiosity of those who’ve wondered who this strong opinion’d person was.

    So now we know!

    Welcome out, buddy! You’ve got courage and character.

  59. Hello Calvin! What a great life you live and what a wonderful wife you have in Dorothy! Hello to Dorothy too! Another auditor – mother!

  60. Hey Marti,

    I recommend that you work your magic and recover her, like you did with other Celebrities. She should be able to make the distinction between Co$dm and real Scientology, and I don’t know anybody more suited than you with your skill and compassion.

  61. Thanks for sharing that Scott. What a powerful video.

  62. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1!!

  63. Tony Dephillips

    I hope you are right Steve. The lyrics do seem to go there, but I haven’t heard anything definitive.

  64. What a theta tribute to Moms. I miss and remember my own Mom too – and her incredible spirit of adventure. And what a theta thread today with OTVs Luana and Francesca (many congratulations!!!!) and Lisa Marie Presley singing out the truth, and Calvin L’ill Bit braving the reveal! Well done Calvin – seems you’re having a long and “speedy” life – wonderful!! Loved The Oracle’s poem!! Loved reading the “Mom anecdotes” of others – I can definitely identify with a bunch of them. It is a day of flourish and prosper, and prosper and flourish. And Theta and Theta and….. Love it.

  65. Li'll bit of stuff

    Laura Ann, thanks so much, you’re special too!

  66. Li'll bit of stuff

    Gee, Mike, Hi & thanks for increasing the brightness.

  67. Tony Dephillips

    Mmmmm, this crow is real tasty! Welcome Calvin.

  68. Michael Fairman

    Wonderful sentiments. My mom was always encouraging,never negative, a truly good person.

    What would LRH, Lincoln, Irving, Twain, Winfrey and Makeba say about those Scientology moms who turned their backs on their children? And what limitless compassion would they have for the moms whose children turned their backs on them?

  69. Li'll bit of stuff

    Scotty, thanks, man! It’s got something to do with
    the Australian roots. Guts and perseverance, no
    matter what. Listened to your 1 hour radio talk,
    you made a while back. Man, you’ve got a lotta
    that tough stuff in you, too! Well done in triumphing
    over those mafia mate, and coming back from being
    left for dead. Mike has the same roots, too!

  70. The Oracle

    Thank you for sharing your story Calvin!

  71. The Oracle

    Great video!

  72. Written as only a Mother (and daughter) could! Thank you, Oracle.

  73. Dude, that was spectacular!!

    Nice to see you Calvin! Love that name too.

  74. Yo Matt,
    Good to see you here, friend 🙂

  75. E.J. Croughs

    Congratulations! That’s what it’s all about.

  76. Great – nice song too!

    Says Jason Beghe: “I also think Kirstie has one foot out the door. And Kirstie and Lisa are two hearts with one beat. They’re close. They’re good friends,” he says

    Let the celebrity exodus get into full swing!

  77. Li'll bit of stuff

    Beautiful, recounting of the way it was Les, and she
    SURELY did appreciate how you managed to turn
    it all around. Only MEST perishes, thankfully, but
    not US.

  78. Li'll bit of stuff

    Maurice? Spot on! Guess you are also South African,then?

  79. E.J. Croughs

    I’m looking foreward to her comments in the media about Davey, She gets all the big media next week and some good old controversy will make her new album sales go straight up and vertical!

  80. Lisa Marie enlightened and free? WOW
    My Elvis on Black Velvet is back on the wall…

  81. That Luciano Pavarotti and James Brown duet gave me chills.

    “Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.” — Kahlil Gibran

  82. Thanks, Li’ll bit. I’m not South African though – longtime New Yorker in fact. I was around in the 60s when Miriam Makeba was a fairly well known celebrity.

  83. Thanks for the great post Calvin, it’s an inspiration.
    I’m not too long from posting my own Declaration of Independence but I want to take this opportunity to comment about my own mother. Like Oprah said “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” I was born in postwar Germany. My father was an Auschwitz survivor and had lost his entire family during the war. He remarried after the war and I know having children again meant something special to him. Unfortunately, his new wife
    (my birth mother) died in my childbirth. You can imagine how devastating this was to him but the good news is that the nurse who took care of me after my birth must have taken a liking to me 🙂 because she wound up marrying my father. I actually didn’t know she wasn’t my birth mother until I turned 16. It still makes me smile to remember all the times friends used to comment on how much alike we looked 🙂 Somewhat of a coincidence is that she used to work at the Cedars complex when it was still a hospital and
    oddly enough in the same space (maternity) that I worked in as a NWCI staff member. And, on the infrequent times that I got libs I would call her to make plans and she would say, “I’ll pick you up in front of maternity” 🙂
    Mom, I know I drove you crazy but you hung in there no matter what.
    Wherever you are now I want to let you know how much you still mean to me.

  84. You are a good’n Tony De Philips.

  85. Ditto on what Picanin said!

  86. Li'll bit of stuff

    God, Almighty T.O. How on earth do you create this
    beautiful prose? Very, VERY, sobering and pointed
    indicators to just how much, we, as men, totally miss,
    when not appreciating the earthly and spiritual power you, as a woman and MOTHER have just unveiled…… “.If we care to heal the world raise men to care for little girls.”

    Ol’ Maurice Chevalier would be smilin’ down on you,
    that’s for sure!!!!

  87. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tara, thank you so much and it’s just about each of us
    making the best we can, using real ARC, like you, of each
    and every day.
    Love and ARC, Calvin & Dorothy.

  88. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tony, your patience is rewarded. When you’ve finished
    the crow, come share the strawberries & cream with us
    & you’re just as welcome, thanks,
    Love & ARC to you & Marie-Jo

  89. HannibalTheFirst

    Lisa Marie has a big heart and is a very kind being. I met her a few times and saw first hand that she is a very caring person.She was willing to help complete strangers and was very sincere. She for sure does not fit into David Misvavige’s chrome-steel church.
    She has a heart, where DM has a dark pit.
    I am so glad she freed herself from this corrupt and heartless so called church.
    Good for her, her family and friends.

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    T.O. just so painful, to hold it back, for so long,
    but I hope it demonstrates clearly that we will
    often do whatever it takes, to protect those,
    who depend on us, for their survival. I know,
    for sure that you always will.
    Luv & ARC Calvin

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    God Almighty, Jim you here too? Now I feel blessed!
    DRUMMER EXTRAORDINAIRE. Bring on the rounds,
    somebody, this party’s just warming up. Wheee!

  92. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wow VBmax, this is really an amazing life experience
    for anyone to have had, and I just know that it’s made
    you a kinder and more appreciative person for it.
    The blessings in our lives are often disguised, but in
    company of real ARC, kindness comes through for
    us to enjoy. I look forward to the time, when YOU feel
    safe to step out. We’re waiting patiently, okay?

    Lotsa Luv & ARC Calvin

  93. Li'll bit of stuff

    Picanin, thanks so much. Maybe we will be able to share
    your own reveal, one day, when it becomes practical.
    Meantime. bask in the sunshine of REAL. pure Theta!
    Lots’a ARC, Calvin

  94. Ronnie Bell

    What a powerful insight. Thanks for posting that. It’s completely true.

  95. Ronnie Bell

    Wasn’t she once married to Hugh Masekela? I was a fan of his in the 60s.

  96. Ronnie Bell

    Into the light at last. Welcome, Calvin. Pleased to meet you on this fine Mother’s Day.

  97. Dear Calvin, Thank you for breaking FREE! This is the best Mother’s Day gift to your mother as well as all the moms in the world. Happy Mother’s Day to your wife, Dorothy!

  98. Ziba Feulner

    VVVWD Francesco and Luana! That’s Integrity…

  99. “It Is Man’s Man’s World” Jashua Ledet

  100. one of those who see


  101. Ronnie Bell

    Ledora May Hubbard

    L. Ron Hubbard’s mother was a rarity in her time. A thoroughly educated woman, who had attended teacher’s college prior to her marriage to Ron’s father, she was aptly suited to tutor her young son. Under her guidance, Ron was reading and writing at an early age, and soon satisfying his insatiable curiosity about life with the works of Shakespeare, the Greek philosophers, and other classics.

  102. Yes, ditto on Picanin’s post! He hit every thought I had just right!

  103. Tom Gallagher


    In a new unit of time i say Hello!

  104. I just want to send out a special mother’s day wish to Christie! Hope you’re enjoying you day!

  105. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty for such a great tribute to that aspect and those vital for our for our survival. My Mom passed on May 6, 1996. I miss her cantankerous yet meaningful head-butts. She was happy with the knowledge she gained from Ron, though she fought it up to a point.

    I wish her (him now) well.

    “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all………….

  106. one of those who see

    Thanks for this tribute to Moms Marty! What is it worth to know that your Mom is there for you no matter what? Everything. I am very lucky to have that. How wonderful to go visit Grandma and she is completely thrilled to see you like you are the most magnificent thing on the planet. Still puts a big smile on my face. Love to all the wonderful Mothers out there. I know there are many Mothers and children separated today because of the evil enforced disconnection. And this day is hard for you. I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and heart today. Thank you to all who fight to end the insanity. And to Marty’s Mom…You should be very proud.

  107. one of those who see

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for posting. Hadn’t seen these lyrics yet. Can’t wait to hear it. Love You Aint seen nothin yet! Been walking around singing it. I need to be careful. LOL Still under the radar. But even we are communicating with others quite a bit. Carefully, which sucks, but the comm is happening.

  108. one of those who see

    Hi Calvin!! Well done!!

  109. one of those who see

    Standing up and cheering in America!!! Wonderful news. Well done!! Bravissimo!!!

  110. Captain Bob

    thanks Thoughtful-

    I like this line-
    “Those are all the people without eyes”

    It means to me “Look, don’t listen”

    Thanks Lisa.

  111. +1

  112. Captain Bob

    “Washington Irving wrote:

    “A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands. But a mother’s love endures through all. “

    This was without a doubt my mom. I miss you mom.

  113. I would love to see Danny make some kind of overt statement! At one time he was very good friends with Chad Corea, Chic’s son. Hopefully this will expand exponentially! I believe the times, they are a changing, if I may quote Bob Dylan. Might be the the beginning of a tidal wave!

    In honor of my lovely mother that moved on in 1995. Thank you for your love, help and all you gave to me! You are in my thoughts always!

  114. Captain Bob

    very thank you Scott for that video. Makes my eyes tear. Responsibility at it’s finest for these, these brave Mothers and women.

  115. Li’ll bit of stuff – You are the same person to me, with grasp of philosophy and meaning, but I understand your decision to withold your official identity in order to protect your wife. Interesting life history – you covered a lot of bases! I confess, though, I’d guessed you were from the American mid-west. I must be getting old. – Carcha.

  116. Nice touch – rarely brought up.

  117. Les-My mother and I were at each others throats until I did Scientology-My first big win in Scientology was becoming best friends with my mother-All I did was grant her beingness and she started introducing me as a Scientologist, even though prior to that she was quite against it. I’ll never forget how , with startlement, she told me how much I had changed.

  118. Calvin-I love love your wrtite-up. Many years ago I was engaged to someone in the racing business so I understand the attraction. Thanks for coming out in the fresh open air!!

  119. Hey Calvin, aka Li’ll bit of Stuff

    Well done on arriving at this point. (good to get done with the “paperwork” and move ahead boldly, non?)

    Keep on truckin” in the sunshine.


  120. It looks like Debbie’s letter is still out there working. The queen has played her gambit.

  121. Thank You all for the generous acknowledgments! See that, we have a heart! There it is!

  122. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, mate. took as long as was necessary,

  123. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mariella, thank YOU! It’s really about our mom’s. after all, Love & ARC Calvin & Dorothy

  124. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tom, (the Master,)
    thanks, mate, nicer to be in the new unit, HelloTOO!

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    You sure do (see!) and I appreciate that, friend!
    Thank you. Calvin.

  126. The Oracle

    I was raised by my Grandfather, his brothers, his son and his son in law.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mr. Mom’s out there! You made it go right and taught me that I could too! Even though my education was mixing drinks, making moonshine, tracking in the mountains, the good use of animals , the almanac, the encyclopedia , rolling with a punch and fighting back against suppression, fishing, canoeing, and trading……. you never excluded me from your world . In all of the drama that surrounded our family I always knew that I, was getting the best of your love. Happy Mother’s Day to the men in my life who raised me with great care and complete trust in me. And thanks to them who all got together to cosign a loan for me to go Clear not having any idea what they were signing except,
    they believed me when I said, “trust me”. I have worked to pay it forward. And I know you knew, I would. Thank you for loving me.

  127. This was a theta post to read after a lovely day with my wonderful daughter. Thanks, Marty and commenters.

  128. Richard Royce

    What a wonderful Mothers day present to all the moms out there seeing all the new folks that came out today or are committed to come out soon!

    Wonderful tribute to moms Marty!

  129. Richard Royce

    One thing I can’t get my head around though, all the children out there who are essentially saying, “Mom I hate you!” by disconnecting from their mom because they are in dire fear from the EVIL Corporate Church OF Scientology.

  130. Richard Royce

    Of course the Corporate Church OF Scientology is EVIL because it is run by his most holy suppressiveness David Miscavage.

  131. Calvin, an incredible story. After some meetings I had today, i can assure you that many Scietologists still in, including some very prominent, are now seriously questioning the actions of the Co$dm. The stink that dm and minions are making is now hard to hide.

  132. Great to see you posting here, Matt. We shared some great times at the Boulder Mission, didn’t we? I look forward to many more.

  133. I sent this post to my mom, (who has been much relieved about and cheered my leaving the RCS), and here is her reply:

    “Those are very good Randy and I feel very fortunate, and my life is enriched everyday by my lovable children and grandchildren. Thank you for those quotes.
    Love, Mom”

  134. michael cox

    Awesome! Thank you for this. My Mom just turned 80, and my Dad too. They were high school sweet hearts, they eloped in 1950. She was the Valedictorian, let’s just say he was not. And I got to say, love you Dad, but it has all been about the woman, and the girl………..

  135. Thanks to all, the sun never sets on Scientology.
    we hope that new islands are born health in every corner of the planet for a free scientology.
    Francesco & Luana Minelli

  136. Li'll bit of stuff

    Matt Plahuta, great to see you “fully here” too.Say, do you mind , Matt, clearing up for me, your surname’s
    origin, or nationality ? Great name, too!

  137. Li'll bit of stuff

    Great,Maurice, thanks, and please let me make a
    confession here. I’m an absolute closet “New Yorker”
    in spirit, and long for the day, we can make an extended
    visit to see all the spots and fascinating people, that I
    identify with so easily. Mebbe we can touch bases with
    you at that point, too!
    Envious, indeed……ARC, Calvin

  138. I met her briefly once upon a time. We chatted about life. She told me that she designed and personally sewed the beautiful, colorful clothes she wore. She was (and I am sure is, still) a powerful & talented, yet unpretentious and very kind lady.

  139. Yes Richard, it goes both for children and parents. If you read “The Antisocial Personality, the Anti Scientologist”, you will see that when it comes to the social personality, Ron talks about the state of man. He warns about a witch hunt. This is exactly what is going on.

    These children and parents do not bother to go back to Source, read the reference, and say: “Wait a minute, my ________ is a social personality, why should I disconnect?”

    If people would not disconnect, dm will have no power.

  140. Alex Castillo

    On the subject of mothers, I would like to validate all Mums as the heroins of the world and would also like to validate mine (RIP) as my best friend ever and perhaps one of the toughest, most dedicated Sea Org members I had the honour to work with during my years in the SO.

    So I hereby beat my drum about my wonderful Mum and friend. We worked shoulder to shoulder to put Mexico and Latin America on the Scientology map (with our sweat and tears) and I am very proud to be her son (only child)


    Issa del Campo
    cc CPO Flag
    Flag Latin American Programs Chief
    12 February, 1973


    Issa del Campo, Mexican Scientologist

    Issa del Campo has contributed almost 30 major translations of
    LRH’s books into Spanish. She has made one of the most major and
    significant contributions to Scientology’s expansion for the entirety
    of the Spanish speaking world, almost 1/5th of the world’s popula-
    tion. This has greatly enhanced the speed with which the Scientology
    Translations Unit can complete the task of putting LRH’s works into
    the Spanish language, due to her long years of hard work, devotion
    and dedication to Scientology Technology and mostly for LRH Commodore
    and Founder.
    Issa is highly commended for this remarkable task by Flag and
    by our Scientologists in Mexico. Her dedication will be well marked
    amongst those who have helped Ron to clear the planet.

    Ens.Liz Ausley
    Flag Latin American Programs

    I wonder if amongst the old timers here there is someone who know about her.

  141. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ingrid, what a wonderfully powerful effect you caused,
    with just the simple granting of beingness. How much can we actually achieve, broadly, with the regular use
    of this measure.

  142. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ingrid, thank you, and for sharing your views and
    experience. As a top notch Auditor, I bet you get
    to share some incredible life journeys, as well.!

  143. Li'll bit of stuff

    There’s no time better then the RIGHT time, to get
    something done, right Eric? And yes, will definitely
    stay bold, no better way to get there. Thanks, for
    all your assistance and interest along the journey.

    your appreciative friend,

  144. Wow Alex! That is VERY impressive. What a contribution!

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    simplethetan, your ack. is genuinely appreciated. And your confirmation of the growing rumblings of discontent in
    the Unlawful, Ponzi operation of Miscavige, is now finally starting to really hit home where it counts, in the minds of
    his hitherto blinded donors (and therefore unwitting contributors to the insane, perverse destruction of LRH’s
    standard workable Tech.)

    The collective power of the Indie Renaissance Movement, ably headed by Marty, Mike and a SANE, intelligent and resourceful GROUP of REAL Scn supporters, have effectively pushed Miscavige even further into his self- destruct mode. His Motivator hunger is now in full blown
    dramatization, and is driving people away in droves.

    2012 , the year of renaissance of REAL Scientology!

    Thank you,
    more power to you as you flourish & prosper in 2012.

    ARC, Calvin

  146. FCDC Class of 74

    Hey Mom we know you had to take the closest door out and now your away from what we have the strength to endure. Know we all love you even now and we miss you. You gave us a head start and allowed Ron in where Pop was PTS so we hope to play with you again. Love Peace and Freedom. Your sons and daughter.

  147. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha, now this is a lovely surprise! Thank you for
    these comments. ALL appreciated too, as has been
    your support at different points along the journey.

    It’s this darned burdensome cloak of hidden identity, deemed necessary, (mostly) in consideration of the protection of others, that is responsible for us getting
    skewed impressions of one another.

    In retrospect, I now have to fully agree with the once
    seemingly “harsh” sentiments of Sam, that it is
    definitely preferable to be able to stand in the sun-
    shine, for all to see.with our “warts n’ all”, and be
    able to dispense with the “cloak”.

    Unfortunately,when that means sacrificing a beloved family member for this cause, I WONT cross that line. Instead, I would rather risk going after the throat of the person causing the grief, directly, or indirecty!

    That’s just me, but I understand not everyone is up
    to the task, and need to evaluate their own approach
    to overcome such an adversary. Seems though, that,
    once again, that old adage “there’s power in numbers”
    is all that’s necessary in this particular equation.

    Be in touch,
    ARC, Calvin .

  148. boulder body router

    Plahuta is Slovenian. My grandfather came to the US in the early 1900s.
    His name was also Matt Plahuta. Thanks for asking, Matt

  149. boulder body router

    Yeah Randy, We had some great times way back then in Boulder & Saint Louis too! Here’s to many more, let the good times roll! Matt

  150. boulder body router

    In the future I’d like to change my posting name to my real name, Matt Plahuta instead of boulder body router. I’m not afraid of having anyone know it’s me!

  151. The Oracle

    Very Theta Alex.

  152. Li'll bit of stuff

    T.O. Wowee, are we on a roll here with reveals, or what?
    of all the people i’ve ever met, you are, without a doubt,
    the MOST astounding!!!! Never able (before) to fathom
    just how you had managed to arrive at such an original,
    and refreshingly honest bunch of attitudes and view- points, across the spectrum of human activity, You
    have now gone an’ laid it out bare an’ naked, for all to see!

    Wow again! Great “mom’s” indeed. Belated Happy “Mothers”
    Day, Guys, wherever you are, and you did a wonderful job,
    by raising this girl, to be a wonderful, courageous and truly
    compassionate, intelligent human being and mother figure.

    Please Join the “special ” ranks among the Mom’s of the
    world, I’m sure ALL here applaud you for your loving role/s.

    Thanks, so much for sharing this!

    Love & ARC, Calvin

  153. Li'll bit of stuff

    Makes one very proud, for sure Alex. Sure she is
    doing well, wherever she may be.

  154. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wow, Matt, thanks. It just helps to know each other better.

  155. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ditto to ack both your posts Karen B. Keep on shinin’ too.

  156. Thank you very much for your high affinity reply.

    I believe, that just by going up the Bridge, bringing others up the Bridge, we create a tremendous pressure in the Theta universe. As we go up tone, our universes impinges on the Physical Universe.

    The bottom line is I see a new wind. Even junior Sea Org members are starting to ignore arbitraries. The EPF recruits are looking younger and younger every day. I believe the adults don’t buy it any more.

  157. Li'll bit of stuff

    simplethetan, you manifest a very refreshing and positive
    viewpoint and this contributes greatly to a brighter future.
    Please keep up that positive energy. it’s contagious!!!!

  158. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, Maurice, Ronnie and Espiritu, the wonderful
    lady in question, sadly, is no longer with us.Aged 76,
    she suffered a heart attack on 9 Nov 2008, while
    performing in italy, and passed away on the 10th.
    And yes Ronnie, you’re correct. She was married
    to Hugh Masikela. Wonderful talents & inspirations
    both. Hugh is still active, but she is sorely missed!

  159. I haven’t been to Slovenia, but it is #1 on my list. From what I’ve learned of the people and culture it may well be the very heart of the Slavic peoples. Similar in someways to the Czechs, a very independent-minded Slavic people, the Slovenes seem to reside at about 3.0 to 4.0 for the most part. For instance, electroshock treatment is banned within the borders of Slovenia. Vulgarities are virtually absent from the language whereas romance is built in, because it is one of the few European languages left that has retained the “dual” case endings of words when speaking of two people or things. Great for romantic poetry! Something like 50% of the country is forested wildlife preserve. The education and quality of life is very good. Sounds like a great place to live and grow up!

  160. What a fascinating life you’ve led, Calvin. Congratulations on your coming out.

    Today, Casey Stoner retired (at 26!) I imagine you heard about that.

    Nice to meet you.

  161. Li'll bit of stuff

    Heather, really appreciate your ack and your interest.
    No, I didn’t catch the news on Casey, and it’s sad that
    he’s left the scene. Let me tell you though, that the
    stress and anxiety levels these pro’s live with, can age
    them 10 years every three.The game has evolved
    incredibly over the last 10 years, and staying aboard
    a two wheeled rocket, throwing it through a 40- odd
    lapper, while hanging on for dear llfe, as you negotiate
    esses, kinks,sweeps and feeling the front end break
    away, while the back is doing the same, all the while
    trying to shut out the guy trying to out- brake you
    as you enter a tight bend at 160 mph. on a WET
    track……this takes some doing….. and some even
    more amazing riding! They really are some of the
    most talented, courageous, special human beings
    around, as you probably know too well.
    Of course, I don’t think there’s anything more exciting
    then moto G.P. racing, but then I’m awfully biased too!

    Thanks again, Heather…” take care..stay sharp ”

    Love & ARC Calvin

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