Nazanin Boniadi

As Scientology Inc. (the church of Scientology) has so idiotically already spread all over the comments section at Vanity Fair, Nazanin Boniadi is a good friend of mine.   Naz is a courageous woman who was ruthlessly exploited by David Miscavige and Tom Cruise several years ago.   Because of the nature of the bond of trust I share with Naz, there is not much I can share with you about her.  But, since her name and a version of her story are about to go viral, there is something that people ought to know about Naz.   For years, Naz has known that she could make international headlines and perhaps forward her fledgling acting career by blowing the whistle on Tom Cruise and his bff David Miscavige.  But, Naz chose not to do so.  She wanted to be judged only by the merits of her skills and abilities.  Instead, she intelligently decided on more quiet and effective means she could apply to effectuate change in the monstrous institution that so inhumanely attempted to exploit her and others.  Naz quietly and dedicatedly went about establishing a career powered and supported only by the quality of her talent.   She found time also to forward the cause of effectively taming the beast.  On a personal level, in four short years she became a well-employed actor and recognized, effective human rights activist.

David Miscavige and Tom Cruise took measures to prevent Naz from achieving any noteriety – for obvious reasons.  But, Naz was undeterred.  She made it in spite of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige.

Maureen Orth is one of a dying breed of real investigative journalists in America.   Through incredible persistence and remarkable savvy Orth was able to find enough corroboration to tell Naz’s story in Vanity Fair without Naz uttering a word about it. See Vanity Fair’s teaser here.

Should it turn out that Orth’s painstaking effort to piece together the truth through second and third hand sources fall short of the whole truth and nothing but the truth, stay tuned here.  I am likely to the be the first to correct the record.  We will always have Naz’s back.

Update: Cruise Hunkered in Miscavige’s Bunker

Update: Nazanin Boniadi: False Report Correction #1

VF’s brief profile on Naz: Who is Nasanin Boniadi?

E-online on Naz:  Nazanin Boniadi

Learn more about Naz at her website: Naz’s website.

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  1. Marty,

    The moment I saw this on Drudge, I was hoping you’d have something up about it. These creepy, slimy and embarrassing crimes of the David/Tom duo are just getting more and more jaw dropping!

    Shall we start any wagers now on how long until DM is no longer the head of the CoS? Eventually a cabal has got form from within…our something.

  2. martyrathbun09

    I told him but he didn’t listen; it is gonna be a long, hot summer.

  3. Tony DePhillips

    Exciting stuff! I read the story in Vanity Fair.
    TC apparently is quite the low life.
    I must say Marty, you are the hardest working man in show biz!

  4. Ok, I think I’m about halfway through this Vanity Fair thing.

    I think there is some part of our psyche, or case or just “human-ness” that the current Church appeals to (for some). This Ideal Scientologist valence/image- a part of is being that you are superior to others and therefore stuff like what was done here isnt weird. It is weird. It’s treating people like MEST or something. I guess Tom and Dave think they are gods among men and they just do weird shit like this.
    I’ll finish reading it, but I gotta say. It’s weird.

  5. Man. I wasn’t even to the really weird stuff yet.
    Ok, I have to clear “excoriated”.

    This is a good read though- weird, but good.

  6. Perfect Marty. I second wholeheartedly everything you say about Naz. She has done something effective — her efforts to protect and preserve human rights put the RCS to shame. They promote being “champions of human rights” while abusing human rights daily — Naz IS a true champion of human rights. And dignity.

    I hope this expose springboards her career to new heights. These days in Hollywood having Miscavige and Tom Cruise as friends is like being known as a pal of Saddam Hussein…. It’s a badge of honor not to have buckled under and caved in to their “I can control you” games. And that Naz has NEVER done.

  7. OOWEE… Miscavige/Cruise the bff
    My guess, or hope, is that Cruise will stop drinking the Koolaide. Great teaser by Vanity Fair!!!

  8. Riveting. Well done Marty. She sounds like a sweet, talented lady and she has taken the high road. TC needs need an SRA, wog style, which he will get via the Press! The whole thing was unbelievable humiliating for Nazanin and I share my empathy and compassion. With such an egregious betrayal of her trust, I am very pleased this is going public.

    Just for the record, the Persians in Los Angles are very close group. I twinned on solo one (2004-5) with a wonderful Persian woman, mother of two OT VIII’s, Mavashe Bibesidad who was probably responsible for many Iranians getting on the bridge in the first place. One of her sons was running the LA Org, at that time. Being a homemaker, wife and mother, now grandmother, she would be horrifed to hear this story.

    As I said, this is a very tight group.

  9. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Gee Tom, you really are a wanker. I’ve had the idea that you were somehow duped like the rest of us, trying to save mankind via the CofS.

    The story I just read in Vanity Fair paints a very different picture; you as a pampered fop enabling a sociopath because he’s the ticket to your continued self perception of ‘specialness’ and ‘entitlement’.

    Narcissistic creeps, the pair of you.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. It is a sad commentary that to date the majority of that very tight commununity has remained as tight a coconut in a monkey’s ass with Miscavige.

  11. Dave: “Hey Tom, what say we forget these bitches! Creativity doesn’t have to include sex.”

    Tom: “You’re right Dave, I’m so far beyond eating and sex it isn’t even funny.”

    Dave: “I know what you mean, bro…”

    Tom: (gives a sly look) “Wanna wrestle?”

    Dave: (grinning) “I bet I can throw ya’ and blow ya’ before you can flip me and dick me!”

    Tom: “You’re on!”

  12. Well, hopefully that will change sooner than later, thanks to what you do. Just found Nazanin’s website. TC is a fool’s fool.

  13. Scandalous and very funny!

  14. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Penny. Website link added to post.

  15. Here’s a question for all my (ex)”seniors” still languishing in a permanent state of emergency on their subservient-to-Miscavige’s-every-whim posts in OSA:

    Besides marrying Shelly once upon a long, long time ago, has David Miscavige done -anything- decent for the second dynamic (families, relationships, marriages)???

    Any count on how many commanding officers, let alone other staff, are in a state of perpetual enforced separation from their spouses???

    I know of some… and for many years.

    Any clue on how that looks to the outside world? …Huh?
    Or how it looks, thanks to David Miscavige’s “brilliant guidance,” for Tom Cruise to go through women like kleenex???

    Just more “BPR”* right?

    How does one make that right? Because it’s very wrong, man.

    I have learned the hard lesson. You won’t get ANYWHERE suppressing the second dynamic in any way, shape or form or for any reason. It just doesn’t work.

    David Miscavige has sold you all a bill of goods.

    He pretty much killed Mary Sue, for Christ’s sake.

    It ain’t going to be fun next time around, reaping the karma of a neglect of family. Think about it.

    -Scott Gordon

    *(BPR – Black Public Relations)

  16. Vanity Fair also has a followup article on Nazanin that appears to (respectfully) give a few more details:

  17. It is astounding the depths of human exploitation that the Church of Scientology stoops to.

    I hope Naz achieves every success that her talents can create – free from the desperate degradation that Cruise and Miscavige have co-created for her and so many others caught in their Hollywood trap.

    I am glad that Tom Cruise is exposed for the total sleazebag that he has become through the status-seeking hollow nothingness that is now Scientology,

    When I got involved in Scientology, I thought they valued aesthetics. I had no idea how corrupt and valueless they actually were, I am glad that Vanity Fair and many other media outlets are now exposing the decrepit sleaze-line they have spewed upon Hollywood. It is just that they drown in their own sewer.

    May all Scientology-deceived artists rise to their inherent potential!

  18. Drudge is fine but even better would be a new category on : DM to be TOAST before midnight ET 31 Dec 2012.

  19. Tom Cruise took measures to crush a young woman’s career so that she’d be a nobody. Because nobody’s aren’t a threat.

    Tom Cruise is a …… ____________________________________!

    Fill in the blank.

  20. How hypocritical and arrogant for Cruise to piously talk about Scientology on national and international TV, telling Matt Lauer that he is glib, doesn’t understand, but that he does. How incredibly vile is it that this guy talked about how when people need help in Hollywood, they call him while all the while he is exploiting the church’s resources (paid for by parishioners) to find him someone he can sleep with, control, and the dump as if she was chattel at his disposal.

    This man is scum. It’s not just a matter of Cruise being “bat shit crazy”, “looney-tunes” for jumping on Oprah’s couch because he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm over his love for Katie or for believing in a crazy Sci Fi religion as he is derided for on the Net, on various talk shows and comedy acts.

    No, this is serious. This is heinous behavior. Here is an absolutely beautiful woman, a member of his congregation, a REAL champion of human rights, a hard working lady who wants to succeed on her own merits and who was, I am sure, thrilled to be seeing Tom Cruise and trusted in his goodness.

    Can you imagine her personal agony? She couldn’t talk to anyone. She had to live with this degrading and cruel treatment without a single soul to help her or in who she could confide without getting reported on?

    Tom Cruise, you are a disgraceful man. As a woman, I am absolutely mortified by your atrocious actions. I have lost ALL respect for you.

    As a fellow human being, I simply shake my head that you have allowed yourself to become such a despicable uncivilized cad or were you always this way?

    You need to wise up pal.

  21. I just read the Vanity Fair Article. I guess it could be called, “The Church of Scientology shops for Tom’s woman.” I mean, if this is true this is really sick. Even paranoid. Tom must be in a second dynamic doubt condition. Why can’t Tom wander around and know for himself when his dick gets hard like everybody else? He is listening to Sea Org Staff advise him and give him an O.K. to go ahead and let his dick get hard? Am I really reading this into it? Tom mentions HIS OUT RUDS on a woman to Church staff, that then SEC CHECK THE WOMAN? Tom’s ruds go out if he thinks someone knocks out David’s ruds and then together they have the woman sec checked? This is really paranoid alter is. This is mind fucking shit for the woman. Worse, the Narconons are getting sucked of resources by Int Managment to pay for this? These people really are tripping! How many people and much resources are supposed to go into Tom Cruise getting a bonafide hard on that isn’t going to throw the world of Scientology into a panic? This is like the Royals in England! This is altered importance to the point of COMEDY! I feel sorry for Tom Cruise. This is pathetic. “Think for my dick.” He is practically incapacitated. This is NOT OT. This is becoming a very needy handicap. “I want the upper echelons of Scientology to become caretakers and decisionmakers for my dick. A “life coach” for my dick. Me, the dick, the family and the Church and the media and the society all have to approve. Approval from ALL bodies is priority number one. I guess that went well with Katie? I wonder, are people being pulled off post and doing all nighters to find the next perfect Scientology Royal for Tom? This is ancient Egypt.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Actually, ancient Farsec.

  23. CommunicatorIC

    Nazanin’s Amnesty International Blog:

    Extremely impressive. The fact she helped helped launch the Neda Project brought a tear to my eye. Her other achievements on behalf of Amnesty International are equally affecting and effective.

  24. martyrathbun09

    She lived with it and managed to transcend it. As degraded, and accurate, a characterization of Cruise’s character you have drawn, Naz resides at the opposite end of that spectrum.

  25. Yes, that is very clear. She appears to be very fine lady, full of class. I admire the way that she handled this and did not allow it to define her.

  26. May she soar in her career and other personal aspirations. She deserves it.

  27. I read the teaser, and while there’s no way for me to know with certainty if that is all true, Cruise comes out looking like a COMPLETE asshole. One thing that contributes somewhat to celebrities acting like that is that they are treated like “Gods on Earth” – the whole rink has to be closed just for Cruise? He has to have the whole floor of the tower? He’s a friggin ACTOR, fercryinoutloud. Many, many years ago a close friend of mine got some services at Flag and encountered Chick Corea and John Brodie (49ers QB, NFL MVP and a huge Scientology celeb in the 70s) and he told me how both of these guys were very approachable, you could sit down with them at dinner and talk jazz or football, etc. Now of course, Scientology celebs like Travolta and Cruise are segregated from the “common folks” and treated like complete royalty with their own examiners, etc. I’ve heard from a number of people that Kirstie Alley and Travolta are both very friendly. I blame the CoS for establishing this double standard. It is not only terrible for what it says to Scientologists (after all, aren’t AUDITORS supposed to be the most valuable beings on the planet?) about using ARC between members of the entire group, but it actually is bad for the CELEBRITY, it gives them a very screwed up viepoint of themselves and life. I imagine that Karie Holmes enjoyed very much the first couple of years with Cruise and then started contemplating what TWENTY years would be like with him. Celebrities in Scientology would be better served if CC was closed and they had to do their services in the same way as all the other Scientologists.

  28. Very squirrel, or is that rabbit?

  29. CommunicatorIC

    Nazanin’s Human Rights speeches

  30. Marty, it’s really too bad that you weren’t able to continue auditing TC. He might have actually achieved the state of personal integrity, if you had. Perhaps then, he might have been of some real worth as a man, a husband, and a Scientologist.

  31. Aesthetics and Justice are tightly intertwined.

  32. Perfectly put, Mike !!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Tony DePhillips

    Nicely said Sindy.
    TC and DM, two peas in a scummy pod.

  34. The irony of course though is that DM has only crashed TC’s reputation and to some extent career, along with anyone and anything else he comes into contact with. Marty observes of Naz that “She made it in spite of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige.” But has anybody’s career been enhanced by the toxic tosser and his BFF? Nicole Kidman went from strength to strength after breaking up with Tom, Katie will do the same, mark my words.

  35. I really hope the whole story comes out. Is Tony O on the case?

  36. I shouldn’t post before my morning coffee. Just realised “in spite of” in the OP as in the two of them were actively trying to STOP Naz and her career flourishing. That makes a lot more sense.

  37. Joe,

    I respect your comments on this blog in the past. But I am sorry, your take on whether Nazine’s story is true has painfully passed by your head, it is in fact true. I think you are starting to understand the crazy world of David Miscavige.

  38. > “I have lost ALL respect for you.”

    I did lost my respect for TC after watching one of his Mission Impossible movies (I don’t remember if it was MI 2 or MI 3). The movie had some such sadistic and bloodthirsty scenes that I could not reconcile LRH’s teachings with a Scientologist making this kind of movie. (At that time, I wasn’t enlightened about Co$ degeneration, but it added another warning sign about Co$).

    These movies are for entertainment; you can easily figure out the tone level of people liking this kind of movies. However, the worst part is the consequences of this kind of “entertainment”: people start getting bored of fake bloodthirsty scenes, and start wanting the real thing. (I could write about some real stories, but they are too gross).

    Just for a little fun, here is how TC may react after reading Vanity Fair’s article:

  39. I always wondered where monkeys kept their coconuts…

  40. That is a very creepy story, weird beyond belief. But at this stage, when it comes to David Miscavige, nothing surprises me any more. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder, and more and more EVIL, but nothing is surprising anymore about that sick fuck. I bet the rest of that girl’s story is pretty interesting, like how she got out of Scn, and what she had to endure before she finally decided she had enough.

  41. I don’t know who is ‘madder’: Cruise or Miscavige. After reading VF I opt for Cruise. With Miscavige as his slave. It is a weird couple. That’s for sure.
    Scientology ‘royalty’ or ‘priesthood’ is a league of its own. It’s totally absurd.
    I think Cruise might loose his head in the end. He will end up in a psychiatric clinic.

  42. What has become more and more painfully obvious following Marty’s Blog, is the ability the RCS/DM have had to capture truely decent sincere and beautiful people (in every sense of that word) as ‘front men’ to allow the ‘evil’ to work behind stage & undercover.
    I am so glad that Nazanin seems to have avoided being so used!

  43. “To see a human being reveal really exceptional qualities one must be able to observe his activities over many years. If these activities are completely unselfish; if the idea motivating them is unique in its magnanimity; if it is certain they have never looked for any reward; and if in addition they have left visible traces on the world – then one may say, without fear of error, that one is in the presence of an unforgettable character.”

    Jean Giono – 1895 – 1970

    Author of ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’

  44. Wow… LRH would spit if he got wind of what Miscavige has lowered Scientology to. The whole Miscavige culture is so far from the tenants of Scientology that it is sick. He has turned the subject into a pimping service, while he sucks the life out of Scientology.

    I am so done with the arrogance that Miscavige and his ilk employ. It now runs down the command lines and is the mind set of the new breed of SO members. It is arrogance that is killing the subject. When you are so RIGHT, you can justify just about anything and see nothing.

    George Orwell would have a field day with the current Church.

  45. Please read, “Clear Cannibal” policy letter. The American Valence is in charge within the Church.

  46. After reading the VF article I couldn’t help but think how sad an individual TC has become; and how foreign and bizarre Scn must seem to the public. Every day millions of mere “wogs” manage to find happiness and experience the magic of falling in love, all on their own steam. Yes, they may fail, get their heart broken or wildly succeed, but they are living life and are willing to experience the adventure.
    But when it comes to TC’s second dynamic it’s a military operation, with targets, compliance reports and precision execution. It’s joyless, heartless and devoid of compassion – and certainly no real love. This gives the impression that TC is incapable of creating a 2D, that one has to be “made” for him. Which may explain his unfortunate failed marriages.
    Not dissimilar to “Ideal Orgs”, DM seems to think he can create an “Ideal 2D” for TC, which in turn will make TC the “Ideal Model Scnist”. These efforts are flawed and are dismal failures.
    In the public’s eye I predict Naz will appear to be real and compassionate, while TC will be seen to be broken (a sterling product of RCS), and DM, the maniacal puppet-master playing Cupid.

  47. If this is how Scientology or Vaniety fair promote themselves to report on “who is who” and details of their private lives its pretty low, to disclose and track private matters of personal nature spoken in confidence in scientology auditing. Such a betrayel both by the church / and others.
    This story simply degrades Scientology even further with this control.
    She obvilously has been very suppressed with such control and distressed if all that is written is actually true. And DM and TC are guilty , where’s their ethics put in -Zero-. and never will be apart from the Indepts exposeing his crimes.

    I would ask “What do my fees buy me, does it include tracking / spying / feeding my case notes to the dictator ? Yes ,with exception only perhaps if your a normal every day dude and causes no threat , but if your a celebrity/ or a threat to him it most certaintly does include tracking.
    A very sad story of Naz reported in the Vaniety. I hope she got help.

  48. Spot on Oracle,Check out the handily around tom,caretakers and decisionmakers,

  49. Li'll bit of stuff

    Great posting Marty, thanks for staying mum on the specifics,
    which are withheld in honor of integrity, a line which you just
    refuse to cross, since you aborted DM’s influence over you.

    In the fickle, effect creating world of Hollywood, it is doubtful
    that any intimate details, carry any extended weight over
    time, since there is such an enormous pressure to move
    on to the latest “flavor of the moment.” To keep attention
    on anyone’s sexual peccadilloes would require just an
    extraordinary degree of sustained effort in an industry
    with a notoriously short attention span, or so it seems!

    I often wonder though, who will be next, among the celebs.,
    to take that “big leap of faith” ( balls! ) to become the next
    ” Independent “, after the likes of Jason, Michael, and a
    few other brave souls did? I’m sure we won’t have to wait
    much longer to find out!

  50. +1

  51. Theo Sismanides

    To me Boniadi in any case looks like a very powerful being and I guess she would be too good for Tom.

    On the rest about the church’s “women shopping for Tom” this is disgusting.

  52. Very funny. “think for my dick”. But i dont think his dick is even one of his top 3 motvations for any of this. I think its more about needing to control and image.
    And I have to say that Nazarin is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. On so many levels. Her honesty and sincerity and willingness to grant beingness saved her from a horrible fate. She could have just smiled or laughed or made some sort of agreeable facial gesture when she didnt understand DM. But no. She wanted to actually know what he said, and that granting of beingness may have saved her. To her credit, she was not a good fit for that crowd. I’m a fan.

  53. Oh absolutely they think they are gods. I will never forget the message to ILO and other orgs re: the opening of the Madrid Org, i.e. that a maximum amount of people had to be gotten there because “Mr.Miscavige and Mr. Cruise” were appearing, and they were the “two most important thetans on planet earth.” Gag, gag, gag, gag. The truly important people are personally humble, not arrogant pricks.

  54. I thought it ironic that Tom Cruise allegedly said he wasn’t interested in Naz because he wanted someone with “her own strength”. Yet:
    1) Naz is an effective, and respected (eg. By Amnesty International U.S.A.), human rights advocate, which requires a truckload of strength;
    2) Naz graduated UC with honours – suggesting that her intellect is superior to that of Cruise; and
    3) Cruise seems to have done his damnedest, with the help of Miscavige, to DISEMPOWER her.

  55. Considering Nazanin’s work in support of Human Rights for Iran, and considering the way the misogynists Miscavige and Cruise abused her, is there really much difference between Cruise/Miscavige and the Iranian Ayatollahs?

  56. Long hot summer. Followed by a cold, harsh winter, no doubt!

    As far as TC goes, how much more sunlight does he need shone onto what he has allowed his life to become before he wises up?

    One more thing: those who are writing harsh things about Cruise, while his actions certainly deserve the criticism: try to have a bit of compassion; he has had a major SP fixated on him for over a decade. How fucked up do you think YOU would get if DM was as obsessed with YOU?

  57. Naz is in a Class far above T.C. and D.M.

  58. I read the VF article. Naz you’re beautiful inside and out! Miscavige wants his prey cowering in the corner where he can inflict his control and the most damage possible. Come out into the daylight and his control ends. I think this exposure will only serve you well. To make it onto Drudge; now everybody knows.

    Weird that Cruise can’t get his own dates. He may be really short but he’s still a good looking man, yet he needs a committee to find him a date? Who needs auditing? Just saying.

  59. Point well taken. One only need look at the before and after photos of Mike Rinder.

  60. yes you did!!!

  61. No wonder Katie looked so beaten down before the split. Can you imagine living with Tom cruise?

  62. Well, whatever Miscavige’s doing from within his coconut tight world, will eventually recoil on him, that’s the bitch of being Miscavige, like Mike Rinder has said so many times..

    Maybe as more members of the various Miscavige and Cruise entourage see others have broken the oath of silence, they’ll leak more history.

    Accurate history revealed, is a good thing.

  63. Mike, I may have used the wrong words in my post. Actually I do not doubt Naz’s story.

  64. Mike, not sure if post got through so I will restate. I do not doubt Naz’s story. Rings true to me.

  65. Very impressive. Hats off to you, Marty.

  66. From what I can see, NO. Not much difference at all between TC, DM and the Ayatollahs.

    Nazanin seems to be a sane and compassionate voice for human rights. Her presence is genuine and high ARC. Compare that to TC’s arrogance.
    Compare that to miscavige’s narcissism and violence.

    Compare Nazanin’s accurate details in the video to TC and DM’s over-the-top sweeping generalities.

    Compare Nazanin’s focus on the works of human rights activists to TC and DMs focus on thier own self-aggrandizement.

    A REAL person vs two real creeps.

  67. A few months after that all transpired, Tom brought Katie to Narconon Arrowhead, with a reporter in tow. Unbeknownst to anyone there at the time, Katie was already pregnant (this was around October of ’05, if I remember correctly) and Tom was making a spectacle of her as if she was a possession, with awkward public advances on her in front of a crowd of people. When my then-wife and I spoke with them, Katie seemed genuinely interested, while Tom seemed more about the show. I am sorry that Naz was subjected to “the hunt” prior to Katie, I’m sorry Katie was trapped (though very happy she is now free and has her daughter), and I’m sorry that I ever looked up to Tom with awe when I first found out he was a Scientologist.

  68. It seems Cruise is a very unique and pathetic type of punk. Now I understand why Miscavige was so excited about finally finding has ideal ego building bitch.

  69. “The truly important people are personally humble, not arrogant pricks.”

    That statement is a fact in my humble opinion. Clear, concise and to the exact point. In my experience, that puts the entire Freewinds group ( to say nothing of those at Gold, etc.) in a VERY UNIMPORTANT place.

    Another fact that aligns with your statement is that the entire CO$ is now irrelevant. They are awaiting a cognition however!

  70. Yes, I agree. Naz is clearly a strong woman with beauty, brains and integrity.
    I found it a bit amusing that she had to repeatedly say, “Excuse me?”, to David Miscavige because she could not understand what the hell he was saying. I guess she never got the memo about pretending to understand his gibberish.

  71. Robert,
    Until now I have assumed that TC was simply drinking the Koolaide……now I’m thinkin’ he is in charge of making it.

  72. AS Leonard Cohen says – there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.
    Looking forward to another CNN special.

  73. And everyone calls Tom C. “sir” or else.

  74. But as he told Mat Lauer, he has an obligation to find out the truth. He is a public figure, so says Tom.

  75. I’d say they were two nuts in the same sack……………..and it is one NASTY little sack!

    Sindys message is spot on. Thank you for that.

    It sucks to be Cruise and we already know it sucks to be Miscarriage.

  76. I agree, agree, agree. And Mr. Cruise, if for some reason you’re reading this (or OSA), how’s your career going?

  77. Li'll bit of stuff

    Such is the outright mind control of Miscavige over his
    erstwhile protege.(TC) Naz may be in for the wrath of the
    psychotic savage, and also the sensationalist Drudge, but
    there’s more than enough support out here (and triceps)
    to push his oversized head up where the sun don’t shine.

  78. Li'll bit of stuff

    Now THAT sounds like a “Birthday Game” that Ron
    himself would have surely approved of!!!!

  79. All due respect John but at some point you have got to face the facts. Blaming DM for the problems Cruise has is off the mark. TC also has the potential for observing what is true for him …….Just like Naz did and obviously does. She exemplifies integrity and if I may say so what I consider Scientology stands for.

    This thing you call compassion sounds more like sympathy to me and given the facts, TC is a knowing and willing accomplice to the activities of DM.

    The answer to your comment:
    “How fucked up do you think YOU would get if DM was as obsessed with YOU?”
    can best be answered by NOT AT ALL IF YOU STAND UP AND SAY NO MORE to the sociopath.

  80. They will; they just needed someone to start it. And it apparently has been started with a Bang!

  81. It breaks my heart the spiritual abuse and mental treachery Naz unwittingly experienced under the guise of supposedly the highest ranking and the most dedicated “church members”. There are many more sordid details to the story that only prove the insanity of DM and his servile underlings and it sickens me. Your story Naz is one more domino to bring this dictator, or correctly “these two dictators” down. Naz and her mother are lovely, heartfelt and caring people and I wish them the very best. And kudos to you Naz for pushing through and finding the strength to flourish. xoxo

  82. excoriated past participle, past tense of ex·co·ri·ate (Verb) Verb: 1. Censure or criticize severely. 2. Damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin). More info » Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary

  83. This is getting to be so routine: Another day, another disaster for the diminutive dwindling duo.

    It sucks to be manipulating man-wives exposed.

  84. one of those who see

    Off this topic, but on our main topic. A Scientologist posted this today on facebook – if he is Indie, he is under the radar. “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman

  85. Romancing the stone program.

    1. Sec checks.
    2. Sec checks.
    3, More sec checks.
    4. Weekly intermitent sec checks based on Tom’s out ruds or David’s out ruds.

    Kind of shows you where DM and Tom are at themselves.

    Oblivious to the point that someone who’s first language is not even English or, that someone had to struggle two languages at once has to say, “Excuse me” to clarifiy something = “her bad”.

    If Tom did say, “I want someone with her own power, like Nicole.” He is also oblivious to the fact that someone with their own power isn’t going to take abuse and humiliation from Tom Cruise or David Miscavige. Let’s see them order Angeline Jolie for a sec check before an interview.

  86. Nazanin Boniadi

    If you are reading this, you need have no fear of any blow back from any shit storm this story generates; you will come through shinning bright and clean like the star you really are. All the crap will land where it belongs.

    Personally, I think the story is a beam of light exposing and disinfecting a hidden source of evil.

    Wishing you great successes, joys and happinesses.

  87. I did too before I started researching because EVERYTHING is just so shocking. THen I read Headley’s account of the work done for T. Cruise and how he was known to him as Tom in the “beginning” of his relationship – then DM put in the order that TC was to be addressed as Mr. Cruise or Sir and if it were not followed, there was always the hole. I realize this may sound trite but if you had known someone for years and one day they started calling you “sir”, would you not say “what is that about – what happened to my name”. But that did not happen. Speaks volumes.

  88. Your partially right, Newcomer. TC has totally bought into it all. But your viewpoint also says to me that you have never been in or assumed the responsibility on this 3rd and 4th dynamic that many here who spent decades around DM has assumed. DM sits on and draws power from the comm lines these folks needed to fullfill their own commitments on those dynamics. THAT is the mitigating factor which kept them from standing up and saying no more much earlier than they did. What could be interpreted as a weakness from your viewpoint, I see as the opposite. But your mostly right about TC and dead on target about Naz.


  90. You’re glib, Tom! You don’t know the history of David Miscavige, I do! Yes, I’ve certainly done my homework! And you should too!

  91. I can’t believe I heard that from someone else’s mouth! Actually I have never said it myself but I have thought it. Justice can be and is on an aesthetic wavelength that creates relief, evolution, understanding, compassion and awareness when employed with reason, humility, and mercy. Justice is really not about punishment but steering things right socially. And sorting out confusions generated by those less interested in the rights and welfare of others. Thank you for your post.

  92. And Nazanin, Thank you for speaking out about your own human rights. You count in every way just like everybody else.

  93. I read the preview of the article in Vanity Fair.
    It looks like they are sympathetic to Naz.
    I can’t wait to read the actual article. My best to her and her positive future. I can’t imagine what she must have gone thru with the Scientology machine and their cover ups.

  94. Tony DePhillips

    Scott getting sudden….
    You made me think about OTDT and/or Random Stranger.
    Random Stranger come back…come back… 🙂

  95. Tony DePhillips


  96. Tony DePhillips

    Why don’t you just come out and say what you really mean Oracle?? 🙂

  97. Tony DePhillips

    I agree!
    When justice is properly administered it is quite theta!
    It puts on proper order and control and fairness and acts as a right indication to those in that area. It can be very extroverting. The problem is that you rarely ever saw it applied properly inside of the cult of miss savage. In the cult black is white and white is black, and upstats down and a downstats up.

  98. Tony DePhillips


  99. Tony DePhillips

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but Nazanin is a very beautiful woman. I am a very skilled data evaluator and through my abilities of perception have seen what most cannot.

  100. DM and TC have reached a whole new level of creepiness…….. YUCK

  101. How do you disempower someone that won’t allow that to happen? Is there a policy or bulletin for this? It seems that Naz got it right. Don’t allow someone to disempower you and it won’t happen. Right?

  102. If this Vanity Fair article brings forth enough corroboration in the form of several other auditioned actresses telling their stories, etc, it will create the effect of women across the planet absolutely hating Tom Cruise.

    Not to mention the Scn Inc tie-in.

    Sucks to be TC right now…

  103. Pingback: Nazanin Boniadi « 31 Factors

  104. non-scientologist

    Is Naz now an indie?

  105. Just another stunningly beautiful waste eh Tom? You must be proud of your abilities as granted by your caretaker and bff. Oh wait, that last one didn’t work out so well either…

    You have your millions, and minions, now you and Davie need to go away, way away, before it’s way too late.

    tick tock

  106. Naz is too bright for TC and too much Theta for dm.
    Theta is poison for dm.

  107. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dave, if it took 4 years for Marty to decompress, it’ll
    take 40 for Tom!!! The big difference is Marty’s SMART!

  108. I think the miracle is comin!

  109. That Mr. David Miscavige and Tom Cruise did this is disgusting. Period.

    Naz is a treasure.


  110. I don’t know about dm. This sick dictators seem to hang on forever unless somebody removes them one way or the other.

  111. Thanks for spelling it out, Tooky and T.O. Always had a “feeling” about that, but have never put it into words myself. Justice is also about decency.

  112. These sec checks are a sick subversion of LRH tech. At best, they are a nuisance. At worse they are a brain wash. They are always done with bad TRs and bad metering. I do not see how they can be done otherwise.

  113. You are absolutely right about importance. If you read LRH HCO PL “Manners” you will see that he entirely agreed with you.

  114. I agree with you. I have long thought that tc is a vicious little dwarf, just like his boyfriend dm.

  115. Please remember that suppressives specialize in stopping. Once you are out of their influence they can no longer stop you.

  116. Yes, Miscavige can be hard to understand. He can sound like he is inhaling helium before he speaks. Here’s a clip of him and TC:

  117. Thank God I didn’t have a mouth full of coffee while reading this Oracle. I would have gummed-up another keyboard! Still chuckling……..

  118. I apologize if this has already been stated, not able to read all the replies at the moment. Tom sounds like an abuser. I believe Katie was in an abusive relationship. An emotionally abusive relationship.

  119. Like.

  120. Sir, I would like to read your page/blog more often, but it it is so s..l..o..w.
    Either it is very poorely programmed or it is filled with spurious (not so friendly) run-time applications, (put by others) if you see what I mean! Right now my CPU is red hot, probably scanning every bit on my hard disk… Knowing your business line, this is not too apealing. Please do something. A very simple solution is to keep the layout of your page as simple as possible, with no hand-shaking component.

  121. I think that people in the Co$ have long forgotten that the 2nd dynamic is not the 3rd dynamic. You cannot and should not run it like it, or it will fail guaranteed.

  122. I read the VF article. I am impressed by Nazanin. Clearly not only an exotic beauty, but a person with intelligence, will, and character. I am less impressed by the false pretence under which they got her to an interview. It looks to me like you can no longer believe a Sea Org member when they invite you to a meeting.

    Then the sec checks and false conditions that are designed to humiliate and subdue. This is a repeat of the nightmare of Nazi Germany. They are building a Nazi organization right under the nose of the free world. The Co$ needs to be destroyed.

  123. Hi Tony,

    It’s fun to hit the humor button every once in a while. Skewering those to “bad actors” is just too easy!

    Don’t want to wear it as a hat though.

  124. Well, this does solve a big problem with Christmas right around the corner. What to buy for the man (Tom) who has everything? An I.A.S. Membership for his coveted buddy, Mr. Pee Pee! So when his personal shoppers go into Celebrity Center they will recieve a 10% discount on all merchandise and services! .

  125. Seriously creepy, like perverts! To me they seem like a team of psychopaths operating together to act out their aberrations, each one feeding off of & supporting the other.

    If anyone wondered why Katie left Cruise the way she did, after reading the VF article, the only thing they’ll wonder about is how she lasted as long as she did.

    In this whole nutty mess of TC and his 2D, Naz was actually the lucky one. I’m sure it didn’t feel like it at the time, but she was very lucky. The fact is, she was too strong for TC and his other half, Miscavige.

  126. When the guys high up are getting laughed at, they lose their power. (Quote from a movie I just saw on national TV.)
    Miscavige and Cruise are a laughing stock. That is what is happening at the moment. Nobody can take them seriously anymore, it is just impossible.

  127. Haha, that’s excellent. Thanks OOTWS!

  128. Outstanding post. Very perceptive.

  129. Newcomer is right in my opinion. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise for God’s sake. He has far more personal money and power in the real world than Miscavige.

    No, Tom Cruise had huge ego problems and tyrannical proclivities or potential before he hooked up with Miscavige. It is WHY he ended up as Number 2.

    Let’s get real. That takes absolutely NOTHING away from the repulsiveness of Miscavige and in fact just proves, again, what a vile person he truly is but, make no mistake, he and Cruise are two peas in a pod.

    Cruise, with his audience, has a far greater responsibility. He is so arrogant that he thought none of this would ever come out. No, I have zero compassion for Tom Cruise.

    I did not get that Newcomer was slighting anyone’s 3rd and 4th dynamic participation or being naive about it. There’s just no excuse for Cruise’s behavior. Cruise is the ultimate enabler of Miscavige.

  130. P.S. DAVID! Anyhting less than Patron Meritorious would be condescending!

  131. Its all about image. The Impact magazines usually have one full page picture of LRH and up to 4 full page pictures of Miscavige (see for instance the commemorative issues for the 25th, 26th and 27th anniversaries of the IAS) plus further pictures of him and the top donors and freedom medal winners. There are glitzy and gaudy pictures of the stage its all image, image, image. Miscavige always smiling (no cold chrome steel for the public.) Miscavige and Cruise seem to be stuck in a movie that is their life. Hair and make-up, scripts, rehearsals, fans, applause, big pay cheques, drama, voice overs, close-ups, and music. Their lives are practically void of anything real.

  132. Dave Fagan – Beautiful! I hope Matt Lauer sees this comment!

  133. Naz, you warmed my heart giving the speech at Amesty Int’l. I hope you read how impressed we all are with you. Admiration is given because it is deserved. I hope those individuals you named will soon be home with those they love.

  134. The great thing about this IS Katie Holmes is in NYC and going to be on Broadway, Project Runway; her child is going to be starting school in September at a Catholic School; Ms. Holmes is modeling in magazines – have seen her pic in several; she is also showing a new line of clothes – ALL THIS MEANS SHE WILL KEEP THE STORY ALIVE without even trying. One sees Katie Holmes and they think of T.Cruise and then they think of Scientology and then they think of stories e.g. Vanity Fair and reporters being who they are will want the next big story on this – IT IS NOT GOING AWAY. Miscavige is gonna lose an inch with this one. Probably has to be sedated.

  135. was it possible for her to say “no” from the beginning?! why the article say that she auditioned to it voluntarily?


    “One of the most crucial projects is taking care of the celebrities because they are essential to the dissemination of Dianetics and Scientology on this planet. So we pander to them in every possible way as it will bring us closer to the goal of a cleared planet. As we speak several very Senior Mgmt terminals will be on a long term Mission to assist one of our biggest celebrities find the woman of his dreams. Since the numerous other woman have failed, I’ve declared and expelled them as inadequate and those prior Missionaire’s have been assigned to the Hole! This is why we need your extensive donations as there will be no “deep pockets with short arms” in this endeavor. No expense will be spared!” Deevil Miscaviage

  137. Another “global thought” after having read this article and the one in Tony Ortega’s column today about the homophobic church. Would it have simply been “too much” if all the Church of Scientology offered was just training and processing? (with enough ethics handling to handle people’s personal PTSness when it threatened auditing gains) Somehow the CoS over the years simply HAD to get involved in all sorts of other things, from the PR Series through all of the insane 2D rules to the whole wacko celebrity thing …… what if it had JUST offered folks what they wanted anyway? Training and Processing. Maybe we would have seen in the television and later internet age, an explosion like with Buddhism, Christianty and Islam having taken root all before modern speed of communication, all with just their ideas. Would that have simply been “too easy”? No, the CoS had to imitate and dramatize earlier similar fascist movements and move in on every part of a person’s life and call this “total freedom.” Right.

  138. Dear Tom and Dave (you scandalous couple),

    You are both weird misogynist twins. As well, you are now universally looked upon as mental and spiritual midgets.

    Go ahead and revel in your self-created scum. The rest of us laugh and/or cringe. Personally, I wretch.

    My plea is to please keep your mutual out-ruds crap out of our space. I’m stating that for mankind.

  139. Posted by Tom Gallagher

  140. What shines about Nazanin is the fact after all she endured she has not lower herself down to the demented level of the Evil Twins. No, she kept her personal integrity and continued her uptone and high theta level of helping others. I respect this woman and she deserves any support the Indies would give her in times of need. ARC Bill

  141. Yes

  142. I just realized this is one more example of Miscavige sguirrel technology. And as with all other instances of Miscavige Squirrel Technology, it failed miserably and caused nothing but enturbulation.

  143. I ran the numbers here Tony, and it looks like you are on to something.

  144. I’m glad you brought up Saddam Hussein. Christopher Hitchens gave a fantastic speech a few years ago before he died about the nature of Saddam Hussein’s rule in Iraq. Amongst the most terrifying things about it was not only its cannibalism (its need to turn colleagues and subordinates into enemies to be destroyed) but the way it forced complicity from everyone.

    There’s a poignant and chilling part at the end where Hitchens talks about “radical evil.” “Ordinary” evil is careless and opportunistic; a spur of the moment “crime of passion” might be an example. “Radical evil” is deliberate, calculated and meticulous. “Radical evil” is needlessly devoted to malice and determined to push the boundaries of cruelty. “Radical evil” is also self destructive in that it cares more about harming one’s enemies than its own survival.

    Every time I hear that speech, I really can’t help but think about some of the horror stories I’ve heard about what’s been going on inside the Church of Scientology these past few years.

  145. martyrathbun09

    If the article communicated that it is simply inaccurate. But, I don’t think it said that.

  146. tony mentioned to me this story is 4 years old, but in vanity fair the world will know about it, is the whole story out yet, i read the teaser

  147. IMHO, I think TC is the effect of the dwarf. It’s a parasitic relationship not a partnership. The dwarf targets powerful people and sucks power from them. TC is way more powerful and creative than the dwarf. David Miscavige generates nothing himself, except the skill and talent to seek out creative and powerful people to live off them. Witness his relationship to L Ron Hubbard and Scientology. These two may be BFF but TC generates gigawatts of power and DM lives off it.

  148. 🙂 like!

  149. Tony DePhillips | September 2, 2012 at 1:20 pm | Reply

    “I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but Nazanin is a very beautiful woman. I am a very skilled data evaluator and through my abilities of perception have seen what most cannot.”

    Missed that. Guess I need a retread 😦

  150. CommunicatorIC

    Paul Haggis weighs in on Nazanin Boniadi, and has her back:

    It is well worth a read in its entirety, but here is a fair use excerpt:

    “In Naz’s case, she has no right to feel ashamed. She is not only a terrific actress at the beginning of a very promising career, she is a dedicated human rights activist and a truly lovely and caring person. The last thing she wanted or needed is this kind of publicity, but here it is, and I am sure she will deal with it with the same grace and dignity she exudes in her daily life. I’m appalled that any church would treat its parishioners this way, but Naz has never cast herself as a victim. She is strong and resilient and I am very proud to call her a friend.”

  151. Joe, Smart post. I got your reply earlier.

  152. CommunicatorIC

    The following does not fully answer your question, but the data is relevant. Paul Haggis is quoted as saying:

    “And FYI, in case this wasn’t clear, Naz quietly and privately resigned from the church a couple of years ago after several years of trying to handle this injustice internally, to no avail.”

  153. It didn’t say that in words, but anyone who reads the article carefully will figure out that no one was FORCED to go to those auditions.
    from this line of thoughts I was wondering if she was able to decline the “offer” from the beginning.
    I know that for you (as an insider) this questions might look unnecessary but for me (as an outsider ) the answer to them will make me understand better.

  154. +1, in Hollywood beautiful woman are in abundance but what is different about Nazanin is that she is truly beautiful on the inside, her compassion, integrity & class are a rare find, one need look no further than her speaking out against on abuses for human rights, she walks the talk…..

  155. LatinAmericanMX

    I know its a little off-topic, but has anyone seen the new social network for scientologists? Is this a legitimate social network intended to unite corporate scientologist or is it just another attempt to get them to only talk to the people they should be talking to?

  156. Sadly, I don’t think that betting on the demise of DM in the next few months is a wise idea, no matter how much any of us (or all of us together) wants to see him gone. The situation is much like North Korea — there is no effective opposition within the government, the mechanism for punishment of potential rivals and potential agitators for change is too severe, and the propaganda apparatus feeding up lies to a brainwashed population is just too strong. That is not to say that Miscavige will be in power forever, just as Kim Jong-Eun in NK will probably not be in power forever. It is just that it takes far longer for rotting empires to fall apart than anyone thinks. When the corporate Scientology organization collapses, it will almost certainly begin much later than people imagined, and it will be sparked by a catalyst that nobody can imagine, but it will probably happen much faster than people think. I am certain that, while a Vanity Fair cover story is a massive PR flap for Miscavige & Co., that this will not be the thing that brings DM down.

  157. One of the most interesting things about the Vanity Fair article is the fact that the magazine is not afraid of TC and the segment of Hollywood that makes money off him (lawyer Bert Fields, the agents at CAA including a couple Scientologists), etc. They are not afraid of being sued, and they’re not afraid of the subtle informal pressure that TC might have tried in an earlier day to bring to bear on anybody who crossed him. That is a major development, especially since Cruise has been on the cover of Vanity Fair multiple times in the past. The Vanity Fair people are very smart at running the magazine, one of the few bright spots in the publishing world lately.

    This, at least as much as the embarrassing revelations contained in the article, is the major humiliation for Cruise, and by extension, Miscavige and the corporate Scientology organization, who are essentially being called out as a paper tiger and as impotent by the placement of this article.

  158. No, the David Miscavige Valence is in charge within the Church of Black Scientology. If you indicate the wrong item, you are not going to blow the charge – in fact, you are going to make it more solid.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  159. Last time I checked, *AUDITORS* were the most valuable (read “important”) beings in the universe. Tom Cruise does not audit and the only “auditing” anyone is getting from Darth Midget is reverse processing.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  160. martyrathbun09

    I took a two minute tour. It is propaganda vehicle for the deeply corrupt and criminal Scientology Inc.

  161. martyrathbun09

    Read the article. She had no idea she was doing any audition for anything other than a special project.

  162. “Church of Scientology” is not a *terminal*. It is just a big fat generality that Darth Midget wraps around himself to hide. The correct terminal is “David Miscavige”. All the sad, sick people in his valence are still *David Miscavige*.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  163. Quotes from the VF teaser:
    “in 2004 Scientology embarked on a top-secret project” …”which involved finding a girlfriend for Tom Cruise.” … “the organization devised an elaborate auditioning process in which actresses who were already Scientology members were called in, told they were auditioning for a new training film, and then asked a series of curious questions including: “What do you think of Tom Cruise?”
    … “Initially she was told only that she had been selected for a very important mission. In a month-long preparation in October 2004, she was audited every day” … “in November 2004 Boniadi was flown to New York, where she met Cruise. That’s when she first sensed that this was possibly going to be an arranged marriage.”

    According to the VF teaser, she didn’t auditioned voluntarily for a test for TC’s girlfriend (like in the reality show The Bachelor). She auditioned believing she was auditioning for a new training film, and then she was prepared believing it was for a mission unrelated to an arranged marriage with TC.

  164. I agree! Give them a minute. We’re not all super short comm lag types! They will leave and when they do, they ALL will leave.

  165. Only thing I could find was the ancient Farsec Galaxy:
    That might not be it, but I loved the story of the planets.

  166. This is a sea change. All that is needed is the catalyst to make the spark that sets the whole ship afire.

  167. I think you are right Vicar…
    Miscavige sucks power from highly responsible people… that’s all he’s ever had. And, this power is going away… Thanks to this collection of highly responsible beings contributing to this blog… just free-thought conversations in Marty’s internet living room.

  168. Thanks Sindy, can you send me an email at ?

  169. I’d date her.

  170. CommunicatorIC

    Nazanin Boniadi: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

    Very good article. Well worth reading in its entirety. Unfortunately, it does not differentiate between the religion and/or applied religious philosophy of Scientology, on the one hand, and the Corporate Church of Scientology, on the other hand, but I suspect that is the result of innocent ignorance. They don’t know that there IS Scientology outside the Corporate Church of Scientology. That is what the comment section is for.

    An excerpt that really impressed me:

    “9. She’s Wicked Smart

    At University of California Irvine, where she studied biological science, she won the Chang Pin-Chun Undergraduate Research Award for her work studying, among other things, heart transplant rejection. She was assistant editor of the school’s undergrad medical newspaper.”

    Another excerpt that addresses important points raised above:

    “10. She’s an Activist

    Boniadi is an official spokesperson for Amnesty International USA, blogs for its website, and did a voiceover with Morgan Freeman on the organization’s “Power of Words” public service announcement. She’s an outpoken voice for women’s rights and human rights in Iran. “

  171. Marty your empathy for your fellow human beings is a marvel to behold.

  172. I will never wrestle again.

  173. Nazanin is a much better speaker than David Miscavige.

  174. This blog uses straight-up WordPress hosted by It ain’t slow. Something else is spiking your CPU.

  175. I might have missed it, but I have yet to hear of any evidence that Tom Cruise knew any of the nasty side of this was going on. Did a witness actually say that? I never saw any statement like that. Please direct me to it if I have missed it.

    I have worked with a few high-powered celebrities, and I really don’t imagine that Tom Cruise sat around and one day called Miscavige and said, “I want you to audition Scientologist actresses for me and sec check the ever-loving crap out of them and run off their boyfriends and fix them all up pretty for me and send them over her for me to ravish and then drop like yesterday’s garbage.” Don’t you think it’s far more likely that Shelly and DM set about match-making and trying to fix Tom up. Tom may very well have thought that it was the kind of matchmaking one of the kind folks here would do for another, as he thinks that DM is his friend.

    There has been much testimony here about how DM has stage-managed every possible exposure TC has had to Scientology, micro-managing and keeping away any disturbing information. Tom likely still does not know that his folders were read and their contents repeated by DM for entertainment value. I don’t think he knows that yet and still hangs around. He doesn’t read any “entheta” reports, because he is a “good Scientologist” and most people here were of the same persuasion for years. He doesn’t know. So he still thinks DM is his friend, instead of a dyed-in-the-wool, real-live con-artist. And he thinks his friend matched him up with a very nice young woman and they had some fun but it wasn’t just exactly what he was looking for and it ended.

    It’s outrageous for Cruise to have a whole skating rink or floor of a hotel? Again, this is something that probably didn’t come from him, but from an assistant taking care of things. With a single photo of a top celeb going for tens of thousands of bucks, how does a guy go out on a date with a nice girl and have some fun ice-skating. In a normal rink crowd, he would either have to spend most of his time talking to strangers and signing autographs, or there would be reports the next day that he was an asshole who had forgotten the public who made him. This is not unusual behavior for one of the few biggest actors in the world.

    And what, nobody here has ever broken off a relationship in a crappy way? By phone, by email, by letter, through a friend, whatever? Tom Cruise is one of the worst people in the world because maybe he handled a breakup very poorly?

    Some may think a defense of Tom outrageous. I will admit I have no proof that he didn’t know, but where’s the proof or testimony that he did? It is really easy for us to sit here on our butts typing away and stroking out egos with our posts and sitting in judgment of all and sundry. But don’t we have an obligation to stick to facts? Where are the facts that support the contention that Tom Cruise know about these heinous actions? I don’t believe for a second that he knew that any confidential folders were breached or anything at all of that sort. I don’t believe it. Where are the witness statements to support that?

    My money is on Tom Cruise does not know about this manipulative crap. I’m guessing he finds out very soon, though. I wish him courage and integrity in facing up to it, because when he finds out it has got to completely blow his mind.

  176. Which ever way you look at this situation, there is no self determisim allowed by any of the players except Miscavige.
    What an evil man he is…

  177. Tony DePhillips

    Had a great time with you and your husband tonight!!

  178. However, TC seems to have a SERIOUS problem to get a girl friend in a common way : by 2way communication = willing to be cause AND effect, by granting beingness ( instead of manipulation ), by mutually creating a relationship ( instead of being a dominating dicktator ).

    Or maybe TC didn’t know at all what was going on ( the “auditing” to put Naz into “shape” for him ). Maybe this was a hidden plot from Miscavige ? Doesn’t matter, it’s utterly disgusting. Using auditing to create an obedient female toy … thank god that LRH was spared this insanity. AUDITING WAS CREATED TO BRING ABOUT FREEDOM !!!

    There’s no way I would want to be in Tom’s shoes, not even with all his $$$.

  179. For every David Miscavige we have in our midst, there are 5 of them in Corporate America.

    Do your research, go and look. I have, and it is my conclusion that we are dealing with a Society, particularly in America (as well as elsewhere in the Western World) where psychopathic/technocrat-fascist personalities are rewarded as groups become richer, and while ethics go out. This is a direct result of the degradation of education, since people – individuals – are less likely to assume Winning valences in society, when they know actual truths about the histories of those personalities they are attempting to assume, as a spiritual survival matter. DM has but a very glib understanding of the powers of Napoleon. His investigation of Simon Bolivar is a vain sham. And so on it goes..

    The American Pscyhopath is a real Valence, which can be observed in frequent dissemination – on TV, in 30 minutes, you will spot them. The know better, they are ‘doing it only for their team’, there is real evidence that they destroy all attempts at fair and balanced co-existence with their fellows in the name of ‘some enemy’, and so on. It is a common sociological pervalence. American has a vile infestation of this personality *precisely because it is such a button for the average, patriotic, American*, either to be opposed to such an idea, or aligned with it.

    Now, there are “UK” varieties, and the “ANZO Ser-Fac” variant too. But the problem we are dealing with is one of the most refined forms of this valence of all, because it derives from the windfall and downfall cycle of one thing: The American Century.

    DM is dramatizing the valence of His Masters.

    His Masters are in the American Military – real patriotic fascists – who want nothing more than the downfall or total subservience for any Group which may detract from the American Century.

    I’m not trolling, I’m not attempting to flame-bait you, I’m not trying to make any wrong or right indication – I am simply espousing a viewpoint which I believe to be True, in order that we can get a proper Handling in place.

    If you want an Indication, here it is: Handle the Valence which DM is dramatizing. Spot it. Acknowledge it in your environment.

  180. After reading Naz’s story in Vanity Fair, I lost my last little respect I had left for this guy (TC – Totally Confused?) From now on, I will boycott his movies!

    From an Interview from the U.S. Premiere of The Last Samurai: “Why’d you pick this movie? For me as a man, philosophically, when you talk about honor and integrity, that’s the way I want to live my life.”. What a joke!

  181. To be fair, Auditors do need a safe place to Audit, and PC’s need a safe, secure place to be In-Session. The circumstances allowing this, alas, can take many turns depending on the case level of the individuals involved .. if you’re coming off the streets after having grown up watching TV and worshiping celebrities and don’ing Valence-De-Jour per Societies whims, you’re going to *need* to feel *safe* in a gilded palace, surrounded by ‘nice people’, and so on.

    If all you want to do is Audit and Go Free, you can do it on the side of a mountain or in the bottom of an oily shaft. A good Auditor will go in session pretty much anywhere .. whereas there are no ‘good Auditors’ left in the Church, any more, they all need their modern conveniences, all the way up to the Top ..

  182. Probably correct.

    But if you review the crazy Miscavige behavior, where not even the top people around him understood why the heck he was “losing it” and beating up on this or that executive, it is these out of the blue eruptions of irrationality, that might just suddenly well up and precede his reaction of a nutty punishment that causes the victim(s) to blow and go public immediately, and which might result in some law having to get involved just by the nature of what Miscavige does next time.

    Maybe someone accidentally giving DM’s dogs the wrong chow, will set Miscavige off, then someone buys him the wrong new shirts, then someone proposes a bonehead solution, then someone tells hijm the bad news about a series of history news leaks that lead directly to him (like this thread).

    You never know, when the bad media truth about Miscavige, we don’t know which of these stories will be the straw that breaks his camel’s back, and triggers him into some rage, that results in him abusing someone ridiculously which results in the victims going public quickly (and finding this whole huge supportive audience out here, like John Brousseau comments he began even to notice).

    So we just don’t know when there will be this series of bad events in DM’s life, that will set him off, and leads by this above chain, to the inevitable result of authorities having to take legal action against DM.

  183. If someone at the Int Base is face bruised, has an injury, due to some battery, if that person could immediately go to an emergency medical facility, get the injuries competently and incontrovertably recorded (enough to hold up in court), and then call police, report the battery, and then sue!

    That would then allow a groundswell of international support (financially) for a law suit, and pay for all the whole long list of people beaten at the Int Base, to be called as witnesses, and do a public trial (and hopefully NOT be bought off).

    Something like that, is what I hope happens, and somehow disgrace or result in a DM courtroom scene, “You’re damn right I ordered the Code Red!” admission by DM.

  184. In Scientology News there are 16 pictures on DM and only 1 of LRH and LRH is on the very back page!

  185. martyrathbun09

    It was recognition along this line that made me realize I had unfinished business and needed to do something about Miscavige .

  186. Same old, same old.
    LRH – no more used, historical datum.

  187. What a wonderful woman!

    Degrees and awards in biology, beautiful, great actress, compassionate …

    And forced to scrub toilets with a toothbrush.

    I want to cry.

  188. I agree ST, it’s almost like the only reason the 2nd dynamic exists is to serve the 3rd. How did things get this twisted?

  189. +1 She is the Princess of Persia, just beautiful.

  190. Good point Bob. I doubt that TC would have originated such a scheme to DM. What seems more likely is that TC may have made a comment in passing, something like “Maybe I should be looking at Scnists for a 2D?” DM takes this on as a major project, drop-what-yer-doin, A-number-one, all-hands Hill 10, consuming Sea Org resources, micro-managing the shit out of it. That to me is a real possibility. But you have to wonder how the existence of these “prospects” gets communicated to TC. And wouldn’t TC question or wonder where all of these qualled and vetted candidates are coming from?

  191. Paul Haggis confirms this story, in case anyone has doubt on it’s veracity.

  192. TC asking someone out for a date…


    TC: Hey, I’ve noticed you on the set and was wondering if you’d like to meet up for a coffee sometime?

    Girl: Wow! Yeah…sure.

    TC: Great! I’ll send a car around to pick you up, and Dave can get you started on the routing form.


  193. Wow, the story did go viral.
    Gives Scientology a “Game Show “mentality, high cringe factor.

  194. EXSO – ugh! Well spotted – that’s even worse – by far ! There is no reason to put the same picture, repeatedly, of one individual in a magazine – it can only be that he wants to burn his image into our minds, and that that image be associated with glamour and the quest to save the world! An old advertising trick. But its a poisonous brand and should carry a health warning – as other Indies have said so often before!

  195. Marty I couldn’t wait to read this since you told us about it. All I can say is well done to Nazanin, to rise above this duo of twits!

    ON ANOTHER NOTE: My wife and I had the distinct pleasure to spend an afternoon and evening over this weekend with Marty and Mosey. It was great to engage in communication on a myriad of things regarding our own experiences, OT levels and Marty’s perspective. I highly recommend it to anyone should they get the opportunity. We enjoyed making new friends with both of you. [having trouble getting this to post]?

  196. Hmm, interesting theory, then explain this: ” According to the knowledgeable source, anything she said or did that Cruise found fault with he immediately reported to a member of the Scientology staff, and she would be audited for it.”
    That sort of makes him part of the process, it sure would seem so!

  197. Miscavige doesnt seem to like Auditors too much.

  198. Wow, this is massive.
    I guess Tom doesn’t think anymore that his BFF is a good advisor.

  199. So your bet is on 2 to 3 years?

  200. DM’s modus operandi is to usurp the work being done by people like Naz and claim it as “his” work, wholly attributable to the Church of Scientology, siphoning off the accomplishment to serve his own ends. Its the same procedure over and over again — when someone does something beneficial or is successful, seize it and force it under the Church’s control and put it into service as a “shining” example of the wonders of the Church of Scientology. The individuals who actually did the work and forged the alliances are degraded, their contacts taken over and their good works attributed to the Church. If they have the audacity to disagree with this operation, they are discredited and thrown under the bus. Of course, whatever they were doing no longer works for it is no longer coming from an authentic intention. On every front, this has been the means by which DM accumulated power, starting with the seizure of the Missions, and fanning out to encompass even the art and music of Scientologists, eventually drumming them out of the picture entirely to be replaced with specious PR capers and homogenized music from Gold.

  201. My sister texted me early this AM that the Today Show was about to do a story on Scientology responding to the Vanity Fair article — where the story came from, whose behind (three guesses according the Corp Scn) …

    I was not home so didn’t see it — but amazing how quickly anything Tom Cruise goes viral …

    May it continue to be so …

    Tick tock

  202. After watching her various videos and reading her online information, I think it would be absolutely marvelous to be able to sit down with this woman over a cup of tea and just chat! I bet spending some time with her would be a real enlightening experience.

  203. martyrathbun09

    Great seeing you both too.

  204. OK, here’s a couple of things that don’t add up:

    1) She allegedly was initially told that she was auditioning for a movie role. How does it go from there to the point where she is dating Cruise and sharing a bedroom with him? Doesn’t she see at some point that she’s being set up/manipulated?

    2) How is it that her only source of money was a Tom Cruise credit card? Didn’t she have her own money or was she broke?

    3) As a public Scientologist, how does she wind up scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush or digging ditches in the middle of the night??? I thought that that fun was reserved only for Sea Org members and possibly staff members. I’ve never heard of a public MAA dishing out that kind of thing. Why didn’t she just tell whoever to fuck off? Why didn’t she just leave??? I was in the Sea Org for five years and never scrubbed a toilet with a tooth brush.

  205. Marty, please cancel my earlier post…typo.

    Bob…I think you might actually be as naive as you are making Cruise out to be here. This is the same process that eventually led to his marriage with Katie Holmes. How many times would Miscavige have to say, “Hey Buddy, I have someone for you to meet” before YOU would catch on? Irrespective of his knowledge of it… having her audited for saying “Very Well Done” because it IMPLIED she was his Senior, and upbraiding Naz for “disrespecting” Mini Me? Is this still “…not unusual behavior for one of the few biggest actors in the world”? I’ll take your bet…and raise you!

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  207. martyrathbun09

    All I can say Jethro, is you need to practice your cipherin’.

  208. Chuck, I don’t think we need to wait for another incident. People who were assaulted in front of willing witnesses should file a civil law suit in a federal court. If the filed a complaint with the police they should include law enforcement in the suit.

    With today’s media attention that should be enough to topple him.

  209. We had a great time with you and your truly lovely wife! Looking forward to more good times like that.

  210. LAUGHTER!

  211. thx for the correction Marty on my second question!
    was it possible for her to refuse when she figured it out where it is going?!
    I can’t imagine anyone making me do something against my will, but than again – I’m a stubborn little Pisces 😉 besides scientology teaches you to be free in so many ways. but that is easy for me to say because I’m a free spirited indie.

  212. Newcomer, I’ve been wondering more and more about this. From what I’m reading it no longer seems possible that TC is a good guy being fleeced by DM. It seems he’s really quite morally bankrupt? Is he just brainwashed? Would love some feedback on what others think?

  213. I’m with you, Marty. Something needs to be done. You’re doing a damn fine job, brother. There is more to come.

  214. Gern Gaschoen wrote:
    “DM is dramatizing the valence of His Masters.

    His Masters are in the American Military – real patriotic fascists – who want nothing more than the downfall or total subservience for any Group which may detract from the American Century.”

    I’m calling bullshit on the above. Since I first began fighting the Church of Black Scientology on the Internet in 1998 or so, I have yet to see anyone produce the even the tiniest shred of *evidence* that David Miscavige has any other master than his own Bank.

    This kind of conspiracy theory nonsense is not going to help resolve this situation with Darth Midget and the Church of Black Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  215. [Moderator: the other copy of this comment is posted on the wrong subthread, please delete it. MAH]

    Gern Gaschoen wrote:
    “DM is dramatizing the valence of His Masters.

    His Masters are in the American Military – real patriotic fascists – who want nothing more than the downfall or total subservience for any Group which may detract from the American Century.”

    I’m calling bullshit on the above. Since I first began fighting the Church of Black Scientology on the Internet in 1998 or so, I have yet to see anyone produce the even the tiniest shred of *evidence* that David Miscavige has any other master than his own Bank.

    This kind of conspiracy theory nonsense is not going to help resolve this situation with Darth Midget and the Church of Black Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  216. I’m with you 100% Michael. American Military = “patriotic fascists”?? A total crock of nonsense.

    It is an outrage and an insult to equate DM with anything American.

    Gaschoen is of course entitled to his/her opinion; this is mine.

  217. Thank you Chuck.

  218. …the American Military – real patriotic fascists…

    In the twentieth century, the American military could have easily subjugated and enslaved half the world’s population, but all they ever asked of any country where they fought, was enough ground to bury their war dead. In most cases, those war dead had given their lives to liberate the people whose country they died in.

    Don’t you dare try to connect Miscavige’s psychosis to the American military – a group who has done nothing but perform admirably in the service of liberty for 236 years.

  219. Marty, why was Amy Adams thrown o off course when Letterman began asking her about Scientology? Is she a member? If so, I did not know.

  220. Excuse me, but you seem to have alter-ised my message, the primary focus of which is my objection to the claim – completely unsupported by any documentation whatsoever – repeatedly posted here and in other places that David Miscavige is the minion of some other party(s) always unspecified. No specific *person(s)* who are supposedly running D.M. have ever been named. Phrases like “the U.S. Military”, “the IRS” or “the U.S. Government” are nothing but big fat generalities.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  221. Thank you, Ronnie! This is what I really wanted to communicate to Gern, but failed to do so with anywhere near your level of clarity.

  222. Brian, my scenario is realistic and pessimistic. I would be delighted to stand up and say I got the following forecast completely wrong. It is based on the principle, proven countless times over my career, that bad management always takes longer to get rid of than it should, no matter how bad they are.

    I believe Miscavige will remain in power, and the cult will continue largely in its current form, for another 7 to 10 years. They will continue to lose “public” membership at an accelerating rate, particularly as “under the radar” folks increasingly lose their fear of disconnection. IAS donations will start to decline (if they’re not already going down). The cult will continue to let Orgs starve, without the support to pay the utility bills or phone bills, but will try to maintain the pretense that the Org network is doing great.

    The key priorities will be to preserve the appearance that things are going well at Flag and at Pac Base — Int Base will continue to be about two things: providing physical security for an increasingly isolated Miscavige, and operating “the Hole.” To raise money, the cult will continue to try one-off scams such as the rumored imminent “Golden Age of Tech 2,” probably including a new e-meter (maybe the Mark VIII that has been languishing in warehouses, or maybe a new one that uploads recordings and PC folder data in real time to cult HQ so they can reap pay-by-the-hour revenue from solo auditing). They will also try new variations on the book scams such as “The Basics” and the “Library Project.”

    Ultimately, as the costs of maintaining Miscavige’s extravagant lifestyle become a higher and higher percentage of a dwindling pie, it will be apparent to even the most spineless sycophant that something has to give, especially if the cult is digging into its reserves to do that. My suspicion is that the end game will be sparked by Miscavige’s looting reserves to move to his carefully prepared hidey-hole that lies beyond the reach of US justice when he feels that he has looted the carcass enough, or by a health problem that causes him to loose his control over the organization. In any case, the end game will probably be too late for the corporate entity to survive in any meaningful sense.

    For all who believe Miscavige must be removed, this is not a happy scenario. Like I said, I would be happy to admit I got this completely wrong if Miscavige is deposed by a reformist inside the corporate entity, or if he’s hauled off in handcuffs next year. But I caution against unwarranted optimism in hoping for his demise. It will probably take longer, and it will be impossible to predict exactly what brings him down, but it *will* happen.

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  224. Look further, and don’t be afraid to confront the truth. DM has been named as a plant by the CIA.

  225. The US Military is the biggest criminal organization on the planet, responsible for 50+ wars since the end of WW2, and countless death and misery in quarters all over the planet.

    Get your head out of the sand: the US is in the grips of a Death Cult, and examples such as your slavish devotion to the US military is *THE PROBLEM*.

  226. Speaking as a US Marine, the youngest of eight siblings, two of which also Marines, eldest brother Army and father Army, I can only assume that you’re either very young, not a US citizen or have no sense of loyalty to anything or anyone other than yourself and your own selfish interests,… or any combination of the above. If you truly feel that way ..then I deeply pity you. And if you are American, just remember how many people have paid the ultimate price to ensure your right to have that opinion,…no matter how vile it is!

  227. As far as I’m concerned, you have zero credibility on any subject, given your utter naivete regarding the role of the US – including its military – in safeguarding what little there is on this planet that passes for “civilization”.

    I shudder to think what the condition of this world would be today, were it not for the US.

  228. Strangely enough, the feeling is mutual. I don’t consider the US the savior of anything since WW2 .. in fact the US, its government, its institutions and its people are responsible for more strife and trouble in the world than you are willing to be responsible for.. Imperial Fact.

    Look at the statistics. Look at the Trillion$ of dollars of investment into Death and Destruction. The purpose of the US has been just as well subverted as the purpose of the Church of Scientology, and by the same people: precisely because of people such as yourself, wearing a Moral Shield, to shy from the fact: your country is an Imperialist, suppressive power in the world, and continues committing overts on the 4th Dynamic, even to this day.

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