Idle Buffalo Scientology Organization

In November 2002 David Miscavige unveiled his first showcase Idle Org in Buffalo, New York.  Appended below is Miscavige’s order issued just prior to Buffalo’s grand opening to ensure the place would be crawling with public and expanding for the whole world to see.

Did anybody from Int ever notice the ‘hey-you’ character of most of Miscavige’s orders?  Notice the recipient (Int Landlord) of this order. He might as well have issued the order to the groundskeeper at Celebrity Center.  See after the Miscavige order evidence of the result. Nearly ten years later, a photo of the Buffalo Idle org taken just last week by an indie who happened to be visiting that city and stopped by to check out the original showcase.

25 OCT 2002



Add to that Internet marketing which would then be flooded right down to the local orgs resulting in central marketing campaigns, collecting up names at CMU, which are then smashed down the lines to all orgs while local orgs do their own central marketing and start driving people in on their basic services.


UPDATE 5/16:  See this interesting, and confirmatory, posting on an unrelated blog about the Buffalo organization posted as a comment to this blog post: Chris and Luke at Buffalo Org.

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  1. “AAA trash be gone”.

  2. The same old LDW

    There is a concept in the Target Series called “Pilot Projects.” You want to do a “new” type of project and you finance it with, staff it with and run it with its own resources….keeping it off normal org flow lines and personnel. Then, if it’s successful, you groove it in to a standard line.

    Of course, LRH had already piloted this type of adventure and decided it was a total waste to give money or resources to a failing org. LRH forbids it in an actual policy letter.

    Not to be deterred by anything LRH said or did, Mr know-best miscavige rams his friggin bright idea down everyones’ throat, has a massive fail, covers it up with glowing but false reports and continues to move forward with this stupid, already proven failure. He wastes…TOTALLY wastes hundreds of millions of parishoners hard earn dollars just so he can have a friggin photo op to prove how friggen awesome he is.

    What a dick.

    “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important.

    When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. [high explosives] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

    Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”

    Tape: The Genus of Scientology
    Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress
    31 December 1960

    “In twenty years an enormous amount of experience has been gained regarding the quarters and housing of orgs.

    From this experience there are only a few clear-cut lessons. These follow:

    A. VIABILITY of the org… is the first and foremost consideration… not how posh or what repute or what image.

    …Example: Stockholm took very posh, fancy quarters. Up to that time it has been viable. The overload of expense rapidly upset the salary sum, the staff began to moonlight (work on other jobs), and the org all but collapsed until cheaper quarters were found.

    Example: Phoenix 1955. A beautiful, big building at small expense was found. It was very prominent… the full reserves of the org went into furnishing these quarters. The area had to be abandoned, losing all reserves.

    Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1950. The shabby quarters there made lots of money. Beautiful country quarters were under survey for purchase. The psychiatric block… began action [in the area] to invoke a law against medical schools. If the better quarters had been purchased, they would have been lost.

    …CONCLUSION: Viability of economics must not exceed the income of the org. The SAFE figure for rent and mortgage payments must not exceed 15 percent to 17 percent of the gross income of the org.

    …C. Image is a secondary consideration.
    Example: Hotel Reycar Alicante Spain was relatively cheap. It was quite posh. Students complained as it cost a bit more than they were willing to pay. Image in this case worked against the org.

    Example: Johannesburg’s three old buildings foolishly sold and the money squandered has yet to attain the income it made in its “old, horrible quarters” despite its newer image.

    … An org which adventures more than 15 percent of its current gross income for rent or purchase payments can get into far more serious trouble than an org with a poor building image.”

    HCO P/L 23 September 1970
    Quarters, Policy Regarding—Historical
    (OEC Vol. 7, p. 1394)

  3. Oh my…..

    The first thing that came to mind with that memo was the scene of Hitler in the bunker, in April 45′, ordering units around (that were severely depleted and unable to maneuver) to counter a Soviet force of 2,000,000 men.

    “Wenk! General Wenk can counter attack now! He will drive the enemy back”.

    (Hitler’s staff stands there, looking at each other in disbelief).

  4. What a mess. Paint peeling off the windows on the 2nd floor, A door or window broken out and now covered with plywood, dumpster on their front doorstep and by the reflection in the window there’s a crane of some sort sitting in front of the building too. What’s going on there? Certainly no the best of indicators!

  5. I remember way back at events when Miscavige first talked about how Div 6 was going to practically be automated with films and videos and people would see these and get their ruins handled and get right on the Bridge. As I understand it, one of the new Idle orgs is doing ok with their Div 4 on existing public, but there are no new people to be found. Some nearby missions have closed and the ones that are delivering are doing so barely. Good luck with your viability trying to suck the last few pennies out of your existing public! All the Flag-trained C/S’es, auditors and supe’s in the world aren’t going to do you any good without a real Div 6. Of course what Div 6 could function with the pathetic PR situation. I even read a recent story that a Big Pharma guy said CCHR actually helped them because since the criticism, although valid, was coming from CCHR, it could be laughed off as those crazy Scientologists and was not taken seriously by anyone. He said if CCHR had not been around, the side affects of psych drugs would have been addressed a lot sooner!

  6. I was back in CMU that year thus a frequent recipient of such inanimate orders that rammed into everything Scientology like an errant asteroid slowly drifting into the earth. Until 1988, CMU was basically able to do it’s thing (to a degree) without tsunamis of idiocy washing everything out to sea on a daily basis. From that point on, especially after DM forced CMU to move up to the Int base in 1989, it was over. The character of this dispatch was the character of every dispatch from DM — from a loony bin where all you had to do “collecting up names” and “smashing them down the lines to all orgs” and couple that with local orgs “do their own central marketing driving people in on their basic services.” That was ALWAYS Lord of the Flea’s (un)reality. Result: fail, fail, fail and decades later… fail, fail, fail, Buffalo. Mean while DM does everything in his power to demonstrate to the world his Church is a cult of the worst most despicable character imaginable. Real marketing would step one: get in Ethics to bring the “Church” out of a suppressive valence and into it’s true character. Without that step in, nothing will ever happen in the way of marketing. You can’t market (which is a tech) when ethics is out.

  7. Obnosis — this is the patented Fully Automated Robot TV Div 6 line up (FART).

    Make no mistake though — IF there was standard tech being delivered and if there were competent Public Reg personnel, it doesnt matter how bad the PR is. People will come in. They will be curious. ANd if correctly handled they will get onto the Bridge and move on up. Believe me, there was plenty of bad media in the 70’s…

  8. Miscavige hammered in the “Buffalo Pattern” — everyone in management everywhere in the world was supposed to follow the “pattern” that Miscavige had developed to “boom” Buffalo. In earlier postings I have detailed how squirrel this was and how Miscavige fell into his “Ideal Orgs” program with Buffalo where the org was going to be evicted in an eminent domain action, and Joburg (the first “Ideal Org” to actually open) where the location of the org in downtown Joburg became too dangerous and FINALLY action was taken to relocate them after the Flag Rep was murdered outside the org and his shoes were stolen.

    The “Buffalo Pattern” had nothing to do with Policy. It was based on “successful actions” — where a total “hey-you” was done and massive financial irregularities were carried out in order to “comply” with “Command Intention.” This is a pattern that has been repeated many times — Miscaviges orders insane things to be done. He then has people enforce those orders using all manner of unusual solutions — musical chairs, hey-you, throwing money at it, anything is justified when its “on COB’s lines.” This he then promotes as proof that his orders produce miracles.

    Well, the miracle of the “Buffalo Pattern” has truly been exported around the world. Now there are small and failing, empty orgs in lavishly decorated morgues all over the world.

    This photo of Buffalo obviously doesnt show inside. SOmeone who was recently there only found four people in the whole place.

  9. Thanks for excellent ref;s LDW, spot on. Indeed, what a dick, what a AAA Ahole.

  10. Well, I don’t often comment, but this is choice Miscavige. He never understood the first thing about marketing and still doesn’t. Let’s break it down: “Add to that Internet marketing (Really? What kind of internet marketing Dave? Websites? Banner ads? Pay-per-click?) which would then be flooded right down to the local orgs (How do you “flood” an internet marketing campaign down to a local org? Makes no sense. Hopefully, if it worked, you would flood PEOPLE into the local org. You wouldn’t flood a campaign down onto a local org) resulting in central marketing campaigns, (let me get this: you flood a campaign down onto an org resulting in a campaign? Huh?) collecting up names at CMU, (no, the names would be collected at org level once they arrive – if they arrive – the org then sends the names to cental addo. The names are not collected by CMU, except direct book sales which are no longer done in any case) which are then smashed down the lines to all orgs (How do you smash a name down the lines? This is Miscavige’s version of what you do with prospects – you smash them down onto someone) while local orgs do their own central marketing (No, local orgs do LOCAL marketing, central marketing does central marketing) and start driving people in on their basic services (you don’t drive people in on basic services unless you are a taxi driver. You offer the benefits of basic services broadly so as to attract and interest people. All this is remedial marketing 101).” If you start to break down his utterances you see it is the worst sort of ignorant drivel. The tragedy is, we had to word clear this nonsense and try to do something based on it, which is like trying to bake a cake when the recipe is “Get a recipe and slam it down the lines resulting in a recipe.”

  11. Note the parking meters out front. I was on course pt time for a short spell back in 06 while traveling. Parking was ridiculous evenings, often had to park 2 or 3 blocks away, not due to Org public, but blocks of other business. No parking lot to speak of, a few places in back as I recall, always full.

  12. Captain Bob

    There’s the key as you well know – “IF there was standard tech being delivered”

    What is being delivered nowadays ain’t standard tech. There ain’t no OT9/10, there ain’t no Super Power, there is however NEW “standard tech” of 3 swing F/N’s, but it ain’t standard.

  13. Tom Gallagher


    You are a ‘Class XII’ lunatic.

  14. TheWidowDenk

    “Notice the recipient (Int Landlord) of this order.”

    At least it wasn’t addressed to “A/T Int Landlord.” Oh, hold on a minute, that form of address started in 2003. Rachel

  15. Tony Dephillips

    Straight up and vertical baby!!

  16. Captain Bob

    Thank you for a wonderful post. Simple common sense written by LRH and totally corrupt by DM. One has to ask WHY?

  17. ONE

  18. We Indies are not buffaloed

  19. Are they gutting the place? Are they undergoing yet another renovation? If not, it sure looks like Buffalo is history, and a pathetic history at that. Pitiful

  20. “Did anybody from Int ever notice the ‘hey-you’ character of most of Miscavige’s orders?” You betcha Marty!

    While I was serving a meal at the Freewinds during the MV in 97 to DM at the Officer’s dining room, as I was his personal Chef, he issues an order directly to me to improve the Freewinds food for the passengers the next year which was the 10 Anniversary MV. This of course bypasses many management (WDC etc) and finance terminals, including the Freewinds Captain and those responsible for passengers and their food service and is not my hat at all as DM’s personal Chef.

    This was achieved, using trained hired NSO, non Scn Chefs but caused other situations, including losing my assistant who caved in, resulting in that the next year only SO Chefs could be used. This of course resulted in Musical Chairs as the only solution of using SO Cooks, Chefs and Pastry Chefs from Int, CC Int, and Flag Crew to handle the Freewinds MV.

  21. Ronnie Bell

    Inglewood Ideal Org: Stranded and Gasping For Air

    Remember Inglewood Ideal Org? Its grand opening was one of the high points of the 2011 IAS extravaganza. It was also the payoff to Rev. Alfreddie Johnson for his unquestioning support of LRH study tech as embodied in the World Literacy Crusade, as well as payoff to the Nation of Islam and Tony Muhammad for funneling NOI parishioners into Scientology churches, especially the Washington, D.C. church.

    So the Grand Opening of the Inglewood Ideal Org on November 5, 2012 was touted as a great step forward and the salvation of Black America.

    Except for one thing.

    Nobody’s showing up.

    Sea Org Mission after Sea Org Mission has been sent to Inglewood Org to help debug why nobody’s showing up. Course room inspections. What is a course? checklist gauntlets being run. Tech inspections of pc folders and the few session videos taken. Ethics interviews looking for subversive influences and external distractions.

    All by the book. All expected. And all still not finding and correcting the reason for the empty org.

    And it’s not that the Sea Org Missionaires don’t have anything better to do. Most of the Sea Org members sent on the pointless Inglewood Ideal Org inspections have real posts with real stats and real products to get in their own orgs.

    So by dragging a Sea Org inspector out of a working org to go through these useless motions malaffects two orgs: Inglewood Org as well as the org the Sea Org member is supposed to be working in.

    This is obviously Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    There is a spot of brightness in the scene. The Sea Org Missionaires can see with their own eyes that the gloriousness of Herr Adolph Miscavige’s Ideal Org plan isn’t working, no matter what the gloriousness of Miscavige’s illegal off-policy Int Events claim.

    In fact, the Sea Org Missionaires are seeing an Ideal Org that looks exactly like the photos of empty Ideal Orgs that Herr Miscavige insists on lying with at his illegal off-policy Int Events. They’re empty!

  22. Luis Garcia

    Meanwhile, as the fraud continues, the OC Idle Org (Orange County) is scheduled to have its grand opening on June 2nd. I can’t wait to see the droves of new people that will be flocking through its shiny new doors jamming their FART (Fully Automated Robot TV Div 6 ). Constipation will surely follow.

  23. I interacted with people lower down the totem pole, and the lower down people took and take what LRH more seriously than DM.

    Any experienced Scientologist knee jerk knows that criticism of DM means the criticizer is trying to hurt the organization, and while they might admit in their minds for a brief millisecond that DM is not LRH, and that DM might not be as perfect as LRH, they also know that it’s wrong to criticize the leader.

    They don’t know that DM browbeats all the other top leaders, that is something that should be repeated.

    It’s quite shocking when you move up the ranks, and in history I saw it even before DM, it was shocking to see that LRH busted people all during all of my early Sea Org years.

    It’s actually a pretty brutal and inhospitable working atmosphere at the top ranks of the admin leadership for Scientology.

    I’ve never seen any period in my whole 27 years that was free of unjust and overly aggressive trashing of the last top leader.

    DM’s the only leader who has not been trashed and demeaned, if you think about it.

    LRH himself only in a few places, like in some CMO traffic, said not to be hard on people being busted, and only in one or two occassions. Otherwise he was pretty harsh in far too many instances in my opinion, and LRH clearly was part of the problem.

    I think to fix Scientology takes some more in depth hindsight thinking, and of course Miscavige has to go out of the picture for any good to come of official Scientology.

    But it’s gonna take a while to build up some top decision makers who are smart enough to know what policies of LRH’s are even acting like arbitraries, and to follow LRH’s orders to ED Int, where LRH gave ED Int the authority to deal with policy arbitraries that are hurting the movement.

    DM’s so warped what the overall bigger LRH admin writings lay out, that is a very long discussion I think.

    The simple solution is get Miscavige out of there, have everyone study their hats, and do what LRH said.

    And get Exec Strata to knock out the worst hated controversy causing problems of the movement (most of which are due to extremist application of LRH policies, and sometimes the problems are just straight LRH policies that need retiring and better remedies piloted and implemented once successfully piloted).

    At the Int Base, yes, DM is the most glaring outpoint, usurping LRH’s authority, being a prima dona obsessed with himself, saying incomprehensible things so people are guaranteed to misunderstand and be paralyzed in MU phenomenon, so he can then browbeat them from their inaction.

    LRH’s org board includes staff training, and that includes ALL echelons of staff.

    It’s 2 and 1/2 hours a day staff training. The policies, the LRH private despatch traffic is NOT destroyed, it’s still available at all echelons, for the training of whichever staff is left standing.

    The shell shocked messed up top ranks people, oughta do whatever they individually want. (Go retire to the real world is what I recommend, but if they want to stay, then head to their Mimeo FIles of their Sea Org facility, and start reading what LRH wrote to them, or go onto the computer system at their facility and read what LRH said.)

    As a sub note, when past “bad” Sea Org leaders were doing things that were not per Hubbard’s admin writings, the “bad” Sea Org leader was ousted and all their orders cancelled, and then the cronies of that “bad” Sea Org leader were also ousted, and then everyone left standing re-studied what Hubbard wrote them for that echelon, and they all “got back on Source” (re-studied the LRH refs for their areas and started doing again what LRH said.)

    Miscavige has so dominated what they do, they’ve majorly gone off of what LRH ordered them to do, and they need all to do a whole lotta long term restudy, and just take a break of a couple years to do that!

    The solution to the movement’s greatest controversies, how to reform and evolve, is also laid out by anyone who gets their head around what LRH wrote in ALL of his admin writings.

    Exec Strata is the “think tank” per LRH ED 339R Int. I’ve repeatedly said that what they need to do is a combination of reforming Hubbard’s bad policies, and also a LOT more education and study allowed for their top “think tank” leaders (the Int Exec Strata), so they actually have some good strategic experts like LRH wished that they evolve for the movement. It takes more time that Hubbard thought, and I’d add college, university and grad school in the history of religion, to the Exec Strata members’ training lineups.

    In the LRH traffic to Guilliaume Leserve (in I think his non Existence answer from LRH), LRH gave ED Int the authority to deal with arbitraries.

    But only if they’re really first fully familiar with what Hubbard gave them as options, and they also really looked and admitted that a lot of the Hubbard admin policies are arbitraries and need to be retired, only then will they get themselves out of these long term controversies the movement self generates (a lot of the problems are LRH’s fault, and it will take admitting the major ones and remedying those).

    Hubbard had a tape to managers about “lost tech.” The point is that he’s told them basic principles and all manner of solutions to various of the organization’s problems (future saner managers will have to admit and deal with Hubbard’s mistakes as a major step someday to get themselves out of the fixes they are stuck in), but the “lost admin tech” during this DM dominated period, and the most major “lost tech” is that LRH didn’t even specify that COB ASI nor COB RTC be doing what Miscavige is doing.

    Exec Strata should be the policy experts and major policy guiders and reformers and changers of the movement’s problem behavior..

    Each Sea Org facility has its own Mimeo Files of all the issue types (church admin writings) from Hubbard applicable for that echelon.

    The movement has the admin tech and Hubbard wrote that admin tech sort of like that boring machine in the Matrix movie, which tipped over, looked like it was not going to keep boring, but it self corrected itself, stood upright, and then continued boring into the ground.

    The Hubbard admin writings are that self correcting, they will correct whoever is in the Sea Org to fix whatever bad leaders do.

    Marty once brought up that Miscavige might destroy or make unavailable basic LRH traffic that was very limited, and I witnessed him do a small bit of that (I complied with an order to remove the “COB ASI” private traffic off of the ASI computer traffic so the ASI staff wouldn’t even be able to further read the LRH traffic to COB ASI).

    I don’t think Miscavige will order the LRH traffic to ED Int removed from the Int Base computer system, though.

    Anyways, the built in self correcting part of the movement, is Hubbard’s own detailed orders for staff training, that are self perpetuating, it’s built into their schedules. The old bad leaders get replaced with new blood, and the new blood read the admin staff training orders and policies, and figure out how to do their jobs.

    Miscavige is mainly just cross ordering them from following LRH’s staff policies and traffic.

    Once he stops, they’ll slowly go back to doing what LRH said to do. And at that point, hopefully some in Exec Strata will get up the nerve to apply the LRH traffic to ED Int.

    The outside world is not appreciating Scientology, and someday they’ll get some leaders that see this, and scour their LRH traffic to see what loopholes they can employ to undo the damage they are doing to themselves.

  24. one of those who see

    (FART) LMAO! Mike, you must be great at a party!
    Agree. Simplicity: Standard Tech being delivered. Word of mouth gets around that freedom can be found and where. Real people able to have real comm cycles with ARC talk to new people. New people start on the bridge, have wins, continue. Easiest thing in the world.

    Of course the group would need to have certain things in place:
    1. they want beings to go free
    2. they want people to increase their self determinism
    3. they want people to be able to play a better game
    4. They would know that restimulating the hell out of people would not be the correct road.

  25. Obnosis you are so right. Every org was going to disseminate automatically and get people onto the Bridge just by having them walk in and see those displays. In other words, no one needs to BE there as a terminal for the public. They get it all from machines… and when you consider what kind of Scientologist would even conceive of anything so stupid… There was that great reference Marty found about the key kind of person that made a good staff member was an auditor. What kind of auditor would conceive that you could just take the auditor out of the equation and leave the pc in there with an e-meter. The meter is now going to magically clear the pc? Who is this daffy? It shows once again where Miscavige is on the scale of human, animal, vegetable, mineral. It’s too tragic to even be funny.

  26. Plus 1! Nice post Les!

  27. Can you imagine if the staffs and public of Class V Orgs received Internet pictures of all these failing Orgs?
    I’m sure it would shake their stable datums.

  28. martyrathbun09


  29. Mother of Grendel

    Yes, they are – they are doing the stuff that wasn’t done right the first time around and this time they are really creating an ideal org – really, truly, they are – COB said so!

  30. The verb choices caught my eye — flood, collect, smash, drive. Overall they create (IMHO) a forceful / MEST sense.

    Whether someone is a Scientologist, Buddhist, Christian, etc., my sense is that religious philosophers seem to agree that “force” is not how to make things change in this universe. There are more powerful tools to lead with: Ideas are senior to force, and ARC and love are senior to ideas.

    For me (had I received it), the memo would have done nothing to inspire me to greater service and compassion for my fellow humans. Instead, I think I would have read it as threatening of unbridled force, which is so different than a Tone 40 high ARC postulate. Just a thought.

    It’s a little like Stalin demanding that there be enough food, and even though millions were starving, by gosh the reports had to say there was enough food. When fear skews facts into some weird alter-is-ness, the path to truth is surely abandoned.

  31. Yes. Last week I met an old friend at a food store here in Stockholm. I went straight up to her and started talking. She’s still a member and didn’t have any knowledge about the ideal org fraud, she had been given false data about me and she believed that the Sea Org no-children-rule was an old LRH policy. I may have disturbed some of her stable data.

  32. I have been receiving several calls/invites from OC and the last one was 2 days ago. The messages said, The grand opening for OC is on Saturday May 19th.

  33. Steve,
    Added to the suppressive nature of these talking machines is the truth that only LIVE beings communicate. Talk to a machine and it doesn’t ANSWER, thus answer hunger and a stuck flow and eventually snapping in to the MEST. LRH clearly lays this out in the 9th ACC/Dianetics 55.

    This is totally retarded Dave. Machines originating comm. DUH. You are such a boor. What a freakin’ idiot.

  34. I admire your patience in breaking down the drek. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. “Flood”, “smash”, “drive”. God, what a relentless twit this guy is.

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  36. “…which would then be flooded right down to the local orgs resulting in central marketing campaigns, collecting up names at CMU, which are then smashed down the lines to all orgs while local orgs do their own central marketing and start driving people in on their basic services.”

    Sounds like Pencil Dick needs some anger management classes. What a tool. I couldn’t imagine having to read his drivel regularly.

  37. The problem, the basic situation that is very troubling for the church is that when a person, a machine, or any robot was to see these pictures and question the source, the reply would be: “Don’t take my word for it, go look yourself.”

    The church, the monster, the penal colony or whatever it is will respond, “Don’t take their word for it and whatever you fuckin do, don’t go looking for it you fucking PTS db sp ngo”

  38. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    This is exactly how I read this “memo”. It did not make any sense if you duplicated it as it was written. DM’s mind is scrambled , to put it mildly.

  39. “Did anybody from Int ever notice the “hey-you” character of most of Miscavige’s orders? Absolutely Marty.

    A few classic examples – Henning Bendorf, the Art Director in CINE Gold, gets made the person responsible for all branding, positioning, naming and design of new lecture series and books (as the Marketing Guys aint doing it to his satisfaction)

    – Russ Bellin and Tom DeVocht put onto a project under COB to get the new Mark VIII meter designed, approved and produced — and then moved over to pretty much handle anything on the base that DM is frustrated with.

    – Int Landlord made responsible for virtually anything related to any org management, based on the “Idle Org Strategy”.

    – CO CMO Cont units, for the last 15 years or more, reporting DIRECTLY to COB RTC every week (despite their senior being in CMO International – D/CO Continents) and being run directly on Advanced Tech VSD delivery stats in Advanced Orgs (RTC’s statistic) and not anywhere close to CMO’s actual job and function.

    – CMO CW staff used as secretarial staff for DM on his visits to Clearwater, to a point where they are then simply taken to RTC to become part of his personal entourage.

    – And it goes on, and on, and on.

    If you protest, or write a report or try to ignore an order from COB that takes you off your post/job and doing something else — you are investigated as being “CI” to “command intention” (complete twist of command intention — a term that USED to refer to LRH intention). If you comply with a “hey-you” order, you become a whipping boy, and in short order, even if there is a brief moment of fame under his “guidance”, the person will be crushed and ejected (witness Debbie Cook, and many, many, many others who have walked the same path).

    Yep Marty. You got it. And the result? Buffalo is living proof of Miscavige’s “genius”. He is nothing but off-policy, squirrel, non-sequitor and living in delusions of grandeur.

  40. Chuck, you mentioned LRH’s “bad policies” and “arbitraries” at least 3 times here. As one who has read all the Green on White and even played the piano, I can ASSURE you Admin tech has never been given a chance. Ever… With maybe one or two exceptions.

    Just because an org has an OIC with stats posted, staff are ordered to apply a condition, hat packs are handed out, etc. does not mean Admin tech is going in. Maybe one or two Orgs have an EstO. Some have Org Officers, few have Product Officers, usually hfa by the ED which is supposed to be temporary at best. 90% plus will have min-u’s on the conditions formulas or just totally misapply them because I studied the HELL out of those and STILL am wrapping my head around all that.

    Before declaring anything bad policy or arbitrary, I think it first needs to have KSW applied to it: do we have the tech? Do we understand it? Is it LRH? Has it been tried? Correctly?

    When exec strata isn’t even trained on the tech, how the hell can we hold Cl V’s to the standard of Standard Admin? On top of it all, we have DM alter-is’ing the hell out of literally EVERYTHING! Co$ is a clusterfuhk on any given day. The only ones making things go right are those that damn orders and actually duplicated something Ron said and pushed it through to a done, done, DONE!

    Sorry. But every time I had the thought that Ron had it wrong, I cleared my word or stripped the false data. He got it right. He might have learned through trial and error. But if it’s Green on White, it is every bit as valuable as Red on White. Anyone saying otherwise will have to contend with me.

  41. Why do you think the Orgs are empty? Lack of Confront!

  42. It used to be all about delivery of Rons Tech.

    Hope a light comes on in the cave.

  43. I get this funny feeling that a careful reading of Div 6 (or org tech as a whole) would show that its function is to provide comm lines for interested people to have as theirs, to be recognized as the individual each is, and have his/her reach returned. A “Hi! We’re here!” sort of thing, and like a restaurant to feed the soul, if the food’s good, the problem you have is serving the line outside. If you don’t know the OEC course, screw it – just do good comm lines, use common sense: someone’s hungry, they wanna eat NOW, show them to a set up table, take their order, serve it hot! What are you serving? Knowledge, useful knowledge, KRC served with ARC. Route to course and co-audit, or pro auditing, and deliver what’s promised. Couldn’t be easier. Heck, I don’t know … someone says “I’ve got this problem, see?” And I say, “Tell me about it!” (Pure genius.) The client today is the guy helping others tomorrow, so there is no “we / they” schtick: it’s “me and you”.

  44. Bozz – can’t disagree with you – haven’t done the OEC. But my take is that it was ahead of its time, a legacy for the future, for a Mission gone too big to single-hand. People got all wrapped up in “a little knowledge” of the OEC (Organization Executive Course), didn’t have experience, and put the form ahead of the function, which messed things up, and led to the “it doesn’t work” thing. When you have even as many as twenty staff, what you need are people bright enough to understand “course room” and “auditing room”. You do not need to fully comprehend “the conspiracy of world bankers” (or even differentiate between Div 6, and Div 4) to start someone on TR 0. It’s when all the divisions and departments and stuff end up in things like a memo being sent ‘priority overnight’ through some higher echelon with a multi-acronym like FOLO EUS I/C SEC DEPT 14 cc CMO INT; blt, gm, to arrive three days later on the desk of the guy sitting next to you, that a place is “over-managed”. Good understanding of OEC would reveal that the proper action is to turn to the guy next to you, wait for his attention, and tell him his wife just called on another line – and that is written (I am sure of it) in the OEC course (somewhere), that that is the proper action. One does not have to get a CSW (Completed Staff Work) done in order to get permission to sneeze or scratch one’s nose, but if you really wanted to, you COULD write up a CSW detailing the relevant history of itchy noses and get a ‘command approval’ to scratch yours (and a good manager will fire you for being a noisesome dip). The OEC was designed to effectively delegate responsibilities in an organization of “too many people” to effectively conceptualize in one’s head, something like math being developed to unravel problems too complex to simply eye-ball for the solution.It’s common sense to organize five people in one place into action (OEC not necessary), but entirely a different ball game to stably coordinate the activities of some 700 people with 100 seniors in a chain of command reaching over thirty geographical locations into a time sequence (OEC recommended). Mastery of anything reveals the simplicity. The OEC (as I guess) is just a variation of the comm formula. All product is carried on a comm line. OEC is about production, Ergo, OEC must be comm formula (applied to facilitate the comm of 700 people etc,. with the goal of getting 140 groups of 5 geographically proximate people each to use their common sense and deliver – the OEC is a transparent holistic way of doing that, but is too often misconceived of as a stack of titles and symbols and orders..- Carcha.

  45. Interesting read. I also went to the Buffalo Scientology in hopes of chatting with them for my blog. We were turned away completely and cut off. If you care to read, or see another photo of the bulding..

  46. martyrathbun09

    Chris, thanks for sharing this. Right on topic and helped to illustrate the exact point I was trying to make. As we say in Texas “all hat, and no cattle”, or there “all building, and no people.” Keep us posted should you make another run at it.

  47. Your humble servant

    It is good to hear from you, Jefferson!

  48. Wow this is a masterpiece !

  49. Jethro Bodine

    International Ideal Org Dance Competition!!!

    Are you f*cking kidding me???!

    I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it here, at 1:27 into the video. Can things get any more pathetic than this?

    I didn’t know you could go OT from just dancing the night away, but apparently some people think so. Well, at least they’re becoming good dancers.

  50. “I don’t often comment..” No but when you do you sure make it count! This is simply brilliant observational analysis, thank you for chipping in.

  51. MockingJay

    It is always great to see you post here Jefferson. Thanks for the analysis. I find it interesting that DM’s version of dissemination has all forceful and violent words. He never understood ARC and never will.

    Marty thank you for the link to Chris and Luke’s visit to Buffalo Org. I invite you readers to read their post and compare it to their visit to the Gurdawa of Rochester.

  52. Above sentence “I invite you readers…” should read “I invite your readers…” I apologize for my lousy typing and hitting post to quickly.

  53. “Did anybody from Int ever notice the “hey-you” character of most of Miscavige’s orders? Absolutely Marty.” Right, Lana! Yes, Marty!

    Marty, I think I told you the story of the first time I knew of DM usurping Source Night at Gold, back in the summer of ’89. The entire Base crew was collected together and DM began a rant about how we all sucked and would accept orders from anyone. His living example was a story he told of recently running across Jim Cupp somewhere on the property. DM handed his personal coffee cup to Jim and told Jim to take the coffee cup to his office. What did Jim do? He took DM’s coffee cup and took it to DM’s office. Can you imagine? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! (I had my own very confusing run-in with DM sometime around this incident and left the SO soon thereafter.)

    Now in that story DM related and then ranted to the entire Base crew about how off policy we all were, I heard nothing about Danger conditions being assigned all up and down the org boards seperating COB from the post Jim Cupp held in Gold!!

    Or how about the time DM bypassed Qual Gold and sent to me, as Costumes I/c, a book by Alan Flusser, on how to really dress a man in a suit and tie etc? Was Qual assigned Danger…..I don’t think so!

    Or how about the time DM shoved Nick Cancilla out of the way and bypassed Nick as the Sound Man. There’s a Cine ED about Costumes and Sound coordinating on mic-ing an actor for the set. This particular time Nick as Sound Man and myself as Costumes was mic-ing an actor. DM comes into Make UP where we were doing this, shoves Nick aside and “shows” Nick how it’s really done. Another huge bypass of all execs and org boards on the Base, and was there a Danger condition assigned? None that I heard about.

    If there were repercussions, it seemed mostly from frantic execs above Cine who were swinging wildly as if at flies or ghosts, not really knowing or understanding what they were swinging at, and not knowing where the danger was coming from.

  54. Thanks Ronnie! Good to know.

  55. “The Boyers made it to triple Humanitarian!!” That is $300,000. bucks.
    Can you imagine spending three hundred grand and then finding out that you have been tricked?? Ouch.

  56. Here is today’s sample of internet marketing from the Prisonwinds:

    Dear Scientologist,
    How can you be more successful in life? How can you increase your prosperity?
    How can you use your inherent OT Abilities and increase wherewithal to get yourself up The Bridge with speed?

    The answer is:

    On June 14th – 21st, onboard the Freewinds, Executives of the Flag Ship Service Org will personally be delivering the powerful Tech of Ethics and Finance Convention with 2 1/2 hours of seminars every day.

    Below, you will find more information on this incredible convention.

    You can also watch a video briefing from the Commanding Officer FSSO on this convention by clicking on the following link:
    Once you have read the data below, please let me know:
    1. Do you currently apply LRH Ethics Tech to your life and environment?
    2. What area or areas of the Ethics Tech do you need more hatting and certainty on?
    3. Are you interested in attending the Tech of Ethics and Finance Convention?

    Thank you.

    Michael Sander
    Freewinds Advance Scheduling Registrar

    My LFBD-FN item to the question:
    “How can you use your inherent OT Abilities and increase wherewithal to get yourself up The Bridge with speed?”

    Get the fuck out of the CO$ and RUN>>>>DON”T WALK to your nearest Independent Scientologist !!!!!!

  57. Random Stranger


    26 OCT 2002


    cc: Tom, Louis F., Sky D.


    “And another thing…I want all the f@#%ing buffalo cleared out of that area, they f@#%ing stink. And they interfere with my Div 6 machine. I don’t like f@#%ing buffalo, they taste like Leserve’s arm when I bit him that time. How come I have to think of everything? And I want a billboard marketing campaign done in that area. Cameras built into the billboards that capture license plate numbers of cars that drive by. We can have our PIs run a make on the plate and then we can f@#%ing smash them with mail promo and crush their f@#%ing resistance and flood them into the org so hard the place collapses. If they blow we’ll smash them with an ethics summons, smash them at work, smash their relatives. Smash this campaign with nuclear ferocity right between Buffalo ED’s eyes and force him kicking and screaming if we have to in order for him to get viscously committed. Whatever works.

    “I want you f@#%ing people to ram this into your own f@#%ing skulls and plow it into your f@#%ing junior’s faces and get the f@#%ing public snatched up and forced in for the grand opening. If they don’t want to come in, strangle the MUs right out of them. Bludgeon that datum home with an atomic branding iron right in the ass. I want this pile-driven so hard and with such blinding speed and force that it’ll crush any possibility of suspected CI and choke the living stupidity right out of the scene.

    “And I want the building photoshopped and the f@#%ing trees photoshopped and the f@#%ing people photoshopped and the f@#%ing sky photoshopped and I want my photo super-photoshopped and the photo of me better make me look like a combination of Ghandi, the CEO of Walmart and Jesus. My eyes better be so f@#%ing blue that when people look at it they go blind and become instantly f@#%ing hypnotized.

    “I want to drive this promo right up their ass until their chests explode there brains melt and the place is literally flooded…drowned even…in new public who want what we have. I want to see the halls so full that we need a bulldozer to plow them into the course rooms. Punch and kick this down the lines and steamroll over the opposition until we have a f@#%ing constant conveyor belt of hysterical drooling public all fighting with each other about who’s allow to pay first. Create the want. Crush it in. Jam it in place with a plunger with spikes on it. Kick it into their teeth with steel-toed boots. Full-nelson it with a tight grip. Indian wrist-burns with sand-paper gloves and Chinese haircuts with broken glass. Let’s take ’em down.

    “I need this all done before the event next week. I want this blasted into reality, clobber it home, rip the universe apart with your teeth, turn the place into mincemeat, pulverize these stats into power, shatter the SPs and the laziness. You idiots should be living and breathing and crapping and burping and farting and sneezing this stuff. How come this hasn’t already been f@#%ing punched home? Who’s not slapping whom hard enough? Who’s the Who here? Who hasn’t been slapped hard into PT in the last twenty minutes? Let’s annihilate this project, terminate it once and for all. I want the staff and the public hog-walloped and overwhelmed with the excitement and support of this f@#%ing project. What do I have to do, go up to Buffalo myself and f@#%ing body route nit-wits in off the streets? Renovate the f@#%ing building myself? If I have to I will, but I’ll guarantee you one thing, I will launch my fist straight through all the staff’s chests five at a time like spearing shish kabob and I’ll hurl them right through the windows and then I’ll personally body route them straight to ethics in shackles. What do I need to do to drive this home, set your sorry asses on fire and put it out with an axe?!?”


    End of leaked dispatch

  58. RS: Your sources are impeccable.

  59. Bruce Hines

    So true, Jeff.

    Reading that order, or whatever it is (a strategy? a plan?) makes me think back to times I received communications from dm, either verbally or in writing. My first response was invariably, “What? What’s he talking about?”
    Of course, I couldn’t let it be known that I was confused. In person though, when he would see my delay in trying to come up with a sensible reply, he’d often yell or get insulting (or worse).

  60. Good eye Carcha. Very nice.

  61. Instead of concentrating on buildings DM should have let management get CO-AUDITING going in the orgs. Everything from HAS and HQS coaudits all the way up to NED – and the HGCs concentrating on the odd Int RD, CS-53 or Green Form needed by a co-audit pc. Just make the materials and emeters cheap. Make the price for the co-audits cheap. And just let it roll. It’d be a whole different scene now. And nobody would give a fuck about being in fancy buildings that look like they were designed by Albert Speer.

  62. RS: My God, my sides are hurting from laughing so hard. Ditto, the person I read this to aloud 🙂

  63. Tony Dephillips

    Yeah, I REALLY want to come to your convention on ethics and finances.

  64. Tony Dephillips

    ROTFLMAO…choke…gasping for air…please stop..

  65. Jeff, your comments made me realize how bizarre some of DM’s pronouncements must have blindsided the sensibilities of the real marketing people who were in CMU, like you and Steve, Mary Ziff and others. The whole time I was in CMU I was trying to leave the Sea Org and so I didn’t invest myself like many others did and had the time track of success when CMU was in LA. The only thing that kept me there for those few years were people like you, Steve, Carrie, KJ, Sam, Manu, Chip, Caroline, Kalle and others who I really grew to like and who today are some of my best friends in the world. But you actual marketing pros–my Gawd some of this stuff must have given you nightmares (when you got any sleep time, that is.) I hope DM visits your site and Steve’s occasionally to learn a thing or two about marketing in the 21st Century.

  66. I swear, that gobbledygook does NOT get easier to decipher. Break out the GG translator, please!
    Beautiful building with no soul and a big ole dumpster right at the entrance! Ewww!
    Chris and Luke, write your questions down, we’ll run it by our master and get back to you. The internet is the devil. 😉

  67. 😆 I know it’s not DM though – too readable for that!

  68. Carcha and Bozz,

    I was the OEC/FEBC assistant sup and then lead sup, then word clearer, stretched from 1977 until 1983, at Flag, Clearwater. I took it very seriously, and those were my most productive Sea Org years.

    I became course sup familiar with the materials, in terms of the hard to understand parts of those courses (the green volumes, management series volumes, the FEBC and ESTO tapes and assorted other admin tapes by LRH, and the assorted Sea Org writings that related to training Sea Org execs (there’s hundreds of very significant management Sea Org Flag Orders, Central Bureaux Orders, Flag Ship Orders, miscellaneuous issues) all written by LRH, and then thousands, literally thousands, of private despatches (FB, Aides, Exec Strata, CMO level, Gold level, RTC and ASI and INCOMM/computer branch, traffic) from LRH.

    I’ve more wished that members who were Commanding Officer types, for example those who trained on most of the above, then held CO positions in Sea Org major orgs, like at AOLA or CC Int, or higher, like the old Flag Bu, or Flag Command Bu, or the Continental Liaison Offices, or old CO’s of the upper echelon Int Base orgs, if those persons can even think with all the above hatting from LRH.

    The discussion of LRH’s admin training deserves an insider paper.

    At the Int Base, in the early 1980s, there were what are called the Exec Staff Statuses, for the Int Base top execs, namely for the Exec Strata Execs and WDC committee members. Those top managers were to do the whole enchilada of LRH’s writings.

    That is to me, “square zero”, and it’s just NOT ever been fully accomplished.

    On the parts that are problems, that’s a long conversation, but it’s about WHAT of what LRH wrote, to focus on. There are mid 1960s era policies which are quite vicious, and if an exec focuses on those policies, he can blow off a lot of staff in their org, by callous application of some of those mid 1960s policies.

    Some of LRH’s comments privately in the 1982 traffic, I’ve long said, I need to write a couple papers or a chapter or small book, so I pull together all the thought I’ve given to LRH’s admin legacy,, but the 1982 traffic was sometimes quite harsh.

    As a fly on the wall trainer of execs for the movement, and as I interacted in my nerd like positions around the top leaders, I noticed that none of them, absolutely none of them measured up to what I thought LRH wanted of them.

    In one Flag Ship Order, called “Command Intention”, LRH specifies that all Sea Org members get up to Class 8 and OEC, which today would translate to Class 12 and OEC/FEBC/ESTO/PR/Sea Org issues full training.

    That’s what they need more of.

    LRH mentions that the Exec Strata membes have to have their 20 year study of ALL of LRH’s written programs and ideas, so they are fully familiar with ALL of the LRH admin options, even on top of the training I outlined above.

    I’ve wanted that ex Sea Org execs who went on to work in large groups to hindsight reflect on the workability of LRH’s admin for the movement, since my informal surveys, I’ve found absolutely NO evidence that any former OEC/FEBC trained big Sea Org cheeze execs went on to run ANY groups as large as the Sea Org orgs they ran, so they don’t even have a way to compare it.

    The FSO, in history, is the largest Sea Org org by far, and I’ve asked Carl Carlson, who I thought was a very bright thoughtful Commanding Officer, but I read the LRH traffic that led to Carl’s busting, and LRH was displeased and snidingly commented “….whoever is invisibly in charge of the FSO…”, and that was held against Carl, and I think once an exec gets a bad grade from LRH, in those years LRH was commenting on the various orgs, that spelled the end of that Sea Org exec’s tenure in that position.

    Mike Rinder got a bad remark, the famous “….yoyo….” comment, and Mike got subsequently busted from Chief Off CMO Int as opinion went against Mike. There’s a progression of having a bad remark from LRH against one, it just sits in one’s ethics and personnel folder and it’s really hard to overcome those remarks, those around and above one will always have those negative LRH comments as justification to bust someone.

    LRH’s full writings, his private despatch traffic MUST be made public, as there is really no way to truly long range sort this all out.

    I had the luxury, when I was on the “Routing Forms” project, from summer of 1983 until summer of 1984, to read almost ALL of the upper ranks traffic from LRH, and it astounded me, particularly the emotionalness of LRH, he could be very bitter about those that he perceived were failing.

    Honestly, the movement membership, and outside observers can only rely on those of us willing to even engage in the ‘verbal data” and share publicly our opinions, since the LRH rules disallow even public membership debate of the movement’s top management’s decision making process.

    There are weeks and weeks, of reading on the critical sites, if you can read through the harshest criticism and calmly absorb the valid criticism of LRH’s admin writings.

    Why the movement, the whole early years leadership, the old John Sanborns, the Reg Sharpes, the Parkhouses, all the wasted Mission Holders, there are so many early 1950s and 1960s executives who long have gone and they are erased from history, and those erased it is only cliche critical caricatures of their flaws that are still discussed when their names are brought up inside official Scientology’s upper admin staff ranks.

    The flaws in the Scientology admin setup are the responsibility of Exec Strata to sort out, as those flaws become recognized as arbitraries that are holding down stats.

    I’m barking way out in the hills, because it will be decades, if ever, that internally the top ranks execs even get up to confronting how to reform some of the movement’s major controversies.

    My list of major policy reform issues:

    Disconnection. (I say cancel it, period, it’s been too long misapplied and caused absolute hatred for the movement.)

    OSA tech (ditto, cancel OSA, it only has caused hatred for Scientology)

    Prices (fixed donations need be lowered, and long range, tithing ought be chosen as the traditional “religion” fund raising model)

    Irreligious behavior (over aggressive salesmanship for the donations, the harsh staff to staff behavior)

    Traditional religions do things for the poor. Not just show up for a few months in Haiti. Scientology ought flow funds toward the front groups and fund things that do good for those in desperate need.

    Maybe once the buildings are all bought, reno’d and flourishing, then the movement will shift to more traditional religious interaction with society, like spending its wealth as charity for those in society who are simply never going to rise up very high.

    There’s so many major decisions that aren’t even on the table yet, in Scientology’s young 60 years history, and since Miscavige has dumped on so many upper staff, I think all the counter DM focus is natural, since there are legions of people DM’s unjustly dumped on, there’s so much rightful backlash on DM.

    But once he’s gone, then there will be other major things, like disconnection, prices, OSA’s irreligious intelligence crap, that need confronting.

    As an ex Sea Org member, all I wanted was some public discussion going on, regarding hindsight thoughts that ex top people had, they feel might help fix the movement longer range. Right now it’s all DM backlash, since DM’s still dishing out a lot of internal strife on people.

    Scientology has turned into the rico/pobre problem that LRH warned about in Study Tape 9. It’s impossible for average people of average or lower class incomes to EVER get to OT 8. It’s a next lifetime event, or many lifetimes ahead, for 99.9% of planet earth.

    The freezone and independent practitioners are naturally doing all the things the official movement ought.

    It was funny watching though, a recent freezone convention, lots of clips on YouTube, when Rey Robles was pushing for more organization and larger organization of the freezone.

    One of the all time smartest comments from one of the harshest critics, Keith Henson, once he thoughtfully and quite rationally said that realistically with the numbers of current interested persons wanting to actually do Scientology auditing and training, that official Scientology ought to realistically consolidate and downside and stop spreading itself so thin.

    I’d prefer to have official Scientology reform enough to allow all Scientologists back into the “big tent” and loosen up the rules so all can do freely Scientology without all the violations of High Crimes and Crimes and Suppressive Acts that hamper and then burn people’s interest.

    But I’m an atheist, I don’t believe the soul exists.

    I’m free most weekends if anyone wants to call or email

  69. Wow.
    I was composing a reply to everything, and was pleasently surprised to be nodding along with your post, until I got to “But I’m an atheist, I don’t believe the solul exists.” Not sure what to say now.

    I’ll just say, I’d love to have the conversation about Disconnection, as I believe it is cancelled as policy but not sure how to varify that. I’ve seen so much back and forth on that issue, who knows. It SHOULD be cancelled. But was it? /shrug

    As for getting in the “big tent,” I’ve long since given up on the cos getting their act together. All senior execs need so much handling by this point, you’re better off starting from scratch. To try to rebuild from within… if you could ever get DM out… would be counter-productive because of so much false data, misunderstoods, overts, PTP and enviromental restimulation. I think I really would rather start out in an actual “Big Tent” than any org building in L.A.

    As for the atheist comment, I think I’m crushed. One, because I don’t get how someone can get there from where you used to be. And Two, if it’s true, then what’s the point of Scientology at all? If we have no spirit or soul, if we are not spiritual beings… all of this here is kinda pointless, isn’t it? I’m not trying to insult, but I sure don’t understand. Just trying to understand.

    All the best

  70. Random Stranger

    %@##$&*grmff👽😝👽💤💦👀ptt💋 !!

  71. Random Stranger

    Hey, that’s not a dumpster, that’s staff living quarters!!

  72. Jefferson,
    Excellent analysis of David Miscavige’s writing. He cannot construct coherent sentences or paragraphs. His utterances reveal about a 7th grade competency in English, at best.

    Thank you, by the way, for publishing Counterfeit Dreams on the internet and for including all the links and diagrams. It was a breakthrough and eye-opener for me. Once I started – just sampled, mind you – I could not stop reading until I finished. When I finished, I cried and I rejoiced. I cried for the disgusting state Scientology had devolved to and for betrayals that occurred. I rejoiced because my intuition and perceptions of a couple decades were validated, and because truth is the only thing that will wash clean.

  73. That’s a freakin SCARY thought! Slamming those ethics in. Oh yeah. Can’t wait!

  74. +1 Carcha!

  75. 😆 LMAO

  76. I agree with you, Bozz. There’s much info in Chuck’s comments that I don’t understand (admin, org bd type stuff), but clearly he has a great storehouse of information and experience, and I think makes some astonishingly insightful points.

    Then he says he doesn’t believe a soul exists. But here he is clearly having given a lot of thought as to what went wrong and how to salvage the mess. What’s the point, given his belief in materialism?

    I’ll give you my 2 cents worth – I continue to be absolutely amazed at the inability of people to walk away from Scientology. Not the organization, but the philosophy, the ideas. Even the haters – really, why have so much stuck attention on something you detest? Go get a life, do something positive. I’m not at all saying that about Chuck, by the way. He sounds like a great guy, very intelligent, very experienced.

    I’m sure there are many who disagree with me, but my belief is that no one really and truly walks away from Scientology after having once understood it. One way or the other, it will always be part of them. That’s because there is just nothing else like it – it stands alone, sui generis. In the real world, things may go horribly off the rails, but when one sits down and re-reads the factors, or the axioms, to give just two examples, one knows he or she is receiving truth at its most fundamental level.

  77. Captain Bob

    “How can you use your inherent OT Abilities and increase wherewithal to get yourself up The Bridge with speed?”

    What does that really mean???????????

    Here’s what it really means. You get to increase your ability to make money TO GET YOURSELF UP the bridge with speed so that we the CO$ GET TO TAKE ALL your extra money so that you my fellow member are left with just a living, but we, the church of $ get all your excess money that you learned to make. Jokes on you. Clearing the planet, yah right. How much does it cost to go up the bridge?

    The necessary means, especially financial means

    Or, in other words. Everybody is working for the CO$. And some for free, well I guess they get room and board, some get training too. But some because they are bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, get to live for months on a floor eating rice and beans. But the BAD ones are volunteers per what the church tells the press. Go figure.

  78. Captain Bob

    oh but don’t worry, once you my fellow OT8 help to get ALL orgs st hill size, why you get OT9 and even OT10. And guess what, you also get Super Power, oh my god…………so guess what my fellow OT8’s, you get to help me the CO$ make even mo money while you work for free having OT Committeeees, and handing out booklets on how to be happy. Don’t do drugs mind you…………..welcome to responsibility.

  79. Captain Bob

    never mind there is no OT9 and OT 10. And for Super Power, we still need your mo money to complete the project although we have a billion dollars saved up. As far as altering the tech, give me a break, what do you public know?

  80. Oh yeah!
    Real theta! 🙂

  81. You should write comedies bro!

  82. I still believe in people, and think obviously people were in Scientology for helping each other, and helping across their dynamics, etc.

    My suggestions honestly only make sense in a top ranks Scientology world that likely will never exist.

    (Re atheist, yea, I returned to my atheist beliefs prior to my getting into Scientology, I’ve noticed people who get all the way out of being Scientologists go back to some form of their prior beliefs. I’m just a very diehard admin nerd of Hubbard’s..)

  83. When I was at ASI, I read a lot, sitting in the computer room, I was the computer operations officer, and only had 30 ASI staff to service, so pretty much sat around my tiny office all day mostly reading all my spare moments.

    ASI was LRH’s literary agency, and that was how I justified reading, I thought it was “what we did here at ASI”. (Joke)

    Anyways, I’m reading my “Book of the Month” selection, a book by a Bible expert (thinking I’ll read what an expert of the Bible says, and later, when I’m interacting related to LRH’s written legacy, I’ll draw on this bible expert’s viewpoints about biblical history, etc, etc).

    Well, the writer of my book of the month club book is Robin Fox Lane, famous Oxford scholar, but he’s an atheist! What a concept! Expert on ALL Greek translations of the bible is currently (or in the early 1990s) is an atheist Oxford bible scholar!

    So atheism, I’ve later learned, from a comment that new religion scholars David Bromley and Doug Cowan at a once meeting with them, they joked that atheist scholars of religion were more far to “both sides” than scholars who were of a particular faith!

    So, in this odd landscape of fallen between chairs interested observers and participants of free speaking people interested in the Scientology subject and history, I’m just a former member, and I happen to be an atheist.

    LRH’s thoughts don’t define me, as much as they used to.

    The book Snapping, says it takes a dozen years to come all the way out of the mindset, and I don’t think I’ll ever lose it.

    I come here for the history details. When I retire in 6 years or so, I’ll likely write a couple papers on the admin stuff, and ongoing admin history is what I suspect I’ll do. .

  84. The Oracle

    The building, like so many of the Idle Org buildings, looks like another government building.

    Int Management from becoming an internal revenue service
    and unFederal Information Bureau, and Central Intelligence agency of Scientology, has striven to manifest itself through government types of buildings it has collected through taxing the people who are actually producing something of value. This too, shall come to pass.

    The actual government actually provides for it’s employees and provides services like housing, education, jobs and the wherewithal to provide for over 100 nations which would starve to death if not for the U.S.A.. David is putting up a very bad copy of the U.S. Gov.

    Copy copy copy……?

  85. Dear Chuck Beatty: You say “I don’t believe the soul exists.”

    Close your eyes. Get the picture of a cat.

    Who is looking at that picture?

  86. Richard Royce

    I want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. First of all he thought all he would have to do is take over the power and consolidate it and then lacking any real skills in management he would glow things right. Well we have seen him try to glow things right for all these years and he keeps making things worse. Because he genuinely lacks management skills he has gotten so frustrated over the years that his glow just isn’t making things go right that he started resorting to force and violence. It’s easy to pin the blame on the other guy when your (hairbrained) idea doesn’t seem to be getting the result you expect. From the stories I have read from you old timers about how it was with DM I just see someone who is truly incompetent as a manager but has made himself the boss simply because he did know how to bully everyone around him and did effectively kill off all the competition. So now he has the whole enchilada but can’t seem to make it work. He keeps trying his own dumb solutions and since he is a walking Service Fac he can’t see when he has failed and just blames others and moves on to the next unusual solution. Of course mix in the cycle of an overt where DM inures himself and his good buddy and you have the picture. I really don’t think DM is evil I think he is just stupid.

  87. Show me even one Ideal Org that has realized the promise of “unprecedented expansion.” It simply has not been evident so far by inspection of actual statistics. For instance, I know for a fact that since the opening of both the Seattle and Pasadena Ideal Orgs in 2010 there have been ZERO Auditors or Clears made!

    Does DM have a program to solve this? Nope. Instead, currently all staff members have sales quotas for the new Ron encyclopedia set. WTF? I could think of a hundred outpoints with this situation; however, the following quote comes to mind:

    “This morning I received a cable from an org. An urgent cable. Did it say, ‘How do you assess for a Prehav level’ or something sensible? No, it didn’t. It said, ‘Send us some biographical data for a newspaper article.’ I spit. That org is doing the lousiest job possible in Technical and is all worked up to get publicity. What’s this? Do they think a society in this shape will approve Scientology into power? Hell no! And to hell with this society. We’re making a new one. So let’s skip the approval button from a lot of wogs and settle down to work to make new people and better people. Then maybe you’ll have a society.” [HCO PL 26 May 61 II, QUALITY COUNTS]

  88. Ha Ha Bruce! How true is that!
    The whole “pie face” scenario springs from this very point. DM goes around uttering completely incomprehensible gibberish to Int staff, who then comm lag in trying to figure out some sense into something that makes no sense. He then uses this as an opportunity to accuse you of withholds or some other rubbish. This is a stand operating basis for him.
    1. Say something non-sensical as an order to a staff member.
    2. The staff member balks, comm lags, or looks confused as they try to understand what he just said, commented on, or ordered them to do.
    3. DM turns to his closest hit-man and points to the staff member addressed and says “Look at that! Withholds! He can’t even answer a simple question! Get him on the cans and find his crimes!”
    4. The hapless staff member is towed away to be interrogated for hours, on an RTC assessment that asks continually for evil purposes and false considerations pertaining to Miscavige and Scientology.
    5. The staff member is then restricted to the base, or removed from post, or something equally as demeaning, for anything that is then found.
    6. DM then gets all the information on what came up, and it is announced to the entire crew at a staff meeting or muster, resulting in the rest of the group then withdrawing support for that staff member — who has actually done NOTHING wrong other than BEING THERE when DM decided he needed another person to control and dominate and destroy.

    Yep — that’s it.
    I saw it and experienced it on every single flow possible for more than 13 years.

  89. Captain Bob


    The staff’s don’t know there is an indie field in PT, they have no choice. Let alone from 1982, they do not know the indie’s started back them. And why, no internet, no way to forward communications. But yet we are here forwarding communications, but yet how do you forward this communication to a staff member? So he receives it and can think with it. That is the trick. Stand outside and protest with a sign Scientology sucks or whatever, that doesn’t communicate to a PT public nor staff member.

    How do you think it will shake their stable datums? The staff’s just don’t know. Hell. I didn’t know until Debbie Cook email thingie. Present OT7’s and OT8’s don’t know either, a lot of them do not look to the internet, why would they if they think everything is ok? And they are working double time to continue on their 6 months $10,000 at a pop to get the EP?. We are for the most part talking to each other with the addition of the undergrounders who do not talk here, and they are afraid to talk. Yes, I’m underground.

    Why I’m underground? I got my reasons. But that will change. And I’m sorry, I just got to talk, so I post. What my postings will become of me, I don’t care, on a 1st dynamic view. I already decided months ago that DM corrupted the church when I read Debbie Cook email and connected some dots and then LOOKED to the internet and listened to the truth rundown series and jason bege interview and more and more. And even Chuch Beatty and Tory. And within a month I decided. But I have friends. I have MY third dynamic to think with that is part of the so called church 3rd dynamic which has become one big ponzi game.

  90. +100!

  91. Off topic. Tom Cruise’s new Playboy interview:

    He discusses how to handle bullies: “There’s one thing you know with a bully. I don’t care how big or mean they are. If you allow it, if you don’t stand up to that.… And there are different ways to do it. There’s the school yard, but sometimes just confronting them works.”

    I wonder if he has stood up to bully Miscavige yet. Because given the opportunity to plug Scientology, he does not take it:

    “What’s interesting is, if I don’t talk about my religion, if I say I’m not discussing it or different humanitarian things I’m working on, they’re like, “He’s avoiding it.” If I do talk about it, it becomes, “Oh, he’s proselytizing.” Reviewing the whole thing and how things can be edited and misinterpreted, I decided, You know what? Here’s the deal. I take responsibility for what happened, but everyone now knows that if I am dealing with humanitarian things, I will talk about that. When I’m promoting a film, I’m not going to get caught up in anything else, and that includes all my personal things.”

    Whew! He blew it off!

    Maybe he found something sinister in the fact that his best friend was secretly video taping him? TREASON! and beating up “volunteers”??

    Possibly David blew off Tom Cruise with his treason and out PR?

  92. Steve,
    You have a way with words… they are so clear to me. I wish we could figure out a way to get through to the Koolaide drinkers that are inside.

  93. OMG ROFLMAO………. your are a trip RS !! Bravo !!

  94. Ronnie Bell

    I wish we could figure out a way to get through to the Koolaide drinkers that are inside.

    I think one of the better suggestions is to paste the text of Debbie Cook’s famous email into a reply to any email you get from an org (don’t attach it). Some staff member is going to read that reply, while sitting quietly in their cubicle. Who knows whether they’ll cognite on the spot, or not? At least you’ve planted a seed that may grow into a full return of personal integrity for that person.

    They may even thank you one day.

  95. Ronnie Bell

    I really don’t think DM is evil I think he is just stupid.

    Sorry, Richard. That won’t fly. Miscavige is evil personified. He’s a walking, talking, rock slamming, R6 bank, buried under thousands upon thousands of out-ethics withholds and real crimes against Sea Org staffs, the Scientologist public, and all of mankind. He’s a brutal creature of the lowest order, without a single redeeming quality.

    Read the hundreds of firsthand reports about him from ex-S.O. staff who worked with him, then compare that profile to LRH’s list of anti-social attributes. You tell me what you come up with.

    Yes, he’s also stupid.

  96. Bert Schippers

    I don’t need to imagine that. Thanks Tony!

  97. Wow, he is almost as incoherent as dm.

  98. The Oracle

    Asked about the aftermath of his bringing Scientology into his professional business:

    PLAYBOY: The aftermath of that controversy hurt your career. Were you concerned that this dream you’re living of making movies had been jeopardized?

    CRUISE: No, I really didn’t. But it was important to me to take responsibility, take a hard look and decide where I go from here. That time was interesting. It was that moment when the internet had really spun out. It was a learning experience for all of us, how these things go. All you can do is learn and say, “This is the way it’s going to go from now on. Here is the line.”

    He mentions learning from the internet!

  99. The Oracle

    Is it just me, or does it seem that both Lisa Presley and Tom Cruise have distanced themselves from the C of S this week?

  100. E.J. Croughs

    Brilliant idea!
    Let’s give Davey the benefit of the doubt! A perverted guy, guilty of multiple felonies, slave labour, torture, forced abortion, abduction, mutiny, illegal imprisonment, blackmail, malicious rumour mongering, harassment, falsifying stats and reports, using Scientology harmfully, issuing altered Scientology technical data, intentionally altering of LRH Tech, developing squirrel processes and checksheets, misuse of the trademarks, calculated efforts to disrupt Church service, refusal to allow public and staff up the Bridge, employing staff to the detriment of the production and just about every other suppressive act, is just a bit stupid.

    Let me tell you something, to be able to get all that done on a broad scale, duping all Scientologists world wide notwithstanding all prohibitions that LRH installed against it, you have to be pretty sly. More so than the IRS, AMA, APA, FDA and all other agencies that tried to control and own LRH and the Tech. You also have to be protected at the highest levels of the FBI and CIA to get away with it.

  101. This just reiterates to me that the consequences for anyone connected with DM is Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

    A number of my Anon friends used to say to me that the last thing they wanted was DM busted off post as He was destroying $cientology better than anybody else could. I took a while to see what they meant.

  102. Li'll bit of stuff

    “RS”, used to have “Rock Slam” as it’s only Scn dfn. You have just unmocked the concept completely.Or mebbe that should be mocked, ( the CO$!!!) Perfect Squirrelling, to “out squirrel” the “squirrellist” of squirrels, by far!

    Recognized exclusively, at (original, declared,)
    S cientology’s
    Q uintessential
    U nified
    I nsurrection
    R eaction
    R esponse
    E ndorsing
    L. Ron Hubbard

    what is, including, but not restricted to, EVIL.,and
    are therefore FREE to really enjoy and fully explore
    Scientology AND other liberating experiences in life,
    including the freedom to reject the “seriousness”

    I, hereby recommend for immediate recognition,
    the highly effective RS Rundown,(tm) dedicated to
    RS , our very “own” master maker of mirth,and now
    forwarded to Master Squirrel Buster Supremo,
    (and CAR WASH comedy video clip participant
    of the year (2011)) Marty “laser” Rathbun,
    for immediate” squirrel technology ” inclusion.
    (credits to Mosey, clip producer extraordinaire)

    Footnote of note; We’re all in the same game, just at different levels, dealing with the same hell, just
    different devils.

    Calvin, ( no longer JUST Li’ll bit of stuff. heh! heh!)

  103. The Oracle

    Tom has the interview up on his blog:

    No mention of Scientology on his web site.

  104. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ditto, caused by mirth maker supremo!!

  105. Hey! At least I can buy a Playboy and genuinely say “it’s for the article!” Just don’t tell my wife. 😉 j/k

  106. Brain neurology. Cellular level synaptic brain cell activity.

    Consciousness is brain cell activity, it’s not the soul looking at the images in some non MEST stockpile of soul created mental pictures.

    But when I got in, it intrigued me and I sure liked the concept that Scientology could blow people out of their heads, and give people soul astronaut capabilities, and the Bridge to Total Freedom sure looked like a good organized setup for achieving out of the body full time certainty at will, of one’s pure soul nature.

    I never got out of my head, no 360 visio, and I noticed that others in Scientology were similarly failing to uniformly achieve out of the body 360 vision, which would be logically how it really is, if we are pure souls who are trapped in our heads, and who transmigrate out of our bodies at death, and go floating to hospitals to assume new babies’ bodies in our next life.

    On the RPF, reading the Encyclopedia articles while on humankind’s out of the body strivings, I found that this is par for the course in human history, namely no group’s been able to perfect teaching people to uniformly Henry Ford assembly line style attain out of the body soul astronaut travel and ESP abilities that are stable and demonstratable at will.

    Creation of Human Ability to me was how I thought it was supposed to be for the top OT Scientologists. (The Grand Tour process)

    Some people seem more capable of it than others, and I concluded I must be down at the low end of the awareness characteristics (the list that runs up the center of the Bridge to Total Freedom).

    I concluded that only those who seemed capable of self realizing these out of the body experiences, almost like it was just their peculiar nature which they’ve had all their lives, or since childhood or early life, that that is just how it is.

    And then past lives seem to be more naturally logical to some people, and those to whom it is, are also more inclined to believe in the soul’s abilities to exteriorize, and that the Bridge to Total Freedom as a soul, then makes sense and seems meaningful.

    Naw, I’m just an off the bottom of the Bridge, “thetan” who doesn’t believe it’s a thetan.

    I believe Scientology’ has not made a dent in earth people’s spiritual self realization, not yet at least.

    So, the “who’s looking at the cat” dissemination method to jar people into thinking they are this soul that is looking at one’s brain activity, causitively, that’s still as good as it gets, for causitive OTness, in my hindsight view today.

    I think the “who’s looking at the cat” question is answered by saying:
    “My consciousness is my brain’s neural activity of billions and billions of brain cells, as my body’s senses process the world, in my awake state as an overall massively conglomerate cellular organism (our bodies are massive conglomerate cellular organisms).”

    John Searle of UC Berkeley, I like his talks on consciousness on YouTube.

  107. martyrathbun09

    So flat earth these days. Try Biocentrism by Robert Lanza to catch up with where science is going.

  108. TheWidowDenk

    Oh my goodness …

    “I want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt.” … “I really don’t think DM is evil I think he is just stupid.”

    Sorry Richard, I can’t think with this. 25+ years of “stupid” with accelerating destruction of lives? No, this cannot be right … Rachel

  109. Yea, exactly, flat earth and man from mud!

    I’m now reading about Lanza, but must admit my immediate reaction to him is negative. (Not against his legitimate medical research, but I question his “woo” stuff as this below blogger puts it.)

  110. Tony Dephillips

    At least your’e not a bot anymore!! 🙂

  111. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Bert,
    At least your’e not a bot anymore! 🙂

  112. Alex Castillo ( for a chuckle)_

    To Mike Rinder;

    Hey Mike,

    I just received the following email from you and I am terribly sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, what with being robbed, being stranded and all. I didn’t know DM would go to such extreme measures to keep you away so that you stop exposing his crimes! Don’t panic, I am sending you a postulate check for 5 million pesos, I hope it helps.

    Alex :))

    “I Hope you get this on time ?I left on a trip to Manila,Philippines,for a program.Unfortunately for me I got robbed on my way back to the hotel where i lodged along with my Cell phone and my luggage and since then i have been without money.At the moment my passport has been seized by the hotel management pending the time payment is made. So i have limited access to emails for now.I urgently need your financial assistance.i need about 1,850 or any amount you can lend me to sort-out the bills, so i can make arrangements and return back. I’m in a panic now, I will refund you soon as i get back,I am so confused right now.Thou i wasn’t hurt because I complied immediately, waiting for your reply please

  113. It would seem that there as here in SF the cult has a great interest in empty , wedge shaped buildings.

  114. Bozz – the source of written words can be uncertain, authorship can be perverted such as PTSness and Disconnection issue of 1982 – but the spoken word is not. Hear it from LRH himself on Rons Journal 68; it is as clear as clear can be. Disconnection as a practice is CANCELLED. You can hear the whole lecture online, or downlaod it here: This is a safe link. I have downloaded it and put it onto CDs, in fact I just gave a copy to an under-the-radar the other day. There is also a whole section on that deals with this issue.

  115. Alex Castillo ( for a chuckle)_

    I know your email account has been hacked. I was just playing LOL.

  116. Interesting transition from “religion” to “humanitarian”.

  117. Bruce Hines

    Exactly, Lana!

  118. It’s amazing how such little production can occur.

  119. Or the Univesity of Virginia, decades long study of the irrefutable fact of past lives, or the DK medical study of “out of body”, “near death” experience, or the debunking of the “hardwired” brain, or the fallacy of “brainmapping” shown by the Tibetan Monk manipulations, or the inevitable conclusion of neuroscience that consciousness isn’t even vaguely grasped by modern brain theory. Or, or, or.

    Your body will die Chuck. You’ll leave it. In those moments, fleeting as they may be, you will be exterior. Can’t guarantee you’ll have full perception, but you WILL be very much outside your then very dead brain, and you’ll see for yourself. If you don’t pop sometime before.

    Maybe your just from Missouri and not an atheist. Of course “thei-” has precious little to do with a being going ext.

  120. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, congrats, another topic guaranteed to push up the blood pressure of Herr Adolf Miscavige;

    Internet exposure of his Dead / Dying Idle Morgues !!!

    When done with this, what about another, likely to UP the strength of his blood pressure / asthmatic medications ??

    How about zero’ing in on the rumblings of which OTHER celebrities have been making any noticeable noises of protest lately. Nice to see Lisa Presley getting bolder, hey?

    If Debbie Cooke’s protest went so globally viral, (even
    accepting her allegedly ” bought” silence ) the severe
    earth tremors and structural cracks this event caused,
    have certainly damaged the midget’s aspirations, and
    further cranked up his psychopathic dramatizations.

    It only takes a series of strategically placed and timed
    “detonations” to bring the whole horrible, stinking house
    of Horrors, crashing down in a huge pile of rubble!

    Very, very, do-able AND necessary!

  121. martyrathbun09

    Chuck, a bit of advice – stop taking everything your read literally. Your crepe hanging citation too is so retro and unimaginative. Lanza is but one of dozens of the ‘very best’ Scientists going beyond Einstein’s (and many before him and after him) relegating certain imponderables to “God”, and find themselves bumping up against – and struggling to explain in words – the SPIRIT. Namaste, my friend.

  122. Oracle,
    Thanks for the link. TC sure changes some realities on his interview. It is more on topic as Cruise contributed greatly to starting DM’s crusade with Idle Orgs.

    I find him name dropping quite a bit to divert the subjects to non Scn Hollyweird people such as the director giving him flying lessons in 93-4 leading to flying acrobatics and his P51 Mustang. This doesn’t make sense as in ’90, TC owned his own jet (which I got a ride on to cater to his wedding to Nicole) and his pilot told me that TC liked to fly himself on that jet whenever he needed to go places and had done flight school.

    His obligations to Dave causes a lot of blindness and non confront of the truth and outpoints which I’m sure he perceives, distancing himself & career as to being a PR of Scn as much as possible.

  123. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW Marty, as a former strength coach with experience in the field of anabolic steroid usage, I can confirm for certain that one of the more serious side effects, that
    are seen with prolonged reliance of these drugs, are
    not only the increase in blood pressure, requiring
    medical monitoring and correct dosage B/P medication,
    but also the psychological dependency on the feelings
    of invincibility and / or physical superiority, of the user.

    The prolonged usage of such drugs is only possible,
    when used in cycles, to avoid other “undesirable” side
    effects, such as, testicle shrinkage, or the increase of
    mammary tissue (bitch tits) in males, or the irreversible
    increase of clitoris size and deepening of the voice, in
    females. The libido, or sex drive, is usually altered,
    through the body’s own attempt to limit the excess
    amount of “testosterone mimicking substance” detected
    by the pituitary gland, which then shuts down one’s own natural testosterone production, for around six to eight
    weeks. (there are drugs which get around this problem.)

    But hey, at the end of the day, it’s like any other activity,
    where one loves to flirt with danger, one has to weigh
    up the risks with the benefits. Not for the faint- hearted!
    Russian Roulette, to some!

    This information is all freely available on the Internet,
    of course, and in no way should be construed to be
    acted upon, literally. Any person requiring to increase
    their size and / or strength, should of course seek
    a suitably qualified professional.

    ARC, Calvin.

  124. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, I have very good reason to suspect that your
    upcoming “detonation” planned for + – 2 mths time
    could bring on the collapse envisaged.

    Hitler, Saddam,and others, were foolish enough to think, they could conquer all with impunity. Sure, they had resources too, MASSIVE resources.

    Where are they now????

    TIC….TOC…TIC…TOC….Davey boy, sleep well !!

  125. The Oracle


  126. Don’t go wobbley on us Richard. This guy is about as classic a case as you’ll ever see.

  127. The Oracle

    Thanks Sinar! I did think of Tom Cruise when this Idle Org thing popped up!

  128. The Oracle

    The tendency is to buy bank buildings, which also tend to look government buildings. Another bank building just bought in Miami:

  129. Just a comment concerning the Buffalo org.

    You probably all remember the speech at the Grand Opening delivered by the Mayor of Buffalo (written by Aron Mason, formerly PR Aide OSA Int and a writer for Freedom Magazine) where that Mayor said he wanted Buffalo to become “Saint Hill Size.”

    You would think that with the brilliant strategy of buying and renovating a huge building and installing the FART Div 6, and with the wonders of the Golden Age of Tech, that within a few months Buffalo would have become St Hill Size. That was the PR that Miscavige was spreading.

    Oh, ok, give them a year… Growing pains and all that.

    Two years?

    Five years?

    Nine years????


    That is a big time fail that you cannot hide with “square inches of book cover material produced” and “spots of dust removed from photos.”

    But, its not just Buffalo. None of these Ideal Orgs have become St Hill Size… I doubt the clubbed seals ever ponder this, but remember, the “target” for release of “OT IX and X” is all orgs St Hill Size…. And the strategy to “get them there” is “Ideal Orgs”. Wonder how many years the “pilot” will continue until Miscavige does an “eval” and finds the why for the lack of expansion to be the buildings “purchased by SPs.”

  130. > I wish we could figure out a way to get through to the Koolaide drinkers that are inside.

    The absolutely only way, in fact the best way, to get through to ‘those that are inside’, can be expressed in one word: Statistics.

    What are *YOUR* WD/AH statistics, staff member?

    What are *YOUR* Words-Cleared statistics, Independent Scientologist?

    See what I’m getting at? Show the stats, ask to *see* the stats. It is stats that provide the way forward for every single Scientologist, staff or not. If you’re not at least doing some Self-Analysis right now, or word-clearing the OEC’s for fun in your own home, then .. this is the crux of our problem in Scientology today. Nobody is actually *doing* any, and I don’t just mean holding the cans either ..

  131. Chuck, If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you study some of the reincarnation research from the University of Virginia, particularly by the late Ian Stevenson and his successor Jim Tucker. A dispassionate look at their research suggests that a “something” which is the “I” and “memory collection” of individuals does somehow transfer from life to life.
    Also, the recent research of Rupert Sheldrake shows conclusively that “telepathy” (i.e. mind to mind communication with no known physical process) does take place between people.

    This has nothing to do with beliefs or opinions. This is science. If there are any “beliefs” involved, it is by the mainstream scientific community which is afraid of “taboo subjects” such as these. If we’re truly being dispassionately scientific and willing to be honest with ourselves about this whole area, then I’m afraid that the fear of “woo” and the attached stigma is doing more to hold back scientific advancement, than the lack of scientific evidence.

    The “brain only” theory is indeed the “flat earth” theory of the 21st century.

  132. The Oracle

    Bravo! Loved reading this!

  133. Getting “all the way out of scientology” is roughly equivalent to getting “all the way out of the scientific method”.

    Both scientology and the scientific method are applied philosophies whose users believe they are “imperfect but workable systems for arriving at truth” (one in the subjective realm, the other in the objective realm).

    I would even characterize the “scientific method” as a lower harmonic activity of what a thetan naturally wants to do: perceive and duplicate.

    One can certainly disagree with both approaches, but “getting out of them” is folly, as both approaches have to do with determining truth … and there ain’t no turning back on that road. 🙂

  134. Chuck: When did you ever Audit a PC?

  135. The Oracle

    Laughter! So True! Nobody will body route anymore! The Int staff managing the Orgs, most have never even worked in Orgs! The Int staff managing Missions have never even worked in missions! The WISE staff have never owned or operated business’! The ABLE staff have never taken drugs and would not dream of walking into a Narconon! These people have never had to confront the things they are “managing”. Right now Sea Org staff are not allowed on the street with out an escort! That is very low confront! They will not confront the street they live on! Every once in a while I notice my confront going out on the planet, I either get in my car and drive to the worst neighborhood I can find, park the car and just get out and walk as far as I can. Or, I go out and pick up a job serving people in a restaurant or cleaning homes for six months. It is in the moment I find myself withdrawing into some comfortable rut. And if ever there was a comfortable rut, it is sitting at a desk all day giving orders or only acting on them. Not deciding what to wear that day because someone has decided for you. Not deciding what to eat that day because someone has decided for you. Not deciding where you live because someone has decided for you. This is the way of infants.

  136. The Oracle

    I am also noticing a migration of ESMB people to this neighborhood.

  137. Li'll bit of stuff

    Jim, nice ‘n simple. Here’s some more.
    With reference to the John Edwards, series “Crossing
    Over” shown on TV, where John sat with an audience
    person and acted as an intermediary between said
    person and a departed soul known to them.

    John’s capacity to communicate with the “departed”
    when considering the chances of him being able to
    effectively “:mind read ” the participant, would have
    pushed the mathematical equations beyond any
    bounds of probability. He managed to convey thoughts
    or concepts, from the ” bodyless” being, across to the
    participant, often jarring them with “flow 3” (another
    person comm ‘ing with yet another. Both of whom were
    known to the person., but each imparting a piece of
    “puzzle” that only they, had access to. The result
    was that the two separate pieces of information, handed
    over through John, to the person, solved a question
    that had completely perplexed the person, till then.

    In my brief 8 months of blogtime here with Marty, there have been accounts of several good comm.cycles
    between some bloggers and the departed

    There was the great posting by Hans Solo on May 7
    @ 12.28 pm Past Lives – Evidence of a 4 part must
    watch story of James 3, a little boy reliving his death
    as a W/W pilot, and all the evidence to prove it

    As a matter of record, it is quite broadly accepted that
    children from age 2 to 7, are often quite capable of
    recalling their past lives without difficulty, just as a
    matter of course.

    For my wife Dorothy’s birthday present, my daughter
    booked her a 1 hour session with a spiritual medium.
    Well she, (and I, when later told the details,) had quite
    a SHOCK TO SAY THE LEAST! The medium opened
    the seance, by asking who the little boy was, name
    beginning with D that had passed, many years ago.

    Dorothy had heard me mention my young cousin,
    Darrel, who had been killed in a motor accident,
    but I never discussed the details with her. Darrel
    lived on a farm with his mom & dad.

    The lady, having Dorothy confirm his name as Darrel,
    then went on to tell her that his head was fine now
    and didn’t hurt anymore.But he often visits me to
    try to tell me things but I don’t seem to know he’s there.
    She described the black dog that was given to Darrel,
    when it got too big to live in our flat.(Blackie) She also
    described how Darrel and I would ride down a bumpy
    dirt and gravel road with each in turn sitting on thebike’s
    crossbar. She described the treehouse we had built
    and the river and dam where we used to play. She
    also described the ram pump that was used to pump
    water up to the farmhouse some 300 yards up the hill

    Dorothy was gobsmacked by so many other revelations
    from our passed on next of kin who had come to the
    party to let her know so many pieces of unfinshed com
    that it turned out to be a totally cathartic experience,
    and surpassed all her expectations.

    Neither of us could believe these revelations, because
    in some cases they were only distant memories, never
    spoken about to the other. Yet here were the thetans
    who had this experience, sharing it with the medium
    and then Dorothy and I later confirming the details
    to one another. I can definitely confirm this, for you.
    these beings hang around, for lifetimes, stuck in “that
    life reality” and may NOT leave that sad place until
    their “Life dilemma ” (engram, loss, injustice, or simply
    unfinished business,) has been addressed, and their
    attention freed up, in order to RE- incarnate again.

    There is much, much more to this, but I must end now.

    Thanks for” tuning in ”
    ARC Calvin.

  138. The Oracle

    I think we can confirm that Lisa is out. Her itsa is getting longer:

    Ask Presley, who once spoke openly and favorably of the Church of Scientology, for more details on her lyrics, and she’ll keep things vague. The songs, and particularly the first single, she says, are “about finding out what your mother or your parents or your counselor or your therapist or your teacher or your priest really think about you, and finding out they [don’t think highly] of you, actually.” Her words, however, were a bit more colorful.

  139. Under Radar

    I used to give him check outs on the academy, when he was just a kid .
    He was quite bright, really. And to pull off what he pulled off, he needs
    to be very bright. Evil yes, but not stupid, or then of course, and more and more so, on a held-down-7- way. With more held down 7s every day, it seems. And of course, one could argue, that it’s rather stupid to be evil…

  140. Tom Gallagher


    You forgot to mention that (minor drum roll in the background)……


    BFF, Presley, Kirstie and other celebs are bailing as fast as they can be PRed out. Even TC said he doesn’t put up with ‘bully’s’…

    There’s only one person, (hint Slappy), that Cruise is referring to and that’s POB.

    Yeah, it sucks to be lil’ dave.

    Just another failed SP.

  141. Tom — please accept my humble apologies.

    I expanded it a bit since the original:

    It sucks to be Miscavige. It sucks even worse to be sucking Miscavige (John Allender….)

  142. Tom Gallagher


    Your sincere and humble apologies are hereby noted.

    Yes, it sucks to be Miscavige.

    And about this Allender thing, (if there was ever a finer dog’s fireplug) any breaking news? Just curious.

  143. That’s how people become when they get high on a feeling of supremacy.

  144. The most glaring outpoint is that there are zero people there. None. Bupkiss. The photo looks like a surrealist painting: “Ideal Org with Dumpsters, Bad Paint, and CDX.”

  145. I’ve often wondered if Miscavige’s instability and mental decline have been aggravated by long-term steroid abuse.

  146. +1

  147. Captain Bob

    no mention of Scientology you say after looking at his website.

    Well, that’s true. But he is applying get your comm’s out there, way out there. But yet no mention of Scientology. Isn’t that interesting.

    Dianetics 55, communications. Speak freely. Communication is the universal solvent.

    Why doesn’t the COS speak freely? Why don’t they communicate to the world who are declared SP’s, what past members are now declared SP’s? Doesn’t make sense.

    IT is all one big ARCX.

  148. Captain Bob

    Oracle, I think it may be true, Lisa is out.. When it was brought up a month or a few weeks here on Marty’s blog, I checked Lisa website at the time, and there was still a link to CCHR. Now I don’t find one. And Tony notes it as well:

  149. Captain Bob

    so will the church ever mention it?

  150. Richard. Please look over Admin Know-How Series 17 Conditions, How To Assign. It’s a 5 page Policy Letter. Note particularly page 4 of this issue.

    I’m certain DM is an SP. He is out of valence. Not being in his own valence he has no viewpoint from which to erase anything. That’s all an SP is.

  151. Richard Royce,

    IMHO David Miscavige is just a plain, ordinary evil person.

    Instead of releasing the actual statistics of Scientology’s decline over the past 30 years, he false reports (lies all over the place) which throws the whole subject of Scientology under the bus. Then he orchestrates a financial Ponzi scheme in order to “cover up” his mis-management. He does all this so he will be fawned over and praised for his management ability. And, anyone who would knowingly trash the subject of Scientology for their personal gain is just a plain, ordinary evil person. That is all that will be written on his tombstone. He’s an SP and a “this life time player” of no consequence.

  152. Dear Chuck.
    Thanks for answering my question.
    But the road out of the labyrinth doesn’t go that way.

  153. you are disturbingly good at this, RS.

    I can SEE DM spouting this vile stuff as I read it!

  154. “We are truly fascinated by your time at the helm of this organization and would like to interview you specifically about what you may know about Tom Cruise and his secrets — as you performed auditing on him.”
    Belinda Robinson

    Is that a real person?? what sicko!

  155. Grasshopper, the outpoint of your eval: Why aren’t we being shown the front of the org? You like it in the back?

  156. My apologies! I put my comment in the wrong place!

  157. The picture is not the back of the org, It is the main entrance – the address is right above the door. Nice try.

  158. Tony,
    The stable data of staff members are already shaken… Except they’ve been shaken into stupidity. They are so confused by all the false stats and inane PR that they can’t even confront the fact that they aren’t getting paid and the courserooms are empty.

    I’ll admit that I have been checking out stuff on the internet for years. I even believed most of it because I would see evidences of it on a daily basis. But, I was afraid to talk about it. And I had no idea what I could do about it other than continue to apply Scientology as best as I could. So, I just put up with it.

    It took rather extraordinary circumstances to wake me up to the fact that I was on a sinking ship. And even then it’s not easy to leave all those good people behind who are grasping at me to not jump overboard. It feels as if we are all going to drown regardless.

    Just some thoughts from someone who is in that situation right this moment. I think it will take a little more than some pictures to wake the Koolaide drinkers up. It’s also going to take more than a few opinion leaders coming out and speaking to the press. Because, we are taught to categorically ignore the press as “merchants of chaos.” Pretty much anything “critical” is going to be ignored.

    I think that it would take the Independent movement organizing and gaining enough traction as a safe alternative before more would jump ship. It’s a similar situation to the alternative medicine movement vs. the medicos (which started in Seattle by the way.) Most people hate doctors but they keep going back because their lives are at stake and they don’t know where else to go…

  159. Summer of 1975 on the HQS course, did Objectives on someone, we co-audited. At the FSO audited a few staff and 2-3 public FCCIs on old Standard Dianetics. On the RPF in 1989 co-audited for a month. On the RPF 96-2003, co-audited Truth rundown and FPRD, including training on almost everything up to Grade 5, which is done GAT style on the RPF these days.

    I admit I never liked overall the concept that enlightenment about one’s spiritual nature and abilities was dependent on having to receive auditing/therapy. I more bought into Scientology hoping it had the answers, and it was the L Rundowns with the prospect of guaranteed out of the body abilities that drew me all the years I was in.

    Therapy and talk talk talk about past lives, etc, didn’t do much for me, honestly (127 pc folders, and thus NCG, hah). And at the end of my last RPF stint (6 years worth), I concluded all my tens of thousands of imagined past lives I’d discovered in my 27 years of auditing were just my imagined “case.” That gave me a permanent good feeling of relief, but that’s just me, obviously. (In Scientological terms, I’ve returned back down to the real case state that I am, which is below the bottom of the Grade Chart, per where I supposedly sit on the Awareness Characteristics column that goes down the center of the Bridge; if future and past lives are real, then I figured there’s still eternity in front of me, to cognite in some future lifetime, laugh.)

  160. Very important reference Martin! Thanks for repeating this link and the point!

    If anyone wished to look to an LRH model for reforming Scientology this Ron’s Journal’s comments on the “reform code” that was done in 1968 is a must look model.

    It’s something that EEI (Estab Exec Int) ought research, repilot the surveying done in 1968 for what the public was upset with Scientology about, and pilot the reforms based on new surveys!

  161. Your humble servant

    Class IV,

    Thanks for this personal perspective. It’s valuable.

  162. That rocks, Martin. Thank you!

  163. Back around 1998 or so, I was doing to body routing on Hollywood Blvd at the book store. (forget the name of the building) Anyway, Diana Hubbard was there with us instant hatting us on successful actions she has had in the past with regard to body rounting. She was very pleasent and fun to work with. I remember being totally intimiadate by her being Ron’s daughter. I wish I could go back, I’d like to visit with her more.
    It was my understanding, rumor and scuttle-butt, that she had a tendency to participate with Int and then leave for long periods of time, as though she could come and go as she pleased. Not sure of the truth of any of that. If she’s still connected to Int, she must really be under DM’s thumb. If she’s not, I’ll be she’s in hiding… and for good.

  164. Bozz — Diana left the SO for a time and married a record producer. She then returned. She is at Int and does not come and go as she pleases. She is a total drone — writing “scripts” that are never approved. She had been doing this for many years up til at least 2007. It wouldnt surprise me if she was still doing the same thing and still hasnt had a script approved. Miscavige has her on a treadmill to nowhere. Perhaps Steve Hall and Dan Koon will share their observations too.

  165. Hey Mark! Hope all is well, I’m the author of the link you posted above. We’ve gone ‘big time’ now and have a new URL, I wanted to be sure that your followers didn’t receive a dead link. If you could update any links you’ve posted, here’s the new:

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