Miscavige Gone Mad Over Vanity Fair

David Miscavige’s personal counsel has promised Vanity Fair:

The sting of the jury verdict will last longer still; far longer than any pleasure from racing to publish a poorly researched and sourced story.

Dave Miscavige, if you follow through on your threat, I will grant you power of forgiveness.   Don’t bother retaining a process server to deliver my deposition subpoena.  Save the parishioner donations, and send it FED EX cash-on-delivery.  My treat.

All joking aside, the final meltdown has become divine comedy.

The ‘church’ of Scientology has proudly posted their serial threat letters to Vanity Fair on their own website.  Miscavige is so out of touch he thinks people will think better of him for it…apparently.

A cursory read of the letters – a thorough read is impossible for someone with important work to do – demonstrates to me one thing and one thing alone.  That is, the words of one-time popular guru gone bad da Free John, describing why he left Scientology after completing its highest level of spiritual attainment, were prophesy.  He said he had to leave because the church of scientology’s:


Check them out yourselves.  No other seven words can possibly describe the mentality behind them:

The letters on Scientology Inc’s website.

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164 responses to “Miscavige Gone Mad Over Vanity Fair

  1. Yawn …
    Can they at least use different words for once?

  2. The meltdown and devine comedy has become: To play Backgammon and sip at the table in the corner of the Officers’ Lounge, or to just walk over to the bar on the other side of the room and swig by the mouthfull? THAT is the question.

  3. Like a serial killer devolving. I’m craving popcorn and a comfortable chair, ready for the super nova

  4. Hmmm…

    Signed by Karin Pouw.

    When it backfires, does she realize she’s headed for the hole?

  5. They don’t know any other words…

  6. I really did not know the Church of Scientology posted their dirty laundry on the internet ? (scratches head) Wow, now I know why I wasn’t allowed to look on the internet. Where there is smoke there is fire … any story has some truth …. etc. etc. etc.

  7. Um, who reads their website anyway? I’m sorry I clicked it.

  8. Karin Pouw, wake up honey. Get out while you still can! Do you realize how absolutely ridiculous you sound?

  9. Such bullshit. Why would Karin P or any Miscavige spokesperson not come on a live interview (radio, tv, newspaper) and actually respond? That is the reason when I saw the Truth RD articles in the Tampa Bay Times I chose to say adios.
    I know Mike Rinder and others who are familiar with DM’s responses to deflect negative PR has been well documented, it still blows me away that Karin and formerly Tommy Davis respond in such a way.

    Same old story. Years and years of PR Bullshit denial, I can only say it still amazes me that this continues- but then again NOT.

  10. The truth SHALL set you free. Straight up, lies told. Where is the law suit?
    Tom, time to come forward with some honesty or forever be a party to deeply disturbing alterations of time, place, form and event!

  11. Holy Mackeral!

    Da Free John, Aka Adi Da Samraj, did his OT Levels??
    I never knew that. I was never a follower of his, and never really wanted to be. But, in hearing some of his lectures there were times when he said things that made me stop and think he was kind of describing OT data per LRH. Well, I’ll be.

    As for the threats from the pope, well, you can set your watch by DM’s legal threats.

  12. I haven’t read the letters yet…but I can bet that they put them there to get more hits to the website for the upcoming IAS anniversary event.

  13. The policy to deny published reports of well known activities that happen inside the Church, (like the Vanity Fair report) and then not taking legal action (like 1990′s Time magazine libel suit) to defend these “lies”, will eventually cause a landslide of publications to “pile on” RCS and DM.

    The hollow threat that the “The sting of the jury verdict” … is absurd. Every Scientologist in and out of the Church knows this Vanity Fair publication is true or at least is probably true. DM will NEVER follow through because no jury on planet earth would support the RCS or DM.

    The truth is, denying disconnection, grabbing parishioner’s money or the Tom Cruise and Naz affair is just DM “whistling past the graveyard”. Getting a jury award?? Ha. What a joke. He would be summarily tared and feathered! Only someone like Barbara Walters believes David Miscavige’s denials. The fact is, the only defense of a lie is the truth and that is something David Miscavige cannot deal with and never will. As more and more press realizes that the Radical Church of Scientology is a toothless monster, they are going to kick the s**t out of RCS and DM. It’s a long hot summer for sure!

  14. Every time the church spokesholes use the word, ‘apostate’, they sound more ridiculous and unbelievable. Especially given the fact that the public is becoming aware that most ex-members of the church remain committed to the practice of Scientology, and to its founder.

    They continue to over-use that word, because they’re trying to cement the idea in the public consciousness that everyone who’s left the church, is now an enemy of not just the corporation, but of the philosophy itself. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of their application of The Big Lie technique. Lord knows they’re not using any of LRH’s.

  15. Hopefully the financial fraud and abuse will come to light as well from this new coverage. The church needs to be held accountable for their actions and blatant disregard of LRH policy. The real story of Scuentology is the systematic financial fraud within the church. Our voices need to be heard loud and clear of how this organization betrays it’s own. I will NEVER back down from my own struggle to reclaim what the church stole from me and help others do the same.

  16. I really wonder what the rank and file cult members are thinking about all of this. There is no way this is not seeping into the orgs — impossible.

    Come on out into the sunshine people.

    Tom Cruise thanks you for contributing your efforts to his personal satisfaction. It’s not your fault that his relationships haven’t worked out. You gave your best effort.

    He appreciates that you allow him to borrow the International Base for himself. He is grateful to you for all of the Sea Org resources, that you have let him use for his personal projects, when they were supposed to be “clearing the planet” and helping you run your organizations. Very well done.

    If you would like to continue to donate to his well being, please contact your local registrar.

  17. I’m not even a Scientologist and even I know they need to clear some more words!

  18. VF uses a much better font style.

  19. Oy vey, Dave. Why don’t you show some chutzpah for a change! This is pathetic.

  20. David Miscavige is a home wrecker. Obsessed with a handsome movie star. Dramatizing “house fever” to the point of having several homes across the planet. Tanning beds and beauty lights. Custom clothing. Special diets. Temper tantrums. Gossiper. Must be driven about in his own car. Handmade shoes. Personal hand maidens. Picky about his laundry. Travels with entourage. Now he has run to his attorney whining about how some middle aged woman hurt his feelings in Vanity Fair by telling on him. SO! What to send the man who has everything (David) this Chirstmas? Embroidered lace hankies to catch his sniffles.

  21. Tara, As I said below…they need to get the “website hits” stats up for the upcoming IAS anniversary event and this is the only way as, you are right, no one would go there otherwise…

  22. Thank you Mark for publishing the links to the frothing letters from the Church of Scientology and its lawyers.

    A long time ago during the Cold War, there was a doctrine called ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ which stopped America and the Soviet Union destroying each other with nuclear weapons.

    But those days are long past and the acronym ‘MAD’ should perhaps be redefined both in philosophy and nomenclature as ‘Miscavige Assured Destruction’ where only one party suffers the inevitable defeat because of their course of action!

    Andrew Robertson

  23. Wow, so many letters, so many pages, SO MUCH USE OF THE WORD, ‘APOSTATE’ and so little time.

    I think my favorite of all is that they actually refer vanity fair to read FREEDOM MAGAZINE as if that will resolve any all doubts that the sources used are basically liars, thieves, thugs and whores.

    Tom, you had me at hello–lol.

  24. I’m having difficulty grasping that any thinking person could ever buy into scientology. BTW, I’d be honored to be considered a suppressive person–where do I sign up?

  25. “Poorly researched”? Hell doesn’t his lawyer read Marty’s blog? This has become a fucking RESEARCH INSTITUTE!

    Read up on the research! It is all here for anyone to read! PEOPLE testifying here one after another! Live people that were THERE and SAW what happened are putting it in the THE KNOW right here! How much research have David’s lawyers done? Have they spent a day in the Sea Org? Have they spent an hour in an HGC? Have they been on the RPF or on staff? Why hasn’t anyone from the Church regged them for a service yet? So they don’t get a chance to do any research? I want to see Monique on course! I want to see David’s personal entourage in session! He doesn’t even bunker down with Scientologists anymore! His main terminals are legal people Scientologists pay for via begging units! How far south does this have to get? This is WILD STUPIDITY!

  26. I quess Marty is now referred to as mr venom and mike is mr vile. Lol. Words of a madman.

  27. That one eight page letter alone cost DM at least $5,000 in legal fees. Maybe he doesn’t get it but in this country the truth is an absolute defense to a defamation claim. Vanity Fair laughed at every one of these letters.

    But then if we believe what we read Bert Fields is already suing National Enquirer.

    Except he isn’t.

  28. Oops. I meant mr bile, sorry mike.

  29. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Thought she was already in the Hole for the last fuckup. My bad.

  30. Karin has a form letter for this, so it doesn’t take too much time out of her busy schedule to reply.

  31. Just “come out” on one of the blogs or sites with your real name. Instant service.

  32. Hey, OSA, you’re reading this. Chime in on the fun! Please, pretty please?!?

  33. I’m having difficulty grasping that any thinking person could ever buy into scientology.

    For the record, there’s a world of difference between the subject of Scientology, and the corporation that goes by the same name. They couldn’t be further apart. The sensational stories you’re reading in the press have nothing to do with the philosophy, and everything to do with the corrupt cult that has taken over a formerly wonderful, spiritual group, and turned it into something that we long time Scientologists don’t even recognize.

    Why do you think more and more of us are resigning?

  34. Good point. The fact that anyone there (maybe it’s only Miscavige — I don’t know) would refer to the Freedom Mag for ANYTHING shows a simply gruesome disconnect from reality. For goodness sake! They are sending this data to educated people who will be appalled by the juvenile and heinously vitriolic smear piece that no one with any journalistic integrity would EVER write or want someone to see.

    It’s so laughable and yet scary to think that they could be so far from the pulse of what is going on in the world.

    These people are INSANE.

  35. See Video. “Any culture or religion that encourages violence against women is NOT tolerated in this country . Women have EQUAL rights in this country.”



  36. Does it ever occur to the people supporting David Miscavige and lying on his behalf and fair gaming people that are telling the truth that you are involving yourself in HONOR KILLINGS OF SCIENTOLOGISTS? Is THIS the “evolution” you sought in Scientology?

  37. As a former rank and file member of the church I never liked the IAS and only paid for my lifetime membership when I had to in purchasing my 1-3. No offense but were you not an IAS reg? I believe Tom donated $10,000,000. to the IAS. He obviously has been overwhelmed by a suppressive person. Has that ever happened to you?

  38. The overt doth protest too much.

  39. Because David Miscavige is such “a man of impeccable character who is dedicated to his faith and to the service of its [David is an IT? He’s MEST? Should be “his”] parishioners”, I’m sure this “ecclesiastical leader of a worldwide religion” has the qualities of Gandhi, such as kindness, gentleness, love, and compassion … all the qualities you’d expect of a great “leader of a worldwide religion”.

    No doubt, Dear Leader will go on a television tour, and do interviews, and answer all the questions, honestly and specifically, as David Miscavige, “of impeccable character” is a man of honesty and transparency. Of course, this man “dedicated to his faith” will take the high road, and simply answer forthrightly everybody’s questions on the specifics Vanity Fair got wrong.

    The “ecclesiastical leader” of Scientology is such a gentleman, obviously, he’ll take the high road of Love and Patience, and even give the benefit of the doubt to Vanity Fair. They were just confused folks led astray. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”, he’ll think. What a man!

    I so thank God we have such “impeccable characters” on Earth such as David Miscavige. Where would Scientology be without him?


  40. The argument that the persons saying all these naughty things about the church are all bad people is so “Catch 22”. If you are a Scio in good standing, you are NOT allowed to say anything critical. IF you say anything critical, you are obviously an SP and therefore your words should be ignored.

  41. Well, DM COULD let it all go to trial and get stung as badly as at the Debbie Cook trial. Yeah, That’s the ticket! Say there’s no dirty laundry and take it to court where all the dirt will go on display!

  42. Couldn’t get through all the letters. Couldn’t get through the moronic freedumb magazines either.

    miscavige is the esteemed, indisputable ecclesiastical “leader” of the scientology religion? Nope, by his actions the little dick wad isn’t now nor has he ever been a scientologist. A scientologist is one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of Scientologist.

    Show me the policy where LRH delineates an “ecclesiastical leader.”

    Davey made it up. Just like he makes up stats, makes up policy, makes up tech, makes up executive C/Ss for all the sheeple, makes up excuses to fund raise illegally and makes up idle mogues and idle threats.

    The church is dead. Dave killed it.

    HOWEVER…the tech is alive and well in the hands of many independents who are studying, drilling and applying it daily.

  43. Adi Da (Da Free John) Devotee


    In all fairness to Adi Da Samraj’s legacy and memory (formerly known as, as you put it, Da Free John), he was not a “guru gone bad” just as LRH was most likely not the diabolically evil bastard some paint him out to be.

    Rumors are rumors; but it’s the work that remains. Beloved Adi Da Samraj’s tireless efforts to bring His devotees into the Current of Bliss is firmly on record — for all time, all beings.


    A Devotee in California

  44. Moderator: I made two typos. Would you please fix before posting?

    1. In the second paragraph, little more than half way down: “(May 15th, 2011, Plant of Vegetable)”, it should be “Plant or Vegetable”, not of.

    2. In the last paragraph “Maybe Mr. Maureen Orth” should be “Ms.”, not Mr.

    Please help me out. 🙂

  45. DM short man or tall midget?

    Oh man, the midget has come off the rails! Thanks so much for linking Marty, that letter from the lawyer is a riot! This is getting fun.

  46. DM short man or tall midget?

    Bert Fields is shrewd enough to know that court is not a good option for them in this regard.

  47. This whole thing reminds me of their reaction to the Time Mag story back in the late 80s or early 90s

  48. FORCE Yourself to read it.
    Be disciplined.
    Try to keep a straight face with a zero attitude
    Be neutral
    Be fair and balanced.

    Click to access 1-Jeff-Riffer-Re-David-Miscavige-to-Gaydon-Carter-16-Aug-2012.pdf

  49. “The sting of the jury verdict…” sting? Sting? I think he spelled that wrong. It’s a typo. Supposed to be “stink.” See, that makes more sense that way. “The STINK of the jury verdict” — turning rotten for Miscavige, the depositions alone would be catastrophic. If the real truth were to come out about the cretin brothers there would be mobs in the streets toting vats of hot tar and feathers. And while you don’t really need many feathers for a guy that short, that hot tar does STINK up an otherwise beautiful day.

  50. The quote from Da Free John (who has many other names) is accurate — but one detail has been left out. His involvement in Scientology was around 1968-1969. The quote is from his autobiography “The Knee of Listening”, which was first published in 1972.

    For comparison, David Miscavige was born in 1960. So DM didn’t inspire that quotation — Da Free John’s experiences with Scientology’s “mentality of power” and “paranoid cosmic politics” came when DM was less than 10 years old.

  51. Tom Cruise try to see how we feel… You might have given 5% of your worth to the church. Many of us gave 100%, plus our homes and loans/debts. If you give $275,000,000 to CO$ plus $275,000,000 in high interest loans plus all your houses, then it’ll be a similar order of ruin. (some non-paid staff members even sold their only cars and ‘donated’ the money)

  52. Thank You Sir and all those as yourself.

  53. Oh my gosh you guys! This old news is so so so boring and all youse apostates are sooooooo unreliable. I guess we won’t sue you after all. You’re just not worth the trouble. We just can’t be bothered with all this hogwash…bla bla bla. We’ll just keep keep lying and beating and fixing arranged marraiges and regging and building golden palaces for the ecclesiastical leader who has impeccable shoes and shirts and hair.

    Too bad Bert won’t sue. I would pay $1,000 bucks to watch cruise and miscavige wiggle on the witness stand defending their impeccable character. (they do seem to have exactly the same character these days) I wonder if he and Tom will salute each other and embrace as they take the stand?

  54. Marty — I too wish to save parishioners money.

    Dave: I will accept service by mail or give me the word and I will swing by Wally Pope’s office to pick up the subpoena.

    Seems like Bert is already having second thoughts and retreating from his chest pounding saying Tom isnt going to sue. And anyway, he cleverly adds, its not really worth worrying about because its old, boring news that nobody is interested in. Which I guess is why they are in such a frothing frenzy of freats…. (try to say that fast three times…)

    Of course, everyone in the world knows that Miscavige will never sue. He got burned in San Antonio and that was “off his ground” — imagine what a lawsuit concerning his reputation would be like. The movie of it would likely be titled The Killing Fields II or maybe Death of a Sleazy Salesman or even Interview with a Small Vampire….

    Humor aside. Those letters are so strained and so miss the point that nobody could take them seriously.

    All the times Miscavige has hidden behind “you didnt even interview the ecclesiastical leader of the religion” to try to Dead Agent stories and now he publicly exposes himself — Maureen asked and he refused BECAUSE he is the ecclesiastical leader of the religion and cannot be expected to conduct such interviews.

    And you incompetent fools dont know that one of your Vanity Fair employees is on Miscavige’s payroll and you didnt even interview that person. (In bold face type?) Of course, I am not telling you who it is so you CAN interview them. I just want to be condescending.

    And you should read Freedom Magazine as it absolutely proves everything is a lie! Because we say so.

    And you are a bigot because you dare to ask me questions about what you have been told (can you imagine what would have happened if they had NOT asked the questions — Miscavige would have been squealing like a stuck pig).

    And you know those bitter defrocked apostates are all admitted liars doing this for money. It says so in Freedom magazine.

    And its absolutely impossible for Miscavige to have done anything because everyone knows he has been traveling all over the world opening “new” churches and then listing them all, though the only ones he did in 2004 were Madrid and New York and when you fly on Tom’s private jet it really doesnt take too long — there were 361 other days in the year to get up to all sorts of mischief….

    And now he does 12 events a year — Magical Miscavige Multiplication(tm) at work. Love to know what the “12” events are Dave — since you don’t do May 9th or Auditor’s Day, I count New Years, March 13th, Freewind MV and IAS. That’s 4?

    And it could go on if I could be bothered.

    David Miscavige should be preserved as a national resource treasure: an unlimited and inexhaustible supply of hot air that could be used to generate power to light whole cities.

  55. Question With Boldness

    This letter from Karin Pouw comes straight out of the dwarfs mouth and contains out and out lies. The truth will all be out soon.

    My opinion is that all of these lies over the years are creating a prison for the dwarf and Tom Cruise. Where can they go? Most of the world is now educated on what these two men are really like. They are bullies. Who is going to by a Tom Cruise movie ticket? Who would want to date Tom Cruise? Any move either one of them makes in Public will be seen by the world.

    They are hunkered down at the INT Base with the last of their prisoners. Most of their prisoners have escaped, died, etc. The numbers are small and THE CALVARY IS COMING.

    Karma is a B****!


  56. I noticed that the Freedom Mag article (OMG it was long and hard to read!) carefully forgets all about Debbie Cook and her sworn testimony in court, which amazingly enough corroborates the “fabricated” stories conjured up from the vivid and psychotic imaginations of the co-conspiratorial “Posse.” Must be another one of those inexplicable coincidences! NOT!

  57. Yes, I was an IAS reg in that every IAS Membership Officer (as well as almost all staff, frankly) is required to not only keep people’s memberships up to date but to fund raise for what I thought at the time were important projects.

    Has whatever happened to me? Have I ever been overwhelmed by a suppressive person? Yes, I suppose. I am not really following your point.

    If you are trying to get me to see that Tom should be cut some slack, in this instance, because of his connection to Miscavige, it’s not going to happen. He’s responsible just as I was and am responsible for myself.

    I am no longer fundraising for the IAS and left on my own when I saw the greed and spoke out about it while I was still in and continue to do so. Is there something else you think I should do?

  58. Hardly worth trying to find all the lies, but here is a particularly stand-out one:

    “To be absolutely clear, Mr. Miscavige never videoed auditing sessions, never saw videos of auditing sessions (since there are no videos), never read session reports aloud (since there are no such reports), let alone ever used such information to “manipulate”

    So – all the Church reports about videoing sessions are not true then – or… but… Oh I’m confused.

  59. It seems like fighting “SPs” is becoming a full time job for the Co$s great ecclesiastic leader. Or more accurately, he has been fighting them all along, but now his “SPs” are no longer under his thumb-they escaped and are causing him all kinds of trouble-on a global scale-something the letters I just read forgot to mention.

  60. The Church by their own admission was sent an interrogatory for the article on 10 Aug. This is 5 Sept. Is their in comm system so bad that they were unable to reply in a month? They complain that they weren’t given a chance to contribute to the article. Really? A month isn’t long enough. Really? And you think this is credible? The koolaide drinkers are the only ones that believe this. The remainder of the world scoffs.

    The author sent you a list of questions and you (the CoS) had a month to respond and failed to do so. How about responding to them now? Unless of course the burdensome letters on your site are your responses, in which case, no one is really interested.

    The letters from the Church are attempting to extol the virtues of Miscavige despite all the personal stories and witness testimony to the contrary. Nothing about LRH, it’s all about Dave. A nauseatingly shallow read.

    How about Miscavige give an interview now, or Tom for that matter. Answer up to the article. I’m sure Vanity Fair would accommodate their schedules. A simple solution if what is reported is all just lies. Come tell the truth, if you can recall it anymore.

  61. My morning prayer this morning: “Oh, Supreme Being, please, please, please ensure that Mr. Jeffrey Riffer carries through on his threat to take Vanity Fair to court over Ms. Orth’s article. I don’t ask for a lot, but just this once . . . please!”
    (I only made it through the first letter cursorily scanning but that was enough to stir me to a sincere entreaty to higher powers.)

  62. This doesn’t make sense. If the Vanity Fair article is simply a rehash, then why the panic? There must be something else….

  63. OK. I did that.
    The letter is actually very well written. Pouw appears to be a very competent attorney.
    That said, writing, like any art form, can be used to promote good OR evil purposes or intentions.
    And competent attorneys, even when not representing themselves, can still have fools for clients.

  64. someone just blow up a gasket. bad move DM. bad move. 😀

  65. *** Today it is a dynamic global religion expanding across five continents with thousands of new parishioners and dozens of new Churches.***


  66. Congratulations Marty,Mike, Karen #1, and all the rest of you “apostates”:

    Bert Fields describes you as “ubiquitous”, like God, Who is everywhere at once…..

    No wonder Miscavige is quaking in his thong! He has nowhere to hide before the all-seeing ubiquitous apostates!

  67. “Mr. Miscavige travels across the country and around the
    world almost non-stop,..”

    Well then, he could not possibly be in the position to deny anything for the Church. He is never around or on the ground or in one place. With millions of members all over the planet and massive real estate expansion full of people and thousands and thousands of staff, how could anyone in the Church possibly know what is going on and be able to confirm or deny specific events?

    Has Tom called Naz since she left New York? How could he possibly be in a position to deny her story if the last time he saw her was in New York and he has not even spoken to her since the day she left? How could he deny that she punished or that he contributed to domestic abuse? He said his own Mother was bullied by her boss and that made him more sensitive. That was yesteryear?

    The rest of the letter is ser facs, alter is, and false reports = lower conditions and degraded being.

    I don’t know who coined the phrase “bitter defrocked apostates”.

    But: The phrase is in a state of confusion and in a GPM moment of it’s own.

    Defrocked means: To strip of priestly privileges and functions.

    Apostate means: One who has abandoned one’s religious faith.

    There are two kinds of people that leave Scientology Inc. Those that are defrocked (kicked out). Those that walk out (disconnect from the group).

    By admitting people in the Church are “defrocked” , the Church admits to intolerance, violence, punishment, and lack of resources to correct, repair or fix.

    By admitting people are apostates, the Church admits that people are jumping ship.

    The more the Church of Scientology chants it, the more they are announcing “We have unhappy customers”.

    You would think someone in P.R. would have a dictionary and be able to do some word clearing before they issue statements to make themselves look “right” that actually communicate, “something over there in the Church of Scientology is awfully wrong.”

    They don’t HAVE PRIESTS in the Church of Scientology. Training and knowledge is SOLD BY THE COURSEPACK. The staff are “volunteers” by the Church’s own definition. You really can not strip someone of the functions or skills they gain from an education they paid for. Or insist a volunteer remain!

    The Church is contradicting itself every time a statement flows out to the streets! The communication itself is in a condition of confusion!

  68. Oh good news folks! Mr.Miscavige never saw any video tapes of any auditing session, because in fact there are no such tapes because no sessions were ever recorded!!

    This is the All-Clear we have been waiting for!
    We can all go back to the CoS now. Yay!

    Thank you Mr. Riffer!

  69. But – hot tar also STINGS when it is first applied. If it is hot enough, it even BURNS!

  70. P.S. “We represent Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center and the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion.”

    He admits this is about David Miscavige, NOT the Church of Scientology. So is David paying his own legal fees or using parishioner donations given to aid in Church expansion? And, is this attorney taking checks from the Church to cover Mr. Miscavige’s personal squabbles? That would be questionable ethics in itself.

  71. mrinder,

    All my Thumbs Up for your post!

    Absolutely one of your best.

  72. “David Miscavige should be preserved as a national resource treasure: an unlimited and inexhaustible supply of hot air that could be used to generate power to light whole cities.”

    Laughter! I don’t think so! He is out of favor with the Gods and now, falling out of favor with the mortals too. He has set Tom Cruise up to look like an accomplice in domestic abuse. The Super Power building has been sitting there for so long it is time to renovate it before it even opened. He has made the worst of things from exploring Scientology. This is not the first time on his track he has bungled in the jungle. And it has only helped us to know who we really are. 🙂

    The Holy Man

    At first glance,
    a church under every rock,
    propped against every tree.

    Lighted crosses in the night,
    One is convinced the HOLY MAN
    has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

    Is it possible to love
    in spite of all?
    Well, that was true for me.

    “People are “Created”
    by the “Supreme Being”.
    Because of him I’m me.

    God is not YOU,
    You are not God,
    Don’t know. Only believe.

    Heaven not here,
    it’s over there.
    Turn the other cheek.

    Love your neighbor.
    Don’t fight back.
    Jesus parted the Sea.

    Unattainable goals
    that give us hope but
    never set us free.

    I only deny the Holy Man
    is holier than me.

  73. “The sting of the jury verdict will last longer still; far longer than any pleasure from racing to publish a poorly researched and sourced story.”

    Promise of another Scientology “Honor Killing”.

    Where is the honor in bending Debbie Cooks finger back? In ordering someone to slap her? In abusing Karen, trained by Hubbard and invited into the Sea Org by him, not you? In beating people who are not in a position to fight back or not even allowed to fight back? In overseeing beggar units. In pimping for Tom cruise? In defrauding members for donations never used for what they were intended? In lying outright to the people who share this planet with you before all of your Church members?
    In mocking and degrading your best friend secretly watching his session tapes like a voyeur? In forcing a VOLUNTEER to lick a bathroom floor to degrade him? In renting Limos to go beat up mission staff?

    David, you have dishonored yourself more than anyone could possibly do in a magazine article or even an entire book. You have dishonored yourself, and you have dishonored us. You have dishonored your parents and your siblings. You have dishonored Hubbard and his family and friends. The woman who wrote the article, honors us with the truth.

  74. “Dave Miscavige, if you follow through on your threat, I will grant you power of forgiveness. Don’t bother retaining a process server to deliver my deposition subpoena. Save the parishioner donations, and send it FED EX cash-on-delivery. My treat.”


  75. Looks like that David Miscavige is a alcohol addict. My father had been one. As a kid you learn very fast how to treat those. If you say: „I want this“ the always reaction is, that you do not get it. So you learn to say: „I do not like it“ and then you get it. It always works. There is no variable reaction. Those people are on a baboon level. They sit on top of the hill and expect that all others show their red asses to him. Then he is pleased for a second or two.

  76. Mrinder
    So very well spoken
    In summary,
    +++++These pimping /dating service stories are OLD OLD OLD news, they are sooooooooooooo old that we are not going to get excited and hysterical about ancient history.
    +++++Only bitter apostates made up these stories, altogether simultaneously
    +++++They are all Liars and only doing it for money, megabucks.
    +++++Now please put your attention on the New Ideal Org in Malmo Sweden and in Moscow Russia because there are granite floors and marble table tops and even chandeliers that came from Beijing, China.

  77. Rodney McCormick

    David Miscavige IS coming off the rails (of reality). So sad, so bad; for those mindless souls left inside – that can’t think for themselves. . . WAKE UP! See the reality for what it REALLY is, an abusive, controlling CULT, led by one DAVID MISCAVIGE. A person that has NO interest in your self growth, ONLY your DOLLARS. The CORPORATE ‘Church’ of Scientology is only interested in controlling individuals to enrich the Principals therein, STOP this corrupt group from further harming innocent individuals (and their Bank Accounts) by just saying; “NO!”

  78. Did they or didnt they?
    What the hell are they saying? She didnt, but she did?

    “It should come as no surprise to Vanity Fair’s readers that Maureen Orth came to the Church only after the article was written.

    When the Church asked pre-publication which one of Mr. Cruise’s girlfriends Ms. Orth was asking questions about, she refused to give a name.”

  79. Karen#1
    Thank you for the valuable link.
    The tone of extreme anger in Scientology is obvious
    May all angry scientologists be well and happy!
    George M. White

  80. As a culture or religion they need to apply the GROUP CONFUSION FORMULA and find out “WHAT THEY ARE”. (ref: pg 96 of blue ethics book)

    This could produce some interesting revelations!!!!!

  81. I’d love it if they did an interview, and discussed overts and witholds, and people “pulling in motivators”, and then an interviewer asked a church rep:

    “So, from your view point of religion, what do you think David Miscavige has done to “pull this in”?… I mean, if he really hasn’t done these things, there must be a whole truck load of things we dont know about that has created this storm, per your own teachings, isn’t that right?”

    Fingers crossed that gets asked one day 😀

  82. Da Free John, then known as Franklin Jones, was a fellow staff member at the NY org in 1968.

  83. Corporate Scientology reminds me of the Wizard Of Oz. Lots of smoke and mirrors, deep loud threats and rumblings, etc. When you hold your ground and pull the curtain – its just a pathetic, scared, confused, weak dumb ass.
    The world is getting wise. It sucks to be Miscavige.

  84. Les,

    What? You would pay $1,000 bucks to watch cruise and miscavige wiggle on the witness stand defending their impeccable character?

    Don’t be a fool.

    You should buy all the tickets, and sell them on eBay. You’ll become a millionaire. Or a billionaire?

    I know, I know, you are not such a greedy. So you are not going to sell all of them. You’ll keep 6 tickets. One for you, and one for each member of your group.

    P.S.: Since I’m giving you this idea, will you give me a discount on a ticket?

  85. Absolutely brilliant analysis, Mike, on all counts!

    And for the record — people who work for a living, raise their own kids, do their own grocery shopping, and cook their own dinners have lives that are more heavily scheduled than these two over-coddled idiots — Miscavige and Cruise.

    However, Ritter’s overblown letter is still worth reading — for its entertainment value.


  87. “The sting of the jury verdict will last longer still;”

    Could someone point me to all those stinging jury verdicts that have been have dished out on behalf of the CO$ over the years? Oh, there haven’t been any?
    That’s what I thought.

  88. What the hell happened to I.Q. testing up there at INT? What is David’s I.Q.? Who has condoned his proficiency for his job? I want to see a fitness board with test results! He was never vetted for his job by anyone in the church! Everyone else, even prospective girlfriends are vetted! Kurt Wiegand, OSA God, I can not even say that DM let ME down. I did not attract that piece of lint to stick on me. BUT YOU! For real? The promise of you and all of the hope you passed on to others in your presence. I have seen a lot of tragedy in my life, a lot of injustice. I am shocked at what you were willing to become. Yes, your own willingness. You wear the hat of Guardian? What the fuck happened to you? Kurt, for real? I LOVED you with respect and admiration. You broke my heart. What you people did to Alan Hubbard? To Milte Wolfe? To Liz Astrupguard? To Morten Astrupguard? To Ivan Obolensky, To Ben Gibson, everyone I ever came to love and many not mentioned here, I watched them crushed in Scientology. YOU ARE IN WASTE! You do not yet know how to HAVE.
    Given EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO RISE UP you FELL DOWN and crushed others in your fall. Denise and Michael Duff, are you still spying and contributing to domestic abuse and hunting slaves? You were my friends, artists. What the fuck happened to you? Izzy, Marianne, for real? Will you not stand up and say something? Izzy, you are A BRAVE MAN. Have you really permitted yourself to be trampled like this? This is a shock. A.A. for the love of God please come forward. You said you only wanted to collect your son and that is done. This is YOUR WORLD.

  89. “I really wonder what the rank and file cult members are thinking about all of this. There is no way this is not seeping into the orgs — impossible.”

    Sindy, the line has always been that we must really be impinging on society or expanding because the SP’s are attacking like crazy. Accompanied by a fixated smile or a nervous laugh. Thats how its dealt with. But every new story or attack plants a seed that eventually leads the member out the door.

  90. The desperate ramblings of a crumbling empire.

  91. P.S. My typo — it’s Jeffrey Riffer, not Ritter, of the Elkins, Kalt, Weintraub, Reuben and Gartside Westside L.A. law firm who represents the interests of David Miscavige. Mr. Riffer’s letter reveals, among other things, his deep potential to become another Dan Sherman. Mr. Riffer, if you don’t know who Dan Sherman is — he’s Miscavige’s speechwriter. You gotta check out those speeches, dude! They’re all over youtube.

  92. Robert, I predict that if this goes to trial, the first gambit used by the church will be to protest that this venue or that venue is unacceptable because of existing prejudice against the church. Well, DM, where in the hell will there be a venue that you haven’t poisoned by your idiotic actions over the years? Maybe Baghdad or Kabul as they have had another’s idiotic actions run in on them of an even more serious nature. Sheesh, where are you going to find 12 people anywhere who are not aware of your insanity?

  93. Well I must say that I was surprised when I clicked on the ‘contact us’ tab of the Scn media site http://www.scientologynews.org/statements/csi-responds-to-vanity-fair.html and there was Tommy Davis face, I thought he would have been in deep poo and yet there he is along with Jessica Feschbach, Karin Pouw and others. Did anyone else notice that?

  94. It struck me as odd that the secretary signed the letter for the attorney. Such an important letter. I suppose the attorney wants the ability to deny he wrote it or that he read it before it went out. Or is that some sort of Power move, not signing because they are too busy.

  95. Pingback: Miscavige Gone Mad Over Vanity Fair « 31 Factors

  96. Suleiman the Magnificent

    Suleiman the Magnificent did not chase women himself. He had a special department doing it for him: the Harem.

    Girls in the Harem had to be beautiful, but that was not enough. They had to be intelligent, they were taught to sing, play instruments, dance, the Koran, reading, writing, the etiquette of the Court, foreign languages, etc. They were probably the most educated and able women of the times.

    An early similar?

  97. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, maybe overgeneralized. I think Ken Wilber’s take on him was fair.

  98. No wonder Tommy and Jessica have left the country and are currently touring Europe. Great timing, given their super-special friendship with Mr. Cruise. Maybe they’ll even run into Mr. Cruise himself who’s also touring over there. The Continent seems quite the popular destination these days — far from NYC and Hollywood.

  99. How long before we see a scientology wife auditioning send-up in one of the Scary Movie sequels?

  100. In Montenegro at the moment apparently. In a way this fairly insignificant story tells you more about Tom Cruise as he has become than the “big” story of the moment. He wants all the other diners turfed out of the 5 star retaurant so he can eat in peace. But it was rejected by the “outraged” manager. A source said: “Who does Mr Cruise think he is?”

    What a most excellent question.


  101. Something is slightly different about these letters (what I read anyway).
    David Miscavige is taking total credit for everything. He built the Ideal Orgs. He restored the LRH writings. He is opening the “Mecca”. He renovated Flag. He is personally “responsible” for everything. Unfortunately for him it’s all hollow PR and there are no real products there.
    There has been that tone for a while, but these letters show a complete abandoment of any feigned humility. I guess they are unedited. We are perhaps entering a phase of unedited Miscavige. That cant be good.

  102. The other important thing to note about the letters is the emphasis on how Miscavige has been personally damaged by the content of the story (a story that the attorneys hadn’t read when they drafted these letters). In order to prove such damages, Miscavige will have to take the stand. That will never happen — look at how well DM’s last public interview went (Nightline in 1993). Getting interviewed by Ted Koppel for 20 minutes was nothing compared to days of depositions by a bunch of hotshot New York attorneys. So given how central the letters make Miscavige to the case, and given his pathological desire never to appear in a court proceeding, they’re bluffing, and not even doing a good job of that.

  103. Not to nitpick, but the sentence you quoted from the lawyers is grammatically correct. In this case, the “its” refers back to the faith, not to Miscavige. Yes, it could also have been written with the word “his” instead of “its,” which would have been equally gramatically correct.

    Laughed out loud at your characterization of David Miscavige, a man who should take his place among the Dalai Lama, the Pope, and all the other revered spiritual leaders of our time if it weren’t for that nasty, evil Vanity Fair article.

  104. Chris,

    With some legal trimmings added, the Riffer letter is straight Miscavige. Dictated himself and given to the lawyer by Warren McShane — “this is what you need to send to them.”

    Miscavige keeps digging his own grave. He claims credit for everything and is responsible for EVERYTHING and therefore is RELEVANT to everything. If there is ANY lawsuit concerning the Church of Scientology, Miscavige, by his own words, is a material witness, no matter WHAT its about.

    He cannot afford to put himself in a position where he can be declared a perjurer by a court (or where he tells the truth and the clubbed seals hear what the actual truth is).

    His tortured victim valence — I am doing all this wonderful work and I am being assaulted by a “small handful” of “bitter defrocked apostates” — is getting really tired.

  105. morelivesthanacat

    Never saw videoed auditing sessions?? Hell, he used to watch them live at Flag . I stood next to him once as he ridiculed a Class XII who was having trouble in front of his whole entourage. Guess the XII wasn’t doing too good at reconciling all those wonderful breakthroughs of the “Golden Age of Altered Tech.

  106. “The movie of it would likely be titled The Killing Fields II or maybe Death of a Sleazy Salesman or even Interview with a Small Vampire….”

    The last one had me doubled over with laughter.
    Those letters….those threats…from the perspective of someone who is a longtime CO$ watcher but has never been in, if reading those letters was my first introduction to the church, I’d think they were written by some certifiably crazy shut-in, not an official spokesperson of a religion.
    Really scary madness, in other words.
    I know you guys have mixed feelings about the crowd over at VV but quite a few of us applaud the many courageous stands taken here against DM and his minions…and have suggested you all proudly wear your “Bitter Defrocked Apostates” t-shirts…or better yet, your “Lunatic Posse” t-shirts….with pride!
    And nothing would be more entertaining than to watch DM go to court on this one. It would be much more of a bloodbath than Debbie Cook. Let’s get all your witness statements into the public record, where they will stay forever.
    I’m bringing popcorn for that one.

  107. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the midget(s).

  108. Lawyers have a notorious reputation for representing liars. Fields is getting paid big money to do just that, Cruise is not man enough to stand up and tell his own lies.

  109. MLTC: You notice the very careful wording:

    To be absolutely clear, Mr. Miscavige never videoed auditing sessions, never saw videos
    of auditing sessions (since there are no videos), never read session reports aloud (since there are
    no such reports), let alone ever used such information to “manipulate” anyone.

    Parse his sentence and you will see:

    a) Miscavige himself, personally never video’d an auditing session
    b) he never watched a “video,” since there are no “videos” (everything is on DVD or electronic, “video” is not a technically correct term, though if you asked Miscavige to tell you about the “video editing bays” in Gold he would explain to you that they have the latest, “state-of-the-art” Avid editing suites and they haven’t seena “video” for decades))
    c) he didnt “read” session reports aloud, he simply recounted aloud what he had read in the session reports
    d) he didnt “manipulate” anyone because he never told Tom he was doing this, he only talks about what is in session reports with others (though I can think of a few instances where even that isnt true) — but for THIS article it is true, he didnt tell Tom he was seeing his sessions/session reports, so technically he didnt “manipulate” him.

    This is EXACTLY how Miscavige constructs a defense.

    “It depends what your definition of the word “is” is” — didnt work out too well for Clinton. It won’t work out well for Miscavige either.

    T/A/D/Lunatic Posse I/C I/T

  110. Thank You! Greed and Lies.
    Over and over, more greed and lies.

    Who does Scientology Inc. think they are fooling??
    DM surrounds himself with gangster lawyers and thugs.
    Pouw isn’t even a Scientologist!
    Scientology Inc. is the “anti-religious apostate group”!

  111. “His tortured victim valence — I am doing all this wonderful work and I am being assaulted by a “small handful” of “bitter defrocked apostates” is getting really tired.”

    From an outsider and media professional’s perspective, the strategy is more than tired…it’s laughable. DM has no clue as to how real world people respond to such obviously blatant lies. What this strategy does is it makes every statement made by the church, about anything at all, more than suspect. The boy who cried wolf scenario.

    A month or so ago, I thought maybe the exalted COB had brought in a professional outside PR firm and was actually listening to them, because there seemed to be a temporary shift in the tone of responses from the “la la la defrocked apostates la la la ideal orgs la la la can’t hear you” strategy to one that was a little more sophisticated.

    Clearly, I was wrong.

    Or if it happened, the outside firm told DM something he didn’t want to hear and he banished them from the kingdom.

    From a management standpoint, this is such a textbook example of the dangers of totalitarian rule and delusional micro-management. Everybody, no matter how great, needs people around them to who are free to say “no, that’s not a good idea” once in a while. Someday perhaps DM’s management style will be taught as a cautionary tale in business schools…that is, if anyone would believe it.

  112. John:

    It’s not Vanity Fair that is denying Dear Leader his rightful place in the pantheon of planetary greats.

    It is that incredibly powerful force of evil that is destroying everything he has ever done and making him the laughing stock of the world when he should be walking on rose petals scattered before him by the adoring crowds: the “small handful” of “bitter defrocked apostates”, the “lunatic posse” that keep making up “new” tired old lies that everyone has already heard before. They are single-handedly making his life unbearable and undoing his life’s work.

    Oh, to be one of those mythical, all-powerful beings who wield the power of life and death over mere semi-Gods like Dear Leader.

    Or to paraphrase Mel Brooks from History of the World: “It’s good to be the bitter defrocked apostate.”

    T/A/D/Lunatic Posse I/C I/T

  113. You took action Sindy and did something about a situation that you observed was out ethics. Good on ya!

  114. “They are all Liars and only doing it for money, megabucks.”

    Wow, all you lunatics in the posse must be living pretty high by now, with all the mega-bucks you have collected by being in the lucrative “Bitter Defrocked Apostates” business.

    Maybe I chose the wrong career.

  115. Hmmmmm……does POB have a new law firm? Don’t remember this one. What happened to Monique? Did she finally wise up?

  116. I wonder if behind the scenes the lawyers are dropping their public bluster and advising David Miscavige not to pursue legal action against ‘Vanity Fair’ as there are far too many independent and credible witnesses who would attest under oath that the assertions contained in the article are true.

    Losing a libel case is not something the Church of Scientology can afford in its current perilous state.

    Glittering new buildings are no substitute for a rapidly declining membership and without new recruits the corporate Church will wither.

    Andrew Robertson

  117. Well, if you are bitter, and you own a frock and are willing to discard it, you can join right now.

    It’s only a small handful, so positions are limited.

    But I gotta be upfront — the money isnt all its cracked up to be. In fact, its worse than being in the Sea Org. But the camaraderie is second to none. And being all-powerful is pretty neat too….

    T/A/D/Lunatic Posse I/C I/T

  118. The C of S is churning out Boiler Plate which adds to the truth of the VF story
    The way out is the way through,Miscavige needs to promote the truth
    BPI on live broadcast Television. Yes, there were wife auditions, yes there was a T.C. 2 D task force who interveiwed many prospects. Publish the list !

    Mike you ignorant nut, you should know by now the most upsetting news of all is old boring news that is 3 to 4 years old. That kind of news has ripened on the vine, just like rapes… grapes! I misstated.

    Do not assume that was a Freudian slip. Don’t assume because someone said the word “rape” that we are not Cruising along in control. Or just control. Forget it. Forget I said that.

    Every Tom’s dick and hairy will suddenly wonder if this case isn’t really about sexual abuse. Of course I’m not saying it is. And didn’t just say that.
    Mike, let’s look at the case logically, through the cold dispassionate eyes of a predator. Or let’s just look at it let’s say. Forget “predator.”

    Rape is about the conquest of sex through coercion. A man might just strangle a girl until she blacks out. Or perhaps he might have a gun. Or perhaps he might say he has a gun when he doesn’t or use some other ruse.

    I’m not saying David Miscavige feels he came up short because he virtually has no gun and never did. What am I saying? Mathematically speaking, the common denominator that binds these men together is not a small matter, but as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 inches or so. If you are unable to see the ruler, then perhaps you need a magnifying glass.

    In this case, the question of rape is out of the closet… or question. Rapists use coercion. Tom Cruise simply had a church front for him, leading the woman to think she was getting hired for a movie, then she was simply told she was going to be hob-knobbing with world leaders and celebrities. What girl, given the chance to hob-knob with world celebrities, wouldn’t get down on her knees and bob for such apples of opportunity worth a whole bondage system of lies?

    Listen and for once, don’t put small words or whatever in anyone’s mouth. Rape is not about coaxing the prey… or woman into an auditing environment and asking just out of the blue, “Vat est zee ideal date vor you, hmmm? Yew vill teel me” with all the compassion of the Gestapo. Then passing that data along with full session reports from her confidential auditing interrogations to Tom Cruise because all the world knows that such auditing sessions are protected by the Priest Penitent Privilege — a crucial factor for the Church of Scientology to maintain their tax exempt status as a valid religion because here we are dealing with a Church. And when the top two charitable leaders of an entire religion like Tom Cruise and David Miscavige team up to throw a girl a bone, even if it’s a small one, it is with CHARITY not malice aforethought. I mean any two pick up artists who have ever read “The Game” know a wingman is necessary to win. Because winning is everything Mike, so these days a man, especially the richest actor in the world needs all the help he can get. It’s lonely at the top. Poor old Tom. Poor Tom Cruise. Couldn’t fine a trophy wife. So Dave only tried to help a guy out.

    Sir, your assumptions are absurd. Seriously Mike? Seriously? Name one rapist in the history of the modern world who used the power of an entire church as force himself on a woman? The very idea is preposterous.

    So don’t think that you or Marty or Marc Headley or Claire Headley or Amy Scobee or any of dozes of other eye witnesses can just unzip Pandora’s cigar box of a little petite cigar. The world’s smallest cigar is about 4 inches. What’s that got to do with anything? It’s nothing, absolutely nothing.

    Mike, you ignorant nut. Pay attention. At the outset I called you ignorant and a nut and rightly so. Let me be clear. Don’t let someone pull back the satin sheets and try to blow this mountain into a mole’s hill. Just because David Miscavige and Tom Cruise are in love with themselves this was not a conspiracy to commit rape. First of all, the victim was a woman. So she doesn’t count. Second, everything that was presented to her was presented just as it was, clearly, aside from all smoke and mirrors. And also clearly, they were just having some fun. What is wrong with some giggling boyish fun?

    There WAS going to be a movie — I’m telling it straight up, fur seal… er, for real. Serious as a heart attack — but plans changed and if she ended up getting used, feeling as if her very soul was ransacked since all her sexual secrets were funneled directly to Dave Miscavige and Tom Cruise along with her preferences for a date, that is NOT how it was Mike you ignorant nut and you know it. Her auditor, case supervisor, Dave Miscavige, Tom Cruise, Tommy Davis and his first wife and Jessica Feshback, and plenty of others who all read the session reports from her sec checks laying open all her sexual history were doing so as auditors and keeping in the Auditor’s Code. Later, when it came time to spring the trap… I mean, to tap his well spring of affection, Tom Cruise and the rest were no longer wearing the hat of Auditors, because right in the Auditor’s Code it says “23. I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain” and also “28. I promise not to permit sexual liberties or violations of patients.”

    So right there, Mike you ignorant not, this proves David and Tom Cruise could not be doing anything wrong because how could the two most powerful men in the Church of Scientology violate their own sacred ethical codes to score some good snatch-ing rape right out of the jaws of innocence. The very idea is as convoluted as LRH’s definition of psychosis, “the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy.” Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to sit straight up and deep in the saddle while moaning, “whoa baby. Oh yea, baby. Just like that. No girl ever made me feel like this. Yeah, I think you’re the one.”

    I know what you’re thinking Mike but not because I know every square inch of you like some who like to brag on that. So now we are picking the very lock of deception. In your crass and backwards way, you ASSUME that just because intelligence gathered by David Miscavige as to the victim’s “ideal date” was fed to Tom Cruise who accepted the info not as a drooling pig of a rapist monster, but in the undefiled role of Auditor to the Stars, no different than a priest of the High Inquisition hearing a poor virginal confession, and then partying like it’s 1666 on date night with the same girl. DO NOT ASSUME, do not, Do Not, DO NOT, dO nOt assume that David Miscavige handed Tom Cruise and Co. all that intell on a silver platter which would have also included any and all sexual preferences so Tom could not only coincidentally conjure up the “Ideal” date of sushi and ice skating but also David Miscavige had placed into his sweaty little palms all possible sexual intelligence on his target — revealing everything she liked, from what kind of music put her in the mood, candles, colors, jerking the pants off a girl’s private fantasies that lay buried in her heart so Tom Cruise a PROFESSIONAL ACTOR could now Play the Part and using this leverage as a loaded gun to rape his way into history under a Vanilla Sky.

    That’s not what happened Mike, you ignorant not. Rapists use an unfair advantage of brutality to force themselves on a woman. What did Tom use? No such thing. He only used secret intelligence gotten from secret Church confessionals obtained under Priest Penitent Privilege to take sexual liberties and to violate her for a few weeks which in no way represents using pc data for personal gain.

    So of course Tom Cruise had to throw her out like a dishrag. But he didn’t even throw her out hisself, because he was so surely too busy making movies. So he had master Greg Wilhere do it — the same pretty slave boy who, when I was routing out of the Sea Org in 2004, threatened repeatedly to hit me in the face while we sat in an auditing room in DM’s last ditch effort to stop me from leaving. I told him to go ahead, I’d just watch. He chickened out. Greg is not a bad guy, he’s just a totally subservient, lecherous degraded butt that no longer resembles anything human. Besides, he was obviously being ordered to hit me by Miscavige through the ear piece he wore in his ear. But it’s not easy to hit a guy with who is simply confronting you with excellent TRs.

    So let’s not leave Greg Wilhere out of the equation, Miscavige is an ass, but all asses need some sad toilet paper to wipe up their stink.

    So Mike you poor ignorant, ignorant not. Do not think for one moment that Tom Cruise used sexual secrets divulged in session with a Church of Scientology Auditor under the giggling, snickering authority of the ecclesiastical leader of this world-wide religion as a script for the exact cues this professional actor needed to hit to become the hottest sure-fire-one-torpedo fuck meister that ever blindsided a girl ever, behind a confusing smoke screen of lies, all to help a spokesperson for Amnesty International achieve her dreams of hob-knobbing a rich and world-famous celebrity. The very idea makes one gag and gag some more. That is NOT what happened. So just put it out of your mind. Tom Cruise did not use auditing secrets to fuck a girl on all possible levels at the same time.

    And when, in the end, Miscavige had to step in to mop up the mess, when the girl realized she’d been simultaneously violated in so many different ways… not just physically raped, but spiritually raped, and emotionally raped, you name it because Tom Cruise and David Miscavige had used everything, every secret fantasy she had, and turned them all against her to get her pants… er guard down. That is NOT what happened. This is not two predators forming one of the most legendary rape teams of all time!

    So of course David Miscavige had no choice but to do his best to snap her sanity and reprogram her mind by implanting her with the idea that she, not he and Tom, were bad. Tom showed her a good time. And weeks later — WTF — she could not stop crying day after day? What was she crying about? Obviously something was wrong with her. Well, girls are so silly. It was her own fault David had to crush her into the mud by using his technique perfected upon hundreds of Sea Org members: striking them down with incredibly fury until they “realize” THEY did something wrong.

    In the end, she recovered because she was strong and because she was pure. So what’s the big deal?

    Elsewhere in the news, this just in: Empty rooms in the nation’s prison system. Two cells are vacant in one of the nation’s prisons. Who can fill them? That’s it for this edition of News Update.

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  121. I think that Miscavige is risen from priesthood status to god status, self proclaimed of course. Psychologically it would be called ‘ delusional’ ideas of ‘grandeur’ or something of the sort.
    We all know he is just plain mad and should be taken care of immediately. Nobody though in his vicinity dares, because they have been indoctrinated carefully that every step they take in that direction will be an huge overt against mankind and therefore punishable by more confessionals and mest work. They are already in a mental prison, construed by Miscavige – the God of Scientology. Finally it has its own God.

  122. Thanks for the tips, Karen#1! I read the link with them in mind. My reflections.

    1. I like the phrase “molecule of research.” Shows the scientific validity of the attorney’s position, and replaces the threadbare cliche “modicum of …”

    2. I see reality injected in this letter that shows great integrity. Instead of claiming that Scientology is the fastest-growing religion in the world, it is now “… Mr. Miscavige has a full schedule every week of every year leading the fastest growing religion to emerge in the 20th Century.” Perhaps I also once led the fastest growing rock club to ever emerge in Sparks, Nevada. Also, I note that the correct century was named and it was properly spelled and capitalized. Bravo!

    3. But hmmm. First VF is told bugger off, the leader of the fastest growing religion to emerge in 1950 is too busy to give information. But then the attorney itemizes DM’s Outlook calendar for the last umpteen years. The lady doth protest too much, methinks — or that the lady insisted on injecting PR into a legal letter. Plus, since all that information was clearly available, why would not the public relations people have offered it in lieu of an interview?

    4. Darn. Just when I thought that “molecule of research” reflected the high IQ of the attorney, I see this statement: “Mr. Miscavige is the leader of a dynamic global religion expanding across five continents.” Five continents? For this expansion to include all five continents, business must be booming in Antarctica. But wait, by international treaty, Antarctica is taped off for scientific research and not settlement or commercial use, roughly speaking (see http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/about_antarctica/geopolitical/treaty/). But I guess religion is a peaceful purpose, and the presence of two Scientologists there instead of one would represent a 100% increase and boom expanding in Antarctica.

    5. But wait. There is more to the five continents claim. Not only should the claim logically be about the four target continents, but the attorney has only noted expansion in three of those four (in the list of 26 churches opened, all are in North America, Australia, or Europe — yes, Moscow, being west of the Urals, is in Europe, not Asia). So the attorney’s letter claims expansion in five continents, then documents activity in only three. But that’s just a small matter — everyone “knows” that the “five continents” is just a figure of speech that symbolically means “world-wide.”

    6. That glitch with “five continents” shook my faith in the integrity of the letter. So I went back and reflected on the missing “molecule of research” that VF had not done. Well, “molecule” is a general term. A molecule could range in size from say three atoms (water) to perhaps a couple hundred billion atoms in a strand of DNA. So, without knowing what kind of “molecule” the attorney is referring to, the reader may appropriately interpret the criticism to mean that VF did an incredible amount of research. Perhaps the attorney should have said “iota” or “atom” or stuck with the well-used “modicum”?

    7. Oops on the attorney’s part: in the efforts to praise the lady who doth protest too much, the attorney writes “In just the past few years Mr. Miscavige has also personally led the Church’s 25-year program to recover all of its Founder’s writings and lectures on Scientology …” This is a tacit admission that the world’s best-administered organization lost or misplaced not just a few old files, but the very core records of its founder. It’s one thing for a long-standing religion to come across archeological items like the Dead Sea scrolls or the gnostic gospels. But for the fastest-growing religion to be founded in the age of technology and trumpeting what is claimed to be superb administrative technology? But perhaps the materials were never actually lost. Just because I occasionally say my car keys are missing doesn’t mean they have in fact gone anywhere.

    8. Another good turn of phrase! “… the grassy-knoll of the internet …” However, Internet is normally capitalized. At least it does not use the “internets” (plural) as DM has sometimes has.

    9. Top of page 5 and elsewhere — incorrect hyphenation used, which led to incorrect italicization. A little distracting for a professionally prepared letter.

    10. Another great literary phrase! “The Scurrilous Allegations Having Nothing to do with the Ostensible Story” — this could be a wonderful title for a movie, a book, or an Alice in Wonderland chapter or perhaps better a chapter out of Dickens.

    11. The attorney says: “Just because you don’t think you are bigoted doesn’t mean you aren’t.” Good point. Hold the reflective mirror up and realize that just because the Church of Scientology claims that none of the allegations are true, doesn’t mean they are not. Or just remember that just because you are paranoid, that does not mean they are not really out to get you.

    So be careful readers — if you are caught reading VF entheta, you may get posted to the least favorite of the five continents — Antarctica.

  123. Lynne that is a really good point.

  124. It baffles me how this Karen P. person seriously thinks that the hateful slanderous garbage that is freedommag is proof that the sources in the article are not to be trusted!!! How embarrassing for them!!! Don’t they see how crazy and desperate they sound? THE ONLY PROOF THEY HAVE OF THEIR INNOCENCE IS THEIR OWN LIES…

  125. Man, I could not agree more with you! The use of the word “Apostate” gives the general non-scientologist public a M.U. or at least a “what a weird religion that must be,” feeling. Miscavige continually throws gasoline followed by a match on problems to see if they will disappear. The “Scorched Earth” approach to problem solving, let’s all feel blessed that he’s not working at a missile silo with access to a nuclear weapon!

  126. Well, jesus keerist, guys, I sure never met the guy, but it says here from a Gerry Armstrong-type figure who worked on biography materials that he was kicked out of the org because he made nuns get naked in an orgy and hit them with a riding crop! No joke.


    If you can exonerate Franklin Jones on the face of this and other “admissions”, then LRH should get a complete pass, because nothing he was ever accused of even comes close.

  127. Being in the hole doesn’t necessarily stop one from writing such letters, nor does it stop someone signing their name to such letters that may be written for them.

    Does “the hole” still exist though? I thought the occupants were being treated somewhat better these days.

  128. Poor Warren – I hope he is still in one piece.

  129. Sindy, I have a quick question that has bothered me for a while. Perhaps you know the answer. Did IAS reges like Michael D. Roberts receive a portion or percentage of what they helped reg? I had asked before and someone flippantly referred to the fact that he hadn’t had much in the way of acting gigs over last 15 years. But I’m curious what was the financial arrangement with Roberts and other celebrity type reges?

  130. The staff – not being paid anything – couldn’t pay for auto insurance and vehicle registration, so their cars could not even be parked on the public roads or they would get citations they could not possibly pay.

    This is the reason the PAC Base north parking lot had so many abandoned cars gathering dirt (at least prior to the PAC Renos, when all those vehicles were gotten rid of).

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  131. Very true. I was still in when I first read the issue they put out in response to the Truth Rundown. It was so over the top with venom and hate that it was a red flag for me (referrring to everyone by childish nicknames seemed especially strange and juvenile at the time). The New Yorker issue was just as bad – childish and hateful. I can’t see how anyone in the “church” can read that crap and not realize it was created by insane beings consumed by hate. It’s just so damned obvious if you have half a brain or an ounce of awareness.

  132. Boy, little Davey really got his buttons pushed by that “third wheel to Tom Cruise’s marriage” question didn’t he? All that subsequent huffing and puffing about him being an all-important ecclesiastical cult leader who flies non-stop from org to org saving the day was hilarious (and pathetic).

  133. From Riffer email dated August 16th:
    “Mr. Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of a worldwide religion; a man of impeccable character who is dedicated to his faith and to the service of its parishioners. He respects the institution of marriage and those who enter into it.”

    Then where is Shelly Miscavige????

  134. I wish they would sue and we could all hear about the abuse that goes on; inevitably they will make a mistake and ask the wrong question and open a door and the Indies can walk right in.

  135. T/A/D/Lunatic Posse I/C I/T

  136. I would hope that everyone who read the article would then read Freedumb Magazine. Its “content” speaks for itself. Talk about a footbullet of extreme proportions.

  137. Bingo. A libel suit opens the door to discovery. Even a suit by TC alone will drag in lil’ David Miscavige, because the truth or falsity of his statements and actions as recounted in the article are front and center as to the truth defense to libel.

    I have dreamed of getting a witness like Davey at a deposition; one who can’t even answer the question of “what is your name” or “what is your title” without saying “I don’t understand the question.”

  138. I then stand corrected. 🙂 I, too, also laughed out loud at this you wrote;

    “David Miscavige, a man who should take his place among the Dalai Lama, the Pope, and all the other revered spiritual leaders of our time”

    It’s so hard to imagine that the Miscavigites, or Miscavige himself could possibly have such an adorned reverence for him/himself.

  139. Ditto. ROTFLMAO!

  140. Yes, a paradox of thought that traps.

  141. “the little dick wad [David Miscavige] isn’t now nor has he ever been a scientologist. A scientologist is one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of Scientologist.”


  142. C’mon, Tom, please sue! Man up! Give VF a chance for some sweet, sweet discovery!

  143. Discovery request #1: Please produce Shelly Miscavage for deposition at a mutually-agreeable place and time. A man can dream.

  144. And whether or not he did a course studying the OEC volumes. For one hour, the master of Q&A Q&A’d on the simple question, whether he studied the total OEC or not in a course room or on a checksheet.




    A. MM-HMM.


    A. HMM.










  145. “The Great and Powerful COB”:

  146. Gruesome. It is beliefs in “sins of scriptures’ which cause abuse in religion’s name, such as the RPF. Any scripture which leads to abuse needs to be purged from Scientology, or any other religion for that matter.

    Thank you for this, Oracle. It led to my posting this on my facebook page;

    By looking at the picture above, you’d never guess this man could possibly cut off his wife’s head. But it’s because of his BELIEF, that this behavior was honorable. According to the Old Testament God, to follow God, I, too, should have been murdered by being stoned to death in public by the elders of Klamath Falls, Oregon, for being a rebellious son when I was 16. But in lieu of that illegal and absurd extreme, I was “accepted” back into my family through God’s and my parents’ grace, by agreeing to an alternative public punishment, which wasn’t apparently illegal at that time (my family’s biggest, not talked about secret). The abuse was honestly believed to be righteous, and justified by the belief in God’s inerrant “Word of God” about rebellion.

    However difficult it was for me to wrestle, I have forgiven this misguided behavior. All my life I couldn’t understand it. But, finally, now I understand how it had become about, thanks to Bishop Spong. The behavior came from ignorance, and the errant belief in the inerrant “Word of God”, and taking what an ancient tribal culture said and believed, literally, just as what the New York man did, who beheaded his wife for “dishonoring” him.

    So, perhaps, one can see why I’m so adamant about the message regarding the sins of scripture, preached by Bishop Spong. I do not want what happened in my family to ever happen to any of our existing or future family, or anybody else’s family for that matter. So I urge every person, who believes the Bible is inerrant, to read this book by this Christian man. If one has an open mind to truth, they will be thoroughly disabused of this bad idea. Spong’s book is also a good read for even those who don’t believe this, but want to understand why fundamentalism exists, and why it’s so dangerous.


  147. Done! Straight face and all.
    And in my oh so fair and balanced opinion, that uncivil letter is all puffery, posturing and threats; it’s what you do as a last resort when you (i) have no case, and (ii) are terrified to go to court. It is the big bad wolf huffing and puffing and threatening to blow your house down … but wait, who has the “houses” here? Wouldn’t that be the Miscavige Administration? And that big bad wolf cannot leave his own yard.

  148. Perhaps most of all, David Miscavige has dishonored Scientology Tech.

    David Miscavige and his Miscavigites have practically made Scientology a curse word in the minds of those who don’t know what it is, and he and his worshipers have caused minds to shut down, and shun people from even looking at Scientology Tech. His abuse has put Scientology in the worse dissemination condition, ever.

    The only people trying to correct the state of being of Scientology are those OUTSIDE corporate Scientology. The outspoken voices of truth HERE, are the loudest voices trying to fix this negative condition. I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude of the good folks here, enough. Thank you!

  149. We have been experiencing this is our own culture thanks to David Miscavige. SP declares are Scientology honor killings. Look what David Miscavige put this amazing artist in to. What did David assign this artist? A thug hat! A criminal extortion hat! This guy had THE COURAGE to float on TRUTH! While Hubbard was out turning mortals into OT’s David Miscavige was reducing artists into gangsters. This man waited over two decades for a witness. I LOVE HIM!

  150. Mike,
    I really like the idea of “Interview with a small vampire” could make a good next movie for TC or a request from media for a meeting with COB.

  151. I choose not to comment on someone’s size or appearance but the idea of ordering one’s matchmakers to file down the incisors of a prospective mate is definitely a plot line suitable for a Hammer Film Productions horror movie!

  152. The answer to this is that they can receive a 10% commision.
    Michael Roberts is not a staff member as far as I know so therefore he would get a commision.
    A staff registrar would get their regular staff pay.

  153. Pingback: Dealing with Vanity Fair, Miscavige style

  154. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Wow, Missedcabbage’s threat, at top, specifically with regards his reference to a “poorly researched and sourced story”, directly hearkens to the challenges Matt Lauer lobbed at Ms, Orth just the other day on “Today”. One could ponder the notion that, at least where Lauer is concerned, the fix was already in with respect to his working as a pro-C of S surrogate. It boggles the imagination after the firefight Lauer had with Cruise over Brooke Shields, but, as they say in the military, money talks and bullshit walks.

  155. Mike,
    I think the attorney letter(s) are not actually written for the broad audience at all, but are written to show the official COS parishioners “what we said” – those letters will be shown to parishioners and also published in Freedom magazine and used in other in-house ways, DA packs, emails to people to donate to the IAS, etc.

    The letters serve the purpose of keeping parishioners posted on the “goings-on” of the evil attacks happening in the media, so the parishioners do not “have to” look – the in-house handling to keep more people from jumping ship, looking for information in “non-authorized” locations – a reminder that if you do look, you are inviting SPs into your life, the big no-no.

    Funny how this big no-no is not on the list of suppressive acts, but it will put you on the fast-track to declare.

  156. Nobody in the broad audience out in the world (OK maybe 2%) is so lost as to be fooled by these letters, only the well-controlled parishioners of Church of Scientology.

  157. Also, since Miscavige is EVERYWHERE and doing EVERYTHING how come there is so much he knows NOTHING about? He seems to be both conveniently everywhere and nowhere at the same time???

  158. If you go one step further to try and actually try to contact Tommy and Jessica, you will find they are removed from that page and the drop down menu.

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