Open Letter to Tom Cruise


David Miscavige Violates Tom Cruise’s Confessional

You Were Put On Notice in August 2009

Your Good Name Was Invoked in the Worst Kind Of Bullying


As the recent email cycle below between a National Enquirer ‘journalist’ and myself clearly demonstrates, you have nothing to fear from me or the independent Scientologist community.  As a matter of well-demonstrated fact, we have your back.  As the referenced posts above clearly demonstrate you have every reason to continue to distance yourself from Miscavige (any perceived ‘leadership’ abilities notwithstanding) and corporate Scientology.  In case you hadn’t noticed I share your recently expressed claim of a distaste for bullies.  You too can do something effective about the one you and I helped to empower.


From: mark rathbun <>
To: “Robinson, Belinda” <>
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 6:23 PM
Subject: Re: JOURNALIST interested in interview…
     Thanks, but no thanks.

From: “Robinson, Belinda” <>
To: mark rathbun <>
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 3:12 PM
Subject: RE: JOURNALIST interested in interview…
Hi Marty,
Thanks for your reply.
My editor however wants you to know that The Enquirer is prepared to pay you at least $20,000 [twenty thousand]
for some of the confessional stuff you got from Tom Cruise. In addition, we would promote your new book, and a major Enquirer cover story about it would likely bring a flood of offers from publishers.At the very least, will you grant me the opportunity to come and interview you in Texas about as much as you are prepared to say about Tom Cruise – including the same information you told The Independent.I look forward to hopefully coming out to see you.

Belinda Robinson
The National Enquirer
646.935.6048 (office)
347.651.4492 (cell)

From: mark rathbun <>
To: “Robinson, Belinda” <>
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: JOURNALIST interested in interview…
    No thanks.  I won’t ever disclose secrets confessed to me in auditing. Ever.

From: “Robinson, Belinda” <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:26 PM
Subject: JOURNALIST interested in interview…

Hi Marty,
I’m a reporter for The Enquirer in New York.
I got your e-mail address from Guy Adams, a journalist with The Independent in the UK.

I sent a letter to your ‘Bayshore Court, Ingleside on the Bay’ address via FedEx yesterday, which I hope that you have received.

However, in case you didn’t get that letter, I wanted to touch base with you to let you know we’re interested in your story about your time as Inspector General for the Church of Scientology.

We are truly fascinated by your time at the helm of this organization and would like to interview you specifically about what you may know about Tom Cruise and his secrets — as you performed auditing on him.

We would like to offer you compensation for an on-the-record interview about any of Tom’s secrets, which you, and no one else knows.

If you’d like, we can also work with you if you do not want to put your name to the story but will still give us some information on Tom Cruise.

Please feel free to get in contact with me by phone or e-mail: 646.935.6048 or

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.

Belinda Robinson
The National Enquirer
646.935.6048 (office)
347.651.4492 (cell)

Update: 5/18 a.m.: Fishbowl LA coverage

229 responses to “Open Letter to Tom Cruise

  1. Sindy Fagen

    Thanks Marty.

    Maybe the Enquirer would fare better if they directed their request at David Miscavige. He doesn’t seem to have a problem divulging confessional data and certainly seems moved by cold hard cash.

    Tom Cruise, you’re on the wrong side of the fence.

  2. God bless you for refusing to never, ever, disclose anything confessed to you in session, Marty. Even for considerable funds. Such a stark contrast to DM’s new Nazi version of Scientology.

  3. Oh, and Tom Crusie, I was in Scientology many years before you even heard of it, and well before DM had the reins. You have no idea what it was like in the 70s. Orgs and missions were full, auditors were being made and it was actually a hell of a lot of fun. You would have no way of knowing because you weren’t there. But that is the Scientology that Marty is supporting. DM is NOT supporting that. Was it perfect back in the day? No. But it was it was fun and it really felt like a Movement. Do you feel like you are part of a movement today? I bet you don’t.

  4. Indeed, how insulting to you as an Auditor to be asked to break your confidence with TC! If you were to ever do something like that, it would be a death blow to the Independent movement. Of course, that hasn’t stopped DM from divulging your “secrets” for his benefit. If only Tom would wake up and go public with whatever he may have witnessed, it could potentially be the end of Miscavige’s reign.

  5. Tom.
    I liked your Interview.
    I liked what you said about your faith and how you handled the question.
    I see you care for others.
    Please be the Scientologist I think you are and reconsider the meaning of the Scientology symbol (Scientology, KRC and ARC).
    One decision of yours and a new cycle of revitalization for all Scientologists can begin.

    Take responsibility. You know what is going on.

  6. It looks as these guys don’t know that Marty is still a Standard Tech Auditor.
    Or they don’t know what Scientology is all about.

  7. Hey Marty – I don’t know you much, except for a few emails we’ve traded here and there. Thank you for your life advice, even though I’ve never been a public of on-staff Scientologist.

    I figured and was waiting for something like this after Mr. Cruise’s recent magazine article. Kind of waiting to hear if any offers come through after the recent Travolta affairs that have been plaguing the celebrity blogs recently.

    However, you’ve proven yet again that you’re a very good and decent man, and that helping all people is your only prerogative.

    The book you recommended was was great, by the way. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

  8. truthteller67

    Pure Theta. Pure Theta.

    Thank you Marty.
    Tom, stop supporting the squirrels.


  9. Gawd…..I wonder if they send letters like that to the confessors of pedophile priests. Ugh.

    Way to keep the Code!

  10. Captain Bob

    That says it all for you OT7’s and OT8’s getting your six month sec checks. We got the goods on you.

  11. It takes caourage and balls to do that Marty. Well done. Hopefully one day Tom will wake up.

  12. Captain Bob

    ” I never received a single suggestion from Miscavige during the recovery process.”

    dots connected. thank you.

  13. I would venture to say that not only would Marty not divulge any “secrets” confessed in an auditing session, he also doesn’t give a flying fuck what those secrets are, only that they are handled with standard tech.

    I’d also wager that any secrets he has been told were of so little significance to him that he’s probably forgotten most of them.

  14. Good on ya, Marty. I hope Lisa, John et al. are also taking note. — Mike


  16. Tom Gallagher


    It sure seems to me that POB is in a whirlwind of a shit-storm of his own making.

    This Internet ‘thingy’ is biting him in his own coffee enema-ed ass.

    My question, from my semi-remote viewpoint: “Is POB suffering from a broken and smitten heart?” And is he now lashing out against his former Juliets, Romeos, and other bought and paid-for admirers?

    Aren’t these signs of the little sociopath’s final meltdown?

  17. Marty- (my kindle fire doesn’t seem to have a comma)
    You are truly a class act.
    I hope Tom Cruise wakes up.

  18. Please feel free to edit my post.

  19. lol

  20. $20k is nothing… cheap bastards. Ad infinitum, there is nothing to compare monetarily along side personal integrity.

    Good onya Marty for the point, as if anyone should expect, perhaps especially Tom himself, from a true Scientology Minister, anything less.

  21. Awesome Marty- thanks very much! Codes and Integrity are way more important than the inflating green back!

  22. Phil de Fontenay

    Well Done Marty! You are a real stand up guy that I am very happy to be associated with. 🙂

    There is just something I love about Texas and Texans ~lol

  23. Although comments are open on several of the recent puff peices re Tom Cruise and the church of scientology it seems all comments calling out the church of scientology are removed.

    Didn’t even mention David Miscavige, just that the problem wasn’t the religion, scientology, it was the organisation, the church of scientology.

  24. Agreed, Sinar!…Well-done, Marty!

    (The truth of it is, we’ve all done whatever we’ve done…and, probably…by-and-large…SO WHAT!)

  25. Tony Dephillips

    Lisa Marie Pressley performed her (what I call) anti Miscaviage song in front of millions of viewers. Her mother was in the audience supporting her.

    Maybe the tide is turning…..

  26. Freedom Fighter

    God, Miscavage is a tiny little man — in more ways than one …

  27. Marty, Thanks for standing up for decency. Thanks for honoring the priest-penitent promise of privacy.

    One of the many reasons the church of Scientology is now dead is that the church under David Miscavige violates the priest-penitent relationship.

    Tom Cruise: Please see the Truth Rundown online from the St Petersburg Times that Marty did. (it’s now called the Tampa Bay Times)

  28. $20,000.00 Is Pennies to the National Enquirer. They earn this in 15 minutes of the day selling their stories that people like Cher had 14 abortions in one year. 🙂 For goodness sakes, don’t people like that have anything else better to do? The O/W’s of people that are IN the church are worth much more than Tom Cruise’s petty O/W’s. Isn’t that amazing that not one blackened soul in the church would admit their own O/W’s and come clean even for $20,000.00? Integrity is either something that you have or you don’t have, point blank. I have some and so does anybody else to tell the National Enquirer to go back to the abortion stories! : They make more money! 🙂

  29. It seems to me that Tom is a man of loyalty. Loyalty is one powerful virtue.

    It is freely given out of one’s expressed integrity.

    It is Integrity itself.

    But in my life, I have been in positions with people whom I have promised loyalty that ceased deserving that loyalty. It put me in intense conflict with my conscience regarding the promise of loyalty to that person.

    It is when loyalty started becoming self abuse that I had to reevaluate my position. It was not easy because I love being loyal to those I care about. And I love being true to my word.

    But there comes a time in all of our lives when we must make the choice to be free of negative people. People who drag us down, people who are not as benevolent towards us as we are to them. People who use our goodness and loyalty for their own selfish purposes.

    Sometimes good people put up with bad people because they are good.

    Just ask this one question,” has this person been a positive influence on me or a negative one?”

    “Don’t let your affinity overwump your reality” LRH

  30. Message for Tom,
    The hard part is not figuring out what is going on…..
    The hard part is confronting and being responsible for what you see.
    Believe your eyes.
    They do not lie.
    Only Truth sets you free.

  31. No surprise to me – of course Marty won’t talk about Cruise’s sessions. Marty is an Auditor. And that’s how Auditors roll.

  32. Agreed Sindy! But DM won’t go for a measly $12k.

  33. Thanks Marty. I hope Tom realizes the true friend he has in you one day.

  34. Way to keep your integrity in, Marty. Proud of you!

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  36. “journalist” Robinson has selected the wrong guy. In her quest to get as sensational gossip as she can on Tom Cruise, she totally misses the point of the news business. That’s why the National Enquirer is flushing down the same toilet as Rupert Murdoch’s flagship media turds. Belinda R would be smarter to rise up a level and write about the Dear Misleader’s Machiavellian ways that made a little nobody guy become the head of a religion ……. and predict how he about to lose it all.

  37. Felicitas Foster

    Thank you for there jection of that nasty offer. No true auditor would ever devulge anything from a session and break the confidentiality.

  38. What I find remarkable is that there are no Scientologists in the Church today. Applying the tech is part of the definition.
    The more people like TC, JT or anyone distance themselves from the influence of Miscavige there’s more chance of them rehabbing Scientology.
    As it is, I reckon suppressed fear is about as highest tone in the RCS – they know something is very wrong.

  39. The Oracle

    Well, I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Tell her to come on down with the check for 20 grand and you will tell her all you know about David Miscavige! The “leader of the fastest growing religion on Earth”!

  40. I seriously wouldn’t put it past him (Miscavige) to “let slip” some confessional data and have it engineered so it looks like it came from Marty. Let’s not forget how twisted this guy and his regime have become.

    To Belinda Robinson: go find some journalistic ethics.

    To Tom: I know you got my letter of October 2009; the same holds true today. And BTW, The Enquirer could have added any number of zeroes to the offer and I assure Marty would still say no. See the difference between a Scientologist and Miscavige now?

  41. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Marty, just hope that your comm. somehow gets
    through to Tom. He’s a really good guy, as you and Mike
    have attested, but till now has seemingly totally bought
    into the over the top 5 star blinkering tactics, laid out
    for him by DM,

    The barriers to open comm.are, of course, held in place
    simply by postulates, and are removed with the aid of
    simple, gentle ol’ ARC. Water carves canyons into rock,
    proving that the “solid ” stuff is no match!

    You have our support, postulates and communication,
    as “abrasive” components, in the flow of your fluid
    communications, which serve to file down, the resistance
    to that flow, and increase the velocity & therefore power.

    This fool, DM, is so shut off, that he is, oblivious to the
    swelling “flash flood” heading his way, by trying to dam
    up the massive pressure of water (truth) with a jerry built
    barrier (to comm,) that would make a beaver cringe with

    As I said in the previous post, Marty, some strategically
    placed, “detonations” such as your one here, with Tom,
    can bring the whole stinking, rotten, House of Horrors
    crashing down in a huge pile of rubble.

    Demolition done an’ dusted, we can then simply rebuild
    Scientology from the bottom up, with ARC, LRH tech
    and people, the way it was intended,with simplicities.
    no cruel dictatorships, crush regs., Idle morgues,
    or insanity.

    Kudos, mate, wer’e very much part of you, don’t forget


  42. Well done Marty on refusing! Whatever disagreements I may have with you on a very few issues, you are a hero in my book.

  43. Jethro Bodine

    Marty has enough integrity to NOT sell out. Marty has enough integrity to NOT use information obtained in a confessional as blackmail material. The same can’t be said about David Miscavige or Radical Corporate Scientology. Enough said.

  44. Poor Mrs. Robinson. As she knows that she can buy any information she also knows that she can trust no one. She cannot talk freely to anyone here on Earth. She should change her job. This job and pay is not worth this kind of life.

  45. Globetrotter

    I actually think that Miscavige directed someone at OSA to have an undercover OSA operative give a “tip” to the Enquirer that if they wanted to have juicy details about TC, they could surely get it from Marty if they offered enough cash. I bet Miscavige thought Marty would fall for it so he would have had the “see? I told you he was in it for the money” card to play. Poor Dave. He assumed Marty would do what Dave would any day – sell any friend or person who trusted him if the price was right.

    It doesn’t work like that out here Davey. Marty and the good people out here have that thing that you lack entirely: INTEGRITY.

  46. Globetrotter

    I would also like to point out (in case someone didn’t catch it) that Marty didn’t just turn down $20k but also a LOT of promised publicity for himself and his book, which, given the circulation, is easily worth 10 times the cash offered, probably more.

    My hat’s off to you, Marty. That was the right thing to do, and publishing the email from that rotten outfit is just adds some fun and class to the whole thing 🙂


  47. Very well done, Marty.

  48. TO: Despite Miscavige’s over-inflated view of himself, he is not front page news. He won’t increase circulation for the Enquirer. He is not a household name. In fact, he is a recluse: he never makes any public statements or media appearances, he always has others speaking on his behalf. Nobody knows who he is at all outside of those who have had the misfortune to come across him in the RCS.

    I know your comment was tongue in cheek, but it prompted me to note this truth about POB. In his mind, he is the holy grail for every reporter in the world. He is deluded.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  49. Hi Tony, Wow, her mother was there? I was wondering how that was going to work out or if Priscilla was going to disconnect…

  50. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. TheWidowDenk


    This just makes me darn proud! Rachel

  52. Grub
    Deer tick
    Parasitic wasp
    Belinda Robinson
    Hook worm
    Editor of The Enquirer
    Tape worm
    Heart worm
    Hagfish (slime eel)
    David Miscavige

    …various creatures that devour prey from the inside out.

  53. +1!!!! 😀

  54. Good point Mike. Nobody gives a damn about David Miscavige in the real world. Fact.

  55. You call the statements attributed to Karin Pouw, always by e-mail and never in person, “speaking on his behalf”? 🙂

    What Karin does (or, presumably what others do in her name, since she’s never actually heard from live in public these days unlike her illustrious predecessor) hardly advances the cause of Miscavige’s image, or the image of Scientology. Instead, a bloviating e-mail from Karin Pouw is now an optional additional foot bullet that piles on the stupidity to whatever flap is in process at that time.

    Apparently, Miscavige never got the memo that PR is about having a conversation with reporters, respecting them and their point of view, and then interacting with them and bending their viewpoint to advance the interests of the organization.

  56. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  57. It is inevitable that celebrities will sooner or later distance themselves from Scn Inc. The question is, will they do it quietly or publicly? Well, let’s take it from their viewpoint. How do you explain to the world that during 30 years you supported a group that was corrupt and violated human rights? How do you tell the world that you were a blind robot who gave away millions of dollars to a lunatic without becoming a pubic laughing stock? So their main problem is really a PR problem. Plus the fear that DM might retaliate by disclosing stuff about them they’d prefer to remain undisclosed – the crazy SOB is capable of anything.

    I am sure that most celebrities, unless they live on a desert island, already know who DM really is. If one or two of them gather the guts to speak out, the others will follow.

    And it’ll become very hard for DM to convince even the Kool-Aid Drinkers that TC, JT, KP, KA, GR, AA, et al. are all suppressive.

    Can’t wait.

    P.S.: A majority of my friends who recently went independent are ARTISTS. Artists are dealing with aesthetics – the wavelength closest to theta. When it all becomes MEST, MEST, MEST, I guess there is only so much you can take as an artist until you finally snap and say to hell with it.

  58. I commend you, Marty, for having the integrity to keep silent about the contents of a PC folder, unlike what appears to be pervasive practice in the corrupt Church of Scientology.

    Integrity aside, look at how much the National Enquirer might have made in the event Marty learned something salacious about Tom Cruise and spilled the beans. The cover price of the National Enquirer is $3.95 at the supermarket, and they receive roughly half of that. The “rate base” (average circulation) is about 600,000 per week. But from what I understand from friends who work in the magazine business, really big covers with immense once-in-a-lifetime scoops can easily spike sales of magazines like the Enquirer, People, etc. to at least double the average number of copies, occasionally even more.

    Details of Tom’s secret Scientology confessions would probably be one of the biggest scoops the National Enquirer had run in years. So it’s not unreasonable to think they’d sell an extra million copies with a scoop that had particularly lurid details. In other words, by paying Marty $20,000 for really good information, they’d have a shot at an extra $2,000,000 in sales. If you do the math, their proposed fee to Marty would be only 1% of the extra money they might make as a direct result of whatever he told them. The other $1,980,000 is pure profit.

    Marty would inevitably be sued by hotshot entertainment attorney Bert Fields, and the legal fees for defending himself would cost way more than the $20,000 he gained from the interview (Fields and other entertainment lawyers are undoubtedly familiar with the range of fees that these magazines pay sources, so the minimum goal of any litigation they bring is to ensure that the source pays way more than they earned in legal fees and ends up losing money on the deal). So even if Marty didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement of any kind with the Church, he’d face immense financial pressure as a result of being sued.

    But more importantly, the National Enquirer’s offer is an insult — any source thinking of selling them a story should have a clear idea what their information is truly worth before they sign on the dotted line. It would be crazy to get paid $20,000 and take on the almost 100% chance of a lawsuit so that the Enquirer could earn $1,980,000 on the fruit of your efforts.

  59. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Classy response Marty.
    Reporters take note: Some people care very much about the ‘dirty little secrets’ of others. Those who do are no better than the cult they are condemning. Don’t be the cheap scumbags the church would like to say you are. Do the right thing: expose the crimes of the church and leave the victims to recover and tell their stories in their own good time without helping the church to destroy them.

  60. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “Don’t let your affinity overwump your reality” LRH
    I like that quote 🙂
    What is the source reference please?

  61. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Ah good information to have. That means it’s highly unlikely the cult has Lisa’s mother held hostage as leverage over her freedom to communicate.
    Someone pass the popcorn please?

  62. Your humble servant

    “No true auditor would ever devulge anything from a session and break the confidentiality.” Yes, and no true Scientology lead would countenance it, much less do it himself, and no true Scientologist would think it possible that the practice of divulging confessional data would ever occur within the “Church” of Scientology.

  63. Wow. didn’t know check book journalism was so, for lack of a better word, overt. Wonder how they would pay? More for overts of commission? Less for overts of omission…

    Hope this doesn’t get back as a fund raising idea.

  64. Your humble servant


    Actually, I think a story about Miscavige’s doings would sell Enquirers. True, he is a recluse nobody himself, not a celebrity, but Scientology is news. A headline like Scientology Leader Beats his Staff While Drinking Scotch would sell lots of papers at supermarket checkout stands. The only reason they don’t do it is it would buy them big legal troubles.

  65. Somehow i suspect that Marty would not grant an interview to the Enquirer at any price, no matter the subject.

  66. Random Stranger

    I, on the other hand, am cashing in on this opportunity with The Enquirer. Here are a few tantalizing tidbits of what I handed over to the Enquirer about Tom Cruise’s O/Ws. I love this 20 Gee’s, it makes a nice stack.


    1) Put Heber in a vice-like headlock while Miscavige pushed him from behind, ramming him repeatedly into a filing cabinet, but failed to hold on tight enough, causing Heber to accidentally step on DM’s shoe, which really annoyed him.

    2) Got mud on Oprah’s couch.

    3) Failed to punch, slap, kick, choke and throw to the floor Matt Lauer.

    4) Told Miscavige his hair looked good when it actually looked dumb.

    5) Read the John Travolta sex lawsuit aloud to DM while they both laughed and pretended they were masseurs.

    6) Put a death-ray intention beam into the head of that jerk who squirted him with that fake microphone.

    7) Bullied some old Sea Org RPF woman into cutting his lawn with her teeth, just for laughs.

    8) Got so blind drunk on Scotch with Miscavige one night he puked for over two hours.

    9) Hid from Miscavige after an event because he was looking for money.

    10) Got really mad at Lisa Marie Presley when she refused to increase her IAS status.

    There are hundreds of pages of this stuff. The Enquirer is also offering one million dollars for a Tom Cruise secretly-taped session video. So far, no one has come forward.

  67. And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson
    Jesus loves you more than you will know

  68. PersonalJudas

    What’s the difference between a Catfish and a tabloid hack ?
    The one’s a scum-sucking, bottom-feeding scavenger,

    the other one’s a fish.

  69. Just for the record, I note that you were not offered $20,000, Marty. You were offered “at least $20,000”.

    Good work.

  70. John — absolutely correct in all respects.

    Miscavige’s problem isnt limited to reporters. He doesnt care to interact with anyone. They are ALL beneath him. He tells people what to do and if they don’t comply he assaults them.

  71. The reporter from the enquirer had no idea of the nature of the man she e-mailed. No idea. Not clue one.
    On news stands right now the Enquirer and other are ripping into Travolta. I am sure they will get to Cruise as well. But it won’t be with any assistance from Marty. I have followed this blog from its inception and it comes as no surprise, none whatsoever, that Marty shut them down cold. But the story will come anyway from others and Cruise needs to start surrounding himself with some stand up folks.

  72. Tom Cruse was the only celeb who called me “Sir” back in early 90’s at Int Base when he was getting audited in the Translation Unit spaces. I know he was driven off the rails and out of valance later by DM but I remember when he was a great guy and I am pretty sure he still is.

  73. Holy Jose Cuervo, my “confront of sleaze” needs a little bolstering. The Enquirer is disgusting and I think it’s an insult that they offered you cash to violate your ethics and the auditors code Marty. Obviously they don’t have a clue what Scientology is really about. I sincerely hope Tom Cruise finds out who his friends really are on day.

  74. spelling error: “I sincerely hope Tom Cruise finds out who his friends really are ONE day.”….

  75. Tony Dephillips

    Yep, on American Idol in the audience. She was beaming and smiling at her girl laying the hammer down on dm.

  76. Tony Dephillips

    Extra butter?

  77. TheWidowDenk

    Great comment! LOL and liking … Rachel

  78. Tony Dephillips

    I also left a message at Tom’s personal website but it was moderated so I’m sure it won’t make it. But maybe the moderator will pass on to Tom what people are saying. I told Tom that I have spoken to several ex-Sea Org members who were physically attacked by David Miscaviage and that if Tom were a true Humanitarian he would look at his own church first.

  79. Excellent, Marty. Thanks for showing that some things have nothing to do with money.

  80. By the way, as one auditor to another, I know that not only was divulging this information not an option, there was not even an inkling of temptation. You would have turned down $1 Million. This is Scientology, and this is what it means to have honor.

  81. The same old LDW

    It all seems to boil down a simple observation. Some people do and some people do not have integrity.

    Most people tend to look up to and emulate their opinion leaders. There is a strength of beingness that some people have that just inspires the average person to want to aspire to. When I look at Mike and Marty I see two quite different people with distinct differences and similarities. The main quality they share, which is extremely inspiring to me, is their ability to observe accurately an existing scene and to evaluate the past and future based on accurate evaluations of data. Another attribute they seem to share is a tremendous ability to grant beingness and life and importance to others. Seems we can add the extremely laudable virtue of “can’t be bought” at any price.

    You just can’t buy these virtues, dave. You have to earn them. You can collect 50 billion dollars from your clapping seals and you still won’t have any joy other than the glee of insanity. You can’t beat loyalty into people, dave. Eventually they always revolt. You can’t buy loyalty, dave. Someone always has more money to purchase temporary fidelity.

    True joy comes from honestly helping others, dave. It comes from personally producing something of actual value to another being. All the bragging and false reports in the world won’t cover up the truth in the long run.

    I know that’s waaaaaay over your head, dave. I know you think it’s just big con. I know you can’t get it. But maybe some of your victims will, and they will turn on you…not for money, but to try and earn back their own personal integrity.

  82. To be clear, I was not suggesting or implying that Marty would have talked if more money were involved. I was just exploring how the economics of the National Enquirer’s offer were insidiously evil.

  83. Right, well stated John P.
    Thanks Marty for having priceless integrity.

  84. Rory Medford

    Tom Cruise has finally opened his eyes!!!! He for sure is distancing himself from the people who have taken advantage of him for personal gain and personal fancy. Tom will become stronger because of DM’s selfish and sinister ways. He will no longer support the smoke and mirrors presented by the C of S. Now his career will blossom again bc suppression is now off his lines. Hurrayyy for Tom!!!! The hell with The Cult of Greed. Time magazine had it right in 1991!!!! Asa long as DM is in charge SCN will dwindle and fade away into the sunset just like every other dicktator did!

  85. I was just watching an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen talking about his new movie The Dictator. He made the point that beyond the thuggery and self-importance of your average Dictator they are above all LUDICROUS. Miscavige is just the butt of jokes now.

  86. Understood and didn’t think you meant that.

  87. 1+
    Very well said.

  88. Thank you Marty for your post. It gives us some hope and confidence about the true Scientology, its real values.

    Tom Cruise, I really hope that you will weak up soon, because you are a great and powerful thetan and a great and powerful artist. Independent Scientologists and sincere friends of Ron need you ! Really, Tom.

  89. “wake up” not “weak up” ! Sorry !… 😉

  90. E.J. Croughs

    Correct, but it doesn’t hurt to have the media change that and let the real world know about him.

  91. YHS,
    I think you would have to get down to basics for the Enquirer to bite on Miscarraige. The golden thong, the tanning beds ……you know ….more juicy stuff for which that mag is known.

  92. I’m with Doug, my confront of sleaze has just upped a whole bunch of notches.
    It had been bolstered by the OSA sites into what I figured had to be the sleaziest. I wonder who will out-sleaze the other on this one. It’s a coin toss.

  93. Michael Finley

    Marty, I would expect nothing less of you. You are definitely not “on the take” and your personal integrity in not in question for sure. Even if they had offered a cool million, you wouldn’t have budged from your personal ideals. I am proud to see that you have made clear the ‘SMUT MAG’S’ intention. The Auditor’s Code rules!


  94. Assuming Michael Finley is your real name – I say Hurrah! and Welcome! Short and to the point! Well said!

  95. Welcome back on the Bridge to total Freedom ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  96. Rory — I dont think he has opened his eyes. I think the ONLY reason he seems to be careful in his utterances is that he knows to come out in overt and direct support of his thug friend cult leader is bad for business. He knows it will be picked up and he will become a laughingstock once again. I suspect even POB has advised him not to try and shill for the church on press junkets. It’s funny, 15 years ago Miscavige used to natter about Cruise NOT “disseminating” in his media appearances, calling him a dilettante and PTS. If Miscavige hadn’t turned the RCS into a human rights abusing Vulture Culture, Cruise COULD have done a lot of broad dissemination. In fact, Miscavige initiated the “Ideal Orgs” program in part because “he didnt want the public that Tom was driving in on the orgs to be repelled by the shitty premises” (he didnt notice that they are actually repelled by his squirrel tech and his world renowned abuses of people).

  97. Also her daughter and her boyfriend, all beaming wit vvgis ! 🙂
    Seems to be a strong family !

  98. Journey Continued

    I am sure TC feels like having a movement after he realises how badly he is being used by DM!

  99. Ziba Feulner

    Yes, I saw it too 🙂

  100. Ziba Feulner

    Ooh, that’s a nice one. Would love to know the source but great quote 🙂

  101. Ziba Feulner

    Hilarius as ever, RS…

  102. Ziba Feulner

    Marty, nice job – great example of integrity!

  103. Ziba Feulner

    Well said, Michael Finely!!! 🙂

  104. Actually, Marty turned down a lot more than $20K. That was the opening bid with an invitation to negotiate.

    Well done Marty!

  105. Hi Marty, we haven’t been in comm much lately. I wanted anyhow to thank you for being a man of honour. Thank you for defending the auditor code even in front of a great financial offer. Thank to the publicity you could have easily earned 100.000copies of your book sold. You held the ground. You are a great man. A big hug from a far away friend.

  106. They don’t know what Scn is about, don’t know what Scns are about, and don’t know much about the importance of integrity. This is why we have Scientology.

  107. Definitely well said.

  108. Well, R/S, old buddy, I know they exist because I was there in December 1995 when Ray Mithoff gave TC some sessions at CC Int and the shelf behind Ray his a video camera so that people could look in on the session and record it. Those times it happened to be Greg Wilhere, Lynn Engen and myself. Since we are all auditors, it is doubtful that any of us would bite for the 20Gs, but you never know about some video archive flunky at Gold who might need more that the 500 buck golden handkerchief that retiring S.O. members receive when they route out. Yeah, Tom Cruise, your sessions at CC Int were being observed and Lord knows how many more. I would guess a LOT, since you were the number 1 item on your good best buddy’s BP every day, even if it was not explicitly written.

  109. ThetaPotata

    I’m reading this list thinking how the hell are you going to link all these together? Really made me laugh, good job! and unfortunately you’re right!

  110. (Who’s going to pick up the coin? Yick.) Interesting observation about confront going up. There’s so much that could be said about integrity v. money. I decided to send off some bucks to support this site – it’s not a lot, but it’s clean, and that makes a lot of difference.

  111. ThetaPotata

    The total worldwide box office for Ghost Protocol was nearly $700 million (the best of all the Mission Impossible movies.) So, Mr. Cruise’s stats aren’t exactly crashing out. Maybe he’s disconnecting from any SP’s that may be on his lines.

  112. Freedom Fighter

    Check out these lyrics to one of the other songs on her new album:

    So Long

    Written by LMP, Sacha Skarbek, Luke Potashnick.

    This here is a city without lights
    Those are all the people without eyes
    Churches they don’t have a soul
    Soup for sale without a bowl
    Religion so corrupt and running lives
    Farewell fair weathered friends
    I can’t say I’ll miss you in the end


    So long, seems that I was so wrong
    Seems I wasn’t that strong
    Dead wrong, and now I’m long gone
    Wrong side, I’ve been sleeping on the wrong side
    Stains all over my soul I can’t hide
    Nothings more clear than goodbye

    These roads they don’t lead to anything
    These people they talk, they say nothing
    Actors who don’t have a part
    Heartfelt people with no heart
    I’ll find a new crowd
    Make a new start
    Farewell fair weathered friends
    I can’t say I’ll miss you in the end


    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, say nothing at all if you’ve nothing nice to say


    Fair weather friends indeed!! Aside from the vulture culture, this is the biggest issue I have with the “church”. Lisa, you go girl!!!!

  113. Li'll bit of stuff

    Integrity Personified.

  114. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, again, enormous bang for the buck here, (no pun either)
    If these celebs, can turn, then this could be momentous!
    Wouldn’t you agree it’s good to see there’s a little more maturity
    coming through on the blog these days? Tom never deserved
    any of those cheap pot-shots taken at him, just the blinkers
    removed. Nice progress on the strategically placed explosives!

  115. Li'll bit of stuff

    Congrats Michael, the big step taken! you can
    further validate your move, by listing on Steve
    Hall’s Indie 500 list. Google him up, it’s done in
    just a few minutes. Enjoy the increase of freedom
    resulting from these fwo moves friend. VVWD!!!!.

  116. The Oracle

    Laughter! I went to their web site and searched for Tom Cruise. Page after page after page. Someone over at N.E. has paid off a mortgage piggy backing on Tom Cruise! It’s like going to ESMB and searching for Marty!

  117. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Misha, this is th’ biznizz !! No wrong targeting from you
    mate. Laser sights on correct target, though! Aim…FIRE!!!
    Best, Calvin.

  118. Tony Dephillips

    You definitely I’ll can walk the walk. You’re pretty good at talking the talk also. 🙂

  119. Li'll bit of stuff

    Well said Sam.

  120. Li'll bit of stuff

    Agree, E.J. ” Un salvageable Savage Miscavige .”

  121. Richard Royce

    Thanks for your post. I adopt your statement as my own!


  122. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sindy, Tom is no fool either, just hitherto blinkered!
    We all know that’s no crime, ’cause most of us here
    were too! Thing is, the right thing to do next, is, tell
    him, EN MASS, by doing what Marty and Tony (later
    on this blog,) already have!

    Some one able to help us out, here, by posting that
    video song by a female artist/group…..” tell him..” ?

  123. ThetaPotata, my take is that the longer Tom Cruise keeps his distance from; Miscavige, statements in defense of Scientology, CCHR, WTH, Narconon, and anything Scientological Inc related, the quicker his PR and stats will start to e v e r s o s l o w l y recover. However, until he “disconnects” with that Radical Scientology Jackbooted valence he’s wearing he won’t ever start to really recover from his PTS’ness, if thats what you want to call it. Disconnecting from baddy SP’s is just a start for him, he’s going to have to re-examine the fundamental Axioms and Logics of the subject from the purpose they were written, not how they were twisted to justify the bad COPY of the Scientology Philosophy into a Serv Fac. Marty audited him, he would know better, but my guess is the Cruise Missile has a long way to go to get all that crap stripped off him. I for one, wish him the best and hope he gets back in session with Marty or someone else and gets all that handled someday. He’s going to need some help.

  124. Mister Finley!

    Good to see you here old buddy! I’m glad to see you out and about.

    Yup, Marty’s the real deal. Can’t buy that cat – at any price.

  125. Marty can and did speak for himself. He is an auditor and keeps the Auditor’s Code and the Code of Honor in. ‘enough said.

    Tom Cruise can make it without DM. He will regain abilities and zoom once he breaks that link.

  126. Paulo, you wouldn’t by any chance be an Italian Scientologist, with a strong interest in physics and alternative science, was on alt.religion.scientology back in the early- and mid-90s and was also friends with a well-known Scientology pianist, would you? If so, please drop me an email via my link above. We are old friends. Thanks.

  127. Li'll bit of stuff

    dlingen, absolutely, he will gain something, that I believe
    has been lacking, till now. Being able to be absolutely
    true to himself, with no false pretentiousness. with the
    falsity, stripped away ( Miscavology given the heave ho)
    we will see the being, we know as Tom Cruise, REALLY
    take charge!!

  128. Marty, You do us proud! Thank you for your standards.

    Gary (excuse me while I light my torches… 🙂 )

  129. Tony Dephillips

    Perfect Mike.
    This makes total sense to me.

  130. Tony Dephillips


  131. Tony Dephillips

    You definitely can walk the walk. ( error corrected)

  132. Finley,

    Wake the fuck up is right bro. I am glad you contacted me after my announcement on March 13th 2012. We’ll talk more soon.

  133. Exactly. Plus Marty published the offers from the National Enquirer along with his answers so that the entire population of planet Earth is witness to his honesty and integrity.

  134. Captain Bob

    another open letter To tom Cruise———-

    from above open letter to tom cruise marty says-

    “You too can do something effective about the one you and I helped to empower.”

    you = tom cruise
    I = marty

    YOU and I

    from an earlier post:

    comment from RJ:

    RJ | January 8, 2011 at 1:55 am | Reply
    Right on!


    Here’s what Miscavige says in his own words:

    From “The Man Behind Scientology”

    “In 1981, as Mary Sue Hubbard appealed her prison sentence, Miscavige said he and others concluded she had to go. When none of his superiors would confront the founder’s wife, Miscavige stepped forward.

    “I thought if I do something and it’s wrong or I don’t achieve this, I’ve had it. I’m toast,” he said. “But if I don’t do something, after seeing what the GO had been engaged in … I’m convinced I’m toast anyway.”

    During two heated encounters, Miscavige persuaded Mary Sue Hubbard to resign. Together they composed a letter to Scientologists confirming her decision — all without ever talking to L. Ron Hubbard.

    He saw the one-on-one meeting as the only way. “I knew if it was going to be a physical takeover we’re going to lose because they had a couple thousand staff and we (the “messengers”) had about 50. That is the amazing part about it.”

    MARY SUE HUBBARD: The founder’s wife was ousted by Miscavige from her high post in Scientology in 1981.
    Indeed, the scenario is hard to imagine in any other organizational setting. A 21-year-old employee, five years on the staff and with only a modicum of power, manages to oust the boss’s wife by arguing that is what the boss would want.

    “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

    Today, Mary Sue Hubbard lives in California and Miscavige says the two are friends.”

    Again all lies.

    From what I understand he “convinced” to step down the same way he convinced Jane Kember to step down by forging a telex from Ron and cutting any comm line to the Ol’man about it with the help of Pat Broeker.

    There are also rumors that various threats were made to Mary Sue regarding her children and since she’d lost Quentin due to questionable circumstances that were never fully resolved by her own investigation.

    She backed down.

    The line that the “the two are (or were) friends.”

    Is complete unmitigated bull shit!

    He kept her under virtual house arrest after she resigned as ‘Controller’ and hated her so much that he has since tried to obliterate any memory of her by writing her out of Scientology history in a completely Orwellian manner.

    The only actual truth is that he seized power after the coup and continues to hold on to it despite the deleterious effect it is having on the Organization.

    If there is anyone who should step down it is Miscavige!

    As I wrote the guy is a lying sack-o-shit.


    key quote from ted koepel interview:

    ““People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”


    But there is another part DM didn’t say, and that is people will listen to you AND FOLLOW MY ORDERS WITH PUNISHMENT IF THEY DO NOT.

  135. +1

  136. +1! Gosh you make me laugh sometimes Steve!

  137. Juan José López Rodríguez

    I just wanted to congratulate you for the ethical behaviour shown. I know many auditors that have disclosed PC secrets just for the gossip of it. You were given an offer many could not refuse, but your principles, were first. Congratulations, here is a man that can be trusted.

  138. Good point.

  139. martyrathbun09

    For the record, I don’t know what you are referring to when you imply all manner of strategic cunning – I am merely commenting on recent news. Also, I wish you’d not use the explosives analogy – they could be misconstrued. Thanks.

  140. one of those who see

    No thanks. I won’t ever disclose secrets confessed to me in auditing. Ever.
    Thank you for Keeping Scientology Working. Thank you for your integrity and for being here for us. You are truly on the Road To Truth.
    Tom, time to have a beer with your old Auditor.

  141. Kudos to you Marty.
    Another example of how the Independent field has more integrity and is more on-Source than anyone in the chuch.

  142. Bruce Hines

    And Ray and Lynn ended up on the RPF. Ray has clearly lost any integrity he may have had. I wonder what Lynn is up to these days …

  143. What’s up with that backhanded compliment on “maturity”?

    Tom’s condition re David Miscavige is not occassioned by “blinkers”. This is a full on blindness.

  144. Tom Cruise received royal treatment but paid with the highest treason. The fact that he had no knowledge of his sessions being taped while under the impression his presence commanded the most noble of exchange. While I, a mere street urchin, was afforded the holiness of counsel in all of it’s royal form. And today, my P.C. folder data is of little value to anyone. While lurkers from dark alleys seek for of crumb of his . He has to worry about this treason. He unburdened himself and that in itself, has become a burden. He trusted the “top man”, who turned out to be his biggest source of treason. I know exactly how he feels.

    Beautiful Lies

    We loved.
    We lived.
    We laughed
    as others cried.
    We stepped upon
    the trodden and ugly
    then, not feeling
    very guilty.
    “We’re winners”
    …………we lied.

    At pyramids we
    stepped on slaves
    and as they built,
    we destroyed a
    better way. Giving
    those not much
    to say but abide our
    beautiful lies.

    We who used
    our Royal birth,
    for merry mirth
    of those less rich
    and wise.
    Return to find a
    mother blind, who
    hears no cries
    beautiful lies.

  145. Sorry guys, I don’t have the source. It was a quote my friends and I use to say in the late 70’s when I was a Scientologist. I remember reading it and it became a useful piece of info in my life.
    Maybe someone here on Marty’s site with access to Ron’s material can give you source.

    I hope I am accurate in my memory of that quote. It was such a light bulb in the mind that it has stuck all these years.

    Anyone have the source of it?

  146. I use to listen to A LOT of tape lectures, so it could be anywhere.

    My apologies for not being able to direct you to the actual source.

  147. Oh yes, I had many an argument with Andy Hutton about this. He was repeatedly forwarding the DM line, via OSA that “Ideal Orgs” were needed to attract a more upstat public. But even if this were true (which it patently isn’t), there are so many policies that expressly forbid this type of false “expansion” it’s not even funny. I don’t have my OEC vol 7 to hand but there are several policy letters that explicitly forbid this type of building acquisition. It’s never worked, and never will. VERY (yes OSA, VERY) recent data from London tells me that the 54 staff there WAY exceed the number of public on lines at any given time. It is a morgue. From OEC Vol 0
    “Find bigger, posher quarters to handle the flow when it rises”.
    – L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB 14 Jan 69 Issue 1 – OT Orgs
    OEC Volume 0 – Page 756

    Isn’t it ironic that an off-source side comment from Tom Cruise, who I doubt has studied much of the OEC – but is the “greatest disseminator in Scientology” to Miscavige has – inadvertently or otherwise – been more responsible for the decline of Scientology in recent years than anything else, and will ultimately lead to the total destruction of the “Church” as the Idle Morgues descend into insolvency and collapse. There’s an almost poetic justice about it.

  148. Li'll bit of stuff

    Got it on all points, Marty. I take full responsibility for
    any “heat” these brash comments may have caused!

    For your end (effect) of axiom 28, I was referring to
    a total collapse of the current tyranny of Miscavige.

    Appreciate your reply and the salient pointers.

    Have a great, relaxing weekend, with Mosey ( & th’ gang)


  149. Li'll bit of stuff

    Smack! thwack! Okay okay, Jim! Realize this is just
    insidious, nasty stuff, this frigg’n kool-aid juice.
    It seems to dumb down a lot more than just sight!
    At least the BLIND have heightened senses in many
    other departments, and they often “sense” S.P.’s
    pretty darn sharply, don’cha think ?

    Hey man, any vids available, where I can watch
    “Drummer Extraordinaire”in action ? Pretty please?

    Thanx muzo,


  150. Li'll bit of stuff

    Another bright torch shinin’ on the “burglar”,
    Thanks for all the “tell it like it REALLY is”, Mike.

  151. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, tho’ it may require the utmost discretion, it may
    turn out that T.C. cognites on the need, for some assistance with the serious business of “decompression” in the near future! Just expressing some speculation, here, with no further inferences.

  152. I just envisioned Marty and family along with Tom and family out in Marty’s boat fishing with a video of the action right here on this blog. I’m staying tuned.

  153. Marina e Umberto

    VWD Marty!!!
    Ron would be proud of you!!!
    😀 😀 😀

  154. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, 2nd para. above, should read “total implosion”
    as better conveying the original message intended.

  155. Tony Dephillips

    It’s like dm will do anything to make Tommy boy happy, ANYTHING. Dm is a sycophant with a crush on a famous celebrity, his hero Tom Cruise. Then he gets Tom all full of himself, which doesn’t look to be that hard to do. I think Tom Cruise is an ego maniac.

  156. Tony Dephillips

    Good one Richard!

  157. What I don’t understand is why Tom still shills for the church of scientology? It’s utter nonsense that if he doesn”t talk about his religion he’s being too secretive. He just said that as an excuse to talk about it and it’s true when he does he’s promoting the church of scientology not scientology because he’s known to be a member of the organisation. g

  158. You Know Who

    Bertram Fields, Esquire, clearly knows that it is a crime, a violation of California law, to secretly record someone’s private conversation. So, Tom Cruise, undoubtedly advised of his rights by his Attorney, knows that Tom Cruise can file a criminal complaint against David Miscavige and his lieutants for secretly taping his confessional. David Miscavige, and his lieutenants, could, therefore, go to jail for what they have done.

    So, let me ‘ask’, rhetorically: Why has Tom Cruise not filed a criminal complaint, through his Attorney, against David Miscavige for the invasion of his Priest-Penitent confesisonal, the gross violation of criminal statutes and his civil right?

    Answer: Because Tom Cruise support David Miscavige’s perversion of Scientology.

  159. Random Stranger

    MORE TOM CRUISE O/Ws REVEALED (Enquirer eat your heart out)

    11) Purposely told DM his eyes were not blue enough in his photos, sending him on an obsessive and ruthless quest to continually make his eyes bluer and bluer, both in his photos as well as through a process of tinted contact lenses and dropping blue ink into his eyes. I was really just joking and I felt a little bad because Dave’s eyes got sore from the ink.

    12) Looked at Dave’s ass once in the locker room.

    13) Got Dave to RPF that cook who asked me for an autograph.

    14) Had one of my PIs follow Matt Lauer around and go through his trash for a couple weeks after he interviewed me.

    15) Tricked a nasty car attendant in Beverly Hills into joining the Sea Org just so I could make sure he was RPFed.

    16) Slapped my landscaper for backflashing me and broke his tooth. Turned out he really wasn’t backflashing, I was just a bit frazzled over something Dave said. I gave him a hundred bucks and asked him to not tell anyone.

    17) I made Dave blink during a staring contest and almost caved him in.

    18) I lied and told Dave I really liked that cheesy airplane hanger he had built for me.

    19) At home I make Katie walk on her knees so I would feel taller. She got a bad case of rug burn and didn’t want to wear the knee-pads so I yelled at her and made her cry.

    20) I squeezed the cans three times just right in order to simulate an F/N because I knew I was being videoed and I didn’t want anyone to see my small, fleeting F/N.


  160. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty…. off topic here… but need to clear this up, if possible.
    Nothing “pleases” me more than making genuine friends,
    with a common purpose, and enjoying those friendships, with
    a free and light hearted open communication. I “blame” the
    original Comm.Course, for this “malady.” & my tone of. 4.0

    But trying to have such activity, on a “blog” is fraught with difficulties, not the least of which happens to be the frequent MIS-duplication & MIS -understandings, that take place on a far too frequent basis………..wouldn’t you agree?

    I note that I have “ruffled ” your feathers, on more than one
    occasion on this blog, while trying to establish your likes &
    dislikes, so as to be able to make contributions,which you
    find acceptable.

    Bluntly, it’s very easy to appreciate your obvious integrity, honour and hard work ethic, but most difficult to get to know the person behind the serious persona .( DUE to the obvious limitations of the Internet’s shortcomings, must hasten to add.)
    To overcome some of these barriers, to what / how you feel about your likes / dislikes, would you care to open up on these, just a wee bit, to broaden ARC with us who DON’T
    have the luxury of knowing you personally ?

    Just a short, candid video spilling the “beans” will go a long
    way to letting me / us know the Marty Rathbun your friends do!

    Conversely, many of us just stay in the dark! Hardly what one
    would expect from a host in TEXAS! (No frigg’n OSA rebukes
    accepted here Marty!)

    Just Kidding, but would be great, host, if you can find the time!

    Thanks, Calvin.

  161. … LMAO. How do you come up with this stuff? LOL Thanks for the laughs… almost choked on my coffee!

  162. Mike Hobson

    Except for the fact that there was *no* “one-on-one” meeting as Darth Midget certainly lacked the confront to face Mary Sue Hubbard alone.

    According to the report of Jesse Prince, what actually happened is that DM brought about a dozen of the INT Execs with him and conducted a mental and spiritual gang-rape “Severe Reality Adjustment” until she was beaten down.

    According to Jesse’s account, the only two people present who did not actually participate in this *elder abuse* were Guilluame LeServe and Mark “Marty” Rathbun.

    That episode certainly was one of the very darkest and most evil in all of Scientology history.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  163. Tony Dephillips

    Maybe Katie doesn’t but I think dm might wear knee pads ….

  164. Tony Dephillips

    Party at dm’s place tonight!

  165. FCDC Class of 74

    I can see the respect that flows between you and others and I can see where the Enquirer gets its smary reputation. It is great to be amongst beings of this caliber. I will work until I drop this transportation to achieve the same abilities and attributes. Thanks for standing up for right.

  166. Computer slip here? You got Sam’s pix!

  167. Michael Finley

    As real as the day I was born!

  168. Michael Finley

    I tried and he dropped me. Actually at the time I wasn’t quite ready due to other issues so he took me off with, “You had your chance.”

  169. martyrathbun09

    Jesse is quite the embellisher.

  170. 🙂

  171. Martin,
    You are quite right in pointing the finger at the ‘source’ though since Tom is NOT the ‘In charge’ of the Co$ I’d rather clubber his false data prone “Best Friend Forever” David Miscavige for ACCEPTING the False Data, ACTING on it and turning the Co$ into a Real Estate Co. We have to deal with False Data being thrown at us every day and still make the right decisions.

  172. Believe Jesse at your own peril…

    Jess is correct in that Miscavige was not alone — Janadair Swanson and Mike Eldredge accompanied him as I recall (Mike may not have been there, it might have been Captain Morgan Starkey). It was 3 people, not a dozen.

  173. Very cool, Richard!
    Greta 🙂

  174. martyrathbun09

    Different, later meeting – late eighties – but highly embellished.

  175. Thanks for the correction. BTW, was it Janadair and Mike at the first one?

  176. Li'll bit of stuff

    You did find the time, Mark, and I thank you, for this greatly! Though watched your N /Y ’12 video message at the time, I must confess that you truly did share a
    great deal of your beingness, right there, and I
    missed it the first time. I’m truly humbled, and hope
    you see fit to keep this”Li’ll bit” along with you in the
    reconstruction project looming ahead.

    As always, got your back, over on this front (S.Africa)
    ARC and genuine thanks, for ALL you do for us.


  177. Marty,
    Thanks for doing the usual as an auditor and for blowing it out of the water.
    The Enquirer trying to check your level of bribability may just have been a test.

  178. martyrathbun09

    Not sure; but JB recorded the entire thing and you might be able to jog his recollection.

  179. Mike Hobson

    Thanks for the correction.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  180. Mike Hobson

    Mike, I never said I believe him – just that it was so reported by him. But apparently I got the wrong incident, anyway.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  181. And this my friends is yet another, simple example of how remarkably important Marty (and his key crew members, factually) is/are to the continued progress of this independence movement.

    Which reminds me: it really does suck to be David Miscavige.


  182. The Oracle


  183. Thomas More

    Marty, first, just adding to all the previous validations for you keeping the auditor’s code and code of honour. Tom should see that you really do have his back; I hope one day he does.

    On the related subject of “culling” folders, in case any one reading this is still in the Co$ and on the fence, I have to say this was one of many factors that contributed to my questioning of the organization. A friend was confiding in me some trepidation they had about having their folders culled for o/w’s, then having to sign their name to them, in order to get a certain level of processing. They justified it in their mind, saying they could “understand” why it had to be done to “protect” the Church, and went ahead and did it to get the auditing, but observing them, I began to wonder how one audits someone to greater integrity by having them give up their integrity?

    My impression was that Ron instituted this practice (unless someone has other data), but why wouldn’t signing a bond be sufficient? Even with all its difficulties in the past few decades, I can’t imagine a Catholic priest or the Vatican violating the confessional this way (unless to stop a serial killer or some actual crime that was planned), and it certainly does not make the Co$ look good. But beyond all that, why would anyone want to trust an auditor that belonged to organization that practiced culling of folders? Just some questions to ponder if you are still in doubt…

  184. Tony Dephillips

    What reconstruction project looming ahead?

  185. Definitely want to know more about this.

  186. “to attract a more upstat public” Meant by “upstat” is usually “wealthy”. A wrong target.

  187. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Ah no worries. I was just curious. It’s true for me and I might use it as part of my thinking. At the end of the day that’s what matters so thank you for the quote.

  188. The Oracle

    That is great to hear Michael. Clearly he had respect and I am sure he still has, great respect for Sea Org members (unlike the Board Chairman Maoscavige) I am sure he still is a great guy. He takes good care of his family and his children. He is a Scientologist. He is a talented professional.
    By his actions, he sincerely cares about others. And, he knows a David Miscavige nobody else on Earth, has had the pleasure knowing.

  189. Mike Hobson

    “My impression was that Ron instituted this practice.”

    I’m sure that is the impression Darth Midget wanted you to have, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen that in writing from Ron Hubbard nor heard him say so on any taped lecture.

    HCO PL “How to Defeat Verbal Tech Checklist” comes to mind.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  190. one of those who see


  191. The Oracle

    Only a few months ago the Church leaked P.C. folder data of mine.
    They will do it still. And I believe anyone who has P.C. folder leaked has a right to file a law suit. There is a fiduciary trust etched in stone in Church scriptures. To lure someone in with this, and then break the contract (it is a verbal, implied, and written contract, warrants a law suit and damages. If they do it again, we will find out where it can be addressed in court because I will file a law suit.

  192. The Oracle

    In fact, I might not wait for a second transgression.

  193. The Oracle

    Not to suggest that I would sue the Church of Scientology. I would sue David Miscavige directly.

  194. This is one reason why I put in PC folders “PC got off overt” or “withhold” rather than write down specifics. I especially did that later in my tenure, as it became clear the SO and Mr. Dave was interested in having me write KRs on a PC’s session withholds. In the words of the immortal L. Ron Hubbard, “we don’t CARE what the PC DID.” The overt itself is not the issue, but the PC’s charge associated with it. Ron was very clear that overts are violations of a moral code, and moral codes change from group to group, and from era to era.

    So, cull away, Dave.

    On a technical note, the entire idea of someone culling PC folders for overts that then the PC must sign as a condition of going to another level is absolutely ludicrous, is out tech, and is a violation of the whole subject of OW. It is apparent that Mr, David Miscavige does not believe Scientology works, since he keeps cleaning cleans and hitting people over the head with withholds that were gotten off AND HANDLED in session.

  195. BillyJackIsBack


  196. Captain Bob

    Thomas, that is unbelievable. The guy or gal is supposed to sign away that he committed these overts against a person or some dynamic, or a work group he worked for, and withheld the overt from persons or dynamics. And he/she is supposed to sign upon doing them to “protect” the church. Maybe it should be so the church now has your signed confession of committing some overt to use against you. And how were these O/W’s gotten anyways? From sec checks, from session beginning ruds, from personal O/W write-ups?

    So, if I stole a 100 bucks from my dad when I was a kid. And lets say I now decide to resign from the “church”. Well how can the “church” get me to shut-up. Why they have signed confessions. And if I was an OL or important person, why if I talk, they will tell dad, who I am in comm with, hey your son stole money from you…………so the “church” can control you one why or the other with these signed O/W’s.

    As Mike Hobson says- where is it WRITTEN? Where is it written in PL’s or hcob’s that the church can now do this?

    Jesus, it’s like to be safe in the church these days, you have to know everything in hcob’s and PL’s, and that includes the altered version’s……….OMG.

    And you have to be OT20 with the confront of god knows what to just say SHOW ME WHERE IT’S WRITTEN?

  197. Captain Bob

    what if every auditor said that at the beginning of a session for new pc’s? Untrained pc’s. Might the pc’s feel real relief knowing they got off the o/w? And he was safe b/c the auditor does what you say above. Now that is hatting the pc. Speak away, you are safe by disclosing your secrets.

  198. Captain Bob


    “He was repeatedly forwarding the DM line, via OSA that “Ideal Orgs” were needed to attract a more upstat public.”


    OK, now that sounds like just a business plan and not a clearing the planet plan.

    What about the worker, per Problems of Work book?

    Just get in upstat public?

    Oh, the worker gets way to happiness booklet handed out to them.

  199. Captain Bob

    he said, he said, no it’s not true. Does it all matter other than the fact that something happened and something has been altered. And the fact is we public do not know coming from a religion that promotes communication is key. Exact time place form and event.

  200. Captain Bob

    it sounds like something from 1.1

    Here they are your friends, all happy and affinity like, then they stab you, because of the all happy and smiles you think they are your friends. It’s a place to look regarding the statement. But I believe it is not from the individual, because they do not know, it’s the group that forwards the idea you might say. And one group comes to mind, is using your credit card with the 20% interest rate. If by chance yes you signed the agreement, and yes you are having problems like illness or whatever, you still must pay.

  201. Captain Bob

    the famous tc video jumping up and down on a couch. Life is supposed to be interested, not interesting.

  202. Michael Brown

    If you would like to avoid ‘ruffling feathers,’ then I can tell you the points that would make your posts read better to me. I don’t want to speak for anyone else.

    1. There are instances in this thread in which someone asks you a question – try to answer those questions, rather than apologizing or ignoring them.

    2. Use a spell/grammar checker, and perhaps a little more care (your name was spelled wrongly in one post above).

    3. Study up on the placement of commas, because you frequently put them in the wrong place.

    4. Your posts would read better if they were in standard English, rather than in the kind of colloquial style that LRH recommended be used to show a disrespectful attitude (Study Tape 4, August 6th, 1964). He gave as an example of this: “She ain’t a gonna come.”

    5. Saying “[Tom Cruise] is a good guy” is presumptuous if you don’t personally know him. Saying, “Kudos, mate, wer’e very much part of you, don’t forget that,” [sic] may be well-meaning, but it incorrectly speaks for other people, and then tells Marty not to forget your unwarranted assertion.

    6. I’ve also seen you ask people for personal information on this public blog. Let each individual be the best judge of what they’d like to post. Nudging others to share videos, baby photos or other personal details is inappropriately forward.

  203. Mike Hobson

    “Captain Bob” your comment is damned near incomprehensible. Also, I am not part of your “we” who is clueless (apparently) as to what has gone before, having invested around a couple thousand hours investigating reports form a vast array of sources.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    PS: when you feel like properly identifying yourself and your stake in this war, I might consider putting more effort into taking your words seriously.

  204. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Michael.
    I really want to give Calvin the benefit of the doubt. But there is something about his Comm that is a bit annoying.
    Calvin if you read this I really mean it as constructive criticism.
    You come across a bit arrogant and smug. I know I’m not perfect but I am willing to self inspect when needed.
    Maybe I am paranoid…but your posts do sound sort of OSA -ish. Your stuff just sounds kind of weird.
    I think Michael makes some good points. Take it as sort of a KR and take a look at your actions and see if you can tune it up a bit.
    just a suggestion.
    Oh and I always wanted to tell you that your handle” lil bit of stuff” makes me cringe it’s so corny.
    Ok…I’m done.

  205. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for this, Michael. So whattt! When you KNOW
    you’ve genuinely made the choice to live with integrity,
    you’ve shifted mass, and others can perceive this too.

    Li’ll bit of guts, lots’a ARC, and you just TR-3 try again!
    After all, that’s how the turtle makes progress too!
    ……………….He just sticks his neck out!


  206. Li'll bit of stuff

    After…… THE David has left the scene, Tony.

  207. Li'll bit of stuff

    You are obviously VERY well educated, Michael Brown.

  208. Li'll bit of stuff

    With the exception of one area –“granting beingness.”

  209. The Oracle

    Good point! Relevant!

  210. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, thank you for the SANITY you are bringing to my world. Thank you for keeping me in connection with the world through my true philosophy keeping it intact and well protected. I also have a letter to Mr. Cruise I would like published.

    Open Letter to Tom Cruise:

    Tom, we all know you are being watched by millions of people who do not share the knowledge you now do because you had the courage and the balls to jump into Scientology when other celebs just stayed away from it.

    I am also a father and an ex SO. Declared for insisting on the application of the Translations HCOBs which were never applied. But this is not the point of this letter.

    Since we ALL share ONE and ONLY ONE thing in common, LRH’s legacy that is, I will urge you to be your own counsel as much as possible and take a LOOK.

    As you see the Indies are not here to harm Scientology but to protect it. Unfortunately Tom, if you take a closer LOOK, you will see that many good beings have been harassed by the top of Scientology, aka Management, for standing up and stating what they observed.

    I don’t think LRH ever meant that to be happening on a daily or even hourly basis.

    My religion and philosophy was not meant to harass people every minute in the back stages and then in the grand events give the impression that everything is flourising and prospering.

    We now share that responsibility with LRH. The Loyal Officers revolted against any and all tyrants. The Loyal People never feared to revolt against suppression.

    We the Indies are not just a bunch of apostates. We are Scientologists who have lost their third dynamic because that third dynamic was turned into a machine with other intentionedness than that of LRH.

    Just you Mr. Cruise alone could do more good by opening up a School of Study Tech and running it all around the world. And it could do more good to this world than even the church does because the church does NOT free beings anymore. It frees up minds to a degree but then it puts all kinds of barriers and stops to free a being.

    Just you Mr. Cruise with the help of many friends and quite some organization as from the Admin Tech could initiate such a School for all the children of the world.

    You could state that you remain a Scientologist but you take distance NOT from the Tech but from any organization that does not allow Standard Tech to flourish and prosper as given by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Just you Mr. Cruise could give a chance to this planet to get the Study Tech and introduce it to Public Schools all around the world by your initiative.

    All great men in history at a certain point had to rebel against the system if they were to move on a bit higher.

    I am a father Mr. Cruise as you are. And lately I am not even able to care for my children as easily as i did. The financial situation in Europe and around the world is being made a “big” problem when we have the tools to turn it around. LRH tech can help that, we know that.

    Think about it, if this letter of mine ever gets to you by those colleagues of your’s who may be reading this blog and who should print it and present it to you as this is meant to be judged straightly and strictly by you and nobody else not for any other reason but because you are trained in this science as left by L. Ron Hubbard and can understand the true intention and meaning of this letter better than anyone. YOUR dynamics are communicating to YOU and your comm lines should be vast open now.

    Also think that the good you can do on a global basis will keep you and many others afloat with your conscience and your responsibilities to Mankind which I am sure you are considering on a daily basis as a sane Thetan does.

    With the help of so many Celebs around the world a new School could be formed. And you distancing yourself from LABELS and NAMES could comprise ALL THOSE CELEBS under the banner of STUDY and EDUCATION.

    Mr. Cruise, Tom if you want, the Indies are here to help LRH carry on his mission. So are you. You have proven that. We have the ability to see who are our friends and allies and we are SANE enough to see that this world is mainly a 3rd Dynamic activity.

    That we now share a COMMON language and a very rich and powerful language IT IS, that researched by LRH about the phenomena of LIFE and THETA, is the Biggest Gift for Mankind.

    Our responsibilities as mothers, fathers and people of this planet are too heavy for one or even a few to carry alone. We share them NOW.

    I am thinking and talking of you daily because you happen to be an idol for a woman I met here in Greece who did not know about the tech. She starts to know little by little. BUt I see her problems with absorbing data.

    The Study Tech is THE SOLUTION and the first step. But a firm one it is. And you Mr. Cruise standing “alone” as Tom Cruise the Thetan who has something to say now to the world, not because someone told you to do so but because YOU know what it means to the world, could convince all the celebs that exist worldwide to take part in a campaign EDUCATING THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD. That should have nothing to do with Religion Mr. Cruise. It has a lot to do with the future of our planet.

    And remember, we can be on your side not because we are “Scientologists”, it ‘s because we understand LIFE better than many because or our knowledge. So our responsibilities are huge and extend beyond names and labels.

  211. +1

  212. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Well done Marty! Thank you for upholding the Auditor’s Code & Code of Honor. It is amazing the obsession our civilization has with celebrities and especially their misadventures. The media glamors them to the extreme, and then seeks to bring them down to “show the world” that after all, they are “normal” human beings. People don’t realize that a lifetime or two ago, these “celebrities” were just ordinary folks like the rest of us. I am sure The Enquirer wouldn’t pay $20 K for my O/Ws [mine are worth much more!] 😉

  213. Jean-François Genest

    + 1

  214. Random Stranger

    EVEN MORE TOM CRUISE O/Ws! (excerped from smuggled O/W write-up)

    21) Dressed up like L. Ron Hubbard and pretended to boss Dave around. He really liked it, but it just went on too long and Dave got weird, especially after I did that part where I made like I was discovering OT III stuff.

    22) Called up The Enquirer anonymously and teased them that I had video of DM’s solo confessional sessions. They expressed genuine interest but only if it could lead to getting their hands on a Tom Cruise video they said. I kinda freaked out and hung up on them and destroyed my phone. Actually, I think it was Katie’s phone.

    23) Dave talked me into putting pillars and a podium in my Beverly Hills house so I could coach him on how to act lofty and magnanimous on stage. I told him he was doing well, but I really thought he sounded stupid, so I guess I somewhat misled him. Yeah, I lied to him, ha ha.

    24) When I was on the Letterman show I had a hard time sitting because my ass was sore from those self-flagellation techniques DM taught me. It seemed like Letterman knew something, he definitely missed my withhold. Oh well.

    25) When I was meeting with that world leader and he left his office for a minute I jumped up and down on his sofa so hard I thought it was going to break. He seemed to glance over at the footprints on it as he came back in. I felt like I had a missed withhold there. Oh well, he was voted out of office and indicted for fraud a couple of years later.


  215. Random Stranger


    26) As a prank I covertly pinched off Dave’s air hose when we were scuba diving one time. His eyes were bulging and he was thrashing around like a lunatic. I had to pull him out of the water and he coughed and cried for 30 minutes. He got really mad and stabbed my tank with his knife. I felt a little bad.

    27) Dave gave me some verbal data and when I called him out on it he went beserk and raged about how LRH gave him permission to do that. I should have written him up but I became so confused when I couldn’t figure out who to send the report to I just gave up. Anyway, Dave and I made up soon afterwards.

    28) I implied on that recruitment video that I was so dedicated I didn’t take vacations, but right after that video shoot I took Dave to Maui. So, I guess I lied, especially since I’d just returned from another vacation I’d taken with Dave. Ha ha.

    29) I blew off some world leader who wanted to meet me, I think it might have been Nelson Mandella or it could have been the Dali Lama, I can’t remember. But Dave and I sort of already had plans to go to a motorcycle race. It felt out-ethics, but Dave had been so looking forward to it.

    30) I became suspicious of Katie after Dave pointed out that thing he noticed about her, so I dressed up like a gardner and spied on her all day. Katie almost caught me a couple of times. She was probably wondering why the gardner kept glancing in her direction. I kind of ruined the shrubs and blamed it on our real gardner and then fired him to make it look authentic.


  216. Li'll bit of stuff

    Excellent review Cap’n with great emphases.

  217. Thomas More

    Well, I thought this was a practice that went back some time, at least in the Sea Org when Ron was around, whether or not he was aware. In my opinion (and this does not take away from Ron’s auditing tech), Ron did talk about “exposing their crimes” when it came to people attacking one, in order to “dead agent” them. So one has to attain knowledge of those “crimes” somehow, hence culling.

    It’s possible he learned this technique of “dead agenting” during his Naval Intelligence courses (at Princeton?), which may be fine in a shooting war or cold war with a hostile country, but it does not create good PR for a “church”. I think people are not that stupid. When an accusation is made, it may have some momentary effect to point out that the accuser “mistreated his pineapple in 1956”, but people eventually want the accusation answered with facts, not ignored. “Exposing crimes”, especially from a confessional, makes the exposer look dirty as well.

  218. No. It wasn’t me Margaret. Sorry. P

  219. Random Stranger

    31) I purposely ran over a mud puddle to spray Dave on one of our motorcycle rides. I don’t know why I did that. Dave glared at me for a second and the whole ride home I could see him looking for mud puddles.

    32) My cook accidentally fed Dave 5 extra calories and I didn’t think he’d notice but he did. I had to pretend to fire my cook. Actually, I just gave him the rest of the day off.

    33) I stole Dave’s HASI pin. He asked me if I’d seen it and I said no. I wear it at home sometimes.

    34) I gave Dave a ride in one of my fighter planes and spun him around and around until he puked all over his face. He had bragged earlier that day that I couldn’t make him nauseous. I should have stopped when he started begging me hysterically in a high pitched voice.

    35) When I finally did meet the Dali Lama and he asked me about my religion I jumped up and jabbed the air into an imaginary chest and said, “You know what? F@#% YOU!” just to let him know I was passionate about the subject. He said he had to go do some stuff and left. I might have gone out-gradient. I think I otherwise might have been able to recruit him into the Church.

  220. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tony, I know you’re sharp, and I can see it by your
    posts and you also have a great sense of humour.

    I joined this blog for the simple purpose of reconnection
    to scns, who have been disaffected and harmed by the
    vicious cult of Miscavology. In the 8 odd months, since
    my first visit, (I had never even used a computer before,)
    I have certainly encountered a full spectrum of types here.

    In the company of some incredibly intelligent, wise and
    outrageously funny assortments of interesting people
    it has been a most cathartic, learning experience for me.

    Back in the early sixties, I was forced to leave school with
    only a 10th grade education and find a job, to help support
    my mother, who was in poor health.I have never the less learned to live by my own wits,courage,strength and by staying sharp. My reveal on 13 May gives the details.

    I think that having an open, cheerful and positive attitude, builds ARC and optimism with others. As a former Gym
    owner, where one had to also deal with a wide variety of
    tones, I had to use a lot of intention and “force” with the
    strength coaching aspects. One has to appreciate, that
    there is no room for “Theetie Weetie” attitudes when
    dealing with serious strength athletes, and you have to
    be quite forceful and in their faces to get them to make
    their goals, especially when they’re facing some stiff

    Tony, you may wonder why I digressed here ?

    Very simple. Candidly I just have no time for people who
    have nothing better to do than find faults in others,while
    ignoring their good qualities.(assuming they have any)
    My focus in life has always been to build more strength,
    more positive attitude and associate with people who
    feel the same. It’s so much easier to live, work and play with people from 4.0 upwards on the tone scale, and I have found a pre-requisite to that…… be ABLE

    Thank you for wanting to give me your benefit of the
    doubt, Tony.


    Thanks, Calvin.

  221. Captain Bob

    sorry Mike. I didn’t mean to step on your toes, that wasn’t my intent. I was in agreement with you although my comm came across the other way.

    Regards your PS comment. Mine if not similar to yours and others is per the next post by Max Bleiweiss: (note time frames on postings)

    As Max says———
    “At that time I had no idea how bad things actually were. It wasn’t until the Debbie Cook cycle that I found out how bad. In fact if it were not for a teaser on TV about an upcoming Debbie Cook interview I would probably still be in blinders.”

    Mike that is the “WE”, the public. I too have done much research to get stories straight regards he said, she said, he said. I just want the truth. The exact time place form and event. And it ain’t my overt or withhold nor yours.

    Stake in this war- one would be wasted time and money.

  222. Mike Hobson

    Captain Bob,

    OK. I have an unfortunate tendency to “shoot from the hip”.

    *I* was in the Sea Org for 8 1/2 years in two tours. The later tour was Aug. 1991 through Nov. 1994 at ASHO Foundation as the SHSBC Course Administrator and Technical Films I/C. I was there for Darth Midget’s Int. Command Team Mission that came down to purge PAC Base of all who remained loyal to Ron Hubbard and not Darth Midget. I spent nearly all of 1995 “on the decks” because I was one of those – until they finally offloaded me.

    As far as I can tell, that mission was there solely to “clear the decks” of any possible obstruction (ie Sea Org members who upheld KSW) to the Golden Age of Tech mass squirreling exercise.

    What is *my* stake? I don’t want to see the current MEST Universe prison break attempt ending in failure (like so *many* before) as Darth Midget seems to be trying to ensure.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  223. Marty, 10/10 for this. That demonstrates you have true integrity to decline their offer.

  224. If the Enquirer just gathered up all the public domain stories by ex-members and published them in a single jam-packed dedicated issue along with a disclaimer that the letters are not the personal opinion of the magazine, that magazine issue would probably be the biggest issue ever sold, and at virtually minimal to no cost for reporting other than scouring the internet for the letters. lol

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