Who is Nazanin Boniadi?

ABC News did a pretty good job answering that question this morning:

ABC News ‘Who is Nazanin Boniadi?’

ABC’s original story on Nazanin (5 Sept 2012)

reference:  Scientology Inc. reaction.

15 responses to “Who is Nazanin Boniadi?

  1. I was watching and remembered how, while on staff we used to go through the staff roster to find potential marriage candidates for ourselves and for our friends. It was a reflection of the attitude we had about matrimony, no?

  2. Who is Nazanin Boniadi?

    How about, an ambitious, ethical person who unfortunately came across the path of two unscrupulous, arrogant little monsters.

    And even if she never says a word about any of this, she will be protected and supported wherever she goes.

    She has our back and apparently the media’s as well.

  3. One special lady. And Tom Cruise passed. What a ****ing dope. Happy for her, though, as she dodged the bullet and didn’t know it at the time. Just being herself saved her.

  4. Did you catch the bit about her career taking off immediately after they broke up? See that’s what happens when you get away from suppressive beings and situations. 🙂

  5. Nazanin is a treasure

  6. A few questions about David Miscavige

    In order to try to understand better

    What is his training level ?
    What is his auditing level ?
    Does he own the materials from OT9 to OT15 ?

  7. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Naz you’re a star in your own right; Beautiful, smart and talented. That’s why the world wants to know who you are, not because of this story.
    (My 10c worth)

  8. She’s an amazing person. Beautiful, intelligent, and aware. It’s interesting to see how the media is a) very much rooting for her, portraying her as a victim juxtaposed against the monster of corporate $cientology b) going to get her a lot of auditions and roles for some amazing projects which she totally deserves.

    I already see a 2015 Oscar coming her way 🙂

  9. Something tells me Tom’s going to be single for a while. I mean, where could he go from here – except maybe DM’s boudoir? He’d be welcome there.

  10. As I said yesterday — Jenny Linson’s the girl for Tom.

  11. training level? He failed the Class IV interneship for hitting his pc in session at St Hill. No kidding, it’s well documented here on Marty’s blog.

    auditing level? no-one really knows, he’s been nowhere near a session for 10 years+. But whatever grade or level he’s done, it doesn’t really matter as he never really made it past the very first session.

    The materials from OT9 to OT15 don’t exist and never did. it’s hard to own something that isn’t there. There’s whatever notes LRH left behind, but we don’t really know where those are or even if they still exist.

    me personally, I wouldn’t put it past the little swine to have stashed the original notes somewhere “for safekeeping” and then destroy them. But that’s just my own opinion.


  12. I imagine Nazanin Boniadi’s career will skyrocket, and I so hope it continues higher. She’s most certainly out of Non-E in the world now. While Nazanin’s name is going up, Tom’s name is going down.

    IMO, the biggest crime of Tom Cruise is serving as a LOCK on all of David Miscavige’s implants.

  13. Brian, she is STUNNINGLY beautiful and with smarts and integrity, wow, she will go far. Tom really missed out but I am glad for her that it turned
    out the way it did. Big “YES” on the Oscar in 2015!

  14. The Church’s (David Miscavige’s) response is always so flat-out fucking funny! In monotone, news anchor tone of voice “The church denies that any such match making ever really happened.” LMAO. The “Church’s” response is David Miscavige’s personal response, and to hear those word in his voice in my head, is just so fucking funny. That little fucking RUNT, what a small, small mother fucker of a human being he is. The REALITY is just so god-damn far from the image he tries to portray! LMAO!!!! “Excuse Me???” – says NAZ . . . .

  15. Martin and HN, Jenny is a pretty girl but Tom has to keep her behind
    tempered glass as she easily spits venom (and talks with a forked
    tongue). No I think DM’s boudoir is a the safest bet. Maybe joined by
    JT and WS (yes, WS!).

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