The Church of Scientology’s Control Over Narconon Arrowhead

Do you want to know how Narconon was really destroyed?    Here it is from somebody who witnessed it.
The Church of Scientology’s Control Over Narconon Arrowhead
by Luke Catton
Narconon in Oklahoma was the brainchild of the Church of Scientology from its inception in 1989 at the old Chilocco Indian School.  It was destined to be a PR nightmare from the start because it was a contrived centerpiece designed to showcase to the rest of the world how “superior” they were to “wog” and psych-based programs.
It was a make-wrong from the very beginning and they paid dearly with the legal battles with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.  The temporary cease-fire of the CARF accreditation (Commisson on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and the ingenuity of some staff members on the Internet helped Narconon Chilocco really start to grow from the mid 90’s all the way up to about 2005.
I was sent their for underage drinking and generaly adolescent irresponsibility in 1998 and then did a program review in 1999.  There were approximately 50 and 70 students there at those times, respectively.  After training with Bobby Wiggins to give drug prevention lecutres in Boston in the fall of 2000, I officially joined staff at Narconon in Oklahoma in December of 2000.
In late July of 2001 Chilocco transferred to the IAS-funded facility on Lake Eufaula, which is now known as Narconon Arrowhead.  When we moved there were 99 students on the program.  We did everything in our power to legitemize the program in the eyes of media and government officials.  We also tried integrating more with other rehabilitation philosophies to gain acceptance, including when I joined OSASA (the Oklahoma Substance Abuse Services Alliance), and was subsequently elected by them as an executive board member representing all of the members of the group.  I requested to step down from my role as president at Narconon Arrowhead in 2004 after a little over two years holding that post, primarily because there were constant cross orders and purposes of what Arrowhead was supposed to be and do.  There was what was needed and wanted locally, what Narconon International wanted, what ABLE International wanted, and what the Church of Scientology International and RTC wanted.
These cross orders created great confusion and disruption at times. Examples include when we were supposed to host dignitaries from other states and countries, whenever Gold wanted to come shoot new footage for event videos (Miscavige loved to use Arrowhead to get more money for the IAS) and whenever someone tied to a church celebrity came to tour or for services.  For the latter, we would be forced by Celebrity Centre to write daily progress reports to them on anyone connected to high-profile CC public.  This is actually against the confidentiality law that Arrowhead now uses to avoid speaking about the current tragedies there involving the deaths of recent students.  These friends and family members of celebrities were unaware that any information about them was being forwarded to the Church.
Speaking of the IAS events, there was one where a photo of me speaking at an event was doctored with a sign to make it look like I was somewhere else. That also appeared in an Impact magazine with a caption “Narconon Takes the Lead”, regarding our involvement in OSASA.  Whenever the event data requests came in, we always had to find something positive, because if the real stats were down then those wouldn’t be reported. I had even gotten so tired of the data requests that I tried reporting the actual stats, and it confused the lower-level people at Gold who were under the assumption all was wonderful! They of course came back and said we had to find something else to spin into a positive.  In its prime, Arrowhead peaked at 258 students, 220 staff members and nearly half a million in Gross Income one week.  It then plumetted to below 100 students at one point before slowly rising to the level it was at just before NBC’s Rock Center show aired, which was roughly 170 students in my estimation, or still only about 65% of the number it once was.  Now I’d guess it’s below 150.
Regarding the deaths, Gary Smith and the executive council at Arrowhead had plans to put a medical detox center on site to have more medical oversight, and the carrot was dangled that more IAS funding would be provided for that expansion as well as a training center and expanded withdrawal area back in 2003.  Marty recently indicated that it was approved up through him and then denied by Miscavige.  After the money was denied, Arrowhead had secured pre-qualification for a loan to build the new facilities itself, but this was forbidden since the property is actually owned by a separate holding company controlled by the church.  That led to the unusual solution of purchasing an old motel in McAlester around 2006 for a training facility that never really opened and a medical detox center that just gained temporary approval from the state this year and is yet to be determined if it will get a permanent license to operate.
My point is that there is no real separation from the Church and Narconon Arrowhead whenever David Miscavige or one of his cronies decides to bypass or override something on a whim.  I firmly believe that the families currently suing or about to file suit against Narconon Arrowhead should also look at getting money from the Church because of its control.  I guarantee that any public statement currently made by anyone at Arrowhead regarding the situation there, as well as the current emergency PR and legal programs running, must get OSA approval.  That alone shows there is no real separation other than on paper. In order for justice to actually be carried out, there must be accountability and transparency.  If Narconon is going to survive, it must get back to its roots and getting real products – people no longer addicted and doing well in life – rather than focusing on money and PR.  Word of mouth is much more valuable than a photo op with a Christian minister any day.
You can read more from Luke at his blog, The Truth (As I See It).

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were written or email documentation of the control the church of scientology and specifically David Miscavige had. Surely there must be a smoking gun somewhere…

  2. Here’s yet another problem that LRH’s technology addresses, effectively and significantly helping an underserved sector of society – turned into nothing more than a cash cow run into the ground by Miscavige.

    I will give him this, he certainly is good at treason and sabotage.

  3. I firmly believe that the families currently suing or about to file suit against Narconon Arrowhead should also look at getting money from the Church because of its control.
    Luke, I think you’ve just made some lawyers very happy with that statement. Good for you! This will cost Miscavige dearly as it should.
    You may find that you’re called for depositions considering your vast knowledge of what goes on there. Well done for speaking out!

  4. Hi Luke;

    Fascinating story on your blog. Glad to see you are out and communicating what you observed.


  5. Luke, Wishing you great happiness and success.

  6. Thank you Luke. That puts some truth on the line.
    Now add to that what Corp. Scn. actually does with many of the “celebrities” you referred to, once they have been “utilized” for PR, fundraising and stat pushes.

    I have personally done more concerts, shows, events, personal appearances for the church than I care to recall. I have rallied other dearly talented artist to help their campaigns (Scientologists and non Scientologists alike). All combined we lent millions of our dedicated fans to their PR Messages. We acted out of love for our Fellow Man and loyalty to LRH and the Tech – we delivered our industry connections, time, money talents and good names.

    We did these things and more, only to realize one day that once the event, the party, the sat-push was over The Artist was deemed no more valuable than his or her next IAS donation or dollar count.

    Unless you are a Tom, Or John or Chick, of course. Then you get to give them (feed the machine) with even more millions of dollars and fans.

    As it happens I was one of the lucky ones. I managed to overcome their intended degradation and survive, even flourish as an artist. So this brief note is not about ‘What they did to me.” – that story is much longer)

    It is about the tens of thousands (and more) who did not have the benefits of “the original upper Bridge,” or were just not quite so lucky.

    In a word, I have witnessed an entire generation of talented, loving, decent, contributive beings (my artist friends and Scientologists all) be systematically robbed, cheated, invalidated beyond any measure of human decency and left by Corp Scn to fend for scraps of appreciation, like beggars at a banquette of power hungry thieves.

    The artist, the culture-makers within the ranks of Scn have been reduced to pieces of MEST-PR properties – to be used-up – for FREE – to fill the “Coffers of Greed” and discarded as easily as 3rd world servants.

    The goodwill and good PR Corp Scn has destroyed at Narconon and around the world was good works, given as gifts by 1000s of artists, more 1000s of staff and decent, caring beings.

    That is the perfect DM product. Kill the dreamer – declare the brightest and the best Tech terminals – eliminate every last act of love and decency – hide out in luxury and deny all charges.

    Therefore, it now falls on the shoulders of ‘We The Independents” to lift our heads higher and look newly at the dreams we hold most dear – the dream of love and care for each other, of a better world and brighter days – the dreams so often expressed for us by our Dreamers, Artists, Auditors, CSes, Administrators and those not too beaten down by the chaos to be counted still.

    It is time to mend – yes. A time to pick up the fallen and take refuge in our numbers and the peace and safety of free flowing communications
    But beyond that it is our time to flourish and prosper – to sing new songs and dance around the Campfires of New Found Freedom.

    I believe it is time to welcome our dreamers, our movers and shakers back where they belong. Give them their paint brushes, their ballet shoes EMeters and old guitars back – have a great session, share some poetry in the heat of the night and Celebrate who and what we are. We are not dead – DM has won nothing but blackness and his own dark tomorrow.

    The greater truth is: THE GAME HAS HARDLY BUT BEGUN…

  7. Aren’t we looking at a whistle blower her that happens to be the former President Narcanon Arrowhead. Seems fairly damning to me! =D

  8. Thanks for posting and the support. Sorry for the typos. It’s so unfortunate what has been allowed to happen there, and there are so many untold stories relating to that place and the injustices that have occurred as a result of the totalitarian influence of the corporate church specifically. Since originally speaking out a couple weeks ago, I have had numerous former staff members contact me to say thanks and contemplating on sharing what they know as well.

  9. Since the church is not really supposed to be connected, why doesn’t the director of Narconon tell him to cuss off? The worst that RTC can really do is “pull their licensing” – so what? Will they ever even do that? I mean, sure, if you are Pasadena Org and the POB calls, you have to listen. But when you are an organization independent from the church… well, act independent!

  10. martyrathbun09

    Thank you for putting out this thoughtful and informative piece on this forum. I think you highlighted an important factor in the demise of Scientology Inc., and something I hope Independent Scientologists will take to heart. That is, at the core of its failure is an arrogance. It is so ever-present it has become Scientology Inc.’s trademark. It is most unfortunate on so many levels. As you noted to me, Narconon, out front and open and with a measure of humility can help people and has. When it has to be everybody’s everthing, with no peer or rival – as is the Scientology Inc. trademark requirement – it winds up killing people. As one wise person put it, “People who worship only themselves get a slick, polished look — like monuments. Too bad they had to go so soon.” – Vanna Bonta

  11. Thank you! More to come…

  12. Thanks, Amy. I’m certainly working on it. I finally realized that the only way for me to be able to get it all in the past and move forward is to communicate what I know.

  13. Wow, thank you. Your words are inspiring for many!

  14. Thank YOU for this forum and all your efforts to expose the corruption. You’re absolutely right about the arrogance.

  15. Dear Luke,

    My heart goes out to you, young man! The C of S was instrumental in the ruination of my Second Dynamic, complete with little kids. Hang in there, it does get better! Thanks for you courage!

  16. They should do that, yes, but are also under the PR spell and fear-inducing machine with losing all they have worked to build and have due to disconnection, etc. Of course with Arrowhead there is also the issue that they do not own the building and would be evicted by the church if they don’t cooperate. It’s a PTS condition, in their terms, of the highest order.

  17. Co$ would probably yank their license and then sue them for something or other. They’d probably just keep doing that until they drove them bankrupt. Failing that they’d send in the PI’s and OSA to harass them. They’d also black PR them, accusations of using psych mind control technology, 100% failures, sexual abuse and so on. Not really easy to seperate from Co$ I’d imagine.

    If the people who run it really want to help, as I’m sure they do then they might be as well to shut up shop and open up as another entity divorced from Co$. Then get State approval by following the requirements. To prevent Co$ interference “tweak” the various treatments, don’t mention LRH or Co$ and don’t use Co$ terms, like “run down” or “purif” and don’t by vitamins and minerals from Co$ companies, there are other suppliers I’m sure. Needless to say there will be savings in not having those license fees to pay.

  18. We are and it does but hopefully there will be evidence to back up witness testimony, especially with respect to David Miscavige; it’s probably too much to hope for his “mark” on some document relating to Narconon Arrowhead. Mind you he seems pretty damn possessive when he refers to Narconon in his speeches; how much the church of scientology inc has achieved through Narconon thanks to his leadership, a speech like that might work.

    Yes David Miscavige, might want to get yourself a new tailored made suit for court. 🙂 hey I can dream… And scheme… Can’t I?

  19. Yes, the golden shackles. Luke, I admire you for speaking out.

  20. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sociopaths, psychopaths, genocidalists, serial killers and
    the like, I have a suggestion for you! Why not get together
    and start a blog. Justify & motivate if you will, an agreed
    upon mission statement, setting out your objectives and
    purposes of exactly what it is you wish to achieve!

    Seeing your common thread translates to “ultimate solutions”
    you could “feed off each other” figuratively (and literally, just
    for good measure!)

    recommended attributes would include, but not limited to:

    1) intense hatred for others.
    2) insatiable appetite for inflicting pain and torture.
    3) complete lack of feeling or compassion.
    4) compulsion to dominate into subservience any other/s.
    5) unshakable notion of never ever being wrong.
    6) use of covert, but unrelenting efforts to control others.
    8) the notion that religion is for the control of “useful idiots.”
    9) the conviction that your “brilliance” is beyond reproach.
    10) you are completely right in every single decision you
    make, and that the world must “pay dearly ” for judging
    you so harshly.

    I propose David Miscavige to be your dictator er..leader!
    as he does happen to have ALL the above qualifications!

    By the way Tony, if you’re reading, I’ve got some great
    venues in mind for the “cage fights for outright dominance” that would ensue!

    Any ideas for ticket sales? This bill could top anything the
    world’s fight fans have ever seen. The pre- match needling
    would be something else, of course! I have a strong
    feeling that there are a LOT of people who would pay
    handsomely to see a certain midget tossed around inside
    “the cage” with the mandatory kicking, punching, choking
    and spitting all directed upon him just for the “perverse
    entertainment value” prized so highly by his ilk.

    So how about that blog then? Let’s establish once and for
    all, just who is the smartest, strongest, defiant, ruthless
    most devious of them all, with the elimination of the lesser
    mortals to follow. (BTW, there’s method to this madness!)

    Perhaps even a TV series ” INSANITY meets it’s MATCH!”

  21. Pingback: The Church of Scientology’s Control Over Narconon Arrowhead « 31 Factors

  22. Awesome. Count me in.

    I look at Independence as a party – we are the ones having fun, and as we all know, if it isn’t fun it isn’t Scientology. I look at this as an invitation to my friends still inside (even though one of them unfriended me on Facebook even before I announced – go figure!), I look at this as an invitation to have fun!

    Events used to be really, really fun. When I was a kid, the local org (either DC or NY) set up games for us – treasure hunts, parlor games, etc. – while the parents visited the event proper, which usually involved tape plays and group auditing, and things like that. When I was older, events were quick briefings, and the MAIN event was gathering with friends and having a great time. There was the ritual standing O for the old man, but ONLY ONE, so it was not tedious. Man, did that ever change – events started having so many standing O’s that it is a wonder seats were provided at all.

    The IAS really, really screwed it up. My first real awareness of the IAS was at Portland and the ’85 crusade, and while the marches and festivities were going on, there was this trailer where people would go and get the crap scared out of them. At the time I was POOOOR. So, while they tried to wheedle money from me (by borrowing, of course – all that crap), they did not get “one thin dime” from me. But wow, the looks on the people’s faces when they left that trailer. It was a new thing then, so the people did not have their “IAS-Reg again” defenses built yet, and it was like cholera amongst the Indians. About as lethal, too.

    So, I am with you all the way. Time for church members to sip off the church’s tentacles that choke them like barbed-wire in an irrigation ditch, and be free, and have fun!


  23. Incredible story! Thanks for telling it Luke!

    This is just another example of Ham handed handlings of something that ould be so good and the cult of dm just screwing it all up.
    It’s really very sad that dm is such a Bone head!!!

  24. Li'll bit of stuff

    That happens to be a solid place to start, as you say!

  25. Wow, Luke! Anyone who had any dealing with Narconon had heard your name. You were famous!

    At first I was going to say that I was surprised the way you were treated by Kathy True and Marion but unfortuneately DM is so twisted and perverted that it is now a Suppressive Act to ask questions to look to wonder. Crazy!

  26. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes indeed Scott, not to mention the most insane tyrant
    around. But look! just who is that standing behind him
    with a hood over the head?? Oh my! It’s that ol’ familiar
    figure with the scythe!…..I’ve noticed he’s been following
    him around for quite a while now……hmmm..interesting!
    Sleep well, li’ll davey,…..sleep…..well.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Yes, exactly! It may not be easy and may also come with retaliation from those with a vested interest, but if it makes the truth known and prevents more people from getting hurt, I think it’s well worth it.

  29. Dear Luke, you have chosen the correct path.
    Its called truth.
    As for Miscavige getting a new suit to appear in court,
    I agree, it will be all ORANGE !

  30. Fantastic Piece Luke,
    You openess and courage to be so honest speaks such volumes.
    Yhank You

  31. Dear Poet……, this is very beautifully written and delivers a powerful truth filled message! Yes life is beautiful and has/is returning to us all, he thought he killed but we are flourishing like never before. Going independent is a huge release!

  32. Man the bunkers mr. miss manage!! Code red!! Code red!!

    If you hadn’t noticed dm, you are getting your ASS KICKED!!

  33. Thanks for shinning the light on the corruption Luke.
    Miscavige is like a disease. Everything I’ve seen his or his progeny’s involvement in ends up a tragic mess.
    Best wishes for the future.

  34. If he’s smart, he would ordered an asbestos tuxedo for his eternity in hell !!
    but we know he isn’t smart.

  35. Very moving and very true. Thanks so much poetlaureate2012. You are a true artist that has seen the light and can express him/herself and inspire us all.

  36. Love this poetlaureate2012 – just love it. Thank you for the wonderful acknowledgement.

  37. Luke, thank you for speaking up!

  38. Whats the big fascination with NDN land? Seriously.

  39. Thanks for sharing this Lucas. As someone who was not too long ago a clubbed seal, it is stories such as yours which outlines the outpoints in detail, and helps people such as me discover the truth behind the questions I could never quite ask myself, but which were always there.

    The biggest tragedy from my viewpoint is that you no longer consider yourself a Scientologist and I have seen this with other past stellar Scientologists since my search for answers began, and I keep remembering where LRH says in the ruds that a problem will stick the graph, but an arc x will lower it. So in practical terms a person can leave Scientology worse than he came in, and with the cos specializing in delivering arcxs now, the actual tech is being hidden.

    I would like to thank those out there who are working hard to keep that tech alive.

  40. Thanks Luke. You bring a sane voice to this somewhat sensationalistic melee. On one side are the people screaming for all Narconons to be closed because they are “killing people” and making them scream at ashtrays and on the other hand are those who assert there is absolutely nothing wrong and the church has no involvement. The Great Middle Path needs to be walked.

    I (and you too no doubt) have seen people’s lives literally saved by Narconon. But its not all perfect, and especially the corner-cutting for the sake of “good PR” and “we know best.”

    Narconon is worth saving, not destroying. But it needs reforming,

    Thanks for your efforts to accomplish that.

  41. Luke Catton,

    You are a modern hero.

    Thank you for standing up to be that which needs to be heard. You are an inspiration!

    (By the way POB, you’ve been fingered again.)

    Yeah, It sucks to be a MissCabbige and his kiss-ass entourage..

  42. You nailed it Mike.

  43. Luke,

    A big “Thanks” for your post here, and also especially for telling your story on your blog. It reads 100% as the unpretentious truth about the “Church of Scientology” today, which has completely abandoned and reversed the original good goals and decent intentions of Scientology as I understood it back in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Thank you for “telling it like it is”! Sunshine disinfects.

  44. LOL, not that I believe in Hell but if there were such a thing I can think of a few for David Miscavige in this life and the next.

    Loss of power is key. He really needs to be placed on the RPF. After all he meets all the criteria and, with the church of scientology being so opaque, perhaps some one could pull it off of they just get the lawyers on side. Moxon is a mercenary as are the rest; it’s a pre-requisite for working with Co$, he can be turned.

    If I’m wrong and there is a Hell then an eternity of being ignored, patronised and made to do things at the whim of others would do the trick.

  45. Hi Lucy – hardly famous…but thanks. Kathy and Marion lied so hard it was incredible, yet I was definitely intimidated and at the time I thought they were trying to help me from their lofty positions (I think Marion was D/CO of CMO Int, or something). Oddly, they used my edited and coerced public announcement from that meeting and posted it on the Truth Be Told site, which is absolutely not how I feel today after having researched and experienced what I have. They then went and put my name on it recently (before it just had my initials). I wrote to Kathy True and asked her to take it down, unless she just wants to continue looking bad.

  46. Thank you. I know that what I’ve said isn’t always popular from any particular “side”, but I’m just trying to communicate what I know from my own personal experiences and what I have observed.

  47. Yes, Tony! I keep having more people contacting since speaking out who are considering doing so themselves. There is plenty more to come – from me and others. I used to watch all of you who have said things openly, wishing that I had the courage to do so as well. Then when the 3rd death at Arrowhead happened in 9 months, I felt it was time since I can help shed at least a little more light on the whole mess.

  48. Thanks George. I have thought about what you mention many times, and I think it is up to each of us to identify for ourselves what really seems to make the most sense, individually. For those who choose LRH tech, that is great. For those who choose Buddhism, or any other “ism”, that is great, too. I feel we’re all at least on the same side in wanting the criminality and hurting to end and true freedom restored.

  49. Thanks, Mike! Yes, as I told Tony Ortega from the Village Voice and Marisa Mendelson from the Fox station in OKC, I feel that there is a unique voice and perspective that I can bring to this that simply is looking for truth and justice, without forsaking those that have been helped in some fashion or those that are still caught up in delusional rationalization despite trying to do something good for others. While I’ve had overwhelming support from my middle path approach so far, I still get some flack here and there from all sides for not being totally in agreement with one particular group 🙂

  50. Fabulous Report.
    Great job Luke.
    On the weekly revenue, you said it hit $1/2 million in one week, what %
    goes to Church of Scientology International (ABLE), Narconon INT and so on ?

  51. Poet Laureate

  52. Mike and Lucas
    Two years ago I sent a young, addicted person (who had already been to and failed at 2 nationally acclaimed rehab centers) to Arrowhead and 3 months later this person completed the course and then became an Arrowhead staff member for an additional 3 months. Today that young person is very successful and productive. What ended his/her career at Arrowhead was the Church’s misuse of personal information to get a big donation because they found out someone’s parents were wealthy.

    The Narconon program IS the best technology in the world to handle addiction and abuse of drugs and alcohol. It is a shame that it has been drug into the ditch by THE worst management in the world.

  53. I don’t know of a direct Miscavige connection to Narconon (that is all kept carefully hidden), but as the DSA CCDallas I can attest to the following:

    *OSA was heavily involved with the 2001 Grand Opening. I was there, OSA WUS and OSA Int PRs were there.

    *defectors reported alarming occurrences at Narconon Arrowhead in 2002 and I forwarded these to OSA Int and was given a commendation for helping to “avert catastrophes.” (I have no idea how that was actually “handled”)

    *I would get calls from Int PR in Costa Rica in 2004/2005 and the pressure to manufacture “incredible PR” out of thin air was extreme – this was across the boards and I can imagine Narconon being pressured to do the same

    By the way, I have come across clear evidence of direct involvement of Miscavige and Mike Sutter with breaking up a Class V Org staff marriage – more to come as I get permissions to elaborate.

    Corporate Scientology is an incredibly small world. You have to get over the “unprecedented expansion” hype and then you realize that DM really does micromanage practically the whole affair.

  54. Hi Tango – thanks! Yes, orange will look great on Davey boy, matching the glow on his face from his tanning bed.

  55. Thanks for the data, Luke. Silence is no virtue. Your comm shows true integrity.

    As a long time supporter of narconon and having seen several friends and family come out of there in great shape and drug free, it pains me to watch the potential help be morphed into a miscavige tool for self-aggrandizement.

    The truly anti-social and narcissistic never view their own carnage as anything other than “someone else’s fault.” Nor to they see or acknowledge the valuable contributions from the work of others when things do go well.

    I believe miscavige is oblivious to what is about to hit him personally. That might be a blessing in disguise.


  56. Tony DePhillips

    You’re a hero brother!
    Keep up the good work.

  57. There must be PLENTY of dirt here to get the subpoenas and search warrants to follow the path to DM (pull the string to the Sherman Tank) with the guidance of those who know.

  58. Excellent, Luke. I don’t need to identify myself as any “gist”, “ism”, or “tion”. I just want to be me, a spirit … no name tag except a temporary name for easier identification, and I want to be free to use (and will use) any tech and knowledge which indicates that it will assist me in my spiritual path to enlightenment. I will never set my path in stone, again.

    I’m done with theta traps! (If I can help it) So I will vigorously question everything, as I’ve learned its the most sacred thing I can do to keep my personal integrity in.

    Thank you, Luke, for communicating more Truth.

  59. 10% of the corrected gross income goes to Narconon Int, then 10% of NN Int’s CGI goes to ABLE, though all Narconon book sets have to be purchased through ABLE as well, at several hundred dollars per student. There is also the fact of Arrowhead paying 30K per month in rent to the property holding company controlled by the church, and of course the staff and others hit up for IAS donations, and more.

  60. Thanks again to everyone else who commented as well – Les, Tara, Sherb, Valkov, Robert, Tom and anyone else I failed to reply directly to. It is very much appreciated.

  61. INCOMM, CCB. Why else do you think INCOMM was destroyed?

  62. Spot on. Humility is under-rated.

    Great post, Luke! It sounds like you’re already being given opportunities to help others who suffered at Arrowhead. The truth is like that. It sets people free.

  63. Keep up your work Luke. You represent what is good about us. The tragic waste it may seem at times now, in the end truth and effectiveness will always be the winning ticket. The world needs our young bright eyed and bushy tailed doers such as yourself. 🙂

  64. Luke, I think you have grounds for a Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notice as the content those people posted was authored by *you* and they do not have your permission to publish it online or otherwise.

    You don’t even need a lawyer for this, although having a lawyer send it might be taken more seriously by their hosting provider.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  65. Addendum: the web host provider can be forced to disable their *entire web site*, if they fail to either remove your content or adequately respond as to why they have the right to use it.

    Disclaimer: *I am not a lawyer*.

  66. Along with other people like me who have been involved for years and are now “out”

  67. Yes!!! So true!!

  68. Eye opening!!

  69. Marty, Luke,
    This is absolutely the truth. I witnessed it and fought against it for years. So many times I witnessed where NO ONE, Narconon, Narconon Int, ABLE Exec’s or staff, we’re willing to remotely take responsibility and declare so, when they had done something wrong. Yet in the very core of its teachings, one is required to communicate overts and withholds in order to repair damage and live freely! The hypocrisy that they all live by is so vast. I am relieved I did take in what I needed to while associated with this organization and changed my life to one of true integrity and a code of honor that rules my decisions and actions. I am ALL-IN when and if needed to help spread the facts about what really goes on in these facilities. Narconon Vista Bay and. Narconon Freedom Center.

  70. That’s good to know. Thank you.

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